A View in the Penthouse by Dradis

Alone in a hallway outside of a bedroom.

Standing in front of the door, I extended my arm and reached out towards it with a closed hand.  However, a brief twinge of hesitation made me pause just shy of making contact.  I took a deep breath to chase this nagging sensation from my mind as I leaned in again and rapped my knuckles twice against the wooden surface.  It was a firm knock, certainly loud enough to be audibly heard on the other side.  The sound died away quickly without any reverberation, and the hallway was soon quiet again.

There was no immediate answer to my prompt.

Reality, it seems, had a knack for subverting my expectations.  Maybe only two or three seconds had passed, but the silence that greeted me felt unusually unbearable.  At last, I raised my voice to speak.

“Hey.  It’s me.  Can I come in?”

“Just a second!”

The feminine voice that responded seemed upbeat, albeit muffled behind the solid edifice that separated us.  There was nothing further to the reply, and a slight trepidation came over me as I continued to wait.  Truthfully, when I stopped to think about it, there was really no legitimate reason for me to feel that way.  I rationally knew that I wouldn’t be left hanging out here forever.  And yet, a part of me couldn’t shake the thought that I had every reason to be nervous, also knowing what was on the other side of the door.  It was a very strange feeling to have.

About another full minute passed before the voice called out again: “Alright.  You can come in now!”

My hand went to the knob and I eased the door open.  The lights were turned partway down compared to the bright illumination of the hallway, but not so much to be an obstruction as I made my way inside.  I had no trouble seeing the room’s occupant in front of me, and as her form came into focus I was all but stopped in my tracks by the sight.  In what was now becoming a typical occurrence for us, I found myself completely and utterly stunned by the person I now beheld.

Erica Ellis was smiling at me as she watched me enter. Standing in the middle of the room’s open space, the beautiful young blonde struck a modest pose as I made my way towards her. She was clad in just a metallic blue string bikini that glimmered lustrously even in the lowered light level. This choice of attire was not one that was previously unknown to me, but that hardly meant that I was unimpressed by what I saw – on the contrary, I could scarcely think of anything that might serve as a more fitting showcase for a figure like hers. As I approached, my gaze slowly traversed the length of her body and took in the totality of her marvelous physique. Every feminine curve was tantalizing. Every bit of bared skin was enticing. The swell of her chest drew me in even further as her hulking breasts seemed to strain against their tight confines. My eyes sought out every minute jostle put into them by the subtle movements of her body. They were truly awe-inspiring beyond what words could ever hope to qualify.

There was a soft touch at the point of my chin. I felt a set of fingers gently lifting my head, craning it until the two of us were once again look at each other face to face.

“Eyes up here.”

There was sternness in Erica’s voice and in her expression as she admonished me, and I felt an uncomfortable heat spreading through my body as her words put me on the spot. But not two seconds later, her withering glower gave way in favor of a wily smirk as she tried and failed to suppress a soft chuckle. Her amusement at the attention I was giving to her most obvious physical charms deflated the tension in the air, but it still left me blushing all the same.

“Sorry,” I muttered.  Searching for a way to hastily move on, I remembered why I’d come to see her in the first place: “I just came by to wish you luck before your match.”

“is it already time?  I haven’t heard anyone else come by.”

“You’ve still got a bit before they call for you.  Don’t worry.  You haven’t been forgotten about.”

Erica’s brow furrowed briefly and her body appeared to tense ever so slightly.  The shift in her demeanor was fleeting, and it passed just as quickly as it had come over her.  Nonetheless, I was surprised by her unease in that short moment.  Erica appeared to catch wind of my thoughts as she allowed herself to relax just a bit.

“I’m fine.  Just pre-fight jitters,” she explained, “You’d think that it’d get easier, but once the moment’s upon you…”

“You’ll do great tonight,” I offered as I reached out and gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze, “Everyone’s going to love you when they see you in action.”

“Thanks,” Erica replied as she smiled faintly, “I just… I think I need a bit more time to get myself to that point.  If you don’t mind.”

It dawned on me, probably later than it should have, that my presence during her prep time was an unneeded distraction.  Retracting my hand and pulling back from her, I offered a smile of my own in return as I moved to take my leave.

“You’ll see.  You’ll knock ’em dead out there.”

Gingerly closing the door behind me as I stepped back out into the hall, I found myself right back where I’d started.  It took a few seconds for my thoughts to crystallize as I began to walk away from the bedroom, but I was left with one conclusion: somehow, that hadn’t played out quite the way I thought it would in my mind.

It was six weeks ago that Erica and I first made each other’s acquaintance.  At the time, I’d been on a short trip to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico – I take periodic excursions down there to survey the robust fight scene that’s centered on the town’s resorts and beaches.  Fights there operate on the same general principles as they might at home in Los Angeles or in Las Vegas, but the rules and customs are tweaked just enough to give things an added bit of local flavor.  The change of pace and locale is quiet pleasurable, but the trips also have a business component to them.  Playa Del Carmen is never short of burgeoning young prospects that are looking to take their careers Stateside, and the scouting reports I produce to cover my expenses are very detailed for those who might be interested in picking up talent or simply knowing what’s on the horizon.

My timing on this latest occasion turned out to be quiet fortuitous for my personal interests.  As it happened, I’d learned that Sara Hernandez was in the area and due for a fight while I was there.  Sara had originally come up through the Playa Del Carmen system and was its most prominent daughter – her decade-long career had brought her to the highest echelons of the fighting business in both Mexico and in the United States.  To put it simply: when one has a change to see Sara in action, one does not pass that opportunity up.  Thus, I found myself out on a beach in the sweltering afternoon sun, just another face in the crowd that had gathered in attendance around a roped-off boxing ring.  It was there, while waiting for the ostensible marquee draw to arrive, that I laid eyes on Erica for the first time.

There was something about the way she seemed to comport herself as she strode down to the ring.  Even on the cusp of what I guessed would be the toughest fight of her career, this blonde newcomer had an air of pride and unshakable self-assurance about her.  This was further reinforced by the look on her face as she met her sandy battlefield and its assemblage of onlookers – her gaze masterfully combined fierce determination with intense sensuality.  And her body in that blue bikini, with a black set of boxing gloves?  Needless to say, I was instantly hooked.  I’m also certain that I was not the only convert either.  Her entrance had made a bold impression with the crowd – where once they had only imagined an anonymous fight comp, now they could see a well-built blonde that might actually have a puncher’s chance of winning.

Her opponent arrived soon afterwards, and the fight quickly got underway.  I was fully engrossed as she and Sara duked it out with nothing held back from each other.  I winced with every hard shot that the Mexican landed on her.  I felt my heart race as repeated knockdowns pushed her to the brink of ruin.  I watched with bated breath as she gave everything she had to try and rally.  I exulted at the end of the hard struggle when she at last emerged triumphant.

