First Time for Everything by HeidiKillerKat

“So bitch, when do you want to fight!” was the voice I heard on the other line.

“Carrie?” I asked not knowing if it was her or Bobbi Sue.

“Of course it is,” she said with a tone of arrogance in her voice, “Who else would it be?”

“Nevermind,” I said annoyed already with her, “So yes, bitch, I will fight you whenever you want!”

My mother was standing next to me as I talked with Carrie. I didn’t mind because she had been there before. Having her in my corner gave me a new confidence.

“Fine! How about tomorrow, Whistling Pines,” Carrie said, “It is still closed for the season and no one will be around.”

“Whistling Pines it is then,” I replied, “are you bringing Ahna and Lynn with you? Do you want to set any rules?”

“Rules?? What is this 20 questions?” She asked, “This is a fucking fight bitch! No fucking rules! And I don’t need anyone watching my back!”

“It was two questions, but I forgot you are failing math, Carrie. And if you won’t be bringing anyone then I won’t,” I said into the receiver, my grip tightening on the phone, “No weapons, we wear tennis shoes and we go until one of us gives up.”

“Fine! Whatever bitch!” She yelled back into phone at me. “Be there at 5PM.” And with that she hung up.

My mom looked at me with an eyebrow cocked. I told her the details and she sat down at the table thinking for a moment.

“This is a little rushed, “ she said, “Do you trust her?”

“No, but this is my first real fight and I am not backing down to her or I will never hear the end of it at school.”

“Ok,” my mom said, “Call Angela and Sara, have them drive you there and make sure Carrie did not bring anyone. The girls can come here until they pick you back up. Say about an hour. I know it is not going to take that long but it will give you both time in case you don’t start right away. Now about the fight, have you seen her fight?” I shook my head yes and she continued, “Ok, expect it to be fast at the beginning, fists and wild slaps, you remember your boxing, but at some point if she is still in the fight it will slow down. She will attack you anyway she can, you do the same to her. If you see any opening to hurt her, do it. You saw how I fight, I know you will be fine.”

We hugged and she left the kitchen while I called Angela and Sara.

About 4PM on Saturday, Sara and Angela showed up in Sara’s car and we headed off. Mom and I didn’t speak at all during the day, she just left me alone with my thought. I put on an old grey t-shirt and jean shorts. I wore an older white bra that still fit but offered more support to me. It was warm outside for spring but not too hot. The sun would be setting at around 6pm so I knew I wouldn’t have to fight in the dark. As Sara drove, Angela asked a million and one questions about how this was happening and what was I going to do. I told them about the fight my mom had and they were amazed. “That is kinda hot!” Sara said as she drove.

We turned into Whistling Pines and trekked slowly down the mile drive to the lake cottages. There was one car parked already and a lone figure smoking on the hood of the car, Carrie. She was wearing a Motley Crue t shirt one size to small, her tits were pushing tightly against the fabric. She had on jean shorts as well and tennis shoes. I got out of the car and told Sara to go back to my house and wait with my mom.

“Good luck Heidi,” Angela said as the backed out to turn around and head back.

Carrie slid off the hood of her car and flicked the cigarette to the ground and stamped it out. I kept walking toward her as she did to me. We got to within a foot of each other, so close I could smell the smoke on her.

“See, “she said looking around, “I don’t need anyone to kick your ass. It’s just you and me, and my camera in the car to show everyone at school what you look like after I kick your fat ass!”

I smiled a little, “You haven’t kicked anything yet Carrie. And it goes both ways, I kick your ass and you are no longer the Queen bully at school. Everyone will know.”

She came at me like a fury swinging her fists! I was a little surprised at the start but I followed suit throwing lefts and rights in rapid succession. We stood toe to toe, whirling hands, hitting heads, shoulders and arms. The adrenalin kicked in and I was feeling pain but I didn’t let that or me being scared of my first fight get the better of me. I grabbed her hair with my left and hand and continued to punch at her with my right. She yelled in pain and grabbed my hair and answered me punch for punch and slap for slap. We went down in a heap on the grass and rolled still punching and pulling. My arms were starting to get tired, just like my mom warned me. I could tell the Carrie’s were too because we were no longer wildly throwing fists, we were waiting for an opening to make a punch count. She slammed a fist into my ear and I was stunned. I let go of her hair as she rolled on top but as she was getting ready to hit me again, I threw a straight right hand at her nose, which erupted in blood almost immediately and her eyes welled up with tears. I pushed her off.

