The Product by Dotti D

Joe had felt a spark to learn about an alternative side to a woman wanting plastic surgery after seeing a documentary on plastic surgeries gone wrong, not to mention his wife’s constant battle to swear she will not age, As he researched the web the controversial debate of FDA approved garbage and all natural was just heating up, and while Joe like many others at first look thought all natural is  snake oil, the fact the FDA was fighting to get its claws into regulating it sparked a bigger sign , maybe there is something to it and big brother doesn’t want us to know.

This brought Joe to take a course online and become a entry level herbalist while no state really has a license to be one since the FDA cant regulate natural products, his only choice was to latch onto a name already known and sell products on line and to people he would encounter, while the natural supplement biz is doing over a billion a year like medicine there are man made versions that do nothing, and in frustration Joe decided to put a few things he learned and some he researched to use.

When ever on vacation he would gather various plants and when home seep the natural oils from them and would combine and develop a new line of natural supplements and creams that in short got results, this was no easy feat since every person reacts differently based on their body, but as a general most within a week or two saw results, the biggest key Joe saw was not to heat press his stuff into a pill form as it lost most of the potency through this measure, so he turned to topical creams.

Now Joe faced one last bridge to cross after combining a mix of natural items the task was who will use it to test it, naturally he went to his wife while she was no means in need of “work” Jane was showing the effects of a 55 yo woman whose skin was losing elasticity and sag of her breasts so when Joe assured her the worse that would happen was nothing she decided why not.

Armed with a towel and a bottle of anti allergenic in case, Joe mixed up a bowl of the cream it had a minty scent so it made it more appealing to use, as they sat nervous as Jane scooped some of the pasty cream on her fingers and then applied to to her 36c breasts, slowly she caressed the cream over them till a healthy sheen covered them as they sat for 20 minutes Jane had no side effects, the real test would come down the road after a few applications, the next morning Jane awoke and showered and as she toweled off she was a bit beside herself when she saw in the mirror her skin on her breasts looked tighter and healthier, it dint take her long to go to the fridge and scoop out another portion and apply it with more vigor as she smiled at her reflection.

While she share this with her husband instantly Jane was all smiles and with in a few days her natural saggy c cups lifted and tightened and were firmer and Joe took notice as his wife was all smiles and confident, Joe went to a manufacturer to get the cream in a tube and labelled he borrowed from every person he knew and the label was simple firming skin cream ingredients the 3 plants and water.

this was it, with his last 200 dollars Joe got a web sight some flyers and set up a stand at a trade show and waited, sweat was his new friend as he had to pay back everyone and now had nothing left but 1000 tubes of a herbal cream, by days end Joe had only sold 10 tubes and handed out nearly every business card he had made, he went home with his tail between his legs and feeling a failure, the next day he awoke to 200 messages on his web sight.

As he opened each email he started to smile as the requests for the skin cream started to come in, by days end Joe was now in a different kind of trouble he had peoples money but no product to give them, he contacted the manufacturer and was told he needed more capital to main stream the orders he needed over other products.

As orders backed up Joe’s wife came to him in the 2 weeks since he started and she had a new look and bigger news for her husband, she informed him that she used the cream on her face as well and it enhanced her skin and tightened and made a sheen like she had at 19.

The dollar signs went off in his head 1 product introduced 2 ways had his luck really changed for the better, before the new breast cream was delivered Joe was able to secure a loan and pay more to get a second packaging made saying rejuvenate your face, it was like a whirlwind the sight crashed 4 times from orders, at 25 bucks a tube Joe just changed his life.

But a great idea became like christmas a major retailer for organic supplements found his product and wanted to meet with Joe to purchase the rights to sell it, Joe went to the meeting and before he could give an answer a check for 1 million was on the table in front of him, not the best business minded but not a fool Joe knew if they threw out money that easy dangling it at them more would surely get more.

As the meeting went all Joe’s way the major company wanted to learn more of the other uses the cream could provide and thats when Joe knew he had them, after going on about how it tightens and lifts the face the CEO was now smiling dollar signs, but before a full committed contract they wanted 1 last thing a physical test.

