Ruby Takes a Roommate by A.Penman

Ruby Takes a Roommate by A.Penman Story

Sultry was the only way to describe Ruby. Her fiery red hair and seductive blue grey eyes drew Mariko’s attention from the first. She loved Ruby’s full, sensuous lips and smooth, creamy skin that seemed to be an attribute of beautiful redheads. It also helped that Ruby had a set of breasts that were easily a match for Mariko’s uncommonly large Asian tits.

Beautiful Mariko was of Japanese ancestry. Her lovely face had that wonderful look of childlike innocence that was so appealing in Asian beauties. But her body was pure woman. Ruby was equally attracted to her from the moment she first laid eyes upon her. They established an instant rapport.

Their friendship became paramount to both women. They cherished each other. Over the course of a year they developed a deep, intimate bond. They spoke often and they discussed everything. Even their secrets and most intimate thoughts were discussed. Well, almost all of them. They were as close as two women could be, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

But it was the stirring from deep within their loins that they both experienced in moments of intimacy between them that neither girl was, as yet, willing to acknowledge.

In terms of physical intimacy, on sleepovers they would comfortably shower together, dress and undress in each other’s presence and even sleep together in the same bed. A couple of times, they slept in the nude. Any contact between their bodies was incidental, though both women found it privately thrilling. Eventually, they began to compare there bodies whenever they were nude. It became kind of a “girl thing” between them.
When the timing seemed right, the subject of them becoming roommates came up. Makiro’s lease was up and she did not want to continue paying what she felt was excessively high rent. One night at Ruby’s apartment, after diner, Mariko’s predicament came up for discussion.

“So, what are your options?” Ruby asked, genuinely concerned for her friend.

“Well, I guess that I need to find another apartment. Hopefully, a place that’s less expensive. And I need to do it in under two weeks.”

“Are you serious?” Ruby asked, surprised that her friend was so close to being homeless.

“Why did you wait so long?” asked Ruby, incredulously.

“I guess I didn’t think this one through very well.” Mariko confessed.
She had known of her pending lease renewal for some time but, uncertain of what she wanted to do, had failed to take decisive action. But her lovely friend was not so indecisive.

“OK. Here’s what I think you should do.”

“I’m open to all suggestions.”

“First, you’re going to rent a storage room, so that you and I can move the bulky stuff into it. This’ll be just a temporary solution, until you decide what to do.”

“OK, then what?”

“Then, we’re going to move the other stuff, clothes and whatnot, here. The spare bedroom is yours for as long as you need it.” Ruby offered.

“Really, Ruby?”

“Of course! You’re my best friend.”

Mariko smiled demurely then reached across the dinner table and held hands with her best friend in a gesture of affection. But the “tell” came later that night, as Mariko was leaving. As she reached for the door, Mariko turned back and thanked her once again for the generous offer to become roommates. Then she surprised Ruby by pulling her into her arms, into a very tight embrace. There was no mistaking the emphasis that Mariko had placed on the meeting of their large, soft breasts. Ruby was caught slightly off guard, but did not hesitate to return the fullness of the embrace. Having shared many naked moments, Ruby knew that their breasts were evenly matched. And so, she wrapped her arms tightly around Mariko’s back, aligned her body fully to Mariko’s body and tightly squeezed back, accepting Mariko’s fervent embrace. But it was the fullness of her response to the breast crush that caused Mariko to sigh into her ear. She knew that she had struck a nerve. Indeed, Mariko’s only response was to squeeze back even tighter. This then elicited a moan from Ruby.

Now, forehead to forehead, Mariko thanked Ruby softly for her remarkable offer to share her living space.

“I better go start the packing process, Ruby. But I want you to know right now that after we become roommates, if there’s ever anything I can do for you, I will.”

Their mouths were so close that Ruby could inhale the sweet breath coming from Mariko’s chest. She knew then that she wanted to taste it too, as she began to wonder what the future had in store for them. Had she suggested the roommate setup with the subconscious intent to seduce her lovely friend? Time would tell. All she knew for certain was that right this moment, in Mariko’s arms, her body ached for contact with Mariko’s body. Naked contact.

“ANYTHING!” Mariko emphasized.

“And when you get all moved in, I’m going to hold you to that promise.”

Ruby said as they slowly released each other.

