A Week in the Life of Amy: Part 2 — Family Feud by Phoenix Falcone

Amy’s eyes fluttered open as sunlight poured in through a slit in the curtains that framed the  window above her bed. As the world around her came into view, she started to feel her muscles  aching from overuse. She stared up into the ceiling for a few moments, wondering whether she  actually recalled the events of the previous night or if it was a dream. Recounting what happened in  her head, she remembered inviting her best friend over to fight in her bedroom via a phone app.  Pain from her tortured scalp and the impacts from slaps and punches revealed themselves again.  She remembered the charge that jolted her when their boobs brushed lightly against each other, as  they stood and glared with an anger that was completely out of character for the two best friends. It  all seemed so surreal and bizarre. There’s no way that could have happened…right? Amy  questioned herself. It had to be a dream. As she started to rise from the bed, she looked to her  right, and her expression morphed into a mixture of horror and amazement. Sure enough, Stacy’s  elegant, naked form was still sleeping there on her bed. She was “Exhibit A”. Definitive proof  confirming their night together had everything but a dream. 

Amy caught herself admiring the blonde’s nude body and as she hurriedly looked away, the  realisation struck her. Had she really had sex with another woman? Every fibre of her being had  told her she was not a lesbian before now, and yet she was not able control herself last night. No, it  was not Stacy that made her do it. There was no denying her friend was very attractive, but it was  more than that. That burning feeling of competition, of jealousy was what caused it. Simply looking  at that fit feminine body next to her add fuel to the fire once more. That jealousy welled up in her  again, because try as she might, she could not remember who won. All she could remember was the  moments before her body betrayed her. Lying there in that tight embrace like conjoined twins,  Stacy’s smooth thigh caressing her pussy, and tears lining her face as she rested her chin on Stacy’s  shoulder. Anything after that moment was a blur. The sting of no result hurt, much worse than any  loss would have, and now she had the taste of blood with no kill to feed her. Noting it was probably  too soon to fight Stacy again considering all that had happened, Amy decided she needed another  opponent as soon as possible to satiate these emotions. As Stacy shuffling around in her sleep  grabbed her attention again, Amy resisted the urge to dive on her friend and recommence  hostilities. Her muscles were shouting at her, commanding rest. Right now, it was time to get  herself cleaned up. Entering the shower and turning it on, she closed her eyes and tried to relax  under the falling water. 

After her shower, Amy walked back into the bedroom. Stacy was still lying there, naked and asleep.  The brunette girl got dressed in some red shorts and a white t-shirt before walking out to the kitchen  for some food. She sat down at the table with some cereal, her mind still swirling with the thoughts  and questions that plagued her about the events of the previous night. After she finished her  breakfast, she tried to get her mind off things by checking her various social media apps. As she  scrolled through the endless posts filled yet again with irrelevancy, she heard the shower running.  Clearly Stacy was awake now. It was not long before the blonde made her way out to the living area. “Hey Aims, how are you doing this morning?” Stacy seemed extremely upbeat and had a huge smile  on her face as she walked out of the bedroom. She was drying her hair with a towel. Her mood  seemed almost wrong considering the two of them had been in a violent embrace not 10 hours  earlier. Why was she so happy? Did she know something Amy did not? 

“I’m good Stace. Good shower? Did you get enough sleep?” 

“Yeah I’m not sure how many hours I got to be honest…” Stacy sat down at the table across from  Amy. They looked at each other in awkward silence for a few moments. Neither girl looked 

particularly bad considering they had been in a vicious fight. There were some minor cuts and  bruises, but nothing that they couldn’t hide away if need be. 

“Hey Amy, what did you think of last night? I definitely enjoyed it so hoping you had as much fun as  I did. Oh and I know we said and did some bad stuff to each other, that’s just all part of the  experience. So I hope it wont come between us as friends or anything like that.” Stacy decided to  break the ice. 

“I’m sorry Stacy.” Amy paused, trying to think of what to say. “I’m not sure what to feel right now.  We really went at it last night didn’t we?” 

“…Yeah we sure did.” Stacy’s smile gradually faded as she heard Amy’s words, realising her friend  may not have shared her enjoyment. 

“Listen, I’ve got a lot running through my mind at the moment, and I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy  with what happened last night.” Amy looked away awkwardly as she spoke. “What do you mean?” 

“Stace, I don’t think this is the right time to talk about this. I need to process some things. I  promise, when I’m ready we’ll talk about this more, but right now is not the time.” Stacy nodded,  although it was clearly not a nod of acceptance. Her sigh was one of disappointment. “Well, shit. I knew this was probably a bad idea…Ok Aims, I guess I might as well head off then.  Clearly you need some time to yourself. Just remember, you know you can talk to me anytime you  need.” Amy nodded. After letting Stacy brush her hair and finish getting ready to leave, she led her  friend to the door before they said their goodbyes. As the door closed behind her friend, Amy felt a  tear roll down her cheek. This was not how this was supposed to go. It seemed so thrilling and  exciting when she was setting up her profile. But she still remembered the fury that coursed  through her whenever Stacy connected with a punch or ripped at her hair. This was one of her best  friends who had caused her pain. How could she just move on from that? Especially when they ended up doing something completely foreign and unpalatable to Amy. She recalled vividly the two  of them grinding on each other’s athletic thighs. I’m not a lesbian…she convinced herself, even  though a small voice in the depths of her head argued back but maybe you liked that happy ending  anyway…Amy shook her head and rubbed her eyes. If this were anyone but Stacy, maybe it would  have been easier to simply dismiss this and move on. Maybe doing this with her friend was not the  best idea first up after all… 

For the rest of the day, Amy was restless. No matter what she did, she could not take her mind off  the events of the previous night. To make matters worse, she still could not go anywhere, as her  sister would not get home from work until very late. All morning the thoughts swirled around her  mind. It was as if she were questioning her very essence, like she had awoken some unknown side  of herself. She could not deny she enjoyed everything about last night, even admitting to herself  that the sex felt fantastic, even though it did not feel right to her. But the prevailing feeling was that  she was not ultimately satisfied. The dominant force in her mind when she signed up for the Tangler  app, was one of competition. She wanted to show that she was able to compete with those women  at the gym. By not beating her friend last night, or at least not knowing as such, she was still  consumed by that need. A need that pained her more than any bruise or scratch or sore muscle  right now. She needed a release from this feeling, and the best way to do it, she thought, was to  find a new opponent. 

