War on the 85th Floor by Rival’s Rapture

Chapter 1:

Cramped between bed and brick, atop dirty clothes and only God knows, stood a short, young and shapely brunette woman. Her name was Jennifer, and she was in quite a bit of hurry, dashing this way and that — taking not her time, nor sipping slowly at her steam-topped tea. No, instead she was applying her makeup with one hand, all the while trying to stuff those items she might need for the day into her purse. She had to be prepared — had to be ready, for it was a big day. A day Jennifer had been planning for and working towards, for the last 379 days, as far as she was able to count it. Her journey began as few do, with the reading of an interview posted on a popular men’s blog, one with a reputation for less than subtle content.

The subject was not just one man, but two: Austin and Bennett Bowman. They held the distinction, and blessing of being a pair of incredibly handsome twin brothers, who just so happened to also be the co-CEO’s of Bowman International, a quickly growing, and world-renowned technology firm. Their company began, as most computer startups do, in Silicon Valley. They had grown, through the application of sustainable ambition and millennial savvy, to heights most companies never reach, and did so faster than any firm had ever done before. The key, however, to the interview, was that their company’s rise was in their minds just beginning, and in fact, was about to embark on the building of a new headquarters in downtown New York. That plan, as the article read, was not undertaken because it was a business necessity, or because it was what the bottom line dictated, but instead, because it was a challenge. A new mountain to climb. A new sea to master. And though talk of brilliant business maneuvers and roars of unchecked bravado laced almost every question, and answer, Jennifer fixated on just the smallest of tidbits, set adrift somewhere near the end of the article.

Interviewer: “And … uh … you two are good looking guys. You’ve got the world at your fingertips, and happen to be single. What can the ladies of New York expect? What are your tastes? Who will be your prey, when you arrive in the city that never sleeps?”

Austin: “Well I have to say, as different as Bennett and I are, we have basically the exact same taste in women.”

Bennett: “You could say it has gotten us both into more than a few fights.”

Austin: “A couple.”

Bennett: “Black eyes…. No, I’m kidding. Actually, maybe I’m not, didn’t you…?”

Austin: “Let’s just answer his question, B. We like short, thick, brunettes.”

Interviewer: “How thick? Big breasts? Big butts?”

Bennett: “Thick thighs, big butt, huge breasts, and a tight tummy. Ariel Winter is a good example. Her and I broke up, but she was perfect.”

Austin: “Yeah, she was.”

Bennett: “See, that’s where the black eyes came in.”

Like manna from heaven, the description came down to Jennifer, who had for years and years held the most obsessive of crushes on Austin. He had, or more accurately, they had described HER. They wanted HER. She was their dream girl. It was enough to have made her squeak and squeal, and in fact, she did both upon reading those glorious words set to screen.

As her glee settled into sanity, and hope turned to hunger, the young woman decided that she had to meet them, or more specifically HIM — had to put herself in Austin’s life, and earn his heart and hand. Not because he was rich, but because she felt, honestly, that she loved him. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Jennifer had spent hours, weeks to be truthful, googling pictures of her muse, and then Bing-ing the same, just in case there was a difference in what came back. She would watch YouTube videos and attend business lectures he gave, at the latter hoping for a chance encounter or a Cinderella reenactment, though neither ever came.

All of that seemed like nonsense now, as a plan, a real plan took shape in her mind. One that she enacted without delay, hitting the gym religiously, not to lose weight, but to forge her body into something Austin could not resist. “Ariel Winter who?” She would make him say. And whilst she worked out, she worked up, doing her best to improve her resume, so that we’re she to apply to the new building being built, she’d have a better chance of being hired.

Finally, the day had arrived, and Jennifer now dressed to kill, and built to beguile, walked out her door and into the crisp New York air, ready to bag herself the man of her dreams.

Her optimism, however, quickly faded, as the elevator door opened at the 85th floor, and revealed just how steep her competition would be. Women — seas of women, each dressed to impress, and bearing enough cleavage to draw even the Pope’s eye, sat, stood, and strolled, waiting for their turn to meet with Austin and Bennett. Despite her rapidly declining confidence, Jennifer checked in, found the last available seat, and began waiting. Minutes, hours, days it felt like passed, and still, she had not been called. Then suddenly, when she had almost given up hope, the brothers, each wearing the most expensive of suits, and most earned of smirks, walked out of their offices and surveyed the remaining crowd. They both seemed to catch on something that interested them, one on either side of the room. They whispered and pointed towards Jennifer’s seat, then across the floor to another girl, who Jenn could not see. Jenn felt it was her time — time for her to finally get her chance! She was certain they were about to call her name, and even stood to make the required traversal as quick as possible! But, just as a smile took to her beautiful plump lips: disaster.

Austin: “We have found our personal assistants, ladies. Thank you all so much for coming, but there won’t be any more interviews.”

Bennett: “Yeah, we really appreciate all of your interest. Feel free to apply for the other jobs that we will be announcing in the near future. We need a good team here, and really have to fill all these floors with people, so … don’t get discouraged.”

The words, though calm and kind, struck a cold nausea into Jennifer’s stomach — a feeling which twisted and turned as one girl after another passed by her. They left, one by one — in groups — each commenting on how upset they were that they didn’t get a chance to interview. They were like ghosts to the brunette, who remained seated, lost on the verge of tears. Finally, she mustered the strength to stand but made it only to the on-floor bathroom, where she decided to hide herself in a stall and cry. Her sobbing continued, and hardened, robbing her of breath and balance, forcing her to sit, to avoid falling. How could she not have even gotten a chance? This was supposed to be! She thought to herself. But even as they swirled and swelled, the bitter questions she couldn’t answer and agony she couldn’t quell were interrupted, when Jenn heard the sound of another person crying in the stall next to her — another woman.

Jennifer wanted to stifle her own sobs, as to not bother, something she imagined the other weeping woman would worry about as well, but neither could. And so locked together in sadness, but in separate stalls, on opposite sides of a knuckle-thin marble wall, they cried, each taking some comfort in knowing that they were not alone in their pain.

After about 40 minutes, both Jennifer and the mystery woman had gathered themselves enough to leave their stalls. As they each exited their stall, their gazes locked on to one another in the wall mirror in front of them, each allowing themselves to study the others tear-glistened eyes, each softened by empathy, and silhouetted by wild smears of black eye shadow. And though there was something felt and conveyed in the moment, whatever it was found itself brought to an abrupt end, as both women found themselves once again overcome by sadness and embarrassment, which forced each of them to look away from the other. In that silence, they stood for only a moment, as they adjusted their clothing, and did what they could to wipe off running and ran mascara.

Then, having collected themselves as best they could, the two women began their walk of shame, side by side, heading towards the exit of the bathroom, still not having spoken a single word. Whilst on that trail of tears, neither could help but notice that the other looked nearly identical to themselves, in terms of hair color and length, breast size and build and even in terms of dress, both having wore the tightest blue dress they could find, matched with a near criminally short skirt.

Despite their similarities, or perhaps because of it, they each decided to go their separate ways, intentionally taking different elevators, to avoid any discussion of what just happened.

Some hours passed, and Jennifer, intent on drinking away her disappointment, found herself at her favorite local watering hole, the “169 Bar” on East 169th Street. Before her sat 4 empty shot glasses, and two more ready to be so emptied. Her head hung, not just from the alcohol, or her exhausting bout of crying earlier, but from shame. Shame which kept her eyes laser-focused on her phone, the apps she tried to distract herself with, and the next shot she planned on slamming.

Amber: “I’ll take…*hic*…another one!”

A drunken voice called, from a woman who had just taken the stool next to Jennifer. It was a miracle she had even caught the voice, given how loud the bar was, and how little she cared about any and all of it, and yet, there was something about it. Something … she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Intent on finding out what that something was, the blitzed brunette turned to see why the voice sounded so familiar, and found, to her heart-stopping horror and dismay, that she had, in the entire city of fucking New York, found a way to sit next to the woman with whom she spent an hour sobbing earlier in the day. “FML” She murmured under her liquor-scented breath.

Despite the brevity of Jennifer’s glance and the speed at which she tried to look away, she and the mystery woman’s eyes once again locked. It lasted only a blink, as each looked away with almost equal amounts of fear and desperation coursing through their bodies, but still, they both knew. And with that knowledge, and as if to hide from a moving spotlight or a pathing guard, each sat motionless, not but inches apart, too drunk to leave, but too terrified of the other to stay. Awkward moments passed, one by one, then ten by ten, until finally neither could keep silent anymore. Each wanting to at least say something, so they could breathe again, and possibly even keep drinking, turned to the other, and opened their mouth to speak. Their words, however, were interrupted by simultaneous calls to each of the girl’s cell phones. Rather than continuing their course, and breaking their silence, they reached into their pockets and raised their phones to their ears.

