She Will Make a Good Wife by Dotti D

Dave and Gia  were going to be married, it was going to be David’s third and Gia’s second marriage. at 38 David finally feels he found the perfect woman in Gia.

Gia was going on 44 and one look at her you would have to ask yourself, “What idiot let her slip away?”, truth be told Gia was a bit to hot handle at times and others she could be cold as ice, getting he wild side controlled as you had her daily average side was the big trick.

Gia was the type who refused her age, she didn’t care for numbers and she liked to live as if she was still in her 20’s showing off her sexy prowess and equally matched body, she caught her ex’s looking at other women and it cost them, but slowly in her time with David she has come to accept men will look no matter how good they have it, it was going to be up to her to make them not want to look from her and all she had to offer.

At 44 Gia was a sexy thick yet fit creature, a firm full 36H-28-38 hour glass but she kept herself as tone as she could, her bust was her pride and she knew men wanted it and she kept her bust as firm as a woman could fighting gravity.

Gia who took her home in her old divorce had her man over nightly , often he stayed as their relationship was building and they got closer, but David was going to retrain his new girl. He was slow about it and exposing her deeper hidden sensual side, at first Gia was a little hesitant to drop her guard but when she saw his reaction she welcomed the fun and allure.

It wasn’t anything major just fun couple things about the house like running the vacuum nude just an apron on, or dressing as a maid so on, but the more free Gia felt and pleased her man she was doing it more and more for now herself and him.

Gia never realized  or maybe she did and just never paid it any mind before, but her next door neighbor a man named Bob who was also divorced , his wife just left him, secretly always had a thing for Gia but never acted on it, now seeing her together and happy he told himself he had to move on but he never stopped watching Gia when he could.

Bob had a few girl friends but his inner lust maybe a more obsession with Gia still lingered, he was caught at least twice by recent girls watching Gia act out her mans fantasies at the kitchen sink in just that apron. Part of him hoped Gia secretly knew and she was teasing him, but part of him was just wishing it was his girl doing the dishes for him.

bob had no idea how his secret wishes were about to come true, just not with Gia.

Instead as luck would have it, Bob  was out for lunch, for the first time in a while by himself, and to make it weirder he was alone , no buddies just a day out in the sun sitting at a table, he wasn’t going to look for women , to be honest he was getting frustrated at the hunt now, it seemed there was no one equal to what he desired.

Thats when the universe changed, a woman took notice of him as he sat having lunch, his willingness to just sit in solitude and enjoy the day and no be tied to a phone or laptop.

Her name is Betty, she is a divorced 40 year old woman, with dark black hair that is a short style but has thick full lush hair longer at the top to pin up, she has blue eyes and is 5’9” 137 and a full 36H- 28-36 and her body was gym strong , she stared at bob a while, then seeing he wasn’t paying attention she made the move for him, she had a cup of coffee sent over.

Bob sat up as the waiter set it down , the waiter leaned to him, “Bro you really need to pay attention that woman is hot”, Bob looked around then saw Betty, her smile was magnetic, he smiled back then took the coffee and joined her.

Betty sat smiling as bob set the coffee down and joined her, “Hi thank you so much for the coffee “, she had her legs crossed rocking them slowly as she watched his minor fumbling then she giggled, “oh it was my pleasure , i’m Betty”, Bob shook her hand, “Bob and again thank you, so hows your day going Betty?”.

She raises a brow, “pretty good and yours?”, Bob smiles, “well lets just say it has suddenly gotten a whole lot better for sure”.

Betty feeling overly attracted to Bob sits up, “well lets hope we can both be a lot happier” she winks with that killer smile as Bob seems to melt he asks if she would like to take a walk in the park, she stands up “love o”.

not long after their walk starts Betty has her hand loosely to his and the sparks are all he hoped, betty leans to his arm, “i have the afternoon free how about you?”, Bob forgot about work, “for you i have all day”.

the two walk of talking and laughing when Betty ends up bringing bob to her apartment that was near by, they go inside for a drink and as they chit chat the mutual feeling swelling between them Betty kisses Bob.

He quickly reacts and they start a heavy make out session, when betty stands up and stares at him, she whispers , “don’t move i have something for you”.

Betty slips out of the living room and shortly returns wearing heels thigh highs garters and a long mens dress shirt, with one button holding it closed across her full breasts, the nipples tenting it as she has a sexy yet nervous smile , her mind wondering if he will appreciate or think she is a whore, she looks at him, “I thought it would be better if we were more comfortable , this ok with you?”.

Bob sits back , his eyes wide and impressed, he takes her hand by the fingers as he can barely say, “my god your perfect”, Betty a huge smile widens her thighs and lets her finger nails slip open that last button, her thighs slide up over him and she straddles him.

Her hands push her hair higher as she arches on him and breathes in her bountiful veiny bust heavy and firm and full swells out parting the open shirt, bob eases his hands up and in and the instant feel of the weight and warmth has his hands spread wider and fill them with Betty’s large breasts, she closes her eyes, “ohh yess they are yours work them”.

Bob nearly explodes right there as he massages, kneads and caresses her breasts, Betty gets off on his worshipping, “nmmm my nipples baby take them cmon”, she guides his head to each stiff thick nipple as he starts to suck at them betty slowly rocks her hips, “uuuhnnnn yesss harder “.