Amy jumped into the Tangler app and started flicking through the search results. Finding a few  intriguing options, she hit the green heart icon and waited. Of the ladies she tried to match with,  two responded relatively quickly. One, it turned out, was not available that afternoon. But the  other suggested she was ready to go, her profile stated she wanted a “Catfight”. The stakes? This 

time the field read “Cash”. Amy started messaging with the girl to nail down the details. After a bit  of banter back and forth, Amy laid down the challenge. 

A: Hey bitch, lets just get right to it, want to fight? 

L: Fuck yes. Been waiting for a match all day. 

A: I cant leave my apartment, but if you can come here I’ll beat your ass. 

L: Why cant you leave? Sounds a bit sus you wanting me to come to your joint. A: You fucking scared? I guarantee this is all above board. If you want to chicken out though… L: Fuck you bitch, send me your addy and I’ll teach you a lesson! 

After sending over the details, Amy waited for her new foe to arrive. Her name was Laura, and her  profile described her as a 27-year-old Caucasian, five foot seven with curly red hair and was about  the same weight as Amy. Laura looked great in her photo; she obviously took care of herself.  Something about this woman was very familiar though. Amy felt like she knew her opponent before  even meeting her but could not put her finger on why she recognised her. However, those thoughts  took a back seat as Amy could feel the same excitement she felt yesterday being generated within  her while she waited for this woman to arrive. It was not long before there was a knock on the front  door. As Amy opened the door, the woman in front of her smiled. 

“Hey bitch, I’m Laura! I guess you’re Amy?” The woman exclaimed in an almost sarcastically friendly  tone. She was wearing a green t-shirt, flip flops and a pair of red short shorts. “Come in.” Amy replied as she motioned for the redhead to enter the apartment. After the door  was closed, the two glared at each other in the doorway. 

“Where are we doing this?” 

“My bedroom.” 

“Lead the way.” 

In the bedroom, the two of them stood up close, staring into each other’s eyes. Amy’s body was  still feeling the fatigue from her fight with Stacy. Her muscles burned from the exertion, but she did  her best to suppress it as she glared at her new opponent. Amy could feel the tension rising in the  room already, even though she barely knew this person. However, despite this, the more she looked  at this woman, the more she thought she recognised her. If only she could remember where… “Alright. Laura was it? How are we going to do this?” 

“Clothes off bitch. I don’t want my clothes ruined.” Those words suddenly sent a shiver down Amy’s  spine. Naked again? At that moment, her mind was thrust back to the encounter with Stacy and it’s  sexual ending. What if the same thing happened here? Having post fight sex with a complete  stranger didn’t sit well with Amy. But she was here now, she could not let herself chicken out. She  needed to beat this woman, for her own sake if anything. She would just have to make sure to beat  her quickly. 

“Fine with me.” Amy replied. The two women proceeded to strip down. Standing naked in that  bedroom, Amy noticed the girl’s nipples hardening more and more as they looked each other over. “You know, we haven’t discussed the stakes.” Amy reminded her red headed rival. “Since I don’t know you, I won’t go too hard on you. $250 each sound good?” Amy considered this  for a few moments. She could probably afford it. At least, that was what she told herself, as she  knew this fight was happening either way. She needed this. 

“Deal.” The two women continued to stand there in silence for a few moments, eyeing each other  off. 

“You know Amy, you look awfully familiar.” Amy was taken aback by this. Where did she know this  person from, and more importantly, why did they recognise her? Oh well, that was a question for  later.

“That’s nice bitch. Why don’t we just get started and worry about that sort of shit later?” “Ooooohhhh…Eager to play are we skank? Fine, I’m happy to oblige.” 

The brunette and the redhead squared off, each raising their fists up in front of their breasts. As  they started to circle around each other, Amy ran her eyes over her opponent’s body. It was fit and  athletic like hers, with nice round breasts and a trim stomach. It was obvious she worked out a lot.  They circled around a couple of times, wary of their newly met rival. Laura threw a few testing slaps  out. Amy felt the stings and returned the favor. The two women spent a few minutes flicking slaps  at each other’s bodies. Amy felt every hit collide with her already sore body and remembered she  needed to get this over with quickly. As much as she loved the adrenaline rush of fighting another  woman, her body was weary, and above all, she didn’t want this fight to end like the one with Stacy.  After a hand from Laura smacked into Amy’s left boob, the brunette jumped into her opponent and  grabbed her red locks. As she yanked the redhead’s head back painfully, she suddenly felt her own  head jerk back violently. Both women screamed as their heads were ripped back and forward. Each  planted their strong legs apart as they tried to stay balanced and upright while this tug of war went  on. Amy noticed her breasts rubbing against Laura’s and felt the surge of pleasure, but this time her  breasts ached as they were compacted. They were not used to this sort of punishment so soon after  their first battle. 

During this mutual hair pull, Amy suddenly felt her knee buckle forward due to Laura’s movements,  and they crashed to the floor. Laura ended up on top of Amy, with the brunette squirming around  underneath her. Getting her hands free, Amy tried to push her foe’s torso up and off her, but it was  then that she felt the wall of fatigue hit her like a truck. Her muscles stopped responding to her, her  strength sapped by weariness. Clearly Amy was not ready to face two opponents in less than  twenty-four hours, which in hindsight should have been obvious to her. No amount of working out  would have prepared her for the amount of physical exertion required to fight twice in such a short  period of time with no previous experience at all. Her opponent, sensing that Amy was failing to  fight back, grabbed the brunette’s wrists and held them to the floor. She sat atop the 23-year-old,  her round, firm ass flattening the soft breasts below it. 

