Daddy’s Girl by Rival’s Rapture

Daddy’s Girl
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None of it worked.

Not the posing that the two 19-year-olds did as they sat on the floor in front of Gemma’s step-father.

Not their barely-there outfits of cute, high-cut briefs and matching tanks — the blonde in tiffany blue and her brunette guest in red.

Not even their sitting too close, both to each other and him. Hands in each other’s laps and outer thighs sealed together as a tell.

A tell that they wanted him, while Gemma’s mother was away. While Gemma was back in Essex, with her friend from university.

A friend who had seen that same him in pictures and had aided in the conspiracy. In the planning of their scheme.

A scheme to get him alone and seduce him together. Hand-in-hand. And if need be, body-to-body.

Plan though they did. Scheme though they did. Edward just sat there, watching his wrestling. His eyes glued to the screen, no matter what the pair did in unison or apart.

No matter the view they provided.

No matter the unspoken offers they made to him.

A truth that was not accepted fast or easy, but instead slowly, as his gaze remained over their heads and firmly affixed to the television and the Women’s Wrestling Network’s latest PPV.

Katherine Dahl…? Scarlett Bordeaux…? Jennifer Diaz…? Names that meant nothing to either Gemma or Kareena, and yet they flew about the room, carried by shouting commentators and chanting fans.

Fans like Gemma’s step-father, save that he, unlike most of the others, was fit, handsome, and in every way tempting for the two young girls of 19.

So much so that they had to find it. A way — THE way of capturing his attention, and stealing it from the women on the TV.

What did they have…? Gemma asked herself in growing frustration. What were they doing that was so…. Mid-thought — mid-gripe, she froze. Wrestling.

She remembered it. When he first moved in. Finding him, or more catching him watching it, when mother wasn’t home.

Not professionals like The Doll or The Better Woman, but nude ones. Ones who wrestled in the bed of some seedy motel room. Grabbing at each other. Holding and pinning each other until one would scream out defeat.

At the time, Gemma was too young to understand it, and so she paid it no mind. But at that moment, as she sat with her college roommate, it was the key. The missing puzzle piece to their attempted and yet failed seduction.

Failed until Gemma leaned over and whispered into Kareena’s ear. A whisper that earned one nod and then another. A hushed “mmm hmmm….” and then soft “ohhh….”

Sounds which came again and again, until finally, without warning, at least one perceived by Edward — the distracted step-dad, Kareena moved. Kareena tackled.

Not harshly or with force, but almost in a lean. She pushing herself into and then atop of Gemma, who with no resistance, fell back to the carpeted floor. Her beautiful burlywood-hued friend mounting her in mis-angled, and yet still good-enough full body pin.

One that got in an instant drew Edward’s attention. Not in part or half, but fully, he in that moment betraying how right Gemma’s guess was.

“Girls, what has gotten into….?” The brown-haired Essex-dad began but then abandoned. Gemma cutting him off as she began to push. To buck. Not truly, but as an act. She forcing her body up into Kareena, who, knowing the game they played pressed back. Pushed back. Keeping her struggling roommate pinned, as each let loose small sounds of feigned and intentionally sexy effort.

“What the bloody hell are….” He paused mid-sentence, as a sudden parching took to his mouth. “…you two doing…? I’m trying to–” Deeper though he got into his own act of paternal concern, still he was cut off.

“Daddy, she said she can outwrestle me! Tell her it isn’t true!” Gemma protested and then demanded in the most innocent, child-like voice she could find, as she and Kareena continued their pretend struggle.

“Kareena, I….” Once more into the breach, and yet once more, came the dogs of war — or more accurately, kittens of Cambridge. Kittens which rolled as soon as he began, Gemma taking the top position, and pinning Kareena to the floor.

The blonde making sure that as they rolled, her knickers caught and pulled, leaving her thick, creamy-white booty on display. Even as her thighs fell from atop her friend’s and between then in part and outside of them in another.

