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It isn’t something you discover on day one of your time over at the Free Catfight Forums, or maybe even week one. But eventually, you’ll learn that there is a whole world of roleplaying, cyber-fighting, and cyber-writing lying just beneath the surface.

Now, FCF has its own chat-log page, and you should absolutely go check it out. But after you do, come on back and enjoy some chat-logs that I have collected and presented here, in true Rival’s fashion.

It’s a different style of writing, for sure. But these are still hot as &%$# stories told by writers who are just as good and sometimes better than the most popular authors in the genre. Best yet, in these chat-logs the creators are competing with each other, both in character, but better yet, out-of-character. Those involved struggling to out-do, out-write, and out-fight one another.

So click on the stories below to witness exceptionally talented writers duel — for themselves in private and now for you.


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Complete Chat-Logs

Ailah vs. Peaches – A Mutual Obsession

Ailah Says: Peaches is a skank slut and everyone should ignore her, but while she might be hideous on the inside and outside, she’s actually a really good writer. This fight was so hot we had to share it. There will be more to come for sure, although not everything will be made public. Some things are too hot even for a catty, bitch, erotic place like this. I plan on pulling that bitch’s hair until she realizes that no one likes her and she’s not wanted, but until she does, enjoy the show.

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An Unexpected Match – Lizaxzc vs. Jennifer “The Better Woman”

Two wrestlers of the WWN find themselves suddenly in each others way, under each others skin, and after their match, on two opposite and yet parallel roads.

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The Battle for Amber: Ewa S. vs. Red Hot Scarlet

They say you’re only wanted when you’re taken and that couldn’t be more true than in this story. A tale of missed opportunities, seized on mistakes, and two hellcats warring it out for the hand of the woman they want.

On the floor of her office. Atop her desk. And as the titular Amber watches, frets, and then enjoys.

Another incredible story with Ewa the great and site-devotee Scarlet.

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Alana Quill vs. Jennifer “The Better Woman”: Catfight at the Party

Description Written by The Better Woman :

I only had the privilege of writing with Alana this once, though we planned and setup a titfight sequel to this story. A sad note, given how much I loved writing with her and how alike our styles are (something I’ve been told many times).

But setting those laments aside, I think this is one of the sexiest catfight chat-logs I’ve ever been a part of — though there isn’t any overt sensuality in it. I hope you agree, and that you enjoy reading it, as much as I did writing it at Alana’s side.

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The Better Woman vs. BriBunny: Family FuckFight

Part 1

Description Written by The Better Woman :

Ok, so, real talk, girlfriend. This story gets dirty. HELLA SWELLA DIRTY. Sister-on-sister. Mother-on-daughter. Daddy-on-daughters.

So just, like, DO NOT READ THIS if a story can be too dirty for you. Because you legit might die. Okurrr *Snaps*

Just go back to the other, safer chat-logs with hairpulling, Star Trek, underground fight leagues and you know………..not freak shit like this log, because this one will MELT your mind.

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Part 2

Description Written by The Better Woman :

Ok! Soooo, again. This that freak shit. Unless you are SUPER into and ok with incesty-stuff, do not read this chat-log.

This one is a sister-on-sister sexfight that turns into sister-on-sister-on-mother sexfight in the shower for the right to fuck daddy. A daddy who isn’t even in the story.

Anyway, for a certain crowd this chat-log will blow your mind! For every other crowd, just keep oooooonnnnn moving.

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Part 3

OOooooooooookkkkkkkkk, remember how the last two stories in this series were wild, inscestuous, fetish-drenched filth? This one is worse. This one is SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much worse. So just don’t.

Don’t read it.

Don’t think about what happens in it. Just go to Target, buy some skim milk, shoot a Tik Tok video of you and your girlfriends dancing awkwardly at the club, and leave this chat-log for the true deviants of this site.

Or, you can read it, and subject yourself to utter sexual madness. Your choice.

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Jennifer “The Better Woman” vs. BritneyTussles: Knock at the Door

Chapter 1

When the one and only Tay-Tay is told by her manager that she has to hangout with a contest winning fan, she decides to take that day visit and live out a fantasy she has always had, but never indulged in. A fantasy that begins, when she knocks at her lucky fan’s door.