A stroke of good fortune enabled me to arrange a meeting with Erica shortly afterwards.  At the time, I didn’t have much to go on as far as her background and prior fight record, but her performance in this single match was already enough to convince me that she was a one-of-a-kind talent.  I impressed upon her that I wanted to do everything I could to help further her career – she had done remarkably well thus far without a dedicated manager, but she shared the sentiment that I could open avenues for her far more effectively than her current situation allowed.  I did, however, have a novel proposal for her: apartment wrestling.  Erica was naturally hesitant about it – after all, she was a boxer by trade and professed an affinity for punching over grappling.  But there’s good money to be made in apartment wrestling, especially in the right circles; the recover time between matches would likely also be better, and pursuing one type of fight was not necessarily mutually exclusive of the other.  In the end, I persuaded her to give it a try.

Back to the here and now.  Erica’s wrestling debut tonight was in the opening match for a fight card of four.  These events are typically held in different locations from one to the next based on who was organizing, and the host of tonight’s soiree was making their highly upscale penthouse available for the occasion.  Beyond its grandiose two stories and roof deck, its fantastically decadent interior décor, and its breathtaking view of the city, there was one feature about it that always stood out to me whenever I came here.  The living room was situated on the first floor running along an exterior wall; it was sunken by about 3 feet relative to the rest of the floor with a short 4-step staircase connecting the two parts together.  Meanwhile, the adjoining area was wrapped around the wider space on all three sides – this had the effect of creating a large yet confined area where the two combatants could have at each other, while also keeping the presumed spectators separated in their own viewing gallery.  The more I looked at it, the more convinced I became that this magnificently brilliant layout was no coincidence.

Said arena was directly ahead of me as I came down the stairs from the bedroom floor.  A modest number of people were mingling in and around this area in pairs and small groups, but overall attendance had yet to approach anything resembling full capacity.  That was not entirely unexpected: not everyone turned out for the undercard, and a mostly unheralded wrestler like Erica probably wouldn’t catch too much attention beforehand.  But for those who were here already, I felt confident that they would very much enjoy the show that they got from her here tonight.

I made my way over and began to go from each small coterie to the next, offering polite greetings and introductions.  Many of these guests were known to me, as they likewise were regular patrons at these sorts of events.  I also met a couple of fresh faces here and there: visitors from out of town, or perhaps neophytes getting their first taste of the scene.  A few of the female attendees were familiar in a different way – when these women appeared, it was as fighters rather than spectators.  Savage hellcats though they might be in the ring or on the carpet, tonight in this very different circumstance they were lovely creatures of couth and exquisiteness.

Absent from among all of these people, however, was our host.  They were around here somewhere, to be sure, and were probably highly engaged at the moment in the task of keeping things running smoothly.  As we had not yet crossed paths tonight, I thought it prudent to at least pop my head in for even just a quick hello.  But right as I was about to exit this area and head upstairs to the roof, I heard a woman’s voice calling out to me from behind.

“Hey, you…”

The words glided like silk as they crossed the air; wrapped and delivered in a come-hither tone, they fell upon my ears like a siren’s beckoning.  I turned around and was met by an attractive brunette in a slinky purple dress.  Every movement of her body was suffused with sensuality, and her face bore a mischievously enticing grin as she sauntered towards me.  Either of these alone could have matched the allure of her voice, but having all three together in one package was a potently sultry combination.

“Elliot.  You’re looking quite sharp tonight,” Ari Canizales said in a playful tone as her eyes took me in from head to toe.

I responded with a smile of my own and dry wit.  “If you say so.”

Ari seemed to giggle a bit as she drew in closer and reached for my suit jacket lapels and necktie.  I naturally looked down at her hands as she started to make some delicate adjustments to each in succession.  However, my gaze strayed to the neckline of her outfit, which tapered into a V at a tantalizing point just beneath her cleavage.

“There.  All better,” Ari proclaimed, “A woman’s touch is a nice thing to have, isn’t it?”

Ari was a newcomer to our fighting circle, but she had managed to create some pretty big waves with her arrival onto the scene.  About a month ago, she’d gotten into some kind of fracas with Haley Monroe, one of the top apartment wrestlers in Las Vegas.  The circumstances leading up to that clash were unclear to me, but the outcome was not: by the time the dust had settled, Haley had been thoroughly trounced.  I’d seen the pictures that made the rounds shortly afterwards, and by all accounts it was a fairly one-sided affair – that’s no small feat considering how Haley was so renowned and how Ari was comparatively not.  A rematch was certainly going to be in the works – either Ari would finish what she started and usurp Haley’s position, or Haley would quell the uprising and avenge herself upon Ari.  But until that fight took place, the limelight was Ari’s to enjoy, and she appeared to be making the most of it.  I kept running into her at these events week after week, which is a bit odd given that we’re here in LA and she’s ostensibly based out of Vegas.  But considering how agreeable these little meetings have been, I suppose that’s a fairly minor quibble.

“Here by yourself again?” Ari asked with an inquisitive tone.

“Not quite.  The girl I mentioned before, that I was bringing on,” I said in reference to Erica, “She’s got her first match here tonight.”

“Oh, her?  I think you can do much better than that.”

Ari’s response had me a bit perplexed.  “Do better.  Like how?”

“Well… What about me?”

As the question hung in the air, Ari stared at me with an unwavering eye and a look on her face like she’d just offered the most amazing suggestion that anyone had ever given another person.  I held this gaze with her for a few seconds as I sought to formulate a response, but my straight face quickly cracked in the awkwardness of the moment.

“Are you serious?” I asked as I recovered from my chuckling.

“I am.  You butt, I totally am!” Ari exclaimed as she made a fist and popped me in the shoulder with it.

The two of us looked directly at each other once again and I found myself the target of a withering glower of disapproval, albeit one that was perhaps highly affected.  Ari’s ire soon passed as she sidled up next to me and intertwined her left arm around my right.

“Don’t worry, Elliot.  I forgive you,” she said, “And since your girl’s not here, what say I keep you company instead.  You look like you could use some arm candy.”

As Ari enjoined herself with me, I felt several untoward glances being cast in our general direction.  The sources of these looks were the other women in the room.  That was not entirely unsurprising, given the manner in which Ari rose to prominence.  Despite her defeat, Haley still had a lot of friends in this business.  Well, maybe “friend” isn’t exactly the right word.  To put it another way, I think a lot of Haley’s peers would describe her as being a worthy adversary, if nothing else.  Few would question the amount of effort that the blonde had put into climbing the pecking order – the top spot was hers because she’d earned it.  Ari, on the other hand, bore the stigma of being a pouncer.  She had not won in a fight that many would consider to be legitimate, and until she did so she would be branded as an interloper that didn’t belong.

I think these attitudes were also being projected onto the two women’s personalities and the way that each was perceived of and contrasted against the other.  Haley had a reputation for being cordial with her competitors off of the carpet, and extracurricular antagonism was rare.  Even with those that she’d warred against the most frequently, things rarely became bitter or recriminatory.  Meanwhile, every account that had been rendered to me thus far about Ari had described her as being a complete and utter bitch.  These experiences of other people were highly incongruous with my own interactions with her, and I didn’t quite know what to make of it.  Ari always seemed like the sweetest thing possible to me – every time I ran into her, her face would always seem to brighten with delight, as if the mere act of seeing me suddenly made her night that much better.

