Mei An (明暗) by Dradis

The bedroom was a contrast of light and dark.  One half was covered in dusky shadow: its furnishings, which included a large and inviting bed, an adjacent dresser, and a small shelf, were only visible as barely discernible outlines.  To go from that side of the room to the other, however, was like stepping into another world.  At this end a set of track lighting hung from their ceiling-attached fixture, and they bathed everything beneath it with their incandescence.  It was here that Amy Halloway stood.  However, even without the illumination the young woman was radiantly beautiful enough that no one could possibly miss her.

Amy was standing in front of a floor mirror putting the final touches on her appearance.  The sequined red bra-style bikini that she wore did a fantastic job of showing off her 5’3, 110 pound body.  She ran her hands through her shoulder-length blonde hair, getting the look just right as the locks framed her sultry face.  A bitchy look crossed her lips – to say that she was dressed to kill would be a definite understatement.  Her hands traced down her body, first from the crook of her neck to her collarbones, then finally to the crowing features of her body – her magnificent 36DD breasts.  She rested her palms atop them and framed them from the outside with her forearms, admiring her figure.  It was with these that she’d conquered many an imagination and every rival chest that she’d ever encountered.

Still looking in the mirror, the blonde’s gaze shifted sideways to the reflection of the sharply dressed man standing behind her.  John Winters was a tall, dark, and handsome gentleman in his late thirties, and totally enraptured by the sight in front of him.  Amy’s previous expression briefly became a seductive smile as they exchanged glances before fading away as she nonchalantly averted her eyes.  It had been roughly three years since he’d first laid eyes on her – John had been attached to another girl at the time, a busty brunette whose beauty was matched only by her aggressiveness and resilience.  He’d been sponsoring her as she sought out one bosomy rival after another and put her breasts on the line in a series of spirited titfights, with her beating every opponent she’d faced.

That was, until she met Amy.

It had been a brutal and protracted affair, one that had ended with the brunette sobbing as she lay on the floor cradled her beaten breasts and with the blonde standing over her beaming in triumph.  Only nineteen at the time, Amy had been so full of fire and so arrogantly proud of her tits – she’d emphasized this fact by making the brunette worship them before using her victorious jugs to smother the darker-haired woman unconscious.  It had taken very little persuading to convince John to switch his patronage – the two had been together ever since and, like the brunette’s before hers, Amy’s breasts always proved themselves superior to any pair that they were matched against.

“In all my years alive, I don’t think I’ve ever beheld a sight quite like you,” John said as he approached her.  

“You say that to all the girls, don’t you?” Amy snarked back in response.

John didn’t reply with words – he instead wrapped his strong arms around Amy’s waist as he pulled himself close to her.  Amy purred as she enjoyed the feeling of their tight embrace – as she raised her arm to his neck and gently pulled down on his head, she tilted her own and lifted her chin in reciprocation, pressing her lips against his.  It was a long passionate kiss, a prelude to one of the perks of their arrangement, but as John’s hand traced up Amy’s torso to fondle one of her proud orbs, the blonde took a firm grasp of his wrist to stop him.

“Nuh-uh,” Amy playfully chided as she broke the kiss, “First things first.”

John let out an obviously disappointed, albeit highly exaggerated sigh, but he was willing to play her game as he pressed his nose and mouth against the back of her head, savoring the fragrant aroma of her flaxen hair.  “Her name is Kyoko,” he explained, “She’s a pinup model of some kind from Japan.  Quite popular there, I believe.”

“Have you seen her?”

“With my own two eyes.”

“Is she pretty?  How impressive is her body?”

“Very, on both counts.”

“Can you tell me what will happen when I meet her?”

“You’ll crush her.  Just like you always do.”

Amy giggled devilishly.  It was always nice having a man stroke her ego like that.  But at the same time, John’s platitudes were neither insincere nor unfounded.  After all, her breasts hadn’t failed her once in her entire life.  Tonight would be no different.  As if on cue, there was a knock on the door – it was the only notice that Amy needed to know that the fateful hour had arrived.  Pulling herself away from John, the blonde gave him a heartfelt smile as she took him arm in arm.  Together they opened the door and stepped out to meet her adoring public.

