The Commute by Dotti D

Janice was making her way in corporate world, she could have easily done so using her natural gift, a body that wouldn’t quit, 5’10” a full luscious figure 36 F -28-38 , light brown hair to shoulders and amber eyes full lips,she certainly could make some women drool let alone her bosses.

But Jan didn’t have to use what the good lord gave her, she was smart and a go getter, and knew well enough a hint into that deep tight veiny cleavage was enticing enough to help sway any man to see it her way, Jan was single or rather not in a heavy relationship she was set on her career and going places there would be time for a serious relationship once she achieved her goal.

The only thing Jan hated about her current life style, was her daily commute, the thought of being compressed in a subway car then a bus drove her insane, all to often business men she never met or planned to, made an obvious attempt to cop a feel by staggering as bus lurched or swayed into a turn, Jan was no dummy she avoided it mostly by standing with one of the bus support poles between her and any attempt.

For the last five years Jan went about the same routine and learned to not make eye contact with the eyes scanning her amazing figure, till one day something changed, Jan got on the bus to work like any day,but as she stood in her position by the pole something made her look up, as she did she noticed the men she saw daily weren’t undressing her in their minds, her amber eyes scanned around the bus and not one set of eyes stared at her, she smirked thinking ( have i won have they taken the hint?).

Unsure what it was Jan smiled at the relief, but slowly during the day Jan sat wondering why so suddenly, was she really missing the one thing she hated putting up with? as her day went on Jan didn’t notice but a few of the male co workers she tolerated staring at her, after all as i said Jan was no fool if a little extra button open or semi sheer top or tighter dress gave her an edge why not.

But this was different it was as if Jan became a every day girl and the eyes that once devoured her drifted away, Jan went about her routine  for another week when the distant attention grew more distant and though she was still bringing a smile to her bosses she noticed there as well it wasn’t the attention she was use to.

The next day as Jan rode the bus to work , is when she noticed the rot of her routines change, as she stood on the ride into city, Jan looked up from her cell phone as her eyes scanned about the bus she felt someone was watching her but who, then as the bus lurched for a stop she turned and just behind her about 3 seats back stood a woman watching Jan.

Jan’s eyes met the glare of  deep blue eyes, they stared a moment then Jan slowly scanned her eyes over the other woman, she was a sight Jan thought pretty ,sexy and a great body, but unlike Jan this woman didn’t mind the attention in fact she wore her tops to give a bit more display then Jan did, and what she displayed was making Jan very aware she was here, the other woman’s breasts swelling from under the partially opened top not overly brazen but enough to make any man and woman see and stare and either appreciate or be jealous of.

The other woman was Molly, a raven haired woman with blue eyes her hair draped off shoulders and was straight she had full lips and her body gave jan a run for her money, a 36G-30-38 Molly knew she was graced with a big bust and that men were fools for a great pair and she knew how to use the entice of big breasts without putting them to use , but Molly knew at times that was needed as well unlike Jan, Molly figured if you got it use it , and as a result she moved up the corporate ladder world in less time than Jan has.

Jan let her eyes scan back up this woman and though she didn’t plan to her eyes stopped to focus on the womans tight deep swelling veiny cleavage, there was no denying it what Jan saw made her both admire and inhale in jealousy, but as she traced the big round confined mass Jans eyes lifted and caught the other womans eyes tracing her own big round bust, at first Jan thought to cover up but as she and this woman starred Jan somehow inwardly arched and let her confined assets be admired.

When Jans bus stopped at center of town she exited and started her trek to the building she worked at , as she swaggered along her mind kept drifting from what the day would bring to that woman on her bus, as she looked back while entering her favorite coffee shop there she was again a steady swagger walk, Jan figured something was up she had never noticed the woman prior on the bus or on her path to and from work.

She stepped to the counter ordered her coffee and as she was paying, looked to her right and there she was again ordering a coffee, normally Jan would not have cared but after the stare down on the bus she couldn’t help but notice, as she walked out her and the other woman shared a glare, then Jan finished her walk to work and sat at her desk.

Jans assistant saw something was heavy on Jans mind and she asked what was up. at first Jan giggled it was in her head then as her assistant pressed a bit Jan spilled the beans, “I don’t know it was weird morning “ as Jan went on her assistant stared listening, ‘Yeah so she follows me at the bust stop after staring me down and follows me to the coffee shop “ , “what then ?”, “ That was it I lost her ,i gotta admit she was something to look at “, her assistant asked “What does she look like?”, Jan paused a moment re-picturing the woman in her head then explained “about my height jet black hair blue eyes and gotta say she was Busty”.

As Jan described the woman her assistant smirked and Jan looked a bit out of the loop, “What are you smiling about?’, her assistant stood up “Jan you really have no idea do you?”, “About this chick? no why what do you know?”.

Jans assistant smiled “follow me you gotta see for yourself”, both women walked the length of the office floor to far end where Jans boss had his office, both knew he wasn’t due for at least an hour, as they stroll in her assistant parts the blinds a bit and looks across to the office buildings east wing, she smirks “yep right on time take a look , that your stalker?”.

Jan walks over and peaks through the blinds and directly across is her bosses Partner for sales across the Atlantic and sitting outside his door was the raven haired beauty, Jan watched as this woman was already working at the level Jan was and no one knew who the hell she was or came from, as Jan watched she saw the woman strut about directing orders and a stride like  super model.

Forgetting she wasn’t alone Jan licked her lips as she watched this woman, when suddenly as if caught the other woman stopped in her tracks spun on her heels and glared across at the closed blinds, Jan eased back a bit to ensure she wasn’t seen, but as she hid  she stared and what she saw made her take a breath in.

This woman stood as if she saw Jan in an open view she arched her back and ran her free hand over her blouse and bust and ran her tongue over full lips, she was posing for someone for sure she was showing shes all woman and unafraid.

Jan watched both mesmerized and jealous and angry as her assistant purred “from what i know her names Molly she met him on his last trip abroad , shes from Italy, and shes the get what she wants type or takes it”, Jan not even aware traced her nails over her proud breasts as she watched the display, “tell me who is she posing for?”.

Her assistant stepped beside Jan and softly purred “thats what none of us can figure, its like she knows we watch but yet doesnt know its as if she is issuing a challenge but we don’t know to who” , Jan inhales then says softly “i know who its for”, “ohh Who ?”.

Jan eases back looks at her assistant “Me she is doing it for me i am up for the assistant to the Ceo of both sales districts and she must be as well”, her assistant smiles “meow  what are you going to do , i mean Jan you have a lot of respect here we all know you earned your spot and didnt sleep your way to it”, Jan smiles at the reputation but as she walks from the office “i dont know but i do know some busty bitch from another country isnt taking my job”.

Jan strolled out and back to her desk and she started her day but as the day drifted along her assistant and other secretaries all saw Jan was on edge over this new girl, no one had to be told she was a threat or hot and got attention, from the big bosses.

The rest of Jans week went on much the same and more and more every were she looked she saw a glimpse of Molly, Molly when in public eyes acted reserved and like a professional but whenever eyes were turned she let Jan know silently she was here to stay as her blue eyes seem to cut through a person.
Everything begins to turn for Jan one day as a meeting was called by the 2 bosses she and Molly worked under, as every one who needed to be there sat Jan was sitting in rear her ipad and note book on conference table and as the lights dimmed for a power point Molly strolled in and swaggered to the seat beside Jan.

The lights dim more and the presentation begins as it does Molly and Jan share a long glare and as Molly studies Jan she uncrosses her thighs and her red talons hike her skirts hem showing the tops of her thigh highs, she stares at Jan as if a dare when Jan doesnt react in kind Molly smirks as if she won, and she writes on a note pad so Jan sees it , “are you afraid?”.

Jan looked at the other woman in wonder as if her eyes said afraid of what then Molly wrote “of me”, Jan shook her head no and Molly wrote “You should be”, Jan smirked and scoffed a bit Molly narrowed her eyes and wrote, “Prove it” then tore out the paper and folded it into the pad, Jan adjusted in her seat ,she didn’t know what this woman meant prove it , did she want a conflict right here with their bosses in the room?

