The Text by Dotti D

Rosa was a very attractive Roan colored redhead with green eyes, 38 yo at 5’9” 144 pounds and a very curvy yet fit figure her full 38DD bust was round veiny and full, her husband adored her and everything in their life was normal, maybe to normal might even say becoming mundane.

It wasn’t from either her or her husband to blame, in fact both have a hunger for other in bedroom maybe it was her husbands thought of new things and Rosa was content in just being with her husband, or maybe it was a hidden boredom neither wanted to admit, but slowly she felt his mind was else where.

As time went by Rosa confided in her close friends and while many just vented their own bored relationships to hers one stood out in her mind,from her neighbor Janice it wasn’t an accusation or witness of anything she may have seen or heard it was her own experience she gave advice from, that stuck in Rosa’s mind the most as the women sat around sipping coffee and chatting.

As the get together started to break up Rosa asked Jan to stay behind a minute and the 2 sat as Rosa wanted a bit more detail as to what prompted her to say what she had, Jan swallowed her pride and after a few minutes debate to say anything more, let on her secret.

“Listen Rosa dear i am certain it is nothing like what I went through but do yourself a favor and get hold of his cell or computer messages, that is where I found the whore that was going after my husband, and it wasn’t till i pretended to be him I got enough on what took place he couldn’t deny it, but 1 thing I will tell you honey be sure you want to know , once that cats out of the bag theres no going back”. Rosa listened with her full lips opened at the news and she could see Jans body react as if it took place yesterday, “Well what did you do about it?” Rosa wanted to see if there was another option.

Jan looked away her eyes filled up a bit as she said “I wanted to confront other woman but he refused it to happen and chose her, over me”.

As Rosa heard the full version of Jan’s ruined marriage she sat back apologizing for asking but Jan smiled and said it was ok she was over it but for her sake her marriages Jan asked Rosa to not let up till she got her answers. Rosa gave Jan a hug and thanked her again as Jan left and as she cleaned up the thought of the her man talking to another started to over whelm her, could he would he? was all she thought for the rest of the day, she even texted him just to say hi and his quick response was normal as he closed every text with love you too.

While it didn’t make her mind ease fully it was enough for now that he thought enough to say it, finally after a day or so Rosa forgot about it and went on with her life as normal.

Across the county they lived in ,sat a woman a sexy curvy blonde with thick wavy hair to her shoulders blue eyes at 5’10” 150 she was as Busty a full 38DD not as fit but still a head turner for sure,her name was Anne, a married woman as well who like Rosa was going through a time in her marriage that needed more but neither her nor her husband could find anything to get the spark back. But for Anne that was not enough to be content Anne was not going to sit around and hope she wanted change and didnt care how she got it. Anne was sitting in her sun room with her feet up on a wicker ottoman sipping her coffee, still in her robe and panties and slippers topless as she liked to be around the house, and cause of her full bust it was one of the few things her husband could not be bored over and she knew it.

But her husband was at work and Anne was sitting her nails busy at the phones keyboard as the sun baked her body through its tinted glass, Anne smirked as her hand broke from the text and parted her robe, she smiled as she aimed the phone at her full bust and clicked a self image and sent it off, A sly smirk on her lips as it was accepted and the response came back, “Oh babe your so bad but so good , I want to worship your girls”.

Anne caressed her breasts in her robe as the texts got a bit more explicit and the last thing she sent was “All alone take a lunch here I need you”, but as fast as it started the texting slowed to a stammer of answers, Anne glared at the phone and the name she was texting and her grip tightened as she wanted him there now she needed him now.

Anne was no fool she was willing to cheat since she knew her husband on his sales conferences was not a choir boy whats good for the goose she thought, and add in the marital issue and Anne knew getting another married man would keep both out of a relationship while giving both what they wanted and needed so she knew he had a wife.

Her nails typed again as he didnt answer right away “What is it ? your cow of a wife ? we agreed this was for us”.

Again anne waited and slowly her mind turned to a devious way as she sent a pictures of her full bust and her in lingerie and other sexy attire but never of her face it was her insurance in case either got caught.

As he sat in his office meeting his phone vibrating one after another of text alerts Rosas husband slowly opened the texts and saw the various poses and shifted as he felt his face redden and his manhood stiffen, as he enjoyed the pictures all he thought was “why cant rosa be so out going and unreserved” and as he pictured Anne on top of him with her big bust he sent that very text to her , Anne smiled and texted back, “oh baby if she was any kind of woman she would do anything to keep her man, like i would ANYTHING”.

It was that simple word that nearly had Rosas man running out the door, but as he sat with an old college buddy and told his story and shared the pictures his friend looked him in the eyes and said something that made Rosas man think twice.

“Listen man thats great and if it was me i might be there right now, but you are forgetting one thing you have a wife at home every bit as hot as her you gotta ask yourself one thing if Rosa finds out is this other woman better than whats waiting for you at home right now? not to mention shes married and cheats” .

Rosas man sat back in his chair looked at his friend nodded and turned off his phone while his fantasy was right there for the asking it wasnt worth losing or hurting rosa over for one or two nights of sexual contact, besides whatever slump they were in would be over eventually.

But as Anne stopped getting replies she became more and more angry not only was her relationship with her hubby on troubled waters but her only escape relationship was now as rocky, instead of asking what was wrong with me she wanted to know what was wrong with them and more over what did his wife have she didnt, if she was all that why was he looking in first place , Anne sat stewing and thought “if i get the chance honey that prude wife will be sorry”.

After a long day Rosas husband headed home as he thought about the texts and what his friend said he still was torn between doing the same routine and having an affair but the 2 biggest points he teetered on were 1) didnt want to lose his wife over a one night stand 2) after having the affair that would become mundane and then what.

As he tossed the points around it was like someone turned his car into the lot of a strip mall where he bought a dozen roses and wine and went home to his wife.

As he walked in the door thinking he pulled off a nice surprise to the routine as he closed the door he was thrown into a surprise of his own as there stood Rosa in heels and a sheer long robe hair up and looking amazing, as she smiled hoping he would love the turn of events she teared up as she saw the wine and flowers and after a pause they kissed and the flowers ,wine and sheer robe fell behind them as Rosa took her husband in the living room and turned his night into a night of passion.

Rosa was on fire and without even knowing it she took her man back, after a long chat both said they were sorry for letting it get this far and promised it was going to be better,

The next morning as the sun came through the bay window of the living room they woke and before her husband could go shower rosa smiled and pounced on her man again as she looked down over swelling bust smiling as he manhandled her full breasts she purred like kitten, “nmmm yes baby they are all yours” as the comment drove him to exploding with Rosa, they shard a laugh after and though he was ready to call out rosa told him to go to work as he went to the shower he turned his phone on.

As rosa was humming and got coffee brewing she was startled by his phone going off like the world just ended, never one to pry she looked to his phone and saw over 20 messages pending, worried something at work happened that needed his attention that minute and him already late she opened the messages and as she saw the list she scrolled threw the names she knew from work and then saw at least 6 of the same name she never saw before her thumbnail clicked on it “A38DD4U” not seeing the name for what it meant and smirking at the odd combo, she opened it and there she read the messages.

The first she opened was of a womans body in a bra and thong the next was lingerie and a few others no face though each picture had a text like “need you now , your missing this, so on as Rosa got to the last message it was a text and picture the same woman her body a tape measure around her bust and a text “Your wife can’t compare call me you will forget her”.

Rosas hand shook and as she heard the water shut off she quickly copied the name of the sender and as she felt anger hurt she scanned the phone again and saw he did not reply with any promise to meet or anything, and after last night and this morning maybe he made a choice , but was that enough after all this woman had his number and wasn’t going away quietly.

Rosa closed the phone and went about making her man breakfast and served him and as he sat back after eating smiling at Rosa after seeing what she saw and last nights rekindle, straddled her man and rode him right there on kitchen chair again as she begged him to grab her breasts deeper she groaned “nmmm all yours baby anytime are they as good as you once said?”.. his mouth hungry at her nipples devouring them pulled off long enough to groan ,”NMMMM Baby Rosa your the Best”.

Rosa arched on her man finished him and nearly leaving him weakened to drive sent him off to work, as she smiled and waved he drove off as he got to work humming smiling he ran to his friend, hugged him and thanked him for his opinion and went on to tell him what he and rosa did.

His friend was happy and glad to have helped and in joking manner asked if he could have the blondes number , as they laughed rosas man said knock yourself out and erased the texts as he did he began texting Rosa telling her how he loved the past few hours and couldnt wait till he got home see what she had planned next.