As I thought about Ari and her relations with others, a thought that had been lingering in the back of my mind now pushed its way to the fore.  I wondered what Ari had meant with her earlier assessment of Erica, and I felt compelled to bend her ear about it some more.  But before I had the opportunity to do so, a loud and gently repeating chime reverberated throughout the premises.  This sound was an announcement to all of the guests that the fight card was about to get underway.  People started to trickle in from other parts of the penthouse, while those who had been milling about in the lower part of the room similarly vacated it for the upper tier.  Ari and I managed to take up a prime vantage point near the top of the steps leading into the sunken area.  The crowd continued to amass over the next couple of minutes and hushed chatter filled the ambience of the room as we all watched and waited for the two fighters to make their entrances.

Erica was the first to come down the stairs from the second floor.  She did not say a word as she approached the arena, but her body did more than an ample amount of speaking for her.  With over a dozen boxing matches under her belt, using physicality to announce her own arrival probably came as second nature to her.  Bear in mind that I’ve already seen this in person once before – the consummate way in which she turned heads and captured hearts and minds will never not be thrilling to me.  The room had gone quiet the moment that Erica had come into view in that blue bikini of hers, and in keeping with my earlier prediction to her, I like to think that she’d managed to stun everyone into silence.  I caught her eye as she passed, and I saw a faint but unmistakable smirk that suggested she enjoyed the reception she was receiving.  That smile seemed to fade just as quickly though as her center of vision drifted off to the side of me – coincidentally, I felt a squeeze from Ari’s arm on mine at just about the same time.

Erica continued her descent into the sunken living room and the crowd came back to life to greet her.  The applause she got as she paraded herself through the lowered area was politely restrained, but the enthusiasm that people had for her was clearly genuine.  Erica sauntered to the opposite end from where she’d entered and turned to stand facing the way that she’d just come from.  Her expression remained warm, but I discerned a hard edge starting to develop as her eyes became glued on the stairs going up to the second floor bedrooms – very soon, unfriendly company would be arriving from that same direction.

About another minute or so passed, and a new figure started to emerge from the upstairs. This beautiful brunette strutting into view with a brilliant and inviting smile on her face was named Kirsten O’Connell, and she was the one that Erica would be testing herself against tonight. I must confess to having a certain predilection for dark hair – ironic, considering how taken I was with a blonde like Erica – and Kirsten with her jet-black tresses caught my eye while I was searching for a suitable opponent. These competing sensibilities can be reconciled though, since the visual contrast between these two ladies adds to the appeal of the matchup in my opinion. Kirsten was wearing a white bikini for this fight, a signature choice of attire as I’ve heard – its halter-style top and string connections bear a superficial resemblance to the one that Sara had on in Erica’s last boxing match. Both were in their early twenties; Erica had a slight size advantage over Kirsten at 5’4 against 5’1 and 110 pounds versus 105; their similarly bosomy D-cup physiques were effectively a wash.

The subject of prior experience, however, was where the measuring of the two fighters got interesting. Kirsten presently had about half as many fights to her name as Erica. That record was mixed, but trending positive overall – reports of her apartment and mud wrestling matches painted her as being a very technically proficient grappler. Meanwhile, Erica was no stranger to fighting and winning, but all of her bouts had been within the confines of a boxing ring – to my knowledge, she was completely untested in the current context. All together, the natural assumption to make was that Erica’s size and brawn would be pitted against Kirsten’s greater prowess – very soon, the two would be putting this theory to practice.

The brunette joined the blonde in the fight area and the two regarded each other face to face for the first time. Erica might’ve been a bit tense while watching Kirsten arrive, but there was no sense of that anymore – if anything, she was starting to show a bit of swagger as she showed herself off to the other girl with her hands on her hips and a self-assured grin on her face. I couldn’t see Kirsten’s face from where I was as she likewise allowed Erica to look her over, but her posture had lost its earlier warmth. Though she showed considerable amiability towards the audience while they were receiving her, not an iota of that sentiment was being reserved for her blonde foe – all that remained was frosty hostility. Tensions ran high as the two locked themselves into this staredown and tempers threatened to erupt at a moment’s notice.

“So. You’re her?”

Erica’s voice was laden with condescension as she used her words to prod the brunette. One might think that she was being flippant in addressing her opponent in this tone, as if dismissing any possibility of Kirsten being a threat. I was certain though that she knew exactly what she was doing. Kirsten seemed to know it too as she appeared to remain unmoved by the other girl’s attempts to rile her up.

Erica continued with this advanced on her foe, moving closer to breaking the impasse.

“You and I are going to have a great time tonight…”

The distance between them continued to close as Kirsten stood her ground.

“…Me looking good while I’m putting you under…”

Blonde and brunette were practically nose and nose with each other now. One’s insufferably confident smirk was met by stony silence from the other.

“…And you looking like a victim after I finish you off and put you on display.”

Erica’s head darted forward suddenly as she, just for emphasis, stole a quick kiss on the lips to cap off her taunts. Kirsten’s resolute front melted immediately as she recoiled and shoved the blonde away. This provocation won Erica an enthusiastic cheer from several spots in the crowd, but those who favored Kirsten seemed less moved by such showboating. Moreover, the blonde now had a fully riled up opponent to contend with. As she recovered, Kirsten fell into a crouch and started to circle Erica, with the latter quickly following suit. No actual signal would be given by anyone in the audience to begin, and truthfully it didn’t seem necessary – both were dead set to get their hands on each other.

The two fighters regarded each other with wary and jealous eyes as they drew closer together and spiraled inwards towards an inevitable clash. It was when they finally came to the edge of arm’s reach that things escalated sharply. Erica and Kirsten both moved in quickly to try and grab each other and both were quickly repulsed – hands and forearms pushed, parried, and riposted in the space between them until each combatant was forced to take a step back and regroup. The two resumed circling one another after they broke, each scanning the other with laser focus as they tried to find the next point of attack. After a few seconds they came together again – this time, Kirsten managed to work her way in and secure a collar and elbow tie-up, which Erica reciprocated immediately.

The struggle between blonde and brunette was slow, but it was hotly contested as each pitted themselves against the other in this test of strength. Locked together like this, there was little that either could do except push and grapple with their arms and upper bodies, but the work kept going near-constantly and without any sign of hesitancy. One might appear to relax every now and then, but the pauses usually only lasted as long as it took for said fighter to plant her feet in the carpet and shove anew. The room had gone quiet save for the pair’s exertional grunts and heavy breaths. I got the impression that Kirsten was being challenged by Erica’s size, judging by the way that she would sometimes get bodied back, but any gains the blonde made were fleeting as the brunette vigorously clawed back any ground that she lost.

Working herself towards a more upright position, Erica thrust forward with her leg. The impact of kneecap on thigh was an eye-catching shot that instantly removed the steadiness from the Kirsten’s legs. Erica surged forward and pushed the stumbling brunette backwards before she could regain her footing.

“Got plenty more of that,” Erica chirped confidently.

