Weather Girls – A Multi-Writer Project by Anubis

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Augur, Deensmith, JB57, Jon Grey, Labeltornoff, Maurita, Shak, XP

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A Few Words Before The Story

Hostboard’s Titfight and Sexfight Forum feels like home. Everyone who has a fetish like ours knows that there will always be appreciation for a community that has the best writers of the genre.

That’s why it was inevitable that this would happen: a multi-writer sexfight story that brought together several amazing writers in one and the same story. I’ll not say it was easy, because it’s complicated that in a busy world like ours we can dedicate all the time that we would want to our passion, but I have to say that each and every one of the writers —both those who have been able to participate and those who haven’t— have been really generous.

I’m impressed by the enthusiastic response, but also for the incredible quality of the texts. When I had to edit some part to make the text fits better, or add some words, I always found hard to live up to these writers. So I hope that my fellow writers forgive me any damage I have done with their magnificent words!

Without further ado, enjoy the story!


Wet and Hot

First Phase
Weather Front

A weather front is a boundary separating two masses of air of different densities, and is the principal cause of meteorological phenomena. It may feature narrow bands of thunderstorms and severe weather.

Susanne was seated in the makeup room of the TV studios while Stefano, the makeup artist, touched up the beautiful face of the blonde, who kept thinking what a great opportunity it was, at just 21 years old, to appear in the most watched show in Germany. With her mind set on the wonderful future, Susanne didn’t realize that the man had just finished outlining her lips.

“Well, your make-up is ready, Sonne,” the makeup artist used the artistic name that the blonde would use in the program: Sonne, the German word for sun. “Now Lena, the hairdresser, will come to comb your hair.”

“Thanks.” The young woman looked at her reflection in the mirror. It was no secret that she was a real beauty, but at that moment, seeing the work that the makeup artist had done on her face, Susanne felt more beautiful than ever. Her feline blue eyes sparkled under a golden and deep eyeshadow that covered intensely from her eyelids to her thin eyebrows; her heart-shaped, plump lips highlighted with bright coral red lipstick; her pretty white skin was flawless under a delicate layer of makeup and an almost imperceptible touch of blush on the cheeks. Seconds later, the beautiful sight was completed when the hairdresser came and combed her blonde hair in a long, straight mane.

“Don’t get nervous because it’s your first day,” Lena said when she finished the work. The blonde got up from her chair, smiling at the hairdresser.

“I’m not nervous,” she lied, looking in the mirror to calm down while admiring her amazing body. Her big breasts looked good under the dress, pushing aggressively against the fabric with an enviable firmness. Below, her waist and hips curved seductively before reaching the plump thighs and two long and beautiful legs, covered by red silk stockings. Turning around, Susanne looked at her round, hard ass, which seemed to have been created by a formidable sculptor.

“Definitely, you’re as pretty and hot as the other girl,” Lena broke the silence.

Susanne raised an eyebrow in surprise. “The other girl?”


For two years, “Viva Disco” had been a complete success in Germany, especially thanks to a charismatic presenter and the outstanding collaborators. Among them, Rudis was the most acclaimed, mainly for his funny weather forecast; it was amazing how the man became a weather report in a succession of really witty gags.

However, everything can be improved, and the show’s producers decided to use an old but effective formula: offering something to please the viewers’ eyes. With a mostly male audience, this could only mean one thing… and that’s where Rebecca came on the scene.

The brunette was really, really eager to start. At only 21 years old, she felt she had been waiting all her life for an opportunity like this… and now, she can feel it at her fingertips. She just had to go out on stage and show all her worth.

“Regen, five minutes.”

The announcement made her body tense. The brunette took a deep breath, ready to rise to fame with a really cool artistic name: Regen, the rain. In her eyes, “Viva Disco” was at its peak, but the crew on the set had stopped to watch the show to look at her. Crammed into a tight black dress with a white flash on the chest, Rebecca’s slender but curvaceous body was shown in all its glory. On her dark heels, her legs looked long, silky and feminine under the black silk stockings. Above, the bottom of the dress hid only half of her succulent thighs before reaching her sinuous hips and a narrow waist. The young beauty’s chest looked heavy, firm and seductive under the modest neckline of the black dress. Fortunately for the men in the crew, the brunette was in profile, so they could enjoy the stunning and well-shaped butt of Rebecca.

But the girl was more than a body. Her soft black hair was pulled back in a beautiful bun, crowning a face that had been made up to emphasize its many virtues: the fleshy lips jutted out with copper lipstick while her almond-shaped green eyes were ornamented with a dark eyeshadow that ran the entire arc under her pretty eyebrows. The skin of Rebecca was tanned and smooth, in an arrogant flaunting of youthfulness.

“Remember, Regen, your best smile and your sexier pose.” The producer’s words let her know that her debut was near. “By the way, stand to the right of the weather map, because Sonne will be on the other side.”

“Sonne?” the brunette’s voice sounded full of surprise, but before she could say anything else, a girl with blonde hair and a really beautiful face appeared beside her. Unavoidably, Rebecca looked up and down at the other woman, fixing her green eyes on the clothes of the girl. The other beauty was wearing exactly the same dress that she was wearing: tight, with straps and a shy neckline, and short on the thigh area. However, the other dress was white instead of black; in addition, the torso of the blonde was decorated by a black sun, not by a white lightning. Rebecca’s black stockings —as dark as a heavy rain day— contrasted with blonde’s red stockings —as bright as a dazzling sunny day— in a metaphorical duel of colors.

“I’m not sure, but I think you haven’t been properly introduced,” the producer said. “She’s Rebecca, and she plays Regen. She’s Susanne, and she plays Sonne.”

Of course she’s Sonne,’ Rebecca thought with some bitterness, already feeling a strong rivalry with the brunette. ‘Of course she’s the sun and I’m the rain,’ she mused, understanding the opposition.

The producer kept talking, explaining something about the program, but the two girls didn’t pay attention to his words because an uncomfortable sensation was eating at their insides. Both had thought they were about to take the first step to fame, but now they felt thrown against reality, where they had to share screen with another young woman who, even worse, was a real beauty.

Before either of them could react, the producer told them that it was time to go on stage. Susanne threw a hard look at Rebecca before turning and walking toward Rudis. Narrowing her eyes with anger, the brunette followed the blonde, feeling unable to look away from the attractive ass of the other girl. Swallowing, Rebecca mentally compared her butt with Susanne’s rear, and she did the same with the blonde’s long legs. Feeling the challenge, Rebecca stifled a groan that was climbing through her throat.

Each beauty stopped at one side of weather map, trying to forget her newfound rival. Looking at the camera, the girls posed with all the sensuality that they were able to gather, pushing their breasts out and putting their hands on their wide hips while Rudis was moved crazily before them, presenting with pride their new collaborators to Germany.

“Regen and Sonne, the rain and the sun!” the excited showman said. “What weather do you want for tomorrow? I’m sure that all of you have already chosen, huh, naughty boys…”

The man’s words remained in the background for Susanne. The blonde couldn’t believe it, but she suddenly felt cheated, betrayed… even violated. She felt that she was just one leg of the easel, not the whole painting that she expected to be.

Then the young woman felt something and looked to her right. To her surprise, she found the brunette with head turned toward her, digging her dangerous green eyes on her body. Susanne couldn’t believe the audacity of the other girl, who was obviously studying her curves. Unconsciously, the blonde arched her back to make her tits look bigger, and Regen’s gaze immediately moved on her bust. Entering the game of her antagonist, Susanne studied the other girl’s breasts, feeling satisfied and frustrated at the same time to see that both their big tits were similar in size. Following her scrutiny, the blonde took note of Regen’s round butt, thick thighs and feminine legs. To her misfortune, she realized how similar they both were. Susanne couldn’t tell who had the more pronounced curves or the biggest, most beautiful or firmer virtues. On their heels, their hot bodies seemed almost twins.

At least, Susanne thought, the differences were plain to see: her fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes faced the tanned skin, dark hair and green eyes of Regen. And the dresses they wore, even being identical, were hostile: white against black, lightning against sun.

“Voting is now open on Twitter. #Sonne or #Regen, choose your favorite girl! Remember! There can be only one!” The enthusiastic words of Rudis forced the two beauties to leave the mutual comparison to stare at the man. “The most voted girl will stay on the show! Do you prefer the sun… or the rain?”

Rebecca hated the situation. After having passed a hard casting, she expected to enjoy a good job and a springboard into her future. However, she ran into a hot competition with a smug blonde and her obsessive gaze. The brunette’s mind went into a kind of chaotic spiral, and for a moment she thought about running away… but the feeling of being analyzed drew her eyes to Sonne again. Her stare collided with the blonde’s stare, green eyes against blue eyes… and Rebecca knew what she wanted. Her chance to become famous was still within her reach, with only one obstacle that stood in her way: Sonne.

The brunette hardened her gaze, and the blonde did the same. In front of the cameras, the women made little effort to hide their mutual animosity; they compared each other, part by part, virtue against virtue, from up to down, over and over again while Rudis explained that the week would bring storms. The two beauties played down the other assets, despising the other curves and the rival’s beauty… and the hatred planted its seeds in the depths of their hearts.

Finally, Rudis’ section ended, and both girls came out of the scene with resentment, wishing to be the first in the desire of the audience.

“Well done, girls. You have been fantastic!” the producer smiled. “Especially when you embodied the fictional rivalry between your characters. The audience must have gone crazy deciding which one should stay with us.”

The two new foes exchanged uneasy glances; they had been so engrossed in the mutual comparison that they had not been aware of the spectacle that both had been showing in front of cameras. Luckily for the beauties, everything seemed part of the performance.

“I thought this would be better with a bit of tension,” Rebecca justified herself, still looking at Sonne.

“Yeah, I wanted to make the competition more interesting,” Susanne added, holding Regen’s stare.

“I like people with initiative. Good job,” the producer said goodbye with a gesture, momentarily leaving the two women alone while the show reached its final minutes.

Susanne and Rebecca narrowed their eyes, knowing that the set would soon empty. Despite Rudis having gone, neither woman moved from where they were. A tense silence descended on the two as they stared daggers at one another. It wasn’t until an AD tapped them on the shoulders that either woman realized that they had pressed their bodies together, their noses touching. When asked to go back to the change rooms, they told the AD that they wanted to stay behind now that everyone had left the set to get a better feel for it. Seeing no harm in that, the AD radioed to security that the women would be leaving late and then headed off to attend to something else.

Now alone, Regen and Sonne made their way back onto the set that they had shared earlier. It was bigger than either remembered, but then, neither had been focusing on the set during the show. There was a large, semi-circular stage with a modern news anchor style desk on the right with two comfortable rolling chairs behind it and a large sofa on one side. To the left, there was a green screen mounted to drywall used for various segments, including the weather. The stage extended forward quite a bit to allow for performances. In front of it were the cameras and equipment, and then the theatre-style seating for the audience. On the right of the set, a half-open door led to a small broom closet.

The two women made their way side-by-side to the green screen, their movements slow and sensual, and then stopped in front of it facing one another. This time, however, there was no silence.

“Nobody told me in advance I had to compete against…” Susanne cut her words to twist her face and nose as if she smelled something offensive. “Well, against a low-class trailer trash like you.”

Rebecca’s green eyes narrowed and flashed with disdain, but an evil smile lit her face as she licked her full lips. “Low-class trailer trash?” the brunette said with a slight tone of surprise. “That’s funny. That’s just what I was thinking that you are: a low-class trailer trash that is stinking my set with her presence.”

“It’s not your set… I will never allow that.” Sonne put her hands on her hips and raised her chin slightly.

“It sounds promising…” Regen imitated the gesture of her rival.

“But first I’ll have to look for some disinfectant so I can fumigate the set when you finally get out of my set.” The blonde moved her blue eyes away from the penetrating gaze of the other beauty to look around the studio casually. “Do you know where it is? They must have sprayed you with it before letting you in.”

“Look in your handbag. I’m sure you always carry a can or two for yourself.”

The eyes of the weather girls met again. Mutual contempt was so intense that neither wasted a single second to start insulting the other now that they were alone. As women obsessed with every aspect of their looks —how their curves looked, how their makeup highlighted, how their clothes fit, how their bodies smelled—, both were terribly offended by the words of the other young female.

“You brunettes all think you’re so fucking hot, but…”

“But we’re much hotter than blondes,” Rebecca finished the sentence.

“Keep dreaming, brunette,” Sonne grunted.

“When I first saw you I knew you were just another wannabe blonde bimbo.”

“Well, I thought you were a stuck-up doll,” Susanne said. “But after hearing you, now I know that you’re a stupid little cunt who likes to compare herself to real women.”

“You cunt.” Regen opened her mouth indignantly before collecting herself and hardening the expression of her beautiful face. “You’re looking at a real woman, so give it up blondie, you’re out of your league.”

“You’re the only one who’s out of her league, bitch.” Hearing the contempt form the other woman, Sonne felt a hot indignation running through her curvaceous body. “So you give it up, girl.”

No one knew who made the first move, but both suddenly found themselves pressing their bodies firmly into each other once again, hands on their hips, noses touching, and lips just an inch apart. The tension between the women jumped to their skins, that were burning with the flames of the female rivalry. The enemies felt the weight of the other breasts, and a terrible envy flooded them; dense and firm, the virtues burned each other through the fabric.

“So, you really think you stand a chance with those pancakes,” Rebecca groaned, opening whatever this was between them with a subtle nudge forward of her chest.

This was exactly what Susanne was hoping for and she pushed firmly back, causing the women’s mouths to close the gap between them. When she spoke, it was almost like the blonde was kissing her rival’s soft lips. “Well, you seem to like my pancakes, ’cause your nipples are getting hard, slut.”

