Mother’s Vision: Chapters 1-5 by Dotti D

Chapter 1: The Story of it All

It was coming up on 10 pm, the Juggs bar was filled to capacity, inside 100’s lined the walls and barricaded center.  in the middle was a plexiglass set of walls, stained in old and fairly new white residue from mid point to bottom.

In a dressing room sat a woman at her vanity, she stared at her reflection, the years of time and the life choices were starting to etch her face, but over all, she was still able to turn the heads of men any age.

She brushed her thick lush red hair, her red lipstick full lips creased a confident grin, her dark eye shadow enhanced her green eyes, her rounded cheek bones were very pronounced ,there were some old faded marks but not enough her makeup couldn’t cover.

She was slowly setting her hair up to be worn in a bun as she had so often before, she smirked at how the clubs look and name was so direct yet so misleading unless you knew someone who got you in.

Her name is Pamela, but no one had called her Pamela in years, to anyone who knew her she was Pam, her husband was the only one who called her Pamela though, it was a respectful understanding they had, and it wasn’t the only one.

While Pamela was getting ready her husband was where he always was on these nights, Troy was out with the rest of the audience, nervously waiting for the event to start, beside him a gentleman from Texas he met years prior who took their dream club from them legally.

The audience was the elite, money was a joke to them, and having everything they could want made them seek out the odd attraction of what some say was fun or exciting, it also allowed Troy to get a very up close look at the other woman that was in a different dressing room that night, Ruby, a very statuesque white blonde Texas woman, her light blue eyes stared at her own reflection, as she also brushed her long tresses and applied her best makeup, her eyes glimmered at her features as she prepared.

Troy rarely got excited over the other woman, a few over the years did have him concerned but somehow Pamela always managed to come out on top, well nearly ,as it turns out Ruby was the one woman who broke Pamela in a private fight between them, as a result she not only took a bra Pam’s milk and confidence she and her husband took the club pam and Troy worked to make.

As for what it was going on was never going to be seen on a national network, or any paid channels, in fact the events were so secretive the licenses for competition were never notified. These contests started out years ago as some simple fun, wagers or just competition, but  grew so large  among the wealthy , they now were of  notoriety among those who had opulence, and no one was going  to bring light on them, yet amid the inner networks all who could play the game, were told of the results.

Before we go on, Pamela was a now 55 years old, 5’8” 147 pounds and a luscious, 40E-28-36, her toned and still sexy curvy figure was never second guessed as having had any plastic surgery.  Pamela was a swimmer, hiker, loved to work out, she knew her role was to be a good wife, great lover, and keep her husbands eyes on her, and if that took other ways Pamela was willing and able.

In the other room was Ruby, a 53 year old, 5’ 10” 150 and an equal in her 40E-28-36 figure toned and hardened by her years of rough farm life growing up, Ruby got her taste of riches a bit later in life than Pamela, but no one needed to explain to Ruby what keeping a wealthy man meant, you will do anything to be the wife, and that meant ANYTHING.  Ruby took it on as she did her work 110% never a question, but like Pamela,  Ruby too had her days when it seemed things could end.
The two women only had met once, it was unplanned and secretive only by  reputation and word of mouth carried who and when and where they were, it was no accident these two met, and that was never arranged by the women, which made agreeing to these meetings so much more intense, and worrisome for them.

Pamela sat waiting for the big night, she felt trembling in her fingers, her eyes were welling up as she thought back of the fear of losing to her rival again and tonight was going to be as ruthless and every bit the fighter she was, while in the same breath reassuring herself confidence, as she sat her mind fades back to when and how things all reach this point.

Chapter 2: So it Begins

Going back twenty five years, Pam smirked looking at her reflection to that time, she was just in college all of 20 years old and like most kids college was a place to experiment and have fun and learn, plans of a degree, a husband or wife and lifestyle were all still a dream, none could securely know how it all plays out.

Pamela was going for premed, she was never sure about being a Doctor, but it certainly wasn’t a horrible idea, while at school she met Troy, a junior to her freshman, Troy came from money, his school was already nearly paid off, and he was in to business.

Troy was one of the select few who knew what his future looked like, it was a secure one, even if he never used his education, he was appeasing his parents who obviously were going to leave it all to their only son, but Troy was no fool, he did all that his parents asked he was smart enough to party and have his fun, but not to take advantage and squander till his parents might leave him nothing.

Troy and Pamela met on campus at a party one night, and like now Pamela was a sexy knock out, a mix of a tomboy and the beauty Queen, she could down a beer and shot and as easily as appear in a gown at a ball, her smile could just pull you in, back then Pamela was busty not as full as today , but a few kids later and well she filled out even nicer.

While at the party Troy who was one of the guys every girl knew about and well nearly every girl went after, Troy rarely dated steady it was to much more fun having a choice to him, there was time for marriage later, always more time.

But Troy who had brought a girl with him was having a beer and cigar, by the pool saw Pamela walking from the frat house to a pool bar, his lips parted as his cigar fell, he looked to a friend and asked , “Bro who the hell is she?”.

No one really knew but Troy wanted to know so his buddies set out to find out for him, Troy was woken back from his trance when his “girl” then Bri, slapped his chest, “Troy what do you care who she is, i am so much hotter and better looking than she is”.

Bri short for Brianna obviously, was 21 a sophomore a 5’9”135 pound one with strawberry blonde hair and a 38D-24-36 body, she hailed from California, and while not the typical beach blonde surfer girl her face was all sun in the fun looking.

Bri took it to heart that Troy even remotely saw another girl and thought she was as hot or hotter than herself, she was foolish enough to believe that Troy and she were set in stone, after all Bri would please Troy in ways he never imagined, and she knew putting herself out that far meant one of two things, she would land the big fish or be known as the campus whore, you can guess what she was shooting for.

Once Troy was given some info on the mystery girl, he started to notice that Pamela having no real clue who he was, was taking a liking to him, she was caught at least 5 times looking him over and he was caught at least 20 looking back.   Pam wasn’t the type to ruin a relationship, she saw Bri with Troy and even at one point shrugged to Troy as if to say ,(you and her, sorry), the fact Pamela just walked away from THE guy every girl wanted was like a kick to his crotch, but it didn’t piss him off, instead Troy was more eager to make Pamela his.

Pamela was no innocent in it all, she was giving Troy smiles and winks but giggling afterward, if Troy was to leave this girl Pamela would certainly be more interested, but again she wasn’t about to be that girl.

The night raged on, and slowly the party a bit wilder, when the DJ for the frat house took it to a new level and announced a wet t contest, the cheers and and chants were through the roof, and while a few girls played the shy act, once the prize money of 500 bucks was offered the sign up  line was long.

No one had to narrow down the line for the girls, once the C and D cups were getting cheers before it started many just had second thoughts, Pamela was being dared by her friends to go show them all up, she was a bit hesitant at first, but when Troy looked at her instead of the line up, Pamela figured why not.

One by one the the DJ announced names, beers and solo cups were foaming over, girls and guys were screaming and cheering, the dancing was erotic some more than others.  Bikini tops were stripped and torn and tattered tank tops replaced, which with one good spray of the beer keg and ice cold water, turned nearly invisible and molded to the girls soaked breasts and bodies.

Pamela slowly approached the stage, while Bri, Troys “girl” was already eliminating other girls, her tight figure and full D cups were firm, and the tiny soaked tank top seem to be painted on her glistening breasts, she was grinding her hips, using her hands in her hair and swirling her body like a erotic gyro.

Cheers and yells for Brianna were muffling most and the DJ was slowly making the losers walk the diving board into the pool to be eliminated, most of the girls couldn’t care less , the drunken stoopers  they were in were what got them to even try, by morning they more than likely wouldn’t remember or prefer not to.

Brianna was dancing for Troy, she was smiling as her tongue ran over her lips at him, till it all crashed. Pamela stepped from behind the side and as she was hosed down her 38Ds standing straight out in gravity defiance, were threatening the tank top that molded to her bust, it didn’t take long that as Bri was dancing less there was a sudden new surge of cheers.

At first she assumed it was for her till that is the DJ announced , “ohhhh mon it looks like a real competition now, time to vote vote vote”, well the yard was like a super bowl crowd and every eye was on Pamela and Bri, especially Troy.

He was beside himself as the two girls the one he had and the one he wanted were side by side and they were eyeing the others busty glistening figure not with joyful fun but true competitive glares.

After a good 15 minutes of the wettest, slipperiest, freezing wet t showdown, Pamela was given the title “Mrs. Busty Wet T backyard bash”, Bri shot a look as if she was robbed, Pamela returned the look of ,’ know your place” back, it was heading for war as Bri had to take the walk of shame into the pool.

While she was under Troy walked by Pamela, ‘Congratulations, it was certainly well deserved “, Pam smiled and licked her white teeth at him, “Thanks, they could be all yours but i noticed you were with someone, and she  is already mad i beat her”.

Troy smiled and gave a feeble line, “ Beat her again and i am yours forever”, Pam looked back raised a brow, “Ask her if she is willing, my tits never lose” Pam walked away to her friends laughing and they partied more.

Troy a smile a mile wide watched every inch as Pam stood with her friends, glimpsing back now and then, just then Bri poked her nail in his chest, “Why are you looking at that Bitch?, she only beat me cause her top was nearly off, she is lucky she didn’t have to go against mine”.

Troy breaths in as Bri pushes her soaked body on his, “Bri , your soaked seriously?’?, Bri sees Pam looking over then at Troy, “Oh dude your in a tee and bathing suite are you serious right now, besides you think that bitch can give you what i do?”.

Troy paused he had an open door here, and it seemed the girl he wanted was ready to step through, but if she didn’t he would lose the one girl he knew would do anything and has, no matter how annoying at times, he looked between both, the decision was upon him, slowly he recalls what Pam said “ask her if she is willing”, he felt his manhood getting like steel.

Then Pam sealed the deal, a smile that melted him with a raised brow and a face she made as if to say, “well?”, Troy nearly fell, Bri looked at him, ‘Yo man of steel what the fuck you so hard over, i haven’t done anything yet”, she giggles and sees his eyes are lookin elsewhere.

Bri turns her head and standing there a few feet away was Pamela still soaking wet in her tank top her nipples like icicles at attention and her veiny round breast swelling as she breathes, Bri looks back a Troy, ‘are you joking right now?, that bitch is taking your eyes off …this?, I would flatten and kick her ass”.

Troy turns his head slowly to Bri. ‘That so?”, Bri a hand on her hip looks at Troy a minute, ‘yeah that is so”, Troy smiles slowly, ‘’ That’s interesting Bri, cause that redhead that beat you out there?, said she could beat you oh and I quote “,(my tits never lose ), unquote “.

Bri a bit flabbergasted looks at Pam then Troy, “ so you thats what you want now?”, Troy shrugs, ‘hey i am just the messenger , but she isn’t looking over here to see if i kick you out, but thats your call”.

To not make it a big scene or have everyone watching, Troy tells Bri , ‘Just think if you do this and win its just you and me, but she did win the wet t contest, just saying”, Pam can see Bri is red faced but its clear Troy set an ultimatum, Bri eyes Pam again then looks at Troy, “Ok Fine but after you OWE me”, Troy smirks, “you win this we go shopping all day tomorrow, meet me in my room “.

Bri kisses him deeply then glares at Pamela, then slowly on her bare feet turns and heads up the back steps, Troy smiles at Pam and nods and motions with his head to come talk, Pam breaths in and swaggers over, “So big boy she get my message and decide to go home?”, Troy looks at Pam a minute then smiles, “Nope, she said lets do it, she’s up in my room waiting for you and me, still think yours are the best?”.

Pam swallows a big sip of her beer then sets it aside she breathes in deep swelling her mass, then kisses Troy, ‘Just make sure you know handsome, i do this, and i win?, your single sleeping around days end tonight Deal?”, Troy was the one pinned but after the kiss Troy was hooked, “ok Red you got a deal, on one condition, after I graduate you and i?, still together, how about it?”.

Pam feels a flutter in her heart, ‘Well lets go see if we can’t seal this deal then”.

Troy leads Pamela up a back set of steps, the a/c for the house was freezing and both Pam and Bri had goose bumps in their still wet tank tops, their nipples were like steel pegs tenting out, Troy walks in then Pamela, both girls glare at the other, Troy shuts the door.

Bri hands on hips to Pam, “I hear you told my man your tits never lose and to see if I am willing ?, is that right Bitch?”, Pam a soft secure smile as she sees Troy cared enough to not make this public, slowly steps closer in, “well i did so i guess he doubts yours cause here i am honey, so we doing this or not?”.

Bri looks at Troy, who has that smug yours to lose me look, Pamela inhales maybe not as sure as her beer affirmed she was, Bri grabs her tank top and shreds it like it was nothing , her supple veined breasts stand out and her aureoles seem to mold into her breasts pointed shape, her hands back behind her she shimmies slow .

Troy raises his brows , already aware how firm and full they are looks to Pam, “your choice”, Pam nods then grabs the tank top gently as if to not rip it, and peels the wet material up her torso till over her breasts then up over her head, she drops the wet top and sets hands behind her, proudly Pam inhales as her breasts swell and veined stand out as firm, her aureoles puffy to her stiff thick nipples.

A slow sway stops any comments as they barely give, Troy swallows as she gulps, ‘Oh shit”, Bri inhales but can see the difference, then Pam in a soft menacing tone, ‘so we are clear, my tits vs. your tits only, no claws, no teeth  and no rolling around like street cats, just tit to tit got it?”, Bri a stern glare, “oh i know what titfight is bitch, and when i win i am taking my claws where you use to where a bra”,

Pam a sexy smile, “oh sweetie after its over winner has her way”, Troy so hard he barely can stand up claps his hands, “ok then on 3 you two start..ready..3..2..1 Fight or duel or use your tits whatever”.

Bri and Pam stare then slowly Pamela steps to meet her rival, and their wet cold nipples touch both breath in, “Uuhhh” in harmony, then as they start to rub Bri starts to look like she can easily beat Pamela.

Troy watches how their firm ample breasts meet then swell in recoiling manner, then build and bulge slowly resisting the other pair, stiff nipples are directed up, down or either side, aureoles puff out and mold to the other woman’s breast as shape is lost to ballooning.

Once each has tested her rival as well as herself the time comes to settle the dispute, Pam seems frozen, staring at Bri as if hypnotized, Bri aroused but jealous feeling Pam’s lack of trying, looks to Troy, then Pam, she hisses in confidence , “my tits are going to crush yours you pathetic bitch”, Pam still looks frozen as Bri starts to smear and then drags each way into Pam’s breasts.

The slow constant contact reshapes their breasts but each springs back to attention once her rivals has finished, the way Bri aims and watches her own mass go after Pam’s was both alluring and confusing.

Did Pam bite off more than she can chew?, was she to drunk? Or was the arousal to much she thought now what easily could be a threesome.

Bri’s heavy breathing the only noise, “uhh uhhh nnnmmff bitch fight back cmon”, Pam rolled her shoulders and her firm breasts lifted Bri’s then pushed them out and back, Bri felt the discomfort, “uuuhhhh ohhh cmon”, Troy watched his rock hard cock out now as he was lost in the primal ness of it.