Another such blow extended Erica’s drive as she continued to move the other girl back inch by inch towards the far wall. But despite being forced to yield carpet to her foe, there were no signs at all that Kirsten was even the slightest bit unnerved. Her lateral movement was good; she kept trying to turn the blonde and change their direction of motion so as not to be cut off and cornered. Kirsten would likewise jerk her opponent’s body from side to side every time Erica tried to muscle her straight back, putting the blonde off-balance enough to stymie any serious momentum from building. These were smart counters all in all – the brunette’s tactical acumen certainly seemed above reproach.

Erica continued their march towards the wall with a forceful shove. Kirsten fell back, but only for a moment – as the blonde pushed in on her, she relinquished her collar-and-elbow and instead reached in with a hook of her arm around Erica’s neck to secure a headlock. And just like that, the tables were suddenly turned: one girl had successfully ensnared the other in her clutches. Kirsten’s hold gave her control over Erica’s upper body, and putting her hands into an S-grip, she now applied pressure with her arm as she set about trying to double the blonde over.

Erica continued to do all the talking. “You bitch… Get off me!”

A hint of irritation was seeping into her tone, and it was easy to see why. Erica was in a very bad spot that was growing more untenable by the moment, but to her credit she continued to resist Kirsten at every turn. Erica hugged the brunette around the waist and fought her hardest to stay upright, but as this two-woman scrum gradually found its way stumbling back towards the middle of the living room, it seemed clear that this grip wasn’t doing much for her. No matter how tightly she clung on to her opponent, it was not enough to overcome the tugs on her head and downward force being applied. Steadily, bit by bit, Kirsten was moving her towards a more vulnerable side headlock position. One final wrench caused Erica to lose her footing as Kirsten turned on her hips and put her full body into the effort – Erica held on to her opponent tightly as she tripped and fell to the carpet, taking the brunette down with her in a tangle of bodies.

Remarkably, Kirsten didn’t seem to miss a beat even as the struggle transitioned to the ground. She still had the headlock in place, and more importantly, she was able to wrestle the blonde onto her back in very short order. I watched as she laid herself out in a near-crossbody with her torso atop of Erica’s upper chest – with her preexisting hold and her weight, she could keep the blonde neatly contained while minimizing her own energy expenditures. Erica, on the other hand, had to work to try and escape – her unhindered legs kicked and pushed at the floor, but with very little to show for it. Gradually, Erica’s movements subsided and the action paused with them still in this repose – I reckoned that she was trying to gather herself before she made another bid to try and get free. After about a half minute, Erica suddenly surged to life and bridged beneath her opponent, grasping and pulling Kirsten’s hair while she did. The brunette was visibly discomforted by the blonde’s choice of tactics, but she responded by tightening her hold and pushing down with her own body. In the end, Erica remained trapped where she was.

Another brief pause was followed by another bridge, which was again unfruitful in removing the brunette from her position. As Erica’s latest efforts receded, it was now Kirsten who began to make her move – she slowly started turning herself inch by inch, working her way towards laying herself out on top of the blonde. Erica reacted by scissoring up her legs around one of Kirsten’s while also pushing at the other girl’s chin and shoulder with her hands – it was good for a delaying action, but insufficient for thwarting the brunette’s ambitions. I watched as Kirsten slowly and arduously wriggled her way past these movement restrictions towards her ultimate goal. When at least she was able to bring herself around such that she was facing down on Erica, Kirsten released the headlock and went for the blonde’s wrists, pinning them down to the carpet on either side of her head.

Erica growled as she writhed beneath the other girl, still as determined as before to escape her predicament. I was not afforded the clearest view of Kirsten’s face from where I was standing and could not tell what the blonde was looking up at from her vantage point, but I could easily imagine the frustration she’d have if the brunette was staring back down at her with a confident grin. Erica made another effort to push her way free, but she remained thoroughly restrained – more worrisome, her leg muscles seemed to be tiring from the constant exertion being demanded of them. As the blonde’s scissor hold began to slacken, Kirsten quickly lurched forward and sat upright with her folded legs pressing down on Erica’s biceps – a classic schoolgirl pin. I could hear a few shouts of approval coming from throughout the crowd, but to my surprise the closest such manifestation came from right next to me in the sound of Ari’s voice. I glanced at my side to see a happy smile on her face – she seemed to be quite caught up in the course of the action thus far.

Positioning her thighs so that they were sandwiching the blonde’s head more closely, Kirsten leaned down and gave Erica a cuffing slap across the cheek.

“Ready to shut up yet? Or do you still got something you want to say to me?”

Another slap.

“How ’bout it? Anything?”

Another slap.

“Say it. I dare you!”

Erica’s response came in the form of a baleful scowl that was matched in its fury by another effort to fight her way to freedom. But dismounting Kirsten from her perch was not going to be that simple – as the brunette weathered these tumultuous struggles, she grasped Erica’s hair with both hands and started sliding forward bit by bit. It dawned on me what she was about to attempt, and to my dismay I realized that Erica was about to discover it too in the worst way possible. Kirsten’s forward motion continued until she swiftly rose up off her haunches and sat back down on her opponent’s face. Erica only managed a brief yelp of surprise before her protests were muffled beneath the full weight of Kirsten’s backside.

To my chagrin, the audience’s enthusiasm for the brunette only seemed to grow at this turn of events. Absent context, I have to admit that I too would enjoy seeing Kirsten settle in and grind herself out atop another girl’s face. However, having it happen here and at my girl’s expense was doing the opposite for me, and I could feel the knot growing in my stomach as I watched the brunette take to the task with great relish. Erica was becoming more frantic as she was subjected to the facesit’s breath-stealing effects – she kicked her feet against the carpet in an attempt to squirm free and likewise rocked her shoulders as she tried to roll onto her side, but her upper body stayed firmly immobilized.

Kirsten’s hips gulped and rocked up and down as she continued to assert herself over the blonde, and as she began to sit up straight I was able to spot a look of supreme satisfaction on her face. But just as Erica’s resistance appeared to fade away, her body erupted in one great heaving convulsion that managed to catch the brunette by surprise. The move didn’t unseat Kirsten outright, bit she was bucked up just enough that Erica had the room she needed to free one of her arms – said arm immediately shot upwards at the brunette’s torso as she sought to shove her way out from underneath. Kirsten bowed forward a she tried to grab her opponent’s wrists and pin them back down to the floor, but I could tell that re-restraining Erica was already a losing proposition as the blonde thrashed even more energetically than before. Amid this wild struggle, Erica’s free hand found its way to Kirsten’s chest and managed to grope one of her breasts in a manner that looked violently unpleasant. Kirsten shrieked sharply as her focus evaporated in the moment, followed soon after by another heave that finally toppled her to the carpet.

The two combatants separated and began to push themselves up. As they made it to their knees, Erica reached out to lay hands on Kirsten, but she was immediately met by a left hand that braced itself against her shoulder and a right fist that buried itself snugly into her midriff. Given her pugilistic background, I was surprised to see her stopped in her tracks by a blow delivered from such a position, but the harm it had dealt was fully registered by the sharp groan that emerged from her lips as she sank back down to all fours. Kirsten now crawled over to take up a position from behind and threaded her arms around Erica’s shoulders and head, locking her into a full nelson. From here, the brunette tugged the blonde back up into a kneeling position and sank in the hold with increased pressure – I could see a pained grimace growing on Erica’s face as the impromptu neck crank caused her significant discomfort.