Jan was brought back to reality as the 2 bosses stood looking to her and Molly “Jan ,Molly? you two are up for the position of CEO for Atlantic sales, the project coming with our client is big, choose your team and we want to see your pitch next month we will make our decision then”, Jan was pissed she paid her dues and this other woman was a walk in who she just knew slept with her bosses partner but she could’t prove it and even if she did would it matter ? they both studied her body like teens at a porn show.

After hearing the news Molly had a sly smirk on her full lips as she stared at Jan and Jan seemed  a bit uneasy as she took the look  Molly knew who had the job already, but as other girls at the meeting looked at Jan she couldn’t just hand it to this walk in for their sake, “Any questions ?” Jans boss asked and as Molly and Jan gave other a last look both said no, and everyone stood up and walked out.

Jan noticed Molly stay behind and she paused at the door as Molly was flirting with the big bosses and they were like putty in her hands she inhaled and knew to be back in good graces she had to lower to Mollies level, she didn’t like it but it is a dog eat dog world.

The next few days Jan hand picked the most loyal and confident women in the office to join her team and make the sales ad for the client, she didn’t waste a second explaining to them in a private meeting that Molly and her team were out to get them and under her they would either be fired or wish they were, all the women she chose agreed with Jan and knew what needed to be done and were going to show Jan they were the best, as Jan sat smiling in the glass wall conference room Molly strutted by and mouthed ‘Still scared?’ and smiled as Jan just glared.

Over the next week Molly assembled a team but they were the bottom of the barrel, but Jan was still worried she knew Molly could have chose no one and be a threat, for her body and how she displayed it, as Jan delegated her team she went about her normal work and was handing the high quality her boss came to know, while doing so Molly was walking about the office like she had the job already, and if that wasn’t enough Jan once again noticed Molly was riding her bus to and from work always at the back and just stared at Jan as they traveled, each day and night they just stared and watched the other and Jan had to admit to herself Molly was making her feel worried.

That Friday as Jan got to her job she noticed her bosses door open and poked her head in but he wasn’t there, as she stepped in she saw the blinds were open a bit and she went to look across at his partners office, as she peeked though the parted blinds she saw Molly in her bosses office as she had once before and she was strutting around like she was putting on a show.

As Jan watched with a slight snarl in her lips her assistant strode in, “Whatcha doing watching that skank?’ Jan smirked as she knew others felt the same her assistant stood next to her as they watched Molly slowly move a few things and open her blouse till her bra showed,  Jan lips parted now as she saw the veiny mass swelling in bra cups both girls cleared their throat, “Well shes busty gotta give her that”, Jan just stared “Why does she do this i dont get it”, “Oh you didn’t know ? your boss and her boss are right upstairs on the private balcony watching her”, Jan looked at her assistant then back, “are you kidding me that whore…”.

Just as Jan was calling her co worker a whore, another woman entered the office Molly was in, Jan took a squinted look and saw it was Ann, a sexy girl from the secretary pool, who was a blonde busty in her own right a 34 D, as she entered Molly smiled but Jan could see Moly wasn’t looking up at the floor above  but right at her, then Molly turned and the 2 women were talking when suddenly Ann removed her blouse and then her bra and showed her breasts , before Jan knew to ask what was going on Molly removed her top and bra and both she and her assistant gasped as Mollies big tits jut out as if gravity didn’t exist.

They watched thinking they were about to se Molly seduce Ann when instead as the two women walked toward other they collided their tits into others and started to drag and rub and push at other, Jan broke the silence, “What the hell is this?” her assistant a little shocked she was seeing it but no prude smirked as she softly said to Jan “It’s a titfight surely YOU know what that is” as she referred to Jans bust.

Jan breathed in “I know what it is silly I just don’t know why they are or why here” as they watched the fight slowly Jan saw that Molly was toying with  Ann, she was smiling as Ann was straining to match her bigger foe, then Jan gasped as Molly guided Ann to the glass window and pinned her bare back to it and slowly was grinding , rubbing, dragging her bigger tits and Anns tits across her chest and Ann had her head up and back as Molly was hurting her.

Jan watched Ann being destroyed then was stunned again as Molly went from looking in Ann’s eyes to glaring out the window and right at Jan, Jan stared back as Molly snarled her lips her white teeth gritted as she then licked her lips as if taunting, Jan glared back as if her eyes were telling Molly “cmon”, then she watched as Ann’s body slackened and , Molly eased off enough to let Ann slump to her knees, Molly stood over her, her big tits rose and fell as she breathed heavy then after a stare across Molly bent a bit and cupped Ann’s tits and kneaded and squeezed and pulled on them like she was molding clay but Jan could see she was doing it to hurt Ann.

She watched as Ann looked up and tears fell as she tried to cup Mollies hands to stop, her assistant watched in stunned amazement asked, “What is she doing to her tits?”, Jan cleared her throat “She milking her “, “Jan Ann isn’t lactating”, Jan breathed through her nose, “No no shes not but it doesnt matter by the time she is done Ann will be so sore and broken it will feel as if she was drained dry and won’t be showing her tits any time soon”.

Then Molly added to the insult and the silent challenge as Ann was crying and about to fall on her face Molly took a fist full of hair and in other hand hiked her skirt and pulled Anns face to her mound, both Jan and her assistant gasped as Molly looked right across at her and licked her lips as Ann was forced to pleasure Molly.

Her and Jan glared at other from afar and finally her assistant as she watched in stunned horror softly said, “Uhmm Jan honey maybe its me but that bitch looks like she knows your here and this was for you more than those pervert bosses we have , maybe you should let her take the job”, for the first time since Jan worked here or since Molly came around Jan was pissed and growled “That little whore thinks playing games will get her my job she is in for a rude awakening”.

Her assistant was about to ask more when Jan turned and headed out of the office as Jan turned to her assistant she barked her orders, “Get my team in the conference room now “ as her assistant nodded she looked to Jan and saw her nipples were tenting through her bra and top, she smirked a sly one and purred “Sure Jan you got it”, both walked out as Molly let Ann drop to the floor and she slowly paced the glass stage then redressed.

Jan went to her desk and as her assistant walked by to call the sales team for a meeting she saw Jan was a bit shaken by what they saw, minutes later Jan was awaken from the trance she was in at her desk, “they are ready for you Jan” she stood and walked in the glass conference room slapped her folder down “where are we are on this?”.

Jan sat listening to the progress when her eyes were distracted and she saw Ann walk by in tears then seconds later Molly smiling and giving Jan a look mouthing “scared?”.

Jan stood up and told her girls good job and get the deal done for presentation by tomorrow then walked out and followed Ann, as she reached Ann at her desk packing things Jan grabbed her hand “Stop your not going anywhere” Ann looked up wiped her tears “But Jan i have to” Jan told Ann to get her things and come back to her wing of the office she was working for her now, Ann smiled but it faded fast as Molly appeared behind Jan, hands on hips “what are you doing?”, Jan turned looked Molly over “i heard Ann was let go so i am taking her problem with that?”, Molly eased closer to Jan who stood her ground “you want that weak bitch take her but you better stay on your side of the building if you know whats good for you honey”.

As Jan and Molly glared close to other the secretaries watched some hoping Jan was going to ko Molly, but Jan gave a sly smirk “yeah ok  honey i’ll go where i want when i want, cmon Ann” and she bumped by Molly.

Molly turns wanting to tell Jan off but notices all the secretaries were watching and she dare not let on what takes place, once back at her desk Jan gasps a breath as she thought for sure Molly was going to pounce on her, she finds Ann a desk then asks her to the conference room, ‘Ann what happened ?’ Ann looked away a ashamed and worried her job was done for then Jan took her hand “I saw what took place “I just want to know from you “ Ann welled up “How did you know”? Jan explained she was watching from across the way Ann went on to tell Jan that Molly is a bitch and isnt putting real work on the project and when one of the bosses noticed Ann wearing a low cut top and handing in work ahead of Mollies approval she told me she would kick my ass, I didn’t think she was a threat and said try it she dared me to fight her tit to tit and well as you saw i lost but there was more Jan”.

