After the Battle by Dotti D

It may or may not be a known fact certainly our history books never collected the information on it, but I have read on occasion that Wars fought in europe an eventually here in the States , early on especially in civil war ,Napoleonic wars where women of the soldiers would travel or follow the troops, to aid in cooking and moral support and sewing so on, Often after an engagement these women had the chore of walking the battle field to check the dead for survivors who were wounded or more over their love or spouse.

While medicine at the time was in its infancy the best they could offer were bandages ,some water and either the satisfaction not finding their true love or family member dead or able to mark him and provide a burial at home.

While this was gruesome enough often after such brutal battles as these women walked among the littered fields, they would end up within a few feet of each other or even next to each other, most times the tears and decimation of such a conflict left feeling broken and emotionally destroyed there were the occasion when the tension and emotional breaking points would explode, coupled with the fear of finding their loved ones and the bitter hate for what other side did to their own these women when within that range would unleash on other.

I can not say with certainty to what degree these altercations went to or how often or the length of them but I am going to take the liberty of assuming that the horror of war and seeing loved ones and friends scattered by another side over land ,or freedom or what ever cause, brought two sides to bear that at some point the emotional refuge of seeing a littered field and a person from the other side so close would drive anyone to want to reign revenge or some balance for what was done and took place.

The Beginning

Dating back to early England wars with France and neighboring nations have been going on including their own English civil war, during this time 2 families were divided and there were many times fighting took place before the ravage of a war ever did.

The Prescotts were the average farming family and their hilly sheep farm bordered the Davenports, whose own hilly farm was potatoes and greens, hard working families both and for the most part kept to themselves, aside from the occasional angry word about property lines or sheep eating some greens after slipping through a broken fence.

Both families over time were under taxation and could not live a free life so when news of the New World came about they sold their land back and headed for the colonies, the promise of free land and way to make a new life was to alluring, the families settled near each other in the colonies on what would now be the Mason-Dixon line cutting West Virginia and Pennsylvania, with the Prescotts in Va. and Davenports in Pa. but the farms were nearly connected, the Prescotts wanted no king and became “turncoats” to the crown , while the Davenports were loyalists who would house and tend to the red coats as England tried to take the new world as theirs, The dispute tore many families and people apart and those loyal to the crown for a short time reaped rewards for their efforts while turncoats paid with harder labor, and slowly the 2 families grew more distant, as the war for independence came about both families sent their men off to war.

With the wars end the Prescotts fortune turned as the Davenports went down and land that was Davenports was handed to Prescotts as a result driving a bigger wedge between the families and a number of feuds, as times went by both families went on and dealt with the other on a need to basis, but since 2 separate states now tore the divide between the farms neither could use law to handle others gripe about land or theft, often leading to fights or a shooting for trespassing.

As the years go by both families grew and each had several children 2 of which from each were girls Emily Prescott and Margret Davenport, as the girls were banned from playing or associating with other often they would meet at the fence line the border of the 2 states and talk but as they got older playful talk turned catty as each would comment on others family.

Margret would commonly stand at the fence and tease Emily about how her family stole the land and Emily would reply that the Davenports were poor and traders, as the girls became young women the war of the states was heating up and again the dispute of how a country should be run tore a divide between them.

As the states south of the line tore away from the union and started to mass up armies the Prescotts sent off their father and sons to fight for Virginia, while the Davenports did the same and the 2 young women soon found themselves at a cross roads stay to tend the farms alone or follow and help make the units their families served under as comfy as they could with a hot meal and a womans touch.

No one expected the war to last long and with the North having massed so many troops it was thought after a week it would be all over but it raged on and both sides saw causalities never imagined but the south was winning and as they decided to invade the North the Prescott and Davenport farms were in the middle of it.

As the South marched within minutes of Emily Prescotts farm she and her brother were given a horse to ride ahead and secure the farm, as they arrived at the farm the home was burnt and land trampled and the fence line moved, and ahead in the distance Emily and her brother saw Margret Davenport nailing a new rail to the fence, in the distance they saw calvary from the north camped at Davenport home, her brother quickly took the horse to report back leaving Emily with Margret as they glared Emily placed her hand where the nails were being hit and stared at Margret.