Jennifer: “Hello?

Amber: “Hi! Yes, this is Amber, who’s this?”

Jennifer: “You’re kidding me.”

Amber: “Really?”

Jennifer: “But I didn’t even interview?”

Amber: “But how did…?”

Jennifer: “Of course I’ll take it, Mr. Bowman. Thank you so so much! Uh, right, Bennett. Got it.”

Amber: “For sure … I mean: yes, Mr. Bowman. This means so much to me, you have no idea. Call you, Austin? Ok, will do.”

Simultaneously they both hung up, and let the conversations, which each heard, wash over them. They had both been given a job, as personal assistants to the Bowman brothers, but Jennifer had been assigned the brother in which she had no interest. The thought was both wonderful, and terrible — divine and damning. At least it was something though. A foot in the door. A way into Austin’s life, Jennifer thought, as she took a deep satisfied breath, before releasing it in a butterfly stomach sigh.

After that somewhat belated acceptance, Jennifer found herself more than interested in her new competition, and so she sneaked a few quick looks and found that Amber’s face contorted and then eased with equal tumult and hopeful resignation. From that, Jennifer derived, and rightfully so, that Amber had a crush on Bennett, and had not gotten the brother that she wanted either.

Regardless of their seemingly equal reservations about the assignment, there was something to celebrate, they were each one step closer to both of their dreams. Neither was the assistant to the man they wanted, but they would be in his life and would be, finally, in striking distance of him. The two women sat thinking for a moment before they each proclaimed in awkwardly loud voices:

Amber: “Check!”

Jennifer: “Can I get my tab?”

Each of them found sleep easy that night, snuggled in their own beds, ready and hopeful for what the new day and their new jobs would bring.

Chapter 2:

The moon which lit Amber and Jennifer’s separate Uber rides home, quickly gave way to the light of the rising sun. Neither girl had processed or digested what had happened, or how it happened. And yet, despite the novel feeling of being completely blindsided by a life-altering event, each woman was on time, and fully adorned with hours worth of makeup, and as tight and skimpy a dress as they could possibly have found. Given the fact that neither were interviewed, and that each were chosen after being seen by the brothers, that they had been hired for their looks alone, and their resemblance to a woman, and a body type that both Austin and Bennett sought not only exclusively, but feverishly. It is true that both had submitted resumes, with loudly-vouching letters of recommendation, but neither had the work history, educational background, or scholastic connections to earn such a prestigious job as this — not at the company, and certainly not in New York. Despite the implications of such hiring practices, and the possible damage each might be doing to their gender as a whole, they moved forward unfazed and undaunted.

That moving quickly brought them together once again, as each stood on opposite sides of the 85th floor’s partially split lobby, iPad in one hand, and Apple Pencil in the other, each listening and furiously scribbling. They were both more than eager to please, wanting desperately to not only succeed in their new job but also do so to such an extent, that they would draw the eye of the others brother.

Bennett: “Got all that? I know I speak quickly, but you’ll get used to it. It’s the only pace that allows us to get anything done in this business.”

Jennifer: “Got it, sir!”

Bennett: “Don’t call me, sir, this isn’t boot camp. Call me Bennett.” The co-CEO’s words may have sounded unassuming, and business forward, but his eyes were involved in an entirely different venture. His eyes bouncing from one curve to another, up and down his newest play thing’s body, all the while his mind worked on not only measuring her assets but also his chances of conquering her sooner, rather than later.

Jennifer: “Anything else, Mr. Bennett?”

Bennett: “It can just be Bennett, but that works. Actually yeah, one more thing. Can you follow me back in my office? I’d like you to taste some of the coffee we just had brought in.”

Jennifer’s heart began to pound, as the realization of what he was truly asking set in. He was not Austin — not the man or the brother she wanted. And yet, here it was, a billionaire, a man tied for sexiest man on the planet, asking her to join him for some “coffee”. Jennifer hesitated, intending to decline his offer, hoping to remain loyal to Austin though he did not even know her. But, just as she began to formulate her perhaps career-ending rejection, her eyes drifted across the lobby and connected with Amber’s. Who she could see, was being similarly propositioned by Austin, with a motioning for her to join him in his private office — his eyes filled with no less lust or expectancy.

It was something Amber saw as well, she having been making the exact same calculations, holding the exact same plan to say no. The brunettes’ stares became affixed to one another, and every movement they made, the other copied. And so that is how it was that a single accidental and meaningless half-step towards Bennett by Jennifer, changed both girl’s lives forever. For Amber followed, and then so did Jennifer, each walking the other, despite their distance, into the arms of the man the other loved.

As each woman walked into the separate offices of their employers, their minds raced and raged, angry at the other for daring to accept an invitation, both knew to be sexual in nature. They hadn’t even spoken to one another, and yet, both felt deeply that the other should have known and respected their feelings and desires.

Despite the pretext, coffee was quickly forgotten, as firm hands were laid on each of their shapely asses, and skin-tight dresses were peeled off bodies and breasts. Each woman thought only of their anger for the other as they relented, using that anger to fuel the passion with which they pleased their respective charge. Sucking with abandon, flexing and stretching in ways they never had before, milking the cock of the brother before them for every last ounce of cum, only stopping when each brother was thoroughly spent and was forced to ask for a rest.

Each buxom brunette made a point to scream, and in concert force their new lovers to grunt, loudly enough for them to be heard in the other’s office. The sounds of such lustful callings, set each of them to seethe, and redouble their efforts to truly enthrall their own partner — whether they wanted him, or not.

Neither Amber or Jennifer had intended to have sex with the man they knew the other to want before that day, but now-now there was nothing more that they wanted in the whole world than to punish the other. Each swearing to themselves not to destroy the other, or get them fired, but instead to do everything in their power to keep the heart and body of the others dream man — forcing their rival to watch as their chances at happiness faded into oblivion.

Two full hours of pleasure passed for the brothers before Amber and Jennifer allowed them peace and exited their offices — each making sure that they left their own hair disheveled and clothes unfixed so that their new rival could see, and know what they had done as if they did not already. Those states of appearance were not lost on either when finally they came back into each other’s view.

Their glares were piercing and faces contorted with frustration and rage. They each took a single step towards the other, struggling with the temptation to have it out right there and then — to rip every hair from the others head and make them wish they had never agreed to sleep with the others, one true love. Their slow march towards violence was interrupted, however, when the phones at their desks suddenly rang.

It was there that their day, and duties, took a more mundane course, allowing only for the briefest moments in which they might share a glare with their rival. Schedules to complete, appointments to keep — food to be ordered, and messes to be sorted, all kept them busy and distracted as one could be, whilst working with someone in such close proximity, that you hate more than words can relay.

Chapter 3:

5 days had passed since Amber and Jennifer first began their new jobs at Bowman International.

5 days, since they each, through the slightest of missteps, had torn each other’s hearts out, and not moments thereafter, set their minds and souls against one another.

5 days, and still the two buxom brunettes had not spoken a single word to one another, or even come close to settling their grievances.

At first, unconscious and accidental was the silence that lingered between them, but their mutually wounding decision to take the others “love” into a sexual embrace, forged chance into rule, and happenstance into principle. And so even when situations called for it, and necessity demanded it, they still refused to speak, each working alone and at times together to find unspoken workarounds, such as nods without words, and the forced altering of wicked glares into glances more focused on instruction and assent, than animosity and malice.

In that silence, they worked, day in and day out, finding a groove in not only their own work routines, but also in their budding relationships with their assigned brother, or as they now referred to them: boyfriends.

The floor was busy, at nearly all times of the day, save for the last hours of the day, those two after 5:00 PM, hours the Bowman brothers affectionately called the “Power Hours”. The doors and phones to the building were shuttered and shut off, and each employee was left to work on those projects which required time left undisturbed.

This “break”, as one might perceive it, was nothing but for most employees, keeping even the co-CEOs busy, each working tirelessly, trying to improve not just the bottom line, but the prospects of finding investments yet to be made. That continuation of efficiency and productivity applied to all, but Jennifer and Amber.

Their job was dealing with the public, taking calls, playing liaison between the brothers and the world. A world, which during the “Power Hours” was effectively shut out, leaving the brunettes not much to do but to tidy up, and organize the work that had been done that day.

