Work and Shoot by Dradis

The perfect body.

The perfect pose.

The perfect smile.

Basking in the glow of soft lights, Haley Monroe beamed proudly as the camera flashed and its shutter snapped in front of her, capturing every glorious detail of her physical form in that singular moment.  She adjusted her body’s position and her facial expression with each new picture that was taken, adding an enticing bit of nuance to each one.  Some people may have found the minor variations and repeated shots to be tedious, but Haley was not one of them.  On the contrary, each new pose was its own unique opportunity for her to be at the center of attention, and she relished that feeling like no other.

As a bikini model, Haley certainly didn’t need to be told that she was good-looking.  Simply being a cut above the rest or just eking out a living wasn’t good enough for her, though – her personality demanded that she be the best at what she did, and she had worked hard to see her dreams come to fruition.  Basing herself out of Las Vegas meant that the bar had been set high, given that it was a competitive environment and certainly had no shortage of pretty girls.  Haley not only managed to rise above the rest, but she was positively thriving here, which spoke volumes about her beauty and strong determination to succeed.  Every shoot and every job she did served to both reinforce the notion that she was at the top of her game, as well as remind her of what it took to excel at what she did.  As 5’6 and 115 lbs, with a curvy 36D-24-36 figure and platinum blonde hair, the 28-year-old Haley managed to effortlessly stand out in a way that most women could only hope for.

Physical gifts, however, were not the sole driver behind the blonde’s professional achievements.

Haley was a major player in the West Coast apartment wrestling scene, and had been fighting for just about as long as she had been modeling – the two careers had grown alongside each other and become so intertwined over the years that having one without the other seemed unthinkable at this point.  Stepping out onto the carpet that first time to face another girl in combat may have seemed like a very impulsive thing to do, but Haley hadn’t regretted the decision even a single day in the more than half-decade that she’d been doing it.  Triumphs and victories opened avenues to more lucrative jobs, whereas a good photoshoot could easily pave the way for higher-profile matches and opponents – success begets success, and Haley loved proving to her competition that she was more successful than they were.

Today’s gig had come her way through a series of favorable turns after her most recent match.  The impressive outing had managed to catch the eye of an executive at a major MMA promotion, and with a few introductions and some congenial charm, Haley capitalized on the opportunity to parlay it into a guest stint as a ring girl for several PPVs.  The marketing campaign conceived to go along with this was a series of pictorials that would feature the company’s ring girls demonstrating how to execute a variety of MMA holds – it was a simple premise, yet surely would prove to be extremely popular.  Meticulous thought had been given to the image that they were trying to present – by setting up a ring in a casino ballroom, they hoped to create a luxurious and elegant backdrop for their talent.  Given the nature of her two affinities, Haley almost couldn’t have asked for anything better than this.


“Wonderful, Hay.  Look up at me like you know she’s going to tap.”

The photographer for this shoot was one Paige Eckhart, a tall and rather striking brunette in her 40s.  She and Haley were presently facing each other, the former kneeling on the canvas as she stared intently through the camera’s lens at the latter’s semi-prostrate form.  The blonde did as she was instructed and flashed the brightest and most self-assured grin in her arsenal.  However, the unvarnished truth was far too subtle for the camera to detect: despite the cheerful veneer, Haley had very little to actually be happy about.  Quite the opposite, in fact – what should have been a pleasant experience was instead an ordeal that tested the limits of Haley’s patience and fake civility.  In this particular case, the source of Haley’s ire had a name and a face, and today she was doing an excellent job of pushing the blonde’s buttons.  Try as she might, Haley knew that things would be coming to a head sooner rather than later.

By all accounts, Ari Canizales was the perfect fit for Haley as a visual pairing.  The 23-year-old brunette had a very similar body, standing 5’5, weighing 110 lbs, and measuring a gorgeous 34C-24-33.  The contrast between Haley’s all-American look and Ari’s exotic appearance worked like magic when they were side-by-side or in front of a camera, but their chemistry did not carry over to their interpersonal relations, which had been toxic almost from the start.  Haley was no stranger to jealous looks from other women, but the contempt she saw in Ari’s eyes suggested something more than what she typically encountered.  The brunette had only been with the promotion for about two years, but she was young and clearly very ambitious – every interaction Haley had with her made it clear that Ari had no interest in sharing the spotlight or playing second fiddle to her.  Of course, Haley might have been reading into things too much – considering the numerous glances that Ari made at the blonde’s larger chest, it could just as easily be the case that she disliked being overshadowed when it came to physical endowments.

If asked point-blank how she truly felt about the blonde, Ari would likely say that Haley was arrogant and obnoxious – accusations that Haley would certainly level straight back at the other woman.  Haley hated Ari’s attitude, her condescension, and the way she always seemed to worm her three-quarters Mexican and one-quarter Filipino heritage into every conversation she had with a slack-jawed male admirer – as if anyone actually gave a crap about that!

Haley and Ari had spent the better part of the morning in the ring together – the former looking magnificent in a red string bikini with her platinum locks tied in a low ponytail, while the latter wore a matching black number and had her luscious brown hair loose.  The hold presently on display was a top wristlock, sometimes also referred to as an americana, a keylock, or colloquially called a kimura.  Haley was straddling Ari’s waist, leaning over to her right as her upper body lay prone atop the brunette’s supine position.  Both of her arms were ensnared around Ari’s left, simultaneously immobilizing it and creating a figure-four configuration with her own.  From there, Haley could leverage her arms and create enough pain and pressure on the joints to force a tapout, or theoretically dislocate Ari’s shoulder with a sufficient amount of force.

