The Embrace by Dradis

Author’s note:

This story is has a companion piece, The Blind Date.  Reading both together is recommended.


Such a simple thing, often overlooked when in abundance; and yet also a vital thing, coveted beyond measure when in short supply.

Harsh lessons such as this one were the kind that could only be learned the hard way, and at the center of an opulent living room in a Beverly Hills mansion, Erica Ellis was in the midst of receiving her education. Stripped to her metallic blue bikini bottoms, the beautiful blonde was down on her knees and caught in the clutches of a pitiless opponent. She strained against the hands and arms that were wrapped around her as she yearned to draw a fresh breath, but it was no use – though the hold that ensnared her might not have been especially complex, escape was by no means an easy proposition. Scarcely could Erica have ever thought that the mere touch of another woman would feel so oppressive – that misconception had been thoroughly disabused by the unforgiving hold that now threatened to doom her.

The one behind the hold and responsible for the blonde’s current state of grief was a Japanese model named Sayaka Yuzaki. At a glance, Sayaka was not too dissimilar from any other opponent Erica might face. Temperamentally, she was bright and outwardly engaging in a manner that seemed deliberately crafted to maximize her audience appeal. Physically, the two were fairly well suited for one another too, being close in size and body proportions. And as evidenced by the way that she filled out the red lace bra and panties that she wore, the Japanese girl was just as easy on the eyes as the blonde was.

But look past the pretty smile and the luscious curves, and one found a competitor who was well-honed in her craft. And once all the pleasantries were aside, Sayaka showed that she was an expert at dishing out the pain. Erica was aware that Sayaka wouldn’t be a pushover, as the other girl’s record more than spoke for itself. But even knowing that hadn’t prepared her for the experience of being so deeply confounded by her foe’s machinations. At every moment throughout the fight, Sayaka had seemed to always be one step ahead of her, shutting down her efforts with the right countermove ready in hand. And as one hold progressed into another, it was not hard to imagine that each one was a step in some master plan that was all building to this perfect moment now when the Asian would subjugate the blonde in exquisite fashion.

Erica whined in a soft and tired voice, the kind that only her opponent could hear. This was reciprocated with a sultry purr and a further squeeze from her opponent’s ever-tightening grasp. Sayaka’s hands and arms were practically coursing with delight as they did their job – even in her current state of exhaustion, Erica could feel just how much pleasure the Japanese girl was taking from humbling her in this particular manner. More than ever, the blonde yearned to break free or even just to have a moment’s respite, but by now she was in even less of a condition to force her way out than she had been before. Held fast against her opponent’s body, her strength was ebbing away with each passing second, lost into the confines of Sayaka’s bosom.

The fighting business being what it was, Erica already had a familiarity with this kind of smother, both in its general premise and in the nature of the allure that it might have for a spectator. But an abstract understanding was no substitute for practical reality, and here in the thick of things the blonde seemed to be at a complete loss for her situation. Sayaka’s implementation was a standing variation, one where she held the kneeling blonde upright as she leaned in and pressed her tits down onto the upturned face – had Erica been more cognizant, she might have been able to appreciate the finer optics this offered for her foe. And while Erica theoretically had a better chance here of getting out compared to if Sayaka were doing the same while pinning her down to the floor, such minutiae counted for very little when weighed against a faceful of jug. Somewhere, deep in the dark recesses of Erica’s groggy mind, she was beginning to appreciate why this hold appealed just as much to a fighter as it did to a fan.

Rendered topless like the blonde, Sayaka hugged her snugly with the right arm looped around the back of Erica’s neck and the left hand cradling the back of the skull. These were locked together immovably and inescapably – try as Erica might to turn her head away to the side, she could not pry herself out from the envelopment of Sayaka’s bare endowments. Further down, the blonde’s struggles were likewise coming up empty – a minute’s worth of pawing and pushing at Sayaka’s hips had done nothing but squander the precious reserves that were irreplaceable so long as she remained trapped. By now, Erica was starting to feel consciousness begin to slip away from her for good. In one last ditch attempt, she began to beat her fists wearily on the Japanese girl’s thighs. Whether by these actions of her own or because of her opponent’s volition, the smother was at last broken, releasing Erica to slump forward and faceplant into the carpet.