“Look who’s talking,” the brunette spat, with both beauties feeling penetrated by the flesh daggers of the other woman’s breasts. “Usually I wouldn’t waste my time with a cheap whore like you, but since I’m already here and it seems like you don’t want to leave my set…”

“As long as I’m here, it will never be your set,” the blonde spat maliciously. “My hands are too clean to get dirty with the likes of you, but I think I can make an exception…”

“Oh, damn, the babe has courage,” Rebecca mocked her.

“You heard me, darling. So get out of here before you get into trouble” Susanne challenged.

“Too late…”

With one quick motion, Regen put her hands onto the shoulder straps of Sonne’s dress and pulled down hard. With no bra underneath, the blonde’s breasts were fully exposed, showing that her own nipples had become quite firm as well. With a cry of shock, she lashed out at the brunette with her right hand, slapping her rival in the face. Rebecca’s bun came undone, her long dark hair dancing in the air as the other woman knocked her to the ground.

Another silence descended upon the women, Rebecca sitting where she was rubbing her reddening cheek and Susanne eyeing her angrily from where she stood, covering her fat breasts with her arms. Time seemed to stop around the two as both realized that the next decision made by either woman would determine whether whatever was happening between them would escalate or fade to nothing.

A million thoughts raced through both women’s minds, decision after decision being made and then thrown out. This was crazy. Insane. Sure, they were competing for their place on the show and their futures were on the line, but… fighting? A Twitter war would probably be more appropriate, if anything, right? Fan the flames, entice the fans, please the producers. No need to take this bitch down a peg or two right now, right? Right?

Wrong. Rebecca threw off her black high heels and, with a vicious cry, pushed herself up and forward, then launched herself into Susanne, tackling her to the ground…

Second Phase
High-pressure Area

A high-pressure area is a region where the atmospheric pressure at the surface of the planet is greater than its surrounding environment.

The beauties tussled, envy against envy, grabbing each other’s hair in the beginning of a battle for female supremacy. Rolling frantically around the floor with her rival, the blonde lost her heels as she tried to immobilize the brunette beneath her, but neither she nor her enemy could hold the top position for very long. Soon, the girls freed one of their hands to grab the other dress, ripping it with the strength born from hatred until the floor of the set was filled with shreds of black and white cloth.

“Slut!” Rebecca cried, feeling the nakedness of her big boobs now that the dress had disappeared under Susanne’s claws.

“Do you come to work without a bra? What a bitch!” Sonne accused, feeling her firm breasts bumping into Regen’s solid chest, naked flesh against naked flesh.

“And where’s your bra, dirty hypocrite!” the brunette said.

Covered only with sexy lace panties and stockings ripped during the hot struggle, the toned bodies clashed together again and again, touching and rubbing, brawling in close combat. Rebecca felt her tits bulging and slithering against Susanne’s pair, her nipples occasionally tangling with blonde’s nipples. Moaning from the devastating hot feeling of having the naked breasts of another woman against hers, Regen sought solace in the uncontrolled gasps of her foe, apparently also affected by the bare contact.

Encouraged by the closeness of bodies, the beauties locked their stocking-covered legs together while — forgetting the other soft mane — used their arms to try to crush each other in an intense bearhug.

“You wanted this? Well, you got it!” Rebecca grunted, now on top of the blonde.

“You have made the worst mistake of your life!” Susanne groaned, now mounting the brunette.

For a couple of minutes, the enraged amazons fought fiercely on the floor, rolling from side to side, sometimes squeezing each other body to body, sometimes pulling hair like there was no tomorrow, sometimes dragging their nails through the other stockings until there’s no silk on their long legs. The bare breasts kept rubbing together, stimulating the two dueling beauties until their hot breaths scorched the other woman’s neck.

“I knew it,” Susanne growled in Rebecca’s neck. “You’re a fucking dyke.”

“You started this, you slut,” the brunette gasped, feeling the delicate skin of the blonde’s neck against her full lips. “You couldn’t wait to rub yourself against me like the lesbian you are.”

Some kind of electricity seared their bodies as the girls rolled on the floor in desperate, close fight. Panting more and more heavily, Regen and Sonne lost themselves in the delicious smell of the other’s neck, in the scent of the other’s soft mane… and something that had remained hidden for a long time inside the two women was activated. Suddenly, both found themselves licking the long necks from bottom to top to finish nailing their white teeth in the other earlobe. A burst of guilty pleasure flooded the young rivals, forcing them to moan aloud.

“Look at you, biting my ear, tasting my skin,” Rebecca was growling as she bit Susanne. “Admit that you’re just a hot dyke slut!”

“You lesbian whore,” Susanne bit back, panting and growling. “This is all your fault, you’re the one who was looking for this. I’m a not a fucking cunt sucker, unlike you.”

“That’s it, keep talking… You sound really straight right now, with all those gasps and groans,” the brunette said sarcastically.

“I’m just teaching a lesson to a bitch who thinks she’s the queen of TV.” Sonne chewed away at Regen’s ear, and her nemesis returned the ear assault with her own biting teeth.

For a full minute, the girls struggled on the floor, their panting breaths making their skins boil, their bodies squirming rabidly as both attacked each other’s ears and neck with teeth and tongues.

“Admit you wanted this!” Rebecca insisted, feeling her neck skin on fire from Susanne’s sizzling licks.

“I’ll will if you will!” Sonne roared, her neck bursting into flames under the tongue of the vicious brunette.

The passion of the fight forced the curvaceous bodies of the beauties together into a tight embrace. Instinctively, the rivals began rubbing tits, making both of them to moan out loud.



“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!”

At the end, overwhelmed by the sexual heat and unable to get the upper hand, both pushed each other and jumped up to their feet. However, their tits kept throbbing with crushing eagerness, forcing women to come together again. Sonne and Regen interlocked fingers in a test of strength, pulling each other closer to keep pressing their assets together between grunts and yelps.

“C’mon! Bring those ugly tits against mine! You know you want to!” The brunette’s voice broke out in a broken snarl.

“Come here, cunt. We’ll see whose tits are better,” the blonde said. Separating briefly, the girls slammed together again. For a minute, they violently slapped their breasts as one, sweat beading from both their faces as they fought… until Rebecca felt she was losing ground. She struggled with all her strength as Susanne pushed her backwards. Still, Sonne groaned as she crushed the brunette against the wall of the set, using her nipples to poke Rebecca’s flesh.

“You fucking whore,” Regen complained, trapped between Susanne’s body and the wall.

“Gotcha, bitch,” Sonne laughed.

After a few seconds of struggle, the violence between the women seemed to calm down by the hot sensations that emerged from the naked torsos in tight contact… but the rage kept boiling.

“Do you like rubbing our tits together like this?” Rebecca exhaled, trying to escape as the weather girls now crushed each other slowly.

“Uh-huh,” Susanne grunted. “But not as much as you like rubbing them.”

“We’ll see who enjoys this more.” The brunette upped the ante, dropping her mouth back to Sonne’s neck. This time she didn’t nibble, but bit hard like a vampire. Susanne howled with pain and pleasure, involuntarily pushing her neck deeper into the bite before sinking her own teeth deep into the neck of the other weather girl, making Rebecca whine with a sigh that mixed desire and anguish.

“Stop it you bitch, or I’ll leave you a nice mark that everyone will see in the next program,” the blonde gasped against the neck of her rival.

“You nasty whore,” Regen lasciviously licked the side of Susanne’s neck where she had just bitten. “Next week we have to go back on television, so leave my neck alone or I’ll tear yours apart.”

The enemies bit and sucked their necks fervently for a few seconds, until Rebecca suddenly freed her hands to hug her rival. Squeezing hard, she managed to push back the blonde, forcing a long moan of pain from her. In answer, Sonne hugged the brunette and squeezed her torso with anger. Now, both beauties groaned in pain, with her tits crushing each other.

“That’s! Rub ’em together!” Susanne shouted.

“Oh yeah,” Rebecca replied. “Tighter!”

Staggering around the studio, the weather girls crashed into the table and chairs, into cameras and walls, trying to flatten the other chest completely. Eventually, Regen took advantage, pushing back the blonde until the foes stumbled and fell on the large sofa where the celebrities from Germany and the rest of the world talked every night about their new projects. With Rebecca gaining the top position, the young women struggled, still breast to breast.

“Now I got you, slut,” the brunette smiled.

“Fucking sow,” Sonne spat.

Feeling the naked torso of the blonde fighting against hers, Regen was swept up in passion, finding herself licking Susanne’s cheek and cupping her right breast.

“Oh, you dirty bitch!” Sonne cursed, shivering under the sweaty body of her nemesis.

“You like having your tit squeezed, like this?” Rebecca mocked, enjoying the nasty humiliation of the other beauty. “What am I gonna do now? With this tit of yours…”

A lustful hatred took control. The brunette lifted Susanne’s boobs up, and the blonde gasped when Regen unexpectedly began licking her pink nipple roughly. Eventually, teeth became involved, as Sonne began kicking and groaning in an effort to free herself.

“Oh my God, you nasty slut,” she gasped, shaking under the oral assault of her nemesis. “You like nasty, don’t you?”

“Just like you, but you’re just too stuck up to admit it.”

Finally, Susanne forced Rebecca off, and the weather girls fell to the ground, this time with the blonde over the brunette. Seeking revenge, Susanne attacked, licking and biting one of the Regen’s dark nipples.

“Quit biting me, you filthy little cunt!”

“Hypocritical slut, can you serve it but not take it?” A shock of pleasure swept through Sonne’s body as she felt the other beauty trembling. “You like us like this, right?”

 “Not as much as you.” Rebecca trembled under the tongue and teeth of Susanne until she managed to push the blonde away from her body.



Jumping to their feet, the two women began circling each other, this time cautious before the next move; the dirty and lewd assaults over their big boobs had shocked both of them, as if a mayor line had been crossed. It had all started with the girls licking necks, but now the rivalry had opened an unexpected and sexual path without return.

“Do you enjoy this, fucking lesbian?” the blonde asked. “Do you enjoy licking and biting my nipple?”

“Not much, it tastes like shit,” the brunette replied. “On the contrary, you’ve enjoyed the taste of a real nipple, you dyke.”

“Don’t you dare to compare your nipples with mine.”

“Don’t you dare to compare your tits with mine.”

The words were taken as a challenge, and the beautiful eyes of the girls fell on the eager breasts that the other woman was pushing forward proudly. An impartial spectator would say that the two pairs differed only in skin tones, with Rebecca’s natural tanning contrasting with Susanne’s whitest skin. Otherwise, there were no visible differences: their boobs were equally round, stood up at the same height in their torsos, there was no advantage in size. 

Although the young females didn’t want to admit any similarity, although each one smugly thought that her tits were the biggest, the prettiest, the firmest… envy couldn’t be stopped. The longer they examined the other virtues, the harder it was to control the resentment. Looking for a psychological victory, the rivals moved their eyes to the other’s nipples, where they noticed the undeniable hardness with a mixture of excitement and rage. Their proud rods felt challenged by the striking length and thickness of adversary’s nubs, with the girls feeling a kind of gravity that wanted to pull them together, dark nipples against pink nipples.

The tense and silent comparison was too much to bear. Finally, the floodgates of the dams of the containment broke into pieces, releasing a flood of hateful sincerity.

“You know? I hate those ugly tits, you bitch. Watching them bounce up and down,” Susanne hissed, raising her hands before her.

“I hate your ugly tits too, whore. I hate how they look with each breath you take,” Regen said, her hands also ready for the next round.

“What are we going to do about it?” Sonne asked.

“Just like you said before… we have to see whose tits are better…”

“Sounds good…”

Walking in circles around the other, the brunette and the blonde stared jealously the other’s boobs, both beauties aware of what was coming. Then a wicked smile lit Rebecca’s face.

“So… you wanna fight with your tits?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Susanne answered.

“Well, I’ve got an idea.”

“What is it?”

“Just wait and see. We’re gonna get real close… and real tight.” Regen went over to the near broom closet. “There’ll be no way out.”

 “Where do you think you’re going?” Sonne said as Rebecca came back holding a metal belt that a game show model had been wearing minutes before. The brunette covered her naked breasts with it, smiling seductively as she walked over to Susanne.

“I dare you to wrap this around you.”

“And what’ll you do if I do?” the blonde said back.

“I’m gonna get in it with you,” Rebecca whispered.

Sonne wrapped the belt around her back, leaving it open the open ends in front of her. Regen walked to where Susanne was, pushing herself lips to lips against her enemy. 

“Ready or not, here I come.”

“Step on in,” Susanne said as she wrapped the ends of the belt around Rebecca’s back. Susanne widened the belt a bit a bit to allow the brunette more room to get in.

“What’s the point of a Twitter war when you can have a titter war?” Rebecca asked.

“I agree,” the blonde accepted as she buckled the belt and tightened it. As they exhaled, their bosoms came into contact again, Regen and Sonne wrapping together as their bodies molded and crushed each other.

“How’s it feels, bitch?” Susanne asked, her eyes on their bulging breasts. Rebecca’s full boobs were straining against hers, both sets pushing the other’s flesh away equally. The blonde’s lips curled into an annoyed scowl as her gaze lingered on the other girl’s tanned globes. Regen’s darker skin, whether the result of her genes or the sun, looked smooth and flawless. There were no blemishes or stretch marks to be seen, and while the brunette’s tits had lost their usual round shape because of the close embrace, they still looked amazing.

“It feels good, whore.” Regen, likewise, was taking in the full, firm breasts of her rival. Sonne’s sizable orbs were, for all intents and purposes, perfect. They sat high on her chest, firm yet supple, and Rebecca’s eyes flashed with a slight moment of doubt. For the first time, she felt a bit intimidated. While Regen knew hers were better, the blonde’s rack felt surprisingly dense. Taking a deep breath to inflate her bosom, Rebecca ground their racks together, resolved to destroy her rival’s pride and joy.