From the periphery of her vision, the blonde could see the look of distress on Ari’s face – feigned, to be sure, as Haley pretended to work the arm over.  Ari’s expression was a mixture of fear and plaintiveness, aimed in a way that seemed to be pleading for the observer to intercede on her behalf, and it was cast masterfully in a way that would drive anyone wild at the sight of it.  Haley, however, was not impressed – she could tell that there was a certain vividness that seemed to be lacking from Air’s pose.

Paige seemed to agree.  “You’re doing great, Ari… Now show me some more…”

Taking her own initiative, Haley shifted her position and cranked the arm, applying pressure to Ari’s captive limb for real.  The brunette’s body responded immediately as she cringed and writhed in pain, and she bit her lip as she tried to hide the extent of her suffering.  She couldn’t hold out forever though, and soon Haley felt the subtle rasp of Ari’s fingertips on her lower thigh as the brunette was forced to tap out.

Haley maintained her appearance for the camera all throughout Ari’s struggling, smiling prettily while she kept the pressure on for a second or two longer than she really needed to.  Deep down, she savored the torment she was inflicting upon the other woman, and it fueled her sense of dominance in the current pose.  Glancing down again, Haley could see Ari returning an angry look, which she relished just as much.  Yes, it was true that this kind of “enforced method acting” was a highly unprofessional thing to do, but as far as Haley was concerned, there wasn’t a more miserable person in the world who deserved it more than Ari.  The two had been engaging in this little contest all morning long, needling and aggravating each other while they were locked up.  The intensity and brazenness of their efforts had been steadily climbing as both sought to make the other lose her cool – Haley was convinced that Ari had been close to snapping that last time, but the brief flicker of rage in the brunette’s eyes as they exchanged glances made it clear that she was far from conceding.

The next move for these two would be an armbar.  As with the pervious hold, they once again set up in a mount position, but this time it was the brunette who was seated on top of the blonde.  Taking hold of Haley’s arm, Ari would transition into a cross-body orientation so that she was lying perpendicular with her legs draped across the blonde’s upper torso while simultaneously keeping said arm trapped in between her thighs.  With their bodies arranged in this manner, Ari would be free to hyperextend the elbow and exert painful force on the joint until Haley tapped.

Playing her part, Haley extended both of her arms upwards towards her attacker.  The facial expression that she put on was a mask of concentration, which would shift to surprise, then panic, and lastly anguish as they went through the motions.  The blonde’s palms and fingers pressed against the blonde’s upper torso, with the heels of her hands just barely grazing against the top of the other woman’s bosom.  Ari took hold of her wrists as the two of them pantomimed a fierce struggle for control, but their eyes required no acting as they locked onto each other with venomous looks that only hatred was capable of inspiring.

The two held this position for about a minute, making small shifts for the camera as Paige took her shots.  However, Haley felt Ari’s hands begin to tighten their grip, and in one deft motion she simultaneously thrust the blonde’s hands down to the canvas while bringing her chest down to the other woman’s head.  Haley squealed as she suddenly found Ari’s breasts being pressed into her face – this unwanted touch was made all the more insufferable when she realized that the other girl’s more-than-modestly-sized boobs were denying her air.  The blonde thrashed wildly as she tried to unseat the brunette or simply create enough room to turn her head to the side, but that simple task was much easier said than done.  Ari was milking the smother for all it was worth as she thrust and ground her tits into Haley’s face – she’d probably keep this up forever if it were up to her.

Haley was starting to feel the burn of oxygen deprivation nipping at her lungs.  Fighting furiously for release, she managed to tear her right arm free from Ari’s clutches.  Bringing it up to the brunette’s throat, she bucked hard and twisted them onto their sides.  Haley shoved and kicked Ari away from her, bringing the other woman’s open display of insolence to a close.

Ari had arguably been the one to break and cross the line first, but that fact was lost on Haley as she roiled with near-uncontrollable rage.  She had barely begun to catch her breath, but she was already rising to her feet to confront the upstart brunette.

“You little bitch.  What the hell was that!” Haley seethed.

Ari didn’t give an inch as she likewise stood to meet her accuser.  “Don’t like that, do you?  Still feel like playing games with me?”

“I’m going to slap that smugness right out of your mouth…”

“You think you’re all that, don’t you?” Ari continued, “But you’re just another dumb slut with an oversized rack.  Flaunt it all you like.  See what good it does you in the end…”

Coming closer with hostile intent as she spoke, Ari punctuated her words by jabbing her index finger into the blonde’s bust.  It was this last impertinent act that finally made Haley boil over – she was just moments away from raising her hand in anger against the brunette when Paige finally interceded to restore order.

“Hey.  “HEY!” the older woman shouted.  All those within earshot were brought to a halt as her voice carried authoritatively across the room.  Paige paused to cast her gaze around the ring’s environs before continuing: “Everyone take fifteen.  Clear the room.”

It took only a second for the photoshoot crew to stir as they began to file out of the ballroom, leaving the models and the photographer to confer in private.  Though they had been pulled back from the brink of immediately coming to blows, Haley and Ari both continued to stew silently as they waited for the others to leave.  The peace was broken the instant that they were alone and behind closed doors.