The next two weeks flew by until Mariko’s lease expired. Her landlord seemed unconcerned over loosing her as a tenant. She never liked him anyway. It took forever to get him to fix anything, and she was never quite comfortable with him going into her apartment when she wasn’t there. And yet, when she chose to remain in her place while he fixed something, the sly sexual innuendo was disconcerting.

It should be noted here that due to lack of adequate notice, Mariko had to forfeit her security deposit. This did not sit well with her but it was, after all, her own fault. Well, at least there would be no security deposit at Ruby’s place.

Finally, on the first of the month, she and Ruby sat across the dinner table, toasting their new living arrangement. Both women were very excited about being together. Whether this was a temporary or a permanent arrangement remained to be seen.

Later that evening, as they said their goodnights, came another significant tell. As Ruby was preparing her bed, Mariko came into her room. She politely knocked. Ruby’s warm smile told her that it was OK to enter. The two moved toward each other and then Ruby took her hand and walked her to the large full length mirror.

“You’re looking pretty hot Mariko.”

“Thanks, so are you.” Mariko paused, then turned to Ruby.

“I just wanted to say thanks again for taking me in. I’m very excited about our living arrangement, Ruby.”

“You know what? So am I.” Ruby sighed.

They turned again to gaze at their images. Both were wearing skimpy, translucent negligees. Mariko’s was pale pink and tied under her breasts, splitting and leaving her midriff exposed. The translucent fabric allowed Ruby to see the shape and fullness of Mariko’s breasts. And even though she’d seen them many times before, she still marveled at how beautiful they were. A skimpy g-string barely covered Mariko’s full, clean shaven pussy. Ruby could see that the labia were rounded and large. As she admired them she felt her own pussy tingling.

“Nice ‘camel toe’ Mariko.” she joked. Mariko giggled.

As for Ruby herself, she had on a black mesh see through negligee. It too tied under her breasts, splitting and giving Mariko a full view of her creamy, smooth belly flesh and allowed a suggestive view of her equally large and beautiful breasts. The matching black g-string wasn’t see through, but there could be no mistaking the lush fullness of Ruby’s cunt. It was equal in every way to Mariko’s fulsome pussy.

Erotic machinations began to fester in Ruby’s mind as she compared her own pussy to Mariko’s. She wondered if the two cunts would ever meet.

“Ruby, you’re so beautiful!” Mariko cooed.

“I was just thinking the same about you.”

They turned to each other. Mariko smiled and said she better get to bed because her day was going to be busy.

“But do you mind if I give you a hug first, Ruby?”

Mariko was not so much asking permission as she was serving notice.
Before Ruby could even respond, Mariko’s arms were around her waist, pulling her into an embrace such as she’d never known. Once again, Mariko had aligned their full breasts perfectly. It crossed Ruby’s mind that for the first time their tits were meeting unfettered by bras. The fullness of this encounter was was breathtaking. Ruby then felt her nipples harden in an autonomic response to the probing of Mariko’s hardened nipples. She could feel their nipples push into each other, engaging in an unprovoked duel.

And once again, after the initial surprise, Ruby threw herself fully into the embrace. As they held each other tightly, their open front negligees permitted skin on skin contact between their soft, toned abs. They pressed their smooth belly flesh tightly. Things progressed. The embrace became more heated. They began to maneuver their bare legs into each other’s private regions. Ruby felt the shock of Mariko’s thigh pressing against her aroused cunt. Mariko was timid about it at first. But when Ruby did not respond negatively, she used her thigh to stimulate the redhead. To her delight, Ruby then returned the favor, sliding her bare thigh softly into Mariko’s warm cunt. Mariko moaned as her now wet pussy, still covered by the g-string, pressed against Ruby’s inner thigh. She then rubbed her smooth belly against Ruby’s warm flesh. Without tearing off each other’s clothes, both women tried to achieve maximum body contact, and as much belly to belly as possible. Their soft moans became louder as body on body rubbing intensified.

“Oh god Ruby! Your body is so soft!”

“So is yours, Mariko. I’ve never had such a sexy hug before.”

Then, as if some cautionary alarm went off inside their heads, the two separated, both understanding the implications of what had just transpired. Both quite perplexed by their need to feel their bodies pressed together. Both aching for a more complete meeting of their bodies and silently wondering why. They were two women who were about to enter into uncharted territory.

One week later, they shared a mutual Friday off. They decided that a shopping trip to the local upscale mall was in order. A delicious lunch at one of the numerous chain restaurants in the mall’s food court was, of course, part of the adventure. It was a welcomed get together after a long, busy week, each of them off doing their own thing.