Betty takes bon inside her and their lunch turns out to last past dinner, after which Bob and Betty have wine and Betty makes it clear it was the first time she ever moved so fast and she was feeling a little naughty and something just made her do it, Bob wasn’t complaining h in fact encouraged her that it was more of what mature men wanted and needed to feel revitalized.

Betty and he kissed and sealed their new relationship as she asked what else he enjoyed and she was willing to do it to keep this alive.

Back at his home Gia was entertaining her lover and as normal after a great meal and some wine , Gia went to change into her lingerie ankle strap heels, seamed thigh high hose garters a thong and a her bra left on a chair as she dons an apron, her round heavy firm breasts barely hidden under the apron swell out from the sides and center .

She had her rust red hair up in back as she gently sways to music and her breasts bulge between her arms as her hands wash dishes, Dave often barely let Gia finish them he would come up behind her untie the apron fill his hands with her breasts and then as she moaned for more , bend her forward at the sink and take her from behind, her huge breasts left to hang and sway and collide as they pumped faster, all in view of the kitchen window and Bob’s kitchen.

Bob wasn’t watching this time however , his nights became very busy after he and Betty found each other, no matter whose place there was very little talking or watching for bob, Betty was keeping him more than satisfied, one night as Betty was doing his dishes after he cooked, she happens to look up and across from the window and sees Gia swagger into the kitchen her heavy breasts bare and so round and firm, veiny , her aureolas were puffed and thick nipples stiff as she smiles and slips her apron on over them.

Betty watches a bit mesmerized how firm and fit this neighbor looks, as well as confident in her busty curvy figure, she sees that her Bob could have watched this woman undetected at any time as often as she does this, as well as she could be doing it for him.

Betty watches as Gia, obviously talking to someone near by in her kitchen turns and loosens her apron then pulls on rubber gloves and turns back to the sink, her hands ease in the soapy mountain, her arms pull in and swell her heavy breasts, Gia slowly washes and betty can’t help but watch how firmly this woman’s breasts move between her arms. Swelling to get free from between they rise and barely sway, her hands rubbing soap and sponge force her mass to quake and jostle , Betty breathes in a bit put off, was this what Bob did? is what he wants, does he want her and she knows he watches?, and mostly does he think she is better than what Betty has to offer, and there was the moment the jealousy flame was lit

Betty finished her dishes and shut the light off, she couldn’t help but watch what this neighbor of bob’s got to see next. Sure enough as Gia smiles she sways her hips as if luring a cat to a treat, then Dave again bends her forward and they have sex right there, all the time her breasts sway, hang, get kneaded or she caresses them herself in a very inviting way, at times licking at her own stiff nipples as her man pleasures her.  But what sealed the “act” for betty was when she noticed Gia look up and straight into the window that looked into where she stood in the dark.

Betty felt a boiling point inside ehr she had never had before, she had no idea exactly what it was but as she watched Gia stare at the dark kitcen she stood in, it was as if the two women were glaring, her hands caresses and traced ehr own heavy breasts.

Betty went up to bed when it ws safe enough Gia wouldn’t notice a shadow moving, on the bed was Bob, a calm satisfied look and a smile as she entered, Betty pauses at the door frame ,he looks at her, “you ok Babe?”.

Betty grows a soft smile, then slowly strips off her skirt and blouse and then her bra, she poses at the doorway and allows Bob to take her all in, and he does instantly getting hard.

Betty breathes in at the ability to get her man that hard at a look, she crosses thigh over thigh into the bedroom and climbs up on the bed and proceeds to straddle Bob and eases his manhood in her, she slowly and gently slides down on him, arching her back and her hands and nails run along his chest, her arms pulling in swell her big breasts together tighter and they bulge up and out her nipples thick and stiff, the veins mapping her breasts seem to darken and swell also.

Bob didn’t any hint, his hands spread wide open and cup up her breasts and slowly begin to knead and squeeze them, Betty pushes them in his hands, ‘Nmmm More yess”.

Bob was laying under Betty,he was confused at her sudden hunger to have him work her breasts, but he also wasn’t complaining, he didn’t know it then but Betty wanted him to compare them,she wanted her man to only want her body and bust, the real reason for her insatiable hunger to have her bust worshipped was soon to come out.

The next morning bob woke to the smell of breakfast, he bounced from bed and entered the kitchen, betty was cooking wearing just a robe and heels, she smiled as he walked in and winked, “good morning my stud muffin have a seat”.

But as she cooked she looked back, Bob passed the window and there it was , hi glimpsed out to see if Gia was at the sink, her smile dropped her jealous anger boiled, but she wanted to handle this her own way and to argue with Bob was not the way, he had been doing this little show and tell with his neighbor before she came along, it was up to Gia but more herself to make him forget her.

She served Bob and sat a minute with him they chatted but Betty made his routine hard, she sat in front of the window, her robe partly a lot more so his gaze was directly into her veiny cleavage ,now he would have a choice, stare at his own girls inviting breasts or his neighbors equal one, maybe both and maybe that was what Betty wanted all along.