Though she had managed to narrowly avoid the fate that the breast smother had intended for her, the blonde was still far from being out of danger. Erica’s lungs heaved as they took in the air that had been denied to them. Her head was still in a fog. Her senses remained dulled by oxygen deprivation. She felt an urgent need to rise, but her arms and legs felt leadened and slow to respond as she tried to push herself up from the floor. Before she could even make it to all fours, Sayaka was already back on her. The fight had taken its fair toll on the Asian as well, but the lust for victory more than made up for the difference; and with the end in sight, she was now going in straight for the kill.

An unceremonious shove pushed the blonde onto her back. The Japanese girl knelt down, trying to mount her – Erica reached up to try and ward Sayaka off, but was met with a stiff punch to the midsection for her troubles. Erica groaned as she took a second matching blow, pacifying her long enough for her opponent to straddle her waist.

“Nani? Nani?” Sayaka’s voice cooed wickedly, “Mou gaman dekinai ka na? Taihen deshou…”

A sharp pain jolted Erica from her stupor. Her face contorted and her voice rose into a loud cry as her breasts were being squeezed and crushed in Sayaka’s hands. Erica instinctively grabbed and pried at Sayaka’s wrists, but this brought her no relief from the torment being inflicted upon her, nor was the tumult of her bucking and squirming sufficient to dislodge the Japanese girl. A harsh wrench on Erica’s tits coaxed out an even more anguished howl; another forceful yank was followed by another tortured wail. Struggling to focus through the anguish, Erica caught sight of the malevolent gleam in Sayaka’s eyes, as well as the catty grin that her lips had formed into as she reveled in the sights and sounds of the blonde’s suffering. Erica knew fully well how things were going to go if Sayaka continued to have free reign to maul her chest.

The blonde wasn’t making any headway in trying to break the Asian’s grip. Releasing the other girl’s wrists, Erica instead reached up and seized her breasts, twisting them as hard as she could. Sayaka’s expression changed in an instant – the smile was immediately wiped off of her face as her mouth went wide and let loose with a roaring shriek. It was gratifying for Erica to make her opponent scream like this, but doing so did not bring her the physical respite that she might’ve hoped for – if anything, Sayaka only seemed to dig her claws in deeper as she clung on for dear life.

Erica did not hesitate in giving Sayaka’s tits another twist, but this time her own breasts were repaid in kind. Erica now wrenched fiercely on the other girl’s pair, only for her own to be crushed in her opponent’s palms like never before. Anguished shouts from blonde and Asian alike filled the air freely as pulls and squeezes were exchanged to opposing tits, and the mounting abuse was quickly pushing both competitors to the brink. The matter was brought to a head by one final, fearsome yank – Sayaka howled as its force dragged her down to lie flat atop of the blonde.

Right away, Sayaka tried to push herself back up to a seated position. Erica let go with her left hand and looped the arm around Sayaka’s neck in response, holding the other girl down against her. Erica had no space or any leverage in these close quarters with which to continue pulling on Sayaka’s breasts with any efficacy; she instead would have to make due with her gouging fingers and sharp nails. Sayaka naturally elected on the same course of action, matching the blonde claw for claw. The air was rife with desperation as blonde and Japanese, both brought to the brink of tears by the savagery of these late moments, each committed all they had left in the tank.

Sayaka once again chose to punch. Her right hand disengaged from Erica’s left breast and returned a second later in the form of a fist tucked into the blonde’s flank. The short blow was awkwardly delivered due to their present positions, and it was not thrown with the crispness of a fighter at her freshest. Nonetheless, it succeeded in bringing a pained grimace to Erica’s face. Erica reacted by tugging and squeezing harder on the tit she held captive, but this was not enough to deter a second and third blow from following. Bit by bit, she was getting picked apart.

Still keeping the other girl in close with the left arm, Erica pushed on the chest with her right hand and rocked with her hip and thigh in the same motion. The effort required was considerable, particularly given her opponent’s uncooperativeness, but the blonde managed to roll the two of them over a quarter turn. In this new configuration, Sayaka’s free arm was pinned beneath her right side, bringing a halt to punching. Perhaps more importantly though, Erica now had the room she needed to return fire. Releasing Sayaka’s breast, the blonde pulled her hand away and balled it up before driving it full-force into the Asian’s ribs.

