Wrong Number by Rival’s Rapture

With toes and soles adjusting, and pirouetting on apartment-grade carpet, Vanessa posed. Chest forward. Ass out. Arms up. Arms down. Casual. Sexy. And all those looks in-between. Such a dance she did, for she had a photo to take, just as she did every night around this time. Not for her Instagram or Snapchat — Facebook or Patreon. No, it was for someone in particular. Someone she didn’t even know, had never spoken to, and whose name was nothing more than an unlabeled number in her phone, one that had been there since her senior year of High School. 

It just popped up on the night of Vanessa’s 18th birthday, as sat at home in her bedroom alone. An image file, from a number she did not recognize. At first, the young black-haired girl thought it might be a dick pic from some creeper, or an invite to prom from a one of her less popular classmates, one she expected to have begged a friend for her number. But no. It wasn’t either. In fact, it wasn’t from a boy at all. It was instead a selfie of a girl, one dressed from head to toe in sexy black lingerie. With it came no words. No explanations. No identifying information at all. She wasn’t someone Vanessa recognized from school or work — her social circle or online. She was just a stranger. 

A mystery without clues or calling. 

An enigma without indicia or evidence. 

At first, the busty 18-year old put the picture and the girl out of mind, assuming it was nothing more than a wrong number. And yet, as the image sat there on her phone, pushed further and further down her list of texts, it began to eat at her. Who was she? Why did she send the picture? Was she trying to communicate something? A subtle comment about the comparative sexiness of their bodies? Was she competition? So many questions Vanessa asked herself on that night, and yet, she had no answers. Such a state began to drive her crazy with anger, frustration, and jealousy, even though Vanessa had no clue as to who she was even jealous of. 

Despite the futility of it, there she sat, trying to find something, anything to give her the answers she wanted. In search, she stared at the girl and her lace-covered body. She was beautiful. Sexy. Rebellious, judging by her hair. And worst of all: thin. Each being aspects Vanessa found lacking in herself, silly as some of those doubts may have been. 

Finally though, after what seemed like hours, Vanessa decided to respond. And having made that decision she wrote. Sentence after sentence — paragraph after paragraph, only to delete everything a moment later. Some of her messages were friendly and complimentary, others angry and accusatory. But none of what she had written worked to convey and elicit what she wanted. For in truth, she didn’t just want to know the girl’s name, or why she sent the photo. No, she wanted to know everything. Wanted everything. Not just knowledge, but touch, taste, and smell. Not because she was some pervy lesbian, but instead because … well … frankly … she didn’t quite know. It was that confusion that left her unable to respond, though she wanted to so badly she could taste it. That is until, she thought to herself, that words were not right — not enough. Perhaps a picture. One just like the one she received. That would at least be something. Something that would draw from the sender a response, putting the onus on her to explain herself. Letting her feel, just how Vanessa did, even if Vanessa could not properly explain that herself. 

Those thoughts in mind, the busty teen took from her closet the sexiest white outfit she could find, one she had bought but never wore. An incredibly short skirt, and a matching white frilly top. It wasn’t necessarily lingerie, but it was hot, and showed off the one asset she was confident in: her breasts. Breasts which she maneuvered and positioned, until finally they looked right — looked ready for a selfie of this import and hoped-for impact. She tried to pose — tried to make a face that would match that of the mystery girl’s, but quickly she found that she couldn’t read the face of the girl in the picture, let alone match it. It was emotionless. Without smile or smirk. Not angry or glaring. It just was, and so she decided to be. Taking the photo with as unaffected a look as she could, trying her best to mirror the image she received. 

Once the selfie was taken, Vanessa’s finger hovered over the green send button, her mind filling with worries and doubts. But as her eyes drifted from the button up to the image above it, in their one message conversation, she knew that she had to. And so she did. Hitting send, and delivering her sexy selfie to the girl who had sent her own. Then she waited. And waited. And waited…. Eventually falling asleep in her bed, with her phone resting gently on her chest, her hands still tightly gripping to it. 

When she woke to daybreak beaming through her curtains, she found no reply. No response. Just the word ‘Seen’. Oh how it drove her crazy! Through breakfast and lunch — the gym and dinner. Nothing. NOTHING! What the actual fuck!? She kept saying to herself, completely confused as to the silence her selfie received. But then, just as she began to move on, and decided to try and forget all that had transpired, a text message without a personalized ringtone came through. She grabbed at her phone wildly, pulling it into her grasp, and sliding it open with a touch. As she did, she saw it. Not words. Not answers. Just another picture of the girl, again wearing sexy lingerie, though a different set this time, her face again wearing no expression. This time she had posed herself differently, and wore a more revealing top, meant to show off her own bust, which though hidden in the first picture by the clothes chosen, was this time displayed in all its glory. The girl was busty, no doubt, her cleavage appearing to be almost an exact match of Vanessa’s, a fact that caused her blood to boil and skin to crawl. 

She posed like that just to show me how big her tits are! To show me they were as big as mine! BITCH! Vanessa cursed to herself, as she ran to her closet and dug out an outfit that was even skimpier than the last one, and posed herself as to best show off her thighs. The next night, as you might expect, the girl replied with another photo, again taken of a pose and an outfit meant to compare her own body with Vanessa’s. From that night on, one girl would send a picture, and the other would respond. Never speaking. Never sending more than an image. 

Three years ago that was, and still, the two girls continued to send each other pictures. Their bodies having matured. Their hair colors and styles having settled into cuts that looked near identical, a fact Vanessa knew was intentional on her part, and assumed no less of her text message rival. 