Jan looked at her “What?’, Ann inhaled “She is crazy as we fought she kept calling me Jan and said she was going to tear my tits off” Jan sat back mouth open Ann looked at her “Jan don’t do it please her tits are hard and she is mean.”, Jan smiled and calmly said “No Worries Ann i dont need to stoop to her level my work will prove who deserves it and you are welcome to stay “, they hugged and Ann went to her new desk and no more was said of it.

That night as promised Jans team were finishing up the project and for the first time since seeing Molly, Jan was walking out feeling settled, she walked to the bus stop and the late bus pulled up she got on and the bus filled with late travelers made Jan move to rear and stand, as it was about to leave the doors reopened and Jan noticed someone working through the others standing to rear then emerge in front of her it  was Molly.

Nothing was said as the bus lurched and rolled and both women swayed and bumped shoulders, Jan and Molly glared as the humm of the bus motor filled the cabin, both had on long rain over coats and they were parted up top as each filled the attire well.

Molly spoke softly first “think your something dont you saving that little bitch, only problem is you were a little late helping her”, Jan stared ahead then looked at Molly, “Was I? i think i got to her in time now i have someone who knows your project in and out and hates you nearly as much as i do, seems to me i was what she needed”.

Molly glared she knew Jan was right all her work was there for the taking, ‘Well i am not worried if your the type who needs to cheat or get help to win I am pretty sure I will be the one laughing last”, Jan looked at her “Me need help against you?, Honey your out of your league “, Molly inhaled “Think so?” then she untied her raincoats sash and opened it and under was her thin blouse opened to her bra and her cups were heaving strained to hold her big tits in as she glared at Jan, ‘I am pretty sure your the one out leagued bitch”, Molly smirked as she was sure Jan was afraid to face her in any way, but when Jan untied her strap and opened her coat and stared back Molly felt her grin fade , ‘You think cause your bustier that makes you tougher?”, Molly sneered now “No but i am willing to prove it are you?”.

Jan looked around and no one was aware what these two were doing as everyone was engrossed in their paper or head phones in or on ipads, Molly staring at Jan softly whispered ‘Still afraid aren’t you?’, Jan was fed up she looked at Molly ‘What do you want bitch hmm? you wanna fight me that it?”, Molly smirked again as she knew she got to Jan  ‘Ohh i do but not yet no I rather break you like that cheap bitch Ann and then we can find a place and time to fight”, Jan inhaled she saw what Molly did to Ann and knew she was busty before seeing that fight, as Molly glared she reached up and undid her blouse till her bra cups were out and she then eased her heavy breasts up till her nipples and areoals were out over the cups, she looked at her herself as she did, then as her fingers teased her thick nipples she looked to Jan and purred softly ‘Well afraid or not?’.

Jan huffed and opened her top and mimics Molly as she eases her own areolas out  and teases her thick nipples but as hers stiffen she smirks a little as Molly reacts seeing Jans nipples they are thicker and seem stiffer and longer Jan purrs softly to her “hmm wasn’t expecting that were you? now whose afraid bitch?”.

Both glared a moment longer and finally Molly eased closer and as they stared in others eyes Jan was silent then she felt the erotic yet bitter feel of Mollies nipples to her own “uwwww” her lips let out as Molly smirked after the same reaction “ohhh”, with their coats hanging open and tops parted the 2 women spar their nipples slow hidden as they try to not let out a loud reaction.

With the sway of the buses movement both women watch their nipples spar  as Molly and then Jans stab flick and roll into others nipples “uuhnn mmff cmon “ Molly huffs as Jan presses and flicks “mmmff mff bitch”.

Molly is aggressive going to Jan flicking swiping dabbing at hers as Jan tolerates it and is slow to respond back “uuhnn mmf fmff bitch”, Molly smiles “cmon fight bitch”,
As the bus growls along and turns they bump and nipples jab and lift and swipe both women pant now as neither easily controls other but Molly is showing more anger as Jan is actually giving her a fight.

Both women get louder “uumff umff bitch cmon” Jan now starts to give back “cmon bitch whats everyone afraid of hmm your nothing” the taunt has Molly angry and she takes a breath as she pokes her hard nipples at Jans and then lifts making Jan wince and let a squeal out “aahhuwww bitch” Molly sneers “feel it now bitch hmm?”.
 Molly was starting to smile as she looked and felt like she was about to show Jan why she needed to fear her, the gentle sway of the bus added to her attack as their upper bodies swayed with the bus their thick stiff nipples jabbed and Jan saw and felt hers start to bend, “Uhnn uhh bitch”, Molly smiled “Whats the matter Honey not so tough are ya?”, Jan was definitely uncomfortable and was feeling Mollies nipples start to redden and control hers, just as Molly was about to stab in head on and invert Jan there was a sharp sway of the bus and both women jolted back and then forward as they clashed into one another Jan rolled her shoulders back and her nipples aimed up a bit as Molly had her shoulders locked ready to go at Jan, when suddenly as they collided again Molly let out a squeal ‘IIeeee Bitch” their round areolas met and seem to stick as Jan breathed heavy Mollies eyes wide pursed her lips “OOhhh uwwwww ss Bitch no way”.

Molly was stunned, angry and shocked , Jan was unsure what to do next but as she saw the reaction she pressed to Molly and as she did her nipples pushed Mollies back more making her react again ,”ohhhh uuugghhhhh bitch damn it”, Jan smirked “had enough?”, Molly glared and then nodded yes and Jan held to her till Molly eased back as she did Jan saw what she had done to her adversary.

As Molly pulled back Jans nipples were standing erect, thick and red but ready as Mollies were inverted  and her areolas were missing the stems  slowly they ease back out and stood out as they returned out and the bus made them sway Jan let her tips flick and bump Mollies and the reaction was worth it as Molly could only whimper “uwww hey bitch uuhnnn mmfff “ Jan for the first time was on a high “whats wrong honey hmm hurt a little hmm?”.

Jan eased her tits in her bra and simply closed her coat as she turned to exit the bus she growled at Molly, “Take my advice bitch and stay clear of me and my team or else” and she walked off the bus, Molly grabbed her nipples with her back to the rest and massaged and pulled on her nipples as she swore to herself this fight just began.

The remainder of her night Jan was like a wild cat in heat smiling pacing nearly prancing about , she wanted to call everyone or anyone but couldn’t, the next day Jan was early for the bus and as she climbed on her eyes searched for the raven haired fox, not finding her Jan was wondering but a smile came as she thought “did that little encounter sway her ?”, Jan got off and went to the coffee shop then to work she walked in and was smiling as every one saw she was back to her old self.

Jan asked her assistant for the folder and she dropped it at her desk “they finished Jan weeks ahead” Jan scanned the file smiled “go tell the girls to take the day off they did great”, she smiled and delivered the news as Jan set a meeting with the two bosses, as she strut through the building Jan was greeted by all word went fast her team was ready and as she walked to the top floor she was humming.

Jan strolled out of the elevator and smiling walked to the double doors to the balcony where she waited for the bosses to invite her in, as she waited  Jan walked to the window and looked at the offices above knowing it was in her grasp, then she scanned down and thats when she saw it, there was Molly in the partners office and she was straddling him as she rode him she looked across then up her eyes caught Jan standing and she snarled her lip and smiled evil as she controlled her man.

Jan was stunned and before she could react she heard the door to the balcony office and stood waiting, her boss called her in and she sat as she saw the 3 walls were glass and looked down into the office Molly was, her boss clicked a button making blinds shut and he looked at a flustered Jan “Whats up Jan?”.

Jan’s attention was at the blinds closing as her boss again asked “Jan, what up?”, she came to and smiled a nervous grin “great news my team and i finished i think you will be happy with the results”, her boss looked at the file and then Jan “well wow Jan great job as usual and well ahead of deadline i think your safe for that spot but Molly and her team still have till the dead line ok i will be in touch”.

Jan was pretty much shooed away and as she shut the door she heard the blinds open just then his partner ran in sweaty and smiling  he ignored Jan as he ran in the office and Jan listened a moment, “Did you see her with me? shes an animal..oh yeah she is so ready “ as she then hears her boss “great let me tell my secretary to send Lisa in there should be good”.