What with work and after work activities such as Yoga and T’ai Chi classes, ballroom and salsa dancing lessons, CPR and other life saving classes, Anthony Robbins seminars, volunteering at the local soup kitchen, participating in the neighborhood community garden, story time with underprivileged children and appointments with their individual therapists, they hardly saw each other. Both women were delighted for the chance to spend time together and indeed, spend money together at an overpriced, fading American institution.

“Hey listen! It’s Friday. Let’s spend the entire weekend together. Just you and me, woman to woman. What do you say, Mariko?” Ruby suggested as they made their way through the parking garage.

“I’ll need to cancel my home improvement class at Home Depot, but yes! I think spending the weekend together would be a wonderful idea! Just you and me, like you say, woman to woman.”

“Oh damn! Do you remember which section we parked in?”

“I think it was level 6 orange.” Mariko guessed, having absolutely no idea.

“No, I thought it was level 5 blue.”

“Are you sure Ruby?”

Then, from a few yards away, came an unknown voice.

“Well, well. What do have here? Two lost little honeys?” said a slender young male punk to his accomplice.

Both men appeared to be in their early twenties. Mariko quickly assessed them. Both were wearing tight tee shirts to show off their muscles and the tattoos on their arms. It was a look meant to intimidate. But she knew they weren’t very good at it. She didn’t notice any indication of gang affiliation. No, these were just two young punks trying to act “street” and intimidate two girls in a parking garage. So she decided to have a little “fun.”

“Looks exactly like that to me. Whatcha got in the bags, my sweet li’l Asian cutey?” said the other thug. Now their intent became clear. And Mariko wasn’t having any of it.

“My new panties. Would you like to try them on? You look like the type.” Mariko replied, mocking her potential adversary. This shocked Ruby.

“Mariko! What are you doing? Don’t provoke them!” Ruby pleaded, genuinely scared. But Mariko again scoffed.

“What? These two punks? This one likes to dress in women’s panties, and I’m betting that one is still on his momma’s titty.”

Ruby couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The two men were incensed by Mariko’s “diss.”

“Bitch!!! You better watch your mouth or…”

“Or what? You pansy motherfuckers?” Mariko set down her bags.

This last insult infuriated both men, which was Mariko’s intent. Anger does not serve one well in a fight, her sensei once told her. She quickly gestured for Ruby to back off, which she did. But now Ruby was getting the sense that Mariko knew exactly what she was doing. At least she hoped so. This was still quite a scary situation, but…

Ruby couldn’t believe what she saw next.

“I’m gonna mess you up, bitch!” said the first thug.

“And when we’re done with you, we’re gonna mess up that tasty redhead too.” added the second jerk.

“That’s a tall order boys. But seriously, shouldn’t your mommy change you out of your diapers first?” Mariko said, derisively.

The first punk screamed and charged at her. Big mistake. Ruby watched, both frightened and then stunned as the man’s forward movement was stopped when Mariko planted a powerful side kick directly and deeply into his solar plexus. With the wind completely knocked out of him, his knees buckled and he collapsed to the pavement. Mariko knew she’d have to deal with him again, as soon as he recovered. But first she had to handle the second creep who was now a bit intimidated by what he’d seen her do to his friend. She’d kept him in her peripheral vision all along and sensed he was ready to charge her. Foolishly he did.

Ruby then marveled at the sight of her beautiful Asian girlfriend as she skillfully used the much larger, muscular man’s strength and momentum against him. She flung him around until he came down with a splat, face down on the pavement. He struggled to free himself in order to fight more, but by then Mariko had him in a seriously painful arm bar. He slapped at the pavement, demanding she let him go or…

“Bitch, I’m gonna kill you!”

By now, the first man had recovered. When he saw Mariko on her knees holding his friend down, he saw this as an opportunity to knock her down, then get on top of her and use his size and strength to beat the crap out of her. But, once again, he didn’t take Mariko’s powerful legs into account.

From a crouching position, he lunged at her once again. All she had to do was swing her left leg around until his ugly face arrived at her foot. Boom! She knocked him out.

With that, the second guy, feeling a slight release in the pressure on his arm, wriggled partly free and tried to take her down.

“I told you I’m gonna kill you, BITCH!!!” he screamed.
But before he could get closer and get any kind of advantage, Ruby saw her friend’s remarkably fast right hand punch him squarely in the nose, which bloodied him and also knocked him out cold.
Mariko smiled at him, and calmly said.

