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The Michael Wing

For Ages, one of the best places to find female fight fiction was and their stories catalog. Now nothing has happened to that site, or the stories kept there, so PLEASE, head on over to that site, buy a video or twelve, and read through their deep library of stories.

But, if for whatever reason, you’d like to read those same stories here, I will be adding them as time goes on to this wing of the site, The Michael Wing! An area of our library named after the legendary creator of Chickfight/Sensual Struggle.

Bush to Bush at Wal-Mart by Amber

Again, we moved closer. We held our bushes very close, until only our pubic hair barely touched…blonde and brown. We moved back and forth and I could feel her pubic hair tickling mine. Again, she bumped me, bush on bush. Again…it sent a shiver through my whole body!

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E vs. Bev by an Anonymous Author

Two fingers scissored her hardened nipple as they locked in struggle. Bev sensed that their competition would be more than just physical, both women had already, without reservation committed her breasts and body against the other. Each pressed her lovely feminine thighs into the sex of the other woman and now one gripped the breast of the other and that was having it’s intended effect.

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The Eagle Collection

Passion Rivals

The two women came together, and slid their arms firmly around each other. As they pressed together it became apparent to each that neither was wearing a bra. As they slowly moved their feet they started to grind their bodies together. Alicia tried to take it one step further by moving her thigh between Michelle’s legs. It became apparent that neither woman was going to be able to get as intimate as she wanted. Michelle said, “These skirts may be sexy and tight, but I don’t think they are very functional.”

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The Decorators

The two quietly walked back to their office. Later Claudia was sitting at her desk and wondering how she was going to kill the hour and a half until the store opened when her thoughts were interrupted by Lisa’s voice. Lisa sarcastically said, “I’m surprised you’re not still in there trying to sit on his lap.” Claudia answered, “Look who’s talking. If you’d bent over a little more he’d have seen your belly button.” Lisa smiled and replied, “At least I have something to show him.”

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Dorm Mates by an Unknown Author

“Come on,” Michelle said, as she got up to her feet, and walked a few steps over to the edge of Colleen’s bed. “Let’s go out.” The blonde continued, as she looked down at Colleen, who was still stretched out on her back, trying to read.

“I can’t.” Colleen replied, getting a little frustrated now with Michelle’s interruptions. “I told you… I have to study.”

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Ginny’s Story by Katmandu

Suzy managed to rip open Ginny’s business suit and tear down her bra, seizing her nipples and pulling and twisting. Ginny screamed… “Nooooooooo…arggghhh..,” and ripped open Suzy’s blouse to return the favour. Staggering to their feet, the two women fought upright, pulling hair and slapping breasts with lightening speed. Tiring, Suzy suddenly tripped and fell to the floor, pushing Ginny back onto the sofa as she fell.

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Mature Women Sexfight by Colt 45

Four heavy, thick nippled tits swung free, each nipple getting harder and more pointed than either could ever remember. Jane then said, “Let’s make this a real woman to woman wrasslin’ match – fuck fight! Take your panties off and fight me twat to twat, if you dare!!”

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College Catfight by DJH

I explained the rules, no bone breaking, eye-scratching, eye gouging, no stomping when on the ground, no time limit, no other holds barred, fight ends when one surrenders or can’t go on any more. Then I said my final words for the next hour, “Start whenever you’re ready.” I then retired to an unoccupied corner of the ring.

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The Anon E. Moose Collection

Alicia vs Chelsea – Sexfight

Alicia got up and followed the blonde through the crowd to the center of a very packed dance floor. Facing one another, the two started to dance. Immediately they locked glaring eyes as each one tried to out move the other while they shook their thing. The serious look on their faces proved these two had it out for one another.

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Belinda vs. Rachel

Finally, they fell heavily to the mat whereupon Belinda immediately assumed the top position as the two fighting women ground their bodies sensually, yet aggressively, into each other. I could see Belinda whispering in Rachel’s ear as they lay together on the mat. Rachel was apparently enraged by what Belinda was saying and she wildly bucked her body to throw her enemy off her.

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Give Me That Moment Again: A Scene from a Future Story by Rival’s Rapture: Parent-Teacher Confluence 2

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