Though Betty didn’t know it, Gia just happen to notice, as she smiled and paraded about her kitchen barely dressed, her man was about to take notice there was a new threat in town and it was  a guest of the neighbors who was nothing short of his girls equal.

Chapter 2: Two Can Play This Game

Gia saw bob was at his table but before she could get herself ready for her little peep show the fact a woman was sitting facing him,stalled her chance to start, she was curious now,ands he didn’t out right hide but she did angle herself so she could see who her once lonely neighbor was with.

Gia convinced herself waiting for a good look at this fling of his, she was never going to take his eyes off her, she knew Bob liked seeing her topless and having sex in the kitchen, she also knew he marveled at her large round breasts, he had been caught more times than she can recall from tight low cut dresses to bikinis and well nude in her own home, she didn’t mind it, i mean she could have done a lot worse than Bob, and she was ready to show interest if her current man some reason didn’t fully work out before they could marry.

Betty watched her man’s eyes ,she saw the sudden widening and she knew he had seen the neighbor in the kitchen, Betty slowly stood up making a point to block his view to her home. then Betty gathered the dishes and eased the min the sink, she smiled at Bob as he said, “babe you made breakfast i got the dishes”, but Betty simply turned to him, smiled and she purred, “Nmmm no man of mine will rock my world and have to do dishes you enjoy your coffee and the show”.

bob sat wondering what on earth betty was about to do, but when he watched her slowly remove her robe and stand nude a moment then reach for an apron, his hand started to shake.

At first he thought he had been caught spying on his neighbor and Betty was about to tease him and tell him to fuck off, then as she dons the apron he wondered if his girl could not just match his neighbor ,but put on a good a show as she had.

But there was another judge watching this as well, Gia was still spying, now she looks across and see Betty sexy strong back, and the full rounded outline of her large breasts from behind.

Her own nipples suddenly spiked at the scene, but Betty who knew the neighbor might be looking across, slowly turns as she holds the apron up just over breasts, she wanted Gia to get a good long look, she was real,she was busty and she was here.

Gia sees the perfect melon like shape of the busty profile, then Betty fully turns and as she ties the apron her breasts are barely confined swelling from the sides as her do.

With a smile betty inhales showing how her stiff nipples tent he thick apron, then her hands start the water and she dons her rubber gloves her arms pull in and swell her breasts then her smile turns to one of a challenging glare, her blue eyes stare across as Gia’s did the night before.

She can not fully see Gia but she knows she is there, slowly Betty does the dishes her full heavy firm breasts barely sway or shift, with just the right amount of jostle as she scrubs wit ha sponge.

Gia feels her bust swelling and she bites her lower lip, she won’t admit it but she can see clearly Bob just brought home her equal. Gia gets startled when her man Dave walks by the window, he drops a cup, as he says , “Holy shit”, his eyes glued to the nearly nude woman at the neighbors sink.

Gia elbows him, ‘hey what are you looking at mister, you got  the better pair right here”, he hugs her from behind as they look across , “nmm i know it baby, but you gotta admit she is a big girl, ya think she is as big as you?’’.

And just like for Betty, Gia felt the spark that gets her jealous side boiling, her mind scream, (how dare he thinks she can compare to me), but as Gia watches Bob reach in under that apron and handle her big breasts, Gia traces her own as if gauging them to the new woman.

Then she sees betty place her hands on the sink,she leans forward as Bob strips the apron away, her heavy breasts hang in a perfect melon pair shape, round ,full and firm in shape, she sees Bob taking this woman from behind and as he starts to pump, Betty her face contorting into deep arousal turns and glares across as if to say, ‘Wanna Play?”.

Gia almost stepped into the view but watched as she often made bob do, the roles reversed now Gia feels her man grab  and feel her up in the apron, she moans but it is more a test then arousal, “Nmm harder work them”, his hands oblige her, she breathes harder glaring as he sees clearly into betty’s eyes.

As Dave works her breasts she moans, “Nmm mine are better aren’t they baby”, the slow reply from Dave has her breath with a heated passion as she turns into his body and offers her breasts to him, “take them these are better make her see mine are better”.

Dave is wild in excitement as he devours her breasts wildly, but all the time she and Betty are forgetting the pleasure their men provide and they share a glare across the side yard and through the kitchen windows, both women know this game just got started and about to get heated.

Betty and Bob finished and Bob was over whelmed at the woman that found him was thus far everything he ever wanted, as far as he was concerned he was sent a black haired version of Gia but she was his.

Betty however now saw and knew she had to be more than a girl friend, she was going o have compete to keep her man only wanting her and looking at her and thinking of her, but with Gia living beside him and having her own place that left opportunity for her competition to be or get him alone when her man was away and anything might happen.

On Gia side she now was as fully aware someone was around that her man noticed, and oh did he notice, even as Gia pleasured him after the kitchen scene, she heard him talk about how lucky Bob was and saying things like “my god did you see her rack” it had Gia burning since she was every bit a busty woman herself and up till now the center of both mens attention and she liked it that way.

The new competition has now taken off, only problem was only the two women felt and knew it, they were making a point to strut about the houses with as little to nothing on to show off to each other, if the men happen to get a look it was all the better , as they knew the men would give a review to their girl and add fuel to this fire growing between them.