“Not today, Spanky.” She then looked to her friend.

“Are you alright Ruby?’

“Holy crap, Mariko! Two knockouts in a matter of seconds. WOW!” Ruby was now totally excited by what she had witnessed. It seemed over, but Mariko wasn’t done yet.

“Hand me my bag Ruby.” Mariko asked, keeping an eye on both men just to be sure that neither was coming around. Ruby gave the shopping bag to Mariko.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“You’ll see.” Mariko smiled, smugly.

She reached into the bag and removed some pink gift wrapping ribbon, then took out a package of the new panties that she had indeed purchased earlier. Ripping open the package, she took out one pair of panties and slid them over the head of thug number two, wrapped them securely and tied them with a piece of ribbon, in pretty bow. She then did the same to the first thug.

Ruby began to laugh hysterically as she observed the total humiliation of two grown men.

“They’re going to be plenty pissed when they come to.” Ruby chortled.

“Yeah, we should probably get the hell out of here. I’m sure the whole incident was caught on that security camera.” Mariko said, pointing to an overhead camera.

But it was too late. Fifty yards or so away from their attackers, they were asked to stop where they were by two mall security guards who had rushed to the scene.

“Ma’am, what happened here?” the first security guard politely asked. Mariko quickly scanned his name tag and replied.

“Well, officer Dana. A couple of gentlemen tried to accost us. It didn’t work out well for them. They’re about fifty yards or so back that way. They should be coming to shortly.”

Officer Dana smiled slyly at Mariko.

“I understand, miss. You’re free to go.”

“Wait!” his partner Steve interjected.

“Shouldn’t we be arresting her for assault?”

“Are you kidding me, Steve? You saw the video. If you want to end up on the ground twisted into a pretzel, go right ahead. Besides, she was clearly defending herself and her friend.”

Steve shook his head and acquiesced.

“Be safe ladies. Not that you need to worry about that.” he said, stepping aside to let them pass.

A few feet away, Mariko stopped and turned.

“Officer, will you do something for me.”

“What would that be, miss?” Mariko paused, then with all the drama she could muster, said…

“Book ‘em, Dana!!!”

“I do that, miss.” Dana smiled.

Now, awake and in handcuffs with panties over their heads, the two thugs were walked through the mall parking lot in front of a cheering and jeering crowd, totally humiliated. Later they were brought down to the police station and booked on assault charges.

In the cell with a number of other prisoners, they were taunted as the “pantyhose muggers.”

Ruby and Mariko located their car, as it turned out, on level 6 orange.
After a stop at a local wine shop, where Ruby purchased an expensive bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir, they went home and Ruby fixed a delicious dinner for her brave, awesome roommate.

At dinner, Ruby sat across from Mariko, smiling and expressing her thanks.

“No big deal Ruby.”

“No big deal? You could have gotten seriously hurt. WE could have gotten seriously hurt.”

Mariko reached across the table and gently caressed Ruby’s hand.

“I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, sweetie. Besides, I knew right away they were mostly talk. Not serious street thugs. Just wannabes.”

“Still…” Ruby replied, then let her voice trail off.
She poured another glass of wine and the two moved to the couch to chat. Then Ruby started to giggle.

“What?!” Mariko asked.

“Well, I just didn’t know I was gonna be living with Chuck Norris, that’s all.”

OK! Enough!!!” Mariko demanded. Ruby still giggled.

“Don’t make me come over there and beat the crap out of you, Ruby.”
Ruby stopped.

“OK, OK! I’m done. I promise. Please don’t kick me.”

The lovely Asian girl smiled warmly. Ruby then placed her nearly empty wineglass on the coffee table and moved close to her friend, leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. Mariko, mildly surprised, blushed a bit.

“That was sweet, but put it here.” Mariko pointed to her mouth.

“I deserve lips to lips, don’t you agree?”

Ruby nodded yes, then moved in for their first mouth to mouth kiss. It lasted several seconds, was unbelievably soft and moist and definitely full of the latent desires they both harbored. Ruby didn’t want to push things. She pulled away first. Mariko looked perplexed, then sighed.


“Wow is right!” agreed the redhead.

Mariko then rose to her feet.

“I should probably take a shower. I sorta smell and all my muscles are sore.”

“It’s called lactic acidosis.”

“What?” Mariko didn’t understand.

“Your muscles produce lactic acid after a strenuous workout such as lifting weights or, say for example, an ass whooping in a parking garage.

