Bourbon Street by Dotti D

Since 1718 the French Quarter has been the center hub for New Orleans area, to this day while the area expands the French Quarter remains a historic time stamp, and with it many of the traditions that gave birth to the city.

One of the most popular being Mardi Gras past times is the exchange of beads for a woman flashing her breasts, while this is not a old world tradition it has become one in the bourbon street area of mardi gras due to the strip clubs there.

While these and other clubs line the streets many of them are capped by private apartments all with private entrances to side , many have balconies over looking the street with ornate black wrought iron railings, one in particular was Daphne Beuchamps apartment. Daphne was one of the quarters rare residents her family was old money and she did not need to work but often Daphne would work the strip clubs, more for her showing off her body than for cash.

She was a stunning blood red head standing 5’10” her hair thick and wavy to her shoulder blades her eyes were a light green almond shape and her figure was like a an hour glass with a very firm full round bust, and she was all natural at 36E and her constant smirk some swore was her confidence and pride in her busty body.

The club Daphne liked to work the most was right below her apartment and often than not when the manager needed to bring in more customers he requested she come down, but in exchange Daphne got special treatment, pretty much anything she wanted for that matter since all knew the men flocked to see her dance and show off that body, but more than that Daphne and her manager came to an agreement that the club would be way for her to meet and find opponents to tangle with. As it turns out Daphne learned early on with a body like hers that with all the attention comes a lot of jealousy, and it wasn’t uncommon for a regular of New Orleans to drop hundred dollars or more on her for tips which caused many a wife and or girl friend to come looking for her.

More than not these women would arrive and ask for her and when the statuesque redhead emerged they quickly changed their tune or left with a reasonable threat, she would smirk at allowing them to run back to their men, but on occasion these women would be busty or fit and welcomed a try at the alluring redhead for no other reason then to bring her down a notch or get her to ease off one of their men. Slowly as does happen among the travelers to Mardi Gras trends start by word of mouth and among the many men to frequent the club its name became known as did Daphne’s as the place to see and have a few.

For Daphne the introduction of dance and oil wrestling was welcomed her tips doubled and did her notoriety , college boys brought their girlfriends , bikers their old ladies to face the great Daphne and all left losing their money and pride, for Daphne the thrill of a match was like a vampire for blood she needed it ,but was never satisfied since none could fully match her the few who were close were broken fairly quickly and even less gave her a decent duel.

As Daphne became bored with the oil wrestling she would let men know that if they had a woman that could match her she would welcome the challenge but it was cost their girl a lot, if their girl was willing it would be a 1000 dollars her bra and some after match content at winners discretion. It didn’t take long before the offer spread like wild fire , the regulars who would pay anything for an hour alone with her were begging women they could find and a few women went on a mission as well. One woman walked into the club on a Thursday night and she was very stunning, the room seem to seek her attention and as the brunette stood center room Daphne was dancing a slow gyrating dance to a rather hard rock ballad, as she turned her eyes locked onto the brunettes.

With a simple nod the redhead eased off stage and winked at the busty brunette and summoned her to the bar to discuss what she wanted, The brunette sat aside the redhead and as her full 38D bust swelled her straight hair covering most of it simply looked in Daphne’s eyes “My names Diane I hear you looking for competition”. Daphne sipped her whiskey and smiled looked over the brunette and purred” I am have someone in mind?”. The taunt brought a grim look from the brunette as the comment suggested she was not up to the task. The 2 women shared a stare then Diane spoke , “listen i heard you were if your not then i guess i wasted my time” as she went to leave Daphne grabbed her arm and spun back , “what exactly are you looking for sweetie?”.

Softly the brunette purred at her , “A titfight not just any a series to determine the best woman” instantly Daphne perked up, “A series? do tell my dear i need to know more before i agree to anything”. A short silence as they looked in others eyes then Diane added, “Fair enough first off its not against me, i have a girl friend that would well lets say Fit the bill far better she saw you on the web sight for the club and heard of your challenge so she asked me to meet with you see if you agree”.

Daphne not one to shy away while intrigued was a bit leery of how this was being set up since most came in person, “And where is this friend now?, I will need a bit of time to make arrangements here for such a meeting”, at that moment feeling she enticed Daphne went on, “She is back home in NY she wants to fly in for Mardi Gras but only if you are willing to meet some demands and she wants to hear yours”.

Like the last shot of whiskey suddenly hitting you Daphne smirked and felt a high any woman wanting conditions was either afraid or just might be good enough it will be the match she has longed for, As Daphne smiled “what are these demands?” The brunette reached in her top and eased out a folded piece of paper and handed it to Daphne with a simple offer, “these are them take the night to look over it and make your demands I will be back tomorrow see if we have a deal “ Diane stood up and walked out before Daphne could answer. Now feeling a burn in her Daphne went to her apartment and showered and sat back in her Chaise lounger her nude figure under a sheer frilly robe as the evening breeze blew over goose bumps formed along her tanned skin, her pointed nails opened the paper and as she read her body squirmed a bit.

Dear Daphne, I am writing in answer to a open challenge you made for someone to find another to match you and offer more if that woman beat you, as a result my fiance and I had a very large disagreement and though he was weak enough to fall for a gorgeous woman he already had one at home, needles to say you were the topic of our issue, as a result I am accepting your challenge with following demands.

While a breast fight is a true test between 2 busty women I do not engage as often as you and it would be unfair to decide such a matter on 1 fight there for i request a series of styles in breast fighting, to be held over 2 nights.

Winner of each of these matches will take a personal item of the loser as well as face smother her and winners discretion.

Finally I propose we do this in a neutral private location

Yours truly ,

Daphne nearly jumped up how dare she dictate to me, but as she reread it she smiled at how amazing it would be to not only be known by her fans and rivals but to be known for beating a jealous woman, she went to her computer and started to write her own terms.

Dear Taylor, I received your letter and offering my own, I am sorry that you and your fiance could not see eye to eye but perhaps he needs a more experienced woman, but far be it for me to deny any man his fill, that said I agree to your demands and have a few of my own.

I agree to the private fight but i demand he be allowed to watch. Every match will require us both to put up a bra as well as beads for winner.

As part of the deal I win you give me free reign and the thousand dollars and him if you win your choice.

I agree to other stakes you mentioned fully

Lastly loser is given the opportunity to challenge winner to fight of her choosing with no one there.

Yours truly Daphne

The next night Daphne was at the club but instead of dancing she was seated in a booth waiting on Diane, she didn’t wait long as the busty brunette swaggered over and sat with her, “So you had time to think it over whats going to be?” Diane purred her brown eyes glistened a secret for sure but the smirk she had eased away as Daphne reached in her top and produced a paper and handed it to diane as their nails tapped as each held it Daphne purred at her, “theres one condition i want not on here” , “And whats that honey?” the 2 stared a moment then Daphne softly said, “ You and i in my room “ Diane swallowed a breath as she saw Daphnes bust swell, “what do you mean me? i am just a messenger “ , “your friend wants a fight thats the demands unless shes not worth it” Daphne eased from the booth and smiled as she hissed at Dianes ear “Tomorrow morning i will be on my balcony if you aren’t there I will assume your Taylor is all a myth”.