Jan felt a rush and hurried down to her office then into her bosses empty office she opened a single blinds flap and looked across there was Molly in her heels skirt and blouse swaggering about suddenly she paused and as if she saw Jan glared then Jan saw the door open  and Lisa walk in the two women stared at other a moment.

Lisa was a strawberry blonde busty but not as big as Molly or Jan about 5’8” 137 lbs. blue eyes as well she was in a blouse heels and skirt as she shut the office door and they stared at the other Molly was talking and apparently confirmed to Lisa she was fucking her man.

Lisa who worked as his assistant till they starting sleeping together and so not to show favoritism he put Lisa in charge of Pacific sales so she wasn’t in control of any others at work, Lisa and Molly moved about and Lisa was talking as Molly had her smug grin then Lisa stepped closer and slapped Molly then tore her top open Jan was stunned and grabbed the chair and sat to see the fight.

With her team sent home Jan was alone in the office and no one was going to need her she sat in the dark one blind parted as she watched the two women she then saw Molly tear open Lisas top and slap her face then again and then again as Lisa was stunned and backed up Molly arched her back and wiggled her nails as her mouth read “cmon bitch”.

Lisa regained her senses and lunged at Molly the two women sank nails in scalps and started to yank hair like wild cats both had thighs wide and were shaking heads like they weren’t attached, Lisa was slowly over powering Molly and had her retreating as they tore out hair then as Lisa whipped Molly by her hair she went to the floor hard and Lisa pounced on her and was slapping and ripping at her scalp, Jan saw her face red and mouth read “cmon cxnt fight” as she beat her hand at Mollies face and neck.

Molly was in trouble and Jan was loving it then as Lisa was on top her head snapped back and she screamed Jan sat up and looked and saw Molly had her tits in her claws and her mouth was latched on to Lisa full left tit, slowly as Lisa attempted to sit up the bite on her tit raised Molly up and as she was sat up she grabbed Lisas face in her nails and as she dimpled the skin rolled Lisa on the floor and scrambled on top of her.

Once onto Molly still bit in to Lisas tit as Lisas hands clawed and punched at her rival she was pinned she grabbed Mollies hair and yanked and bucked and finally got Molly off her tit, as they clawed at one another both women were rolling other over and over, the fight was even again, Lisa got on top and had Molly in  side headlock and as she punched at back of Mollies head Molly was peeling her head back by hair making her face stretch back.

Jan had no idea but even as Lisa seem to be hurting Molly slowly Molly was hurting her more  as Jan watched she moaned “cmon Lisa get her hurt her” Lisa glared out the window her mouth open in pain her eyes welling up then suddenly Molly pulled from the headlock and was behind her rival she trounced on Lisas back while on her knees and her claws wrapped under Lisas chin, as she did an evil smile came to her face and she clawed the blondes face up to her scalp, Jan covered her mouth as 8 red furrows turned red on Lisas face then Molly grabbed her tits and mangled them as Lisa was crying and her mouth reading “Stop Stop”.

Thats when Jan saw what Molly really was and capable of, she watched as Lisa obviously was winning to begging her to stop and Molly was going to make sure she never came back for more, she sat her herself on Lisas back and clawed the poor girls face and tits and tore hair, then added a few blows to her face as she smiled at the screams, as Lisas head dropped then she did to the rug Molly took hold of her scalp and straddled her face and rode it as she looked down making Lisa look up at her.

Molly got up and smiled at the window and obviously to the bosses and then paused to stare at the office Jan hid in then left the office with Lisa crying on the floor, after Molly left, Jan walked back to her desk her team of girls gone home and her file done she sat at the desk and she watched as Molly emerged from the ladies room and they had a brief stare then Lisa headed  down running from the office and out of the building.

Jan saw her boss coming and acted as if she was finishing a few things , he smiled at her and said “Jan great job on the file, but I have to check with Molly and see where shes at” Jan just smiled and nodded she knew her work was better and was done so far ahead no one would question her ability but Molly was the type to drop to her knees for a second chance and Jan knew these two men were watching her shows.

Jan sat a moment longer than stood up and swaggered around the hall and headed toward the other bosses side as she entered the glass doors there was Molly smiling and chatting to her boss, her torn top tied over her big tits but open at top, nipples still stiff from the fight, Molly was giggling and smiling as she saw Jan it faded fast.

Mollies boss saw the hate in their eyes and smirked as he said hello to Jan and then headed to her bosses office “he still in Jan” she just nodded as her and Molly glared as they heard the glass door swoosh shut Jan broke the silence, “i caught your little show and i wanted to tell you i am not impressed”, Molly smirked “oh no? and yet you stayed late and walked over hereto let me know that? sounds like you might be a little impressed” Jan scoffs at her Molly swings her chair from desk “you think cause you got lucky on the bus honey you have one on me think again”.

Jan stares “oh that? i forgot you tried i meant my one up is while you whore yourself out and slap these weak girls about my project is done and handed in being checked now as we speak i am sure”, Mollies smug grin faded as she swallowed she knew she had her boss in her hand but Jans was the brains here and with Jan being sexy and professional she could only porn herself so far before dropped like Lisa was, slowly Molly stood up and had a evil grin as she leaned her hands on her desk and her huge tits swelled together and out between her arms Molly hissed at Jan, “that so well maybe i will make sure you take a vacation before the deadline hmm?”.

Jan felt her heart race her chin high she arched “please bitch you proved your no match “ and she turned on her heels and swaggered out, Molly was seething in anger she knew it was her or Jan,Molly put on her coat and grabbed her files and as she headed out looked in at Jans side of the office and saw her sitting on edge of her desk laughing with both bosses as they complimented her on the quick wrap up, slowly Jan stood up put her coat on and as she headed out she was told take a day but Jan smiled strutting out “Bright and early boys” Molly walked ahead to the bus stop and Jan followed now.

At the bus stop they waited along with other commuters but both were standing near other as they were last to arrive, the dirty looks continued as they waited and slowly the bus lurched to a halt to let them board, slowly the shuffle along the aisle leads to the rear of the bus as the seats fill up and Jan and Molly are forced to sit at the rear, Jan giggles as Molly has the files  and knows hers are done, Molly glares at her and whispers “you will get yours bitch”.

Jan rolls her eyes “yeah and christmas is coming bitch”, Molly turns her head to glare at Jan “you want it now bitch?” Jan looks at her thinking Molly will open her top she faces Molly more, ‘Why you want those weak nipples pushed in again?”, Molly gets red in the face takes a breath , “you were lucky but i was thinking something more personal, woman to woman”, she runs her fingers up Jans leg from knee to thigh and Jan swallows, ‘What are you doing?”.

Molly smirks as she sees Jan is a little taken back, “just seeing if the competition is woman enough to take whats hers or not is she?”, as they stare Mollies fingers and nails hike Jans hem as they hiss on her thighhighs, as Jan pushes at her hand Mollies other hand lifts her hem, ‘cmon Bitch don’t be scared”, Jan softly mumbles “I am not scared of you”, Molly smirks “cmon then” as she parts her thighs a bit.

Jan is nervous a bit scared she never really was with another woman and especially on a dim lit bus with commuters, but as she stared in Mollies eyes she felt a desire to match the other woman to show she can do whatever she can, Jan swallows and her fingers go to Mollies thigh and up as Molly stares “well you are a competitive bitch aren’t you “, then as she turns and leans to Jan , Jan does the same and soon both women inch their hands up others skirt and Molly starts to  rub Jans folds through her thong.

She smiles “uww you wet little whore your gonna be easy” Jans eyes widen her lips part “ohh” as Molly growls “cmon bitch try it’ and then Jan starts to press and rub Mollies folds through her thong, “ohh nmmmmm cmon Jan your scared”, Jan widens her thighs more “try me bitch”.

The bus rolls along letting others off as Molly and Jan sit in the back fingers under others skirt, for first few minutes they made each other wet and moan a bit as they glared then Jan not wanting to let Molly control things took the next step as she eased her hand closest to Molly up behind her head she worked her fingers rubbing through the thong then she eased the thong aside as Molly gave a quick “uwww” Jan tugged her hair and snarled “cmon bitch”.