As their nightly ritual persisted, their assets grew, and their fitness levels increased, as the pictures of the other drove them to both hit the gym religiously, sometimes twice in one day, never wanting to fall behind their mysterious Polaroid partner. The gains from her most recent visit, Vanessa found herself admiring, as she posed for her newest picture. And yet, as she did, something about it felt dull and tired. 

She and the girl had seen every inch of each others bodies, swaddled in silk and lace, covered in lingerie and tight-fitting clothing. That had always been enough, but not tonight. No tonight, Vanessa wanted more. NEEDED more. And so, despite the time she took picking out the sexy bra and panty set for tonight’s image, she took such clothing off. All of it. Every inch. Until she stood before her full length mirror completely naked. Her once chubby parts had become hard, and the parts of her she was once ashamed of, became her most prized possessions. Leaving not a part of her body she wasn’t willing to put up against the girl’s, whoever she was. And so, she did. Taking a quick selfie of herself standing nude, for the first time letting herself have an expression, for the first time — one of an extremely confident smirk. It was then, that without a single hesitation, she hit send. 

The next night, she received a reply image, as she always did. In it the girl too was naked, fit beyond reason, and wearing a confident smirk that matched her own. But unlike Vanessa in her photo, the girl posed with her breasts held together with her hands, as if she was presenting them, and challenging Vanessa with them. Both excitement and anger coursed through the black-haired girl’s body. Excitement, because her gambit had succeeded, having the effect of escalating their wordless selfie-struggle to a new and more overtly sexual level. Anger because her rival had dared choose her tits as a point of comparison. Mixed feelings though they were, they were intense enough to make Vanessa light-headed and even dizzy, reactions that found themselves suddenly smothered, as her cell phone rang out with her mother’s ringtone. 

“Mom, now is not a great time….” Vanessa answered with a sigh, frustrated at the sudden interruption, her hand having already lowered so that she might quench the the lustful fury the mystery girl’s picture had set off within her.

“I’m sorry, honey, I’m sure you’re busy with college and all, but I wanted to invite you to dinner tomorrow night.” Her mother’s scratchy, cigarette-ruined voice came through the receiver soft and kind, immediately making Vanessa nervous.

“Mom, you haven’t invited me to dinner in years. We don’t have dinner. We just eat…. Or at least some of us do….” Odd, the request was. Completely unlike her mother, and the way their family had operated for decades, especially given her mother’s recent drug-aided weight loss. “Do we even have a dinner table anymore? Didn’t you pawn it? And why are you being so nice to me? What do you want?” She asked, knowing that if her mother was calling, it was to yell at her because she was drunk or because she needed something. 

“You know I’ve being seeing Jack, right?” The answer to the question was obvious, as Vanessa and her mother had argued on multiple occasions about ‘Jack’. A man who was perhaps the only person with more character flaws, and recent failings, than her mother — one who found himself at the bottom of the same bottles, and the same gutters, and at times beneath them.

“Yeah, Jack, right…. Wasn’t he your AA sponsor?” Though irritated by the question, and the very mention of Jack’s name, Vanessa tried to restrain her anger, though perhaps not her attitude.

“Well, he’s moving in with me.” The statement was quick. Simple. And left no room for discussion or argument. 

“WHAT!? WHY!? Isn’t he on probation or something!?” Outrage. Absolute outrage took to the college girl’s heart, as she scrambled for answers.

“He just got off probation, actually, and we decided we could share a bed.” Oh, well good for him, Vanessa mused to herself as her mother relayed Jack’s current legal status.

“MOM! That’s where dad slept! That’s where DAD should be sleeping!” No subtlety. No spoon fulls of sugar. No, just right to the point. The same point Vanessa had been making for months, when speaking to her mother about Jack. 

“Vanessa, we’ve talked about this, and I didn’t call to argue with you. I just wanted you to come over so we can have a nice, quiet dinner tomorrow night. I know it’s hard, your father and I getting a divorce, but the decision was mutual. He isn’t coming back. We aren’t going to be together again….”  Margaret felt for her daughter, knowing how badly she wanted some sort of reconciliation between she and Doug, but it just wasn’t possible. That being the case, the graying mother offered the only olive branch she could.

“Look, if it makes it any easier, I think I found you a roommate, to help with those expenses you were telling me about. I’ll tell you at dinner.” 

“Fine … I’ll be there, but don’t expect me to be nice to him.”  Vanessa responded in a voice laced with the telltale pitch of a full-tilt pout. 

“Ok, well, see you tomorrow night!” Margaret’s ending cheer did nothing to calm or console her daughter, who immediately dropped her cell phone after the call,  and began to cry. Why did she care so much? Why was it so important to her that her mother and father were together? She was in college now! She wasn’t a child! Such questions of self-loathing flew through Vanessa’s mind, as tears fell like rain from her eyes. She couldn’t explain it, not to herself, her mother, or anyone who might ask. It being her most sensitive weakness, and most gnawing regret. 

As the college girl’s mind turned from one terrifying aspect of Jack and her mother, to another, the thought of the mystery brunette came back into her mind. One might assume that such a presence, through texted images alone, would have no connection to all the strife in Vanessa’s family. In truth however, such an assumption could not be more wrong. For that girl, whoever she was, had been there through Vanessa’s parents fighting, through their divorce, through both the end of the black-haired girl’s time high school, and her start of college. She was, in a way, Vanessa’s only reprieve from a life and a world she desperately wanted to escape from. And so she was again, as Vanessa wiped the tears away from her eyes, quickly corrected her mascara, and stripped, once again striking a challenging and smirking pose for the one person who she could count on to help her feel better and more excited about her life. 

