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Rival’s Previews

A glimpse into the * possible * future stories of Rival’s Rapture.


  1. These stories may never come out.
  2. These stories may change.
  3. This early access might spoil the events of stories you would otherwise be reading as complete pieces.
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Who Are You?

Style: Catfight

Description: A man and his mistress. A betrayed wife and a confrontation. It’s a simple equation, but a fiery affair.

The Idea: This story is meant to be, not a sister story, but one in the same vein as Who is This?. A battle between two women who love the same man, where neither is bad or evil. Each just being a girl put at odds by her heart and a man who cannot choose.

Your Turn to Trust

Style: Titfight/Sexfight

Sequel to: Showdown at the Saloon and Just Trust Me

Description: As Brie enjoys a warm shower, her mind luxuriating in the memory of her two recent titfight victories, she gets a visitor. Not some stranger with a knife in hand, but her roommate Kaylee who comes with an offer, a challenge, and 5 simple words: “it’s your turn to trust.”

The Idea: This story is in limbo right now, as it was originally planned to be a way to introduce Brie to sexfighting, so that she and Kylee could have such a battle in Bartop Battle (another story on this previews page). That being said, and as HOT as the idea of a surprise titfight/sexfight in the shower is to me, I might forego this tale and just have Kaylee raise the physical stakes in Bartop Battle. Which either means this story will never happen, OR it will need to be altered in someway to fit that timeline. Again, still not sure how it will all go, but if you have thoughts on the matter, let me know!

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Tangler Tales:
Bridget vs. Tabitha

Style: Titfight/Sexfight

Co-Written With: CatGirl Anna/Dahlia Daggerheart!

Description: COMING SOON!

The Idea: So this is the second story I came up with for my upcoming Tangler series. I found the model for Tabitha and INSTANTLY knew I wanted her in a titfight. I had another girl in mind for her to face, but when I sat down to make the story edits, the other model just didn’t work. So, I found one that I feel has a similar tone to Tabitha and looks perfect to roll around with her.

Then, to my utter luck and amazement, CatGirl Anna/Dahlia Daggerheart has agreed to co-write this story with me — it being a pairing that turns her on just like they do me. So this story is in a little bit of flux (hence the no description), but is the story I am most excited about for all of the reasons above.

Tangler Tales: Aura vs. Eun

Style: Racial Catfight

Description: It’s as easy as swiping left, and saying yes on Tangler. A mobile app where can find your perfect fantasy fight, preferred stakes, and next rival. What are you waiting for?

When the enjoyment of racial hatred and shared violence are too taboo, Aura and Eun turn to a new mobile app to find satisfaction. Not in a glass of wine, a plate of crackers, and a wedge of cheese, but by latching their claws into each other’s skins and wrapping their legs around each others bodies so they might squeeze. Will you join them?

The Idea: This is another Sprite tale! One with heavy racial overtones, without any of the runway I usually need to make that work safely.

Personally love the models in this one, and the whole Tangler idea in general.

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Daddy’s Girl 2

Style:Mother/Daughter — Catfight/Sexfight

Description: Gemma returns home for the first time since losing a catfight to her former best friend, and in the process losing the chance to fuck her step-father. Now, having lost herself to an obsession to finally claim him, Gemma makes her move. A move that puts she and her mother directly at odds.

The Idea: Now, the first battle wasn’t Gemma vs her mother, but at least from the read I got from people. The possibility of Gemma and her mother locking horns was what people really wanted from a sequel. Right or wrong, that’s what this story will be and I am super excited to write it.

I have a pretty good picture of how the story will begin, though for surprise-sake I’ll keep that quiet.

Tangler Tales:
Alayna vs. Sammy

Style: Sexfight

Description: Two defeats at the hands and sex of her rival Brenda, Samantha or “Sammy” decides to install the dirty looking app climbing the appstore charts. One that helps her find Alayna and her offer. One Sammy accepts, though she has no idea what lays behind her new rival’s door.

The Idea: This is an idea got from my time on FCF and Trillian. It’s a popular to the point of being ubiquitous idea over there, for women to meet on an app like Tinder. ANd yet, in fight fiction it’s basically never used. So, I decided to use it.

Now, I’m going to use the series for anything I want, but it, like Penngrove, and sequels in generals, lets me make women want to and willing to fight, without rebuilding the wheel every story. The characters already know what a catfight is — what a sexfight is, and want to do it.