Molly squirmed despite not wanting to as Jan got to her wet folds and was rolling them then slowly parted them she breathed out heavy, “nmm uww bitch” then Jan feeling the excitement sank a finger inside her rival and started to pump it slowly in and out, Molly again gasps out “uuuhnnn ohh you bitch”, Jan was wide eye “feel it bitch hmm cum “, but Molly was no stranger to a duel and she didn’t wait a second to get Jans thong aside and as she glared in her eyes Molly smirked  “feel this bitch” and two fingers went into Jan.

Jan rolled her back “uuuhhnnnn ohh you whore” as Molly was pumping her “Feel that slut hmm cum for me bitch “, both women worked the other faster wet slurps were heard as they grunted “uughhhnn uumff yess more bitch cxnt faster cmon”, both were breathing heavy and Jan started to feel herself getting excited more she saw the bitchy glare in Mollies grin and she needed to get the fight back as she sank 2 more fingers in Molly and her thumb started to roll her clit.

Molly arched in shock and pleasure as she squirmed her hips , “uuuhhnnnn ohh you little whore nmmmm cmon faster i am going to make you eat me bitch”, Jans eyes filled with fear she saw Molly make Lisa eat her and she knew Molly would do it so she pushed her leg up on Mollies and turned her hip at her and started to work Molly faster her fingers pumping as her arm was like a machine , “yes yess take it you cxnt cmon cum you bitch”.

Molly was excited jealous and in rage as she curled her hand and lifted up into Jans pussy, Jan was slowly straddling her  and had Molly pinned to the seat back thats when Molly turned her hand and  Jan arched up head back Molly now push another finger in her and rolled Jans clit with her thumb both women were gasping huffing and trying to not  yell out, “ohhh uuhhnnn bitch cum you whore”, Molly “yess yess cum you bitch your there uuhnnn uuhnn yes”, both of them wanted the other to orgasm but neither wanted it to end slowly Jan was eased off Molly and Molly started to straddle her, Jans eyes got big as she looked up at Molly who sneered down at her ‘Uwwwww so wet your mine Bitch”.

Mollies back arched and rolled as she stared down at Jan her face beaming with confidence and power, Jan was huffing and looking away as she squirmed, as she started to pant heavy Jan was getting scared then she changed her tactic on Molly, as Molly fingered her Jan eased her fingers free Molly moaned ‘Nmmmm giving up i see” then Jan pinched Mollies wet engorged clit in her fingers and started to stroke it.

Mollies eyes went big and her jaw fell open as she felt her knees buckle and her head tossed back, “UUUhnnnn you BITCH YESS YESS FUCK “, Jan saw the reaction and didn’t let up as suddenly Molly was cumming and she stopped her work on Jan and grabbed the seat back and curled her nails in to hang on.

Jan stared up thighs wide and watched as she once again controlled her rival, as Molly slumped her shoulders and moaned she eased off Jan and on the seat beside her Jan now wanting to make this bitch think she was out leagued pushed Molly to the seat and slowly set a knee besides her head and planted her heel on floor on other side and pinned Mollies hands above her head and lowered her soaked pussy on Mollies face as she pressed down the buses natural sway had her hips smear the juices on Molly.

Molly grunted and complained but Jan just growled “eat me cxnt” and soon felt Mollies tongue start to lick as her lips sucked at her clit, Jan rolled her back up eyes shut “uuuuhhnnn mm ohh yess syesss more” then stiffened as she reached orgasm, slowly she smeared Mollies makeup as she groaned “I think its clear who should run things dont you ?” and Jan got off Molly and pressed the ring button to be let off as she swaggered to front she looked back and licked her lips at Molly then laughed as she got off.

Molly sat up from the rear bench seat her makeup wet and smeared mess, as she wiped her lips and fixed her hair she stood up and walked toward the front, she sat as her stop approached and as she pressed the stop button stood up face red and left the bus, once at home Molly threw her things down and a glass  as she cursed Jan, “You bitch I’ll kill you”, meanwhile Jan kicked off her heels poured some wine and sat on her bed “Nmmm god that was awakening poor bitch 2 me 0 Molly” as she laughed.

The next day Jan was more alive then she ever thought she could feel she was humming as she got ready for work and as she got on the bus looked to the rear and there was no Molly, her face smiled but she was a bit disappointed as she finished the ride in got her coffee and got to her desk, as her assistant came in Jan was all smiles and her Boss walked by and saw Jan was in a great mood, minutes later her bosses partner stormed by a bit angry looking and gave Jan a glare as he stormed in her bosses office she put her ear to the door and heard him yell, “thats right i am mad your girl out there ruined todays show for Molly she wants to come in here and go at your girl , i know they cant but if we give the promotion to Jan now Molly is gonna raise hell”.

Jan was ready to burst in the office and raise hell herself but she waited till Mollies boss left then she walked in to see her boss, he was upset but also confident in Jan ‘whats up Jan?”.. Jan was a bit nervous she didnt know if what she said next was going to ruin her career or help it but she had to stop Molly, “I Know” her boss looked up ‘you know what?”, “ I know about Molly and why she was hired I dont care if she threatens to tell i deserve this spot and you know it “.

Her boss knew she was right and her ability to control a project was amazing but if Molly made a fuss it would all mean nothing “Well what shall i do then Jan hmm?”, Jan was wondering the same as she looked up “Let me work on it I think I know a way to get rid of her and make it all stop”, he stared at Jan “and the price?”, “No price i want what I deserve a ceo spot”, he paused a moment “Tell you what you have 2 weeks till dead line if she is gone by then its yours if not you work for her” Jan inhaled ‘Agreed”.

Part 2

Jan walked out to her desk she sat her eyes big and was suddenly lost as what her next move was, but she knew it was going to involve Molly and was going to get more personal and bitter before it was over, as Jan sat wondering she heard heels approaching and then Molly and her boss walking by her and Molly shared a glare then the doors shut to her bosses office after a few short minutes Molly and her boss remerged, Molly was breathing heavy and swaggered by Jans desk “Real soon honey” was all she said as her boss nodded to Jan and said “Appreciate the gesture Jan”.

Jan had no idea what to do and she saw in Mollies eyes she was out for blood the day went along slow and seem to drag and as much as Jan waited for Molly to walk around the corner it never came, a buzz was about the office that Molly and Jan were headed for a show down and the secretaries were all fired up at a chance to see it, the rest of the day Jan sat wondering what was going to happen she knew she wasn’t going to just lay down for this whore Molly but if things got crazy she could hurt the firm and lose her job.

Molly was driving her team to get done but as she did her mind was on Jan, how a seemingly prude twit has now gotten her twice, was Jan more than she portrayed or lucky, either way Molly wasn’t going to lose her shot and let Jan tell how she put her down to the rest she had to make the bitch pay.

The day past midday and nothing came of the tension after lunch Jan was starting to relax that Molly was all talk and knew she had no chance, as she sat at her desk her assistant inquired , ‘So Jan tell me what are you gonna do?’, Jan looked at her confused , “Do about what ?”, her assistant looked around then whispered, “ Rumor has it Molly wants to meet you alone “, Jan took a breath in “And who started that rumor one of the secretaries?”, Jan’s assistant sat back as if Jan let her down, “Jan its none of my business but there are more girls hoping you kick her as than she yours, and no the rumor came from the horses mouth herself”.

Jan smirked “Well you tell anyone who will listen Molly tried to out do me two times on my way home and both times she was sent packing “, her assistant was stunned and she ran to pass the word, Jan felt her face redden as she didn’t know if letting that cat out of bag was best move but she would find out soon.

Another hour went by and Jan was about to tell her girls to head home when, she noticed they were all missing from their desks, she didn’t mind to much other than she was in charge and felt  she tells them when to go, as she walked around the cubicles she heard a commotion near the execs bathrooms, as she swaggered over she saw a gathering of females from both wings looking in, Jan made her way in view and there was Molly smiling as two girls were slapping each other one of Mollies and one of Jans the girls were pushed into it by Molly as they had words about Molly and Jan.