The kitchen routine became almost like a sitcom each waited for and before long the routine was no longer about teasing or entertaining their men, it was becoming more and more about the women showing they are willing to do what they must to keep what is theirs, As well as what each could take or control.

More and more Gia’s man stays over and Betty does the same she and Gia need to know others every move, and as for their men their only awareness is the reward of these two busty goddesses desiring them more.

Both women decide things have to go to the next step somehow they need to make the other know they are aware of the others attempts and they are here to stop her anyway it takes.

Things sexually became a day to day event each tries to one up her counter part and though they smiled and acted as if the other was not there these two cats were performing for the other competing from a far.

Finally one day totally unplanned the battle from a far became reality, Betty had stayed straight a few weeks and had clothes at Bob’s home , Gia had Dave over steady but was barely wearing her attire, things started on a Thursday for the women.

Both guys had left for work, they were cordial but by no means friends, later that morning after the dishes were done the right way since neither were able to catch the other, Betty was wearing a set of yoga style pants barefoot and a tight peach tank top, her piled hair was up , her bountiful bust was straining the tank top  as her breasts had a firm jostle as she carried a trash bag out and was about to grab the mail for Bob.

Gia happened out at the same moment a bit behind her soon to be rival, wearing shorts barefoot and a sports bra style top, her own mass of breasts as firmly quaking with each step and her longer hair was pulled back, she was getting her mail as she saw Betty swagger her body became electrified , Betty heard the door looked and spotted Gia and she felt it as well.

The silence was adding to the tension as each reached the mail box , neither wanted to start a chat but both knew one had to come, Betty pauses looking through the mail as if any may be hers, Gia scoffs and finally says aloud, “you can’t seriously think you have mail coming here already honey”, Betty looks up and her eyes scan the rest of the body she couldn’t see from the window.

“Why is that? i been here long time now and with bobby i am not leaving anytime soon, hope that doesn’t throw a wrench in your grand plan”, Gia inhales she knows Betty is picking up on Gia’s teasing little game for both men, “oh you think you have it all figured out honey, i seem to recall you are putting on a heck of a show as well and getting certain peoples attention that otherwise wouldn’t notice you”.

Betty cocks her hip, “oh you mean David? oh he noticed me from day one he just kept it to himself much like Bob did, but now the cats out of the bag and it’s anyones game to claim,,don’t you agree?”.

Gia swells her bust, “A Game? thats what you think it is? let me tell you this honey, if it comes to my man watching you instead of me or wanting you in any way cause you flash him when i do, you and i ? yeah it won’t be a game it will be real got it?”.

Betty a smirk as she got to her rival , “well..Honey you can bet that circumstance goes both ways and i am ready as you to put one of us out their minds so anytime you feel like taking this to the next level, just let me know”.

The gauntlet was tossed and both made it clear this was not going to end on a verbal agreement, Gia looks up and down the street as does Betty in the silence Betty purrs “something you wanna discuss now ?”, Gia looks at her “as much as you want to”, Betty smirks, “how about you follow me over here”.

Both women ease from the curb line and step between the two homes, betty hands on her hips drops the mail at her feet, “well we can certainly have a bit more in depth discussion right here as long as no one finds out”, Gia drops her mail, “fine with me care to start us?’.

Betty steps up at Gia, “i already did”, then stabs a hand in Gia’s scalp, who instantly grabs Betty by her hair and the two start to pull with al they have, grunting and growling no screeches as they start to fight , both are pulling with venomous jealousy.

Betty shakes Gia’s head by her hair, “cmon whore wanna fight me i’ll bald you Bitch”, Gia snarling from the burn has a double fist grip on Betty and is trying to rip her head back and up make her look up, “oh i wanna fight you Slut cmon i will tear everything you have out”.
Both women spread their thighs to balance as they tug, pull, and rip at others hair, growling in close face to face they spin and go harder, “cmon Bitch ohh you Whore my hair”, “cant take it bitch hmm uughhhh cunt let go bitch”.

They twist and spin and are tearing hair like its a survival, as they pull each other in Betty staggers  bit and Gia goes after her , she manages to get betty to fall on her knees and she pounces on her back, “thats uit you cheap whore now your mine wanna go on hmm?”, Gia pulls Betty’s head up and back and as she does takes Betty’s left arm and twists it, betty winces, “aghhhh ooww owwww Bitch my arm let go”.

Gia starts to put her knee up on Betty’s back pulling more, just as Betty is ready to cry out the sound of a car slowing is heard , Gia quickly lets Betty go and pushes her face first to the grass, then gathers the mail, she walks in her house and gives Betty a glare that says it all, (we  aren’t done). Betty gets up her neck sore as her scalp gathers bobs mail she starts toward the door as she sees a police car pass, “everything ok ma’am?”, Betty breathes in “just fine i am a klutz thats all, have a good day” she enters bobs home .

Betty was a bit shocked, a bit disappointed in herself but there was no mistaking it she was pissed, the first blow had been struck and she and Gia weren’t going to stop now, it was only going to get worse.

The two women know they need to keep the falling out a secret for now, Gia didn’t want to ruin her image in her neighborhood or wit hBob if her and Dave failed, and Betty didn’t know just how well Bob and Gia got along and she wasn’t going to let that Bitch get her moved out or on over a tiff.

