I Spy: Parts 1 – 7 by Dotti D

Part 1

I know what your thinking another spy story right? well not exactly at least not the way you would think, this spy story has no corporate or government super powers sneaking about, this one has me and a friend or 2 who on a boring summer day when we were kids, found out a little dirty secret that changed my life.

When my friends and i were younger, just before the net and computers blew open peoples worlds, a kid had to rely on his bike and friends to make life and a long hot day go by.

In fact if you weren’t out of the house before 10 am your parents pretty much pushed you out to go play, and play we did, we made adventures up, following the creek like we were lewis and clark or making a stick into a rifle to play army, ah the good old days.

Anyway despite our great imaginations we ran out of things to do at times and were just plain bored to tears, on a hot August day as we sat around the baseball field bull shitting little did we know that would be the day things would turn.

As the mid morning sun beat down and the dry grass and humid weather settled in my friends and I rode our bikes and sat around the field chewing gum and wondering what to do, not a tremendous undertaking but for what ever reason on this day we shot each others ideas down faster than a world war 2 ace.

To say we were getting on others nerves was an understatement, but it was an occasion that needed something different for us to move, a lull in the bickering fell on us when one of us stood up and said in a joking manner, “You know what we never did? go peeping tom on Mrs. Rhiener”.

It was as if the heavens opened up and the lord himself reached down and slapped the line of us awake, each one of us sat up mouths dropped open and at same moment looked at our friend and in a worship yell stated “Your a friggin genius”.

It was like watching the keystone cops as we knocked each other over to stand up and grab our trusty iron stead and mount them to ride over to elm st, we weaved and peddled as if our butts were on fire, suddenly the humid day and sweat didnt matter, we had to reach our destination.

Now I know what your thinking little pervs watching a grown woman dress, well let me assure you at least you guys anyway, Mrs. Rhiener was the Jayne Mansfield of our day and neighborhood, Beverly was her first name, there wasn’t a kid, teenager or man in our town who didn’t stop to worship this woman as she walked by.

Back then no one could put a finger on it but Beverly had a face and body that could stop a charging rhino, at 5’9” she towered over most women and a few  men and with her amazing figure in the dresses she wore looked like a well paved rounded highway as it lead our eyes from her feet up along the soft winding curves to her bright red hair, it was as if Beverly stepped out of a playboy magazine.

Now it might be hard to understand it but in a small town like ours while we had pretty women, Beverly without all the glitz accessories we have today , could step out of bed and put a woman who spent hours making herself up look like she hadn’t fixed herself up in weeks.

We would come to find out later that Beverly at the time was 38 yo. measured an amazing 36EE-30 38 her breasts as big and round and veiny as they were defied gravity, I am not kidding Beverly could and often did go without a bra and her majestic mountains would sway slow and firmly like pendulums, we later learned from growing up on a farm and hard work her chest muscles were so tone they held her breasts up and allowed her to perform at a burlesque theater where she simply flexed her breasts and spun tassels like they were wind up toys, she made Virginia Bell look saggy.

Anyway like I was saying this woman would stop any man in his tracks, and naturally she made the rest of the women in our neighbor hood flaming jealous, but at the same time respected, see Beverly was a confident woman who knew she could take any man here but she was a lady and one of the nicest we had at the time.

Her marriage was no story book for the most part since her husband travelled for business, but all that said Beverly always found time to be friendly and now and then a little naughty by letting peeping toms go the way side, she didn’t mind the attention i guess.

So there we are dropping our bikes and running through a patch of brush that separated Bevs home and yard from the rest of the block, somehow a path to the ideal spot been carved out by those before us no doubt.

As we all pushed against other to see, it was still and quiet,  there in front of us through leaves was Mrs . Rhieners bedroom window, music was playing softly and we heard her voice sing along as she was up there.

You could hear a pin drop as we all stared waiting to see her figure, then it happened a red sheer robe was covering her and her red hair a copper red though short, as was the style  was long enough to pin up in back, her red lips were full,  as she stepped at the window she just looked out as if she saw us but wasn’t acting as if she had, she was looking beyond us deeper in the yard.

In back of the yard was their garage that Mr. Rheiner had converted to a man cave/work area, Bev just stared and suddenly as she did her long red nails parted the sheer robe and freed her majestic round creamy white globes, every one  of us nearly passed out as they just seem to thrust forward, her pink nipples were average thick more pointy and sharp but at least 3/4” long  as she slowly coaxed them stiff.

When i tell you we nearly pass out i am not kidding each one of us felt our knees buckle, slowly Bev cupped and massaged her giant globes slowly and deep with a lifting rolling motion she caressed them, all the time humming and a sly smirk, this was truly heaven on earth.

Our matinee ended really fast though as we heard her husbands car pulling up at the rear of the converted garage, and he walked with a determination to the house, my friends started to get worried, if Mr . Rhiener caught us he wouldn’t hesitate to give us a smack on the Ass and then drag us home to our parents, The guys jumped up and ran while i did my best to try to sneak off , in case i made it back here one day.

Just then I heard something that no young boy or any one else was supposed to hear from Bev as her hubby arrived in the bedroom, Bev turned her robe still open and said matter of fact, “So is that Bitch coming or she to scared?” it stopped me dead in my tracks, i had to know what this was about, i mean here was the nicest prettiest women around cursing and pissed off something big was happening.

As the guys took off I stayed back and what I was to learn would change my life forever, as I listened I heard Bevs husband reply “Oh she coming alright, she just was getting ready and for her husband to get home she said she wants us to see if your woman enough” I heard Bev growl a response “That little whore, oh I let you 2 watch then I will really hurt her and her tits”

I gasped on my breath this sounded like Bev the neighbor of the year was going to have a fight she never broke her smile rain snow heat this woman was always humming and smiling, just then i heard a car pulling up and Bevs hubby shouted “their here get ready” as he rushed to the door and lead the couple from the front around back through a gate.

As they passed the secret spot i got my first look at who was here to meet Mrs. Rhiener, at first i saw just the jet black hair as short as Bevs but fuller on top then the blue eyes and high cheekbones then it hit me it was Mrs. Beck, Mrs Beck was a tall raven haired goddess from the far end of town bordering the next town, she was without a doubt one of the hottest women next to Bev any one ever saw, but cause she lived so far away you only got to see her if you were lucky at a store or the park.

Cause we didn’t see her as often as Bev. we had no idea her body rivaled Bev’s, I think we would have ventured to that side of town more often on bikes, June (Mrs. Beck) stood 5’9” a full 147lbs. and amazing curvy 36EE -30-39 , because we didnt see her often or wearing anything to revealing when we did, we knew she was busty but never imagined how round full they were.

As i watched her swagger between Mr. Beck and Mr. Rhiener her long legs seem to extend forever as she stepped and with each step her torso was perfect posture and under her pool robe, open to her torso her amazing breasts jostled so firm and stiff they looked fake but were oh so real as her thick nipples tented the robe.

The 3 adults walked along the yard and both Junes hubby and Bevs were asking her if she would reconsider, but June just gave a sexy smirk and looked at them and with her hip cocked a bit purred a sultry tone “Now Now boys we all know you 2 want to see this as much as her and i want this, so we either do it here or her and i will another time alone but it will happen”.

With that Mr. Rhiener shrugged as if to admit she was right and unlocked the door and let the Becks in, just as they entered i heard a screen door slam and out walked Bev there she stood on the deck in her red heels a red pool robe her hair styled back and pinned, a glass of wine in hand as her husband walked back to retrieve her I heard Bev make a comment, ‘whats wrong she suddenly change her mind”?., but as Mr Rheiner was shaking his head no June opened the garage door and stood smiling a sinister glare “Don’t you wish honey” as Bev and June shared a glare Bev replied “you’ll wish you had sugar”, “big talker still no action honey”, i was standing amid the brush mouth open and a hard on my Dad would be impressed with as i realized these 2 goddess were here to settle something and it wasn’t going to be over coffee.

“oh your going to get action sugar all you can handle “ , “well cmon then honey lets just see” with that Bev tossed the remainder of her glass and swaggered down to the yard her hubby took her arm and escorted her to the garage, he gave the same speech as he had to June but Bev wanted no part of it, as she stated clearly, “she wanted this its gonna happen”.

The couple vanished inside and shut he door, i couldnt hear another word i was in panic, i had to know what was happening, i ran through the brush and even tore my t shirt as i carved a path till i got even with the converted garage , now to find a way to see inside.

When I looked down from the perch of the wood line there was a steep slope into the Rheiners yard, as i made my attempt to slip down holding a vine , i suddenly felt my converse sneakers turn to ice skates as i was doing 100mph into the side of the garage wall i froze did they hear me , was i caught did i just ruin what was gonna take place?

After a minute and hearing no doors slam i stood up and tip toed around to the rear of the garage, as i did I saw the old pick up Mr. Rheiner never fixed up, i climbed on the trucks bed and stood on the edge of the bed wall and was able to peak in the window above it my fingers tight on the cement sill as i managed to get a view between the curtains, there in the converted garage stood Mrs. Beck with her husband off to the right and off to the left was Mrs. Rheiner and her husband, each husband was talking to his wife as they had their backs to other.

As i slowed my breathing i noticed the sliding window was unlocked i put my fingers to the glass and with a simple bit of effort slid the glass about an inch, i could feel the warmth of the room flow out then i heard the voices.

Stay out of it “June demanded and Bev added “its here or her and i take it else where whats it gonna be”? the husbands looked at other and swallowed they knew their wives meant what they said and they slowly stepped away, Bev then June took a second then turned to see the other dressed alike and alone, each woman  stood a moment in her silence their eyes slowly going over the other before them, as I looked on my eyes adjusting to the shadow of the room, i could see both Bev and June were built women, each could put a sexy pin up to shame with no doubt, their full curvy figures were mouth watering and their slow heaving busts under those partly open pool robes were swelling to be free, June broke the silence as she calmly spoke.

“Well Beverly here we are, still set on making this about our tits?”, Bev stood staring back no emotion as she softly and calmly responded, “Listen June its not just about our tits, you want a fight I told you got one, we both know how to use our tits to get what we want , we both showed the other that last weekend, now its time to see who can use hers better, but if you prefer to cat this out honey I am not going any where”, my heart nearly blew out of my chest the 2 women who made me wish i was old enough to date them were here to fight it out over something between 2 women.

To jump back a bit i later found out what brought these 2 goddesses together here, apparently the 2 couples spent time at the same bar on Junes side of town it was a hot spot in their day, not a club but a tavern for just sitting drinking and such.

Anyway turns out Mr. Rheiner and Mr. Beck were both in sales though not for same company they often attended conventions and shared in side info on clients over a double or 2 at the bar, as they would sit for hours and being it was on Junes side of town it wasn’t uncommon for the 2 men to walk in and see June already there or join them later, now Bev had no reason to ever think her man would wander on her after all she put most to shame, but she knew June was a threat the minute the 2 first met at the bar.

Turns out while these 2 rivaled other in looks Bev was the flirty smiling type while June was the floozy loose and free type, as confident as Bev was about her relationship she didnt trust June as far as she could throw her, and both women knew after a few drinks their men had more than a wandering eye, the only difference June would retaliate for her hubbies short comings, while Bev just teased a bit.

Anyway after a few mutual times at the bar Bev and June came to have a pure jealous hate for each other, June made no effort to hide her body and more so her proud assets which like Bev had every man wanting her, but June despite her floozy manner felt Bev being at the bar took from her territory as on more than one occasion a man June was all over changed his mind when Bev showed up.

Bev full aware of Junes “open” bar scene made a point to stop her from ruining a marriage more than once by snuggling up to a weak man drowning his sorrows, Bev even went as far as to call a wife or 2 to come get their man, but June was such a wildcat she often gave the wife a slap or a fight making them sorry they came looking.

Things came to a head one Saturday night when the husbands were coming home from a convention and wanted to take the girls out for drinks , but Mr. Rhiener knowing the 2 didn’t like each other, never called his wife with a time instead drove to the bar and waited for Mr. Beck.

As Mr. Rhiener sat at the bar sipping his bourbon when in walked June,  wearing a sexy tight chrome blue mini dress that hugged her like it was painted on, it was low cut in the bust exposing most of her royal blue bra cups and deep tight cleavage, her black thigh highs and blue heels clicked as she smiled as she spotted Mr. Rhiener all alone swaggering over June leaned her amazing bust to his arm and rubbed as she cooed at his ear, “nmmm Hi there honey”.

Apparently Mr. Rhiener nearly fell over then instead of easing away turned enough that June straddled his leg and let his eyes gaze into her veiny deep canyon cleavage, as her breasts rose and fell slow, she moaned to him, “nmmm you wanna know if they are better dont you” he nodded  yes and just as June was guiding his hand under her cups another woman at the bar who owed Bev a favor walked over and stopped the little show, by telling Bevs husband, “ Hey Bev  will be here any second”, Mr. Rhiener quickly sat up and back as June was guided off his leg.

She gave the other woman the most hateful glare then before Bev walked in told her to step out back now, knowing June wouldn’t wait to fight she arched up at her and said “lead the way” as they headed out back June smiled and took Mr. Rhiener by the hand as she purred “i want you to see this”.

The 3 of them went out back and before the blonde knew what happened June had her hair and was whipping her around like a rag doll and between slaps and blows clawed the woman till her dress and hair and face were tatters, as June straddled the poor woman she smiled at Mr. Rhiener who watched stunned and hard as he can ever remember, June had seen his reaction and walked over pressed her bust to him again then licking his ear purred “come back inside i want to show you something”.

As she sat him at a booth June kneeled on the seat and smiling eased her dress top wider and then eased her heavy left  breast and then right from her bra cups and gave them a slow shimmy, As she let them hang in front of his face she purred “Nmmm these are  better than your wifes honey and if she gets in my way again i will use mine to ruin hers, go ahead feel how fuller and firmer i am”…Mr. Rhiener now a bit buzzed and horny from the fight reached up cupping the huge globes and lifted and squeezed as he caressed his big hands around them, June pressed in to his hands..”nmmmm harder they can take it” his rough hands kneaded and instead of wincing June was gyrating, just as things were getting to hot the tavern door opened and Bev was there, quickly Mr. Rheiner stopped and asked June to cover up she did slowly all the time purring “her and i honey”.

As Bev swaggered around to see what was going on she caught a glimpse of Junes thick hard nipple easing back in, as she did her and June shared a catty glare, but before she went off on Mr. Rheiner who quickly got up and hugged his wife Bev and June held the death glare as she looked over his shoulder she knew he was a victim here, and when June sneered “your little rat bitch is out back” Bev knew June had ruined the girl.

As Bev sat her man at the bar, Mr. Beck walked in and was smiling but could feel the tension between the 2 women as June stood arching and posing her nipples tenting her breasts swelled, her sneer at Bev was one of “i got the upper hand”  those who watched said they could see Bev’s demeanor turn,  and for the first time ever Bev while glaring back parted her red skin tight mini dress at top and showed her red bra and swelling veiny assets,  and her nipples started tenting stepped to Mr. Beck as June watched and dragged her big globes up his arm to his face then pushed in and eased off  as she stood  posing for June then with a husky low voice  hissed to June, “ladies room?”

The entire bar went silent for the first time ever June was called out, before the 2 women could move June again ante ups as she steps toward Bev she purrs, “why not right here  afraid or to shy?” Bev felt all eyes on her as she swallowed, June knew Bev wasn’t type to be so open but for the first time June was shocked as Bev stepped right up to her and with a firm bump pushed her chest to Junes and as they stood rubbing Bevs face near Junes Bev hissed, “you wanna fight honey  i am right here”.

From those there Junes face slowly changed as she felt Bevs bust to her own and as she did took in a deep breath then slowly pushed back as the 2 women stepped around slow, “Why Bev honey  i do but before i scratch your eyes out i so want to use my tits on yours .. still game for that fight?” Bev swallowed but never looked away, “oh if that’s how you want this ? fine with me”.

June reached for Bevs dress front and Bev responded they both yanked as a rip was heard and bra cups were exposed but the husbands jumped up and ended it, as each was pulled away Bev snarled “1 week my place cow “ June sneered “your on bitch”.

So thats the version that went around from that day i heard about later when i got older, now back to the fight, so there they stood and here was the innocent lustful Mrs Rheiner facing the lusty not so innocent Mrs. Beck, and June the tough flirt seemed to want out as Bev wanted a fight.

Just as it seemed nothing was going to happen June smirked then untied her robe and eased it off, the robe fell back and pooled at her heels as June set her hands on her hips her huge breasts swayed out free  firm and fully rounded , her thicker nipples stiff as she arched then flexed her chest making her giant globes lift and lower as she taunted, “nmmmmm i am going to love this one”.

I was glad that both husbands reacted as i had to gasp I knew June was busty but holy crap were those tits round big and strong, but Bev I couldn’t believe it just rolled her eyes as if she saw nothing and untied her robe and let it fall back , her hands on her hips she smirked, “ Not as much as i am going to”.

I nearly passed out as Bevs giant globes swayed out every bit as round full and firm as she flexed her own bust and made them react, once again i was in awe as knowing her big bust but never imagining that, as each glared at other i saw a little more hate in Junes eyes that Bev matched her after being so proud and known for her amazing bust June was now being matched on all fronts, with little effort Bev softly spoke, “tit to tit  loser gets smothered?” June shifted on her heels “nmmm i was thinking more loser worships winners if your woman enough that is” now Bev shifted a bit then hissed “fine”.

Slowly both women started towards the other each step seemed to take forever and in each step neither set of mountainous glands swayed much, once they were in a few inches they circled  eyes locked and Bev  inhaled as she taunted, “you wanted a fight cmon”, June smirked as she arched offering her huge breasts out and purred “bring them on honey ill give you first shot”, the confident look on Junes face had to be driving Bev insane as well as a level of doubt, but with her best Bev nodded agreeing then stepped to June and as the garage was beyond silent pushed her giant globes against Junes and leaned in and pressssssed.

As Bev pressed in firmer both her and June looked away and a slight huff escaped their lips as both felt the others mass and firmness resist her own, but June was no stranger to a conflict and wanting to get in Bevs head she softly huffed “ well cmon Bev let me feel your tits to mine” mocking Bev suggesting they were no match she even took the taunt to another level, June arched her bust higher and pushed her round tits out and as Bev smeared her own into them June taunted more, “cmon you need a free shot here they are start fighting”.

Bev who obviously was not new to this form of fight tried to not let June take control she calmly eased into June and stared in her eyes and as she watched June Smirk, Bev was dragging her heavy bust low and as June taunted again”cant handle me?” Bev just smiled then thrusted up into June sharply the heavy dense contact was audible, June suddenly lost her smile her eyes widened and she gasped out, “uuuughnnnmmfff bitch”.

With all her will June tried to stand her ground but her legs actually quivered from the move and her heels clacked as her body backed away, but Bev was showing she not only knew how to titfight but could take Junes heavy tits on, she stayed after June and as June was trying to reset and capture what just took place, Bev wasted no time grinding up and in and letting her mammoth tits work Junes deep in her undersides.