It was the tidying, or the appearance of as much, that first rekindled the two assistants’ still burning, but work-idled hostilities. For in the lobby, of the 85th floor, stood a glass wall, which at least as a visual cue, separated Austin’s side of the floor, from Bennett’s. Running along each side of that glass wall was a pair of backless couches. Their stated purposes were for guests to sit on, and as such, the glass often found itself dirtied and smudged by those that leaned against it.

On most nights Jennifer did her work and did so without looking up to see what Amber was doing, as too great was the chance that the two would make eye contact and find themselves locked in a flame-etched mutual glare, which often took hours and interruption to break. However, that night, something was different, for Amber was not behind her desk, folding and filing. No, she instead, carried a towel and a bottle of blue window cleaning solution over to the glass wall, and with a barely restrained smirk took to a kneel on top of the backless couch.

From that position, she raised her arms and pressed her breasts and body against the glass. The move, intentionally exposed, through the tightness of her dress, and the fullness of the press applied, every inch of her frontal body to all in around her. Amber made her strokes long and languid, her motions soft and sensual, hoping to show off to the brothers, should either walk by, the fullness of her physical prowess.

The plan worked within minutes, as at first Austin, and then Bennett walked out of their offices for a quick cup of coffee and saw the show being put on. Their trip, intended to only last moments, lasted longer, and then longer still, each staying for the entirety of Amber’s seemingly impromptu, but fully planned display.

As the scene unfolded, Jennifer sat, jaw agape, outraged at her rival’s stunt. She wanted to act, to draw attention back to herself and away from Amber, but she did not know how. She had no reason. No similar show to put on. At least not now. At least not tonight…. It did not take long for the “Power Hours” to turn to shut down time, and a night of fury felt by Jennifer, and glee felt by Amber, to turn into a new day, and another step in their rivalry.

A step which came, when Amber again stood and grabbed her supplies, looking forward to another solo display, in which she would have the attention of both brothers, both hers and her rival’s, to herself. But as she began her prideful walk, Jennifer rose too, likewise carrying window cleaning solution and a towel in her own hands.

It took not a second for Amber to realize what was happening. She was being met at the glass wall by her enemy, and they two would both press themselves into it, putting on the same show, with nearly the exact same assets, trying to draw the eye of the brothers. An audience that arrived right on time, both tantalized by the prior night’s performance, and excited to catch the encore.

Austin and Bennett were surprised by Jennifer’s decision to join amber in cleaning windows, but both still took their places, not next to each other, but apart, each trying to look uninterested, as their women took to kneeling positions on the couches directly across from one another.

The challenge was unmistakable. The meaning clear. And each of the brunette assistants knew it was far too late to back out. They had committed to it, to allow the brothers to compare not only their bodies but also the way with which they moved them, as they each pressed themselves up against the glass. The two, did their best not to look at each other, wanting the scene, as ridiculous as the goal may have been, to seem natural, and their actions unbound from the others.

Despite that desire to appear independent, they took what seemed to be a single breath together on an unspoken cue, and then went forward, slowly pushing their bodies against the glass, matching asset against asset, so that nipple lined up against nipple, breast against breast, and pubic mound against pubic mound. A sane man might have commented that such is not the way to clean glass, but there were no sane men on the 85th floor. Not after the show started — the two siblings both having been lost in their sexual desire for not just their own assistant, but their brother’s.

Their beautiful dance moved left and right, up and down — every movement made in a manner most torturous for those that watched. At moments it seemed like there was no glass, or pretense of cleaning, instead, seemingly like the two were lovers, locked in the world’s most sexual embrace.

And though that was how the performance was seen by Austin and Bennett, nothing could be further from the truth lived by Jennifer and Amber. Though they made no eye contact and spoke no words, a million insults and snide jabs were made per second, with each body part, and action. Their every move. Every slide. Every lean was made with intention, each girl struggling to steal the spotlight, and embarrass she who they battled.

The first night’s “show” lasted approximately 20 minutes, however, tonight’s show, lasted nearly an hour, before the automated light dimmers kicked on, when the clock hit 7 o’clock bringing with a sudden jolt all those lost in the moment back to reality. Each of the brunettes broke off from one another, fully spent from their engagement. Though the ending had not been planned or forced, the two fell back from their kneeling position, into a stand next to the couch.

Unsure how to break from the tension of the moment, both rivals set themselves to collecting their cleaning tools awkwardly, before hurrying back to their desks. The brothers, with no more finesse, pretended to have finished that they were doing, and scurried back to their offices. It took only a minute, before both Bennett and Austin’s will broke, each hitting their buzzer, calling to be joined by their respective assistant — “compliments” needing to be paid to each girl for their glass cleaning technique.

Chapter 4:

When the next morning came, and the new work day began, both Amber and Jennifer were shaken. They had spent every ounce of energy they had, pitting their bodies against each other in a performance that drove their respective charges absolutely insane with lust, but in the end, neither had seemed to have earned even a single step of distance from the other. In fact, all they heard from their boyfriend and employer, was how hot they BOTH were, and how much they would love to have a threesome or even a foursome.

Normally, such a comment would cause a giant fight or even a breakup, but neither girl was willing to lose their war against the other in an attempt to defend the principle of exclusivity. That refusal punish or fume at the suggestion seemed especially appropriate, given that in the back of their own mind, they each hoped and wished for the chance to sleep with the brother who was not currently theirs, even if it involved such a scenario.

Still, the fact that their contest had been seen as a draw, and so much of one that the brother they had had to themselves, now wanted both they and their rival, was maddening. They could try again, but to what point and purpose? They could find a different way to battle but were the brothers to see it, perhaps the comments made would lead suggestions to requests. Demands.

Plans, even. No, they each decided, that they could not risk it. A threesome, a foursome, or even a strong desire for as much could tear what little they held firmly apart. And so they each decided, without a discussion with their lover or rival, that they would need to keep their battles private. Earning their victory, and establishing their dominance without either brother knowing. It was the only way to make sure they could hold on to what they had, whilst still working for what they truly wanted.

And yet, despite a shared certainty as to the terms of it, neither girl knew how they could so secretly engage — that is until Larry from the IT department arrived.

Larry: “Uh … hi, ladies.” His voice was timid and shaky, he being unsure exactly how to address two women with such substantial busts and beautiful bodies.

Amber: “Hi, welcome to the 85th floor!”

Jennifer: “How can we help you?” The two closed on him quickly, as they had on every guest to the floor that day, their feud now escalating to dangerous levels of competition.

Larry: “Well, I’m Larry.”

Amber: “Ok….”

Larry: “From IT.”

Jennifer: “That’s what your little badge says!”

Larry: “Right, well…. The Bowmans asked that I install a new program on your computers.”

Amber: “What kind of program?”

Larry: “It’s a new chat program, the brothers want the whole company to use. He didn’t want to use Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, or even Abacus, so he is having us design our own. 

We’re having some trouble with some of the features, and the Bowmans asked that we let you two try it out, to communicate with each other.

Jennifer: “You mean for me to chat with Amber?”

Amber: “No, you can’t mean that.”

Larry: “Actually yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. In fact, you two will be the only ones on the chat program.”

Jennifer: “We don’t need that.”

Amber: “No … we really don’t.”

Larry: “I’m sorry, but I gotta. Look, it’ll take me like 3 minutes to install. Just be careful though. Our backup system isn’t installed yet, so if you close the chat window, you’ll lose everything you said. So don’t type anything you’ll need to show others later.” Then, advice and instruction having been given, and without even allowing a second to pass in which they could deny him again, the overweight, pimple-faced IT wiz had set to work, installing the program on both of their computers in even less time than he quoted. As the IT guy moved from Amber’s computer to Jennifer’s, Amber returned to her own duties, leaving Jennifer alone with Larry. “Ok, so, let’s send our first message, why don’t you have a seat.”

Jennifer: “Oh, I don’t know. We can handle it from here.” Bennett’s assistant said in resistance, whilst standing over Larry’s shoulder, not wanting to have to break the silence between her and her rival.

Larry: “I’ll show you. It’s easy. And I need to make sure it works.” With that, Larry moved and motioned, leaving Jennifer with little choice but to sit.

Jennifer: “I don’t know what to say.” The comment sounded flippant and silly to Larry. How could she not know what to say?

Larry: “Here.” He being both in a hurry to get back to his desk, and unsure as to how to navigate the confusion of the moment, the IT wiz reached over Jennifer’s shoulders and breasts and typed two letters. ‘Hi’. “Now hit send.”