I rolled away and got to my feet as quickly as my body would let me. Jeez that escalated quickly! I tasted blood in my mouth and touched my face, I was bleeding from a split lip and my face was tender to the touch. Carrie got to her feet too and wiped the blood from her nose. She was opening and closing her fists but couldn’t keep a closed fist. I had the same problem. She and I advanced towards each other. Open hands now swept through the air at each other. I grabbed at her hair with both hands and pushed forward and we went down to the grass in a heap again. I was ontop and started to slam the back of her head into the soft earth. All the while, my head moved back and forth to try and avoid her slaps. She grunted each time I pushed her head into the ground. Then I felt a hand grasp my right breast and OWWWWWW she twisted it hard. Even with my t shirt and bra on it hurt like hell. Like no pain I had ever felt. I screamed and rolled to the left with her rolling ontop of me. I grabbed at her tits, bringing squeals of pain from her lips. I brought my knees up and pushed her off.

This time it took me forever to get just to my knees. I was spent; I was trying to suck in air. The grass felt cool on my hands and knees. I brought my head up to see Carrie had already made it to her feet and was walking towards me. She grabbed my hair and started dragging me toward her car. I would reach up at times, grabbing her shorts trying to slow or stop her.

“You are going to look great on camera bitch!” She yelled as she pulled me. I felt like my hair was being detachedfrom my head.

I reached up again and she stopped and turned slightly, then I grabbed her left leg and sunk my teeth into her calf! She screamed in pain and fell to the ground. I crawled up on her and started clawing and slapping with all I had left. I pulled at her shirt and the cheap rock tee started to tear. My shirt also hung loose from the struggling. I caught a glimpse of her bra and grabbed. I dug my nails into the tops of her breasts, scratching and clawing. Then my world went dark, she had pulled my shirt over my head and I could feel her hands grab at my bra and breasts underneath. Her bra was black and low cut and not meant for this much abuse. I shook the shirt from my head and it slid down my arms. Her legs wrapped around my hips and trying to roll me but I held firm. I pulled down the left cup of her bra and grasped her nipple and twisted. She howled in pain, her head arching back as she screamed. She managed to unclasp my bra and then pushed me off with her feet. I tumbled back on my ass, losing shirt and bra in the process, now topless. I still had a grip on her bra with my hand and when she kicked me off, her bra tore.

I had gotten my second wind, I scrambled to my feet, tits bouncing in the cool air. Carrie was on her feet a second later and discarded her torn shirt and bra. We came together like football players! I had never felt naked breasts except for my own before. Our tits mashed together and pushed out to our sides. Our hands reached around our backs and grabbed hair to pull and yank. Like busty sumo wrestlers, we pressed tightly together as we pulled hair. If I pulled to her right we went right, then she would pull to the left and we went left. She and I collided feet and went down to the ground again. This time we did not break apart but we brought our hands up to our faces and necks and started to scratch and claw. I gave her a wicked scratch down her right cheek and she raked at my jaw line. She went for my eyes but I moved my head fast and it slammed into her face! I heard a crunch then it was black….

I awoke from what seemed like an eternity, I was still ontopof Carrie. Our bare tits still pressed together. My face was resting to the side of hers. WE were both breathing hard. I slowly picked my head up, it felt like it weighed two hundred pounds. I could see her nose was broken, her eyes were glassy and half open. She was out. Oh thank god!!! I knew I could not take anymore.

I rolled away from her and it took a few minutes for me to get to my feet and stumble around looking for my shirt. I put it on my not before seeing a few claw marks on my breasts. I walked slowly to her car and got the camera out of the front seat. I stumbled back and started to snap away. I took about 6 because I was starting to get dizzy. I sat down next to her. I clicked the camera forward until it would not go any more, popped the back and took out the film case. I heard a car down the road and was hoping it was not the Sheriff’s Department or something. It was Sara and Angela and my mom! They parked and quickly rushed over to us. My eye was swelling shut and I hurt all over. My mom checked on Carrie as Angela and Sara got me into the car. I am not sure how long we waited because I passed out and woke with my head in my mother’s lap, her stroking my hair.

“You did good kiddo, real good,” she said softly.

The rest of the night was a blur. Angela and Sara stayed overnight at our house. I woke up so sore the next day I had trouble getting out of bed. My face was swollen and puffy, two deep scratches on my left cheek, bruises all over. Mom made me stay home for the next week, saying I had the flu. Sara told me Carrie had not been to school but the rumors were already flying the bully had her ass kicked!

When I did go back to school, Carrie and I caught sight of each other once. She still had the reminisce of two black eyes and when she saw me she turned away. Her two cronies dropped her like a bad habit but both Ahna and Lynn stayed clear of me.

Even though I felt like shit afterward, something was awoken in me! I loved fighting! I started to day dream about other girls in my class who I would love to fight, besides Ahna and Lynn, pictured me and my old rival April fighting naked in large bed, mashing tits with Bobbie Sue, even fantasied about Angela, Sara and I naked rolling around. It was going to be a good last semester!!!

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