Teasing him with the thought — with the threat of more. But what did he want? What did he crave? They would find out at his next response. One he gave as his trembling right hand searched and then grabbed for the TV remote before switching it off. “You…. You two want to wrestle?” Edward asked; his eyes glued to them as if they two alone existed in the universe.

“Yes, daddy!” Gemma shouted plaintively, as she threw a hidden wink to Kareena.

“For you!” Kareena added as she gave a tiny playful pinch to Gemma.

“Wuuu….” It was a word — it was going to be a word, at least, but it never quite made the pace. Instead, it just drooled out of Edward’s mouth. He being entirely unsure how to handle his greatest fantasies coming true.

“Can we?” One asked. “Yes, can we?” Followed by the other.

“Ye-yes, gooooo ahead.” In a stutter, he gave it. His permission. A shakey, hot-breathed permission that hung on his lips like sap on a tree.

And with it given, suddenly it began. Each of the two pulling themselves into the tightest bind they could. Each pressing lips to ear to give instruction.

“Let’s make a show of it.” Kareena whispered.

“We’ll blow his mind.” Gemma replied softly, before raising her voice so it could be heard. “Come on, Kareena! You’ll never escape my pin!”

The words were gently meant- even if forceful in sound. But still, did Kareena respond, “you just wait till I get back on top of you!”

Whatever their intention or tone, Edward could do not but stare, his mouth agape. His heart pounding. And his right hand edging closer and closer to his jean-clothed groin.

One that woke like the Kraken beneath waves of thick blue fabric.

As that monster woke, the pair of first year uni students continued to wrestle. Rolling together, up and over, left and then right, as their hands moved to take soft, act-only holds of each other’s hair. Neither forgetting to give off cute little yelps and whimpers for Edward, as in their roll they smiled and snickered to each other. Expressions hidden by their well-conditioned and draping hair.

A humor and happiness brought about by their certainty that any moment, they would be able to disengage and take him. To end their play wrestling, and begin their REAL wrestling. Not with each other but with the man each had wanted. One since freshers week, and the other for quite a bit longer.

But then it happened. BAM! The sound came.

“Owe, BITCH!!” A cry came after the sound and the slam. After the young blonde’s head hit the TV console’s corner — temple first.

“Oh no, sor–” Kareena began, truly regretful for rolling their bodies one time too many and one inch too far. But just as Edward had been, the young dark-skinned Asian wrestler found herself interrupted.

Not by words, but force — Gemma, in swift and angry retribution, driving Kareena face-first into the same console. The blonde having used her once soft grips of hair to inflict pain rather than excitement.

“OOowwweeee, you slag!” The newly wounded uni girl shouted as she and Gemma, in an instant, drug themselves back together. No longer laughing and smiling. But instead scowling and almost growling as their strong legs wrapped around each other in a opposing grapevine and then tightened.

Transition though there had been, from fantasy to reality and fake to real, Edward noticed nothing. Save for the throbbing appendage between his legs. One his hand got closer to freeing every second the girls’ battle continued.

“That fucking hurt!” Gemma hissed in their closeness.

“Oh yeah? How does this feel…?” Without signal or spoken challenge, Kareena suddenly pulled both of her hands from the blonde’s hair, and then after reaching between their squirming bodies and beneath a bunched shirt, grabbed Gemma’s breasts. She squeezing them hard, as she looked cruelly into the eyes of the same.

“OWE! FUCK! BITCH!” Curses came out in shouted blurts, as Gemma in a panic mirrored her friend’s attack. She reaching, taking, and then squeezing Kareena’s breasts as hard as she could.

“Nnnrrrggghhhh, FUCK!” Came brunette girl’s reply.

A reply that came as each of the two, blinded by a pain that they were not ready for, released and rolled away from each other.

But do not mistake their separation for reassessment. For even as their rolls came to an end they began to rise. And even as they rose, did they grab the bottoms of their own shirts and pulled. Not down, but up. Not to adjust, but to remove them from their bodies.

“I thought we were in this together…?” It was a statement, but also a question. A query spoke as Gemma stormed back towards her now equally topless friend.