Joe showed before and after of his wife and was given a check for 3 million and would get royalty checks rest of his life, without a thought he signed the release and raced home to  his wife, no more pay check to pay check, when Joe returned to his job he walked into his managers office he smiled at her, “Cindy, I need about 10 minutes of your time”, Whats up Joe?”.

Now Cindy could be a ruthless bitch plain and simple and often was to her employees but her and Joe had a special little relationship, she wanted Joe and she knew Joe wanted her, and both knew if not for his wife the work day would have consisted of sex over work, but both respected other enough to not cross the line.

Cindy was a very attractive woman with tight short sandy brown hair that fit her face she was of german heritage and her features were sharp and strong , her cheek bones were more sharp and looked cut from stone then round making her light blue eyes narrow opening and her lips pouty  a strong jaw line and long neck her body stood 5’10” and a solid 150 with a very healthy bust of 38D she had a bit of a pot tummy but still could wear a bikini long thick legs, certainly not a model but certainly still got looked at and desired.

As she sat smiling at Joe and he back her full bust swelled together between her arms as she set her elbows on the desk to tease him, “Whats up hon?”, Joe walked in ready to say kiss my ass but melted in her eyes and bust as he stammered for a way to say it or if he even should finally it came out, “Cindy well i am leaving for good” , Cindy eased up and back in her chair and swayed in it as she tapped her nails on the desk, “Is this cause of our little teasing with each other Joe ? cause if its that I thought it was just fun between friends you know i think of you more as just another employee here”.

Joe smiled at the compliment, “No No cindy not at all in fact I love it here but life changed and well I dont have to work anymore, see that cream i worked on? well it works and I hit the payday dreams are made of” , as he went on to explain the fortune he found Cindy slowly felt herself lose her grip of her position, not cause Joe was free they surely would stay friends but at 50 Cindy sat feeling her fine looks slowly fade and when Joe explained the creams ability she sat up in the chair as she stopped him.

“So wait this stuff not only lifts and tightens bust it works on face as well?” Joe nodded and showed the pics of his wife and Cindy grew a grin across her lips, “Joe enjoy life but I have 1 favor to ask, can you PLEASE get me some?”, he smiled “Well I have 1 tube at home see after this meeting i had to surrender it all, But there is one thing you might like they are doing a test before releasing it of at least 2 women to show the progression of use I might be able to get you to be one”.

Cindy shot up and hugged Joe and kissed him and nearly stripped right there “Joe you do that for me I will owe you a huge one back” he smiled and said “no worries “ but in ward he knew it was good to have that favor in his back pocket as he left he called the CEO and expressed the condition they agreed and Cindy had her product test made.

As Joe and his wife packed and sold the home and they left to start the new life in Arizona he texted Cindy good luck and she wished him the same, she was meeting with the ceo and panel to get photos of before and her supply of cream and how they felt it needed to be used, as she walked into the office and was seated another woman was waiting  reading a magazine, she was every bit the carbon cut of Cindy , Lana stood 5’9”  at 51 and fit with a 38D bust and sharp jaw line and amber brown eyes  rounded cheek bones and strawberry blonde hair to shoulders, as Cindy sat they gave other a smirk and stole a few glances over the other, it wasnt a secret why these 2 were here but the company wanted at least 2 and here they were , so each thought but as they sat a 3rd woman walked from the office smiling ear to ear as she looked at the 2 women she smiled “Good luck ladies one spot left” and she walked out, now Cindy and Lana stared at other a moment, but Cindy had a slight smirk as she felt it was her spot to have with Joe having her back and put a word in what Cindy didnt know was Lana had an in as well, a friend of the manufacturer , Lana was sure it was her spot, both glared over their magazine as if to say “tough luck honey” but they sat silent and let their eyes do the talking.

The trance was broken when the receptionist called both of them in together, both stood up gave other a catty smile and followed the secretary in, as they reached a door in they walked and in a plain room was a long table and 5 executives and a camera, both cindy and lana had their faces photographed and then each of their busts and measured as their measurements were taken and repeated aloud the 2 women glared at being so equal.