Jennifer: “But….” Jennifer’s finger hovered over the keyboard, seeming to shake from some force that went unseen to Larry.

Larry: “Look, just hit the enter key. Like this!” His words of reassurance came only a quarter second before he took the brunette’s finger and forcefully brought it down on the enter key, thereby sending the first word ever sent, in any form of communication, from Jennifer to Amber or vice versa.

‘Read’ is all it said. A single word, but one that sent shivers up Jennifer’s spine. She did not want it. She hated it. The thought that they had now communicated. That she had been the one to break their icy silence. It was tragic! Terrible! Disgusting!

Larry: “Alright, well my work here is done. See ya later, ladies!” His goofy goodbye echoed through the empty, tension-filled 85th floor, as he disappeared into the elevator, leaving only his stench, and impact on the two brunettes‘ rivalry in his wake.

Minutes passed, and Jennifer remained stuck, here eyes firmly affixed to the chat box which read ‘Read.’ She didn’t know what to do. Should she close the window? Did Amber really see the message? Will they both pretend like it never happened? After all, her finger was forced into sending it…. But just as soon as Jennifer began to relax, and thought about moving on with her day, dots began to move in the lower left-hand corner of the chat window, symbols which she knew meant Amber was typing.

[Amber: “I thought we weren't speaking, bitch.”]

[Jennifer: “You know I would never speak to you willingly, cunt.”]

[Amber: “Could have fooled me. And ‘hi’? Really? That’s how we start this?”]

[Jennifer: “Fuck you. I didn't send that.”]

[Amber: “I bet you wish you did, after last night.”]

[Jennifer: “After last night what? You mean after I showed you what a real woman looks like?”]

[Amber: “Please, Bennett and Austin couldn't take their eyes off me. Just like the night before.”]

[Jennifer: “If you think that was anything else than a tie, you’re wrong.”]

[Amber: “Ties are for losers. We. Need. To. Settle. This.”]

[Jennifer: “Anytime. Anywhere.”]

Though more dots appeared, for a brief second, the chat suddenly ended, as Austin and Bennett walked out of their offices, each requesting their assistant’s attention.

Austin: “Hey, how would you feel about a double date?”

Amber: “Sure, babe. I could use a night out on the town. Who is the other couple?”

Bennett: “We are!” The excited twin proclaimed, as he, with Jennifer on his arm, walked over.

It was written on both their faces, beneath the feigned excitement, the anger. The frustration. Not only had they finally communicated, if not vocally. Not only had they been interrupted. But now, they also had to go on a double date with each other, and watch as the woman they hate most in the world, clings to, and brings a smile to the face of the man they love most. But they could not back out. Could not escape. They would have to just grin and bear another night with their rival, leaving settlement for another day — or so they thought.

Chapter 5:

After a brief sojourn to their respective apartments to get dressed, Jennifer and Amber took Uber rides down to Bennaton’s, the newest Manhattan hot spot. It was a restaurant neither could ever have afforded on their own, but in their new roles as girlfriends to two men who were well on their way to becoming the richest in the world, it was normal. Expected. And they, in turn, would be expected to wear clothes fitting the occasion, expensive outfits from New York’s best designers. Luckily, a slew of such outfits had been delivered to them. Not just today, or yesterday, but on every day since the tabloids began to reveal to the world the women’s new status. “Babes of the Bowmans”, one read. “CEOs’ Hoes”, read another. And though the stories were demeaning, the clothes were magnificent. Outfits that each of the busty brunette women had only dreamed about owning, tailored to fit their abnormally supple figures. Outfits that each wore triumphantly, as they walked into the restaurant, on their boyfriends’ suit-swaddled arms.

Despite the earlier chat conversation that took place between the two, Amber or Jennifer were both still unwilling to speak a single word to each other, each still clinging to the legacy of their silence. One might think, that such a refusal would have made the double date awkward, but neither Austin and Bennett seemed to notice — each more interested in talking about their newest Indian expansion, or how they were thinking about purchasing the San Francisco 49ers, to show up Mark Zuckerberg.

The dinner passed quickly, a speed driven by the fact that both Austin and Bennett had decided to enjoy themselves fully, drinking one martini after another, until they were both completely hammered. Drunk beyond reason. Neither able to walk, or even speak in coherent sentences. That being the case, and their long night having been made short, Amber and Jennifer helped them both to a cab, and back to their shared luxury condo in one of New York’s most exclusive high-rises.

Each of the assistants turned arm candy, worked together to carry their lovers onto, and into the only made bed in the residence. Their intention was to drop them and leave, not wanting to spend a single moment alone with each other, but as they gently laid their drunken boyfriends down, those being carried woke up from their stupor for the briefest of moments and dragged those that carried them down to the bed.

The women were not averse to the idea of sleeping in such a beautiful apartment, in such a comfortable bed. In fact, they could both easily and happily bring themselves to do so, even with their rival there, as long as distance and decorum were maintained. Despite that willingness, they could not tolerate it while wearing dresses worth the same as a down payment on a house. That inability in mind, they each crawled and spun, twisted and turned, until they were finally able to slip out of their expensive outfits, laying each on the modern headboard behind their head.

All was peaceful, at first — each woman doing their best to just sleep, and ignore that a woman they hated with every fiber of their being was not even a foot from them. But slowly, as each hitched breath was released, and every adjustment of blanket became a tug, the two began to wear on each other. That wearing became tearing, and peace became war, when Austin ripped one of the only two pillows left, away from Amber. With that act, the billionaire brother left two enemies — two rivals to share one pillow, and set flame to kindle.

For the sake of calm, Amber tried sleeping without a pillow, after she found her attempts to take back one of Austin’s fruitless. But slowly, regrettably, she came to the realization that without something behind her head, she would never be able to rest. Her circumstances were known to Jennifer, who for her part, shockingly, tried to allow a place for her rival’s head on the last pillow between them. It worked for a moment, with each of the brunettes leaning their backs up against one another, so that they could both use the unfortunately small cushion, with as little drama as possible.

But soon, without trigger or torment, the calm faded. For within Jennifer, desire built, as she felt her rival’s back pressed against hers — as she could hear her breathing. She wanted … something. Anything. But not that. Not peace. Not comfort. She couldn’t explain it, or understand it, but it drove her to act, nonetheless — an act which came when she with all her might tugged the pillow she had offered so sweetly back, and out from under Amber’s head.

Amber could do not but respond, and within a single second thereafter, the two women, caught between their unconscious lovers, turned to face one another and dug their fingers in each other’s long brown hair. They each tried to kick at each other but found they were too close, the motions too violent, each instead wrapping their soft thighs around those of their enemy. Left with not else with which to fight, they slammed their breasts into each other, pressing and twisting, back and then forth. The feeling was painful, yes, but the act of it, the occurrence of it, was truly intoxicating.

They had thought about the moment and their engagement for so long. Dreaming about it, both as they worked, and as they slept. It had driven, as a secret motivator, their every thought and action, for days and even months on end. Then, without warning, there it was, finally, the confrontation with their rival — a chance for each of them to prove that they were the better woman and hurt she who so willingly broke their heart.

So endeavor they did, mashing their silk bra-bound tits against each other. Rubbing them across each other, until so great became their need for more, that they both separated just for a moment, each grasping wildly to unclasp their enemy’s bra. It took only a few seconds, and a single move to remove, and then they re-engaged, slamming the flesh of their tits together for the first time.

The feeling was incredible, sending what felt like bolts of lightning through each their bodies. And electricity it may indeed have been, as it shocked them both into stopping, for one second, then two, then 20, each woman laying there still, clinging tightly to the others hair, eyes locked, mouths open, and bodies quivering with excitement.

Then, as if given the signal to continue, by some force unseen, they continued with another slam, this one like the last, robbed them of their ability to move, as they processed the incredible feeling. And though the pleasure and pain from each press did not diminish, they began to move faster, and require less time to enjoy and recover.

Hard and rough, each press was, with both women trying to punish the other for daring to challenge them. Their hands and fingers strained to pull themselves closer to their rival, but before long, they could get no closer, for the full length of their bodies pressed into one another. Breasts smashed together. Stomachs flattened in parallel. Legs intertwined and straining.

But that reality did little to quell their need for more, and so they began to wrestle for position, looking for angles from which they could push harder, and test even more of their muscles against those of their enemy. Soon, their wrestling became so fierce and passionate that they rolled, one over the other, placing Jennifer now next to Austin, and Amber next to Bennett.

