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Welcome to this little corner of the fantastic Rival’s Rapture blog. I am AnubisX, a Spanish writer and artist who is dedicated to creating feminine rivalries in all their forms.

I still remember how it all started. I was nine or ten years old when I saw on TV a scene where two bikers fought in a dirty alley, with iron chains, knives and fists. That scene fascinated me, remaining etched in my mind. From that moment on, I was always on the lookout for any catfight I could see in a movie, in a TV series, in a book, on the internet. I was fascinated by how women fought, but above all by why they did it. I became more and more interested in the female psyche, and when I finally started writing, I knew I wanted to explain that side of the female rivalry too.

Here you will find some of my stories, where I try to achieve that balance between physical sensuality and mental chaos, where I try to make sexy not only two naked bodies rubbing and struggling to defeat each other, but also what moves women to compete, seduce and do harm.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have done writing them!

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AnubisX’s Stories

Returning Soon!

By request of the author this story has been removed from the site, and will be returning after some tweaks are made! Stay tuned, rivals!

When two college rivals meet at a party, with each dressed as Catwoman, each find the chance to compete with each other too intense to ignore.

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When two classroom rivals are reunited later in life, they waste only seconds before drawing each other back in. Their eyes hardening. Their expressions mocking. And their breasts, as they always had, calling to the other in challenge. A challenge each accept as they delve deep into their copycat struggle.

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It is just a single bra, and yet it is the spark that sets the flame. Only a piece of clothing for them to squabble over, and yet it is the key to a wild sexual rivalry in the center of all nations.

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Not identical, but instead perfectly pitched in opposite two maids are. And when they are forced to be roommates in the same mansion, any chance they might have had to co-exist go right out the window. Luckily for you.

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Breast Hegemony by AnubisX Story

AnubisX: I want to share with you my own version of “The French Cousin”.

Rival’s Rapture‘s take on the same brilliant but unfinished story can be found here.

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Just the very presence of the other taunts and gnaws — distracts and dares. Before they have even engaged. Before they have even tasted a drop of the other’s power. Imagine when they do?

Or don’t imagine it, READ this incredibly epic tour de force through a seemingly unending sexual rivalry between two prideful women.

It is a story that you will never forget, and one that will leave you breathless for not just one session but many.

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Celine vs. Hannah by AnubisX Story

The French beauty didn’t blink, crossing glances with her nemesis in a mutual intimidation attempt while Hannah posed. Celine didn’t hesitate to compare their two bodies with vicious attention, analyzing the femininity of shapes and sizes, the virtues of bodies blessed by nature. They both stood about 5’9” tall, and shared weight and body build—model-type frames with well-proportioned breasts and round butts, flat bellies and long legs.

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