The 2 women sat aside other as a series of questions were fired at them and each held her own as they acted friendly and sat through the duration after a good 2 hours the meeting was over and both were asked to step out a moment, as they sat in the waiting room the tension between them grew, inside their fate was being decided but there was a snag neither knew about yet the votes of the 5 were split with 2 for Lana and 2 for Cindy the deciding vote was from a rep who did not have an interest in either favor.

The team was on shaky ground here as if they went against Joe he had the right to opt out and if the manufacture was scorned product could be delayed for months, but both these mature women fit the bill that results would show they needed, after 30 minutes , Lana and Cindy sat glaring they knew each had other and 1 of them was about to walk out gleaming smile, but the news was a bit harder as they were called back in both were told the panel needed at least a day or 2 and to make a decision, both women would be put up in a hotel, and for the inconvenience given a sample tube of the cream to start for the testing to come.

They each stood at the receptionist window and were given a room key each and sample tube and petty cash of 100 dollars with a paper of directions to the hotel as the 2 walked into the hallway, Cindy felt her arm grabbed and was turned to Lana, their eyes met as their busts heaved and Lana growled low, “careful honey I want this deal and i will do anything to get it understand?” Cindy a bit taken back but by no means afraid  glared back and slowly peeled Lanas fingers away as she pointed her sharp nail in Lanas cleavage, “Listen up sweetie I didnt come all this way to walk away you cant stand the competition get out now otherwise make a move i am right here”.

The tension was thick as they glared and lana pushed Cindys finger away, “Not here but you and i are far from done” and lana swaggers by Cindy roughly, with cindy in tow each hails a cab and end up at same hotel but different rooms, as the night wears on Cindy is on edge and she tries to calm down after the little chat in the hallway, she applies the cream to her face and before she can fully cover her breasts the tube is empty, as she sits and feels the skin pull and start to sheen, she tells herself “Oh my god I have to get this test and need more of it when they see me next I will surely get the spot over that hag”.

In her own room Lana was making the most of her sample and saw instant results and sneered “oh that whore  has to go away” she says  as she smiles in mirror, as her fingers pinch the tube nothing more comes out, now feeling a desperation and wanting more, Lana is beside herself as to find a way to get the spot, as she tries to calm down she throws on a robe and goes for ice.

As Lana turns to head to her room Cindy is standing in the hall with an ice bucket as the 2 stop and glare, each sees results on others face, slowly Lana steps toward Cindy softly her lips part, “I love the results this stuff has have anymore i can take?”, Cindy staying her ground breathes in “The only cream I have left is on me” , both women stare breathing heavy but slow as Lana ups the stakes, “Maybe I will wipe it off and use it then”, Cindy her lips draw back a bit “Well honey you can try but count on one thing I’ll be wiping yours off as much”

A minute of stares felt like an hour as they both made a challenge, but now had to decide to move on without losing face, Lana stepped as if to walk away her shoulder bumping Cindy’s as she does Cindy scoffs and taunts, “Didnt think so” but her smile was soon faded as Lana looked back, “Oh I thought you would want privacy you prefer right here?”, with only the hum of the ice machine they glare then Cindy breathes in “No i guess it is best we do this alone lead the way”.

Without another word needed Lana walked to her room with Cindy in tow and both women secretly dug deep for what was to come, as they reached her door Lana eased her card from her robe and swiped it the light turned green and she took in a breath as she walked in and let Cindy followed,  both women moved as if their feet were on clouds as Lana moved a few things out of the tiny living room area of the room, then turned as Cindy set her bucket at her heels and Lana placed hers on a table, for a moment they glared in silence as each took notice of the creams ability and stopped to picture what being the “face” of the product and having unlimited access to it would mean, as they stood silent Lana started to part her robe and her firm flawless 38Ds swayed free as she dropped the robe and stood in her thong, she breathed in and softly but still with venom in her voice, “I said I want the cream you have and i mean to get it”.