Slowly Bri bumps head on into Pam, the flesh wet causes a clopping sound, Pam still barely works back at Bri, annoyed Bri thrusts head on, the clop denser and fuller, Pam couldn’t hide the effect it had any longer, “uuuhh, ohhh uuhhnnn Bitch”, Bri hears it she sneers, “your mine Bitch”, then with quicker succession uses her breasts against Pam’s.

Slowly in just wet shorts Bri marches Pam backward till her bare back bumps the wall, her hands rest on Pam’s hips and her torso starts to twist as she bumps, drags and shoves Pam’s breast easier, “yess yesss uhh uhhh thats it Bitch feel my tits, uhhh unmmfff Troy baby you nearly left me for this soft titled cow?….UUUUGGGMMFFF OOOOWWWW Bitch!!!!”.

Pam was getting ruined by Bri or was she, from no where Pam grips onto Bri’s hips pushes them back then turns them forcing Bri to stutter step to her right, as she repositions against Bri, Pam has worked her tits under Bri’s and now is up under and is pumping up into the undersides of Bri’s breasts.

Troy as well as both girls can see how Pam is making Bri’s breast jostle and quake up through her own breast tissue, her nipples are now pointing up at Pam, as her breasts tan a minute ago grow red by the second.

Pam finally gets Bri at the wall and then goes at her, up drags, criss crossing drags, side to side all while firmly pumping in and up as hard as possible, the sounds of their meaty flesh almost in tune with the pounding bass of the parties speakers out the window.

Troy watched in awe and shock, yet total enjoyment, he silently urged the duel to go further , as he watches Pam take Bri apart in a systematic manner, it was both erotic and so evilly calculated, almost unfair in its sexual equality.

Pam steps her thigh between Bri’s thighs, the button of their denim shorts click, as tan tummies touch, ribs meet then Pam rows her bust anywhere she likes on Bri’s , and silently looks in her rivals eyes, nothing is said as she just watches Bri, ache and moan in building pain.

Bri feeling their bodies drying now would welcome the refreshing cool water rolls her head on the wall, her mouth open her eyes squint as her face winces , “uuhhh uggg ummff uumff BITCH get off my tits ohh aahhh Troy get her off me”, Pam as cold and calm as can be to Bri, “just give up BITCH! Before i make it hurt”.

Bri eyes watery from the deep pain in her breasts , mouth open sees how steady and cold Pam is, she sees Troy wide eye , hard and wanting more, “ i can’t , tits ohh owww sss you BITCH ohh”, Pam a snarl whisper stabbing her tits harder into Bri’s, “i am gonna hurt your tits honey give last chance”.

Bri squirms and struggles but each thrust has her breasts jolted or creased in or just abused, the duel was only 45 minutes but Pam proved her tits never lose as Bri finally seeing Troy will let it all play out looks up in total embarrassment, “Awwwww BITCH ok ok enough i give you win i give”, Pam spreads her tits between Bri’s spreading her cleavage, leans in tighter, “let him hear it, tell him my tits are better”.

Bri shakes her head and refuses to,,  but the pain is to much she blurts it out, “ok ok TROY HER TITS ARE BETTER I GIVE PLEASE OHHH FUCK!!!”.

Pam gives a long last drag side to side then pulls away, Bri cups her breasts as she goes to her knees crying in shame, Pam shoves her on her back to the floor, smiling down she eases off her shorts and straddles Bri’s head, “eat me bitch”, as Bri extends her tongue Pam starts to ride her face, she summons Troy to her, “get that cock between my tits”.

It took less than 2 minutes Troy explodes on Pam’s breasts, she starts to orgasm on Bri’s face, then as she explodes slides her body lower and leaves a trail of her juices down Bri’s bod till her cum soaked breasts smother Bri’s face.

 Pam uses her arms to bulge her tits on Bri’s face and just smears the juices on her face, Pam whispers to Bri, “Troy’s mine now honey got it?, i even see you near him or hear you think of him, i will be back and it will just be you and me got it?”, Bri crying nods as her mouth and eyes are shut , Pam eases up strings of his cum from her breasts to Bri’s face sway, then Pam climbs on the bed, straddles Troy and starts to ride him, she looks back at Bri, “get out and shut the door Bitch”.

Bri runs down through the party topless breasts red and a mess crying, as those there laugh her on out, her friends chase after her unaware what just took place, minutes later Pam emerges with Troy hand in hand and she has Bri’s top tied on her waist, while wearing  her own, the rest of the night Pam and Troy danced and made out, as the night ended Pam bit his lip stretched it and growls, “a deals a deal i am yours and I’ll do anything as long as your mine and loyal” Troy was hard and stunned and just stammers, “its a deal”.

So began the the relationship of the fighter and the money man.

Chapter 3: Life Goes On

Pamela had enough credits to get her masters and then PhD, as Troy already graduated and was running a few of his Father’s businesses as his own.

Pamela and Troy were still dating and in her last year Pamela won a second wet T contest with no after challenge, she and Troy finally were set to marry and begin their life.

Not long after their big wedding at 30, Pamela was pregnant, they had a girl, Pamela hired a maid and then when able day care for the baby, Troy loved how much more fuller Pamela became, and enjoyed her milk as much, Pamela swelled in pride for herself and her husbands pride in her bustier figure, what Pam didn’t know was the futures plan to use her breasts again in competition, it started as fun, but soon was going to grow.

Life was going along and socially the young family was becoming popular and well known, it started at a small party one weekend though, Pam was wearing a black sun dress with a red rose floral print design, her hair up from the warm weather, her white new bra a nursing bra was snug, the baby was going through a phase, at times nursing from her other times  from a bottle.

Pam had made a few bottles the night before since she was busy making sure all was set for the affair she would be pressed for time to stop and nurse properly, so she was in need of a release , her large breasts ached from the over supply, the thin strap dress was taught as were the bra straps under it, every movement she made her firm heavy laden bust had a stiff yet sexy jostle and her nipples were so stiff, it took all she had to not pull and massage them.

Things were going along and it wasn’t till midway through the party that Pam noticed a couple with a baby were keeping somewhat to themselves, they were watching Pam’s every move, and whispering as they did, now and again her hubby Troy would sit and chat to them as all three watched Pam.

At the time Pam chalked it up to someone her husband knew or was doing business with, she was to busy to stop and entertain or get to know them with so much still going on. But something about how the woman was watching her had Pam feeling a bit curious as she would pause to stare back now and then, and the short contact of their eyes meeting had both women sensing that competitive feeling inside.

Eventually Pam could see the couple and her husband talking to a select few other couples varied in ages, the stares first at Pam then the other woman were both uncomfortable yet curios, Pam was slowing down and more and more with her hubby at her side either reacquainting or meeting others still about.

But as Pam would be in a chat her eyes still caught the same couple eyeing her, finally Troy eased Pam aside with a kiss at her cheek, “remember that deal we made in school?”, Pam smiled, and proudly swelled her breasts, “I’ll never forget why?”, he smiled at her, “someone you have to meet that is interested in shall we say a similar  night with you , and these others for a substantial price would like to watch”.

Pam smiles , nervous but she had to admit intrigued, “that so ? Well why not introduce us and lets see where it leads”.  Troy takes her arm and walks Pam to where the mystery couple were sitting most of the party , they approach them the gentleman stands up nods at Troy and smiles at Pam, “James allow me to introduce my wife “Pamela, “ he smiles, “pleasure, and this is my wife Gail”.

Gail holding their baby looks up smiles at Troy but simply stares at Pam who stares back, with Gail seated, Pam was forced to see in her dress top and the large over filled laden cleavage looking so inviting and equal.

Pam took note that Gail was looking up at her bust in a curious and jealous manner, Pam to show off leans forward to Gail her large bounty spilling at Gail forcing her to see in and down Pam’s cleavage, Pam inhales slow then straightens with a smile, “your baby is beautiful but looks so hungry, you can go nurse if you like”, Gail stares up , “well actually i was going to suggest you bring yours out and we could as you do as well, you care to try?”.

Pam by instinct sees and knows Gail and the others here want a comparison, she looks at Troy who rubs her back as he whispers to her ear, “James here has been telling me all night how Gail here professes like you  never loses in a certain competition”, he looks at Pam eyebrow raised, then to Gail who inhales proudly.

Pam smiles “and these others?”, Troy smiles each one will pay us 5 grand to watch and another 3 grand to the winner, and yess i told Gail and James it  so happens you never lost either”, Pam rubs his chest, “mmmm well since you built me up i could never disappoint my man..or myself”.

She looks at Gail, “well honey i would love for us to…chat as we try to get the kids to nurse , Troy be a dear and get the baby”, James pulls a second seat closer to Gail, “Pamela please have a seat”, she sits as she and Gail stare.
   Troy returns with their baby and hands her to Pam, Gail cradled her daughter, slowly the couples that ask to stay formed near the women to watch what was going to transpire.

Gail and Pam slowly ease a dress strap down one arm each, then as the bra cups come in view they ease the cup panel down and expose their right nipple, aureole and part of the breast, so over filled the breasts were swelling to escape the cup.

With the babies in their other arm the women unashamed allow their little bit of breast to be seen, as they glare and pose watching murmuring comparing but not enough is bare to get a good enough look.

But the women act as if they are alone as each traces the exposed amount and as they do tease their stiff thick nipples to get even stiffer, they hide the desire to moan and coo at the arousing ache, Pamela softly teases her babies lips to accept her large nipple, Gail mimics but each sees their child’s refusal, being finicky the babies squirm and each knows no release of pressure comes again.

Pam then hands her baby back to her man, Gail does the same, now they again lock eyes, Pam then purrs, “my tits never lose”, Gail licks her lips, “well my tits never lose , so what are we going to do about that?”, Pam a soft arousing yet competitive huff, “i think it is obvious honey, we need to see who is going to lose her first, you agree?”, Gail as aroused and challenging, “oh it is plenty obvious honey, and i so wanna show these guests, our men and more importantly YOU just which of us never loses”.

Slowly Pam runs her hands up her chest then eases her upper dress half down, exposes her bra and how she is over flowing it, then she stands and stares at Gail as she reaches back and slowly undoes each of her 4 clasps, the bra goes slack, she breaths out the  relief, her fingers slip the bra fully off, and drops it on her seat, her hands cup and caress her huge laden breasts then hands on her head sways her breasts, “nmm my tits are the best”.

The others look on very impressed by Pam’s breasts, but then Gail stands, and removes her bra, her 40 E’s sway free, her hands caress around them then on her head, sways them , “nmmm no honey my tits are the best”. The others are wide eye as these two are more equal than first thought, any favor towards one or the other was now being reevaluated silently.

With dress tops dangling from hips they circle around , Gail stares at Pam , “care to raise the stakes honey. Between us?”, Pamela a confident smirk, “love to WhAts on your mind?”, Gail inhales “nmmm winner after she milks loser feeds both babies”, there were gasps from the women watching it was the ultimate insult to have another nurse your baby as you watch beaten and weeping.

Pam inhales the reality hits if she lost the embarrassment, yet she loves the thought of this woman coming here to challenge her being the one to lose, “your on”, Gail expected her new rival to falter but when she willingly accepts her fear came through as much.

The babies are placed in their seats to nap, then Troy says aloud, “ok all wager among your selves and ladies if there’s nothing else?”, Gail a more catty tone, “make it official , NO HANDS”, Pam a smirk, “i never need my hands to beat another woman”, Troy winks at Pam, “ladies Fight”, he steps away and the two women square off on the pavilion platform.

Gail steps at Pam, everyone silent, “cmon Bitch”, Pam stares back, “bring it Bitch”, they pause a moment longer then as if on cue a solid fleshy CLOP erupts from between them, they jam their breasts against the others and grunt as one, “ughh, UUhhmmff”.

Their large full breasts swell and bulge and start to glide together as the women shove, press and push their breasts into the others, their husbands and others watch in a state of awe and arousal as the veiny heavy masses seem to form new shapes as the other pair plow into them, yet firmly swell back to the their shape in defiance.

The slow dance begins, each steps as they use their breasts to prod, pump, drag and push, breathing increases but the women control it by breathing through their noses, nostrils flare, and the soft pale skin now becoming a red/pink hue, and as the duel goes on.

The main noise in the area their firm heavy breast , a steady series of clops, claps, the occasional grunt, or huff from their lips, otherwise this duel seems dead locked,, and neither  proud new mother will give the other an inch without taking it back.

Their husbands watch with a hungry stare and a nervous smile, half in confidence half fear for their girl, softly amid the slow action, one then the other almost to themselves, huffs, “cmon honey”, “get her babe”.

The women locked in their conflict, minds zeroed in on the others actions, hear the huffed encouragement but instead of a loud reply or grunt to assault, each swallows the the supportive verbal cheer and tries to use it to block out a tired feeling, a feeling of ache from constant rolling, kneading, pulling, pressing lift and drag on their already stretched heavy laden breasts.

The duel not only effecting the breasts, but the tendons, muscle, as well as their backs, chest, shoulders, it is a task to hold ones self posture well, now to add the weight of another’s all while the shoving and forced pulling, and pumping become two times more to deal with, slowly this match is draining  the muscle, and desire to stay upright over stopping and cupping them back into the support of a bra.

Those effects now show on both and start to be heard from their lips, their skin grows redder, and after 30 minutes of the steady contact, each woman is enduring extra discomfort and some pain, their breasts red, their faces red, perspiration slowly begins to glisten.

No longer is the narrow nostrils a sufficient path for intake of air, their lips part and mouths welcome larger air flow. As neither woman falters enough to give the other a sign her efforts are worth anything, slowly it is Pamela that gives Gail something to feel, and think about.

Pamela steps at Gail faster than the pace of the fight has been, her round full firm breasts, a tight sway as her shoulders drive them in an upward motion, solidly collide into Gail’s, the fleshy THWACK, rings out, and Gail’s face contorts as her lips first purse from the contact then fall open fully as she exhales at the effect Pam’s breast have.

Gail, feels the heavy crushing contact, her eyebrows sink, she exhales, “uuugghh Bitch!”, everyone that is watching in a trance is reawaken, Gail’s back straightens, her shoulders roll back, her breasts lift to reshape, but the stunned effect is not over.

Pamela hears Gail felt that, it means one thing, her rival is not just as tired but now hurt more, her inner hunger builds, her mind chants, (i hurt her) that hunger drives her to hear and feel that again, she steps into Gail again, their heavy meaty flesh again collide but harder.

Gail on this turn, rears her head backward and up, her mouth fully open gasps, “uuughhh mfffff Bitch my tits”, her breasts quake and seem to have a looser sway, the weight of them pulling heavy on her upper chest draws her shoulders in and down.

Before she can counter, Pamela again steps at her, once again a dense yet firm TWACK, as her breasts collide then deform Gail’s pair, the third unrestricted contact, was damaging to Gail’s sore laden breasts, now a collision, then lift then drop of her heavy breasts felt like wet sandbags on her chest tendons and muscles.

Gail is wincing , a tear welling up in both eyes, her cheeks redder as her breathing turns from steady to panting then huffing and now gasping, there is clear fear in her eyes as the pain is making it hard for her to go on.

Her husband blurting out a show of support, “cmon Gail you got this honey get her”, Gail looks as if she will openly cry. Pamela her face says it all she is hungry and now having that familiar taste of her prey hurt is ready to take it down, her husband seeing it as well, a nervous smile cheers out, “go get her babe, beat her tits and take it all”.