A friend or foe perhaps, who too marched forward as she responded angry and hateful. “I’ll let you watch me fuck him, after that shit, cunt!”


The truth!

A ploy all along!

Finally, Edward knew! Finally, he could break free of their spell, and … and….

“Terms then, bitch.” The blonde accepted Kareena’s threat as the prize for their battle.

All as Edward just sat. Just watched. His hand at that moment firmly affixed to his crotch. He giving it a good and thorough rub, as his step-daughter and her uni mate cursed and threatened each other as they stepped closer.

And even as they in a flash grabbed for each other’s bare breasts again. Each wanting to inflict that same pain they had just moments before. Neither targeting nipples, but instead the flesh of each other’s barely-B-cup breasts.

Pairs that fit so perfectly within the palm of their rival’s hand, that as they squeezed they slipped. And after slipping, they had to be re-opened and reapplied. Leaving each, as they stood there in front of their one-man awestruck crowd, to almost milk each other as they yelped.

“BITCH! OH MY GOD, STOP IT!” Came Kareena’s protest and then cry.

“Nooo!!!! OOOOOWWWWEEEE!! LET GO!” A demand though it was, neither gave in. Neither allowed the other a moment’s peace. No, they just continued to tighten their grip and squeeze at the other’s tits, as they stood there. Inching closer.

Each hating.

Each wanting to destroy and maim.

Lost in their mutual worlds of fury and–

“Take… um…. Could you take your … kn-knickers off, please?” Like the ringing of Big Ben, the gong of Edward’s weak-willed, awkward, and stuttering request caused each of the two girls to release the other’s breasts and for the first time since their fight intensified, look to the man they had originally sought to earn.

“Only if I can choke this bitch with them!” Gemma blurted out in a fume as she reached for her panties and began pulling them down.

“Anything for you, Edward.” Kareena’s words were directed not to Gemma, but to their mutual prey. And something about that made Gemma rage — made Gemma flare with anger at the very moment she and her rival’s panties hit the floor.

And so she charged — and so she dove, and then in mid-air, wrapped herself around Kareena. Her thick, powerful legs coiling around the Asian girl’s abdomen, and her arms wrapping around the neck of the same.

What Began as Seduction

Stumble though she did, in an effort to keep standing, with the heavy-bottomed weight of Gemma attached to her, Kareena collapsed. She falling to her ass on the carpeted floor. The two in the aftermatch falling half-apart. The brunette to her back and the blonde to the side of the same.

And though their positions changed, Gemma kept her legs bound tight around Kareena. The former keeping the latter trapped and squeezing. “aNytHiNg fOr YoU, EdWaRd?” Gemma mocked, as Kareena groaned.

“He’s mine! Aren’t you, baby?” With force and vigor, the blonde claimed him before asking.

“Unnnhhh hhhnnnhhh.” The couch-bound man replied, not with words, but more in a sounding out of self-brought pleasure. A pleasure inflicted, as his cock, newly freed from its denim confines, found itself stroked by right hand of its owner.

An owner who watched intently, as his fantasy played out before his very eyes. His though the fantasy was, it was also her’s — also their’s — Kareena and Gemma’s. The former for the past year as her roommate told tales of his hotness, and the latter for a great deal longer. Not the fighting, but Edward wanting them. Edward drooling at the thought of them.

But they could not watch. Could not enjoy the man they battled for pleasuring himself. For they had to hurt each other to earn him.

Why, you might ask? When they had planned so easily to take him together. Because in an instant and a bump, all had changed — all had altered.

They wanted him to themselves. They wanted him, yes for their own pleasures, but also, at that moment, to punish the other for the real fight they each blamed the other for starting.

But the truth of the cause mattered not, as Gemma squeezed with her thighs. The switch from partners to rivals an afterthought, as Kareena groaned out in pain as she laid there on the floor in front of the TV.

The dark-skinned uni-girl able to do not but press her hands against her blonde roommate’s thighs, hoping and praying that somehow, the push was enough to move them.