It took only a second for them to realize what had happened and even less time for them to begin scrambling desperately to undo what had been done. Not because they found the thought of being next to the man they wanted repugnant, but instead because they found the thought of letting their rival have theirs to be much, much worse. Despite the speed at which they moved to retake their rightful place, they each found themselves caught, around the waist, by the flailing arm of the other’s lover, woken if only in the slightest by all the movement taking place.

They tried to pull away, and even to reach for the other for aid, but found themselves no match for the strength of their employers, who each took the others into a warm and intimate embrace. From such a grasp they looked to each other, their eyes sending a stream of warnings and threats, each of which succeeded in letting them know exactly how to torture their rival. Such punishment in mind, they each turned into the body to which they were held. And though they both fumed at what the other was doing, each felt that their only defense was offense, and could only punish, and not stop.

Having chosen their course, destructive and hurtful as it was, the brunettes went to work. Each, with the softest of motions, undid the belt of the brother in their clutches, and slowly slid their hand into his boxers. There, they began to slowly stroke, and gently massage, until soft became hard. Upon the accomplishment, both rivals looked back to one another, shooting each other an expression twisted by anger and sadness, one telling of both confidence and heartbreak. And yet, that dichotomy did nothing to dissuade, in fact instead it hardened, the confidence enraging them, and the heartbreak speaking to the success of their own actions.

Actions which were only a taste of what was to come, as after each woman shot the other a final, threatening glare, they reached in and took out the cock of the other’s boyfriend. The two women lingered above the erect member of the others man, just long enough to hear the other gasp in outrage. 

Like a gun fired to start a race, that breathless annunciation of frustration set both women to lower their lips around the dick before them, intent on not just tasting the meat which they had worked so hard to, and then failed to obtain, but also to prove that they could please better than she who had caught them. Their tongues swirled and licked, and their teeth bit ever so gently on the tip of the flexing penises within their maw.

It was as if they had trained at the same school — the same academy of oral pleasure, as in unison they moved from lick to stroke — nibble to suck, with the most simultaneous of timing. The Bowman brothers, though still lost in their drunken state, began to buck and squirm unconsciously, each moaning together, with no difference in volume or verve. The apparent lack of disparity between the pleasure felt by the two being pleased, and consequently, the possible approach of another maddening draw, set the women into a fury.

The very threat of it pushing both women to rise up, and turn their bodies, so that each faced horizontal across the bed on all fours. They were lost in their own blinding focus, pouring every ounce of attention to forcing their rival’s lover to cum, before the opposite could happen to theirs. Their intensity and distraction hid from the girls the fact that their new position placed had placed them rear to rear.

Each having their thong-”covered” asses, and pussies, not but centimeters from the others. That unknowing ended, however, on their first passionate motion of sucking, which brought their bodies back, and their asses together — not in a glancing way, or at a soft angle, but fully — completely, so that cheek flattened against cheek, and pussy lips kissed deeply through only the barest threads of fabric.

On contact, their closed eyes shot open, and all breath left their bodies, their mouths opening in a deep, guttural moan around the cock of their rival’s boyfriend. The feeling, not unlike when their breasts first touched, sent a glorious quake through their bodies, again like nothing they had ever felt, the effect of it nearly making both women cum right then and there.

Despite the shock of it, and how incredible it felt, they pulled apart, and tried to regroup, after a moment continuing to use their tongues and mouths to please the brother before them. But now, knowing what they could have with little to no effort, the rivals added to each sucking rise, a rock back, which brought their womanhoods and asses together again. In that way, they began to trib fuck each other, while draining the sweet juices from the other’s lover.

And so they built, not just the busty brunettes, but the Bowmans as well, the collective of the four filling the room with not only the smell of sex but also a symphony of their lust-amplified moans. Both Jennifer and Amber tried to resist the wave that began to take them, but in a last-second decision, decided to let go of that resistance, so that they could focus on making the brother beneath them cum. Such a decision was made not seconds before each and all of them came, all buckling and breaking together, in a perfectly-timed four-way orgasm.

The release wrecked the two assistants, who without a moment passing, fell back to the center of the bed together. In the speed at which they collapsed, they had not even the time to swallow the cum shot into their mouths by the others brother. That was reality was noticed by both, as their dreary eyes caught sight of the other.

Exhaustion and fatigue had already set in, and yet, they both, with one last ounce of strength, pulled the other close and used their tongue to try and clean as much of their boyfriend’s cum from their rival’s mouth as they could. To anyone watching, it would have looked like kissing, but it was anything but, being more akin to a man driven crazy, collecting the remnants of his burned house.

The insanity that drove them to so lick and remove, had been forged by the fact that both girls had not only come to not one but two simultaneous draws. Scores of equality which came, as they did, each allowing their enemy to push them into the most incredible orgasm they had ever felt.

Despite the fury that drove their attempts to clean the others face and mouth of cum they felt belonged to them, they succumbed to exhaustion nonetheless, falling asleep while not only in each other’s arms but with their tongues still wrestling.

Chapter 6:

Something. Something was wrong. Thoughts of as much flew through Amber’s mind, as she felt Austin begin to stir behind her on the bed. She tried to derive what it could be, by just thinking. What had happened last night? Where was she? Who was she kissi…. Her eyes shot open, and to her horror, she found that she and Jennifer were still wrapped around one another, their unmoving tongues left dangling in the other’s still-open mouth.

As fast as she could, she pulled back, waking Jennifer in the process — the retraction having been made just in time to avoid the brothers, well-rested, and only a little hungover, from catching them. The brunettes, embarrassed, and overwhelmed by what happened the night before, pretended to be fast asleep, hoping to earn a moment to think, before having to answer any questions, or confirm any suspicions the Bowmans might have.

Their chance came, as Austin suggested in whisper to his brother, that the two slip out for a game of golf, without waking the girls. Assent was given in a nod, and after the two dressed, they left.

Despite efforts having been made to soften it, the sound of the door closing was loud, unmistakable, and all that was needed for Amber to pounce. A move Jennifer was ready for, as she reached out, and in unison, the women wrapped their fingers in their enemy’s hair once again.

The tugs and yanks they each inflicted hurt, but more than pain, both women felt excitement — near uncontrollable excitement. The moment had finally come! They were alone and would be for hours. Nothing could stop them. No interruptions. No circumstances to pull them apart. They could each finally, not only prove their dominance over the other but punish their rival for all of their wickedness.

It was those thoughts that drove them, each pushing and pulling wildly, rolling this way and that, until finally, locked in their rival’s embrace, they fell off the bed, and onto the plush carpeted floor.

As they struggled to get back to their feet, still clinging to one another, they could smell it. The scent of their boyfriend’s cum on the other. It enraged them both to the point of disgust, a feeling that could only be lessened by washing it off. That goal in mind, the two, nearly nude brunettes, slowly drug each other to the master bathroom’s walk-in, marble shower. Once there, they each released a single hand from the other’s hair, and ripped off the others panties, before turning on the water, full tilt, to one side.

Scalding! The water was. Hot to a degree well beyond comfort — a benefit, they both thought, as they released the other’s hair, and grabbed for their body, trying to wrangle the other into the destructive stream. All those nights at the gym, all those days spent jogging, and yet, here now, when they needed to overpower, they couldn’t.

Instead, they found that they could only hold sway, and not escape from or even weaken their enemy’s grasp. And so they bent themselves against the stalemate, trying desperately to overcome it, until finally, they both collapsed to the shower floor, crashing down with equal parts of the painful stream raining down on them.

Too pained to think of offense, they each tried to pull themselves away but found the others grasp unrelenting and too well-matched. Minutes passed as they battled without benefit, their skin turning bright red, and their eyes flooding with tears. So much anger — so much hate they had for their rival, and yet as the scalding water continued to fall, they each together gave in, collapsing into each other’s arms, as they finally, mercifully fell out of the stream’s path together.

There they laid, sobbing as a connected pair, just as they did on the first day they met, in the bathroom (of all places) of the 85th floor. They were as broken there in Bowman Industries, as they were there lying together in the brother’s shower. This time, however, they had been broken not by some external decision, or by disappointment they could not control, but instead by each other and their nauseating parity.

Minutes passed, before one of them released the other, and rose to their knees. It was Jennifer, who, still crying, reached out, and without any warning, flipped Amber onto her back, and inserted two fingers into her pussy, and a thumb on her clit.

The infiltrated brunette did not struggle or resist, she still lost in her tears, instead only mustered a heaving gulp, with each of Jennifer’s strokes and rotations. Jennifer was not harsh or violent, but instead slow and merciful, still trying to force her enemy to cum, but fully aware that it could have easily been she stuck lying shattered on the shower floor.

