Then and Now by Dotti D

It was the college years that first brought Ellen and Desirae together though they never knew each other before, the 2 were very similar , out going and a touch of wild side, Ellen a strawberry blonde 5’7” 130 and a 36DD busty yet fit figure her light blue eyes freckles nose and cheekbones were round, hair to her shoulder blades , a typical 80’s look, while Desirae was amber eyes round full cheek bones and long dark brunette hair past shoulders and was every bit a fit shapely girl with a round 36DD bust.

As I said they never knew other even despite going to same school, they even were in different fraternities,but the paths would cross cause of the very frat houses they pledged, with all the gags pranks and dares and hazings these frats did back then and no one cried about, during the end of the girls Junior year and all through their senior year, the girls were getting set to graduate and so the orders of the frats were on shoulders of up and coming.

With a new wilder regime in place new hazings  came into play, and soon they became a monthly theme as other frats heard of it and joined in, female frats were turning to oil wrestling to use as a measure for girls wanting to pledge, and while not many if at all were able to beat the frat champions as long as you put a good fight you passed.

But when other Universities would come to town for major games and their cheerleaders were there for support , they learned of the ritual and soon local college and a far caught on, before they knew it the oil wrestling escalated into various competitions among the frats and other schools.

Arm wrestling to full on wrestling were becoming common place, especially against a rival school, but when not facing another school for bragging rights the frats among their own school used the hazing format, one Saturday night during a party and just before new pledges hazing Ellen and Desirae happened to be in the same frat house party.

The night was typical as all the wild drinking and stupid stunts went on along with the mass amounts of guys hitting on each of the 2 girls, but when the captain of the football team walked in with his band of brothers, it wasn’t long before both girls attentions were taken.

Nick was the typical “born with a silver spoon” type who had looks ,athleticism ,money  and every one knew was going to be someone not soon after graduation , there wasn’t a girl on campus that wouldnt have gave Nick a night to remember, and Ellen and Desirae were no exception.

As the party was in full swing it was Ellen that first caught nicks eye as her skin tight jeans and even tighter top with her midriff showing got his mouth watering and as she was all over Nick, Desirae watched from across the house her eyes burning at Ellen and into Nicks, and he was loving it as one girl was all over him and another wanted him so he played the game kissing and holding Ellen while winking and blowing kisses at Desirae, as Ellen caught on she would give Desirae a dirty looks and inhale to accentuate her amazing busty figure, and make Nick smile as Desiraee soon was posing for Nick but more for Ellen as her own full busty figure was no less imposing.

As the glares went on Ellen decided to up the game and slipped upstairs with Nick and gave Nick a night to remember and capped it off with a long slow breast fucking that had him groaning  in pleasure, Ellens breast were so full round and defied any gravity laws Newton had theory off.

As they returned downstairs and each got a beer Desirae happened around the corner of the room and was stopped in her path as the 2 returned from the upstairs , while Nick smiling ear to ear gave her a long look Ellen gave her a smug (gotcha ) look that burned Desirae deeply.     Desirae had to get back at Ellen but not come off as a whore in process and as Ellen was holding a red solo cup of beer Desirae grabbed her frat sister and made her move.

It was a catty jealous girls version of a basketball pick and roll as Desirae  had her friend bump Ellen hard enough her beer spilled on her top as she went to get a towel Desirae slipped in and took the shot and soon had Nick walking back upstairs.

As Ellen retuned Nick was no where to be found and with everyone either hooking up or drinking into oblivion or some other activity any one she asked as to his whereabouts were clueless except one , the girl who bumped her arm, as she seem to stand still and despite the smug grin when she saw Ellens glare her smug grin turned fear filled.

As Ellen approached her she stammered her apologies again but ellen was deathly silent till she pressed her firm bust to the smaller girls and bore in slow as she hissed , “You tell me where he is and your whore friend or i’ll make this the worse night of your life”, no one really notice the two standing there or cared as anyone knew Ellen knew if this poor was dumb enough to try her she would need a feeding straw.

Meanwhile upstairs Desirae and Nick were doing a replay of Ellens time and Nick was taking in his fortunate time and as Desirae finished him in same manner and stood dressing as Nick lay there looking at her bountiful mass,she smiled as she purred “So you ready to dumb that bimbo and get out of here with a real woman?”.