Application of the nelson was a slow and patient process, but Kirsten appeared content to allow it to gradually erode her opponent’s resolve and capacity to resist. Erica, quite naturally, had other ideas as she twisted her upper body back and forth, trying without success to wrench her way free from this entrapped state. Part of me was growing concerned as this scene unfolded – while brute force had thus far served Erica well against Kirsten’s more technically sophisticated machinations, I worried that she was approaching the limits of how far this could carry her.

Kirsten let go with her left arm while keeping her right one in place to maintain a half nelson. Her now-free hand slipped around to the front where it made contact in the form of a taunting smack across the top of the blonde’s bosom. Erica roared in outrage and struggled even more furiously against her captor; Kirsten doubled down by taking the blonde’s left breast in her hand and giving it a malicious squeeze. A thought struck me as I watched this unfold – I knew that Erica had withstood her fair share of boob punches throughout her boxing matches, but whether or not she’d ever hand her chest subjected to this kind of hands-on touch, so to speak, was unknown to me. Her susceptibility to it was an open question, one to which Kirsten had no qualms about seeking the answer to.

Either way, Erica clearly had no appreciation for her opponent’s sudden interest. She grabbed first at Kirsten’s wrist and then at the brunette’s palms and fingers, trying as best as she could to loosen the talon grip that they’d formed around her hulking orb. All the while, I could hear Erica’s voice growing in a tortured crescendo, both as a result of the pain she was experiencing and from her own exertions as she fought to free herself. Kirsten did relent slightly, but only as long as it took to make some fine-tuned adjustments to her handhold and begin the rack abuse anew.

Erica appeared to be enduring things well, considering the circumstances. However, I’m sure that neither she nor anyone else in the room was under any illusions about the perils she faced if she remained in her current situation. Her attempt to free her breast was making little headway; trying to force her way out of the nelson had likewise been ineffectual. Letting go with the left hand, Erica tried to reach up and behind for Kirsten’s hair – the brunette evaded the attempt, but the threat posed by this was enough to get her to release the breast claw so that she could deflect the blonde’s probing grasp. Erica now thrust her arm backwards and struck Kirsten’s midsection with her elbow. The crude impact caused Kirsten to falter briefly, allowing Erica the opportunity to once again go for the hair. A sharp tug in a downwards and backwards direction sent the two intertwined combatants tumbling to their backs on the carpet, and in the process Erica managed to slip her way free from her opponent’s grasp.

Blonde and brunette once again rolled apart and started to regroup. It was slower going for both of them this time compared to the last break in the action – I think it was becoming harder for either girl to hide or deny the wearying effects that this match was having on them. Kirsten was the quicker of the two to rebound – her nelson hold may have been broken, but she obviously had no intention of letting control over her opponent slip away from her. Lurching suddenly up to her feet, she moved rapidly to secure the blonde under her right armpit in a reverse headlock. Erica whined as she was compelled to rise up from the carpet in this doubled-over position – she pushed with her hands on Kirsten’s hips and flanks, but I imagine this offered very little deterrence against whatever the brunette had in store for her next.

But then something happened. In this new headlock, Erica already had her left shoulder pressed up against Kirsten’s midsection – now wrapping her hands and arms around the backs of Kirsten’s thighs, she lunged forward on her powerful legs and plowed into the other girl’s center with her whole weight behind her. The sight of this made me think of a football lineman hitting a blocking sled, but that mental image didn’t last for very long. The force of her opponent driving full bore forward into her was enough to sweep the brunette off of her feet and send her crashing to the carpet moments later.

Kirsten visibly had been stunned by that hard hit. Unprepared for it as she was, her body had likely not absorbed the impact particularly well – on top of that, it also looked to me like she might have banged her head on the floor upon landing. But while she was lying there trying to shake off the hurt, Erica was already disengaging herself from the brunette’s now-powerless clutches. Battle fatigue was surely nipping at the blonde’s heels as well, but I could tell that she was pushing herself to move as quickly as she could to take advantage of the opportunity she was not presented with. Rising somewhat briskly to her feet, Erica dragged her dazed opponent up with her and moved into a position standing belly-to-back with the other girl. I watched as she hooked her left leg over and around the brunette’s counterpart in a very deliberate fashion, which suggested that she had something special in mind for her dark-haired foe. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me what that would be, but I quickly caught on as Erica next captured Kirsten’s right upper arm within the crook of her own left and contorted the brunette’s upper body in a sideways fashion. Moments later, Erica leaned back sharply and tugged on the captive arm, bringing her hurtful designs to their full fruition.

I was not expecting Erica to have anything particularly complex or intricate in her wrestling repertoire. The restraint she’d shown thus far in not punching was already in defiance of her boxer’s background, but the use of an abdominal stretch here was even more surprising. It was being employed quite skillfully too, judging by the way that it jolted the brunette back to life. Kirsten’s voice faded in and grew to fill the entire room with a painful shout; her face likewise contorted into a grimace as she unsuccessfully tried to obfuscate the effect that the hold was having on her. This anguished reaction would spike in its severity each time Erica jerked on her arm and ratcheted up the strain being applied to her midsection. But while the brunette was struggling to keep her composure, the blonde’s spirits seemed to be rising at an equal and opposite rate. Few things could tell the tale of the present circumstances better than the smile on Erica’s lips, which appeared brighter than at any other point since the match’s opening moments.

In the midst of it all, I glanced around to try and get a read on the room. The audience had definitely grown compared to the start of the fight, and overall sentiment seemed to be very pro-Erica – how much of it was on account of her performance and how much of it came from her being the girl currently in control, I couldn’t say. Still, it pleased me to see that she was winning them over. One voice in the crowd stood out as being louder and more enthusiastic than the rest: it belonged to a raven-haired girl in a silver party dress who I recognized as being a cornergirl in Erica’s last boxing match. Her name was Whitney, if I recall? Despite the fact that she was presently screaming her head off, I was struck by her comeliness and vivacious manner – was she always so outgoing, and did she have any fighting experience of her own? I would have to remember to ask Erica for an introduction later. But before I could indulge this mental flirtation any further, my increased interest in this girl was noticed by her companion, a blonde in a tasteful red evening gown: Aimee Holbrooke. Aimee was a storied figure within the fighting establishment and deserved a lot of the credit for molding Erica into a formidable boxing talent. I was aware that the older woman did not approve of Erica putting that promising career on hold to make this current foray into wrestling, and the look that she gave me now was decidedly uninviting. Whether she was taking the opportunity now to reaffirm this displeasure or warning me to stay away from her other protégé I didn’t know, but either way I hastily averted my eyes.