It seemed like only a blink passed after the picture was taken, and her well-manicured finger found itself applied to the button marked ‘Send’, that the time for the ‘nice, quiet dinner came’. All day she had dreaded it. The very thought of having to not just see Jack, but to speak to him over the the dinner table was sickening. An illness Vanessa tried bravely to suppress as she sat in her driveway-parked car, trying to muster the courage to get out, and go in. As a last, desperate act, she checked her cell phone, hoping that she would receive a photo in response to the one she sent last night, so that she might have something to think about, and distract herself with through dinner. And yet, despite her hopes, no picture had come, leaving her with no choice but to open her driver’s door, and after an elongated sigh, head to the front door.

Bing Bong. The familiar doorbell chimed, though pitched and warped by disrepair, announcing Vanessa’s presence to those within the house. It was where she had grown up, the same address, same lot, but due to its state of disrepair, all such memories seemed discordant. For even as she rang, she found herself standing atop cigarette butts, and amongst empty, rusted Coors Light cans, and shattered Budweiser bottles. Despite the filth, and her anger about it, she waited awkwardly in her sundress, hoping against hope that it would be her mom who opened the door, and not Jack. Much to relief, when the door opened, it was indeed Margaret who greeted, wearing a big smile, and fancy dress (with tags still attached) unlike anything she had ever seen her wear before. 

“Mom! That dress! It looks beautiful….” Vanessa praised, half-impressed and half-sure it was stolen.

“You like? Thank you! Jack’s daughter helped me pick it out!” Who? Vanessa asked in panic to herself, having never even heard that Jack had a daughter. 

“Uh…. How old is she?” The college girl asked as she walked in, waiting for a reply as she begrudgingly accepted a hug from her newly in-fashion mother. 

“Your age. She was born exactly 1 day before you actually. Isn’t that strange!? But let’s get you to the table, dinner is ready and waiting!” No time to discuss the matter further, Margaret pulled Vanessa through the hall, and into the dining room, where the table was made up for four. There, whilst pretending to be happy to see Jack again, she did the math, coming quickly to the conclusion that there must be a dinner guest coming she did not know about. Rather than ask about the missing party, and possibly get into another fight with her mother, this time in front of her boyfriend, Vanessa simply sat, and began the awkward task of participating in small talk. 

“So, how’s school this semester?” Jack asked in a voice no less gravely than Vanessa’s mother, as the latter dished out one plate of piping hot home cooked food after another. 

“Uh, fine.” Vanessa responded shortly, before triggering on the food being plated. “Mom, did you cook this?”

“I did! Spent all day on it.” Never, ever, in her whole life had Vanessa’s mother cooked dinner. Pizza, fast food, deli food, whatever was necessary was purchased to avoid Margaret having to cook, and now this!? The very thought of it began to break through Vanessa’s thin layer of emotional defense, her anger about Jack once again beginning to stir within her. A stirring that could be seen by all, as her eyes began to narrow into an unblinking, 1000-yard stare. The dinner, and this night could not possibly get any worse, or at least that’s what she thought to herself before it did. 

“Sorry, I’m late! Hope y’all didn’t wait for m….” A voice called out, as its speaker rushed into the room and came to a stand behind her still-empty seat. And though the person’s greeting and apology had began light and airy, it ended violently with a sudden silence, mid-word, as their eyes set upon on those at the table, or more specifically: Vanessa. The cutoff, and the harshness of it, led Vanessa to avert her anger-forged glare from the brown-hued San Francisco 49er blanket and tinfoil taped to the brown-hued window, to the newly arrived fourth guest. Not unlike they, she too found herself wordless, as her eyes came to rest on the face of the young woman who had just entered. It was her! The mystery girl. Not nude, or in lingerie, but instead wearing a prim and proper sundress, just as she, and a look of absolute horror. That expression quickly found itself mirrored, as Vanessa shot up from her seat, accidentally banging her thighs forcefully against the table, knocking rust-bit silverware from their their places of rest, in the process causing quite the clatter. 

There, Vanessa found herself standing exactly opposite from the mystery girl, one on either side of the table. Deadly silent each was, their faces etched in shock and rage, their fists clenched and eyes shooting daggers. Jack and Margaret, for their part, let their eyes shift from one of the young girls before them to the other, each trying and failing to deduce what exactly had happened, and why their two daughters seemed so off put by each other. 

“Renee, do … do you two know each other?” Margaret asked Jack’s daughter, her voice noticeably shaking with concern over the growing tension in the room.

Neither answered, as neither had even heard the question, lost in their own obsession with each other. Their eyes only breaking from their mutual glare to run up and down the others bodies, picturing in their minds how it would look and feel to tear every thread of clothes off of the other. 

“Vanessa, you two go to school together or sumthin?” Jack asked as he began to move towards the edge of his seat, feeling as if any minute the two might lunge at each other, and he may have to break whatever they got into up. 

“No.” Suddenly their answer came, not from one, but from both in unison. The response, and the two girls’ mutual decision to both break their glare and take their seats, eased the unexpected and exhausting tension that had begun upon Renee’s arrival. Once seated, the two daughters, both Jack’s and Margaret’s, did their best to act normal, though each refused to speak, or even look at one another. In that icy state, their respective parents spoke, and questioned, each trying subtly to draw out why each girl reacted that way to one another, though neither would answer with anything useful or even relevant. Finally, after all possible attempts had been exhausted, Margaret decided it was time. 