“What’s the matter bitch? You’re done already?” A smirk appeared on Laura’s face. “Ugh…fuck…” Amy was not able to conjure up a suitable reply to that as she tried feebly to squirm  out of from under her new rival. 

“That’s what I thought. A shame, I was looking forward to a good fight, but you’ve just wasted my  time. Well, might as well get something out of it along with my money…” For a split-second, Amy  wondered what she was talking about before her eyes widened in horror. The redhead, still holding  Amy’s arms down, shuffled forward and lowered her naked pussy down onto the brunette’s mouth.  As the tender skin touched her lips, Amy screamed into the other girl’s lower body. She thrashed  about, suddenly feeling a second wind as her body reacted to her fear and tried desperately to remove her foe. 

“Stop struggling! All you need to do is eat me out and I’ll be on my way…Don’t worry, you might  even enjoy it…” Laura started to move her vagina back and forward, starting a slow grind on Amy’s  face. Amy continued to struggle, but to no avail. Soon enough, as her remaining energy sapped  away and the ache of her muscles returned, she resigned herself to the fact that she had lost. As the  now wet vagina swiped across her face, the intoxicating smell of sex filling her nostrils, Amy closed  her eyes. Instead of lying under a 27-year-old woman, she wished that she were asleep, so she  could wake up from the nightmare she was enduring. She no longer wanted any part of this  madness. It was never supposed to be like this…

Out of nowhere, she was roused from her thoughts by a combination of fresh air hitting her face, a  scream, and a weight being lifted off her face. Amy opened her eyes as she sucked in deep breaths of cool, refreshing air. She stared at the ceiling for a moment, trying to comprehend what had  happened. As her senses returned and her breathing normalised, she heard some banging and  yelling coming from the other side of the room. Propping herself up on her elbows, she scanned the  room, her eyes widening once again at what she saw. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing you fucking bitch!?” 

“Get the fuck off me!” 

“Only if you get the FUCK out of my apartment!” 

“Fuck you shithead, that bitch owes me money!” 

“You can shove your fucking money!” 

At some point, Amy’s sister Megan had walked into the room, grabbed Laura by the hair, and was  now sitting on top of her as the redhead thrashed about. Every time Laura said something back to  Megan, the redhead would eat a fist to the face along with the reply. Amy could do nothing other  

than stare at this scene in disbelief. Finally, after a few minutes, Laura gave up. “Fucking fine, I’ll leave. Just get the fuck off me!” 

“You’re damn right you will!” Megan got off the defeated, and still naked, Laura who proceeded to  pick up her clothes. She turned to Amy and glared daggers into her. 

“Listen up whore, this shit isn’t finished. Next time you better be fucking ready. I’m going to make  you fucking regret this shit that’s happened today, mark my fucking words.” Threatened Laura as  Megan pushed her out of the room. Amy laid flat on the carpet again and ran her fingers through  her hair. Why is my fucking sister here now of all times? I thought she was stuck at work…Oh shit,  how am I going to explain this? A vortex of questions rampaged around in her head now that the  realisation of the situation had taken hold. There were so many ways these next few minutes could go, and Amy figured most of them were probably bad for her. 

“Ok Amy, get up, get dressed and get out here. We have to talk.” The voice of Megan came from  the living room. Amy’s heart sank as she stepped into her shorts. A lecture from her older sister was  the last thing she needed. Ever since Amy had moved into her 28-year-old sister’s apartment a few  years ago, Megan had taken on a somewhat motherly role. With their parents living overseas now,  it was difficult to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. While Amy was very appreciative of  her sister and how hard she worked to pay for everything they needed, they did not always see eye  to eye on things, which she figured was pretty typical for siblings. Amy’s commissions contributed somewhat, but she knew a lot fell on her sister’s shoulders, and with her job as a nurse on the night  shift providing its fair share of stresses, things got testy occasionally around that apartment. Still,  they were family and got on quite well most of the time, so Amy was hopeful they could talk this  particular sticky situation out. 

After taking a few deep breaths to compose herself, Amy trudged her way out to the living area. She  wished she had more time to at least get over the humiliating defeat she just endured, but there was  Megan, standing there in the living room, hands on hips. The two sisters could have been mistaken  for twins, their bodies were almost identical. Megan was probably a few pounds heavier due to her lacking the time to work out as much as Amy, but despite that she shared her sister’s good looks.  Like her sister, her face was framed by luscious brunette hair, although it was a bit longer and  wavier, and she liked to add blonde highlights for a bit of individuality. Megan also had the same  cute round face as her sister, although it was currently crumpled into a glare that could pierce solid 

steel. How she was not dead tired from a full day and night shift at work was anyone’s guess. Amy  opened her mouth to say something but never got the chance to utter a sound. “What the actual fuck was that Amy? I get home from work and the first thing I see is you, fully  naked, with some random bitch sitting on your face! I can’t believe this! All I wanted to do was get  home and relax but now I have to deal with your fucking shit! What if Mom and Dad found out  about this? What would they say? I cant believe…” Amy just stood there awkwardly as the tirade  continued. It seemed to go on forever. Even though in some ways she expected this, it still hit her  hard. Finally, after a few minutes more the barrage of words stopped, and the inevitable question  was asked. 

“So? What do you have to say for yourself?” Megan probed as she stood there with that same glare  in her eyes. Amy explained what happened with Laura, providing as little detail as possible. “I’m sorry Megan. I didn’t expect you to be home so soon…” 

“Oh, so you were planning on hiding this shit from me, were you?” 

“Well, what do you expect? It’s not exactly easy to tell someone ‘Hey, so I’m going to be inviting a complete stranger over to our house to fight them naked’ now is it?” 

“As opposed to not doing that? Why would you even do that in the first place?” By this point  Megan had crossed her arms like an angry mother. Amy knew she needed to be careful with her  next answer. Unfortunately, her mouth was much less cautious. 

