College Catfight by DJH

My name is Ann and I’d like to tell you about the most savage catfight I’ve ever seen. That it occurred between two “nice” girls and it’s effect on me will also be told. I was a junior in a Midwestern college, doing O.K. with my studies and living off-campus with a 19-year old sophomore named Carolyn, a friend of mine from back home. She was a quiet, slim, rather bookish girl, about 5’5″ and 100 lbs with glasses and shoulder-length black hair. I knew she had been dating a junior named John the past year, but she had told me neither had gone past second base (John was a nice guy, but a definite introvert, in my opinion).

I came home about 6:00PM on a Sunday and could hear the yelling before I reached the apartment door. Opening the door I saw Carolyn, red faced and angry, arguing with Susan, another 19-year old sophomore I had tutored last semester and gotten to know. She was also about 5’5″ and 100 lbs, with slightly longer black hair. I knew she came from a rather conservative, Christian family and had impressed me as a quiet, mousy (albeit attractive) girl.

There was nothing quiet or mousy about her appearance as she stood there facing Carolyn, eyes flashing and voice full of anger and menace.

“And I want you to stop talking me down in front of John” Carolyn hissed, “It just bugs you that we’re together and I can be with him any time I please!”

“Not since he met me!” snarled Susan. “It’s me he’s talking about these days, not you!”

“Pretty big talk for a chick with no chest!” shot back Carolyn.

“Look whose talking, the original Ms. Ironing Board!”




I knew they would be at each other in the next second, so I stepped between them and said in a no-nonsense way, “Hey, I’m not losing any furniture or the deposit on this place. If you two just have to fight, you can use the ring at the spa.”

I’m a part-time manager and trainer at the local health spa and a boxing ring had been installed there several months ago to attract new customers. The glaring girls nodded and we each took our cars to the spa, which took about 5 minutes.

The spa was closed but with my master key we went in and I turned on the lights. Both girls had settled down some during the drive, and if one had said something in the form of an apology the fight might not have happened. But seeing each other again, Carolyn could help but make another remark about Susan’s bust line and they were off
again. I stayed between them and told them to use the dressing rooms, Carolyn the men’s and Susan the women’s, to change to what they wanted to fight in. Then Carolyn, still furious over the last remark Susan made, upped the ante.

“O.K. Bitch, lets do it topless, if you’re not scared.”

Susan was momentarily taken aback, but then sneered “You’d have to fight topless, slut, you have no top, but I’ll show you what a real pair of tits look like.”

About three minutes later the girls were in the ring. They both wore black gym trunks and were barefoot. Despite all the insults, their breasts were evenly matched although rather small, perhaps 33″ with round fat nipples that were already becoming erect. Both were breathing hard and looked slightly fearful. Knowing them both, I was sure neither had ever been in a serious fight before and were wondering what they had got themselves into. But neither would back down in front of the other and the catty comments continued.

“You’ve got even less than I thought up top!” Susan noted.

“Nice to see you’ve at least got enough for me to get a handhold!” responded Carolyn.

I explained the rules, no bone breaking, eye-scratching, eye gouging, no stomping when on the ground, no time limit, no other holds barred, fight ends when one surrenders or can’t go on any more. Then I said my final words for the next hour, “Start whenever you’re ready.” I then retired to an unoccupied corner of the ring.

Susan and Carolyn both came out of their corners slowly, almost hesitantly. After all the talk, all the threats, they had to fight but neither really had any idea how to go about it. They finally got within arms reach and both noted the others stiff nipples. Carolyn pushed out her chest and with hands on her hips, the challenge was obvious.

Susan responded and both gasped lightly as their nipples made contact and they pushed their breasts lightly into one another, their faces inches apart.

“Why Carolyn,” Susan leered, “I believe you’re excited, your tiny little nipples are getting hard.”

Carolyn glared back and said, “So are yours!” as she reached her right hand up to grab Susan’s’ left nipple. “Too bad it won’t help to save them.” At that she began pinching Susan’s nipple with her thumb and forefinger. Susan squealed and brought her right hand up and returned the pinch. Both let go for a second and I could see in their eyes that the doubt and hesitation was gone. It was now two young, sexually precocious girls fighting over a man, and it was to be to a finish.