Bev made a great move at the opening but as June faded away and Bev pursued her, the move went from the crease of undersides to the heavy rounded end of Junes where the deep pain eased as did the effect,  Bev slowly but firmly pumped up at Junes and the flesh clopping against others filled the room, the soft but obvious grunts from both told other she was making her feel the fight, Bev taunted back “Whats wrong cant handle it?” you could see Junes blue eyes ice over as she glared into Bevs green eyes. As Bev ground up under Junes heavy tits, slight groans from her lips as she felt the heavy rival breasts, June inhaled and lifted her bust then dropped it down as Bev lifted there was a firm solid SLAP and then June Dragged her tits down Bevs.

At first the the slap of the 2 equal women made them just glare but as June stepped into Bev and she pulled her tits down on Bevs, i saw it in her eyes and face, Bev was stopped in her tracks and her red lips pursed as her shoulders were pulled forward as June made her take not only her own heavy tits but Junes.

As she forced the red head to ease away she stay after her till their huge tits pulled apart,  June swayed her hips as her tits swayed free and lifted back up as she side stepped and sneered at Bev , Bev was now the one in awe as she arched back up she saw the pinkish hue where Junes tits stretched hers, as their eyes met again June smiled, “that all you got Bitch”? and Bev snarled  as she shimmied her tits slow at June she growled, “put em up and come find out bitch”, June was sure Bev was rethinking the battle, but the remark told her this would be a war before a winner was to rise.

As they glared and stepped about June arched up at Bev flexed her huge tits again and purred with hate, “they are up put yours up lets fight” Bev stared a second then mimic the posture and purss” Ready when you are cmon.

They step together and with a thud the round meaty tits meet and instantly the 2 women grind roll and drag and smear their tits into others,  heads tilt up as they pull shoulders back, they force their breasts into others to meet head on their stiff nipples stab together bend flick and score lines in flesh and dimple areolas.

As they increase the duel both women are grunting as an effect of their move and reaction from rivals,  slowly they  step never losing contact as they breath heavier and heavier they swallow gasps to taunt, as Bev snarls, “uuhnn uhnnmff bitch thought you could titfight”, June getting heated “You little Whore ill crush your tits cmon” as June steps in she drives her left breast in at Bevs cleavage, instead of a dense clop the sound is a hollowed splat and as Bev breaths at the feel, June shimmies in and starts to spread the redheads tight cleavage pushing the inner sides of her breasts out and causing movement, “uuhhnnn mmff cmon thats it bitch feel me nmmm your getting loose honey”.

No idea if it was the taunt or maybe June really was hurting her but Bev seemed to ignite, she let June roll her left breasts between her own and as she sank in between Bevs tits,   Bev pulled her arms in tight and flexed her tits as they seem to lift and grab Junes breast between them, with their flesh dry still June stared and smirking tried to ease her breast free but as she did Bev stepped in and squeezed and then using her ams around her tits lifted and lowered Junes breast was trapped.

June gasped her lips fell open and she started to pull and lift to get free but Bev stayed in tight, their tummies and hips bumping as they fought, “Whats wrong Bitch hmm getting loose?” Bev snarled,  June just reacted with, “Ughnn ohh you fucking bitch my tit , let go and fight”.

Bev just strained to hold her rival as she made her twins work the trapped breast, grunts and panting filled the space then June took things to a new level as she was running out of space to step back and near a wall and feeling desperate, June grabbed Bevs forearms and pulled to widen them and ease the pressure on her own breast,  as the women struggle the move worked and her red left breast swayed free, a gasp of relief came but was short as Bev pulled her arms free and grabbed Junes arms and instantly as they held others forearms the women unleashed and swayed their heavy globes and a flurry of slapping and thrusting and smacks rang out.

As i watched the sounds were like 2 boxers landing short jabs, as the 2 women widened their thighs and used shoulders to sink fleshy firm blows into others heavy tits, faces contorted into snarls as lips puffed out,  gasps and sweat were heard and forming as they stood toe to toe and fought.

Grunting out “Bitch come and fight me “ the 2 women jammed , swung and collided their tits as hard as they could each was wincing from feeling others blow back in her own breasts, just as it seemed no one was giving an inch,  Bev arched up as she swayed and June seeing it stepped in fast and plunged her tits into Bevs , as her sides were facing June, a deep CLAP rang out then Bevs shriek” UUghnnnn ohhhh” as her legs wobbled June lunged in and started to grind and roll her tits at the side of Bevs tits, as they were pinned to themselves, June was snarling relishing the pain she caused, “uuuhnnnnn mmmff uwwww feel me now Bitch hmmuwww yess cmon “.

Bev’s  eyes got wide she had to get free and she yanked her arms free and spun away from June, as she spun and stagger stepped from June, Bev cupped her breasts her mouth open, it was obvious she never felt this level of pain in her bust before, as Bev tried to recover,  June whose own breasts were red stood out as if ready to go on, June sneered as she made Bev retreat, slowly with a menacing hiss and walk June followed Bev.

“Mmmmmm whats the matter honey hmm? tits hurt cant hang with the Big Girls”, Bev inhaled and as she started to turn to face June was stopped in her tracks again, as she wasn’t aware June was right on top of her, as Bev arched up and turned to fight June lunged into her and caught Bev mid turn her heavy breasts not fully facing her rival, another deep solid SLAP rang out and June grabbed Bev by her upper arms tugged her in and squished into the side wall of Bevs big right breast this time.

The raven haired beauty crushed Bevs side wall to point her right breast over lapped her left, and as it lost shape June started an up and down grind against the outer fleshy wall, “uuwww uuuhnn uhnn mm ohh you poor thing uuhnnn your tits arent such a threat now are they?” June taunted as Bev looked as if her breasts were caught in a closing door, as her arms were clinched in on her breast and Junes right breast pinned them in, unable to turn and fight back, Bev was walked around the garage by June as her heavy round mass bulged flush into the wall of the redheads round mass, stretching, rolling the heavy gland at her will, Bevs face contorted to a wince as she looked up her eyes drooping as if about to cry, her red lips pursed and a second cry came out ,”uuughnn mmff mff ohh uughhhh BITCH!”, As Bev nearly cried June smiled and loved seeing her rival in pain, “uhmmff umff cmon bitch put em up” she hissed in Bevs face.

Slow and sluggish the 2 big women stepped around heels scraping the floor as thighs bumped and rub tummies met and stuck, as Junes hands flexed holding Bevs arms,         
 Bev squirmed and gasped for relief.

June became a bit rougher as she widened her thighs and surged at Bev thrusting her already big breasts to Bevs, causing the redheads pinned large breast to bulge and swell into her left, the deep pumping and grinding was causing Bev pain and discomfort deep in her gland, as i watched and saw Bevs pain inside i wanted to rush in and break them up but seeing Junes devious joy as she was hurting Bev i also wanted to see the outcome.

As Bev squirmed and back peddled she was running out of room as June started to aim her at a wall, with a thud Bevs left shoulder hit the wall and Junes body seem to rise higher as she really pumped into Bevs breast,  her shoulders and hips were aiding  in the motion, and between the grunts from both women the distinct sound of flesh pumping into flesh rang out with clopping noises.

Bev slowly squirmed and got her hips to face Junes and as June smirked working her rival and feeding on every grunt she forced out, she couldn’t maintain the grip much longer as sweat and Bev wanting to square off made her grip start to give, “ugnn ugnnn bitch let go ill show you my tits can fight”, “uumff umff mmmm cmon honey  earn it” just as June taunted, Bev managed to twist into June and as her big breasts swayed back out front June stabbed her own head on into Bevs the SLAP was heavy and Bevs head reared back again with a shriek, “AAWWW Ughnnn” as her knees buckled June unleashed a heavy side to side and thrusting head on combo that made her breasts pound Bev like 2 fists, “cmon Bitch ughnn ill ruin your tits fight” June demanded as Bev rolled her shoulders and pushed at Junes shoulders, “Aghh ahh uughn mmff mff “.

Suddenly Bev slumped and fell to the floor in a heap on her ass, her legs curled under her and hands on floor, Bev was panting as she looked down, as she did June smiled down over her red heaving globes and taunted as she set hands to her hips, “Well Bitch you give or you gonna get up and fight like a woman”, Bev lifted her head sweat mixed with small tears as she looked up her red lips pulled back as she hissed, “back off and let me up ill fight you”, June smiled and shimmied her heavy tits slow “nmmm however you need it honey”, and June swaggered with a sexy stride back to her corner  as she turned from Bev i saw it first, June was hurt inside as well with her back to Bev , June cupped her breasts and lifted them as she mouthed oww to herself, mean while Bev stood up and took in a deep breath as she caressed her hands over her own breasts she caught her breath and went to her own corner.

As Bev gently released hers June had her hands on her hips and smirked, “whats the matter Bitch tits hurt?”, Bev glared she was hurt but not enough to give, but she also knew June was feeling it as the red hue on the raven  womans breasts started to turn bruised, Bev without a word at first lifted each breasts gave them a squeeze then first let  her right then left drop with a solid SMACK against her torso as she sneered at June and gave a slow shimmy “Hurt? not at all bitch just getting started”, i cant swear but i thought i saw the color rush from Junes face as Bev seem to not only want more, but was ready to get rougher.

As they glare Bev steps out hands on hips and then smirking offers her hands up and open,  with arms wider her fingers wiggle taunting June to follow suit, June without a second thought steps out and as she closes to Bev their hands meet and grasp and arms go wider and then Bev starts the round as she sneers, “Lets finish this bitch”.

As they spread arms Bev stares head on in Junes face and thrusts her breasts into Junes, the fleshy slaps start again as instantly both women grunt  as they do
 June who was in charge starts to turn her head as she thrusts back matching Bev  thrust for thrust..”uughnn ughnn “ “mff mff cmon” they slowly shift and struggle as they pump harder.

As they do June seems to take the brunt of the action, as Bev seems to want this more she slaps head on to June and gets a grunt from her foe then drags her massive round bust into Junes, the flesh pulls and stretches and both feel it but Bev is driven as June cant seem to keep up, “aaahh uughnnn ohh you cunt” Bev snarls back, “ohhh come now you whore  no fight left hmmm”?

While the duel seems to slow the effects get harder and more determined by Bev , she grips Junes hands tighter and suddenly pulls their arms in, both womens arms cause their breasts to gather together and press out as they do Bev sees red and jams into June,  her massive breasts seem to swallow her rivals as she smears up and around slowly Bev develops a design and her round breasts start to draw a figure eight path into Junes, the effect must be body breaking cause June smeared back once deep then arched and her head rolled to side as she cried out, “uuuggggg ohhh you bitch my tits uughnn get off me”.

But the demand to ease made Bev crazy and want more, slowly her thighs widen and she pulls her hands tighter to Junes and starts a left then right rhythm alternating each breast hard into Junes with her arms pushing her tits together and out, June  watches as her tits are made a target and Bev attacks. SLAP CLAP CLOP SMACK rings out as Bev seems to get nastier, “Uhnn yess yess uwww feel me now bitch hmm cmon say it cry you cow”.

June looks between them  and sees her round globes being hit and pushed and pummeled as she squirms to pull hands free and arms wider, Bev yanks into her and then as June breaks the hand hold Bev unleashes her heavy round globes and like 2 wrecking balls she sways, then quick short side to side movement as they pound Junes breasts and bounce and jostle them, “aahh agghh ughn mmff mff mff bitch”. grunting and feeling the pounding herself Bev snarls as she sways away ‘Cmon Bitch fight fight uughnnn oww oohhh “.

As Bev pressed her attack June was starting to teeter backwards and as she slid her hands up on Bevs arms,  again she was thrust into pain “UUGHHH AWWWW” shout from her lips, her eyes shut and her magnificent breasts bounced up between them, Bev delivered another upper cut to the raven haired rival but this time it was no lift and grind , it was a full body behind it blow that slammed the full underside of Junes breast and carried up through, the SMACK was so clean and Bev knew it as June staggered back and fell on her ass and back.

As June lay tears slipped from her eyes as she saw Bev standing over her looking over her own full breasts nipples hard and sneering, ‘ Well look at this, big bad June is down for the count, whats wrong honey cant hang with the big girls?”, it was Bevs turn to relish her attacks effect as June slowly got to a sit up position her heavy breasts hung and pulled and she winced  as she cupped them for a minute, Bev smirked and hissed , “Cmon Bitch get up and fight or Give”.

June looked up with pure hate and Bev stood hands on hips both knew there wasnt going to be a break as June started to rise Bev prepared her body for the rest of the battle, as June rose to go on  Bev whose breasts were as red and bruising now took in a long breath and shook her head no that this was going to go on longer.

June now up feeling what Bev had earlier took in a breath and as the 2 women glared no words needed it was time to fight, both women were glistening in sweat and their proud breasts were red and bruising and slacked a bit as they approached the other head on.

Without a word between them and steely glares the 2 women swaggered into one another and a dense CLOP rang between them as their full veiny breasts mushroomed to others and swelled up and out,  nipples engulfed as they seem to weld into others   thighs widened as tummies met and hands and arms slinked up around others neck, while other hand and arm slinked under and around her rivals as they hugged in both women set their forehead to her rival and started to grind, mash, press, drag and smear her breasts to others gentle groans started to be heard as they watched the war between them.

With the humid air and heat building and now their own body heat mixing the women start to huff for a breath of fresh air their bodies glisten and drip and makes smearing their heavy globes easier as the pace increases,  June slides her forehead along Bevs huffing hotly ‘Uhnn mmff Cmon bitch fight my tits” Bev rolls her head back to avoid Junes sweaty brow and sucks in air as she pants heavy ‘ Uhhnnn you want me to fight bitch ok you got it” June lifts her head and suddenly like a python Bev slides her arms under Junes and wraps around her torso then hangs her hands on Junes shoulders and pulls down the move makes June take both their body weight and restricts her ability to shimmy or use shoulders to fight.

As Bev secures the hold and starts to pump her tits into Junes already mushroomed tits she slides her cheek along Junes and sets her mouth at her ear and purrs something  ‘I am going to bust your tits Cow”, June her eyes widen as she snakes to push away from Bev she  breathes hotly in her ear ‘try it Bitch ughnn let go and fight “ but Bev was no rookie to a titfight she knew June was better at a full on swaying exchange and she took her own fight to the brawler and started to push pull and shift Junes breasts at will now.

As their heels tapped the steps of teetering long legs, both women looked over the shoulder of her rival and had pleading glares for relief but neither would give without making other know she had a fight, as they struggled on slowly Bev seemed to be tiring her grip was constantly being reapplied and June was squirming as her breasts were being managed roughly, “uughhh give you stupid bitch” Bev pleaded not demanded but June was starting to walk Bev backwards again ‘uughnn mmff mmf “ never Bitch I am going to ruin your tits “ as she made Bev lose 4 steps back June ran her tongue along Bevs cheek and hissed ‘Your mine now honey”  but the arch of her back allowed Bev to get a tight hug low on Junes torso,  and she felt it and dropped her hands and hugggged as she squeezed around her arms flexed tighter  her face pressed to Junes she lifted and pulled, June suddenly lost color on her face and her back bent backwards as she was forced to look up screamed out ‘UUGHHNNN NOOOOOO YOU BITCH LET GO!!!”

But Bev just dug deep down and took in a breath and drove June back into the garage wall hard and stepped in between her thighs widening them so June had no footing, as i watched i saw Bevs flawless sexy back her spine like a cobra slithering the simple action dragged and pulled Junes pinned breasts side to side and up making her own big breasts over lap and now work against herself as Bev worked her harder deeper.

For 10 minutes Bev ground into her rival and then it happened June tapped Bevs shoulder ‘Ok Ok” but Bev increased the fight ‘cmon Bitch fight “ was heard “Ughnnn nooo”.

June cried then slapped Bevs shoulders ‘STOP DAMN IT STOP “ Bev just growled ‘I SAID FIGHT BITCH” and pumped in to June hard 5 times, Junes head reared back her mouth open ‘AAGHHH AGHHHHH AGHHHHH OWWWW PLEASE UUUGHNNNN”.

Then her head fell into Bevs shoulder her plea was turning to a sob ‘Please Stop “,  Bev hissed at her ear “Say it Bitch my tits are the best  say it” June nodded a few times agreeing then finally screamed out ‘OK OK PLEASE YOUR TITS ARE BETTER PLEASE I GIVE” Bev sneered and opened her arms as she stepped back quickly and watched June fall on all 4s in front of her.

As June was on hands and knees she started to weep and her heavy tits once round and firm swayed looser and red and bruised, I couldnt believe what a fight i saw.

Bev swaggering her hips like a back alley floozy smiling stepped around June and slid her leg over the raven haired womans back and sat on her lower back, as she lowered her own heavy breasts on Junes back , Junes head arched up ‘No please you won I gave up stop”, but Bev smiled ‘Oh no bitch you wanted a fight now I am collecting my reward” her hands slapped up under Junes big tits and clamped on and her fingers began to squeeze and knead,   shortly after she added pulling down to the hard nipples  it happened, June cried out a yell of pain and relief as 2 droplets size of quarters appeared from her nipple tips and Bev hissed evilly ‘Oh my this cow is giving me all of it boys” then with a deep squeeze on both tits milk sprayed from her nipples .

“NOO NOOO You BITCH MY MILK MY TITS STOP we agreed worship PLEASE” but Bev was like a killer wanting more she sat up making June feel her tits as she pulled and drained the big rival, when nearly nothing could be squeezed Bev pushed June to the floor rolled her to her back and straddled her tummy then with hands on either side of Junes head swayed her heavy full tits and slapped Junes face with them ‘Nmmmm Now you know what a real womans tits feel like Bitch”, June lay under her mouth open a bit then Bev smiled evilly down “ Now you worship cow “ , June glared up tears weeping from eyes cried softly “You Bitch we aren’t done you whore” Bev just plopped her heavy tits on Junes mouth and smiling moaned as she felt Junes wet tongue over her nipples , “uuhnmmmm your good at that bitch hope you wanna fight my tits again” after Bev stood up and walked to the sofa and picked up Junes bra and eased it on and smiled as she paraded about in it while holding her own in her fingers , “what do you think June? a little snug on me , but i can stretch it out, Oh by the way if you want a rematch you can find me at the bar” Junes eyes got big she knew this loss was going to spread like wild fire from Bev, but she was helpless to stop it.

Junes husband stood up and Bev pushed her sore breasts to him and purred “Pick up your trash and get it off my property” then laughed as she hugged her own hubby, June was helped up and a robe tossed around her she whimpered as she walked her big breasts gently colliding hurt deeply, Bev giggled till June was out of her yard then she cradled her own big breasts in Junes bra and cried at the deep pain.

I left that day with a wild feeling, i was nervous scared thrilled and plain out wowed, the 2 women who men and kids fantasized about just had a fight with their huge proud breasts and the one who anyone would have thought would win was beaten so bad she couldnt hold herself up straight, not to mention an act of vengeance i never imagined her milk filled breasts drained by the hand of her bitter rival, i spent days, weeks wondering if these 2 big women were done.

Part 2 – The Bar

I didnt have to wait long before the rumors and talk of town sparked things for the women again, Bev went about her typical routine  smiling and being in public but there was a little more arch in her step and pride, her smile was a bit bigger as well, many a woman i knew and a few i didnt were thanking the redhead for putting June in her place.

