My Introduction Into Catfighting by HeidiKillerKat

Let me introduce myself, my name is Heidi. I am a 40 years old and mother to a teenage daughter and young son. I was married to a loser who only gave me 2 great things, my kids. He is off with a 20 something blonde, not sure what her name is because he goes through women like I use dryer sheets. I am not a twig or a super model, though I have been told I have porn star breasts, large and firm with nipples that stay hard all the time, which sucks if you want to wear something without a bra or something sheer. In my 40 years on this earth I have found that women are the nastier of the species.

We can be so cattyat each other when we are intimidated or we see a threat to what is ours. I learned this at a young age. When I was a teenager, starting to develop into a woman, my mother, Margaret, clued me in on the ins and outs of how women fight. She said that some throw punches and kicks, those she said were the easiest to deal with because the fight was straightforward. It was the ones who liked to pull hair, scratch, claw, grab, tear clothes and try to ruin you as a woman that I needed to watch out for.

Margaret taught me how to fight both styles. She made sure I took boxing to strengthen my fists and wrists and she showed me the ways to hurt another woman in a close in dirty brawl. My dad had a bunch of dirty movies showing women in all kinds of fights, from real fist fights, to titfights, to sexfights, and of course the clothes ripping catfights. My mom made me watch these, study them, she said even the staged fights for different companies can show me ways to hurt a girl in a fight. I had seen a few fights in high school, mostly hairpulling, slapping fights that were broken up in the halls of the school. I had a few run ins with girls who were now intimidated by the way I was developing, like I said, we are the fiercer of the species. It wasn’t until the spring of my senior year in high school that I saw my first wild catfight and got into one as well.

It was an early Saturday morning and I was still lounging in bed. My mother came into my room and told me to get dressed into something comfortable. I was a little perplexed and she told me to hurry and that she would explain things on the way. Dad was off on a fishing trip for the weekend. I quickly dressed into black Cure t-shirt and jeans with a pair of running shoes that were comfy. I made sure to put on a bra; at this time in my life I was DD Cup and need the support, I am an EE now. My mom was waiting for me wearing jogging pants and a t-shirt. I noticed she did not have a bra on, her large breasts were bouncing un-incased in her baggy shirt. She had a back pack which she handed to me as we got into the car.

“Ok, Mom, spill the beans,” I said as we got started down the street, “What gives, where are we going??”

“Heidi,” she said with a sideways glance, “There is no easy way to say this, but you are going to be my second today.”

“What do you mean second?” I asked, “what is this a duel or pistols at dawn??” With a smile on my face; I was studying the Revolutionary War in History class.

“Exactly, my dear, it is a duel or sorts,” she said not taking her eyes off the road. My smile was gone.

“What the hell is going on?!?” I exclaimed. I was a little worried.

“Honey,” she said, “Your father, bless his heart is just a man. And men and women are not truly meant to be monogamous. He and I have both had other partners in our life together. But we set rules, rules that have been broken before and both he and I have had to settle it with others. You are now old enough to witness it. I am going to have a catfight with Mrs. Gloria Jean Cassidy.”

I was stunned. I opened my mouth but I couldn’t form any sentences, it came out like, “What… you mean… dad… sex… catfight???”

“Calm down Heidi,” my mom said, “Yes, we both have had sex with others. Your father with other women and me with men and women. It is a part of life; we are sexual creatures and shouldn’t be held back. And from time to time, the rules he and I have set have been broken. This one is about a woman who is now gunning for my husband. It was supposed to be just sex, but she is entranced by him and what she thinks she can have.”

With that she handed me a Polaroid picture (we didn’t have camera phones back then) The picture was of a beautiful blonde woman naked in an erotic pose with the caption “FOR ROBERT”. She had large full breasts, long straight hair past her shoulders. She had a full bush, she was a natural blonde and she didn’t trim. I had seen my mother naked before and she didn’t trim much either, dad must of liked that. I shook that thought from my mind. She looked familiar, wait…. 

“She has a daughter!” I said more loudly then I wanted. “Bobbi Sue Cassidy, friggn spitting image of her mother. She graduated like a year ago.” Bobbi Sue was a tramp with big tits and a bigger attitude. We didn’t run in the same circles but she was “that” girl at school you never forget.