But Nick never one to take 1 woman as his girl stood up and for first time was torn as he wanted both , he stammered and just put off giving an answer as he simply said “I need a beer after that” they walked downstairs and as Nick stepped off the stairs Ellen was right there and she grabbed Nick “there you are baby” but as she did Desirae was right there and she eased Ellens arm away as she wrapped her own around Nick “Excuse you sweetie we were getting a drink”, and walked to the keg with Nick, Ellen her blue eyes red with anger walked up to them both and as Desirae was about to sip bumped her elbow and spilled the beer on Desiraes top.

As she jumped back “Hey what the fuck you did that on purpose” Ellen swooped in and grabbed Nick and with a catty grin looked at Desirae as she taunted “Well at least i was woman enough to do my own dirty work” as the she walked Nick into the living room Desirae followed and grabbed Ellens arm turning her the 2 girls stood face to face and quickly got the frat parties attention.

“you think your funny little Bitch?” ellen hands on hips looked at Desirae “No i am letting you have that title Whore” the crowd gave their uwws and ohhs as Nick stood back smiling, when Desirae slapped Ellen but before she could give a grin Ellen snapped her own slap right back so quick a few missed it. Ellen glared “You wanna try me Bitch say the word” and as Desirae was set to pounce the frat hosts stepped between them stopping the war, as Desirae snarled “You lucky little slut saved by the bell”.

As the 2 were pushed back from other despite wanting to get at other they soon calmed down and both saw Nick left they each blamed other and soon were ready to tear at the again, when a girl from a 3rd frat yelled out , “Why dont you 2 fight at the pledge hazing “ it was no secret what the female frats were doing and every one there cheered it .

As seniors the girls did not have to participate in anything unless they chose but with their frats reputation it didnt matter if you were a freshman or in your 7th year for a doctrine you stood up for your frat, Ellen quick to save face and her frats “Anytime “ as Desirae wanting it now felt all eyes on her “Fine with me”, cheers roared as it became the nights buzz and both girls left before it was done right there.

With the years end closing in and anxious pledges wanting to prove themselves for next year all eyes were on the 2 seniors , every where they went someone from either frat was right behind cell phone at the ready, but neither Ellen nor Desirae were as anxious to leave their legacy as a broken one, finally the faithful night came.

The 2 frats were set to hold their pledge parties for the new year this meant a lot of girls would be tangling and one hell of a party after for the ones chosen, but as things were set to begin at Ellens frat house she appeared and walked in with a brave smile ,”So did we forget to invite the bitch and her frat?” before a word was uttered phones were out.

Over at Desiraes frat they also were preparing when one of the girls ran upstairs her phone in hand < “D  ..D ..its that Ellen bitch she wants to talk to you”, Desirae took the phone “this is Desirae…oh that so I was beginning to think you got smart well its ok with me then , yes 20mins. your on” , she smiled handing the phone back as the girl stared eyes wide, “Well?”, Desirae just as confident as she could mustered out , “tell everyone tonights party is cancelled I am fighting that bitch and her frat and ours are doing a mutual party “..”What!Where?” Desirae looking in her mirror answered, “The old mill just off campus 9 o clock sharp now go get them” .

As she ran down stairs she alerted every door and girl she saw it was on, across campus the  same information was chiming in Ellens frat and every one was gone before either girl had a chance to change, But in some way both girls were happy to have the time to think it through as they changed into thong bikini bottoms and bras and robes , and headed out .

Upon arrival both girls saw a crowd of students out side and their mutual frats were at the front doors to the old mill building, as they stepped through the crowd they saw each other for first time since the party,”Well you showed “ Ellen purred and Desirae smirked “Why not its an easy night “, a few ohhs and such rang out as both frats stood guard as the 2 girls walked in as they shut the doors the 2 frats presidents announced ,”2 might walk in but only 1 is walking out” and the cheers rang out.

Inside the event was taking place as Ellen stood across a solid wood floor in one corner and slowly eased her robe away till it pooled at her heels, all the time smirking confidence as her red bra barely held her Double D’s in the cups , not to be out done at all Desirae followed suite and displayed her over flowing purple bra  as they glared each raised a brow at how full other girl was.

As they stared both girls retrieved a tiny bottle of oil from the center of cleavages, and they slowly eased their bras off dropping them at their feet, popping the caps of each bottle they poured the oil into the palms and started to rub the oil over their breasts and arms, their wasn.t much to say both girls knew they were jealous and disliked the other and it wasn’t going to be a wrestling match  tonight.

