Hands-On Experience by Dradis

Author’s note: The visual references here are the work of a defunct(?) catfight artist by the nom de plume of Nekomajin.  I’d thank him for inspiring this story with his artwork if he were still around and actually understood English.

“So… How many have you had so far?”

“Five.  All of them wins.”

It was a simple answer to a simple question.  It had an almost carefree tone as it rolled off of her tongue.  The sound of her voice filled the space in between the two young ladies quickly and soon dispersed, lost amid the hubbub of a bustling cafe.  However, despite its brevity and seemingly innocuous nature, the response carried much weightier overtones that cast a new tenor over the previously amicable conversation.

Serena Colvin beamed proudly as her words hung in the air between her and her companion.  They seemed to have a subconscious effect on her behavior, stoking her own confidence and perhaps even drawing out a bit of cattiness as she sat upright in the vinyl booth seat.  At 5’6 tall and weighing 120 lbs, Serena was already a very lovely woman in her early 20s.  The tan blouse and black skirt that she wore made her seem very prim and proper, but also gave her an elegant appearance that was far beyond her youthful age.  The manner in which she brushed her shoulder-length black hair away from her face was reflexive yet perfectly honed, enhancing her grace and allure all the more.  Lastly was the way that she arched her back and gave her companion a healthy look at her hulking 34DDDs – that she did on purpose. 

“Hmm?  Is that so?”

Serena scanned the other girl’s facial expression and body language, scrutinizing her for any sign of a reaction.  There was nothing to suggest that she was awestruck or unnerved.  If anything, the other girl seemed to be even more intrigued than before – the playful and inquisitive tone in her voice did not betray any deeper sense of concern.

“I’m very proud of that number,” Serena continued, “Achieving that took a lot of hard work.”

“I’m sure it did.  But I’m sure you loved every minute of it, didn’t you?”

Looking at her companion straight in the eye, Serena exchanged a knowing smile.

“Tell me, is there anything more exhilarating than that feeling you get when you’re in the thick of things?  Knowing that it could turn either way in a heartbeat?”

“Maybe it’s knowing that I haven’t met anyone yet who’s better than me.  Or maybe,” the brunette answered devilishly, “Maybe it’s the moment when I’ve made her realize it too.”

Cindy Bauer leaned forward to rest her arms on the table.  “I know exactly how you feel!” she said with a giggle.

Aside from her chin-length red hair, Cindy seemed like a perfect match for Serena.  The other girl was dressed much more casually in a black shirt and blue jeans – combined with the way she was leaning in, the low neckline of her scoop top was doing an exemplary job of showing off her more-than-ample cleavage.  When they had first met online, Cindy had been quite amicable and seemed exactly like the kind of challenge that Serena had been looking for.  There was nothing to suggest otherwise here in the flesh, but beneath the friendly veneer remained an aura of mystique that was proving difficult to dispel.

“So how about you?” Serena asked, “How many have you had?”

“Enough,” Cindy replied with a coy smile.

The brunette raised an eyebrow at this response.  “You’re not going to tell me?”

“It’s not exactly the same thing, so I don’t want to compare,” the redhead explained with a bit of a shrug.  “Speaking of which… Have you given it any more thought about trying things my way?”

“I have, and I’m definitely interested,” Serena answered, “It’ll certainly be different from what I’m used to, but I think I’d enjoy trying something new.”

“Are you sure?  You might wind up getting more than you bargained for.” 

Cindy’s words seemed innocuous enough; at face value, it was just innocent banter.  However, Serena could feel a brief but unmistakable chill in the tone of the redhead’s voice.  A subtle bit of malice slipped into her own reply: “I guess there’s only one way to find out.”

A tense moment seemed to pass between the two young ladies, but the warmth soon returned to Cindy’s expression as she giggled softly.  “C’mon.  My place is across the street.”

“Across the street?” Serena asked, “You mean, the giant condo over there?”

Cindy smiled mischievously as she rose from her seat.  Serena followed the redhead’s lead as they left the cafe.  The sun had already gone down, but the dense city block remained illuminated by the myriad of tall buildings surrounding it.  Craning her neck upwards, Serena stared in awe at the high-rise in front her as she and her companion made their way from one side of the street to the other.  Cindy had yet to reveal much in the way of personal details, and it made her wonder all the more about her mysterious new acquaintance.