Margret glared back”move your hand Emily” Emily a rage in her eyes “your taking my land i cant let you “ Margret turned to her “Let me? this part was mine and after the war it will be ours again” both women glared and Emily finally pushes the hanging fence rail off and steps over it almost nose to nose then she hisses “you want a war ill give you one meet me in the barn”, Emily taking the hammer walks to the barn that was on Prescotts land and Margret looks at the camping soldiers then follows, as she enters the barn Emily is standing waiting in a red and white linen dress straps off shoulders and square cut across front, her blonde hair pinned up but tattered looking from the rough ride in. Her blue eyes soft yet icy her white milky skin just a tint of red as her bountiful bust swells in the dress a Full and rounded 36DD her 5’5” figure carried well as her dress tapered in to her tiny waist the dress once hung to her feet now torn for a bandage and ripped by rough ground hung at her shin her feet bare.

Margret shut the door and faced Emily standing same height and weight her chestnut curly hair back in a hair net hung on her back her purple dress buttoned front to her waist and hung at ankle level also slightly tattered from the time she spent with the troops her full 36DD bust swelled as she moved in closer she spoke softly , “Where is your dear brother off to Emily hmm?’ the 2 women circled slow and carefully “Why Margret are you asking me to divulge the where bouts of the entire Confederate army?”

Margrets eyes widen a bit as such information if true meant that the unit at her farm would be soundly defeated, but if false moving them meant an open path for the rebels,

“Why Emily darling don’t you think both sides have lost enough young boys? tell me and maybe we can help stop this war”, Emily sneered “Margret you dirty trader Bitch your family spied for the red coats and now for them blue bellies as well you will never know”.

Margret inhaled and squinted a bit Emily, as Emily smirked “oh come now Margret this isnt about north or South its about Prescott and Davenport so why don’t you bare yourself like you did to my sweet brother before the war and face a real woman”

Margret her lips in a bit of awe that Emily knew then pulled back “you know your right Emily I think i will that is if you are willing to show yours like you did for my brother not 3 nights later”.

Emily nearly spit at Margret as she reached up and pulled the dress straps off her arms then reached back and undid her top half of her dress and tossed in on the dirt floor behind her , her heavy breasts reached out light pink nipples stiffened as she smirked and taunted “Whats wrong Margret stunned at how big the south really is?”.

Margret just gave a huff as she unbuttoned her dress front and pulled it away letting it fall to the floor as she looked at Emily and her own full bust swayed out pink nipples stiff as she purrs back “Well look at this won’t you seems the North is every bit as expansive”, Emily her lips in a catty grin as the 2 women circle closer “well i guess we always wanted this so shall we Ms. Davenport?’..”Oh your so right lets Ms. Prescott” and the ladies pushed together and as their heavy breasts met both with a grunt their hands flew in to others hair and pulled , “you trader Bitch fight” Ohhh you dirty turncoat i show you a fight”..

Their faces stretched back by the eyes as both women pull with every bit they have their heavy breasts slapping pushing and ballooning together as they step into other and tear at hair, the desire to scream is swallowed as they dont want the soldiers to hear , replaced by gurgled grunts and growls “oowww you bitch “cmomn you whore fight me”.

As they embrace and spin other around the barn by her hair their full breasts pump push and collide heavily, Emily looks between them as she thrusts her bust to Margrets and snarls, “uuhnn uhhnn uww cmon you Bitch your like that union General afraid to fight head on” Margret nearly screams as she knows what Emily means and it strikes a chord as her father was killed under the General , “uuughhh ohhh you Bitch why dont you fight me instead of like that pig Calvary general always coming from no where”.

Emily eyes go wide as her dad was under the famed general and was killed , “ohh you Filthy whore “ but before she could say more Margret thrust her bust up under Emilie and the stabbing thrust caused Emily to arch up and back as she looked up and gasped out “Aaghhh you Bitch” but instead of giving any room between them Margret stayed at Emily and as they scuffled across the dirt floor Margrets claws and hands slapped and swiped at her rivals face and hair, “you dirty Bitch dont you talk about my Daddies unit” Emily was shaking her head and her hands up to fend off the attack hit the barn post with her back hard and as she turned from the blow Margret pounced up onto her bare back her talon nails scratched Emilies bare back till 8 long red furrows appeared and as Emily arched in agony Margret grabbed her scalp by the hair and shook her head like a dog at a possom “you low life Bitch i fucking bald you”, Emily her claws at her foes hands screeches”awwwww Bitch let go oohh owwww “.as they struggle Margret hurls Emily to the dirt floor and as she is about to pounce she stops eyes wide as they hear the unmistakable sound of horses riding in, she glares at Emily “your lucky Bitch if we are caught we will be taken prisoner “ and Margret grabs her clothes and runs out as Emily dresses and looks out to see who it is.