That should lead to stories with less foundation-laying lead-in, and also give my characters a desire to fight. As opposed to coming up with a you’re-wearing-the-same-dress-as-me reason for every tale. You know, for when I really just want women to tear into each other and love it.

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Mother vs. Mother
(Working Title)

Style: Titfight/Catfight

Description: When a mother and step-mother have to decide who gets custody of a son who recently lost his father, women meet and tits crash.

The Idea: This is one of my stories with Sprite, that just so happens to have a match-up that I adore. Two busty, mature women who I can put body to body and enjoy.

Palm Before the Storm

Style: Smother fight.

Description: When two nurses in a Miami hospital find themselves unable to do anything but argue, and then unwilling to hear another word from their rival’s mouth, each decides to act. Act by putting an end to those pesky spoken words with breasts, legs, asses, and especially palms.

The Idea: There are two videos I have with the model who is playing Carmen. In that video, she is fighting another woman who looks like a blonde version of Wanda from The Avengers, though to call it a fight would be kind. It’s mostly a one-sided domme.

Still, the videos are super hot and they always made me want to tell a tale with Carmen’s model. A model who I have always thought looks like a perfect match-up for the model playing Isabela.

Now, Emily (my friend from FCF) and I came up with a follow-up to When Waves and Breasts Crash. It involves nurses and a bunch of connections to the first tale I won’t spoil for you. But this story will end with the beginning of that tale. I think….

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Michelle vs. Sophie
(Working Title)

Style: Titfight/Catfight

Description: When two models, known for their large breasts find themselves tit-to-tit at a photo shoot, neither can control their jealousy or rage.

The Idea: This is a pairing and a story suggested by Twitter’s CFFan77 . Both of which I happened to like — especially since titfights are shockingly popular and criminally under-served by the community’s writers.

Parent-Teacher Confluence 2

Style: Catfight / Sexfight

Description: It was a spontaneous eruption of anger and hate when first they met. Unplanned, unwanted, and yet unforgettable — their first battle.

But this time, the fight is sought. Coveted. And dreamed of, night after night: their second round. A rematch. One in which all inhibitions are shed, and all denials of desire forgotten.

The Idea: So, I have gotten a LOT of requests for a rematch of Riya vs. Katie and Sprite and I worked out a way to make that happen.

And though this time, I will be taking the lead, it will still be a catfight — if maybe a little more sexual throughout.

Last time, Katie “The Racist” won. That turned out to be, a turn of events so unexpected that this story has lasted FAR beyond its sell-by date. It still causing controversy and comments nearly a year after the story’s release.

So … how am I going to write this thing so that it gives Katie the comeuppance people want, while keeping the same sense of subverted expectations?

I don’t know. I haven’t figured that out yet. Nor will I, likely, until the story is halfway done.

And though I won’t, it will be super fun trying to write a tale that gives you what you want and expect, while defying your expectations.


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Netflix and Chill

Style: Slow, Soft, Apartment Wrestling

Description: When the call for girls night is Netflix and chill, two friends expect to have a night of Grey’s Anatomy and nothing else. But when Jasmine mentions a recent beach encounter, things go from chill to competitive and catty.

The Idea: These two models have been set in my mind as opponents since I first found them. Two thicc, sexy Latinas, with breasts and bodies of equal measure.

Though Jasmine from To the Last Breath was originally a different model, when I reworked my story edits, I decided to slide in the girl on the left in to replace her. That change, gives this story a little bit more history, and a different cause. Despite that shift, it’s still the story I have always seen for the two.

Not playful, but more soft, methodical, sexy-slow apartment wrestling. Each girl locking the other in a hold and just keeping her there.

Are they turned on? Yup. But their excitement is more something for them to resist, until one comes up the winner.

Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss

Style: Catfight

Description: Since first the idea was presented to them by a trainer, Sasha and Alexa have been enemies. Hateful, cruel, merciless enemies. And when finally they can take not a moment more without tearing into each other, they do.

The Idea: It is well known in the pro wrestling that Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss have heat. From Sasha taking an obviously unscripted cheap slap at Alexa’s clit during a NXT match, to rumors of the two needing to be kept apart backstage, they have a feud that doesn’t need to be concocted.

