A Week in the Life of Amy: Part 3 — A Dish Best Served… by Phoenix Falcone

The wait for Friday night was excruciating. Amy could not stop pacing around the house. Nothing  interested her in the slightest, and everything she tried to take her mind off the upcoming fight was  an utter failure, it would always force its way back to the forefront of her mind. For the millionth  time, Amy looked at the clock. It was still only midday on Thursday. Megan was out getting some  retail therapy in while she was off work, so Amy had the house to herself until later that afternoon.  Not that it was any help to her. Part of her wished she had gone out with her sister, but they both  agreed she probably was not in the best mental state right now to be walking around in public. She flopped down in one of the recliners and picked up her phone. Time to check out Tangler again for possible future matches… she thought to herself. 

She scrolled through the parade of ladies, bookmarking interesting opponents as they flipped by.  Brave…she thought to herself as a couple of naked profile photos slid passed her view before she  stopped swiping. She had reached Stacy’s profile again, that same photo that captivated her not five days earlier was staring back. Amy recalled the fight, getting flustered as she remembered the pain  and pleasure of it. But that train of thought led inevitably to the overtly sexual end that made her so  uncomfortable. Sure, she enjoyed it, it was sex after all, but it had become a hinderance in  encounters since, and now that scarlet whore knew it was her weakness as well. Worse still, she had  challenged Laura to a fight with humiliation stakes, where surely a loss would result in Amy’s face  becoming intimately reacquainted with Laura’s vagina again. The thought made her shiver in the  chair. It’s going to be really difficult to avoid stuff like that happening…What am I going to do? The  intoxicating smell that wafted through her nose and mouth came back to haunt her, physically  gagging as it came back to her. She desperately needed to get her mind off it. Looking back down at  her phone, she saw the image of Stacy again and wondered if she had time to catch up. Maybe  talking about their previous encounter might release some inhibitions, or at the very least kill some  time. They still hadn’t talked since their fight, and Amy decided it was probably helpful to get that  conversation out of the way too. She flicked her friend a message, before receiving a call moments  later. 

“Hey Aims, what’s up?” 

“Hey Stace, are you free tonight to catch up? I want to discuss a few things.” “Sure, anything for you! I’ve got nothing planned. Do you want to come over?” Amy breathed a  sigh of relief that she did not have to wait this out by herself. 

“Awesome, sounds great. Hey, can you do me a favour and pick me up? Megan’s got the car  tonight…” 

“Of course she does. You really have to fix that issue you know…” Amy rolled her eyes. “Yeah yeah…can you do it?” 

“Yeah no problem I’ll be over in thirty.” 

When the pair arrived at Stacy’s apartment, they cooked up some food for dinner from whatever  was in the refrigerator and sat down to eat. As always, Amy marvelled at the lush surroundings of  the apartment. Stacy’s job paid her well despite the hours, and the furnishings were certainly  evidence of that. As they started to eat the stir fry they had thrown together, Stacy got the  conversation started. 

“So, how have you been since the weekend?” 

“Well…That’s sort of what I came here to talk to you about…” Amy shuffled in her seat nervously as  she chewed her food, trying to figure out how to start. But she realised her friend probably had 

seen or heard worse than anything she could have said so there was no point dodging. She  proceeded to go through the events of the last few days, Stacy hanging off her every word. Being  able to talk about all of this with another who knew her plight was liberating for Amy. It all flowed  freely off her chest, and she already started to feel calmer. Eventually she reached the end of her  story as they finished dinner. 

“And so, yeah…here I am now. With the showdown against that Laura bitch tomorrow night.” “Wow, you’ve certainly been busy. Obviously first thing I’ll say is try not to get…involved…with  someone in a public place. Stick to organising stuff where you know you can settle it.” Stacy got up  as she was speaking and took the plates into the kitchenette. She placed them in the dishwasher  and walked back. 

“Yeah yeah…Anywho Stace, aside from telling you everything about my life this week, I wanted to  talk to you about our…get together…” Amy again averted her gaze awkwardly. “What about it? Didn’t you enjoy it?” Stacy had a concerned look on her face. “Sure I did. It was amazing…” 

“But…” Amy sighed before continuing. 

“But…Not gunna lie, it was kinda weird when we had sex.” 

“Oh…” Stacy’s gaze dropped to the table, her body seemingly deflating with each word. “I mean…don’t get me wrong, it was great. But it was super weird. I’d never had sex with a woman  before, and it’s not really my thing at all. The problem is though, now I feel like it’s a weakness of  mine.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Whenever something sexual happens in a fight, I tense up and lose my cool. I’m not a lesbian, so a  lot of that stuff is foreign to me.”  

“Oh. Well, that’s pretty normal. It was super weird the first time it happened in one of my fights  too.” Stacy perked up a bit. “I’m sorry it went that far on the weekend. But you didn’t exactly back  down either.” 

“Of course not! I never back down.” 

“Well, in that case, what are you worried about then? It’s just a tactic, and one that loads of women  on Tangler use. You just have to get used to it.” 

“Yeah…” Amy sat there pondering this for a moment or two. Stacy was right, this would definitely  happen again, even as soon as her battle with Laura. She had no choice but to get over it if she  wanted to keep doing this. “I guess the other issue is, I haven’t actually won a fight yet so far. I feel  like I need a result to go my way for me to truly get into this.” 

“Hey Aims, you’re really good. I know that for a fact now, I’ve seen the evidence. It’s only a matter  of time before you win one. Look, if you want to discuss strategy and stuff, or even want to practice,  let me know. I’m always down for some Tangler action, and you’re my best friend, so I’ll make time  for you. Besides, that fight we had on the weekend was fucking awesome if you ask me!” The two  girls locked eyes and smiled at each other. 

“Thanks Stace, I’ll definitely keep that in mind.” 

“Awesome. Now, if you’re done chit-chatting for now, lets go watch a movie or something.” 