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Chapter 2

She got a taste for pulling hair, pressing bodies, coiling legs, and writhing with another woman. But Taylor can let it just be once. And so she comes to knock again.

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Ewa S. vs. Dahlia Daggerheart: No One Can Hear You Scream in Space

I and we are soo lucky to have this chat-log rivals. Yes, because it is written by perhaps the two best writers I know. Yes, because it is super sexy, violent, and even risque (that’s your warning beeteedubs). But also because it is quite the privilege for two writers, of such skill and intimate persuasions to allow you into their private writhings.

I promise you, the chat-log is not only worth the click. Worth a read. But also the mindspace it will take up for the rest of your life.

So with all of that being said, come see read the tale of two brutally hot and *&^%#@$% women fight to their last breath — literally and figuratively.

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Ewa S. vs. Maria Soul:
The Better Predator

We’ve seen the legendary Ewa battle to the death in space more than once, play the game of thrones, fight for lovers and against them, and though each such adventure has been magnificent, THIS chat-log of hers is my absolute favorite.

A brutal, passionate, and intimate battle between two women who are too much alike for their own good, though it gives plenty to us.

A inferno sparked when a serial homewrecker chooses the wrong victim, or perhaps the right one, to truly satiate her cruel, vengeful passion for sleeping with other women’s men.

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Alana Quill vs. Jane Walker: Queen of Eden

Alana Quill and Jane Walker get down and dirty in a “Rules Catfight” in the historic Eden Theater. A venue that plays home to many such battles, but most notably this sexy battle between two blondes, their breasts, and their incredible bodies.

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Jennifer “The Better Woman” vs. Jane Walker: What Lockdowns May Bring

When two college girlfriends get back together after years of wishing they had been more, they still find a way to leave their dreams unfulfilled. That is until Covid-19 traps them together in lockdown. A stay at home order that leaves them to Netflix, chill, and then in a soft and sensual battle of wills and ways, struggle to overcum one another.

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Alana Quill vs. MaulerMercedes:
We Aren’t Done

Written by Alana Quill: Mercedes was so much fun to write with. This woman is proof positive that sometimes in a cyber you really just need a few lines to get your point across. I hope you enjoy the read.

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The Better Woman vs. MaulerMercedes:
The Villainess

When Jennifer “The Better Woman” sets her sights on destroying a rival in business and in love, she succeeds, but can she survive the backlash that comes when vengeance-seeking MaulerMercedes knocks on her door? Find out.

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Clawie vs. Little Miss Alpha:
Fuck the Closet

They were two troubled teens who found solace and sanctuary only in their wild, vicious battles against one another. Battles they fought at first at the prodding of others and then when they broke free, for themselves and each other. But just when they were on the verge of becoming more, parents on the move tore them apart.

And though they never forgot that other girl with green hair, neither believed they would ever see each other again.

Until one day, fate brought our star-crossed rivals, after separate lives of hardship, pain, and poverty together again.

But after so long, what will they be? What will they do when first their eyes meet? Hug and embrace? Chit-chat and commiserate?

Click below and see

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Gabi vs. Alana: Teaching with Tits

First let me say hello, this I think is my first Chat log post?? Anyway Gabi approached me after she read something I posted and wanted to get some pointers and such about titfighting and the physics/bio behind using boobs as weapons. Consequently we decided to do some practicing since Gabi wanted to explore the idea of size only being a factor in the overall scheme of a titfight versus the end all be all component. I figured I probably needed some practice after I got a bit whooped by Miss Jana who can be found Here. Keep in mind that Gabi wanted some illustration of less traditional titfighting techniques so I took a couple liberties. You’ll see, enjoy the log!

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Coming Out on Top:
Ashley23 vs. Jennifer “The Better Woman”

Two friends lock-up in the center of a wrestling ring to decide which of them gets the use the other in whatever way they please. And after a back and forth match of long, lingering, body-to-body holds, one of them comes out on top.

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Say Geev Ahp!:
SuzukiSuzi vs. Rebecca

Warning: This story contains punishments that might put off some readers.

The story starts deep, deep into a one-sided affair. But when finally a submission is given, the suffering of the loser has only … just … begun….