“Alright, well, girls, the reason we asked you both here tonight, wasn’t just so you could have some of this food, or for you to meet each other. Actually, Jack and I have something to tell ya.” Like dynamite, the comment exploded, Vanessa and Renee both knowing exactly what their parents were going to announce. A surprising feat, given that both were still reeling from the realization that their ‘mystery girl’ was actually the daughter of the person trying to marry their divorced parent. 

“Margaret and I … got married.” Jack said plainly. Not were going to. Not eventually. Not possibly, but already had….. “We eloped yesterday, and got married. We were going to tell you both first, but it was a spur-of-the-moment type of deal, and … we just couldn’t wait.” Both girls’ jaws dropped, as they stared blankly at the their respective parent. Again, shocked beyond words, and angry beyond description.

“Look, you’re probably both mad, and we get it, but we didn’t plan on this. It just happened. And, and …” Margaret emphasized, hoping that some amount of excitement on her part might calm the two girls. “… there is a plus side. Since Jack is moving in with me, and leaving his apartment, which is the part we told you, Renee needs a new place to live. And Vanessa, you need a roommate in the house grandma is letting you stay in. Which is perfect, right?!” Margaret again tried to deliver good news, with the bad, hoping that the idea of the two becoming roommates would soften the blow of the announcement that she and Jack had gotten married. It did not. 

As if they had planned it, both Vanessa and Renee stood up, threw their dinner towel down on the table, and stormed out the front door, both beyond livid at everything they had just heard. Margaret tried to stand to go after them, but Jack, with a firm hand, stopped her, knowing that each of their daughters needed time to process the news. 

Together in their outrage and hurt they walked, out the front door and into the front yard, where each paced back and forth, too angry to leave or to drive, each only barely aware of the others presence. A presence that earlier that day, they would have died to be in. Suddenly however, as their furious eyes scanned anything and everything, looking for any kind of valve through which they could release their rage, they found each other, and remembered. Remembered the pictures. The comparisons. The challenges. The smirks. That they were each supposed to be their escape from all of this. Their reason to smile. And now this!? They she were part of it!? Their fucking sister? NO! 

Within an instant after those thoughts and memories came to the surface, a feeling of utter, and complete betrayal was born in each of them. There it hardened, and tore at their hearts. Their eyes began to well with tears, and their breathes began to quicken, as each found themselves on the very edge of sobbing — hurt beyond words at what the other had done, though in reality, they had done nothing. It was then that each lept, and dug their fingers deep into each others hair. With such a grip on one another, the two rivals did not wrestle or whip wildly about, trying to overpower the other. No, instead they simply used their hold to pull closer to one another, tighter and tighter, tugging until they could hear the barely audible whimpers of the other in their ears. 

“You’re not my fucking sister….” Renee spat at a hushed volume, her cheek pressed against her rival’s, and her lips gliding against the ear of the same with every word spoken. 

“You’re just the girl who’s been sending me pictures….” Vanessa responded in just as quiet a whisper, voicing what each wanted, for the other to be their escape. Their distraction from all the mistakes that they each felt so deeply that their parent was making. 

“You–you think you’re hot–hotter than me….” While pressing her body into Vanessa’s, Renee whispered in instruction, hoping to guide her rival back to her previous role, her voice broken and stuttered all the while.

“Alway–Always have. Fro–from the first image you sent.” Her voice breaking in exactly the same way, for exactly the same reason, Vanessa matched her rival press for press, absolutely dependent on this moment, and this girl.  

“Pr–pr–prove it, bi–bitch.” Bending her grip upward, Renee forced Vanessa’s head straight, and placed her own open mouth not but a centimeter from that of her rival’s, wanting her to feel every broken word and skipping breath as it escaped the her lips. 

“I’ll f–fight you…. For–forever, cun–cunt….” Vanessa said near breathless, her brain shorting out at the feeling and taste of her mystery girl’s hitching and lust-drenched breath. 

“Fo–forever….” Renee mouthed, just as she pressed her lips to Vanessa’s, kissing her with all the fevered-desire of a girl saved from the fires of her world crashing down around her. Her raven-haired mystery girl, in her part, responded in kind, pouring every ounce of anger, sadness, and frustration — hate and desperation into the kiss, until she and her rival both began to gasp into each other’s mouths for air. Only then did they pull apart, and release each other’s hair, bending over and placing their hands on their knees, each trying to gather themselves, and recover from the intensity of the moment. 

“I told you this was going to fucking happen!” A shout suddenly came from the house both had left, it having come from Margaret, her voice shaking with anger. 

“What?! You want us to have told them? Did you see the way they stormed out!? We would never have been able to get married, Marg! They’re spoiled brats, let them go!” No more calm, or cordial, Jack responded in a near violent yell. 

“Wait! Their cars are still here!?” Margaret announced, before she began calling to the girls, hoping that perhaps they were still close enough to hear her voice. “VANESSA!? RENEE!?”