“Yes, Heidi,” mom said turning onto a back road just out of town. “Gloria Jean is bringing Bobbi Sue as her second. The rules are you to will not interfere unless one of us is knocked out and the other won’t stop. Gloria Jean and I agreed to no weapons, no outside interference, no fists above the neck, we trimmed our nails down, and we are going to fight naked.”

I got my tits from mom’s side of the family. Mom was easily an E cup, she was in her late 30’s but had very little sag. She was not a super model, but was built like I was or I should say I was built like her. Full breasts, flat tummy for the most part and full hips and ass. She had shorter hair permed into curls on the top of her head. A cross between brown and red which I have had for years now. I recognized the road now as I looked up from the picture I was still holding. It was the road to a lake house we had.Not another place for miles. It was small, but had a nice living room and 2 adjoining bedrooms. She and I didn’tspeak anymore as we pulled up and got out. I helped her move the sparse amount of furniture out of the way and the breakable things into the main bedroom closet.

It wasn’t long after that I heard a car pull up and 2 blondes got out. Bobbi Sue and Gloria Jean looked more like sisters then daughter and mother. They entered the front door like they owned the place. We stood there like cowboys waiting to draw at the OK Corral. My mom and Gloria didn’t speak, just looked at each other as they started to strip. T-shirts and jogging pants and sock and shoes where handed to me and Bobbi Sue. I set my mother’s stuff off to the side as Bobbi did the same for her mom.

The two mature women came together with a grunt and smack of skin! Hands went to each other’s hair, Margaret grabbing blonde tresses and Gloria pulling my mother’s curls at the top of her head. They let out little yelps of pain as they turned and turned around the small living room. Feet started kicking at shins and I heard words like bitch, slut, whore and cunt come from the women’s mouths.

Bobbi screamed for her mother to tear mine to shreds, yank that hair out and kick her ass. I had never been this close to an all-out bitch fight before and my earlier butterflies were now gone.

“GET HER MOM!!!” I screamed, glaring at Bobbi who returned the hateful stare. My mom dropped a hand and grasped a bouncing breast and squeezed, a shout of pain echoed in the room from Gloria’s mouth. “That’s it!!! RIP HER TITS OFF!!!” I couldn’t believe I was saying this but I needed to let my mom know I was rooting for her.

Hands dropped from hair and the two mature cats had handfuls of large breasts, digging fingers in, flesh oozing from their hands, faces wrecked with pain and tears coming from both Margaret’s and Gloria’s eyes. My mom lost her balance and went down pulling Gloria with her. They broke apart only momentarily then slammed together, arms going around each other, wounded breasts smacking loudly together, mushrooming out the sides as they yanked at hair from behind each other’s backs. They rolled once to the couch then back, legs intertwined, I could see legs muscles straining.

The whole time, Bobbi and I were shouting for our moms to hurt the other in unimaginable ways! Both women were breathing hard and started to slow the rolling. This is where my mom always said thing got dirty, hands left hair and grabbed tits, pulled nipples, racked down their sides and then went between legs. My mom howled in pain as Gloria tore a tuft of my mom’s pubic hair out! Gloria screamed loudly as my mom did the same and clawed at her cunt!!! Gloria bit my mother’s shoulder, drawing blood, my mom craned her head down and latch onto Gloria’s right breast with her teeth, shaking the large tit like a dog would shake a toy. Gloria seemed to take this like an invitation and she and my mother bit at large breasts, fingers clawing cunts and asses. It was a sight to behold.

Bobbi Sue and I were like rival cheerleaders, cheering for our moms, call the other a whore or slut. Gloria and Margaret rolled slowly around, attacking each other with wild abandon. They broke apart after what seemed like an eternity. In actuality, they had been fighting for about 15 minutes. Teeth marks and bloody splotches appeared on their breasts, they had almost balded each other’s pussies. They slowly got to their knees, claws curled, and lunged. One hand went to a large tit, one hand went to beaten cunts and slammed their mouths together, biting at lips. Blood flowed from their mouths, I noticed fingers inserted into pussies, clawing their insides, hands pulling tits into terrible shapes.  They fell over with Margaret on top and Gloria changed from attack to defend, crying out a weakened surrender from bloody lips.

“GET HER OFF OF MY MOM OR I WILL!!!!” Bobbi Sue screamed at me. I grabbed my mom around her tummy and pulled her off of her beaten blonde rival.