Mr. Rheiner kept stopping at the bar but now Bev was attending and making it her place to hang out, i later found out she was going there to see if June wanted more and wore the raven womans bra in view  to taunt if she showed, but June was a tough sexy woman and while she let Bev have her glory, she was certainly not going to go without a fight and Bev and the rest knew it.

I later heard Bev telling my mother what took place next, apparently Things started up again on a wed. night as Mr. Rheiner and Mr. Beck were coming home from another convention, this time as they sat to drink their beers the men softly discussed the fight that took place among themselves each relaying messages to other for his wife to over hear.

While the men were still stunned they could not deny their excitement at seeing the fight and secretly would love seeing a second, yet both feared for their wife if it escalated, as the 2 men sat  and a few women were giving Mr. Rheiner extra smiles to take to Bev Mr Beck sat watching when suddenly the door opened and in walked  June.

The crowd got a little quiet and every one looked her over and despite the cats smirking and men giggling June looked bustier and firmer and no worse for wear since the duel, she gave a few women a (anytime your ready glare) and as she knew none wanted a try as she swaggered over to the 2 men,  she kissed her hubby and then gave Mr. Rheiner a smile and purring hello, I didnt know at the time but later on found out that June was also an adult entertainer, and it so happens a different club, since her loss to Bev, June was unable to perform and spin her tassels, and she would walk by the club Bev was featured at and saw her pic as the nights headliner, which made the pain and loss she endured worse.

After a few minutes Mr. Beck got up to go to the bathroom and June slinked off her stool and slid up to Mr. Rheiner, her massive e cups swelling as she eased them on his arm and her hot breath was on his ear as she purred , “wheres that bitch wife of yours hmm?”

Mr. Rheiner sipped his beer then without looking at June said “Oh shes been around waiting in fact she might be here tonight”, June swallowed and then reached in her tight mini dress v cut and cupped her huge breast and eased it from the bra cup then her other as the giant globes stood out over the dress opening she caressed them as if petting her cat as she licked her lips and smiled, as Mr. Rheiner watched with big eyes marveling them again.

“Nmmmm i know they are something, your wife got lucky last time honey but we both know my tits are better and i will prove it to you and her  soon” as she eased to him more she rubbed her stiff powerful nipples over his lip then as she sat back down she kneaded them as she eased them away and smirked as her strong nipples tented her bra and dress with ease, her thumbnail and index nail pinching them through the material as he watched drooling, “uwwww sss i am going to hurt her so bad baby then these are yours”.

As June stood smiling as if she had won the door to the bar flung open and in walked Bev, upon seeing June near her man again Bev swaggered over with a cold calculating stride equal to a panther, her green eyes glassy as her red lips grinned at seeing June pull away, as Mr. Rheiner spun to greet his wife Bev put her talons on his chest and sat him back on the stool then walked right by him and right up to June , as her firm full breasts swelling over a bra and straining the v cut of her dress bumped dense into Junes and gave them a slight quake, June stood her ground and glared in the redhead womans face as Bev purred with a soft cold tone, “what are you doing here ?”.

June glared back and despite staying firm to Bev she swallowed a wince as her breasts still a bit sore were pressed in her new bra and dress, as she was about to give a snide remark back her blue eyes stole a glance into Bevs dress and she saw her bra and Bev was over flowing the cups, as her face turned and eyes widen a bit Bev grinned, “Its a little snug but I thought since i earned it why not show it off, besides your hubby loved this bra.”

It was all June could do not to attack Bev but as every one looked on and a few giggles were heard, June felt her face turn flush  and though she wanted at Bev to lose again in front of all would assure June would be out casted by femme and men  alike, softly she hissed at Bev “Oh I want it back and I am going to get it back but this isnt the time or place”, Bev smiled and grazed her contained bust across Junes “nmmm to bad  i thought  since you were talking shit to my man you would want to follow up on that..No Hmm?” June looked about and with a hate in her eyes hissed softly “Bev honey we both know our men would be between us before we hit the floor ,but dont worrry you and i will meet again”.

With as much face as she could June slowly backed up a step and as she passed Bev let their shoulders bump till she was past Bev , swaggering around to other side of the bar June eased up on a stool and as she drank a wine her massive cleavage swelling tight and out so Bev had to look in it her eyes locked to Bev’s.

But Bev was not going to show any worry she knew June could fight and more than titfight and she knew full well the titfight was damn close, Bev in her typical manner quietly eased on a stool aside her man and postured herself at he bar in same way making June stare in her cleavage and the bra that she lost, shortly after the glare began Junes hubby walked in sat down by his wife and as he ordered a drink he nearly fell off his seat as he saw what June was forced to look at, June took notice and seethed as she and Bev glared, seeing the little victory smirk June curled her lip and Bev just flexed her chest and made her breasts lift and lower.

While June was capable of the move she couldnt try it now being sore would cause her to show pain that Bev caused her, but it was Mr. Rhiener and Junes owns hubby smiling at the capability Bev had, to make June seethe deeply and loathe her rival.

As the night wore on the 2 women never fully stopped the glares, and each after a sip or wink mouthed some taunt at other but if either was to start anything it was going to be June since Bev already showed who was better after the first meet.

Bev and her husband were sitting close and every once in a while as others drank and chatted he would give Bev a kiss or cop a feel telling his wife how proud he was and marveling at her immense champs , during this time Bev saw June watching and whispered to her man “give that cow a show ‘ and Mr. Rhiener would give a slow squeeze or knead to drive June insane as her own man watched Bev, Bev knew what she was doing forcing June to endure  in her own territory and other cats June ruined smiling at the turn of events had June wanting a fight despite the soreness she had enough.

As she and Bev glared June seem to fall into a shell as everything around her faded out she only saw Bev, slowly as they glared June ran her talons along her cleavage and into the v of her dress, her fingers knead at the sore swelling mass as Bev watches then June eases her dress wider and pulls at her sore mass till her huge jugs ease up and over her bra cups, then caressing the round veiny mass June licks her lips at Bev and mouths “i am ready”.

Bev glared and it always bothered June that Bev didnt act sore then she saw it, as Bev not wanting to let June control things again parted her dress V and massaged her breasts before easing them out over the bra cups as she did June saw Bev wince a little and as they swayed out nipples hard June saw fading bruise marks on her rival as well, the sign she hurt Bev made her smirk till Bev mouthed back, “i am ready when you are”.

As they glared Bevs hubby who was worried for his wife last time these 2 met cause of Junes reputation now was proud and assure his wife could handle it smiled and whispered at his wifes ear, “take her on baby” Bev grinned at his confidence and support.

June unable to hear it saw it in Bevs eyes and as each woman stared at other caressing her globes they both saw other wanted it as much, June reached back and undid her bra clasps and pulled each strap from under her dress and then placed her bra on the bar.

June raised a brow at Bev as if to say “well then?” and Bev slowly did the same as her bra sat on bar, Bev raised a brow back then mouthed to June “out back?” , June nodded and slowly walked around the bar and out the rear door, Bev gave her man a kiss “nmmm be right back” then followed the same path out back. 

With no one noticing the door shut behind Bev and there along the wall was June their huge tits in their thin dresses Bev swaggers closer and both glare as she purrs to June , “sure your not to sore for a rematch honey?” as Bev lifted Junes covered left breast and let it drop in her dress making June groan a bit then, June smirked “guess we will find out unless your to sore” and she lifted and gave Bevs covered left a squeeze and drop as Bev groaned revealing she was as sore.

As the 2 women stepped slowly around they each pulled their huge breasts free of the dress and arched pushing their huge globes forward then as they  stepped June stabbed her nipples at Bevs and Bev pushed back “uuuhhnnn uwww “ “aahhh uumfff cmon”..as they began each woman hated other more.

The fight began much like first with June taking control early her thicker nipples pushing Bevs easily,  but as the 2 dueled again Bev started back at her rival faster and dragged across Junes breasts deeply making the raven woman arch and groan in pain, “uuugghnnn ohhh uuwww sss bitch” then June took things to a higher level , feeling Bev take control and her still deep sore breasts give June swung a palm and slapped Bevs right breasts hard.

The round veiny globe quaked and shook as Bev pursed her lips in pain and shock then June eased back her hands open as she circled to Bev , “Cmon honey ill tear your tits off”, Bev didnt need a second invite she swung her palms across Junes aching breasts left then right and made her rivals breast bounce  as she winced June charged at Bev and both women dug their hands into others breasts deep and squeezed and twisted.

Both women dig and pull and rip at her rivals huge tits kneading their nails in the flesh,  slowly June could tell how sore Bev was but June was worse off after the last fight and being drained so roughly,  as they both whimpered they snarled through gritted teeth, “cmon bitch fight” “uuhhnnn right here June bring it”.

The tug of war went on for minutes then June pushed Bev against a wall and widened her stance and started to ravage  the redheads big tits , swiping slapping and crushing them in her fingers and nails, Bev in shock arched on wall in pain shaking her head no, June Hisssed evil “nmmmm cmon bitch i cant wait to stroll in there and take my bra back”..Bev was on the verge of tears as her proud full breasts were being pulled, twisted, squeezed and stretched every which way, every grab had her gasping  for a way out, she knew her breasts were sore from the previous fight but now she had pain deep in mass.

As June dug and kneaded, Bev sank her claws in Junes breasts and started her own savage attack , instantly June was arching and rolling her head in agony as Bev fought back, “Feel it dont you bitch huh cmon then lets get to it”, their evil taunts soon turned to whimpers and gasps of agony as both women stood raking the others breasts, fingers sank in and fleshy mass oozed between fingers as deep red furrows were left in criss cross patterns over their once flawless globes.

As Bev started to get the worse of the punishment June was sneering through pain as she felt redemption near, “Awwww bitch my tits let go” Bev pleaded but dug her hands in as June stepped and started to pull Bev sideways on brick wall by her now red and misshapen mountains.

As Bev was tortured and now in fear of her globes being dragged on the wall her fear and pain took over, this made Bev strike out more harsh then this already bitter war started off with,  as June widened her stance and pulled on Bev  she opened her arms to dig her grip in, exposing her own huge globes and as Bev saw the chance she struck, her right hand clawed off Junes left globe and then she shot her right elbow back into the hanging mass, crushing the round full breast back into Junes torso so deep that the blow made June cry out.

“AAGHHHH “ and she staggers then collapses to the ground on her hip, as she cupped her wounded breast tears fell, Bev glared down at her for a second then stepped around June and knelt behind her back as her own hurt breasts pressed to Junes back Bevs arms surrounded her foe and latched on to her massive tits , with pure evil Bev pulled and clawed and kneaded the big breasts like she was tearing at taffy, her voice bitter and evil, “You fucking whore i’ll rip your tits off” June weakly grabbed at Bevs hands as she cried”owwww please no not again stop”, but she wanted this and Bev was going to give it to her.

As the deep torture went on June slowly sank to her side and Bev smiling coldly  let her fall and then straddled her hips, as she sat up on her rival the 2 women stared a moment then June snarled” cmon then bitch “ and Bev just sneered “you got it whore” June then stabbed her hands up into Bevs proud tits and clawed and squeezed making the red head rear up as Bev arched up she grabbed at the attacking hands but June bucked her hips up and forced Bev to lurch forward nearly tossing her off.

Bev quickly dropped to her rival and soon both women were tangled together rolling as each dug her fingers in others tits “Awww you cunt “ Bev hissed as June squirmed a top “fucking uxnt “ slowly they took turns being on top as they ravaged others breasts, then as June rolled atop, Bev slammed her nails into the now black and blue bruise her elbow made and squeezed deep, June grabbed at her rivals hand as she cried out ..”AWWWWW let go” but Bev held on , then June made a desperate move she dropped her body on Bevs and as she tilted her head her mouth opened and latched into Bevs right tit high up on her breast but her teeth sank in, Bev arched in a scream “AWWWWWW!” she couldnt get a good attack on Junes tits as they were pinned under her body to Bevs, as June bit down Bev was bucking and slowly she rolled June to the side as they both laid on their sides Bev in fear resorted to only thing she could do.

She demanded June let go again then feeling no ease Bev grabbed Junes hair and yanked hard as her right fist slammed at Junes cheek bone, the solid crack was heard and Junes mouth opened releasing her breast, “you BITCH” was all June managed when Bev brought her knee up and hit june in her lower belly then slapped her face getting on top again Bev started to slap and punch Junes massive tits  and the raven haired woman screamed as a well delivered blow dug in.

 Her nipple and breast flattened from Bevs fist, the shriek was scary as she coughed out , “STOP PLEASE I GIVE NO MORE!” but Bev snarled and as she stood up delivered a heel to Junes other breast, pressing the spike in at the massy globe Bev taunted “you Done Now Bitch hmm?”.

In tears June nodded as she cried in pain, Bev stepped back then pulled her dress front back up with  carefully, she winced as she eased her big tits in her dress and then swaggered back into the bar, as she did her husband and Junes watched her stroll around the bar grab the bra June left and then sit back down by her husband where she took the bra she left , as Mr Rhiener asked if she was ok Bev took a deep breath of pain the bite mark evident and bruised now swelling  burned as Bev rubbed it with an ice cube she nodded yes, Mr Beck smiled at Bev as she growled “you might wanna pick up your trash” .

As Mr beck went to retrieve his wife June walked in a bit more ravaged then Bev looked for sure, as she tried to swagger around, her and Bev glared as Bev growled “feel ok ? look like a chest cold honey” June paused a moment in pain and growled back, “shut your mouth bitch” Bev got up as June turned  every one in the bar watched and Bev jammed her thin covered breasts up into Junes and made the woman wince, June nearly fell as she stepped back and covered her bust as Bev hissed “wanna go again?” every woman there wanted this but June shook her head no and left crying, Bev was celebrated for scaring off the tavern champ cat /whore, but her husband knew this wasnt over just yet.

Part 3 – The Park

Days went by then weeks then months and no one including Bev saw June at the bar since the second fight, and oddly enough Bev not only did not miss any work she wore and showed off her marks like a medal for her efforts, plus any woman who asked what happened was given the run down on the notorious June losing 2 times.

Winter came and went and soon although slowly, talk of the fight and when the next might happen started to fade out, with June making no effort to find Bev or make a point at stopping at the bar, most figured she was hurt enough and beat soundly enough she wasn’t going to try Bev a third time.

As summer came things became normal again, and yes me and the boys spied on Mrs. Rheiner once in a while and as each saw the marks the fight left listened to my account of the first fight as we watched Bev change or stare out at the garage and smile.

That August was the anniversary of the first fight and as i was dragged to the store with my mother, i walked behind her enjoying the air conditioning and giving my hellos to neighbors we knew, while I was reading a box of cereal I heard my mother with all the catty sinister tone a woman could muster, “WELL if it isn’t June Beck , I haven’t seen you around dear are you feeling ok?”.

My hands opened but not as wide as my mouth as i looked up there she was, June in all her busty glory wearing her typical jeans and tight top and showing off those wondrous veiny globes from the low cut, as she turned to my mother I just stared as if i was caught, and maybe a little in awe of this gorgeous woman.

As June smirked knowing full well we lived near Bev, and probably knew more than anyone what took place, inhaled a breath held her head up and with a sense of pride responded “ Oh Hello dear , yes i am fine never better, how are you?’.

Knowing June didn’t want to relive the past but knew this day would come my mom pressed the questions, “Oh I am good , i dont mean to pry but i heard you had a accident or something?” June stiffened up and smiled best she could, “something like that yes, but i am over it now”.

“Oh my well i hope you are ok” then i saw my mom dig the knife of revenge in Junes stomach, as she pointed to the scar across Junes swelling mass and purred “My my that must of been some wreck to leave that level of damage”.

I felt my heart nearly burst as I thought for sure June was going to claw my mother right  there, but June contained herself and smirked, “Oh it was a tough time but I am fine , in fact it won’t be long i will be back at it”, I knew instantly June meant she would be looking for Bev and the comment while in code was clear between 2 women the translation was “Tell that redhead bitch Ill be looking for her, my mother smiled and sent her own coded verse, “ I see well do be careful June after all who ever did that might be waiting for another go round”.

That translated to “Bev says hi and is ready when you are” slowly my mother called for me to follow and bid Mrs. Beck good day as i walked by June smiled a caring smile to me and leaned over, her huge tits wrestling  to burst out and she let me get a long deep look as she purred softly, “You run along handsome and don’t worry next time you can watch me fight that bitch”.

I saw stars and my face was red my only saving grace was my moms voice saying “cmon honey” June straightened up and winked and i watched her curvy  body stroll off her round ass sway like a grandfather clocks pendulum.

As I nearly ran out of the store pulling my mom i had to get home and ease drop on the chat my mom was going to have with Mrs. Rheiner , we got home and i was bursting at the seems but i couldn’t let on i wanted to hear, so as we put the groceries away, i wondered how i could get my mom to relay the message.

As i went out back i got my bike and started to ride to front of our house as i reached the drive way i hit the brakes and came to a abrupt stop, there strutting  down the sidewalk was Bev herself,  i was in awe again as the tall redhead swaggered heels clicking , her jeans snug and her top was tucked in accenting her bellowing confined chest as the top 3 buttons were open showing the veiny globes swelling over her bra cups, Bev smiled at me and said hello i stammered a second then managed to say hi Mrs Rhiener back, Bev admired my mom and dad for raising me to respect my elders.

Some how without a word other than hello Bev and i seem to share a secret as we saw a look in others eyes, as Bev was about to walk on my mother yelled from our porch “Beverly one second”, i knew this was the chance but my mom would never go over the meeting with June as i was there so i said goodbye to Bev and pretended to ride off, as i did my mother walked to her and smiling greeted Bev warmly.

As they did i turned sharply and ducked behind the hedges and crawled near them, i could see their heels as my mother spoke, “So listen i thought you might want to know i ran into your friend June just before” i heard Bev scoff and ask what took place, “Well according to her she wanted not in direct words naturally wanted you to know  she was fine feeling great and was looking forward to returning from her minor mishap”, my eyes roll as i hear more code, translated “ she said to tell you she is looking forward to seeing you”, man why cant women just say it like it is, anyway Bev was silent a minute then answered “well i appreciate the heads up and i dont expect you will run into her again soon but if you happen to please let her know I am doing great and hope she isnt to sore from her accident”, both women shared a giggle and mom then sucked in a gasp, “ Oh my Bev is that from her?” I peaked through the hedge line and saw my mom was referring to the bite imprint on Bev’s big round breast while it was near the top and never broke the skin it went deep enough a mark was still there.

Bev ran her fingers over it “Yes the bitch had to resort to this to get me off , but she screwed that up as well” another giggle then a moment of just silence then my mom asked it, the question i was wondering, “So Bev honestly are you 2 going to chat again?” Bev was quiet a minute then answered, “You know I never wanted it in the first place but between her mouth running between our jobs and then coming on to my man to try to get him to say her chest was better I had no choice, those other bar fly bitches and the ones she works with saw her fight a few times and bow to her , she might be as busty but she isnt that tough, she steps on my territory again the chips will fall where they may”.

My mom agreed with her and wished her the best if it was to take place and even suggested a call if it was planned, Bev laughed and said more than 1 wants to see it, they said goodbye and i ran from the hedges and into my house, every day went by in slow motion as we all waited to hear these 2 were going to meet again, but aside from a few glares, at the store  nothing came of it.