Cindy took in Lanas figure and then opened her robe and dropped it behind her showing her firm full 38Ds as she inhaled and with as much softness and venom answered , “and i told you i was going to take yours” Lana took in a breath “Well then I guess I will come over there and take it off you” Cindy just glared back “if you think your woman enough I am right here , but just remember honey i am going to take yours” without another word the 2 women stepped slowly right toward other.

As each step brought them closer their hands opened as wide as they could fingers splayed out and tips curled with pointy finger nails at the ready, their faces a mask of bravery and fear, their breasts a sexy jostle and nipples steely hard, the room fell into a eerie silence as each woman’s breathing mixed in the air, then the silence erupted into a seeming slow eruption as the 2 women bumped together flesh clopped to flesh and faces curled into hate and anger as hands raised up and fingers stabbed into others features, a low equal volley of hated taunts came from their lips Lana “You fucking bitch Ill rip you up”, cindy “try it whore Ill carve you to pieces” as their stiff nipples stabbed to others and flicked apart and into the areolas their fleshy breasts swelled into others and mushroomed up, their tummies lightly touched and thighs widened to allow others to step in as their hands reached up and set to attack both women paused a moment eyes locked as Lana hissed “ Ok Bitch its all about vanity how about we do just that?”, Cindy hid her shock she never  had to engage in a violent affair but not wanting to seem afraid or weak she simply hissed back, “Oh if you want to risk it sugar i am not going any where”, as they taunt and nipples dig and breasts warm as they touch both search others eyes for a fear or doubt but both are ready as they are scared.

Lana extends her hands up at Cindys hair and slowly they sink in her tresses as Cindy responds in kind  and as each woman feels the others fingers take hold Cindy smirks, “Seems your rethinking this”, Lana just smirks “Oh honey i am going to i thought we have a warm up first” and instantly the slow taunt turns into a seemingly frozen event as both women’s hands and arms flex and heads are snapped to a pulled position as they rippp at others scalp, only a grunt gurgle emits from their lips, “Ughhh bitch “ , ‘Aggg you whore”.

The 2 women barely shift as they pull so tight they draw other in and cant maneuver much but their hands like steel traps hold as roots and strands are heard snapping amid the gurgling hisses of pain, each woman stands legs straight and backs arched as heads are held by roots in others grip snarled lips form white teeth gritted to deal with the pain, lana”cmon you bitch” cindy “lets go whore uughh “.

Slowly as they stand molded to other, both women start to groan and express the pain more, “uughhhh bitch, Ohhhh you whore let go”..suddenly the heels make a shift and as each woman feels the break  they snag and yank harder  as each wants to avoid being captured in a bad way, as the hair do’s are torn from their hold and strands fill each womans grip they suddenly start to walk and turn as each pulls for her life, breathing turns to gasps and panting now,  when suddenly Lana  yanks cindys head to right then back sharply..”AAGhhh AWWWW Bitch!”…Lana feeling a slight advantage growls, “you bitch ill bald you” when suddenly cindy grabs her scalp at the temples and shakes lanas head wildly side to side as if wanting to tear her head from her neck, “Aghh ughh ughh awww Bitch!”.

Lanas heels stagger and clammer the floor as her head is whipped left to right and back and back again, her tight hair stretched in Cindys fingers as both pant and gasp tears well up from the deep pain as cindy pulls lana to her then past, Lana yanks her head down toward her and Cindy is bent at the waist and staggers forward, her left hand loses its grip as she hangs on with her right, as lana pulls her forward cindy staggers a bit and nearly goes to a knee , lana reacts fast and sinks a hand in the back of cindys hair and yanks up but holds cindy bent, as her free hand swings up under and a sharp set of slaps ring out then her nails open and she sinks them in her foes face and gouges in.
Unable to see what damage her grip has, Lana sneers as her nails dig and pull the face of her foe in and the cream and skin are dug into, “You bitch ill carve you apart”, “AAWWAGHHH my face!”. Cindy is panting and desperate to get a hold of Lana as Lana widens her stance and tries to control and hold her rival by hair and face, her full breasts on Cindys shoulders as she pushes down on her and stretches the hair grip up.