The boundary between the bedroom and the second-floor hallway of the elegant mansion was stark as the chiaroscuro of the former gave way sharply to the bright bathing glow of lights that illuminated the latter.  The walk from the bedroom down the corridor was short; the pair soon turned a corner and descended down a wide flight of stairs into the house’s foyer and living room.  Her regular fights at this venue had made Amy amply familiar with the sight, but she couldn’t help but marvel at its grandeur every time she came down those steps.  The living room was immense and high-ceilinged, with portions of the second floor having open access like a mezzanine; all views were drawn to the gorgeous scenery of the Southern California ocean that stood on the other side of the immense glass windows that made up one entire side of the mansion.  The darkness of the evening had already settled on the outdoor environs, but inside everything was bright.  The walls, support columns, and carpet were white; the marble accents were a light shade of gray; and above all, the omnipresent illumination ensured that there was not a single shadow to be found anywhere.  This was her personal fiefdom and battlefield all in one – a luminous masterpiece to match her own gleaming splendor.

To her left, a sea of suits and evening gowns applauded Amy from the adjacent kitchenette as she made her entrance.  Probably two-thirds or three-quarters of the collection of individuals were male, men like John who had a burning desire to see two women compete in savage feminine combat and had the financial means to make it a reality.  The ladies who made up the remainder were a mix of girlfriends, mistresses, plus maybe two to four fellow competitors in the trade.  This last group provided the few frosty glares amid the otherwise uniform adulation coming from the crowd.  Were they girls the blonde was destined to fight and vanquish in the future, or those that she’d already had the pleasure of defeating?  For the time being it didn’t matter.  The only person who did was standing at the far end of the spacious room to Amy’s right.

Kyoko’s eyes glimmered with cat hate as she glared from across the room at Amy.  The gaze that was returned with equal intensity as the blonde came closer.  The Japanese girl was wearing what appeared to be a dark blue traditional-style bathrobe – her contrast with the blonde couldn’t have been framed better with the black night as her backdrop.  Kyoko didn’t take her eyes off of her opponent as she reached down to untie the sash, peeling the outer garment off to reveal her body in a pale blue bikini.  Physically the Asian was a close match for the blonde – same height, maybe a smidge heavier, probably on the cusp of turning twenty.  While a very stunning sight to look at, she also appeared a bit soft.  It might be called the classic mud wrestler’s physique – in most other types of fights this would be a liability, but not tonight’s type of contest.  Not with a pair of jugs that strained her top to its limits and rivaled Amy’s own.

As the two approached each other in the center of the room, Amy’s mind searched for the appropriate taunt with which to harass her opponent throughout the night.  A smile crossed her lips as it came to her.  “So… You’re the whore who I’m going to crush tonight, huh?”

Kyoko’s eyes narrowed – she recognized an insult when she heard one.  “Baita tte yobuna,” she replied.  While there was still a trace of sensuality in her tone, the hostility and emphatic commanding nature of her words were plain as day to Amy.

“C’mon whore,” the blonde continued, “Time for you to show me what you’ve got.”

The scowl continued to grow on Kyoko’s face, but she didn’t say another word in response.  Instead, she allowed her actions to speak for her by reaching behind herself and first undoing the knot at her back, then the one at her neck.  She pulled her top away and let it fall to the floor, revealing her impressive breasts in all their glory and capped with a stiff pair of brown nipples.  Amy purred and untied her top as well, tossing it aside as her own fabulous jugs and equally erect pink nipples.  The two sized each other up as they were now almost in contact with each other, both preparing themselves for the battle ahead.

At last, Amy wrapped her arms around the small of Kyoko’s back and pulled her in close, while the Japanese girl did likewise to her.  A shiver went all throughout the blonde’s spine at first contact – no matter how many times she did this the first touch was always a special moment for her.  Looking into her opponent’s eyes, Amy could tell that the same was true for Kyoko.  She glanced down at their chests pressed together then resumed eye contact with her, flashing a saucy smile.  The feeling of Kyoko’s firm flesh and stiff nipples pushing into her own was getting Amy riled up.  Kyoko’s tits were at their peak and as close to perfection as they could be; they were truly fantastic and equal to her own.  Well… nearly equal.  Amy’s were the best – no one could possibly hope to match them in the end.  Subjugating this rival’s tits and reducing them to rubble would be a challenge, but the satisfaction she’d get out of such a task was beyond words.  The possibility of defeat hadn’t even crossed Kyoko’s mind… what a stupid little girl she was.  