The two friends wasted a few hours watching a romance and playing some board games together.  Hanging out with Stacy was just the distraction Amy needed to take her mind off the impending  fight. As the night marched on and it got closer to midnight, Stacy offered to let her friend sleep  over and drive her back in the morning. Amy figured it was a good idea, even if Megan was at the  apartment, she would not be as much of a distraction. Hopefully sticking around at Stacy’s would  keep her from getting too worked up about her hot Friday night date with Laura. The problem was, 

despite the expensive furnishings, the apartment was small and only had one bedroom. Naturally in  that single bedroom there was only one bed. 

“So Aims, your choice is either sleep on the couch, or sleep in the bed with me? Obviously, the bed  will be a better night’s sleep, and it’s pretty huge so I doubt it will even be an issue.” Amy  considered the options. What the hell, it’s not like we haven’t slept together before, and I need the  sleep… 

“Alright, bed it is.” 

“Excellent choice. I can certainly vouch for how awesome this bed is. Feel free to have a shower or  whatever you want before you come to bed. I’ll be having one.” Stacy then made her way into her  room. Amy ended up taking a shower after Stacy had finished. As the water streamed down her  body, thoughts of the fight at the gym flooded back to her. Her mind flashed images of Laura’s  soaking wet naked body underneath her while the shower water plunged over them. She imagined  their fists impacting with the other’s soft skin. However, it also reminded her of the moment when  Laura seized on that advantage she now had. Amy could still feel the fingers penetrate her pussy as  if it were happening right then and there in Stacy’s shower. The brunette shook her head to clear  the thought and turned the shower off. She dried herself and wrapped the towel around her torso  before making her way to the bed. Stacy was already under the covers reading a book. Amy  marvelled at the size of the bed, it had to be a king size at least. Her friend looked over at her from  the confines of her reading material. 

“Hey Aims, you don’t mind if I sleep naked do you?” 

“I mean, at this point considering our fight, it’d be pretty stupid if I said I did, and I didn’t bring  anything to sleep in anyway, so I guess I’m doing the same.” Stacy nodded acceptingly before  putting the book down. 

“Alrighty then, good night…”

The gym was stifling for some reason today. Apparently, the air conditioning in the building was  malfunctioning, so they had to keep it off while it was fixed. Amy powered through this adversity,  however. She pushed through her squats, weights and cardio as if it were below freezing.  Throughout her entire workout, the brunette stayed in view of her scarlet nemesis, each of them  throwing threatening glances at each other whenever they were able. As they churned through  their workout regimens, both seemed to energise more than tire. With their enemy only a gym floor  away, it was not long before Laura and Amy were fed up with this cat and mouse, eventually  retreating to the gym bathroom to duke it out. For some reason, the gym staff let them fight, even  going so far as barricading the door until they were finished. As the water from the showers dripped  down their drenched skin, they circled, hitting each other wherever and opening presented itself. At  one point in the skirmish, Amy’s fist was swallowed completely by Laura’s ample breast, and she felt  a return fist collide with her cheek. On and on the pounding went, neither giving an inch. Then, as  they wore down, the fell together in a clinch, each grabbing hold of the other’s hair. Amy pulled on  it as hard as she could, forcing Laura’s head to wrench back painfully. As she did so, Laura screamed  out. 

“What the fuck Aims?” Amy grinned at the pain she was obviously causing her nemesis, so she  pulled harder and started throwing slaps at the body in front of her. Suddenly Laura started  throwing her own hands at her, although they felt more painful than usual. 

“Stop it for fucks sake!” Laura yelled out again, but curiously she did not sound normal. She  sounded more like Stacy for some reason. Then, out of nowhere, it hit her…

Amy’s eyes shot open as a fist thumped into her left breast. Gaining her senses back in the pitch black room, she realised she was on her side, facing Stacy, with her fingers entwined in her friend’s  hair. Stacy glared at her. 

“What the fuck are you doing Aims?” Amy quickly let go of her friend’s hair. She had a sheepish  look plastered across her face. 

“Uhh…I don’t know Stace…I was having a dream about me and Laura…I guess I was dream-fighting?” “God dammit I’m trying to sleep!” Stacy rubbed her eyes. 

“I know, I know, I’m sorry…I swear this doesn’t normally happen…Although I don’t normally sleep  with women…” 

“Look, clearly you need to get this out of your system, at least for tonight.” Stacy whipped the  covers off both their bodies, pushing them down the end of the bed, before getting to her knees.  Her fully nude body was in perfect view for Amy to take in. The brunette propped up on one elbow. “What are you talking about?” 

“Get on your knees.” Amy looked quizzically at her friend for a moment before complying with the  instruction. As she got in position, her head was suddenly flipped around by a stinging slap to her  cheek. Her hand instinctively moving to hold the side of her face, Amy turned her head back with a  look of shock and confusion, before throwing her free hand out and catching Stacy on her cheek.  Back and forth this went for a few minutes, trading slaps as their anger grew towards each other and  their cheeks became redder with each impact. Finally having enough of this, Amy dove at her friend,  who mirrored her, causing their ample chests to clash. At that point, the two young ladies hardly  resembled friends as they scrambled and thrashed about on the bed. Hair getting yanked, fists  getting thrown into bodies and legs flailing around were all part of this now frantic mess of a sleep  over. They ended up lying next to each other on their backs, each holding the other’s head in place  by a headlock and slapping at their now reddening faces with their free hand. Due to the dual  headlocks, the two closest breasts were getting mashed together, nipples fighting their own battle  as they tried to wriggle free of the other’s hold. With each forceful slap to her face, Amy felt her competitive blowtorch igniting more and more. She had already worked herself up due to her  dream-fight earlier, and now she was in the midst of a real fight with her best friend for the second  time in a week. 