“You’re going to pay for that,” Haley fumed.

“What,” Ari immediately retorted, “Are you going to shake your jugs at me until I submit?”

“Ladies.  Let’s please not escalate this any further,” Paige interjected as she continued to try and reduce the tension in the air.

Haley was in no mood to offer any olive branches.  She stepped forward into Ari’s personal space, close enough that her chest grazed against the other woman’s.  Ari glanced down reflexively as the comparison between the blonde’s pair and her own was laid out for her in stark detail.  Haley’s eyes sought out the brunette’s as the other woman looked back up, and she smirked knowingly – Ari’s face turning red with rage acknowledged that the blonde had scored a direct hit.

“Have you learned your place, now that you see that you can’t compete with me?” Haley asked as she continued to twist the knife, “Or are you still too stupid to have figured that out yet?”

The brunette’s answer to that was cold and straight-forward as she hissed it back.  “When this job is over, we’re going to have it out.  I’m going to destroy you.”

Ari shoved Haley back by her shoulders.  Turning away, she stepped out through the ropes and climbed down the ring steps to the floor.  Pausing a moment to retrieve her robe and slip it on, she continued out of the room in a huff, unwilling to tolerate being in Haley’s presence any longer.  The two remaining women were silent as they watched her go, but the blonde finally spoke once Ari was out of earshot.

“I’m going to have to do something about her,” Haley balefully observed.

Paige cocked an eyebrow as she glanced over at the younger woman.  “Are you sure that’s… wise?”

A brief glimmer of incredulity quickly crossed Haley’s face as she reacted to Paige’s query.  “I think it’s necessary,” she answered, “You heard her.  She’s obviously not going to leave well enough alone.”

“I’m just asking if that’s the best course of action.  If you let this one go-”

“Then she walks away knowing that she got away with it.  Other girls need to know that they can’t just pick a fight with me.  It’s time I reminded everyone why that’s the case.”

Paige still seemed hesitant, but finally appeared to acquiesce.  “Let me go talk to her.  I’ll see what I can come up with.”

The older woman was the last to take her leave as she went off to find Ari and make the necessary arrangements.  Despite Paige’s outward trepidation, she was no stranger to the ins and outs of the fighting world.  Like Haley, she knew that impromptu contests were not the way that things were supposed to be done.  However, she also knew that sometimes two girls had to settle the pecking order for themselves, no matter the circumstances.  Thus, with a little bit of facilitation, Haley’s conflict with Ari would come to its natural conclusion.  Now alone to contemplate her next moves, the blonde’s thoughts turned towards her newest enemy.

Paige would not need to dangle any incentives or apply much saleswomanship to get Ari on board.  Haley was convinced that Ari wasn’t going to back down – indeed, the young brunette would likely agree to any terms just for the opportunity to get her hands on the blonde.  Of course, Haley doubted that Ari truly had any idea of what she was getting herself into.  A pretty face and a boatload of bluster could make a match, but neither of those would be of much use once they got into the thick of things.  The brunette’s enthusiasm for a confrontation would surely wane as she became bogged down in one debilitating wrestling hold after another – Haley was already beginning to count all of the different tools she had at her disposal to break Ari’s spirit and body.

Yes, she was going to make an example out of Ari.  A faint smile crept across Haley’s face, as she was sure that it would be a lesson that no one would ever forget.

* * * *

12 hours passed, and the light of day crossed over into the dead of night.  The ballroom had been vacant for some time, devoid of the bustling human activity that had characterized it earlier.  It had grown dark and still through the evening, but it was now coming back to life as a single light centered above the ring came on; the emptiness likewise came to an end as a trio returned to make this place into their ad hoc arena.

It seemed fitting to Haley that she and her adversary would settle things in the same ring where their mutual animosity had come to a head.  There was no audience here to admire the blonde’s beauty or her handiwork in person, and the only account of the fight would come after the fact.  For Haley, that was a small price to pay – putting this upstart in her place was something that demanded her immediate attention.

Ari and Paige were already waiting for her as she climbed the ring steps and slipped through the ropes.  Apropos of their earlier altercation, both Haley and Ari had returned in the same red and black bikinis that they had respectively worn for the morning photoshoot.  The two models looked each other over with hostile and disdainful eyes as their posturing picked up almost right where it left off.  All of the jealousy, the verbal jabs, the slights, and the petting bickering had been building to this – the blonde and brunette put together were like a seething cauldron that was about to boil over into explosive combat.  Ari glared death at the blonde as she swaggered towards midring, and Haley reciprocated the look as she approached from the opposite corner.

“Are you sure you two want to go through with this?” Paige asked.  She had agreed to act as witness to the fight, camera in hand.  Nonetheless, she still had to act as the voice of reason – even if she already knew the answer to her own question.

Ari responded first, but her reply was directed squarely at the blonde instead of the other brunette.  “You fucking bitch.  I’m going to enjoy fucking you up here tonight.”

“Shut up, whore,” Haley angrily shot back, “You’ve had this coming for a long time.  I’m going to make you beg when this is all over.”