Grunting in the tight embrace, Susanne shook her ample breasts, sending their combined flesh rippling and quivering. Rebecca returned the gesture, and watched their bulging breasts jiggle and shake. Both sets again displaced by a similar amount, pushing to the sides as the opposing flesh tried to burrow in.

“Fuck,” Sonne gasped. Regen tried to smile, but the pressure forced her to clench her teeth to avoid exhaling her own complaint. She tightened her grip and pulled the blonde in further. The two weather girls stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, both letting out low grunts and groans as they reacted to the feeling of another’s powerful breasts, another’s hard nipples, meeting their own. The scene might have looked sensual to an outsider, but was actually all about hate and rivalry.

“I’m going to grind your puny tits into nothing,” Regen whispered. Susanne grimaced as they both thrust forward, pushing their impressive breasts into one another. Both pairs compressed at the tip, pushing outward at the sides at an almost identical volume.

“Yeah right,” Sonne sneered. “Those weak things are just about to go flat on you.”

The brunette growled back, narrowing her eyes as she brought her lips an inch away from the blonde’s. The hot women had a tight grip on the other’s upper back, more for accuracy than to ensure that the other could not escape. While the belt still had them trapped together, it had slid down to their narrow waists, allowing the girls a bit more freedom of movement.

“You can’t beat me, bitch,” Susanne whispered, her breath mixing with the brunette’s. “My boobs are way too hard for your soft udders.”

“Just watch. I’ll enjoy feeling your little sacks bend and smash under mine,” Rebecca replied with a strained smirk.

She shoved her tits harder, headed by her long nipples, into Sonne’s full breasts, hoping the added pressure would speed up the fight. Regen’s breasts were already burning from the contact, but she knew the blonde’s must feel the same.

And Rebecca wasn’t wrong. Susanne felt her tits increasingly ache and throb with every bump, felt her pink nipples fiercely locked with the dark nipples of her nemesis. Though she could not see them right then, Sonne knew both stiff pairs were between the mass of firm, fleshy tissue, battling for dominance in a painful and passionate struggle of sexual stamina. It couldn’t be long before one of the girls took the advantage, could it?

Testing the waters, the two women shifted their heavy breasts back and forth slightly, forcing their reddened, sore flesh across the other. Sonne watched as her boobs distorted, pushing in and against Regen’s pair. The brunette noticed the glance and grinned, waiting to meet Susanne’s eyes.

When the blonde did look up, Rebecca thrust forward, hard, sending her tough pair even deeper into Sonne’s. She slid her globes over the blonde’s, making them yield as her set took the top position. Susanne groaned at the move, but as Regen kept the pressure on, the blonde shoved forward.

The brunette moaned this time, feeling the invading pair push into hers. Sonne’s face turned into a smug grin, but as the other girl began to push back, the blonde’s smile quickly faded. Both women could tell that, in some way, the end of this phase of the fight was coming, and neither was now certain of their victory. The next blows were softer, though still aggressive, as their sweaty chests strained against one another. Each did their best to roll their jugs above the other’s, only to have the positions reversed a moment later.

Their eyes flickered between the four dueling orbs between them and their faces, each weather girl hoping to gauge or sense some weakness from the other. Finding none, Susanne moved first, thrusting forward, and giving Regen’s full pair a bump. Both women grunted as their heavy boobs folded around the other pair. The brunette could feel her flesh cave in for a moment as Sonne’s solid blow landed, and gasped as the blonde’s tits dug in, pushing her own meaty jugs away.

Cursing, Rebecca thrust back, returning the blow with equal force. Again, their supple breasts molded briefly before bouncing off each other, sliding over and spearing into the opposing rack. The girls gasped, their eyes locked on their struggling chests, both fascinated by seeing a pair equal in size and apparent firmness.

Rebecca realized that she was going to have to force the issue, and leaned back as much as the belt would allow. As she braced herself for the killer blow, she realized that Sonne had been doing the exactly same thing. The brunette’s eyes widened in surprise, and she scrambled to be the first to land the blow…

She was too late. Susanne had lined her breasts up well, and struck her tit-slam directly tip to tip. Rebecca gurgled as she felt Sonne’s powerful, pale jugs bludgeon her own, as the enemy’s stiff nipples crushed her own. The blonde, too, groaned as she felt the impact cause her breasts to splash out and shake on her chest, but both knew that Regen had taken the worst of the blow. Susanne placed her rack atop the brunette’s, displacing her opponent’s darker flesh as she winked at Regen. Before Rebecca’s shocked and pained look had any time to turn into anger, the blonde started to push down with her tits.

Regen felt her proud breasts bend, softening quickly as Sonne applied more pressure, and her face fell. The brunette watched in astonishment as the pale orbs forced her own big boobs to yield. Rebecca’s set was slowly but surely making way for the blonde’s, her rack molding around the opposing globes as they slid downwards. With a small hop, Sonne bounced their bosoms in rhythm, each playful tap sending a burning shock through Regen’s full boobs. Susanne sighed in contentment, savoring the feeling. Just as the brunette tried to counter, the blonde shoved forward, letting her dense flesh plow into Rebecca’s tender flesh. The brunette’s pair simply folded inward under the strain, and Regen gasped as her powerful bust was crushed.

“Told you, you saggy slut,” Sonne breathed out with a husky voice, smiling at the brunette and grinding their chest together for added emphasis.

Rebecca moaned quietly, feeling the blonde’s globes gently massage her throbbing boobs with slow, careful waves of titflesh. She knew that the firm mass of Sonne’s breasts had proven better this time, crushing her own pair after a long and grueling fight… but she just couldn’t accept that. Yeah, she had lost against Susanne’s tits, but for a winner like her, defeat is only a temporary state. Her personality just couldn’t let this one go.

“Arrogant whore… this is far from over.”

She wanted, she needed to fight back. But first things first: she had to push away the blonde and break the contact between their breasts…

With a sudden move, and almost without space, Regen brought her left hand up and clumsily slapped Sonne’s right cheek. Thinking that Rebecca had just accepted her defeat, Susanne had succumbed to her desire to enjoy the humiliation of the brunette, so she didn’t react in time. Never expecting that kind of violent answer from Regen, she screamed as her nemesis pushed herself against her body, taking advantage of the situation so that her chest come back to face on equal terms the breasts of the other woman.

“Bitch, no more playing around… This time you will mine. This time you will realize how wrong you were to challenge me, stuck-up whore,” Rebecca spat, feeling her tits and her dark nipples recovering their strength, and enjoying the surprise and the frustration at Sonne’s face.

“You’re gonna pay for that,” the blonde said, full in anger. She wanted to slap her foe, but the pride she felt for her breasts stopped her hand. “Unlike you, I don’t need to slap your ugly face to win this. I’m gonna destroy your tits. You will beg me to stop, but I’ll show you no mercy this time, tramp.”

The two women looked at each other with hatred and lust on their faces… until Rebecca started the second assault. Her left boob crashed into Sonne’s right breast. The blonde inhaled harshly and gave her rival a shocked look, as if the brunette had just plunged a knife into her. After crushing Regen’s nipples, she didn’t expect that; apparently, her opponent and her tits had recovered completely and they were fighting back with surprising firmness.

Hiding her astonishment behind a cold face, she pushed both of her breasts back into Rebecca’s. The brunette groaned, feeling Susanne’s pink nipples like heated irons, but she stood firm, determined to win this time. For a moment, the weather girls were betrayed by a nervous expression as they stared intently at where their chests made contact. This was a moment of truth: it was all or nothing… Only one woman would be the alpha slut, only one pair of tits would prove superior to the other. Groaning, the beauties looked at each other angrily, knowing that neither would back down: Susanne wouldn’t let escape her victory, and Rebecca wouldn’t let her bosoms were defeated again.

“Get ready for another humiliation, loser,” the blonde said.

“Never again, you cunt,” the brunette answered.

Slowly, the women brought their breasts into full contact, and their curves mashed together as the rivals angled their shoulders. For a long moment, the two dominant alpha sluts stood their ground, leaning into each other, touching only chest to chest. Gradually, they were pushing harder and harder, deeply and deeply… Sometimes, one of them breathed in quickly, as if she was reacting to a shock, and the other weather girl responded with an evil grin.

Wrapped by a hypnotic spell that isolated them from reality and pushed them within their own feminine world of steel nipples and demolition tits, Sonne and Regen kept this test of firmness and willpower for several minutes, looking deeply into the other’s eyes, measuring each other’s determination to win the all-out sexual war.

Biceps were flexed, thighs were tightened as tits invaded tits. Finally, the young women stood frozen nipple to nipple, feeling that something was changing… Suddenly, the balance seemed to be broken as Rebecca’s nipples dug directly into Sonne’s, pushing blonde’s rods back into her fat breasts. Both amazons groaned and moaned from pain and pleasure, but it was the arrogant face of Regen which was filled with immense satisfaction.

“Oh, you poor little thing. How do you feel having your weak nipples back on your chest? Does it hurt much as it seems seeing your ugly face grimacing?”

Susanne narrowed her eyes as she heard the boastful words of Rebecca, realizing that she had to change tactics if she wanted to put up a fight against the strong-minded brunette so, in a sudden move, she brought her hands up to the shoulder blades of the other girl, pushing her nemesis into a hard, deadly embrace and slamming her tits into Regen’s boobs. Her pink nipples recovered the position and started to crush Rebecca’s dark nipples against the brunette’s breasts. Again, the couple moaned with conflicting sensations, but this time the cocky smile shone on the beautiful face of Susanne.

“Wow, I’m really sorry. I didn’t want to push your puny nipples so far inside your bosom, but I think this will teach you that only stupid girls count chickens before they hatch.”

Startled for a few seconds, Rebecca felt waves of hatred through her body before she reacted mirroring Sonne’s attack, hugging her as she managed to readjust her tits to match again her nipples against blonde’s stiffies on equal terms.

“It’s funny that you say that, because I’m counting one chicken right now,” Regen said.

“Yeah, we have a chicken here,” Sonne nodded. “I’m seeing her right in front of me.”

In the middle of the set, joined by the metal belt, the hot contenders were now engaged in a grueling and mutual bearhug. Their reddened breasts, even fully compressed, kept increasing the pressure against the other flesh, as the two fighting amazons were trying to crush the other woman’s chest with their own tits once and for all. Only a complete and merciless victory would satisfy the conceited weather girls.

Time slowed down as they squeezed each other. The facial expressions of the women were intense, but soon they closed their eyes, in part to fully concentrate on the fighting flesh, in part to avoid revealing their real feelings to the enemy; none of them wanted to let the other girl to look up her eyes and discovered any hint of fear or defeat. However, neither could hide the pain for longer: they screamed in anger and agony to each other.

When the producers of “Viva Disco” conceived the rivalry between Regen and Sonne, they were thinking about shaking the social networks, about creating a debate that would increase their numbers on the Internet. However, their creation had gotten out of hand, forging a real conflict between two jealousy women who were fighting for the survival of their egos. While the producers were returning home in their luxury cars, the perfect bodies of their weather girls were in full contact, thighs against thighs, belly button against belly button… and breasts battling breasts with anxiety.

 No woman had a clear advantage after endless minutes of struggle. The fight seemed to come to a standstill, seemed destined to a draw that maybe would satisfy Susanne but it would a disaster for Rebecca’s pride. So the brunette made a desperate move and, without warning, spat on the blonde’s face.

“Oh, you dirty bi…”

The blonde couldn’t finish the sentence because Regen’s teeth sank into her chin, sending waves of pain and pleasure through her sweaty body.

“You’re mine,” the brunette exclaimed, squeezing the firm tits of Sonne with her hard chest. The beauties’ eyes opened, burning with fire, full of tears… and Susanne avenged the last humiliation by spitting on the Rebecca’s face.

“Oh, you fucking…”

This time it was the brunette’s words that were cut by the blonde’s teeth. Sonne bit the right cheek of her foe, as she returned each boob friction that she received. Breast mashing breasts, the beauties traded a few more bites before the tongues came out, called for in the heat of the close battle. The weather girls licked cheeks, chins and necks, for now avoiding the other’s mouth and tongue.

Finally, one of them lost her concentration and composure, feeling overwhelmed by the hot events. Fighting futilely to control her arousal, Susanne moaned as she felt the stiff nipples of the other woman, more hardened than ever, crushing her nipples for a second time. Rebecca smiled wolfishly, grinding her dark rods in victory against the long weapons of the blonde.

“What did you say about my saggy tits?” Regen bragged, keeping her enemy in a tight vice grip. Slowly, her breasts seemed to devour the defeated boobs of the blonde, engulfing them with the hunger of the victory. 

“Oh, you damn…” With a face full of surprise and pain, Susanne felt her orbs losing their extraordinary firmness, collapsing under the density of the other woman’s tits. Looking down, Sonne desperately watched her boobs giving way, with Rebecca’s breasts getting the top position to add the force of gravity to the embarrassment of the loss.

Recalling the humiliation that she had suffered minutes earlier, when Susanne had momentarily crushed her tits, Regen decided it was time for payback: she bounced the two pairs of breasts in rhythm, in the same way that the blonde had done before, throwing heated flows across the raw flesh of her defeated foe. All of Sonne’s effort to counterattack were aborted by the steely firmness of the brunette, forcing harsh gasps from Susanne.