Diane walked out shaking and called Taylor as she emailed the letter and told her of the last tid bid ,Taylor not yet having seen Daphne in person said frankly”Cmon Diane how hard can it be shes a bit fuller can you try?” after some crying and a bit taken back by the counter offer Taylor breathed a sigh as Diane agreed to do it.

The next morning Daphne sat on her balcony sipping her tea as people walked by under her, along the street when suddenly she noticed a person stop and stand across from her view, she sat up to see and there was diane wearing a simple pair of shorts and a tank top and bra her hair up in a pony tail, as Daphne looked down Diane pressed her breasts together with her arms and nodded yes, Daphne smirked and motioned to come up as she went to open her door Diane sauntered up the tight stair case.

Diane entered the extravagant apartment adorned in New Orleans antiques and history as she closed the door she heard Daphnes voice “in here”, slowly Diane walked through the hall past a bedroom as she looked in the bedroom she saw various bras and ton of beads , she swallowed slowly and entered a room that was equal to a walk in closet with nothing in it but a rug and Daphne standing with a robe on hair up high and a smirk as she purred, “you might want to leave your attire out there “ as the 2 looked at each other Diane stripped to her thong and as she removed her bra her full 38D breasts swayed out a slight slope to them as her more pointy nipples stabbed outward Daphnes eyes widened as she smiled and Diane showed her bra as is custom then stepped in the small room hands on hips she looked at Daphne and purred a bit nervous” well you going to strip?”.

Slowly Daphne opened her robe and exposed her bra encased bust the veins were thick as they mapped a way to her thick nipples stabbing out stiff tenting the cups as she tossed the robe out she undid her bra and Diane gasped, “Oh my” Daphne smiled as many had the same reaction as she caressed them at Diane she purred softly, “nmmm they are something arent they sugar?’..Dianes lower lip trembled as she said “just how big are you?” “Oh lil ole me? why i am a full firm 36EE” but what Diane saw next struck fear in her as Daphne set her hands on her hips and with a simple flex watched as the big round masses lifted and lowered as if pulled by bra straps, daphne simply grinned and moaned “nmmm i so hope your lil girl friend Taylor doesnt scare easy…now shall we?’

Before Diane could back out Daphne moved toward her and stood between her and the door out, her hands went to top of her head and slowly she sashayed her pendulous breasts, “nmmm cmon now honey a deals a deal” Diane stepped at her and with a eruption of flesh to flesh stepped into daphne and pushed and pulled and dragged her breasts at the fuller pair. “uuhnnn mmmffff Ohhhh what? How?” spilled from her lips as Daphne stood still breasts out smiling as Diane saw and felt what many before have nearly no give or movement, Diane stepped back and yelled “Are those implants!?’

Daphne her stare a bit colder at the accusation slowly stepped at Diane “Fake you dare accuse me of being fake..why i’ll show you” and as Diane was already stunned Daphne shocked her again as she pushed into Diane’s heavy bust not a emotion came from Daphne as Diane grunted “uughmmmfff” slowly Daphne dragged and pushed and pulled into diane bust and each move felt like someone was dragging her breasts and pulling them to point they lost shape and every pass ended with Daphnes round globes molding to her own and moving them at will, before she knew what was happening Daphne was easing Diane around the room and while she was easily taking control she wanted to end this as fast as she could to send her home broken and tell her new rival how good this southern belle really was, slowly and against her will Diane lips dry and open started to let out how she was feeling , “uughnn mmmfff ohhh you bitch owww ahhhh uwww” was all she could muster as Daphne stepped her back enough that Diane felt the cool wall and with an evil grin Daphne hissed, “now you tell this Taylor if she still wants this its for keeps understand?”..Diane shrieked as Daphne dipped and thrust into undersides up lifting her “Awwwww yes yesss please”.

As Daphne increased the up ward pin Dianes mass seem to be over lapped on its self and crushed between them slowly Daphne rolled and pinned tighter as she hissed “Please what Honey hmm?’

P.. P..ohh Please Stop I give ! I GIVE!” Daphne smiled and gave one last stabbing thrust and watched as Dianes mouth dropped open then her body just slump to the rug sitting on her hip legs pulled in and weeping, Daphne slowly lowered on to her thighs and taking her by the hair pulled her head up smiled and slowly smothered Dianes face in her tits. “uuhnmmm yesss thats a girl pleasure the best” as her mammoth breasts engulfed Dianes face her tongue and lips weakly licked over the massive globes and nipples, Daphne arching up just moaned a bit then stood up and took both bras and smiled as she said, “see yourself out and send Taylor my regards”.

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Time passed slowly over the winter as Daphne crossed of the days on her calendar till Feb. and start of Mardi Gras as she sat and waited her desire to fight grew but she was being careful after all something about this Taylor had to be special to fly all this way and be willing to do this with fiance watching it all.

Back in NY Taylor sat alone in her apartment and as she stared at the date in a red circle her mind raced to how Diane came home shaken and trembling, begging her not to do this. But as Taylor worried if this was the thing to do her fingers ran over the ring she held her fiance gave her, a tear fell as she felt the anger of seeing him with this Daphne in New Orleans in pictures and as mad as she was, there was no doubting her beauty , but as Taylor picked up a picture of her and him she told herself “I am every bit as beautiful and busty as she is , Why?” the only conclusions circled back to the pictures of her wrestling and her immense bust and if she could manage to prove to him that this Daphne was no better than herself, and she could be every bit as wild, he may truly see the error of this whole thing.

For Daphne the days dragged but for Taylor it was coming to quick, as she packed several bras and other attire her hands trembled a bit and she gripped her plane ticket as her and Diane and her ex fiance boarded the plane, Diane again asked her to reconsider but as Taylor looked at her Ex she felt that anger and asked “does she know my measurements ?” “No Way” diane stated Taylor smirked at 5’10” 150 and a very full firm 38F redhead hair to shoulders “then no i want to do this”.

3 hours later her plane landed and Taylor was ushered to a hotel near bourbon street, as she exited the car she looked down the cobble stone avenue and took in a breath as the crowds were building and it was as if the street was consumed music and shouting filled the area. Taylor checked in and after a dinner at the hotel and a drink to ease her nerves she and Diane took a walk down the famed street, it wasnt long before all the glitz took her mind off what was to come and she even managed to earn herself 2 fistfuls of beads for a little peek a boo as she wore them smiling with a sense of pride.

