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Hello to all in the female fight world! My name is Heidi Kendrick. I was introduced to the fine and primal art of women fighting each other at the young age of 18. Now in my mid-forties, I have found that writing down my memories in a sexy story format is lots of fun. I have learned a lot about writing stories from, in my humble opinion, some of the great writers, like Sidekick, Anna the Marine Chick, Catwriter; just to name a few. 

Lately my taboo kink of family fighting has taken me in a new direction. It is not the one family vs another family fights that really get me going; it is primal struggle between mothers and daughters, or grandmothers and granddaughters that fuels my passion. Lusty battles where nothing is off limits. To some this is a turn off, but I am not writing for the masses, I am writing for me and what turns me on. 

Hope you enjoy my stories and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks you!

Love and big titty bouncing during hot naked catfights, 


HeidiKillerKat’s Stories

My Introduction Into Catfighting

The two mature women came together with a grunt and smack of skin! Hands went to each other’s hair, Margaret grabbing blonde tresses and Gloria pulling my mother’s curls at the top of her head. They let out little yelps of pain as they turned and turned around the small living room. Feet started kicking at shins and I heard words like bitch, slut, whore and cunt come from the women’s mouths.

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First Time for Everything

Our tits mashed together and pushed out to our sides. Our hands reached around our backs and grabbed hair to pull and yank. Like busty sumo wrestlers, we pressed tightly together as we pulled hair. If I pulled to her right we went right, then she would pull to the left and we went left. She and I collided feet and went down to the ground again.

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2 thoughts on “HeidiKillerKat’s Stories

  1. Giannis says:

    Welcome ! I can hardly wait for more stories soon. Mother daughter stories as you wrote, full of taboo action.


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