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Toes and Ten Counts:
The Better Woman vs. Sarah182637

Read along as Sarah and Jennifer meet up for their third match in a truly unique style! A fully nude, battle of feet, toes, and then body-to-body/facesit pins to the count of ten!

This chat-log is perhaps our softest, but also one of our sexiest if the idea of hot women who want each other pressing together and struggling while drenched in sweat can flip your switch!

Also an absolute must read for our many feet-fight fans!

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The Voice:
Ewa S. vs. Red Hot Scarlet

When two women looking for a job are chosen. Not to play secretary or middle-management, but instead to obey the commands of a malicious and maniacal voice, their lives are forever change.

The concept for this fight is super hot, entirely unique, and without a doubt addictive.

Come read the fate of Ewa S. and Red Hot Scarlet, when they have no other choice but to follow the commands of the voice.

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Kitten Korona Klash!:
Goddess Gabriella vs MishRocks

First Annual COVID-19 International Kitten Korona Klash!

The concept was easy enough—- We had programmed the Kitten Holosuite to create a small above-ground pool—-round, roughly 15 feet in diameter, with walls about 3 feet high. And then using our own recipe (borrowed from the World Health organization with massively increased proportions), filled it with strawberry-scented hand sanitizer—-warmed to 75 degrees. Gallons of it—-hundreds of gallons, so that as one stood in the pool, the level of the warm gel came up to about mid-calf.

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Promotion Amongst Predators: Red Hot Scarlet vs. Ewa S.

When two of a law firm’s top associates are up to be partner, there already simmering dislike for one another turns red hot and brutal.

In the middle of an empty conference room and in front of their evil, manipulative boss. A woman who takes pleasure in stoking the fires of two women determined to land their dream job. And two writers determined to out-cat one another.

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Amber vs. Emily

A quicker, shorter piece of true hotness by a pair who have chosen to remain anon.

Also, probably more akin to what people imagine when they see the term chat-log and CERTAINLY worth a read. With passion, jealousy, and hatred to spare and trash talk that comes quick and intensely bratty.

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When Rivals Embrace:
The Better Woman vs. Chloe

An early morning hug between rivals for the same Dahlia heart turns into so much more. They seeking to answer the question.

Will one of they two Anna-obsessed women rid the themselves of the other in their first meeting?

Or instead, in the most sensual of fires, seal themselves together in a rivalry without end?

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Brandiprowstls vs. The Purple Vixen
Glory at the Shed

A pro-style match between two INCREDIBLE writers who put on the show of a lifetime for the crowd in their story, each other in the warm, sexy confines of Trillian, and now all of you lucky Rivals!

This chat-log is written so perfectly, and so intensely, that you should read it, even if you aren’t into wrestling, pro-wrestling, and have no idea what the Hart Dungeon is.

Why? Because Brandiprowstls vs. ThePurpleVixen from FCF are just on another level.

Click below and find out exactly how excellent they truly are….

Rival’s Note: I had to fix the word cunt 54 times in this chat-log. he he.

Click Here to Read It

Ewa S (Canary) and ThePurpleVixen (Vix)
Cyberpunks in Love at War

Two of the best writers in the entire female fight community are back again, this time with a brilliant story set in a cyberpunk dystopia!

One that is so well realized that it almost feels sinful when Ewa and Vixen use it to beat the shit out of each other.

But hey, that’s what we’re all here for!

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The Better Woman vs. Ewa – The Mistress of Milan

Part 1

When a young, sexy Latina vacation finds herself swept off her feet by a handsome and suave Milanese man, she is lured. Deep into the city and then the living room of a mansion the likes of which she has never seen.

There she finds not a man she might marry or foreigner she might fuck, but a mistress. A master. A goddess who demands her obedience. But when that mistress earns that fielty through seduction and will, she asks for one thing: a fight.

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Part 2

The second part of this epic tale of domination and control sees our sweet Latina go from slave, to equal, to struggling with her goddess Ewa over the title of mistress.

This is a must-read conclusion to an incredible battle of wills and writhing bodies. And an answer to the question each of these two rivals asks.

Who owns who?

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ThePurpleVixen vs. MishRocks

In her debut on Fights.Sexy, ThePurpleVixen proves she is one of the best writers in our entire community!

See the proof in her Fighty-Award-worthy performance in Chopped! with Mish! Each of whom bring the creativity, the humor, and the thunder (at least to each other) in a story you will never forget!