The shouting, the fighting, and the threat of they two being drug back into it all, immediately brought back painful and scarring memories in both Vanessa and Renee. Memories which struck deeply at their still-pounding hearts. Knowing the effect the argument had on them, and seeing the way their rival’s face twisted and contorted in sadness and anger at the hearing of the same, they each decided to run. And run they did, after taking each others hand, and sprinting together away from their parents, and the home they had left. On and on they went, running as far and as long as they could, before finally they each began again to gasp, this time from effort and not lust, together coming to a sudden stop at the steps of Vanessa’s old elementary school. 

There they attempted again to catch their breath, but driven by desire, desperation, and a need to distract, pulled each other close, and re-engaged in their passionate kissing, panting in exhaustion into each others mouths. With their lips pressed together they forgot about the world, and everything that chased them. Lost themselves they did in each other, their tongues pushing back and forth against, fighting for position and control within their mouths, until suddenly: “RENEE!?” “VANESSA?!”

 Their parents’ voices came again, shouted from a car window, which drove slowly down the street towards the school. They had come looking, and would find them, if they did not continue on. The realization was terrifying, each only wanting to be left alone with each other, so that they could finally, after so long, battle one another, and purge their lusts and desires.

“Follow me.” Vanessa said softly, after she pulled away from their incredible kiss, just far enough so that her every word brushed lip-against-lip with her rival. Despite having her eyes still closed, and a mind half-in-trance from their kiss, Renee nodded. In response to that acquiescence, Vanessa led, bursting into a sprint again, this time towards the school, until she, with her companion jumped the fence to the recess yard. 

Through the field and then buildings, did the two move, hand-in-hand. “I work here, after my classes at the U. I have a key and an alarm code to the classroom I’m the T.A. for.”

“They won’t come onto school property will they? Looking for us…? My dad wouldn’t….” Renee said as they moved, still winded and scared, trying to convince herself that their need to flee had passed.

“Yeah, well my mom /would/. She will keep looking until she finds us, and I’m pretty sure she will make Jack help. Trust me.” But such hopes of their freedom from a need to run were dashed, as Vanessa made her mother’s stubbornness known. “But this is the unit — hurry, get inside!” Not a moment after they had arrived, Vanessa had unlocked the door to the mobile classroom unit, sitting in the very middle of the school. 

Quickly the door shut behind them, as Vanessa walked over to turn off the alarm. When she had finished, Renee yanked Vanessa back using their still interlocked hands. They looked almost as dancers, as one pulled the other back into them, like partners in a waltz.

Vanessa and Renee’s bodies came together again, their lips stopping just shy of re-engaging in their kiss. Their eyes met, and even in the dark they studied each other — the weakness, the strength, the pain that each felt — their desire for each other, their need to resolve all the questions posed by their years of comparing their bodies, and now their new roles in each others lives. But as that moment of silent study passed, each reached down, and grabbed the bottom of their sundress, only to quickly then pull them up, and over their heads. Such a state of undress, however, was not enough, as each then unclasped their bras, and let them fall to the floor.

It was then their panties they removed, doing so with speed, neither willing to tolerate even a second’s foreplay, each wanting, no NEEDING to have the other completely at that very moment.

Then, as each stood naked, they stepped forward and into one another. The feeling of the naked flesh of one, pressing into the same of the other was intoxicating — incredible, each taking a moment to enjoy it, as they each aimed to kiss once again. And yet, when only an eyelash’s width existed between their lips, Vanessa asked in the faintest of whispers.

“Why did you send me that picture?” Her every word causing her lips to brush against Renee’s, who listened intently to all of it. 

“Wrong number….” Is all Renee said in response, only a second before the two then dove back into their kiss, their heavy breathing all that could be heard as they stood in front of the teacher’s desk in the otherwise ghostly silent mobile unit. Their hands began to roam, grabbing and squeezing each others breasts, each wanting to feel what had taunted them for so long. Until finally their symmetry broke, and Renee, took a hand from Vanessa’s breasts, and lowered it to the sex of the same. Vanessa thought of mirroring the move, but she found herself unwilling, or perhaps unable, she being too focused on their kiss, and her desire to touch every inch of Renee’s body. 

With her hand in place, Renee slid a finger over Vanessa’s clit, causing the latter to gasp deeply and withdraw from their kiss, her breath stolen from her as a home robbed in the night. At the sound of Vanessa’s reaction, Renee’s eyes grew wide, and a smile took to her lips, she finding herself positively gleeful that her rival was reacting to her touch with such immediacy. 

“Yes….” Vanessa whispered lustfully, as she looked down at her new rival’s hand at work, sliding with ease through her already soaking sex.

“You want it. Tell me.” Renee demanded, as she leaned forward, and pressed her forehead into Vanessa’s. 

“I–want….” Vanessa said in half, as Renee’s finger, rubbing back and forth across her clit stole her words. She had waited so long for this moment. This meeting. And the wait had taken from her all of the strength she had always imagined she would have when it came.

“Say it!” Renee growled, knowing that she was on the very edge of forcing her rival to submit to her dominance, even though their battle seemed to have only just begun. 

In response, Vanessa lips began to form the shape of the first word of a restarted sentence, but suddenly, before the first syllable had begun, she slipped her own hand into Renee’s sex. There she felt her rival’s wetness, and how it was no different than her own. The discovery gave her confidence, and a renewed will to fight. “Never!” She said fiercely, though in a hushed voice, as she began to slide her finger across the clit of the brunette.

The sudden sensation of Vanessa’s resistance sent shivers down Renee’s spine, and a jolt of electricity through her body. In fact, so great was her pleasure, made magic by the moment, and their years of comparison, that she began to stumble backwards with weakening knees.

