The Ladies Game by Dotti D

We all have a fetish and few act on them, those who do it is mostly in the secrecy of the bedroom or while alone online,others just in their minds, the few who dare have these acts played out for real are well lucky, one can say.

Naturally those with social status can “afford” to have their acts play out or even fund them and enjoy the satisfaction of a fetish become reality and  not worry who will judge them for it, within their circle.

In most cases the wealthy are the ones who can act on these adventures, a group of wealthy women who can never afford their secret being found out, but do enjoy the act find a novel way to let these play out.

With such opulence at their disposal these women have little trouble finding others to do their bidding as they enjoy the competition they at times act on in private, when these parties are thrown the women funding them are there to watch as well as engage, all dress in sexy low cut designer gowns and heels  the only out of place  attire they wear are eye masks, to hide their face to a degree in case a stalking paparazzi wanders about the grounds and gets a picture through a window.

As women of elite status mingle and others stand alone sipping champagne, down a marble floored hall are 2 rooms, the doors shut and a maiden out side each to get the occupants anything they require, as well making sure neither ventures out before she is called.

In one room sat Katrina, a strawberry blonde, hair to shoulders, 30 yo.who stood 5’8” about 145 lbs. with a sexy  figure, 36G – 32-38  her tummy flat and her bust was veiny round full and firm, her thick nipples were pointy but stood out 3/4” when erect, her breasts had 2 distinct thick veins that mapped a way to her wide areolas feeding the blood to them.

Katrina had a self pride about her figure but more her own bust she spent hours in the gym working her chest ,lats and back muscles to firm her massive globes and it paid off, but aside from her magnificent bust and tone figure Katrina possessed something to average eye seemed like a piece of jewelry to a knowing eye however it was a mark of accomplishment and standing.

It sat beside her on her vanity as she applied the finest alcone makeup, and her full lips penciled on the lush red lipstick, her light green eyes would catch the glimmer of the prized necklace and make her smile, as she smiled her mind ran through how she came to posses the fine piece.

In a velour  lined case sat a necklace and earring set to look at it the piece said priceless, but to the woman possessing it , the piece was more, it was a right of passage a defined moment, what was it that made the jewelry so important?, it was a simple status to a busty female a way to broadcast to other females especially busty that she was a champion,no a queen of breast battles, to wear this necklace told another woman the bearer had proven herself in a titfight against many others and beat them all to achieve the status of wearing it.

Women who may have no idea of what a titfight is see this necklace and would be willing to fight to have it, women who know why a busty women displays it so proudly knows what it took to have it, and to keep it.

Across the hall in other room, sits Victoria, a platinum blonde 31 yo. who stood 5’9” 147 a 36E-30-38 crystal blue eyes her hair a pixie style cut just to her neck, as tone and fit as Katrina and her bust as veiny and firm and full, her thick nipples a bit stubby but broad tip, and wide areolas that bump out.

Next to victoria on her vanity was a similar jewelry box containing a necklace as well but different gems, both women as they applied makeup smiled and marveled at the jewels they earned and each took a deep breath at how easy it could be to lose them.

In this game these wealthy ladies played, to take another womans bra was not enough, after a titfight with one of these women the loser would face consequences, some vary by agreed on terms but all agree on 1 sure thing, any two women wearing a necklace of such caliper were considered a champion and as a result could not refuse another champions challenge, if she did her necklace was to be forfeited, and or she would be uninvited from any matches there after, essentially being outcasted from her peers.

These Queens, as they were referred to, would use their tits to fight another Queen or at the very least a woman worthy to wear the title in ruled sanctioned fights, this meant for any 2 necklace bearers to engage for the others necklace they had to fight with other women of same rank or less watching.

Fighting for a necklace outside these rules meant no winner could brag or flaunt her fortune which to any other meant little, to these women it meant everything , to show up at an event wearing her own or another womans necklace told others she was the undefeated fighter, and that a fight with her meant loser lost everything.

Let me try to explain what this could mean, in a normal titfight loser is often pinned and smothered under the winners breasts, this is a insult and feeling of being broken by another or equal woman, in a fight that is a true test between two women as to who as more endurance, pride , pain threshold and in a way better breasts.