The condition is called lactic acidosis.”

Mariko nodded, understanding.

“And you’re right. You do kinda smell. But that’s understandable hon. Go take your shower. I’ll clean up.” Ruby said.

Markio then went off to the shower while Ruby did the dishes, all the while, thinking about the kiss.

In the shower, Mariko felt the hot water melt most of her soreness away. She shampooed her short black hair and rinsed. Eyes closed and lost in thought, she lathered herself down. As she started to rinse, she was given a start when she felt a lathered loofa slowly making its way from her sore shoulders down her back. She smiled to herself, thrilled that Ruby had decided to join her in the shower. Her eyes closed once again and she said nothing, just absorbed the sensations as the redhead slowly worked the tension out of her back muscles. In her mind’s eye, Mariko envisioned the fullness of Ruby’s breasts just beneath her shoulder blades. The more she thought about them, the more she noticed a distinct tingling sensation that radiated from her nipples and lovingly encased her own fulsome tits. Mariko had long imagined their breasts meeting in the flesh and she wondered if this might happen tonight. Would their naked bodies finally meet? Was tonight the night? Was seduction part of tonight’s agenda? Ruby did say “woman to woman” after all. She felt ready to explode. She had to fight the urge to turn around and body press Ruby against the shower wall. Her loins were on fire. She had never before felt such intense desire.

She became aware that Ruby’s lips were at her neck. She desperately wanted to turn and face her, but Ruby’s hands on her shoulders told her not to. Next, Ruby left the shower stall. As she did, she gave her roommate a light slap on her butt. She was impressed with Mariko’s firmness. Mariko turned her head.

“Thank you for washing my back.” she said warmly.

“When you’re done with your shower, meet me in my room.”
Mariko looked puzzled.

“I’ll give you a massage. That is, if you’d like one.” Ruby explained.
Mariko was captivated by Ruby’s nude body, then she smiled and replied.

“Have you ever known anyone who said no to a massage? Give me a few minutes. I’ll be there.” Mariko coyly replied, trying to repress her excitement.

“Take your time. I’ll go prepare the room.” said Ruby. Mariko was perplexed, but she did not question her roommate.

“By the way Mariko, no need to dress. What you have on now will do just fine.” Ruby smiled and left.

Mariko felt her knees weakening. She knew that the moment of truth was at hand. But then a sudden calm came over her. She understood that whatever was about to happen between her and Ruby was meant to happen. Her mind was at one with her body and, although calm, her body was tingling with excitement. She stepped out of the shower and towel dried herself, then lightly blew her hair dry. She vigorously brushed her teeth. Then a quick spritz of a light perfume and she was off to meet with her destiny.

When she arrived at Ruby’s bedroom, her destiny was lying naked and oiled on the bed. Around the room, candles were lit and incense was burning. Two glasses of wine had been poured and soft music was playing. The mood for seduction had indeed been set. It was like a scene from a romance novel, Mariko thought to herself. Cliched or not, her body hungered for the naked form on the bed.

Without hesitation, but with a few butterflies in her gut, beautiful naked

Mariko joined Ruby on her bed. Her eyes took in every inch of Ruby’s delicious anatomy. In the candle light, Ruby’s oiled body glistened.

“I thought I was the one who’s supposed to get a massage.”

“You ARE.” Ruby reassured her.

“But you have oil all over your body. NOT that I mind, but isn’t the person who’s getting the massage the one who gets the oil?”

“Things will become clear shortly. Now, if you would lie down on your back, please.” Ruby directed. Mariko complied.

“Close your eyes, Mariko.” Once again the beautiful brunette complied.
Ruby’s entire body felt potent sexual exhilaration as she positioned herself to finally come together with her beautiful roommate body to body.
Mariko felt Ruby move and quickly sensed what she was doing. She kept her eyes closed and felt Ruby spreading her legs wider apart. Ruby then stretched herself out directly above Mariko, taking care to align her breasts with Mariko’s deliciously full tits. Uncertain of how to proceed, since this was her first time, Ruby went with what felt most logical and natural. She lowered her pelvis first, connecting directly with Mariko’s smooth crotch.