Vanessa tried to catch her, and pull her upright again, but it happened too quickly, resulting in not only Renee, but she, crashing down to the carpeted floor in front of the teacher’s desk. On top of Renee, Vanessa landed, her beautiful brown eyes looking down into her rival’s which shone emerald green. Despite their state of competition, and ongoing struggle for dominance, each of the girls looked positively blissful, so much so that it could be seen even in the moonlit dark. In that state, as they gazed into each others eyes, their hearts swelled with the happiness of finally having come together, their eyes wet with emotion, and their hearts beating as one, so fast that each felt dizzy and lightheaded

“We wi….” As she on top began to speak, to promise something to the girl beneath her, she found herself suddenly interrupted. 

“It’s back here!” Margaret’s voice could be heard shouting in an all too near distance. “Vanessa’s classroom,” she added.

“Why would she come here?” Jack asked, as he trailed 20 paces behind his new wife, his smoker’s lungs slowing his chase, never having listened when Margaret spoke of Vanessa’s job. 

“Dammit, I told you! I saw them run into the school. She works here!” Margaret berated, as she turned on the industrial strength flashlight she had drug along with her from the car.

The sound of their parents voices caused both girls to panic, and Vanessa to roll off of Renee. “Hurry!” Renee whispered, as each scrambled to a place next to one another, just beneath the chest-height windows of the mobile unit. Once there, each came to a seat, Indian style, Vanessa’ right knee pressing into that of Renee’s left. 

“Do you see them? We better not have fucking come all the way out here, just for them to not be in there.” Jack asked and complained, as his wife reached the wooden ramp to the classroom, one which ran along the side for nearly the entire length of the unit. 

“Not yet! I can barely lift this flashlight! Help me, you asshole!” As Margaret asked for aid, Vanessa looked to Renee, and saw fear take her again. All of the passion and happiness she had felt not moments before stolen away, by the sudden reappearance of their tormentors. 

“Renee.” Vanessa whispered in as a quiet a whisper as she could muster. “Renee, look at me.” The black-haired girl requested in no louder a voice, wanting to try and calm and abet the brunette’s quickly spiraling state. But Renee heard none of it, her mind at that moment completely focused on the sound of her father’s voice outside of the unit, and the light that had begun to shine through the window above her head. 

Given such deafness, and wanting desperately to help Renee return to the moment — to them, Vanessa reached over, lowered a hand to her rival’s sex, and then began to stroke as she had before. The effect of the touch caused Renee’s worry-etched face to soften, her lungs to gasp, and her transfixed state to ebb. 

For a moment, Renee just sat, coming down from her panic, focusing on the feeling of Vanessa’s fingers gliding in and out of the uppermost part of her slit. So effective was the distraction, that without realizing it, the brunette began to moan softly. Quickly, in reaction, Vanessa turned, reached over, and then covered Renee’s mouth with her palm. 

“Did you hear that?” Queried Margaret from outside the unit.

“Hear what?” Jack asked, he having already lit up a cigarette, intending to wait until his wife exhausted herself. 

“It sounded like a….” Renee’s eyes went wide, as her new stepmother set off to describe her lustful utterance. “…cat or something.”

Relieved by the description, and already feeling another moan building in her throat, Renee turned to her rival. There, as their eyes met, she lowered a hand to Vanessa’s sex, and preemptively covered her mouth with her hand. There the two squirmed as they pleasured each other, their train wreck parents stalking them not feet away.

Minutes passed, as the two slowly, softly, stroked each others clits. Neither going so fast that they caused too much of a reaction, or two slow so that their minds began to focus on the voices which continued outside. As pleasure took to each, they began to lean on one another for support, until finally they had bent so far that their foreheads came to rest against one another. In such closeness they listened for the sounds of palm-muffled, pleasure-born whimpers, and hard breathing through noses. On and on they continued, for what seemed to be 15 minutes, with their fingers gliding effortlessly through their rival’s sex, each wetter than they had ever been — each staring deeply into each others eyes.  

“You tried the door, right?” Assumed Jack, voicing the option only so they could mark it off the list. 

“No. Dammit. Try it!” At the words, Vanessa’s eyes again went wide, as she realized that though she shut the door, she did not lock it. Quickly then did she release and pull away from Renee, and dive outstretched for the door handle. She could feel it, the handle turning, just as she forcefully set its lock. 

“What the hell!?” Jack said in frustrated confusion.

“What? The handle was turning, and then it just … stopped. And I heard something. Sounded like a bump right behind the door.”

“Maybe they are in there. Vanessa!? Renee!?” Margaret began to call again, her suspicion that the two were inside reinvigorated.

Vanessa, who remained on all fours, having only barely reached the door handle with her dive, began to shake, taken by her own moment of fear. It was then that Renee came to her rescue, as Vanessa had come to hers, scooting to the right against the wall. Such a silent movement she continued until she sat just behind Vanessa’s ass, which remained stuck out in front of her. The brunette then pulled away from the wall, and took to her knees directly behind Vanessa, then grabbing a firm hold of the same’s quivering waist. In position and possession, the brunette then took two fingers and inserted them into the girl on all fours. The effect was immediate, as the tension in Vanessa’s body quickly dissipated. 

Wanting more of Renee’s fingers and attention, Vanessa pushed her ass backwards, and let her arms straighten as her forehead lowered till it touched the carpeted floor. And though the brunette was pleased that she could return the favor of distraction for her black-haired rival, Renee was focused. Her goal, being that of forcing Vanessa to cum. To show her that in all those years spent sending pictures back and forth, it was always her who was the sexier of the two. Vanessa wanted no less, but at the moment she was taken. She was stuck, both in her rival’s grasp, and a near irresistible desire to enjoy, rather than escape. 