“Biiiiitttccchhhh, let me goOoOoo!” Kareena commanded in a moan.

“Fuck you, you daft cow! TAKE IT!” As her voice raised, Gemma closed her legs closed tighter, crushing her classmate’s ribs and abdomen even more than before.

As that pain came, and as they laid in a T-shape in the floor, each reached. Not apart, but by luck and instinct alone together. One of each of their hands moving to the other’s breasts. To grab. To pinch. To pull.

Nipples not targeted, but just the flesh of them. Each wanting to misshape and tear off, as if they had the strength to do so. They together prying, in adverse purpose, to inflict whatever paid they could as they laid there. One hoping it might lead to an opportunity to escape, and the other to earn a quick victory and submission.

But the tries and the pries were unequal. Gemma’s aided by her terrible bodyscissors and Kareena’s weakened by the same.

A weakening that continued, as the brown-hued beauty’s fingers lost strength, her focused drifted, and then eventually, her squeezing hand dropped from breast to carpeted floor.

Defeated Kareena was! Lifeless and pathetic! Gemma felt it and it made her smile from one end of her doll-white face to the other.

But that bright and excited smile soon turned dark and dreadful, as she felt something else. Something new. Her long, blonde hair being tugged — being yanked hard and to the left. Towards her rival.

A rival who had found it. A rival who had took it. And a rival who used it to drag Gemma’s body brutally to one side.

“Aaarrrgrggghhh!! Scrubber!!! LET GO!!” Came in protest, as the once confident step-daughter’s roots began to tear from scalp one by one. A sensation that in its intensity drove from her mind any thoughts of the bodyscissor she had upon her rival or how she might maintain it.

In fact, rather than clinging to it, through the pain, Gemma abandoned it. After only a few moments, the young blonde letting loose her painful, rib-crushing hold and crawling towards Kareena. She wanting the pain to end and her beautiful, golden hair to remain where it was, head-bound and all.

And as she crawled, the visiting and step-daughter-wrestling uni student stood. Dragging Gemma with her.

“Come on you fucking pikey!” Kareena demanded as she moved, pulling her rival as the same reached. The caucasian student grabbing for her tormentor’s cinnamon-colored wrists. If only to end the burning of her scalp and silent snapping of her beautiful golden strands.

“He’s mine! Your sexy-ass step-dad! The one you tell me about every bloody night!” As she spoke, Kareena began to tie. She trying to bind the blonde girl’s hair to the floor-to-ceiling metal-made furnace, that had somehow escaped removal in the home’s various makeovers.

“Maybe I’ll give you a little brother to play wi– Hey, GET!!” As Kareena spoke, her tying fingers fumbled and attaching attempts failed. Not because Gemma fought back, but due to the difficulty of the task alone.

But at that difficulty, and aided by it, Gemma moved. She fighting back to her feet and a stand. Knowing it was her chance at freedom, and thereafter, revenge.

Little did she know, however, that as she moved, her brunette rival did too. She following, in a blink grasping, and then forcefully wrapping her arms around Gemma so that the blonde’s arms were pinned to her sides.

“Oh, no, no, you dirty Asian bitch. Let. The. Fuck. Go. Of. MeEeEEeEaaAArrrRgGGGgHhhhh” First a protest and then a scream tore through Gemma’s lips, the first from frustration and the latter from pain.

A pain brought as Kareena’s teeth dug into Gemma’s light freckle-feathered shoulder. Not in a vampire-like bite, or a zombie-like chew, but instead with a locking jaw and a driving K-9’s.

“No … oh, god….” Gemma let loose in a volumeless huff. Her words stolen by a fear that at any moment Kareena might take more and bite harder. A terror that froze any resistance the blonde might have offered, as she and her rival began to slowly lower to the carpeted floor in front of Edward.

Gemma held and bit and Kareena dragging and digging in with her pearly-white fangs.

Fangs which tortured from behind, as the sight in front of the two warring Brits tantalized them. The sight of Edward with his zipper split and cock rock-hard. The glory of it glistening with excitement she had finally earned, at least in part.