The young duo entered the lobby and made their way to the elevator, which arrived promptly.  Neither said a word to each other as they stepped in and took the ride up to Cindy’s floor.  Serena avoided making prolonged eye contact with Cindy, but couldn’t prevent her gaze from going up and down the redhead’s body as she sized the other girl up.  More than anything, Serena yearned to test herself against Cindy; despite her friendly demeanor, Cindy undoubtedly felt the same way.  The anticipation and tension seemed to grow exponentially with every passing second – Serena wondered if the elevator would ever reach its intended destination.  Finally though, the lift finally came to a gentle stop and a mild chime.  The brunette stepped out as the doors opened…

…And found herself face to face with a stunning view of the nighttime cityscape below.

Serena suddenly realized why the elevator ride had felt so long – the two of them had taken it all the way to the penthouse floor.  In front of her was wall-to-wall glass; the walls on either side were as well, leading her to believe that the penthouse had a panoramic 360-degree view.  Serena didn’t know how many stories up they were, but on this side of the building there was nothing of equal height nearby.  The interior decor was sparse but elegant.  Backdropped by an endless sea of lights and a clear view to the horizon, it was easily the most luxurious venue she would ever have for a contest such as the one in store for her that night.

“Ohmigod, you live here?!” Serena asked as she looked back at the redhead in disbelief.

“Something like that,” Cindy replied. 

Serena walked closer to the window, awestruck as she tried to look down to the street below, but Cindy gently put a hand on her shoulder, bringing her back to the business at hand.  “The space I’ve set aside is over here.  I trust you’ll find it satisfactory.”

The brunette followed the redhead a short way over towards the nearby corner of the penthouse.  A whitish-gray L-shaped sectional sofa stood out in contrast to the dark floor and created a smaller area about the size of a bedroom.  There was an empty space where a coffee table would probably sit on other occasions; in its place was only a square shag rug that matched the sofa in color and seemed rather soft from a distance.

“Yeah… I think it’ll do nicely,” Serena answered. 

Standing at one end of the sofa, the brunette kicked off her heels and fastidiously unbuttoned her blouse.  The redhead crossed the open space to the other end and, reaching for the bottom of her shirt, peeled it up and off in one deft motion.  Skirt and jeans followed immediately afterwards, being set aside with their respective upper garments on the floor. 

The two young women were now only in their bras and panties as they faced each other again.  Serena’s was heart-pounding black lace that showed off her marvelous curves almost perfectly.  Cindy, on the other hand, wore silky red with a strapless top that seemed utterly inadequate to the task of containing her hulking rack.  With more of their bodies bared, the redhead and the brunette were each now afforded a better look at the other, and the tension seemed to skyrocket in response as they approached each other.  Serena’s thoughts were filled with an odd mixture of awe and deprecation as her eyes traced Cindy’s figure, admiring her beauty while simultaneously trying to reassure herself that she was superior.  Whatever her outward expression might be, the other girl almost certainly felt the same way.

“How did I guess that you’d be wearing black?” Cindy asked almost rhetorically.

“How did I guess that you’d be wearing red?” Serena pointedly retorted.

“Last chance… You can still back out if you want.”

“I think we both know that’s not true.”

Both girls reached behind their backs and unclasped their bras, removing their tops at the same time.  Any pretense of warmth or amicability still remaining between the two were now being completely displaced by feelings of jealousy and rivalry as their big breasts were now fully exposed.  Serena and Cindy both stood with their backs straight, each making sure that the other had a clear view of she possessed.   

Cindy reached behind a pillow and produced two pairs of gloves, handing one to Serena as they approached each other in the middle of the open space.  They were satin opera gloves that extended just past the elbow in length and matched each girl’s lingerie in color.  The gloves fit snuggly as she pulled them on over her hands and forearms – Serena wasn’t sure if she preferred wearing them from an aesthetic standpoint, but she and Cindy had agreed to them as a practical necessity.