I figured it would be a tit-to-tit battle all the way. As it turned out, I was wrong about that, but both proceeded to grab a boob and started squeezing. As I said, both had reasonably firm, nice but small breasts, very evenly matched at 33″, but both seemed determined to reduce them to 3″. The first groping led to all four hands being brought into play, both girls trying to crush the others’ tits. This went on for a minute or two, then Susan took her right hand off Carolyn’s left tit and, shaping her hand into a claw, raked her nails across the already reddened breast flesh.

Carolyn screamed and returned the favor, and quickly both were seeing how many scratches they could put on the others jugs. Both were trying to draw blood, and both succeeded. They were screaming from the pain but neither would stop. As I watched them try to destroy one another’s tits, I felt a rather warm feeling inside my jeans. I ignored it for the moment as Carolyn upped the ante once more. Taking her right hand, fingernails flecked with blood, she balled up her fist and awkwardly punched Susan right in the nipple. Susan bellowed, let go of her claw holds and took a step or two back. But as Carolyn moved in to throw another punch, Susan recovered and threw her left hand out in an open chop that connected with Carolyn’s right breast.

It was Carolyn now who howled and backed up a step, but as Susan came for her she rallied and both commenced punching, chopping and slapping the others’ tits. Neither was very skilled and often the blows missed, but neither tried to get away or block the other, so a large number landed. It seemed each was determined to prove they could take the pounding longer than her rival, no matter what the damage done to herself. I found that I was absently stroking the front of my jeans as I watched this mutual destruction go on. Both were screaming and crying nonstop all through this. The pain they had to be feeling was unbelievable. It was as if they had lost all sense of proportion, that destroying this other 19-year old was all there was in the world.

Like angry elk they dropped their hands and rammed their chests together, mingling sweat and blood and tears as they tried to make the other quit. Just when it seemed they could not go on, they suddenly broke away from each other, moving about 10 feet apart, gasping for air and trying to regain some composure. I glanced at the clock and was surprised to see nearly 20 minutes had passed. But my surprises were just beginning.

Carolyn had caught her breath and was looking down at her bloody, bruised, battered breasts. She looked up at Susan, who was in the same awful state, and both girls stared at each other. Both knew that much more breast damage would probably lead to a winner, but after the ravaging of tit-flesh, neither was satisfied to let her enemy off that easy.

It was Susan that made the next move. “Did we say hair-pulling was allowed?” she asked.

“We said no rules!” replied Carolyn, “and I’ll bet my head is tougher than yours, slut!”

Susan smiled, “I didn’t mean the hair on your head, bitch! Unless you’re chicken?”

Carolyn was obviously taken aback for a moment. If this had been the start of the fight, she might have declined. But too much pain had already been exchanged this evening.

“No, I ain’t chicken, whore! We shouldn’t let a little clothing come between us.” And with this both began to pull off their gym trunks. Since neither had bothered to put on anything else, they stood there nude in front of the other. As there was little reason for me to play ref anymore, I began concentrating on that growing feeling in my crotch, working my hand into my jeans.

The two sophomores never noticed, only having eyes for each other as they moved in again. Closing, both put their left arms lightly around the other’s neck to keep her close and moved their right arms downward to seize the pussy hair offered below. Both had dark and bushy cunts and easily got a grip on a handful of pubic hair and began pulling. The screams that came from them were louder than before and I thought for sure that someone would hear them. Luckily, the gym is in a strip mall and the neighboring stores were closed.

The two literally yanked each other around the ring, first Carolyn then Susan seeming to gain and advantage. Suddenly I heard two distinct tearing sounds and the girls fell back a step or two. Both opened their right hands to display the short hairs torn from the other’s pussy. Dropping their trophies to the floor, the teary-eyed gladiators closed once again, this time with heads on the other’s shoulders and both hands yanking pubic hair. In short order the sounds of tearing came again and both girls were flung back and went to their knees, dazed and hurting.

I noted that almost all the pubic hair that had surrounded their cunts was now gone! I also noted, almost in passing, that I had somehow unzipped my pants and had both of my hands in full action rubbing myself towards orgasm. Yet if my hands were engaged in pleasure, I could not take my eyes off the two young ladies giving each other so much pain.

On the canvas, Carolyn rolled herself up to her knees, and finding Susan still trying to get up, lunged and her and grabbed her twat with both hands. “Bitch, I’ll tear it off of you!” she screamed.