Ellen made the first move as she stepped from the side and opened her hands as she came towards Desirae,  she also headed to Ellen as the oil made their breasts glisten and a droplet formed at the tips of their stiff pink nipples as their firm taught breasts barely swayed they circled then as if agreed on they thrust together.

The slick arms and breasts met with a wet Clap then easily smeared apart as the 2 girls grabbed at each other making the easiest of moves an effort as their hands slipped along oiled arms, their oiled breasts swelled together and smeared with no effort as nipples drew lines through the oil surface grunts and huffs were heard as the fight began slow.

Both girls struggled and pushed and shoved but neither was securing a good enough grip , when Ellen pushed into Desirae and threw her arm around her neck and went  for a headlock as she applied it, her full round left breast smeared to Desiraes cheek as she tightened the headlock bending Desirae partially at waist , as she did Deasirae squirmed and pushed at Ellens arm but each attempt had Ellen flex and tighten the headlock like a snake.

“Ughhh let go Bitch” but all she got for her demand was a snorting laugh and as Ellen twisted the hold and slowly started to bring Desirae down she herself was snapped into  reality, as Desirae fingers stabbed into the hair of her foe and yanked with such force Ellens head snapped back, “Aghhhh Bitch” was spit out as Desirae increased the pull and her other hand pulled up on Ellens thong bikini bottom causing her to lift to her toes as the thin material dug into her full labia, “Aghhh Owww you Stupid Bitch” , Ellen released her headlock and grabbed the hand pulling her thong as she did Desirae now free stood up and got behind Ellen and with a hair hold shaking her rivals head reached around and slapped Ellens right breast and then grabbed hold and squeezed deep but her grip slipped off and she grabbed again while she couldnt hold the breast for long the repeated deep grabs left red fingers marks and were felt, “Whats wrong stupid bitch hmm you thought i was here to roll around hmm” Desirae hissed at Ellens ear.

But saying so opened the flood gates as Ellen shot her elbow back into Desiraes torso and a loud SMACK and grunt freed Ellen, as Desirae let go and bent at the waist holding her mid section, “So you want to make it a fight fine with me” and Ellen grabbed Desiraes hair  as she was bent and pulled her down to Ellen the force of the pull soon had Desirae on her knees and yelling  for her to let go, but it was Ellens turn to sneer and have her due as she shook Desiraes head wildly by hair, she twisted  and straddled the dark haired girl pounced her ass on the small of her back causing a heavy grunt from her downed rival then reached under and delivered several left open palm slaps to her breast and a few deep groping grabs and squeezes as her own fingers slipped through the mass.

Ughhhh Ahhhh owww ohhh you Bitch!” Desirae groaned as Ellen tugged her roots up, “like you said whore not going to be a roll around playfight”

As Desirae grew desperate to get free Ellen pulled harder at hair and her rivals breast but with her torso oiled as Desirae bucked up Ellens body slippery now shifted and was soon thrown off her rivals back.

Desirae stood up and turned as Ellen got up and the 2 circled as Desirae opened her hands “You wanna fight cmon” and she latched on to Ellens heavy breasts within a second Ellens hands gripped into Desiraes breasts and the 2 girls stood kneading and groping and pulling squeezing at others breasts as hard and deep as they could, deep groans and sharp gasps filled the room when slowly both became frustrated and annoyed and rolled shoulders and pulled to cause others grasp to slip away.

“Let go if you arent going to fight bitch” Ellen spit as Desirae snarled “Wanna see what I do Tramp” and she dug her nails in to Ellens breasts at the top and through the oil coating dug her nails in and carved down 4 red furrows emerged instantly and then blood as Ellen snarled and dug her nails in Desiraes Breasts in same manner and tore down, soon her rival was wincing as the blood thinned in the oil and ran down each ,girl feeling the effect now clawed again then pulled away from other and cradled her own hurt breasts.

“ohhh you stupid cow!!” Ellen yelled as she inspected the damage and Desirae answered “you asshole bitch “ both knew they just left a scar on others flawless skin each would have for life, in their disbelief anger grew and instantly they stepped together and a slap war began as they swung hands at others face and head like pro boxers going for it all.