God, it was everything she had wanted, and yet at that moment, it was just out of reach and laying on the other side of resolution. A resolution of her battle with Kareena.

A battle that suddenly took a turn for the worse, as in a blink, Kareena let loose her bite and leaned back. Her thin, but still mouth-wateringly fleshy legs raising, wrapping, and then binding themselves to Gemma’s abdomen from behind. The ankles of the pair locking in front of the blonde’s sitting body.

“Unnnngggghhhh.” Came Gemma’s moan as the pressure set in. And as that sounding out of pain made Edward’s eyes close and body shiver, Kareena replied.

“We could have shared him, Gemma. But you had to go and be a prat!” As she spoke, the Asian girl’s hands moved. Her right to Gemma’s golden locks, and her left around the blonde’s front.

“Do you see how excited this makes him? Me hurting you? Uuuuhhhhh, his cock is going to taste so good….” The words moved like a wisp of smoke through the air. From lips to ears. From one soul to another. And as they traveled, Kareena left hand moved around. Moved down. And then into the space between her own squeezing legs and between Gemma’s spread thighs.

And though her beautiful brown hand made it there, it could not quite reach its goal. Could not quite take what it wanted. And so, unwilling to accept anything other than grasping her roommate’s mound to wound, Kareena loosened her bodyscissor.

Not entirely, but slightly. And though she thought it might go unnoticed, at the very moment it happened, Gemma fired back. Not in a headbut or some kind of strike, but in a lunge back and atop her rival. She, slipping through Kareena’s once-tight bodyscissor to freedom.

A freedom she used not to mount or wrestle but to escape. To crawl, as fast as she could away from the girl that had held her for what felt like an eternity.

“Ungh, you BITCH! Come back here!” Kareena complained as Gemma drug herself across carpet. And at the very sound of it, the blonde rolled, onto her back, and on instinct alone, she started kicking. Out. Back. At where she assumed she would find Kareena in chase once again.

But Kareena had not chased. No, instead, she had remained. On her back and breathing. Taking a moment to recover, before she reengaged. Or at least that was the plan before Gemma made it to her back and began to fire off sole-first attempted blows.

Blows which on that same instinct and catty drive to continue their battle Kareena matched. Each of the two battling uni-girls sending off wild, poorly aimed kicks at one another. Each finding nothing but air at first, until soles starting meeting souls and heels began to meet heels.

Their feet colliding mid-air, pressing together, and then slipping apart.

Once and then again.

Each such collision lasting longer and meaning more, as the two rivals found more to gain in a contest of foot-based wills than actually kicking the other. A lengthening of contact and strengthening of pressures that escalated until finally, they kicked no more.

They finding themselves locked instead in one, long, pressing of feet and meeting of toes that took all of their focus to maintain.

They wanted to win it, whatever it was — to shame the other by overpowering them in this way first, and then every other.

But in the heat of it, not the room but the contest, their soles began to wet with sweat and slick with the same. Leaving each to struggle, desperately to keep the bottoms of their feet pressed. But eventually, even they could not will the hard, effort-averse contact to continue.

Leaving their soles to slip, bodies to scootch, legs to fire forward, and crossed thighs to bind. Each grasping for the moment by locking the deepest recesses of their sweaty inner thighs around the other’s.

“Unnngghhh.” Moaned Kareena.

“Nnnmmppph” Gemma gave the same.

So close. So near to transitioning into some other, more intimate, more passionate form of combat they were.

Their fit, criss-crossed legs, and locked ankles sticking out into the air at an angle, they together resembling the shape of a half-flat X.

Their thick, perfectly shaped asses pressed together just below their iron-tight thighs. Their excitement-wet sexes coming into teasingly brief and yet undeniably pleasurable moments of contact as they fought to break the other’s will, as together they laid on their backs.

“Paki bitch!” Cried out Gemma, as the true consequence of their double thighscissor set in.

“Essex slag!” It was a burning! An ache! And because of both, Kareena fired off a cursing of her lighter-skinned friend. Though the two seemed like anything but friends at that moment.