A woman goes through a roller coaster of emotions when taking on another woman in a titfight, the personal feelings are one that can make a proud woman cry if she was to lose, to her equal or lesser foe, when two women stand facing off and each strips her bra in pride and displays her assets in full glory she is saying to other “look at these  they are the best around and will beat yours in anyway”, but inward while thinking that they are also thinking if they are better, are they firmer  what if i lose and have to look up as she smothers me , can i handle  watching her take and wear my bra, she feels rage jealousies, fear,laughter , and crying, as well as the joy should she win the level she will taunt upon a win.

These run in their minds in a second and replay, till the stakes are ironed out and that can add a entire new level to these emotions, stakes vary by rivals and what they agree on, but for two Queens to duel the stakes are high and no mercy is given, often these range from loser being pinned and smothered, forced to worship winners breasts orally, her face smeared or battered by winners breasts, face sat , her bra handed over  her necklace taken and at times milked by winners hands.

While some seem un phased, to some to be the one who loses it can cause a woman to break emotionally or physically break down and cry, for two women wearing these necklaces as others at their level or lesser watch, can destroy a woman’s pride, in fact some  vow revenge never show their face again.

Some areas of the fight can vary from a straight breast to breast smearing struggle to added styles, or ways they are done each naturally agreed on by both.
Both women sit final touches to make up and hair as they smile and put on the necklaces each earned, the glorious jewels sit over the swelling mass and nestle in the tight cleavages, as they stare at themselves in pride.

A timid knock on the door comes and each stands and takes a position against a corner wall before claiming aloud “come in”, it is moments before the fight will begin and each woman is to be inspected by the women who will watch and some wager on the fighter they prefer.

Slowly as each fighter stands posed, women with eye masks stroll in and look over each woman then leave, some wink, some gasp, others smirk as they compare the two, as the rooms empty each woman still has no idea who they will face or how busty or her ability, all they know by the days end one of them will be on the floor crying and drained and everything she holds near taken the other a higher level than she was.

Victoria slips into her peach ankle strap heels, thong and a satin kimono robe her bra in its pocket, as she primps her hair admires her necklace and takes a much deserved breath in a second knock comes to her door and without a word she walks to open it and a maiden nods to her and Victoria steps in the hall and swaggers to the main room.

The room is bright and marble floors women are seated in a circle with a thin aisle that leads to a 6 sided clear walled ring, no ropes just plexiglass walls 8 feet high a single door open as she steps in and smiling moves to one side.

Mean while the same knock summons Katrina , she emerges wearing maroon ankle strap heels thong and a satin kimono robe her matching bra in its pocket, her necklace draped on her swelling veiny mass and nestles in her tight cleavage, as she swaggers slowly to the main room, she steps in seeing the same set up Victoria did, then for the first time as she approaches the clear cage sees her rival, she eases in and takes a stance across from her as they look at other and see each has a priceless necklace on.

Slowly a woman busty in her own right necklace adorned swaggers in the ring and with her blue eyes piercing the eye mask, clangs a tiny gong as all listen, “Ladies thank you all for attending , as your all aware the two fighters have never met and are both champions undefeated , today they will duel as agreed there will be a titfight till one can not go on, loser will be milked as we watch, breast smothered and facesat, winner will take both bras and necklaces and be deemed Queen, both have agreed to no hands to breasts but hair, hugging, and grabbing to hold or break a hold allowed, any use of ring walls is allowed during fight, our fighters have also agreed to rounds” there are murmurers among the women as the rules are allowing for these two have a more free match and higher risks.

She smiles “ladies if there is nothing else present your bras and necklaces please”, just then a woman in a bikini enters with a silver platter tray and 2 velour jewel cases as she stops in front of each woman they place their bra on the tray and necklace in their case the cases are shut and she leaves the ring, “Victoria, Katrina?, are you both ready to fight?”, she looks to each and both nod without  word and she smiles”Please strip your robes away”, In unison both girls pull their robes sash and roll their shoulders allowing the robes to slip off as they dangle them on a fingernail the ring girls re enters and collects them as the women stare the hostess raises the gong and the tiny Clang rings out as she walks to the clear door she smiles “ladies Fight” and the door is latched shut.