Hating that her full of pride breasts were at the mercy of her nemesis, Susanne reluctantly admitted that Rebecca had turned the tables: after losing against her tits in an epic, fierce battle of density and stiffness, the brunette had been able to regain her will and firmness to infringe her a mortifying defeat… but she wasn’t a girl who gave up easily. Yeah, maybe Regen’s tits and nipples had gone beyond her endurance, but neither her bellicose boobs nor her pink nipples had yet said the final word about the breast duel. After all, her tits had squashed nemesis’ tits before, her nipples had crushed nemesis’ nipples before. She could do it again…

Suddenly, a clumsy slap crossed Rebecca’s face, making her cry in a combination of surprise and pain. Stupidly, the brunette had fallen into the same mistake as her adversary: she was carried away by the delicious feeling of victory, savoring every second of superiority of her boobs… and underestimating Susanne’s desire to fight. Before Regen could react, the blonde had already liberated her tits from her oppression.

“You fucking slag,” Rebecca cursed her nemesis for using her own tactic to escape. Even worse: Sonne’s breasts felt hard, dense against her tits again, and blonde’s nipples, far from being flaccid, had regained their stiffness in a miraculous way. “You said you didn’t need to slap me to win this…”

“All’s fair in love and war… and this is definitely not love…” Susanne pushed her pair against Regen’s counterpart in a meeting of equals.

The gorgeous breasts compressed together like they never had, perhaps because the girls each had something to prove after being beaten once before. Staring into their eyes, both amazons fought each other with slow, little movements that filled their faces with pain; after all, their heavy boobs were more damaged than they looked after minutes and minutes of flesh battle. But no one was going to give up, so they mashed and rolled their tits against each other, density fighting density, looking for the definitive answer.

The tit competition was fought on equal terms, but sometimes something broke the dynamics of the draw: a tear, a bitten lip, a tick in the eye, a short grimace, a more ardent gasp than usual… When one of them showed briefly a weakness against her own will, the other drank of the moment, filling her pride with the taste of victory. But every humiliation was returned, every breast crushing was answered with another breast crushing, every nipple stab was answered with another nipple stab.

“You started this,” Rebecca spoke hotly, trying to take psychological advantage of a new trash talking duel. “You want us biting each other and rubbing our tits, so I’m gonna give you everything you want and more. You will regret this.”

“Shut up, bitch. This was your plan all along, wasn’t it?” Susanne’s voice was trembling as she ground her chest aggressively against Regen’s. “You thought you’d scare me by pushing your tits against mine, biting my skin with your teeth, but now you’re gonna know I’m not the kind of woman with which a little cunt like you wants to have problems.”

“I already have problems with you.” the brunette matched blonde’s chest thrust for thrust. “And I’m solving it with my girls.”

“Your girls aren’t solving anything, they’re just getting beat up,” Susanne gasped as the rivals kept brushing their proud assets together, locking her thick nipples over and over again in agonizing conflict.

After long, anxious minutes of breast grinding and nipple fencing, the strength suddenly and unexpectedly left their bodies. The weather girls groaned and relaxed their muscles in collapse as both put themselves in the hands of an opponent who could not seize the moment by her own weakness. The desperate titfight had been more exhausting physically and mentally than they had believed at the outbreak of hostilities… but at least they had emerged victorious of the hard contest… Yes, both of them thought they had won, both thought they had tamed the powerful chest of the other woman…

Third Phase

Storms are created when a center of low pressure develops with a system of high pressure surrounding it. This combination of opposing forces can create winds and result in the formation of storm clouds.

Arrogantly, the weather girls kept their breasts against their foe’s wilting pair, loving that the formerly firm flesh now felt softer against their own. They began to push their weakened assets against each other and, when they felt how the other boobs softened shifted and flattened slightly, both smiled, forgetting the fragility of their own breasts to savor their ‘victory’ by forcing the nemesis’ failed tits to fold and bend at their victorious globes’ whim.

“Now that we know my girls are the best, what’s next?” Susanne asked, grinning as she pressed herself a little more against the melting boobs of her rival. Regen groaned, feeling her beautiful breasts burning in weakness, but even so she didn’t understand what the fuck was the blonde saying.

“I think I’ve knocked your jugs so much that it has affected your brain. My girls have beaten yours, so what do you want to do now?” Rebecca spat, mashing her breasts against Sonne’s limp pair. She smirked as she saw her nemesis grunting, while Susanne, even feeling the sore frailty of her boobs, was now the one who couldn’t believe the words of the brunette.

“Are you so big-headed that you can’t admit when you’ve been overpowered by a better woman?”

“The only big-head that doesn’t admit her defeat is you, cunt. I’m the better woman here, and your tits know that now.”

Surprised that the other beauty didn’t recognize the victory of their boobs and nipples, the weather girls knew they had to keep fighting to force another woman to surrender to their obvious superiority. Even thinking that they had won the clash of big tits, the pain and exhaustion of their round virtues warned them to follow that path again, so they had to find another way to best their opponent…

It was then both of them felt something… something that throbbed deep in their bellies as distant drumbeats… something that was charging with hot energy the warrior spirit of the competitive women…

Still unaware of what was happening, the beauties let their hands fall to the other thighs, slowly and sensually. Feeling the audacious movement of the antagonist, the rivals each let a wicked grin spread over her lips.

“Really?” the brunette raised an eyebrow at what was happening, feeling her beautiful face reddening slightly. Despite her question, she felt her own legs separate just slightly at her challenger’s touch, she felt her own delicate fingers caressing the bare skin of the blonde.

“Really?” Susanne repeated, with the slight smile that was creasing her full lips lighting up her good-looking face as she also felt her own thighs pushing apart. The women’s bodies seemed to be in automatic mode, knowing what they wanted even before their owners. However, the amazons were quickly learning to read both of their bodies, and they could tell from the other posture that their foe had realized where the fight was going, too.

Still trapped within the belt, the hot females stiffened their backs, which had the added effect of pushing their ripe breasts even more into the other’s defeated teats. Both grunted, but felt a surge of pride as they unexpectedly noticed that their prized jugs could indeed take more punishment. While the weather girls tried to lock each other nipple to nipple, they continued using their fingers to gently massage the toned legs of their nemesis.

“Fuck…” Sonne purred, with her exquisite red lips almost brushing against Regen’s attractive copper lips. Panting under the sexy assault of the brunette’s fingers, she felt her resistance fading slightly. “You whore, you can’t beat me this way. My body is too hot for yours…”

“Keep dreaming,” Rebecca said, smiling at the discomfort of the other weather girl… until the blonde’s fingers began to break her defenses and to force her to shake under their stimulating touch. “Shit…” she gasped, with her dark nipples burning in contact with the pink rods of the blonde under the tight mass of vulnerable chests. The brunette intensified her skilled attack on Sonne’s sweaty thighs, feeling that rival’s fingers were just as delicate and purposeful as her own. “I’ll never let you outdo me in a fight like this. Your body is not as good as mine…”

Both beauties forced a smile on their faces, trying to boost their own confidence and intimidate the opponent. Defiantly, they kept pushing their wet breasts and hard nipples together, with the sore tits of the warriors spilling out around each other within the weak embrace of bodies, rubbing against the other tender flesh with each hot breath. At the same time, their masterful fingers were dancing across the other sensitive skin, forcing another woman to open her legs more and more.

For several minutes in the silent TV set, only the soft female moans and the sound of fingertips crawling through bare skin and of dense tit flesh massaging together were heard. Facing each other with anxious eyes and gasping mouths, the two women were surprised by the ability of the foe’s slender digits to give pleasure.

“It seems that is not the first time you feel another woman up, you dyke,” Regen moaned. Immediately after throwing her accusation, the brunette felt Sonne’s fingers falter for just a moment… and then the digits stopped the massage completely, just caressing her thighs through the tremor of the blonde’s hands.

“You’re the one who started this,” Susanne lied, because the erotic assault had been by mutual and unspeaking agreement. “Should have known that a dirty lesbian like you would try something like that with me.”

Rebecca also halted her hands, like if somehow both amazons wanted to test how long the other woman could hold on without groping the rival’s hot body. However, the brunette couldn’t avoid rubbing tits with the beauty that had the boldness to confront her for the position of weather girl of “Viva Disco”; feeling how the blonde was moving her breasts against her pair, Regen knew that Sonne couldn’t stop rubbing her own boobs against hers either.

“You don’t deserve to feel a body like mine, loser,” Rebecca said. “But if feeling me is the only way to prove to you I’m the better weather girl, keep rubbing your ugly body against mine.”

“There are many ways to know who’s the best weather girl,” Susanne grunted. “I could rub my superior body against your shitty body until you asked for mercy, you weakling, but that wouldn’t be enough to satisfy me. I want to humiliate you like no one has done it before.”

The small space between the eyes of the beauties seemed charged with electricity as the hearts beat wildly under the flattened breasts. Both chicks took a deep breath, savoring the hatred that hung in the air.

“You asked for it…” they murmured in unison, unable to restrain themselves any longer. The fingers fell on the inner thighs, caressing the sensitive skin that was dangerously close to the women’s crotches.

“You bitch,” Sonne spat.

“You whore,” Regen replied.

More and more excited, brunette and blonde ended up yanking each other’s panties, almost tearing them apart as their bodies joined by the metal belt were still fighting for space, boobs against boobs.

“This is what you were looking for from the first moment, weren’t you?” Susanne’s moist lips brushed against Rebecca’s while the exhausted bodies of the two beauties were awakening by the sensual frictions and the dirty competition for destroying the other panties. “Me stripping your pussy so you could rub it against mine.”

“If you want us fighting completely naked, just say it, you coward. Don’t hide behind empty threats,” Rebecca said, hating and loving what she felt against her body. Perhaps the confrontation of boobs hadn’t settled the bitter differences between them, but the brunette knew that their war wasn’t just about tits. Seeing the desperation with which they touched the other’s inner thighs, feeling the urgency with which both wanted to destroy the other panties, Regen knew that her nemesis and she was on the same page.

Frustrated because the panties didn’t yield to their tugs, Rebecca had enough and grabbed Susanne’s pussy through the fabric. Sonne’s eyes fluttered, and her lips parted to breathe a flaming gasp of pleasure. But she quickly regained her focus, squeezing the sex of her enemy with the same drive as the brunette. The set was filled with erotic, girlish grunts; both certainly knew their way around a woman, they realized with anger.

“Oh, you fucking dyke,” Regen cried, after feeling for a full minute the heat of the crotch of Sonne. Her own pussy was burning under the hand of the blonde.

“You’re the fucking dyke here,” Susanne roared. Unable to take it anymore, she used her free hand to push Rebecca’s claws away from her most valuable treasure. Surrendering at the same time, her foe grabbed her hand and pulled it away from her sex. The four hands locked then together in an unstable struggle.

 “I knew you were a hot bitch the moment I saw you,” Regen spat with hate.

“Of course I’m a hot bitch,” Susanne said. “I’m the sun… Maybe you need to feel a little of my heat.” Determined to keep attacking the other pussy, Sonne forced her right thigh between Rebecca’s thighs, pressing it against her crotch.

Regen moaned as she felt Susanne’s thigh pressing against her pussy… but there was no way she was going to allow the blonde to take control: she moved her own right thigh between Sonne’s thighs and pressed it against the front of Susanne’s panties. “And since I’m the rain…” the brunette purred as she began to slowly grind her thigh against Susanne’s panty clad pussy, as she heard her rival quietly gasped. “Perhaps you need to feel a little moisture.”

With a little more strength returning to their muscles, the amazons let go of the other’s hands, wrapped their arms around their waists, and began running their nails up and down the sensitive skin of each other’s back, lightly tracing their claws as they shared breaths and slowly began swaying their upper bodies back and forth against each other. The movement was still restricted by their shared belt, stretched over the women’s hips as if it were to break any time now, but they managed to slide their firm breasts back and forth across each other a couple of inches in each direction. Recalling that the opponent had never admitted the defeat of her proud bosoms, the girls used their still hard nipples to catch and flick past the other’s flesh daggers each time they met, causing both of them to moan and gasp.

“Surrender your tits to mine once and for all!” both beauties shouted surprisingly at the same time, showing how important their breasts were to their feminine prides.

But the fight was no longer an exclusive battle between their heavy tits. With their thighs pressed firmly against the thin fabric of the adversary’s panties, the two hot weather girls began sliding up and down on each other’s thighs as their hands travelled down to the foe’s firm buttocks; it only took a few seconds for Susanne and Rebecca to slide their hands inside the back of the panties, lightly scratching each other’s hard butts with their painted nails. Soon their hands were open, clutching and grabbing the other’s solid ass cheeks as they humped against their enemy’s thighs, breasts constantly pushing together, constantly sliding back and forth across each other, their hard swollen nipples flicking and stabbing into the dense flesh of their boobs.

“You’re a whore,” Sonne moaned.

“You’re the whore, you wanted us like this,” Regen answered, also moaning.

“Admit it, bitch, you want this.”

“Fuck you, slut. I won’t admit anything.”

“Stupid arrogant cunt,” the blonde gasped. “You’re hard and wet, but…”

“Liar,” the brunette interrupted with an offended voice. “I bet you’re harder and wetter than ever before.”

“Not as hard and wet as you.”


“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!”

They continued their slow erotic struggle for a few more minutes, neither woman sure that this was what they wanted to happen, neither woman sure where all this was going. The resentment and anger began to flow through their bodies, and they knew that only one of them was going to reign as the weather girl… and it was not going to be decided by a fucking poll.

Then, in the middle of the hot meeting of sweaty bodies, the rivals leaned forward to force themselves in an even closer battle… and their plump lips met each other. Sonne and Regen felt her mouths dancing across the opponent’s and, despite their animosity, or perhaps because of it, both women let their tongues go out to fight against the invader. The clash of tongues burst into an electric explosion, forcing the females to get away from the other mouth with an enraged whimper.

With a flicker of surprise crossing their eyes for what had just happened, the weather girls growled as animals. Instinctively, both squeezed their bodies even closer together, with a painful fire exploding in their breasts matched by the rage that flashed across their wet faces.