As they slapped and hit at other their breathing became labored and the faces red with a cut lip and hand prints on cheeks frustration took over as Ellen charged in and grabbed Desirae by her hair and tore like a wild animal shaking her head but desirae was ready as she was about to attack and she ripped and shook Ellen by her hair soon both girls were wincing ,snarling as hair drifted to the floor torn out as the screams got louder , then Desirae hooked her leg to Ellens and they dropped to rug like a sack and were rolling over each other as the hair war continued  they snapped roots from others scalp and went for full tufts to rip from the scalp as well as they rolled over the other.

“You fucking Bitch ill blad you” Desirae gurgled as Ellen gasped ,”Try it Bitch “ their faces red and breathing heavy the 2 fought on and soon managed to pull other to her feet and continued causing more damage as they swung and whipped each other by the hair holds , adding in slaps and grabs as they did now just as it was getting to point of no return for either. the door swung open by the frat Presidents and the sight of a catfight was to much as they both ran to their girl and pulled the 2 apart.

Relieved to be done but angered enough willing to go on the 2 girls glared and cursed to get at the other as they were ushered out , once out side the cheers and whoops of students rang out and the 2 girls so angry just darted with their sisters from the old mill back to the houses.

As they took showers and ran fingers over the damaged areas each looked in the mirror at the deep scars on their breasts left by other, and swore they would get her back,
as fate had it the 2 never met again and graduation came and went and the girls went about life, neither bothered to use her major  as they married and became house wives.

As years past the 2 women forgot about the other for the most part, the only reminder they had were the slightly faded scars on their breasts they saw every day in mirror or when their husbands inquired about it, but soon both women found themselves in a divorce, each was bitter as their husbands  were cheating and while it scorned both it was another new start in life, both accepted what life dealt them and took advantage by using their still fit bodies to tag along men by the droves and get gifts and fun  over a relationship.

As their kids went off on their own the 2 women found themselves alone and needed a new change and soon with in a year each had moved back to the city they went to school in, it was by chance but some what a plan what better way to pay back their ex husbands but date 20 something year olds while their exs footed the bill for their short comings.

The bar life in the city of the old school was abundant and crowded to say the least and neither woman had any trouble finding a young stud to fill her desire, and getting the ones with Daddy dollars became a mission,but even in the vast choices it was only a matter of time the odds would turn and lead the 2 now 45 year old women on a collision course once again.

The boys or young men came and went as the 2 women fed on the attention and endurance theses boys provided and the gifts soon  became unimportant as both women fed on the occasional struggle to get them, it became novel and on the rare times a young cheerleader or jealous girl approached them a simple show of their fit bodies  and dangerous nails and confidence to take it outside often made these girls turn another cheek than risk it, leaving each woman as if she was the queen.

Finally one night both women would find themselves in a struggle they never expected to find , as fate is a funny she devil so was the case this time, Ellen started to have a fling with a young man in his 3rd year , who was the prize he had everything going for him looks , athletic and family money, and his career was second to the offers from the NFL coming in almost daily, Ellen drooled at the thought of nursing her boy toy along to the big leagues and living extravagant life from here on, but as their affair went on Ellen noticed he was becoming a  bit distracted she at first chalked it up to young girls and parties, but when she snooped around a bit and came to learn he missed a few of the biggest bashes her mind now had concerns.

While that took place across town Desirae was entertaining her boy toy the only thing was both she and Ellen had no idea they were the arm candy for the same young stud and each felt she had her claws dug in and would do what they needed to keep it that way.

But like Ellen , Desirae started to sense his concentration elsewhere and as she did her own snooping  discovered the same missed events and having been in this very school she and Ellen knew missing these parties were like being out casted to some, so what had his time  that he risked it, the answer was obvious a girl or another woman but never their old rival was a thought.

It was a Saturday night after the game and his schools win meant nothing more than a night of parties at the frats, but both Ellen and Desirae sent him a text saying they wanted to see him , he smirked at the texts but also felt a degree of worry if either found out about other , would he lose both.

He texted each that he was sore and was thinking about skipping the parties, which to the women meant he would be out and about town if he went out and that meant the best bar off campus,with the win for the school the bars were full and 3 deep at the bar,
Ellen wanting to keep his attention fully wore a tight black mini dress with red rose print on it the dress almost looked painted on as her curvy figure filled it out and her majestic bust swelled up over the v cut with a red bra , black thigh highs and red heels her make up perfect and nails done and hair a high bun, she smiled in the mirror as she knew any man would want her as she headed to the bar.