The two combatants began to circle each other as the distance between them closed.  Haley shifted towards a low crouch as she surveyed her opponent, looking for an opening to lunge in.  Ari remained more upright in comparison – for all of her eagerness to fight, the brunette seemed carelessly dismissive of the threat in front of her.  Haley had come to expect that contemptuous attitude from her though – the little bitch didn’t even have the slightest clue of the thrashing that she was about to receive.  Haley felt a rush fill her as their lock up was imminent – the tension and animosity between the two women had finally reached its peak and was about to break…

Ari made the first move.  Pouncing in the blink of an eye, she quickly secured a tight two-fisted grip on the blonde’s platinum locks and began tugging violently.

“Really, bitch?  You’re going to pull my hair?!” Haley screeched as she reflexively grabbed Ari’s wrists.

Ari’s reply was not verbal; instead, she used her hair hold to pull forward on the blonde’s head and shake it back and forth.  Haley stumbled as she tried to keep her footing, while at the same time resisting the urge to pay the brunette back in kind.  In the background, she could hear Paige’s camera start snap as the older woman began to document the fight’s events.  Grunting as she was jerked off balance for just a moment, Haley reached out and managed to snag an arm around Ari’s neck – it was a small opening, but it proved to be all that she needed as she tightened her hold and pulled the brunette’s head in close to her chest for a side headlock.

The fight for positioning changed in tenor as Haley asserted herself in this new configuration.  Clenching her hands together in a tight S-grip, she squeezed and pushed down on Ari’s head with her arms, forcing the other woman to double over.  Ari let out a half-growl, half-whine as she struggled vainly to escape – lacking leverage and no longer able to seriously pull at the blonde’s hair, she could do little beyond wrapping one of her own arms around Haley’s neck while the other pawed ineffectually at her arm.  The two combatants shoved at each other with their hips and torsos for more than a full minute as their stumbling and unfriendly dance continued in the ring’s center.

Haley pivoted on her feet and gave Ari’s head a sharp sideways jerk, tugging the brunette off-balance.  The sound of her opponent’s squealing and the feeling of her grip tightening on her own wrists brought a smile to the blonde’s face.  Her confidence grew as she held her quarry tight – this was the first of many good poses for Paige’s camera, and she wanted to look dominant for each and every one of them.  Standing tall for the photographer, Haley gave Ari another mean-spirited tug as the older woman took another shot of the action.

“You fucking bitch,” Air hissed through clenched teeth, “Let go!”

Haley’s answer struck an imperious and condescending tone: “Make me.”

After tugging on the brunette’s head one more time, the blonde abruptly reversed course and began trying to force her opponent down to the canvas.  The two women grunted and growled as they poured their energy into this battle of strength, but it was Haley who held the upper hand in their current posture.  Ari’s legs gradually buckled under the strain until she was at last forced down to one knee – Haley immediately surged forward and pushed the two of them the rest of the way down to the canvas.  The blonde moved quickly to try and secure her advantage – she kept the headlock in place as she maneuvered the brunette onto her back and wriggled forward, attempting to establish a new position on top of the other woman.

Suddenly, Ari’s arms disengaged themselves from the blonde’s body.  Her hands quickly darted back out and went straight for Haley’s chest, pulling aside the cups of her bikini top to expose her large breasts.  Haley was caught off guard by this new development, but surprise rapidly gave way to anguish as Ari began to squeeze the ample flesh in her palms and claw it with her sharp nails.  Both Haley’s headlock and any notion of immediately exerting her superiority were forgotten as she screamed aloud and grabbed frantically at Ari’s wrists.

“You whore!” Haley shrieked, “Let go of me!”

“How ‘bout it, Big Tits,” Ari taunted with a pompous smirk on her face, “Who wants who to let go now?”

Ari used her handholds to push the blonde off of her, and the two were now lying entangled with each other on their sides.  Haley struggled to stay focused as her chest was subjected to the brunette’s wicked depredations.  She could feel the pressure on her breasts increasing as Ari squeezed harder with her hands; meanwhile, their legs were simultaneously engaged in their own grappling duel as both women vied to take a more dominant position.  Try as she might, Haley couldn’t pry herself free from Ari’s clutches – instead, she reached out with one hand and tried to force Ari back by pushing at her chin.  The brunette scowled at this new discomfort, but it did nothing to diminish her zeal as she continued to vie with the blonde for supremacy on the mat.

Haley felt the crushing strain on one of her breasts cease as Ari’s hand pulled away.  She soon felt that hand again as it smacked into her face.  The sting of the slap stunned Haley only briefly, but it was enough of an opening for Ari to tug backwards on the blonde’s hair and shove her onto her back.  The brunette moved in on top of her in the same fluid motion, and before she could do anything about it, Haley once again found herself face-to-face with Ari’s breasts as she became ensnared in the embrace of another jug smother.

The blonde immediately squirmed and thrashed as she tried to muscle her way free, but unlike before, Ari had now wrapped up her head with both arms, holding her snugly in place against brunette décolletage.  Haley shrieked upon discovering that she was trapped, but her cries were muffled by the firm orbs being pressed against her nose and mouth.  Ari was applying the smother in earnest this time, really mashing down with her chest as she sought to extinguish the breath in the blonde’s lungs – Haley pushed fervently at her opponent’s arms and flanks, but that seemed to have the opposite effect as Ari hugged her up even more tightly than before.

The blonde could feel her mind starting to race as her air supply dwindled.  But, just as her avenues of escape were seemingly cut off, Ari abruptly relented and released her from the suffocating hold.  Rising up up to a seated position, the brunette cupped the dimples of Haley’s cheeks with her fingers and gave the blonde’s head a mean-spirited shake back and forth.

