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Dradis’ Stories

About the Author

I am a longtime fan of female fighting, with a particular interest in fight stories.  I originally got my start writing celeb stories, and have since expanded my boundaries into writing some original character pieces that have been on my mind for quite some time.  Hope you enjoy.

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Dradis’ Stories

Beauty in All Things

Erica was in shambles. Thirteen and a half hard minutes of boxing had left her a shell of her former self – all of her previous hubris, poise, and will to fight had been slowly but steadily beaten out of her. She was still hanging on by a sliver of her pride, but at this point she didn’t have much else. Her ribs and midriff ached with every breath she took.

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Tastes Great, Less Filling

What comes next is an exquisite demonstration of feminine savagery. The brunette is still holding the blonde’s legs spread apart when she lifts her foot off of her foe’s pelvis and bends her own leg as she extends it outwards. She holds it up in the air for just a second before dropping down and driving her kneecap straight into the blonde’s womanhood. The accompanying scream that reverberates across the courtyard is the loudest of the afternoon thus far as the blonde seems totally overwhelmed by unending physical anguish while the brunette’s viciousness seems equally limitless.

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