Meeting the Girlfriend by HeidiKillerKat

So I am going to try and keep this chronological, after I graduated from high school I started rebelling a little. Nothing too crazy, just normal teenager stuff. I met an older guy and moved in with him. Smoked weed, drank underage, was arrested a couple of times for stupid stuff. My mother, Margaret was not happy at all. She believed that Rick was a horrible influence on me. Turns out she was right but I didn’t realize it until years later. She and I had a huge blowup and almost fight one night, I had to be restrained by Rick and she by my father. We stopped talking to each other. I lived almost a hedonistic lifestyle, alcohol and drugs led to threesomes, swapping, and all out orgies! I discovered I like being touched by a woman. Women know the right places to touch, to kiss, to caress. I thought I was living up to what my mother taught me about relationships but I never set any rules. Then the party ended when I found out I was pregnant. At first I thought Rick was happy, but I found myself alone at doctors’ appointments and classes on having a baby. It was a long, mostly lonely 9 months until my daughter, Elizabeth Grace was born. All the hardship and misery I felt during the pregnancy was erased the first time I held her.

Mom still was not talking to me and had not seen her grand-daughter yet. I found that breast feeding helped immensely with losing the baby weight and after a few months, was almost back to pre-pregnancy weight. Rick was great at first, we moved from a double wide trailer to a two story house. He painted Liz’s room pink with cartoon characters on the walls and ceiling. But he rarely touched me. I tried to seduce him, even brought a girl home one night but it wasn’t the same. I still loved him and was blind to the fact he didn’t love me the same. One night we had a huge blow up, and I left in a fit of rage with Liz on my hip. I didn’t have a job or any real money, all I had was an old Plymouth Sundance car and I went to the first place I could think of. I knocked on the door and my mom answered, I was sobbing and she just grabbed me in a huge hug and told me it would be alright. She fell in love with Liz and gave me the night off. I slept like I never had before. I was surprised that she recommended I patch it up with Rick because Liz needed him in her life. The next morning I headed back to the house. I knew he would be at work all day but wanted to clean up, make him his favorite meal and try and smooth things over. I walked into the house and immediately threw my clothes in the washer and grabbed a short robe and clean panties from the dryer. I was headed to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee when I heard the shower in our bedroom running. Huh, I thought, Rick’s truck was not here. WTH?!? Instead of calling the police thinking an intruder was in my house, I silently crept upstairs and into the bedroom. The floor was littered with clothes, a woman’s clothes! Blouse and mini skirt on one side of the room, bra draped over the chair, panties next to the bed. These were not my clothes! I heard a woman’s moan from the bathroom and about jumped out of my skin! I could smell the after scent of weed and a crushed out joint in the ashtray by the bed, bright red lipstick on it. What an asshole!!! One rule in the house was no smoking in the house! I was pissed because it could affect my daughter. I walked angrily into the bathroom and through open the shower door…. To find Vicki, a stripper and former girlfriend of Rick, naked, wet and fingering herself in MY SHOWER!!!

“FUCKING BITCH!” I screamed as I reached for her hair! I latched onto the wet locks and her hands grabbed my wrists as she slipped in the shower and went down, pulling me with her. Hot water sprayed over me and soaked my robe instantly. I was still pulling her hair as she struggled underneath me.

“GET OFF ME YOU FAT COW!” She yelled back! Her hands left my wrists and she latched onto my now wet hair.

Let me give you a quick mental picture of Vicki. She was older then I was at 25. She had been a stripper at a few clubs in town and had risen to a semi star there. She was an inch taller than I was at 5’6” and weight about 20 or so pounds less than I did. The girl had huge tits! I was an E cup at the time because of the breast feeding and she was bigger than I was.

She balled up a fist and punched me in the belly, my hands loosened in her hair and she tried to escape the shower. She slipped on the linoleum but scrambled out to the bedroom on her hands and knees. My robe was soaked and open and my breasts bounced as I scrambled to get at her. I got me feet under me and made to carpetand lunged as she turned around to see where I was. I slammed into her naked body and we hit the chair and our combined body weight caused to the flip over taking us to the floor. We were side by side, punching and slapping and grabbing at hair and she grabbing at my robe. Our legs were kicking at shins. She got ontop of me and grabbed my wet hair and pulled my head from side to side. My robe was not completely open. I grabbed her dirty blonde hair from behind and pulled backwards causing her neck to stretch back. Moans and grunts and squeals echoed in the room as we struggled, her big tits slapping against mine as I tried to pull her head off. She grabbed the sides of my face and dug her nails in. GAWD THAT HURT! I screamed in pain and pushed her off with all my strength! I rolled over to my hands and knees and used the chair to help me up. I discarded my robe and was standing there in just a pair of wet pink panties. She also got to her feet, wet , naked and breathing hard.