As she peaks out she sees her brother and the rest of the confederate calvary gathering as she asks her brother whats going on he grabs her arms “WE are attacking at Dawn you need to be else where Emily or prepare the barn for a field hospital” Emily her eyes watery now begs her brother to not do this , but she knows he must as the sun breaks, Margret can be seen running across the field.

Emily and her brother notice and he quickly calls to mount up and the army jumps the rail fence breaking most of it down and charge across the field, as the hooves of the entire army storms across the field Margret calls to the Union troops and they quickly jump on their horses to head to meet the oncoming assault, the Battle is savage and unforgiving and quickly the open field is littered with wounded and dead.

As the heavy smoke from the guns makes it hard to see slowly survivors from the confederate army come back as union troops are running for their lives charge past Margret in a bewildered fear leaving their fallen behind.

As the Field settled and the threat gone now Margret looked from the porch of her home now ravaged by musket bullets and saw carnage she thought never could be seen as the weak cries from the tangled bodies rang out she grabbed a bucket of water and headed to the middle of the field .

Her dress hem slowly became tinted in red as it dragged the blood soaked grass and as she checked the men in blue the horror started to set in as she only counted 1/4 of the troops return it became more apparent her brother wasn’t one of them and she set out deeper in the field to search all the faces.

Across the farms Emily was helping in the barn to the wounded and as she wiped bloodied faces her youngest brother was looking up at her as he saw his sister he cried and said “get James” Emily eyes wide and panicked ran out to the returning troops and wounded and could not find her older brother as she did the Captain came across her and said “Ms. Emily your brother was a true Southern hero” Emily screamed NO as she ran into the field to find her fallen brother.

As the morning turned to midday Margret and Emily soon were within yards of other turning bodies to search the faces, it wasn’t till they were within a few feet the horror struck both there in center of it all were the 2 brothers and as both women wept they cursed the others family and the war.

“Damn you Damn you all Davenport” as Margret cried “We will avenge you “ as the 2 women stood up with no hope left they firmly stared into others weeping eyes now slightly blood shot from remaining lifting smoke, their faces slowly contorted into pure evil hate as margret opened her hands her fingers curled like a lioness her teeth barred as she widened her stance ‘You Filthy rebel Bitch “ and started for Emily, Who was in a similar posture as her own hands clenched and released for action “Ill tear you apart you dirty blue belly whore”.

In an instant the 2 women ran to other and clashed head on in the midst of the carnage both Margret and Emily stabbed their finger nails into the others face and gouged as they glared at their foe not making a single attempt to fend or protect their features as they were to hell bent on causing damage. At first the 2 women stood and spun around as one as they straightened their bodies up into others and their fingers clawed ,pinched tore and scratched at will, their teeth barred as they spit and hissed and gurgled the pain at others face.

As they tore long furrows in others face slowly they started to squirm and defend against the attack of other Emily as she raised her chin only to get her throat clawed, reached up and grabbed Margrets hair and as she twisted it up so tight in her left fist her knuckles prying against her rivals scalp as strands and roots were snapped out and broken off, sent her knee up into Margrets thigh hard enough it caused her to stagger and buckle the knee of the hit leg, as she lost ground and Emily tore at her scalp shaking her head Margret grunted and screamed as the pain became to much “Owwwww you Bitch “, as she backed peddled her feet hit against the boot of a fallen and her foot in the wet slick grass slipped and she landed on her knees , Emily quicker than previous stepped into her foe and slammed her knee hard into Margrets bust and as the blow caused her to arch up and back Emily held her up by the scalp got half way around her rival and straddled her thighs around Margrets left shoulder limiting her motion.

