“Do You Give?” by Dradis

“Stop… Stop! Let go!”

Jennifer Ly’s words were the product of impulse and duress. Blurted out loudly in the heat of the moment and quickly radiating throughout the penthouse venue for all to hear, they were a clear conveyance of the physical anguish that she was in and were an equally unambiguous statement of her desire to be free from it. There was no way to take back what had been said; no means of undoing what had already been done; no recourse for the consequences that would soon follow in their wake.

The bosomy Asian’s eyes went wide and a dreadful gloom spread across her face. Right away, she recognized the grave import of the utterance and was horror-stricken to have heard it come out of her own mouth and in her own voice. Not in a million years could she have envisioned herself being in this position where she would be coerced into saying it. Never could she have believed that she would so freely be offering up this admission of how thoroughly screwed she was. But perhaps more ominous were her opponent’s gleaming eyes and growing smile – Jennifer recognized, ruefully, that the significance of her outburst was not lost on the other girl either.

“Do you give?”

Whitney Morgan’s rejoinder came in a saccharine, almost sing-songy tone. Jennifer was rankled to hear it, both by the substance of the question as well as the manner in which it was delivered. The momentary lapse in composure that had overcome her quickly receded as her visage hardened into a defiant glare, while her heart became filled once more with burgeoning rage and enmity for her opponent.

“You fucking bitch!” Jennifer roared back, “Go to hell!”

Before she could add anything further, Jennifer was cut off by the return of a sensation that had become all too familiar by this late juncture in the fight. Presently, the Asian beauty was seated on the carpeted floor with her back against the lower half of a sofa; sitting on her straddled across her lap was her opponent. Forcibly bereft of her top, her breasts had been taken into her opponent’s hands, which closed in and compressed on them like a malicious vice. A sudden tightening of those palms and fingers caused Jennifer’s hulking jugs to erupt into a fresh round of throbbing pain; her bravado and foul invective vanished instantly and were replaced by a tormented expression and loud screaming. Jennifer tugged wildly at Whitney’s wrists, but this brought her no relief from the tortuous squeezing of her tits. She thrashed and she squirmed but she could not get free from where she was in this loose pin beneath her foe’s weight. Thus trapped, Jennifer’s bad situation was about to become a whole lot worse.

This was not the way that things were supposed to be going tonight. After all, it was obvious to anybody that Jennifer was superior to Whitney by every conceivable measure. She had proven once already that she was tougher and stronger than the brunette, having come to blows with the other girl at a previous fight night. Whitney had talked a whole lot of shit and carried on with the most stuck-up of attitudes, but none of that did her any good once the fists started flying. Jennifer utterly trounced her in the end, capping off the brawl with a decisive knockout punch that sent the brunette crashing to the ground in a heap. Handing Whitney the humbling that she so badly deserved had been such a rush – the exhilaration Jennifer had felt in front of that crowd as she stood over her foe’s insensate form was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

Whitney should have learned her lesson from that; she should have just accepted that Jennifer was the better woman. But the brunette apparently couldn’t be satisfied with that outcome and instead started running her mouth again to try and get a proper rematch. What Whitney lacked in fortitude she clearly also lacked in brains, but that was her problem – if she was too stupid or too bitter to recognize her place, then Jennifer was more than happy to provide her with another reminder. Even just seeing the two of them side by side at the start of this fight should have put the matter to bed. Jennifer cut an attractive image in a sexy black bikini, one that had wowed the crowd as it magnificently showed off her 23 year-old physique of 5’5, 112 lbs, and jaw-dropping 34DD-25-35 measurements. Meanwhile, the 21 year-old Whitney barely made any impression on the audience in that plain-Jane orange bikini she was sporting, and it certainly did no favors for her much more pedestrian figure of 5’4, 110 lbs, and 34C-24-35. All in all, this should’ve been no contest.

And indeed, the fight thus far had been fairly one-sided. Just not in the way that Jennifer would have expected.

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t been trying to compete. Or that she simply had been letting her opponent act unopposed. But Whitney had come after her with remarkable dedication to her choice of targets – though this line of attack was single-minded, it also proved to be effective when pursued so doggedly. Before long, the Asian beauty simply found herself being overwhelmed.

Another harsh squeeze on her tits, exacerbated by a heartless twist on them, caused Jennifer to cringe as she suffered through it. By now, it was painfully clear to her that the only hope she had for getting free was to fight her way out – spurred into action, Jennifer released Whitney’s wrists and went for the other girl’s similarly bare breasts with the intent of repaying them for all of the abuse that her own had taken. Her actions worked insofar as forcing Whitney to let go, but the small victory lasted only for as long as it took the brunette to intercept the Asian’s hands and bat them out of the way. Moments later, Whitney came back down with her claws and slashed them across Jennifer’s tits from top all the way to bottom. Jennifer shrieked and clutched her boobs as they were seared by the harsh touch, but her hands were once again brushed aside as Whitney menacingly pressed her fingers in at the tops of the heavy orbs.

“Do you give?” the brunette again queried, chipper as ever.