“Don’t you dare pass out on me,” Air taunted, “I’m not done with you yet, bitch.”

Haley rudely shoved Ari back and pulled herself up onto her haunches.  Though the smother-induced grogginess hampered her thoughts, she nonetheless glared burning hot death back at her foe.

“I’m gonna rip ‘em off,” she answered bitterly.

Ari didn’t need any further prompting.  The threat was barely out of Haley’s mouth when the brunette pounced on her and shoved her back down to the canvas.  Ari’s hands found their way back to her breasts, and she was quickly reintroduced to their painful touch as they curled tight and began to squeeze again.  The palms were centered on Haley’s nipples as they crushed, while the fingers and nails dug into the curvaceous edges of the large orbs – such a grip was remarkably skilled in its execution, and the punishment it inflicted immediately caused Haley to cringe and groan as she writhed beneath Ari.

As the physical torment began to intensify, the blonde knew that she couldn’t afford to continue taking this lying down.  She resisted the urge to act defensively and instead reached up for Ari’s chest, pulling down on the cups of her bikini top to release the brunette’s tits from their confines.  Haley struggled to choke back a cry as the vise-like grip on her own breasts intensified, but she managed to suppress the pain long enough to seize Ari’s boobs and start paying her back in kind.

Squeezing the brunette’s tits had an immediate effect.  The blonde’s spirits lifted for a brief second as Ari’s face contorted and her voice rang out in the form of a girlish, plaintive squeal.  However, this did not achieve the goal that she ultimately wanted – on the contrary, Ari responded almost reflexively by squeezing her tits even harder as the two women now furiously went after each other’s chests.  The brunette’s eyes flickered again as they regained their malicious glint – she pushed down on the blonde’s breasts and twisted them violently clockwise and counterclockwise, garnering a new scream of anguish.  Despite the pain, Haley refused to let go of Ari’s tits – she had no intention of yielding that easily.  Fighting hard to tear the other woman from her perch, she yanked and wrenched on the boobs in return, causing the brunette’s voice to join her own in a duet of groans and wails.

The intense jug-pride at stake in this contest was now on full display.  In the background, Paige’s camera was shooting at a frenetic rate, striving to capture every minute swing and shift of the battle in hi-res detail.  Ari released Haley’s left breast and gave its nipple a hard pinch that produced a sharp squeal of pain, but the advantage gained was fleeting as Haley again tugged forcefully on Ari’s tits.  The brunette answered swiftly with a slap that cracked loudly as it made contact with the blonde’s left boob, and Haley winced as two more slaps landed in quick succession.  The blows caused the blonde’s attack to falter for a brief second, but it was a window that the brunette was well-poised to exploit.  Reaching down for Haley’s breasts, Ari grabbed them securely and reared back, yanking upwards on them as hard as she could.  Haley arched her back and screamed at the top of her lungs as she instantly released Ari’s pair and grabbed her foe’s wrists in a desperate bid to pry the brunette’s hands from her chest.

The pain had barely subsided when Ari’s sneering voice returned to harass the blonde.  “Not so tough,” she wickedly crowed.

“Get the hell off my tits, you bitch!” Haley shouted back.

The blonde did not get to dwell on either side of the verbal exchange for very long.  Her breasts were subjected to another harsh pull that sent another wave of excruciating sensations through her chest and caused her to cry out hoarsely.  Frustration and anguish were both palpable in her voice, and her suffering only seemed to goad the brunette that much more.  Haley hated the thought of conceding anything to her loathsome opponent, but it was also becoming clear that this particular type of contest was not playing to her strengths.  She reached up and, against all odds, managed to get her hands on Ari’s dark locks – one sharp tug later and Ari was tugged screeching off of her to the canvas.

The brunette roared defiantly as she fought to reassert herself.  Her left hand remained firmly affixed as it continued to squeeze Haley’s right boob, while her right hand found its way back to Haley’s flaxen hair.  The blonde grit her teeth as she continued to yank Ari’s hair in return with her left hand, while her right pulled at the brunette’s left wrist.  The two were a writhing tangle of bodies and limbs as they battled on the mat and each tried to claim the top position as their own.  Ari’s claw-grip on Haley’s breast gave her an edge as she tore at it wickedly, and this advantage tipped the balance in her favor as she again maneuvered Haley onto her back.

Despite both the pain in her chest and once again finding herself trapped beneath the brunette, Haley remained undaunted.  As the brunette rolled on top of her again, she slid her legs up past Ari’s hips and clamped them around both sides of her waist.  Haley locked her ankles together and straightened her legs out as she compressed Ari’s midsection with her thighs – the results were instantaneous as Ari threw her head back and groaned in anguish.

The winning smile was gradually returning to Haley’s face as she savored the tortured look that had been seared violently into Ari’s expression.  “Take the picture,” she commanded Paige, “Let’s make sure everyone gets a chance to see this tramp like this!”

Ari slid back onto her haunches as she tried to push Haley’s legs apart, but she found the blonde’s leggy vise to be immovable.  Haley loved the way Ari’s face pinched up as she suffered and strained for release, and it was encouraging to hear Paige’s camera capture the moment in all its exquisite detail.  Propping herself up first on her elbows and then her fully-extended arms, she pushed on the mat with her hands and lifted her pelvis off the canvas as she powered another crunching convulsion through her taut muscles.  Ari grimaced and whined as she beat her fists on the blonde’s thighs, but they may as well have been steel cables for all of the good that did her.