Both women possessed wondrously rounded pubic mounds that were thickly endowed with full labia. In her most private fantasy, Ruby had imagined a meeting of cunts with Mariko. Tonight would be the night that her fantasy would become reality. Mariko gasped as she felt the pressure of Ruby’s lush mound on her mound. She responded by grabbing Ruby’s ass and pulling for leverage. The wondrous lubricant that coated Ruby’s mound of venus seemed to quickly spread and coat her pubis. Interesting stuff, she thought. Next she felt the smooth firmness of Ruby’s tummy as it pressed down onto hers. She recalled the embrace from last week and the soft the sensation of skin on skin when their bellies pressed together. Now Mariko’s body hungered for the full measure of Ruby. In a split second, her sultry roommate would satisfy that hunger.

Ruby took care to assure a perfect alignment of their swollen nipples and then lowered her bountiful, oiled breasts fully into Mariko’s, who softly gasped at the long awaited mammary mash up. As best she could from the bottom position, Mariko gathered her tits and pushed them fully into Ruby’s, sliding them into her roommate’s oiled orbs, enhancing the pleasure of flesh on flesh. Ruby moaned.

“By the way Mariko, did I mention that this was going to be a body to body massage?” Ruby said in jest.

“What a delightful idea! Ruby, this feels so incredible!”
Mariko became lost in pleasure as her body adapted to the slow undulations of Ruby’s body. The lubricant allowed Ruby freedom of movement while still keeping them seared together. Their evenly matched breasts rolled around together in full contact, sliding softly against each other as Ruby slid up and down on top of Mariko. Occasionally Mariko would embrace Ruby hard in order to hold their bodies tight in a particularly pleasing position, then she would let up and the redhead would continue the side to side and up and down motions that were meant to give maximum gratification to Mariko, who was now completely engulfed in the sensations of this physical union.

I’ve waited so long for this, Mariko thought to herself.

Ruby could now sense the total surrender of Mariko’s body to hers. It was an overpowering thrill that she had not anticipated; the complete surrender, body to body, of another woman to her. It gave her a heady thrill, but she understood immediately that it was a necessary part of this equation. In her life experience women, whether consciously or not, were competitive with each other. To surrender so completely to another woman must have been an odd sensation for Mariko. Ruby speculated as to whether the thrill of giving in completely was as wondrous as what she was feeling. She would have to wait to find out about that for when or if Mariko decided to take charge of the proceedings. But right now, she was controlling the ebb and flow of the sexual love between their naked bodies.

Ruby gently turned Mariko’s head. Mariko looked at her longingly. She noticed that her eyes were almost in tears. Ruby felt her loins quiver and her heart starting to melt.

“Oh Ruby…” Mariko whispered to her. Before she could say anything else, Ruby sealed off Mariko’s mouth with hers. The kiss was immediately savage and passionate and revelatory of several months of the deeply repressed desires of both women. As their hungry tongues twisted and swirled in their mouths, the intensity seemed to quadruple. Their bodies began to grind more heatedly. Then Ruby felt Mariko’s legs wrapping around hers. An instant later, Mariko grabbed Ruby’s ass cheeks, squeezed tightly and began to buck into her crotch. Ruby understood. She broke off the kiss in order to concentrate on what needed to be done.
A slight repositioning of their pelvises was needed, but with the minor adjustment, Ruby was able to slide her rounded mound into the thick lushness of Mariko’s hungry cunt lips. And the furious bucking began. Both women screamed as their pussies became one with the rest of their bodies. The fuck was seriously on. Very shortly, things began to resemble a heated lesbian wrestling match as the two body locked women rolled back and forth.

But this was Ruby’s show, and she took charge of Mariko again. She fucked her roommate body to body. She sealed Mariko’s mouth off with hers once again and their tongues wrestled. The grinding continued until Mariko erupted in a shriek that preceded an orgasm the likes of which she’d never known before. Feeling Mariko’s release caused Ruby to spew months of pent up cum into her flat mate’s cunt. Mariko held her tightly, wanting their bodies to be fully fused for this important sexual moment.
Spent, Ruby collapsed in her arms. For nearly fifteen minutes, the women basked in the afterglow of mutual climax. A brief nap prompted by exhaustion ended when Ruby felt Mariko stirring beneath her. She came to and planted a kiss on Mariko. Ruby was scheming. It wasn’t over. A scissor lock would be required.

Ruby had seen it on adult sites and needed and wanted to try it. She hoped that Mariko would be willing. She broke off the kiss and pulled away from Mariko, who seemed genuinely disappointed.
“Where you going?” asked Mariko.

“Scoot up in the bed a little.”

Mariko complied.