Rosa sat still not dressed at the table and smirked as he texted her first thing after

Getting to work feeling she and he revived themselves she responded back and added her own naughty text then in an act of revenge she sent her husband the same pictures and style that other woman sent even the tape measure across her bust and added “No one can compare baby” , without saying why or how she came to send them she smiled as her husband opened them his hand shook wondering if something went wrong just as they were fixing everything, he pondered what to do “ do i call my wife ask whats up do i let it go?” just as he was wondering what to do his phone went off and it was Anne “Hey baby where are you don’t avoid me i need and want you “ and attached was a picture of her deep tight veiny cleavage between her arms and a cup of coffee under them.

As inviting as she looked and her bust looking every bit Rosas equal he decided he had to end it without causing her to go off the deep end and make trouble, but how was the question he texted back “hi anne coffee looks great but had my fill this morning of both I cant get involved but have a friend you would love” he sent it off and before he put his phone down it went off, “WhAT! THATS NOT WHAT WE WANTED I WANT YOU please come I will do what ever she does and more”.

Now Rosas man was really in a perplexed moment as he thought of Rosa last night and this morning this woman would do more, despite the love of Rosa his weakened mind sent a message back “wow you weren’t kidding anything were you “ he went on to tell her what his wife had done plus a bit more she didnt and Anne responded back “I said ANYTHING and MEANT IT”.

He sat back in his chair and about to make a date got a call from Rosa “hi baby hows my man doing not to tired i hope” he smiled at sound of her sexy voice and before he knew it forgot about the date and other woman, as Rosa went on to say she wanted to plan a weekend away no phones no business just them and a room and romance.

He said he loved the idea and would handle the arrangements but before he could Rosa Shouted a bit “No NO I will take care of that part you do the rest” he agreed gave Rosa the best days for it from work and hung up as he was called to a meeting he left the phone and went on with his day.

Not getting the response after Anne sat and felt her sexual desire spoil into a catty jealous rage, all she could think of was if she saw that wife she would show her , but deep down she had no idea who she was or where to find her and her appetite just festered in her.

But back at home Rosa was doing more than planning a weekend away her plan was far more deeper as she sat smiling at the first part she took the photos of herself she sent to hubby and made a text saying..”To who ever you are this is his wife and i want to let you know i do more than compare” and sent it with her picture of her in lingerie and her big bust swelling out in a bra.

Rose set the phone sure one of two things would happen her husband will be calling try to explain or the other woman would know they were caught and back off either way Rosa was set to play this game to let her know it was over, what Rosa didnt know aside from the texting and pics there was nothing more to it from her man , but from the other woman there was so much potential she wasnt going to just let it go.

As Rosa smirked and was about to go change the phone vibrated she sat back down and opened the text and it was this other woman,Rosa adjusted in her seat as she read it “OH you think so do you well why don’t you and I show each other a bit more hmm that is if your Woman enough” Rosa sat hands shaking she never was ready for this woman to confront her over this and as she sat rereading the text a picture was sent of the blonde in her lingerie and over filling her bra.

Unsure what to do and wondering was this what got his interest a woman so open to threaten meeting his wife she sends back a text “i am his woman and more woman than you so lets “ as she waits a moment she gets the picture of her full veiny breasts hanging over the coffee cup just out of her bra and her thick nipples so hard with the following “ just wanted you to see all natural before we begin are you?” Rosa feeling jealous now and yet confident takes the exact same image with her lipstick cup and his cup under her breasts and writes, “all me honey”.

A bit nervous now and uncomfortable over this what is texted next has rosa totally unprepared as Anne texts “this is all fun but how about we discuss it on the web cam woman to woman sort of speak faster than waiting for pictures ?” Rosa sits unsure what to do does this woman really want to compare nude on a web cam? Rosa puts her phone down and sips her coffee she cant answer she wont its not her, she wont give to her ways. trying to put the idea out of her head her phone now like her hubbies is going on and on with texts from Anne all taunts about the better body and woman.

Rosa decided to text her man to pass the time and forget this offer but each time she tried another dare from Anne came across during the confusion of the 2 texts Rosa sent Anne a text meant for her husband , “ i know about the whore that wants you she is crazy and i told her to back off or else” but before Rosa could stop it seeing the error it was sent, for the first time since the text war began Rosa had minutes of silence then the following came across her phone (her hubby “Hey baby not sure what your up to saying hi and did you get info on a weekend “ the next was from Anne “Oh did you now funny i dont recall you telling me to back off how about we have that chat before i tell him your scared and he should be with me?”) Rosa now starred confused what to do if he was to learn rosa knew it had to be her terms,if she was to get rid of Anne it was going to be him that ends, it but if she had to she was ready or was she, her fingers now typed out “ok you want to play games we can play tomorrow morning after 9 on line” .

Anne sat in her home and as she read the response smirks yet underneath she knew her bluff was called if he knew she crossed the line he would vanish if she didnt follow up his wife won she had to take the next step now as well.

Anne sat wondering her next move when she decided to play back she texted Rosas husband, “i think we should plan a weekend away just us and let me show you how a man needs to be treated” , when he didn’t respond right away Anne added “if you ignore what we want i will let your wife find out”.

In seconds he responded “no need we can discuss this” while Anne didn’t get him she certainly struck a nerve but she also knew that the man ready to cheat was rethinking his options that meant one thing , his wife turned his interest and seeing her body she knew it wasnt a matter of a better body she turned on her sexual animal and that was what he needed , Anne knew the second half of the plan needed to be unfolded as she planted the seed in Rosas head, “you can try to ignore me all you want the offer stands by the way keep in mind honey you have his attention now but sex with a stranger is more exciting than with same woman a weekend away and he is mine”.

Rosa checked the text and read it and gasped how could she know they planned a weekend away mean while Anne sat wondering if he would consider a weekend away neither woman had a clue other never made the plans or if they were going to.

It took Rosa some thinking and against her better judgement she had to play this womans game now or risk sharing or worse losing her man, so she texted Anne back “You want to play we can play tomorrow 9 a.m. on line my online is RnJ4evr “, Anne smiled at getting her way since she often did but some where deep inside she wondered what turned her around so easily, that night as Rosas man came home she greeted him as the night before and they spent the night making love but in a more passionate and unreserved way.

The pillow talk after was from her husband about getting away while rosas mind was on next mornings chat and was this woman planning? to follow them to the get away, Rosa smiled and “said ill spend day looking places online “ it was enough for him as he drifted off but Rosa was quietly looking at the pictures of this womans body along with her own, as she did she thought to herself “how far will i go to fend off her advances after all while he may have thought about it he obviously hadn’t yet which meant he loved and wanted her over this other woman but if he found her easily and was lured easily enough how hard would it be to close that deal and get him.

The next morning Rosa again straddled her man at the table and made him late but so worth it while she enjoyed it as well this was more of her way to say (other woman doesnt matter anymore) as she sent him off to work she waved at the door goodbye and she tied her robes sash and made put the dishes away and at 9 am poured herself a glass of wine to get the courage for the upcoming chat, she was going to see other woman and she didnt know if was a total stranger or someone down the block, but she needed to steady her nerve for this unveiling.

At 9a.m. Rosa turned the computer on and slowly and patiently went about the sign in steps she felt her fingers shake a bit and told herself she had to seem ready, after all she knew there was another woman and that she didnt get her husband physically yet only his attention, as she entered her password and signed into her provider it was 9:03 and before she could settle in a ping noise came across her screen “you have received a message from A38DD4u do you accept?” for a few moments Rosa let her finger roll over the enter key as the mouse sat on accept , she then pressed enter and the message came up “Well didnt think you were going to show “ rosa stared at the message sipped more wine then typed in , “why wouldnt i neither has anything to hide but who we are and what there is to discuss”, Anne saw the response and now felt Rosa was right once the cam session began it would be no secret who other was and the risk of knowing or seeing other just escalated, but to turn back now meant losing the upper hand and she went forward by saying “i am willing to risk it are you?” and Anne set up the window to cam chat and sent the invite as she sat in her home in a robe her husband at work.

The ping came over and there was the blue highlighted link a simple click and the wonder would be discovered but more frustrating what if these women never knew of other, the thoughts ramped as Rosa inhaled and clicked accept and slowly a screen opened and there in front of her was a cam shot of a woman in a robe and her cleavage .