Haley briefly relaxed her legs before cinching up her scissors again with a new pulse of strength.  She poured as much pressure as she could into her thighs and luxuriated in the loud wails that she was able to create with them.  There was a growing look of panic in Ari’s eyes – no matter how hard she pushed at Haley’s legs or squirmed between them, there seemed to be no way that she could wrestle her way to freedom.  But, with the two combatants in their present orientation, the brunette was not without options.  Ari reached forward and took Haley’s bikini top strap in her left hand; her right hand followed moments later, carrying with it all of the force and pent-up rage that the brunette could put into a single punch as it thrust out on a direct trajectory for the blonde’s left tit.

Haley wailed to the high heavens as her chest was nuked by Ari’s fist.  Her arms buckled immediately and she collapsed back down to the canvas, while the power in her leg scissors evaporated almost as quickly.  The throbbing ache had barely begun to subside when she felt Ari’s fingers return to her breasts, near the top where they met her chest – this was followed moments later by a sharp, searing sensation as the brunette’s nails dug in and dragged down the entire length of her heavy orbs.  The ensuing scream torn from Haley’s lips by this slow, vicious rake was almost unfathomable in its volume – she was blinded by intense agony and withdrew her hands to cradle her savaged breasts.

Ari did not tarry for long as she peeled Haley’s left arm away from her body and pinned it to the mat.  In her present state, the blonde was slow to appreciate the fact that the brunette was coiling her own arms around the extended limb, but this was soon brought to her attention as her shoulder erupted in sharp pain.  Ari had adroitly recreated the wristlock from their photoshoot earlier in the day and was now demonstrating its effectiveness as she contorted Haley’s body in ways that it wasn’t meant to go.  Haley grimaced as she struggled beneath her foe, but there wasn’t much she could do to alleviate the strain with the little wiggle room that she had.

Curiously, the wristlock was sunk in forcefully enough to inflict suffering, but fell short of what it would take to extract a submission.  The reason for this soon became clear to Haley as she heard Paige start to take pictures at an accelerated pace.  Quick jolts of pressure began to afflict her arm, each one intended to draw out a new portrait of anguish as Ari put her on display like a human trophy.  Indeed, the brunette’s attention turned to the older woman’s camera as she luxuriated in dramatic pose on top of her quarry.  With Ari’s body atop hers at a slight angle, Haley couldn’t get sufficient leverage to do anything meaningful with her free right hand, nor could she dislodge the brunette from pinning her down.  The latest crank of her arm resulted in a full-throated shriek, and this combined with her futile escape efforts to make Ari seem all the more dominant.

The brunette’s arms abruptly unwound themselves as she straightened herself out atop the blonde.  Haley squealed as Ari quickly slid forward and shoved her down for another breast smother – the blonde’s voice became noticeably less audible as Ari’s flesh molded itself against the contours of her face.  As before, Haley’s first reaction was to try and push her way free, but she could make no headway with these desperate thrusts.  In contrast, the tight seal of Ari’s jugs against her breathing passages was wondrously successful at denying her air. 

Haley tried to turn her head, but she couldn’t do so with Ari’s arms wrapped tightly around it; she tried to plant her feet and bridge upwards, but couldn’t find the purchase necessary from the canvas.  As time wore on and seconds became a full minute, she could feel herself starting to drift out and grow weaker as oxygen deprivation snuffed out her capacity to resist.  There was nothing she could do but succumb as darkness overtook her.

Once again, the end of the smother came when Ari released it of her own volition.  Haley remained lying on the canvas as the brunette rose up off of her – her thoughts were hazy and she struggled to retake control of her tired body as her lungs filled with the air that had previously been denied to them.  Recovery time was not a luxury she would be afforded, however – she had just barely begun to regain her bearings when Ari took two handfuls of her hair and hauled her up to her feet.

Haley stumbled on shaky legs like a newborn fawn as she was forcefully marched into a nearby corner.  She felt her back being pressed up against the turnbuckle while her arms were draped over the top rope, leaving her both upright and wide open for further harm.  Ari’s hands pawed at the knots of her bikini top, undoing them daintily before tearing the now-useless garment from the blonde’s body.  Haley’s vision focused long enough to observe that Ari had discarded her own top, as well as to catch sight of the brunette’s forearm as it came crashing down across the top of her breasts.  She wailed loudly as her proud chest once again took the brunt of her opponent’s ire.

“I thought you were going to rip my tits off,” Ari taunted, “What happened?”

The brunette kept her right arm pressed against Haley’s collar while her left hand returned to the blonde’s right breast with renewed squeezing and clawing.  The attack added extra weight to Ari’s words, and Haley could do little in her weakened state other than shriek and squirm in her opponent’s grasp.  Releasing the orb, Ari pounded Haley’s breadbasket with a left hook, which caused her to blurt out in pain.  The blonde’s head hung down as she gasped for breath, but Ari quickly grabbed her by her hair and yanked her back up to eye level.

“Look at me, slut,” Ari demanded, “Say that you give, tell me I’m better, and I’ll finish you quickly.”

“Fuck you,” Haley growled back.

“Wrong answer.”