Now, I have to admit. I absolutely love Alexa and so already, I was pre-deposed. But then take into account that, as Sprite told me, these two are “Rival’s girls”, and it’s a pairing that is perfect for me.

Moving on from that, my idea is for it to be a pretty wild, frantic catfight at first. But one that kind of wears the two down — both emotionally and physically. And by the end, they’re exhausted. Still struggling to hurt each other. Still fighting body-to-body, but slower and with more desperation.

In my mind, I have basically the beginning (which is already written) and the mid-point on all planned out. So this one, if I can devote the time to it, could be finished fairly quickly. A likely happening given how much the pairing and ideas turn me on.

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The Ballad of Margot and Marilyn

Style: Body Comparison/Catfight/Sexfight

Description: When an uber fan of Harley Quinn just happens to look nearly identical to the actress chosen to play that character, a life is changed. And though at first, that change is not only welcome but incredible, it soons become a nightmare. When a proud beautiful woman becomes nothing more than her resemblance to another.

Such are the seeds of madness.

The Idea: I am so excited about this tale. It’s going to be a little off-brand for me, at least at first. Marilyn is going to begin the tale, already mired in an entirely unhealthy and dangerous obsession with Margot Robbie.

One that pushes her to sever the ties that bind them.

No matter how that must be done.

Let Me

Style: Fight to the Death

Description: When two women, two friends realize they are wanted and want the same man. They choose to fight for him, till the end.

The Idea: This is another tale I am workshopping with Sprite. I forget exactly how it came about, but I believe it was from a clip of a California Wildcats that I showed him.

One where the women were being asked to do something terrible to each other. Our spin on it was, what if the girls were instead asking permission to do something.

So this story, has the male they are fighting over tied in a chair and gagged, so that he can’t interrupt. But throughout the fight, the women play to him. Each trying to seduce him and make him give them permission to kill the other.

Emotional, sexy, brutal, and cruel to the very en.

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The Submission

Style: Catfight / Heavy Punishment/Domme

Description: Two brilliant young women and friends — roommates and biologists, have graduated from the same school, with the same degree, but have decided to take two completely different routes thereafter. One to hypothesize, experiment, and then present a proposal to a newly established science research arm of Bowman International. And the other to rest, after an arduous jaunt to her PhD.

And yet still, despite those disparate plans they decide to spend a week together in the depths of a remote rain forest they had always hoped to visit together. A place without reception or connection to the outside world. But when finally they step inside their cabin, alone with only each other, without a way to summon aid or extraction, a voicemail is received. One that tells of treachery — of betrayal by one of the other. A voicemail that rips those two friends apart.

The Idea: So this is one where I saw the models and wanted desperately to put them into a story together. Then, as I searched for images for some other edit, for a premise I have now forgotten, I found pictures of a jeep driving through the jungle. And the idea of a jungle battle, one where they were trapped alone together for a long time came to mind.

Now apart from the setting, the cause for the battle came to me after a few nights of what I call drift-thinking. Where I lay in bed and just think about what I want a story to be or where I want it to go. I like the idea of the voicemail getting through, as we all know how finicky voicemail reception can be.

Also, the cause, though left vague in the description, will be way traitorous, and will certainly give enough anger for a fight.

A fight which, when it ends, will lead to a heavy, HEAVY domme period that I plan on almost turning into a captive thing. With one playing the role as the other’s slave for near the entire week that they remain in the cabin.

The only question is really, will it be traitor or vengeance-seeker who becomes that domme. Hmm…. 🙂

Dutch Dominance 2

Style: Sticky Catfight

Description: Another day at your local Dutch Bro’s coffee shop, and with that day comes another wet, sticky, and wild catfight between two women with a history.

The Idea: Basically another story, though a lot like the first. Different characters, with no direct connection, but still — gooey.

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Lone Star State

Style: Slow, methodical tests of strength / Sexfight

Description: Two geek girls with style to spare start frequenting the same, newly reopened bar. At first, they try to avoid each other, but before too long they are forced to not only meet, but share their mutual friends. One night, after the two find themselves in a somewhat heated argument in front of everyone, they decide to try and become friends over a few drinks at home. But every second they spend together alone, their jealousy grows.

Until they can stand not another second mired in parity.

Until their fingers lace, palms press, and bodies meet in a contest they hope will finally set them apart.

The Idea: So, this is another models first story. One where the two girls hair and cute thickness made me want to press them together. And what better way to do that then to have them lock palms and push — locks legs and strain.