The two combatants were now nose to nose, forehead to forehead, and belly to belly.  It was hard to tell where one body began and the other ended.  No signal to begin was given – the two ladies simply clasped their hands together behind each other’s backs and began to squeeze.  Amy gritted her teeth at the first sensations of compression as her breasts mashed and ground in tight embrace with her opponent’s.  Her beautiful orbs were, as expected, maintaining their firmness and resisting the forces attempting to crush them.  Much to the blonde’s displeasure, however, Kyoko’s breasts were holding up equally well in the face of matching pressure.  

The blonde and the Asian pressed against each other as they sought to crush each other with mutual bearhugs.  They began to push and shove against each other with their chests, both determined to take the upper hand early on in their match.  The seesaw of control could be measured in paces as they stumbled back and forth, one forcing the other to backpedal only to be forced to retreat in turn seconds later.  Arms tightened, loosened, then tightened again as the two pairs of breasts ground violently between them.  

Grinding the other girl’s chest into a pulp was slow, patient work.  Both fighters quickly lost track of time as one minute elapsed after another – Amy instead began measuring the length of their duel by the sensations of burning pain that were gradually seeping into the abraded skin of her jugs.  In their close confines she could hear every hard breath that went in and out of Kyoko’s mouth; these were punctuated by the occasional soft gasps of pain that were slowly but steadily rising in loudness.  Shifting tactics, Amy began to rock her shoulders from side to side – this new motion had an added bonus as her erect nipples were now slashing and searing across Kyoko’s flesh.  The blonde winced as Kyoko’s hard points dragged and scraped across her own breasts in return, but as far as she was concerned it was an acceptable trade – Kyoko was cringing and the pain in her voice was undeniable as those same soft gasps began turning into tortured whines.  As if in response, Amy felt Kyoko’s arms constrict around her even more tightly, increasing the intensity with which their chests mashed together.  It also restricted the blonde’s movements and prevented her from dragging her nipples back and forth – the tactic efficiently combined offensive and defensive functions and spoke volumes about the talents of opponent Amy was facing.

With her side to side motions hampered, Amy instead chose to thrust forward with her chest into Kyoko’s.  The Asian grimaced as she bit her lip and unsuccessfully tried to contain her squeals, but she gamely met the challenge and heaved her boobs back into Amy’s.  The four breasts never left contact as they punched into each other with equal fervor – Amy’s voice quickly joined Kyoko’s in expressing the throbbing pain that was starting to grow in her chest.  As they fought in this fashion Amy becoming totally immersed in the sound of her and Kyoko’s squeals and groans joining together in chorus.  She was brought out of her reverie, however, when a particularly hard thrust contorted Kyoko’s face and caused her to wail loudly in pain.  It was the closest thing to a genuine scream of agony thus far in the fight, bringing a smile to Amy’s face – she’d taken first blood from her opponent, and punctuated it with a rapid trio of thrusts, tearing out equally anguished responses from Kyoko.

“What’s wrong, babe,” the blonde smirked, “Can’t handle me?”

As if on cue, Kyoko relaxed her arms.  For a moment Amy didn’t realize what she was doing, but soon understood as Kyoko rapidly tightened her grip and mashed their breasts together with one quick and intense squeeze.  The blonde cringed as she threw her head back and howled in anguish.

Baka,” Kyoko hissed condescendingly in response, “Nameru janai no yo!

Amy was oblivious to the gloating tone in Kyoko’s voice as pain briefly overwhelmed her senses.  She felt herself no longer able to hold ground as her opponent forced her to backpedal.  Another loosening of arms, another crushing surge, and another tortured wail from Amy’s lips – though her breasts’ firmness was far from failing, the pain she was experiencing was escalating rapidly.  She was trying to retaliate in kind to Kyoko’s attacks, but her foe continued to press her advantage relentlessly now with one harsh squeeze after another, all in the same pattern of attack.  She could feel her own arms loosening as it became harder and harder to focus through the pain.  