Redhead and brunette knelt down facing each other on the rug, and each reached for the other’s chest with her hands.  Cindy’s glove-covered hands felt oddly pleasant to the touch as they caressed the brunette’s heavy orbs, and she felt her nipples stiffening against the redhead’s palms in response to the adroit ministrations.  Serena reciprocated in kind and gently stroked her fingers up and down the redhead’s curvaceous flesh.  Cindy’s breasts were amazingly firm – in any other context she would prove to be formidable, to say nothing of a playing field where she’d set the terms.  Serena almost had to remind herself that this contest was exactly what she had been looking for.

The two girls looked up into each other’s eyes, and for a brief moment Serena could see the same doubts and self-reassurances playing out in Cindy’s mind.  It was time to decide things once and for all.

Grips tightened and fingers curled maliciously as Serena and Cindy simultaneously began to squeeze the other’s breasts in their hands.  Serena choked back a cry as her tits erupted in pain, and bit her lip – she was determined not to give Cindy the satisfaction of hearing her scream.  As expected, the gloves were sparing her chest from the damage that would otherwise be inflicted by the redhead’s nails, but by the same token her opponent was granted that reprieve as well.  Only time would tell who would benefit more from that in the long run.  In the present, Cindy was clearly affected by the death grip that the brunette had on her tits, but the extent of her pain remained concealed as she continued to maintain a grin on her face.  For Serena, that persistent smile was starting to grow increasingly insufferable with every passing second. 

Brunette and redhead continued to duel in this fashion.  Claw holds relaxed and retightened as if each girl was trying to grasp and crush as much flesh as she could possibly hold in her hands.  Soft gasps and short, anguished whines filled the air as both tried to endure the pain as stoically as they could.   Changing tactics, Cindy relinquished her full grip and instead dug her fingers with a clawing motion in at the edge of Serena’s areolas.  It felt to Serena as though the redhead was trying to pry her nipples off of her chest – she cringed and tried to hold out as long as she could, but soon threw her head back and let out a full-throated, unambiguous scream of pain.

“You like that?” Cindy gleefully taunted, “You’re not doing so hot, are you?”

Serena shot her opponent a hostile glare.  The redhead had scored a metaphorical first blood in their contest, a fact that the brunette absolutely detested.  However, she didn’t get to dwell on her feelings for very long as another hard pinch and twist sent a jolt of physical anguish coursing through her body.  Serena wailed loudly as Cindy’s fingers assaulted her nipples with single-minded dedication – she struggled to maintain her own attack on the redhead’s breasts, but she could already feel her grip starting to loosen on the heavy orbs as pain overwhelmed her senses.

Desperate, Serena pulled Cindy’s tits upwards towards the redhead’s chin and gave them a harsh, sudden yank down towards her navel.  The forceful tug yielded a sharp gasp from Cindy’s lips; her voice crescendoed as her breasts endured a second and third such tug until she too was crying out at the top of her lungs.  The redhead relinquished her hold on the brunette’s nipples and reestablished her previous grip, squeezing the large breasts with a renewed sense of urgency.  Serena shrieked as Cindy gave her tits a harsh twist, contorting them in opposite clockwise and counterclockwise directions.  She countered by giving Cindy’s breasts a hard pull that threatened to tug the redhead’s body along with them, drawing out a sharp cry as she stretched the orbs to their limits.  Cindy’s fingers migrated to the undersides of Serena’s breasts and began to gouge the sensitive flesh, bringing another tortured grimace to the brunette’s face.  Serena answered with another pull, wrenching Cindy’s tits left and right as she did.

Suddenly, Serena changed tacks and pushed hard with both hands, mashing the redhead’s breasts flat against her chest.  The anguished look it brought to Cindy’s face was satisfying to Serena, but more importantly, she was forcing the redhead backwards.  The two combatants slide across the floor until Cindy was pushed into a seated position against the couch with Serena sitting astride her legs.  Brunette and redhead exchanged knowing looks as another minor contest between them had been decided.

“So,” Serena said as she gave Cindy’s breasts a firm squeeze for good measure, “Which one of us is in trouble now?”

“Fuck you,” Cindy hissed back.

From her superior position, Serena bore down with her full weight behind her as she crushed and twisted the redhead’s tits.  She sensed that she had Cindy on the ropes – a feeling that was reinforced by a fresh groan of pain from her opponent’s lips – and was determined not to let up for a moment.  Cindy was not about to give up without a fight though: she cupped the brunette’s breasts from the outside and began to pound them into each other with repeated smashes, bringing out a new set of tortured shrieks from Serena. 

