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Story Insight: Who Are You?
Diane Smith’s Departure
New Year’s eve fight, Sexfight for Gina
Deviant Art CrossPost: The Temptation to Render
Finally Silence
What He Wants
You Seek Them Out
Beyond Notice
Across a Crowded Room by A.Penman
Their Hell Perpetual
How Else?
Fill the Holes — Why PNG: DeviantArt Journal Cross-Post
Aubrey and Jennifer Fight Over Daddy
What Do Readers Like: Turned On? Or Not?
No Other Way to Purge
You, Just as She
There You Have Her
Suffering and Dismay
Ever So Wrong
Even Years
Sit. Watch. Don’t Speak.
Keep Your Eyes on Her
Parent Teacher Confluence Discussion About Race
My One Night
Happy New Year 2020!
Story Insight: Where Waves and Breasts Crash
Story Insight: War on the 85th Floor
A Taste She Recalls
Perfect Day
Short Comic Tales: Power Girl vs. Faora
May Seem
A Wife Parts Ways
Let Her Fight
A Peace to It
Fingers Lace
The Windgate’s Daughter
One Way
She Wilts
You Who Ought Be Queen
Thirst of the Tangle
Triggering the Transition
Toes Lace
Soon Shall She Affix
So Very Tired
Often Assumed
Punish Though Never Defeat.
Baring Her Fangs
Longer Lead-ins to Stories?
Prone to Weakness
In Your Arms
You Both Watch
Lost Blessing
It All Changed
So Very Delicate
She Will Never Forget
Climax of Your Obsession
Not Yet Her Goal
Loved and Lost
You Must Teach Her
Not Mercy
With Each Clinch
Studying Her Enemy’s Face
Until She Says It
Though You Fear
You Found Them This Way
Those Fingers Rivals Move
A Lull
The Pendulum
When Pantyhose Vie
Let Her Pull
Tied Curls
At First You Clawed
Every Night You Watch Them
She Holds You Tightly
Perfect Opportunity
Barely Resist
A Teethy Smile
So You Took Him
Primal Scream
Long-Stoked and Nurtured
Two Women, Each in Love
Did Not Know
Seeking Seclusion
One of Three Ways
Story Insight: Backseat Battle 2
Grab Before Sit
It Is Slow
Whose Eyes Are Lying?
So Close
So Easy
Take Your Time
Not All
Her Submission
A Joke
You Whisper
Suddenly They Fused
Should You?
Used Her Mouth
Glare for Glare
Rival’s Air
You Can Tell
Strike Again
Why Should They Wait?
Their Heaven
An Ever-Present Threat
All May Appear
When You Realize
Battle You Now Wage
Don’t Leave Me
Into Your Breasts
She Will Submit
Hands of Their Rival
Was She Foolish? Brave?
Slowly It Is Drained
“Which of You Deserves Me?”
Suffer the Indignity
With Every Fiber
Don’t Cry
Don’t Let Another Moment Pass
Talk it. Walk it. Strut and Squawk
Already Been Defeated
Show Me
Will You?
How Many Times?
You Promise?
Threatening? No, Promising.
Haven’t Escaped Me
Only Just Begun
Wanting Too Hard
Because They Hate
6 Hours
Wouldn’t It Be Better?
Stop Fighting It
Coughs Out a Whimper
Not Enough Pain
Press Down Harder
Thinnest of Lines
There She Shall Keep Her
Yes, a Test
Luck of the Draw
No Man Needed
Play to You
Demons to Purge
TPS Reports
Turned Against Each Other
About Nothing
Better Sweet Tea?
Does She Know?
Moment of Victory
Asking You for Mercy
Torment and Torture
Unsuspecting Husbands
Intoxicating Mix
Struggling Against Your Dominance
There is Courage
Need to Know
Do You Ever…?
A Single Purchase
Heartbreaking Draw
Born to War
Tread Lightly
Neither is Sure. Neither is Certain.
Taking the Blonde’s for Her Own
Novice Beneath Her
A Debate in the Guild
Dominance Must Be Fought For
Quietly They Whisper
End The Comparisons
He Started Making Comments
All But Over Now
Your Rival Squirms
Only in Those Moments
Dominate for Him
Yet Unsettled
She is Your Better
Feedback: Showdown at the Saloon
Perhaps After….