There are no cheers or urging the fighters on, all sit and watch as the room is silent the girls nod and step from walls and circle slowly each pass draws them closer, Victorias breasts heave slow veins blue her pale globes and her thick stubby nipples stiffen as she rolls shoulders as if offering her breasts up and out, Katrina does the same as her tan breasts heave a blue tint through them and without a taunt they step in and slowly Katrina bumps her nipples aside Victorias and then drags  trying to bend her rivals but Victoria responds by jamming her own in and drags across her rivals their nipples tap and bump and drag slow and firmly as each watches and breathes through her nose.

The subtle duel brings each woman to a heavier rate of breath as they start to flick and spar with their nipples softly as they breath the audience hears them, “uuhnn mmmfff cmon more”, “uww uww sssss bring it cmon”, slowly women watching lick their lips and their own nipples react tenting silk gowns as each looks at other as wagers were laid between some.

They continue the  slow dance as each watched her nipples bend a bit then poke others softly then firmly they flicked ,rubbed, and jabbed at others, it was Victoria that finally spiced it up as she drove her nipples at Katrinas and as she lifted them her firm round breasts met and rolled into her rivals , slowly the 4 big masses swelled up into others and then seem to mold to others shape, a gentle “uuhnnmmff “ came from both.

Every woman watching slowly sat up as the fight now was building, this what all wanted to see between these two, Victoria pushed in a more firmer manner and rolled her big mass up against Katrina’s set , as she stared in her rivals eyes Victoria arched and rolled shoulders back as her heels stood her ground her upper body gently was swayed back and forth like gentle waves of a lake.

Slowly Katrina increases the pressing and pushing, “uuhnn uuhhh fight” she moans as Victoria arches and as she presses back smears across her foes assault “uww uww uuhnn mmmfff cmon then “, the silence of the glass cage and room around it was broken by the sound of the fighters breathing and taunts and soon flesh meeting as Katrina hearing Victoria say cmon did just that and pumped her big tits head on to her rivals, softly then more dense the sound of flesh to flesh rose between them, “CLOP…CLOP…CLOP” as Victoria arched to pump back no one noticed her heels scrape back a step..then 2 ..then three, as she retreated slow Katrina steady and firmer peruses.

Victoria at first is unaware her body is retreating as she is guided backwards by her rival, Katrina initially is unaware till she sees and hears the reactions from her foes lips,, “uuhnn uughnnn bitch” as she becomes aware she is making Victoria retreat  she taunts with an evil grin, “uww uuhnn mmfff cmon bitch feel me dont you  cmon”, Slowly Katrina increases her steps and force, as she drives into Victoria, firmer denser Clops ring out as the platinum blonde now stagger steps backwards, Katrina seems to swell in pride shes taking over early in, her shoulders snap and drive her round tits into her rivals as she sees motion she gets hungry,‘Uhnn uhnn yess cmon bitch feel me yess”, as Victoria shakes her head no, Ughnn ughnnn oouuffff bitch you cow”.

Suddenly as Victoria is walked back her bare back rattles the glass wall and is shoved to a corner, as Katrina rolls her shoulders back and goes at her tit to tit she smears and grinds and starts a design like a big X she drags her mass into Victorias the platinum blonde feels the move as she rolls head back “Aghhh Bitch get off me”.

The women watching stand to see the money they wager might be won or lost to quickly for a queens fight but it seems Katrina is all attack, as she drags lifts and pins her rivals big tits Victoria arches and starts to push at her foe, “cmon fight you bitch”..”ohh ughnn get off me whore ill fight you”.

Suddenly Katrina was in charge and early, Victoria was being  ground and pushed and dragged every which way as Katrine placed her hands on the clear walls around her rival she was starting to stab her tits into Victorias, the women standing saw and heard the effects, Victoria was turning red and tits a pink hue as they were pushed pressed dragged and lifted, her breath could be seen leaving her as she was battered.

The fleshy Clops rung into slaps amid her gasps, “uughnn mmff mf f clop..slap..uuhnn uhnn “ Katrina was breathing heavy “cmon feel me fight more cmon” she increased the attack then as fast as she took the fight the bell rang and the hostess walked in and pulled her off, Katrina yelled “What the hell” as Victoria arched cupped her tits “Ugnnn finally”.