The blonde’s voice rang out again with another anguished cry as the brunette’s fingers pinched and twisted her right nipple with a hitherto unseen spitefulness.  Desperate for relief, Haley reached out for Ari’s tits and attacked them in return – for all that she’d suffered, it was immensely satisfying to watch Ari’s face distort with pain as she was paid back in kind.  A sudden wrench on the brunette’s breasts caused a brief flicker of distress to flash across her face, an encouraging sight for Haley as she tried to fight her way free.  But as she managed to push her way off of the turnbuckle, Ari quickly pulled herself in close and shoved her knee up into the space in between the blonde’s legs.

Haley’s face blanched as the effects of the low blow registered immediately.  Pain and paralysis spread quickly throughout her body, and all of her strength seemed to evaporate in that instant.  Eased back into the corner, she was helpless as Ari drove another hardhearted knee into her womanhood, this one bringing out the loudest scream of the night thus far.  Haley blubbered and started to slump down towards the canvas, but her descent was interrupted as the brunette’s arms encircled her head and pulled it into the waiting embrace of opposing cleavage.  One of Ari’s hands cradled the back of Haley’s skull while the opposing arm looped around her neck, and the blonde thus found herself caught in the thrall of yet another smother.

There was no way out of this cushy prison.  The blonde’s body was now being pushed against the turnbuckle, while her face was held tight against her opponent’s bosom.  Ari was clearly taking great delight from this jug-on-face contact and pulled Haley’s head in more snugly against her chest as she rested her chin on the crown of the blonde’s head.  Haley’s whimpers were lost amid the heaving swell of Ari’s chest, barely audible and certainly unintelligible to anyone other than herself.  Her hands pressed at the brunette’s hips, but it would be overly generous to describe that as even being a token resistance – what little fight she had left in her was rapidly being stolen away by her opponent’s breath-stealing boobs.  Deep in the recesses of her mind, Haley’s last shreds of consciousness seemed to recognize that her fate was no longer in her control – Ari was more than capable of imposing the smother at will, and there was absolutely nothing that she could do to prevent it.

Teetering on the brink of oblivion, Haley’s higher thought processes responded slowly as she was released from the hold.  On the other hand, her body reacted autonomically and heaved with deep gasps as fresh air filled her lungs.  Ari’s fingers wound themselves into her blonde locks, and an authoritative jerk on them pulled Haley out of the corner and sent her tumbling forward to the canvas.  Haley moaned softly as she laid face-down and unmoving – she was desperately trying to draw upon her last reserves of strength, but these had long since been bled dry by her persistent and ruthless adversary.  Her body eventually started to stir, and she very slowly began to crawl out towards midring as she pushed herself up to her forearms and knees.  Before she could rise any further, however, she felt a firm weight push down on the back of her head to impede her progress.

Haley’s spirits fell as she realized that Ari had literally brought her under heel.  She squirmed and tried to work her way free, but the brunette had little trouble keeping her prostrate by simply leaning in with her weight.  As humbling as this was, the real dagger to Haley’s heart came as Paige’s camera again roared to life with a steady stream of new shots.  Tears flowed freely down Haley’s cheeks as she was forced to endure the indignity.  She couldn’t see Ari’s face, but she could easily imagine the haughty looks and beaming smiles that were almost certainly there – the present image of the brunette’s triumph was a potent one, and she was surely milking it for all that it was worth.

At long last, Ari’s foot was lifted from atop Haley’s head, but it swiftly made contact again in the form of an arrogant boot to the ribs.  Haley gurgled as the kick landed with a hard impact and sent her sprawling to her back.  The brunette was not content to leave the blonde be, even in this apparent moment of victory – bending down, she untied the strings to Haley’s bikini bottom and pulled it off of her, leaving her stripped completely.  Ari dangled it above her in full view as she lowered herself down and took a seated position straddling Haley’s waist.

“This is mine now,” Ari emphatically proclaimed.  She dropped the bikini and reached down to give the blonde’s breasts a menacing caress.  “And so are these.”

Haley cringed as Ari’s fingers curled inwards and began to squeeze her already-ravaged boobs.  Her hands went to Ari’s wrists, but her ability to remove the brunette’s wicked touch from her chest amounted to nothing at this juncture.

“Give up,” Ari commanded, “Say that I’m better than you.”

“N… No,” Haley replied.

Ari scowled at the blonde’s response.  Her claw grip increased in pressure as she poured into it with seemingly boundless malevolence and viciousness.  Haley held out for as long as she could, but she quickly erupted into an agonized roar as pain consumed all of her senses.

“Say it!” Ari shouted, “Say you give!  Say it!”

“Never!” Haley wailed.

“Give up!  Say you give!’

The blonde was absolutely beside herself as the physical and verbal abuse continued to mount.  Had her once-magnificent chest ever before been subjected to such a thorough ravaging?  Haley could scarcely remember, especially as each passing added that much more to her suffering.  All the while, Ari continued to loudly and insistently repeat her singular demand – if she had her way, the brunette wouldn’t’ quit until she got exactly what she wanted.  Haley clung to her pride, even in the face of all the tremendous punishment that she’d endured – no matter what, she refused to give Ari the satisfaction of hearing her submit.

“It’s over, Ari.  Finish her off!”