Excitement by Proxy

Style: Lust-Heavy Catfight

Description: When Claire, the firm’s best attorney calls in sick, not with a tale of sneezes and coughs but hairpulling and adultery no more, it plants an image in Brandy’s mind. One that the firm’s sexy brunette partner can’t get out of her mind.

Not until she and her pretty young assistant act it out, in the final caving of the months of sexual tension that existed between them.

The Idea: So, I have always wanted to return to Who is This? given its success and critical acclaim. But, there is so much disagreement about whether there should or shouldn’t be, I decided instead to tell some spin-off tales.

One, on Lauren’s side, was to be the rewrite of Backseat Battle. And though that was has taken the path not traveled, this story is the one that I have planned for Claire’s side.

Now Claire won’t actually be in it, but she will be calling and communicating with her boss Brandy. The call coming early and then emails thereafter following.

Emails that describe Claire’s fight with Lauren, in graphic and gratifying detail. A detail that turns Brandy on. So much so that when her assistant comes into her office, she has her read the emails.

And when she has read them and stands. The excitement begins.

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Working Title: Vulcan vs. Betazoid

Style: Mind-Reading Sexfight

Description: When two vibrant young officers (a Vulcan and a Betazoid) chase after the same Trill, an impasse is reached. One which will take every ounce of energy, strength, and sexual skill to overcome. Oh, and the telepathic/mind-reading abilities of each. Prepare to boldly go.

The Idea: A request from a dear friend for a Betazoid vs. Vulcan mind-manipulating sexfight on a space station.

Working Title: Train Battle

Style: Catfight

Description: When a flirty Scottish girl does a little too much of what she’s good at with British Indian woman’s man, sparks fly. And when the shirtless hunk leaves the train, those sparks burst into a wild, uncontrollable flame.

The Idea: Two women tough girls, who have had a little too much to drink square off in a stationary train. Until one is broken, and the other satisfied.

This one’s for Sprite. I love the models we’ve chosen, but I can’t say the idea is as much mine.

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Working Title: Mary Jane vs. Gwen Stacy

Style: Catfight / Sexfight

Description: When Peter finally decides that because he can’t choose either Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy, he must move on without either of them, two close friends decide to make the decision for him. Not because they want to fight. Not because they hate each other. But because they will not accept their lives without him.

And so in the midst of a tight hug, and on the tale-end of gently spoken words of regret does their battle begin.

The Idea: Ok so, most of you know this, but maybe not all of you. I came from a world of comic book roleplay. And so, it has always seemed natural that at some point, I should start writing stories about comic characters.

BUT! Every time I try to write such a tale I run headlong into a wall of questions. But what about their powers? Wouldn’t she just…? Well, wait … they hadn’t even…? Whoa, whoa, whoa, everyone knows she could…. And somewhere after the 900th hurdle, I give up trying to write such a story.

Now this is a story that avoids most of those questions because Mary and Gwen, at least in the verse we’re writing them, have no powers. So it’s just human vs human, woman vs. woman. Which makes it easier.

But Luffy already wrote a super hot story between these two characters, which you can find on his page. So, that gives me anxiety about even writing this tale! Even if Sprite wants it bad. lol

So we will see if this one ever surfaces.

Working Title: Step-Mother vs. Girlfriend

Style: Super Lusty Catfight

Description: When a father dies just after his son’s 18th birthday, that son is left with a loving step-mother. A loving step-mother who perhaps loves, just a bit too much. She wanting to claim her deceased husband’s offspring as her next sexual and marital prey.

But just as she was to spring her carefully laid trap of seduction and manipulation, he meets a girl. A girl who is ready and willing to fight for him. A girl that knows exactly what game is being played.

The Idea: So this one I am looking forward to writing. It started out as a real mother and son, but the more Sprite and I went over it, it just made sense to give us the breathing room of step-mom.

A breathing room that led us to have her be trying to seduce the poor, innocent boy. One who is, as most rapture males, not only powerless, but also completely without the ability to resist.

But then that same boy (18+ of course) meets a beautiful redhead. One who claims him quickly, and then lures the step-mother into a battle.

A battle of sex and violence, in an effort to show their mutual interest that they are the woman that truly deserves him.

By that, I intend to have them, while fighting, being not only overtly, but heavily sexual. Not because the other turns them on, but because they are, even as they war, putting on a show for the male lead. Trying to show him how ravenous they can and will be for him.