Pam as she slowly stalks the retreating Gail , grows a sneer, it clearly tells Gail her rival is going to attack and hard, Gail so desperately just wants to cup her breasts and take the heavy pain and discomfort off them even for a minute, but as her hands fall from her hair, Pam knows exactly what Gail needs to go on, she herself would love to support her own, but instead Pam as if fresh and ready, lunges to Gail.

Pam rushes her rival, her hands grab Gail’s hands, their palms seal as fingers interlock, though both push at the other to try to keep separation, Pam feeling stronger pushes Gail back till her legs stop the force retreat, but in doing so brings Pam in her space, their breasts again collide firmly, Gail again exhales a sign of pain.

Pam a smirk, uses her body strength to spread Gail’s arms with her own, the action drives their breasts together, Gail looks ready to cry, as Pam looks fuller , taller and stronger, their breasts seem to be wrestling between them as Pam looks in her rivals eyes and she growls a venomous hiss at her face.

Pam lip snarled, ‘I am going to bust your fat tits Bitch”, Gail tries to be defiant, “bring it on Bitch I’ll crush yours”, but even those looking on shake their heads in doubt, it is clear this fight is tilting to Pam.

Pam dragging her breasts across Gail’s at every angle waits to deliver the move she hopes and feels will end this fight, their dance again slow but no less firmer as the steady contact has their full, round breasts wrestling, like trapped water in a playable container, the fluid is having less and less room to shift to in its container and will need a way to either shift or explode free.

Both can feel the need for release, but seeing her rival hurt more than herself Pam, is setting up a move to finish her off, They are locked hand to hand, sweating and sore, swollen more and now in deep pain, the weight of their breasts is clearly taking a toll.

Pam slightly dips forward, Gail for a second feels she is still in the fight growls at Pam’s ear, “fight my tits”, but Pam’s  sweaty breasts smear under Gails and slowly lift then slide up through and between Gail’s, they spread Gails apart then plow with force upward higher, Gail feels a second of relief as her tits are supported but as Pam drives up, gravity takes over

 Gail’s breasts drop freely.  The weight of them fully on Gails chest and shoulders, a solid heavy CLOP rings out, Gail winces as her eyes shut and her head tilts back to the right, Aggggghhh “, but Pam isn’t done, she smears her tits on top of Gail’s, and now forces Gail to hold her breasts weight and now Pam’s weighted breasts.

Gail gasps, “ohhhh owwwww “, her shoulders droop inward making her breasts come closer together, her red face from exertion turns a sickly pale, her eyes go wide stunned at the weight she must endure, Bitch get off my tits” spits from her lips.

But the demand only drives Pamela more, she lets Gails tits take her weight then as Gail squirms and straightens up to make her rivals tits slip off her own Pamela sneers her plan working she is ready to end the fight and make Gail pay for challenging her.

Gail looking to set her breasts on top of Pam’s and make her endure arches up and back, her breasts lift and sway a bit, Pamela dips presses to Gail, her thick stiff nipples stab Gails skin, then as all watch, Pam thrusts up and in.

A loud sharp SMACK!!!, is heard, Gail tosses her head back shaking it no as she looks up at the sky, her mouth drops open, “AAAWWWW MY TITS!!!”,Pam hearing the weak hurt cry feels her hunger grow and growls, “I am gonna hurt you BITCH!”.

Pam starts to thrust her breasts up and in, pumping the soft undersides of Gail, over and over again the clopping causes a sloshing effect in Gails already sore swollen hurt breasts.

Pam glares at Gail as she has a tear slip from her eye and it runs down her cheek, “Give you Bitch or its gonna get worse, say it”, Gail shakes her head no, “ohhh god you Bitch my tits  ohh uggggmffff mdfff mdfff owwww”.

Pam as exhausted and aching manages a smile, “nmmmm want more ?”, Gails head shakes no quickly , “stop uuhhh”, Pam knows this fight is all but over, she smears her breasts on Gails till their nipples are nearly tip on tip, then adjusts her stance , her hands connected to Gail’s yank Gail to her, their breasts collide again and balloon nearly triple in size

Then Pam swelling her chest and breasts  her eyes a bright glisten , crushes head on into Gail’s, their breasts quake and bulge tightly like two water balloons ready to burst, as Pam pushes into Gail, Gail looks to step back but is stopped as Pam pulls her back in place by her hands, “ahah stay and fight Bitch” Pam hisses.

Gail looks away tears run, her eyes search for help but knows no help is coming, her lips tremble to not verbally submit as she sees her husbands eyes, they say it all, “you lost “, he turns his head in both pity and disappointment in her.

She catches a glimpse of Troy, his eyes wide and wild, a smile and a narrow of his brow as she hears him yell, “FINISH HER YOU GOT THIS”, the obvious pride, and admiration for Pam, she then looks between herself and Pam, their breasts so tight together and bellowing up, her deep ache a burning pain, red and bruise blotches litter her breasts flesh.

Like slow motion her eyes drift up and see Pam’s eyes the anger and desire to win beyond strong, she sees Pam is feeding on the pain, while her body is turning on her letting her pain devour her desire to win.

Pam then releases the mutual hand grip, her hands and arms slide around Gail and hug her tight, and lift upward, Gail feels and hear a click in her back as if her back was adjusted, her breasts now nearly flattened between them, her eyes glassy, her tears rolling freely, her mouth weakly dropped open, “STOP STOP” spews from her lips, but Pam wants to hear the words I give, so she starts to grind her tits in to Gails as she hugs her.

Hissing at Gail’s face, “Nmmm I am gonna let your baby feed on my tits then your man then you Bitch”, Gail pictures the image in her mind, her eyes close and her head nods, lips saliva dripping part, “OK OK I GIVE YOU WIN PLEASE STOP MY TITS HURT”.

But Pam pumps even firmer, “mff mfff mff give it up Cow”, and slowly all watching see it, milk is running down on Gails stomach, soaking her dress, the unmistakable wet slurping sucking sound rings out from between their breasts , Pam a satisfied smile as she sees her and Gail’s breasts shine in the milk.

Pam opens her arms and steps back, Gails instantly cups her hurt tits and drops on to her knees sobbing as her breasts continue to leak, Pam arms open smiling shimmies her weighted breasts and proudly displays her breasts, her husband raises her arm, ‘the CHAMP’.

Pam then looks down at Gail saunters behind her, her thighs widen and she slowly sinks till her ass sits on the lower back of Gail , Gail whimpers , No PLASE NO NOT MY MY MILK I GIVE PLEASE”, Pam wants her due she slaps Gail’s hands away and roughly slaps her hands onto Gail’s breasts and kneads, squeezes and works the already sore swollen breasts deeply with no care.

Gail openly cries, “GOD STOP please my tits ohhh ughh ughh stop”, but Pam smiles, “give it all Bitch and i stop”, Pam finally feeling Gail is done smears her wet hands on Gails face as she pushes her to the floor, she straddles her body, then demands the babies be brought over.

Each husband cradling a baby hands them to Pam, she pulls them near her thick stiff nipples and slowly each of their lips latches on, as the babies suckle Pam in pride looks down at the prone Gail.

She cries in hate , embarrassment, and defeat, “you Bitch” , Pam a smile, “what’s wrong bitch hmm?, your baby has a full tummy thanks to my tits”, Gail is red with embarrassment and shame, Pam then hands the babies back to her husband as she grabs Gail’s man, she pulls him to her and offers her tits to him, “nmmm taste my life and tits”, he does so and deeply awards Pam .

She then pushes him away looks down at Gail, “nmmm now you get a taste “, she cups them up together and lowers her breasts to Gail’s face, smearing her own milk on Gail she hisses to her, “open your mouth Bitch”, Gail wanting it all to end does so, Pam forces her nipples in Gails mouth, and forces her milk to fill it.

Gail swallowing as much as she can starts to gag and cough , she needs to get a breath but Pam presses down more, ‘SUCK IT UP’, Gails head tries to shake her legs kick, desperate her hands pull on Pams hair, her screams Welty muffled, Pam a smile fights the pull, “I’ll drown you bitch”.

Finally Pam is pulled up and off Gail, angered but accepting it she glares down at Gail her face red and soaked , milk over flows from her lips as she gags and coughs, Pam content she proved her self the better of them sauntered to one side and grabs Gail’s bra, then the other and grabs her own bra , she holds them up for all to see then fixes her dress and kisses her man then starts to walk toward her house.

Troy collects the money owed thanks all for coming then looks to James and Gail, “James get her dressed and out of here, Gail you will be fine but i wouldn’t ask for a rematch, goodnight” James stands with  one arm around Gail the other holding their baby, Gail cries openly as James walks her out to the car.

Troy enters their bedroom, Pam is peeling her wet dress off, Troy walks to her cups her breasts and sucks on them as he caresses them, Pam rolls her head in pleasure , “nmmmm more baby, “, Troy as he worships her breasts, “you should be a champion titfight dear”, Pam eyes flash open, “nmmmmmore , yes more fights i want it”.

After a needed hot shower Pam gets in bed and she and Troy cuddle, he makes sure she is ok, Pam tells him how sore she feels but she looks at him, “you know what would be so hot?, a underground fight club for busty women”, Troy gets super hard at hearing the idea Pam starts to suck on his hard manhood as Troy smiles he is formulating a way to make the club.

Chapter 4: More Parties

Pamela was relishing the unplanned duel she had with Gail, how she was able to soundly out match a woman not just equal but experienced, all with their husbands watching and others, she made herself known as a real threat. What she didn’t know was how well the guests who watched were going to spread her name and what took place, and how it would lead to others coming to see just how good she was.

A few weeks go by, Pamela is again so full the weight of her breasts are more than she could ever imagine, the stretch marks looked like claws had tore the flesh, the aureoles were protruding, and her dark pink nipples were so thick she couldn’t understand how her baby could fit the pegs in her tiny mouth.

Pamela began to realize after her duel with Gail and the look on her mans face at how firm her competition was, she had to keep her breasts in the firmest condition possible.  Troy spared no cost in the top gym equipment, and Pamela didn’t waste a second using the upper body equipment to firm up her chest and lift her heavy laden breasts, if anyone wanted a duel again Pamela was going to ready and confident her breasts were going to give the hardest fight they could.

Pamela was becoming more happy with the results, she could notice as did Troy, and she was telling herself how ready she was to match hers to any other pair, Troy saw the improvements and confidence in his wife, and how Pamela was pre making bottles from her breasts to purge less and be heavier and fuller, more than once Pamela was so full her fleshy globes looked as if they would explode open.

But nightly after her workouts Pamela would pose in her bedroom as Troy watched then she would climb up on her husband and make love to him, Troy would handle her breasts as if they would break not wanting her sore or hurt, but Pamela needed that deep ache her heavy breasts needed.

She knew why her man wasn’t working them as he use to and she herself couldn’t satisfy them with her own hands, she went to bed one night and as she pulled the covers up over her mountainous glands she said out loud, “I think i need another yard party babe”, Troy looks over, “you sure babe?”, she looks at him pulls the covers down, and smiles, “do i not look sure?”, Troy smirks and the lights go out.

The next morning Troy was making phone calls, he never had to ask anyone if their wife wanted to meet his, he simply left the door open on the possibility by saying “yes my wife will be there and entertaining all offers”.

After the last party it didn’t take long for the rumors of Pamela to be true, Pamela never knew who was invited or wanted to attend, she never spoke with any other women, she simply had one job, take care of their baby, her home and herself, if the challenge she secretly wanted came she would accept and risk the reputation she was making for herself.

The night of the party Pamela spent more time inside getting ready, she wanted everything perfect, she had no hint from Troy anyone was here to take her on, she felt disappointment but kept hopes something would come from this get together.

Pamela wore a floral thin strap dress, the chest area had buttons that she couldn’t button all the way but she didn’t want to, so her bra cups were in view and her ridging veins that mapped her stretched breast flesh were over flowing the cups the straps stretched to limits.

Pamela brushed her hair back tight and up her long neck and broaden shoulders and upper chest showed her strength,  her heeled sandals tied up her ankle, her bare legs flexing with each slow step, as she joined the party, the moon and the flames of tiki torches seem to shine off her stretched tight round flesh, the slow firm jostle showed how tight and full and firm they were.

Every eye followed her till finally she reached Troy, she takes his arm and slowly the introductions start, but as Pamela smiles softly every man and woman there studies her swelling breasts and try to picture them against any other woman’s as long as they were capable.

Pamela as she quietly made the rounds with her husband let her eyes search the guests for any woman sizing her up, but as she looked about there was no one looking ready nor were sizable enough to give her a worry, she wanted this but she was prouder none showed, or had they.

The party was going on for an hour, many of the guests were returning from last party and a few others first time, all were looking Pamela over and nodding at how they can see how she beat Gail , apparently Gail was known and was known for never losing, Pamela smiles to herself that she destroyed that reputation and took it for herself, then as Pamela was ready to go purge positive no one was coming, from the shadows entered a couple.

The man was handsome a bit older than Troy but carried himself with the wealth he had, but the woman on his arm certainly caught Pamela’s eye, she was a blonde woman her arms carried a baby, and her tight sun dress was straining to hold her heavy round laden breasts in.

The two women lock eyes as the couple pass her, she lets her eyes graze over the blondes swelling bust, but the blonde allows her eyes to gaze as well, each taking in as much as they can in the brief passing.

Pamela breathes in slow full breath she tells herself that must be who is here to face me, but she isn’t about to presume either and make a fool of her husband, Pamela steps in the house and takes the baby from the nanny, she returns to the yard and slowly walks about, showing the baby off in pride but more making it clear this is her yard.

The night moves along slow and slowly Pamela sees the blonde is whispering with her man as both look her way, there is nodding, head shaking and a lot of wide eye and narrow glaring from both toward her.   Pamela just smiles and enjoys the fact either the blonde or her man are concerned about taking on Pamela at least she felt so, not a word or attempt to chat was made since their arrival and Troy spent almost no time with them.

A few couples start to leave the party as it gets later and Pamela is wondering if nothing is coming of tonight’s festivities, she stands up and steps to Troy to give the baby a kiss goodnight she was going to bring her in for the night.

The  couple see things are about to end before they begin, the man stands and hurries over to Pamela and Troy, he excuses himself and then shakes troy’s hand, “ I am Markus Thank you for the invite Troy it was most generous of you, i was wondering if now would be ok to discuss some shall we say personal business?”.

Troy looks at him he has no real idea who he is but as the man looks to the blonde then Pamela and raise a brow Troy instantly knows why he is here, “oh of course how silly of me i been so busy running about forgive me Markus i was told you might be here tonight”, Marcus a smile, “ no worries Troy it is never to late to let these matters take place, so might i ask how much you would like to wager tonight?’’.

Troy looks at the big breasted blonde then Pamela he sees she is a very capable woman, Pamela as she slowly sways her baby is staring at the blonde who sways her baby and stares right back, both want to compare and the blonde wants to put Pamela in her place her eyes read it like a book.

Troy has to have concern for Pamela naturally but more he has confidence she can live up to her claim that she never loses, and he sees the blonde stand swaying her baby and it is clear she will claim the same or she wouldn’t be here waiting this long.

Troy holds a finger to Marcus “give me one second”, he nods of course take your time”, Troy steps to Pamela, “well looks like this will be later than not at all, you still feel ready to meet her and you know…”, Pamela cuts him off, “titfight her?, i can’t wait”, Troy breathes in “ok then I’ll get this going”.