It did not take long, to overcome the sadness clouding Amber’s mind, for with every thrust of finger, she began to buck her hips, wanting more. Needing more. Not caring who was doing it, or why. And so Jennifer gave it to her: deeper, harder, three fingers, then four. Until finally, Austin’s assistant came, her body quaking as she gushed her sweet juices onto her rival’s probing fingers.

The release came with a self-satisfied sigh, as she who pleased fell backward, coming to a rest on her back, lying in the stream of water which had now cooled to a steady warmth. It was a victory, of a sort, Jennifer thought to herself, as the last of her tears left her eyes. She had made her enemy cum, without cuming herself.

That thought and the smile it put upon her face were interrupted, however, as the basking brunette found herself suddenly entered by the fingers of her rival. She bucked her hips and tried to pull herself away, but Amber had recovered and was holding firm. In and out. In and out. As was done to her, but unwilling to simply follow the lead, the now-risen assistant lowered herself, and whilst holding onto her enemy, set tongue to clit, and set herself to lashing it back and forth. The attack worked in seconds, sending Jennifer into a full-blown orgasm, as Amber sucked every ounce of juice she could from her opponent’s convulsing pussy.

Once satisfied that her rival was dry, Amber pulled back and watched as Jennifer crawled away to the far corner of the shower, the newly victorious taking the opportunity to do the same to the opposite end.

In their states of sexual satisfaction and momentarily ebbed anger, they each sat, with heavy breath, staring at the other with emotion-filled eyes. They were not glaring. Nor sharing sneers, like every moment before. No, they were too spent for that — too drained by the other. As seconds turned to minutes, each opened their mouths to speak, only to close them a moment later in silence.

And though they did not speak, they each knew. That despite their state of exhaustion, their battle was not over. Not yet. A knowing shown, as each of them opened their legs and gestured with a come hither finger. And hither they came, both scooting forward, until they met in the center of the shower, the warm water streaming down between them, hitting the top of each of their clits as they sealed together in a far too long denied scissor.

The moment was electric, the thick mist of steam and sex intoxicating, and the feeling of clit finally resting fully upon clit was glorious. And so it remained as they began to thrust into one another, their breasts bouncing with each come, and every go. Both wanted desperately to reach out and grab the others beautiful tits, each time their womanhoods came together, but found themselves unable to spare even a single limb, without collapsing from fatigue.

Their moans began to bounce and echo, filling the stall, and the entirety of the luxury apartment with the sounds of their epic confrontation. Slowly they thrust, and then quickly, hard they ground against each other, and then softly, each allowing the other to rest for brief moments, so they could continue, neither wanting the moment, or their incredible scissor to end.

But finally, as each approached the coming of their own moment of release, the fire came back to them, and their will to conquer the other returned, driving them. Pushing them. Faster. Harder. Longer. Deeper. Until, finally, when they could give no more, and go no longer, they came — together — again. Thereafter, they together collapsed forward into an exhausted embrace, in which they remained until they heard the door to the floor open once again, and the sounds of their boyfriend’s voices calling their names.

Chapter 7:

Technically true or not, Amber and Jennifer both believed that they had never spoken — at least not aloud. They had, admittedly, sent office chat messages to one another, which made text messages a barrier through which they had already broken. And especially after the cataclysmic events of the previous day, they could not resist. Each needing to make several things clear to the other.

[ Jennifer: “OMG, Yesterday….”]

[Amber: “I know....”]

[Jennifer: “That was incredible.”]

[Amber: “Yeah, I literally can’t even”.]

[Jennifer: “You know we're not done though, bitch”]

[Amber: “Never. Not ever, cunt.”]

[Jennifer: “Don’t think that you’re safe at the office either.”]

[Amber: “You’re the one who needs to be worried.”]

[Jennifer: “Please….”]

Finally establishing a free line of communication to the other, whilst still maintaining the security of the self-imposed confines of their hate-based relationship, felt like a thousand weights being lifted off their respective shoulders. For there was nothing they wanted to talk about more than their secret rivalry, and no one they would rather talk to more than the other about it. That need and desire laced every text received with excitement and bound every message sent with anticipation.

[Amber: “I took your panties.”]

[Jennifer: “I took yours too.”]

[Amber: “Seemed only right after you came on mine.”]

[Jennifer: “I figured the same.”]

[Amber: “Do you have mine with you?”]

[Jennifer: “In my hand right now…. You?”]

[Amber: “Mmm, same.” ]

They each giggled, smiled, and then scowled at their phone as they checked and then responded, And though their emotions and reactions were mixed, neither could be more excited. Neither could be more ready to be at work and together again.

Austin: “Girls!” The co-CEO called out, asking for the attention of both assistants, just as they stepped off separate elevators onto the 85th floor “This is John Hammersfield. He’s a contractor. Our contractor. I’ve asked him to help you two make the workflow of your spaces a little more comfortable and efficient.

Jennifer: “Uh, great.”

Amber: “Yeah, I love that idea.”

John Hammersfield: “Hi, girls.”

Austin: “Now, John, money’s no issue. Whatever they want, give it to them. Got it?”

John: “Understood.”

Austin: “Great! Now if you’ll all excuse me, Yahoo keeps calling with offers to sell, and I have to tell them to Bing the term: ‘fuck off’”. With that less than subtle comment, Austin took his leave, disappearing back into his office, leaving his own personal builder with his two favorite women.

John: “So, ideas?”

Jennifer: “Yes! Can you redo our desks?”

John: “Uh, sure, how did you want them.” His positive response, caused both brunettes to look at each other with a rye smile.

Amber: “Can you put them together? Like over here?” As Amber spoke, she motioned and moved, pointing out an area in the center of the floor.

Jennifer: “And what if, if you put my computer here.”

Amber: “And mine here.” The two assistants’ fingers pointed to spots directly opposed to one another.

John: “Would you want a separator between your legs?”

Jennifer and Amber: “No! No….”

John. “Ok. What else?”

Jennifer: “How about a copy room behind the desks. A private one, with a door that closed and locked.”

John: “You know there isn’t a lot of room back there, the room would be small. Barely enough room for one of you, let alone two. Like I could make it long and narrow, but that’s about it.”

Amber: “That’s fine!”

Jennifer: “Sounds perfect.”

John: “Alright, anything else?”

Amber: “Uh, we’ll let you know.”

Jennifer: “Yeah, keep the plans open.”

John: “Can do.”

Bolstered by a desire to impress, and a budget without limitation, the floor quickly transformed from its original concept and design, into a veritable playground, in which Jennifer and Amber could test themselves against one another.

Chapter 8:

Office Chat System:

8:01 AM -- Jennifer has logged on.

8:02 AM -- Amber has logged on.[

Jennifer: “Alright, bitch, ready to g….” ] 

Even before Bennett’s assistant could finish typing her opening challenge, she could feel the heel-less foot of her rival rub against her shin, through the opening between their newly moved, connected, and reconstructed desks.

[ Amber: “Been read….”]

The favor was quickly returned, however, as Amber too felt herself interrupted by a soft caress.

Eyes darted back and forth, nervously, not to or at each other, but instead to the surrounds, each girl wanting to make sure that their newest hobby would not be discovered. Luckily, they were alone and had requested that their desks be built in such a way, that anything that happened beneath it could be seen by no one other than perhaps Superman, or one of his kin. And so, in that privacy, they set to work, testing their feet, toes, and legs against those of their rival.

As an opening gambit, they pressed the full length of their feet together, sole against sole, trying to push the other back from their desk, until, before long, they settled on a stalemated position from which they tried to interlace their pantyhose-covered toes.

Once they had so done, they tried to overpower the other, playing an odd game of mercy, with their feet, trying to bend the other’s digits against their will — each closing their eyes to enjoy the feeling of silk shifting against silk, and heel pressing against heel. Lust took each of them before long, causing their feet and toes to separate and move upward, tracing lines and paths up the other’s thigh, until finally, they could use their outstretched toes to stimulate the others clit. There they sat, lost in the caress, and the feeling, more focused on pleasure than competition, that is until:

[Jennifer: “Biiiiittttccchhhh.”]

[Amber: “Fuuuuccckkkk yoooouuuu’] Even their typing was broken and labored, using all of their energy to manipulate their digits well enough to bring their rival to orgasm.

[Jennifer: ‘Cuuummm for me.]

[Amber: “Yooouuu first………….”]