That night after the guys get home both women have formulated a plan , a way in hopes to make getting them together becomes the mens idea , if hatched they will get their day to settle it, till then it will be a secret between them .

Chapter 3: Leave the Dishes

At 6pm both kitchen lights come on and the women appear in kimono’s and heels they make sure they se each other as the plates go out to feed the guys,  as the men eat and finish betty is at the sink first her robe loose but on, she starts the water and stares waiting to see Gia.

Slowly Gia stands carrying plates her eyes lift and see Betty, her hands ease the dishes in as she mouths “bitch” then starts the water.

Betty inhales she wants screech back the same sentiment but she instead smiles as her dishes are placed in a sink then both women stare as they start the dishes by hand, they stare as their arms reach in and down forcing their breasts tighter together, bulging them more, at the apron’s top.

Both women are not intent on cleaning off the dishes ,they hardly care that their men notice, but their true desire is to compare and have the other woman notice and get more jealous, both tore some hair out earlier and want more, but they do not want to cause a riff between neighbors , if this is to come about , it needs to be from the guys  once thats achieved the two of them will take care of the catty side.

Both of them get lost in the dance as they stare, and neither hears her man stepping up behind them, but as their trance is broken by the touch of their men, first Gia and then Betty  push their backs to the men as their arms and hands come up from the front.

They never stop glaring  but it was Betty this time who first wanted the men to notice what was going on, she purrs to Bob, “nmmm get my apron off and handle them baby”.

Bob unties then slowly eases the apron strap over Betty’s head, the apron slips away and her veiny round breasts swell out ,nipples stiff as she feels his hands caress around them and then cup and lift as if weighing them, her lips purse as if blowing Gia a kiss, Bob was so into his girl doing this for him he didn’t fully realize staring back was Gia.

His hands expertly map over the round warm mass, each finger tracing the veins that lead to her thick stiff nipples, as he reaches her aureola’s Betty inhales more and a soft moan from her lips, “nmmm work them baby”.

Gia watches her eyes flash, when she feels Dave at her back,his hands ease in under apron and start to manipulate her hidden breasts, he kisses her ear as they both look at betty and Bob, then he whispers to Gia, ‘You gonna let her get away with this?”.

Gia leans back into him, her eyes on the display across the way, ‘nmmm what would you prefer i do?”, Dave kisses her ear and neck, ‘Well show her …i mean them you got it going on as well”.

Gia feels her pride swell , her man has seen and watched Betty but still has her back, she softly purrs, “Well then get my apron off and I will show you and him and HER who is better”.

Gia inhales as Dave unties then eases the top string over her head, the apron sinks from her body, and her round breasts seem to swell to life. Gia stares at Betty as her breasts are cupped up as if weighed and then slowly caressed and handled, her thick nipples stiffen more and her breast flesh has a slight goose bumps from her mans careful touch.

Both men smile as they firmly handle their girls breasts, but the women glare at each other as they see it as a way to  openly compare, Betty as she leans back on bob purrs , “nmmm i bet mine are firmer and better than hers”, Bob nearly exploded right there, Gia must have read her lips , she arches and expresses the same words to Dave, who nearly buckles at the hint the words suggest.

Dave asks as she handles Gia’s “you wanna find out? cause i sure do”, Gia looks her lips, “go ask that bitch if she is woman enough”, it was all Dave wanted to hear, he eases from behind her then opens the door to the kitchen, Bob sees him and eases from Betty.

Dave a smile a mile wide, “Hey Dude we gotta get these two together”, Bob smiling as wide, “Yeah i agree and Betty wants that as well why don’t you guys come here?”, Dave asks Gia if it matters where then looks back at Bob, “give us 10 minutes?”, Bob nods “you got it “.

Betty slowly rolls her hips as if riding Bob as she glares across at Gia, who is staring right back and slowly purring to her hips rolling, they each pinch their own stiff nipples as the time to face off is at hand and they didn’t have to ask or beg, they just let their mens arousal and desire lead them into it.

Gia hurries upstairs and puts on a lace cup bra and then fixes ehr hair and makeup, Betty is doing the same, David runs over to Bob’s and together they move some furniture and make a great place for the women to do what ever will come.

Gia slips on a robe though she didn’t need it, but Betty did as well some how these two women had a instinct for the other, Gia slowly struts across the grass path between the homes and enters the house, Dave catches her and he holds her hands, “babe you sure you and she wanna do this/ i mean i think its hot but i don’t need you to”, Gia looks at Dave, “You will never understand the why David but i will tell you this, you like looking at her tits as much as mine, she knows it and she makes certain to show them off, I am here to make certain she never wants to again”.

Just then betty appears from the stairwell, a soft smile at David as her cleavage rises and falls but the smile fades as she and Gia glare, “She is partly right David, but the part about making sure tits are never paraded again that will be  hers”, Gia her eyes scanning Betty, “Bitch”, Betty curls a lip, “Whore”.

The men never knew about the tiff these two had, but the tension let on they were ready to settle a score and more, there was a minute of silence between the two women then slowly Dave guides Gia past Betty and into the main living room the men prepared.