The men discuss the wager and it is the same as her last meeting, he and Marcus shake hands as well as show the money they have then each walks to his wife and they slowly walk them towards the other.

Troy clears his throat, “Marcus i would like to introduce my wife Pamela”, he smiles at her ,”my pleasure dear, and i would like you to meet mine this is Anna, Anna Meet Troy”.

Troy returns the smile and sentiment then Troy and Marcus ease away leaving the two women alone to chat as they will, Anna is 5’10” 148 and a swelling laden firm 40E-28-36 her blonde hair was like an Asians straight and long and heavy but like silk it hung to her mid back, her blue eyes were almond shaped and a bright blue her cheeks were sharp and defined, she stares at Pamela who stares back it is clear the sizing up was in full swing when her full lips part and she says to Pamela, “We should see about feeding the babies so we won’t we be interrupted” her voice low and soothing but the accent a hint of what sounded like Russian was heavy.

Pamela breaths in and replies as softly , ‘I agree join me over by the pergola and we can begin”, Anna nods and both women slowly make their way to the lit pergola, the other people still lingering about smile and walk over to watch from a close yet uninvolved distance.

Pamela and Anna sit on patio chairs that are facing in to the other and each adjusts her posture and the baby, Pamela softly, ‘Would you care to begin since you are challenging?”, Anna nods, “ i would love to”.

Anna eases her dress strap down and reveals her bra and she traces her fingers lazily over the delicate cup as her nipple already stiff gets more aroused and stiffens further, Troy can see the blondes nipple is thicker before they even compare fully, he swallows as he wonders if Pam noticed.

Her fingers tug the cups panel and the flap eases down exposing her thick stiff brownish pink nipple and her cone shaped aureola, her fingers surround the perimeter of it and pinch as they pull and stretch it a bit then as she runs them along the shaft of her nipple releases and shows Pamela how firmly both snap back to attention. She doesn’t even make an attempt to feed her baby she simply nods at her man who comes to stand beside her and she purrs to Pamela, “think you can match me?”.

 Pamela stares coldly and she eases her strap down then does the same with bra’s cup panel, and exposes her slightly thinner stiff thick nipple and more robust aureola , her finger tips tease both then pinch and stretch them till they snap back to attention then she softly purses back, “oh i know i can, question is are you ready to take on mine”.

Anna stares as coldly and hands her baby off to her husband who cradles her and eases her in to the seat to sleep as this match will go on, Pamela nods to Troy who does the same, Anna stands and eases off her other dress strap then smooths it to her waist , her arms pull in and cause her round swollen laden breasts to swell closer together, but they hold firmly in place showing all it will take some doing to shift her weighted breasts.

Her hands caress around them and then her hands lift as she shows how they lift up and out a gentle shimmy shows all there is nearly no movement her eyes bore into Pamela’s, “i am going to crush your tits and then milk you then make you drink my milk and feed your child, you are no match for me”.

Pamela stands up now and slowly eases her dress  to her waist then releases her bra, her breasts swell out and seem to fill more, the veins darken as she exposes them, a few who are here to watch recall how impressive Pamela looked and fought last time they were here.

Her fingers slowly dance across and around her breasts then up and over head, they lift up and out and draw closer together but the shift is firm and subtle, she does the same slow shimmy then rolls her shoulders back to broaden her chest, “ after i crush your tits and milk you i will feed your child then i will drown you in the rest of milk, your the one who is no match here”.

The gauntlet has been thrown down and the glares these two mothers and wife’s stare is one of contempt for the other, tensions are high despite the eerie silence they share then Pamela about to ask Anna to step to the side to start gets interrupted by the blonde, she steps to Pamela they nearly touch breasts but do not. Their breathing gets a bit fuller and all watching wonder if this will be more than what they expect.

Pamela breathes in, “something on your mind before we start ?’, Anna breathes in , “yes i want to show i am superior and i will start by hurting your nipples with my own”, before Pamela can reply Anna arches her bust out and a slow sway shows her stiff nipples contact Pamelas and then catches them their breathing causes a sawing effect then she flicks hers by Pamela’s.

Pamela feeling the arousing yet aching electric spark swallows a panting reaction, her entire body feels a wave of goose bumps, Anna stands chin up, “well are you going to accept my challenge or give now?”, Pamela breathes in, “oh I accept”, she then stares ahead and dabs her nipples tips at Anna’s then with a swipe motion slides hers along Anna’s shafts and then jabs the tips into Anna’s aureoles, the tips slightly dimple the tight flesh then she saws them to anna’ shafts and flicks back.

Pamela had to swallow a breath in fear her reaction would seem weak, Anna lets her nostrils flare at the return move, Pamela purrs, ‘well still want to fight my nipples first?”, Anna squares to Pamela, and they rub tips on tips and she looks Pamela up and down with disregard , “ oh i do and i will invert yours as they watch then we will go tit to tit till mine crush yours agree?’.

Troy nervous as he no idea this was coming wants to stop it all but instead Pamela a smirk at Anna, “I accept but inverted or not my tits are going to devour yours lets step to where we can fight”, anna smirks, “lead the way”.

Pamela turns and the two women step onto a wooden deck low to the ground and the lounge chairs are now moved to form a ring at her request, Troy never having done this before is sweating with nerves he won’t say so but his mind is screaming for his wife to not fight Anna she just looks to firm heavy and strong.

Anna steps in the small square and her husband rubs her arms as she stands waiting, Troy does the same to Pamela and whispers to her ear, “Never lose Baby remember “, the men step away and they and the rest form a second square as they watch.

Pamela and Anna are now left to settle it, Anna abruptly asks, “are we ready to duel now?”, Pamela licks her lips, ‘Lets Do it”. They step closer and the gap between them goes from a couple feet to inches, they now glare as they circle slow and their stiff nipples seem to stretch out to make contact.

Pamela and Anna take that last inch towards the other, their textured nipples make contact, both seem to breath in at the touch then Pamela says, “lets see who is stronger”, anna smiles, ‘Give now” , Pamela scoffs but the reaction is cut short when Anna tightens her chest and jams her nipples head on into Pamela’s.

Pamela should have been ready yes but the sudden emphasis on what is normally a slow and timid contest stunned all but none more than Pamela, her nipples nearly get driven back into her aureoles and she has to actually ease back a step, her calves bump a lounger and her shoulders roll back, Anna a sneer  just steps after her rival, ‘cmon you weak bitch fight ”.

Pamela was taken back by Anna’s aggressive start, normally. a nipple duel is competitive but arousing and slow, Anna however was coming on like this was the main event, Pamela swipes left then right to avoid being inverted and embarrassed , she tries to move to her right but anna grabs her hip and pushes her where she started, “your not running from my fight are you weak Bitch?”.

 Pamela is still off guard as if she has no idea what to do when Anna stabs her nipples into Pamela’s aureoles, they dimple the puffed round crowns, Pamela not hurt but feels the discomfort then feels Anna drag and draw her nipples across her breasts till she feels the shafts of Pamela’s and she starts to saw her shafts to them, Pamela breathes in a full pant, “Ohhh bitch”, Anna smirks, “ your no challenge cow give now and I will make sure your child has plenty of my milk”.

The taunt and insult scorns Pamela, she is being dismissed by this new rival before the real duel/fight starts, she tightens her own chest and now starts to swipe and flick her nipples at Anna’s , “cmon you bitch I’ll rip your nipples off before they touch my babies lips”, Anna curls a lip, “when you are woman enough to really fight call me Cow for now let me play”.

Anna starts to flick and swipe back, they roughly dig, jab and flick, nipples seem to have gotten longer from the constant contact and now both women feel that deep itching ache in their nipples from it and each swipe makes them more and more sensitive to contact.

The subtle duel seems to be a stand still and as the two women continue to flick and swipe their nipples now swell and turn a lighter pink raw look, Anna still being the aggressor purses her lips, the ache and sensitive pain growing , but Pamela is contorting her face at the more delicate feeling caused by the contact.

It is easy to see by any there she doesn’t want the contact, she is looking for a way to break the steady rhythm and ease the growing pain, her lighter nipples get redder and she starts to wince at her every contact, she even tries to side step and get Anna to circle so her swipes are less effective, but Anna is a fighter as well and knows the tricks.

She steps and cuts off Pamelas every attempt and she starts to stab her nipples head on, ‘hurts yes bitch? Nmmm  feel ready for more hmm?, cmon Bitch fight harder make me give. NO? hmm why so quiet?”, Anna then steps a bit closer to Pamela she grabs her by the shoulders and Pamela sucks in a deep breath, Troy a worried look now, “Cmon Pamela fight”, Pamela stares a bit feared, “BITCH”, Anna drags her nipples around Pamelas “I think it is time you give up”.

 Anna lines up tip on tip and then smiling looks in Pamela’s eyes and pulls her in, as she drills her nipples into Pamelas “Yes feel mine hmm? Cmon fight or give in “, slowly Pamela feels her shoulders droop and pull in, her breasts get trapped between her arms and Anna takes a deep inhale swelling her tits and uses that to help her nipples press into her rivals.

The women stare one in doubt and other in confidence, the men and others see slowly the two sets of aureoles come closer together till finally they bump, then as Anna tilts her head back with a laugh, Pamelas head tilts back with a howl, ‘UUUhhh ohhh”.

Anna holds the position and like a evil master mind continues to press and work her nipples to Pamela’s, “you feel it Bitch hmm? your nipples are sunken in your not even giving me a fight”, Pamela can feel it,  its a feeling once it happens you never forget it, her eyes get a little glassy and as all watch a sheen of white juice starts to coat both their aureoles, Anna purrs, “nmmm my nipples are milking yours, you won’t have enough to fight my tits wanna give now hmm?”.

Pamela can see the doubt and shock in Troys eyes but if she is going to fight this woman she has to admit now her nipples lost, “Uughhh OK OK I GIVE STOP I AM DONE”, Anna gives along slow press then shoves Pamela back a step, so confident of herself Anna steps back and proudly poses her nipples tenting out like steel pegs,  her hands pinch and roll them, as the others stare stunned as Pamela’s nipples are sunken into her aureoles and the tips are only seen and the light colored sheen is pooling from them.

Pamela gasps, “uuhhh you BITCH MY NIPPLES”, it hurts that Pamela has to work the tips of her aureoles and coax her now sensitive and sore nipples back out and make them stiff, her shoulders droop forward she works them, Anna watches a smirk, “Hold on Bitch i want my reward for beating you now”, Pamela snarls “ you don’t go near my baby Bitch”, Anna caresses her heavy round tits slow, “nmm no not yet but i will soon, no for now you will worship my nipples get on your knees cow”.

Pamela has to comply, as she sinks to her knees Troy is forced to hand 5K to Marcus, who takes it and says to Troy, ‘I am sorry about this but my Anna never loses a fight to another woman, especially these kinds”.

Pamela feeling humiliated and angered kneels and Anna hikes her hem so her thighs can widen she steps over Pamela forcing her her to look up, then slowly lowers her breasts down till her stiff nipples poke at Pamela’s lips, her hands rest on the lounger and she makes the weight of her heavy laden breasts pin Pamela’s head back on the lounger, she smiles as she feels the warm wet lips on her nipples, “nmm now you suck on my nipples Bitch till i say do it or i will smother you till your unconscious “.  Pamela eyes welling up opens her mouth wide, Anna pulls her arms in closer forcing her breasts to gather together and her nipples close as well, she dips them like tea bags in the open mouth, “nmmm do it you weak Bitch”.

Pamela closes her lips on the stiff shafts and her mouth starts to suck and draw on the aureoles and nipples, “uhhh yes thats it bitch nmmm make them stiffer cmon taste my milk it is so sweet you will want more cow”.

Anna smiles wickedly, and her hips and ass sway as she is bent over her rival, her heavy tits press down on Pamela’s face and to be able to breath Pamela has to tilt her head back and soon can not tilt back anymore.  Anna feels the stop and now as her breasts glisten and her milk oozes into Pamela’s mouth she pulls her arms in tighter to trap Pam’s head in place, her breasts engulf the face and her milk starts to fill the mouth faster than Pamela can swallow.

Pamela starts to gag and cough on the milk, her hands slap and tap on Anna’s bare back, but Anna just smiles, “i am going to drown you in my milk Bitch”, Pamela eyes flash wide she can’t breath and the milk is over flowing her mouth, she can’t swallow fast enough she is being drowned, finally as she gags heavy, and spasms Anna smears her wet breasts on her rivals wet face and lifts up, she smiles hands on hips and glares down.   Pamela  holds her throat and milk still spews from her gagging open coughing mouth.

 Troy is turning pale and doesn’t know if he should step in, the onlookers are all wide eye as they just saw Pamela who never loses get systematically devoured in her own yard, and with a titfight still to come, they start rethinking who to bet on, Marcus steps to Troy, “uhmm so Troy are you sure your wife can go on?, i would hate to take your money if she can not even give my Anna a decent fight”.

Troy looks at Pamela then Marcus, ‘I need 5 minutes to get her under control ok she’s choking”, Marcus nods ‘I Agree tend to her, 5 minutes then they fight or its over agree?”, Troy nods and grabs Pamela and walks her to the house to clear her throat and stop gagging.

Troy rubs her back, “ babe what happened you barely were in that fight?”, Pamela face red eyes watery, “i.i.i am not sure Troy, it was as if i wasn’t even trying , nothing i did effected her nipples they were like steel, but yet gave a bit i never seen or felt that”, he tells her its ok, “listen baby i am going to call this off, your not ready to fight her”, Pamela sucks in a deep breath then spits out , she looks at Troy, “ Don’t you dare, unless you have lost faith in me then i will just hand her my bra now”.

Troy is lost in his decision “Pamela its not that at all I don’t want to see you get hurt, i don’t wanna see you crushed or milked or your confidence broken, i have seen those other women’s eyes when you make them give, i don’t want that on you”.  Pamela breathes in , “tell me something Troy if i had lost to your little bitch in college would you and i even be a thing right now?”, Troy gets frustrated, “Troy my darling face it , if you can say we would be i give up right now, but if you can be honest and admit had i lost that night this wouldn’t be happening, so do i just walk away?, or do i go out back fight that cow and at the very least save my self respect”.

Troy shakes his head, “this is your call i can’t take the responsibility of you losing and she nurses our baby as you watch, or the fall out from that emotionally on you, i believe in you i do but this time it has to be your call”. Pamela steps to him kisses him and smiles, “if i wasn’t ready to lose now and then i would never had agreed to start this life style, but i don’t lose or plan to, now take me back outside and let me fight that cow”.

Troy takes her by the arm and hand, they walk out slowly together, Marcus lifts his brows as it looks clear to him Pamela isn’t backing down, Anna looks at Pamela and scoffs, “I have a lot more milk to drown your wife with”, Pamela smirks, “you have anything to say Cow you say it to me, its you and i fighting tonight my man”.

The onlookers are all a bit shocked and gather back around, Pamela steps back inside the ring of lounge chairs on  the deck, she looks at Anna, “well are we going to settle this or not?’, Anna kisses her man and steps up with Pam, they set their round breasts out and hands go on hair, Pamela hisses, ‘Fight”, Anna hisses “Fight”.

The two mothers step to each other and their firm laden breasts collide head on, the CLOP was dense and full, neither women bats an eye as they drive, smear and drag their breasts into and across the others.