“If you think making out with me is gonna be the way to beat me, you’re gonna be disappointed,” Susanne said, feeling her nemesis still kneading her pussy with her right thigh. “I think you don’t really know who you’re facing.”

“I think you are the one who has no fucking idea who you’re messing with,” Rebecca replied, feeling the friction from blonde’s thigh against her crotch. “It would have been better for you if you had taken a good look at my body before getting in my way.”

“I took it, and I wasn’t impressed.”

“I was also not impressed by your body… and neither I am now… starting with your flabby ass!”

Suddenly, the brunette grabbed the top of blonde’s panties and jerked them down, exposing her hot sexy buns before slapping her firm naked ass cheeks vigorously with both of her hands. Smack! Slap!

“Take that, you bitch!”

“Oh, you vicious little weather whore!” Susanne gasped, her lips brushing against Regen’s. She quickly grabbed the waist band of Rebecca’s panties and jerked them down, revealing the brunette’s hard tight ass. The blonde immediately returned the favor as she smacked Regen’s cheeks fiercely with both of her hands. Whack! Smack!

Their thighs were still pressing tightly against the other’s cunt, with the firm tight skin of their thighs separated from the wet juicy folds of their pussies by the thin material of their panties… panties so thin that both beauties could feel rival’s pussy lips spreading out against their thighs, clutching at each other’s firm flesh as if they wanted to grab, tug and suck the antagonist’s tight athletic thighs.

“You hot bitch!” Rebecca moaned as they began slapping buttocks. Smack! Slap! Smack! Smack! Whack!

“You nasty wet whore!” the blonde was gasping as they slapped and spanked the tight buttocks again and again, grinding their thighs into their pussies and moving their wet cunts up and down against the nemesis’ thighs. Sliding, rocking up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down… Gasping and moaning, and slapping bums as their lips were continually brushing against each other. Slap! Smack! Slap! Whack! Smack!

“Ow! That fucking hurts, bitch!” Sonne gasped as she began to slap Rebecca’s ass as hard as she could.


“Ouch! You whore!” Regen flinched.


“Fuck!” Susanne cringed as she began to grind her wet cunt harder against Rebecca’s sensual thigh. “Can you feel my big clit grinding against your thigh, bitch? Can you feel how hot I am? Can you feel my hotness on your thigh, whore?” She slapped again the brunette’s ass hard. Smack!

“Shit!” Rebecca moaned as she likewise began grinding her pussy harder against the blonde’s erotic thigh. “Can you feel my fat clit rubbing against your thigh, slut? Can you feel how wet I am? Can you feel my wetness on your thigh, bitch?”


“I think my heat is going to evaporate your wetness, you Regen girl!”


“In your dreams… My wetness is going to put out your fire, you Sonne girl!”


“Oh, yeah?”

“Oh, yeah!” Rebecca gasped as she moved her hands from Susanne’s ass, sliding her nails up her foe’s back until she grabbed her long blonde hair with both hands and jerked.

“Oh! You fucking bitch!” Susanne squealed as the brunette pulled hard on her hair, jerking her head back.

Regen then quickly leaned forward, extending her tongue, and licked up the side of Sonne’s neck. “Tell me you don’t like that, whore!”

“Oh, you nasty slut!” Susanne gasped as she quickly moved her hands to Rebecca’s dark hair and pulled in revenge. Her tongue stroked the neck of the brunette. “Enjoy this, bitch!”

“Damn!” Regen gasped as the two hot weather bitches pulled and tugged on the back of the rival’s hair, dragging both of their faces back from each other. The beautiful vixens slowly dropped to their knees… with the belt still keeping them tightly cinched together as they tugged and pulled. Their big tits were constantly grinding together as the girls moaned and gasped.

“Let go!” they shouted in unison.

“You let go first, whore!” Susanne winced.

You let go first, bitch!” Rebecca moaned.

“God! I fucking hate you!” the blonde cried out as she removed her hands from Regen’s hair, grabbed her hard, tight buttocks again and began squeezing and kneading her firm ass cheeks. “You like my hands on your ass, don’t you, cunt?”

The brunette let go of Susanne’s silky blonde hair and placed her hands on her gorgeous ass again, digging her sharp nails into the firm flesh. “Not as much as you like it!”

Susanne moved her face toward Rebecca until they were once again nose to nose. “You’re nothing compared to me!” They could feel their eyelashes fluttering against each other as they glared at each other.

“You’re nothing, period!” Regen growled.

“Oh, yeah?” Sonne raised her voice as she moved her hands up around Rebecca’s waist and jerked her to the side. Both of them fell to the floor in a tangle of legs and arms; the girls tried to kick each other, but their movements were restricted by the belt that held them tightly together. They rolled to the left… then rolled back to the right… back and forth several times, screaming and cursing each other as they fought to see who would be the top bitch.

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!

“You dirty cunt!”

“You nasty whore!”

Susanne finally managed to hold Rebecca down as they struggled body to body. After rubbing scorching skin against scorching skin, after matching naked flesh against naked flesh, after meeting spicy insults with spicy insults and haughty threats with haughty threats, the blonde couldn’t suppress her secret instincts longer. She extended her long wet tongue and licked across Regen’s lips… and the brunette, with her inner tigress awakening from the lethargy, immediately swiped her long wet tongue across her foe’s open mouth. Then their drooling tongues met head on, licking wildly at each other for almost a minute, swiping their tongues back and forth across each other as the two beauties were able to control the electric shocks this time.

“I knew you wanted to get nasty,” Rebecca gasped.

“You have no idea how nasty I can be,” Susanne panted in response.

Regen bucked her hips up and forced Sonne over, so that now Rebecca was laying on top of Susanne. They fought body against body for a few moments before the brunette squeezed her legs between the blonde’s and pushed her panty covered pussy hard against Susanne’s panty covered cunt.

“Shit!” Regen puffed.

“Fuck!” Sonne moaned as she lifted her hips up off the floor, forcing their wet panties together and sharing their wetness together. “You fucking whore!”

“You nasty vulgar bitch!” Rebecca gasped as she pushed down hard with her hips, as their big clits were sliding against each other, separated only by the two thin wet layers of their ruined panties.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” they swore. Even through the fabric, the contact between sexual spears was electrically powerful, charging both bodies with an energy that pushed them to bring all the skin, all the flesh against the other beauty. The focus of the fight came down to what was happening between the weather girls’ crotches, but neither woman was able to control the rest of her body now. Their tits were still rubbing together, almost involuntarily, and their nipples were tremendously erect and wet; both wondered if the moisture was only sweat or if they were also expelling the first drops of milk… If their breasts were being milked by the other weather girl, that meant that they were much more excited than ever before.

But not even the possibility of being milked distracted them, because the intensity of the beautiful girls’ battle had definitely switched to their hot cunts… and there was no going back from there. The amazing pussies fought with such passion that panties seemed they were going to break in two from one moment to another, with the thin cloth stretching to almost strip the women.

“Weak cunt!” Susanne groaned and, before Rebecca realized it, the blonde was on top of her again, pinning her body on the floor. Struggling with their locked hands, the young vixens pushed their faces together, with their eyes sparkling in lust. Their cunt scents surrounded two clinched bodies that, joined together by the stifling metal belt, could not separate from each other… but neither wanted to do it.

Their mouths jumped into action again, but this time there was no mere exchange of licks: a full, intense kiss broke out between the competitive weather girls, with their mouths locked on each other in search of domination, in search of satisfaction of female lust. Smugly, the two women had always thought they were expert kissers at twenty-one… and both were right. The problem was that the other beauty was giving as much as receiving, refusing to recognize when she was being outkissed.

Suddenly, Regen regained the top position, and Sonne growled her protest inside the brunette’s mouth. Accompanied by guttural animal grunts, their tongues played a dance of love and hate as their soaked cunt lips locked in a twin kiss through panties. Looking for some sort of advantage, they readjusted their bodies, with her thighs trying to scissor each other, with their hands clawing on their voluptuous asses.

Finally, the almost ripped panties were briefly pushed to one side by the anxious frictions, and the naked pussies peeked outside. It was only a moment of nudity, but it was enough: the women’s clits touched each other directly, with nothing between them… and a fantastic spark of sexual electricity, one that none of them had ever felt, broke out between her crotches to travel through their bodies and demolish their brains.

“Ooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuck!” The double and desperate shriek filled the big room and bounced loudly from wall to wall. The women quivered on the edge of a mighty orgasm, a climax that didn’t explode because both rivals involuntarily disconnected their clits in time to hide them under their panties again.

At that instant of weakness, the blonde managed to roll over the brunette. The danger of the shattering orgasm was still present for both weather girls, with the young enemies knowing that the protection of their panties would only delay the fateful moment. For Rebecca, the problem was that Sonne was on top of her, so her nemesis had more chances to achieve the inevitable goal of this fight before she did.

“Looks like the rain is about to blow up the sun with its warm wetness,” Regen challenged, trying to win psychologically what she was losing physically.

“The sun will force the rain to burst with its moist heat, I can assure you that,” Susanne replied, as close to the limits of her carnal resistance as her adversary.

For a full minute, the excited females rubbed their bodies together, pushing their covered cunts against each other with the passion of those who fear defeat. At that moment, Rebecca could barely hold her breath; panting heavily, feeling the closeness of the orgasm, she closed her green eyes. No, I can’t permit that. This bitch can’t defeat me sexually, she thought, knowing that she was going to explode in a matter of seconds.

Feeling the desperation of Regen against her flesh, Sonne tried to leave behind her own vulnerability and attacked with all her artillery. Dragging her sexy cunt up and down along the entire length of the brunette’s pussy, forced her lips, her tongue, her breasts, her belly against Rebecca. A long moan of embarrassing pleasure emerged from the strangulated mouth of her rival; the blonde was sure she finally had the other weather girl at her mercy. Oh yes! I’m gonna make her come… and then I will humiliate her even more, she thought, with her plump, coral red lips curving into an exhausted smile.

“I have you, bitch!” she screamed.

However, Susanne was selling the skin of her prey before finishing the hunt. Suddenly, without her knowing how it had happened, Regen rolled her to reclaim the top position. The legs of the brunette tangled and immobilized Sonne’s while Rebecca’s hot tits pushed her torso against the floor. Trapped, she felt hands of the other girl on her wrists, completing a perfect pin.

“No, bitch. I have you,” Rebecca shouted, with her cunt fucking Sonne’s pussy savagely. A tired but devilish smile lightened brunette’s face when she saw her rival closing her blue eyes to exhale a high-pitched and mortifying whine of pleasure. Fuck yeah! I’m gonna force her to come under me… and it will be only the beginning of all the dirty things I’ll do to her.

I can’t lose against this slut. She can’t beat me in a sexual fight, Sonne encouraged herself, knowing she couldn’t resist the assault of her hated challenger for much longer.

The battle of panty clad cunts intensified, with both beauties knowing that the decisive moment was really, really close… but it didn’t come. Somehow, the willpower and the motivation of the weather girls dominated the weakness of the hot flesh, as their bodies were getting used to the mind-blowing, burning sexual conflict. The pre-orgasmic palpitations kept beating at the bottom of their pussies, but now the women felt able to hold them back… at least for a time.

Taking the opportunity that her sexual stamina was giving her, Susanne wrapped her long legs around Rebecca’s waist, drawing a gasp of surprise and pleasure from the brunette. In revenge, and feeling powerful by being able to control her excitement, Regen ground her clit harder against her rival’s aroused nub through panties. Watching the sweaty and beautiful face of the blonde beneath her, the brunette was torn between continuing their clit battle and sliding up to press her impressive breasts over Sonne’s face, smothering her into submission.

Losing track of time, the hotties laid nose to nose, breathing hard as their clits battled for supremacy, with only thin, sopping cloth between them.

“You’re nothing, bitch,” Rebecca snarled. “Your tits are nothing, your cunt is nothing, even your clit is pathetic.”

Susanne responded, not with words, but with a well-nailed hand on the nape of the brunette’s neck and a long tongue down her throat. To her surprise, the tongue was sucked in, forcing their lips together in a long, slow kiss.

After what seemed an eternity, Regen let Sonne’s tongue slide away, replacing it with her own. The blonde gripped it tightly with lips and teeth, feeling its long, fleshy warmth fill her mouth. The women battled with tongues and clits for minutes, each trying to force the other to orgasm with increasingly sloppy clit and mouth duels.

Susanne pulled away, streamers of silky saliva connecting their lust-swollen lips before parting to coat their chins. The blonde bucked her hips to the side, catching Rebecca unprepared. The metal belt buckle broke into pieces, wrecked after almost an hour of pulls and strains, as the blonde reversed positions. At last free from belt oppression, the women readjusted their bodies against the enemy’s, looking for any weakness in the formidable defenses of the other weather girl. There was no belt that obliged them to be together, but their bodies and minds would never accept that they unglued their burning skins at this critical moment.

Despite the efforts of the brunette, Sonne held her position atop her, their sweat-dappled legs slithering together for dominance.

“This is the only proper position, you sow,” the blonde claimed. “It felts damned good having that body of yours under me.”

“My body is better than yours, no matter who is on top,” Regen growled, hating being under her antagonist despite her own words.

Now in a brutal scissors legs lock with the other weather girl, the aroused amazons mashed their clits harder together, trying to overstimulate the other covered cunt and fighting for survive their own ecstasies.

“Feel that?” Rebecca snarled, tightening her legs, pushing her panties into Susanne’s. “My clit is bigger and stronger, even through silk. My panties are silk, at least. What are yours? Cheap rayon, I bet.”