As they neared the famed club Taylor started to see a few women lift tops and show off she hadn’t seen Daphne atop right away but she did see these busty women quickly cover up after faces went wide and gasps ,, As Taylor nears the gathering she smiles to herself knowing she was fuller and bustier then any there, but as Diane looked up she nudged Taylors arm, slowly Taylors eyes follows rest and her and Daphne see other for first time in real time, each women holds a glare and beads hang from their necks as they see other is full, as Daphne points at Taylor she holds her beads as if to say “give me yours” but Taylor holds hers and points to Daphne and shakes her head no slowly wanting Daphnes.

As is custom Daphne smirked arched off her railing and opened her top Diane and the other girls and a few men instantly tossed beads at her as she glared with a confident smirk at Taylor. Not to be out done Taylor seeing her rivals full round pendulum breasts slowly eases her top up Suddenly the smirk on Daphnes face slips away as Taylors big full round breasts drop out and in view and more beads are tossed to her as they glare at other.

They hold their glares a minute then each woman covers again and slowly after a mutual nod Taylor walks away as if in a trance ,and Diane worried says “hey Taylor you Ok?” she says nothing for a minute then from the curb a guy yells “Great tits” , it brings her back to where she is and smiles telling Diane “yeah i am good”.

Tired but unable to sleep as she got in her room Taylor set out her lingerie for tomorrows meet being in Daphne’s area and feeling alone Taylor didn’t want to offend so she chose to wear colors of Mardis Gras , a Purple bra and thong gold garters and green thigh highs her heels purple as well a sheer robe and a long over coat . as she saw the sun break over the city Taylor closed her patio door and blinds and fell asleep for the day.

Back on the street above the party Daphne eases back in her apartment and is a bit taken back not cause taylor was busty but was as busty and as firm and full no one yet has been such a match to her, slowly as sun rose she too fell a sleep.

As the 2 women rested the crowds for Mardi Gras grew and the party was in full swing bands played filling the quarter with mixed jazz , but it was Dianes knock that stirred Taylor ”Honey Taylor ? its time girl”, slowly Taylor stirred and stretched her figure out on the bed sitting up the sun was nearly down and the lights of the city shined, rising up she let her friend in and took a shower and was getting ready, All the time Diane assured her friend she didnt have to do this. But taylor now knew it was no longer about her fiancee or his obsession with this woman it was now a matter of pride and between them, and walking away meant wondering for the rest of her life and that was not a question she wanted forever.

At the same time Daphne rose up and as she was getting ready her body was heating up she desired these meetings and duels but as she smiled at her body in the mirror something gave her a shutter she knew this one was personal, and meant so much more, her own attire was in true Mardi Gras form a Gold bra and thong green garters and purple thigh highs and heels and 2 handfuls of beads on her neck.

Both women put their hair up high bun and wore sheer robes, finally Taylor was ready and her and Diane headed out her over coat hid her curvy body as they turned the corner to Bourbon Street the crowd was like a wall.

The party of the crowd women getting beads tossed at them for exposing breasts and the bands screaming trumpets drowned out Diane as they meandered through the crowd till finally the neon glow of the “Larry Flynnt Hustler club” lit her eyes up, Slowly Taylors eyes looked around and saw the bill board outside with Daphnes picture as the featured dancer a gut grind feeling ran through her she knew her fiancee stood here and was lured in by it.Taylor inhales her mind now at war if this was worth it after hearing all the hype seeing her picture and then seeing her for real did she bite off more than she can chew, but again to wonder forever was not an option, and with a breath in Taylor made her way to end of the clubs wall and there stood a motel with 1 room empty, as she inquired at the desk the manager told her to have a seat in there. As she enters the room there is no bed only 2 chairs and she sits in one.

Seconds later Daphnes phone vibrates she looks at it and its the motel she feels a tingle and texts on my way, Wearing lingerie also in mardi gras colors purple garters a gold bra thighhighs and green thong Daphne slips on her robe her beads and a coat and heads out , as she hits the street many whistle and call her name she smiles waves and continues on her way. A short stroll later Daphne has the key to the room walks to it and enters the dim lit room is perfect setting for the 2 busty women as Dapne enters , taylor adjusts in the seat and they share a stare as she walks to other seat and sits looking at Taylor when a knock breaks the silence and Daphne purrs “come in” and Taylors fiancee walks in, with a catty tone at Taylor “as agreed “.

For a full 2 minutes not a word is said their eyes scan other and stare then Daphne softly purs at Taylor, “Did you bring the money as well?” Taylors pointy nails reach in her coat pocket and eases out fresh 100 hundred dollar bills totaling a thousand in a bank band, “Right here did you?” Daphne smirks as her nails produces the same from her coat both stare and Daphne her full lips a sly grin “Are you sure you dont want to reconsider honey my 38Es are very good” as Taylor say listening her green eyes look at the mass swelling under the coat and she saw last night they are very full and firm, but Taylor didnt do all this to be turned away as she softly says back, “oh i am sure but i take it my fiancee nor Diane told you everything about me” Daphne eyes looking on confused a bit as Taylor stands up and sheds her coat her huge veiny bust threatening the bra “my 38Fs are very firm and full and i been told better“

Daphne felt her eyes narrow at the other womans claim since she beat bustier she didnt find the taunt a threat. Slowly Daphne rose stripped of her coat and set her money on the floor under the seat as did Taylor each woman looked at other in her lingerie , but more her bust heaving slow heavy breaths. With the streets music and crowd blairing outside both women knew no matter what took place here no one was going to hear and Daphne spoke out, “Have it your way honey” and she reached up and started to strip off the bra as she looked at Taylor her fingers eased each strap off shoulders and then reached behind her to un do her clasps , the room silent as Taylor heard 1 2 3 clasps pop open then watched as Daphne sexily lowered the bra off her arms and then eased it off her breasts, Daphne smiled as her breasts swelled up and outward , her thick nipples stiff crowning her areolas puffed out and she smiled as she held back her little secret to Taylor.

As Taylor watched she could not deny that Daphnes bust was very impressive so full rounded and firm, she could admit to herself the allure her fiancee fell for but with it was the jealousy as she with out a word eased her bra straps off her shoulders, her eyes stare at Daphnes as her arms pull back and they hear 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 clasps pop open, then Taylor eases the bra away and Dapnes eyes widen a bit as she sees the breasts sway out as firm , full and round as her own the areolas molded into her breasts and her nipples stiff but thinner sharper stab out.

Daphne eyes trace her rivals larger fuller bust slowly and as she sees there is a threat she smirks as she clears her throat and as the fiance looks on tightens her chest and lifts her bust with a flex, sure that like others she will get in taylors head and start her victory , but its Daphne that gives a slight breath in reaction when Taylor just smirks at her show then flexes her bust and does the same exact show.