As well Desirae stood in front of her mirror as she looked as hot and painted on minidress a blue with sequence also low cut  her blue bra holding her majestic veiny bust in as it swelled over dark blue thigh highs and heels make up also perfect her hair up but a bit more loose bun strands hanging at each cheek.

As she headed to the bar to find him, as she entered the bar the mass of people was thick and she was able to squirm and seesaw through to the bar , once there she ordered a drink ,as her eyes scanned the crowd as she searched for him, she spotted another woman who certainly rivaled her looks and figure sitting across the bar ,something about the strawberry blonde was familiar but yet she couldn’t place the face , as she saw 2 glasses in front of her Desirae watched when sure enough her stud Joe emerged and stood by the blonde cougar and was smiling with her, Desirae decided to find out what was going on.

She stood up and eased back in the crowd and squirmed her way through the crowd as she reached where Joe was his broad back blocking  the blonde , Desirae came up behind him ran her claws up over his back and to his chest as she dimpled the shirt he wore she purred with a teethe smile , “nmmm there you are missed you so much” as Joe turned his eyes went wide and he stammered for a response as Ellen looked over the brunette she smiled “Friend of yours Joe?”

Before he could answer Desirae looked at ellen “Friend? hmmm might say that i’m more like lover , and who is this Joey?”, as Ellen now felt a tingle as she stood up and ran her nails over his chest and Desiraes hands “Oh me ? well guess you need to know i am his lover , right Joey?”

The 2 cougars glared hate at other as he put an arm around both and said only thing he could , “uh uhhmm Desirae this is Ellen , Ellen Desirae”, the 2 womens eyes went wide in shock as they each looked like a light went off as they heard others name, instantly as if planned each woman ran a finger over the scars just showing on their big busts and the night they caused them came back as if it were yesterday.

Desirae smirked a jealous hate “Well Ellen never thought you would be back here years havent been so good to you honey” , Ellen just glared back as she smirked “Hmm funny i was thinking the same and how you could try to display yourself with the worse scars between us” , the taunt was trigger as Desirae and Ellen tapped nails along his chest < “Oh i didnt get the worse of it but I am not that little girl anymore and this cat leaves bigger deeper ones honey, and if you dont back off might just find out “.

Ellen glared “Oh such big talk like back then and yet as little action as then , we both know I left you a scarred and can easily show you what this cat can do now”,
Desirae smiled as if not impressed as she leaned in ,”Maybe you would like to take a walk down memory lane I hear the old mill is still around”.

With the gauntlet tossed ellen smirked “Nmmm leave it to a trashy girl to want to do it there , but I wouldn’t mind taking a walk any where we wont be disturbed “. Joe looked at both how they even knew each other but he didnt care as he said to both , “You 2 gonna do this now?, ellen smiled as she kissed him “Dont worry honey this isnt about you after i finish with her Ill be back for you” , but desirae kissed him right away back ,”Yes honey not all things are about you but let her and i have a few minutes then you and i can really have a good time” . The 2 she cats glared as each violated others territory openly , and Ellen hissed at Desirae, “SHall we get going then ..Honey?”.. desirae seeing the cold blank look hissed back , “nmm follow me ..Honey”.

They each walked out and swaggered their hips as heels clicked along once outside each stood as if ready to pounce “I am in the volvo stay close” Desirae purred as Ellen smirked “i am in the Cadillac ill be right there” they each got in their cars and headed to out skirt of campus as they drove both were shaking a bit as they knew by looks of other this was no longer a girl fight and the only other worry was if there was a party there at the mill where they would go.

As the 2 cars pulled up to the old mill there wasn’t a person around and the building was still standing though a bit more in shambles then they last were here, as Desirae sat in her car a moment ellen drove aside and lowered her window “Second thoughts ?”, but Desirae just sneered “Just wondering if we have enough light “ , with that Ellen parked so her headlights shined in the clap board sides of the building  and she pointed to desirae to park same manner from other side , as she did Ellen propped open the door and the headlights lit up the small room.

Desirae got out and saw the idea worked and stepped inside as she took position to the right Ellen stepped in to the left, both women now starred hate they felt at other, as Ellen paced side to side slow “Well been a long time anything you care to discuss before we get to it?”, Desirae hands on hips just watched her foe “Nothing at all , other than a warning  I see you at that bar or near him after this you wont have time to make a place to be alone”.