“I…I was bored…” Megan’s jaw dropped. 

“You what? You were BORED?” 

“Well…you said you weren’t going to be back all weekend, and I had nowhere to go.” “And I suppose there wasn’t anything at all you could do other than fighting some woman in your  bedroom?” Amy looked away sheepishly, not knowing how to respond to that. After a moment,  Megan sighed. 

“Fuck, I can’t deal with this right now. Amy, we’ll talk about this later. I’m going to have a nap.”  Amy looked away from Megan’s glare as she walked by. She could hear her sister muttering to  herself as she wandered up the corridor to the second bedroom. 

“Shit…” Amy said to herself. The conversation went about as well as she thought. Feeling the  fatigue of two fights in 24 hours hit her again, she made her way back into her own bedroom and  collapsed on the bed. 

A couple of hours later, Amy woke to what sounded like her sister’s ringtone. Megan always had the  volume on the loudest setting since she carried it around in her handbag a lot when she was not at  work. Amy tried to wait it out, but the phone kept ringing. Finally, after thirty seconds or so, she  grumbled and got up, rubbing her eyes as she groggily stumbled her way out to the living room. The  phone was on the table. Why did she leave it out here? Amy wondered as she walked over.  However, as luck would have it, the phone went to voicemail just as she arrived at the table. Of  course…Amy yawned. Frustrated that she had been woken up, she picked up the phone to check  who this caller was, at the very least so she could relay a message to her sister later. However, when  she activated the screen and looked at the notifications, she almost dropped the device in disbelief.  Three of the notifications bore the now extremely recognisable logo of the Tangler app. There’s no  way…She said to herself. She placed the phone back down on the table and stood there for a  moment, processing this new piece of information. So SHE’S been doing this all along…Amy thought  to herself. Once again, that now all too familiar fire ignited inside her. How dare she criticise me  when she’s doing the same fucking thing behind MY back!? 

Without really thinking about it, Amy stormed up the corridor and whipped the door to her sister’s  bedroom open. Her sister was laying on the bed in her underwear, a lace bra and panties, still  asleep. 

“WAKE UP MEGAN!” Amy shouted. Her sister’s head jerked up in reaction to the sound, before looked around groggily. 

“What the hell are you doing in here Amy?” Megan yawned. 

“You have some fucking nerve getting all high and mighty when you’ve been hiding the same shit  from me!” Megan’s face looked perplexed. 

“What are you talking about?” 

“Don’t play dumb Megan. I saw your phone notifications, you’ve got the fucking Tangler app on  your phone!” 

“Why would you look at my fucking phone? And on top of that, how do YOU know about the  Tangler app? Don’t tell me that’s why that bitch was here when I got home…” “Your stupid ringtone woke me up because you left it out on the table. It was pretty hard to miss.  And so what if I know about the Tangler app? How bout you explain why you’re trying to take the  fucking high road when you’re down here with me!” Amy stood there with her hands on her hips in  the same pose Megan was in earlier, almost revelling in her newfound leverage. Megan got up from  the bed and walked over to her sister, stopping a few inches away from her. Both now had  menacing looks on their faces, their eyes shooting daggers into the opposite pair. “That’s none of your fucking business Amy.” 

“Of course it is! How many fights have you been in behind my back?” 

“How many have YOU been in behind MY back Amy?” The two sisters were shouting at each other  by this point. 

“Who fucking cares? I’m 23 Meg! I don’t have to sit here and get permission from you to do  anything!” 

“You do if you’re going to do shit like this in my fucking apartment!” 

“Oh, so you don’t do it here?” Amy’s frustration was building with every retort from her sister. “Of course I don’t! I’m not stupid enough to invite people like that around to my house!” “That doesn’t make you any better than me Meg! You weren’t home and I couldn’t go anywhere!  Besides, I can do what I fucking want! I’m an adult!” Amy yelled back into her sister’s face. Her  sister matched her stare, unflinching. Amy could tell Megan was just as furious as she was. “I don’t need this shit Amy! I just worked close to a triple shift, I’m fucking tired, just get out of my  room!” 

“NO! I’m not leaving until you fucking apologise!” Amy subconsciously moved forward, her body  trying to force her point across. 

“Apologise? For what?” Megan matched her movement as she argued back. “For trying to shame me when you knew full well you were doing the same thing!” “You mean walking in on you during your lesbian freak show and saving you from losing to that bitch  perched on your thick fucking skull?”  

As those provocatory words wormed their way into Amy’s ears, Megan continued to move forward.  Just as Megan finished her hate filled question, their boobs touched for the first time, albeit behind  bra and loose-fitting tank top. Between absorbing the question and feeling the slight push of her  sister’s breasts, something inside Amy snapped. Her fury boiled over and before she even knew  what she was doing, her right hand had slapped her sister’s cheek. Megan slowly turned her head  back towards Amy. The expression that filled Amy’s eyes was one of utter rage. She only saw it for a  second though as her head was whipped around to the side by a retaliatory hand. Before she could 

react, Megan screamed and tackled her midsection. The pair stumbled towards the door and out  into the corridor. 

Amy felt her back and head collide with the wall behind her. The impact stunned for a brief moment  before the wind was knocked out of her as her sister’s shoulder rammed into her stomach. Amy  crumpled to the floor holding her stomach, Megan standing over her angrily. As Amy attempted to  refill her lungs, Megan pulled her head up by the hair and started slapping her in the face. Amy  threw her hands up to shield herself, her scalp burning from the hair pull. The slaps continued to  rain down on her arms, head and shoulders, however, Amy was regaining her composure. She  pushed off the wall and drove her shoulder into Megan’s hips, pushing her back. As the older sister hit the wall on the opposite side of the corridor, Amy drove upwards, her tits smacking into the  bottom of her sister’s round boobs. She jammed Megan into the wall with her body, holding her  there while she caught the rest of her breath. Megan started punching her back and sides. In  retaliation, Amy threw her knee into Megan’s thigh which buckled the older sister’s leg backwards.  Megan yelped and grabbed Amy’s hair again, whipping her head down to the right, causing Amy to  lose her balance. The younger sister threw out a hand instinctively, but the only thing it caught was  Megan’s bra, which failed to take the weight of a fully grown woman’s body. Megan’s breasts  tumbled out of the now useless garment as Amy collapsed to the floor. 