“This isn’t over, slut,” the Asian snarled back with steadily rising fury, “You’ll pay… You’ll fucking pay…”

Jennifer felt the other girl’s nails start a second rake down her bosom, this time in a deliberately slow fashion that was meant to drag out the excruciating sensation for as long as possible. She let loose an anguished howl and grabbed frantically at Whitney’s wrists, but she could not stop the violent scratch from pillaging the full breadth of her chest. Whitney’s hands disengaged from the breasts and the left moved to press on Jennifer’s right shoulder, holding her upright against the sofa seat; the right hand meanwhile began to unload with a string of slaps to the left breast. Each crack of finger and palm against jug resounded emphatically, matched only in volume by the sharp shouts they extracted out of the Asian – falling upon Jennifer’s tits authoritatively and unopposed, these slaps made the brunette’s dominance feel all the more oppressive.

The strikes at last abated, and in the pause the incessant refrain returned: “Do you give?”

“No!” Jennifer shouted, unwilling to give her foe the satisfaction.

Whitney did not hesitate upon receiving this answer. Within moments of giving it, Jennifer felt the other girl’s fingers at her nipples, which swiftly thereafter began to be tortuously pinched and twisted. Jennifer once more let loose with horrific shrieks that were compelled out of her by this newest source of pain; again she pried desperately at her opponent’s hands, but to no avail. Whitney’s grasp soon migrated to her areolae, and as the fingers began to dig in, Jennifer’s voice rose to new terrible heights – she thrashed wildly and frantically beneath the other girl, but this too failed to end the depredations against her chest. All the while as the Asian suffered, the look being directed down at her by her brunette tormentress remained steadily fixed. Whitney was beaming with the brightest of smiles, while her eyes gleamed with an almost childlike quality to them – it was as if she was in wonderment of the harm that she was inflicting upon the Asian. In some strange way, this expression was maddening in ways that Jennifer could scarcely have imagined before.

The brunette’s grasp was tightening as the attack on the Asian’s nipples ramped up with determined pulling and tugging. Jennifer screamed as she began to writhe and buck beneath her foe like never before, and with a jerk of her entire body to twist herself to her left, she managed to wrench her chest free from her opponent’s grasp. But having gone from her seated spot to a half-prone one on her forearms and haunches, she was still far from being out of danger – this peril was soon even clearer as Whitney shifted positions as well. Seizing Jennifer by the hair and shoulder, Whitney shoved on them to force her face-down onto her stomach next to the sofa. From there, the brunette took up a new perch sitting astride the Asian’s back.

Jennifer felt Whitney’s left hand snake its way around her chin. She whined in protest as it tugged upwards, raising her upper body off of the floor. Held up against her will in this awkward manner, she was wide open as Whitney’s right hand now reached its way around and again went after her chest. Jennifer shrieked as her right breast was subjected to a new round of torture by her foe, being squeezed and gouged into by the brunette’s unrelenting grip. She struggled as she tried to wriggle her way free, but much like before she could not get out from beneath the other girl.

“Do you give?”

Jennifer’s response was unintelligible, for right as she opened her mouth to speak, the brunette’s nails dug deeper into her flesh and turned her would-be words into a garbled wail. There was little else that Jennifer could do but scream given the way in which she was presently captured – she could not push to gain any separation from her opponent at this angle, nor could she summon the strength needed to pry her breast free from her foe’s hand. In contrast, Whitney could hardly have asked for a better place to be in from which to continue working the Asian over – she had total ownership over Jennifer’s back and zero inclination to relinquish it anytime soon.

The brunette rose slightly to go up onto one knee, keeping herself straddled across either side of Jennifer’s body as she pulled further backwards on the Asian’s chin. With her upper body exposed even more, Jennifer screamed as the clawing and squeezing of the tit only seemed to intensify. Not having Whitney directly atop her granted Jennifer a small measure of freedom, and as fresh pain coursed through her senses, she instinctively reached out with her hands and tried to pull herself forward away from her foe. Whitney seemed content to allow this – rather than fight to keep Jennifer in place, she scooted along with the Asian as the latter made an arduous crawl down the length of the sofa.

It was not until the pair reached the sofa’s end that Whitney released Jennifer and climbed back up onto both feet. Jennifer moaned softly as she sank forward to the carpet and brought her hands to her mauled breast, but the break was not meant to last for very long. Whitney was soon upon her once again, tugging her off of the floor up to her knees and pressing her against the sofa’s side. It took the brunette a moment to get things just the way she wanted them, but eventually the Asian found herself being held upright by her positioning vis-à-vis the furniture piece. Ominously, Jennifer’s breasts had been laid out and draped atop of the sofa’s rigid and lightly-padded armrest.

Whitney again asked her question: “Do you give?”