After a time people stopped asking if it was going to happen, in fact we all were sure June was done and didn’t want to try Bev a third time, after all if she really wanted to a simple visit to Bevs garage or the bar would have sparked it easily enough.

I made it through high school and decided i wanted to join the service as many before me, before i left for boot camp my Dad and Mr. Rhiener took me out for a beer, i thought we were going to be at the bar , but instead they took me to the club that June Beck danced at, as we were walking in i noticed her picture on the bill board out side but she wasn’t the “headliner” we sat down and sipped our beers, as we did we laughed and carried on a  bit then the curtains opened up and June Beck strolled out on stage, I was stunned it had been at least 5 years since I first saw June that faithful day in the Rhieners yard, and the store since the two fights I really did not see her enough.

But when i saw her walk out on stage wearing heels thighhighs and a thong and a  bra that was strained so much the straps were taught off her swelling mass her face as well hadn’t really aged, in fact June looked as fit and gorgeous as ever, as she stripped and danced the tassels on her areolas hung and she stepped to the edge of the stage and flexed her mighty breasts and soon had them twirling like propellers, she smiled as they did and with great pride , i sat in awe as i watched, seeing a mature woman so beautiful and fit and busty and able to have such control and pride in her bust was making me so stiff.

June smiled and loved the whistles and cheers the men gave her but I could see a little anger in her eyes as she was 3rd billing to women who couldnt do what she could with her bust and the few who did weren’t as busty, June was without a doubt scorned about something.

As her set ended she smirked our way and as she walked off stage she motioned back at our table, i was drinking down a beer as i finally got a good look at Mrs. Beck without spying to see her, i wasnt ready for what took place next, as we sat and other dancers did their routine i suddenly saw Mr. Rheiner and my Dad sit up a little straighter, as i turned to look, there was June in same attire minus the bra and tassels, just a semi sheer robe to her thighs covered her mammoth globes.

She ran her talons over my Dads shoulders and then Mr. Rheiners as she smiled i looked up in awe as i heard her purr, “Gentlemen what a nice surprise, so good to see you and who is this handsome young man?”, before i could speak as i was in shock her huge breasts were so round and firm it was like being hypnotized i couldn’t speak, my Dad finally answered June you remember my son Joe”, her eyes went wide and she cooed “Joe my gosh you are grown up and a man a handsome one at that” she swayed over to me and smiling  she bent over in front of me , it was a flash back to that day in the store only this time nothing was holding her breasts confined, she licked her lips slowly then in a sexy voice asked, “Tell me Joe , you remember what i told you in the store years ago?”.

I nodded yes and she smiled “well the offer still stands” I nearly exploded and June knew it she sat her rear on my thigh and i inhaled her perfume, it was intoxicating as she sipped a drink of my beer she caught me looking at her bust in the robe and she smiles in pride.

“Like what you see? bet these are biggest and best you ever saw” i nodded yes but some how my brain defied my lips and made them speak out, “Yes almost as big as Mrs. Rheiners” it was like a movie where you hear the record scratch to a stop, the music and dancers were still going but around the table was dead silence , my eyes jumped from Dad and Mr. Rheiner to June, i thought for sure i blew it then June arched her back and smiled at me.

“You think Beverly Rheiner can match these?” and slowly she opened the 3 buttons on her robe and as she looked in my eyes slid my hand in the robe and guided it to lift and squeeze and feel her big breast, as I did her thick nipples stiffened as did my cock in my jeans, as i squeezed and it wasnt easy she was so  firm and full, she moaned “Nmmmm tell me hers are better than mine now , are they hmm?”.

I had no response as i was marveling how heavy firm and full these huge tits were, the more i felt them the more she seemed to purr, but once again my mind went back to the titfight i saw and as i pictured June pounded her tits into Bevs and then Bev own tits beating these , i thought hers must be better cause these weigh a ton and are powerful, so as my mouth opened and i inwardly screamed Dont say it it came out.

“They are , they beat yours …i ..i mean thats what i heard” was all i could stammer out June was about to stand up but she curled a lip as i was allowed to caress her juggs, “You heard that did you?, Well trust me sweetie your going to be hearing a new version soon”, I stammered for  an answer as to what she meant but before i could she had to go dance again, as we sat my dad leaned over to me and as Mr. Rheiner was watching her dance asked “What do you mean you know?”, I made sure Mr. Rheiner was not listening and I leaned to my Dads ear and told him what took place and how I knew, he listened with a slight bit of envy then sat back and laughed and clinked bottles with me.

We stayed another 20 minutes and we decided to continue this somewhere else, as we stood up June walked up behind me and I felt her firm bust in my back as she rubbed to me she purred at my ear “Hey handsome before you leave give me a call” and eased a piece of paper in my rear pocket.

As we left i looked back at June on stage and she made a point to blow me a kiss and flex her big boobs with a sexy smirk, i was in heaven and we drove home, as i lay in bed that night i looked at Junes picture, my thumb ran over the glossy finish  as i had her number on a piece of paper under it, my mind raced could i call her do i dare risk it?

I fell asleep and the next morning as sun came up i went for a run to clear my head, as i jogged past the famous wood line i stopped and look about then i ducked in the woods and path to edge of the line and saw Bevs house and yard, as i looked up at the window i saw her, there was Bev a robe open slightly swaggering to her window as she looked out at the yard i heard her say to her husband, “So you saw that cow last night ?” some what muffled i heard Mr. Rheiner , “yes but it was a send off for Joe around the block” , “what are you talking about?” , “the kid joined the service and is leaving soon , June found out was all over him” Bev looked back out and as she stared out she parted her robe a bit as she told her hubby, “Give me the phone  “ i watched her talons punch in the numbers then she purred “June?

Its Beverley , you better know who it is honey, i hear you saw my hubby and a friend last night” suddenly Bev seemed to go from angry to a sexy burn as her hands went to her robe, “you listen up June we met 2 times now and we found out whose are better but if you need a 3rd get together” she was cut off as June must have been telling her off back then Bev opened her robe and cupped and massaged her mammoth breasts and she coldly said, “You listen Bitch i find out you are with my man or that kid who i care for deeply it wont be just a titfight” as she massaged those heavy globes deeply she moaned, “thats right bitch you heard me you come near them and you i are going to finish it”, i only wish i heard Junes response but Bev squeezed her globes and growled “Oh really well maybe i’ll see you there” and hung up.

I was stunned the long awaited fight was coming and here i was set to leave , as i started to slip away i heard Bev yell to her husband, “We are heading to the park get ready”, as i looked back there was Bev easing on her bra and primping up her hair, i got out and walked around to the front, i waited on curb seated between 2 cars as i watched the Rheiners walk out to their car, as Bev said , “No not our park mid town park”.

As they drove away i ran home and jumped in my car telling my mom i was going to gym, as i drove to mid town park i parked and started to walk around looking for either woman.

As i reached the center of the park i saw a car parked down the hill near the restrooms, as i put on my hood i pretended to get a drink from the fountain and i saw it was the Becks, i saw her car door open and she stepped out wearing jeans heels and a zebra print blouse , open to her purple bra as i stared at her contained bust a second car was pulling up and as June struck a pose hip cocked hand on hips, out stepped Bev  the Rheiners arrived.

Bev got out and walked right to June and both glared a moment then Bev spoke, “Well i told you we might bump into you now what ?” June stared then softly said, “shocked you made it but since your hear we should finish that chat we had earlier”.

Bev stepped closer as June lowered her hands their husbands stepped closer but June waved them off, “And just how did you want to finish that chat June with your tits we know that isnt your strongest topic” Bev smirked evil grin and June nearly pounced, “Well if thats all you can handle sure or we can have a more stern chat”, with a dare and smirk of her own, Bev looked around and then to June “i doubt we can get much finished here before some body runs by,” June nodded as Bev was right then said “How about in there” as she looked to the rest rooms a building of cinder block a metal roof and the top line under was open, vented for fresh air, Bev looked back “works for me”.

Without a thought both women turned and started toward the building, i was stunned yet felt a fear as i was going to see these 2 tangle again, as they approached the ladies room door Mr. Beck held it open and both June and Bev removed their blouses and handed them off to Mr. Rheiner, slowly the crisp echo of Junes spike heels enter the room then Bevs, their heavy massive tits over flowing the bra cups nipples tenting them.

I snuck around back of the building and dragged a wood bench near by and stood on it, as i got high enough to look in there were the 2 vixens in heels and jeans and bras hands on hips, Bev a smirk “so whats it gonna be?” and June softly responded “how about i smack that smirk off your face and your fat tits around hmmm?”, Bev just stared ahead “you wanna trade blows bitch that it, and i take it you have something in mind for whoever gives up?”, June stared back “simple enough smother under others tits”.

I thought Bev was pondering it but she was searching Junes eyes for any doubt then said  as if no fear “Fine with me ready?” and June smirked “Ready when you are” and the 2 amazons walked right at the other hands dropped and opened and breathing got heavier then it happened the room exploded in a mutual slap as each woman unloaded a full palm face slap, both of them got their face turned then glared back and June slapped Bev and waited as Bev responded with her own slap, “Cmon Bitch “ Bev groaned and June sneered “my pleasure whore” and issued a slap on Bevs cheek that made the red head stagger a step, as Bev caught her footing June swung a left that collided aside Bevs huge round over filled left bra cup then left to her other cheek, the 2 quick blows made Bev wince and blurt out a deep groan, “Ahh uummff bitch” as Bev turned to avoid a 3rd June stepped to her and like a cat snagged Bevs bra strap and yanked and spun the redhead by it as she did her right hand was slapping at Bevs face head and chest.

“Cmon you fucking bitch “ Bev was covering as she tried to avoid being thrown to the floor “ohh oww you fucking whore” the more Bev cursed and fended her the rougher June became, as she yanked and spun Bev by her right bra strap there was a snap and the strap ripped and Bevs cup flopped open her magnificent breast pushed free easily and June issued an upper open palm slap , a solid deep fleshy SMACK rang out as her hand hit the full round breast, the round shape concave in and quaked roughly as it was sent high and against her other breast.

Bevs head tossed back as her mouth opened a shriek filled the room , “AWWW “  Bev turned from June and staggered about 4 steps from her attacker but June was in a fury and chased Bev swinging her hands into Bevs side face and head , “Get back here and fight cunt”, as i heard the slaps and grunts  i now was seeing why June had a reputation as a fighter she was a wild woman, and Bev was showing her timid nice side it seemed as she was covering and trying to get away from the blows.

As Bev reached a wall her back still at rival, June widened her stance and was swinging at Bevs head and hitting the side of the redheads face that was turned out , when Bev would lower her head June pressed to her back and swung palm upper cuts up into her face, and exposed breast, the slaps were sounding like  whips crack as June landed against flesh every swing.

Even with her head turned from the fight and my vantage point i could see the red prints of Junes hands across her face and breast, I was beside myself as I watched , here was my neighbor the sexiest woman i ever saw and recently best fighter being knocked around like a rag doll, i wanted to run and stop it, on the other hand here was the second sexiest  woman i ever met who was known for her body and fights , was soundly beaten 2 times , now taking apart her rival and  i wanted to see it all till the end.

Bev screamed a growl and whipped around on her heels and a full on back hand slap crashed aside Junes face, the blow was not only a surprise but had force behind it and June reacted the way the slap was meant for her to, A loud stunned yell “UUghmfff” came from her lips and she was stood up and backed up, then Bev now facing her delivered 3 quick open hand slaps that knocked the raven haired womans head back and side to side, saliva was forced from her mouth and then Bev shoved her back with such force, that June staggered and slammed into a stall door and through it landing on the toilet in side, her bare lower back hit the tank and her hands on the walls.

Bev with a snarling lip charged her and swung her hands across Junes face hard, but with the tight confines wasn’t doing the damage she needed to, As June shoved and fought to get up , Bev resorted to having bring the fight back out in the open and grabbed June by her bra front and hauled her up and yanked her forward, the momentum carried June out of the stall and as Bev whipped her yanked the bra roughly and snapped the straps and tore the cups  and pulled the clasp hooks  making Junes bra slack and tattered on her.

Bev sneered and was hoping June would grab her bra or attempt to cover, but June was a fighter and a torn item was something she was use to , as the bra was ripped and her own huge breasts pushed free, she turned back around  and the 2 amazons circled, once  then lunged into other, it was like a pro boxing match as the 2 women met and with chins tilted up at other exchanged a flurry of hard slaps.

It was hypnotic in its savagery , these 2 women stood face to face and allowed as much as they delivered brutal open hand blows, grunts , gasps and a scream mixed with sound of flesh being hit, slowly as the exchange went on it looked like Bev was coming back and big, her palms were starting to make Junes head snap side to side and making her blows miss, June started to feel it as well , her eyes wider and the panting and gasps louder and more shocking, as she was slowly walked back Bev slammed a right across at Junes breast that made the round heavy globe lose shape and hit her other, the effect was dead on as a pink hue shined the heavy globe and June pulled her arms in to cover.

Bev was like a switch turned on she grabbed at Junes hanging bra and tugged  and as it slipped away more semi restricting junes arms, Bev unleashed her attack, head slaps rocked Junes head , face and temples and her eyes shut as Bev was swinging she also would hit Junes breasts leaving June no chance to return the hits.

“cmon bitch hmm you wanna fight “, June was getting her face turned bright red and breasts nearly slapped loose, suddenly as June felt the wall near her back she shoved at Bev and turned to step away , but Bev lunged into her and wrapped her arm around Junes head in a headlock and started to slap up into her rivals face.

Both their bodies side by side and Junes head clamped under Bevs left arm as her right hand swung slaps up holding her rivals head to take the blows , Bev would only change targets to the breasts to stop June from covering up.

The hits went on and June started to buckle at knees and was screaming to be let go between grunts and cries, “cunt oww let me  go bitch”” Bev snarling “Whats wrong bitch hmm cant take it cant fight a real woman “, i am not sure if it was the taunt or Junes reputation coming out , but at that moment the powerful Bev and her control was taken down.

As i watched June being controlled and hit about to go down Bev snarled a scream her slapping stopped as she reached back and up , June had dug her hand in back of the redheads hair and pulled stretching her scalp in a slow pull, “AGgRRRRRR Bitch my hair”, but the move was gold as Bev was arched back June slowly snaked from under her arm and soon their powerful breasts collided and June grabbed Bev by hair with other hand and shook her head like a rag doll, “Fucking Bitch Ill bald you”.

Bev was stunned and yelling “let go bitch oww cunt” and as she reached to get Junes hair her left grabbed tresses but her right missed and she swiped her nails across Junes chest and back over her breasts the 4 red furrows swelled and June was turned into a she cat.

June yanked Bev by her hair to point Bev was barely staying on her feet after 3 side to side yanks June whipped Bev by her hair past her and sent her hip into the womans side and Bev slapped to the floor on her breasts.

“AWWWW uughmmmffff Bitch”, as she starts to push up and gets to her knees, June walks up behind her and slips off her torn bra and snags it around Bevs neck , her knee goes in the redheads back as she pulls twisting the bra around into one hand, as Bev grabs at the bra and her neck she is on her haunches  her meaty breasts sway and jiggle out, her eyes shut as she gags and tries to get free, Junes free hand reached over and starts to pound slaps into Bevs face and as Bev went to cover June switched to breasts and then back.

I nearly gave myself away as i gasped and there was Mrs. Rheiner being handled by a cat equal to her like she was no match, as Bev gagged and coughed and swung back at June , June was hitting her with vengeance finally as Bev swung back she got a grab of Junes right breast as she felt the meaty globe Bev dug nails in and pulled, the move nearly dislodged June ,  but the raven cat was no stranger to a brawl and she stepped to Bevs back and sunk her nails in the redheads free left breast and twisted and squeezed and pulled the heavy gland up and back, the scream gave me a shiver.

AAAWWWWWW!” rang out so bad the husbands rushed in as they did June threw the bra aside and using Bevs breast and hair snapped her forward as she pounced on the redheads bare back, instantly her hands were throwing slaps again, “Cmon you Bitch put em up fight me”,  as Bev reeled her head up to the sides and down June slapped and uses the red hair to keep her face open “Awww nooo owww stop cunt get off me “.

Even though she was in control June was hurt and tiring, and Bev now desperate started to buck and kick to get free , June lifted up on her knees and as Bev squirmed and churned under her June let her get on her back then pounced her ass on Bevs tummy hard.

As she looks down Bev in a last ditch starts to swing up at  June, and June smiles and starts to swipe and slap Bevs face and tits around, “You stupid bitch give up or ill rip you apart”

Bev was crying now as June hit her then grabbing her wrists pinned them under her knees and glared down over her huge tits , as Bev looked up June sank her nails in the redheads tits and squeezed them up together then leaned down and bit her right breast,”AWWWWWWWW  STOP PLEASE I GIVE”!.

Her heels kicking and pinned Bev cries and as June hurts her the 2 husbands rush over and pull June off, she struggles to get loose as she spits at Bev bitch.

As she calms down June smirks an evil grin and as she walks by Bev who is on her hip and hands propping her up, she growls “Cant hang with the big girls bitch?” and kicks at Bevs Breast, the kick misses and hits her arm and Bev snarls ‘This is far from over Bitch count on it”, June as she pulls her top on “anytime bitch” and leaves.

Bev is helped up by her hubby and pulls her top on and is sore as she smiles at him “i want at her understand” he nods yes  and they leave,  i stand a moment as i did years before wild and scared for both women then head home.

Days go by and I am supposed to be getting things ready to leave and all i can do is think about June and spy on Bev it was a good fight and both got their measure but Bev the woman I grew up wanting more than any was beaten, I felt bad but in same breath June her equal deserved that win and was hot as a brawler i only heard about.

Part 4 – The Going Away Party

A couple of days before my going away bash I was on the phone with one of my best friends and was telling him a bit of what took place, as i did my mother was listening at my door, i didn’t know it at he time but my mom had a dislike for both these women but more over she hated June , i think it was because June was more the type to take any womans man while Bev could but kept her ways more private.

Whatever the reason my mother quickly went to her room and called Bev on her phone after i hung up, as i heard her say “Bev Hi” i ran to my room and gently lifted the receiver and listened in.

So listen i hate to ask but how are you doing?…yes i kind of heard  something took place, you ok ?..ohh i see oh so June was back to her old self huh well listen , you know both of you coming here for joeys going away ..i thought maybe if your feeling up to it you might want to get a little rematch of sorts”, i nearly fell over my mom was setting these 2 to go at it.

As Bev was talking i could hear a little doubt but knowing my mother and other women might be there if she was called out by June to refuse would give June all her power back, “Well I will say this , I dont wanna ruin the party but if that cxnt tries me she will get hers “

 My mother had to be smiling as she purred “well trust me i can arrange it he wont see and if he does  you better bring your A game” they hangup i was shaking, i walked out and was beside myself, then i decided i needed a beer i drove down town and walked into Junes club, as i sat she walked out and with a new pride, she  shimmied her mountains  as they stood out nipples hard a few marks she wore with pride.

I nursed my beer as  i watched the way her body moved it was like living art every inch was a slow passive firm motion to next part of her, yet her ability to counter sway to her spine made it more sexy, she spotted me and winked and used her index finger to tell me to wait a minute, i nodded yes.

