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Yes, you love the stories posted here.

Yes, you could spend hours upon hours sifting through the hundreds of tales in our library.

But sometimes, you want to see it, and hear it while you lean back and enjoy, without the eye-strain that can go along with reading.

If you’re in that kind of mood, here are the are the producers Fights.Sexy recommends.

Enjoy, Rivals.

Battle Belles

Their Pitch: This is the place where dangerous females do battle, wrestling each other to the knockout! Watch crushing scissors, controlling pins, nasty hairpulling, torturous holds, breath-taking smothers and some VERY dirty tactics as these girls go all out to win. Of course when there is a winner there is a victorious pose… One triumphant winner, one vanquished loser, welcome the Battlebelles.

Rival’s Comment: Almost all of the images used on the site, outside of the blog page, are from Their posing, atmosphere, and the facial expressions of their models are perfectly tuned for my take on the fetish. And so I say, check them out and buy their galleries. I think they’re about $7.00 each — an absolute steal.

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Catfight Factory

Rival’s Comment: Friend of the site, Ard, runs an incredible site with some off the hottest 3D images and videos ever made for our corner of the kink-universe. So head on over, become a member, and enjoy women going body-to-body like you’ve always imagined!

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Their Pitch: Fights, fights, fights, or in other words… Finest Female Fighting! That’s what Foxycombat stands for. Very pretty young women focused on fighting, always competitive, sometimes rough. That’s what we like! Being a Fox is to be wild, clever, bitchy and strong… but always foxy.


Their Pitch: Makers of catfights, breast duels, no-limits sexfights and the less violent fantasy brawls.

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Rival’s Comment: This producer has been around for a long time, and though their early stuff isn’t really my jam. Almost everything they have done in the recent past has been incredible. Both in their DT and XFF incarnations, they have made red-hot stuff with girls that at least to me, are irresistible.

So if you’re looking to start or add to your collection, there is plenty of sexy on their site.

Napali Video

Their Pitch: NAPALI VIDEO is the world’s most famous and best source for lovers of the massive mams! Connoisseur and founder KENNY LLOYD has always been a true admirer of the female breast. Kenny’s true love was watching the slow, pendulous movement of over-sized memoirs swaying, bouncing and moving as pretty girls sashayed in sweet delicious moments. His fetish was soft catfights where two large women would battle in sweet combat as their breasts bounce and glide off each other. So in the early 80’s he had the idea of sharing his fascination with other lovers of the feminine globes.

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APL Videos

Rival’s Comment: The videos this producer makes are high quality. Certainly a go-to if you like body-to-body, intense wrestling rather than catfights.

Just as a note, they also understand well the sexiness of wearing a rival down in a long, lingering hold.

Kitty Fights

Rival’s Comment: This producer does both videos and image galleries, and it is the later of their work I am most into. They use very youthful, energetic, and real-looking models. And when those models fight, they’re in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other grounded environments. Something that gives their photos a sense of realism most video producers lose by having every encounter take place on a bright blue mat or a hotel room.

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Sexy Fight Dreams

Their Pitch: Sexy Fight Dreams goal is to bring your fighting fantasies to life, following a total quality philosophy.

Rival’s Comment: So, this producer is amazing for a couple of reasons. One, they have Ambra and Andrea two of the hottest, most intense fight-stars around. And second, they make custom videos that aren’t just the girls giggling about how dumb the premise or action is. Every video of theirs I have seen is one in which the girls are taking the battle seriously — and their facial expressions make that obvious.

The only custom video I have ever ordered was from them, and it is one of my favorite videos, amongst a VAST library.

Certainly worth your time and money. I know it was worth mine.

Catfight Superstars

Rival’s Comment: This producer has gone the way of existing only on Clips4Sale, but oh what clips they have.

Hot models, sexy scenarios, catty staredowns, and lots of foot play if that’s your jam.

Also, their videos are short enough to buy without spending too much.

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Rival’s Comment: This producer feels less like one of them and more like one of us. You know what The Sleeper Kid looks like. You know he’s one of us. And you know his videos are going to be sexy, even if they don’t play that up too hard.

Personally, my favorites are from the exhaustion series and his very early work, but still. SKW is the place to go for pro-style and apartment wrestling.

California Wildcats

Their Pitch: California Wildcats began producing catfights in 1985. The catfights are fantasy fights. They could take place outdoors, indoors, underwater, in the jungle, in Beethoven’s boudoir or in the bikers’ garage. The combatants are women. They could be decked in fetish wear or cavewomen’s furs; bridal gowns or a fine sheen of oil. By the end they will at least be topless; usually they are nude. The fight could involve slapping, kicking, screaming, hairpulling, breastgrabbing, fistfighting—any number of combative techniques: catfighting is truly no holds barred.

Rival’s Comment: So, this producer is a little up and down. Their original work was SUPER catfight-y. So if you’re a catfight fan, you’d be in heaven. That being said, it wasn’t really my style.

At some point, they started to focus entirely on sexfights and the videos they made became my absolute favorites and I loved basically everything they made. Their videos were intense, passionate, well-acted, and right on pitch — for me.

Now, however, they basically make lesbian sex videos devoid of any of the fire and quality that I loved.

So, yes go to their site. Yes, buy their videos. But be wary of their new work.

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