“Now reach into the drawer of the night stand and hand me the small remote control.” Ruby directed. Mariko located the remote.

“What’s going on, Ruby?”

“You’ll see in a second.”

Ruby then took the DVD remote control and pointed it at the flat screen TV near the foot of the bed. From Mariko’s vantage point, she was looking directly at it, which is what Ruby wanted. She turned on the player. Just before she hit the play button she spoke.

“I want you to see something, Mariko. But you have to have an open mind.”

“I’m open minded. Go ahead, Ruby.” Mariko replied.
Ruby nodded, then started the DVD. What came on the screen was something Mariko had heard about, but never seen. Two beautiful naked women on a bed were maneuvering themselves into a leg scissor position, aiming their pussies directly at each other. Mariko eyes widened in surprise and delight. Slowly the two women on screen worked their thighs deeply into each other. Then, both women gasped and moaned when the ultimate contact was made. Once the connection was made, the two beauties began to rotate their pelvises into each other. It was now obvious to Mariko what they were doing. The camera person first did a wide shot from bed level of the two scissoring women sitting up and supporting themselves with their arms stretched behind them as they sensuously ground their anatomy into each other.

“Whoa! That is really hot!” Mariko said, excitedly.

“Wait a couple of seconds. It gets even better.” Ruby teased, as the two actresses began to grind more intimately. A few seconds more passed. Then Mariko saw something that, because of the implication that Ruby was building up to, damn near made her have a spontaneous orgasm.

“There it is!!!” Ruby pointed to the TV screen, excitedly.

The camera then zoomed in for a lengthy, extreme close up of the two oiled and shaved fully conjoined cunts as the women fucked in a deep labia lock, squishing together as they rubbed and penetrated each other. Every couple of seconds, the two clitorises would appear and they would engage each other tip to tip and then slide up and down shaft against shaft. Then the two women would bury their clits deep into the other’s cunt meat and their fulsome labia would suck together in what appeared to be the ultimate female kiss.

“Back that up and play it again!!!” Mariko shouted, excitedly. A very turned on Ruby did exactly as she asked.

Mariko moved to the foot of the bed next to Ruby and sat hip to hip with her, leaning in slightly toward the screen.

“I want to watch it close up with you.”

Ruby was now so hot that her hand trembled a bit as she pointed the remote and hit play once again. With Mariko’s hips pressed to hers, and her hand sliding up Ruby’s thigh in the general direction of her cunt, she watched to see Mariko’s response to what was about to take place on the TV screen once again. Ruby couldn’t determine if she was more turned on by the two women on screen, or by Mariko’s obviously heated response as she watched the two generously endowed cunts come together once again. Unconsciously, Ruby had opened her legs slightly and as the two women cunt fucked each other on screen she felt Mariko’s fingers softly stroking her engorged pussy lips. Mariko’s eyes were still on the full close up shot of the two fucking pussies.

“Oh my god! That is so hot!!!” Mariko exclaimed.

Ruby could almost anticipate what questions Mariko would ask next.

“Where did you get this, Ruby?”

“On the internet of course.”

“How long have you had this?”

“A few months.”

“Do you have any more?”

“A couple. But this one is the best for hot tribbing.”

“Hot what?” Mariko asked.

“Technically, it’s called tribadism. When two women grind their pussies, they’re ‘tribbing’ each other. I’ve known about it for a while, but this is the first really good video I’ve seen of it. I also have one with two beautiful big breasted women having a very sensual oiled tit fight.”

“Can we watch that one too?” Mariko asked, turning her attention to Ruby. Ruby then leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Some other time OK? Besides, we’ve already had our own sexy little tit to tit match.” Ruby said, dropping the hint. Mariko caught it immediately.

“Oh my god!!! And now, you want US to do THAT?!” Mariko said, emphatically, pointing to the two women on screen who were still grinding it out. Ruby replied somewhat sheepishly.

“Well, yes Mariko. That’s what this little presentation has been about. I want to do that with you.” She paused, then added “That is, if you’d like to do that with me.”

“Oh Ruby…that would be so intense!” Mariko pulled Ruby’s face to hers, pressing their foreheads and looking deeply into the redhead’s eyes.

“It’s the kiss that only two women can share, Mariko.” Ruby whispered.
Gently caressing Ruby’s face, Mariko nodded, understandingly.
Mariko pulled away and scooted back up in the bed. Then she invitingly spread her legs and began to softly stroke her pussy, silently inviting Ruby to come meet her, cunt to cunt.