As her set ends June vanished then walks out from a side door wearing a robe opened to her tummy her huge tits stand out holding robe in place a thong and heels hair up, i was stunned as she wiggled over she  bent in front of me and smiled her melons wide at top and snug together at bottom, she takes my hand “come with me , we can talk longer if they think your getting a private dance” i stood up as if on air, as i followed her i saw the huge round outline of her tits from behind in the robe and they barely swayed.

As we slipped behind a black curtain June sat me in a seat and sat next to me on the love seat style chair , her smile was so inviting and her massive breasts were swelling between her arms as she saw what i looked at she smirked, “Like what you see Joey?” i nodded yes, she took my hand and ran it over the silk robe around her breast “nmmm best you ever saw aren’t they?”.

I wanted to yes but my dads voice rang in my head to go with it so I paused, then said, ‘Well i never saw them really but I heard that Beverely Rheiner was as busty”. Junes smile turned to a snarl as i looked at her as if i had no  clue the rivalry, June sits up straight looking at me i keep my innocent look as her hands go to her robes sash and pull.

As i watch her breasts slowly rise and fall to her breathing they part the robe with ease , and right before me are the 2 fullest vainest round breasts i ever saw they seem to lift up as she rolled her shoulders to expand them , “nmmmm now tell me you really think hers are a match for these?”, i sat in amazement they were round heavy and perfect and large,  as she gave them a flex and a slow shimmy they hardly shifted and she arched her back easing them at me, “go ahead feel honey “ i cupped them weighing them my eyes got wide at how heavy, as June purred “nmmmm they are heavy arent they “ i nodded then i caressed around and squeezed , again she purred “nmmmm harder its ok they are strong and firm” i squeezed harder then harder and she just smiled “nmmmm firmest you will ever have honey “.

I thought I was going to explode then June took things to a new level, she kneeled in front of me and with her hands on my thighs and my hard cock out she slide her tits around it and slowly started to titfuck me, I nearly blew off , but as i sat enjoying her creamy dark breasts with her chest muscles seem to slide over grab my shaft and pull as they slide around it , her voice became so seductive i was melting , “nmmm you like it dont you , I bet Beverly couldnt do this without her hands that saggy witch”.

I was about to agree when i had peace of mind to tell a lie, “Uwwww well uh uh she can”
it was all i had to say June finished me and stood up and caressed my juices around her breasts as she stood looking down, “you mean that witch got to you before the party and i could?” I looked up afraid to answer and afraid not to, but June was so mad she didnt wait for one, “When you see her , you make sure you tell her Mrs. Beck says Hi and needs to talk to her” I nodded slowly and June went to work.

I got up legs a little wobbly and walked out as i  did June was on stage and winked as she mouth see you at the party”  i smiled and got in the car and left, as i pulled down the street near home i saw Bev outside with groceries, I stopped and offered to help as i grabbed a few bags , I saw her wince a bit as she took a few and I followed her in the house.

We set everything  on table and as she looked at me to thank me i saw her soreness, I knew why but playing dumb was my forte , “Are you Ok Mrs Rhiener?”, she smiled and said softly “I am great joey , so big day coming hmm” as I responded her eyes went to my still raging hard on in my jeans and the stain aside them she looked back up, and knew i had no steady girl she smiled. her fingers ripped off a paper towel and she wiped the stain , she knew what it was though I played as if I didnt “its ok honey your a big boy now, local girl?” I shook my head no ‘not really someone i know from down town” her face changed as I knew who was in her thoughts, “Oh really anyone we know?
Sweating for a lie but i had to say it “Uhmmm well you might , it was Mrs. Beck, i ran into her at the club she dances at”.

Bev slammed down a can and turned to me, “You went to where she works and she got hold of you there? tell me something  did she say anything else?”. the stammer on how to put it was enough for Bev she took my hand brought me into the living room and sat aside me.

A soft smile was on her lips as I stared at her then Bev without a word grabbed her top and pulled it off, I watched as if it was slow motion, expecting to see a bra I was stunned as she removed her top and her huge breasts swayed free and stood out, her areolas swelled and nipples stiff, we both just stared a moment then she arched her back moving her meaty breasts to me and with a sexy voice , “go ahead take them”.

My hands opened as wide as i could and covered her warm breasts , as I cupped them I lifted a bit and I felt my mouth open as they were so heavy, “heavy arent they?” I couldnt answer I just caressed around them then I squeezed as I did she moaned “Nmmm harder go ahead”,  my fingers sank in and there was resistance but I kneaded slow.

Bev moaned again “uwwww yess they are firm arent they nmm better then hers “, before I could say a word Bev slid to her knees and as she looked up to make me watch she eased her huge breasts to my cock, without her hands she forced them around it and they seem to swallow me whole.

As she slowly started her up and down rhythm I felt her soft skin and firm breast walls, as she flexed her breasts tightened on my shaft, I was in a dream then I exploded on her globes, Bev moaned at the feeling then she smiled as i looked at her and she rubbed my juice over them, I nearly blew again as she purred “So tell me whose are better now”.

I stammered a second and Bev knew June had at me and she smiled “Its ok Honey I wont put you on the spot she and i will decide this for you” I sat up and in a boyish way ‘What do you mean , how?” as if i didnt know, Bev covered her champions and smiled , “your mom and I arent exactly friends but she despises June even more i am sure she will understand if June and I need alone time”.

The next day at my party,  as drinks went around and people chatted i noticed clicks of women in circles watching and pointing at the 2 amazons, and June swaggered over to me and sat next to me her talons on my knee , before i could speak Bev sat other side and placed her hand there as well, as they smiled and acted civil June softly growled at Bev, “nmmm move your hand honey or your gonna regret it” Bev just giggled fake and responded “ohhh sugar you arent woman enough”.

Their eyes narrowed and as they were about to reach over me, my mother walked in “June follow me please” June and Bev glared hate but Bev smirked as if she won as June went with my mother, watching June swagger off I was secretly hoping she was going to turn around and start right there, but my mother would have stopped her and she knew it, once out of sight Bev wasted no time smiling and rubbing my thigh, as others in room seem to be waiting for something as much as I was.

As we sat a moment and things resumed Bev leaned over to me “hey can i see your room” her tongue traced my ear and i melted as i nodded yes, we stood up and she followed me upstairs.  Meanwhile June was put to work setting up a few things for my mother, it wasn’t anything needed it was my moms way to keep June in her place.

As i walked in my room i sat on edge of my bed and Bev slinked over as she did she opened her blouse and knelt by me and exposed her full firm breasts nipples hard and she pushed them around my cock again and even slower massaged her tits all over it.

As i arched and nearly passed out Bev was smirking as if she was doing something wrong, i looked in her eyes and saw a level of devious and that of i won, as she worked me her breasts were devouring my cock, and she moaned and I exploded on her breasts, she stood up and kissed me and walked away. I was shaking still as i redressed and was ready to walk downstairs. When i get to top of the steps i see June walking from living room where i was sitting and she stops as Bev smiling steps off stairs and arches to show June her wet glistening Bust , as June stands mouth open Bev looks up and back at June and purrs, “you lost again honey”.

June nearly slapped her then as i was acting as if i noticed nothing i started down the steps June looked up as Bev went in the living room, as i went to join her June grabbed my hand, Her smile turned alluring and she took me up stairs and as she lead me into my room and its a repeat of Bev.

After i explode on her mass she smiles caressing my juices over them and taunts “Nmmm so you bet you wished i had you first now”, smiling as i button my pants and lay on bed. June seeing i don’t want to hurt others feelings smiles and purrs, “its ok sweetie enjoy the party” and walks out.

As i lay on my bed my mind in chaos i hear voices in hall way i stand up and crack my door an inch, there in the hall is Bev and June and they are nose to nose nearly growling, “You cow you might want to learn to keep your hands to yourself bitch” June snarls, as Bev responds “you whore you think cause of last week i will bow to you please bitch either take a walk or “ June cuts her off “or else? what you wanna try me again cow?”, i see a delay in Bevs response then she sneers “love to but you know his mother wont tolerate us ruining the party or breaking the house so where?”.

Both women think a moment then Bev smiles “ there is a path in the woods lead to my house care to take a stroll?” June snarls “lead the way” as they go down to party i follow staying back a bit as they walk out my mom fearing a full scale war is going to happen in the yard runs out , “hey you 2 whats going on?”,  June knowing my mom would punch her if it was about me smiles “a little girl talk thought we use her place” Bev smiles “that ok?” my mom smirks then walks over to them “want some company?” as other women walk out to see.

Bev thinking of last week slow to answer as June thinking same says “more the merrier” i watch from the window of hall and see a handful of women step into brush,  i dash out back and sneak along parallel to the group then as they reach Bevs yard Bev goes to open her garage but June stops her, “What are you doing cow we can do it right here” as others form a circle Bev walks back and inside the circle.

 I take my old perch seeing into the yard now and over the groups head as Bev replies, “as long as we do it” June smirking removes her top then so does Bev their huge breasts sway out firmly, the others watch without a word as the 2 amazons close Bev slaps Junes face hard then other hand slaps her other cheek, June takes the hits then returns them neither woman says a word as hey glare faces red seconds seem like hours when the women lunge into other , their huge tits collide and hands sink in hair and they yank as if they using others hair to hang off a cliff.

They both turn red as each refuses to scream out as they whip other by her hair the women urge them on “get her Bev bald her June” as the cheers ring out the 2 fighters grunt pant and growl their huge tits smear bump and roll to others, as June rips Bevs head back making her look up she drops her head at Bevs tits and opens her mouth, i wanna scream watch out but Bev feels the move coming, she takes June hair at sides and shakes her head like a rag doll June cries out as she staggers from the move then Bev whips her by the hair to the ground.

June lands hard and as she gets to her knees Bev is on her she straddles Junes shoulder and pulllls up on her raven locks as June is stretched by her roots Bev sneers and pulls and pulls, Junes face red instantly and nails claw at Bevs hands , Bev snarling “Fucking Bitch need to bite to win whore hmm” i watch and now see Bev turning into the brawler,  as Bev tries too pull Junes head from her neck , June is screaming and growling to get free, as she reaches up, the nails on left hand finds Bevs right breast and dig in and squeeze Bev yelps “aww bitch” then using her left slams several punches to Junes face and tits while holding her hair. June winces and closes eyes her hands release Bev and cover up as women cheer them on Bev is working June hard.

Suddenly June grabs Bevs forward leg and using shoulder lifts the limb and pulls as she shoves a shoulder forward and Bev goes up and then slams to grass on her bare back, “AAWWWW ummfffff!”, as Bev is stunned June pounces on her tummy and as her hands wrap on Bevs throat her massive tits swell up between her arms  straddling Bev she chokes the big redhead, Bev claws at her hands and reaches for her face but June dodges the nails, “Cmon cxnt fight me” June growls.

As Bev looks up face reddens she coughs out “June your choking me  stop” but June grins “No honey i am going to kill you” the fear in Bevs eyes was obvious and she knew others werent gonna stop it till right before it was to late.

As she squirmed and slapped up at June she was gasping then Bev planted her heels and bucked hard, June tossed forward her hands let go to catch herself as her huge tits swayed above Bev, Bev wrapped her arms around Junes back and raised her head and sank her teeth in Junes left hanging breast.

The scream was loud and her hands went for Bevs face making June drop her face in dirt as her huge tits covered Bevs face, with women cheering the 2 amazons roll and break apart and Bev gets up first as she breathes heavy , June starts to get up and they glare.

Slowly they circle then June makes 2 fists and Bev follows suit and as they close they start to fist fight, faces hit and turned as tits are bounced like toys, both grunt and taunt, “uumfff cmon bitch ..”aaww fight bitch”. the sounds of knuckles CLAPP into flesh fills the yard as they circle and throw blows, then Bev grabs June by the hair and as she yanks down staggers June to her, she unleashes a series of fist up into Junes face and tits.
Unable to cover Junes face is hit every angle and her tits are when covering her face, finally as Bev pummels her, Junes legs give and she falls on her face in dirt.

Bev pounces on her back and using her hair like reigns on a horse lifts Junes head and face and punches her till she cries “STOP I GIVE STOP!!”. as Bev went on my mom and the girls tear Bev off her and hand her top, but Bev stands hands on hips waiting to see if June gets up and wants more.

As June looks up Bev stands ready and June for first time has tears in her eyes as she gets up Bev drops her top and stands ready, June glares “you win bitch this time but trust me we arent done” as she leaves Bev snarls “ill be ready”.

As June walks out to her car Bev smiles thanks my mom and fixes herself and heads back toward my house i run home and act as if i know nothing.

Bev walks in looking as if not much happened aside from a few swelling marks, which no one asks about i see her and smile and she winks at me then takes my hand, I go in the bathroom with her and she locks the door, “I need to show you something” I nod ok,

She pulls her top open and her full huge mass sways free, as she caresses around them there are only a few furrows and bruises from fighting i smile, she arches and raises her hands over head flexing her mass she coos, “go ahead these are for you”.

I bend and caress and kiss them and as i near her nipple she moans, “uuhnmmm yess Suck them mmm” i lick the tips and tease her “nmm you want me to?” yess please take them” i smile “tell me where you were” she groans “uuhnnmmmm yess suck them i will please”. my lips swallow her nipples one by one sucking slow as she groans, “ohhhh yesss nmmmm i went to fight that bitch June uuhnnn more i beat her up and want more uwwww yessss”.

As my mouth devours her areolas and nipples and kiss the furrows around her massive globes she moans and squirms, ‘You want more ? you mean you want to fight her?” , “OHhhhh god yes she wants a war Ill give her one nmmmmm” as I slowly pull back I look her in the eyes as she caresses them herself, “I would love to see that when i get home” she smirks with a level of doubt in her eyes , I knew what the doubt was , if she lost as I watched would I still respect her, if only i had the nerve to tell her I have seen her beat and get beat June.

part 5
The last week I was home went quietly and I found out from my Dad that June wasn’t at work dancing right away, in fact June was earning the reputation as a cheat in a fight in order to win, something she hated hearing as she normally could and would fight any woman face to face at a drop.

I left for boot camp and i thought i was ready , well it was a shock no doubt, it was at least 4 weeks in i got mail, and it was mom and dad a few buddies then one day a letter with perfume, it was Bev Rheiner, as i laid in my bunk i opened it and a picture fell out , it was Bev  topless, mostly asking how i am and look forward to seeing me at home again.

I couldn’t stop looking at the pic especially her topless, my finger tip runs over the marks faded but there, my mind races at the fights i seen and can feel my mind wanting you to win more even though June still had my mind as well, some how i knew these 2 weren’t just facing off cause of me they hated each other, i was just the recent excuse to get at each other, all i thought was when i graduate and make it home and in uniform what will happen.

As days go by and mail call comes again I get the same letters but this time June sent me one topless as well, and i smile as I see the faded bite Bev gave her back after she left 2 on Bev, but I noticed she seem fuller but it might have been from the fight, on sunday after we do laundry we get free time and wrote every one how i was doing.

It was getting late as i finished writing all and as i was putting letters in envelopes i was being rushed and like a dim wit i put Junes pic in Bevs and vic a versa, i guess normally any one would laugh it off or be a bit embarrassed or just think its cause of the pressure i am under  but what i wrote in each womans letter was the icing on the cake.

See since each woman already let me have her huge globes and for most part compared and wanted me to compare them i kind of ran with it in the letters, though both letters were nearly identical which might be how i made the fowl up, they basically went like this.

“Thanks for writing me I miss home but love what i am doing , I can’t wait to get home see every one especially you, your picture was amazing , I sent it to you cause I can not have such things in my locker ,but more so cause I want you to know, Your amazing and hot and your bust is incredible but you have competition, and she says her the best and she will prove it to me and you  ,the pic was sent as a reminder so i look forward to seeing you?..”

As the letters hit the mail box bottom my eyes went huge cause it hit me of the mistake, but despite the mistake I kept hearing my Dads voice “Go with it enjoy the ride as long as you can”, I smirked and as I walked away I hoped secretly this mistake was going to pay off for me later.

Well it didn’t take long that I got a hint of things to come, i got a letter from mom and dad as norm but then one from just my Dad i opened it right up hoping family was ok it read,

“Hey son so guess all is ok i gotta tell you , whatever you sent those 2 they are on a warpath , if anything happens before you get home i will tell ya but when these 2 see you look out stay strong love Dad.”

My mistake became a dream come true, as i went through my letters there they were a letter from each of the amazons, I open Junes first..

“ Hi Joe hope your doing well, I wanted to talk to you about that letter I got from you I was going to wait till you got home but after reading it and seeing her picture I know that redheaded cow had a hand in this, Her and i have no love for other and after reading her thinking her tits are better and shes better ? HA I will meet her anytime and show her whose are the best, I only hope I can wait for you to be home see you soon stud, you will see whose are best   Love June”

Naturally I had to read Bevs , knowing for years she was the only one who was as busty and gorgeous as June, but always carried herself as a lady, where June was rougher around the edges I was not expecting what  i saw..

“Dear Joe,

Hope is all good and cant wait to see you , that said i saw that letter I am sure that whore June had a hand in it , and to make you send her picture was funny as it was making me angry , I doubt she mentioned it ever but my girls already beat hers and soundly but if she wants to play that way you let her know I game anytime, till i see you again stay safe and this will be put to rest soon ..

Love Bev.”

I was ready to run to my Sargent and ask for leave but i knew i couldn’t , I finished my boot camp and was ready for my 10 days at home after graduation, mom and dad flew down to see me and as we were driven to airport my mom smiled “i got news Bev our neighbor? she and i were chatting  and shes waiting to see you.

Part 5 – Homecoming

The last week I was home went quietly and I found out from my Dad that June wasn’t at work dancing right away, in fact June was earning the reputation as a cheat in a fight in order to win, something she hated hearing as she normally could and would fight any woman face to face at a drop.

I left for boot camp and i thought i was ready , well it was a shock no doubt, it was at least 4 weeks in i got mail, and it was mom and dad a few buddies then one day a letter with perfume, it was Bev Rheiner, as i laid in my bunk i opened it and a picture fell out , it was Bev  topless, mostly asking how i am and look forward to seeing me at home again.

I couldn’t stop looking at the pic especially her topless, my finger tip runs over the marks faded but there, my mind races at the fights i seen and can feel my mind wanting you to win more even though June still had my mind as well, some how i knew these 2 weren’t just facing off cause of me they hated each other, i was just the recent excuse to get at each other, all i thought was when i graduate and make it home and in uniform what will happen.

As days go by and mail call comes again I get the same letters but this time June sent me one topless as well, and i smile as I see the faded bite Bev gave her back after she left 2 on Bev, but I noticed she seem fuller but it might have been from the fight, on sunday after we do laundry we get free time and wrote every one how i was doing.

It was getting late as i finished writing all and as i was putting letters in envelopes i was being rushed and like a dim wit i put Junes pic in Bevs and vic a versa, i guess normally any one would laugh it off or be a bit embarrassed or just think its cause of the pressure i am under  but what i wrote in each womans letter was the icing on the cake.

See since each woman already let me have her huge globes and for most part compared and wanted me to compare them i kind of ran with it in the letters, though both letters were nearly identical which might be how i made the fowl up, they basically went like this.