Suddenly, Stacy dug her fingers into Amy’s right boob. Amy squealed and took her own handful of  breast in retaliation. They started pinching and kneading at the other girl’s mound with their free  hand, both somewhat relieved the facial punishment had died down. While their chests were  getting mauled, both girls tightened their arms around the other’s necks, forcing their cheeks  together. Out of the corner of their eye, they could see their opponent’s eye glaring back. They snarled at each other as the sides of their faces ground together. It seemed comical that they were  so angry at each other despite them being best of friends. Amy could feel their saliva mingling at the  corner of their open mouths and running down between their cheeks. She could feel the blonde  girl’s breath across her lips. She could feel those delicate fingers probing and prodding her tit. All  the while she maintained her mutual stare with Stacy as they battled away. Then out of nowhere,  Amy felt the hand violating her breast let go and noticed Stacy’s face warp into an evil grin. “Time to test out your theory Amy…Can you deal with this?” 

Amy jolted as the fingers plunged into the waiting slot between her legs. Stacy’s masterful digits started massaging her slowly, and Amy could already feel those all too familiar unwanted sensations  pulse through her. However, Stacy had told her exactly what she needed to hear earlier in the  evening. This was just a tactic, nothing else. Now, right here, on this bed, it was time for her to  show herself she could overcome this weakness. Grabbing her friend’s blonde hair with her free 

hand, she pulled the other girl’s face into hers and locked their lips together. Stacy’s eye’s widened  as Amy forced her tongue in between those soft wet lips. She tasted Stacy’s saliva as her tongue  marched onwards, pushing into the opposing tongue in front of it. The blonde started fighting back  with her own tongue, and Amy could feel it slither passed and into her own waiting mouth. As the  kiss took hold, they shuffled around slightly into a more comfortable position. Both girls started  sucking and pulling as their mouths were glued together, and Amy could feel a mixture of saliva start  to trickle out onto the bed below. She also noticed Stacy was totally consumed with their make out  session that the hand between her legs was no longer moving. Amy took this opportunity to let go  of the blonde’s hair and snake her own fingers into place between those smooth legs of her  opponent. Stacy moaned loudly into the brunette’s mouth, and Amy felt the lower body muscles  constrict around her hand. 

The two friends laid there, forcing their heads and mouths together in a mutual headlock, while  using their free hand to try and push the other over the edge. Amy no longer felt any inhibitions as  this sordid battle took place. She gave as good as she got. Both girls were moaning and sighing  continuously into the other as their sexual battle raged on. Between the constant thoughts of her  upcoming fight, and now this sexually charged battle with Stacy, Amy had been whipped into a  frenzy. She could feel her hips bucking on her friend’s hand, almost unintentionally as the pleasure  built. Though Stacy was mimicking this motion, Amy was unable to tell how long she could go on  compared to her more experienced opponent. Then, suddenly Stacy pulled her hand out and  pushed away from the brunette. A streak of pussy juice trailed out after Amy’s hand as it left the  blonde’s vagina, betraying the fact that she was extremely aroused. They were breathing heavily,  and each girl started massaging her own boobs as they stared lustfully at each other across the bed. 

“Welcome to our world Aims…I’m glad you finally made it…Now it’s time for the final test…” Stacy  whispered seductively before throwing her legs apart. She beckoned with a finger and slowly  started to shuffle forward. For some reason, Amy instinctively knew what her friend wanted to do and mimicked her. As they shuffled closer, Amy could feel a charge surge through her body. It was  as if the anticipation of locking their most intimate parts together in battle now gave the brunette  life rather than trepidation. Rather than viewing this as some sort of dirty humiliating deviance that  she wanted no part of, she saw it now as another way to compete, to destroy her opponent.  Despite the fact it was her best friend shuffling towards her naked and hungry with lust, this was a  chance for her to exert her dominance, and with that came that fiery inferno once again.  

Two loud, almost primal moans rang out through the apartment as the two fleshy undercarriages  docked together and sealed. Legs wrapped around behind backs to both stabilise and restrict. Stacy  and Amy then looked deeply into the other’s eyes and grabbed a handful of hair. Their expressions  were not that of joy or even anger anymore. Both knew what they were about to do and what they  wanted the result to be, so they simply locked eyes, expressionless, trying to hide any notion that  their foe had the upper hand. The dual hair pull became stronger the more they ground their slick  vaginas together, their heads turning at odd angles, but not enough to break the stare. Gradually,  the speed of the grind increased, as did the pleasure that washed through Amy’s body. Try as she  might to supress it, she could not deny Stacy was masterful at this, and it would take everything she  had to beat her. On and on they moved in unison, now violently tugging on the other girl’s locks.  Amy barely felt it though, as the pain was overwhelmed by the sexual waves from below. 

The more the brunette’s lower body undulated, the surer she was that her prey was weakening  slightly, or was it the other way around? It was impossible to tell anymore. Both girls had given up 

by this point on their almost pointless hair pulling. Now they just propped themselves up on two  hands as this sexual war raged between them. Still refusing to look away from the other girl’s face,  Amy tried her best to read any weakness at all on her friend may be betraying in that moment.  Then, out of nowhere, she felt it. Just like their first meeting several days ago, when her first battle  had been reaching its climax, her body assumed direct control. She could hear herself gasping and  sighing in ecstasy, but she could do nothing to stop it. Her hips started bucking against Stacy to  match the blonde’s equally aggressive movements. Amy tried desperately hold on, willing her mind  to last even a few seconds longer than Stacy. But as reflex threw her head back, the brunette knew  she had nothing left. Her mind heard a distant scream she thought was Stacy’s, one which was  drowned out by her own as the orgasm thundered violently through her. 

When Amy woke up groggily on Friday morning, she was still lying on the bed with her legs wrapped  around her friend. She managed to somehow peel her lower self away from the naked form in front  of her and stagger to the bathroom. As she stood under the shower, her faculties started returning,  and she remembered what day it was. Images of the previous night faded in and out of her mind 

fleetingly as she tried to recall if she had won or not. Realising she could not remember, she allowed  those images to meld together into the sound of the running water in the shower, and they  transformed into an image of her scarlet haired nemesis. Thinking of the upcoming fight sent adrenaline surging through her again. Even though hours earlier she engaged in sexual combat with  her best friend, after a few minutes in that shower, the match was lit again. Now she was mere  hours away from entering the fray one more time with Laura, this time for keeps. Amy could not  wait. 