Susan reared up into a sitting position at this violation of her womanhood and sunk both her hands into Carolyn’s equally vulnerable cunt. “Not if I get yours first, cunt!”

Both had hold of the fleshly lips of the vagina and the folds of the vulva and seemed to be trying to tear them off the others body. Their fingers moved constantly, trying to find ever better holds. Instead of screams, there was simply a constant moaning and crying as the combination of pain and exhaustion was taking it’s toll. It was also obvious by the dampness between their legs and the excitement in their eyes that both were being turned on by the constant stimulation of their cunts.

Suddenly, Carolyn, who had joined Susan in a sitting position, jammed three fingers into Susan’s’ hole. Susan’s eyes rolled and she fell back against the ropes. I thought she was going to pass out, but maybe the pain, maybe the hatred, let her come back and jam her own fingers into Carolyn’s’ vagina. Carolyn jerked and moaned and both girls scooted away on their ass cheeks. I noted that both girl’s fingers and cunt were spotted with blood, indicating that these two girls were virgins and had broken the other’s hymen.

At that moment my own self-stimulation reached it’s climax and I had the strongest orgasm that I have ever experienced. I lost interest in the warring women for a few moments. As I regained my composure, I looked over to see the next round of this brutal battle. Both had crawled or rolled to each other and were lying with their heads on the others’ butt cheeks. Their teeth were at work, chewing and slashing at the others’ round ass. Slowly and painfully they reached a kneeling position with both still leaning over, looking like two four-legged beasts locked in mortal combat. Their hands grabbed butt flesh, and it looked like they had stuck a finger or two in the others anal
hole. For a few minutes there was nothing but the sound of heavy breathing and the occasional whimper as ass flesh was clawed or a bite broke flesh.

Then suddenly, as if on signal, they broke apart. and regarded each other on their knees, hands at their sides and taking in great gulps of air. Their faces were flushed and red; their breasts no longer bled but were crusted and covered with red streaks and blotches; the few remaining pussy hairs looked lonely as huge bare patches, like clear-cut timber, dominated; their buttocks were covered with scratches and bled from a dozen bites; their vaginal areas were wet and stank of sex and sweat and blood. It seemed that neither could go on much longer, but who would win was still in doubt.

I seriously thought of stopping it now, before they tried to kill one another, but their next actions stopped me in my tracks. Susan said something I didn’t hear and Carolyn grimly nodded assent. Putting their heads on the other’s shoulders, they reached down towards the other twat once again. But instead of pulling or ripping, they began to softly rub and caress each other! They had given each other all the pain they could handle, so the one who gave the most pleasure would win via the loser’s orgasm. I had heard about girls being in fights like this from friends, but had never seen it happen.

Neither girl knew much about sex, so at first it was just rubbing, but Susan soon began to stroke Carolyn’s clit with her right hand. Carolyn gasped but returned the favor and with her left hand put three fingers inside Susan’s vagina and began pumping in and out for all she was worth. Susan matched her and for the next several minutes they stayed locked together this way, one hand caressing clit, the other pumping cunt. Their breath was now in short, sharp gasps and it was obvious that both were ready to come. It was Susan that finally broke first.

“My God, I’m going to come!” she screamed as a massive orgasm shook her entire frame. Her fingers came out of Carolyn and she leaned back on her haunches, seemly oblivious of the pain from her mangled ass sitting on the heels of her feet.

Carolyn, barely able to contain herself, staggered to her feet in front of the beaten Susan. She thrust her swollen cuntlips in Susan’s’ face, obviously wanting Susan to kiss and lick her clit. Susan, beaten and humiliated, buried her head between Carolyn’s legs and within 30 seconds Carolyn was shuddering from her own mountainous orgasm. I walked over to Carolyn, who seemed to be barely conscious and almost carried her to the dressing room.

I then went back for Susan, who still lay sobbing in the middle of the ring. Neither girl said anything to the other that night, but I remember Carolyn muttering on the way back to the dressing area, “The bitch didn’t suffer enough. I can beat her worse!” while Susan’s’ only comment to me was, “I’ll get that cunt back…she’ll pay for this!”

Carolyn moved out of the apartment the next day, embarrassed I guess that I had seen her in such a state and Susan transferred to another college in a neighboring state. Every once in a while I think about the fight and idly wonder if a rematch ever took place, and I find I have this goofy grin and that old familiar warm spot in my jeans again. Females.

The End

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