Grunting as the fight starts Anna loses her smirk that this will be easy as Pamela grits her teeth at how much harder it will be with her nipples so sore but she refuses to let Anna win easily it is going to be a fight.

The slow dragging and pumping clops start to get firmer and louder and slowly they turn to Claps and SLAPS as the two women jab, bump, sway and grind their breasts into the others firmer and with more passion than any yet.

Anna is looking confident and as they drive their breasts into each other’s, she is shifting and stepping a lot less, Pamela is clearly working harder, and the onlookers who are paying to see this duel are not disappointed as Pamela is driving hard into Anna wanting her to hurt and feel this fight, she grunts a bit, “Cmon uhnn uhnn uhn Bitch fight my tits”, Anna is just starting to huff, and crashes her breasts head onto Pamela’s, ‘Mffmffi am right here Bitch cmon my tits want a hard fight bring it”.

Troy is holding his hands over his mouth he is praying his wife can break this woman, but as he watches she is being pushed all over her own chest, Marcus arms folded in front of him looks as if he is just waiting for Anna to put her rival down and finish her off.

But as Anna goes at Pamela he can see Anna is working harder to make any move she uses and the effects are not as solid as normal,  though no one else can be sure as they never saw her before, but it is on her face she is breathing heavier than when it started.

She side steps with Pamela and then times a barrage that everyone could feel as they watch. She steps to Pamelas right, Pamela snarls, “Stop running from my tits Bitch”, Anna wasn’t running she plants her right heel, and turns her shoulders, in the frenzy Pamela thinks she steps away again, she goes after Anna, but Anna was waiting for her mistake .

As Pamela inhales and pushes her breasts outward and goes to drag across Anna, Anna swings with a snapping flash her tits back, her shoulders carry the weighted breasts and the noise comes as they collide, SMACK!!!.

Pamela stiffens her body as Anna’s breasts collide and crush into the sides of Pamela’s,  her mouth drops open at her full on rushing effect, and the quake and rattle after that cause her breasts to jostle up and across.

Pamelas eyes water up instantly, she can only try to turn from the initial collision, her legs tangle under her and her torso kept turning away, the effect makes her stagger and then drop on her hands and knees.

Anna breathes in heavy, the move had an effect on her breasts as well but the level of force carried into Pamela’s breasts was brutal. She coughs as she lands on all fours, her breasts hang and there is a clear red blotch on the side of Pamelas breast wall like a fist hit, as she pants and gasps, her breasts swell and lower with her breathing, a tear runs from her eyes and drops, she was hurt deep and all could see it and clearly heard it.

Anna squares to the front of Pamela thighs apart hands on hair as she looks down at Pamela, “get up you fucking bitch and fight, i wanna hurt your tits more stand up “.

Pamela wants to cup her breasts but refuses to she arches her back and sits up on her haunches, her breasts redder than initially thought to be, she looks up at her rival who sneers, “I told you bitch my tits never lose, give or get up and fight “.

Pamela looks about she sees the faces of those who bet on her shake their heads no , everyone is counting her out, even she pauses to get up wondering if she can fight this woman more. Anna sways her hips and sways her heavy breasts, ‘Stop resting you little Bitch get up and fight like a woman”.

Pamela nods and uses her hands on her thighs and knees to stand up, everyone’s eyes widen and Anna smirks, Pamela slowly sucks in a deep breath she shimmies her breasts to show she can and not screech in pain, but she is swollen and sore, there is no hiding that.

Her hands go to her hair and she and Anna again square up as they circle and then are ready to come together again.  Anna gives a more free sway of her breasts, and taunts, “Cmon little girl fight a real woman’s tits you weak Cow”. Pamela breathes in she knows Anna is more than she was ready for but she was going to give this rival a fight no matter what.

The two women close the small gap again and this time equally crush together head on, their heavy large breasts CLOP firmly together and the rounded shapes now bulge into odd off set shapes as each presses, pushes, smears and pumps into her rivals.

Anna  can feel her rival wants a fight, she shakes her head at the aggressive restart, then slowly as their fleshy globes collide and drag and continue to have contact eases back a step at the heavy assault.

Pamela is pushing, dragging, pumping, her heavy breasts jostle after every contact, everyone watching can see the strain on the upper chest muscle now as the women gulp and pant.

Pamela huffs “Ughhh cmon bitch fight my tits ohh uumfff”, Anna is getting hurt, “ohh uggg mffff mfffff mffff uughhh oh you Bitch i am going to hurt you”.  The heavy dense colliding becomes thicker sounding, the breasts get redder, the two combatants step about the deck trapped in side a square set of lounge seats.

Anna’s calves feel the rail of a longe chair behind her ,Pamela sees it and she uses her shoulders swings her heavy breasts upward from the side, a solid dense SLAPPPP rings out. Pamela winces at the contact, but Anna gets straightened up and is shoved, her legs can’t back up and she falls back on the lounger then nearly over it.

A few women gasp as the fall looked painful, Pamela her breasts red  rise and fall fast holds her own hair snarls a growl, “get up BITCH FIGHT MY TITS!!!”. Pamela paces by the lounger waiting to see if the fight will go on.

The fight is going on 45 minutes now and their breasts are hurting , red and swollen but neither woman is willing to just let the other have a win , she who ever it is will work for it to the last second.

Anna rolls from the hard lounger, she gets on her knees and waits to see if she is hurt to badly to go on, after a few breaths she nods to her husband, “help me up i can fight”.
 Troy huffs to Pamela, “stop playing with her babe go after her and beat her already she wants more”, Pamela swallows as she growls to her husband , “oh so do i”.

Anna does one last check of her body and breasts then steps back in the crude ring, she grabs her hair and glares at Pamela, a slow shimmy she hisses, “Cmon BITCH TIT to TIT center floor till one of us can’t fight anymore”.

Pamela breaths in she knows this duel is going to become harsh, she steps center floor with a sexy shimmy back, “put em up Bitch lets go “.

Slowly as the women step like slow motion boxers their heavy full breasts a heavy gentle bounce and sway then they come together and hard. The combined collision of their meaty breasts fills the yard, they both grunt, and growl, spit and hiss as they use their breasts like boxers punching away.

Both women grunt and start to wince a bit, their sore swollen laden breasts are red and black and blue as they sway their breasts and make hard unguarded contact, the sweaty flesh a thwacking sticky pounding.

Anna and Pamela look tied and both are red in the face and sweating, hair getting flat as their flesh gets a pale red clammy feel. Pamela is pumping and pounding her breasts left to right as she goes at Anna harder and faster, “uummmmfff ummfff ummff BITCH CMON FIGHT MY TITS”.

Anna is feeling her rival its starting to hurt more, Anna’s husband wide eye now, “Damn it Anna enough finish her she is to strong”. Troy on the other side, “Go get her baby you got this hurt her break her cmon”.

Then it is Anna who seems to be hurting , she presses into Pamela and almost seems to rest her breasts against Pamela’s,  they both welcome the break though it is small as they grind their breasts and they lean together, Anna hisses at her rivals ear, “I am going to put you away Bitch”, Pamela huffs, “try it then Bitch if you could have you would have”.

They see saw side to side and about,  skin becomes tacky from the humid night air and others sweaty form, then as Pamela tries to bully her breasts up between Anna’s , it is Pam who was playing possum.  She waits as Anna’s  breasts to lift between her own then she unleashes on Pamela.

Pam snaps her shoulders hard each way, “MFF MFF MFF BITCH!!”, her heavy breasts batter Anna’a between her own then Anna pulls away , her breasts loosely sway, Pamela is like a mad dog seeing blood, she rushes Anna, their breasts SMASH head on.

Anna GASPS, “AAAGHHHH BITCH”, Markus screams in, “Get away from her”, Pam snarls, “your done Bitch”, anna feels the lounger at her calves, she widens her eyes, like slow motion Pamela is in front of her, Pam dips then snaps her body upright to attention.

SMACKKKKKK SMACK SMACK!!!!!!, rings out hard and clean, a scream , “AWWWWWW MY TITS NOOO”, Anna is rocked upright.  Before she can fall back on the chair Pam grabs her by the hips and starts to pump in and up harder and continuously , “FEEL my tits now you Bitch hmm cmon whore fight me now bring it”.

Anna can feel her tits get looser, her eyes well up and tears stream her lips tremble as she tries to push Pam away but it was useless.  Pam spins her and then proceeds to use her breasts to batter the raw undersides of Anna, slowly all watching see the white streaks making both sets of breasts glisten but as Pam pumps up and in, it is clear the milk is being pounded from Anna’s breasts.

Her head thrown back she weeps as she shakes her head no, she has stopped fighting, her body stiffens in pain and embarrassment, her lips tremble tills she says it, “PLEASE STOP I GIVE I GIVE ENO YOU WIN”.

Pam a sexy sinister grin presses head on again a now rows her breasts all over Anna’a pushing them with ease now as more and more milk soaks their torsos, Pam hisses at her rivals face, get on the floor Bitch i am taking my reward “.

Pam steps back and Anna slips to her knees, her breasts bright red and swollen and soaked, she rolls on her hip crying then Pam tired of waiting shoves her by the shoulder down, “NOW BITCH!!”.

Pam straddles while standing over the downed Anna she lowers her body while hiking the wet hem of her dress and places her wet bare pussy on Anna’s face, as she looks down over her swollen dripping breasts she smiles and demands both babies in her arms.

She purrs down to Anna, “pleasure me Bitch while they feed”, Anna crying opens her mouth and starts to lick and eat Pam, as Pam rocks her hips she presses each baby to her thick strong wet nipples, they each latch on and she rolls her body slowly to Anna’a tongues rhythm, “nmmm nnmmm deeper cunt make me cum”.

The babies suck on the thick nipples as Pam starts to roll her head “uuhnn uhnnn yesss i am gonna cum ohhh you are good at eating pussy Bitch nmmmmyess yess cummming ohhh take the babies i am cumming”.

Pam closes her eyes and has her orgasm, her hips buck in a spasm, then she cups her tits and stares at Anna, “open wide Bitch i am gonna drown you”. Anna tears running  opens her mouth as Pam lowers her body and breasts, her nipples stab inside her open mouth then  starts to squeeze her tits , “uuhnnmmm suck them Bitch take it all”.

Anna tears running sucks hard at the twin nipples, milk is filling her mouth faster than she can swallow, she starts to gag but Pam  just shoves the breasts in more, “nmmm drink it Bitch cmon”.

Anna eyes wide as she can’t take a full breath as milk over flows her mouth, running out and down her face then she gags deeper, “uuhhh cough cough gag”. Finally as she slaps at Pam’s back Pam lifts off and hands to hips looks down at Anna, her fingers trace her breasts as she smiles down, “nmmmm you made me a lot of money tonight cow, i am so willing to fight you and your tits again you say when and where I’ll be there”.

Troy  helps her from the now wet deck, she smiles hands over head at all and shimmies her breasts then pulls her dress up and takes the bras, Troy takes the baby and the money as the couple walk out of the yard.

Anna lays on the wood deck looking up at the stars, Marcus shocked and unsteady walks over, “Anna are you ok?’, she stares up, “I lost Marcus, my tits never lose but tonight i was beaten up, not just beaten i was hurt and pounded into surrender..ME! Anna I NEVER LOSE”.

As couples shake their heads and leave Marcus lifts her by the back and head, he cradles her as she weeps her breasts loose and wet, dripping more the perfect round shape broken from weakened muscle and tendons and the weight almost gone, her hands lift them as she weeps.

“Look what she did to my tits Marcus the best around, i want to fight her again i need to beat her i can’t be remembered as this please”, Marcus consoles her, “ok ok baby but you have a lot of healing to do then you can”.

Chapter 5: A New Rival More Mature Emerges

Days after the horrific fight in the yard, Pamela is still sore and swollen, the baby was feeding but her breasts and nipples were aching deep.

Pam was ready to cry nothing could be said to make her feel better about nearly losing, she was so confident she would easily beat Anna but as she reflects she can almost feel every collision from Anna’s breasts and as her fingers trace her breasts the bruises help remind her more.

Pamela did what she could to speed up the healing and even held her milk in as long as she could to get a heavier fuller feel, she was being driven internally to be ready to face Anna again, no matter what she thought of her ,Pam couldn’t deny she fought fair and was stronger, firmer and heavier than she anticipated .

Not a day went by Pamela didn’t ask or remind Troy to get a hold of Marcus and arrange another yard party, but what little replies Troy received from Marcus were that Anna is holding a few fights herself on a yacht in Greece, she is fighting bustier opponents to get ready for Pam again.

It was burning Pamela, she had no idea how after such a torrid fight Anna was back at it, Pam chalked it up to either Anna was toying with her, or she was fighting hurt to toughen up.

A few more weeks had gone by and it was clear that Anna wasn’t hurrying back she was tending to other commitments, Pamela had to accept it but inside she  would be ready the second she was told it was set up.

Pamela was being a good mom, she was working out again and her breasts were filling so much more  fuller and heavier yet firmer, she was becoming as obsessed as she was before college.
Troy was loving her improved look as well and the couple were talking about maybe a second child, Pamela wasn’t sure, she liked the idea  yet her mind turned to timing, what if the fight with Anna was going to happen as she was pregnant, there would be no way she could.

In the meantime Troy was doing business on the road, he was in a bar with a gentleman that if he was to get as a client would mean some extra time off, as they sat at the bar talking and a few to many drinks later, Troy let it slip on how he met his wife, the real story.  As he did unaware  a couple a few seats down that heard the entire story then a few details about how the little game carried past college.

Troy was able to talk the client into one more meeting before deciding, the client went to bed looking happy, Troy stayed at the bar to finish his drink.

That’s when he made a new contact he wasn’t expecting, the couple were a little shy but after what they heard had to try, they ease along the bar to Troy and the man excuses himself and offers to get Troy a drink if he would give them a few minutes of his time.

Troy didn’t see a reason not to he agreed and the 3 of them went to a booth to chat, the man called himself Jerry, he was a great guy and always had a smile and joke to ease tensions, Troy thought what a perfect businessman’s approach.

Jerry went on to say, “hey listen all kidding aside, and please don’t think it rude, we couldn’t help over hearing your conversation with that other guy”, Troy forgetting what he told the man, nods, “i am sure you know Jerry business is a lonely bitch at times”.

Jerry smiled, “well yeah but thats not what we wanted to discuss with you”, Troy looks at them a bit confused, “then what Jerry?”, Jerry clears his throat, “Well before. I Go on please this is my wife Kim”, Troy partially stands and nods as she smiles.

Troy sits again looks at both “so what’s up guys?”, Jerry takes a sip, “well the truth is Troy my Kimberly here is into the same thing you and your wife are, that is she likes to meet other moms and prove she is best”.

Troy looks about as if this is a set up, “who are you two seriously?”, Jerry looks to Kim who smiles and pats his arm, “maybe it is best i talk to you”, Troy nods and Kim a smile a mile wide, “well see Troy we over heard you tell that other guy about the extra curricular things your wife does and how you set it up and well are making it something larger”.

Troy nods, “yeah i mean it sounds silly coming from me i am sure, but my wife never loses, well she hasn’t yet but that woman nearly broke her my wife wants a rematch, but its a long way off”.