The drive home with Stacy felt torturously long even though it only took ten minutes. After saying  goodbye, she made her way upstairs to the apartment. She was a ball of frustrated energy by this  point, and twice that afternoon she had to lock herself in the bathroom so she could masturbate  away some of this pent-up energy. It felt amazing, and she could only imagine what her orgasm would feel like as she pictured herself sitting atop a defeated Laura’s face. After the second session  of fingering, she started to calm down slightly, and once that cloud of fury subsided from her mind  enough for her to leave the bathroom, Amy went and sat out in front of the TV. She hoped it would  distract her for a while until her opponent finally arrived. It was a hope in vain however, her mind  kept wandering between what was coming and that sexual encounter with Stacy the previous night.  Had she won? Was it a draw? She shook her head and tried to clear her mind of it. She would deal  with that later. 

Finally, mercifully, the mid-afternoon rolled around. Amy had gotten bored with the TV and was  back on her phone browsing through the Tangler profiles to curb her anticipation and anxiousness.  Whether it was because of overexcitement for the upcoming battle, or because she was just plain  addicted to this now, she could not help gazing into the snapshots of the women she could be  fighting right now. Sure, it was counterproductive to her aim of ignoring the upcoming bout, but  there was not much else to do. Megan was in the other lounge chair reading but looked up as she  could hear her sister’s heavy breathing. 

“Why are you still looking at Tangler? You’re just going to work yourself up again.” Megan’s facial  expression was almost a plea to her sister to calm down, knowing all too well that Amy was not  helping herself by browsing the app.  

“Fuck you Megan…” Amy threw a stern look at Megan. She was so close to bounding out of the  chair and throwing a fist at her sister. However, she was able to restrain herself. It was not the  time.

“Sorry Meg, you’re right.” She said before putting her phone to sleep. Megan just shook her head  and returned to her book. 

Moments later Amy’s heart skipped a beat as the doorbell rang. She leapt out of the chair, almost  dropping her phone in the process, and ran to the door. Megan just sat there calmly behind her  book, again shaking her head at her sister’s overexuberance. Amy stopped just short of the door  and collected her thoughts for a moment. The butterflies were dancing around in her stomach as  she prepared herself for the imminent confrontation. As she opened the door however, it was not  Laura standing there, but an Asian girl, approximately five foot six, with jet black hair. Thin, but with  a similarly sized chest to Amy’s, the girl’s main physical feature was her relatively muscular arms and  legs. She wore a loose-fitting green shirt, and above her matching green cross trainers, black  leggings that accentuated her athletic legs. Amy concluded she was a swimmer due to her build,  before remembering to greet the guest. 

“Hello, what do you want?” 

“Hi, is Megan around?” Amy tried her best to supress her annoyance at this turn of events. “Uhh…ahem…yeah she’s inside, come in.” She led the newcomer into the living area. “Hey Meg, you have a visitor.” Utter disappointment oozed from that entire statement. “Ahh yes, thank you Amy. Kimberly was it?” Megan rose from her chair and placed her book down. “Yes.” The Asian girl spoke tersely. 

“Follow me then.” Megan beckoned. Amy knew exactly what this Asian girl was doing here. So  much for communication…She thought to herself. 

“I thought you said you never liked having…friends…over?” Amy asked as the two walked by.  Megan winked at her playfully. 

“There’s a first time for everything…” 

Amy watched on as her sister and the Asian girl left the room. In normal circumstances, it would be  extremely weird for Megan to just lead a stranger down the hall to her bedroom with no  pleasantries or small talk whatsoever. But everyone in that house knew why Kimberly had attended  that afternoon, even if the sisters had never met her before. Amy went and sat back in front of the  TV, not really paying attention, simply waiting for the sound of battle she knew was coming, a battle  she desperately wished was her own. Although she was waiting on her own imminent skirmish, she  admitted she would not mind going a few rounds with Kimberly if given the chance. A few moments  later, she started hearing banging on the wall and some muffled yelling. She got up and made her  way down the corridor. Megan’s bedroom door was closed. Standing against the wall next to the  door, she could hear the voices in the room along with the sound of skin smacking into skin and the  occasional thud. Her suspicion confirmed, Megan had matched this Asian chick on Tangler, because  Amy had never seen her before, and yet here they were, brawling just a few feet away. An odd new  form of jealousy picked away at her, the feeling of missing out on the action in that bedroom a fresh  frustration for her to deal with. With her competitive fire burning brighter the longer she stood  outside that door, the younger sister desperately wanted to bust it open and join in the festivities, instead of merely waiting for her own dance partner to arrive. Even the muffled sounds she could  hear were enough for her lower body to start crying out for some sort of release. She considered  going and relieving herself again in the bathroom, but those thoughts were instantly scrapped when  once again the doorbell rang. 

The butterflies returned as Amy ran back to the front door. Just as before, she composed herself for  a moment, hoping that this time Laura would be the one standing opposite her. She swung the door  open and locked eyes with her recently anointed nemesis, a scowl crossing their faces as they 

recognised the girl standing in front of them. It took every ounce of restraint Amy had in her body to  not immediately rip into that luscious red hair there in the doorway after such a long wait. The two  soon-to-be warriors stared intensely at each other for a few moments, not uttering a single word, before Amy beckoned the redhead to follow her. Silence continued between them as the door  closed and they made their way into the remaining bedroom. Standing across from each other in  front of Amy’s bed, all they could hear was the continued banging from down the hall. “Rough neighbours?” Laura grinned. She had her arms crossed and one hip cocked. “Nope, it turns out we’re not the only couple in this apartment tonight.” 

“Is that so…well maybe we can all have some fun later then…” 

“I’m not worried about later bitch. Hurry up and lets do this.” Amy could not stand it anymore.  Between the sounds of the ongoing scuffle down the hall and her rival standing provocatively a few  feet from her, she needed to get this underway, for her own sanity if nothing else. “In a hurry are we? Alright then, I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting.” Laura started removing her  clothes. 