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Her face a grimmace of pain and fear and hate screams out “AWWW YOU BITCH UUGHNNNMMFF” but Emily just whipped snapped and shook her foes head by the hair grip as she was literally lifting Margret by the scalp and hairs were snapping and being torn out, As she had Margrets left arm caught between her legs Emily used her free right hand to scratch Margrets throat up over her chin and up her face the furrows burned like a hot iron as they carved a path in her flesh.

Margret tore at Emilies hand in her hair and slapped wildly at any part of her adversary As Emily again reached down she tore Margrets dress top as her full breast was exposed Emily let out a cry “AWWWWYou BICTH!” as Margret opened her mouth and though she bit into the material she had a solid clamp on Emilys covered breast.

Emily delivered a blow to the full breast then latched her nails into the supple firm breast and squeezed, as she did she twisted the mass and pulled cutting Margrets breast as she tortured it in her mauling grasp, their they were in middle of the wounded and dead, fighting for everything they had 1 set on her knees the other standing but bent at the waist over her neither face visible, as the fight seemed at a stalemate slowly Margaret was biting almost chewing as her hands flew up into Emilys hair and started to pull so slow and steady she was starting to force Emily into her side more.

As Emily now widening her thighs as Margrets profile was forcing them, Margaret thrust up into Emilies stomach her shoulder making a low and solid impact as she yanked on the blondes scalp and with a fluid motion pulled and tossed her rival over her and flat onto her back in the grass, A short shout and grunt as she landed was all Margret heard as she snarled her lips back and pounced her body onto the prone Emily, as if agreed the 2 women snaked their arms around the other each with a slap and hand full of hair started to roll as they bit and spit at others face they rolled over and over fighting like 2 alley cats over a mouse.

As Margret rolled atop she set her knees aside Emilys hips and pulled up high enough to sink her nails in the dress front and rippp it wide open with a simple yank, the linen fibers fluttered around them as she saw Emilies full breast out she snarled “Now I’ll carve you up Bitch” but as she raised her claws to seize the full mass Emily reached up and tore the rest of Margrets dress open exposing her own heavy mass and sunk her nails into Margrets breasts as margret did the same and both women gouged and clawed as if digging through sand for a lost jewel.

Margret her lips curled looked up as her tears welled up at the pain as Emily lips curled back gasped and straighten her arms out full extension to impale and cause Margret most amount of pain, they sat in that position for more than a minute as they looked into others eyes and without a word just mauled and tore at flesh.

Slowly as Emily began to squirm and writher under her foe ,Margret shook her head to defy the agony when she slapped Emily so hard that saliva flung from her lips and blood as she sliced her lower lip open from her nail, then she freed one hand to take Emily by the bangs and lifted her head to slam it to the wet ground as she did emily reacted.

Her hair pulled and head lifted Emily released Margrets breasts and wrapped her hands around her rival and pulled Margret to her as she did the heavy breasts of Margret swayed up over Emilys face and her teeth found their mark as she bit deep into Margrets breast, with her claws now stabbed into Margrets back and holding her body up into Margrets breast Emily bit and shook her head like a vicious animal.

Margrets scream echoed the field “AWWWWWWWW NOOO” as she turned from hair pull to full on clawing and slapping at Emilys head and face but with her face nestled in her bust Margaret could not get her nails in to Emily’s face to fend her off, the tears were size of quarters as they rolled through the dried blood and dirt of Margrets cheek her eyes filled up and glassy her red lips open and unable to cry out as every breath hurt as she felt Emiliys teeth sink deeper and break the skin.

Unable to get the jaws open margret set both her hands on the grass and in a sit up position bent forward held her body up as she occasionally slapped or pulled at emily alternating her prone hands her head up crying in pain ,”Please God your tearing my tit let go Bitch Fight me”.

But Emily snarling and spitting through her clamped jaws growled as she held on her hands now clawed up the bare back of Margret into her hair and with a hard yank forced Margret to look up and raise up more now with her breast bitten and holding weight of Emilys prone body ,flesh tore more and the scream was spine chilling, “AWWWWWW NOOOO PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE!!!”, As he was tugged up and back Emily sat up into her rivals torso and slowly pried the woman off her and rolled her to the side as she did she ripped her face from Margret and as Margret squirmed on the grass to her tummy to cover her wounded breast Emily pounced on her back and sat up high on Margrets back and started to reign punches down to sides of her face and head.