“Thanks for writing me I miss home but love what i am doing , I can’t wait to get home see every one especially you, your picture was amazing , I sent it to you cause I can not have such things in my locker ,but more so cause I want you to know, Your amazing and hot and your bust is incredible but you have competition, and she says her the best and she will prove it to me and you  ,the pic was sent as a reminder so i look forward to seeing you?..”

As the letters hit the mail box bottom my eyes went huge cause it hit me of the mistake, but despite the mistake I kept hearing my Dads voice “Go with it enjoy the ride as long as you can”, I smirked and as I walked away I hoped secretly this mistake was going to pay off for me later.

Well it didn’t take long that I got a hint of things to come, i got a letter from mom and dad as norm but then one from just my Dad i opened it right up hoping family was ok it read,

“Hey son so guess all is ok i gotta tell you , whatever you sent those 2 they are on a warpath , if anything happens before you get home i will tell ya but when these 2 see you look out stay strong love Dad.”

My mistake became a dream come true, as i went through my letters there they were a letter from each of the amazons, I open Junes first..

“ Hi Joe hope your doing well, I wanted to talk to you about that letter I got from you I was going to wait till you got home but after reading it and seeing her picture I know that redheaded cow had a hand in this, Her and i have no love for other and after reading her thinking her tits are better and shes better ? HA I will meet her anytime and show her whose are the best, I only hope I can wait for you to be home see you soon stud, you will see whose are best   Love June”

Naturally I had to read Bevs , knowing for years she was the only one who was as busty and gorgeous as June, but always carried herself as a lady, where June was rougher around the edges I was not expecting what  i saw..

“Dear Joe,

  Hope is all good and cant wait to see you , that said i saw that letter I am sure that whore June had a hand in it , and to make you send her picture was funny as it was making me angry , I doubt she mentioned it ever but my girls already beat hers and soundly but if she wants to play that way you let her know I game anytime, till i see you again stay safe and this will be put to rest soon ..Love Bev.”

I was ready to run to my Sargent and ask for leave but i knew i couldn’t , I finished my boot camp and was ready for my 10 days at home after graduation, mom and dad flew down to see me and as we were driven to airport my mom smiled “i got news Bev our neighbor? she and i were chatting  and shes waiting to see you.

We landed and as we walk into the air port terminal there was Bev. she looked so amazing and not a day over 30she was smiling and gave me a big hug  i felt her firm mass through my uniform, as she let go and her and mom talked about the flight there was a shout “Joe honey “ i turned and there was June, walking up to me and looking every bit as hot , as i got nervous my Dad nodded at me and made a gesture as if to say “let it play out”, i got a big hug again and as i did Bev set hands to hips and walked over, her sharp nail tapping Junes shoulder, “Excuse me June but your holding us up”.

June kissed me as i saw in her dress smiled then she turned to Bev “is that so? well maybe you and i can grab a bite while they take their son home hmm?” acting as if i am clueless my mom steps in “thats a grand idea , Bev June give us about an hour then you can come by , or at least 1 of you” and we walk away.

As i went to get my luggage i looked back and the 2 amazons were standing face to face and right as it looked as if there was going to be a fight a cop walked by and was talking to them , then seem to ease them on their way, i took a breath of relief  as i knew if they had , they were both going to jail.

As i got my sea bag my parents and i head for the parking garage, as we get the ticket validated and we head to the car , we all 3 hear the feint echo of grunting, my mother a worried look says “oh my i hope no ones being mugged” i hand my bag to my Dad and tell them to stay by the car i’ll handle it” after all fresh out of Boot amp i was taught to fight  “ be careful” my mom said as i put my finger to my lips and head to see.

I step lightly to not give myself away approaching as i go down 2 more levels, the sound heavier i knew i was close, as i tip toed around cars and cement columns the noise became more audible , in the corner of the vast garage  was a 3 sided wall section for garbage and the light in the rom cast shadows as i was able to make out 2 figures turning and pushing about. My first thought its 2 homeless people or 2 hookers and ill just walk away, as i look in my eyes go wide as there is June and Bev and they are in others hair again.

With faces snarled and their huge breasts jostling heavy the 2 women stagger around wide stances yanking hair and slapping the other as they try to keep it quiet as they can , Bev pulls Junes head high and delivers 2 full slaps “you cheap whore cmon” then June swings back, “cmon you cxnt fight”, my instinct was to run in and stop it but these 2 amazons are so hot i had to see this.

As they pulled hair and swung slaps i could see the frustration they had to face an equal again then June stepped at Bev who turned a open left palm to a fist and sank it in Junes cheek, the sudden blow stopped June and as she cleared her head Bev threw 4 more quick blows “uuugghhnn ..bitowww owww uumfff”” Bev was standing and ready as June normally does as she hit June she followed up after the staggered raven woman “get over here you bitch ill knock your tits off “ i only could decipher June made an earlier taunt to do same to Bev.  June was stunned at the first fist then the 4 faster shorter ones after  causing her to stagger back on heels , Bev knowing June would come right back at her  chased the stunned woman and as June tried to straighten up Bev pressed to her right side and started upper cutting Junes tummy and torso “fucking cow cmon bitch”.

June was slightly curled to block the blows but her ribs covered by her dress were hit deep enough she couldn’t sto pfrom letting Bev know she scored a hit as her lips fell open and she gasped “OUUFFFFBITCH!”, but Bev was not the Bev i knew anymore , masybe never was and just had a ability to hide it, but she tangles junes hair at back of her head in her hand and as she yanks she snaps the head back and hits Junes head and ear on wall as her knee drives up and slams her breast in her dress”You cxnt  cmon “.

the knee blow makes June mad but the pain it caused stops her and she drops to one knee as Bev gets behind her she takes Junes hair and pulls up as June arches her back and yells Bev is like a wild lioness ripping a limb off as she takes June to the ground and drags her back and forth, the pulling on hair and scalp and the rough ground makes june react , “awww uughnnnn fucking whore let my HAIR GO!! oww uughmmfff” Junes hose get runs and her huge bra encased bust quakes as she her mouth drops open and eyes are slits.

Spitting as she cries “Aghhhh Bitch let go “ Bev twists her head by hair as June gets to knees  bev stretches her scalp up June seems to be hanging by her tresses, i see the pain and her scslp turning pink as Bevs arms flex like a weight lifter picking up more then they lift “Aghhh uughhhh cmon Bitch give!” she growls, as i see it i think June is about done when suddenly desperate and in pain she takes a hand off Bevs hand and balls a fist and stops Bev cold. As june faces Bev as she is getting scalp torn off she sees Bevs hem has ridden up her thighs and  her thong is in view and June slams her fist in the redheads mound Bevs eyes go wide as she coughs out “AAWWWWWW FUCK!” her hands go to her thong and she stumbles back as June jumps up and goes at Bev.

As Bev hurt sees June coming she winces as she straightens and the 2 women start to have an exchange of hair and fists swinging , but as they swing away June scores more face hits and Bev is bleeding from her lip, “Fucking bitch  cmon fight you whore” Bev arches on wall as she swings back her face turned and lowers “Awww Bitch  get off cxnt” june grabs bev by her hair and dress and yanks and whips Bev on the ground hard , a fleshy thud SMACK is heard as she lands , but June is on her and as i look in better i see Junes back and her knees curled undr and her covered as on Bevs tummy as she swings down and starts to pummel Bev.

As June wants her to fight back Bev covers her face and June gets so mad she rips Bevs dress open and tears at her bra cups and starts to maul them in her hands “Fucking Bitch you wont work again” Bev grabs at Junes tits in her dress but June is really hurting Bev “June stop please my tits Stop you win “.

After another minute of revenge June stops and stands over Bev who cries “I am telling you now Bitch you and i have this talk again ill tear your tits off GOT IT !! DO YOU ?”, Bev cries holding her tits as blood runs from lip nods  as June kicks her tummy, “Stay away from him as well or i ll claw your eyes out bitch” and as she leaves her walk so firm her dress pulled her giant breasts push it wider, as she starts her car she pulls out fast, i want to rush to bev but i can’t and i rin back to my parents “what was it “? i smile “2 drunks way below fell together no big deal” as mom got in the car we heard screeching tires and June drove by as si looked she smiled  then my Dad smirked “you and i will chat later” i nodded and got in the car, it was good to be home.

Part 6 – The New Girl

Over the next 10 days I visited a few buddies and a girl or two but I never got the fight out of my mind, as my 10 days were winding down I got my orders to report to Japan, to start my tour, I was excited and figured Bev and June were done, i was sad yet elated as each of the women I was lusting over fought each other and one lost and other won i couldnt comprehend the entire thought , somehow i found my way to the club June danced at and walked in, as I sat drinking a beer, a hot blonde I never saw before was dancing  and she was drop dead gorgeous.

Eva was 5’10 28yo 36F-30-38 long blonde wavy hair to shoulders,ice blue eyes , her robe came off and she stood flexing those big breasts and I was in awe , she was a younger version of Bev and June, as her tassels spun and she winked at me i walked to stage and dropped a 20 at her heels, she bent to me and kissed my cheek and whispered “how about a  private dance sugar?” I smiled “you got it “ and waited.

As i sat watching  in awe of this new woman, she was only 3 years younger than June or Bev and was every bit a head turner as they were as she finished her set , the tall blonde strolled my way wearing a silk robe and her massive cleavage a sexy firm jostle, as she let each heel hit the floor her nipples seem to spike stiffer tenting the robe, i was in another world a new start i thought as I felt June and Bev were over, as she stepped to me my nose filled wit her perfume and it was amazing  my mind raced “maybe this chick has never been anywhere and she would jump at the chance to go to Japan with me”.

As we walked to the back I paid the bouncer and behind the curtain we went, as she smiled and I sat she asked , “ So first time here?” “No No i was away in boot camp shipping out soon” Oh really where you heading to ?”, “well funny thing i was wondering if you might want to join me I am heading to Japan” she smiled “Ohhh are you kidding me I would love to see Japan , but I cant afford it yet just started here and it hasn’t been easy” i looked at her like are you kidding with that body, then she went on “Oh theres a bitch here thinks she’s the headliner and gets on every girl here and cause of her and my being new I cant pick my hours and sets”.

I took her fingers “ Who is that?” Her names June” my eyes went big “June ? shes back?” Eva looked at me “you know June ? how?’ , “Well lets just say she has known me since I was a teen and well took a liking to me but i never thought she would be back so soon”.

Eva smirked and sat beside me her massive chest swelling in her robe, as she held my hand she smiled “Let me guess she thinks her boobs are better than anyones right?”, i laughed a little and said “yeah something like that, what was really crazy is the woman works across street ? Bev a headliner there her and June hate each other and they went at it , i mean so I hear why i was stunned when you said she still working”.

As the time was nearly up she stuck her head out and told the bouncer we need more time and paid him, then sat back down, “So you know June hmm well I gotta tell you , your girlfriend is a cow but that bitch loves provoking a fight”.

I looked at her wonderment “huh “ she smiles “Listen stud you think a busty bitch like that would let a busty bitch like me stroll in here and not try to get me to fight her?”, “you fought her?” “No  i heard about her but I imagine time will come , listen were you serious about Japan?”

I sat up “Hell yeah you dont have to pay i can do a hop on a plane for free” she looked in my eyes “I’ll make ya a deal then I’ll think about it but you gotta promise me one thing”, “Sure what?”, “If that cow comes on to you ? you tell her that Eva said she had the best around”.

Like a wet dream Eva pulled her robe open and my God the largest roundest globes I ever saw, they seem to grow from the confines of the robe, her areolas and nipples started to spike, i was breathing heavier and she arched “well am i wrong?” i shook my head no slowly but i didn’t wanna blow this as i resisted the urge to push my face into them.

Her smile was amazing and she cupped them “go ahead after all if we are gonna go to Japan we are gonna be intimate sooner or later” i caressed them as i lowered my head and sucked her nipples and squeezed them gently, “nmmmmm uwww thats it nmmm harder baby squeeze them uuhnmm yess”.

I was in heaven and she seemed to be  as she stood up and i watched her massive breasts defy gravity as they seem to swell, she slowly danced then winking said “hey honey times up and i gotta dance give me your number and we can get together tonight and make plans” she kissed me and walked out with my number and name and i waited a second hoping my raging hard on would ease no luck , so as i went to leave i stepped from the curtain and i hear a voice “joey?”.

I looked up and there was June in heels and thong and a robe her big mountains straining the robe she swaggered over and hugged me my my hard on just doubled as i felt her tits to my chest and thought of the last fight i caught .

As she smiled i saw a few lines from the fight but nothing to bad, “How are you June?” , she smiled a catty confident grin “I am great so come to see me again?”.

I looked at Eva getting on stage and Junes face snarled, then she looked at me”that chippy is a really asking for it afraid to put up or shut up, so whats up?”, I stammer a second then she takes my hand and brings me in back again, i sit and she sits and asks “Whats wrong you seem troubled”.

“Uhnn ummm well I am leaving again for Japan and i .i..well” she pats my thigh “you wanted to say good bye to me ? how about i give you a little something to keep me in mind hmm and maybe  i ‘ll take a trip one day and see you over there”.

Before I can answer she opens that robe and my eyes just stare as i see a few old marks from Bev, then she moans ‘nmmm cmon honey these are all yours” I cup and caress “Nmmm harder you know they are strong” i squeeze and my mouth works her nipples “uhnmmm nmmm yess”.

Next thing i knew June was kneeling and eased my cock out then with no hands swallowed it between those huge breasts, she flexed them and made them ride my cock between them, “nmmm now tell me the truth these are better than that witch Mrs. rheiner arent they” i nodded yes not wanting to cum yet “ohhh you are hard nmmm that little cow Eva get you going hmm?”.

I didnt nod , I didnt answer I just looked at her, June slowed then stopped and flexed her tits and i blew my juices covered her tits, “nmmmm my my you were holding that one “, she stood up and looked at me her tits out and she purred ‘you busy tonight Joe love to see you before you head off” , my eyes shifted and before i had a lie she smiled ‘Ohh I see, trust me you are gonna be free honey see you at the bar ok?”.

 I got dressed and nearly ran out as Eva smiled I waved and left my heart racing, Eva saw me and as she looked back there was June swaggering by and she purred to Eva “that enough to get us to Talk?” Eva knew June did something and she growled  “you fucking cow keep away from him bitch’”, June smiled “or what hmm? you had your chance he wants a woman knows how to use her tits honey”, June strolled away.

As i sat at home i was going to have one of my last nights in the states or a while , so i was going to the bar anyway, i got in my fatigues and headed over, as I drove by the clubs that June and Bev worked for my mind wandered about Bev , i felt sympathy for her and she looked really hurt, since I didn’t have plans i pulled over and figured i go see if she was even working.

I walked in and I gotta say i never really noticed before but this club was a lot more classier and doing a lot better for a monday night, than where June was working, I grabbed a beer and as I sat i felt finger nails across my neck and I looked back , it was Bev.

I stood up as she smiled she had a fat lip where it was split and a few marks but otherwise she looked unphased, I guess my eyes looking over her face instead of her huge breasts in the slink robe gave me away as she said “I am fine a little fender bender.

 I smiled “Oh I wasn’t aware glad your ok, is Mr. Rheiner ok?” I had to ask since Bev almost never drove, she nodded yes and smiled as I was still the concerned caring kid that grew up around the block, ‘your sweet so what are you doing out on a Monday?”.

“Oh I am leaving soon and just wanted unwind a bit heading to Japan” her eyes got big “nmm the orient I loved it there “ as it turns out Mr. Rheiner was a navy man when he met Bev so she saw a lot of the bases over seas.

As it was a monday and Bev was the headliner she had the luxury of taking stage as she wanted so instead of going up there she told one of the girls to take her spot and took me yo a private room, as we sat Bev was still lady like and smiling I so wanted to ask “how can you be so happy you got your ass kicked” but I just looked her over, i found myself looking at her mass in the robe and still comparing them to June and now Eva.

She smiled and looked down then at me “your gonna miss them aren’t you?” I nodded as she opened her robe and offered them to me , my hands wasted no second caressing them as she moaned I felt the marks of Junes nails left and she pursed her lips a bit , I looked up at her in silence and she at me then without asking she spoke, “I didn’t wanna tell you, I actually feel a little ashamed of it , but there is a someone I loath and her and I had a little falling out and well i got the worse of it this time out”.

I was wondering why Bev was spilling the beans suddenly then I thought back to that day in the bathroom in my house after she beat June again and as i worshipped her bust and nipples she swore to tell me, as i cupped her full heavy massive bust and my head just went to her nipples without her asking, her lips parted in a moan.

“ nmmmmm uwwww that feels so good uww more” my lips were gentle as she cupped my face “uuhnmmm i cant tell you how much i want to fight this woman uuhnmm tell me honestly are hers better?”, i stopped sucking looked up and with pure honesty , “Bev yours are amazing but she is so busty as well , i  well feel almost ashamed to not just tell yours are but she is so equal to yours , and well god i always wondered if your big breasts fought hers whose would win”.

As i went back to working them she inhaled and asked” how do you know its HER?”, i stopped looked at her again as we stare i look in her eyes my mind races and i finally tell her , “well Bev June makes no beans about it, she asks me all the time if hers are better and that one day she will have me watch as she proves it to you and me”.

I saw Bev’s eyes freeze over as she seem to anger but i think it was more jealousy, and as she saw i knew more than she let on she thought of June, “Oh she said that?” Bev suddenly was caressing her massive bust as if getting them ready, “funny she never had the guts to say that to me but then she is a bit of a cheat and whore nmmmm ohhh i would love to have you see me fight her tits with mine “.

I smiled as i hear my Dads wisdom and i softly say “i would as well between us yours are really powerful, but she has a reputation in town as a brawler and her tits are big and firm” Bev looks at me as if asking how do you know and i look away then back “Bev that day at your house with groceries? June was that other woman “ she nearly jumped up and was ready to storm across the street to Junes club, but i calmed her enough to rethink it, i know sounds silly but after the fight at airport garage June would have tore Bev down quick i am sure of it.

As Bev was breathing heavy she closed her robe and asked if I was sticking around , i told her no I was going to the bar then home I had to get ready by tomorrow to head out by weekend, she gave me a kiss on cheek said be careful and try to stop by if i had time, then she went on stage.

I left and drove over to the bar , I was hoping Eva was serious and would be there, as I walked in i got a lot of looks from the desperate wives and divorcees there, but none compared to the 3 women in my life, I looked about and didn’t see anyone i knew so I took a seat at the bar and sipped another beer down.

As i started to drink another the door opened and in walked June, i would have just nodded at her but my gosh she looked hot, wearing a bright red mini dress red heels and grey thigh highs and a red bra that she over filled  her veiny cleavage on full display as she swaggered in confident and ready for war or love.

She strolls in getting the evil eye as she seems more deadly than ever, and as she orders a drink she sees me “Whoa look at that tall drink of water hi Joe”, and she sways over to me.

 Hi June how are you ?” she smiles “Great honey I made that new girl work tonight and was hoping to see you before you left anyway”, I knew what she meant but at the same time June did like my family just not my mom so much.