She swaggers ehr hips slow as she sees Bob and she purrs to him, “Hello Neighbor”, Bob nods wit ha guilty smile as she winks , both are aware of his watching Gia prior to Betty coming around, and now seeing Gia standing here in his living room barely dressed Bob was hard for good reason.

Betty saunters in after and passes Gia as she and Dave stand there a moment, the two women again check each other from heels to hair, and both show disapproving glares at the other, but Bob and Dave have eyes glued to Betty , as the seemingly restrained housewife divorcee is showing off her sexier naughty side freely.

both women stare with a false grin, they are nervous despite each claiming she will be the better woman when its over, but the truth is tonight their men will see exactly who ends up on top of the other, and to live that down after will take a miracle or a fight to regain her confidence,and both were ready to do that.

Dave and Bob were nervous yet overly excited they didn’t want anything to ruin what might take place tonight so they weren’t going to start talking and risk the women ending up saying no to this,so both guys sat back.

Gia and betty finally decide it is time something come of this, Gia runs her hands over the robe and down the sash, ‘We doing this or not?”,Betty does the same but this time she pulls the sash and the knot drops apart and her robe sways open.

She looks to Gia, “I am ready if you are”, then she rolls her back and eases the robe off, catching it in her hands and floats it it in mid air to Bob, her bra a lace cup as well is stretched tight as her breasts swell in it, both men look her over and are drooling.

Gia takes a longer look at Betty now then tugs her sash as her robe sways free she eases it off and tosses  it to Dave as her hands set to her hips and she poses as they take her in.

Then with the room in total silence , both women as if on cue arch and reach up behind and start to unclasp their sexy bras, the clasps pop open as their breathing can be heard, their eyes cold as the straps ease off their arms and then both dangles her bra for the other then drops her own at her heels, then each poses topless and gives a sexy slow shimmy.

They then slowly step towards the other they circle past each other, making sure to show off the heavy tight sway their breasts have, Gia swells ehr breasts, “Cmon Whore”, Betty does the same, “Bring Slut”.

The room falls quiet as their heels dig into the rug then everything changes, the solid CLOPPPPP!!! rings out as the two women crush their tits into the others head on, both feel the other and their heads roll as they can’t believe the weight and firmness the other has.

Slowly as they step closer their tits swell and start to rub side to side at the others breasts, the round shapes become misshapen as the size and resistance of ehr rivals breasts push back and lose their shape.  Betty feeling Gia has some power reaches out and grabs her rivals forearms, Gia feeling the weight and power in Betty does the same, Betty snarling a lip as she works to shove her tits into Gia’\;s “Cmon Bitch Fight my tits”, Betty pulls Gia at her, Cmon Bitch my tits wanna fight yours lets go”.

They pull each other into the duel, their heavy breasts sway like wrecking balls slow but power, they collide and the room echoes the fleshy CLOPS and CLAPS as they ram together , grunts escape lips but neither will give an inch by choice, the sound of their tits colliding is intoxicating for the men, and it becomes a war drum for the women, summoning their deepest pain thresholds to fight this fight till her rival HAS to stop, but inward each fears it will be herself as she feels her rivals weight and power and firmness.

Betty tries to push Gia’s hands higher to swell her tits outward and open, as Gia struggles with her the two women start to step about the room free to fight this tit to tit, but oh so wanting so much more, Gia can feel Betty’s intent and she tugs her own shoulders back pulling her breasts from the swelled open target of Betty’s , but Betty wants that hit she wants Gia to feel the mistake she made challenging her tits to a fight.

Gia stutters away again and again, but not without Betty letting ehr know , if she gets the hit she wants it will hurt ,Gia feeling the power and weight in her rivals tits much like her own ,knows all to well what a well placed open shot can do to a woman’s breast in a fight.

Betty starts to become annoyed with Gia refusing to take her on head on, “Stop running from my tit you little Bitch”, Gia gets a full on side wall crush from Betty’s right breasts and the deep quaking CLOP actually jostled her breast and made her leery of going at Betty , Whats wrong Betty hmm can’t fight without an open target Bitch?”, the taunt does its job, Betty widens her thighs and sways her tits side to side at Gia’s, they just graze her rivals and then Gia lets Betty know she is in for a fight tonight.

Betty steps at Gia thinking she sways her tits to avoid another firm collision, as Gia grips Betty’s forearms she tugs betty at her , Betty stutter steps her breasts jostle low and out in front of her, Gia snaps her shoulders to the right , her tits lift and follow and all hear a clop and slap mix land hard, Betty feels her eyes flutter and her mouth fall open.

She hears her own grunting groan as Gia’s tits seem to plow right through Betty’s and the follow through sees them pinkish red and ready then Gia stabs her tits head on and SMACK, she rattles Betty’s heavy tits , Betty rears her head back, “AAghhhh Bitch !!”.

Gia suddenly tasting the threat of pounding this woman into submission smiles as he goes after Betty, amid the CLOPS, Claps, Slaps Gia thrusts, pumps and jams her tits into Betty’s like a set of machines hammering away.

Gia is now chasing Betty as she retreats from her big breasts being hit and dragged and pushed, her eyes avoid Gia’s as she pants heavy, “Bitch i’ll scratch your eyes out uughh ughh mfff mff get off my tits Bitch”, Gia her shoulders back chest and tits all engaged in hurting Betty, “ohhh say the word you Whore , i been wanting to tear into you for a long time now, your tits can’t take it hmm?”.