“Naked again?” Amy questioned, although she remembered this was almost tradition at this point. “What? Surely, we’re at the point in our relationship where seeing each other’s private parts isn’t a  big deal. What are you waiting for?” The two girls stripped as quickly as they could, clothes tossed  

to corners of the room. After facing off for a moment in full view of the other’s nude physique, they  raised their fists and moved towards each other. A grin shot across Amy’s face. Finally, she was  within seconds of throwing down with her rival without any interruptions. It was time for her to find  out what the fight game was all about. 

The only sounds that emanated from inside that small apartment were that of banging on walls, fists  smacking into flesh, groans, yelps and screams as two pairs of women did battle. For a fleeting  moment, Amy wondered what the neighbours were thinking as they heard the ruckus occurring next  door. Hopefully they would not call for someone to come and break up proceedings. However, it  was only a fleeting thought, as she had a beautiful, scarlet haired problem to deal with now. Amy  and Laura were circling each other, flicking jabs out at the other girl every so often. Their breasts  swayed back and forth slightly as they moved, each an inviting target for a well-aimed fist. As they  got back into the rhythm of fighting each other, the two rivals started increasing the frequency and  ferocity of their punches. Each time Laura connected with her body, Amy felt a surge of adrenaline  through her. This was exactly what she needed. 

“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to beat your ass these last two days Laura…” Amy  revealed as she took a fist to her left boob. 

“Glad you missed me Amy…I’ve been waiting for this too…ughn” Laura replied as she ate a return fist  to the stomach. 

Both the redhead and the brunette started throwing punches as fast as they could, battering the  others body with reckless abandon. They started moaning lustfully at each impact, Amy clearly  sensing that Laura was as into this as she was. After a simultaneous shot to each girl’s jaw knocked  them back a few steps, each shook the stars from their head and turned back to look at their enemy.  They grinned and as if by some unknown signal, they dove at each other hungrily, bodies slapping  together with that now too familiar smacking sound. After several minutes of stumbling around, the  pair tripped on the luscious shagpile rug on the floor and collapsed. Both girls winced as they  impacted with the floor, breasts pancaking together as Laura fell on top of Amy. Rolling back and  forth on the rug and carpet, they continued to throw fists into the other’s body, eventually thudding into the wall. They wrestled violently against the wall until eventually Laura pinned the brunette’s  arms up against it and pressed her chest into her opponent’s waiting pillows. Amy wriggled around 

underneath the redhead’s naked mass, trying to get her arms free. Laura shuffled her way up Amy’s  body, gasping as her pussy dragged along the younger woman’s flat stomach. Now in a more  dominant position, Laura pushed her breasts into Amy’s face.  

Laura started chuckling to herself and wriggling her boobs around on Amy’s face, goading and  taunting her. 

“How do you like this you dirty slut? We’ve been here before haven’t we? I bet you love having my  amazing boobs in your face!” Amy could only muffle a reply. How did I end up with this bitch on top  of me yet again? She wondered to herself as she struggled to get her head free of its fleshy  restraint. Realising that was a fruitless exercise, she knew she had to do something as the  combination of Laura sitting on her stomach and the lack of space for air to enter her mouth and  nose, meant she was on the clock. Despite her upper body being trapped, an option did present  itself, so she pushed off with her feet and swung her legs up, managing to hook them under Laura’s  armpits. Before the redhead could react, Amy pulled her legs back down, and Laura’s torso along  with them. Amy gasped for air as she felt Laura flailing around under her smooth legs, her thighs  now sandwiching the older woman’s boobs together. However, before Amy could lock her ankles  together, Laura grabbed one and pulled one of the legs off her. Sitting back up, Laura shuffled  backwards along her enemy’s stomach so as to prevent Amy’s access to that tactic again. Clearly  intended as punishment for her attempted escape, Amy felt her head yanked by the hair before it  smacked into the wall behind her. An evil grin flashed across Laura’s face as she started repeating  the dosage. The impacts were not overly hard due to the positioning of the two ladies, but this was  the second time she had been trapped under this red-headed bitch and Amy was fed up being on  the bottom of this currently one-sided encounter. 

In order to stop the onslaught, Amy started throwing punches up towards her rival, though she was not able to generate much power while still planted to the floor. As she aimed her fist at the side of  the redhead’s body, she spied her opportunity out of the corner of her eye. Clamping her free right  

hand down on the hanging boob in front of her, a scream shot from the mouth of her opponent.  Laura pushed her own hand into the meaty softness of Amy’s left tit, all the while continuing to slam  the brunette’s head into the wall of the bedroom. Amy continued to throw wild punches at Laura’s  head, knowing she desperately needed to get this bitch off. Running out of options, she dropped  her hands to the floor and used all her strength to buck her hips upwards, her naked pelvis smacking  into that of her equally naked rider. Laura was sent flying forward, her face colliding with the same  wall she was using to punish Amy. This impact dazed the redhead enough for Amy to push her off to  the side and roll away. Both women got to their knees groggily and shook the stars from their  heads. After catching their breath for a few moments, Laura glared at her opponent. “You had enough of this shit yet bitch?” 

“No way cunt, we’re just getting started…” Amy replied, almost scoffing at the ridiculousness of the  question. 

“Just what I wanted to hear…” 

As they stood back up and readied for round two, suddenly Laura launched herself at the brunette’s  torso. Amy was not ready for this move and was forced backward. Laura had intended on throwing  her back into the wall, and Amy braced, waiting for the seemingly inevitable collision. But the  trajectory of the tackle missed, and the pair continued on their path out of the bedroom door and  into the living room. Regaining her senses, Amy started pounding on Laura’s back as she was driven  further into the spacious lounge area. As the pair stumbled further in, momentum took hold and  they lost balance, crashing into what turned out to be Kimberly and Megan, who had also found 

their way out into the room at some point. A pile of naked ferocity formed on the floor as the four  girls lost track of who they were fighting. Amy felt her head jerk left by the hair as she ripped at hair  that fell into her hand. She felt fists and palms smack her skin as she sent her own free hand flying  into whatever mass of flesh it could find. She heard screams and yelps from all sides as she fought  and tried to get her bearings. 