As her drink comes i take it out of my cash on bar and she smiles “hey can we get a booth like to talk alone a minute” I nod ok and we walk to a booth in back and sit, at first its all normal chat about me heading out then she gets quiet a second and looks at me, ‘ Joe do you think i am pretty?” I smile “Yes why would you ask that”?  , she looks away a sec then back “I am just curious cause you seem to have a thing for that cow Beverly and now this Eva”, “Well i got a thing for a gorgeous busty women i cant lie, but honestly June your are married and mr. Beck i think would tear me apart”, she smiled a giggle “He can be aggressive”.

There is an award silence then she goes on, “I was just curious cause that bitch beverly thinks you feel her body ..no her breasts are better and she and i well have had a few words about it, but i pretty much showed her i was right”.

 I made big eyes as if I had no idea “Really?’ she rolls her eyes “Cmon Joe you know we been comparing them with you” , “Oh oh I knew that but I thought that was just jealousy between you two not anything real”, “Oh honey its real I was hoping she was gonna be here tonight but she ..”, my mouth or the beers got my words running before my mind as i cut her off, “No she wanted to be but i just saw her at work” as i said it my eyes went big then she looked at me “And what did she have to say?”.

I was caught and all I could do is picture Eva walking in, ‘Uhnmm well not much,(my mind screaming shut up) just was saying good bye to me and ..”, “And what shit is she saying that shes better?”, “uhh well hmmm how can i put this delicate .. she showed hers and told me she loathes you and would love to let me see her and you prove whose are better”, June arched up and mouth open sneer “That cow said that tonight!” i nodded “Yeah she let me have hers to remind me they were and as a going away gift i guess”.

June was ready to drive over to the club then a look of  2 can play that game over her face, “Well Joe tell you what here is another reminder” and her talons part her dress front and she eases those huge globes from her cups and nods for my hands to explore, and they did as i did a repeat of Bev on them then again taking control i lower my head and start to suck those deadly hard nipples and as my tongue wrestled them i felt how they hurt Bevs nipples.

June smiled and ran her talons in my hair “Nmmm yesss see these are best” my mouth pulling then June eased my face off “want more?” i did but all i thought of was Mr. Beck.

My lips stammered as I said “But June Mr. beck” she smiled at my concern and loyalty to a man who was always nice to me a navy man as well.

Both the rheiners and Becks appreciated my respect for them as did Bev and June , as to not over push me into these confrontations, but tonight June seemed different a look in her eyes was off, she smiled as she massaged her big breasts she eased them in her hard nipples catching her cups “uuhnn they get so stiff” she joked then she took my hand “i have to tell you something, i am thinking of leaving my husband and frankly if i do i want you to be a part of my new life”.

I was in shock yet my devious mind raced as i would be with June anytime, but again my mouth before brain “Well i hate to hear that but theres one thing wrong with that scenario” she tilted her head and her eyes burned as if i was gonna say Bev “The new girl Eva? she wants to go to Japan with me cause you make it hard for her to make money at work”, June sneered her lip , “That tart ? she might be fuller honey but she cant match me, you deserve a woman that can fight and handle herself in case another comes along”.

Inside she was right but long term Eva was looking like the one when suddenly Eva came to the bar and walked over ‘Hey Joe “, “Eva join us” her and June glared as Eva sat down ordered a drink her veiny mass was busting from her cream dress and white bra  her hair down blue eyes bright , “June” “Eva” the women noted other and tensions were high.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom, once out of sight I later found out what took place from the bartender, Eva eased in toward June and issued a warning “Listen honey you might have the upper hand at work but out here  i am my own woman and I am going with Joe to Japan so basically Fuck off”.

June smiled “You take advice honey at work i am the Bitch but out here I am the Bitch to watch out for, you would be smart to ease off cause if i want him ill take him’ Eva smiled eyes wide “What you wanna catfight for him? please he has more class than you and that”, June just ran her fingers around her covered breasts and cooed “theres more than  one way to fight for a man honey and he wouldn’t mind seeing that at all trust me”.

Eva rolled her eyes and June smirked “nmmm thats what i thought a scared little girl”, Eva turned to June “scared? i wish we had time and place ill show you scared”, then June eased closer and as the 2 women glared June eased her hand in Evas dress top and dug her nails in her left globe as she squeezed the sharp talons in she massaged it, “Anytime anywhere bitch”.

Eva felt the pain and had to respond as she placed her nails in Junes dress and the 2 women sat up and dug and pulled at others confined mass, “Uhnnn uww bitch “Eva moaned as June arched her head back “uuhhhh uuwww you bitch”, though it never got rougher than them seated the minutes i was gone they were kneading deep and getting rougher , “Ughnn you bitch say it you want a fight” Eva was hurting “uuuhnn aaghh you wanna fight my tits bitch i will fight you”.

As the bathroom door squeaked open they pushed their hands off others breasts and adjusted the bras both red faced , i look at them “whats up?” and June responded “nothing a private laugh”, as i was ready to go I asked Eva if i could speak to her, as i headed out she bent at June and pressed her arms in and sneered “be back in a bit” we went out to my car and i asked if she wanted to go , Eva inhaled then looked at the bar then me “i do but i am not sure yet can i call you by end of tomorrow to let you know?”, naturally i agreed and as i got in my car i saw June walk out as Eva headed back.

I pulled around to the alley and shut my car off as i ran to the corner of the building i listened in, “Well your back guess he cant decide yet?”, “No in fact he has i just thought before i leave you might want to finish what you started in there”, “Oh my my listen to you , well sugar i am game but we have to find a place, they wont leave us alone in there”, the 2 women were breathing heavy then June had the answer “you know the motel near the club?” Eva nodded “be there in 10 minutes and we can see what happens then” June walked away smiling and confident as Eva seemed worried but eager.

I jumped in my car ducking as they drove off then i followed them staying back enough, we drove down town and past both clubs till we reached the motel , a seedy by the hour joint that the homeless rated a half star.

As they walked to the desk i parked and ran around to side  it was a single level l shape place so i knew i would get a look in at the action, as the desk clerk hands June a key they strut out and down the walk and enter room 12, as door shuts i dash around back and count the rooms till i find the room, as June locks up Eva walks into bathroom and opens a window and airs the place out.

As she pins her back her hair i hear June , “almost ready?” and Eva steps out the bath room, door open i see right into the main room and hear it all, as i watch carefully i see June step around swaggering hips as does Eva both a hateful grin on faces, as Eva says “whats it gonna be”? June smiles “tit to tit winner takes losers bra and more ?”..Eva agrees.

Then June as is her way reaches up and sheds her dress  down to her heels thigh highs and thong and bra  then she eases bra free and flexes her mass,  Eva watches “nmmmm here they are ready”. Eva seems a little slow but strips as well then reaches back and removes her bra i nearly give myself away as her big breasts sway out i even see June widen eyes.

They circle slow and then come at other as they do Eva grabs Junes hands and as June looks to see what she is doing Eva pushes her huge rack into Junes,  a solid CLOP fills the room as June reacts .”uuughnn mffff bitch”,  Eva arching works in at June giving her no chance to answer  with her own “uuhnn uhnnn uwww cmon you got more than that bitch”.

The 2 women grab upper arms of other and the fight is on, June starts fast as Eva answers hard , “cmon you blonde bitch fight my tits ..uuhnn uhnn mmff ohh uughnnn” Eva arches and starts to pump and push every direction “Cmon bitch right here anytime your ready to start fighting”, the fleshy heavy globes fill the room with clops and claps as the women grunt and growl stepping about as if in a dance slow but yet determined.

As i watched Eva seemed to start taking the fight from June as she pumped her heavy tits up into Junes , June arched suddenly and her mouth opened , “AAgghhhh Bitch” Eva sensing she hurt June early stepped to her and started to push thrust and swing her heavy tits at Junes.

June was like a cornered boxer as her tits were pushed , pumped , slapped and lifted at will more and more , her head rolling and shaking no, as Eva widened her thighs “Cmon Whore feel me hmm my tits to much for you?”.

But as i heard the deep dense claps of round meaty breasts , this was June and she wasn’t going to lose without making Eva know she had a fight, as Eva taunted, June snarled and grabbed Eva around back of her neck and thrust tight to her, the move pulled both women from the corner as June hung on Eva they staggered back to open area.

Once free from the confines of the wall the women resumed the heavy smearing of their breasts, June seem to be inching back as Eva faced her June was aiming her tits to sides of her  nipples and then up into Evas cleavage , as she drove her own heavy round tits at her rivals cleavage Eva tried to flex but her head looked up as June pressed between the blondes big breasts, and as she dragged upward was parting Evas tight cleavage and soon June was smearing and punishing Evas inner breast walls, the effect became obvious as Eva tried to pull back with a loud groan, “Ahh uugmmffff fucking Bitch”, June smirked “Oh come now bitch that all you got?”.

They dueled a bit longer as June grabbed Evas waist and made her stay close, thats when i noticed it , Evas meatier breasts were brawlers she was a titboxer and June while she could tit box was not as heavy in the breast and was being knocked about by the blonde, so June took the fight in close and wrestled Evas big tits with her own wearing the blonde down in a clinch.

Knowing the fight she had to bring to beat the blonde June fought to keep Eva in close instead of a swaying breast to breast blow showdown, Eva started to pick up on it  as they fought in close, Eva shimmied her big tits to get Junes from between hers and the double side to side blow made June grunt  “UUghmmff”, Eva smirked “cmon cow fight my tits , tit box me”, the challenge made June had a glare in her eyes she felt she needed to accept but she knew Eva would give hers a battle, so June snarled back “Whats the matter Bitch cant your tits wrestle mine hmm?”.

Both women now revealed their strong side and neither was about to play into others web without making the playing field even, but neither was going to just agree and as they struggled to start their best against each other , the other would stop her advance and start her power move, from side to side across the small room they staggered about sweat was forming as they were panting for a break or a win.

I watched and saw the tiredness in each womans eyes as they spun slow, June would smear and drag and pump while Eva would separate and sway her tits or pump or thrust  making both their big sets quake and jostle, just as it seemed a draw or a lucky move was the only way this would end, Eva made a mistake, as June stepped to close the gap between them and make Eva feel her weighted breasts , Eva wanted space to punch her breasts into Junes as she did her right hand slapped up at the side of Junes left breast and grabbed hold , her fingers dimple the round mass.

June stares in Evas eyes a second then making the space Eva wanted  raises her hands and her fingers lock around the blondes big tits and sink in, as her voice turns throaty, “You little whore you wanna go hands cmon”, Eva groans as Junes fingers knead and squeeze , it doesn’t take but a second for Eva to respond as her hands slap into Junes mass and she starts to knead and squeeze.

The fight changed gears as both womens arms bent at elbows, grabbing and mauling slow but deeply into others heavy tits, pushing ,pulling and prying at her rivals meaty glands,

Eva was matching June as their fingers made red marks and tiny furrows  from sharp nails,  as June dug her fingers in deep, Eva pulled her arms in as she looked away, June managed to get a grip around Evas rounded end, her palms over the nipples and areolas as she squeezed in June twisted the mass and Eva felt it deep as she pulled in her mass swelled to make the grip tougher , but June sneered as she reapplied a deeper grip, slowly she pulled Eva by her tits about the room.

Eva was panting now as she tried to out grip June but with June getting the better hold Eva was rolling shoulders forward and as she would try for a new grip pull on Junes hands , “Uughnnn you cxnt my tits”, June would smile “cant take it honey hmm?”.

Watching the duel i felt a shiver as i could only imagine the deep pain both endured, as the fight seem to slow Eva was wincing and June was smirking through her pain, she pulled Eva in close making the blonde whimper “uhnnn owww Bitch” then Eva turned the fight yet again, her left hand scratched off Junes right breast and wrapped around her arm around Junes neck and pulled her into a headlock.

June grunted as she cursed and her right hand shot up to the back of Evas head and grabbed hair and yanked hard, Eva looked up mouth open as she gasped and she still had a hand on Junes other breast mauling and twisting it at will. June grunted at first as she tried to pull free but Evas headlock was tight and each attempt caused more pain from the breast hold Eva had locked on, as they stagger step about and June couldn’t get loose she pulled out another trick from her bag and she shoved Eva against the door to the room and slammed a left blow into the blondes big breasts, I heard the fleshy Clack ring out then Eva dropped to her knees. It was like slow motion and as her fist landed solid against Evas areola her breast seem to swallow Junes fist as it sank deep, a sharp shout was heard “Awww”, as she sat on her knees June sneered and started to walk away.

But instead June turned and grabbed Eva by her hair and pulled her onto her back and dragged her across the rug, as Eva kicked and grabbed at her hand yelling for June to let go, June lifted then dropped Eva by her hair and as she let go June got close to Eva from behind and wrapped her left thigh over the blondes shoulder as she applied a choke hold on Eva her other hand started to jab fists into the blondes breasts.

As the jabs splatted against the meaty globes Eva curled into a fetal position as she did June slowly straddled her hip and kept firing short jabs at Evas covered mass, all the time smirking and taunting, ‘Whats wrong honey hmmm cant take it bitch”, Eva finally had enough and she kicked up at June her heel landed sharply into Junes breast and left a red cut, June sprang back on her ass and the 2 women slowly rose each cradling her breasts.

June circling with Eva had a smirk as if she had a devious plan Eva fell into, as they stepped about June formed her fists and shimmied her big tits at Eva, “Cmon honey you wanna get rough lets do it”, Eva didn’t blink an eye as she made 2 fists , she knew there was only one way out that was to give and she was far from that, Junes smirk faded a bit as Eva prepared herself ,but instead of swinging away fist fight Eva turned Junes desire to her own , she stepped close to June and jabbed a right to her breast then a left to Junes ribs, the blows weren’t hard but firm enough June felt it.

Without a spoken word June stepped to Eva and their nipples brushed and each woman took her stance and it began, they let their nipples graze as they were breathing and June sent a right jab to Evas breast then a left to her ribs , slowly they traded jabs as they both grunted, for a minute the blows were staying the same effect then Eva sent her jab up under Junes left breast and a firm SMACK rang out and June lost 2 steps back, as she attempted to cover Eva pulled her arm away and sent another jab up under , June grunted and gasped ‘Umffff , UUghnmmfff cxnt”.

Eva shoved June to the wall and started to repeat the blow faster, as June tried to cover Eva started to hit the big breast anywhere she could her right would alternate slamming the raven womans ribs and tummy, “Cmon you Bitch “ Eva snarled as she started to work June over,  then I saw Eva’s face turn, her eyes went wide and her mouth open then a shriek “AWWW ughnnn” and Eva staggered back her arms down and June sprang off the wall and stepped inside Evas space and with her head down started a left right combo to Evas breast and ribs , the jabs were so quick there was no distinction between the fleshy slaps landing, “”Cmon Bitch fight you little Whore!” June demanded.

Eva was being hit as if from every direction then to save herself and slow June she clinched to June and tried wrapping her arms up to stop the blows, as their huge tits met and mushroomed together the girls locked in a hug and struggled, Eva stopping June and June searching for a blow to land.

Slowly they stepped and turned as one panting and huffing , their cheeks rubbed together as sweat made their faces glisten, Eva seem to hang on June, thats when I saw Junes right arm draw back then snap forward and Eva doubled over her eyes big again but this time she dropped on the floor, and her arms across her midsection.

June pounced on the blonde and straddled her tummy, as she looked down at the prone blonde a smirk came on her face then she slowly started to pummel Evas breasts, left then right like a lumber jack at a tree June swung her fists into the big splayed mass of round veiny flesh, each hit was a solid SMACK of knuckles to flesh.

Eva tried to cover but each cover allowed a fist to find a new mark, slowly with her eyes shut Eva started to well up and cry, as she did June smiled more cattily, “Get off me you Bitch owww my tits stop owww”, but June was in fight mode and she simply hissed “Give up or fight you Little bitch”, after at least 10 more blows Eva had enough , so did I , I could see the purple and green bruises form in her breasts, she cried out ‘PLEASE STOP I GIVE!”.

June stopped and smiled looking down over her massive breasts as Eva squirmed then she took the blonde by her hair and let her breasts hang over the blondes face and as she steadied her face to look up June lowered her breasts on the blondes face, as she did her hiss was venomous, “Nmmm bite me and Ill scratch your eyes out Bitch”.

As I watched June break Eva down she smiled as she massaged her breasts over her face smothering the blonde, as she did her own tummy squished Evas breast pinning them to her body and smearing them about.

“Now you listen to me Bitch , I am top cat got it I see you on my territory again and you will get more than a titfight Got it!” Eva just nodded slow under the heavy tits, then June sat up and stood and as she looked at Eva stabbed her high heel into her left breast and dragged it across, the mark went deep and the furrow line swelled red trickle , it was going to leave a scar for sure, June dressed and swaggered out leaving Eva to cry on the floor.

I wanted to go to her aid but at the same time I didn’t want to make her feel worse by knowing I saw the fight, i got in my car and left and headed home, I went to bed that night and looked up at the ceiling wondering if that was the last I would see Eva, the next day as sun broke through my window, I heard my mom yell up I had a phone call.

 I popped up in bed and answered  “Hello?” I heard a soft voice, “Hi Joe? its Eva”, my heart was in my throat ‘Hey Eva how are you?” i rolled my eyes as I knew damn well she was hurting, “I am ok listen about the trip”…it seemed like a day as she paused “You still want to take me?”, I nearly jumped up “Hell yes love to, I can pick you up on the way to airport” , “Ill be ready” and she hung up, I was in heaven I thought for sure after June beat her she was not going to dare and try to contact me.

That after noon i was saying my good byes to friends and such, it was going to be at least a year before i returned putting aside leave, as I walked from my friends home I passed Bev’s home and I paused wondering should I visit her, then I knocked on the door, it took a minute but Bev answered, her typical smile ‘Joe please come in”.

I walked in and we chatted a bit and told her I wanted to say goodbye, as I said it she looked at me, “Am i the only one?”, I knew exactly what she meant and I had yet to find June, “Uhnmm actually your the first , if thats what you mean”, she smiled and stepped to me “Has that witch been in touch?”, I wasn’t going to entertain it then as I searched for a response Bev took a deep breath and her blouse parted showing no bra as it clung to her mass and her stiffening nipples held the thin material, looked back up ‘Actually she made me an offer of sorts, she said she was thinking of leaving her husband and wanted to join me in Japan, she also said she be happy to let me see whose are better”, Bevs eyes narrowed as if something more came from my lips, “Oh is that so? I see well listen honey you be careful and we will see you when you get home, dont forget to write” and she winked as we hugged, I thought maybe at first the old Bev was back then i thought maybe she was really hurt from last fight , but as i shut her screen door i heard Bev say to herself , “That Bitch Il claw her tits off”, at that second I knew their feud was far from over.

As I walked away I wanted to see what was going to happen but I had to report to our base in Japan by tomorrow night, I got home and gathered my bags and threw them in my Dads car and as we drove to pick up Eva we passed the downtown street that the clubs were on, thats when i saw the sign on Junes club, “Closing soon” My Dad looked at me in rear view mirror his eyes as big as mine, and my mom gave her thoughts “about time”, as we picked up Eva we drove to the airport and as we said goodbye to my folks , Eva and i sat waiting when I asked her.