The brunette maintained her grip on the redhead’s right breast with her left hand, and began to pinch and pull on the redhead’s left nipple with her right hand.  This brought a temporary and welcome pause to Cindy’s attacks, but Serena wasn’t going to rest on her laurels.  Gripping the redhead’s left tit fully once again, she gave it a malicious clockwise twist.  The resulting scream from Cindy’s lips was a satisfying result; she repeated the move again and again hoping for more.  As expected, the redhead howled and writhed in agony – she tried to hold out for as long as she could, but eventually gave up her hold on the brunette’s tits to grab at her wrists.

It took Cindy only a second to realize what she’d done – having conceded another round in their contest, her face turned red and bore an expression that was equal parts embarrassment and rage.  Serena savored the moment by giving the redhead’s breasts another hard squeeze, but was quickly taken back when Cindy reached up latched onto her tits, resuming the attack with a renewed dedication.  Cindy growled like a mad animal as she squeezed and pushed the brunette’s boobs, fighting hard to get the brunette off of her.  Forced backwards, Serena rose to her feet with Cindy following right behind her – both girls retained their holds on the other’s breasts as each remained focused on the goal of crushing the other into submission.

Screams and curses rang out in the air as redhead and brunette stumbled back and forth across the open space of the penthouse.  The battle soon careened towards the nearby window as Serena managed to shove Cindy back up against the glass.  The redhead’s face twisted in agony as her tits were squeezed and mashed against her chest, but she gamely returned the punishment in kind and in full.  A sudden yank to her right caught Serena off guard and sent her tottering sideways – before she could regain her balance, she found herself being twisted around as Cindy pushed off of the window and reversed their positions.  Now finding herself as the one being besieged, Serena struggled furiously to free herself, but she was trapped by an equally determined and implacable opponent.

Serena felt Cindy’s hand disengage from her left tit.  The feeling was replaced moments later by excruciating pain as Cindy slammed a right hook into the hulking orb.  The soft glove covering Cindy’s hand offered no cushioning and did nothing to dampen the force of the blow. The brunette screamed at the top of her lungs as her ample flesh was compressed, deformed, and violently molded around the redhead’s fist – all pretense of resisting disappeared instantly as a second identical blow pounded into her chest.

“N… No punching!” Serena wailed.

“Hah!” Cindy shouted back, “You stupid bitch!  Can’t take it, can you?”

The redhead punctuated her taunt with another punch, this one an uppercut that struck the underside of Serena’s left breast and tore another agonized howl from the brunette’s lips.  Serena slumped back against the glass and brought her arms in to cover her chest, but Cindy had no intention of giving her any sort of reprieve.  The redhead’s malevolent hands pushed at her shoulders, stacking her upright; they them moved down to pry apart her guard, leaving her breasts wide open for more punishment.  Cindy threw a left, a right, and another left, each landing squarely and without a shred of mercy or compassion behind them.  Serena screamed loudly as the blows proved devastating – finally allowed to fall, she slid off of the wall and crumpled to the floor at Cindy’s feet.

Serena wept softly as lay cradling her battered boobs in her hands.  The redhead’s jug mugging had taken a terrible toll on her, and she wasn’t sure how much more punishment like that she could take.

“Look at you now,” Cindy purred, “Did you really think that you could handle me?” 

The redhead’s voice was sweet like honey, but there was no mistaking the harsh malice in her words.  When Serena didn’t answer, Cindy reached down and entwined her arms around the brunette’s shoulders and neck in a full nelson – with the hold secure, she yanked Serena upright and marched her back to the window once again.  Serena whined as she was shoved roughly against the glass chest-first – her tits ached as they were pancaked, but being trapped and helpless felt far worse than the pain ever could.

“Let’s let everyone have a good look at you,” Cindy said as she continued to push the brunette up against the window, “I want the whole world to see how weak your tits are!”

“Le… Let go!” Serena howled.  She winced as Cindy gave her a shake back and forth, dragging her chest across the cold glass pane.  Serena hated the humiliation of having her displayed in such a fashion, even if no one could actually see her.  She hated the feeling of the redhead’s firm breasts as they pressed against her spine and shoulder blades.  Most of all though, she hated being powerless to do anything about her situation.