Above them still spoke and searched Margaret and Jack, but below their gaze, Renee pumped with her fingers. In and out. In and out. With Vanessa raising a single hand to her mouth to try and mute moans that she felt building in her throat. The brunette knew that causing such pleasure, and eliciting such sounds was dangerous, but she was driven more by a desire for dominance than fear. 

Vanessa began to drift into ecstasy at Renee’s touch, finding herself bobbing back and forth on her rival’s fingers, wanting to drive them deeper and deeper. Renee felt that her victory was close, and decided to finish Vanessa off. With that in mind, the brunette retracted her fingers, pulling them from the black-haired girl’s cunt, drawing forth a muted and frustrated whimper from the same. Then, she lined herself up, lowered, and then moved forward, latching her mouth around Vanessa’s sex. From such a launching point she then attacked, biting down gently on her rival’s clit, then holding it between her teeth. As the girl before her began to squirm and scream into not just one but both hands, Renee then began to lash her tongue back and forth against the fleshy button held in her bite. 

It took only seconds for an orgasm to begin to build in Vanessa, and for her screaming to become almost more than her hands could hold at bay. Such incredible satisfaction of a fire that had burnt for so long led her to think about it: submission. Release. She could, after all, just let her rival continue, and allow herself to release upon her tongue. She wanted to, oh so bad. But as she laid there, mouth pressed into both hands screaming, clit locked and licked by the brunette’s mouth, the words each said to the other returned to her mind. ‘Forever.’ ‘Never’. She meant them at the time. She wanted to mean them now. And so she did, coming up with a move she thought might work, even though it seemed to be something she’d see on a wrestling show, rather than in a sexual encounter.

Undertaking such a maneuver, nonetheless, Vanessa raised her ass up higher into the air, after which Renee followed and chased, the top of her head stopping just short of the window. Then, when she felt she had the room, the black-haired girl ducked her head under her body, and did a forward roll. In such a way, her calves caught under Renee’s armpits, and pulled her forward. As Renee came to grips which her sudden and unexpected re-positioning, Vanessa found her own head between her rival’s thighs, as she had expected. 

It was then, from a 69 position, that each of the two text message rivals adjusted, prepared, and then attacked one another with their mouths. Renee had the advantage, in that Vanessa had already been building towards an orgasm, where as she had not. And yet, despite that, the brunette instantly found herself caving, and her will to resist and ignore deteriorating. She tried to think of something that would take her mind off of the pleasure Vanessa was lavishing upon her, either her own attempts to inflict the same, or even her parent standing outside. 

Renee’s rival found herself in no better a position, as her building orgasm returned, having missed nary a beat. Together each pushed the other further, and deeper into their own lustful passions, their bodies shaking with pleasure, and their cunts seeping with both drool and liquid clues of their own excitement.

To the very edge they drove each other, until silence interrupted them. Silence they each noticed. Silence that gave them both an opportunity to call a truce. For neither knew how close the other was. Neither knew that if they had just held on for a moment more, they would have drug a devastating orgasm from the other, and reached a frustrating draw. Without that knowledge, and wanting to avoid a humiliating loss in a rivalry they had each been stoking for years, they in unison pulled their mouths from each other’s cunts, and spoke. 

“Do you hear that?” — “Hey, I think they’re gone!” Their voices overlapped. Not a moment later, as each sought not only to confirm their suspicions, but also to let their passions calm, Renee rolled off of Vanessa. Once able, they then leaped to their feet, and to the window, to peer out of it. 

There they found that yes, they were finally, truly alone. Excitement filled them. Relief. But also nervousness, as now — there was only them. Only they two rivals. It was that thought which stuttered their breath as each turned to the other, and their eyes locked. 

There they stood naked, wordless, and near breathless, as each looked to the other for some sign as to what to do next. Passion and pressing had come so easy for them before, neither having been able to stand even a single second where they weren’t kissing or feeling each others body against theirs. And though at that moment they wanted those things no less, they each knew, that when their forms met again, they would not separate until one had won, and one had lost. It was fear that took them, though a different kind than what they had felt when their newly married parents searched for them outside the unit. 

“Promise me.” Renee said, her voice soft and sweet.

“Promise you what?” Vanessa responded confused, she being too impacted by emotion to anticipate the answer.

“That no matter who wins, we never leave each other.” With green eyes sparkling in the moonlight which poured through the window, Renee stepped closer to her rival. 

“I wou….” Vanessa responded before her voice broke and ended. For the words had almost broken her heart, and brought tears to her beautiful brown eyes, for they were no different than what she wanted — no different than what she NEEDED. And yet, without speaking her response, she stepped forward, with one step and then two, until her body sealed against her rival’s once more. “Never….” Vanessa then whispered in oath, as she pressed her lips to Renee’s. 

Then together, drunk with passion, lust, and now love, they stumbled backwards, until the back of Renee’s legs suddenly bumped against the edge of the class teacher’s heavy metal-base desk. 

With blindly moving hands, Renee swept and cleared off the desk, pushing pencils, books, and binders from its surface to the floor below, she never letting her kiss with Vanessa break. Until finally, when its surface was devoid of any items or irritants, she crawled up upon it, her rival quick in chase. 