David ready to explode silently between he and Bob, “cmon Gia go at her fight her tits go”, Bob a bit less enthused at seeing Betty being battered, “cmon Betty turn it on baby, show her your tits are the best”.

Betty starts to pull her chest back, both men see it and sit up on the edge of their seat, eyes wide, as Betty looks worried, her lips purse blowing out hot air, as her shoulders roll forward and in almost covering her tits between her arms.

Gia is stutter stepping at her wanting more ,‘Stop covering you fucking cow and fight my tits”, Betty is being guided back stepping , her breasts getting redder with each collision from Gia’s , fearing her breasts will be battered and she will have to lose in front of her man and to this woman, Betty breathes in deep and suddenly as she feels a wall behind her , uses her heel and pushes herself into Gia’s body.

Their breasts and bodies clap together and Betty and Gia now start to drag, pump,smear and grind their breasts in heated exchange, Betty slaps her hands onto Gia’s hips , Cmon Bitch fight “.

After 40 minutes the fight has picked up its pace but neither woman is showing she has the advantage, their faces red from exertion their breasts red from battered abuse, sweat starts to glisten their bodies as each is panting  heavier.

Betty now controls where Gia steps, using her breasts, body and holding her by the hips Gia loses ground, their breasts crush and mold together, as chests are strained, Betty stares at Gia, ‘cmon Bitch feel my tits hmm?  “.

Gia gasps inward as her heels are stutter stepping backwards, her large breasts now the ones being shifted and lopped into, her breathing heavier and faster, the men watch the tables turn and it is David now worried as Bob clenches his fist and grunts ,”Get her Betty go”.

Betty was feeling Gia lose more than ground, her tits were starting to shift easier and seeing Gia’s reaction was telling Betty she was feeling everything Betty was giving, as they continue to go tit to tit across the room and back Gia was getting redder and her head started to roll as she as feeling the weighted mass of Betty’s tits constantly pump,drag and pull on her own.

Gia starts to get a fear  look in her eyes, her tits aren’t moving Betty’s and she is getting hurt, her upper chest feeling heavier now and stretched out, she plants a heel to try to stop losing more ground, Betty crushes into her and the two women swell their tits into others, Gia quickly tries to wrap her arms around betty and tie her up in a hug.

Betty is sore but filled with energy as she turned the fight in her favor, she feels the attempt and starts to push her rivals arms away, both women slap and shove at the others arms as their breasts bulge between their arms then as if planned they crush together again and each gets an arm under and one over the others shoulder and they mutually hug.

Their breasts collide hard and fully head on, they bulge together between their arms and bodies and the others breasts, as the women widen stances to balance they start to grind and drag hard and heavy, Betty pants , “cmon bitch uughhhh ohhh you fucking cow fight my tits”, Gia gulping heavy, “uuuhhhh uumffff you Bitch cmon my tits will crush yours”.

Both men are wide eye they never had a clue women could make something so erotic a true personal competition, but here they were and they were playing for keeps. Betty was squirming up and down, but her face was contorting into pain, her breasts red and her cheeks as well, her thighs trembled as he was hanging on barely, but Gia wasn’t doing much better, her squirming in caused a side to side but what neither never realized was that each drag down by Betty was catching Gia’s breasts in undersides and that was a pumping drive that allowed a CLOP to be heard neither was sure where it came from.

Betty looked up she being hurt but was trying to not let on, Gia couldn’t see it but she felt a weakness in her rival and she started to drag side to side faster and firmer, “Fell my tits Bitch hmm>, Cmon you whore give and i won’t hurt you to bad”.

Betty was shaking her head no, she couldn’t understand how was she feeling her rival after taking control so perfectly. There was no time now to figure it out, as the fight went on a bit rougher and a lot more jealous and hate filled Gia made a point to pump as she dragged across Betty’s up and down motion, it was becoming so effective. Betty was slowly trying to wiggle her shoulders and cause some hard pump and pushing into Gia’s breasts but again each side to side drag was battering her undersides and now Betty was feeling it.

Betty’s eyes start to swell up, her breasts are swollen and sore and she feels her undersides being hurt, her thighs shaking then as Gia looks in her rivals eyes, she can see easily Betty is being hurt, it hits her.  The way her tits are colliding from under and up is slowly destroying her rival, Betty tries to pull away, it was her biggest mistake, as she does Gia waits and times her next move, Betty stands up right and gets space between them, once her breasts sway free Gia spits, “Your mine Bitch!”.

Betty’s eyes go wide , Gia lunges in and the room fills with a sharp fleshy SMACK!!< Betty’s tits bounce upward, her head tosses back as her mouth falls open, “AAWWWWWW MY TITS!!”, her knees buckle and she falls to them and then falls back on to the rug on her back.

Gia arms open tits jostling sees her rival down on her back and pounces on the prone figure, she straddles Betty and pins her wrists, Betty’s red tits swollen and pointing up are just out there, Gia her own red tits hanging like wrecking balls starts to sway them slow as he sneers down into Betty’s face, ‘Nmmm i warned you Bitch, now i am gonna hurt your tits”.

