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Written by Rival’s Rapture: Dotti D is one of the most popular and prolific writers on the FCF boards these days! Come see what all the fuss is about by reading through her quickly growing and viciously hot catalog!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, her real life measurements are 5’9”, 144 lbs, 40Ds. She is an auburn red-haired mom, a wife, and prefers catfights by referral, titfights, and hairfights. Affairs she has been actively engaged in since she was 22, giving her lots of first-hand experience to draw from for her stories.

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Dotti D’s Stories

The Wealthy Games

The Wealthy Games by Dotti D Story

Their stiff nipples and bumpy swelled areolas tent the fine made bra cups as the 2 women add to their jealous tension, Joyce then arches her back her hands ease the bra straps off her shoulders and then reach behind as she lets each of the 4 clasps pop free one at a time never losing Pam’s gaze, slowly Joyce eases the designer bra off and dangles it off her pointed index nail as her heavy full firm mass sways out a smirk on her lips as she hears gasps and see’s Pams eyes widen a bit in a throaty sexy tone she moans to Pam, “nmm you never faced another so full and firm have you Honey?”.

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Strangers by Dotti D Story

Like a football player Gina lifts and in anger and fear drives her body forward till Debra’s bare back SLAPS on other wall her head snaps back hitting it as hard dazed she sinks in her rivals grasp and her breasts get pushed apart by Gina’s and now inside her foes cleavage Gina like a wild woman shoves pumps and thrusts at will battering the fuller tits on her foes chest, “Cmon bitch fight me ughh ughhh give you fucking cow” Debra hugging Gina to ease it can not speak her head drops to Gina’s shoulder and tears run down as her shoulders drop and Gina in a rhythm works her foe like a machine never feeling the lack of fight in her foe.

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More Coming Soon!

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