And though words helped them to endure at first, as each began to squeeze tighter and tighter, they found themselves silent. Unable to speak — barely able to breathe in the intensity of their competition.

In fact, even the brief meetings of their neighboring sexs, which clung to one another in their wetness like syrup-drenched pancakes, failed to distract. From the pain. From the effort they at odds put forth. And though either could release, and give the other the victory. They both refused. They would win! They would make the other give in first.

A certainty of purpose and power that did little to keep the warring roommates at uni from slapping at each other with ferocity though no aim. Aimless though the strikes were, they still stung enough to break through the din of suffering each felt. Driven by that pain, when next their hands came down, they clasped. Fingers lacing with fingers, as in almost an agreed upon truce, they locked themselves together.

As Daddy Watches

That’s when the toll began to take. The step-father desiring girls able to do nothing else than moan and whimper there on the carpeted floor. Their connected hands squeezing at one another both in wordless pleas for mercy and soundless revelations of pain.

There they laid for what could have been five minutes or ten, ten or an eternity. And though neither knew how long they had remained ass-to-ass, pussy-to-pussy, and thigh-to-thigh, when finally the end came, it was Kareena who gave way.

The brunette beauty letting loose her grip on fingers and thigh. She hoping against hope that in so doing Gemma would do the same.

“Aarrrrggghhhh!!!” Not out of mercy, but anger, Gemma did relent and then move. She, in a mad dash trying to mount her still floor-bound rival’s face.

But as the blonde traveled in a sprint that resembled a waist-high crawl, Kareena reached out with her left hand. The fingers thereupon digging into Gemma’s advancing mound.

“FUUUCCKKK!!” Cried out the blonde, as she not only stopped dead in her tracks, but then collapsed to the side of the darker-hued beauty below her.

“I’m not letting you have him, you prissy, father-shagging, slag!” Such malice dripped from every word Kareena uttered, as her digits dug into the fleshy hill of the blonde that squirmed at her side.

“AaaAaWWwWWwW!!” Came Gemma’s only reply. One that spoke of pain and little else.

Suffer though she did, Gemma still found the strength to reach out, down, and then latch her own nails into her rival’s softest and most pliable flesh.

That’s when it began, the first year uni students second long war of attrition. Each pulling at the other’s bare and baby-fat-covered mound. Not with one hand, as they had when they began, but two as the pair of hate-twisted friends ravaged one another.

Neither worried about defense, only offense. Not avoidance, only destruction. A destruction that did not stay in place, but instead worked its way downward. Both blonde and brunette hoping that the mere threat of such a migration would push the other into submitting.

But instead, they together held strong — held firm, even as stabbing nails dug their way into labia and then deeper. Steadfast though Gemma remained, still did tears well in her eyes.

A sight which drew cold words from the rival who laid next to Gemma, on her side. “That’s right, you bloody mingebag! Cry for me….”

Gemma hated. She loathed. She wanted to kill Kareena at that moment. And yet still, as the burleywood-hued student began to insert her fingers deep into the blonde’s kitten, that same blonde gave in. She rolling to her back, as weakly she began to mutter “please….please….please….”

At the sound of it. The sight of it, the once fiery hellcat rolling over and playing dead, Kareena rolled onto her knees. One of which she threw into Gemma’s exposed ribs, once and then again.

Blows which did not rouse Gemma to act, but instead to let loose her tears. Tears she shed as Kareen crawled over and then up her. The brunette youth seeking to plant her bottom atop Gemma’s face.

Not due to some agreement about consequence, but instead because it seemed fitting to Kareena. It seemed right. To make the girl who had hurt her sob. Not into pillow. Not into the carpet. But into the pussy of the girl who beat her.

Failed though earlier attempts to scurry and sit had, as Gemma’s hands took to protecting her wounded sex, Kareena achieved. She finding her way to and then on top of her classmate’s face. The darker-hued beauty coming down, kitten-first over the back-laid blonde.