Still coping with everything she had taken thus far, Jennifer did not answer this time. A few moments passed in silence as Whitney allowed ample opportunity for Jennifer to respond, but with nothing forthcoming the brunette moved to force the issue. Whitney suddenly dropped to her knees and came down slamming her forearm across the breadth of the Asian’s tits, compressing the already-battered jugs violently against the armrest. Jennifer screamed at the top of her lungs as her senses were flooded with the most overwhelming pain she could ever remember experiencing – instantly she recoiled and fell back down to the carpet, wracked with sobs as she cradled her beleaguered chest.

More than anything else right now, Jennifer needed a respite from further punishment. But if there was any hope that she might’ve seen the last of it, such notions would quickly be dispelled. Whitney stood back up and looked her over with a grin that, while pleasantly cheerful on the surface, boded nothing but ill news. Jennifer felt her wrists being seized as her hands were peeled away from her chest and her arms were extended outward from her body over her head – it was in this manner that Jennifer began to be pulled away from the sofa towards the center of the room’s fighting area. Dragged out onto the open carpet, her arms were released to the floor as Whitney briefly took hold of an ankle, rotating Jennifer’s body such that she was facing out towards the audience. Now in place just the way her foe wanted it, Jennifer felt Whitney kneel down on top of her shoulders facing her lower half, with her arms being pinned down by Whitney’s haunches and her head cradled into the lap of the other girl. The whole of Whitney’s intentions were suddenly very clear – Jennifer was being posed and put on display for the ravaging that was about to begin anew.

Jennifer felt the return of the brunette’s hands to her tits. A light touch would already have been unbearable enough, and this newest grip her foe applied was anything but gentle. Whitney clasped the hulking jugs and took as much of their mass as she could into her own greedy hands, squeezing hard on them and digging into them with her fingertips. Jennifer screamed as she tried to weather this latest round of abuse, only for her voice to crescendo sharply as her breasts were pulled upwards by a vehement tug. Jennifer bridged her body desperately and kicked her feet on the floor in front of her, but this was just wild flailing – nowhere near enough to dislodge her immovable foe. Wrenching up on the pendulous orbs and then allowing her hold on them to slacken, Whitney mashed them back and forth against Jennifer’s ribcage before powering into another vicious yank.

“Do you give?”

Jennifer was utterly beside herself as her breasts were stretched to their limits. No thought was given to maintaining her composure as she responded to the brunette, not with words, but with a deafening wail. The floodgates seemed to open as this encouraged Whitney to pile on with one successive tug after another, each eliciting its own agonizing vocalization in turn. And yet despite being reduced to tears by the time Whitney finally let go of her tits and released her from the pin, Jennifer had somehow been able to hold out and deny the brunette the verbal submission that was being so persistently sought. Even as she lay on the carpet weeping openly and piteously, Jennifer had managed to persevere through the greatest of willpower in order to stay in the fight. But that fight was still not yet over.

As Whitney slid off of Jennifer’s shoulders, she maneuvered her way over to a new position next to Jennifer’s side, and from there she then reached underneath to wrap her arms behind the Asian’s back. Jennifer could not prevent herself from being hauled off of the floor to her knees where she was placed face to face with her foe – after a few seconds of adjustment by the other girl, Jennifer felt the brunette’s hands knot together behind her as the arms that surrounded her began to constrict into a tight bearhug. This clasp that Whitney had on her was situated between her shoulder blades – high up by bearhug standards, but doing it this way meant that the full compressive force of the hold was being focused straight into her chest.

Jennifer cringed as she felt the grind of the brunette’s tits into her own. Contact between them was continuous and brought with it an ever-increasing amount of discomfort as Whitney’s relatively unblemished pair mashed against her own ravaged set and as Whitney’s hardened nipples drove into her flesh like sharp spear points. Jennifer rocked her torso back and forth as she tried to wrest herself free from her opponent’s embrace, but a firm squeeze achingly halted her in her tracks. Whitney lined their chests back up the way she wanted it and diligently resumed working the hug, which began to relax and then promptly tense back up at a brisk rate. Each pulse of the brunette’s arms seemed to be even stronger than the one that had preceded it, and each after the other compelled out a guttural groan from the Asian’s lips as the two sets of breasts were thrust together again and again and again.

It was then that the truly unthinkable occurred.

Jennifer’s DDs yielded and began to give way to Whitney’s Cs. Their collapse under the relentless strain came abruptly – with one final quiver of flesh, the hulking jugs caved in and started to mushroom out around the smaller orbs that were pushing into them. This was without a doubt the most awful sensation that Jennifer had ever experienced. Any other place or time, and Whitney’s chest wouldn’t have been able to hold a candle against hers; here and now though, it was the brunette’s rack that was subjugating her own. Jennifer lowered her gaze to witness what she had already felt transpiring and her heart sank as she watched her tits, bereft of their firmness, get flattened by those of her foe.

“Please…” Jennifer wept softly, “I give… I give…”

Whitney squealed with delight as she released the bearhug and allowed Jennifer to slump to her back. Standing up tall and proud, the brunette planted her foot onto the Asian’s devastated bosom and struck an triumphant pose.

“See?! Was that really so hard?”

Jennifer whimpered, finally brought to heel. Whitney had no idea…

The End

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