Before rosa was seen she aimed her cam to same view and each saw what they already shared as Rosa heard the sultry low voice for first time, “well there she is, kind of intense isnt it?” and a sexy laugh was heard as Rosa calmed her nerves and felt a pride as her own cleavage was as inviting as what she was seeing, rosa cleared her throat and spoke in her own bedroom voice, “honey if you requested this what are we going to discuss ?” slowly as Anne thought best way about it she watched rosas pointy cream colored nails drum the desk and Anne let her own manicured nails show as she thought (well she has all the tools) rosa saw the manicured talons and thought the same .

Anne finally taking a breath in as well said to the camera “well i have to say our little picture trade other day got my interest your husband is obviously a breast man” Rosa cut the voice off “My husband is my man and worships mine , i know you weren’t able to get him yet so maybe yours isn’t as impressive hmm” Rosa smirked feeling she scorned the tramp as Anne inhaled a how dare you glare and her nails drummed the desk.

“I think until we agree on a few things we should keep our identities a question but I do want you to see what he wants” Rosa now glared feeling a hate build as she watched this womans nails reach to her sash and untie and open her robe as she pulled the robe back off her shoulders her very round veiny firm large bust appeared, the mix of light tan and creamy skin with tint of blue from veins and the dark pink areolas and nipples were very firm and full and made a jealous rage fill up Rosas body.

As she sat looking on feeling like she should click off yet wanting more rosa sat unable to respond as Anne cupped her breasts and slowly lifted them as her enticing voice softly went on, “He loves a pair that are heavy and Mine are so heavy’ then Anne let her breasts fall free and the fleshy CLAP was dense, “nmmm hear that?” Rosa licked her lips as she didnt know what to do and watched, slowly Anne caressed around them and gently pressed them in together “he loves a full pair and mine are so full a real Double D” asRosa watched how Annes breasts barely shifted and were already touching without help.

Slowly Rosa shifted in her seat as Anne then palmed over nipples and squeezed, her pointy nails sank into the mass as she moaned a bit “mmmm he loves them firm and Mine are so firm” licking her own lips Anne was turning herself on as she planned to this routine with rosas man but getting his wife had a more appeal in some way, as her fingers went to the nipples and started to rub and stroke them stiffer till they stood out and her pink lipstick lips lowered as she lifted the heavy mass and sucked each one and stretched them in her lips till the wet pop of each nipple was heard from her lips.

Anne slowly stopped the show as she let rosa take in her bust, Rosa squirmed a bit as she hated this but knew in her heart what man would refuse such a allure let alone her impressive bust, as she sat quietly watching Anne broke the trance her pink lipstick around the thick nipples and smirking just in camera view “Well i see your speechless are we done here?”, confident she made her point Anne was about to text rosas husband as Rosa sees the phone in cam she says out loud, “my turn?”.

Anne looks up as she sees the nails of his wife tease the sash of her robe and she puts the phone down and says “sure” as her eyes narrow at the screen, slowly rosa pulls the sash and her robe slips apart then she eases it off her shoulders and exposes her full bust with just her light red lipstick lips in view and her bust she slowly caresses her own bust.

Slowly as rosa caresses her bust she forgets she is a housewife and starts to let her inner lust out and she taunts Anne back ,lifting her own breasts “you know your right he loves a heavy pair and Mine are just that “ she lets hers fall and the Clap of flesh dense as before rings out and rosa smirks as Anne glares hate then sees her hands caress around and press in and seeing little shift as his wifes bust touches already “he loves them full and mine are just that” Anne now squirms a bit as Rosa palms her nipples and squeezes her own nails dimple skin as she does , “He loves them firm and these are so firm” Anne now feels a jealous rage as rosas fingers rub her dark pink nipples and strokes them stiff then lifts as her mouth licks and sucks them harder and wetly pops from her lips as she releases them her olive skin a contrast to Annes as her lips smirk in view then Anne seeing this wont go her way says to Rosa.

“Well we certainly both have exactly what he wants and desires’ Rosa cuts her off “But you can’t seem to get him to yourself can you? .. i guess we now see why” the taunt cuts Anne like a steel sharp knife its all she has to not throw her screen, then slowly Anne grabs the camera tilts it up to show her face her ice blue eyes glare as she growls,

“you think you can scare me off that easy honey you have no idea who your messing with my names Anne “ .

Rosa stares at the face and no matter what ,she can not place this woman she has never laid eyes on her, then Rosa tilts her camera up and shows her face “i am Rosa”, the 2 women stare wondering what has brought them to this point as they stare at the other each telling herself there is nothing better about her yet admitting inward what he can see in each of them, softly Anne knowing Rosa has the upper hand with him tells Rosa, “Well listen we have reached an impasse honey and I want to let you know I told your husband I will Do ANYTHING he wants to get him” but Rosa her glare as steely now stops Anne “let me assure you, he is my husband and frankly I will do ANYTHING but i already know what little i have done has turned him back around so do yourself a favor and find someone else before you get hurt”.

Rosa smiled her meaning of hurt was for feelings but Anne already jealous takes it as physical meaning and now glares back in the screen “Hurt Hurt? you listen to me Dearie i have a husband and I can take any man but i want yours and if risking getting hurt will give me what i want then bring it on sugar”.

Rosa now a bit taken back by the straight to the point words stammers a bit for words then realizes she owes this woman nothing and doesnt care what her feelings are as she leans to the screen “Well let me make sure you understand Honey, he is mine and I already do anything for him as far as what I will do to keep it that way the answer is ANYTHING” with that rosa clicks her disconnect and leaves the chat.

Her first priority was to call her husband and as she looks up resorts for a weekend away her husband says to her “that the boss just dumped an account on him and the next month maybe more its looking like a no” , Rosa asked if there was anything else he needed to say a moment of silence between them then he said “I talk to you later baby gotta go”.

The remainder of the day Rosa went about her daily routine and despite the plans for a get away possibly ruined, she thought of a way to spice tonight for them, as she sat in her living room taking a break her eyes close lightly as she couldn’t get that other woman out of her mind , where he could have met her why was she so hell bent on him and what length was she prepared for to get him, but as those questions went unanswered her fingers eased in her robe and found her stiff nipples and she slowly worked them moaning as she reflected on matching this other woman, and despite putting the idea out of her head it came back to haunt her what if it is pushed to that point would i could i.

Rosa was snapped from her trance as the door bell rang and as she popped up she saw hours passed and still wasnt dressed at the door was her friend Jan, rosa had forgotten she was going to stop by and Rosa let her in, “take a seat hon i just gotta throw something on”.

Jan went to sit when she saw the computer on and as she clicked on the tiny closed window it opened and there was a timed out session log her fingers scrolled the session and she saw what transpired and the screen shot of the woman Rosa was worried about she stood up and as Rosa saw her looking hugged her friend and said she was sorry.

But rose eased off and smiled “you know Jan its ok cause i found out today he hasnt done anything but talked to her and got a few pictures of her which he deleted and today she and i had a little cam session and she was told its over”.

Rosa smiled as she went to make them both some coffee jan followed like a reporter at a crime scene, “whats she like? what did she say ? is she a Bitch?”..Rosa set the cups on table and faced her friend as they sat, “well it was interesting to say the least Jan, the bottom line of it was well…” she starred at jan a moment as jan stared waiting “no he didnt?’ “Well thats the thing he hasnt touch her it was her he is only guilty of texting and looking at her pictures and she knows i know it and well it pissed her off enough she said she will fight for him”.

Jan Gasped “She What? that BITCH” but rosa calmed her and explained she didnt say it directly that she herself said what ever it took and this woman ran with it saying she was willing, Jan sat and asked if Rosa was ok and what she was going to do, but rosa smiled and said “well really Jan nothing for me to do but talk to him tonight let him tell me everything and based on what i hear i may tell him my side but frankly as far she goes ? i have him and she has no way to ruin us so i already won”.

Jan saw the smile on Rosas face but her eyes showed doubt not knowing the extent of the camera chat jan hugged her friend and said best she could ,“listen if anything comes of it i am here for you just don’t settle for sharing or less you deserve more and better”

Rosa nodded and Jan left and spent the rest of her after noon planning a candle lit dinner and a passionate night for them.

Mean while on other side Anne sat uneasy and busy texting her husband making a futile attempt to get his attention as she felt the neglect her mind wandered to rosas man again and she decided to take another step and her fingers typed to him , “ i want to let you know your wife thinks shes all that apparently, if showing her i am the better woman means her and i meeting i am ready just say the word baby”. rosas husband looked at the text part of him was outraged that this woman who he had yet to be with dared make a threat , yet as he sat picturing them both he smirked as he could see Anne beat rosa or vicaversa and he had to admit it drove him wild.

