My Enemy, My Lover by Corvus

We are alone in this large and quiet room. There is a hushed whisper of air conditioning. Our bare feet make scratchy noises on the thick carpet.

We have moved the furniture to the walls. The curtains are drawn. Light and shadow reveal and obscure parts of our bodies as we move around. The living room is an arena. We will do battle here. Sexual combat. Erotic war.

My opponent is tall, at least five-foot-ten. She is redheaded and lean. Her hair is fixed in a short stylish cut. She has strong legs and shapely breasts. She is wearing a long white cotton skirt and a halter-top. That is all she is wearing. Her name is Felicia. She is thirty-one years old.

I am dark-haired and five-foot seven. I have wider hips than my opponent, but my breasts are larger. They have dark areolae and thick, long nipples. My nipples are very sensitive. I have orgasmed just from nipple stimulation. My hair is long, almost to the middle of my back, falling in waves. I am thirty-five. My name is Deanna.

I am also wearing a long cotton skirt, red in color. I am wearing a simple tee-shirt. My breasts move freely under it. My nipples are stiff.

We move to the center of the room and start to circle each other. Our goal will be to first rip the clothing off each other. It is old and worn for this purpose. After that, I will fight Felicia and attack her sexually. I will use my body to wear her down, to destroy her will to fight, and to bring her to orgasms so intense that her cunt will spill liquid as she cries for mercy. She will try to do the same to me.

I don’t hate this woman. But for the duration of this bout, she is my enemy. For reasons no one needs to know, we must prove to ourselves who is the best woman. We will pull hair. We will slap. Our breasts will come together in a bruising struggle. And we will grind our cunts together in wet and heated conflict until someone gives up.

I sense an opening. I lunge forward and take down Felicia in a flying tackle. She falls backward, my arms around her lower legs. She utters a loud “oomph!” when she hits the carpet.

I quickly move forward. I straddle her and reach for her halter-top before she can recover. My hand closes around the cloth at her neck. I pull up and I am rewarded with a ripping sound. The cloth tears diagonally and her round, compact breasts are revealed. The thick pink nipples are erect.

Felicia reaches for the bottom of my tee-shirt. I move my hand downs to fend her off. She snakes her arms up inside the loose shirt and sits up. Her greater height has given her leverage, and I fall off her hips, backwards.

She is now on top of me. She swiftly rips the tee-shirt off into three pieces. My round breasts are exposed, and she immediately places the palms of her hand on my tits and presses forward.

I gasp from the pressure. But paybacks happen. I am still pinned, by my arms are free. I take my own hands and bring them roughly to her breasts and clutch. My fingers dig into her tender flesh.

She yelps from pain. But her tolerance is high. She leans forward to add pressure to her grip on my tits. This increases the force I have put on her breasts. We grunt and pant, but continue the mauling. I feel pain from her hands, but also aching lust. I know that she is feeling the same.

I move one of my legs to the side. This gives her access to my crotch. Her eyes glitter as she shifts her pelvis to bring her pubic area on top of mine. She thinks that she can hump me through the thin cotton of our skirts and win the first round by a rapid tribadistic fucking.

But my leg movement enables me to bend my knee and give me purchase. I press strongly down with my leg. I am able to slowly roll her over despite her greater weight. All this time our hands squeeze and slide against our naked breasts.

I pull back from her, grabbing at the waistband of her skirt as I do. The elastic is tough. The band stretches out almost six inches from her flat belly. As it comes down, I can see the first curls of her crimson thatch.

She reaches up with her left hand and slowly works her fingers into my dark hair. She starts to pull. We are engaged in a strange tug-of-war, her beneath me with her white skirt about to be pulled off, and me bending my head to the side so that my hair is not pulled out. We are breathing rapidly.

I can stand no more. I let go of the skirt and fall to the side. She lets go of my hair and gets to her feet. I come to my feet as well. We are a bit unsteady as try to find our balance, keeping a wary eye on each other. Our breasts are red and tingling. We both use our hands to tenderly hold and soothe them.

Felicia comes forward, arms held out, bent at the elbows. I advance toward her, my arms also poised for attack. We grasp each other’s naked shoulders. There are just a few shreds of cloth remaining on our tops. Our breasts bounce back and forth as struggle, trying to force the other down to the carpet.

I manage to work a leg behind her. I slide one hand down to the hem of her skirt and push with the other. She falls backward, uttering a surprised cry. But she is quick. She reaches out with her hand and grabs my skirt near my knee.

The thin material tears on both our skirts. Her white skirt tears and pulls down as she falls. My red skirt rips at the knee and is also pulled down over my hips. I step back awkwardly and the skirt tangles around my legs. As I move back, her skirt is pulled and ripped. We are now essentially naked. But I see an advantage as she hits the carpet.

I recover my balance and leap on top of her. My tits fall on to hers, and the breath goes out of both of us with a whoop. My legs straddle her pelvic region and our cunts slam into other, the impact splaying the labia apart. For a moment, as I lay on top of her stunned, our clitorises have met in wet surprise, shocking us both. Her eyes widen as the charged flesh tingles with pleasurable intensity.

I recover my senses first and pin her shoulders down with my hands. I start to grind my pussy into hers, my dark curly pubic hair bristling against her red bush. We both start to lubricate rapidly as I swivel my hips and slide my swollen labia against her wet mound. She starts to mutter obscenities as I fuck her. Keeping my hands on her shoulders, I lower my body down and press our breasts together as I intensify the humping. Her head is rolling on her shoulders, her eyes are starting to glaze.

I am beginning to feel it as well. The rolling waves of sensation radiate from my pelvis like an endless aching swell. I know from long experience that I will come shortly. But I sense Felicia is closer. Her hips have started an involuntary rolling motion. Her arms no longer struggle for freedom.

I bend my face down and violently kiss her. Her mouth opens, yearning, and I stab my tongue to do battle with hers. The tongues press and dance together, and saliva runs down her face.

She is close. I release her shoulders and she wraps her legs around my waist. I fuck like a madwoman, and my voice sounds out, “Do it…Do it…NOW! NOW! NOW!” I feel my stiff, long clit stab into hers repeatedly, and the liquid streams from our cunts.

Felicia face falls away from mine and she cries out in wavering howl as the massive orgasm shakes her. Her arms and legs grip me with maniac intensity as she comes. She spurts juice from her steaming cunt and she bucks her hips in a rapid erotic rhythm.

Finally, her legs and arms release me and she lays flat on the floor, weeping. I have won the first bout. There will be more, but now I must do something. I must claim my victory.

I roll off her and come to her side. I reach under her with arms and bring her to me. She is still weeping in frustration and loss. I hold her to my chest. She puts her arms around me and I rock her until the sobs stop. I feel great tenderness for her.

I look down at her and she raises her eyes to mine. She nods.

She is flat on the floor and I straddle her face. Her tongue reaches out and touches the tip of my clit. I slowly move my hips back and forth as I lower my cunt to her mouth.

It doesn’t take long. Soon I cry out and I come. My hips move in a jerky motion and I coat her face with my cunt liquor. It is a small orgasm, but completely satisfying.

We rise and embrace. We kiss.

After a twenty-minute break to stretch and replenish fluids, we are at it again.

We are fighters. We are lovers.

The End

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