Phoenix Falcone’s Stories

Phoenix Falcone’s Stories
About the Author

I have a hazy recollection from my younger days. A TV show, two women in a boxing ring, probably many rounds in, punching each other. Both punch-drunk at this point, slurring their insults at each other. A desperate boyfriend runs in and separates them, pulling one away as she yells out “I WON!” repeatedly, even though it’s clear neither of them did. The next day, they talk, steaks on their eyes, soothing black eyes as the work through their differences…I do not recall the show, or who was in it, or if it was a drama or comedy or what. Hell, it could have been a movie…

What matters is, that was my first experience with this genre, and it has always stuck with me. I was hooked. Two women, willing to fight each other for whatever reason. That thought of them wanting to fight, it’s incredible. The idea that competition drives people has always thrilled me, and this is no exception. I enjoy most styles of female combat, mostly for this reason. My stories feature that competition aspect though very heavily. I like to explore why as much as how. What drives these women…

I write as a hobby, an aside to my other life. I hope you enjoy reading them. I am truly humbled if even one person reads what I write, let alone enjoys them, so thank you in advance for taking the time to sample my work…


This author can be contacted at ph************@gm***.com

Phoenix Falcone’s Stories

Timing is Everything

The mass of female fury careened off the desk, a rush of air washing over them as their combined forms entered freefall.  Loud groans erupted from grimaced lips, the carpeted floor of the sweeping 48th floor office providing little cushioning for their heavy landing.  Despite the impact, the two enraged wildcats remained locked and entwined together.  Over and over they rolled on the plush carpet, snarling barbs and insults into the opposing face mere millimeters away.  Sweat-soaked backs picked up discarded hair that littered the floor as they maneuvered each other, fighting to take the top position.  Athletic thighs pulsed and strained, fingers ripped and tore at ruined haircuts.  Though hindsight would determine this squabble would do nothing to solve this disastrous feud, in the moment this clash was each girl’s endgame.

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Room 2102

“My name is Olivia Dalton, and I am Charles’ wife, as you know.  Now, before you say anything, I’m going to be straight with you.  I don’t like having my things taken.”  Venom dripped from each word, despite the calm, confident tone of her voice.  “Tell me, do you have any idea what might happen to people who attempt to take things from me?”

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Phoenix’s Tangler Tales

Preamble by Phoenix:

I think the concept of a social media app that gives women the ability to find others who want to fight, much like Tinder, is one that appeals to many fans of this genre and kink. When Rival’s Rapture gave life to the “Tangler” idea, I was instantly drawn to it, and it gave me the catalyst to start exploring my own ideas writing female fight fiction. The story “Bridget vs Tabitha” gave me great inspiration alongside simply enjoying the story. The fact that, through her art, she was able to fully flesh out the app and give it some life beyond just a concept, meant it had a universe around it which was effectively infinite. Any story could harness this as a tool, rather than it be the focus of a story, allowing the author to expedite the explanation of a character’s desire to fight. If she is downloading an app specifically designed to accommodate this, she definitely desires it. So when Rival’s graciously allowed me to enter this universe with my own ideas, I jumped at it. I hope you enjoy reading Amy’s story, along side Rival’s work and hopefully more of my own in the future…

A Day in the Life of Amy

Part 1 — With Friends Like These

The two girls squeezed together as they rolled back and forward on the bed. Breasts resumed their war as they ballooned out the side of their  body clamp, a pulse of excitement shot through each girl as their nipples flicked past each other. As  they struggled to regain the top position, Stacy started to roll them towards the edge of the bed.  Amy tried to fight back but Stacy now had some momentum up, and all the brunette could do was  feel her spine roll beyond the edge of the mattress as the pair of warriors toppled onto the floor. 

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Part 3 — A Dish Best Served…

As they stood back up and readied for round two, suddenly Laura launched herself at the brunette’s  torso. Amy was not ready for this move and was forced backward. Laura had intended on throwing  her back into the wall, and Amy braced, waiting for the seemingly inevitable collision. But the  trajectory of the tackle missed, and the pair continued on their path out of the bedroom door and  into the living room. Regaining her senses, Amy started pounding on Laura’s back as she was driven  further into the spacious lounge area. As the pair stumbled further in, momentum took hold and  they lost balance, crashing into what turned out to be Kimberly and Megan, who had also found 

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Part 2 — Family Feud

“That’s what you get for ripping my bra Amy!” Megan shouted back as she rose to her feet and  bolted towards the younger girl. The now topless siblings crashed into each other, their boobs  making a weird slapping sound as they pancaked together, forcing a loud grown from their mouths.  Once again, they stumbled around, each with a hold on the other’s luscious locks. They took turns  shouting obscenities at each other, although this did nothing but ramp their mutual anger further.  Amy managed to maneuver her sister towards a chair that caused Megan to buckle backwards.  This was not enough to break the bearhug though, and the two rolled off the chair and onto the  floor as they fought for position

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