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As he was about to leave the office he texted Anne back “i hope you arent suggesting hurting my wife Anne, but understand this if you tried to my wife is no push over”, Anne smiled as she responded “nmmm so the thought of her and i fighting for you hit a spot honey hasn’t it?”.
He felt his face flush as she went on , “listen stud you name the time and place ill be there , ill rip her hair out and scratch her face nmmm it has me wet thinking about it”.

Before he knew it Rosas man was rubbing his hard cock through his pants as Anne teased the idea and as he played into it he responded “sounds hot ill admit but what if she is the one tearing you up?”, Anne inhaled as she knew herself now after the days events it was possibility typed back, “hmmm i see you love her and think shes got as much as i do but i guess you will have to leave it to her and i woman to woman baby if that will get you over here trust me when i tell you i want to fight her i will fight her “.

He dropped the phone and nearly pleasured himself right there instead he jumped from his seat and gasped in a breath and huff out “wow “ he thought “she making it tough to go home for sure”, but home he went he knew rosa was waiting and they needed to talk , he drove home and walked in ,to candles on table his favorite slow country song on cd player and rosa dressed in her lingerie and robe , after a well made meal they went to the bedroom and Rosa was like a wild woman in a way he or she never saw before and after it was over Rosa sat up and looked at her husband and said “well lets talk I need to hear it”.

Sitting up he swallowed the wine and looked in her eyes and said “you cant get mad things have changed so much between us ok but here it is , before the last few days I admit a woman has been after me and i kind of was leaning to meeting her but all that took place was texting and a few pictures “ rosa starred emotionless after all she knew this already, “And has this woman still pursued you or is it over?’ her husband looked away saw the message alert on his phone then said “well thats the other thing , i told her enough and even said i knew a guy at work would suite her but since then she not only has still texted me but she played on a fantasy of mine and i have no idea how she knew to” with that he grabbed his phone and opened the last series of texts from her.

Rosa took the phone and read along seeing the remarks of a private get away romance and then the last part about meeting her and a fight Rosa put the phone between them and looked in his eyes, “i see hmm interesting now my turn, I found out about her days ago and frankly i almost feel ashamed but i got her screen name and i texted her telling her to back off in not so many ways” her husband looked on shocked that rosa wasn’t throwing him out, “it gets better or worse how you look at it” with that rosa handed her phone to him and he saw the picture comparisons and the catty texts as he read it rosa saw him get a hard on and she smirked a bit.

“there is more, she dared me to cam chat with her and well we kind of showed off to the other our breasts and she pretty much dared me to meet her” , seeing her husband almost pass out rosa thought it best to tell rest of this while taking care of him before his heart exploded.

As her fingers stroked him slow her heavy firm breasts on his chest rosa turned her tone to a sultry one , “ see i dont want to lose you and yet ill be damed if some floozy will just take you so i told her i will do anything to keep you then it hit me I already won cause i have you” her man groaned “wha..what did she say?”, “well nothing more to me i think she had to admit i was right to herself but from your last few texts from the looks of it she wants to fight me for you”.

Like a volcano her husband exploded in rosas hand and she smiled as she kissed him, “nmmm baby your great “ he moaned but before another word was said Rosa ran her tongue on him and moaned “nmmm your my man baby and no two bit whore bored is going to get you as long as i have a breath in my body “, “oh rosa no worries i love you its” Rosa put her finger to his lips “its just hat her offer got you hard and thought of her and i had your desires up i know, but i can tease you as much and best part you get me anytime you want, so tell your little girl friend its over your wife won and if she cant stop to call me”.

Slowly rosa sat up on her man and looked down as he grabbed his phone she eased him inside her and slowly started to ride him as she offered her big bust out as he watched her firm globes sway tight and heavy as she rode up and down he swallowed as he texted Anne, “hi Anne that was some offer but i need to tell you its over my wife won and she wanted me to let you know if you cant accept it call her” before he sent it rosa grabbed the phone opened the camera took a shot of his hands on her big bust and sent it for him then threw the phone as she and her husband had a marathon night.

As they did Anne was in her bed her husband asleep and read the text and saw the picture she nearly screamed as her lips curled back, “oh you bitch “ she thought “this is far from over “ she threw her phone on the night stand and spent her night tossing as she pictured them together.

The next morning Rosa and her husband slept in and as they did neither had an idea the phones were filling with texts, as they woke they kissed and had another love session then showered and Rosas husband decided to go buy breakfast , he was staying home with her rest of the day.

As he ran out rosa was all smiles and she picked up the bedroom sheets and both her and his phones she sat on the bed and opened her messages there it was as she figured A38DD4u she opened the text with a sly smirk as she read, “well i see you think telling him means you won let me assure you its furthest thing from the truth honey my offer i made him? well i am making it to you , meet me woman to woman and i guarantee the next picture you get will be my tits on top of him”, rosa smiled as she read it then simply typed “jealous cow you cant stand i won without having to put up a fight” and sent it as she went to make coffee, her husband returned and as he sat out the breakfast kissed Rosa and went to get his phone.

As she put everything out on dishes and set coffee out she went to see what was taking her husband so long , as she entered the bedroom he was looking at the phone and then at rosa”Whats the matter honey?”..

He didnt say word but as he handed rosa the phone she saw his hard on through the jeans and sat on his leg as she read the text, “ I want to let you know since she is afraid to i challenged that bitch to fight me and she refuses to accept, how can you stay with a bitch who wont fight for you, i would do anything to have you like a real woman would”.

Rosa sat her eyes narrowed as he looked up rosa smiled kissed him and un did his pants and stroked him again as he caressed her big breasts in her robe she purred to him licking his ear, “nmmm tell me now baby do i need to fight this bitch , hmm i will if i have to do i?”..before he could answer her man exploded again and gasping assured his wife “Rosa baby your mine and i am yours and you just put her out of my mind , make the reservations i will tell my boss its a family retreat and i am going “..rosa smiled and told her man to clean up, as he did Rosa texted Anne one last time “I hope you finally get this straight Honey not only did your remarks get him hot he was putty in my hands when i said i would do it but he assured me your done and our weekend get away is going to happen have fun at home alone” and took her man by the hand to the table ate their breakfast and both rejected her number and name off the phones.

Meanwhile Anne sat at her computer reading the text and was so angry she threw her phone and shattered it with all contact cut off and no idea how to get him or his wife again Anne felt she did in fact lose, In a last ditch plan she got in her car and drove to her husbands work since their marriage was on the rocks he often pulled weekends for his workers to avoid Anne and a fight or aggravation, But you could have knocked him over with a feather when Anne strolled in his office shut the door and got on her knees and used her full heavy breasts to pleasure her husband then straddled him and finished him again, her husband was shocked, pleased and didnt know what was happening in one breath as Anne rode him harder and harder she begged him to worship her breasts she simply stood up off him and with a look of disgust started to leave as she did, she looked back and said frankly “I am not sure when but we are taking a weekend get away alone so you can have your workers do this petty stuff understand?”..All he could do was nod yes speechless at Annes turn of ways .

What he didn’t know was Anne was just starting the last ditch effort of her plan to get Rosas man but more get at Rosa, Anne on her way home stopped to get a new cell phone and once home started to add her contacts when she synched her cell to her computer she was able to bring up the last few minutes of her cam chat with rosa and now had her screen name again instead of texting she sent Rosa an email.

“Rosa , So you think a woman like me will give up so easily ? you are as stupid now as you were when i found your husband, I am going to make this as simple for you as i can, Since you will not agree to face me alone for him I am going to make the offer a bit more accepting, you and I meet and if you win i will walk away and never bother either of you ever again, however if you lose not only do i get your husband when i want but I want the romantic get away you are planning in fact I am willing to make it hot for all of us, you and i will fight and film it on a cell phone winner takes him on the get away and watchs it while making mad love to him since we both know how he reacts to the thought of us fighting he will love it.

Oh and in case you try to weasel out of this challenge i have another card up my sleeve i am going to offer your husband something he cant get from you, A fight against another woman any woman for him to watch we will see who he chooses then, Anne.”

As monday morning saw her husband go to work Rosa went on her computer and saw the name A38DD4u and opened the email, as she read the email Rosa slowly felt the smile leave her face and as she saw Annes next attempt she knew that trouble was just beginning for her and her husband , it would only be so long their sexual marathons would hold his attention before he wondered about more and with this woman willing to give him anything, she asked herself was i as willing?