Both being devious and cruel — manipulative and endlessly sensual, in all the best ways.

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Fight After Five

Style: Catfight

Description: Entry Coming Soon

The Idea: Entry Coming Soon

Show Her This

Style: Lusty Catfight / Sexfight

Description: She sees. She heard. She knows, that he cheats. That he fucks her, this woman named Maria. And though she waits, when finally she can take it no more, she, while nude, demands he takes her picture. Then, as he questions and worries, she tells him: “send this to her.”

The Idea: So, this is a wife vs. mistress story that all stemmed from a pair of similar pictures I found on one of my model searches. Not the ones used in the edit, but images that seemed almost as if the models were copying the other’s post. Which made me picture one rival sending an image to the other as a dare — a challenge, almost. A little like Wrong Number, but intentional.

Now, for this one, it will be a catfight, but one that is absolutely dripping with sensuality. And the punishment will be no less.

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The Beautiful Game

Style: Sexfight

Description: Women across the hall from one another find exactly what they were searching for in the challenge the other presents.

The Idea: This is a sexfight I am writing for AnubisX’s Fight Compellation book, and the kicker is it has to be 5,000 or less words. So this story will lack the build-up and character introduction of my normal stories. But, as I am using previously introduced characters and a simple cause for the fight, it shouldn’t be too jarring.

London Nights: First Bidder

Style: Arranged Catfight with Host

Description: There is a mansion in London that is more than it seems. One in which women who have made mistakes in life are taken. Women who need money or aid — clemency or untraceable absence.

This provided for a cost. By a society of the rich, who ask only that those who need such help battle for their amusement and excitement. Battles arranged and led by Mrs. Pierce, who forges those struggles to be whatever the highest bidder most desires.

This is the tale of one such bidder and the women who for them perform.

The Idea: So before I had even written my first released story, I had imagined women from my own past being taught to catfight, titfight, and/or sexfight.

And since then, the idea of an instructor or fight leader has been interesting to me. Also, though I really dislike the “underground fight league” concept, I recognize there is a desire for stories of that type.

So, I decided to come up with a version that would be more palatable for me. One where there is a crowd but they cannot be seen or heard. And there is an organization, but it is perceptible only in the presence of one. Mrs. Pierce.

A character I CANNOT WAIT(!) to bring to life for all of you. She is both master and mother — torturer and friend. A dichotomy I am sure you will all love, once I get it written and on page.

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Working Title: Movie Theatre Meetup

Style: Sexfight

Description: When two 19-year-olds are taken to the same theater by their boyfriends, they find themselves bored to tears by the action film they are subjected to. That is until one of their bare thighs brushes that of the other. It is the slightest and most accidental of touches, but it sets them on a wild ride of sexual competition. One that is far more entertaining than the movie their boyfriend’s had taken them to see.

The Idea: This was originally a blog post, but the idea is exciting enough to me that I wanted to turn it into a full story. So, I removed it from the blog, and have it somewhere int he queue.

Until Godot Arrives

Style: Catfight / Sexfight

Description: When a returning soldier’s feuding mother and wife are convinced to wait for his return home in the same house, a fuse is lit. And though he was supposed to be arriving only a few moments after Bri, he is late, and then later, and then before he can arrive, the fuse that was set brings on an explosion. One so violent and intense that the wayward soldier becomes but an afterthought in both women’s minds.

The Idea: A story inspired by a friend on FCF. Where violence is bond and agony satisfaction.

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I’m Player One!

Style: Soft Apartment Wrestling Sexfight

Description: Two geek-first roommates decide to have a night of old-school video games but when one tries to choose Mario and relegate the other to Luigi, an argument ensues. Not a harsh one, but a playful one. One that leads both to wrestle softly and compete for the controller, until what they really wants becomes all too clear.

The Idea: Soft apartment wrestling has always turned me on, and this story (along with Netflix and Chill, which isn’t on this page yet) is going to be my way to share all of that with you.

Masks Come Off

Style: Catfight

Description: When the Jonas brothers’ ladies are suddenly and surprisingly left alone together, they can’t help but get tangled together. Until one is names queen of the Jonas throne.

The Idea: Another Sprite tale. One about two celebrity girlfriends caught in each other’s web. This is a bratty catfight with heavy sexual humiliation and domme in the end.