As both her fiancee and Daphne look on stunned and unprepared Taylor purs ,”whats the matter honey first time for everything “ and smirks at taking the head game back to Daphne. With everything both wanted set each inhales knowing only thing left is to fight with their proud busts , Dapne removes her beads sets them on seat back as Taylor does the same and slowly Daphne steps out and gives a sexy slow shimmy to Taylor.

Both her fiancee and she look on as the round mass barely shifts and settles firmly back out but the confident smirk soon eases as Taylor steps out and mimics the move, and her heavier fuller mass is as firm in its sexy shimmy, Daphne now feeling a burn in side starts to circle with her rival, their heels stab the stiff low rug as long legs flex each step.

Daphne as the 2 women draw closer smiles as she sees her thicker nipples to Taylors thinner ones and she decides to tease her rival and start the fight there, arching her back she eases in and teasingly swipes tip to tip with Taylors nipples and then as they look in others eyes she presses in and flicks at Taylors nipples. “So big but you are so little hope i dont hurt you to early” , Taylor breathes in at the move as she steps with her rival then seeing the same comparison swipes at Daphnes tips then stabs in and holds a second and then Flicks off her rivals, while neither girls bust moves Daphne feels her lower lip curl in as she reacts to the slight move and her throat emits a slight reaction “uww” Taylor smirks slightly as she taunts “ Oh i wouldn’t worry about me , but are you gonna last?’ Daphnes eyes rage at the comment s the 2 women circle.

As they breath slow but heavy Taylor asks “so you want to titfight first or a nipple duel honey?” Daphne her eyes dart from rivals bust to her eyes “ name it you wanted a series” and Taylor smirks as she says” Lets see whose nipples are tougher then”.

With the gauntlet tossed out the first duel is decided and each woman squares to her rival stops with thighs a wider stance and offers her hard nipples out, but unlike so many of her rivals before taylor waits to strike and Daphne takes it as fear and brings the fight to her, as she eases in and stares at Taylor eyes as she shoves her broader tip nipples at her rivals and wanting a reaction its Daphne that reacts with a sharp gasp inward. “uuuhnnnn uwwww” her eyes wide her lips open Daphne looks between them and sees Taylors thinner stiff nipples stabbing head on back straight to her own tips and having never felt that before her reaction is takin her by surprise as Taylor smirks and now pushes back and stabs her rival again ..”uuhnn uhnnn “…feeling the stiff thicker nipples but feeling them crease the tips Taylor starts to dart in and out to Daphnes tips and make the broad tips sensitive and painfilled.

“unnn unn mm cmon “ Taylor taunts softly between them and Daphne grows angry as she tries to forget the reaction and fight Taylors fight and meet her tip on tip, “uuhhh uuhhh mmffff uwww ssss bitch” comes from daphnes lips as the 2 women spar nipples at others, as they duel the fiancee stares in stunned bliss harder than he can ever remember watching 2 women erotically meet.

As seconds turned to minutes both set of nipples redden and grow more sensitive to the duel but as they both stand firm slowly Daphne starts to swipe , flick and push Taylors nipples, and Taylor not wanting to seem weak holds her ground but her groans tell the story, “uuuughhhh uunnnn mmfff ohhh uuuwwww Bitch damn you”.

Daphne feeling sweat build since no other took as long to react smiles as she feels her fight come back to her, “uuughh uhnnn mmmm uww yesss nmm feel me bitch hmmm nmmm”..

The room still except the 2 dueling women who stand still and direct their nipples into others rubbing flicking swiping and stabbing to others breathing heavier as they take their time, the sharp tips of Taylors nipples still crease Daphnes broader tips but the thicker shafts saw and pull her thinner nipples, not a veteran Taylor does her best to match the southern girl and as they start to increase the pressure and quicken the motion her fiancee looks on wide eye and from his lips a low grunt, “ohh Daphne yes”

The words get Taylors attention her eyes look to him as he rubs his hard on through jeans and her rival grins as her fight starts to go her way, slowly the thicker nubs push bend and pull at taylors thinner nipples but its work and harder than Daphne thought but with her areolas so tight on her breasts her nipples base is supported more and slowly as Dapne starts to get rougher to take control Taylor doesnt feel the ache as deep any longer and hears the breathing of Daphne increase.

She decides to show him and this bitch she can fight and Taylor arches up and lines to her rivals tips and stabs in hard the 2 sets of nipples meet at the tip but Taylor pulls back quick as Daphne lifts her nipples from the contact feeling the pointier nipples crease hers again, Taylor steps in and stabs her tips at Daphnes areolas and dimples the puffy areas as she does she sees her stiff nubs bend to the attack and Daphne reacts.

“Awwww Bitch!” her lift to ease the stab is a mistake as Taylor drives her nipples up and stabs the shafts of Daphnes thicker nipples the 2 nubs bend and as Daphne lowers to engage they are impaled and Taylor shoves into Daphne and their areolas meet and both look in others eyes as they slowly grind areolas rub and massage together but suddenly Daphne rolls her shoulders back and winces, “awwww what the fuck you Bitch” but Taylor steps in tighter and stabs, stabs then pins in, Daphne shakes her head to right and gasps, “Awwww you Bitch my nipples” but before she can show her fiancee Daphne pulls back huffing heavy, her breasts stand out but her nipples are in her areolas slowly easing back to attention. Taylor sucking in a much needed breath sets hands on her hips and pushes her bust out nipples out ready, “Whats wrong bitch?”.

Daphne not wanting to cups her breasts and her fingers massage the areolas as she helps her nipples stand back out but as she gives in to helping them she winces a bit as they are sensitive and red, “you Bitch fine you win that one” her fiancee stares in disbelief as Taylor smiles and can caress her own.

The 2 women catch their breath and Taylor sure Daphne wont go on is turning to go to her seat when Daphne grabs her arm and spins her around “HEY!”..We arent Done BITCH”..the 2 women glare and Taylor huffs “want more of the same?”..but Daphne knows her rivals sharp nipples will wear hers down fast as she growls, “another nipple war if your woman enough”.. they glare jealous hate and now taylor must accept “Fine how?” Daphne slow to jump into fire not knowing her rival smirks “nipple twist hands on”.

Taylor now takes a breath in stares at her rival and knows she has to agree “fine” the 2 women step center again and stare then Daphne offers her bust out and Taylor slides her fingers on the stiff nipples and areolas at the base and pinches down .

Daphne does the same but as she sets her fingers gets more of Taylors areola since her caps are shaped into the breast end, with a nod taylor pinches hard and twists and as she does lets out a wince as Daphne pinches pulls and twists hers, “awww uughhhhh you Whore”..Taylor looks on brows raised as Daphne barely reacts as she tortures her rivals nipples slowly their knees bend and they start to tug other around the room big rounded busts are stretched out as areolas and nipples are cinched down and twisted “Cmon you Bitch Fight “ Daphne growls but Taylor is slowly feeling the effects early as she grunts..”Right here owwwww Bitch owwww ohhhh you fucking Bitch “.