Jan was mad and stepped in she pushed them apart and guided her girl to the side as she did Molly leaning on a vanity arms crossed purred “what the hell are you doing?”, the group of secretaries got quiet as they watched was going to happen , Jan turned to look at Molly, wearing a white blouse navy blue skirt black hose blue heels her hair was in a bun at back of her head, red lipstick and nails under a white bra, as she looked at Molly , who was wearing red heels a dark blue skirt red blouse red bra nails and lipstick her hair a bit loose but back, her fuller cleavage partly in view.

Jan tried to be the voice of reason , “I am saving their jobs idiot if the bosses saw this both of them and half of you cheering it would be out of a job”, as Jan made her statement even the women who didn’t like her knew she was right, no one said  word as things seem to simmer down, when Molly in true form couldn’t let it go, “Thats them though what about us?”.

Jan felt her face get warm as all eyes went to her as Molly stared, ‘What do you mean us?”, Molly smirked “I mean they won’t fire us you know that as well as I do so how about it Jan hmm?”, Jan was under the gun she knew Molly was right the bosses would welcome these two going at it, Jan tried to turn the tables, “Why the change Molly hmm? wouldn’t you rather wait for the bus like last two times?”, now all eyes went to Molly as she squirmed her hips at the what Jan was talking about, “ All the more reason to give us more room don’t you think?”, Jan swallowed as she stared at Molly, “if you think i am going to use my workplace to catfight your nuts and can leave now”.

Molly smiling arched her back “Catfight? who said catfight honey I was thinking something less aggressive and your speed, like me ripping your hair out”, Jan took a breath in, “grow up Molly and try dong your job instead of turning on our bosses”, Molly just arched off the vanity and stepped to Jan a bit leaving some space between them her hands to her hips now, “Our bosses aren’t here so its just all us girls and none of them will tell if there is a little tiff in the ladies room.”

Jan could feel she was in trouble here she knew Molly wasn’t just going to let this go, but Jan didnt want to fight in here she really didn’t want a fight at all, ‘Your so cheap Molly what is this High school you pick on girls in the bathroom hmm get a life” and Jan turned and walked out her girls following, but so did Molly, as Jan was walking away Molly hurried by the girls between them she caught Jan by the arm and spun her to face her, “Was i not clear Jan? we are going to do this if not in there pick a spot but we are going to have it out”, the women gathered watching Jan was on the spot, with her finger at Mollies face Jan hissed, “you back off or i will make sure you clean out your desk by days end” Molly looked at Jan slapped her hand away “point that finger again i make sure you in the ER by days end”.

As they glared Jan saw her team start to doubt her as Mollies were smiling, she knew Molly wasn’t going to stop as she added “we aren’t in the dirty bathroom whats the excuse now cow hmm?”, Jan was lost  as she scanned the eyes watching , “fine Molly you wanna do this lets use the old supply cubicle then”, the supply cubicle was in the far corner of the wing once housed boxes of paper for copiers now was just an empty square, it was larger than a normal cubicle could fit 3 workers  the desks and boxes since removed it was marked to tear down, Molly smirked “after you”.

Jan was furious but inside she knew if she could beat Molly at her game and they saw it she would be silenced as she turned walking with determination Molly followed and was smiling as the entire secretary pool followed, Jan stepped in the 3 wall cubicle and Molly followed they each stood close to center as a few women formed a 4th wall to watch the rest were standing around the partitions looking in.

Both women were breathing heavier but slow as Molly reached up and stepped toward Jan “enough talk” and she slapped Jans face, the slap rang out and everyones eyes got wide as Jan took a huffed breath in and slapped at Molly who pulled her head back making Jan miss as she staggered from missing, Molly pushed her into the wall and laughed, “your like fighting a yak “, as Jan caught herself and turned Molly swung a second slap and hit Jan again her head turned as she covered her cheek Molly grabbed at her top and pulled,  buttons flew off, her full white bra in view now.

Jan seemed afraid and shy to return the attack , the secretaries watching were whispering “shes scared of her ..Mollies gonna kick her ass..” Jan was breathing heavy as Molly was smiling “you have two choices honey fight back or get your ass beat but its gonna happen”, she swings again and slaps Jan again the hit made a mark on Jans cheek her face turned Molly grabbed hair and tugged so hard Jan’s head snapped back and her face grimaced “Aghhhh Bitch”.

Molly was like a bully as she tugged Jan back more making her body slide along the wall to a corner ,as Jan got put in the corner Molly started to hit her with short quick slaps at the jaw and face, “cut it out you bitch stop”, but Molly wanted a fight ‘I told you not till we settle a few things put em up or else”, as Jan was hit her face more red from being beaten up then hit a few secretaries were pissed “Fight back Jan hit that bitch “.

Jan had her head turned as her body faced Molly her hair in a fist, Molly was taunting her, finally Molly let go and stood in front of her as Jan tried to close her top Molly would tug it open, as he taunted Jan she would push her with her finger at Jans bra cup.

Jan was angry and embarrassed a few secretaries were walking away laughing that Molly was bulling her when suddenly Jan snapped, “ you bitch” and the room heard a resounding smack, SLAP Jan hit Molly hard enough her and print was on her cheek , Molly staggered to side as she gasped “Ohhhh You..‘was all she got out as Jan grabbed her hair from back and with a yank whipped Molly back into other corner of the cubicle and shook her head by the hair then tore at her blouse as she was able to rip it till Mollies red bra was in view Molly fought right back, ‘Bitch” and the two women began a slap fight.

Both ladies were swinging at others face some direct hits made others grazed or hit hair  they turned about once and then Jan grabbed hair and instantly Molly grabbed back and both were yanked to others face as two fist fulls of hair were twisted up and being pulled on, Jan gasped again as Molly growled “fucking Bitch cmon”..Jan winced”aaahhh you whore “, they pulled each other one side to other thighs widen for balance as they fought both bent at waist and straight up each grabbed tore , pulled as they bounced between the walls when near the wall of women they were pushed back i the square as secretaries yelled “get her ..tear her out, cmon Jan get her Molly”.

After a long stagger pulling, both ladies were at a stand still in corner of the cubicle as each twisted up roots and pulled as hard as they could both got pain filled reactions , ‘Owwww let go you Bitch”,..Molly you let go whore ill bald you bitch”, as they gasped and eyes watered the women watching heard the sound of roots and strands being torn and broken, Molly was bent at the waist forward as Jan was pulled back to the right both sank hands deeper in hair to hold on when Molly started to press herself closer, her thigh went up and slowly wrapped on Jans calf, snorting as they stretch scalps Molly dug deep and stood up again then with a surge shook Jans head wildly.

“owwww Owwwww my hair let go”.. Molly snarled ‘let go Bitch i am gonna tear it out you cxnt”,  next thing everyone knew Molly hoisted Jan by her hair over her hip and flung her to the floor Jan landed hard on her side and Moly was about to drag her but Jan had the sense to put her heel in Mollies thigh as she held her rivals hair and took Molly to the floor with her.

Molly went down but aimed her knee into Jans hip as she dug it in she pulled up on Jans hair bending her up , her own scalp stretched Molly stained to look at her rival as they hung on to others scalp Mollies hose got runs and tears from the carpets floor as she snaked up on Jans hip, Jan her other leg free pulled it up and pushed her heel in Mollies bra cup and kicked back, both women rolled to their side and scrambled to get top spot as they did they ended up in a ball thighs tangled hands in hair faces side by side as they rolled across the floor and back.

Both were spitting , growling, and wincing as they tore at other, handfulls of black and light brown hair littered the floor and clothes and hands, Jan was on top and she yanked Mollies to the side as she lifted her head Molly grabbed a new hold at the back and pulled so hard she slowly peeled Jans head neck and back  away slowly, Jan was gasping out “Ahhh Ahhh awww ughnnn Bitch “, Molly just snarled “get off me Bitch fight”, Once Jan was on her back again Molly kicked her heel into her thigh and Jan let go her hair hold , Molly got to her knees and had a smiling snarl on her lips as she had Jan prone in front of her she whipped and shook Jans head by the hair like a rag doll ‘AWWWWWAGHHHH OWWW’, “get up Bitch cmon”, she managed to pull Jan up on her ass and was behind her as she reached down with her left hand Molly took hold of Jans bra and tore it up till Jans big tits flopped free and the bra was up near her neck.