“Are you serious Amy? You’re going to rip my bra?” Megan said as she threw the remnants of it on the floor behind her. Both girls were breathing hard at this point. It was still late afternoon and the  heat of the day had not totally dissipated yet. With the effort the girls were putting into this tussle, it was already getting stuffy in that confined corridor. Rising to her feet, Amy put her hands up and  noticed Megan doing the same. Despite mostly losing the fight thus far, Amy realised she was loving  

fighting her sister like this. Just like the two fights she’d been in already this weekend, the blaze of  competition burned away brightly. 

“Are you sure you want to keep doing this sis?” Megan asked her. 

“You haven’t apologised yet! I’ll beat it out of you if I have to.” 

“Fine. Go ahead and try.” 

The two girls stepped forward and started throwing their delicate fists at each other. Even though  both sisters were still fatigued from a long shift and a night of fighting, neither held back. Megan  had weeks of stress from work and life to take out on her sister, while Amy felt the surge of  adrenaline that this competition gave her, fuelled by her fury at her sister’s hypocrisy. Neither of  them bothered with guarding against their opponent’s onslaught, they just stood there and took it,  concentrating more on return punishment. This was what Amy wanted from her fights with Stacy  and Laura. Combat in it’s purest form. She loved it even though her boobs and body and face were  stinging and aching due to the constant barrage. They kept going for a minute or so before Amy hit  home on Megan’s left cheek. The older girl’s head whipped around, a trailing fist swinging through  and smacking into Amy’s right tit. Megan turned back and lunged at a wincing Amy, clearly having  enough of this toe-to-toe fighting. 

Both girls latched onto each other’s hair, tired arms grateful for a bit less movement. Their bodies  compressed together, only separated by Amy’s thin tank top. Stumbling around in the corridor, the  two sisters bumped off walls like a giant four-legged pinball. They screeched at each other like  banshees as their hair was getting pulled out, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Rounding  the end of the wall at the corridor’s exit, which opened out to the living area, the girls stayed locked  in this scalp-tearing embrace. Amy had managed to turn Megan around so her back was facing the 

living room. Then, as if mutually agreed upon, they simultaneously lost their grips on their  opponent’s locks causing both girl’s heads to snap forwards like a slingshot. Unable to control their  momentum, the girl’s lovely faces collided, dazing them slightly. This resulted in them falling  backwards, and on the way down, Amy felt her tank top being pulled as Megan instinctively grabbed  hold of it. Much like her older sister’s bra earlier, the tank top was nowhere near strong enough to  support an entire female form pulling on it, and predictably the shoulder straps gave way. Amy  continued to tumble backwards into the wall behind her as her enemy dropped to the floor. 

“God damn it Megan, now you’ve ripped my fucking tank top you bitch! You’ll pay for that!” Amy  yelled as she stood and charged at her sister. 

“That’s what you get for ripping my bra Amy!” Megan shouted back as she rose to her feet and  bolted towards the younger girl. The now topless siblings crashed into each other, their boobs  making a weird slapping sound as they pancaked together, forcing a loud grown from their mouths.  Once again, they stumbled around, each with a hold on the other’s luscious locks. They took turns  shouting obscenities at each other, although this did nothing but ramp their mutual anger further.  Amy managed to manoeuvre her sister towards a chair that caused Megan to buckle backwards.  This was not enough to break the bearhug though, and the two rolled off the chair and onto the  floor as they fought for position. Still trying to rip hair out with one hand, both girls started throwing  punches with their free hand as they rolled around on the floor. Amy felt her body grinding up and  down on her sister’s, and she was reminded of her fight with Stacy. This time would be different  though. She was fighting her own sister. All they wanted to do right now was hurt each other, to  make the other submit and back down. Finally, she was experiencing the competition she had been  craving since she had installed that Tangler app for the first time. 

Back and forth they rolled, before momentum pushed them into the wall. As they crashed into it, the younger sister ended up on top, and Megan pushed her hands up into Amy’s chin, trying to push  Amy’s weight off her. Amy’s head was forced backwards, her hands flailing around trying to find  something to latch onto in retaliation. A moment later she heard a shriek as she dug her fingers into  her sister’s firm breasts. She smirked as she inflicted pain on the mounds in front of her.  Unfortunately, she realised too late that Megan now had two free hands, and inevitably she felt her  own tits being subjected to a clawing punishment. The two sisters had fought many times in the  past, as sisters do. But they had never thought of grabbing the other’s chest before, presumably  because they were sisters. But this fight was different. Nothing seemed off limits here. Both girls  were sweating profusely now, and they were finding it difficult to grip the other girl’s mounds.  Eventually Amy’s hands slipped from her prone rival’s breasts and she collapsed on top of Megan.  Yet again their tits and stomachs mashed together, each girl finding some respite from the mauling  their chests had experienced not moments earlier. Lying against the wall, the sisters felt their  fatigue catch up with them. They rested their chins on the other’s shoulder and let their limbs go  limp as they simultaneously tried to catch their breath. Megan struggled and rolled Amy off her,  Amy lying flat on her back for a moment as she felt droplets of sweat roll down her almost naked  body onto the floor below. Megan had propped herself up against the wall. After several minutes of  catching her breath, Amy sat up. She looked around towards her older sister and surveyed the  damage. Hair was sticking out at weird angles, bruises and welts showing their first signs of  appearing. Their eyes locked a moment later and each sister saw the fire still burning, but their  bodies no longer wanted to continue. Amy, now at the conclusion of her third fight that weekend,  Megan still recovering from a triple shift. As if by mutual agreement, the two of them rose from the  floor and slowly limped to their respective bedrooms, before simultaneously collapsing into a deep  sleep.