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Ewa and the Vixen Play
the Game of Thrones

“Esteemed guests. Welcome. Welcome to Lord Petyr Baelish’s House of Pleasure…. Our tale tonight, is a forbidden one.” He says with a conniving whisper; “A dangerous one. A tale that has not been heard in all of the Seven Kingdoms before. A tale of a DRAGON!” He roars the word, raising his right fist to the air with the forbidden mention of the previous rulers of Westeros…”…. And a STAG!!!”

“Please welcome, the first of the two Heroines of our tale today; …. From the doomed Valyria, here to take what’s hers with fire and blood, Mhaegan – The Mad – Targaryen.”

“… I hope your palms are not tired of clapping, mi-lords, for here she hails from Storm’s End, for hers is the fury, Ewara – The Usurper – Baratheon!!”

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Ewa vs. The Better Woman: The Rose War

Part 1

When Ewa and Jennifer find out they are both dating the same woman — the same Rose, they go to war. Each of the two sexy wildcats clawing, scratching, and catballing with each other until one has earned the right to claim Rose for their own.

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Part 2

Despite their efforts, Jennifer and Ewa find it impossible to co-exist, fraying each other’s every last nerve as they try to “share” Rose. And when they can take not a second more of competing with the other for Rose’s attention, they decide to fight again. Not with claws and violence, but sensuality and sin.

A sin that costs one of them not only Rose but their freedom.

In a battle that proves who the better woman truly is.

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Scarlet vs. Laura
Pure Hate

Description Written by Scarlet:

To appreciate this chat-log to the fullest, you should really understand what led up to it. That being almost a month of vicious trash talk and cruel insults between Laura and myself. Most of the time I am civil and calm when discussing possible engagements with other writers, but this girl messaged me cold and just set in on me. And though normally that might make me pull out of a dialogue, with her I just fired back.

So by the time she and I found the time to fight, we were both just starving for each other’s pain and subjugation. Our first attempt was a test of strength at the gym, but Laura’s own quirks about what she wanted in a cyber drove that story into the ground, and so though we never finished it, we just wrote it as a loss for me.

So with that fight scrapped, we didn’t really get to unleash our anger at each other until we made it a catfight. One that I will never forget.

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Rebecca P. vs Steph Gibson Library Fight!

Intro Written by Steph Gibson:

So I have had the AMAZING opportunity to fight Rebecca on a number of occasions. She’s not only one of the nicest people you’ll find, she’s one of the most creative and vicious minds around!! And she’s become an amazing friend. After all, only friends could work this hard to completely destroy each other ;D

This is a rematch of our very first fight. You’ll see references to it scattered throughout the log. And prior to the beginning of what you’ll read here, Rebecca and I actually had over three hours just of storytelling and buildup! But for personal reasons we’ve agreed to keep that between us. Some of the posts are longer, some are shorter. But when we were finished it felt like such a great piece we just wanted to share it! We hope you guys enjoy what’s here!

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Erin Lee vs. MishRocks

As a writer, it’s just natural to wonder and, at times, obsess over who is the best writer in certain genre. Who writes the hottest tales? Whose stories have the feeling of a novel and not just sexy slash fiction? And though I could go on and on listing categories, there is only one answer to the question: who is the most fun writer in our community. And that is MishRocks.

Her chat-logs have in them great fights, breath-stealing sexy, but also just brilliant creative twists that make them more than just the same old. But it doesn’t stop at the premise, in her every comment she makes you laugh and smile. All whilst needing yourself a new pair of panties.

In this tale, MishRocks battles Erin Lee who does more than just hold her own. Each of them working hard to spin a tale of programs, algorithms, Instagram, and so much more.

Read It, programs! Or I’ll take your identity disc!

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Erin Lee vs MishRocks
The Epic Encounter

MishRocks and Erin Lee from FCF meet-up once more, this time in FCF’s seedy, underground fight club. There, and with neither in the mood to take even a sliver of the other’s shit, they war.

They battle.

They struggle.

Until one is left limp in the other’s arms.

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Ewa S vs. MishRocks
To Boldly Go – Mirror, Mirror

A battle of doppelgangers in the Star Trek universe is the backdrop for a desperate between two of the most incredible writers in the history of FCF and cyberfights, Ewa S. and MishRocks.