“You slag! My panties are the best silk, stronger than yours.” The blonde sat up suddenly, jamming her crotch into the brunette’s sex. Regen grunted, a combination of pain and arousal, relaxing her legs for a counter thrust. Susanne saw the advantage. Her long, nailed fingers grabbed Rebecca’s sodden panties, ripping them open to expose an engorged clit surrounded by a thick patch of dark pubic hair.

“Ha! Flimsy. Cheap bitch, you probably got them at a second-hand store.” Sonne gazed at the throbbing clit, thinking how good it was going to be to fuck it back into the dark cunt.

“Cheap? They cost more than that dye job in your hair.” The brunette sat up to face her nemesis as equals in this dirty contest of words about who of them was the cheapest bitch. Female wars had never been just physical. “I’ll show you cheap!” Rebecca’s strong fingers tore Susanne’s panties to shreds. The blonde’s equally large clit poked out from a forest of dewy curls, the same color as her hair.

“Dye job? The drapes and carpet match, you slimy cunt… unlike you.” Sonne flicked the brunette’s clit with a finger, forcing a short moan of pleasure and rage from her opponent. “That hair looks more brown than black. Who’s dyed, huh?”

“Look at my pussy again, bitch, ’cause my hair is completely black.” Regen brushed the other woman’s clit with a quick finger move. An irritated but full of desire whimper emerged from the throat of the blonde. “However, yours isn’t as blond as it should be…”

“My hair is natural, you whore.”

For a few seconds, the resentful beauties exchanged glances with passion and hatred, Rebecca’s emeralds against Susanne’s sapphires. Trying to humiliate the other pussy through slights and insults was fine, but the real way to total humiliation needed more direct and desperate measures.

“I’m going to rub your clit away like a pencil eraser. There’ll be nothing left when I’m done,” the brunette said, slowly moving her wet legs.

“Not if I push your pathetic clit flat,” the blonde spat, leaning her hands on the floor to place her curvaceous body in a stronger position.

“Just remember how you yelled when our naked clit touched before, cocky slut.”

“You yelled as much as I did, or even more, you haughty whore, so be ready for the fight of your life.”

Sitting face to face, the beauties opened their thighs, mentally preparing themselves for the coming tribbing struggle. If hours before someone had told them they would be doing something like that with another woman—a hated woman, to make matters worse—they would not have believed a single word. Beyond an occasional lesbian fantasy, they had never kissed another girl, let alone fucked one! But here they were, in the solitude of the set of the most watched TV show in Germany, in a deep, hot female sex warfare with the most arrogant and tough bitch that they had met in their lives.

“First one to orgasm loses,” Sonne broke the silence with the challenge that both wanted.

“You’re on.”

Susanne licked her lips. She slammed her crotch hard into her rival’s, feeling the electric thrill of clit to clit contact. A double scream filled the room with female pleasure, and Regen answered slamming back, her face alight with the lightning of lust. The battle broke out, with the desperate cries of the beginning giving way to irregular gasps and grunts as the beauties gave everything to control their chaotic emotions. Along with the female exhalations of effort and hedonism, slapping noises rose in the set as clits and cunts thrust and mashed in a slow, steady rhythm. Their sodden pussies and crotch hair made every thrust slick and gooey, but also wildly sexy. Both girls threw themselves forward, looking for the other’s mouth, looking for the other’s tits, looking for more pleasure in an out-and-out clash of bodies.

For any who could have seen them, it was a fantastic view. Two beautiful young and fit women, physically perfect, in an erotic, sweaty and hot tribbing encounter, their mouths devouring each other, their incredibly resistant boobs rubbing together like if they had not been battling almost savagely for long time… and their long muscular thighs scissoring as their creamy, soaked cunts fucked each other methodically, noisily, wetly…

The tongue to tongue action was incredibly hot, as hot as the breasts crushed in an erotic mass of flesh, as hot as the stiff nipples fighting without mercy… but the protagonists of the sexfight were definitely the weather girls’ large clits. For the first time in the beauties’ lives, their clits had grown beyond an inch in length, so both amazons could fence them as small swords; the erogenous weapons collided together in electric blades clashes, but also penetrated rival’s cunt right between labia, triggering devastating earthquakes inside the foes.

“Oh, you bitch,” Sonne grunted, her mouth only separated briefly to insult her rival.

“Fucking whore,” Regen replied, her heated breath dancing with the burning breath of the blonde.



Frustrated by the stalemate, Rebecca suddenly hoisted Susanne’s left leg over her shoulder, pushing forward to knock the other young woman down. Riding on Sonne, the brunette rubbed their pussies, their clits together furiously, increasing the tempo of her assault.

“C’mon, come for me!” she demanded.

“Never!” Susanne hooked her left leg around Regen’s neck, tearing the brunette down. Now it was her turn to ride Rebecca, seizing the moment to grab the other left leg, place it on her shoulder and pound harder against Regen’s cunt and clit. “It’s time to give up! You know you want to come against me!”

“It’s impossible that your puny clit makes me come!” The brunette used her left leg to topple the blonde. Disentangling her legs, Rebecca immediately jumped on Susanne, stretching her out on the floor in a missionary trib.

“Puny? Bullshit!” Sonne locked her legs around the brunette’s waist, squeezing hard enough to make ribs creak. “Only in your wettest dreams your clit can be as fat and strong as mine!”

“Delirious hooker!” Regen spat, feeling her body brought down by the other warrior again. With Susanne on top of her again, Rebecca wrapped her legs around the other weather girl, squeezing her body with so much energy that the blonde groaned in pain.

For several frenetic minutes, the women fought on the floor, trading the upper position, tangling and untangling their long legs in search of the best sexual clench. In every moment, they fucked hard, dueling clits rubbing lewdly against each other, finding a way past sopping pussy lips. Soft, angry moans joined the slap-slap of cunt on cunt, only being partially silenced when the women took up the kissing duel again.

“You kiss like shit,” the brunette gasped against Susanne’s mouth.

“Well, you fuck like shit,” the blonde panted before briefly locking tongue to tongue with Rebecca.

“My superior sexuality is going to rain all over you, bitch,” Rebecca said. “And that rain will drown you until you admit that Regen stays in the show as the best weather girl.”

“My superior sexuality will burn you like never before, slut,” Susanne exclaimed. “The sun’s heat will suffocate you until you recognize that only one weather girl deserves the job, the best one: Sonne.”

The women shivered and twisted as they brought each other ever closer to orgasm. The prelude to the carnal explosion was so hot, so eternal, so exciting, that the two beauties knew that the climax would be physically, mentally and morally overwhelming. The thrusts and palpitations of their pussies, on numerous occasions close to the limit of containment, were building such a powerful orgasm that both rivals were giving everything they had to make sure that the other woman would be who lost first the control of her vagina.

At last, the answer about which body would surrender in the first place seemed to appear on the scene. Noticing the first spasms of the blonde’s body, Rebecca smiled. But she was so captivated by what she believed was her triumph, that she was surprised to realize that she was also about to come. Susanne must have suffered the same disappointment, as the cruel smile that had appeared on her face vanished under a grimace of shock that Regen’s face was also showing.

As if with the same thought, the women rudely broke apart, pushing each other and sitting up with legs splayed. The heady scent of sex wafted from their damp, slick pussies, saturating the atmosphere of the set. For a few seconds, the rivals gasped heavily, looking into the other eyes with hatred. Both of them knew that they had prevented a loss to the other weather girl but, at the same time, they were equally disappointed at the anti-climax.

“You were about to lose, cheating whore,” the blonde accused. “If you had not withdrawn…”

“You’re the one who retreated, you damned coward, not me,” the brunette snarled. “I already had you…”

“You smug piece of crap, you never had me… However, I can make you come anytime I want,” Susanne sneered. “But I want you to suffer, beg me to finish you off.”

“In your dreams, stupid bitch,” Rebecca snapped back. “You were so close to coming, but I wouldn’t let you. It’s you who’s going to beg.”

“Not if I bite your clit hard enough to make you to squirt across the room, and beg me for more.” Susanne didn’t know why she’d said that. Her mind was filled with images of the brunette’s clit between her teeth, as female cum flowed into her mouth, hearing her rival scream in ecstasy and agonized defeat.

“Bite me?” the brunette grunted, her face dark, like the Regen she was. “My clit is hard and strong. You’ll never make me come that way.”

“Is that a challenge?” the blonde grinned, her face alight, the burning Sonne. “Put your clit where my mouth is and we’ll see who is stronger.”

“Only if you do the same,” Rebecca spat back.

Fourth Phase

A firestorm is created as a result of the stack effect as the heat of the original fire draws in more and more of the surrounding air. This draft can be quickly increased if a low-level jet stream exists over or near the fire.

After exchanging bold glances, the two beautiful women crawled forward, sliding slowly into a sloppy sixty-nine position. Licking their painted full lips, they moved their mouths close to the exposed sex of the other weather girl. 

“Don’t try to get away, cunt,” Rebecca said. Examining the fat clit of the blonde, she really wanted to fill her mouth with it. “I won’t let you.”

“You’re the one who’ll try to crawl off, slag. But I’m going to make sure you don’t,” Sonne replied in front of her nemesis’ thick clit.

In response to Susanne’s words, Regen twisted her right leg to lock it with Sonne’s left leg, eager to put the other woman in her place. The blonde responded by hooking her right leg with the brunette’s left, as hungry for war as Rebecca.

Joined at the knees, they began the next phase of the fight with a last mutual threat.

“I’m going to enjoy your cries of mercy,” Sonne bragged. “You’re gonna ask me to milk your little clit to the end.”

“Soon you’ll scream my name, begging me to fuck your soft clit with my mouth over and over again,” Regen said.

Fed up with her enemy, Susanne licked Rebecca from clit to anus, using her fingers to probe pussy and ass. Gasping, Rebecca sucked the blonde’s firm clit into her mouth, getting two fingers beyond Susanne’s puckered anal ring. Wet smacking and sucking noises filled the studio as the rivals abused clits, pussies and asses with exquisite torture.

Both women began to shiver as they rolled across the floor, neither staying on top for long. Muffled gasps punctuated the sounds of rough sex as they inhaled raggedly for air. The gasps turned to whimpers as Sonne and Regen found themselves balanced on the edge of climax again. Neither wanted to be first, but both desperately wanted to come… something they would never admit to the other girl.

Beg me! Beg me! The beauties shouted inside their heads.

Lying on their sides, using the remains of their panties for a grip, the women bit into engorged clits just hard enough to compress the sensitive nubs. For a long, ominous moment complete silence filled the studio…

As one, Susanne and Rebecca screamed, shaking like leaves in a storm, as their hot cunts exploded simultaneously, squirting in a torrent of juices. Unable to get free, their bodies shuddered like a single, tortured animal as they came, sobbing, crying, moaning, sucking clits and pussies harder and harder, their fingers clawing on the other’s skin before shoving deeper into asses. Faces became coated with slick, musky fluids as the orgasms rolled through them like the greatest earthquake ever felt.

“Bloody shit!” the weather girls yelled with one voice. Unable to bear more, they move their mouths away from each other’s pussy.

For a few minutes, both women jerked on the floor until, eventually, they stopped shaking enough to roll away from each other, curled into balls of spasming flesh as aftershocks of smaller climaxes wracked their bodies. It took no less than ten minutes for the orgasms to subside. When the hotties finally lay on their backs, incredibly exhausted, breathing hard and sweating like if they had been out of a pool, their cunts, bellies and thighs were exposed, soaked with their own female liquids as a reminder of the humiliation suffered at the hands of the other beauty. Neither of them could think about it now, but it had been a miracle that their shared screams had not been heard outside the room by a building security guard.

They looked at each other with eyes glassy from lust and repulsion, wanting to spit all the hatred they felt for each other… but they could not utter a single word.  A bittersweet feeling ran through their chaotic thoughts, their sweaty skins, their trembling flesh, their humiliated pussies. The victorious sensation of squeezing an orgasm out of the nemesis and the shameful sensation of being fucked by the other hated woman filled the heads of the girls with lustful hatred.

It was at least five minutes before either could speak. They clambered shakily to their feet, needing each other for support, hands in each other’s tender crotches.

“Don’t believe this is over, whore,” Susanne growled, her eyes hard with anger and desire, her fingers curling around the wet, dark pubic hair of her rival.

“Of course this isn’t over, bitch. This is only the beginning,” Regen answered, spittle flecking her lips, spraying onto her rival’s mouth as she felt the blonde’s soaked pubic hair between her fingers. “You’re going to get carried out of here… by a better woman.”

“I’m the best woman. Just feel me,” Sonne retorted, licking her lips and pushing her body against Regen’s body. “Nature has been very generous to me, but it was not enough for a woman like me. For years, I have trained this body to perfection… so fuck you.”

“Do you think you’re the only one who goes to the gym, stupid cunt?” The brunette pushed herself against the blonde. “My ass, my legs, my belly, my tits… My natural firmness is enhanced by hours of exercise to create the perfect body… so fuck you.”

“Your body is not as good and sexy as you think… It’s not that strong either…”

“Do you dare to talk about that when it’s your body that’s one that can barely remain standing?”

“If it was not for me, fucking whore, you would still lie on the floor.”

Sincerely, both beauties were so exhausted after the intense orgasms that, if they didn’t hold each other, they would fall on their knees. Needing the other was insulting, but what boiled the blood of the girls was to hear how the rival doubted about the capacity to keep fighting.

Pushed by the competitive instinct, Rebecca left Susanne’s pussy alone and raised her hands to sink her strong fingers into the mass of blond hair. “Show me what you’ve got,” the brunette challenged.

“My pleasure.” Sonne reached out and seized Regen’s head. Slowly, she buried her hands in the thick, black hair. “I’ll show you what I’ve got, fucker.”