“You Fucking Bitch I’ll kill you “ as Margaret laid under her crying and screaming Emily grabbed her hair and lifted bending Margrets head up as she did Emily took her free hand scratched Margrets face and then wrapped her arm around her throat from behind and started to choke the chestnut haired woman, Margret eyes wide in fear hands under to try to ease the pressure slapped and desperately clawed at Emily’s arm ,as she did her coughing and gaging grew louder as Emily gasping for breath from the fight was weakening as she leaned to Margrets ear she felt the quick reflex of Margret grab her scalp and pull and suddenly Emily was pitched forward enough that she broke the choke hold and had to set her hands forward to stop from being face first in dirt.

Scared and desperate Margret slithered and twisted and bucked under Emily and managed to get out from under her foes legs as she did and got to her knees Emily was just getting to her knees both women were heaving for breaths and turned to see other a ravaged mess as each was herself, but in the seconds it took to suck in fresh air each snarled and mutually growled “Bitch” and flung themselves into the other again.

This time as they clashed their big breasts mushroomed between them as they both drove their feet at the other, hands in hair they managed to pull other to a standing position once up they tore and ripped at scalps. Backs arched as they seem to push breasts harder and tighter to others, both gasping panting and grunting as hair was torn out and fluttered to the ground , “You Bitch fight me” Margret barely huffed as Emily gasped as if no saliva was left “Cmon you dirty whore “ both were on verge of dropping to ground as they seem to feed on other to keep going as they spun and tore scalps tears dripping breathing ragged, Emily swallowing like a fish out of water slowly changed her pull to a push as her hands went to front of Margrets hair and she forced her arms out, slowly bending Margrets head and body back the pain was obvious as Margret started to lose her hair grip as she staggered back she swiped her nails at Emilys face and the slash missed and her body was turned shoulder to Emily and it was the break Emily needed.

With Margret again forced to face away Emily kneed the back of Margrets knee and she fell to her knees as if shot, now with Emily fully behind her Margret instinctively reached up to claw at Emilys breasts by her head, but she was ready for the move and she grabbed Margrets wrists and pulled them back as she twisted them.

As Margret spit out her pain “AWWWWNOOO OWWWW” now unable to do anything Emily pushed her knee in the center of Margrets back and pulled and pulled and pulled till there was a loud “CRACK” and Margret jerked up and her head dropped shrieking as her shoulders were popped from the sockets, Emily let her arms drop as she cupped Margrets head in her hands and arms and started to twist slowly more and more turning her rivals neck more and more as her neck was reaching a point it couldn’t take Emily snarled a vicious smile ‘You dirty trader i will Kill you for my brother and fathers avenge”.

Scared desperate and seeing Emily was willing Margret gurgled her plea “Emily Please I give ughhh I give uughmmff its yours the farms all of it uughh please “ as the slow creak of a bone being set to break was heard and Margrets eyes shut there was sudden stop to the madness, Margerets life hung in Emilys hands as she waited for the sound that would end it when she heard a voice of a man, “Emily uhnn Please No stop “.

Emily turned and her eyes welled up her savageness seem to drain out as he felt her lip tremble “James? your .. your alive?” Emily shoved Margret forward as she landed in the wet grass and dirt face first, unable to go on Margret turned slightly as he looked up to see Emily scream and wave for a stretcher, 2 men ran out and tended to her fallen brother as they loaded him on and raced back to the barn.

After hours of tending to her brother and then herself Emily stepped out of the barn and looked to the field as she stared she saw movement “is it another one of ours” she wondered when the body slowly stood up it was Margret, she turned to look back at Emily as they glared Emily inhaled and set hands to hips in a challenging way but Margret just nodded and walked away back to her farm.

As Emily glared out her younger brother limped to her side “Who was that out there ?” Emily shook her head no “Its another battle waiting, won’t be over till one of us can’t go on” she helped her brother back to the cots and sat smiling that her 2 brothers survived, as she did the ear piercing sound of the armies trumpet called the remaining men to attention as she heard they would moving to on to a place called Gettysburg.

The End

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