Kyoko grinned devilishly as she brought her mouth up to Amy’s ear.  “Mou ochita no?  Gakkari da yo…”  Despite the sweetness of her words, her taunt was dripping with venom as she started to giggle in wicked delight.

Amy’s gaze hardened at the sound of the Asian’s gloating.  “Fuck you whore,” she growled, “Mine are better than yours!”

Kyoko’s voice, so domineering and triumphant mere moments before, was reduced to tortured squeals as the blonde began thrusting her tits with renewed eagerness.  Kyoko fought back undaunted as she pumped her breasts together with Amy’s, their four massive boobs crushing and mashing furiously between them.  Whimpers, moans, and shrieks of pain were filling the air now as neither could deny the effects of their opponent’s attacks any longer.

Another thrust of the breasts, and the blonde and the Asian separated for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.  Both pairs of tits were reddened, swollen, and no doubt throbbing in pain, but neither Amy nor Kyoko seemed bothered.  Neither made a move with their hands to rub or massage their aching orbs, lest they show any weakness in front of their opponent.  The well-heeled crowd had been whipped into a frenzy, but Amy paid it no mind – the whims and adulation of the men and women in attendance had ceased to matter to her.  Truth be told though, they never really had.  In the end it all boiled down to a single point: she was determined to fight and prove that her tits were the better of anyone she crossed paths with.  From the look in her eyes as she glared back, it was clear that Kyoko felt the same way.  

The two hellcats circled each other briefly before battle was joined once again.  Amy and Kyoko lunged at each other, slamming their tits together head-on.  The loud smack of impact was punctuated with even louder squeals from both ladies – as she tried to withstand the pain Amy told herself in her head that Kyoko’s cry had been louder than her own, but it was impossible to know for sure.  The two separated about a half foot from each other then came together a second time, both groaning again as their tits smashed together.  Asian and blonde reached out and clung onto opposing upper arms with their hands as they pulled together for a third, fourth, and fifth slam – the frequency of collisions was increasing to a regular pace as the violent duel between their chests reached a new level.

Groans were escaping past Amy’s lips with each collision of jug despite her best efforts to suppress her cries.  Kyoko wasn’t faring much better – her face seemed to be locked in a cringe that was renewed with each impact of fleshy orbs.  Despite how much she was hurting, the look on her opponent’s face motivated the blonde to fight harder.  Her hands migrated upwards and clasped around Kyoko’s neck like a lover, with the Asian quickly matching suit as they pulled each other close and continued to trade blows.  Using this new leverage Amy began to rain blows on opposing chest with one tit and then the other, attacking with her hulking hooters just like a boxer throwing punches with each arm in alternate succession.

Kyoko thrust with her tits to meet Amy’s attack – the blonde’s left met the Asian’s right in a spectacular collision.  Amy doubled up with her left, drawing forth a pained cry from Kyoko; she then followed up with a right and then another left.  Kyoko hit back with her right breast to Amy’s left, causing the blonde to yelp sharply, but she in turn took a right-left combination that brought an anguished grimace to her face.  Amy was breathing hard from the exertion, but was worth it as each hit scored effectively – she was not swinging her chest in a frenzied and mindless manner, but putting all her strength into hard and steady shots.  Kyoko was trying her best to counter with her own strikes, but was falling behind – it brought Amy a small measure of comfort to know that she was in control and that she held the initiative.

Dipping her shoulders, the blonde pulled herself forward and drove her tits into the undersides of her opponent’s breasts.  The uppercut-like blow landed with a loud smack, followed a split second later by a loud cry from Kyoko’s lips as her heavy orbs were shaken and driven upwards forcefully.  Amy grinned as two more identical strikes put Kyoko on her heels, sending her backpedaling.  A fourth impacted solidly at the base of Kyoko’s boobs, accompanied by the most agonized scream issued by either woman thus far – her arms uncoiled from around the blonde’s neck as she crumpled to the carpet at Amy’s feet.  