The sounds of combat shifted and quickly snapped my gaze back to the living room’s center. Erica had previously been using just her left arm to apply the abdominal stretch; now, her right hand joined the fray as she brought it to bear against Kirsten’s chest. For someone who was unversed in this sort of fare, Erica was demonstrating herself to be a fast learner as she tightly gripped and squeezed Kirsten’s right breast. The brunette’s white bikini top was still in place, but it afforded her no protection from the blonde’s gouging fingers; her vocalizations had changed from teeth-clenched groans into full-throated shrieks as her bosom suffered this spiteful assault.

“Louder!” Erica demanded, “Louder!”

I watched as Erica gleefully paid Kirsten back for the earlier indignation that had been visited upon her own bosom; each scream she extracted from her foe encouraged her to try and drag out yet another. The audience was likewise whipped up, with many egging the blonde on while others urged the brunette to resist. The only one who seemed particularly subdued was Ari – glancing at her, I saw that she was moving her lips, but the words that she was mouthing were unintelligible to me.

The claw and the stretch persisted until Erica released them and pushed Kirsten away with a shove that sent her stumbling down to all fours. Kirsten tried as quickly as she could to rise, making it as far as getting one of her feet under her, but she was met with a swift strike across the back of her shoulders that dropped her once more to her forearms and knees. I watched Erica as she loomed over Kirsten, choosing not to pounce right away on her stricken foe. Instead, she leaned over and brought her fingers to the knots that held the brunette’s bikini top in place, untying them daintily in succession. Then, in one fluid movement, Erica rose back to her full height as she peeled the white garment asunder from Kirsten’s body. The blonde raised her arm and lofted her prize above her head as though it were a newly-won championship belt, parading it around the living room’s perimeter for all to see – if there was anyone left in the audience that she had yet to win over, I could scarcely imagine that still being the case now.

Erica was scanning the crowd as she took this quasi victory lap, and as her eyes found mine her lips formed into a devilish smirk. I wondered what thought could have popped into her head to inspire this look, but I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Erica made her way to the stairs and came up out of the fighting area, approaching me at a leisurely saunter. Her gaze briefly flickered to my side, as if taking note of Ari’s presence there, but returned back to me as she drew in close. Intimately close. Erica stepped into my personal space with the whole of her body as her hands found their way to the front of my suit jacket and her mouth came up towards my ear. I was convinced that my heart stopped beating for a moment as I felt the touch of her fingers on my chest and the tickle of her breath along my jawline.

“Hang onto this for me, would you?”

Her voice was barely above a whisper, but her words were no less alluring as a result. Such an up close and personal experience was more than enough to bring me under her sway, and I remained entranced by her even as she pulled back and turned away from me. Ultimately, I was brought back to my senses by a stiff pinching sensation – Ari was still hanging onto my arm and had subtly dug her fingers in. I should probably thank her for that, since I otherwise would have remained engrossed in that reverie. As my brain came back to full speed, it dawned on me what had actually just transpired. I brought my hand up to my chest for tactile confirmation, but I already knew what Erica had tucked into the inside pocket of my jacket: Kirsten’s cherished bikini top.

Erica was making her way back down into the sunken living room to resume the fight, and the audience’s collective attention followed in tow. All eyes now turned to Kirsten, who had risen to her feet by this point. In contrast to the blonde’s almost carefree manner, the brunette was leveling the mother of all death glares at her opponent – one might suspect that this vehement look had been there through this entire interlude but simply gone unnoticed by all as Erica stole the spotlight. There seemed to be more to it, however, than just who held the crowd’s favor and who didn’t. There had to be something specific that would inspire the degree of resentfulness that was present in Kirsten’s expression, and her body language said it all – one only had to see the way she crossed her arm across her chest to cover up her now bare boobs to know why she was so particularly incensed.

Erica seemed to pick up on this as well. Still facing Kirsten, she reached behind to delicately untie her own top. Pulling it away from her body, she held it outstretched at arm’s length for a moment before dropping the garment to the floor. The sight was heartpounding to behold, even without the benefit of glimpsing her body revealed.

“There. Happy now?”

Kirsten’s voice started as a low growl as it emerged and quickly grew into a full-throated roar. Enflamed by Erica’s provocation, she seemed to tap into a hitherto unseen wellspring of rage as she charged forward at the blonde. I think we were all a bit shocked to see this kind of ferociousness from someone so diminutive – no one perhaps more so than Erica herself, who was caught off guard by the brunette’s rapidly advancing form. Their bodies collided as they were sent tumbling to the carpet with Kirsten on top of Erica, and the former moved swiftly to establish herself in a seated position astride the latter. Kirsten’s hands went straight for Erica’s tits, and she sank her fingers into the ample flesh with vengeful intent on her mind.

The attack on Erica’s breasts paid immediate dividends as it compelled her to scream at the top of her lungs. This was much different from what she’d experienced before when she’d been trapped in the nelson – instead of a spiteful jab intended to demoralize, she was now faced with a hellacious all-out assault that was meant to break her completely. As her hulking pair was subjected to this intense squeezing and clawing, Erica’s first instinct was to try and pry Kirsten’s hands away from her chest, but the brunette’s grip was ironclad. This point was driven home as Kirsten twisted and tugged on Erica’s breasts in tandem, causing the blonde to howl again as her body writhed beneath the brunette’s. Kirsten seemed only to be emboldened by the anguished etched into Erica’s expression, and as her nails continued their malevolent gouging, I was worried that she might have finally found my girl’s number.

Erica, as it turned out, was far from done. With her present efforts getting her nowhere, she now decided to instead fight fire with fire and reached up for her opponent’s chest. Fingers and claws clamped firmly onto the brunette’s boobs with a savage grip, and moments later Kirsten’s voice joined hers in a dissonant duet of screams and wails. The brunette fought to reassert control with a harsh upward yank on the blonde’s breasts, but this was met with an equally forceful downward pull that threatened to tear her down from her perch. Erica’s expression seemed to be growing fiercer as she singlemindedly wrenched on her opponent’s tits, while the brunette’s became proportionally more anguished as she struggled to hang on and outlast the blonde. Kirsten gave as good as she got and was rewarded with a fresh set of tortured shouts, but this was still not enough to quell Erica’s counterattacks on her own pair. The repeat violent wrenches on her tits finally took Kirsten beyond what she could withstand, and she was pulled down to the floor with an intense scream. Erica moved quickly to secure her own straddle atop her opponent, but she too was brought down by a vicious tug that left her lying side by side with the brunette on the carpet.

I could feel Ari’s arm tightening around mine as the action picked up in pace. She, like the rest of us, was fully engrossed in the battle that was unfolding before our eyes. Cries both vengeful and plaintive echoed off the walls as the blonde and brunette battlers rolled around on the floor and savaged each other’s chests. It was truly hard to say who was getting the better of it – Kirsten’s attacks seemed more eyecatching as she twisted and pulled on the blonde’s tits and pinched her nipples, but Erica’s more simplistic squeezing and tugging of her dark-haired opponent’s pair appeared to be just as effective. Control ebbed back and forth constantly as one girl would periodically manage to get on top of the other, only to be yanked back to the carpet moments later. On and on, they raged like a pair of wild hellcats – it was the sort of thing that most men could only dream of witnessing, and I fixed my gaze as I tried my hardest to sear every moment of the action into my memory.