The hostess tells Katrin the rules were rounds and back off, Katrina glares at Victoria and swaggers to her corner she massages her tits as she glares ready to fight, Victoria holds in the corner she was pinned in and massages her tits glaring back, slowly both catch their breath and then the gong is heard again, Katrina walks from her side as Victoria steps out then Katrina rushes her rival intent to pin and finish her fast, as their meaty tits SMACK together, both let out a gasp but Victoria is driven back again, as she hits the glass wall Katrina lunges at her but Victoria was ready she ducks her rival and twists out of the way.. a loud SLAP rings out as Katrina slams tit first into the glass.

“AAGHHH” ,Victoria as she steps from Katrina throws an elbow into her rivals back and turns around then pushes her big tits into Katrinas bare back as she takes her arms and holds them up and drags Katrinas tits on the dry glass stretching pulling and rolling her glands like dough, ‘AWWW AGHHH BItch” Victoria sneers ‘Cmon cxnt fight”.

Victoria continues to punish Katrinas breasts against the glass and the women watching are witness to the twisting overlapping pulling it causes her flesh to do, as her head looks up she winces and finally she attempts to step back and her heel stabs Victorias foot, Victoria yelps and staggers her balance off as Katrina bucks her rear back and the move shoves Victoria back and she lands on her ass, as she starts to get up Katrina turns her tits pink and red grabs Victorias short hair and lifts her to her knees then feet by it, as she gets her up Victoria quickly grabs Katrinas hair and the 2 women start to yank other by her hair as they do Victoria shoves her big tits up under Katrinas.

Now both women pull hair in a side to side down motion, Katrina felt Victorias move under tits more as they seem to get impaled on the platinum blondes, her hard stub like nipples jammed the crease under her rivals big breasts as her own mass massaged and jammed the full undersides, pulling her head by the hair down added to the pressure as Katrinas face winced and her mouth fell open in a yell, ‘UUghnnn owww ohhhh you BiTCH my tits”.

Hearing the yell Victoria stepped in closer and now was shimming and pumping up into her rivals breasts, the round shape was contorted and lifted and bounced, sweat was forming on both and Katrinas face was getting as red as her undersides as she pulled at Victorias hair she was adding to her own pain as Victoria was yanked at her and Victoria pulled Katrina low and in.

Victoria with knees bent a little was pumping upward as her hands and arms tugged down firmly on her rivals hair, Katrina was in pain as she tried yanking Victorias head back as she did Victoria smeared heavily up under Katrinas breasts lifting and stretching them up, then as both seem to reach a limit Victoria stepped in and shoved her tits into Katrinas underside as she did both women were driven back and then a loud smack as they hit the floor, Katrina took the brunt of it as Victoria landed on her, “UUGhhnn owww” Katrina yelled out as Victoria quickly brought her knees up along side Katrinas body straddling her and still holding hair, swiped and dropped and pulled her tits across Katrinas working them deep, as Katrina squirmed and was gasping the gong rang out and the hostess walked in and tore Victoria off her rival, as she got up she caressed her tits at Katrina who was slow to get up.

Both women stood glaring at other as the hostess smiled at the fights progress , the women watching smiling and a few worried as they enjoyed it as much, Victoria and Katrina desired fights but each knew after tonight one would be ruined, the gong sounded and slowly both strode toward the other, it was Victoria showing that she wanted to make the fight more aggressive as she opened her arms and shimmied her firm tits at Katrina, slowly Katrina did the same as Victoria hissed, “my tits wanna box yours”, Katrina inhaled “cmon then”.

Both ladies clamped a grip on others upper arms as they lined up their heaving veiny breasts, women around them stood to see when a solid Clop rang out as Victoria swung her tits across Katrinas, “uuuhhnnn” then it was returned by Katrina, “Ughnn”, the feeling out stage was over as Victoria stepped in at her rival and began to sway her heavy tits side to side, the ring echos the fleshy clops then multiply as Katrina returns the hits, with her own breasts both women stand knees slightly bent holding other in and letting their tits swing and batter others.
Both women sweating now start to pant and gasp as they increase the weighted hits as they twist shoulders faster to make deeper contact, the fight is once again dead locked when Victoria swings left then as she comes back dips making Katrina miss , her full tits swig and stretch out as their is no contact it causes a gasp as she feels the miss, then as she sways back Victoria thrusts up her tits deliver a full on upper cut to her rivals undersides, its like slow motion as Katrinas full round tits are hit they droop around Victorias and are jolted up, as they lift they reshape nearly hitting her chin then as they drop back down are hit up again as Victoria starts a pumping motion up.