At last, Cindy pulled Serena away from the window brought her back to the open area, releasing the hold and shoving her back down onto the shag rug.  Serena tried to sit up, but was immediately pushed onto her back as Cindy sat straddling her waist.  Reaching down and securing a hold on Serena’s breasts, the redhead gave them a brutally vicious upwards yank.  Serena screamed in anguish as she arched her back and writhed on the floor beneath her opponent.

“I’m not finished with you yet, bitch,” Cindy exclaimed, “We’re not done by a long shot.”

The brunette desperately grabbed at the redhead’s wrists and tried to pry them away from her aching chest, but the other girl’s grip was secure against any dislodgement.  Cindy gave the flesh in her hands another hard squeeze and twist, which sent another jolt of agony rippling through Serena’s body.  It was becoming readily apparent to Serena that she wouldn’t be able to last much longer if she continued to take punishment like this – at the end of her rope, she desperately reached up for the redhead’s tits and began to wrench them back and forth with everything she had left.  Cindy’s distressed cries joined Serena’s in a loud and tormented disharmony, but she too hardened her resolve and began to squeeze the brunette’s boobs even more forcefully than she had before.  The two girls remained locked in this tableau until, finally, Serena’s wild yanks and pulls managed to tug Cindy from her perch down onto the floor.

Serena immediately tried to roll Cindy onto her back and climb on top of her, but was rebuffed as the other girl pushed back and sought to regain her former position.  They were now laying on their sides, Serena on her right and Cindy on her left – both still had a secure grip on the other’s breasts as they resumed squeezing and mauling the other’s jugs.  The brunette threw her head back, screaming aloud – she pressed her face against the soft material of the rug in an unsuccessful attempt to block out the pain.  Serena wept as tears began to flow freely down her cheeks – the only consolation she got for the terrible ravaging her breasts had taken was the fact that the redhead was suffering just as badly as she was.  And so she continued to maul her opponent’s chest in her hands, clinging on for dear life.

The brunette felt the redhead’s leg press against her own and start to hike up over it.  Serena pushed back with her own thigh as their lower bodies became intertwined and began their own struggle for dominance.  Each girl desperately sought to push the other girl down and climb on top of her, and both knew that such an advantage would prove decisive at this juncture.  And yet, neither dared to remove her hands from the other’s chest for even a single moment.

Serena gave Cindy’s right nipple a harsh twist, which caused the redhead to throw her head back and yield a tortured moan.  It was an encouraging turn for Serena, and after adjusting her grip she gave the whole breast a similar violent wrench.  Cindy’s leg was starting to ride up higher atop her own as the redhead used her handholds to pull their bodies closer together – Serena shoved back with her thigh and hips as they writhed back and forth with each other on the floor.  Cindy clung on to Serena’s breasts for dear life, squeezing them with all of the intensity that she could muster at this stage in the fight.  Cringing as she struggled to choke back her own screams, the brunette twisted the right tit again, repeatedly pushing and compressing the orb against the redhead’s chest as she corkscrewed it in her hand.  Cindy wailed loudly as her body was rocked to and fro – each successive attack seemed to have increasingly more effect on her until, finally, one last twist and shove pushed her over onto her back. 

Serena crawled forward from between Cindy’s splayed legs as she moved to secure her position atop the other girl.  Maintaining her squeezing hold on Cindy’s right tit, Serena pulled her right hand back and punched the redhead’s left breast.  Cindy’s anguished cry reverberated loudly off of the walls as the brunette’s fist drove inwards, flattening and molding the battered flesh around it.

“Still want to trade boob punches with me, bitch?” Serena screamed angrily at her foe, “Huh?  Do you?!”

The brunette punctuated her words with another pair of blows to the redhead’s left jug, bringing a fresh set of wails to her opponent’s lips.   It was clear that Cindy was starting to falter – though she was still hanging on to Serena’s breasts, her grip had weakened considerably.  Serena knew that she wasn’t doing much better, but her heart burned with a desire to make Cindy suffer and a determination to pay her back in spades for everything that her own chest had endured thus far.  Serena twisted the left orb again, causing the redhead to writhe in pain beneath her.  Reaching for the nipple, she gave that a harsh tweak as well – Cindy’s facial expression distorted as she cringed, but this was not yet the level of torment that the brunette wished to inflict.