Jan reached up and back and got a hair hold and yanked till Molly was bent forward, but this proved to be the wrong move as Jan pulled Molly over head, she ended up under Mollys thighs and thong and in a panic slapped and clawed at her thighs Molly arched and was pulled to all 4’s and smiled up at her audience ‘Shes mine now bitches”.

Molly sat back and got to her knees then up on them as she turned on her knees she pinned Jans head to the rug by her hair and straddled Jan’s body facing her, as Jan looked up she swiped her hands up to get hair but Molly slapped her hands away as she balled up a grip of hair and started to slam Jans head on the rug the dense thump had Jan grunt and cry ‘oww oWww stop it you Bitch”, but Molly was like a kid torturing a toy as she smiled ‘Whats wrong bitch mm to much for you?’.

Jan squirmed and kicked and rolled to her tummy but the move just added to Mollies advantage as she rode Jans back using hair as reigns and than sat on  Jans lower back and pullllllllled back till Jan was arched up and back lifted by her scalp “OWwwww OWWWw STOP”, Molly rolled up and her left hand slapped Jans big tits and pulled her nipple as she dragged her fingers in Jans tits her other hand shook Jans head by hair, “Say it Bitch SAY IT!!!”, Molly demanded as Jan crying in pain wept ‘PLEASE STOP I GIVE I GIVE”.

The secretaries were in shock but got a bigger one as Molly rolled Jan on her back again and eased up higher on Jan and hiked her skirt moved her thong aside and sat her wet pussy on Jans face and smeared it around , ‘uhnmmm yess this is what you wanted Bitch”, Jan was crying as she was degraded for all to see, Molly was smiling took a glare in every womans eyes as she rode her rivals face then as she finally got off Jan, she put her heel on her chest and breathed in deep, “there is only one office Bitch got it” Molly then walked out and past the women smiling her hair a tangled mess and top torn, she went in the ladies rom and brushed her hair out and pinned it up washed her face and tied her blouse shut then went to her desk, as Jan was left laying in the cubicle a few girls tried to help her up but she pushed them away in embarrassment , finally getting up Jan hair torn about and tangled top open bra up twisted  hobbled from the fight area and fixed herself best she could before grabbing her things and left work early.

Part 3

That night Jan sat crying and nervous what was to come she thought after that fight in the office, how did she let herself get to that point, and everyone see her degraded by Molly, Jan assured herself she did the right thing nad only those loyal and who understand it will be by her side.

The next morning as she boarded the bus Molly was at the rear glaring with a sly smirk, Jan gave her a smile and turned her back, she walked to the coffee shop then her office Molly in tow as if nothing ever tok place, she took a breath in and walked in the office as she arrived on her floor she walked in and all the girls smiled and wished her a good morning, Jan thought maybe there was some trick or something but every secretary there was treating her with more respect even those who cheered Molly on.

Jan felt relief she started her day with a new sense of pride she did the right thing and though she lost she stood up for herself and what she did, Molly however entered and smiling was given dirty looks and no one said a greeting to her as she felt her smile fade she looked across the glass doors and saw Jan smiles, Molly stormed to her office and threw her stuff down and as she was upset her boss walked out, ‘What is it now?” Molly pointed toward the other wing, “That damn cow over there is gonna take that spot she got her ass handed to her yesterday and they are worshiping the bitch”.

Her boss inhaled and finally said “Let me see what i can do”, Molly pissed growled “See that you do or this is off limits “ as she ran a hand over her body , he got the hint he walked over to Jans side and stopped at her desk , he smiled at Jan feeling ok?” Jan smiled great what can i do for you?’, Mollies boss was looking at the hidden cleavage swelling, “Is he in?”, Jan called her bosses line told him the partner was here “He is but upstairs”, Mollies boss raised a brow “he is? ok thank you” and he went upstairs.

Jan figured Molly was going to put on a show for them but no one seemed to be aware if it was another woman, Jan became a bit interested in what was going to take place so she went in her bosses office  opened one blind and watched , there was Molly sitting at her desk, her bosses office blind wide open and empty, she saw Molly take a call as she spoke on phone Jan watched her spin in her chair and look out first up then down, Molly hung up and while looking at the office Jan was hiding in she undid 2 buttons on her top and caressed her heavy big cups slow then she went in the office Jan was sure she was about to see another fight .

Thats when her phone rang she ran to it “Hello ?” , her boss was on the other end, “Jan its me listen remember the chat we had about that Molly girl and you and the risk?”, Jan listened “yes i do what about it”?, “I am going to need you to go over to her and find a way to work it out so neither of you gets burned here”, Jan knew what he was asking without doing so she wanted to get back at Molly so she smirked “i see well as long you both are aware i will head right over” she hung up and told herself she could do this.

Jan slowly made her way toward Mollies side every face she saw smiled at her but they all took a second look as she walked straight towards where Molly was, before Jan reached the doors secretaries were watching when they saw Molly was in her bosses office they ran around to Jans bosses office to see.

Jan didn’t knock she just strolled in and as she shut the door Molly was waiting sitting on edge of his big desk as they stared both noticed the others breasts rise and fall and thick nipples tent through, as Ja stepped in further she glanced up and saw both bosses watching her eyes scanned down and saw the secretaries at the office across, Molly softly purred “well well looks like they all want to see this one not afraid are you?”, Jan looked at Molly “afraid of you? hardly” and she stared at Molly as her red nails undid her top and she draped it on a chair her big tits swelling over the bra cups as she stood waiting to see Mollies reaction.

Molly simply stood up and undid her top and peeled it off and stood in her red bra over filling it, Jan was stared as molly didn’t seem to much bigger than Molly smiled and purred, ‘you aren’t going to be dumb enough to try to fight my tits are you Jan?’, Jan swallowed as she inhaled “Why not your nothing special from what i see and my nipples already beat yours”, Molly lost her smile as the two women stared and she reached up and eased each strap off her shoulders, “this won’t be a nipple duel bitch its a titfight you better know what your doing to fight these puppies”, and she turned her back to Jan and undid her clasps and pulled the bra free,”nmmmmm thats better” and Jan saw the round full breast outline from Mollies back then Molly turned to her and dangling her bra on a nail smiled “Still wanna fight my tits?”.

Jan had to admit to herself seeing Mollies round veiny tits in person nothing holding her back they were impressive and firm, and Molly shimmied them slow showing the heavy weight hey possessed, she felt herself swallow as Molly smiled “are you afraid?”, Jan snapped out of the trance as she stripped her top and then her bra as she stared at Molly, she saw Mollies face change as her own E’s swayed out heavy and firm then Jan flexed her chest and made her twins lift and lower and Molly watched mouth open.

Slowly Molly walked from the desk to the rear of the office and Jan followed their big tits a heavy firm sway like weighted pendulums, nipples stiff as they reached the open spot Molly vanquished two others they stared at one another then Molly smirked as she reached to unzip her skirt, “ mind if we get these off I think two big girls like us we will need no constrictions” Jan stared and just grunted “how ever you need it “.

They both removed the skirts and they stood heels thigh highs thongs and topless  hands on hips Molly seemed at ease knowing there was an audience as Jan felt uneasy but had no choice they stepped around slow then Molly started it of as she eased to Jan she used her round left breast to rub and lightly bump Jans left breast as they stare Molly rubbed and tested Jans breast, lightly probing and slowly rubbing and then a slight attempt to lift as she expertly matched hers to Jans left , Jan  stared back allowing her rival to do it as she silently enjoyed it her full lips breathing out “uunn uumm “ Molly like a cat smirked “nmmmmm uwww not bad bitch but can you use them the way you need to”?.

Jan bumped her big left breast to Mollies and caressed it with her own lifted and rubbed Molly smiling watched “uuuhhnnnn mmm uwww more go ahead”, Jan took the comment as a tease that Molly didn’t feel her big tit to her own and was irate as she heard the comment Jan lined her nipple to Mollies and pushed head on their left tits met and then Jan pressssed in firmer , “uhnnn mmm uwww ohhhuughnnnn bitch cmon”, Molly her smile dropped as a stern look of concern came as Jans nipples stabbed her own and areolas melted into others and big veiny mass swelled together.