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Where Hate Dies

Style: Brutal Catfight

Description: When two widowed women on opposite sides of a river and a war meet, they are swept away in the current.

The Idea: So I believe the idea behind this one is for it to be a truly vicious battle for survival, the likes of which I do not often produce.

Working Title: Best Legs

Style: Leg-focused and Lusty Tests of Strength

Description: When the office award for best legs is a tie, two ‘frenemies’ decide to break it.

The Idea: So I know there is a healthy community of leg/foot fight fans out there, and this one is going to be for them. And, as I find the models cute and playful looking, I am going to take it in a little bit more sensual and competitive a direction than hateful and violent.

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Reach for the Same

Style: Sadomasochistic Catfight

Description: When a rich American twenty-something travels to the depths of the Middle-East looking for a cure for vapidity, she finds it — though not in a way she ever would have imagined.

The Idea: Some of my stories are from dreams, and this one is probably the most closely linked of those. I had a dream about two women in the back of a Middle-Eastern store, reaching for the same piece of clothing and then immediately bursting into a catfight. Now, clearly my tale will have a little more subtlety to it, but I am pretty excited about this one — even if it has been sitting on my shelf for awhile.

Not What We Do

Style: Catfight (Mother vs. Daughter)

Description: When a strictly religious mother discovers her daughter is working at the sin palace of Hooters, she decides to confront, control, and put an end to the shameful endeavor. But when her orders are met with “whatevers” and her warnings with back-talk, tempers flare and long-unsaid truths are yelled. That’s when the claws come out and mother and daughter roll.

The Idea: So I am not averse to incest stories, and I think my intent is for this tale not to be such a tale, but leave the readers who might want one desperate.

By that I mean, this story will be a vicious catfight between a true mother and daughter pair, in which no overt sensuality occurs. But, given the closeness of it — the passions of it — and where I plan to leave the characters in the end, I intend to make the reader wish I would give them something they may not have wanted before.

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The Useful Rival

Style: Catfight / Domme

Description: He is the perfect husband for Kiran, save that he lacks the sexual aggression she wants. That is until a beautiful new neighbor moves in next door. One the brunette uses to excite her husband with thoughts of a threesome and even a rivalry. But when fantasies become reality, and imagined interest becomes real, Kiran has no choice but to subjugate her neighbor, before that neighbor does the same to her.

The Idea: This is a story Sprite and I came up with, where you have a man at play between his wife and the neighbor. And though it will be a catfight, the ending is one I am kinda taking over. As it will become a full on domme scenario, with the winner asserting her control over the loser.

Where is My Husband?

Style: Sexfight / Catfight

Description: Every night Sonia asks Siri the same question: “where is my husband”?

And every night Siri answers with the same location.

But when husband falls ill and is forced to come home to rest, Sonia sets out to find the woman who has stolen her husband’s attention.

A woman named Hope.

The Idea: I discovered this feature on Siri and realized it would be a great premise for a story. So when Sprite asked that we work on a story of a wife and a mistress, I decided it was time to put it to use.

And though his was not the plan at the time it was conceived, this will be Hope’s first or second appearance, depending on how things evolve with two other stories. One posted on this page, and the other not.

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Taking it All

Style: Pubic-Hair-Heavy Catfight

Description: When a friendly neighbor (Evie) becomes to wife (Sunny) best friend and babysitter, and to the husband confidant and mistress, the seeds of desire are planted. A desire not take part but all — not some but EVERYTHING.

A plan both revealed and perhaps perfected in a grand struggle of woman against woman and bush against bush.

The Idea: This is another piece I am writing with Sprite. One that again leans into a particular fetish of the community. This one having to do with a husband who pushes his wife and mistress to grow their pubic hair long and proud.

And though the fight is way more than just pubic hair, that is one of the heavy elements.

Excerpt: Not Yet Written

One Bump, Two Bump, Three Bump, Whore!

Style: All Styles

Description: When a dorm is too small and its occupants too similar, two college students drift slowly into a feud that will from that moment on become their obsession.

The Idea: So this is a story that was come up with by myself and the same partner I worked on Where Waves and Breasts Crash with.

Now, they aren’t working with me on it any more, but I do like the ideas we came up with for it.

That being said, I am not sure what to do with it, given the length it will most likely be. As, at least currently, I plat it to be a story that is multiple different engagements in a bunch of different styles as the two characters explore their rivalry and each other.