With that ellen squared to face Desirae and she walked toward her “Your on Honey ‘ and before Desirae knew it ellen was in her space and slapped the brunette hard as she turned to look at Ellen she struck again 2 then 3 then 4 hard slaps had Desirae gasp and back peddling Ellen smirked as Desirae seemed timid but that thought changed real quick when Desirae backhanded her cheek and stopped Ellen and then issued her own set of slaps , backing Ellen up the 2 parted a bit as breathed heavy as they glared red cheeked and snarled lips as they opened their fingers and as if agreed on thrust into the other and it was on.

Both women mashed breast to breast bodies hit hard together as they straightened up against other and clawed into the others hair as they each got a fist full and yanked and pulled and tugged their free hands clawed and slapped and punched at others face and head, slowly they stayed in the dance position as they went at other “cmon you Bitch “ Ughh cxnt I ll claw your eyes out “ they hissed back and forth.

As they clashed and tore hair from the roots they punched with fury but had little effect as the blows were short quick swings as they hit one wall then the next , spinning and turning and bumping around the only sounds were the night and their fighting, the quick fury slowed but he anger was none the less.

As hairs could be heard snapping Ellen wincing in pain spun with Desirae and both ripped a fist full of hair and parted as the tuffs released, with gasping breaths and busts rise and fall the 2 wipe the hairs away as they circle in.

Ellen her bust heaving sneers, “cmon desirae you Bitch lets get to it”, Desirae “oh Ellen you cow i dreamt of this day”  as if thrown at the other they thrust together and like 2 alley cats they lose all reserve as each digs her claws into others cheeks and claws down, faces contort into pain and anger as red furrows are drawn into skin as Desirae reaches to claw again , Ellen pulls her nails down further and onto Desiraes chest then catches her dress front as she feels the warm mass at her finger tips she grabs hold and rips down.

The dress front shreds apart as Desiraes bra comes in view , Ellen stabs her nails into the left bra cup and gathers it and flesh in her nails and pulls stretching both material and breast flesh, Desirae arches up at her rival in pain as the burn of nails and torture of the hold are felt and she shoves a hand under Ellens chin as she claws her arm “Owww you filthy Whore!”.

Ellen her head now pushed up and back tugged her hand from the bra cup and snapped Desiraes bra strap, as she did she slapped Desiraes face to get her hand from her chin, but Desirae feeling her breast spill free instantly sunk her nails in the dress front of Ellen and in a single tear shredded the dress front open and seized the full bra cups and pulled till Ellens breast were misshapen in the confines of the material.

As Ellen snarled she felt her own breasts become free as both tore others front cups from breasts they pushed at other and soon saw other topless with heavingheavy breasts out and the scars from years ago still in view as they did Ellen hissed, “Care to take a walk down memory lane?”, Desirae just Sneered as she answered ,”for old times sake?”.

They inched closer and in a flash both women sank their claws in others breasts , deep kneading and gouging began as they stood face to face their hands clenching full breasts and pulling ,tearing pushing and shredding nail tips through the flesh, each winced and felt tears well up at the pain.

The duel was short as Ellen stepped int oDesirae her calf wrapped around her rivals leg and kicked in bending Desiraes knee ,buckling it the move worked ass he pulled back and Desirae went to her left knee reaching up her nails dragged along both ellens breasts till they slipped off, it was a break Ellen needed as she got her thighs around Desiraes left arm and shoulder and stood over brunette and in a single motion wrapped her arm under Desiraes chin and tightened up as her free hand reached under and delivered a painful deep set of claws up and across Desiraes swaying breast, so deep the furrows instantly swelled and trickles of red filled the cut skin, “Something to remember me by Bitch” Ellen spit.

But Ellens little victory was short as she tore at the brunettes breast  her own breasts were pressing to Desiraes head and face and as her head went back in pain her mouth opened and found Ellens left breast and instantly bit down hard, the sudden shock of what happened and the instant pain had ellen arch and wince and scream out, “AWWWWWW  LET GO YOU cxnt!”