“Come over here.” Kareena spoke quickly, as she motioned to Gemma’s watching step-father, bidding him to come to her front.

“Oh, uh … yes. Right.” Edward answered awkwardly, as he let go of his half-beaten meat and stood up from the couch. Walking its length until he had made it to the facesitting and facesat pair.

“You hear that, Gemma?” The british Indian asked, as she reached a right hand down between her legs. Her middle and index fingers thereafter pinching at her pussy lips, sealing them around Gemma’s already breath-deprived nose.

“I get him! Not you!” Kareena added, as she looked down and into Gemma’s tear-wet eyes. They being the only aspect of the blonde’s face that wasn’t buried between her rival’s thighs.

“Isn’t it funny…..” Her voice laced with cruelty, the brunette hellcat reached out and with a swift grab and quicker pull, yanked down Edward’s already loosened pants. Pants which landed in a clump on the carpet beneath them, though in part atop Gemma’s splayed hair. “…I am taking this cock from you and your mother.”

As the last word left Kareena’s lips, she moved in, letting those same lips slip over the head of Edward’s still rigid rod.

“Mmmnnnn….” The standing man mused in a sound, the university girl’s words turning him on, half as much as her mouth.

A mouth which encompassed and applied, its tongue in glides and teeth it delicate little nibbles.

A mouth that rumbled in a hum as its owner took the standing Brit’s cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. A taking that occurred above, as below Gemma kicked wildly as she sobbed. Her hands striking out in a spree of ineffectual slaps at Kareena’s back and ass.

The still unbroken blonde getting just enough air to stay conscious, though every moment that passed she grew weaker. Her rival’s pussy lips having slid down and over her mouth and nose — both which gasped deeply for every breath.

And as Gemma suffered, Edward groaned, grunted, and wobbled with eyes closed. He finding it hard to keep from collapsing, let alone add anything to this unexpected sexual encounter.

But Kareena didn’t need him to. Didn’t want him to. She still wanted him and his body. His kiss and his cock. But first, and before she could enjoy all of that, she needed to punish Gemma. To hurt her and make her regret ever daring to make their pretend fight real.

With cruelty and lesson-teaching as her lodestar, Kareena worked. Both with her mouth and her hands. The former sliding up and down the unstable step-father’s adamantine dick. While the former, ringed at the index and thumb shifted back and forth, forward and then backward, as the facesitting first-year fought to bring Edward to orgasm.

Fought though Kareena did, Edward was busy giving in. He, having already been close to orgasm as he sat on the couch watching his wildest dreams come true. Two beautiful young women catfighting in front of him. Battling for his seed, as they rolled this way and that — struggling, naked body against naked body.

Just like the videos he had watched since he was their age. Just like the stories he had read since first his addiction to female fighting arose.

Stories and images which flooded his mind as his eyes closed and lips parted in a groan. It was coming. He was cuming. And as he did, Kareena drained him. Milking his every last drop, from his cock into her waiting mouth.

A mouth which kept what it had earned. Collected what it had taken, as after a loud animalistic series of grunts, Edward collapsed back onto the far end of the couch.

His mind awash with run-wild endorphins and let-loose oxytocin and prolactin. Each such substance releasing from their levees in greater waves than ever before. An orgasm set free by fantasy. A release brought on by battling bliss.

And though Edward was spent beyond measure, as he crashed down to the couch in a heap of sexual satisfaction. Kareena wasn’t done. Not yet.

The victorious brunette, remaining atop the face of her defeated classmate. A classmate who had closed her eyes tight, not wanting to see the prize that should have been hers get stolen away by her former friend.

Closed though Gemma’s eyes were, as Edward withdrew, Kareena reached down with both hands, and with force and cruelty pried open the blonde’s sealed eyelids.

Try though she beneath did, to keep her eyes closed, she above worked them open. Then, at the zenith of struggle, between stretching fingers and shutting covers, Kareena leaned down and spit. Not just saliva, but Edward’s still-warm semen. Right into Gemma’s held-open eyes.