I am partially thinking that I will split it up into smaller chapters like When Life Starts, but I am not sure yet.

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Bar Top Battle

Style: Sexfight / Titfight

Description: With their showdown having ended with her victorious, Brie looks to assert her dominance over her blonde Rival. But when Kylie resists, our busty bartendresses find themselves once again battling for control, but with more than just their tits this time.

The Idea: The sexfight forum called for it, and I am of the same mind. Brie and Kylie need to have a rematch, and when they do, it needs to be a sexfight.

Now, it was always my plan to have them battle again, and for it to be a sexfight, but originally the plan to get them there was a little different. Different or not, I look forward to writing this one, and you should look forward to reading it.

Working Title: Roll of a Lifetime

Style: Catfight

Description: Still in the planning phase

The Idea: I loved these two models, and really wanted to write a story with them in a catfight.

I’ve gone back and forth on the cause from two starlets fighting for a role to girlfriends of the same man who stumble upon each other and then with each other, but I haven’t really nailed it down yet.

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What We’ve Earned

Style: Post-Match Punishment

Description: It has ended. Their friendship. Their battle. Sierra’s resistance and Terra’s need to earn her rival’s submission. But now comes the punishment. The consequence for every cruel word spoken and every wound inflicted. How will it begin? How long will it last? How will it end? Only Terra can decide that, and only Sierra can suffer it.

The Idea: So the idea for this one came from the top picture in the edit. I saw it, and immediately found myself lost in the scene. The girl on bottom unmoving, her hands not even placed, and the girl on top proudly keeping her pinned with pussy applied to lips.

Now oddly, that image inspired me to write When BFF’s Battle, but the story I came up with did not include a scene such as the one pictured in the image. Nor did it contain a long punishment phase as the image makes me envision. So! I have let it inspire me to make another tale. One that is ONLY a punishment phase, with the catfight that led to it already having ended.

It’s a unique idea for a story, and I really look forward to playing with it and the emotions I plan on adding. As basically, the characters were once best friends, but as they grew up they became not only less than that but then enemies.

So this fight takes place years after their insecurity-laced feud began and each had spent so much time and energy trying to hurt one another.

So this punishment phase will basically be the two former friends exercising their demons, coming to grips with what they have become, beginning the process of forgiving each other, and then finally mending what had been broken.

I know, I know, it’s too soft for some. But I want to write it and I think it will be super hot.

Working Title: Sisters in the Shower

Style: Tests of Strength / Sexfight

Description: When poverty and a paucity of time presses two at-odds sisters into the same shower, rivalry flares and steam rises.

The Idea: So this began originally as a Tumblr blog post, that got far too long to be a blog post. And though I could have found a way to shrink it or cut it off abruptly with a “To be continued….” I decided to just keep it for a future tale.

Now, I have gone back and forth on whether the girls should be real sisters or step-sisters, and I think I have settled on the former. It will be controversial, no doubt, but it gives the story a more taboo feel, one that I think helps it.

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Working Title: Unheard Racket

Style: Catfight

Description: She assumes it is happening. An affair between her ex-husband and her best-friend. But is she right? Has she in fact been betrayed? She waits not for answers, and instead lets her claws do their digging on the tennis court. Where their racket will be unheard.

The Idea: This is one of Sprite’s creations, a brutal catfight on a tennis court, with some post match weapon usage.

The Withering Heat – Scene from Turns in the Dark

23 thoughts on “Rival’s Previews

  1. Jack says:

    I would love to see you also plan a sexfight sequel starring Priya!
    I have always been loyally waiting for the sequel.

  2. coolkris says:

    One thing I have noticed is that you haven’t tried story with fantasy or sci fi. Basically what I am getting at is that alpha female with much more stamina and ferocity battling out (sci fi) or women teleport to arena where time has no meaning, women can fight all they want and get immediately get energized by surrounding that they no need to worry about passing out (fantasy)… What am trying to say is fight between persons unlike normal humans and this genres would help. Would you give it a shot RivalsRapture

  3. Jack says:

    As an Indian and a citizen of the world’s 6th largest economy & the world’s largest democracy and as a admirer of other countries and cultures and the inclusive people in them , i was so invested in this story.I love it when bigots gets owned and it was saddening to see Riya lose.
    I hope RR changes her mind and turns the sequel into a sexfight rather than a catfight
    I know she is the creator and owner of this story ,but it wont help to put in a humble plea :).

