NUMBERS, PEOPLE! I Know What You Like!

Transfer Note: This post was transferred from my first site and was put up before other writers had joined the site.

I just got back from my mini-business trip, one which has kept my hands from keys these last few days. Sill, I left you with Chapter 3 of When Life Starts, so I don’t feel too badly.

And though I am exhausted, and need sleep so very badly, I finally decided to log into my Google Analytics page for this site in a browser. Every other time I have checked it out, I have done so in the app on my phone. In that app I could see some info, like how many people come to the page, how long they stay, and what browsers they use, amongst other things.

But in the browser, I can see more. And though some of the more might be fun to go over, like what cellphone OS’s you all prefer, there was one page that surprised me. That being what pages you all visit most often. They were not what I expected, though the revelations are positive and pretty darn cool.

Of note:

  1. You’re all certainly going through my blog! So all of the work I put into transferring my Tumblr posts was not wasted. The most popular story items, by far, are my blog posts about titfights (the area of my writing I feel least confident in) and then sexfights.
  2. In that same vein, Where Waves and Breasts Crash, though being one of my new stories, is my most popular story in terms of page hits. Even ahead of Who is This? So, you all really love titfights, huh? I’ll have to keep that in mind…. 😉
  3. My next most popular stories are War on the 85th Floor, then To The Last Breath, then oddly, When BFF’s Battle (a story I thought nobody liked). Then we have Parent-Teacher Confluence, Dutch Dominance Denied, and Wrong Number.
  4. The Extras page is actually getting a lot of hits, another surprise. Since I honestly, I thought that was a page only Sprite and I looked at.
  5. My Twitter Timeline page and my When Rivals Tangle IG Feed page are both getting more hits than I expected, even though they are fairly new pages.
  6. Christmas Wreck-oning and Peace Talks are quickly climbing the ranks of my most popular stories in terms of hits, though they too are new.
  7. Finally, for tonight at least, (and this I kind of expected this) my short stories are also very popular. Rivalry By Suggestion being the most popular, followed by Backseat Battle (Kinda thought this would be the top one).

    You all chew on that while I sleep!

    P.S. I see you, video producers, combing through my blog for my mentions of you. * Waves *

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