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Hi, I’m Corvus.  Some of you may remember me from my previous nom de plume, Rino.

For over twenty years, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of erotic combat/competition between women. And I’ve managed to feed this fascination with a lot of stories.  It’s been fun, and even in my fallow periods, I’ve always loved reading stories about passionate women who compete on the field of sexual battle.

My stories range from very soft to somewhat violent, but always with an erotic component. I prefer writing about more mature women. Sexual competition is a transgressive act, and as such will sometimes arise when the fuse of passion is ignited.

I hope you enjoy the booms. 


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Rino’s Stories

With a shot of adrenaline, she pulled Carol down onto the floor and flung her on her back.  Mary grabbed Carol’s ankles and spread them apart like splitting a wishbone on a chicken. Carol’s legs were opened wide, her pussy lips opening like a door to reveal a pink dark hole and a shiny pearl.

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Victoria paused for moment, then said, “Oh my! When I heard that, I snapped! I stood up and faced her. We were so close our breasts for pressing together. I could actually feel her stiff nipples – and she could feel mine. I said very softly, ‘You’ve got one goddamn second to take that back, you bitch!’. And she just looked me, and smiled her superior smile, and I slapped her!”

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As the crowd moved towards the door, the two women were thrown together again. Under the cover their bodies, Joanna pulled the center of her blouse apart and drew the edge of her skirt to the right. Her naked breasts made smooth contact with Sharon’s globes, and she felt the stiff nipples actually touch. She gasped, her face trying to maintain a neutral expression. She dared a look down and saw Sharon’s dark rigid nipples slide along the top of her breasts.

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That night, Evelyn slept nude. Halfway to sleep, she slipped an index finger into her swollen and wet pussy. She lightly stroked her clitoris as her hips moved in circular motions on the wrinkled sheets. She whimpered her orgasm as she spilled her juices about her stiff spasmodic fingers. Her dreams that night were troubled and dark, and Diane moved at the center of them. They struggled in an erotic war of tangled limbs and grinding pelvises.

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Ginny said, “Oh, I’m gonna make you come so hard, you’ll see stars in the daytime!”  She lathered up the rag with soapy water and started to roughly wash Calamity’s heavy round breasts.

Calamity returned the favor.  I watched as the women scrubbed one another, closing their eyes in bliss, and walked up to them.  I bent down and lathered up my rag and started on Ginny’s back.  The busty redhead arched her back and purred like a cat.  Water splashed against my tits.

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They stepped away from their fallen dresses and advanced toward each other, and then they clashed. They met with a quake of flesh and they groaned as their breasts came together and they felt their sensitive nipples meet and the breast flesh mushroomed out on the side. They whimpered when their bellies touched and inhaled sharply when the curly nests of their bushes touched, followed by the exquisite pressure of their southern lips.

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Alabama Encounter by Corvus

Anna felt the unforgettable pressure of two sets of breasts compressing against each other. She drilled her eyes deep into Cody’s. Cody responded by wrapping both her arms around Anna’s waist and pulling them closer together. They felt their rigid nipples poking their shirts and they groaned as their breasts were crushed together. Anna reached up with one hand and wrapped It up in Cody’s brown hair and pulled.

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