It was another two days before the sisters were home in that apartment again together. Megan had  another double shift to take care of, and it took Amy a while to recover from her injuries and physical exhaustion collected the previous weekend. She had her own bout of work to contend with  in that time, the walks to and from the bus stop to meet her prospective client being the longest and  hardest of her life. When the two sisters were finally together, they were sitting at the table eating  breakfast on what seemed to be a regular Wednesday morning. Megan had some time off for the  rest of the week to recoup from her marathon work sessions, while Amy had completed her latest  project and had emailed it off to the client late Tuesday night. As Amy stirred her spoon around her  cereal bowl aimlessly, Megan said the first words they had said to each other since their fight. “Are you alright sis?” It would normally have been such an innocuous question, but Amy suddenly  felt anxiety and awkwardness sink heavily into her stomach. 

“…I’m okay…” Was Amy’s less than adequate response. 

“Well, you’re clearly not. Come on, what’s on your mind?” 

“Megan…I-I’m sorry for the other day. I’ve been going through a few things this past week.” “Yeah…I’m sorry as well. I was worn down from work and I shouldn’t have let all this get to me.”  The two sisters each cracked a small smile at each other. Any animosity they had for each other had  been moved on from well before this conversation. 

“So, what do you think?” Megan continued. 

“About what?” 

“You know…the app?” Amy looked at her phone before looking back at Megan. “You mean Tangler? Its…the best and worst thing to happen to me ever.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Well. I love fighting. Like almost to the point where I feel weird. Like I love it too much…” Amy  shuffled around in her seat as she tried to think of how to describe it. She explained to Megan how  she had found Stacy on there and fought her, how she had ended up ultimately having sex, and then  how she wanted to fight so much that she arranged another with Laura. 

“Did you enjoy it when we fought?” Megan asked. 

“Well yeah, it was great! It was actually less weird because I knew we weren’t going to have sex.”  Amy’s face lit up as she said it. “But…” 

“But what?” 

“I haven’t won yet…” Amy looked away again, somewhat embarrassed by having to say that. “Look, Amy. I’ve been in many fights. You’re very good.” Megan tried to reassure her sister. “Don’t  worry, you’ll win one eventually. Listen, you know I’ve been on Tangler for a while now, it would be  good to have a sparring partner. Or even a tag team partner if we organise one of those fights.” “Wow that would be great Meg! I can’t believe you were able to hide it from me for so long. I can’t  wait to hear about your fights!” Amy could see the pride welling up in her sister as she said it. “Yeah, I’ll tell you about them later.” 

“Nice…One thing though. Have you ever…done it with someone after? Was it weird?” “Yeah it comes with the territory. At the end of the day, when you’re in a fight, the two of you are  going to be locked up and sweaty. There’s no doubt the both of you are going to get aroused. Just  embrace it as a reward for a job well done when that final orgasm hits you. If you’re on the  receiving end like you basically were when I walked in, use that as motivation for next time. Bottle  that feeling so you can release it on the next bitch you match with.” Amy pondered this for a  moment. It was a good point. Losing simply opened a new avenue to get better. “I guess…I just, when I was fighting Stacy, I felt like I lost control of my body. It was weird. I don’t  remember what happened at the end, so I don’t know if either of us won. But I feel hollow, like I 

didn’t. I almost need to fight her again.” As that last statement left her lips, she noticed Megan nod,  a smirk cracking her face. 

“Ahh yes, so you fought your friend. That’s what makes it weird. We know what we’re getting into  when we accept these fights. Stacy knew what she was getting into as well, and she’s obviously very  good getting down and dirty. When you’re both ready, do it. Get it out of your system, otherwise it  will eat away at you.” Amy knew her sister was right. Now was not the time though. “So what are you going to do now?” Megan continued. 

“I really want to get back and finish things with that Laura bitch. Not sure I’m ready for a new  opponent until I get a win. Too much unfinished business.” Amy nodded as she replied. “Right, well, just let me know what your plans are. No more surprises here ok?” “You got it Meg!” With that, the two sisters smiled at each other as they went back to finishing their  breakfast. 

Later that day, Amy grabbed her gym bag and started walking to the door. 

“Hey Meg, I’m going to the gym, will be back later!” Amy yelled down the hallway. “No problem.” She heard in reply. Leaving the apartment, she jumped in the car and drove out of  the parking garage. She felt like she was long overdue for a trip to the gym. It had almost been a  week, and while she had obviously been able to work out by fighting over the weekend, she was  never able to indulge in eyeing off those other women. What the weekend had forced her to do  though, was re-evaluate why she kept eyeing those women off. Was it really just that competitive  jealousy? Was there something else there unexplored that she was only now tapping into? She  pulled the car into the parking lot at the gym while she pondered this. After grabbing her bag and  locking the car, she wandered into the building, flicking a friendly wave at the clerk on the counter.  The counter girl beamed and waved back. 

“Great to see you again! Have a great workout!” Amy could feel a flash of fire in her eyes as she  walked past the overly chipper attendant. It was beginning again already… 

Amy got changed into her tight-fitting leggings, running shoes and workout shirt. She dropped her  bag in one of the lockers available and spent a few minutes stretching. Starting her workout with  some cardio work on the treadmill, she inserted her ear buds and tapped the play button on her  favorite playlist. After a few minutes she could feel beads of sweat start to drip down her face. The  sensation instantly flashed her back to that hot and stuffy bedroom where she locked horns with her  best friend. She looked around the gym as she ran, eyeing off the other women in spacious exercise  floor as she usually did. This time she imagined each one in turn locking up with her in a fight. It  hardly seemed so farfetched now, since she had discovered the Tangler app. She noticed though, as  she eyed off those other ladies, she could feel that same arousal that she felt each time she fought.  It melded in with the competitive fire that burned away inside her gradually, to the point where, as she peaked in her workout routine, she felt like she needed to fight someone right there and then.  