Ruby wasted no time getting into position. Their legs scissored. Ruby scooted forward slowly and a little nervously, aiming her cunt directly at Mariko’s anticipatory cunt. Felling each other’s inner thigh flesh, smooth as silk, the two could barely keep from climaxing even before their cunts made any contact. Fantasies Ruby had had in her mind for some time were about to be realized. The event was about to begin.

There was enough light in the room for them both to see that their already generously endowed labia had been engorged even further by the blood flow of intense sexual arousal. Mariko observed the two pussies as they closed the gap and seemed mesmerized by what she was about to take part in. Her cunt was about to meet Ruby’s cunt, and the two women would be locked deeply at their essence.

As both women proceeded forward they heard the “squish” that told them they had achieved full contact. Then came the sensations, the intimacy and the pleasure unlike anything they had ever known. Mariko fell back flat on the bed. Her instincts then told her to take hold of Ruby’s right leg and pull on it, in order to create more leverage and thereby force her cunt deep into Ruby’s sweet cunt meat. Ruby cried out, falling back on the bed. She responded in kind. Mimicking her roommate, she took hold of Mariko’s right leg and pulled in response, tightening the flesh lock of the two cunts. It seemed the natural thing to do. Ruby sensed that it worked as Mariko groaned in pleasure. Now the two hungry cunts were fully conjoined. With as much thrust as they could muster, they pushed back into each other. The two women began to slowly rotate their pelvises, rubbing and squishing cunt into cunt as they established a mutually satisfying fuck stroke. Both women thrilled now as the scorching hot cunts flattened and opened up to each other, creating the proper amount of suction and drawing two burgeoning warriors into the sexual fray.

“Oh my jehovah Ruby!!! I can feel your clit inside me!”

“Good. That’s where I want it to be.” Ruby replied excitedly.

Mariko then moved her cunt in a way that she hoped would bring her clitoris into full contact with Ruby’s invading clit. Ruby instinctively sensed Mariko’s intent and manipulated her anatomy in order to accommodate her. Shock waves of lust overtook both women as the two fully erect girl cocks lined up shaft to shaft and seemed to begin an instinctive duel, while locked deeply in an arena of fused cunt meat.

Both women screamed in an unplanned, mind seizing orgasm. But the fuck between the two voracious cunts continued.

Sealed together long into the night, Ruby and her ass kicking roommate became sexual lovers. This night spawned many nights of heated body on body fucking between the two. Then they would finnish each encounter cunt to cunt in a scissor locked fuck-fest.

In Mariko, Ruby had not only found a roommate, but also a true friend and an insatiable lover. It didn’t hurt either that Mariko never missed her share of the financial burdens. They were roommates and lovers on a new journey.

Then one day, a couple of months later, the two gorgeous, long haired, busty blonde women who had moved in across the street came by to introduce themselves.

Ruby invited them in for coffee. The four beauties sat at the kitchen table enjoying fresh brewed French roast coffee, chatting and finding ways to bond. All four women liked each other from the first few moments.

“I think that we should welcome these two lovely ladies as our new friends, don’t you, Mariko?”

“Definitely, Ruby.”

“That’s just great! We’d love that. We’ve both been wanting to meet you two.” said Janet, the taller of the two women.

“Indeed. We were just saying to each other a couple of days ago that we should come knock on your door and introduce ourselves and get to know the two of you as neighbors and hopefully, close friends.” Susan, the other blonde agreed.

“What do you ladies do for a living?” Mariko asked Susan.

“I’m a licensed masseuse. So is Janet.” Susan responded.

“That’s great!” Mariko replied sincerely.

“I’ve found that massage is a very essential part of life these days, in these trying times.” Janet added.

“Not only is it relaxing, but if it’s done correctly, it can be quite sensual and erotic.” Susan stated with conviction.

“Oh my!” Ruby said, excitedly.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had an erotic massage. Have you, Ruby?”
Ruby understood and played along.

“No, I don’t think I have.” she replied.

Janet and Susan looked at each other, then nodded. Janet spoke.

“We’re booked solid at our downtown studio. But, in the spirit of being good neighbors, why don’t the two of you come by our place on Saturday? We can all spend the day together. A massage will be included of course. That is, if you girls would like a free massage.”

Ruby winked at Mariko and then responded to Janet.

“Have you ever known anyone who said no to a massage?”

They all laughed.

And with that, the stage was set for yet another sequel…

The End

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