Amy purred in delight at the sight in front of her. Dropped to her back, Kyoko was visibly wounded as she cradled her breasts with one arm while trying to prop herself up on the forearm of the other.  “Aww, poor baby… Were my girls too much for you?” she taunted as she crossed her own arms and cupped her triumphant breasts, “Get up whore, or I’m going down there for you.”

Looking back up at her tormentor, Kyoko shot Amy a hateful glare.  “Urusai!  Baita janai no yo!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Amy watched as Kyoko slowly pushed herself up to her feet.  The shine of tears was unmistakable in her foe’s eyes, but she wasn’t sure if they were tears from pain or tears of rage.  Amy had to give her credit for putting on such a brave face while marching towards certain defeat.  Breaking this girl down would be more entertaining than she’d thought.

Closing the distance between them, Amy lunged forward and thrust her tits straight into Kyoko’s.  The sound of the Asian’s loud groan as their breasts collided was pleasing to Amy, but she was surprised by this latest impact.  In spite of all the punishment that she’d dished out so far, Amy felt no give at all in Kyoko’s rack.  Surprise quickly became shock and her own tits erupted in pain when Kyoko retaliated almost immediately with an identical blow.  Try as she might, Amy couldn’t contain her tortured scream within her.  Seemingly reinvigorated by the result, Kyoko clasped her hands again around Amy’s neck and pulled them together for another bosomy collision.  Another guttural cry poured forth from the blonde’s lips as she matched the Asian’s hold: battle was once again joined.

Sharp squeals and moans echoed off the walls as succulent breast crashed into succulent breast.  Though neither girl’s chest showed any signs of nearing collapse, the pain was starting to become insufferable for both of them.  A hit would send one stumbling back a step, but before the other could capitalize a retaliatory strike would halt her advance.  Striving hard to focus despite the now near-constant throbbing sensations in her chest, Amy willed herself to increase the pace of her thrusts.  One blow staggered Kyoko; before the Asian could answer the blonde drove forward with another and tore a loud wail from her throat.  The sniveling expression on Kyoko’s face was a contrast to the relieved smile growing on Amy’s face.  She was tougher than this little whore.  Her tits were tougher.  Just a little bit more… She wouldn’t need much more than that…

Suddenly, Kyoko twisted her torso and swung her tits sideways into Amy’s.  The blonde whined loudly as she felt the heavy mass of the Asian’s orbs smash into her own tits from the left side then pendulously swing back around collide into the right, followed by another hit from the left.  Amy mirrored Kyoko’s movements and rolled her chest back and forth, their tits slamming together then sliding past repeatedly in alternating directions.  The momentum and force behind each impact were tremendous – each hit seemed even more potent than the last.  Fighting back the tears was a losing battle for Amy as her tits erupted with pain again and again.  The blonde fought valiantly knowing that she had it in her to outlast Kyoko, but the Asian just kept coming.  It took Amy a moment to realize that she’d taken a step backwards – but then she took another, then another after that.  A deeply unsettling feeling spread throughout Amy as she realized that she could no longer hold her ground against her bosomy rival.

Harried, pursued, and taking unanswered blows from Kyoko’s tits as she backpedaled in full retreat, it wasn’t long before she felt the cold glass surface of the window pressing into her shoulder blades, spine, and butt.  The Asian untwined her arms from around the Amy’s neck and instead clasped their hands together, pinning the blonde’s to the wall on either side of her head.  Amy was wide open for a direct frontal slam – her loud wail reverberated throughout the room as her tits exploded in agony.  

In all of her previous titfights the blonde had never felt genuinely worried or anything like panic.  But as her mind was lost in the pain emanating from her chest, Amy was becoming acquainted with a new sensation: desperation.  She was tired and hurting, but most of all she felt helpless in a way that she never had before in this kind of a fight.  With the Asian’s breasts still pressing into hers, Amy tried to push her way off of the glass, but was forcibly shoved back into her trapped position.  Pulling her chest away, Kyoko rammed her tits forward a second time – Amy cried out on impact, bawling as her tears blinded her.  Her head was swimming, but somehow through the haze she could make out the sounds of the audience reaching a fever pitch at the prospect of her collapse.  