As fast as it starts Taylor feels she is in trouble not wanting to be even she fights the pain and causes Daphne some but as they both twist and pinch Taylor can see hers purpling and her knees start to shake when with a sharp yank Daphne jerks on her rivals nipples and Taylor arches in agony and her knees go out from under her as she lands on them in front of Daphne, “awwwwww BITCH MY Nipples STOP!”..but Daphne is mad with fight as she pulls up on her rivals nipples and makes her scream out, “Cmon Bitch Say it!!” “AWWWW I Give I GIVE!”.

Daphne pushes Taylor back as she releases and the bigger busted girl falls to the rug cupping her breasts and wincing as Daphne swaggers around trying to fight her own burning pain.

Daphne smiles at the young man then groans to her rival sitting up on the rug “Still want more?” without a word Taylor slowly gets to her feet and cups her aching bust as she hisses “Yes i do”, Daphne swallows as most by now are rethinking the chance to go on.

Each woman goes to her seat and catches her breath they glare but as they do Daphne sees her rivals rounder fuller bust seem to swell for more as her own feels it and her mind races as she squirms at getting a rival that can give her a fight, “nmmmmm glad you want to go on honey i so want to break you and your tits” , as she caresses hers at Taylor slowly now wanting to ruin this woman caresses her own “ohhh i want so much more honey nmmmm whats next?”..Daphne glares as they are even again.

Taylor starts to feel a side of her she rarely found even in the bedroom but as this match went on she felt it burning to get out as her erotic catty side swelled seeing it in her rival she knew by the time it was all over things would reach area she never normally willingly went to.

Daphne no stranger to a erotic display and feeling her rival was hindered in it sexily purred “A tie breaker then on the floor 69 position mouth to nipples and hard sucking and some teeth if you dare”. Taylor sat up her eyes went to her lover then her rival but she was here to show them both “fine lets do it”. Daphne slowly eased to the floor and crawled to middle and laid on her side ,Taylor followed suite and they laid with their heads at others bust and heels out over heads , slowly Daphne snaked her arm around her rivals ribs to her back pulled her self in and lowered her face to the full round left breast and sharp nipple as she did Taylor did the same and each sank other hand in her rivals breast to hold it at her mouth.

As Daphne cradles her foes heavy left breast at her lips she purs softly “Ready Bitch?” Unsure how this will feel or go Taylor cradles Daphnes full heavy left breast lips near it purrs..”Yes Bitch”. Slowly they ease tighter and hug 1 arm around other as each massage her rivals breast and their heads drop and instantly as Daphne says it they are at it “Fight”.

Taylor pushes her mouth on to her rivals nipple and lips seal over the areola as she starts to pull suck and knead the end in her lips her head rolls as she works it, Daphne her face hidden as well rolls her eyes as she does the same to Taylors breast and the thinner nipple gets pulled in as she sucks drawing harder on it.

As fast as it started so do the reactions as the women lay still a moment moaning then slowly their bodies squirm to the duels feeling, “uhnnn mmmm Bitch” “ uwwww yess uhnnmmm Cmon whore” as their red heads bob slowly their mouths busy they hug in, and slowly Daphne starts to roll her body to get atop Taylors. Slowly like 2 snakes the women lay and squirm to get atop all the while their mouths work others breast as Taylor at first is feeling the effects as she is slow to be aggressive and Daphne is more open starts to make her feel it more , her mouth sucking her rivals areola and nipple covering it and pulling as she makes her foe groan.

Her arm snakes tighter around taylor and she starts to get atop the pressure of being atop pins Taylors head to floor and limits her motion on Daphnes breast as it hangs smothering her nose , mean while Daphne atop now and feeling her rival huff for breath starts to pull and suck harder and slowly nibbles her teeth on the swollen cap.

As she hugs up on Taylors body she slowly rolls and presses her heavy left breast on Taylors face careful to not leave a lot to be bitten , but enough she causes her rivals breathing to be hindered, as she does her fingers grip into the round mass and massage and knead it raising it up as her mouth hungry sucks licks and is all over the hard nipple and cap of the big breast. As Taylor both aroused and yet panicked at being easily subdued eases her hug off Daphnes ribs and starts to push at her shoulder and head to get some release, but each touch makes Daphne more hungry to stay on her foes breast. slowly the erotic duel becomes a struggle as Daphne now pushes and swats the hand away to allow her to finish.
Feeling desperate now as sweat forms and her breathing more a gasp between heavy flesh rolling over her face Taylor reaches up in to Daphnes red hair and tugs stretching the scalp roots , but Daphne feeling her triumph near fights the pull and squeezes her rivals breast and mouths as much of the breast cap as she can , Taylors back arches off rug and moans, “uuuhhh nnnn ohhh get off you Cow!”..but Daphne sinks her teeth on the thin nipple and drags the shaft smiling as she starts the torture salva running from her lips as she continues.
Taylor body rocking looking up and back gasping sees her lover wide eye and smiling when her face is engulfed in breast mass her hands stab in on Daphnes bare back nails set in and her neck flexes as Daphne suddenly screams out head up.

“AWWWWW BITCH!” she lifts up her hand squeezes Taylors breast deep and hard twisting but her head shakes no as pain forms her features, under her Taylor has sunk her teeth into the thick nipple and its areola base and pulls sucking the tip.

As if being electrocuted Daphnes body shutters and starts to try to pull away but taylors arm snakes around her foes ribs and other hand squeezes the trapped breast in her mouth more.

Now desperate one Daphne struggles and Taylor rolls them on their sides again but as she does Daphne now worried traps her head in between her long thighs and squeezes ,Taylor not prepared turns red faced as she feels her head crushed and Daphne drops her head into the breast again and roughly starts to bite in both women teeter and rock but Taylor cant fight the pain her nails stab the thighs and clawww as Daphnbe spits, “GIVE?”.

Taylor claws and slaps and finally screams, “IGive Let go” her thighs drop open and shoves Taylor away, as she gets on her knees smiling at he win she examines her wounded breast , “nmmm First round to me as usual bitch” Taylor slow to get to her knees inspects her breast and each woman sees the teeth imprint and lipstick oval of others mouth as Taylor hisses, “you cheap cheating bitch”.

Looking as if Taylor is ready to pounce Daphne stands to set herself “Sore loser i am use to it” and swells her bust and fit body up showing she is ready, but Taylor wants to beat this woman at her game and slowly stands as they glare “I think we need a break”, not wanting to admit Daphne smirks “Sure you stay here ill use my place be back in 20minutes”.