[Jennifer: “You can’t maaaake me c….”]

The boast was cut off, by a sudden twist of Amber’s toes, and a vicious orgasm that tore through Jennifer’s body.

[Amber: “You were saying, cunt?”]

[Jennifer: “You got lucky.”]

[Amber: “Uh, huh. Whatever. Now, slut, it’s your turn.”]

[Jennifer: “What does that mean? You want me to…?’]

[Amber: “Nope. I used my tongue on you in the shower. And now that I beat you, you need to use yours on me. So crawl under our desks, and lick me. NOW.”]

[Jennifer: “You beat me at one thing, let’s get that straight. And second, you’re nuts, we’ll get caught.”]

[Amber: “I’ll keep an eye out. So shut up, and please me, whore.”]

[Jennifer: “Fine! But you better watch my back.”]

After hitting send, Jennifer gave a final, good look around the room, slowly slid down her office chair, and crawled beneath the table. Deftly, and only half-reluctantly, the temporarily defeated brunette pulled her rival’s pantyhose down, her panties aside, and with every effort, she could muster, began to do exactly what she was told to do: please. And so she did, with the first touch of her tongue sending Amber into near convulsions, even though every ounce of her energy was focused on remaining upright and keeping up the appearance of looking busy.

Jennifer’s tongue placement and usage were masterful, matching without question Amber’s shower floor heroics. So good was the reward granted, for a toe-gasm well-earned, that the pleasure-lost lookout let up on her vigil, and closed her eyes. All at that moment was forgotten by the seated assistant. Where she was. How she felt about Jennifer. And how precarious a position she was currently in. All she could think about was how good the tongue flicking against her clit felt. But suddenly, all was remembered.

Bennett: “Uh, where is Jennifer?” The voice of Bennett asked quizzically, forcing Amber’s eyes to shoot open in horror, as she tried to straighten herself in her chair. The sound was too near, meaning he was right behind her — on the verge of seeing she who pleased under the table. Jennifer, for her part, had two options. One, hide, and hope Amber could collect herself, and fend off his questions, or two, continue and make her rival’s life hell.

She chose the latter, for reasons even she couldn’t list, thereafter redoubling her efforts, trying her best to make Amber squirm, or even cum, whilst Bennett looked on. Amber used her hands to try and fend off Jennifer’s continued and intensified assault but failed, as the expert tongue applied forced her to release in epic fashion, as waves of pleasure swept over her body, and juices, both sweet and forbidden, cascaded into her enemy’s waiting mouth. She screamed out, her lust-filled voice echoing, and ricocheting off every wall of the 85th floor, leaving Bennett standing not but feet behind her, confused and worried about the state of his brother’s assistant.

Bennett: “Are you … alright?”

Amber: “…..”

Bennett: “Amber?” The co-CEO tried to drop to a knee, to get a better look at Amber’s face and eyes, worried that her scream was one of pain or panic. But, as quick as a hiccup, Jennifer had popped back out the other side of the connected desks, and without being noticed, made her way around, and grabbed her lover from behind.

Jennifer: “She’ll be ok. I’ll make sure of that.”

Bennett: “Are you sure, what was that scream?”

Jennifer: “Well, one of us had a big meal. But, hey, you have a call coming in from Citigroup, honey. You need to take it. It’s urgent.”

Bennett: “Indigestion, got it. Anyway … I better take it. You watch her.”

Jennifer: “Oh I will. Always have.”

Bennett: “Thanks.” As Jennifer’s naive lover went back to his office to wrestle with his phone, trying to find a call that never existed, Jennifer smirked.

[ Amber: “You. Fucking. Bitch.” ] 

Amber typed after a moment of rest, only having barely recovered from being frozen in her chair, due to being mortified and fossilized by unbelievable pleasure.

[ Jennifer: “Yup. Thought you’d like that.” ] Jennifer responded when she made it back to her chair.

Chapter 9:

The 85th floor was dead and had been for hours. After all, the Bowman brothers were both out of town, and without them, there are few reasons to visit a floor holding only their own personal offices. Despite that lack of actual business to take care of, Jennifer and Amber were not alone.

No, Larry from IT had joined them, coming in and out, trying like hell to fix whatever issue kept Bennett from receiving a phone call from Citigroup, an issue he found difficult to identify, let alone solve.

Distracted though the computer tech was, he was fond, very fond in fact, of gazing at the CEO’s assistant/girlfriends. Not a surprise, given their busts, or builds, but more than an irritant, when two women want nothing more than to tear each other’s clothes off, undisturbed.

[ Amber: “It’s your fault he’s here, with your stupid imaginary Citigroup call, you get rid of him.” ]

[ Jennifer: “A. Fuck you, Screamy McGee. And B. I can't just get rid of him. He’ll suspect something. The creeper will probably turn on the security cams when he gets back to his office.” ]

[ Amber: “Shit, you’re right.”]

[ Jennifer and Amber: “Copyroom.” ] 

Each sent their message simultaneously, the idea having popped into both their minds at the same time. Amber went first, doing her best to look nonchalant. Shortly after, Jennifer got up and shouted.

Jennifer: “Larry, we have to make some copies for tomorrow’s board meeting. If anyone comes, just shout!”

Larry: “Sounds good! Will do.” His answer came muffled from inside the cable closet of Bennett’s office.

Once inside the painfully narrow copy room, the two looked at each other, and then to the room they had to work with. Amber went to speak — to comment on the possibilities that existed, but then stopped, realizing that the two had still never spoken a word to each other aloud.

The look upon her face was a mix of half-hidden sadness, and near-comic frustration, given all that had happened between the two. The look, and the feelings therein were shared by Jennifer, but rather than end the state of silence now, for such a trivial conversation, she instead reached up, pulled down her dress straps.

The move left her bra-covered tits exposed, and put a devilish smirk on Amber’s face, who quickly followed suit. The two stepped forward and pressed their chests together, their eyes rolling back in their heads with anticipation and pleasure.

They moved and rubbed, one leaning left, and the other right, wrapping their arms around each other for better leverage, and easier application of force. Though both were still covered, Jennifer leaned in and began to moan, ever so lightly, right in her rival’s ear.

It was a test. For sound was sexy, to her. It drove her absolutely nuts, in fact, and she wanted to know if, given all their other similarities, the same applied to Amber. One might say the test was passed, as upon the release of the pleasure-drenched utterance, Amber’s body shuttered, and her arms loosened their grip — she would have fallen, had she not been caught by the firm embrace of her enemy. However, once she steadied, Austin’s assistant too leaned in and began to moan softly into her opponent’s ear. Jennifer, driven mad by the return, sounded her pleasure again.

It was too much, just the sound of the other moaning, and the beautiful meaning behind the fact that they were doing it in unison. So intense it was, that for reasons neither fully understood, they both compelled to step back, and away. There they just stood, breathing, trying to gather themselves, all the while sharing an emotional and lustful gaze.

Neither moved at first, but then Amber, ready to re-engage, reached out and pulled down the straps to Jennifer’s bra with a now only feigned hostility. Her rival countered, doing the same, thus freeing both of sets of tits, for an even more intimate embrace. Stepping forward, they pressed together again, forcing themselves not to pause as they had before, each instead fighting through the electricity they felt when one set of nipples came to rest upon the other.

It was magic, just like every other time they touched the other. Unlike anything, they had ever felt before, unlike anything they ever could have imagined. It was as if they had been created to please each other — to bless the other’s body with their sexual talents. Such thoughts began to nip at their rivalry, in the back of their minds, softening it, bending it, warping it into something neither could define.

But such realizations of change found no place to surface, not now — not while they rubbed their beautiful breasts upon the others, competing in this pleasure game. For such actions blinded them to all else, their mental energies instead focused on their nipples fencing, and their breasts taking turns bulging and squishing beneath the other’s.

And yet, despite the satisfaction each felt in their duel of tits, and the attention they paid to it, one rival craved more, a truth manifested as Amber released a gripped hand, and slid it into the front of her counterpart’s panties. From there she fingered gently, her hand quickly becoming drenched from Jennifer’s wetness.

Not much was needed, not in terms of strokes or effort, as after only a few entries, waves of pleasure began to crash against Jennifer’s body, her knees growing weak and her legs giving way. Amber could feel such collapse coming, and caught she whom she forced to cum, thereafter lowering her slowly to the soft carpet below.

The defeated brunette laid there, eyes glistening with a mix of shame and happiness, as the victor lowered her pussy onto her rival’s face. Jennifer, for her part, immediately moved panties to the side, and began to devour Amber’s clit, holding it between her teeth, and lashing it with her tongue.