Kim squirms in her seat, ‘well Troy as it so happens i have been known to partake in those very same shall we say games?”, Troy looks at her, his eyes scan down but the dress she has on hides her bountiful bust she sees his eyes are curious so she lifts her head and purrs, “your wondering how i would match up aren’t you Troy ?”.

He nods “yeah well i mean my wife and i just had a baby a few months ago and she is lactating a lot and she is really heavy and full and firm, i mean this loss last fight was barely won by her  they fought for over 45 minutes”.  Troy felt telling this woman who looked a bit older that, she should reconsider, instead Kim smirks, “thats all?, i guess your wife and this other woman are new to this style hmm?”.

Troy looks at her confused as Jerry snickers, “Troy my boy my Kim here has lasted over an hour plus and to utter exhaustion…no pun intended”, Kim breaths in, “Jerry enough jokes this is serious time”. She looks at Troy again and reaches up behind her neck she undoes her dress button and checks to be sure no one is looking and lowers it.

Troy watches then his eyes go wide as she bares her braless breasts, veiny round and full, stretch marks but other wise flawless, she cups and massages them for Troy then lets each drop and purrs, “if your wondering I am 5’9” 140 and these are 40E-28-38 hope your wife can match up”, she returns her dress back in place.

Kim raises a brow at Troy, “ i think we can agree now i am more than capable and have what it takes don’t you agree Troy darling?”, Troy a bit stunned mutters , “uhmm Kim no offense please but my Pamela is only 30 and your what..”, Kim inhales, “i am 45 Troy and i bet in better shape then she is and yes these are real and so heavy”.

Troy looks at both “ok you look amazing but honestly Kim, Jerry 15 year difference i mean guys”, Kim nods at Jerry and glares at Troy, Jerry reaches in his bag and takes out 10 grand in 100’s and drops it on the table, Kim smiles and purrs, “I think you can agree we are serious and if thats not enough to get your wife and i together we have another 5 in our room”.

Troy wipes his lips his mind races, on one hand he is positive Pamela would devour Kim, but as he looks at her confidence and after seeing her heavy bust he knows a loss to an old mom would destroy Pam, Kim so wanting this asks, “what is it Troy? Are you worried she isn’t good enough now?”.

Troy searches for a reply, “No not at all, i mean well everyone fears that right no, i am concerned that Pamela is a fairly new mom still and well your..”, Kim cuts him off and takes out her phone and shows Troy a picture of her with a baby, “Troy thats our son Wade he is the same age as your daughter, at my age it was a risk but i am a fairly new mother as well so other than your wife being scared Whats the problem ?’’, Kim pauses a second then asks, “or is it you who is ..scared”.

Troy looks at Kim, he can see the caring eyes of a wife and mother, but he can also see something deeper, and its a stare he only seen once before, in Pamela’s eyes, Troy takes a breath in, “well you guys understand i can’t answer for my wife”.  Kim pulls the cash off the table, “well how about we leave you our number and if your wife is up for it we arrange a day and time ok?’.

The couple get up and start to leave, Kim slides her number to Troy, her fingers touch his shoulder as she bends forward her cleavage swells , she whispers, “you tell your wife from me, i will milk her like a cow”, she swaggers out as Troy is beside himself looks at the number then slips it in his pocket.

Troy returns home he left a message for the prospective client to call, when he arrives at home, Pamela smiles, “everything ok?’, he looks at her with a deep look, “i have to ask you something babe”, Pam turns and puts the baby down for a nap, “come lets get a coffee and talk’’.  she and Troy sit in the kitchen she makes two cups and then sits , “what’s going on honey did the deal not go through?”.

Troy turns his head with some shame,Pam takes his hand, “cmon what’s up ?”, Troy pulls the paper from his pocket and slides it to Pam, it s a number and the names, she looks at Troy, “who is Kim and Jerry?”.
Troy looks at her and then lifts both brows, “lets just say she wants to meet you “, Pam looks confused, “do we know them what’s the deal…”, Troy breathes out, “they would like for us to host a yard party”.

Pam leans back her eyes search the table, “you mean she knows about me, us what we do?, how is that exactly?”, Troy lets her know he was proudly telling the client and this couple over heard the chat.

Pam smirks despite not liking the fact Troy went open public with it in a drunken manner, “do i dare ask?, how big she is or if you made some agreement i would never agree to?”, Troy shakes his head no, “I wasn’t even going to say anything she is older, but babe she looks like she can Match you, she says she can.”

Pam slows her breathing, “I see how much older?’, Troy tells her and Pam scoffs, “15 years Troy ? You think she can match me? Or do you think since that Bitch Anna she is all i can face”?

Troy looks at Pam, ‘ she is fit and doesn’t look it but hey if you rather not babe then we don’t call its totally up to you, just know they had 15K ready to go”.  Troy walks out and goes to his office, Pam looks at the number she picks it up, “ok Kim, lets at least chat on the phone”.

Pam stands up and walks slowly to Troys office, she pauses in the door way, then saunters to his desk, he stares at her and she sets her phone down on the desk, her manicured nails stab the numbers she stares at him, he mouths “what’s going on?”, she places her finger at his lips, “shhh”.

The phone stops ringing, “Hello?”, Pam looks in his eyes, “Hi yes i am looking for Kim please”, the woman pauses then replies, “This is Kim who is this?”, Pam stares at Troy, “Kim hi glad i caught you, this is Pamela i believe you and your husband had a meeting with my husband at a bar”?.

There was silence then Kim replies, “yes we did can you hold on one minute i think it is best all four of us hear this conversation”, Pam nods at Troy, “by all means i just wish i had been there in person”, Kim replies, “oh so do I hold on”.

Troy mouth’s ,”what are you doing ?” Pam mouths back, “I am gonna fight her”, Troy reaches for the phone but Pam scoops it up first a sexy sly smirk, Kim returns on the line, “Pam?we are back mind putting us on speaker?”,  Pam smiles,”love to, ok go ahead”.

Jerry starts the chat, “Troy hello glad you had a change of heart, your gonna make my Kim here
A little richer” Pam raises a brow, Troy stammers ,”well Jerry if i were you i would be a bit more careful, your Kim there may just make my Pamela wealthier”.

Pam wearing just a robe leans on her husbands desk, “Hi Jerry this Pamela, how about you two sit back quietly and let us women discuss the details you two can raise the financial stakes later, what do you say Kim handle this like women?’, Kim purrs, “i was thinking more like mother to mother but sure lets get this ironed out now honey”.

Pam a bit shocked says, “Mother to Mother? I was lead to believe Kim you were much older”, Kim looks at her man and winks, “oh Pamela i am older but trust me when i tell you honey i am a relatively new mom and at 45 i am still a head turner, i mean i got your mans attention”.

Pam glares at Troy ,’That so and may i ask how?’, Kim purrs, “well i gave hm a preview he was certain you were to big for me but that changed “, Pam breathes a sigh, “well my Troy is my biggest supporter but enough about how we got here when and how is what we need to discuss”.

Kim acting sexy for her husband,  “Well from what we heard it looks like you and i need to have this out as competitively as we can”, Pam smiles at Troy letting her robe open and show her over filled breasts, sway in view, “Well Kim i agree but i only want to make sure you would agree to the terms”.

Kim takes a breath she knows this is becoming something they will be doing, “well tell me Pam what are the terms and don’t be shy “, Pam lets her man cup her breasts, “well Kim we do this tit to tit and mine are heavy, firm and full, and so much milk, after i beat another woman’s i not only milk hers but she has to worship mine and then of course i nurse your baby as you watch”.

Kim was silent a moment then clears her throat, “well Pam it sounds all agreeable to me, i do wan to ask one thing mother to mother, if you feed my baby you realize i would want to tear your hair out at the very east”.

Pam breathes in , “well Kim are you saying what i think you are?’, Kim a bit more catty tone, “what i am saying Kim is you lose i nurse your baby if after that you have any issues with it i am more than happy to take it further”, Kim a moan, “well as long as you understand where i stand then i am in and yes if i lose and see your tit in my babies mouth i want more as  you would”, Pam feels her man pull her nipples in his mouth, “uuhh yess nmmm trust me Kim you want more than tit to tit you will get it”, Kim moans a bit, “uhnn so are you and i going to fight like mothers or not?”.

Pam moans, “oh Kim  let the men talk now, you and i, we are going to meet”, Troy says out loud to Jerry, “Jerry lets talk a bit later I think we need to have time with our ladies”, Jerry agrees and they hang up.

Both couples have a long heated session from the phone call, shortly after both wives tell their men “make it happen “, Troy calls Jerry back and the topic is going to be money, Jerry gets on,”well Troy we sure are in for a hell of a night when do you think your girl will be set?’’.  Troy still tired from Pam’s appetite,”yeah your right there, well to be Frank Jerry my gal is ready and hot for this ”, Jerry smiling, “yeah mine as well ok so lets say 2 weekends?”, Troy agrees then asks, ‘ok so 10K for the fight another 10 for a winner?’’, Jerry agrees and the men set the date and who they want to invite to see this play out.

Pam planned out her next two weeks of feeding and how many bottles to make then how long she will let her supply go with out relief, Kim is doing the same, the men send the personal invites out with a high cost, both couples stood to make 20K not counting the wagers on which wife will win, the women naturally will take the money for all the work and risk.

Finally the weekend of the party comes, there are more guests than Pam has ever recalled, she sits in her room as more arrive and she slips on her sun dress the straps down and her veiny stretched breasts filled heavily hang, they ache yet feel so powerful, she eases on her bra and has to hoist her breast in the cups then pull the bra in place, the band and straps taught as she over fills it, then eases her dress in place.

Pam and Troy and their baby walk the yard, many of the guests are not even being friendly they were simply watching her, how her bust jostled, and held up to each step, was she loose or firmer, many more share the story of how she almost lost to Anna not long ago, all are wondering is she going to be good enough to be wagered on.

Pam and Troy entertain but Pam is looking for the couple who are watching her and Troy, slowly Pam looks at each couple then suddenly sitting near a picnic table was a couple holding a baby the woman eyes on Pam.

Pam inhales and taps Troys hand ,’Is that her’?, Troy looks ‘Yep”, Pam breathes in,”well she will be a handful for sure”. Kim leans back to Jerry “thats her ?’, he nods Kim sizes her up, “be a long night for sure”.

Jerry and Kim stand and walk toward Pam and Troy, both women carry their baby as their over filled breasts swell looking ready to burst, the couples stop face to face , Jerry opens a bag showing the money, Troy does the same both nod its up to the women now.

Pam chin up stares at Kim , “ you ready to compare and get this going?”, Kim tilts her chin up, “from the minute we spoke honey show us where”, Troy has Pam by her arm Jerry has Kim the same way, they walk to the deck area where Pam does the fighting, the women take a seat then the lounge chairs are formed about the deck.

Everyone takes a place and Kim reaches to her dress and undoes one strap her large bra cup in view, she then eases the bra strap off and pulls till the cup slips of her round breast, Pamela stares as Kim traces around it proudly showing it off to those looking on and Pam , her nipples stiff but slightly thinner almost sharper than Pam’s, she runs her babies face to her breast showing the natural size then says to Jerry take our baby.

Pam lowers her dress strap now and her fingers pull the tight bra strap down she wiggles the bra cup till her own breast pops free, swelling out as Kim watches, she pulls the baby near her breast then calls for Troy to take her, her fingers trace her round veiny globe as they stare.

Pam then seeing the two are evenly matched pulls the other strap off her shoulder then her other bra strap her large laden breasts sway free, she caresses them of the tight bra cup marks then shimmies a slow sway the obvious weighted wobble i hypnotic at Kim .

Kim does the same now and exposes her breasts everyone can see Kim is a bit older but she is every bit a match for Pam if not more, she does the same shimmy so all see how heavy, full and firm she is to Pam. Kim then a slight jealous snarl, “you go near my baby Honey i will rip your tits off’’, Pam cups her own, “nmmm i see you near mine i will tear yours off, ready to fight like mother’s Bitch?”, Kim cups hers “nmmm ohh i wanna fight Bitch”.

Both women stand slowly and the babies are placed in their baby seats, everyone quiets down as the music does in the yard, Kim and Pam stare as they remove the bras and drop them where they are, but then Kim does something no other had done yet, she stares at Pam and her thumbs hook her dress and slowly she bends forward a bit and her round ass sways as she eases the dress down and fully off her hips, it drops suddenly and pools at her heels.

Her heavy full firm breasts a slow heavy sway like two wrecking balls come to a stop as she stands back upright, she smirks at Pam, “get it off Bitch or I’ll rip it off”, Pamela stares and slowly does the same stance as she removes her dress, her heavy globes the same heavy sway to a stop.

They step from the dresses and adjust the thongs then slowly hands go to their hair, breasts swell up and outward now as they close in on the other, each moves with slow stalking grace, eyes locked as all who paid to watch stare, a number here were here last time Pam fought only to see her struggle to win, but they know she put up a fight, those here fr Kim saw her break a Oman much younger with no effort.

The only noise is the slow click of their heels, then the sound all waited or the CLOP of their fleshy globes colliding, neither woman says it but both feel the weight and power the others breasts have.

Kim breathes in as does Pam, they do not need to be told this has to start, their eyes tell the other lets get to it and they do, Kim rolls her shoulders back and she does a sexy hip sway step, Pam a bored grin when suddenly, CLOPPPPP, rings out.

Kim drives her breasts into Pam’s and instead of the initial meet being a bump and ease off, Kim drives again into Pam, then holds to her, and instantly is pushing and grinding at her, Pam not hurt but more stunned gulps at the early attack start, then as she tries to stand firm, is driven back.

Kim uses her shoulders to push and pump, never saying a word she just looks at Pam, Pam doesn’t want to react, its the opening volley and she has to appear capable and ready, but her mind swirls as Kim is being aggressive, but so confident.  Pam can also see Kim comes out strong but as she starts hard, she slows her pace but never ceases the attack.

Pam stares back at her but can feel that all to familiar weight in her breasts, she feels Kim drag and smear over hers and having to hold both sets her eyes flutter and her lips part a bit, a near whispered coo comes as she knows Kim can make her hold the weight and stretch her early.

 Pam knows she is better than to just let that happen, she feels Kim on her own again this time to show her rival she has strength Pam lifts Kim as she is on top, Kim, pauses as she is a bit stunned Pam hoisted both pair easily, then Pam shimmies slow, balancing and just barely jostling Kim. A look of (I’ll break you) coms to Pam’s face and a raised brow as she stares at Kim.

But Kim is no rookie, she slows her attempt to roll over and on top of Pam as they both glare, then it is Kim who shows Pam her move had a good warning and then thats all, she inhales as they lock eyes and then a sudden up and back thrust lifts her bust off Pam’s and she leans forward dropping her heavy loaded breasts on top of Pam’s.

Pam feels the weight it seems before the noise of a heavy SMACK!, her breasts quake and as Kim pulls downward stretch’s out and down, now Pam can truly feel what it means to have to hold hers and Kims full bust, Pam grimaces a bit as her body already defies her and looks to retreat, her heel skids on the wood surface, her calf and quads shake, but Kim will not be denied the strong opening.

Pam fully rears back, her full step pulls her from Kim, but as Kim feels the attempt she follows into Pam, Kim a sneer, “ oh where you gonna run to?”, Pam a snort, “Bitch”, then it gets worse for Pam.  Pam’s calf bumps the lounge seat set to keep her and Kim in one area, her body stiffens, and straightens to not fall backward, Kim a slow menacing advance, “ohh now you have to face my tits”, she then lunges ahead CLOPPPPP rings out again, Pam turns her head as Kim jams her tits into Pams.