Molly fuller tits pressed in and rowed her chest into Jans big tits her mass seem to cover Jan with every push , thrust and smear, she grinned as she watched her tits wrestling, Molly swelling in pride works Jan around the room her tits smear and bump Jans “cmon bitch feel my tits hmm your no fighter your afraid” the sound of tit flesh clopping has Molly turned on as she loves hearing her tits hit another womans,”uunmmmm cmon unnmmmm”.

Jan is breathing harder and slowly steps back as Molly stays after her as they smear and bump and drive their tits against others the secretaries and bosses are watching as it seems Molly is treating Jan like a puppet again, Jan face red tits getting red unsure the best move pulls her arms in tight swelling out her big tits and dips as Molly comes i at her , she thrusts up to hug and stop Molly and unaware she uppercuts Mollies big tits hard and stops her pursuit, as Molly gasps out “AAaghhh Bitch”.

Molly winces and Jan unaware the move effect hugs Molly tight and her tits and hard nipples work Mollies undersides deeper  as Jan grinds up under Molly looks up ‘uuughnnnmffff you bitch my tits oww”, Jan huffing stares at her rival “whats wrong bitch hmm not so tuff are you or you just cant take it” as Jan works Molly across the wing the secretaries cheer and clap and the bosses smile as Jan walks Molly to the glass and as she hits the glass Jan like a pro starts to pump her tits in and up at Mollies.

Molly hea back squirms as she yells out “uughnn ughnn mmff mff ohhh oww you bitch my tits i’ll kill you bitch “, Jan is on a high as her less fuller tits are beating the biggr pair nd pushing them easily now, “Cmon Molly you bitch you wanted a fight lets go” Molly stares at her “you want a real fight bitch ? hmm” Jan stares “cant take my tits can you?”.

As Molly hears the taunt she snarls and pushes her hand at Jans jaw , “get off me cxnt ill tear your tits off” as all watch they see the titfight start to turn to a catfight and no one wants it here on the premisses , the bosses start to run toward the office as they do Molly gets Jan off her and as she staggers back Molly lunges into her and grabs Jan by the hair and yanks her to the ground hard with a slap to the eye, jan falls bck hits the desk and falls on her tits as Molly jumps on her back takes her hair and pulls her over she stares down “fucking bitch” and claws Jans cheek as she grabs her neck and chokesher, Jan arches bucks and scratches Mollies hand then aas Molly straddles her Jan reaches up and tears into Mollies tits making her arch and sit up head tossed back,”awwwww you cxnt my tits let go”.

Jan eyes wide and scared claws pulls and twists Mollies tits deeply “get off me cxnt i’ll let go”, Molly fighting the pain stabs her nails in Jans tits as both squeeze the door bursts open and Molly is dragged off Jan kicking “let me go let me fight her”.

Jan is helped up and pulled back “let her go ill fight that bitch” both women pull to get free but are held back jan calming herself grabs her top and bra and storms out, as molly glares hands on hips tits out ready for more, “thats it run off bitch your still afraid”. jan just gives her the finger, after re dressing Jans boss and her have a meeting and he apologizes and submits Jan for the ceo spot, Jan wipes atear as she hears the news and feels the soreness in her tits as he thanks him and as she leaves she turns “And what about that Bitch”?.

He looks up “well she is getting the news right shes being transferred to our Canada office, Jan smiled “Ok then’ and walked out she hurried to her desk and her assistant asked what happened Jan smiled “You talking to the new Ceo”, she got a hug which made her gasp as her breasts were sore as Jan eased off Molly came around the corner breathing heavy and carrying a box wit ha few items in it as she glared at Jan.

Jan smiled “dress warm i hear it gets really chilly up there”, Molly snarls as she knows Jan won this round, “don’t you worry Jan you and I are not done” and walks out, her assistant eyes big stares at Jan but Jan shoos her off “Good ridden ‘s to bad garbage”, everyone in the office gives Jan a good luck hug and wishes her well , all are hoping they will be picked by Jan to follow her, as Jan clears up her desk and gets ready to leave for the big office on top floor , she opens the corner office and stares out over the city but as she smiles her hands run under her big breasts still sore and she tells herself she could have beat Molly but yet feels doubt.

Jan heads out to catch the bus for the last time starting tomorrow a car will be picking her up, she stands at the bus stop and boards he bus only a few commuters are with her as she sits and rides home, as she gets off at her stop, Jan starts to walk home and as her heels click along she hears a noise a voice “hey you”, startled Jan turns and from the shadow of the alleyway steps red heels and its Molly, Jan turns “what do you want now?”.

Molly with a catty smirk softly purrs “I want to finish what we started little girl”, Jan rolling   
her eyes “Oh you want a titfight here on the street? please just accept your lucky you still have a job” Molly stepped closer “did i say titfight?” and she rushes Jan and sinks her nails in Jans face, grabbing the hands attacking her Jan staggers back and both women fall on the sidewalk at the bus stop, molly landing on top is tearing at Jans hair and face like  wild woman , “You little cxnt that was my job”.

Molly straddled Jan and went after her face and hair jan was on her back in trouble from the start and she reached her hand up at Molly and with her eyes shut and head turned caught her nails in Mollies face and scratched, Moly growling tilted her head down to go with the scratch but as Jan curled her nails she felt the slack and reopened and dug in again this time she found Mollies eyes and raked down.

Molly eyes shut screamed “NOOO OWWW BITCH!!!”, and she turned her head as she did Jans claws raked down and found her chest and dug in and clawed Mollies big left tit, and tore her top and bra cup open, Molly was gasping as her face and tit wer burning as red furrows opened up she yanked Jans head up by the hair and stabbed her own nails in her face and clawed Jans lip and cheek, ‘Cmon Bitch wanna scratch”, Jan was gasping as her own burning furrows opened , she kicked her heels into the street and bucked her hips hard and Molly went head first over Jan, instead of face planting Molly caught herself with hands out and scraped her palms as he was on all 4s over Jan.

With her top torn her big tit swaying Ja lifted her head and bit into Mollies breast, Molly let out a scream as Jan sank her teeth in and pulled at the massive round globe , her nipple trapped, Molly started to cry and scream in fear ,”My TIT LET GO BITCH OWWWW STOP DONT “ but Jan wrapped her ands in Mollies hair at the back and ripped pulling her head up and back, mollies head was forced to look up face stretched by the scalp as Jan hung under her teeth and face in her big breast, Molly had tears rolling off her face and as she tried left hand then right to scratch or pull Jans face off her breast was trapped and being destroyed.

The pain was becoming to much and Molly dropped and rolled on her back as Jan rolled on top of her and still was chewing into the mass of breast flesh and nipple, Mollies hands pulled Jans hair and pushed at her face  and even reached in Jans blouse and clawed her tits but the pain Jan had hr in was to much, “Ja please i give please stop my tit owww please i am sorry stop”.

Jan pulled her knees up tearing her hose and her hands grabbed Mollies thrat as she bit hard and Molly screamed, Jan spit her tit free and sat up glaring down as she choked Molly, “We done Bitch hmm or you want more?”, Moly crying in agony nodded yes she was done and pulled at Jans tits to stop, but as she reached to Jan there was another move coming Jan felt Molly grab her tits and she released the choke and landed 3 aimed punches to Mollies face, the sickening clack of fist to a face rang out as did Mollies pleas “OWWWw STOP OWWW PLEASE I GIVE AWWWW”, crying now and her breast was purple and red and black and blue with teeth marks imbedded her neck clawed and bruised face scratched and now mouth bleeding Molly dropped her hands and laid under jan , Jan sat up on her and was breathing heavy as she slapped Molly ‘Am i going to see you again Bitch?’. Molly crying so hard couldn’t answer se just shook her head no and begged Jan to stop.

Jan got up and stabbed her heel in Mollies breast hard and raked it off pulling the meaty flesh, Moly cried out again and rolled to her side weeping, as Jan stormed off to her house, the next morning jan saw the damage was light but there and she used a few make up tricks to conceal some of it and off to work she went as the car drove her in, she strolled in the office to many smiles and one by one jan chatted to the secretaries she thought would be worth saving the rest were shipped out to join Molly if she was still around freezing in the great north, as she wrapped things up.

The End

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