Gia sways her breasts side to side just over Betty’s, then lowers and the sound of fleshy clops rings out and slowly turns to Slaps, her breasts collide into Betty’s as she stares down at Betty, “cmon give Bitch you know you want to, my tits are heavy and firm i am gonna crush yours”, Betty lays under Gia feeling her breasts slapped side to side, its not a stinging slap nor really hard but it is a constant barrage on her breasts.

Gia tosses her head and hair as she continues but Betty just lays there taking it, “umfff umffff let me up Bitch and Fight my tits”, Gia can’t believe Betty wants to go on, she is panting as she stops swaying and glares down, as Betty looks up, “cmon bitch let me up and lets tit fight”, Gia drops her tits on Betty’s “wanna go another round Bitch hmm? fine get up and Fight me”.

Gia grinds her tits on Betty’s then pushes up and stands up, she pushes her loosened hair back up and as Betty is getting up she sees Gia caress her breasts , Betty wonders is Gia feeling it as much ? is she hurting?,.

Betty stands and the women circle again then Betty places her hands on her hair and shimmies slow, her firm breasts red but still tight have that sexy slow sway, “cmon Bitch tit to tit”, Gia swallows as she sets her hands on her head, “bring it Bitch”.

They step together slowly , the men are ready to explode, both women are scared yet so ready to go on, Betty starts it off, she shoves her left breast into Gia’s left then drags across and shoves her right into Gia’s, they both feel the resistance but Gia seems to feel Betty a little more at the start.

Betty starts to get a rhythm left to left and right to right , Gia falls for it and starts the same rhythm then Betty switches up on her rival, she plows head on as Gia, is twisting and the CLOP is solid as Gia coughs out a gasp, Betty does it again , and Gia winces as the side walls of her breasts are crushed to her chest and torso.

She gasps loudly, ‘BITCH my tits”, then Betty switches it again as Gia sets to go head on, Betty dips and stabs her breasts under Gia’s and then lifts them, and starts to pump up and in hard and fast.

Gia winces and tosses her head back, her mouth falls open as she cries out, “Ahhhh owwwww owww ohhh my tits you Fucking Bitch”,  Betty now has her rival and is exploiting it, “Cmon Bitch Fight my tits hmmm big bad whore is all you are”.

Betty refuses to let up and Gia again tries to back away but Betty grabs her in a waist hug and really starts to work the undersides of Gia.

Gia pushes at Betty and shakes her head no as her breasts are being pumped, bounced, slapped and lifted, Betty stays on her and the hits get harder, faster and more direct into the undersides, Gia’s breasts are being jostled freely and her tendons and muscles are stretched out.

Betty sneers a bit as Gia cries out about the pain her breasts are suffering then as fast as she started she pulls her own breasts from under Gia’s and watches as her rivals breasts drop hard and clap together.

As they do Betty stabs head on and crushes Gia’s breasts between them and starts to drag a big X into her breasts, stretching the breasts and loosening them, Gia starts to weep she is hurt, Betty taunts her , ‘Cmon fight Bitch lets go I said ai wanted more now Fight”, Gia shakes her head no in silence then feeling the pain GASPS out , “STOP STOP I CAN”T MY TITS GET OFF ME”!>

Betty swings her breasts side to side again slapping Gia’s hard enough Gia arches then drops to ehr hip in pain, her hands cup her tits, ‘BITCH STOP I GIVE”, Betty smiles at the men as she walks up behind Gia, she straddles her lower back and then grabs on to Gia’s breasts and roughly and deeply squeezes and works them.

“this is how you like it isn’t it Bitch, you like my man seeing your tits worked don’t you?, well he is watching now”, Betty smiles as she twists, squeezes and tortures Gia’s breasts till they are cherry red and bruised, as Gia pleads for it to stop, Betty pushes her face to the rug and she sneers, ‘I ever see your tits out while my mans around Bitch I’ll tear them off you got it!”?, Gia crying nods yes and Betty stands up,she walks to the men, cups each of them at the back of their head and presses her tits to their mouths, “Enjoy boys”.

Betty tilts her head back smiling despite being sore then eases her breasts away as she says to David, “Get that trash out of my mans home ,Bob honey take me to bed”, Bob scoops Betty up and carries her upstairs, as David helps Gia up, her breasts feeling so sore swollen and heavy make her cry as the full weight drops in them as she walks out.

Betty leaves the curtains open as she rides Bob and the light on, she looks out the window and sees David is leaving for the first in months to go home, she looks up and sees Gia crying in her bedroom, Betty laughs as Bob worships her breasts, then the light goes out.

The next day Betty is out getting the mail when she looks across and sees a sales man in front of Gia’s home, and he is putting up a for sale sign, Betty a smile asks, ‘Oh Gia is moving?’, he smiles at Betty ,’Oh she left early this morning we are having an estate sale and the home, know anyone interested numbers on the sign.

Betty smiles a i got ya smile and swaggers back in the house, she calls Bob at work, ‘Your neighbor left the street for good baby, i guess she is a sore loser”, Bob laughs and then says to Betty, “What if someone like her moves in baby?’, Betty pauses a moment then purrs to Bob, ‘Then i guess my tits will have to crush hers as well”.

The End

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