Pam felt her rival jam her breasts into her own, her shoulders lifted and her lips fell open, a heavy gasp was forced out, “Uughhhh”, Kim  hands on her hair widens her stance and starts to  push and drag and pull her heavy laden breasts across Pam’s, their tightly stretched flesh forms red streaks as she pulls her firm round mass into and across Pam’s.

Those who have seen Pam fight start to shake their heads so early in, but this fight has all the ear marks of Pam’s last fight, comes out strong and within minutes is being bullied about. Pam gulps and pants, ‘uuggg uumfff umffff Bitch oh you Bitch”, Kim a snarled smirked, “uuuhnn uhnn uhnn cmon Bitch fight like a mother you cow”, Troy watches with a deep concern and fear, every strike, push, drag Kim unloads on Pam is going to be costing them money.

He has a hand on his mouth as he grunts in, “ Damn it Pam fight her ”, Jerry stands near him, arms folded in front a smirk, as he watches his wife start to take Pam apart, “thats my girl break her baby, make her hurt”,

The fleshy heavy globes collide firmer and they quake and jostle but are hardly being bounced, Kim while taking the fight to Pam is working to hurt her rival, and Pam while feeling her rival attack is hardly ready to give. But even she knows if allowed to continue the assault, Kim will swell her and make her sensitive and eventually wear her down or batter her till she wants to give, Pam has to make her rival stop and second guess herself for taking her on, but with Kim being the aggressor she has to time it or be battered about the tiny make shift ring.

Kim is smiling, her heavy breasts are making great contact as the roundest heavy areas drive into the concave side walls and force Pam’s equal breasts to shift, roll or collide into her other breast, the weight of her breasts causes a pulling in her chest and Pam knows left unchecked the constant rhythm will loosen her breasts and add to the weight and eventually let Kim knock her breasts side to side at will.

Pam can see and feel Kim lean into her, making full use of her breasts as they collide and then push or pull across her own, she inhales after each side to side draining sway, Kim still a sneer as if she knows the outcome of this fight already, “cmon you weak bitch, your not that good you just been fighting weaker bitches, time to fight a real women”.

Just as Kim sways and leans to her,  Pam has to do something now, she sways her breasts to go with Kim’s, making her next sway ineffective, Kim huffs that her steady attack is disrupted, she looks between them.  Pam arches her back then stabs her breasts head on into Kim’s with an upward motion, CLOPPPP !  Rings out and with Kim having her breasts hanging a bit the crash of Pam’s heavy breasts is felt full on.

Kim grimaces, her eyes widen, “UuhhMMFFF Bitch”, it was what Pam needed to hear, letting her know she had an effect and made her rival feel her, “Cmon Bitch my turn”, Pam hisses, she then jams her tits into Kim’s but they aren’t fully head on, Pam’s are at the advantage as she managed an upward thrust.

Her big breasts now press and pull, making Kim’s roll back on themselves, the combined pressure jolts Kim’s chest, her lips drop open and slowly Pam starts to jab jab and thrust, her tits into Kim’s.

Kim now lets out a gasp, her heavy firm rack was just shifted and jostled hard, she shakes her head no at the feel, “Bitch”, but Pam knows what she felt and is going to make her feel more.  Pam steps her outside leg past Kim’s, then using her shoulders starts to lift and pump into Kim, the grunts come as frequent as the fleshy clopping between them, Pam lips tight, “Cmon Bitch wanna see me fight like a mommy lets get to it”.

Troy slowly sees the tide change, after 20 minutes of this all Kim , Pam is now making it a fight again, Kim gets her shoulders pushed to the right her balance now off, Pam jolts up and in over and over, Kim tries to be defiant but the momentum won’t let her.

Pam now sees the wide open right breasts side wall swelling outward, she shifts to pull her breasts in position and unloads a free sway of her breasts, into Kim’s, SLAPPPP!!.

The fleshy solid sound fills the yard, and Kim is staggered backward, her heels tapping across the wood platform, Pam instantly is on her, as Kim turns to fight Pam is there and starts to use her breasts like pendulums, swinging side to side they collide and pull Kim’s stationary pair across her chest now, the series starts fast and only gets faster and firmer.

Kim knowing the weight and power in her rivals equal pair is not to be taken lightly pants, “Cmon bitch tit to tit”, Pam pants, ‘cmon then Bitch”, they start a heavy exchange between them center platform, breasts collide , crush, drag, swell, splay and batter side to side, both women drive like two boxers, the exchange starts to heat up, women watching now who made the wager for either woman start to encourage their choice.

The steady chants ring out , “cmon Pam get her get in there and fight’, Cmon Kim pound her tits knock her out get that milk”, their husbands watch intensely now as the war is starting, Troy now a wide eye hope as Jerry glares with concern as his wife was headed to an easy win and now is in for a fight .

Both women step and use every angle and everything they have in them to try to hurt the others breasts and gain the advantage, red , pink and some bruises start to litter their round wrecking ball like breasts.  The exchange still goes on with the fight  seesawing is in the center and it is simple who steps in and gets driven right back off her mark.

Pam with a  concern grin  is giving Kim a fight,  she is concerned the older rival is proving not only to be a threat but one wrong or missed move and Kim will crush Pam and force a submission.  Worst of all Pam knows Kim knows it and is just waiting for that open door to pound Pam into the ground.   But Kim is struggling  herself, she started strong but then spent a lot of energy trying to fast and hard to put Pam in trouble so early in, now as Pam a bit younger and every bit as heavy and powerful fights back as hard, Kim needs to play stay ahead instead of catch up.  The women continue to fight tit to tit in the quiet night air and under the stars, the fleshy clops ringing out louder and with heavier drive, the frequent grunts masking the true pain each feels.

Sweat is making their faces and breasts glisten, even their figures in the least amount of attire  reflects the nights glow, breathing pants mix as each amazon glares her desire to destroy the other.

As the fight reaches 50 minutes these two women are fighting till it is over no one will accept a draw, it is a win or fight attitude.  Pam now starts to be the aggressor , she starts to walk at Kim making them both move around the square platform, bumping the loungers used to keep them in one area, breasts no longer pink but turning redder and more small bruising starts to map their large breasts.

Pam needs to hurt her rival if she is going to outlast the mature woman who let on she can and has fought past one hour, she pretends to side step Kim, Kim sways her breasts out and misses her rivals, she gasps, ‘NOO”, Pam lunges in and pounds her breasts directly into the side walls of Kim’s left, the hit was perfect, Kim’s breasts collide together and flatten to each other after the miss and sway back, Pam’s mighty assets crush the flesh and slap them into each other as hers drive in, Kim stiffens her back, her mouth drops open as her head tosses back.

Pam seeing and hearing the powerful moves effect, pumps her tits into Kim’s , “Ughhh cmon cunt take it face me and take it”, Kim can only gasp, ‘OOOuuughhh owww Bitch”, Jerry yells out to her, ‘get away from her fight out of it”, women watching cheer Pam on, ‘Get her fight her take her”. Pam can smell the win is near, she stabs and plows her tits into Kim’s and now slowly grinds and rolls her tits into Kim’s.

Kim can’t get a full breath in without pain driven in, her body tries to turn and retreat to make Pam miss, but Pam is like a blanket on her, their tits wrestling between them but Kim’s are being rolling pinned between her body and Pam’s breasts. She  just needs to make Kim stand square to her to actually grind the move and make Kim hurt deep and Kim can feel the set up is near as she tries to smear her tits into better position to get head on to Pam and get back in this fight.

Everyone is hungry for this fight, they want to see this last all night yet to end now with a clear winner, every gasp, pant and taunt is listened to so they might get a hint who is ready to give, but neither is letting on as they go at each other harder.

Pam starts to back Kim up more, she smirks as she sees Kim’s legs nearing the lounger edge, “your mine bitch”, she growls everyone starts to smile the fight is turning her way, then a loud SMACK is heard and a cry, “Ahhh owww”, Pam just got rocked her heavy breasts are quaked and swayed , as Kim jams her tits up under Pam’s,

Pam’s eyes flash wide, her mouth hangs open in shock and pain, her eyes glassy ready to cry, then her knees buckle and she drops to them in front of Kim, Kim panting heavy, “cmon get up Bitch fight my tits you little Bitch”, Pam is on her knees her red breasts heaving as Kim has hands are on her thighs. Troy ,Jerry, and the women looking on all GASP, no one saw the upward thrust that delivered a smashing blow.

Pam out of all is stunned most, not her full undersides but the under part of the roundest balled breasts were pummeled from under, Kim’s breasts stand out heaving on her chest red as well but ready to fight, Kim’s thighs apart for balance, she shimmies to the crowd and her husband, her hands back  on her hair as her red proud breasts swell out, nipples stiff aureola’s puffed.

Pam is on the verge of tears she now is realizing these women these  mothers she been taking on have so much more to lose they will fight to the death if need be, Pam’s mentality lately was just earning her reputation and money.

Kim swaggers about the square area, smiling as the much younger rival is put down, the fight nearing one hour and Kim wants to fight, Pam looks at Troy he hides his face in his hands, Jerry smiling with pride claps, Pam slaps the floor, “BITCH “, Kim turns and sees Pam stand easily.

She swallows thinking Pam was to hurt or tired to want more, but Pam is tired of the tables being turned, she wants to be back on top, she wants the idea of the underground club to be a real thing, but she knows no one will come to see her fight if she starts losing.

She sucks in a deep breath, her hands go to her hair, she inhales and her red bruised breasts swell and sway outward, she does a slow shimmy, and snarls, “Stop parading around Bitch get over here and fight my tits this isn’t over”.

Kim puts on a sexy smirk and sways her hips, she locks her fingers behind her head and gives that slow heavy shimmy back, ‘well cmon little Bitch my tits wanna Fight”, Jerry’s eyes narrow, he has a bad feeling about this next exchange, Troy looks worried, no one expected or saw that powerful hit from Kim, another solid one like that and Pam will be on all fours getting milked  and its clear in the crowds eyes, they are thinking the same.

Both women circle and glare, Kim clears her throat, “Care to up the stakes Bitch?’, Pam swallows, ‘name it Bitch i am here to fight as well “, Kim licks her lips, “how about after my Tits knock yours out we hold off the milking and you and I finish it woman to woman ?’’.

Pam inhales, ‘you wanna catfight?’, Kim smirks, ‘oh i do  but i was thinking first we go pussy to pussy wife to wife  how about it ?”, Pam looks at Troy he shrugs then she looks at Kim again, ‘Fine your on how?’’, Kim takes a breath in, “oh no worries your gonna catch on but for now lets finish what we started”.

She stalks into Pam, “Cmon Bitch”, Pam walks at her, they don’t circle or feint either way they want to fight, their breasts crush together and swell and bulge looking to escape from between them. Both grunt and now secure in their stance start to grind and drag slow but with vigor and anger.

Standing toe to toe their breast ballooning and look ready to explode, both women drive and grind harder, they glare in others eyes and both challenge the other to fight harder, “cmon fight bitch”, Bring it to me cow”.

Their heavy breasts pumped, plow and rake the others, chests, necks and faces turn red, sweat starts to drip, their breathing now heavy panting and snorts, as they struggle, their breasts carry the weight of their own and their rivals, causing shoulders to pull forward, upper chest muscles tighten and tendons rise and flex to hold the heavy bags in place only to be driven side to side or upward.

The quietness of the yard broken by fleshy clops and claps and slaps, anyone that couldn’t see would think a fist fight is going on by  the fleshy noises, their grunts start to tell the real story, these two are in pain and getting tired it’s anyone’s fight again.

As things get heated between the two mothers, they both as if agreed on drop hands from hair and grab hold of others upper arms, they want to limited their rivals shoulders motion as they try to out power the other, “mff mff mff bitch fight harder” Kim snarls , as Pam shakes her head no, ‘cmon you old cow fight me I’ll burst those weak tits,, mff mff mff ohh”.

It’s a battle either can win, exhaustion is starting to weigh in now, their saliva is drying up, faces are pink and red and skin clammy , the breast flesh is starting to get sticky as they crash together and need to be pulled apart, the effect causes both women’s knees to buckle and they fall into each other.

Both let out a deep throaty grunt of Bitch at the same moment, they each rest a chin on the others shoulder, now the pain etched on their faces hidden, but the breathing and panting and grunts give away the effect each has on the others bust.

Kim wraps her arms around Pam, but Pam was ready, she snakes her left under Kim’s right and her right over Kim’s left, the equal hug is tight and now as they bring the other in tighter they are crushing each other’s breasts between them, Kim at Pam’s ear, “Give you Bitch or i am going to make this hurt bad”, Pam gasps back, ‘I’ll fight you all night Bitch give or your gonna wish you did”.

Jerry and Troy come closer, Jerry asks, “what you say another 20 minutes then pull them off each other?’, Troy sees their muscles are shaking it is total exhaustion, “yeah agreed they rematch anytime’’, the men shake hands s the crowd is intensely glued on the swollen pinned red breasts between them.

Pam seems to be uncomfortable her shoulders and body squirming in Kim’s hug, Kim a louder huff, “uuhh yes your getting crushed Bitch ohh”, but Pam is silent her face wincing as she seems to coil her body and arms tighter around Kim’s, her mouth at Kim’s ear ,“uuugghh Bitch your tits are no match “.

They hug tighter, tighter tighter, then it comes, “AWWWW AGHHHH BITCH MY TITS STOP STOP”, Kim shakes her head quickly No her eyes shut her mouth open GASPING for breath, but Pam hugs tighter now, pulling Kim closer.  Then everyone sees Kim’s heels leave the floor her head drops straight back, her spine arches her breasts ready to burst from between them then finally spring up over Pam’s it was what Pam needed to finish this.

She Loosens her grip, then Kim slides down Pam’s body, her breasts lift and get pulled up to her chin the raw soft undersides totally exposed, Kim knows the error she has just made, Pam knows it as well, as Kim feels her heels touch the floor again, the pain is slow but full on. Pam’s breasts grind and drag the weak undersides like an iron on a ironing board, Kim eyes shut shrieks, ‘OWWW MY TITS YOU cunt MY TITS OHH GODDD SOP I GIVE I GIVE”!!!!.

Pam looks at her face but Kims head is tilted fully back glued to the dark sky above, Pam yanks her in pumping the exposed undersides, ‘WANNA FIGHT MORE HMM?”, Kim tears run pushes at Pam’s shoulders, ‘I GIVE LET GO BITCH”, Pam spits at Kim’s undersides then opens her arms, Kim drops like a sack of potatoes to her hip .

Tears drip off her face as Pam grabs her hair and pulls her back to a loungers edge and then straddle skim’s legs, she cups her own tits and lowers them to Kim’s face, “nmmm I’ll wait to milk you as we agreed Bitch but your getting smothered” , Kim tries to turn her head but Pam pulls her hands and arms in bulging her tits and they engulf Kim’s face, covering all but the eyebrows as Pam smiles at Troy and blows him a kiss, “Cmon Bitch don’t pass out we have so much more to do tonight”, Kim slaps at Pam’s bare back to stop, finally Jerry steps in, “ok ok she is done for this fight get off”, Pam stands as her tits sway and slap Kim’s face, Kim glares up, “Your gonna pay Bitch”, Pam scoffs, “rest up bitch your gonna need it”.