Holding each other by the hair, pulling it tight, Rebecca and Susanne glared at each other, nose to nose, feeling the exhausted body of the nemesis against themselves. After the humiliating double orgasm, both women wanted blood, wanted violence… but the nearness of the other plump lips, the seductive and hot breath of the other woman pushed them back into the abyss of sexual duel.

After a gaze full of desire and hate, Sonne pulled Regen in, ramming her mouth deep into her dark-haired rival’s mouth, jamming her tongue down Rebecca’s throat. The brunette retaliated, twining her thick, strong tongue around Susanne’s and pushing it back. Regen forced her tongue into Sonne’s mouth and, for a moment, the two women’s thick, pink probes twined and slashed at each other in front of their faces, before plunging back into a mouth-locked sucking kiss. 

Pulling each other by the hair, faces locked and tongues slashing and twisting, Rebecca and Susanne staggered around the studio for a moment, before wrapping their arms around each other and squeezing tight. Their bodies began to regain their strength, and neither had forgotten the insolent words of the other, so they finally broke the kiss, spit flying from their lips, and rested their heads on the other woman’s shoulder as they tried to crush each other, tit to tit. The weather girls groaned in shared agony as their hard nipples pierced and dug into throbbing titflesh. Their legs twined, calves straining, and for a moment they trembled as their muscles fought against each other. With a lurch, Rebecca succeeded in over-balancing her enemy. The beautiful women, still wrapped together, fell to the hard floor. They both cursed at the painful impact, then released each other and rolled apart. Getting up, Sonne and Regen glared at each other from a few feet apart, manifestly furious after the overexcited bearhug.

“You stupid whore,” Rebecca snarled at Susanne. “I’m better than you in every way. I deserve this job!”

“Fuck you, slut!” Susanne answered. “If you’re better than me, then prove it.” She reached down and pulled her shredded panties down her legs, kicking them away after they fell to her feet. In front of her, Regen also stripped down her panties and threw them aside. 

Now completely naked, the two gorgeous women moved towards each other, moving in a slow circle, their hands out. Rebecca made the first move, leaping at Susanne. The blonde and the brunette locked hands, palm to palm, fingers interlaced, and tried to overpower each other. It wasn’t long before their arms were out to their sides and their dense chests came together in a tight, hard mash of tits to tits. Their sharp nipples scored their sensitive flesh. Both women moaned and gasped as the abrasive rubbing went on, as they thrashed from side to side. Gasping, Regen finally pushed Sonne away. 

“Cunt,” the brunette cursed. She followed up by throwing herself at Susanne, slapping the blonde hard on her cheek then again on her breasts. 

Sonne gasped at the assault, but she instantly hit back. The two women grabbed each other by the hair with one hand; with the other, they pounded at each other, fists smashing into breasts, stomachs and sides. The most violent instincts dominated the fight like never before, with the skin-deep hatred filling the hot bodies with the vigor of the female competition. Both tried to remember everything they had learned in their very few boxing classes at the gym, hitting the best they could as they regretted of not having learned more about how to punch the other hateful woman.

“Enjoying this?” the blonde teased.

“Not as much as you,” the brunette taunted back. Even in the midst of so much pain, they both insisted on attacking one another verbally.

The blows against the firm flesh echoed against the walls of the studio as the fistfight kept going for an indefinite time. But something so violent could not last forever: the girls were panting raggedly now and it was not long before they were both close to exhaustion from the hard struggle. Still, neither would surrender for a few more minutes…

At last, Susanne released Rebecca’s hair and pushed the brunette away. From a few feet away, the two women glared at each other, their tits heaving, their hair messed and bedraggled, their beautiful, naked bodies dripping with sweat, throbbing with a pain that the adrenaline tried to hide.

“Enough of this,” Susanne said. “Punching each other out won’t settle anything.”

The killer instinct that had broken out after the first shared orgasm had been satisfied, so both of them knew that it was time to return to the real fight.

“I agree,” Rebecca answered. “This should be about which of us is the sexier woman.”

Slowly, seductively, the brunette began to walk towards Sonne, her bare feet silent in the quiet studio, her delicious tits swaying as she moved. Susanne waited for her, reaching out to stroke Rebecca’s bare shoulders when the brunette got close. Regen placed both her hands on Susanne’s flat stomach, then slid her hands up to cup the blonde’s heaving tits. Susanne replied, reaching up to gently cup then knead Rebecca’s impressive mammary glands.

“You are so jealous of my fat boobs that you have not stopped punching them,” Sonne grunted.

“I’d say you hit my big tits more than I hit yours,” Regen groaned. “It shows who is more jealous…”

“Only shows who knows how to punch better…”

“You wish…”

Moaning gently, leaning into each other, the two sexual rivals fondled and stroked, kneaded and caressed their aching tits. Their nipples grew harder, their areola became rigid. The women pressed forehead to forehead, glaring at each other through eyes half closed with the pleasure, their sweet breath coming in gasping pants as their arousal built and built. The duel was completely different from the battle of moments ago, but neither of them could be surprised at this point of the night: the erotic rivalry was so intense that both would fight in any possible way, with fists hitting their bodies violently or with long fingers caressing the virtues of other beauty. Whatever was necessary to subdue the enemy.

“When this is over, I’ll be your mistress.” Susanne slipped one of her hands down Rebecca’s flat belly, sliding it into her thick black bush, then began stroking and teasing Regen’s pussy lips. 

“Mmm, you fucking bitch…,” the brunette breathed, her body trembling with pleasure. “No, you don’t…” She slid her hand down, down Susanne’s torso until she buried it, three fingers deep, in Sonne’s wet, hot twat. 

“Oh, you nasty girl…” the blonde complained.

For many minutes, the two women finger fucked each other, even as they worked and stimulated each other’s throbbing tits. Hot vaginal juices trickled down their inner thighs. Their breath came hotter, faster, their bodies trembled as their fingers took each other higher and higher up the curve of ecstasy. 

Struggling to hold back their building orgasms, the women whimpered and moaned in concert, until Susanne began to whine desperately. The blonde was surprised to feel herself losing the strength in her legs, so she reacted by pulling Rebecca’s hand away from her pussy with a slap. Falling to her knees, she hated herself for the moment of weakness. Even free of the brunette’s powerful fingers, Sonne knew that she was about to come for the second time that night. She gritted her teeth as she thought quickly on how to turn the tables, on how to stop Rebecca from humiliating her pussy with another orgasm. Then she realized that the answer was in front of her, just where her wet fingers had been stuck seconds before: on her knees, she found herself facing Regen’s cunt. The blonde licked her lips with hunger, ready to bite those fat labia again, raping it with her mouth until Rebecca screamed her name…

But before she could take advantage of her situation, Regen dropped to her knees to continue her attack, penetrating again Sonne’s pussy with fast and hard abuses. The brunette felt she already had her rival, and she was not going to let her escape.

“You can eat my superior pussy when I’m done with you, bitch.” Rebecca’s words told Susanne how traitor her look had been.

“I hate you, fucking cunt,” Sonne cried, rushing her assault on the other woman’s horny crotch.

The women kept stroking and teasing each others’ pussies, letting the pressure build and build. The brunette was looking to finish the job, the blonde was looking to endure until she can overwhelm her rival…

To the surprise of both, Rebecca suddenly let out a torturous moan. The brunette could painfully feel that she was about to come… and she really could not bear the thought of coming before her hatred foe. With a cry, she suddenly pulled Susanne’s fingers out of her twat and pushed the blonde away.

“You bitch!” Regen knew that she needed a moment to regain her bearings, to regain her sense of herself, but revenge pushed her to keep fighting. Sonne had fallen to the floor, with her legs wide open… The blonde’s fat cunt was waiting for her, calling her to resume the competition to see who would be crowned as the alpha woman. Rebecca found her mouth drooling. She could lick, suck, bite that delicious pussy again, humiliating her enemy until the sun admitted that the rain had won the weather war. She just had to jump forward and…

Susanne’s right foot hit Rebecca’s chest, knocking her down to the floor and breaking the brunette’s fantasies. Exhausted, Regen got on all fours while Sonne crawled tiredly toward her. Their wet pussies were dripping little drops of juice to the black studio floor, as if they were somehow marking the territory.

“Damned tramp…” Susanne whispered, approaching her prey from behind. Her blue eyes were fixed on the brunette’s magnificent ass… and in the treasure that was waiting between her toned legs.

“Cheap slut…” Rebecca replied, looking over her shoulder to see the naked, sweaty body of the blonde move towards her, with her beautiful tits quivering firmly under her torso, her thick pink nipples stiffening like never before.

Both women were feeling on the verge of a powerful orgasm, an orgasm they had avoided moving away from the cruel fingers of the other beauty at the last moment. Neither wanted to come before her adversary, knowing how much would that mean for their conceited egos but, at the same time, and in spite of themselves, the girls found themselves wanting to come. For some strange reason, Regen and Sonne refused to be cheated of the delicious orgasm building deep inside, even when they didn’t want to give up in that aspect.

“I won’t let you get away from my cunt, you weak whore,” Susanne seized both of Rebecca’s ankles, stretching her legs out in front of her, one leg over Regen’s torso, the other under.

“My cunt will never get away from yours, flabby bitch.” Rebecca saw the blonde pulling her legs apart, exposing her dripping, fat-lipped red pussy. “Try to fuck me from behind, if you’re fucking woman enough.” Knowing that they were engaging in a new and desperate cunt duel, the brunette exhaled a groan of pure lust and pulled the other woman into the fork of her legs, showing the other girl that she wasn’t afraid to fight pussy to pussy again.

Both amazons groaned in an agony of sexual pleasure as their thick-lipped cunts slapped together and crushed, nakedness against nakedness, wetness against wetness, warmness against warmness… woman against woman. The first sensations were tremendously intense, with both beauties struggling to keep their throbbing clits from exploding.

“Come here, you slut!” Susanne gasped, pounding into Rebecca, cunt slapping and sucking to cunt, bushes tangling and ripping apart with each hot thrust.

“You are mine, fucking slag!” The brunette was thrusting back, driving her hips and ass backwards with all her power.

The two women screwed each other savagely on the studio floor, their juicy cunts slapping and grinding, their hot pussies mashing and splattering pussy juice with each hard impact. Susanne and Rebecca grunted and cried out in passion and raw ecstasy. As they fucked each other up the pleasure curve, their cries of erotic bliss grew louder and more frantic, their hips and asses jerked and thrust harder and harder, slamming pussy to pussy with growing force. 

Almost simultaneously, the two beautiful vixens came, their throbbing cunts gushing cum as they exploded in sheer ecstasy. The women shouted, shoving their fat lipped cunts together as hard as they could and kept grinding, grinding into each other, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washing over them, until they were done. With a gasp, the blonde released Regen’s ankles and fell back onto the cool studio floor, flat on her back. Rebecca remained sprawled out, her belly and breasts pushed into the floor. The weather girls remained locked together, their naked legs forked, their succulent cunts flat together, kissing like hungry mouths.

The collapse was almost absolute. Their muscles refused to move, even though the minds of the female warriors demanded action to finish what they had begun almost two hours before, when the night was still young. But the exhaustion wasn’t just physical: the accumulated tension, the exhaled passion, the unresolved hatred, the anxiety about a possible defeat, even every spitting insult… Everything weighed on the body and soul of women. The second sexual draw was another slab that kept them on the floor, with their wet and tired pussies, joined by the dampness of the orgasm and the heat of the reddened sensitive flesh, as principal witnesses of the entire depth of the contest.

Time lost its meaning as the girls groaned and shivered slowly on the floor. Regaining their senses little by little, Susanne and Rebecca tried to get up, leaning on hands and knees. The pussies drawn apart with a growl of complaint from the weary amazons. The weather girls turned to found themselves unexpectedly face to face with each other … and the reaction was struggling on their knees in a desperate attempt to mount the rival.

While the city slept, the battle of the hotties restarted. A simultaneous and tired slap hit the sweaty faces, but there was no muscle strength to make any difference. Angry, Sonne slapped Rebecca on the face again, with more intention than intensity, and the brunette retaliated and smacked Susanne in the face with a slap so weak that it didn’t achieve anything.

“Weak cunt,” both barked in unison while their hands locked in a test of strength without strength. But fighting over a puddle of sweat and cum is dangerous, and soon the knees slipped, knocking the young rivals down. Destiny decided that Sonne fell on top of Regen, with the blonde finding her face between the two firm, sore breasts of the brunette. The unexpected treasure filled her face with an evil smile: it was her opportunity. She snatched up the left boob and close her mouth on the shaking flesh, biting it hard.

“Oh, fuck, you bitch,” Rebecca moaned as soon as she felt the sexy mouth of the other woman on her heavy tit. The brunette jerked under Susanne, trying to free her proud breast from the blonde’s teeth.

“You knew damn well that this wasn’t going to end well for your tits,” Sonne grinned as she nibbled on the rubbery nipple of her nemesis. The savor of sweat and milk flooded Susanne’s taste buds as she now attacked the other dark stiffness. “Your girls are disgusting,” she lied, “but I’m gonna enjoy this.”

Regen’s breathing was intensifying, becoming irregular and heavy, something that her blond rival was enjoying. At this point of the fight, when both warriors were so weak and worn-out, Sonne knew that a new orgasm —or maybe two— could definitely destroy the other woman. There is no way out, bitch.

But with a fighter like Rebecca there was always a way out. Overcoming the extreme pleasure, the brunette reached out and grabbed the blonde by the hair. Pulling her head away from her tits, she brought Sonne nose to nose against her face, where her fuming green eyes were waiting.

“Dirty slut… Biting my tits like that…”

“You’re breathing hard, sweetie. Is this turning you on?”

Rebecca didn’t reply with words, but licking around the outline of the blonde’s full lips sensuously. Sonne’s mouth opened involuntarily as a pant slipped out, and the weather girls’ tongues locked each other in a duel of passion and hatred.