It seemed like hours went by as the ball of feminine fury continued to churn on that living room  carpet, although in reality it was a mere ten minutes before two pairs of entangled women squirted  out. Amy’s entire body was on fire from the constant punishment it had endured in the maul. Now  though, she experienced some relative respite as she was merely on the receiving end from a single  opponent rather than three. She opened her eyes to see who’s locks she was tearing away at, as  well as who owned the pair of hands that were digging into her boobs. Locking eyes with the raven haired Asian, she threw a few punches into Kimberly’s boobs with her free hand. While the brunette  wanted to lock up with her sister’s foe for the evening, now was not the time. She needed to get  back to her battle with Laura. 

“Although I’d love to…smash your face…in for hurting…my sister you fucking bitch…ugh…my fight  isn’t with…you right now…” Amy forced the words out in between gasps for air. “The feeling’s…mutual…you whore fuck…” Kimberly replied through her own equally laboured  breaths. Despite wanting to fight other women a lot more than the one they were currently  engaging, both Kimberly and Amy continued to roll around on the floor, pulling hair and squeezing  breasts. Neither wanted to concede to the other, even though they were not each other’s primary  opponent. They could hear their prey fighting somewhere else in the room, and yet neither could  bring themselves to disengage without the other doing so first for fear of showing weakness. 

Amy’s boobs were screaming at her to remove the slender Asian fingers currently terrorising them.  The more Kimberly dug in, the harder Amy yanked on that silky black hair. She started throwing  slaps with her free hand into the Asian’s cheek. They fired off insults at each other as they struggled  around on the floor. Despite the hate the two spat at each other, the brunette felt an intense  attraction to Kimberly as their naked bodies undulated together in their violent embrace. Under  different circumstances, she would have loved to lock horns properly with this bitch now that she had a chance to experience the Asian’s tight body for herself. However, she had to escape this hold  and get back to her battle with Laura. She snuck a peak over at the other battle, where she saw her  sister and the scarlet bitch locked in a sixty-nine, their thighs clamping onto the other’s head.  Muffled screams could be heard as there was clearly some action occurring between those pairs of  thighs. While she was distracted, Amy’s eyes ballooned out as her temporary rival thumped a knee  flush between her legs. Instinctively, Amy’s hands let go of hair and dove for her pelvis to guard  from another of those terrible shots. Kimberly used this to push the brunette off her and in a flash,  she was up and running over to the other battle going on in the room. Amy laid there for a moment  as the pain in her abdomen subsided, mostly thankful now that she had a chance to catch her breath  and get some brief respite. 

A few minutes later, Amy sat up. She scanned the room. Megan and Kimberly had each other bent  over at the waist, trying to whip the other woman around by the hair. Every so often one of them  would throw a couple of quick punches into the other’s tits and face, but for the most part they just  sort of staggered around. Yearning to return to the action herself, Amy’s eyes darted around,  searching for her prey. Laura was slumped against the wall, massaging herself as she watched on at  the battle in front of her. Amy got to her hands and knees and started to crawl over to her rival,  who finally spotted her. Laura matched Amy’s movements, and as the pair got close to each other 

they reared up on their knees before slapping their chests together in a mutual bearhug. Pushing  into each other, they teetered back and forward as their boobs fought on between them. Eventually  they fell sideways, though landing on their side did nothing to dislodge them. 

Both girls wrestled around like this on the floor of the living room. Their sweat slicked legs interlaced, pussies continuing to heat up as they squirmed around. Ending up back on their sides,  four hands latched onto four beautiful breasts and squeezed. Meanwhile hips undulated back and  forth as vaginas bushed along smooth thighs. The girls grimaced as their mounds were kneaded and  pulled. Amy shuddered as her body throbbed after a particularly effective swipe along the  redhead’s leg. Her grip on the enemy breasts buckled slightly due to this, and Laura took full  advantage, digging her nails in. Amy screamed and pushed the other girl away. 

They rolled apart and got to their feet. Amy had one hand covering her injured boobs, the other  slowly massaging her clitoris as she subconsciously stoked her own fire. Laura grinned and started  walking towards her prey. Amy tentatively matched her. As the two young women got within  reaching distance, Laura slapped at Amy’s lower hand, reached down with the other and drove two  fingers into the brunette’s already sensitive pussy. Amy stiffened reactively to the sudden shock of  pleasure. The skirmish had turned towards the inevitable dirty side, however, she knew her night  with Stacy had prepared her for this. A smile flicked across her lips as she looked into the redhead’s  eyes and forced her own fingers into the waiting slot below. She felt warm wetness on her fingers  and knew this would be a much closer battle than either girl probably wanted at this point in their war. 

“Are you sure you want to do this shit or are you too much of a prude?” Laura taunted. “I’ll do whatever it takes…” Amy declared, almost surprising herself with her conviction. If this had  occurred even a few days earlier, Amy might have wilted at the comment. However, this was no  longer new to her, and she was no longer afraid of this sort of depraved tussle. It was just another  way for her to dominate her opponent now. Those flames of competition burned away any  remaining inhibitions that Amy may have had once Laura’s challenge sunk in. It was time for her to  overcome, to conquer this final hurdle in front of her and taste that victory she craved. 

Two young rivals, who only a couple of days ago had never met, now leant into each other’s naked  body, breasts pancaked together, as they pumped their fingers in and out of their enemy’s vagina.  Their knees buckled and their hips twisted as the pleasure took over. Neither girl thought about  pulling away, they were focused entirely on forcing the other’s release. With chins resting on the  other girl’s shoulder, their breasts intermingling just below their heads, Amy felt a buzz as her rock hard nipples dug into tit flesh and dragged across those of her redheaded nemesis. After a  particularly strong wave of pleasure coursed through her that caused her eyes to flick open, they  focused across on the other battle going on. Megan had her legs around Kimberly’s midsection,  crushing her, while also pulling that jet-black hair from behind the Asian girl’s head. Kimberly was  just wailing on the older sister’s body, simply trying to punch her way out of the hold. Fists would  smack into Megan’s stomach and breasts, and Amy heard her sister grunt and groan as the shots  thudded into her. Still, she seemed ok at this point, and Amy had bigger things to worry about. 