The bosomy duel continued and escalated for two minutes, maybe three, before coming to an abrupt climax. Erica had once again succeeded in mounting her opponent, and with great effort she pulled up on Kirsten’s breast as hard as she could. The brunette arched her back and screamed in anguish as her own grip on the blonde’s pair began to visibly falter, though it had not yet failed entirely. Letting go of Kirsten’s left tit, Erica balled her hand into a fist and drove it squarely into the other girl’s nipple twice in succession, each punch eliciting a new howl of distress. The attacks had brought Kirsten to the limits of her pain tolerance – with few recourses left, she slide her fingers to the undersides of Erica’s breasts near where they met her chest wall. Erica wailed as the brunette’s talons clawed and pulled on the flesh there – her right hand, with which she had only moments before been intent on using to deliver ruinous woe, now grabbed at one of Kirsten’s wrists in a desperate bid to extricate her chest from further harm. Kirsten desperately tugged with all of her might to get the blonde off of her – Erica likewise tried her hardest to resist, but one final pull brought her down to the carpet next to the brunette.

The wild, violent fury that had consumed the two fighters was finally abated as the pair disengaged from each other. Erica remained lying where she was on her side – her eyes were pinched shut and her mouth was creased in a pained expression as she cradled her breasts in her hands. Kirsten was still on her back and rubbing her chest reflexively, likewise worse for wear after that exchange. However, she appeared to be recovering more quickly than her foe as she began to roll over and push herself up. Erica was only just beginning to do the same by the time Kirsten had made it to her knees – not content to leave the blonde unmolested, the brunette pressed her newfound advantage by taking hold of her opponent’s hair and brusquely pulling her up to a similar height. Kirsten’s next move was to secure both of her arms around Erica’s waist – I watched her grip tighten as she began to grind Erica down with a tortuous bearhug.

The two girls were side by side relative to my vantage point, and my vision was naturally drawn to their dueling décolletages as their heaving chests mashed together between them. After the amazing display that we’d just witnessed, I couldn’t help but imagine that their breasts were continuing on with their own private duel – ravaged orbs grinding into aching jugs with each set seeking to submit the other in the most vivid way possible. However, the true story lay further down with Kirsten’s arms as they worked on Erica’s midsection. The brunette’s muscles pulsed with strength as they flex and applied crushing pressure to the blonde’s waist and flanks. Erica’s facial expression became twisted into an aggrieved grimace, one that flared with growing anguish each time her torso endured a new squeeze. But neither Kirsten’s attacks nor Erica’s reactions to them should have been construed as a sign that the latter was about to quit – on the contrary, Erica instead wrapped her own arms around the brunette’s torso and began to give back everything that she’d gotten.

There were probably more than a few people here who did not think Erica had it left in her to try and mount a rally, Kirsten being chief among them. Her jaw dropped and her mouth went open with a low moan as her body was violently compressed in the blonde’s clutches. Battle was now joined as each combatant sought to squeeze the other to a finish – Kirsten’s superior position was locked firmly in a race against Erica’s advantages in strength and resilience. Rival arms tightened and relaxed, sometimes in unison and sometimes in alternation, and midsections tensed up as repeated constrictions were applied to them. The toll being taken on blonde and brunette was growing as they leaned in and nuzzled forehead to forehead, while strained grunts of exertion and achy gasps filled the air with increasing urgency. However, neither showed any intention of backing down – perhaps because there was no way to withdraw now that they were both committed. The pace of combat once again slowed considerably, but the outcome was no less harrowing than it had been before as they gambled all-or-nothing with their bodies. Any hug could be the last – the only recourse that either girl had was to keep squeezing and hope that the other couldn’t take it.

Kirsten’s head slid past Erica’s and came to a rest against the blonde’s collar. I became suddenly concerned that she might be building up towards a game-ending crush, but instead her grip faltered as she let out a tired groan. Erica’s bearhug likewise faded, but for an altogether different reason – releasing her hands from behind Kirsten’s back, she now tried to work them underneath the other girl’s arms. The brunette squirmed and held her elbows in tightly against her sides as she tried to deny access, but the blonde was just as vigorous in trying to attain her goal. The struggle was fierce as they vied for control of the wrap-up, but Erica was at last able to push her hands through to behind Kirsten’s back. With them now on the other side, she clasped them together and renewed the bearhug without obstruction.

The nerve-wracking tension that had consumed my thoughts for the last few minutes seemed to suddenly lift at the sound of Kirsten letting loose with a loud wail. Erica seemed to be of a similar mind as a smile began to form on her lips, half informed by her own relief and half by her intentions towards her opponent that now gleamed wickedly in her eyes. With her strong arms now in a position to really be brought to bear on Kirsten’s midsection, she used this advantage and went after her foe with a fresh series of enthusiastic squeezes over the next few minutes. Kirsten did not handle it well, to say the least – her composure seemed to melt away as each tightening and crush of Erica’s arms induced a new pained cry or gasp of protest that sounded louder than the one that had preceded it. Kirsten pushed at and beat her fists upon Erica’s shoulders and upper arms to no avail – with the blonde as firmly ensconced as she was, these desperate struggles were nowhere near enough to make her break her hold. One final jerk and squeeze of Erica’s arms, and Kirsten appeared to finally succumb to the pressure being literally applied to her body and metaphorically to her willpower – she threw her head back and yielded up a wail that was completely unrestrained in its expression of her anguish.

The blonde, seemingly, had now subdued the brunette. Erica let go of Kirsten and allowed her to slump sideways to the floor, and as she did a round of applause worked its way through the crowd. As I took my own stock of the two, it was Kirsten who drew my immediate attention. She was sniveling as she lay with her face pressed against the carpet – I imagined that she wanted to push herself up and continue the struggle, but the reserves that she needed for such a comeback were no longer there. My eyes now turned to Erica – she had benefited from a breather, but it quickly became clear that she was not yet finished with her opponent. The two combatants were presently oriented facing my direction as Erica lay down next to the brunette and snuggled up belly-to-back – Kirsten tried belatedly to pull herself away, but not in time to prevent the blonde’s arms from encircling her waist once again.

Fresh shouts of pain poured from Kirsten’s lips as the squeezing began anew. She pushed and pried at the blonde’s forearms, but could not dislodge them. Her legs bicycled for traction on the carpet, but likewise had little practical effect. She twisted and fought with all of her available might, but no amount of struggling seemed sufficient to earn her the freedom that she so desperately yearned for. The scene playing out in front of us was both breathtaking and heartrending all at once, and I couldn’t help but feel at least a bit of sympathy for Kirsten in her current plight. What was running through her mind at a time like this? I had to wonder as I watched her trapped, helpless, and completely dependent on another woman’s mercy.

Mercy, I would add, that Erica did not seem interested in delivering anytime soon as she continued to work the brunette’s midsection over. The blonde had a look of complete contentment on her face as she pressed her nose and mouth against the nape of Kirsten’s neck and plied the hold. Her arms were now able to wring out tortured whimpers and groans practically on demand, and every reaction forced out of the brunette seemed to stoke Erica into delivering her next squeeze. Did she have to go this far to impose herself on Kirsten? Probably not. But at the same time, I think most would agree that she’d earned the right to express her dominance as she saw fit.