Then, taking advantage of the momentary ecstasy of Susanne, Regen gave her a pull of hair that forced to both beauties to roll by the floor. Now on top of her opponent, the brunette smiled, her eyes narrowed, her face full of malice.

“What do you think I’m gonna do now, darling?” she teased her foe, licking her own fat lips with deliberate slowness. Under her, the blonde snarled, began pushing hard with her pelvis to try to get Rebecca off of her.

The brunette’s face fell on Susanne’s big breasts like a bird of prey. The hungry mouth lacerated the sensitive flesh and the hard, pink nipples in a filthy biting session which pushed Susanne to whine in shock and arousal.

“You dirty lesbian slut.” Sonne was shaking even harder now, but Rebecca’s grip was forceful. “Take your filthy mouth off my tits, if you know what’s good for you.”

“You’re not in a position to threaten me,” the brunette spat between bites and licks. Her white teeth marked the sexy flesh, her full lips sucked her milk-flavored nipples, her tongue traced the contours of the sweaty areolas. Susanne’s groans and gasps filled her ears with celestial music, letting her know that her enemy was at her mercy. At last you’re mine, she thought, aware that her rival must be at the end of her rope after two hours of grueling, stimulating battle. Smugly, Rebecca believed that only one or two orgasms separated her from becoming the alpha weather girl.

It wasn’t the first time that the brunette underestimated the other vixen’s will. Tightly pulling on Regen’s dark hair, Sonne tugged her rival’s mouth away from her chewed breasts, exhaling an enraged howl in the solitude of the set: “Filthy low-class bitch!”

“Fucking sleazy dyke!” Gripping her adversary’s golden mane, Rebecca was pushed back. The two enemies ended up on their knees, facing each other in the center of a studio that was the only witness of the incredible, matched fight between the horny girls.

Then everything stopped. With their long fingers sunk in the other hair, Regen and Sonne gasped heavily, looking each other defiantly for a few seconds. Their fat boobs rose and fell in their torsos, the sweat ran through their skins like cataracts, the pussies throbbed, eager to be protagonists again.

At last, the beautiful eyes turned to the other chest… and the blood boiled with envy and resentment. The recent memories about the exchange of bites, suctions and licks threw the females on the other tits, attacking them with fingers and mouths. Now engaging in a mutual breast assault, they chewed, nibbled and kissed insatiably the other’s right boob while their hands massaged, squeezed and pinched the other left gland.

“You’re garbage,” the blonde gasped against Rebecca’s long nipple. “Stop biting my girl if you don’t want me to tear yours off with my teeth.”

“Move your mouth away from my tit or I’ll devour your trophies, starting with this stiff thing,” the brunette moaned, biting the hard nipple of Sonne.

Neither gave in to the threats, but neither of them expected it: it was obvious that the fight would be to the end. For a couple of minutes, the girls served pain and pleasure at the same time, until Regen added more spice to the battle by grabbing Susanne’s left nipple and pulling it violently.

“Oow, you bitch!” Sonne shouted. “You wanna play rough? Let’s play!” The blue-eyed woman plunged her five fingernails into her foe’s rugged areola, cruelly lacerating it.

“Shit, shit!” Rebecca screamed. “You’re gonna pay this, you cunt!”

On their knees, the beauties struggled for the best position to bite and scratch the other tits. Even in spite of the agony, the weather girls began to moan sexually, feeling the rising heat from the other female body.

“Getting horny again, blondie?”

“You’re hornier than me, stupid brunette.”

Wanting to silence their nemesis, the amazons left their chests alone and looked for each other’s mouth. Both grunted against the rival’s full lips, fighting in a deep kiss as they brought their hands on the challenger’s pussy hair. Biting tongues and licking teeth, the women tightened their grip on the cunts, which were ready for another fuck assault.

“Oh yeah, you’re really turned on,” Sonne growled, feeling the heat and the moisture in the brunette’s crotch.

“You’re the one who likes all this.” The wet warmth that the blonde’s pussy was exhaling challenged Regen. “Your nasty cunt want this, right?”

“How about yours? I can feel how much your dirty cunt wants me.”

“Maybe our two cunts have something pending.” Without warning, Rebecca grabbed Susanne by the ass, suddenly crashing their pussies together with a loud and strong thump. Both amazons moaned noisily, but neither of them lost time in rubbing their cunts one against another. “Grab my ass, you whore,” the brunette commanded, but the blonde’s hands had already gripped her buttocks.

“If you want another cunt-to-cunt fight, I’ll give it to you,” Susanne growled, digging her nails so deeply into Rebecca’s firm ass as Regen’s claws were on her well-shaped bum.

The sexual exhaustion of minutes before was left behind as the resolute weather girls held tightly the other buns and increased their pussy grind until reaching a desperate and obscene tempo. With their asses shaking and swiveling under the clenching hands, blonde and brunette fucked each other on their knees in search of a victory which had been evasive for too long. Face to face, their vaginal lips mingled each other damply and hotly, while their long clits collided incessantly in a vicious fencing duel.

But this wasn’t just a battle of pussies, but a war of bodies: the rivals were soon crushing themselves against the other woman tit to tit, areolas scraping areolas, nipples knotting nipples, while their flat bellies, forged after hours and hours of gym, were fighting navel against navel, muscle against muscle.

“You think you’re so hot, but you’re not!” Regen roared. Her green eyes were wide, manic and jealous because of the persistent bodies competition.

“I’m hotter than you!” Sonne snarled as she resentfully felt how her body was matched inch by inch by the sensual body of her nemesis.

“Hotter, my ass! You’re…” The fleshy lips of the blonde closed brunette’s mouth with a kiss loaded with passionate envy. For a full minute, the girls licked and chewed, panted and moaned, their mouths imitating the sex war that kept exploding between their legs, between their rotating pelvises.

“Can you feel our pussies grinding each other?” Sonne gasped against Regen’s hot mouth. “Can you feel my pussy devouring yours?”

“If you have not yet realized that my pussy is eating yours, then you’re more stupid than I thought.” Rebecca opened her legs a little more, and her rival imitated her, both looking for the most possible contact. The enthusiastic tongues fought in the air for a few seconds before the brunette spoke again: “You’re about to lose, bitch.”

“You filthy lesbo slut,” the blonde spat furiously. Even now, the arrogance of the other beauty was still annoying her. “Your body is mine, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it.”

The wet sound of the struggling pussies flooded the set, accompanied by synchronized panting gasps and sharp red-hot moans. The stunning eyes were talking about hatred and lust, about challenge and jealousy; the cunts gave shape to all those feelings, trying to suck each other, trying to rub each other until the end.

“You wanted this, slut. You wanted me to fuck your body from the moment you saw me,” Rebecca groaned.

“Speak for you, cheap bitch,” Susanne replied. “Just admit that you want to be fucked by the best woman.”

“You’re just a hot little whore!” Tired of the blonde’s vanity, the brunette pushed her forehead against Sonne’s forehead. “Try to fuck me!”

You fuck me… if you can!”

Both girls screamed in rage as their hips and pelvis began grinding wildly now, their anger and horniness destroying any reasoning ability that remained in their heads. What had started as a common fight between two women had ended up becoming an intimate, animal sexual battle, a hot and hungry contest where both beauties sought to reign as the alpha female. The conflict had been long, but both felt in their flesh, in their hearts, in their egos that the conclusion was near.

“Put your clit against mine and really feel me,” Sonne defied Regen. Without a single word, Rebecca jammed her sex horn between the trembling labia of her enemy, raping her for a few agonizing seconds in an arrogant display of length before going on a hunt for Susanne’s clit. But the blonde quickly moved her pelvis to dodge the rival slippery shaft and penetrate the brunette’s cunt with her clit, letting her foe know that her weapon was as long as hers. After an intense moment, Sonne brought her flesh dagger against Regen’s flesh dagger, satisfying her challenge of battling clit against clit in the last phase of the female rivalry.



Feeling the hot power of the contact between clits, the weather girls fastened their claws even harder on the other’s bare ass, trying to surpass the other sex organ between pants and moans. Above the combat of pussies, beyond the bellies and breasts at war, the dilated pupils looked at each other, in a hatred thrown at close range. The eye contact was as electric as the clash of nipples, as the belly rubbing… but the conflict between clits couldn’t be described with such simplicity. It was emotional, deep and combustible, dangerous as a wild animal, destructive as a storm, desperate as a last chance; alpha and omega, life and death in the same place.

For an eternity, Rebecca and Susanne matched each other grind for grind, lust for lust, in a lethal hug. Both beauties were shocked by rival’s sexual prowess and endurance, but also by their own fighting skills. Hours earlier, they had thought that the other woman was so stuck-up that they were facing an easy prey. Now, the two contenders were aware that they had underestimated the other girl, but at the same time they were sure that, at the end of everything, their newly discovered sexual aptitudes would guide them to victory.

With their pussy hairs snagging agonizingly together, with their clits dealing with the hardness and length of the rival erection, the hotties found themselves racing to the brink without brakes. The swiveling hips rotated wildly, the nails gripped pumping asses, the tits rolled together… They glared in each other’s eyes, sensing the incoming titanic orgasm, and locked their hungry mouths in a vicious kiss in a desperate attempt to accelerate the detonation of the other woman.

“Bitch,” both beauties muttered against the other’s lips, almost without air. Susanne and Rebecca held the kiss aggressively for several more seconds before separating with a loud wet smack, their feline eyes shining with competitiveness.

“Surrender your body once and for all!” Regen cried, knowing that it wouldn’t be long until reaching the definitive climax. She growled as she increased her own aggression, but the blonde matched her, bump by bump. “Admit you love being overfucked by the weather queen! And let yourself go!”

“You’re a lying whore! You’re the one who loves to feel my pussy against yours, my tits against yours, my tongue inside your mouth!” Sonne yelled out. Her clawing hands forced the naked cunts even more together, making both amazons to roar loudly. “You know that you don’t deserve to be the weather queen, ‘cause it’s your body which is giving up, not mine!”

Both women looked down, wanting to support their arguments in the wet battle of cunts, but all they saw were four sweaty boobs crushed together. The titfight of hours before, when both had tested their firm virtues under the pressure of a metal belt, now seemed a distant memory, but the passionate hatred for the other chest was still burning in the minds of the rivals.

However, everything was being decided below, in a war of friction and heat where the women’s clits carried the singing voice. The contact between sexual spears was being extreme and, at this point in the night, almost unbearable. Both were going to come at any moment, so they could only pray for not losing control before the nemesis.

Face to face, growling and panting wildly, the weather girls traded hot breaths, bad blood gazes. Their full lips rubbed together as they ground each other madly, cunt against cunt. Weakened by the long sexual marathon, their knees failed, and the beauties fell to the ground, somehow still locked pussy to pussy. Trapping anxiously the other body with their legs, the women got hooked on a trib battle that would decide everything.

One or two minutes later, the opponents were screaming, crying, tilting their hips so their scorching pussies could merge better, sucking each other wetly and noisily. The long clits raped the other cunt with rage, forcing the first real vibrations of the coming orgasmic earthquake… The conquest would be decided seconds apart…

“How dare youuuuuuu?!” Sonne suddenly shrieked, as if she had been horribly injured. All her body, all her soul, all her ego trembled against the brunette’s wet cunt… and then, she exploded in the most devastating orgasm that a female body could withstand. Susanne’s hot and wet juices exploded between the weather girls’ legs, soaking both pussies with the defeat of the blonde. Rebecca howled with pleasure, knowing that she had succeeded, to immediately burst into another powerful climax that flooded both crotches with her own scent. The two rivals screamed together, shaking together, for long minutes of post-orgasmic waves, until they were empty… Everything was over.

“Now you know, bitch,” the brunette whispered, her eyelids closing heavily.

“I hate you, you fucking cunt,” the blonde sighed with resentment, bested by the pain of humiliation and the tiredness of her body.

Fused for their exhausted pussies, the incredible females lost consciousness, falling into a deep sleep full of hatred and sex.


A Week Later…

But after the storm, and after all has been 

broken, bruised, beaten and burnt to the core,

I still need you… and you still need me…

C. Phillips

That night, “Viva Disco” broke all audience records. A gorgeous Hollywood actress was the guest of the show, but not even she, with her body-hugging red dress, could compete with the most anticipated moment: the sun or the rain?

Seeing Rudis joking with the viewers, Regen pushed out her chest beside the weather map. Furtively, she looked at Sonne, who was trying to look proud and self-confident despite the fact that it was obvious how humiliated she felt. Her beautiful blue eyes seemed to be about to cry, and since she had walked into the TV set, she hadn’t been able to keep her gaze on the brunette’s green eyes. Rebecca was very surprised to have seen her appear there after what had happened in that same place a week before, but the reality was that she was happy about it, since now she could see her nemesis in that mortified shape. Feeling like she was floating in the air, Regen smiled at the camera.

“Twitter voting is closed!” Rudis said, drawing the brunette’s proud look, the blonde’s defeated look. “Yeah, it has been as tight as you think…”

Rebecca lifted her chin. She had already proved to be the best woman, now she was only waiting for the official confirmation. A few steps away from the brunette, Susanne exhaled a little moan, as if she feared the worst…

“With 50.1% of the votes… Yeah, you heard right! Just 50.1% of votes, barely a few votes of difference… The weather girl who stays in “Viva Disco” is… Sonne!!!”

Regen couldn’t believe it. Her astonished gaze moved to Susanne, and she met two eyes full of satisfaction. The smug smile of the blonde made the brunette’s blood burn.

At that time, none needed to say a single word, because both beauties knew it: that night, after the show, they would stay in the studio again, aware that they still had much to settle…

The End?

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