Amy could hear Laura’s moans getting louder as the two finger pistons below continued to generate  bliss. But as the redhead’s seductive moaning continued, Amy felt her own body betraying her.  After a particularly heavy deluge of pleasure, she tried to close her legs to trap the offending hand  within her pussy. Laura retaliated by massaging her breast with her free hand. The brunette sighed

loudly as her boob was fondled. Yet as she kept up her own assault on Laura’s womanhood, Amy  felt some extra leakage. Laura was bucking on her hand more and more, and she knew if she could  hold on, she would be able to finish her off. She could hear yelps and screams from the other fight  over the top of their incessant moaning, but she could no longer focus on it, only the fingers of her  rival aggressively fondling her downstairs. All Amy could do now was pump her own soaking wet  hand harder and faster than this bitch she was tangled up with. Then, just as Amy was getting close  to the point of no return, she felt Laura buckle at the knees again, although this time she  instinctively grabbed the red head’s scarlet hair and pulled down towards the buckled knee. This  jerk of hair caused Laura to lose her balance, and Amy let out a sigh as the fingers within her were  removed. Laura fell on her back, before the brunette instinctively jumped on top, not letting up the  advantage. 

As Laura wriggled around trying to get free, Amy grinned and spun around on top of her foe, so she  was facing the redhead’s feet, allowing her ankles to trap Laura’s arms. Then, as she sat there atop  two cushiony breasts, she again forced her fingers into the waiting pussy. Finally, when she heard  the expected moan from below, and with her weight trapping the naked form under her, she pushed  her legs back and captured Laura’s head between her strong thighs. Hearing the muffled screams  from behind her, a giddy grin formed across Amy’s face, as now there was no better chance to finish  her rival off. To her credit, Laura tried to roll her adversary off, but Amy used an arm to brace, and  another to penetrate, more than happy to alternate if need be. Eventually, Laura’s hips started  bucking upwards, and Amy knew she was getting close. Harder and faster she pumped, before  finally her scarlet haired rival screamed, her body capitulating to the overwhelming pleasure  onslaught. Amy shivering as the hot breath blew passed her own pussy. As the brunette’s assault  finally broke through, the body below her arched and tremored, before collapsing back to the floor.  No longer did she feel any resistance, just the tired moans of defeat. 

Amy was in complete control now. She got up and turned so she could see her rival’s face. For a  few moments she stood over her nemesis. This was a moment for her to savour. She had finally  been victorious, and now she was ready to claim her winnings in the same way Laura wanted to in  their first battle. Lowering herself down on top of Laura’s face, Amy heard something muffled  between her legs, shuddering heavily as warm breath escaped from her opponent’s mouth and  lightly brushed across her overly excited womanhood. Unable to wipe the grin off her face, she took  hold of Laura’s red locks and pulled the girls face in. 

“You know what to do…” Was all Amy said to her defeated rival before a surge of pleasure rocked  her body, the redhead’s tongue starting to flick her waiting clitoris. Amy brushed her free hand  through her hair as her body started to gyrate across the face of the fallen warrior below. Her body  was taking control of her again, just like when she fought Stacy that previous weekend, but this time  she felt none of the apprehension and confusion. With how this battle had played out, she no  longer held any inhibitions. Each stroke of the tongue on her undercarriage freed her mind further.  She closed her eyes and felt the waves of pleasure and stimulation wash over her, revelling in the  fact she was now able to enjoy it. 

The entrance to her trance was stopped by a scream. Her eyelids flicked open and revealed her naked sister getting thrown around by the hair. Kimberly had somehow made it out of Megan’s  grasp and was now trying to trip her by kicking out at her legs as her body swung around. Almost  inevitably, momentum threw Megan across the Asian girl’s slender foot and she was sent tumbling  to the floor, landing on her back just in front of Amy’s new perch. Megan appeared to be absolutely  spent, hours of fighting taking a toll on her. The Asian girl was quick on her feet despite all the 

earlier punishment she had taken and dove on top of Megan as the 28-year-old lay there. Pinning  the older sister’s arms under her legs, Kim matched Amy’s current position astride the cute face below. Amy, still on the borderline of her pleasure trance could only watch on as her sibling bucked  and kicked out in a vain attempt to remove the Asian girl from the top position. Unfortunately,  tiredness and lack of air caught up with Megan not long after. She had been in an epic struggle with  her new rider, and she could not muster another effort. 

In between heavy breaths caused by the stimulus below, Amy locked eyes with Kim. She could  tell the Asian girl was feeling the same sensations she felt, and realised her sister was now in the  same predicament Laura was in. When Kim’s pelvis started the hypnotic movement back and forth  on the face of the older sister, a new rage started to build within Amy as she heard the moans being  generated from the girl opposite her. Gazing into those cat-like eyes opposite, every urge in her  body wanted to lock up with this Asian slut and rip that jet-black hair out. She wanted to avenge her  sister for this. Both women leaned forward, still grinding back and forth on their former opponent’s  faces. 

“You….ugh….fucking bitch…how…ooohhh…dare you sit….on my sister’s face…..uuuggh…like that!”  Amy stammered out between pleasure swells. 

“Fuck you whore….oooooo…It’s not like…..uuughgh…you can talk….oooohhhhh….with a pussy…..full  of face…aaaaahhh!” The Asian girl spat back through her own shockwaves.  

