2 thoughts on “Parent-Teacher Confluence by Rival’s Rapture

  1. jackmicheals says:

    You know i have been such a massive fan of this story and have been pleading for a sexfight sequel where Riya prevails
    I have been ravenous as a Indian Hindu to watch Riya literally blow KATIE out of the water through sheer sexual force
    I actually have a couple of interesting plot angles ( lIke Riya training with an Indian sexfighter adept in tantra and the kamasutra before challenging Katie
    This is how i personally visualize Riya & Katie
    How i wish i could co write a bit with you !

  2. Melkor says:

    I just came here to re-read this story after reading the work in progress chapter 2.
    Super excited for the sequel! I’m not really into race play, but in that story, it seems more of dominate/dominated kind of fetish, than just race, so I find it interesting!
    Hope Katie breaks her once and for all though… Or maybe Riya!


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