Taking a secure grip on both of her opponent’s tits, Serena leaned back and yanked upwards on them as far as they would go.  Cindy arched her back as her breasts were wrenched forcefully, letting out what had to have been the loudest scream of the night. 
Serena felt Cindy’s hands finally disengage from her breasts and go for her wrists – the redhead frantically tried to free her chest from the brunette’s clutches, but her efforts were to no avail.  Serena clenched Cindy’s tits and yanked on them again, resulting in a tortured cry that unbelievably seemed even louder than the first.

The redhead wept piteously.  Her hands were still clasped around the brunette’s wrists, but she no longer had any resistance to offer.  Looking up at the other girl, Cindy seemed to be searching for any hint of compassion in Serena’s eyes.  Her lips parted as she spoke a single word: “P… Please…”

Serena answered by giving Cindy’s breasts another vicious pull.  The redhead dutifully screamed in anguish as the pain coursed through her entire body.

“Stop… Stop!” Cindy howled, “I submit!”

The brunette reacted to the redhead’s words by tightening her grip on her opponent’s tits.  Instead of relenting, she squeezed even harder and gouged her fingers in with the intent of further savaging the already badly ravaged flesh. 

“No… Please!  I gave up!” Cindy wailed, “I’m begging you… Please stop!”

“Whose tits are tougher now, slut?! ” Serena shouted back, ” Answer me!”

Both girls screamed and both girls cried, but they were now sharply divided by the feelings that fueled their fundamentally different vocalizations.   Serena resisted the urge to shuck off her gloves and really work the redhead’s tits over with her claws, but only barely.  Blinking back tears of rage as she continued to attack the other girl’s breasts, she could see the abject despair in Cindy’s eyes as they looked back up at her.  She had honestly harbored no animosity towards the redhead when they’d first met, but that was then – now, her actions were dictated solely by anger, jealousy, and jug-hate. 

Serena gave Cindy’s breasts another pair of upward pulls, jerking on them sharply and eliciting another set of hoarse screams from the beaten girl.  As the redhead’s grip on her wrists waned, Serena yanked her right hand free and began raining punches down on her opponent’s chest.  The brunette screamed with rage as she poured her remaining strength into these wild hacking blows, until she finally expended the last of her energy and collapsed atop of her foe. 

The conquering brunette lay still atop the conquered redhead.  Aside from the rise and fall of their torsos with each breath, neither girl stirred from their mutual repose.  Once alive with the echoes of loud shrieks and bitter recriminations, the penthouse had now fallen silent except for the sound of Cindy’s quiet sobbing and Serena’s whispered gloating.

“Look at you now… Your best wasn’t good enough against me, was it?”

“Y… You fucking bitch…”

“No.  Fuck you.  Your tits got wrecked tonight, you whore.”

Serena lost track of time as she rested on top of Cindy, but that didn’t bother her.  She savored the taste and scent of the redhead’s sweat as she nuzzled close to the other girl’s neck.  She relished the feeling of her triumphant breasts as they pressed against Cindy’s battered pair.  Most of all, with her ear next to Cindy’s mouth, she loved the up-close-and-personal sound of her rival’s whimpering and crying.  Cindy’s first defeat must’ve been just as devastating emotionally and psychologically as it had been physically – the knowledge that she had been the first to best the redhead made victory all the sweeter for Serena.  She wished that this euphoric feeling could last forever. 

Eventually, Serena found the energy to pull herself off of the floor.  She peeled off her satin gloves and went to retrieve her clothes, her gaze remaining fixed on her defeated opponent all the while as she slowly and gingerly got dressed.  Her breasts would ache for days, but that didn’t bother the brunette – the pain would serve as a proud reminder of what she’d accomplished here tonight. 

But before she left, there was one last item of business.

Cindy was still laying where Serena had left her.  Returning to the vanquished redhead, the brunette planted the heel of her shoe into the other girl’s chest and pressed down to get Cindy’s attention.  Whining in pain, Cindy’s face fell and she whimpered at what she saw when she looked up at the triumphant brunette towering over her.

Serena grinned in delight as she held her arm out and dangled Cindy’s red bra in her hand.

“This is coming home with me.”

The End

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