Unable to get at lana’s face Cindy drives at her and shoves her shoulder into lanas tummy and as the 2 women scuff across the rug lanas rear hits the wall and she suddenly feels Cindy arch up and into her, Both women are again face to face as cindy slaps her nails into Lanas face and digs in her skin with her nails as lana screams eyes wide, “AWWWW NOOO BITCH!!”.

Both women hold others face in her claws as their big breasts smear and mushroom to others and thighs bump and rub, Cindy already feeling the effect of lanas claws shakes her head from the grip and slaps lanas face side to side to break her claw hold, the cold solid slaps shake lanas head and leave weak red furrows as Cindy uses her nails to hit with, as Lana releases her claws off cindy she rubs her cheek and before she can see Cindy react her head is slammed to the wall by her hair as cindy grabs at her bangs and whips her rivals head back and forth, the solid thuds ring out in the room.

The sudden attack and hit off the wall leaves lana stunned her mouth open as her eyes roll back as she grabs at Cindys hands to stop the motion, “Aghhh AWWW Bitch!”, as she claws Cindy’s hands the sandy blonde yanks forward snapping lana from the wall and as lana stagger steps a bit dazed and being handled, Cindy suddenly yanks back again, the move nearly lifts lana off the floor as her heads torn back her body forward making her legs whip up and with a thump falls to the rug.

Cindy with a snarling smile lifts Lana up on her knees and straddles her back as she stretches lanas scalp and roots till her eyes lift up from the weight of her body pulling down as Cindy holds her by the hair upward, in shock at the pain her eyes well up and as she claws at Cindys hands her big tits sway and jostle out side to side Cindy yanks left then right making lana scurry on her knees and cause rug burns as she cries out “NOOO OWWWW!”.

With her thighs wide to straddle the strawberry blonde Cindy starts to teeter forward and as she strains to torture lana and feeling she was near the end Cindy is pitched forward in a clumsy step and fall on top of lanas bare back, and soon was feeling her own rug burn as she slides forward and now it was her turn to scream out as Lana snagged a fist full of hair and yanked back bending the brunette back, Cindy felt her mouth drop open and gasp out “AGHHHH!” as Lana pounced upon on her back, instantly Cindy was bucking and squirming and it was all Lana could do to stay atop.

As cindy propped her body up to ease the hair pull Lana suddenly reached under and her claws dug into Cindy’s breasts and lifted back and up as her finger nail tips sank into the meaty flesh, Cindy shook her head no and her own tears fell now as she felt the deep burning pain, lana was like a machine as she knew the pain she was causing but dug deeper anyway “Cmon you cxnt fight “ was all she growled at her prone rival, in fear Cindy kicked her heeled feet up and managed to cut lanas back as her hips bucked forward and bounced Lana up enough she was able to turn her body under Lanas and reach up and stab her own nails into the heaving tits of her foe, “AWWWW BITCH!”..WHATS Wrong Whore cant take it”, Cindy grinned but it was short lived as Lana unleashed a flurry of slaps across cindy’s face, like a street fighter pummeling a prone rival lana swung and scored sharp open hand palms that caused, cindy’s face to not only turn bright red but spit fly out as her head was whipped right then left and back over and over, with each vicious slap Lana snarled ‘Let go of my tits Bitch or else”.

The slapping rung out and slowly cindy’s hands eased off her rivals tits and weakly went limp to the sides , Lana in a rhythm didn’t notice her foe had stopped fighting back, till a solid palm across her full lips cut them open and a weak feeble AGHH” was heard, with her right arm up and back poised to deliver another series of slaps ,Lana starred down at Cindy lip swollen and cut open and face bright red with hand prints on cheeks sweat and tears down her face lay there eyes swollen shut, “Well BITCH YOU WANNA FIGHT?”.