Just as she was getting up from the bench press to move on in her workout, a particular woman  caught Amy’s eye. She recognised this woman, currently on an exercise bike. She wore a purple  sports bra and grey leggings, but it was her curly red hair that captured Amy’s attention. Now Amy  knew where she recognised that bitch from. Laura was not thirty feet away from her. She actually  went to the same gym! Amy could not believe she never realised this before. How she would have  loved to walk over to that slut right now and rip her hair out, but this was a public gym, and Amy  valued her membership too highly. It was one of the few escapes from the grind she could regularly  get to, so losing that now would be devastating. She would just have to wait and challenge her again  on Tangler…

Amy pushed through the rest of her workout routine harder than ever. She was spurred on by the  knowledge that the redhead she wanted so desperately to fight right there in the gym was so close,  yet so far. Laura had not only come into her home and beaten Amy, but she had also threatened her  when Megan had pulled her off. That defeat stung Amy, almost to the point of quitting. Now,  seeing the bitch here at the gym, working her own body out, set the young brunette’s jealousy and  competitive streak ablaze like embers landing in a dry field. Continuing her workout, she finished  her weight training, went back to some light cardio, and finally, she made her way to her yoga class  to finish up. She said hi to her yoga instructor and a few of the other ladies before rolling her mat  out. None of them had any idea what Amy was really thinking about them though. Then, in the far  corner of the room, she spotted Laura. The entire session, whenever her pose would allow, Amy  eyed off her future Tangler opponent, spying on that fit body from across the large room with a  hunger she never knew she had. 

After the yoga session, sweat still pouring down her body after such an intense workout, she  grabbed a towel from her bag before heading for the female showers. She moved swiftly across the  tiled floor of the empty shower room to one of the cubicles and started to undress. Flipping her  clothes onto the wall of the stall, she stepped under the running water, instantly feeling relief as it  washed her sweat away. Amy closed her eyes and leant against the wall of the stall as she felt the  water flow down her naked body. It was not long before thoughts of her fight with Laura entered  her mind, and she pictured the two of them going at it again right there in the gym. Between those  images and the heat from the shower on her already energised body, Amy could feel her nipples  stiffen and her lower body flare up with arousal. Almost subconsciously, she reached down with her  right hand and started to massage her pussy with her fingers as the fight she was having with the  redhead played out in her head. Their lithe bodies locked together as one form while they tore at  each other’s hair. Forgetting where she was, she started masturbating furiously, totally absorbed in  her daydream. 

Suddenly she was snapped out of her fantasy when the door to the shower room opened. Her eyes  burst open as she stopped pleasuring herself. She stared, terrified, at her now trembling hand in  front of her as the realisation hit. What the fuck am I doing? She questioned herself. Then her  attention turned to the unknown person who had entered the room. Amy heard footsteps get  closer before a moment later the shower next to her started flowing. Standing there under her own  artificial waterfall, she thought about the woman next door. A gym hardened yet sexy form  appeared in her head, the water from the shower running down her tight body, over her breasts and  down her thighs. Once again, Amy felt her that fire below, the agony of a forced halt to her self pleasure pleading for her to continue. Yet again, her thoughts were betraying her. 

In between picturing the unknown woman’s body, Amy’s mind was a whirlwind of questions. Why  did she think it was okay to finger herself in a public shower? Why was she like this? Who was the  woman in the stall next to her and why was she having this effect on her even though Amy had not  seen her yet? As the questions and imagery raged around in her head, she could faintly hear the  

woman muttering to herself. It sounded like she was angry at something, but Amy could not make  out what the woman was saying. Instantly Amy’s thoughts melted away as her curiosity got the  better of her. Slowly she peeked around the divider between the two showers. Her eyes widened  as they focused on the form of none other than Laura. Standing there, transfixed on her rival, Amy  felt the same rage flood back that she felt earlier in her workout. All she wanted to do right now  was charge at that slender back in front of her and finish what they had started not two days earlier. 

Then it happened, Laura turned around and locked eyes with Amy, who had subconsciously moved  out into the opening of the stall. Both ladies stood there for a few moments, piercing each other’s  retinas as steam from the dual showers rose up between them. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing bitch?” Laura questioned her brunette rival as she stood  there under the water, with hands on hips. 

“I knew I fucking recognised you Laura. Of course you come to this gym. I should have known…”  Amy noticed a quizzical look flash across Laura’s face as she spoke, clearly trying to piece this  together. Then, as the redhead caught up, her lips morphed into a cocky grin. “OH! You’re that pussy bitch who needed her fucking sister to come rescue her! I told you I was  going to make you pay for that!” 

“You were lucky I was tired, you fat skank! I would have smashed your face in otherwise!” Amy shot  back defiantly. 

“Fuck you whore! Want to try it on again and see how wrong you are?” 

“Come out of that fucking shower and I’ll beat your ass right here!” Amy taunted back, her rage  snuffing out any reservations she had about fighting in the gym. Laura clenched her fists. “Fine, you want to dance, let’s fucking dance.” 

With those words, the two soaking, angry females charged at each other. Their bodies slapped  together with a loud wet smacking sound. As they jostled around for control, they started slipping  due to the wet floor. They crashed into the divider, Laura sandwiched between it and Amy. The  brunette grabbed a handful of saturated red hair and started shoving Laura’s head into the divider.  Laura slapped at her wildly, catching Amy’s cheeks a couple of times. Amy then felt a hand push at  her chin which forced their slippery bodies together below. Her wet breasts slipped up and down  against her enemy’s as they writhed together. Steam clouded up around them as the showers were  still running, and the extra humidity started to heat the girls up as they continued to struggle against  the divider. Laura tried to get out of this hold she was stuck in by slipping her foot around the back  of Amy’s leg to trip her, but as she lifted her leg, the other slipped out from under her.