Daphne slips her robe on and takes her money bra and beads walks out and up to her apt. once there smiling as she gets there her smile drops and she collapses on a chair and rubs her aching breasts, “oh that bitch is tough one finally nmmm” she says to herself loving the match, back in the motel Taylor sits on her seat and caresses her own hurt breasts as she ponders how tough this woman is and her breasts how she feeds on the fight.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_3103-1-e1579215473515-1024x506.png

Each woman gets her breath and finds herself ready to go on Daphne stands swallows a shot of bourbon and walks back to the motel as she enters Taylor is in bathroom fixing her hair, as Daphne walks by each shares a glare then Taylor walks in main room to see Daphne sitting smug grin, “so your still here i am impressed”.

Taylor sits stares softly replies “why wouldnt i be?”..Daphne drops her robe bra and cash her full red and lightly bruised breasts swell out as she grins caressing her big breasts , Taylor slips her robe off and inhales as her fuller mass swells out nipples are as stiff and red and bruised both a bite imprint left, her own fingers trace hers.

As they stare Daphne softly starts to stand ..”So any thought on second series Sugar?”
Taylor breathing heavier as she sees her rival wants more breathes in “ever hear of a titfight called titboxing?”….Daphne smiles evil grin “nmmm you want our girls to swing and collide yummy”. The 2 women circle in and stop Daphne widens her stance and places her hands on Taylors upper arms and grips as Taylor takes a less wide stance same grip slowly the 2 women start to sway their tits between them as they gain momentum Daphne arches up and the silent room echoes a firm fleshy CLOP.. the sound rings as Taylor groans a bit but stares at Daphne as she returns the collision.

Again the space between them fills the room and soon the 2 women start to exchange swaying blows with breasts as they hold other in her grip forcing both to endure, as they do their big breasts quake and collide and drag and swing and lose shape and reform each woman grunts groans as sweat starts on both the pace quickens as Daphn feeling turned on wants more growls, “Ohhhh uughmmfff cmon Bitch more fight”, Taylor unsure how this other woman wants more has no clue her heavier breasts are starting to purple her foes as they swig full on sides of huge masses collide louder and each woman starts to wince upon the crashes but slowly against her desire Daphne starts to wince and feel each meeting of their breasts more deeper.

Taylor stands and rolls her shoulders and as Daphne sways out dips low and thrusts up hard the upper cut to her undersides is a loud thick CRACK her breasts are tossed up at her face and head thrown back hard as if stabbed, Daphne s lips drop open as she cries out..”AWWWWW” and her wide stance nearly gives out as she staggers back as Taylor stops stunned watches and Daphne tries to stop the loss of ground and her knees buckle as she drops to them. Taylor Sneers and stands her ground watches as Daphne grabs her breasts and taunts..”Whats wrong bitch hmmm hurt already?”.

Daphne kneels a look of fear and confusion as she never lost to another in this way and as she wants to get up she gasps as she feels the pain in her undersides Taylor breathing heavy watches and taunts..”Well Get up and fight” Daphne looks up sees her rivals breasts flex and shimmy slow, then stands as soon as she is up and nods taylor is into her, the fleshy slaps start back up and the women swing fast and full but instantly as it restarts Daphne is losing ground and taylor seems to grow and attack as if the pro.

“Cmon you cow fight “ as she swings and easily starts to slap Daphnes breasts side to side making them shake and shiver each hit, Daphne never so easily worked fights back but each attempt is hurting her deeper as she tries Taylors move she dips under and thrusts up and thats the second she feels how in over head she is against the fuller Taylor. The Slap is solid but Taylors heavy bust only lifts partly and as it jolts up taylor arches a bit and sneers “that all you got” and drops her breasts down on Daphnes.

The weighted mass claps on Daphnes mass and the women lock eyes as Taylor slowly presses down and drags causing Daphne to hold the combined weight of her own and Taylors as their nipples meet Taylor smirks and starts to jab and pump firmly head on to Daphne . Each head on pump is a full round mass to mass meet and causes Daphne to grunt and huff as they become more dense.

“uww uww nmm take it honey cmon” Taylor taunts as Daphne pumps back with more effort “uummff umff uwww uughhnn bitch cmon”.. but as she taunts back her light green eyes widen and she starts to feel and se that Taylors secret is the firm power her bigger bust has, slowly her heels lose steps as taylor guides her at will.

“cmon Daphne don’t back down now” her eyes wide then down as she starts to feel as if taylor is actually hitting her breasts, “ughhh uummff ohh get off me Bitch uughnnn”.

“Get off you i havent started to hurt you Bitch”..asshe threatens Daphne shoves at her arms but taylor holds her grip and pulls Daphne at her and once again delivers a underside blow but instead of a large bounce in Dapnes breasts the shorter solid upper cuts jostle the busty girl as she gasps..”uuughmmfff “ each step together taylor continues the upward thrust.

“You Bitch cmon “ slowly Daphnes eyes well up and her breathing labors as her shoulders droop and her grip slackens she brings her arms in to support and tighten her breasts but taylor smiles as the targets are more present and soon she starts solid quicker thrusts.

Uhnn uhn mmmm feel it Bitch hmm ?”..Daphne sees the fiancee wide eye and mouth babbling silently as Taylor is all over her finally knowing there is more Daphne shoves at her rivals tummy and staggers back and to the floor, looking up her breasts on fire Taylor looks down over her bust swaying it menacingly “Well Bitch want more?”..Daphne shakes her head no and taylor retake her seat.

As she watches Daphne weakened get to her seat and barely able to touch her breasts Taylor caresses hers they glare and Daphne winces a bit as she caresses her own, then Taylor spits out ,”i think a hands on next cow”, the thought shakes Daphne but she has to accept nodding slowly, Taylors finacee seeing the injury speaks out “you two should rest for the night “ Daphne looks up in hope but Taylor hisses “No we finish this one tonight” and stands up tilts her chin up and steps to center her imposing bust out.

Daphne looking a bit concerned stands as her anger builds and pushes her own bust out as she steps to meet taylor hisses, “think your something bitch this is far from over”,

Taylor a sneer now retorts”if you cant take it Give otherwise its a fight”.

They glare a minute hen Daphne opens her hands and cups Taylors round heavy firm mass as she does her lips part as she cant believe how firm they feel nearly fake, her palms cover the pointy nipples and her fingers start to grip.

Slowly Taylor cups her rivals and as she covers the thick stiff nipples she cant believe how firm this girl feels each starts to grip as they want to ask if other is implants but each knows the answer. As the 2 women stand motionless eye to eye each suddenly tightens her lips as they grab and squeeze deep into others mass, for minutes neither girl moves just faces contort to the pain as each girl holds her ground, knowing her undersides are hurt Daphne quickly takes the fight to Taylor and squeezes deep then turns her hands to grab the undersides of the busty redhead as she squeezes deep she curls back her wrists and lifts and a shocked Shriek comes from Taylor.”Awwwww uughnnn Bitch!”.