  4. Ken says:

    Love this previews section. Gets the juices flowing imagining the matchups.

    My dream was always to see UK Glamour model Sophie Howard titfight and catfight fellow glamour model Michelle Marsh.

    Perfect matchup for each other. Blonde vs Brunette. Same height (5 7), same big boobs, same feisty attitude and never really got on that well so it seemed. There was definitely an underlying big boob rivalry between them.

    Never went boob to boob in a photoshoot despite them being the 2 most prominent big boob models in the industry and the obvious pairing. Went boob to boob with other models but not each other.

    Definitely an underlying reason for this. Think neither of them wanted to risk being shown up by the other in front of their fans, in the inevitable titfight that would have been going on between them while doing the boob to boob photoshoot.

    This needs to be resolved in a rivals preview matchup photo lol.

    Story line. They finally pair up for a boob to boob photo shoot which turns into a titfight and then a catfight while photographer just rolls with it and let’s them fight while still rolling film and taking pics until one of them wins with a boob smoother and finally settles who the better woman is.

    What you think.

  5. Gingervitis says:

    I’m really interested in Sisters in the Shower and One Bump Two Bump Three Bump Whore. How are those looking?

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      I actually started working on Sisters in the Shower for the first time in a LONG time a month back.

      I added some to it, but then found myself a little stuck on where to go next.

      It’s something that happens on all my stories, so it doesn’t mean doom and gloom for the story. And I certainly do want to get back to it.

      The bump story is a harder because as planned, it’s going to be very long and have a lot of different chapters. Which is kind of at odds with my recent attempt to tell shorter stories. I’m not sure if that incongruity means I will restructure the tale, or if I’ll just push forward with the original plan. But either way, I’m sure someday it will be done.

  6. Anubisx says:

    “The Ballad of Margot and Marilyn” and “The Submission” sounds amazing to me 🙂

    Great section!

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      Thank you! Yes, Margot and Marilyn is probably the story I am most excited about writing from an artistic perspective. And The Submission will let me toy with a lot of punishment, so that would should so be hot.

      Can’t say they’ll be coming soon! But at the rate I’m getting stories out, you never know!

  7. JB57 says:

    Really looking forward to “Bar Top Battle”. Brie and Kylie really, really need to have a long, drawn-out, much more intense rematch! I hope you find the inspiration for this story sooner rather than later!

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      I am so excited that you’re into Showdown! And I promise, I’ll get Brie and Kylie there!

      Though it may take me one more short interlude to teach Brie enough for a battle like the one I’m sure you envision takes place.

      1. JB57 says:

        I’m sorry to hear that it may take a bit more to get Brie ready but happy to hear that there will be a rematch with Kylie. I hope you get the next Brie story up soon so that the Bar Top Battle with Kylie can occur! This is a great series and it is agonizing waiting for more!

        1. rivalsrapture says:

          So, pushed (in the best of ways) by your interest in the tale, I’ve decided to skip the step I had in mind and make my next tale in the series Bartop Battle itself!

          And though I can’t promise it’ll be out soon, I hope it will be!

          1. JB57 says:

            Sounds great! Something to really look forward to!

  8. SudistiX says:

    It’s hard to choose which stories I’m most looking forward to cuz u have so many good upcoming ones but I’m really into post match domme so I would have to say; The Submission and What we deserve. Also looking forward to Movie Theatre meet up, Netflix and Chill, Let me and ur Tangler Tales. Also any titfight stories ur coming out with but I think that Michelle vs Sophie deserves a better title

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      Oh M vs. S will get one, I just usually come up with my titles mid-writing, and I haven’t even begun that one yet.

      But I am glad, apart from that, you’re into the stories I have planned. The Submission I hear about a lot, which means I am going to have to get that one written sooner rather than later.

  9. SudistiX says:

    Would love to see a story about Hooters girls but one where they fight each other not their mother. Maybe a sequel, prequel or side story to: Not What We Do

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      It might have to be a different Hooter’s girl, as that picture of the daughter is the only one I could find. Do you picture a catfight for that Hooters tale?

  10. Caitlin says:

    Love to see Aura and Eun fight it out – Tangler is such a great concept in the stories and motivations it allows!


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