Kimochi iin desho?” Kyoko taunted as she thrust her tits aggressively, “Gaman shinai de himei wo agete ii no yo.

“Fuck you, whore… You won’t…” Amy replied.  It was all she could manage as she struggled to stifle another groan of pain.

The blonde hated the feeling of Kyoko’s stiff nipples as they speared into her own flesh.  They probed and tested for any signs of weakness or softening as a small side to side motion caused them to cut back and forth across Amy’s dense orbs, all the while inflicting even more harm on them.  Kyoko leaned in and pressed her forehead against Amy’s as she continued to rub and mash her breasts into those of her opponent’s – it was quickly becoming clear as the slams and swinging blows ceased that the Asian intended to grind her way to victory.  Amy whined as her tits were subjected to the tortuous contact, but even as they ached terribly at the touch of her rival’s they hadn’t yielded in the slightest to the Asian’s.  It wasn’t a matter of whether or not she could withstand the worst that her opponent had to offer – no, she knew in her heart that she would prevail over her younger foe.  Hardening her gaze, she thrust her tits back into Kyoko’s and was rewarded by a girlish whine of pain.  Nonetheless, Kyoko shoved her tits forward in return, causing Amy to again cringe as her own breasts throbbed with hurt – she could see that the Asian was equally confident in herself, and more importantly, willing to endure whatever was necessary to come out on top.  Thus, their faux-intimate tableau continued as the two pushed and shoved their tits together while their pained cries mingled in between them.

The four massive breasts strained and battled in between the two women for several minutes.  Slowly but surely, Amy could feel Kyoko’s attacks growing less insistent as the thrusts and grinds lacked the same intensity that they’d had before.  Pain and exhaustion were definitely taking their toll on the Asian, and while the same could be said about her, Amy was nonetheless determined to take advantage of the opportunity that had presented itself.  Creating some room between their chests, she struck with a hard frontal slam – two anguished and guttural cries reverberated across the room as their tits collided and pain coursed through the heavy orbs.  Despite this, Amy’s goal was accomplished as Kyoko disengaged her hands from the blonde’s and stumbled back a few steps – the wounded look in the Japanese girl’s eyes and the subtle tremble in her legs told the tale of just how badly she’d been hurt by that blow.  Rallying every last bit of strength and willpower she had left, Amy pulled herself away from the window and clasped her hands around the back of Kyoko’s neck as she literally threw her body and her chest into her those of her rival.

The impact of breast on breast was agonizing.  Amy pressed Kyoko with another slam; Kyoko heaved her tits into Amy’s in retaliation.  Fatigue had slowed the pace of their bosomy duel significantly, but their blows remained forceful.  Another frontal hit seemed to stagger Kyoko, but only briefly as she twisted her torso sideways and drove her right breast into Amy’s.  Dipping her shoulders, Amy heaved her tits into the undersides of Kyoko’s, only for Kyoko to respond by driving her own pair head-on into the blonde’s as they leveled out again.  Every collision yielded either a loud scream or plaintive cry from both women, but no doubt they were a magnificent sight as they went all-out with each other, each strike being the equivalent of a haymaker.

Kore de mo ka?” shouted Kyoko as her words punctuated another slam.  “Kore de mo ka?” she repeated mindlessly as she struck again.  “Kore de mo ka?

“You stupid whore,” Amy taunted back in equally weary and single-minded fashion, “I fucking hate you…”

One final impact proved decisive.  As the four tits collided head-on for the last time, one woman’s chest confirmed its superiority while the other’s was crushed and yielded undeniably.  The winning breasts maintained their firmness as they penetrated the losing pair, which softened and molded around the orbs that had conquered them.  The defeated girl’s legs trembled and nearly gave out, and her arms clung tightly around the neck and shoulders of her vanquisher for support.  It was almost as if she’d just received a fatal stab to the heart – her vivacity seemed to depart her body like a final exhale of breath.  