But the more she demanded the move stopped the harder Desirae bit in soon in desperation ellen started to swing claws and blows at Desirae till Elen fell forward atop Desirae and the 2 landed on floor in a tangled heap, As  Ellen cupped her now bruised and teeth imprinted breast in sheer agony , Desirae got from under her thigh and pounced on Ellens body and straddled the blonde.

As ellen laid on the floor every breath feeling as the brunette was still biting caused her to squirm onto her stomach as Desirae let her then dropped her rear on the blondes back firmly and reached out to cup her jaw and snarling in a smile hissed, “you’ll never show your face again Bitch”, her nails sank in and dragged up over her eyes and into the scalp of the blonde as she made her scream. “AWWWW No No my FACE you BITCH!!!!.

But Desirae smiled and twisted up the matted strawberry hair and pulled hard making Ellen raise up on her arms back bent and neck stretched back, as she held Ellen contorted in pain her right hand balled up and started to deliver blows to side of Ellens face as quick and as well aimed as she could, as the fists clashed into the blondes face her eyes shut and yelling her protest to be set free Ellen desperately would alternate hands to try to cover her face.

Despite her cries and threats Desirae was not going to be denied her fill of lust to tear her rival apart and she continued to swing and yank hair but she did Ellen managed to squirm under her thighs till she was prone looking up and she swung her own blows up at Desirae a quick exchange of punches were exchanged as they saw red,but as Desirae feeling she had the upper hand atop the blonde soon learned being atop isn’t always a good position.

As the blows were exchanged and Ellen bucked her hips inadvertently Desirae leaned down to stay atop and it was enough for Ellen to get back in the fight as she lifted her head and her teeth found Desiraes breast and she clamped down hard, her head up tears dripped out as she she cupped ellens head and clawed as her breast was being bitten into “AWWWW Ohh you WHORE STOP!!!”.

But Ellen wasnt about to she wanted to make sure desirae paid and son she was easing Desirae to her side on the floor, as she dislodged the brunette Ellen swung her thigh over  the brunettes spit her breast free then started to mount Desirae, “pay back a bitch isnt it Whore” , as she sat up to straddle Desirae, feeling the pressure now sinks her talons in one of Ellens breasts while other in her fleshy thigh and as Ellen is pitched forward and Desirae again mouth open bite into Ellens left breast, the pain so deep causes Ellen to flop on top of the brunette and instantly her trapped breast smothers Desiraes face and the brunette wraps her thighs around Ellen and the 2 cats tangle into a ball and start to roll over each other.

heels stabbing legs as thighs scissor bodies and claws slap and pull and scratch at any flesh as they roll both sweating and crying they fight as if life depends on it , hair litters floor as dress remains do.
 The rolling slows but hasnt stopped as their faces are hidden by tattered knotted hair and Desirae is on bottom as she hears Ellen growl at her ear, “I’ll ruin you Bitch”, it was like a second wind as Desirae plants her heels on floor and thrusts her hips up and with a shaking yank at Ellens scalp bucks her off.

Panting and some fear Desirae gets to her knees and as she does Sees Ellen on hers
and they slam breast to breast in others arms as they clash Ellen tries to hug and subdue Desirae s the brunette starts to pull hair and slap at Ellens face and body.

“Ughnn Bitch “ “cmon you fucking whore fight” Desirae gasps but as Ellen tries to slow her its clear Desirae is willing to fight harder and soon she has Ellen leaning back on her knees.

Desirae gets to her feet and holding Ellen up limp by her hair slams her knee 3 times into her foes breasts each a dense thud  then whips the blonde to the floor by hair face first and kicks her ribs, the snap of her foot to blondes side results in a cry, “AWWW STOP PLEASE!!.

Desirae stands and looks down breathing heavy her fingers curled ready to slash “Get up Bitch and fight” but Ellen covers up and eases into a fetal position crying Desirae lifts her head by hair  hissing at her face, “leave town or ill keep going next time” and shoves the blonde to floor.
 As Ellen lays crying Desirae gets in her car and drives home as she changes and cleans up she calls her stud  but gets a shocking answer on his phone, a womans voice , “Hello ?” Desirae lost now responds “Hi is Joey there?” the other woman hisses ,”Who are you and why do you want my Joey Bitch?”.

Desirae inhales “listen honey i dont know who you are but i catch you with him and you and i will have a woman to woman chat” she responds , “nmm i’ll fight you for him honey till then i am hanging up he needs my special treat again” and hangs up.

The End

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