“I promise…aaaahhhh…I’ll get you back…oooohhhh…for this…” Amy’s body shuddered as she spoke. “I…uuuggghh…I can’t wait…” Kimberly managed to reply before both girls started simply trading  insults and grunts, which was all they could muster as their bodies took over. Their mounts  continued their frenzied licking and sucking. As the pleasure and rage built, the hunger and lust  ensnared them, and the insults turned into incomprehensible growls and moans. Amy reached up to  grab the black hair of her sister’s rival without even really thinking about it, before feeling her own  locks being pulled. Her scalp was on fire again, but it was a dull pain that was being completely  overshadowed by the intense force rising and falling from her lower body. She started to buck her  hips harder across the redhead’s face below as it built, all the while glaring intensely into her new  rival. As the rhythmic humping continued between the two young women, they started punching  each other with their free hand in time with the pleasure waves. Each painful impact just added fuel  to the fire, and the mass of movement escalated in pace. Screams and moans and smacks echoed  through the living room, and as the crescendo built, Amy felt once again that sensation of her body  assuming direct control. Her mind no longer told her arm to thrust into the other girl’s boobs and  head. She no longer felt the return fists hitting her. Expecting this now though, she allowed herself  to let go, permitting her slender form to complete it’s journey to the promised land. 

As if on cue, both Amy and Kim stopped their furious punching. Their eyes widened as full as they had ever been, and with both hands they pulled the other girl’s head in to their own by the hair,  their lips and mouths meeting in a lust filled kiss. The Asian and the brunette, strangers to each  other mere hours ago, screamed into the other girl’s mouth as their simultaneous orgasms  thundered through their beautiful bodies. Their forms shuddered on top of their defeated foes as  the intense pulsing continued, their death grip hair holds forcing their lip lock to continue. As Amy’s  mind returned to her, she felt Kim’s saliva and breath intermingle with her own inside her mouth.  She felt amazing, like she had been reborn in that moment. There was no thought of the fact that  she had just been sexually pleasured by one girl while furiously making out with another. It was not  long after the waves started to subside that fatigue took hold. She unlocked her fingers from the  Asian girl’s hair, as Kim did the same to her. Sitting up straight, a mutual stare formed, each peering 

deeply into the weary eyes opposite, exhaustion sweeping across both girls. As their eyelids  fluttered, Kimberly and Amy fell forward into each other, torso’s holding each other up like an  expertly crafted female arch, chins coming to rest on a waiting shoulder. Four women, completely shattered by their epic struggle, who now remained statuesque in this odd sexual pose, finally  blacked out… 

“Hey Stace, come on in!” 

“Wow Aims…you’re sounding super happy today.” Amy grinned as she led her friend inside. Stacy  was wearing her usual yellow tank top and blue short shorts. Amy coincidentally had the same thing  on, although hers were red and black. 

“So, what’s going on?” Stacy quizzed her friend. 

“Well…I did it Stace.” 

“Come on Amy, enough with the tension building, what did you do?” 

“I beat her. I finally won a fight!” Stacy’s eyes lit up. 

“Wow, that’s great news! Is this that Laura bitch you mentioned?” 

“Yeah, it was amazing! I felt so alive during it. We fought for ages, and I was able to finally let go. I  no longer felt weird when it got dirty…” Amy bit her lip gently as she said it, the remnants of her  former innocence still on display. 

“I’m so proud of you Amy.” 

“Yeah, I can’t really believe it myself. A week ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of getting into a fight  with another girl, and now I’ve been in 5. I can’t get enough of it Stace.” The blonde flashed a smile  across her face at that last comment. 

“Can’t get enough you say?” 

“That’s right. But there’s one thing that’s still bothering me…” Amy looked away from her friend for  a second. 

“What’s that?” 

“I haven’t beaten you yet…” Amy brought her gaze back to her friend’s eyes. Intensity washed  through both girls as they realised what needed to happen. 

“I see. Well in that case, why don’t we go and discuss that point further in your room.” “That sounds like a perfect idea.” With that, the girls made their way across the carpeted lounge  into Amy’s bedroom. A living space that 48 hours ago was its own battlefield. The two young women stood across from each other and removed their clothing in a ritual Amy was all too familiar  with now. She studied the naked form of her best friend, much like she did twice previously this week. Her fire burned white hot with the knowledge of what was to come and, crucially, that she  could come out the victor. There was no deep-seated fear any longer, she was battle hardened.  Ultimately if she were to lose, it gave her an excuse to do this all over again, to get better. All she wanted in that moment was to test herself against that immaculate female form across from her. Aform that raised her hands into fists in front of her breasts, a movement Amy matched, itching to get  into it again. 

“Are you ready Aims?” 

“Lets do this…”

The End

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8 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of Amy: Part 3 — A Dish Best Served… by Phoenix Falcone

  1. Raygart says:

    Can’t wait for the next chapter. It’s amazing. Your stories’ qualities are as amazing as rival rapture

    1. phoenixfalcone says:

      Hi Raygart, thanks so much for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it. To be honest I am not sure if this will continue. Obviously this is Rival’s concept and I dont want to steal too much of his thunder, but there are ideas I have thought about that I could potentially explore. Either way, as long as people enjoy what I write then that’s certainly incentive to keep going so who knows…

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    This series made me comment on this site for the first time . Nice buildup , great characters .Hope you continue the series or better turn it into a saga .
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    1. phoenixfalcone says:

      Hi Pjaz12345, thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Appreciate your feedback greatly. Yes I agree, the original concept does definitely open a lot of avenues, so maybe I will look to delve into this series again in the future.

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      Hi Neha, that is truly high praise. Thank you so much for your feedback. As a first time writer of these sorts of stories, it makes me extremely happy to hear.

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    I loved your story, I hope that you continue writing because you definitely have a knack for it.
    I also have a fetish related to sisters catfights turning sexual. While yours didn’t go too far there, you did indulge this fetish of mine as well. Thank you!

    1. phoenixfalcone says:

      Hey Alex, thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it. Yeah the sisters part was one of the first parts I wrote. It probably came the most naturally to me when I first started writing with this concept so I’m pleased it was close to what you were looking for at least.


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