Heidi and the Day Care Worker by HeidiKillerKat

Don’t Mess with Mama Bear

So carrying on with the timeline from my last few stories, this takes place when I was 23. I had a young daughter, a decent job and was loving life. I was a claims manager at an insurance company and was learning quick. It was summer time and my daughter started at a new day care in town. It was a couple blocks from where I worked. My boss was a middle aged woman named Kathy, a pure delight to work for. She had two grown kids and if I had a question that my mom couldn’t answer about raising kids, I would ask Kathy.

It was just after lunch break and I received a phone call from the day care asking me to come as soon as I could. That there was an incident with my daughter. I freaked out!!! I ran in to tell Kathy what was happening and she was great, she said to take as long as I needed and that she would cover me. I raced over to the center in my car and pretty much sprinted in. The day care manager was waiting and ushered me into her office. My daughter was already in the office and I could tell something was wrong with her. She had been crying and ran to me and hugged me tight.

“What happened?!?” I asked the manager, Kelly.

“Well Ms. Kendrick,” she said looking sad at me and my daughter, “One of our employees got a little hands on with your daughter.”

“A little hands on?!?” I asked loudly, “What does that mean?!?!”

My daughter turned to me and told me that she was playing with her friend Jenny and the frizzy haired ladyyelled at them and then grabbed my daughters arm and smacked her across the face.

I looked from my daughter to Kelly, who turned a shade of red and looked very sheepish.

“I am afraid what she said is true, I witnessed it,” Kelly said softly. “I have already fired her and told her to leave.”

“WHO THE HELL HIT MY DAUGHTER?!?” I said getting out of my chair, my hands placed on the desk as I leaned over it.

“Well, um, ah, see, now if you want to get the police involved we can but I have already fired her and she will not step foot in the center again.” Kelly said looking nervously as I leaned over the desk at her.

I composed myself and sat down and told my daughter to go play with her friend Jenny. After my daughter left the office, I looked hard at Kelly.

“Who was it?” I asked, more as a statement than a question.

“It was April Smith,” she said looking down at her desk.

April Smith and I went to high school together. I dated the school jock for a bit my senior year and he had left her for me. She and I never fought before but we did get in each other’s faces a few times. She was maybe an inch shorter than I was but she was buxom like me, with large round, full breasts and full hips and ass. I had heard once in high school that April was planning to get even with me but nothing had ever happened until now.

“What is her address?” I asked, gritting my teeth.

“Now I can’t give out that informa….”

“Oh you are going to give me that address now or I am going to come across this desk and you be laying in a pile of your own hair and clothes and I will get it myself. Your choice!” I said glaring at her.

She did the smart thing and gave me the address on a sticky note. I glanced down and knew exactly where it was. I calmly walked out of the office and took my daughter to the car. We went over to my mother’s house. I told my mother I had a few errands to run but she knew something was up but didn’t press me for details. I was still dressed in my office attire, white short sleeved blouse, black skirt that came down to my knees. White bra and matching panties underneath. Normally I would wear hose but it was supposed to be really hot today and I decided against it. I wore conservative one inch heeled black closed toe shoes. I got back into my car and drove out of town. The place where April lived was a double wide trailer on the grounds of a farm. She rented it from the land owners. I had heard through the grape vine that she gave birth to a daughter right after high school. I prayed that she was alone when I got there. My mind kept picturing her slapping my daughter and I pressed that peddle down more and drove fast down the country roads. I turned down the gravel road to April’s place, kicking up dirt as I skidded. I pulled up quickly almost slamming into a dirty sub compact car parked in front of her trailer. As I got out, I threw my keys in the passenger seat and got out quick. I looked up and saw April come out the front door and down the three steps from her front porch, she was dressed in a black t shirt and jean shorts and was bare foot.

“YOU FUCKING cunt!!!” I screamed out as I rushed towards her, hands out in front of me.

“FUCK YOU BITCH!!!!” I heard her yell back, coming at me in a rush.

We slammed together in the grass in front of her trailer, hands going for hair. My hair was down to my shoulders, dark red in color and hers was short and teased up with too much hairspray. Hands grabbed at hair and we twirled around the front yard screaming obscenities at each other. We pulled and yanked at hair, turning around and around. We bent each other do the waist, cursing and grunting. I lost my shoes in the struggle and was bare foot like her. She let go of my hair with one hand and started throwing punches to my body and slaps to my neck and face. I returned the punches, burying a hard right hand into her left tit. She howled in pain. April reached up with her free hand and grabbed the front of my blouse and pulled. It pulled me off balance and I went down taking her with me. We hit the grass and rolled back and forth, trying to get on top of the other, still pulling and punching. My blouse of torn open and I could feel the humid summer air on my chest. I grabbed her t shirt and started to pull when I got on top, stretching the neck line, hearing the fabric pop and tear. She was able to get her feet under me and pushed off, sending me flying, I skidded a few feet on my butt. I had her shirt in my hand. She had on a peach colored bra that barely contained her large breasts. She and I got to our feet and commenced to throwing punches and slaps at faces and chests.