Pam does the winners parade about the square ring, the shimmies her champion breasts, she smiles as Troy opens the ring moving a lounger then holds her hand, ‘Everyone settle your bets and discuss the next round  wagers the ladies are going to take a much needed rest then will be back out here to settle more”.

Pam is walked in to her house and to her room she collapses on the bed in the cool room, drinking water as if there were no more bottles, she kicks off her heels and undoes her hair and takes a shower then wearing a robe a long much needed breath and now can feel how sore and swollen she is from that fight.

Both women relax Pam in her bedroom, Kim in A guest room, each holding ice packs on their bruised and swollen breasts, the ache so deep in they can’t get enough relief, but each itches as if they want to fight again. Pam in her glory she redeemed herself, Kim so mad she is ready to really fight.

After a good hour the husbands chat and agree this has to get started back up, they go to their wives, Troy a smile, “ Pam honey, its time you have to go face her again”. Mean while Jerry enters the other room, “Kim honey you ready to go on?”, Kim inhales, “Oh i Am ready for that Bitch’’, she stands and slips off her thong and heels on and takes Jerry’s arm, he walks her back out as not one couple has left.

Kim stops,  standing with Jerry her proud aching hurt breasts swollen but up and out and still full have that familiar stiff jostle, then Pam and Troy appear, arm in arm Pam is escorted to the yard.

The men let them stare and Kim snarls, “You ready Bitch?’, Pam inhales, “I told you Bitch i am here to fight as well”, The rules set it will be a sexual fight now between the women, Kim kisses her man and steps up on the deck, she turns and sets hands to hips, Pam kisses her man and steps up as well now, they glares at each other as breasts heave a bit heavier.

The lounge chairs close the ring formed again and everyone gathers around Pam her eyes scanning her rivals figure, “well bitch its your challenge make a move”, Kim slowly thigh over thigh steps to a lounger, her left heel lifts and sets on the edge.

Kim runs her fingers over her mound , “Step on up Bitch”, Pam swaggers over and sets her right heel  on a lounger and she traces her thong front, “this close enough Bitch?”, Kim and Pam glare as Kim purrs, “Lets find out”.

Kim eyes glued to Pam’s, runs a hand from Pam’s shoulder down over her breasts and tummy then to Pam’s tummy, her fingers ease lower and feel  the course fur of Pam’s mound. Kim eases her fingers deeper down, then feels the warm heat off Pam’s folds, then the velvet like feel of Pam’s labia.

The folds are thick and meaty and moist, Pam breaths in a breath as she feels Kim’s fingers freely explore now, their eyes still locked Kim hisses now, ‘You better have a big clit Bitch, to take on mine”.

Pam her tummy a slow bellowing as she lets Kim feel her woman hood, “get her stiff Bitch and you will see she is every bit a threat my tits are”, Kim says nothing she just starts to pinch and massage the folds and get them wet, Pam does her best to control her breathing as she stares in Kim’s eyes.

Kim a smirk as if she found a weakness stares back, “your so wet i will make you cum till you beg me to stop out fucking you”, Pam inhales, ‘Big talker for someone whose big tits just got beaten up”.

Kim curls a lip as she sinks her middle finger in Pam’s wet pussy, Pam gulps and gasps, ‘uuhhh’, then Kim as she gently pumps her finger runs her thumb on the engorged clit of Pam, and she can feel Pam is going to be a woman to beat but she refuses to give her rival her due.

Big girl but not big enough”, Pam traces her hand down now giving Kim’s breast a little push with her hand, then eases her fingers in and combs her nails through the darker fur mound, the feel of the wet thick folds makes her skip a breath then she sinks her finger in Kim, As she rolls her thumb on Kim’s hood, “that clit of yours coming out to fight anytime soon?’’.

Kim a smile of confidence,’Nmmm keep working her Bitch she will be ready”, The women statuesque in their dominate poses, glare as they start to finger each other, Pam a swallow in, “Thought this was clit to clit?’’, Kim that sexy smirk, “oh its gonna be, even a fighter needs a little foreplay”.  Now both women use the free hand to place it on others hip, as each starts to find a rhythm as they start fingering the other.

The gentle wet slurping heard  as they rock their hands, sinking their middle fingers deeper and in and out of each other, their heavy breasts a slow lopping wobble as they finger each other a bit faster now, Kim stares at Pam , “uww yess your getting wetter bitch cum now so we can get our pussies locked and fuck fight cmon”, Pam a heavy pant, “uuuhnn uuhhhh Bitch oh yesss nmmm i feel it in you let it go”.

Both ladies are starting to shake , they start to pant heavy, thighs begin to quiver, tummies bellow as hips begin to ride others fingers. Both women turn their heads bit and start to feel the fingers of her rival pumping faster and faster. Together they start to hump others hand, breasts bump now as they both start to huff heavier, Pam bites her lip, Kim closes her eyes then a mutual cry outward, as both force the others orgasm, “uuhhhh yesss fuck, oh nmmm yessss Bitch”.

They pull apart , they have to forget they are watched as they ease robes off and toss them aside, each slowly lowers to the deck, lounger cushions are thrown to get comfy on.  Pam sits up knees bent a bit spreads her thighs, Kim does the same, they slide their legs one on top of the others as they scissor together, then they scoot closer.

The rules are simple, they grind pussies forcing as many orgasms as they can till one can’t take anymore, the loser to be face sat as all watch. Kim and Pam press their soaked pussies together, they both swallow deeply at the touch as they smear till their labia seals to the others, they glare as breasts sit up and out, their spines straight upright chins tilted up in pride, they clasp hands then slowly they begin to rub and grind together.

Having just had an orgasm both are primed to cause more from he rival, the erotic charged duel more personal is testing each of them, the silence starts to break as the gentle wet slurping of their meaty folds pumping can be heard, the women watch and smirk as they silently cheer their favorite on.

Pam and Kim start to wither more as they grab each other’s forearm now and start to grind and pump and hump each other faster, a rhythm begins as they both pump faster and hips rub those thick folds together, lips part on both, Kim pants ,’YESS YESSS CUM BITCH”, Pam rolls her head , “uuh uhh uhh mmfff yesss your gonna cum do it Bitch let it go cum “.

Both women now tilt up to pin the others hips, they start to wetly clap together faster, shaking their heads to try to fight off the growing orgasm, Kim begins to shutter, Pam is gulping like a fish out of water.   Kim starts to pull her to leg in behind Pam’s back and slowly she pulls her hand free of Pam’s then, She cups the heavy right breast and squeezes as she pinches the stiff nipple, Pam jolts arching her back, her face contorts into anger and pleasure.

Kim now starts to press tighter and pumps faster, her other hand pushes Pam’s shoulder back, forcing her to prop herself up on her elbows, Kim is working her rival to a prone position, Pam is starting to gasp now, her thighs quivering, “Ohh yesss get off me Bitch nmmm ohhh fuck yess yess damn it”.

Pam spasms and mouth open looks up and back, then falls on her back and gives Kim her orgasm, her hands push weakly at Kim as she starts to rise up and get on top of Pam. once she mounts her rival still scissored with her, Kim pulls the right thigh up and Pam’s calf is between her heavy sore breasts, she holds the strong limb and now pins her pussy on Pam’s an starts to undulate, “uuuhh uhhh yesss bitch feel it hmm ohh your ready to cum again uuhhh, you should gave up when you beat my tits whore”.

Pam pinned down reaches up and grabs both Kim’s breasts and starts to work them, Kim forgets herself a minute as she enjoys the feeling  despite the deep ache in her breasts. Kim arches her breasts into Pam’s hands and rolls her spine up, “ohhh you whore fuck yesss ohh ohhh ohhh yessssss cumming’, Pam might be under her rival but she can still fuck and fight.

Their sopping wet pussies are stuck together, strings of juices cling between their engorged clits, Kim slaps away Pam’s hands from her tits and now shifts position she pulls her pussy off Pam’s and presses her knees inside Pam’s knees, she pushes down and her legs spread Pam’s wide open, Pam gasps, and Kim now up on her haunches glares down, “your mine cunt”.

Pam has a look of total fear as she can’t move and Kim takes control, Kim is pumping her wet pussy up and down almost dipping her engorged clit in Pam’s folds, Pam shakes her head side to side now as she feels another orgasm rushing through her, “uuhhh uhhh nooo stop stop oh fuck yesss yesss yess you bitch I’m cumming.  Kim grinds  faster then faster, “Yeah cum whore yesss i have you ohhh god you bitch i am gonna cum”.

Both women violently shake as they explode together again, sweating , breasts sway and jostle as they pump as if in a race to get the other to orgasm.  Kim switches her position again or tries to as she shifts her hips to scissor Pam she tries to pin her by placing her knee on Pam’s breasts. But Pam felt the shift she grabs Kim’s heel and turns it pushing as she does, and Kim twists to the floor, Pam quickly pounces on top and straddles Kim, they are in a 69 position now.

Pam sinks her finger and starts to pump rigorously, Kim bucks and gasps, “UUHHNNN BITCH”!!. Kim responds by sinking 3 fingers in Pam, and Pam though on top arches and her head tosses back and up , her face looking as if in agony but it is pure forced pleasure.

Pam’s rear starts to buck and spasm her hips, she stops fingering Kim and tries to hold out then screams, “OHHHH I AM CUMING BITCH OH GOD YESSSS”, Kim a sneer is plunging her fingers faster faster, ‘CUM AGAIN WHORE I KNOW YOU CAN”.

Pam shakes her head she tries to deny the second orgasm in a row, her eyes shut as she sweats and groans all while jolting and wanting Kim to finger her more. Kim then again changes things up, her thighs wrap around Pam’s head and locks her face in at her soaking wet pussy, Pam grabs the back of the thighs and starts to eat Kim, Kim tilts her head up and plunges her tongue in Pam, her thighs wrap around Kim’s head, both women now a double scissor roll across the floor as they eat each other’s wet pussies.

Faces red and makeup smeared they roll and squeeze thighs as they duel in a 69 position, gasping , gulping heaving for fresh air they refuse to give an inch, screams muffled in wet folds are heard as one after another orgasm is forced out, finally as both reach their 4 th orgasm they lay thighs open and gasping , one woman sneers “did they just end in a draw?’.

Pam shaking from exhaustion barely slides off Kim, Kim weakly rolls to her hip, she looks at her husband Jerry, “ get the tie breaker from my bag now”, Pam is trying to contain an unwarranted orgasm from just happening now as she lays still as she can.

Jerry opens the bag and takes out a towel, he tosses it between the women, Troy says “what is that?’’, Jerry pats his arm, ‘’that my friend is how this duel will be decided you’ll see”, Kim gets on her knees and unwraps the towel from it a purple gel double headed dildo, she wraps her mouth over one end soaking it, “cmon Whore get on your hands and knees we are gonna fuck this out woman to woman”.

Pam pulls herself on all fours and takes the other end, she eases the large tip in her soaked warm pussy and nearly explodes, “uuuhhh mmmcmon cunt take it in”, Kim turns her ass to Pam’s she spreads and forces the other end in her own pussy, “aahhh ummmm lets fuck whore”.

Almost instantly the two mothers start to hump the toy faster and faster, their round asses slapping together as they grunt and moan, Kim starts out fast as if a veteran to this style battle, she is bumping her ass so hard to Pam’s and as she tightens her levels pumping the toy, at Pam.

Pam rolls her head, her face a mask of sweat, pain and ecstasy as she endures taking more of the toy then pushing back, their heavy breasts hang between their arms and bounce freely, both have that deep ache but Kim more so, she tries to bring her arms in to limit the sway.

Everyone is glued to the action as both women start to moan heavy,,  another orgasm building in both and it is a race to force the other to endure yet another, “uunnn unnn uhnn cum whore ohhh fuck yesss you Bitch”, Kim now shouts, “ohh ohhh yess your there bitch let it go i own you now give “,

Faster and faster and faster they pump the toy a glass like shield over it from their warm juices, their ass cheeks red where they collide , faces contort in the agony of going on and the arousal forced on them, Pam starts to shake her head tosses about, Troy sees the look his wife is ready to orgasm, Kim is almost in tears though Jerry sees the look his wife has when ready to orgasm, both husbands encourage their wife to hang on, screams of lust now as they GASP for relief.

Their bare backs suddenly roll up and they both jam together, their swollen folds swallow the toy till it vanishes, they rub ass to ass as they grind and hips undulate on it, Pam curls her fingers, “uuuhh uhhh uhh Fuck i am gonna cum”, Kim is silent her head shaking no as her eyes shut tight , her cheeks round out as she holds a breath in then both women buck.

“Ohhhhh YOU BITCH NOOO NOT AGAIN UUHHHH I AM DONE STOP STOP I CAN”T GO ON YOU WIN!!”, after the screech fills the yard, it is Kim who drops on her breasts her ass in the air the toy still being pumped in her by Pam, who smiles as she lets herself enjoy the last orgasm, “Yesss yessss ohhh you stupid whore nmmmm cmon lets go again”, Kim can only shake her head on the floor, “PLEASE STOP I GIVE NO MORE”.

Pam making certain all heard the submission pulls the toy from her dripping pussy, she turns leaving it in Kim, then gripping a fistful of hair yanks Kim up on her knees and roughly slaps her palms onto the hanging breasts, and starts to pull the milk from Kim’s breasts, ‘cmon Bitch all of it NOW”.

Kim is a crying mess as the torture on her breasts is like an arousal as the toy still in her seems to pulse with the movement of Pam on top of her back, Kim screeches another orgasms then drops on her now wet breasts and the puddle they left under them, Pam forces her rival to roll on her back then straddles her face, she looks up, “Give me the Babies”.

Both children are handed to her as she pulls their soft lips to her nipples each baby latches on and sucks freely, Pam smiles as she looks down at Kim “Eat me WHORE”, she smears her wet pussy on Kim’s face ruining the makeup as Kim starts to lick and suck on Pam.

Pam moans riding her rivals face as the relief she needed in her breasts is being tended to, both babies finish then she hands them off, she lets her orgasm flow willingly now then slides herself lower on Kim till her now dripping tits swallow Kim’s face.

Her thick nipples plunge in Kim’s mouth and she squeezes the flowing milk in as Kim suckles, more and more the milk over fills her mouth, Kim gags and chokes but Pam keeps filling her mouth, ‘Drink it cunt “, finally as Kim is coughing on the milk her hands tapping Pam’s back, Pam smears the flowing residue on Kims face then sits up, she stands and is handed both bras, she smiles and shimmies for all, then tells Troy to collect her money, she walks naked to the house , grabs a much needed shower long and warm steam hiding her figure.

Troy shakes hands with Jerry then takes the money he collects the rest from those who watched he stacks the bills on Pam’s vanity and waits for her with a towel, as she steps out his arms embrace her and dry her off, then helps her ease a clean robe on, he whispers at her ear, “you were amazing tonight champ”, she smiles, “nmm she was tough but i needed that”.

Pam looks out back from her room to see Jerry help the toy out of Kim then stand her up broken, embarrassed and weeping , he walks Kim out of the yard she cries once in the car as if she was raped and left in an alley way, Pam a smirk on her face, pats the cash then climbs in bed and falls asleep in minutes knowing she had one of her toughest fights to date and won.

The End

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