Slowly Cindy was able to stop the ringing in her head as she shook her head no weakly and was able to cry softly “Please no more” Lana sneered and as she looked at her beaten foe she knew this woman despite tonights fight was going to show the next day, as she leaned over Cindy, her voice turned a venomous growl “Fine but i am going to make sure you don’t show up tomorrow Bitch”. and with a sinister smile Lanas open hand set on cindy’s forehead, her eyes looked up at lana through the open fingers as she whimpered “NOOO PLEASE” but Lana was set on making tomorrows appointment hers as her nails dragged down the face and cut long 4 furrows in the flesh.

Cindy arched and grabbed at the hand as her tears filled the furrows and burned them more, red dotted trails welled up in the carved grooves, as Lana admired her handy work she sat up and then rose off Cindy, walked around the brunette and twisted up her hair and pulled the woman to the door and into the hall way then threw her robe out and shut her door.

Cindy sat crying a minute as she eased the robe over her breasts and cupped her face  as she stood on wobbly legs she used the wall to hold herself up she made it back to her room and fell inside, the next morning Lana was done getting ready to show up she smiled despite a few marks she knew Cindy was no longer an issue  and she headed to the conference confident.

As she arrived the receptionist smiled and told her one minute but before Lana was called back the panel, Joe and another woman were walking out smiling and shaking hands , Lana shot the woman an evil yet wondering glare as the woman gave lana the once over  but the stare was broken as the the panel of ceo’s one who was lanas in, shook this woman’s hand and said”Congratulations Jane again see you soon” .

Jane looked at Lana raised a brow and walked out with Joe, once out Lanas friend took her aside and told her that the woman that just left was the new spokesperson she was the creators wife, he said he was sorry but it was out of his hands and if she saw Cindy could she forward the message as well” the door to the office slammed shut and Lana stood mouth open and feeling as if she was kicked in the stomach, as she walked out onto the street there stood Joe and his wife Jane, and one of the CEO’s as they chatted Jane turned and walked to Lana stopping face to face with her Jane softly hissed at Lana, “Are we going to have an issue honey?” Lana peers over her shoulder and then into Janes eyes, “Its no issue sugar  why dont you and i go someplace to chat before this deals sealed hmm?”

Jane and Lana both hold deadly glares her husband starts to make a date to final the deal, but before he can Lana says out loud to both men, “What if your spokesmodel backs out?” the 2 men look at one another as the hesitant CEO clears his throat “Why would she do that?” Lana smirks at Jane, “She wouldn’t willingly but if she had to what then?”, “Well we take runner up or a new search, is there a problem Jane?”.

The 2 women glare as Lana raises a brow and hisses at her face “Well is there Jane?”

Joe walks by his wife as he whispers to her ear, “Honey what the hell are you doing to us here?”, Jane smiles at Lana as she answers “When are we signing the papers?” in about an hour”, “Perfect ill be right back then” as Joe looks at the CEO shrugging shoulders his wife Jane and Lana suddenly walk away and turn into a alley between the huge buildings.

As the 2 women reach an alcove  Joe and the CEO peak to see whats going on, as they look down the alley they see Lana and Jane face to face in a soft yet heated chat when suddenly both women sink their claws in others face and start scratching away, with little screams the men know both are not going to stop till ones down and out, as the 2 women fall on the cement and roll their hands flashing away at others face Joe and the CEO run down and as they pull the women apart Joe pulls Jane off the top of Lana who is turned over and lifted by the CEO her face clawed up bad as Jane snarls hands ready to tear more” Let her go Ill take her eyes” Lana while kicking at Jane makes no attempt to go on as she huddles in the CEOs arms, as Joe tries to apologize the CEO shakes his head “Joe we have a problem if we release this stuff and run short it will cause a panic nation wide I think we need to back out of this one”

Before Joe could speak the CEO walks Lana away and gets her in the limo as he leaves , Jane cries she is sorry as Joe stands now broke again he pulls out his cell and calls Cindy, as he begs Cindy to give him his job back she makes a demand “anything what is it?” cindy pauses then hisses, “you let me and that wife of yours meet “, there is a silence as Joe looks at Jane then blurts out to Cindy, “Fine”.

The End

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