The redhead slid down the divider, catching hold of matted brunette hair before her bare ass hit the tiles below.  Amy was suddenly caught off balance, as she was pulled down to the floor by the hair. The two of  them splashed around in the puddles on the floor of the shower, wrestling around trying to gain top  position. Both women gasped as they rolled under the still falling water from Laura’s shower. They  started wildly throwing slaps and punches as their bodies were drenched by the torrent of water.  The excess liquid meant their vision was not overly great, so many of the attempts missed. After a  few minutes of this, Laura managed to kick Amy away, the brunette sliding across the soaked floor.  Rising to their knees and then shakily planting feet beneath them, they slowly inched towards each  other in an attempt to avoid slipping over and giving their rival an opening. Once they got close enough together, Amy threw a wild haymaker aimed at Laura’s head. Laura somehow managed to  duck under it without slipping. Grabbing onto hair again, they tried to pull each other over into the  puddles below. Balancing was difficult and it was a miracle they did not fall as they banged into the  walls of the stall repeatedly, jerking each other’s head around by soaking hair. 

As this battle turned into a stalemate, suddenly Amy tensed up as she felt two foreign fingers  suddenly pierce her between her legs. Laura had an evil grin on her face as she started fondling,  pleasure waves rolled through Amy’s soaking body almost immediately. The brunette shoved Laura  back as hard as she could, shuddering as the redhead’s hand left her with a parting swipe across her  clitoris.  

“What the FUCK?” Amy yelled.

“Oh, well now, it looks like miss pussy bitch doesn’t like the dirty stuff…” Laura had an almost  sadistic look on her face. 

“How dare you…I’ll fuck you up for that!” 

“Try it bitch. You’ll never beat me if you can’t play dirty…” That comment cut Amy to the core. She loathed to admit it, but whenever she had to endure that sort of punishment, she folded. Shrugging  it off, she yelled back at her enemy. 

“Sure I can you fucking slut! Come and try that shit again!” 

Both warriors moved in, throwing punches at each other. Each girl got a few hits in before some  gym staff burst into the room and pulled them apart. They kicked out wildly with their legs as they  were dragged to opposite sides of the room. 

“This isn’t fucking over bitch! We’ll settle this once and for all soon!” Laura screamed over the top  of the shouting staff member. 

“You’re on you fucking cow!” Amy screamed back. The attendant pushed her against the wall to  stop her from getting around him. Amy looked beyond the man and noticed Laura being dragged  out the door to the shower room, still naked. Another staffer ran in and grabbed Laura’s towel  before running back out. After hearing the door shut behind him, she returned her gaze to the face  of the man currently pinning her to the wall. 

“Are you going to calm down now?” He asked calmly yet somehow also menacingly. Defeated, Amy  stopped trying to wriggle out of the man’s vice like grip and relaxed her body. “Yes…” 

“Good answer. You’ll need to talk to the manager about this. Dry yourself off and get dressed, then  I’ll escort you to see him.” She noticed the man trying to look away, obviously conscious of the fact  that the woman he was holding against the wall was completely naked. He let go of her and turned  

towards the door. Amy walked over to her stall and grabbed her now wet gym clothes which had  fallen to the floor in the scuffle, before making her way out behind the attendant. 

Two hours and one suspended gym membership later, Amy was driving home again. She recounted  the events of that afternoon in her head again and again. Frustrated that she constantly let herself  get blinded by these emotions, it had now gotten to the point where she had fought, and worse still,  masturbated in public. Worst of all, it was at her favourite gym, which she now had to live without  for two months. How she got away with that and not a life ban astounded her, but that was of little  comfort. Fuck that fucking bitch Laura! Why did she have to be there?? Amy internally yelled at  herself, equally frustrated that she had fought to another no-result. Again, her fight with Laura had been broken up. Again, she had been denied a victory she craved so badly. 

Megan looked up from the book she was reading as she heard the front door slam. Amy stormed  through the living area and into her room, throwing her gym bag into the corner. She started getting  undressed, wondering how she had gone from a bored Saturday afternoon to where she was now,  constantly angry or aroused and feeling the urge to fight. On her way back out of the room, she  threw on her favourite t-shirt and some sweatpants. Passing a thoroughly confused Megan, she  walked to the fridge and grabbed a drink can before cracking it open. 

“What’s wrong Aims?” 

“Guess who I met up with at the gym Meg?” Megan shrugged. 

“Laura! That bitch you pulled off me the other night!” Amy exclaimed in between slurps from her  can. 

“Oh…right…what happened?” 

“We got into it in the showers. I have no idea what came over me. But we got pulled apart by the  gym staff and now I’m banned for two months.” Amy came over to the table and sat down. 

“Wow…Ok, well, that sucks I guess.” 

“Of COURSE it fucking sucks. Not only am I banned from my favourite gym, but I didn’t get to finish  her bitch-ass off either.” Amy squeezed the can tightly as she spoke. 

“Well, I think the best thing for you at this stage is to get onto Tangler and get a fight sorted  between you two. You’re too angry to do anything else, and you wont be able to let this go until  you’ve had it out properly with her. Trust me, she’ll be feeling the same way. Don’t worry, I know,  it’s happened to me before.” 

“Yeah you’re probably right.” Megan winked at her. 

“Also, don’t worry about doing it here. I don’t care. Just get it out of your system.” Amy already  had her phone in her hand, her finger tapping on the Tangler app once more. She swiped to the  “Challenge” page of the app and searched the name of her rival. She rapidly tapped away on the  

keyboard before sending off the challenge. It read “Tangle: Catfight, Stakes: Humiliation”. She got a  rather unsavoury reply back almost instantly.  

“She can only do Friday night.” Amy read out. 

“Hey, that’s fine with me, I’ll leave it up to you…” Megan shrugged. A twisted smile crossed Amy’s  face as she sent the Tangler message back to her would-be opponent. Now she just had to make  sure she did not lose. Friday night would finally be her time.

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