Daphne grins evil grin and pulls and really digs in but as she causes pain to he foe she feels how firm and heavy they are and slowly feels Taylors hands and fingers wrenching her own powerful bust as they stand glaring each rises on hr toes and down as pain is becoming deeper , each girl makes no effort to hide her grimace as they pull and twist flesh and squeeze, their breathing sputters as each grab and squeeze cuts the heavy pants, “uuughhhh mmfff B..Bitch god dam it”..”aahhh uugnnmmff you ughh Whore”

After what seems eternity and their bodies slowly squirm from effects of others hands Daphne her lips parted starts to grin as Taylor is wincing more and slowly tries to ease back, as she does Daphne shoves at her “nmmm oh no honey stay with me”. Slowly Taylor loses ground and Daphne follows all the time working her foes fuller bust.
“nmmm big girl cant take it can you honey?”

Taylor couldn’t respond as her head shakes at the pain and soon Daphne gets her turned around and cups the heavy bust and as her own big bust rubs Taylors back her fingers wrench and ma handle the bigger breasts, her head tilted back Taylor whimpers out, “uuuughhhh mmffff stop owwww” but Dapne wants her hurt and smiles teasing her “cmon now honey you wanted a fight now fight”.

Taylor feels tears well up and begs “Please stop i give “ Daphne works her a minute longer and shoves her forward Taylor catches her balance on the wall her breasts now bruised hang as she rubs them, Daphne smilies as she paces about proudly assured taylors down fall is at hand.

As she recovers the thought of going on weighs on her mind as she sees Daphnes bust as red and bruised but ready, smiling arrogant Daphne shimmies her bust , “want more?” assured its over but when Taylor says “yes but tomorrow” Daphnes grin fades the women eye other and the dress to go home Taylor her over coat on walks to her hotel every bump along way by another has she gasps , once in her room she runs a bath and soaks, Diane enters , “what happened?” Taylor silent ease up in tub till her bust is in view and Diane gasps at the deep bruises, “ohh honey when are we leaving ?’

Taylor on verge of tears looks up “We aren’t” before Diane can reason Taylor stands rinses off and dons her robe, back on bourbon st. many are at Daphnes balcony with beads waiting to toss them but she can’t entertain them her bust battered as well she sits in dark with heat and ice, hoping tomorrow Taylor will be gone.

As the girls rest a knock at taylors door then a note slipped under door comes Diane gets it and hands it to Taylor, “Dear Taylor i am so sorry for it all your sexier and better please stop this and take me back” Taylor crumples the note , Diane stunned “what are you doing you won?” Taylor hisses “its not that he thinks shes gonna beat me” Diane not wanting to hurt her pride stammers but taylor cuts her off , “you think so too all the more i gotta ruin her”.

Diane leaves and Taylor falls asleep around the block Daphne drifts off sure its over , the next morning taylor puts on her lingerie and over coat and heads to motel as she passes the balcony she throws beads up at the glass french doors , they open and Daphne stares down a smirk on her lips till taylor parts her coat and shows she is topless and nods at the motel, Daphne can only nod stunned its not over.

Daphne dresses and storms over to motel and the 2 women again stare as the fiance arrives and like a trained puppy says to Daphne I gave he the note what?!” Taylor glares at him then daphne and drops her coat her bra and money to floor and shimmies her bust at Daphne who strips as well and stares at Taylor.
Taylor moves to middle Daphne follows purring “how…” before she asks Taylor growls “tit to tit”…her hands go on her hair her big bust swells out.
The 2 women circle and Daphne smirks as she sees the deep bruises on Taylors breasts then as they close she points her bust to them and pressses her own into the marks making Taylor wince, “uuwww” “nmmm feel me now ?”..Not thinking they would hurt as much taylor eases back but Daphne stays after her and the touching grows into pressing and smearing, Taylor fights the pain as she sees Daphne wince a bit and slowly the titfight increases both women thrust smear and drag their breasts on others.

As they increase the pressure against others and start to step around each woman refuses to look between them at the duel as they glare in others face, watching for that reaction tells them a weak spot was found, Daphne starts to work her big bust at the sides of Taylors aiming into the bruised sides and rubbing and lifting letting them drop and add to the deep pain, while Taylor drags and smears directs into her rivals bust she slowly steps in low and lifts and starts to get at the undersides as they stare ahead Taylor lips part and she taunts a bit “uhnn uhh cmon honey give me more”,

Daphne hating to be taunted especially when a rival doubts her bust falls into the taunting trap and presses head on “Like this Hmm?”.

As she presses head on Taylor smirks and dips low and thrusts up under her busty foe and her hands grab Daphnes waist as she pulls her tight, instantly Daphne reacts with a arched back and pushes at Taylors wrists to get away , but Taylor knows she struck a chord as her rival grunts out “Ughh ummffff Bitch let go “.

This duel started slow but in a second turns to a more quickened and urgent game for the women especially for Daphne as she starts to back up and lose ground Taylor staying after her tight pumps her breasts up lifting and working the softer undersides , as she does she starts to enjoy the effect as Daphnes face contorts to fear panic and pain, her gasps and grunts telling the effect. As her fiancee watches the action his hands on his face shaking head slowly no as Daphne can only whimper out < “uuhnn mmfff oww uughnn bitch ohhh you damn it “ each thrust brings the same response and each time she nearly gets her rival to say Stop but Daphne, manages to fight through it.

As her undersides start to redden and hurt more Daphne in a effort of hope plants a heel a behind her but as she does she feels the wall near her rear and her eyes widen in fear she pushes her hands to slow Taylor as her leg plants at base of wall she lifts and drops her heavy bust on her rivals the fleshy slap rings out and while it doesnt hurt Taylor it slows her advance enough that Daphne drags her bust down on Taylors and as nipples meet pumps forward the jolt quakes Taylors big bust enough then Daphne dips low and thrusts up from under her body rolls up after the dense clop of flesh and her thicker nipples stab the undersides of her rival.

Taylor not ready for the move arches back and her head rolls back as she gasps out , “ohhh uughnnmmfff bitch” as her body rears up daphne grabs her wrists and pulls her hands off herself and pushes up into Taylor the move forces taylor back a step but Daphne quickly snakes a leg behind her rivals and yanks her to the left the motion causes Taylor to spin and in a quick reverse taylors back slaps on the wall.

Her eyes wide her mouth open Taylor stares in disbelief at her rival as its Daphne now working her busty rivals undersides and making her feel every breath, “whats wrong honey hmm? feeling me? i told you i beat bustier” her face up near Taylors, Daphnes evil grin gets under her skin as fear starts to build that her big fuller bust will be beaten by this woman. unable to get momentum off wall her fiancee seeing the turn of events now is wide eye as Daphne works the bigger bust like shes nothing lifting pumping and grinding the undersides red and making taylor wince.