She rushed me and pushed me back on to the hood of my car. The sun and engine heated the top to a scorching temperature and my skin sizzled as it touched the car. I howled in pain and pushed her off with my feet. She stumbled back and fell on her steps. I rushed at her as she climbed the stairs backwards. I tackled her to the wooded deck. Our bra covered tits mashed together as I grabbed hair again. Her nails raked down my sides and my back. I arched in pain, but stayed on top. She started slapping and punching trying to dislodge me. I left fist to my right tit knocked me off. I got to my feet, my back pressed against the screen door of her trailer. She got to her feet quickly and rushed at me in a blur. She crashed into me and we broke through the screen door and onto the shaggy, dirty carpet of her home. Her hands came to my face and bit at them with my mouth. I grasped her throat and tried to squeeze. Her eyes bludged in fear. Her hands came to rest on my large bra covered breasts and she squeezed them with all her might!!! GAWD that hurt!!! I cried out in pain and threw a left punch at her face. It clipped April’s jaw and she rolled off but not before tearing the cups down some, exposing my hard nipples. She rolled to the couch and got herself up, but I didn’t want to give her any breathing room. I pounced on her and we hit the couch, April going face first, her breasts mashed against the top part of the couch.

I grabbed her hair with my left hand and pulled back. My right, found her bra covered breasts and I worked my hand into the cups and started to pinch, twist and scratch. My skirt had risen up during the struggle and was bunched uparound my waist showing my white panties. Her hands reached over her head and grabbed my hair and pulled me forward. What a sight it must have been, two busty women in torn clothes, pulling hair and scratching tits, kneeling on the old couch. My nipples stabbed into her back, roughly running over the back of her bra. The momentum was too much for the couch and it tipped over backwards and we tumbled to the carpet again breaking apart. I was soaked with sweat, not only from the struggle but from the humidity and lack of any air conditioning in the trailer. It was like a sauna.

My bra was now hanging below my tits, I quickly unhooked it and let it drop to the floor. April backed away from me and did the same. She was sweating heavily as well and her shorts were ridding low on her hips. She sneered at me, showing teeth. I crouched and started to move towards her. She was backing up until her back it the door next to the small living room. I lunged again, she opened her arms and we slammed together, wet naked tits slapping together, hands reaching for sweaty hair. The door was thrown open and we careened into what was a small bedroom. We turned and turned on our feet, hands pulling, nails nicking at our scalps. Our legs hit the bed and we fell side by side onto the small bed. My hands grabbed at bare tits and she did the same to me. What happened next was brutal. Our tits took on grotesque shapes as hands pulled, twisted, groped, and pinched flesh. She and I both had tears running down our faces, mixing with sweat!

April and I did a slow roll from one end of the bed, hitting the headboard, then back to the middle. Hands viciously attacking our chests. We fought our way to our knees and released our tits, the pain becoming too much for either of us. We slammed together on our knees like two busty sumo wrestlers, breasts mashed and buldging out at our sides. I felt her hands on my ass, grasping my sweaty panties and yanking them up into a wedgy! I squealed in pain!!! My hands raked my nails down her ass, the shorts moving more down her legs, revealing bare skin. I left furrows in her ass, trying to carve it up like a Thanksgiving turkey. She pulled at my skirt and panties as I worked hers down her legs. I fell off the bed and pulled her down with me. She and I untangled from each other. Her shorts were at her knees and she kicked them aside. I pulled off my useless skirt and torn panties, leaving us naked.

We rushed forward again, crashing naked, sweaty and dirty together. Hands grasped hair but we just clinched tightly together. The fight had taken its toll on both of us. I could feel her heart race with mine. She shifted her tits, grinding them roughly across mine. I turned my chest, my hard nipples dragging across her tits. Bellies were pressedtight, knees bumping together. I pushed and we hit the bed again, going length wise. We clinched and rolled slowly to our sides. I wanted to still hurt this bitch. I reached in between us and down to her legs. She let out a long scream as my fingers entered her, then pulling on her fleshy lips, twisting, pulling pubic hair around her hairy pussy. Her hands shot down to grab my wrist as I clawed her cunt! I craned my neck and brought my head to rest on her tits, opening my mouth and biting down on her left tit. Her horse scream was almost a breathless howl.

“Stop…. Please…. No more….” She weakly cried out as I ravaged her.

“Fuck you cunt…. You hit my little girl” I screamed back as I continued to hurt her like I have never hurt anyone before.

She stopped moving after a few more seconds. I removed my claws from her, just laying ontop of her, trying to catch my breath. She was still breathing as I rolled off of her. I found my tattered clothing and tried dress myself, I ended up taking a long t shirt from her laundry and I put that on before going out to my car.

I was actually on cloud nine when I told my mother all about the fight. I wished I would have hurt her more. Butmy mother told me if she wanted to find me, April knew where to look. I called in sick the next day and by the time I got back to work, I was only sore. I used a lot of cover up on the scratched that were visible. Kathy asked me what happened but I played it off that it was ok now and everything was sorted out. But she knew somehow.

“Don’t ever mess with a mama bear’s cubs” she said and she was right.

Chapter 5 Coming Soon!

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