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Eight More Stories for the Michael Wing!

The Test by Anonymous

Steve’s wife didn’t bat an eye and, looking directly at the sexy blonde responded, “Honey, this is the last time that you’ll ever want your tits and pussy in a fight. Those (poking her finger into the blonde’s 34 inch boob) have met their match. Let’s get upstairs Reg so I can teach your wife’s pussy a lesson!”

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Once and for All by Samdog

Donna realized that she would have to do something. The blonde began frantically pounding back. Clenching her ass cheeks together for leverage, she thrust back at the brunette. Alyssa gasped as she took each thrust, returning the blows as she sought to put the blonde away. Alyssa picked up the pace and started grinding her clit into Donna’s even harder than before.

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Rina’s Night Out by Shak

Right then, she challenges me to salsa. I match her move for move, our stare never breaking! As she moves back, I move in, as I move back, she moves in! Over and over we move in and out until she grabs my hand and we begin twirling together, spinning in and out!

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Meeting of the Cunts by Raj

Kelli tensed as she sensed the redheaded slut slip in behind her, but her eyes never left Dianne’s. The blonde had to fight to suppress a gasp as she felt Angie’s long black nails slide around her waist and up the hem of her tight miniskirt, dragging over the tan nylons clinging to her damp thighs.

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Gentle Dominance by Kate

“Put the little bitch on,” she said quietly, the underlying challenge ominous and menacing. James knew it was Claire and let Inga share the receiver with him knowing that Peter was listening with her. “I want to sexfight her while you watch helpless in another room. You can’t protect her and you’ll have to listen to the sounds of our pussies hitting. She’s so petite, such a tiny one–it won’t be much of a fight to take your lady.”

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The Meeting: A Sexual Duel by DJH

While faces remained impassive, in each set of eyes was a mixture of fear (“she might actually beat me?”), hatred (“how dare she do this to me, I’ll destroy her”), and something else, something neither would acknowledge, something they both though was buried years before–lust.

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Girl vs. Girl by Anonymous

Di and Jesse were now face to face, 38-c’s jammed together, with thighs and nyloned legs intertwined like fleshy snakes making love. As their locked torsos twirled about on four heels, they looked like very bad lambada dancers, trying it without the music. As my best friend continued to sputter and burn, –I opened my flap and gave em’ some air. My cherry red, was now enjoying the view with me from my vantage point on the rug near the living room entrance.

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Country Sex – Country Style by Arlene Shelton

With our footing gone, we began to wash downstream. We were fighting each other and the water. We tumbled into the bank where the creek bends, and from there into a quieter area in the backwash.

She clutched my throat with both hands. We were coughing as we gasped for air.

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Newest Chat-Logs

The Battle for Amber: Ewa S. vs. Red Hot Scarlet

They say you’re only wanted when you’re taken and that couldn’t be more true than in this story. A tale of missed opportunities, seized on mistakes, and two hellcats warring it out for the hand of the woman they want.

On the floor of her office. Atop her desk. And as the titular Amber watches, frets, and then enjoys.

Another incredible story with Ewa the great and site-devotee Scarlet.

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And yet some women, who are born without assets of significance, find themselves compelled. … Compelled
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New Coach

Two nubile young women have decided to meet – miles outside of their gossipy little town. … New Coach
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Taking Wife Home

Take wife home to meet your mom on Christmas break: Check.Head out to Christmas tree lot to bring home a Christmas tree: Check.Wife and mother…
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Sisters with Gloves

Each sister was determined to … work out the tensions that had existed between them for so long. … Sisters with Gloves
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All Quiet in the Library

Without my help, Ms. White was still able to buck Karissa off. Her cool confidence was gone, Ms. White now had a look of desperation as she tried to crawl away from the redheaded student. Karissa grabbed her skirt, in an attempt to stop her escape, but it slid down the blonde’s long, shapely legs.

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Summer Steele, Action Star

“I don’t need your help, you cheap slut.”

“Cheap slut?  Maybe you deserve to be beat.”

” You Bitch! I’ve a good mind to beat your ass!” Chloe was clearly letting her temper get the better of her. Summer was significantly bigger and had proven to be a skilled martial arts master. This was making for great TV.

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Karl Butters Logo

Who Are You?

Description: A man and his mistress. A betrayed wife and a confrontation. It’s a simple equation, but a fiery affair.

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Tangler Tales: Bridget vs. Tabitha

Titfight/Sexfight: With the launch of the hot new Tangler app, two young women get to live out their fantasies. Not online but for real. Each excitedly putting their breasts to the test in a war of attrition waged with one of their mothers nearby.

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Tangler Tales:
Alayna vs. Sammy

A Semi-Sequel to Backseat Battle and Backseat Battle 2

Sexfight: Two defeats at the hands and sex of her rival Brenda, Samantha or “Sammy” decides to install the dirty looking app climbing the app store charts. One that helps her find Alayna and her offer. One Sammy accepts, though she has no idea what lays behind her new rival’s door.

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Scarlet vs. Laura
Pure Hate

Description Written by Scarlet:

To appreciate this chat-log to the fullest, you should really understand what led up to it. That being almost a month of vicious trash talk and cruel insults between Laura and myself. Most of the time I am civil and calm when discussing possible engagements with other writers, but this girl messaged me cold and just set in on me. And though normally that might make me pull out of a dialogue, with her I just fired back.

So by the time she and I found the time to fight, we were both just starving for each other’s pain and subjugation. Our first attempt was a test of strength at the gym, but Laura’s own quirks about what she wanted in a cyber drove that story into the ground, and so though we never finished it, we just wrote it as a loss for me.

So with that fight scrapped, we didn’t really get to unleash our anger at each other until we made it a catfight. One that I will never forget.

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Rebecca P. vs Steph Gibson Library Fight!

Intro Written by Steph Gibson:

So I have had the AMAZING opportunity to fight Rebecca on a number of occasions. She’s not only one of the nicest people you’ll find, she’s one of the most creative and vicious minds around!! And she’s become an amazing friend. After all, only friends could work this hard to completely destroy each other ;D

This is a rematch of our very first fight. You’ll see references to it scattered throughout the log. And prior to the beginning of what you’ll read here, Rebecca and I actually had over three hours just of storytelling and buildup! But for personal reasons we’ve agreed to keep that between us. Some of the posts are longer, some are shorter. But when we were finished it felt like such a great piece we just wanted to share it! We hope you guys enjoy what’s here!

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When a Sister Can Watch No More

Sexfight: A sister decides to end her sister-in-law’s domination of the family.

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Ewa vs. Bri

A co-written story by Rival’s Rapture and Catgirl Anna.

When a man and his obedient girlfriend head to their favorite bar and hunting grounds to pick up another sexy little thing to play with, they find far more than one ever wanted, and exactly what the other was desperate for.

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