It was a good shot. Erica knew it just by the feel of her fist connecting to her opponent’s frame. Sayaka had surely felt it too – Erica could tell by the way her face tightened into a pained cringe and the paralysis that seemed to suddenly overtake her body. Another punch to the same spot brought auditory confirmation of this – the sound of the Asian’s voice as she wailed into the blonde’s ear was deeply satisfying. Erica pushed again and wrestled Sayaka onto her back, this time without any resistance – now out from under, she took a moment to slowly push herself up from the carpet to a seated position next to her foe. The blonde reached down and braced her left hand on Sayaka’s torso just below the sternum before raising up with her right hand and pounding it straight into the Japanese girl’s midriff.

Sayaka blurted out loud as she took the full impact of the gutwrenching blow. Her natural impulse was to curl fetal and cover up, but Erica used both hands to hold her down and keep her stretched out flat on the floor. The blonde’s right rose and came back down with another wide-open punch to the stomach, garnering another tormented groan that was even more unrestrained and plaintive than the first. A third body blow shattered any remaining semblance of composure as the Asian cried out, completely beside herself.

From there, Erica moved to straddle her opponent’s waist. In a mirror of earlier, it was now Sayaka who was reaching out and pushing, trying her utmost to keep her foe at bay. As Sayaka’s hands darted out, Erica managed to capture both arms by the wrist, which she then forced down to the carpet on either side of the other girl’s head. The Asian squirmed fitfully now that she was trapped – it was more pressing than ever that she get out from beneath her blonde oppressor, and Erica dared not let go of the wrists lest she give the other girl some opportunity to wriggle free. Keeping her hands occupied with the task of containment limited Erica’s choices, and doing the first thing that came to mind, she dropped down with her chest and smashed her breasts straight into Sayaka’s.

The forceful collision of her aching breasts against Sayaka’s ravaged pair brought a look of visible pain to Erica’s face. However, her reaction was paltry in comparison to the agonized scream that the Japanese girl let forth. There was something about taking the fight to Sayaka in this fashion that felt intensely wonderful, perhaps some kind of deep-seeded urge that had been building since the moment she first locked up with her bosomy foe. Whatever it may have been, Erica only wanted more. The blonde lifted her chest up and plowed her breasts down into the Asian’s again, and again, and again. Each violent meeting of tit on tit was accompanied by a new scream or shout from Sayaka, which became steadily more tortured and incoherent under the sustained pounding of Erica’s domineering bosom.

At the last of these blows, a new thought came to Erica. She first slid herself forward to take a perch slightly further up Sayaka’s body. Her hands then released Sayaka’s wrists and mimicked what the Asian had done before – right arm around the neck, left hand cupping the back of the head.

“Now… How about a taste of your own medicine, you bitch?”

Sayaka wasn’t able to get a word out as Erica descended and buried the other girl’s face beneath her hulking jugs. With her foe held into her décolletage, she tightened her grip and squeezed.

Time passed as the breast smother worked its magic.

Erica was resting her chin on the top of Sayaka’s skull as she enjoyed each second of the work – she knew that, simultaneously, every one of these moments was its own hellacious nightmare for the Japanese girl. Sayaka protested verbally, but anything she said or exclaimed was lost and unintelligible; likewise, her body writhed and her hands pushed at the blonde’s side, but to no avail. All the while, Erica and her jugs were denying Sayaka that which she needed most. Not the air by which she breathed, though this was also in rapidly dwindling supply – rather, it was her fighting pride, her capacity to resist, and her desire for victory that were being taken away from her. These prizes were far more valuable to the blonde than merely ending her opponent’s consciousness could ever have been on its own.

Sayaka whined in a soft and tired voice, the kind that only her opponent could hear. This was reciprocated with a sultry purr and a further squeeze from Erica’s ever-tightening grasp.

Now Erica felt a new sensation: the rapid flicker of Sayaka’s fingers on her hip. The other girl was tapping out. Erica did not let go, instead hugging her arms up tighter and pressing down more firmly with her boobs. The tapping became faster as Sayaka’s desperation grew.

Erica smiled. She could get used to this…

The End

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1 thought on “The Embrace by Dradis

  1. Rival's Rapture says:

    Sometimes I don’t comment on stories on this site, just because it feels a little self-serving.

    That being said, this story is fucking great. The suffering, the exhaustion, and the intimacy are all pitch-perfect for me and my particular triggers.

    Then you add that to the fact that Dradis (you, if you’re reading his) is one of the best technical writers in our community, and UGH you have a story I will return to time and time again.

    Thank you, Dradis for making a fantasy of mine come to life so beautifully.


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