The women stand still as  Katrinas knees buckle she pulls away her heels stagger then suddenly she drops like a sack on her back to the floor, for the first time the women watching let a jeer out “uwwwww fight” as Katrina hits the floor hurt, Victoria pounces on top of her, Victoria grabs her rivals wrists pinning them over her head to the floor as she arches her back pushing her heavy tits out and as she glares in her rivals face sways her big breasts like pendulums and then the heavy hitting resumes as she uses her breasts to pummel Katrinas.

The contact s slow and aimed as she starts it but soon Victoria gains a rhythm and as women stand to glass and watch on their toes Katrinas mouth opens as he blurts out “uughnn …mfff ..mfff ohhh ..ughnn Bitch get off “,Victoria hearing the flesh hammer her foe and her reaction sneers and increases the pounding as she taunts “Problems honey ? cmon put em up”, Katrinas pinned body is ridden as her big tits undulate as they are battered side to side and loosen up and down motion.

As Victoria continues to batter her rival smiling as every hit echos out Katrina can only dig deep to prevent screaming her surrender, as she pants and winces and gasps Victoria drives firmer “cmon bitch say it. give”, Katrina shakes her head no as she squirms, the fleshy Slaps get louder and Victoria is smiling but feeling the effect of her own hitting Katrinas firm pair is wearing on her as well.she pumps down at Katrinas tits with her own “CMON BITCH GIVE NOW!!”.

As Katrina’s mouth opens and lips tremble the hostess walks in and the gong is heard and Victoria is again pulled off, “Noo Damn it I have her”, she walks back to her corner huffing with a glare of hate as Katrina gets on her hip and slowly rolls on her knees and then stands, as she gets up her legs shake a bit as she cradles her big tits now red in color, barely back  in her corner the hostess smiles as she clangs the gold gong and walks to the door “FIGHT”.

Victoria hungry but smart comes out to fight but instead of lunging into her foe puts her hands on her head and gently sways her big tits as her full lips curl , “cmon Bitch “, Katrina with hate puts her hands on her head as she walks to fight Victoria but as she does the slight lift of her tits makes her lips purse and thats when Victoria knows  she hurt her foe, as they circle slow each prods and probes her tits at her rivals set as they step around glaring as hard nipples jab and flick and bountiful breasts jostle as they bump.

Victoria breaths heavy but starts to go at her rival as Katrina seems hesitant and sways to avoid dead on contact, “cmon bitch my tits want a fight”, Katrina” uuhnnn mmfff cmon then bitch,uuhnn bring it”, but Victoria despite a desire to start a fray with Katrina is careful she knows this bitch isnt down for the count yet.

The bumping probing increases and soon Katrina starts to go at Victoria more “uuhnn uhnn mmff cmon bitch scared?”, Victorias face gives a way her stunned reaction to how firm her rival still is as she arches her back and loses a step back her face cringes at the solid jab her tits are dealt, “uughnnn ohhh you Cow”.

But Victoria despite nearly winning the fight moments ago knows  it was a simple move put the fight in her corner last round and even though she had Katrina on the ropes,  her tits were red and sore from beating on her rivals she can’t charge in as they circle and joust with their huge tits, Katrina seems to look for an opening to get her rival in a corner and work her tits as she did early on  she steps around but reverses the pattern as she moves in at Victoria ,as she does Victoria responds with a solid dense pump and smear and then turns her pattern  not allowing Katrina to set her heels.

Both women smear drag and pump into other for a while sweat making the bodies glisten as both start to pant and gasp and look ready to give, as they arch up both women meet head on and the wet fleshy CLOP fills the glass walls as they grab at others shoulders , hands slip and no real grip is made as the frustration takes over they snarl and as they are about to open hands the gong rings out again and they are pulled apart.