There atop the unmoving desk, they finally let their lips peel from one another’s, so that their thighs could cross, and their clits could finally meet. When they did, no longer restrained by a fear of being found by their searching parents, each let out a guttural moan which echoed through the mobile unit. Once connected, they sat, neither moving or thrusting, both just feeling and focusing.

“Forever?” Vanessa queried in a single word. 

“Forever….” Renee replied in confirmation, as each stared into the others eyes. 

It was only then, when their terms had been set, and promises made that they began to thrust forward, pressing clit into clit, and labia into labia. So good it felt to each of them. So amazing. So wonderful, that they barely had words to describe it, or the focus left to even mouth such descriptions. Forward and back, forward and back, their asses slid across the desk, as each humped the other. 

Inner thighs rubbed together, and free breasts bounced, as the two women warred. Together they looked as if mirrored images of one another, until Renee reached up with a single hand, using her other as a brace, and grabbed Vanessa’s rock hard nipple. Vanessa went to do the same to her rival, but found that without both hands, she was too lost in ecstasy to remain upright, or even on the desk. With that minor advantage, the brunette pressed, doing what she could to stimulate her rival’s nipples, hoping that such an act would be the key to her victory. That path in mind, she moved from one to the other and then back, wanting to bite them, wanting to nibble on them, but alas. 

Vanessa felt it working, with her nipples tingling with every touch and aching for more when her rival’s fingers left them. She had to do something, the black-haired girl knew, or she would soon find herself behind Renee in their race to force release and unable to catch up. Such a fate being unacceptable, Vanessa rocked back, and then swung forward, just far enough to catch Renee’s neck with both hands. There, she pulled herself up, and into such a position that she was no longer leaning back, and could combat her rival in whatever way she felt necessary. 

At first, the move frustrated Renee, as it interrupted her nipple manipulations, and also changed her position in a forceful manner, but then she felt it. Their breasts, each pair double D, pressing together. Their nipples, lined up and fencing. And their foreheads, again pressed together, leaving their lips not centimeters apart. Each of those realignments occurring as their clits continued to bounce off of and batter one another. 

“Cum for me.” Vanessa requested, tasting every bit of her rival’s hot breath, their tribbing picking up speed.

“You first.” Renee replied, as she wrapped her hands around Vanessa’s neck, as she aimed each of her thrusts to catch that of the same

“You WI-WISH!” Broke, Vanessa’s final word did, as the pleasure their embrace elicited began to overwhelm her. 

One Leg Draped

“You’re close.” As a fact the brunette said it, as she bore down, pressing her clit harder, and her nipples deeper into those of her rival. 

“N-no, I’mmmm nnnnooooot.” Vanessa argued, her body beginning to shake, and her lips, all of them, to quiver.

“Give in!” Renee commanded as she hit her stride, rocking back and forth, as Vanessa’s strength failed her, leaving her hands to drop, and her body to fall into a near hang, only kept upright by the brunette’s grasp. 

“Nnnnooooo!!!” The black-haired girl cried in desperation, only barely holding off an orgasm that had been building for years.

Doing so, until in a whisper, Renee said it, having leaned over until her lips pressed against Vanessa’s ear, knowing that it would drive her rival over the edge,  “Sister….” and it did.

“Oh GOD!” Vanessa screamed out in ecstasy, as she began to convulse in Renee’s arms. She, for her part, pulled back, and then bent forward, engaging her defeated stepsister in a passionate kiss, where tongues only separated long enough for Vanessa to moan in after-quakes of the most intense and satisfying orgasm she had ever felt in her life.

Slowly did Vanessa come down from her high, her body shaking, and her eyes glazed with pleasure. As she did, Renee let her down gently, until she had laid her back onto the table. Then, once free, the brunette pulled her cunt from her defeated rival’s, stood up, and stepped forward until her feet took position on either side of Vanessa’s head. 

Without sound Vanessa waited with acceptance, as Renee lowered herself into a kneel, pressing her cunt into the black-haired girl’s mouth. Willingly and devotedly did Vanessa then begin to lick, nibble, thrust with her tongue — she knowing that she had been beaten and that the victor deserved to her reward.

More Than Rivals

A reward which came quickly, along with Renee, who after so much passion, excitement, and lust, released within a matter of seconds. When it, and she came, Renee screamed out in overwhelming bliss and bent over as her body convulsed, all the while letting her stepsister taste her sweet juices. 

Then, when her own orgasm had passed, and she found herself exhausted beyond measure, Renee stood halfway up, and then crawled backward, thereafter laying down next to Vanessa on the teacher’s desk, whose mouth was wet with her cum. 

Together they laid in each other’s arms, for one hour, then two, and then all night. At first, they spoke as they cuddled, naked thighs rubbing against naked thighs. Breasts pressing into breasts. Nipples without intention lining up, and fencing softly, as each discussed the various pictures they had sent to each other over the years — laughing, smiling, and at times finding tears of happiness in their eyes. 

But as hours passed, words were shared, and tales were told, each found the thirst they had quenched with their battle beginning to return. In fact, by morning, soft touches had become firm, gentle kisses with tongue became slow battles to push back and pin that of their sisters, and once satisfied cunts burned to go to war once again. 

It was in such a state that they gathered their clothes, put right what was made wrong by their struggle, and left together. From that day on, the two being inseparable, and insatiable in their need to compete with one another. 

Step-sisters in title and love, but rivals and lovers in all other manners and means.

The End

A Moment They Will Never Forget

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