She went through her friends list thinking if she put on a wrestling show he might be pleased but none of her friends would ever consider it not even Jan, and to try to pick out a random woman would take longer if at all, while she knew someone like this Anne would walk outside and start a fight if meant getting her way, Rosa pondered and worried she knew if no answer came from her she would find him and offer it, something had to be done.

Slowly rosa hit reply and started to answer this other woman, “Anne, i see you just cannot accept losing what you never had though its clear you never were getting him but in regards to your last offer i thought it over, not cause you are willing to drag some unknowing woman into it but because i see only way to get you to understand is make you see you lost so i will meet you any place we can be alone and get his over with and i agree it will be hot for he and i to watch me beat you as i make love to him and your home licking your wounds , so i guess the best thing now is to plan this so he doesnt catch on and i think it should fall on day before the get away so he is surprised the next day by who ever is at his side, you know my screen name lets chat. Rosa”.. her nail toyed with the send button then hit it.

At work Rosas husband walked in to the bosses office sat down and told him in a matter of fact way the extra weekends weren’t going to start till the getaway was over his family needed it, his boss smirked and in a joking manner answered , “oh one of those ok ok you got it have fun, i need a break myself try to enjoy a few things “.

Rosas husband ran to his office called his wife and told her the good news she smiled and said “great baby its all going to be perfect, by the way did that crazy bitch text you any more?”..he looked at his cell “No not at all i guess your text other night sealed that see you later baby” rosa smiled as he confirmed nothing more came of it as she promised and as she hung up reminded her husband that they were going to meet at the get away as he had work friday and she wanted to get things set up.

She hung up and waited for the computer to show a message when finally it came A38DD4u “you on?” rosa took in a breath not wanting this but now seeing no way out , “been waiting thought you backed out”, she smirked at her catty response when a ping was heard and it was another cam invite rosa accepted it and there was Anne wearing a blouse and her thick nipples tenting it as her bust rose and fell in heavy breaths.

As rosa looked at her and saw her blue eyes hungry to plan this Rosa felt her body and mind react as well as her nipples tented her thin blouse and bust rose and fell as the 2 women starred , Anne softly with hate spoke, “Well finally we are going to settle things hope your ready cause this isnt going to be some girly spat”, rosa answered “i just as soon walk out and be with him but i rather face you get rid of you for good and in the effort let him see he has the better woman so how and where?”

As they looked at other via the cam Anne noticed a difference in Rosa the seemingly shy and avoiding wife was no longer acting as afraid but the challenge was out and if either backed out it meant everything was for nothing and other won.

Slowly Anne undid her blouse and parted it around her heavy firm bust her nipples stiff as she just showed them to her new rival, as she started to speak , “”As to the where there is a motel down town the traveler inn i will have the room emptied so we have nothing to get in the way, as to the how well i want to show him i am better woman 2 ways” with that said rosa started to open her blouse and bared her heavy firm breasts nipples as thick and stiff as she showed them off she answered, “i know the place and i agree as far as how exactly how?”.

Again they glared and Anne started to trace her breasts in her nails, “well i was going to settle with a titfight show him whose are better but after all your taunts i want that and a catfight just us till one of us begs for mercy do you still agree?” as she gave her breasts a squeeze and licked her lips , Rosa feeling disgusted but knowing a fight was imminent caressed her own bust at her new rival “nmmm i will love showing him he has the better woman and she has the better bust , i already told him i was leaving thursday so the day is all ours”.

Both women massage their firm busts from back to nipples and even a gentle moan as they set this up, Anne smirked “i must say i am a bit shocked you arent asking rules and stakes Rosa”

Rosa squirmed a bit as she now felt this woman was more than a fluke but maybe someone who often engaged, but not wanting to seem intimidated Rosa massaged her bust and smiled “well i thought it was agreed for him and the weekend to watch it over and over?” Anne smiled a evil grin “oh your so sweet dear but that was for him i am talking about for us , lets face it Bitch its no longer just about him you made that clear other night with your picture fucking him so now we have to set our own rules and stakes”.

Rosa swallowed and with her bravest look purred as if use to it as well , “oh i see its personal as well nmm good i do want to make it clear which of us is better so name it”

Anna now swallowed as rosa seem to be cold as calm as they worked their busts they seemed fuller and Anne ran her nails over mass leaving white scrape trails as she laid out the stakes, “nmmmm a titfight with no hands unless its a draw winner smothers losers face under hers, and the catfight nmmm well no rules honey just 2 women in a fight loser face sat pleasures winner all while on video”.

Roa felt a flush run through her but it was to late now and she scraped her own breasts white trails and smiled “ohh i agree by the way when i beat you i am going to use my nails on those tits and you wont want to flash them any more”, Anne sneered

“oh trust me honey after its over you wont have tits” both signed off and Rosa gasped as her hear beat fast Anne sat doing the same as they both went to their rooms and packed for the get away and the fight.

The week went by slow for both women and Rosas man smiled ear to ear thinking the threat of another woman was gone even though on occasion he would mention her and Anne fighting during sex, but it just enhanced the nightly marathons, as Thursday came Rosa got up early set her bags in her car and set a sport bag on the seat she made her man breakfast and as became the norm straddled him at the table and off to work with a smile, her heart beat heavy for the fight to come ,it didnt mean her husband was gone it just meant that other busty woman was going to have him freely and it hurt more than anything she could do, Rosa locked up her home and got in her car and drove down town she waited near the motel for Annes text of the room number, it wasnt long as her phone vibrated and simply read “114” Rosa responded “5 minutes away” and drove on she pulled in the lot and saw one car a white mercedes.

As her long legs draped out and heels hit the lot she stood up and grabbed her gym bag, she swaggered to the room and knocked as she tried the knob and it opened as she let her eyes adjust rosa looked in and saw 2 chairs and nothing more then Anne appeared from behind the room divider wearing a robe and heels and thighhighs she looked at Rosa and hissed “change in there and leave your dress on hanger” and eased back out of view, Rosa stepped in closed and locked the door then stepped in the bathroom she stripped and put on her red thigh highs and thong and garters and walked out as she turned the corner of the rooms divider she saw a wide open rug area where bed once was and Anne standing now in heels and black thighhighs and garters only each threw her bra on a chair and rosa walked across to other side as they glared at other each now faced the other woman.

Anne walked to the chair and set it out of the way and pointed it at the room and hit video as she looked in the lens she smiled “Hi Hon its Anne just wanted to let you know its what i promised and after i beat your wife you and i will fuck to this video over and over see ya soon” she swaggered back to her spot Rosa mimics the move by setting her phone aside Annes and gave her intro, “Hi baby i know what your thinking but its the only way it was to be stopped see you soon and after today she wont matter”.

Then Rosa turned and stepped to her spot each woman giving a moment to be viewed then Anne slowly purrs “Well you ready to get this over with?’ Rosa taking in a breath smiles “Oh yes” and both women slowly step forward and stop in middle of the room, as Rosa stands Anne starts the fight with a simple push of her breasts to Rosas as their flesh meets Anne inhales and slowly starts to roll and presss to her rivals , “uuuhnn mmmm uwww yess your not the woman he thinks you are honey” Rosas slow response gives Anne some confidence as she starts to rub firmer and grind and drag side to side , “uuhnn mmm uww cmon whats wrong tits arent tough hmm?”…But like a slap to the face ,rosa feeling the move now looks between them then Arches up and pushes into Annes bust stopping her side to side drag and rolls her own mass up into Annes.

Uhnnn mmm uwww just getting a feel of what you got honey cmon dont stop now or am i to much hmm”? and Rosa drags side to side then slowly Anne joins back in and as they drag left to right their heavy tits Clap against others side and the flesh draggs pulling and tugging flesh as both women arch up and groan, “uughnnnn more cmon “ Anne huffs as rosa grunts, “cmonm fighht mine lets go” slowly the taunts get personal as they step in at other and now the dragging increases and the heavy flesh clapping echoes as they both huff out the effects.

Anne”uuuhnnn uhnnn ohhh cmon yess thats it more fight” Rosa”mmmf mmff yes yes ohh lets go cmon” slowly their knees bend and their heels start to shift them around as each took a step and other followed they keep their breasts in the Frey , hard nipples stab flesh and poke and sink in as areolas mold together and full round mass forms out of shape and back again as each swipe and drag takes a toll on others womans chest.