“WHAT THE FUCK HEIDI!?!” She yelled and me rubbing her neck. “Rick said you didn’t care who he slept with!”

“I don’t give a fuck about that cocksucker!” I screamed back at her. “And I don’t give a fuck about you! Now get out!!!

“Whatever, stupid cunt!” she said back to me, “He doesn’t give a shit about you or that stupid baby you have! He told me that much as he came inside me!”

WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY?!?! I saw red, no one, I mean no one calls me a cunt and my darling little girl stupid in the same sentence. Well technically she paused catching her breath but I didn’t care and this bitch was going to find out how much of a cunt I could be.

I tackled her to the bed; she must have suspected or was trying to goad me into continuing to fight because she attacked me right back. Long nails raked my back and down to my panties as she clawed and scratched my skin. I was biting at her face, but she kept moving her head, my right hand grabbed her big left breast and I dug my nails in. I squeezed, pulled, twisted and pinched the pliant flesh. Her screams were music to my ears. I straddled her waist and grabbed the other breast trying to tear the huge knockers off! She reached up and grabbed my tits and for the next few moments, we tore furrows, grabbed, clawed, twisted and pulled each other’s tits into horrible shapes!

Finally I could not take it and grabbed her wrists prying them off my breasts. I could hear a sense of relief from her lips when I let go of hers and her hands came off quick. I slammed my chest down onto hers with a SPLAT! Air rushed from both our lungs and we coughed and groaned. But I held the top position. I pushed her hands above her head and she started to struggle violently to try and get me off. She was sucking air and I decided to try and end it. I shoved my tits into her face and tried to smother her out. Her struggles increased and she was livid! I had a smile on my face as she struggled under me.

I looked over and noticed I was letting down. Milk was oozing from my breasts, mixing with red scratches, forming a pinkish liquid. I must have spaced for a second because when my breasts moved slightly, Vicki was able to open her mouth and she bite my right breast. I shot up like a cannon, pulling her up to a sitting position, my legs still around her hips, so now facing each other on the bed. I slammed my right hand into the side of her head and she let go of her bite. We latched onto wet hair again and pulled back, each trying to rip the head off the other. Our wounded breasts slapped back and forth, the milk causing them to slip and slid together. I released my left hand and started punching her face. I got in three good shot before my hand hurt like never before. She was sobbing but didn’t let go of my hair. She clinched tightly with me. I could feel her heart racing as her breathed heavy, sitting, tits mashed together. She tightened her grip and turned and we went off the bed and landed heavily on the floorand broke apart.

I was slow to get to my hands and knees, my left hand hurt so bad, but I slowly made it to my feet on wobbly knees. She was slower, her cheek was black and blue already and I could see tuffs of hair on the bed. She had one hand on the bed trying to steady herself with her legs spread slightly.

“Get out Vicki,” I said through labored breathes. “Don’t ever let me catch you with Rick again.”

“Fuck you cunt!” She replied, “I will do what I WAAAAAAAAAA”

I told you I hated when someone called me that! So I kicked her as hard as I could in her pussy. She went down to her knees and her hands grasped between her legs. I grabbed her head by her dirty blonde hair, looked her straight in the eye.

“You can fucking have him!” I yelled as I punched her hard in the cheek, I heard a crunch and her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell back.

I slowly got my wits about me, called my mother who had my dad watch Liz as she came over and helped me get all my stuff. I also found his stash of money and weed. I guess he was selling it too. I made one last phone call to Rick at his job and said he had some trash to pick up at home.

My mom took care of me for the next few days. Turned out I broke my left hand pound that bitches skull. Cast, cuts, scraps, bruises, a bite mark here and there. Vicki lost a lot of work for the next month and she was no longer a head liner. I had to move in with mom and dad for a while but they love being grandparents and spoiling Liz. I got a job as a secretary at a law office and they helped me with the child support from Rick. He skipped town and I never saw him again. Fucking loser! But
me and Liz did just fine.

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