The interjection of the other woman’s voice pierced through the haze of pain and suffering that hung over Haley’s mind.  Her momentary clarity of thought was soon snuffed out, however, as Ari’s chest descended down towards her once again.  The execution of the smother was impeccable, as always – Ari engulfed Haley’s face with her breasts as she flattened herself out, while the brunette’s arms snaked around her head and pulled her in even more deeply.

Haley had nothing left to offer – her determined opponent had used her up to the last drop tonight.  Her eyes fluttered and her muscles went limp as jug-induced slumber took hold, but in her last fleeting thoughts she knew that she had denied Ari the submission that she’d yearned for.  As small of a consolation as that was, she left the waking world knowing that she’d deprived Ari of the satisfaction that she’d desperately been seeking…

* * * *

Hours passed, and the savagery of the previous night’s battle faded into the tranquility of a new morning.

The casino’s outdoor pool deck was located on its 8th floor.  For those who came here, the terraced vista was a lush oasis set high above the urban sprawl of Las Vegas.  Unlike the architecture of the rest of the casino, which had a polished and heavily stylized Art Deco design, the pool deck looked almost as if it had been transplanted from a faraway tropical resort.  It was here, amid a conflux of palm trees, lounge chairs, and water that Ari found herself slightly after 10 o’clock.

It was a hot day, and temperatures were already above 80 degrees as the lovely brunette sauntered down the concrete surface.  More than a few heads turned and followed her as she made her way past the edge of the pool wearing a goldenrod yellow bikini and denim cutoffs.  It was not just her physical charms that caught peoples’ eyes – pride and euphoria were practically radiating from her as she strode by, making it hard not to stop and take notice of her.  Of course, the reason for Ari’s self-assuredness could not be elucidated from a superficial glance.  Her facial expression was largely reserved, and any hint that her eyes might have to tell about her thoughts remained obscured behind a set of sunglasses.  As the other poolgoers continued to relax and frolic in and around the water, they remained blissfully unaware of the violent struggle that had taken place only a few floors below them.

There was a small café overlooking the main stretch of the pool.  As she approached, Ari spotted the person she had come to see at one of the outermost tables.  Making her way over, she lithely slid into the chair on the opposite side without a greeting of any kind.  Despite appearances, however, this was not an unannounced visit.  Ari lifted her sunglasses up onto the top of her head and sat silently as she waited for her new companion to acknowledge her arrival.

Paige Eckhart was looking out at the pool while calmly sipping some sort of fruity beverage.  For a moment, it seemed as if she remained unaware of Ari’s presence, but at last she turned her head and gave the younger brunette a saucy smile.  She produced a USB flash drive from the breast pocket of her shirt and slid it across the tabletop with her fingers.  Ari took the small device in her hand and held it up in front of her, silently contemplating its contents and their implications.

“Fine work, if I do say so myself,” Paige commented wryly as she downed the remainder of her drink.

On the drive were the fruits of Ari’s labor: pictures chronicling the previous night’s fight.  “Is this everything?” she asked.

“Every last one,” the older brunette confirmed.  “Of course, you don’t have to put all of them out there.  Just a few of you kicking her ass should be more than enough to open the right doors for you.”

The thought had, in fact, not occurred to Ari.  An accurate depiction of her encounter with Haley was strong on its own merits, and a victory over a seasoned fighter like her would not be taken lightly.  However, Ari could just as easily paint a different rendition of events from start to finish: one where the blonde was overwhelmed, outclassed, and offered no serious resistance against a superior adversary.  Peoples’ minds would fill in any blanks, and would likely even assume that Haley had begged for mercy like a little bitch at the end.  The power to alter the narrative in her own favor was now in her hands, and it was up to her to use that to its fullest.

That was, after all, what she’d desired from the beginning when she’d set the blonde in her sights.  Contrary to how it might’ve seemed at the time, her confrontation with Haley was not some tragic incident that could’ve been avoided had cooler heads prevailed.  Pouncing was a tactic as old as the fighting business itself, and more than a few careers had gotten off the ground in this manner. 

It had been a stroke of luck that had placed Ari in close proximity to someone as high profile as Haley, and gunning for a fighter of her caliber was not without its risks.  However, when the time came to gamble, she took the opportunity and made the most of it.  Paige’s “mediation” had made the task of instigating a fight easier, but Ari was sure that she could’ve provoked a match even without the help.  Could Haley have prevailed in that clash, had all other things been equal?  Ari was skeptical – after all, if she’d allowed herself to be suckered into a fight so easily, then that was a sign of how complacent she had become.

“Of course, Haley will obviously take exception to you trying to get over at her expense.”

It wasn’t immediately clear if Paige’s remark was an off the cuff observation or a calculated attempt to draw out the brunette’s ire towards the blonde that she had vanquished.  Whichever the case may have been, her words had the practical effect of inflaming Ari’s more hostile sentiments.

“And since when did I care about what she wants?” the younger woman remarked, “I thought we were done with that nonsense.”

“I wouldn’t count her out just yet.  She’ll probably bawl her eyes out for the next day or two, but after that she’ll be out for blood.  And that’s just while thinking that she’s been beaten fair and square – when she realizes that she’s been duped and that you manipulated her into a fight, she’ll stop at nothing to destroy you.”

Ari sat silently as she mulled the possibility of another clash with the blonde.  A myriad of images raced through her head as alternate sequence of events after another played itself out.  Each chain led to one last inescapable conclusion.

Ari smiled.  “Next time, I’ll make her beg.  I promise.”

The End

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