Two writers who without failure make me jealous, as a writer, every time I read their work or prepare the same for posting. A fact that means one thing in the most intense of ways. Read this chat log. Again and again.

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Ewa S vs. MishRocks

Another bout between from our resident legends Ewa S. and MishRocks of FCF. This one a match set in the underground FCF fight club, an organization of fighters and fans that leaves these two brilliant beauties to lock horns until one has been dominated so thoroughly that she sucks her own thumb.

Huh…? Read it! And you’ll see!

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Ewa vs Kimberly
The Tie Breaker

When two women meet a club, they find themselves locked in a heated rivalry that threatens to not just destroy but ravage each of the women involved. All while one of the women’s husband not only watches but enjoys.

An absolutely EPIC battle between two of the best writers on all of FCF. Do yourself a favor and read this ridiculously good chat log between Ewa and Kim, but make sure you have an extra pair of panties on standby.

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CrimsonDesire vs. Ewa 
with Natalia War Kitten
Triple Fun! Fuck The Ref!

Written by Crimson Desire: Sometimes an opportunity comes around that is too perfect. I don’t need a reason to fight Ewa. Let’s get that out of the way. Any place, any time, I’d be happy to pull that bitch’s hair out and paint a masterpiece of claw marks on her body for my pleasure and her pain. But the chance to fight Ewa with Natalia War Kitten as our prize… that is just a divine thought. And that’s what happened.

Welcome, everyone, to the International Erotic Catfighting League. Welcome to the future where catfighters are rockstars and the most beautiful women in the world would rather fight and play sadistic games than stand in front of a camera and fake smile. Welcome to the madness that is a “Fuck the Ref” match with Ewa and me fighting for Natty’s perfect body. Welcome, and enjoy.

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Clawie vs. Little Miss Alpha
The Mirrored Witches of Jade Hollow

When the fates and gods decide that two emerald witches (Clawie and Little Miss Alpha from FCF) are too similar to co-exist, they are allowed to do what they have always wanted. To battle — to war until there is only one green-haired witch left in the coven.

But by the end of their tale, and with one having stolen the other’s power, that coven and our world might never be the same again.

This story is a testament to why Clawie is a true legend on the Free Catfights Forums.

Click Here to Read It

Clawie vs. Little Miss Alpha
The Consequence of Survival

When the world ends, two women (Clawie and Little Miss Alpha from FCF) are ripped from their normal lives and drug into each other’s path. One as a victimized survivor seeking freedom and the other as aggrieved vengeance-seeker.

It is in such roles that Clawie and “Chip” do battle. For the entertainment of the crowd and the eyes of their post-apocalyptic king.

Another piece of perfected fiction from the goddess Clawie on the Free Catfights Forums.

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The Better Woman vs. Clawie
Warehouse Weardown

When two of Ewa‘s hottest rivals (The Better Woman and Clawie from FCF) decide to meet on their own terms, things go from bad, to worse, to brutal quickly.

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The Better Woman vs. Sindee
Beach Girls Sexfight

When an argument on the beach is broken up, two women (The Better Woman and Sindee * Retired * of FCF) agree to meet back at the hotel and settle things. And though they planned to pull hair and scratch, within minutes their battle turns red hot and sensual. They writhing together until one cums and then serves her beach-found rival

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Unfinished But Hot Chat-Logs

So, there isn’t always time to make it all the way through a cyber fight with a beginning, middle, and an end. And though I’d sure you all love to have an ending to every tale you read, I also bet you’d rather more hot content than less.

So! The following logs are of battles that though sexy as hell, aren’t quite complete.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1129036_orig.png

Scarlet vs. Miranda
Hotel Meetup

A classic tale of two red hot women (Red Hot Scarlet and Miranda from FCF), a rivalry, and a hotel room.

Click Here to Read It

The Better Woman vs. Miranda
A Test of Wills

What if two rivals (The Better Woman and Miranda from FCF) grabbed for each other’s hair and never let go? What if two women went from strangers to hate-filled enemies in a single, agonizing, battle of wills.

In such a contest, there would be but one question: who will let go first? Who will give in before the woman with whom they compete?

Click Here to Read It

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