Slowly rosa feeling an empowerment never had before steps left Anne follows then Rosa jams her breasts right and steps back right ploughing into Annes return drag and catching her breasts out of shape and drives in as she hears Anne reaction, “uughh ughh oohhh uuugnnnnn bitch!”… the move and reaction have Rosa smiling as she pumps pushes and pumps and presses never letting Annes bust reshape and settle back in front , and steps to tighten to her widens her stance over Annes left leg and starts to roughly twist side to side and up and down.

“uuhhh uhhh uhh mmff yess cmon take it Bitch Yesss ohhhh uughh uhnnn feel me cmon bitch Fight my tits”, Anne is stunned and feeling rosas equal breasts and as Rosa makes a wide stance over her thigh Anne arches back and feels the mistake as her breasts rise up in open and are battered slow by rosas . “aaghhh uughnn mmff mfff ohh you fucking Bitch ohh uughh ughh mffff cxnt “

Anne is taken aback ,and now looking on lost in the duel as rosa now starts to take the fight to her and its all on video as the 2 women are tight body to body and Annes bust is being shifted like she has no support , as she leans back to ease the assault her heels stagger her back and before she can set herself and get back into it Rosa chases and is at her still never easing the attack..”Oww uughhh mmff mff ohh you bitch get away “ rosa sneers, “oh honey dont go yet ,just getting started cmon Bitch “.

But as rosa slaps into Anne and sends her back more Anne reaches back to catch her staggered balance as Rosa comes at her more Anne now panting for breath steps to the side and turns her upper body to avoid Rosas bust, seeing this as weakness rosa grabs her rivals hand and a quick struggle ensues as rosa wants at her tits and Anne tries to slow by avoiding it , Rosa growls “oh you chicken shit fight me” Anne “Back up bitch and we will” “Oh you whore you will fight now” with that rosa twists the wrist of Anne and yanks her arm up behind her back applying a perfect arm bar as she pulls up on the trapped arm turning Anne to camera phones she brings her other arm up around Annes neck and pulls back.

Her face aside Annes and her big tits in Annes back rosa applies pressure “You wanted this now your gonna fight me got it Bitch hmm hear me?”..Anne looking up fear in her eyes on her face pulls at rosas arm on her neck while being directed around the room “Awwwww you Bitch my arm uughnn my neck you Bitch let go fucking Bitch fight fair”…but rosa smiles as she hurts Anne and as they stagger and bump around both panting heavy Anne manages to back peddle rosa to a wall and as they struggle, rosa suddenly Screams out, “Awwww ohhh Awww bitcvh knock it off”, Anne spits out “Whats wrong bitch cant take a rough handling hmm let goo”.

But instead Rosa releases her neck hold and stabs her nails in Annes left breast and twists as she does Anne again twist to left and the camera sees Annes twisted arm her hand has Rosas Breast by the areola and her nails in it, both women are straining spitting and getting rougher when finally rosa knees Annes knee and sends her to the rug forward as she does both women leave claw marks on others breast.

As Anne hits the rug Rosa steps back and cups her breast and inspects the red lines then sucking in a breath walks out to middle hands on hips , “well Bitch getting up or we done with this part?”, Anne on her knees inspects her breast and the red lines then eases to her feet as she takes a much needed breath in she moves back to middle hands to her hips as they stand breasts out ready each woman glares as Anne answers

“oh i am not done yet bitch , you wanna use hands so soon hmm?”, rosa looking her up and down sneers “oh not just yet honey but if you weren’t running from mine i wouldn’t have to”

Anne glares hate as she knows rosa was right to attack she was feeling every bit and needed to break the attack just never thought rosa was ready to act on it as they again face off, Rosa initiates and starts where she left off by stepping into Annes space and straddling her leg and twisting her breasts into Annes this time up and down ..”uuhhnn uhnn mmm lets finish it cmon bitch fight”. Anne again gets put on guard and is grunting out quickly “aahhh Bitch you Fucking uughhnn bitch “ rosa starts to drag right and then slap her tits left into Annes and the effect has Anne feeling her fast Again, Anne loses ground and rosa follows keeping after her as the fight gets bit harder and rougher, “uuhn uhnn cmon bitch tit to tit you scared bitch”, Anne backing away finally steps back with her right heel and to the side with her left as she dodges out of rosas forward thrust she sends her rival staggering forward and she slaps against the divider wall tits first “SMACK” “AAWWWW uughnnn you Bitch”, But its the break Anne needed and without waiting she runs at rosas back grabs her from behind in a choke hold and grinds her rivals breast to the wall “ohhhh look at this a turn of events mmmmmm hows it feel cow hmm let me hear it”.

Rosa is wide eye and feels pain she never had before as her big full breasts were being pulled and rolled on the hard surface against her will her head tilted back as her airway was strained “ughhhh let go you cxnt oowwww my tits Bitch still cant take mine on bitch can you?”..Anne spit at her foe and hissed “Ok Bitch lets just see whose tits are better we are even got it no more moves just tit to tit agree hmm?”..rosa gasping nods agreement and Anne shoves her on the wall and moves back .

Rosa turns rubbing her throat and her breast as Anne stands breasts out ready and slowly she faces Anne again, the 2 women glare hate as they slowly circle in at other , their heavy firm busts a slow yet inviting sway with each step.

Anne pulls her hands up on her hair and smirks offering her bust outward in a low hiss, “cmon Bitch hands off tit to tit if you dare”, Rosa seeing her foes breasts lift and out wanting the contact does the same and both fighters roll their upper back to push out breasts , “i am right here waiting bitch bring them on”.

Anne seeing rosa is willing steps at her rival and again the room hears a solid fleshy CLOP as both ladies grunt , “uuugghnnn” as they slowly start to press , mold an roll their big mass into others their eyes lower to meet each others, Glaring not to scare other but see a sign other is weakening they roll heavy flesh and presss and smear together as they circle , long sinewy legs flex and balance them as they dance.

Little is heard as they let their big breasts wrestle aside from a grunt , groan or a gasp as their breathing increases and sweat forms on their bodies, their big mass starts to glisten as they drag and smear more firmer to other, Anne slowly tilts her chin up a bit as Rosa presses in and up and holds to her with no ease off, Annes heavy bust lifts and mushrooms back a bit against her own chest her lips defy her attempt to hide any affect, as she moans out, “uuhnn mmmfff uwwwww Bitch”, the slight sound brings a surge in Rosa as she now keeps Anne’s bust up i and starts to roll pump and thrust tight to her rival her head shifts to Annes to force her to look in her eyes “Whats wrong Bitch hmm Feeling me a bit cmon say it let it out “.

As the fight drags and progresses Anne is sweating more panting heavier and is slowly draining herself to stay in the fight as the shy rosa starts to take control, the 2 women have now fought past 45 minutes straight and their bodies are sweating as their breathing starts to labor, Anne is back peddling and tries to break contact but with every step rosa moves as if her shadow, even though rosa has Anne hurting she herself is wishing for relief as she has to work harder to fight but control her rival.

As the 2 women slow the pace of their steps they slowly begin to be more stationary causing rosa to get more control, “uuhnn uhnn mmfff yesss thats it bitch yess feel me your done give you cow” Rosa almost pleads in her demand , but Anne as she herself looks to ceiling as if asking god for a break presses in and shakes her head no as she pants harshly, “uuuggmmmfff uuhnnn uwww sss you Bitch never fight me”

In that second Rosa pins straight in to Anne they glare at other and then with hands over head Rosa pulls back enough their breasts slacken apart nipples drag and sways her heavy tits and as she glares in Annes eyes a sharp SLAP echoes and Anne winces, but quickly gathers herself as Rosa snarls , “cmon put them up bitch”, Anne knowing what her rival means sucks in a much needed breath as she arches to lift her own a bit then as they widen stances Anne sways her shoulders getting motion in her tits and responds back.

“ohh you wanna play bitch cmon” and with a sharp twist her breasts repeat what rosas did and both hear the sharp SLAP Rosa stands ready and smirks but as the collision happens she feels her mouth drop open and eyes widen as she winces at the effect Anne causes “uuughnnnmmfff ohhh you Bitch”.

Anne who was on the ropes sees rosas reaction and feels her body swell with a second confidence and rosa seeing it takes in a deep breath as she steadies herself , her mind reeling i know i have her but that hit was hard , as she wonders if inviting a blow to blow titfight was the best move, before she can figure it through Anne sways other way and again Rosa winces at the sharp SLAP, “Aghhhhh shit!” Anne now with pinkish cheeks and sweat smirks as she steps with Rosa as they circle to fight.