Then, as if quenching a great thirst, she tasked with pleasing began to lap up the deluge of juices that began to flow from the woman atop her, all the while stabbing and swirling with her tongue. Amber’s eyes closed, as her mind reeled in pleasure, just as she began to buck her thick hips against the mouth of her again bested rival, a cataclysmic orgasm taking her within only a minute.

As her body calmed from quaking, the victor moved back, until she laid upon the defeated, with every body part aligned. Then, she leaned in and gently began to kiss the lips of she who she had bested, now in two straight contests. As the moment of mercy lingered, Amber pulled back and whispered:

Amber: “Jennifer…. Do we need to keep fighting? Can’t we just…” The first words spoken between the two were soft, beautiful, and even romantic. In truth, the answer was no, but in desire, it was yes! Shown as Jennifer began to struggle, and buck her own hips wildly, forcing her womanhood up, and into that of her rivals.

Jennifer: “Fight me!”

Amber: “But I…. We….”

Jennifer: “Fight me!” Jennifer continued to thrust until finally, Amber responded reluctantly.

Awkward and fierce as the engagement was in such a cramped space, each received pleasure from their pubic collisions, the intensity of the moment, causing tears to well in both women’s brown eyes. Tears which were knocked loose to fall and wet their rival, as each wild thrust came and went. Finally, Amber began to succumb to the defeated’s thrusts, and Jennifer used the momentary weakness to flip their positions, so that bottom became top, and vice versa.

The new leverage at her disposal, Jennifer lifted Amber’s leg and forced their bodies into a tight scissor between the table and the wall of the room. From there she ground their pussies together hard, until, after minutes of forceful thrusts, Amber came. Jennifer, driven by a maddened and passionate desire, was not done, for she then lowered herself between her rival’s thighs, moved panties aside once again, and began to use her tongue to please her already exhausted “enemy”. And though she was doing as she pleased, in the act of pleasing she who finally spoke, it was not enough.

Jennifer: “Fight back!” She cried!

“Fight back, bitch!” The licking assistant screamed as she continued to sob. Despite the demands, and the appearance of a continuation of hostilities, Amber’s words had clearly triggered something in Jennifer. And though Amber was confused, and still weak from cuming, she sat up, reached out, and pulled her rival close. Clinging to her in the tightest of embraces.

Amber: “Shhhh…. Jennifer. Don’t….”

Jennifer: “Why won’t you fight me?” The question came as the frightened brunette, who desperately struggled to pull away. For she was terrified that she was going to lose … something…. 

Someone. Someone she hated, or so she thought, but now….

Amber: “I will! Forever! We never have to stop. I promise. Just, let me….”

Jennifer: “But … but … if you win then you won’t…. Then we can’t….”

Amber: “Shhh…. I will. I need it too. I need you….” She paused, her voice trembling. “I … I … love you, Jenn….” 

The words came as a hammer, not just to she who heard them, but to she who said them too. For neither had dared say it. Neither had dared even think it.

That their feud, and hatred had become something less? Or more? Something beautiful and warm. Something loving and indescribable. How?

Larry: “Uh, hello?” The painfully inept summons came, as a knock rang out from the copy room door. “There is someone here for both of you in the lobby. Is this door supposed to be locked? Is this door supposed to even have a lock?”

The two brunettes stared at each other, confused, and crying, unsure of what to do or how to respond. How to even breathe in a world where they are no longer the most opposed of enemies.

Amber: “We’ll be out in a minute! Girl talk!”

Larry: “Ok, I’ll tell them you’re on your way!”

Quickly they separated, each helping the other to stand. There they dressed and did their best to straighten their disheveled and hole punch leavings-strewn hair. Amber went to unlock and open the door, but as she did, Jennifer reached out and pulled her back, thereafter laying on her rival a passionate kiss, devoid of any sense of anger or hatred. No instead it was deep and loving, soft and even timid, and as all else between them had been, it was magic.

A magic that overwhelmed Austin’s assistant, she finding herself lost in not just the passion of the kiss, but also the emotions pouring forth through it. Emotions she herself had felt. Emotions she had dared to vocalize. Emotions that she now knew were not only felt by her.

No, for they were shared. Between they two. Oh, how that realization set butterflies loose in both of their stomachs, a feeling which did not fade when finally their lips broke apart, and both exited the now moist air of the copy room.

Larry: “Good! You’re both here. How many copies did you two have to make, jeesh! So the … uh … person you’re meeting is in the lobby.”

Jennifer: “Who is it?”

Amber: “Why is he in the lobby?”

Larry: “Don’t ask questions. He just is, so you’ll need to use the elevators to head down there.” The computer nerd’s tone, demeanor, and requests were all odd and caused the two once-warring brunettes to look to one another confused.

Jennifer: “Larry, what the fuck are you talking about? Why won’t you tell us?”

Larry: “I would if I could just…. Go down there.” Amber, no less bewildered than her fellow assistant, reached down and took Jennifer’s hand.

Amber: “Ok, fine. You won’t tell us. Whatever. We’ll go.” With that, the brunettes walked forward, attempting to get onto the same elevator.

Jennifer: “No! I am so … so … sorry about this, but you can’t take the same elevator. Jennifer, you have to take the left one, and Amber you take the right one.” The oddly specific commands were out of place and out of character for a man who often found himself unable to even form sentences when they two were around. And yet, apart from drawing scowls from both assistants, both women decided to do what was asked — each taking to their assigned elevator — only letting go of the others hand when the doors open and the truth of all that was transpiring was revealed.

Inside each elevator knelt the girl’s assigned brother, each holding out a single black box, which sat opened in their palms, displaying the most exquisite rings either had ever seen.

The walls that surrounded them, usually mirrored in pristine polished gold, were covered with pieces of paper that had been taped up, on each was listed a reason why their girlfriends should marry them. Amber and Jennifer, already exhausted, physically and emotionally, stepped forward and into the elevator car, unable to speak or even think.

How? Why? But what about…? As the questions began to overwhelm and overcome them, the doors shut behind them, and the separate cars began to drop from the 85th floor on down. As they each descended, Austin and Bennett laid out their cases, and as a finale asked, in words both sweet and heartfelt: “Will you marry me?”

Before either could answer, their elevators had reached the now empty lobby of the building, where, in unison, all 4 stepped out, each of them waiting with bated breath to hear the responses both would give.

Scared, unsure, and torn, Amber and Jennifer looked to each other, their eyes glistening with tears once again.

There they stayed in gaze, each trying to ask the other without words what they should do, and what their confessions in the copy room really meant.

Austin: “Well? Will you?”

Bennett: “Yeah, not to rush you two, but … please? Marry us….”

Amber turned her eyes from her former rival, and back to the pair of brothers who waited impatiently for their answers. But as she went to open her mouth, she suddenly felt Jennifer take her hand. The soft, and reassuring touch gave just enough of a pause for it to be followed up by the brunette’s loud and confident voice to ring out.

Jennifer: “On one condition….”

Austin & Bennett: “Anything! What?!” As the two brothers shouted their acceptance of terms they did not even know, Amber looked to her fellow assistant nervously, unsure and scared of what was about to be offered, and what it might mean for her relationship with the woman proposing it.

Jennifer: “If you two want us, then it’s us. And if we want you two, then it’s you two. No matter what the registration says. It’s us. NOT Amber and Austin. NOT Jennifer and Bennett. But the four of us. Together. Forever. No jealousy. No moving away. No separation. We each belong to the other. Until death do us part.” Her words were loud and forceful. She meant every syllable and made clear with her tone that she would accept nothing less than a yes from the two billionaire brothers.

Amber: “Agreed. You two take us both, or not at all.” Amber added shortly, as she squeezed Jennifer’s hand, her spirit lifted with equal parts excitement and joy.

Austin: “So, we can have sex with both of you?”

Bennett: “And you two can have sex with each other?”

Amber rolled her eyes before responding: “Yes.”

Jennifer: “Mmm, hmm….”

Austin & Bennett: “Deal…” As the two assented again in unison, Amber and Jennifer collapsed into each other’s arms, losing themselves in an embrace which the brothers soon joined.

From there — from that moment — from that empty lobby, they left. Together, and truly united for the first time. They were off to start their lives. Each having found the love they were after, and love they never knew they wanted.

And though love had conquered hate on that day, and relationship trumped rivalry, each of the brunettes had only just begun their sexual battles to keep the brothers who they had finally captured. But those tales, are for another day.

The End

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