At the meeting of essence and eyes, Gemma would have bucked. Would have fought. But Kareena’s smother had drained her. Weakened her. And so she just cried.

As each desperate attempt at taking in air came with another inhale of Kareena’s seeping juices. Juices which without permission or allowance dripped down into the back of Gemma’s throat and welled before she had no choice but to swallow.

It was only then, when Gemma’s strength and fire had finally been reduced to a flicker in the winds of Kareena’s smother, that the same began to grind. She, in her slow-stoked state of sexual need, beginning to fuck her withered rival’s pretty little face.

It was malicious. It was nasty. It was cruel. And yet with ever dragging of lips and clit, first forward and then back, there was an allowance of air. Not because Kareena meant there to be, but because the perfect seal she had achieved lessened with every journey across her defeated friend’s face.

A blessing, one might assume such sex-warmed and effusion-moisted intakes were. But in truth, they only prolonged Gemma’s hell. Taking from her the salvation of unconsciousness, and leaving her only to endure. Only to lay there, as Edward’s cum and Kareena’s gushings were spread across her once makeuped face.

Gemma hated it. The humiliation of a girl she knew so well sitting and grinding herself to orgasm on her face. And yet all the back-laid blonde could do was suffer it, as her strengthless hands came down to a soft rest on Kareena’s thighs. The splayed fingers of the fight’s loser squeezing in the slightest from one moment to another. Not out of protest, but instead as she who played the role of unmoving Sybian’s efforts to stand the punishment failed.

It was those gentle little squeezes, from her once defiant friend that pushed Kareena closer and closer to orgasm, and then finally into the same. She, the darker-hued of the two, seizing and then shaking as out loud she screamed out. Her own breast-grabbing and nipple-teasing fingers clenching hard as she lost herself in it. The focus-shattering, demon-purging, hate-fueled release she had, there on her bratty little classmate’s face.

On that face Kareena lingered, fighting gravity and the temporary weakness brought on by her orgasm. Formidable though such ethereal opponents were, after a moment the sitting brunette had recovered. And when she did, she lifted herself, and then with her shakey lower legs, brought her body back. She only stopping when she could lower herself on top of Gemma, and place her own sex-smeared mound atop the untouched one 0f her rival.

On that fulcrum, the brunette brought herself down into a missionary position with her defeated and humiliated friend. A friend whose body was too broken to resist and whose will was too shattered to respond. She only tilting her head to the side, to avoid looking into the eyes of her victorious rival.

Despite that refusal, small though it was, Kareena still used her hands to force Gemma’s head straight and their gazes to meet once more. Tear-filled, red, and semen-stung though the latter’s eyes were, the former still leaned in and planted small, gentle, teasing kisses on the blonde’s face.

“Looks like I’m daddy’s girl now, doesn’t it…?” Kareena asked, driving a dagger deep into Gemma’s heart, just as she thrust herself forward. The darker-hued of the daddy-seekers bringing her clit to bear against that of Edward’s step-daughter. A final period on her story of dominance and degradation, one that brought only a whimper from she who had been defeated.

A whimper that put a smile on Kareena’s face as she peeled her body from Gemma’s, took Edward by the hand, and led him upstairs.

Their fun having only just begun.

The End

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    1. rivalsrapture says:

      When Sprite and I first conceived this story, Gemma won, and during the process a phone dropped on the floor, which by chance, called her mother. That was to set up a sequel with daughter vs. mother. BUT! I have no more images of Gemma, and so I decided to scrap plans for a sequel.

      I do have mother stories in the works though, so stay tuned!

    2. goliadmike says:

      Especially if Kareena does actually to quote an awesome line from the tale. “Maybe I’ll give you a little brother to play wi– Hey, GET!!”
      Oh the possibilities.

  1. justlooking9002 says:

    HI RR. I loved the story, like always. I liked how the whole thing progressed from a plan to share him to them selfishly trying to get him for themselves. I can’t imagine the mom ever being happy if she found out though!

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      There have been lots of calls for a sequel on this one, and you can bet momma will be in it, if I ever write one. .


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