At last, Erica uncoiled her arms from around Kirsten’s body and released the brunette as she pushed herself up to her knees. She seemed quite satisfied with her handiwork, as evidenced by the way she continued to smile as she traced her fingers along her opponent’s exposed flank. For a brief moment, I could’ve sworn I saw Kirsten’s body tremble at Erica’s touch, as if my girl’s arms had left aftershocks in their wake that still being felt by the brunette’s midsection. Considering how thoroughly Kirsten had been reduced to tatters, it would not have been an unreasonable proposition to stop the match here. Erica, however, seemed to think otherwise. The blonde took the brunette by her dark locks and pulled her up to her haunches. Saddling in behind her opponent, she once again snaked her arms around to the front of the other girl’s body. Erica did not reengage the bearhug, though. Instead, her hands slid up until they found their way back to a familiar quarry: Kirsten’s breasts.

Loud screams filled the air as the brunette’s chest was reacquainted with the blonde’s malicious touch. Erica was availing herself of as much jug as she could hold as she crushed them in her palms, gouged them with her fingers, and clawed them with her nails – left to her own devices, she likely would not be satisfied as long as any inch of the other girl’s bosomy flesh was allowed to go unspared. Kirsten grabbed Erica’s wrists and tried desperately to extricate herself from this torment, but her frantic tugs and attempts to pry the blonde’s hands off achieved very little. Tears were brimming her eyes and beginning to trickle down her cheeks, while every sound that came out of her mouth was steeped in her suffering. As I watched the scene unfold, I could hear voices of other spectators rising rapidly from all around with freshly energized shouts and clamors – much like the brunette herself, the general mood was growing less reserved as one girl definitively had her way with the other.

Kirsten wept openly as her tits were now being twisted and tugged on. Her head lolled backwards and was cradled by the blonde’s shoulder and neck as the pain continued to mount. Erica responded by bringing her own head forward such that she was pressed up cheek to cheek with Kirsten – no better place to be for experiencing the other girl’s suffering, one would think. But there was something more diabolical at play here, and I realized it when I saw Erica’s mouth start to move. While her hands remained occupied with their assigned task, her lips had set about whispering insidious words into the brunette’s ear. I tried my hardest to make out what was being said, but it was no use – these taunts were for Kirsten alone to hear. I could, however, see their effect as Erica wielded them like a psychological sledgehammer against the last remains of the brunette’s crumbling resolve. Kirsten shut her eyes tightly as she tried to ride it out, but they soon went wide at Erica’s apparent beckoning and stared straight out into the audience. She next bit her lip and tried to contain whatever it was that had been welling up inside of her, but a clawing of her right tit and a harsh pinch of her left nipple compelled her to let loose with more agonized screams. These cries, though incoherent at first, soon coalesced into something far more articulate.

“Stop… Stop!” Kirsten wailed, “I give! I give!”

Erica’s hands did not immediately cease their depredations on the brunette’s chest. The latter’s sobs persisted loudly and with an added tone of urgency, and the torture lasted for a few more seconds before the victorious blonde arrived at satisfaction. Erica released Kirsten and allowed her to slump forward like a ragdoll; rising to her own feet, she now stood tall over the girl that she had reduced to ruins on the carpet. The room burst into near-unanimous applause and I gently uncoupled my arm from Ari’s as I joined them in celebrating this outcome. Erica took a few short paces around the living room to acknowledge their acclaim – at the end of this loop, she stopped briefly to retrieve her bikini top from the floor and then advanced back towards her prostrate foe. Erica paused as she looked down upon Kirsten, perhaps to revel in her own success – after a few moments though, she reached down to strip the brunette of her bikini bottoms, separating her permanently from the attire that she’d arrived in.

Watching this final act transpire left me nearly speechless. I was fully enraptured by Erica in this moment of triumph for her, perhaps even more so now than I had been with her at the end of her previous fight. She was now climbing the steps up out of the living room and we smiled at each other as she approached.

“Wow. You did great,” I said, slowly stringing my words together.

“Yeah,” Erica replied. She sounded a bit tired now that the fight was behind her, but her giddiness couldn’t be concealed. “I’m glad I took you up on this. There’ll be plenty more in the future, won’t there?”

“Plenty more.”

We began to walk away from the crowd, and Erica glanced briefly back at the way she’d come from. My eyes followed along with hers and returned to Kirsten, who as being tended to and helped up to her feet. She looked desolate and lost as she sniveled, not yet having fully wrapped her mind around what had been done to her tonight. One of the more considerate spectators had gotten her a robe to cover herself up, but that was where the charitability ended. House rules at this particular location dictated that the loser of a match was to be promptly ejected from the premises – it was heartbreaking to think of what she’d be going through mentally on the limo ride that would be taking her home, but such is the price of defeat on a playing field like this one.

“You have something of mine.”

I turned my head back to look at Erica. I stared quizzically at her as she seemed to be waiting for me, and then I remembered that I still had Kirsten’s top. I retrieved the white article from my pocket and placed it in her hand to join the other half of the suit that she already had. Erica smiled warmly at me as she held the two pieces clenched together in front of me. As we continued to head in the direction of the stairs leading back to the second floor, I resolved to lay everything out on the table and tell her exactly what was on my mind. A few other well-wishers were stopping to offer their congratulations, and I stepped back for a moment as Erica paused to greet them. As I waited, I suddenly felt a hand gently tugging on the back of my jacket sleeve.

“Hey. Where are you going?”

I looked over my shoulder to find Ari staring at me with a doe-eyed gaze. Somehow in the hubbub of the match’s conclusion I must have lost sight of her.

“I’ve still got something that I need to talk to Erica about. I’ll be right back.”

“You don’t have to go after her, Elliot. Stay with me-“

“Don’t worry, this’ll only take a minute.”

That statement was probably less than sincere, but I’m sure that Ari will forgive me for it. Especially if she had any idea what my feelings truly were about Erica. I hadn’t fallen very far behind Erica, and I moved quickly to catch up with her. We were by ourselves again as we reached the stairs, and as we started up them the words began to flow freely.

“You’re amazing. I’ve truly never seen or met anyone like you before.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“I do. Really. I’ve been wanting to say that since the day I first met you.”

We had arrived in front of the bedroom. Now was the moment of truth: as I stared into her eyes and she stared back into mine, I felt my heart racing as I wondered what her response would be.

It was Erica who spoke first. “I really need to get myself cleaned up after all that. Give me a bit, okay? I’ll come find you.”

“How… long will you be?”

“Not too long, I hope. Don’t wait up on my account. Go back down and enjoy yourself.”

I was speechless as the moment passed away before me. I felt frozen in place as I watched Erica smile at me one last time before stepping through the door and closing it behind her. The will to act gradually returned to me, but by then things had fallen quiet with no sign that she had ever been there to begin with.

Thus, I once again found myself alone in a hallway outside of a bedroom.

The End

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