When both women get to their corner each rests her ass against glass and cups her tits as they glare across at other and massage their now aching breasts they snarl lips and their eyes tell other they had enough playing its time to fight to a finish, as they caress and rub their sweating breasts nipples swell out more they breath in  glaring they know the rules and whats allowed and now they will push those rules to limits till one gives.

The hostess clangs the gong and swaggers out as she again purrs “FIGHT” the glass door is shut and both ladies swagger toward the other Victoria shimmies her heavy tits as Katrina flexes hers, they circle and bump tits as they glare then Katrina drives into Victoria and they mash and grind their big tits areolas stretch and pull as nipples stab bend and flick bulging veins merge and swell against others as each woman grunts through her teeth .

Their heels clammer as one set as they guide each other about the glass enclosure, sweat begins again and breathing becomes labored pants quicker, tummies roll as they gasp at a jolt or pump by others breasts into their own, the slow duel starts to increase in force but little extra movement is seen as they grind drag and smear heavier to other , hot voices grunt, “cmon you Bitch “..”fight harder bitch cmon”, they huff grunt and pant more their big tits getting redder and some light bruises surface as they wince at contact.

The bumping gets rougher the dragging firmer then as Victoria arches up into Katrina she manages to lift her rivals tits a bit a groan is heard “uughnn bitch”, Victoria starts to bully Katrinas tits more “uuhnn mmmff thats it bitch feel me hmm cmon” but Katrina is feeling her rivals tits to taunt back her breathing heavy her face red as she winces more slowly she is being walked to the glass, growing desperate now and the cats watching see it  Katrina shoves at Victorias shoulders but she slaps her hands away “Fight you Bitch”, as Victorias words ring out and women again stand Katrina sinks her hands in the platinum hair and pulls as she does Victorias head snaps back and she grunts “aaghhh you Bitch” then she sinks her hands in Katrinas hair “cmon wanna pull hair bitch”.

The two women yank , pull, tugg at other scalp but never drift from going after others tits with her own, their long thighs flex and widen stances as each pulls others hair, “aawww cxnt’..”fight me bitch”, is heard as tits clop slap and drag heavy, Katrina starts to pull harder and drives her tits harder at Victoria’s, making the short blonde wince and lose steps  “thats it bitch back up cant take it can you”, Victoria  gasping at the tight pulls to her scalp as Katrina starts to rally back yet again, “uughnn uuwww ohhh bitch  oww”.

Both women grunt ,growl and yell as each is hurt more , Victorias tits are getting redder as Katrina seems to take the lead and as she double hand grips the back of the platinum hair she yanks hard , Victoria screams out “AWWW BITCH” her heads forced to look up as her backs arched and Katrina steps in and leans over her bent back body and smears heavy tit to tit ‘Cant take it bitch hhmm fight”.

Katrina nearly has Victoria bent backwards and about to fall, but the blonde wont go down as Katrina tries to push her back, Victoria wraps her thigh and calf around Katrinas leg and uses her limb as a balance support, as Katrina gets frustrated she lurches on Victoria and they fall but twist to Katrinas right and the glass wall, as they hit the floor Victorias leg hold helps her turn her body and get to her knees, as Katrina lands on her hip and ass as Victoria kneels up she looks down grabs 2 fistfulls of hair and with savage yanks starts to beat Katrinas head on glass , as she yanks her head around her face bumps the blondes big tits “cxnt cmon fight”, Katrina reaches up for hair but cant get a grip at the shorter hair as Victoria keeps her head out of reach.

Katrina is in trouble unable to get up she pushes at Victorias ribs and tits the crowd yells their disapproval as Victoria gets in raged at use of hands to tits, “you cheap cxnt no hands” and Victoria stands holding Katrina by the scalp and yanks her like a rag doll then whips her to the floor on her tummy, Victoria smiles an evil grin as she pounces on her back and pulls her neck up hands clamped under the chin bending Katrinas back till her big tits sway free “awwwwwwwwwww!” is heard then tapping of the floor suddenly Victoria lets her go and her face bounces on the floor.

Victoria stands and swaggers around hands raised smiling, Katrina rolls to her side then all 4s and finally up, the hostess walks in and rings the gong as Victoria waits in her corner caresses her tits, Katrina climbs the glass wall and as she turns the gong is rung ‘FIGHT” Victoria rushes out and pins Katrina to her corner and starts to smear ,drag,lift and pump her tits aimed well into Katrinas tits, the crowd hears the sickening fleshy slaps and moans of the blonde ,“UGhnnUUghnn Ughnn mMFF MMFF BITCH OWWW MY TITS”.