“cmon Bitch you have no fight left give me my win say it” daphne demands , taylor now stunned herself shakes her head no as her head looks back and up her face reddens as she feels the deep grind a tear wells up in her eye as she starts to grunt with every thrust , “uuhnn uuhnn ohh ommfff nooo p ..p..” Daphnes eyes go wide as she hears what sounds like taylor about to plead to stop her body stiffens and she lifts up into taylor their tummies meet as she impales the heavier bust and her lips up near taylors as she hisses “cmon bitch say it Give”.

Taylors lower lip trembles her eyes refuse to look into Dapnes her hands push at her rivals waist slowly she snakes a leg behind Dapnes and starts to pull in on it her hands slide up under Dapnes arms and snake over her shoulders as she hooks them and her head turns to look Daphne in the eyes, the 2 stare a moment then taylor digging deep kicks her leg in buckling Daphnes knee causing her body to dip the instant relief is planned as she holds Daphne lower by shoulders and using the wall thrusts off it and into her rival head on.

The flesh slaps deep as Daphne rises up to fend her off her shoulders are in taylors grip and her bust is pressed together by Taylors arms at the sides she looks down then up her mouth wide open when Taylor suddenly thrusts head on and pumps pumps pumps and sways her shoulders to work her rivals breasts her pointy nipples stab and drag lines and crease the thicker nipples “You bitch thought your tits were that good now your gonna get a fight”, Dapne stunned and feeling the effect instantly can only arch and try to escape as her voice cracks “owwww you Bitch stop let go”.

But taylor shakes her head of the pain and uses her breasts like 2 wrecking balls dragging pumping slapping and thrusting her foes around her chest the effects are damaging as Daphnes bust weighs on her chest and the chest muscles start to get pulled and stretched , her fiance stands in shock and wants to stop the assault but before he can move a scream is heard. And as fast as the exchange is started they stop and stand center room taylor her arms around Daphne stands full height as Daphne hands pressing at her rivals hips slouches and breathes heavy her face contorted in pain as Taylor thrusts head on again Daphne screams out again, “oowwwww noo” taylor hugging tighter demands “Give now or ill ruin you for good”.

Daphne nods yes but its notenough as she thrusts deep again “Say it BITCH!!” the hug and thrust combo flattens Dapnes bust back and her chest muscles pulled hurt deep as he head nods yes and finally her lips defy her desire as she cries out tears streaming ,”I GIVE I GIVE PLEASE STOP!!” Taylor letting out a much needed breath smiles and open her arms and steps back as she does Daphnes body shakes and drops to the rug, her arms cradle her now red swollen and sore breasts as her tears run down , her legs coiled in sitting on her hip as she can hardly touch her own bust.
Taylor sore and swollen is smiling a evil grin never before seen as she paces side to side in front of the fallen woman “Well honey you done or you getting up to fight ?”.

Daphne slowly rocks on her hip to rise but every breath and motion swaying her bust hurts deep it is crippling finally as she gets to her knees she looks up at Taylor her light green eyes show her pain as tears run, “ You Bitch I’ll fight you” Taylor knowing the agreement smiles walks to the kneeling woman and grabs her hair in a fist and lifts stretching Daphnes roots and brows her mouth open hands grab at the hair pull as her big red bruised breasts droop and sway free “Owwww my hair!” Taylor standing facing her hisses “you wanna fight here it is” And balls her free hand in a fist and slams 1, 2 , 3 hard fists into Daphnes Heaving breasts .

The scream is heard outside as Taylor lets Daphnes hair go and she collapses in a heap to the rug crying now as the pain is so bad she rolls on the rug in agony and as she rols ont oher tummy her tears dripping on rug Taylor swaggers to her rivals chair grabs her bra and swaggers back to the prone woman lowers her herself on to her back straddling the hurt girl and works the bra under her neck and yanks back on it lifteng Daphnes head and breasts up and back choking her with her own bra , Daphne having to use her hands to the floor to ease the pain screams for help as tears flow her breasts sway colliding together as Taylor pulls and shakes her by the choke hold.

Noooo YOU BITCH UUGHHHH STOP PLEASE !” Taylor is smiling and making sure Daphne knows her place now “Are we done or you want more?” Finally Taylor pulls the bra from her neck leaving material burns as she takes the bra and stands and returns to her seat waiting. Daphne dropped on the floor and on her breasts cries like a curled up little girl , the fiancee rushes over and carefully rolls her on her back “you ok can you get up?’.. Daphne weakly asks “help me up”, as he does holding her hand Daphne rises to a sit position then as she gets helped to her feet the weight of her breasts hangs and pulls on her chest and bruised breasts, Taylor watches as Daphne stands she sucks in a deep breath thinking how could she want to go on?..But the shriek that is heard seals the day for Taylor watching as Daphne grabs her bust and chest and falls back to the ground crying in pain, Taylor stands smiling walks over to the prone girl and looking over her big bust hisses “We done here?”, Daphne holding her breasts squirming on the floor looks up “You win just go bitch” Taylor smiles and turns taking the money the bras and the beads she eases the coat on leaving it loose over her body she adorns both her and Daphnes beads as she pockets the money and as she starts to leave looks back at her fiance and Daphne , she opens her coat shimmies her breast at both and smiles “if you want the better woman and tits you know where to find me” and leaves.

as taylor proudly struts back to hotel a few more beads are tossed to her as her heavy breasts barely jostle under the coat as she passes Daphnes club she smiles to the manager as she takes Daphnes picture off the front billboard and says”i think your star performer is retiring”.

As she gets to her room she strips off her clothes and runs a luke warm bath and soaks a knock at her door stirs her as she yells “who is it?’ Diane honey” , “its open “ diane walks in to bathroom sees Taylor under suds and smiling asks “well?’ taylor eases up from tub and shows her red swollen bruised bust Diane gasps “you ok?” Taylor just smiles and says “I think Ms. New Orleans will be looking for new work” Daine eyes widen “you beat her?” taylor starts to dry off “oh i beat her beat her tits up she was still crying when i left with my ex unable to touch her Diane hugs taylor and eases back , “So tell me what does the whore want for the loser fight choice?’, Taylor looks at Diane in mirror and smiles “she wont be asking for one i made sure she knew who was top bitch she wont be dancing for a while either , ready to head home?” .

The 2 women pack and dress and walk out of the Hotel and as they walk to the taxi stand on Bourbon street taylor looks down the avenue and sees a group of women pulling their tops up and beads being tossed to them as she looks clearer she sees the railing of Daphnes place and her hand tossing the beads as her top is covered in a robe Taylor looks up and Daphne looks over and they stare a moment then Taylor lifts her top and Daphne glares then tosses beads at her then slowly eases off the balcony asher face reddens. Taylor still looking up eases her top down and walks away.

The End

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