Bobbi Sue was crying as she checked on her mother. My mother was holding back tears as I slowly helped her to her feet.

“Get….out… cunt….and… never….contact ….Robert… again,” My mom said, I held her up as she swayed back and forth.

Bobbi Sue collected her mom, but I got the dirtiest look of hate from her as I watched them drive off. I knew it was not going to be the last time I saw her. I drove home with my mom crying softly in the passenger seat, I helped her upstairs and bathed and cleaned her up, putting her to bed.

I could hardly believe what I saw. It was overwhelming. Not in any of the dirty movies I had watched, was there ever something so raw, so brutal. This was how cats fight I remembered my mother telling me. I closed my eyes and all I could see was my mother and Gloria locked in battle. I imagined what a fight like that would be like with. I was sitting in my mother’s and father’s bedroom, in the recliner as my mother slept. I pictured my opponent, first Bobbi Sue, grabbing each other’s large tits, pulling hair, clawing at our cunts.

My hands gripped my now braless breasts over my t shirt. I squeezed them so hard that I winced in pain, but it was a good pain. A pain I wanted to feel first hand. I knew Bobbi would be a hellcat to fight. I started picturing myself naked with girls I went to school with, Carrie the brunette bully in my class, my busty friends Angela and Sara. There was a girl who I was rivals for a certain football player earlier in the year, April. She was an inch shorter than me, but just was full figured. I closed my eyes and squeezed my tits again. When I opened them, my mother was staring at me. I was immediately embarrassed and my hands went quickly to my lap.

“It is alright Heidi,” She said weakly, she beckoned me to the bed where I sat next to her. “I was the same way when you grandma introduced me to catfights. It is natural to have strange feelings, urges and fantasies. I had the same ones. Are you ok with what you saw today?”

“I am Mom,” I said, “I learned too much about your sex life.” Which got a snort and a wince from my mother. “But I am so glad you took me.”

“Now don’t go starting fights with every girl you meet,” she chided me, “But never back down from any woman. If you and her want to fight like I did today, always fight in private and if she brings someone, you bring someone too. Set rules that are agreed to, but if she breaks them, you fight tooth and nail with her. “

My mom shivered a little so I held her as she fell asleep again. I didn’t really sleep, I could not get the images of that fight out of my head. The next morning I woke up as mom stirred and I helped her clean up. My dad came home later in the day and he and mom talked alone for a few hours. By the time I saw him at dinner time, he looked like he had been read the riot act. I grinned to myself. Mom walked around slowly still aching from the fight but I knew she would be ok and be ready to tangle again soon.

School was a blur that week until Friday. I dared not tell Angela or Sara what I saw and since Bobbi Sue had already graduated, I knew I would not see her as well. On Friday, I got to my locker at the end of the day, when I heard a female voice.

“Put up or shut up bitch!!! The voice said as I closed my locker to see Carrie Bryant, our class bully, in the face of a freshman girl, hell the girl look so small in comparison with Carrie. Carrie knocked the other girls books out of her hand, then shoved her hard. The girl had tears in her eyes. I looked around to see if any teachers heard this and didn’t see any.

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size Carrie?!?” I said, sliding up to the girl, helping her pick up her books. Carrie’s friends, a couple of blondes, Lynn and Ahana, OOOH’d as I stood up infront of the freshman, blocking her from Carrie.

“You want to do something about it Kendrick?” Carrie said moving closer, our blouse covered breasts almost touching.

“I don’t want it broken up by a teacher and then we get suspended,” I said, “Let me know when you want to discuss this anymore and I would gladly oblige you.”

Carrie looked a little nervous. I was a little thicker then she was, but not by much, we were the same height at 5’4” and I might have weighed a few pounds more.

Teachers started to exit their rooms and the group broke up but I felt elated because this might be my first real fight. I might have to talk with Angela and Sara about having my back soon.

I hurried home to tell my mom what happened at school. She was visibly nervous but proud of me for sticking up for someone that needed help.

“Just remember that girls like this Carrie will break any rules you lay down,” Margaret said, “Just be prepared to go all the way in fighting her.”

I spent the rest of the night in my room reading until my mom called me down to tell me I had a phone call. She didn’t say who it was just handed me the receiver.

“So bitch, when do you want to fight!” was the voice I heard on the other line……..

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