Amy looked down at her chest.  Despite having felt it with her body, she wanted to see with her own two eyes what she already knew to be true.  She then looked back up find Kyoko’s gaze rising to meet her own – the Asian had apparently wanted the same visual confirmation as she had.  Tears rolled the blonde’s cheeks as her breasts failed her for the first time in her life.  “No… It’s… It’s not possible…”

Kyoko smiled as she embraced her arms around Amy’s back and squeezed, grinding their tits together as if to reemphasize her own success.  The blonde wailed as her breasts were again smashed flat – she writhed and desperately tried to fight back, but there was nothing she could do to hurt the Asian anymore.  

“So… Which one of us is the whore now?”

Amy blanched as the words left Kyoko’s mouth.  Spoken in perfect English and with only the most negligible hint of an accent, the gloating taunt was the final nail in the coffin that broke the blonde’s fighting spirit completely.  Sobbing piteously, her anguished groan rang loudly through the air as Kyoko’s arms tightened again.  The pain was excruciating as her tits were crushed flat by the Asian’s.

“Say it!” Kyoko shouted furiously.  Her question had not been rhetorical.

“I am!  I’m the whore!” Amy bawled, “P… Please!  No more…”  

It was heartbreaking for the blonde to hear that verbal capitulation come so quickly, but at this point all she wanted was for her torment to end.  It was a mild relief then when Kyoko released the bearhug and allowed her to crumple to the carpet, but the respite soon proved to be short-lived as the Asian descended upon her like an ominous silhouette.  Straddling Amy and pinning her to the floor, Kyoko reached down with one hand – there was something gentle about the way she cradled the back of the blonde’s head, while at the same time there was something menacing about the way her grip tightened on Amy’s hair.  A shiver went through Amy as Kyoko brought her chest down, dangling her breasts mere inches from the blonde’s face.

“Worship them.”

Amy’s hesitation lasted only for the briefest of moments.  Craning her neck upwards, she pressed her lips against the underside of Kyoko’s left breast with a first tentative kiss – this was followed by another that was more resolute, and then another and another as she worked her around the heavy orb in a spiral.  Finally, her mouth made its way to Kyoko’s nipple – she flicked her tongue back and forth across the dark nub and then began suckling it submissively.  

Kyoko’s soft gasps and purrs of delight were plainly audible as the Japanese girl nuzzled Amy closely to her bosom.  However, despite the intimate contact between the two, the Asian was determined to see that there were no illusions about where things now stood.

“All that was yours is now mine… Your man has a new champion.  Understand?”

Amy nodded quietly as the gravity of Kyoko’s words sank in.  She was guided to the other nipple, which she began to lick and suck in similar fashion.  However, she did not linger here for quite as long, as her mouth was led to Kyoko’s cleavage.  Adorning the Asian’s flesh with fresh kisses, Amy suddenly felt Kyoko’s grip begin to tighten.

Nee… Nerujikan deshou,” Kyoko shouted girlishly, “O… ya… su… mi!

A brief squeal made it out of Amy’s mouth as the Asian’s arms and hands pulled her in closely, but the weak protest was quickly silenced as her face was buried in the ample flesh of Kyoko’s tits.  The breast smother was adroitly applied – left arm wrapped snugly around the neck, right hand cupping the skull, flesh sealed tightly against mouth and nostrils – but under the circumstances Amy couldn’t exactly admire the work in an objective manner.  The blonde panicked as the hulking rack blotted out the light and deprived her of oxygen – she pushed frantically at Kyoko’s flanks with her hands and tried desperately to find freedom by turning her head, but she could neither dislodge her nemesis nor could she find any escape from the hot confines of her bosomy prison.  

Amy was faltering.  She could feel herself growing more and more groggy with each passing second that she spent trapped in Kyoko’s clutches.  The Japanese girl seemed to be enjoying this as she squeezed tighter and playfully rubbed and ground her tits against the blonde’s face, but in her current state Amy was only dimly aware of this.  Amy felt her feet pushing almost involuntarily against the carpet in one last vain bid to gain purchase; her hands in turn felt like lead as they slid down from Kyoko’s body to fall limply on the floor.  As the last grasps of consciousness slipped away from her, Amy knew that there were no questions left to be answered and nothing left to be proven – without a doubt, the better woman and the better breasts had triumphed.

And then everything went to black.

The End

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