Victoria is like a mad woman driven to destroy ,as she sweats and her face tits get red she doesnt let up but she is hurt and tired as her head tosses back she looks up as if praying to make her rival give “uughnn uuygghnn ohhh oww cxnt GIVE!” gasping now for a break the round early ,as Katrina is gasping in pain her tears big as she turns her head to glass she closes her eyes and takes the beating “uughnn ughnn mmff mff my tits please”..suddenly Victoria pins tit to tit and grabs her rival as she grinds her tits in her face aside Katrinas as they set chins on shoulders.

The only movement is Victorias hips pumping her body into Katrinas and their tits bulging from between them, then as women stand they smile and clapping is heard as Katrinas mouth drops open her eyes open wide and her shoulders drop her hands weakly tap at Victorias bare back as she manages a scream “STOP MY TITS OWWW I GIVE PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!” Victoria lays into Katrina tit to tit gasping then pulls away and watches her rival fall to the floor limp and gasping.

Victoria steps around her prone body as it squirms then using a heel turns her on tummy and grabs her by the hair lifting her to all 4s, slowly her thick thighs straddle Katrina as she sits on her back Victoria smiles at the women watching then with a bitterness slaps her hands up under into Katrinas big hanging tits, as the slaps heard Katrina rolls her head and shakes it “No please “ but she knows its going to happen despite the pleas, Victorias hands wrap on the mass and squeeze , pull, knead and massage her rivals big tits deeply and continue the same pattern as she does her sultry voice rings out , “cmon bitch moo for us give me that milk”.

Her fingers flexed sink into the meaty breasts disappearing and surfacing as she grips on and works them, her thumbs dig at the undersides as she stretches the big glands and then slowly she smirks as Katrina moans “Awwww uughnn uwwww you bitch my tits uughnnn mmfff my milk”, and 2 large pasty white droplets surface from her thick nipples and fall to the floor, then  Victoria grabs the breasts high up and works to the nipples the stream of spray starts, “uwww yesss nmm give it up Bitch” she groans as Katrina can’t look up as she knows women watch her being broken down.

Victorias hands now a much faster motion grab squeeze and pull as milk is forced from her rivals breasts , as they are worked they are swollen and red and more bruises surface,  Katrina wells up and tears fall, as nearly nothing comes out of her  Victoria pulls her to the floor and rolls her to her back, sitting over her tits up and out proudly she lowers them on her rivals face swaying slow and slapping her rivals face with her tits then dropping them on her face and pulls her arms in to squeeze them in tight as she smothers the blonde “Uhnmmm yesss feel the better tits you bitch”, Katrina tapping at her back and arms and floor squirms her face and head turn red till finally the hostess enters and Victoria slowly pulls her tits off Katrinas face, still sitting up on her Katrina is forced to watch the hostess place both necklaces on Victoria’s neck and hand both bras to her she smiles and flexes her big tits giving Katrina a last long look then eases forward and sets her mound on Katrinas face “nmmmmmm please the queen” , Katrina with hate and tears starts to lick victorias pussy as Victoria rides her face slow women watch, suddenly victoria arches stiff and lets out a moan “Uhnnnn yess” as she orgasms on Katrinas made up face and then stands and dons her robe as she swaggers to her room, leaving the broken Katrina in a puddle of her own milk and breasts red raw and bruised and cradling them as she cries , the women all stand and leave, Katrina is left to get herself up and leave the mansion on her own.

After soaking her wounded bust and sipping wine Victoria appears strolling through the main room at the smiles and looks of women who saw the fight, her neck and cleavage glimmers with 2 necklaces as her breasts are cradled in Katrinas bra and she carries her own, she waves as she heads out and gets in her mercedes, she lets her car warm up as she looks in the vanity mirror admiring the jewels then drives away, unnoticed in her jaguar sits Katrina crying and holding her hurt bruised sore tits as she watches Victoria relish the win, slowly she drives off with every bump causing ache in her breasts.

The End

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