Entire Lives Without Doubt
From Friends to Rivals
Wife’s Desire
Foolish Enough
Claim it
In the Moment Before
Step-Mother, and Step-Daughter
Lighting from Zeus
Settled and Enjoyed
Proven Dominance
Too Late
Change of Plans
Dream of It
Fight Community: When Fantasy Almost Becomes
Make Her Say It
You Are Queen
Part of Her Submission
Unquestioned Confidence
Can You Trust Her?
Watch For It
You Will Release Her … Someday
Neither Willing to Share Their Feud
Beat the Odds?
The Better Woman
What if?
No Words Needed
To See. To Prove. To Know.
This Was a Special Day
Until One Finally Admits
Do You Still Writhe
Story Teaser: Breast is Best
Minutes Pass Without Word
Punishment of the Moment
What Do They Whisper?
Meekly Pull
Hold the Line
Lies to Be True
Only Your Lesser?
“Pathetic Fucking Slut!”
Coiled Your Body Around Hers
The Moment of Settlement
Quickly Things Can Escalate
Helpless to Resist
Daring Dissolves into Desire
Shared Moment of Distraction
He Will Never Forget
Release from Servitude
A Slow Build
Consequence of Her Defeat
It is the Pleasure
The Right Finger
Stories Ranked By Positive Feedback
Rival’s Flesh
A Moment of Need
Back and Forth, Until It Wasn’t
A Single Thrust
A Single Day
Not Wanting to Enjoy
Blonde Assumption
Pawing and Grasping
Delirious and Withering Fatigue
New Coach
Two Ways to Bind
What Will You Tell Them?
More Drastic Measures
Finality of Conflict
Brew and Boil
Who Really Knows How to “Ride”
A Point Must Be Made
At Best — At Worst
Sumptuous, Even in Defeat
Kindle to Flame
In Their Eyes
The Choice Was His, and the Night: Hers
For the Watcher
Serial Story: Penngrove University: Chapter 2: First Day of Class
Most Prime and Driving Directive
Serial Story: Penngrove University: Chapter 1 – Anna Meets the Dean
To Enter
From the Similarity of Singularity
Queen of the Softened-Square
Resting Only Slightly
It Has Been
Throwback Intro to the Site: A Place to Keep My Writings
Of the Estate
Marceau’s Bar and Grill
In the Bathtub
Obsession in Absence
Seizing Pussy
Nurtured and Protected – Cherished and Chosen
Ends or Begins Anew
Nervous Excitement
Squirm and Reach
The Use of Toes
Locking Fingers
Roommates at War
Space Evaporating
Making a Statement
Diana’s Fingers
Sisters with Gloves
Desperate Inventions
Insight: A Reader’s Ownership
She is Prey
Her Mouth
So Intense….
Just as Little — Just as Much
What You Like: Authors Edition
Full-Bood Sisters
One By One
Rival’s Clutches
“Don’t You Dare Move”
When Complaints Fail
Fraught with Peril
Warning: Share Feedback Not Cruelty
Test and Tease
She Tried
Delicate Business
You Earned This Moment
They Embrace Before
So Much Can Be Learned
Spread the Word About Fights.Sexy
A Humiliation Most Fowl
What You Wanted
Slowly Lower
Stuck Between Thighs for Hours
A Single Arm
Often the Victor
Feel It
A Leap Into Escalation.
Every Bodypart
Slow Rhythmic Attrition
Or Enjoy Subjugation
Do Happen
Stimulate and Torture
Only Safe
Wait to Inflict
Time to Drag
Story Insight: Showdown at the Saloon
Feedback on Peace Talks!
Struggling for Air
No Disparity of Strength
Story Insight: Hate on the 38th
Little Time
Tend Toward Mercy
Something a Little Different
Well-Deserved Straddle
Call Him. NOW!
Commissioning Rival’s Rapture
The Method of Rival’s Rapture
A Chance of Losing Her
Taking Wife Home
Nipple Biting
Coworkers Become Rivals
What Kind of Punishment?
So Many Different Stories
Only When You Are Close
No Science
Feedback From Average Joe
Too Long?
Christmas Came!
Chance at Peace
Haunting Silence
There is a Warning
Don’t Let Go
Literotica and My Evaluation Ban
Merciless Defeat
Feedback and Response: Who is This? – 2 of 3
Slow the Pace
Decided to Fight
Updated: Sub-Fetishes, Intent, and Breast is Best
State of the Sexy – Post Transfer – Twitter Updates
Does Not Ask
Trying to Keep
Under Their Breaths
NUMBERS, PEOPLE! I Know What You Like!
Feedback: Quick Hits
I’m Visual – Favorite Video/Image Producers
A Tie? Or A Winner?

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