“Well Well isnt this a turn of events cant hang with the big girls honey?” before Rosa can answer Anne sways quickly right then left , 2 hard sharp Slaps ring out, “SLAP, SLAP” and the response gives Anne a sly smile of new light as Rosa is stunned and feeling it now, “Awww ,, Bitch owww ohhhh Fucking bitch”.

Rosa is now panting heavy as Anne was minute ago as they step around slowly the swaying breast boxing increases in speed and harder collisions.

Anne wears a proud yet catty grin as she tries to get a rhythm going into Rosas bust as rosa now feeling the effects as Anne was minutes ago looks ready to crumble to rug “uuggg ugggg owww uummff umff “..each whimper gasp and grunt from Rosa is like an audience building Anne up as she now steps Rosa around as she follows wanting to make her give, “Ughh ughh mmf mff thats it Bitch yess take it stay here and fight my tits cmon”.

The 2 women exchange swaying hits and as Rosa now sweating and gasping is being worked her body glistening steps at Anne, after a sway right Anne a bit stunned gets her rhythm broke and as she twists back Rosa dips and pulls up hard and fast , Rosa looks away as she hears the dense SLAP and feels Annes heavy breasts as she hits her undersides, Anne reacts to the blow as her sway is stopped and her breasts bounce up and undersides Quake, “AAWWWW uugmmfffff ohhh you BITCH!

Anne never before hit so deep underneath and hard sees stars as Rosa having no idea what effect the move had thrusts in and wraps Anne in a hug and as she pulls her in smears her breasts into Anne and twists pulling and overlaping Annes big tits on themselves.

As Rosa feeling her self again take the fight goes on working Anne , but Anne is fighting to stay on her heels as her knees start to buckle out her hands push to ease Rosa away but her strength is drained at the pain in her bust, gasping almost unable to say it Anne taps both of Rosas shoulders and in a horse gasp yells, “Please Stop i Give Please it hurts”..Rosa again drives her breasts head on to Annes and hisses ,”You done mine are better and my husband is off limits agree?” as she drives a thrust to Anne her head thrown back mouth open Anne nods yes and Falls to the rug in heap.

Rosa glares her breasts red and heaving as she catches her breath turns and sees the phones she smiles evil grin as she walks over hangs her bust in front and smiles saying “nmmm best woman won”, rosa takes both bras dresses and takes the phones then changes back in her street clothes and heads to the get away, once there Rosa unpacks sets up the room and downloads the phone videos on her lap top, she sets it up to be played for her husband the next night when they are in bed and she falls asleep.

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Anne sat on the rug of the motel her tears dried on her cheeks as her breasts hung pain filled after finally gathering herself, Anne got dressed and drove home as she went to grab her phone to call her husband regarding a weekend trip she remembered Rosa took the phone her husband walked in and said they were going anyway he closed the office for the weekend.

Up at the retreat Rosa slept the day and night away and was woken to her husband lightly kissing her as he had arrived, rosa sat up unable to believe she slept so soundly through the night.

As she gathers her bearings she smiles as she sees the laptop at the ready and then stands up to hug her man, as they kiss and embrace he questions what it is about and she smiles and in a sexy tone purrs, “ohh thats for tonight and your gonna love it get some rest take a nap your gonna be up all night baby”.

Rosa lays her man down and as he looks up she drops her top and wraps her big tits around his hard cock and titfucks him slow as she winces and whimpers a bit as he kneads them it turns her on as much as it hurts as she knows when he sees it he will never drift again.

As the couple lay in bed in others arms they again drift off with equal smiles, mean while Anne is being driven by her husband to a retreat she lays against the passenger door her arms folded under her big tits as every sway and bump as her uncomfortable and sore, her husband a slight smile as he finally getting a break, Asks her “You ok Anne?’.

She glares out at the passing trees all the while picturing her rival and the man she wanted in bed watching the fight over and over and though she lost Anne feels her nipples harden as the fight replays in her head.

As they arrive he grabs the bags and checks them in and they retreat to a large cabin on south side, as her husband asks if she wants drink Anne lays on the bed and says i need a nap and her husband goes to the lodge.

Like Rosa hours go by and suddenly Anne wakes alone and can’t believe how soundly she slept, its dark out and her husband hasn’t returned yet and Anne stares out the window as she nearly cries yet nearly screams as she lost her fight and the man she wanted.

That night her husband walks in and is feeling great and smiling as he undresses for bed Anne lays awake, “have fun?”, he looks at her “Yes i did ran into someone that works for me and we had a great time and his wife is lovely you would hate her but nothing new there” as he turns over and goes to sleep.

Back in Rosas room her and her husband finally get ready for bed and as he cant keep his hands of her breasts rosa smiles and says “i need you to see this first”, he sits back in bed and Rosa walks to the laptop brings it over and sets it on his belly, as she says” hit play and watch it all before you say a single word promise?” he nods in wonder and as he does Rosa starts to stroke his cock and then slowly straddles him , as she eases him in her she moans, “nmm ok play it” and as he hit play rosa starts a slow grind up and down and as she hears the sound of her and Anne she smiles as he gets harder and eyes widen.

“Rosa did you…shhh you promised now enjoy it” she rides her man and his reaction is amazing as she feels him deeper than before as she hears the fight going on the sounds of their tit flesh meeting starts to get her wilder, and she grabs her own breasts hard and squeezes, “uuhnn uhnn yess yess watch it baby i fucking fought her and beat her for you yessss uuhnnn YESSSS!”

Rosa explodes in her orgasm as does her husband as he watches his wife beat the other woman, as he finishes she smiles down at him slides the laptop away and make him grab her breasts , “uuuhnnn mmm i told you no bitch takes my man she wont be texting you baby”.

Before he can say a word Rosa brings him to another climax then another the marathon in bed goes well into the night and before they know it they are passed out in others arms and dawn breaks the hill into the window and wakes them.

Rosa stretches smiling and sits up “nmm baby that was amazing what are we doing today?’ her husband looking like he was drained of everything sits up, “well i need a break how about lunch at the lodge on the deck?”, she smiles “ok but after i wanna watch that again “ as she laughs and gets dressed, as she puts on a sheer cup red bra and thong and heels and a black and red mini dress rosa does her hair in a more wild wind swept look and her makeup perfect as she puts on her lipstick she yells to her husband from bathroom, “By the way is your boss and his wife gonna be there he seemed fun but his wife must be a real bitch to not come out of the room”.

Rosas man just took in a deep breath and stammer for any answer “uhhh yeah i guess she is i dont know babe why dont we head out try to miss them”.

Rosa prances from bathroom “All ready how do i look?” her magnificent breasts tight cleavage and swelling from the top of her dress look as firm and inviting as ever as she smiles ear to ear, “wow baby you look amazing” and they stroll out the door.

As they are seated Rosa gets a lot of looks from other men and their wives and she smiles relishing it as her husband looks at her only, they have a bottle of champagne and toast and sit having a laugh, as they do Rosas husband sits up a bit and seems a little put off and as Rosa looks back she sees his boss from last night and the back of his wife as she sits. Rosa looks at her man and smiles “wanna get out here?” but before they can his boss walks over and says hello his body blocking the wifes view.

As the 3 have a laugh Rosa and her man stand up and start to leave as they exit the lodge deck the 3 wave good bye and Rosa and her husband start to take a walk around back and past the South cabins, Rosa inhales the fresh air and smiles as her husband is a bit nervous and suddenly as he is about to relax they hear voices.

He works for me and that is his wife from last night relax” Well how is it you get along with her your not that easy to get along with “ Rosa and her husband listen to the couples verbal argument when she hears the man say, “Oh for christ sake Anne he works for me and his wife is very attractive and fun”, Rosas eyes go wide and her lips form a “what the fuck?” as they hear the woman “Oh he does ? is this the guy who was suppose to work hmm was it?’.

Rosa looks at her husband and slaps his arm as she says out loud “Anne ? shes the bosses wife that Anne the same one !!?” his head down Rosas husband nods ashamed as they step from behind the cabin and there in front of them stands Anne and her husband.

Rosa purse in hand hip cocked has a evil catty smirk as she glares at Anne, “well well small world Anne isnt it?”, Anne glares daggers as her husband looks on lost how the 2 wives know each other and before any one can answer Anne hisses back, “Well lookie here the shy wife shows her face” the 2 women stand apart but their heavy breasts rise and fall.

Anne with hate says to Rosas husband “enjoy the show?” Rosa smiles standing aside her man “Why yes WE did in fact we were about to watch it again” the blondes cocky face turned cold as Rosas husband tries to dull the situation.

“she is kidding we are just gonna go back to our room and..” but before he finishes Anne smirks as she says to him but glares at Rosa “You know you shouldn’t get hooked on the video it never got finished”, Rosa now looks on a bit curious “Oh i think it did you lost he saw it plain as day”, Slowly Anne steps forward toward rosa who while on her husbands arm sets her other hand on her hip.

Anne a sexy little swagger points her nail at Rosa and smiles as she purrs “oh you are so Wrong there honey see we agreed to titfight then catfight you left before we could finish to bad i was looking forward to it”.

Both men look on confused but Annes man more so as Rosa now feeling a her cheeks flush as Anne was right glares, “Well you see honey you were so hurt and crying i didn’t want to have hurt you more ,that never would have made for such a hot video , but if you wanna finish it you have my number.”

But as Rosa went to lead her man away Anne grabbed her arm and stopped her , “Hold on sugar i do wanna finish it but since you took both phones i cant call you so since we are here together how about we finish hmm?” and Anee tosses her purse at her husband as she sets her hands to her hips and glares and looks at Rosas man and winks, “Its ok big boy i wont rip her up to much if shes woman enough that is”.

Rosa seeing both men stare and Anne challenge her after offering feels no way out and hands her purse to her man as she eases from his arm, both women breath heavier nipples tent dresses and slowly a few other couples start to watch as Rosa takes in a breath, “i would love to but this isnt the time or place ..” before she can finish Anne reaches out and Slaps her cheek, “how about now you Bitch”.

Rosa rubs her cheek then swings back hitting Annes face as they glare Annes husband holds her arm, “thats enough Anne” Rosa smiles a evil grin, “thats right Anne you had enough already go home” as she turns and walks away Anne breaks free and rushes Rosa and grabs her hair from behind spins her around and slaps her face again and shoves her to the grass, as Rosa looks up Anne steps back “Get up you Bitch and fight me”, slowly Rosa stands up her husband about to step between them gets told to “back off” by rosa.

He steps away and Anne grins as she and Rosa step around a small gather of couples from other cabins draw around as the 2 women circle “no more rules bitch just 2 women out to settle it till we do” Rosa breathing heavy just opened her hands while she knows she won she knows Anne was a fighter and they slowly draw together, as Rosa inhales a breath “Just like before all i hear is talk bitch”

Anne snarls her lips back and as if agreed on the 2 women lunge together with a yell “Bitch” Whore!” instantly the serene landscape erupts into screams as Anne reaches in and grabs Rosa by the hair and yanks as her free hand claws her neck the 4 red furrows open up as rosa takes Annes hair and snaps her head back as her free hand slaps and backhands at her face, the 2 women whip other around in the circle dust and gravel kicking up at heels as they tear at other like wild cats.

As Rosa yanks hair and slaps ,Anne turns her face then pulls rosas hair hard enough she makes Rosas head tilt back as she does Anne steps in and her claws Stab into rosas dress and cleavage and she gouges at her breasts as she ripppsssss her dress open and as Rosa tries to cover Anne yanks and yanks tearing more and seeing the red bra grabs it and pulls rosa forward and she falls to her knees , as Rosa shrieks her breasts now flop free and Anne knees her in the breasts hard, the Clack of her knee against the mass flesh is almost sicking as rosa grabs her breasts and falls back on the grass.

In an instant Anne chases her foe and grabs rosa by back of her hair and lifts as she does Anne starts to punch up under at her face “Cmon you cxnt fight lets give him a show”, Rosa is blocking her face as she is pulled up to one knee she reaches up and ripps Annes dress front open snaps her bra strap and Annes bust sways free as Rosa catches her right breast in her nails and scratches Anne screams and pulls away and Rosa scrambles to get up but as she stands Anne recovers and lunges into her again.

the 2 women arch up breast to breast as they flash claws across others face and hair is torn by the roots as they whip other by her scalp, “fucking cxnt ill kill you” Anne screams as rosa growls, “cmon Bitch ill claw your tits off”.

As the crowd is watching the whirlwind they hear the flesh slapped and torn as women unleash on other, the women hold other by hair and as they pull slowly they manage to end up hip to hip and Anne snakes he arm around Rosas neck as rosa Yanks back on Annes scalp they bend at the waist and suddenly they both start to trade quick short fists to others face and breasts and head.

The women in crowd urge them on the men watch wide eye as Anne and rosa go to war, as they trade blows each cut lip and nose bleed the dense thud of fists to faces and breasts rings out over and over as they tear tufts of hair free,Rosa turning her face from the blows grabs Annes hair in both hands and with a hard yank pulls Anne forward off balance as she stumbles forward Rosa whips back on her hair hold and like a paper clip in a rubber band Anne is yanked back so hard her heels leave the grass and lands on her back hard.

Rosa kicks her side then pounces on Anne and As she grabs her throat Anne brings her knee up under and kicks up and her heel catches Rosas big breast and kicks Rosa off, Rosa cups her breast as there is a puncture hole from the heel and she falls on her back in the grass in pain Rosa rolls on her stomach and suddenly feels Anne pounce on her back.

Atop rosa Anne gathers up her hair and yanks back bending Rosa back till her neck and breasts are up off the ground and exposed as she reaches over with her left and claws Rosas face up from chin to cheeks. AS Rosa screams she reaches up to cover her face and Anne one knee prone other bent up smiles as she ruins her rival “I told you ill claw your eyes out Bitch”.

The threat not only reissued but very real now as Anne has opportunity scares Rosa as she plants her hands on ground and lowers her head and as Anne leans forward to taunt and stab her nails in again snaps her head back and head butts Annes face , the crack is loud as Anne snaps her head back and falls back on the grass arms over her breasts as she holds her face blood filling from under, Almost in a slow motion state rosa gets to her knees and pounces on Annes body and as she lands its like a spring as Annes thighs and arms wrap around rosa and she does the same as the 2 women suddenly faces buried in others neck start to roll across the grass tearing at the other and fists pound sides as they curse and spit at other.

As the women slow both gasping and crying yet hell bent to do damage Rosa gets rolled under Anne and Anne lifts her head enough but as she snarls and claws at rosa she suddenly screams out , “AWWWWWWWW NOOOOO BICTH!!” despite kicking and shaking her head no Anne stays still atop her rival tears fall as her head shakes no everyone thinking Annes hurt but winning but as dust settles and her heads up they look and see Rosa has sunk her teeth in Annes breast and cut deep and is chewing as her nails have clawed in to her breasts so deep the nail tips are buried Rosa glares up her thighs around Annes ribs, Anne looks down ‘Let go!!”

Rosa spits out her flesh and her hands reach up and stabs her nails in Annes face and claws down 4 furrows are carved down Annes face , “AWWWWWW NOOOOOO STOPPPP STOPPP PLEASE!!” Finally Annes head drops and as they lay there Rosa still stabs her fist at Annes ribs her lips at her ear says something to Anne, Anne nods yes then Screams “I GIVE I SAID I GIVE PLEASSE STOP !” Rosa pulls anne by her hair to side and rolls anne off slowly she gets up her breasts red with blood, but as she wipes her hand over them everyone sees its not hers , she walks to Anne laying on her tits and lifts her by the hair “Tell them Bitch!”.

‘Owwww OWWW OK OK PLEASE I AM A WHORE I WONT GO AFTER YOUR MAN AGAIN I SWEAR” Rosa smiles and pushes Annes face in the dirt then walks to her husband as she covers her breasts she looks at Annes husband “He wont be in on Monday now take that whore and get her out of my sight before I finish her “.

And the couple walks away slowly Annes husband picks her up and she is torn up badly enough he brings her to the E.R., 4 days later Rosa and her husband return home and they are fairly quiet and as they settle in Rosa sits on the sofa with her husband and says “Well what do you think of that Whore now?’

Her husband takes in a breath “Well tomorrow i go back to work guess i ‘ll know if i have a job as far as she goes you were amazing and i doubt she will be around’, Rosa smiles as she did what she had to do, and as the couple sit the vibration of a phone was heard and Rosa sat up “no way” her husband looked at the phone , “its my boss he said to wish you well he is resigning and getting a divorce” Rosa smiled as she went to get wine and her husband looked at the phone and opened the second message, “Btw Anne wants to talk to your wife again” Rosa emerges from the kitchen 2 glasses of wine in hand and her top off her big breasts out a few scars from the fight and smiles as she purrs , “tell him to tell her ready when she is”.

The End

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