“Hey Eva I saw the club was closing what happened?” she rolled her eyes “Yeah its true turns out the one across the street is doing much better and the girls there are better so that guy is buying out my place , apparently its gonna take a while as he is only hiring the top dancers from my club” i looked at her, “are you one of them?”, she smiled as she hugged me “I was offered a spot, but told them I can’t till next year”.

Part 7 – Welcome to Japan

The flight was short to the base then  I filled out the request forms to bring Eva on the military plane to Japan, its frowned upon but when the Sgt. saw Eva I got a wink and thumbs up and we were on our way, the plane was most uncomfortable ride i ever had, but a lot cheaper than a standard plane ride, as we woke up the sun breaking the horizon, we started to land Eva was excited and as the rear door opened we stepped out and greeted the new day and place, it wasn’t home but it was pretty.

Eva waited for me to report that i arrived then we were driven to the base housing, as we walked into the single bedroom house we smiled at other then crashed on the bed, we slept another 4 hours when I was awoken by, the sound of a platoon running by calling cadence, I got freshened up and told Eva to rest , I had to report in for duty.

I walked to the Commanding officers office and handed off my orders, as I stood at attention, there was knock on the CO’s door. in a growling grunt he commanded “COME IN”, the door opened and in walked a woman Marine , her top tucked in proper she smiled and my eyes glued to her full bust tucked in the blouse and she knew i noticed as she winked at me, “That WILL BE ALL” he growled as she was dismissed and closed the door, as I acted as if nothing happened he looked up at me and there was silence , it was almost torture, then he spoke ,“Marine “, ‘SIR” “She is a looker isn’t she?”, I didn’t know how to answer him , was it a trap to see if I step out of line “Sir?’.

He took a sip of his coffee “Don’t be coy Marine every one notices Becky, christ if i wasn’t married I would take a shot at her”, my lips parted into a grin, this wasn’t boot camp  i was one of the guys now , “Sire yes Sir”, “let me get this straight son, mind your ways here , and don’t shit where you eat  get my meaning?” , “Sir yes Sir no worries sir”.

I wanted to get to know her no doubt but I had Eva who I still had to get to know, I was given my platoon assignment and told to see the Sgt. then take the day to get use to the time zone, as I left his office Becky looked up with a smile, “Excuse me Private but you will need this to get off and on base”, she handed me a sticker and I.D. then a piece of paper.

As I headed out i looked back as the paper had Beckie’s number, she winked and whispered  “Its Friday we all meet at the shang hi club for beers , why dont you join me?” I nodded and said “maybe I will “ and left.

Once back at the house i walked in and Eva was wearing daisy dukes and a tiny tank top her massive breasts nearly stretched to breaking point, we smiled at other and she hugged me , “thanks for this , I think we are gonna have a great time” as we stood in door way there was a jeep horn and we both looked, there was Becky driving by her uniform top off and she was in a sport bra and tank top and sweats her chestnut hair up still, she smiled and waved at me and Eva struck a “back off bitch “ pose as she said “Who is that ?”, I smiled “relax she is my Commanding officers secretary, I was invited out for beers” , Eva smiled “Is she going?’ I nodded yes and Evas grinned “Maybe I’ll join you “/

With out thinking  i said ‘Of course” and we went inside, Evas threw me on the bed and as she pulled of her top those big F cups exploded and swayed heavy, I ran my fingers over them and the cut June made with her heel, “what happened babe?’, she looked away then caressed her tits over me, “Nothing I can’t handle ,now you want them or not “ to say the least hell yeah and it wasn’t till night fall we stopped.

That night Eva  and i got dressed and decided to hit the bar, I was in jeans and a tee that had my new company logo  and Eva had the same super tight tank top on but cause there were gonna be another 100 Marines there she wore a bra for me, I didn’t need a fight my first night on base.

We walked in and as I expected all the guys stood mouths open as Eva walked in, but like a true girl friend she hung on my arm as we made our way to the bar I was approached by 3 Marines who asked if i was the new guy to the force recon platoon, I said yes and they welcomed me to the squad, in a second Eva and I had 3 rounds backed up on the bar, i smiled and thought “yeah this is gonna be fun”.

As we all laughed and drank Eva went to the ladies room and suddenly i felt nails across my neck, as I turned it was Becky , and Oh MY God that uniform did not do her justice, Becky was as tall as Eva at 5’10” and 140 lbs her chestnut hair hung to her shoulders when down , but the rest wow, she was easily a 38F-30-38 , she had on tight jeans and a tank top and bra that barely contained her, as my eyes went back in my head , Becky smiled and purred “Well you showed up so glad you made it” before i could answer Evas walked up to us and eased in front of me and sat her round ass on my thigh, as she looked Becky in the eye “And you are?”, she said to her, the two women stared a minute then I held Eva by the waist as i leaned around  ,”Eva Becky , Becky , Eva” , Eva smiled her arm went around me “Thats girlfriend Eva” and giggled as i got a kiss.

Becky stared a minute then smiled ‘Is that so? ok then” and ordered  2 beers one for me and she kept the other, as Eva caught on to her move she looked at Becky with a silent warning and Becky smiled “Enjoy the night we can talk soon honey”, and walked away, Eva looked at me and went to get up but I grabbed her and told her to relax.

The rest of the night went smooth for most part , and I was getting pretty great buzz, I never noticed that Eva wasn’t drinking as much and her eyes and Beckie’s never left the others, before i knew it Eva swaggered to the bar and as she ordered a drink Becky walked up to her, the 2 stood waiting then Becky started the chat, “You two dating long honey?”, “ No just met really but he wanted me to come out here so we are together now, what about you , that all you are is a secretary?”.

Becky lowered her beer and arched her back on the bar making those big globes swell out against her top as she looked right me, ‘Actually no i am between positions so i fill in for now” Eva matched the move and let Becky take it in, “And whats the position your waiting on?”.

Becky looked at me then Eva, “well to be honest Joe there took my spot cause his shooting skills were better , but then next one to ship out I get he spot , then Joe and i will be the newbies on the team”, “I see , and what if no one ships out for a while?”,
Becky was looking Eva up and down, “Then I get moved to base housing supervisor till one does”, as she told Eva she turned to her with a slow body action, her arms pressing those globes together and tighter in her top, and deep cleavage seem to open at the top ready to swallow someone, but Eva was no slouch she turned to Becky and her own carnivorous cleavage swelled, “Well maybe they will find you a new base honey, for women”.

Becky smirked “Maybe they will tell Joe you can’t stay on base with him”, Eva sneered “you would like that wouldn’t you honey?”, Becky sneered back “Careful sugar accidents happen here”, Eva sipped a bit more, “well I keep an eye out ,but just in case where are most of these accidents, I like to see for myself” Becky glared, as she now knew Eva wouldn’t walk away.

 A minute went by then Becky sipped her drink as she stood up straight she set her glass on the bar and made sure her breast out line pressed aside Eva’s as she purred “The pool can be a real dangerous place” then said her good night and walked out.

Over the weekend I was set up fully and Monday at 6 am sharp i was lined up with the team, and we marched out to the training grounds, it was friggin hot and the day was dragging by as training was feeling like boot camp all over, but this platoon was top notch guys and everyone in it knew others every move it had to be that way.

As the team was to stage a raid I was assigned  as a sniper and my new scout was a guy named John, after looking at a map I decided our vantage point was the hill over looking the drill area, as we walked through the dense woods and up hill we broke the the peak and took 10, as we rested I used my scope to call out my markers , we were ahead of the game by an hour so my spotter took the scope as I sat back,  I saw down the other side and there was the rec center and the pool, I thought it was the sweat but then as i double looked it was no doubt a busty brunette in a white bikini and heel slippers, I was panting i took my scope and spotted down and low and behold there was Becky, her round mass pressing out the sides and her round areolas at least 2” around tented the cups as did her nipples not fully stiff but all the more inviting.

I gave my spotter the heads up and he laughed , “yeah Becky is a looker but get use to it she knows we are out here somewhere and hits the pool every training day so we all get a look, its her way of us all getting her in the unit , but it will never happen”, as I watched her body lay out i was drooling I wanted at those mountains , “Why is that?” he kicked my ankle “Are you kidding who could give a shit after looking at that all day marching with us cmon man we got get this right “.

My attention went back to the training and we called out my proposed shots on radio that would have confirmed kills if real, and guided the rest of the squad into the village, it went flawless and after a lengthy speech by the Sgt. about maybe being called to a mission for real over seas we were dismissed, as the guys all headed home to shower I ditched left and ran back to the woods, i wiggled my way down the hill and I was 20 feet from Pool fence line , on a perch i looked down onto Becky, just in time to, she just took a stroll to the hedges and opened a bottle of lotion, as she was about to apply it she stopped and smiled, “I know your out there , you guys finished early, how about you come down here and help me out here hmm?”.

I froze , was it a trap then I figured what the hell i stepped out my face in camo paint , Becky just smiled as she looked at me, “who is that Razor, Buck? ohhh my my you must be good you made sniper leader Hello again there Joe”, the cat was out of the bag and I smiled “hey Becky”, she stepped to the fence line and as we stared a second she handed me the lotion, and her pointy white thumbnail popped the top, then she slowly lowered her straps and her massive breasts swayed free, “nmmm I dont wanna burn mind ?”.

I nearly fell over as I poured lotion in my hand she arched hands behind her head and offered those big globes to me, as we stared in others eyes i dropped the bottle and cupped her breasts , as i did and lifted slowly the weight of them made them slip through my cupped palms taking lotion with them, as i cupped at the sides i pressed and moved the white lotion over and around them as she started to tease me .

‘uhnmmm yes oh those hands are strong “, I caress the lotion around and as it turns from white to invisible i massage her huge globes deeper, “Nmmmm so tell me Joe that girl friend of yours , you guys serious?’, I hesitated a minute she smiles and pushes her breasts to me more her nipples become stiffer and thicker, as i watch them she purrs, “nmm like what you see baby?, nmm your girl was lucky other night at the bar i was ready to show her who was who, mmmm more baby  yess”.

“Uhhh well Becky  Eva and i met back home and she had a falling out with this other woman i know and well…”, Becky opened her eyes “and what?, did she fight her?” i nodded as i could not believe how heavy and firm these were , my mind raced to how June had to change her fight cause Eva was so heavy she was boxing June about.

Becky guided my hands under huge globes as she stared at me, “Tell me what they did?”,  as i told Becky about it she moaned and her left hand started to rub her own thong, “nmmmm is your girl a smear type or a boxer?, i want to know cause i can tit box and these never lost “ as i worked her tits she said the words i never thought i was going to hear again for a while, “ uunmm uww do me a favor Joe , tell her about me about my tits i want to fight her, her vs me alone  ill tit fight her any way she wants , mmmm i invited her to the pool but she is a no show i think my tits scared her off”, as Becky smiled proud of herself i ruined her gloating, “Becky she didn’t back out “ her eyes opened and her hand left her thong, as it did i placed my hand there and rubbed gently, her hips squirmed slow , “uuhnnn mm what do you mean then?”, “ i stopped her , i had no idea you were this busty , i thought i was saving you”.

Becky seem to swell her pride hurt now “you think that bitch can beat these?”, and as i rubbed her thong she flexed her breasts slowly i was stunned, “wow Eva does that”
 the more i compared her the hotter Becky became, “nmmm uwww yess i want her i want you to want me to fight her please uuhnmmm”.

 I was stunned what if Eva lost or what if she just left me, then Becky sweetened the deal more, “That bitch can’t handle our lifestyle and soon I will be in your unit , but for now baby, nmmm you have all of this anytime you want it”, I stammered as all I saw was Evas face, then Junes then Bev, my mind was all over the place when Becky slowly cupped her mass and lifted them and started to suck her nipples slowly , “uhnmmm let me at her baby, I can beat her any game she has”.

As  I was about to start to pushing my fingers in her we heard a noise, if I got caught I would be in some serious shit so I ran into brush and circled about and jogged to the units hut and showered, finally looking at myself again I walked around just a towel and as I sat on a bunk drying my mind was on Becky now , I was lucky sure but sooner or later the stress of these women or it all falling apart was coming, suddenly one of the guys walked by and tossed a damp towel on me, ‘Whats wrong newbie?’, I shook my head no after i didn’t know these guys well enough yet and for all I knew they wanted or had Becky as much.

He walked over “Hey bro we had a great drill you did great job , the guys are going off base tonight downtown joint why not come get a little lit up some fun a few babes”.

I smiled then knowing Eva had no place to go, I thought how mad she might be, but I was going to be here a long time and this weekend we had no drill I could take Eva on  the town and be back Sunday night, Yeah ok i need it “ , “Awesome pick you up at 8”, i nodded and went home.

When i got home Eva was sunning in the yard and greeted me with a big hug, and kiss, she saw i had something on my mind, “Whats up baby?”, I took a breath in, “Uhmm well the unit i am in wanna take me in town to celebrate , I had a great day in training so I thought i would go and take you to see sights over my weekend off”, Eva didnt blink an eye, “Do it babe have fun and I look forward to this weekend “ I got a kiss and we ate.

The crew picked me up and we went to a club in down town area,  the place was amazing bright lights and smokey and people every where, as the beers started to flow easier and easier, there were gorgeous oriental woman all over, the guys who a few were here a while pointed out the pros from the women just out for a good time, but I wanted to relax and have a few and go home.

As we joked around a Japanese woman about 5’7” maybe,  in a tight wrap silk red dress walked up to me, her jet black silky hair hung straight to upper arms , her red lips were full, her eyes very sharp, her breasts were at least a 36D, her waist was tiny and hips round she had black fishnets on and red heels, her nails were like tiny pointy daggers, in her native accent she purred at me “Hello Marine you are one sexy man, Jin like”.

The guys all smiled and winked and Jin took my hand and pulled me from my stool as she did we walked about the crowd and someone grabbed my free hand and pulled , I look back and there was Becky her smile so inviting , “where you off to?” she asked, before i could say a word Jin stepped past me her pointy nail at Beckie’s face “You back off Bitch, he mine and you walk away or else”. Becky let her smile fade enough then stepped to Jins nail and pulled her hand lower as she pushed her own at Jin “you get this straight bitch you don’t own him and , he is coming with me”.

I tried to prevent it then Becky huffed “dumb ass i am doing you a favor trust me” as Becky stepped to Jin she growled “well bitch?” Jin sneered” you want fight bitch come with me”, as Jin storms away Becky grabs my hand and  i am tugged along, we walk into a red door and I am looking around to see if this is a trap , as i stand by the door Jin pulls her dress belt and the wrap unfolds and she rolls shoulders and it falls pooling at her spike heels she is nude under it and her round ample breasts swell as  she glares at Becky to do same.

She pulls her top off and then her jeans and stands nude facing Jin her more larger breasts swelling, “How you want to go bitch?” Becky taunts when Jin steps in close and claps her hand to Beckie’s mound and her middle finger starts to rub her folds, Becky eyes wide responds in kind as Jin hisses, “you fight me like woman bitch”.
As Becky seems at a disadvantage Jin steps in to her their nipples push up together and their breasts meet and swell up together, Jins thighs widen as she makes Beckie’s widen, her free hand goes behind Becky and tugs her hair as she parts Beckie’s folds, Becky starts to catch up and works Jins folds open, as they stare both begin breathing heavy  then i see Becky her back arch her eyes go wide as her lips purse a moan ..”uuhnnn ohhh “ Jin smirks as her hand starts to ease in and out of Becky, “nmmm you are a weak american girl you bitch afraid to fight like woman”.

My eyes were blinking  i can’t believe what i am seeing and i didn’t have to spy, Becky inhales and then as she stares at Jins evil grin sinks her finger in Jin and as they glare now each woman widens her thighs as they start to finger the other in a steady motion, “nmm like this cxnt hmm ill fight you anyway you want”, Jin arches a bit and seems to want more as they stand thighs widen and finger other,  Becky grabs hold of Jins hair as they finger other in near silence.

Slowly the quiet room fills with soft groans and wet squish noises as they get other wetter, neither woman kisses as they glare in others eye “uhnmm uww cum bitch” , uww ohhh you cum whore”, as I watch eyes wide in disbelief, their breathing quickens as they hold a glare  and fingers get faster then Jin takes a full breath and sinks a second finger in Becky the busty brunette staggers a bit “UUhhnnnn ohhh you whore” Jin smirks “mnmmmm that all your pussy handle cow”?

Becky knowing i am there sinks her second finger in Jin the move has Jin moan but other wise un phased as she has Becky breathing heavy, then Becky sinks her 3rd finger in Jin and gets a reaction as Jin looks up “Ohhhh uuhnnnn nmmmm you dirty bitch “, as the 2 women continue the erotic duel slowly Jin starts to move her hips , “uuhnn uhnn Ohhh Bitch”, Becky glares at her ,”Whats wrong whore hmm? ready to cum?”.

Suddenly Becky rolls her hips and her mouth open “Ohhhh unnnnnn shit yesss”, I wasn’t sure what Jin did then I saw her fingers pinch and pull at Beckie’s clit engorging from her hood, “UUhnnn unnnnnn you cxnt ohh ohh “ Jin breathing heavier then sank 2 more fingers in Becky and started to pump Becky faster as her thumb nail rolled her clit.

Beckies legs began to quiver through her quads then hips bucking she leaned into Jin and with eyes closed and mouth open was being worked faster to an orgasm, “Cum you white bitch thats it give Jin it all”, Becky panting barely able to yell , ‘pant pant ohhhh pant yesss pant cum, cumm, UUUUHNNNN” and Becky was brought to orgasm.

Jin just kept pumping then slowly let Becky sink to floor, once Becky was prone Jin smiled looking at me , “NmmNOw you see whose pussy better” and she lowered to the floor and spread her legs,  her spike heels planted in floor knees bent up as she sat up she ran her fingers over her jet black mound, “Get up you cow we not done “, her heel kicks Beckie’s heel and slowly Becky still huffing sits up.
As they glare at other Jin looks ready to go 10 rounds while Becky seems spent, slowly knowing I am there she sits up and matches Jins pose and as they glare Jin lets Becky collect herself.

“Nmm you take time bitch cause Jin going to out fuck you”, Becky swallowed and caught her breath and then nodding groans, “you want a fuck fight bitch” Jin shakes her head no , “I wanna clit fight , till one of us can’t fuck anymore from orgasms”.

Jins hand came from her pussy and wiped juices over her nipples then smirking beckons Becky to move in, “Cmon bitch we fight like women”, Becky slowly scoots to Jin with their pussies inches apart the to women scissor their thighs , and scoot closer then I see both of them arch and swell out their tits as they moan at the wet warm feel of their pussies touching, “Uhhnmmmmm “ Becky huffs as Jin groans “uwwwwww nmm”.

Without another word the women slowly begin to rub and smear their wet pussies, to others, it was a slow motion art form as my eyes traced Jins form from her hair rolling out over shoulders and back down and in at her lower back to her round ass and up along her sinewy thighs to her cut calves and spike heels then from Beckies heels up around to top of her head, the room silent at first now started to fill with wet slurps as they pumped hips at other and forced their pussies to mold and seal against others.

As they ground together Jin sat up more and her left leg lowered and curled in behind Beckie’s rear, I don’t think Becky even realized but as Jin pulled her leg in tight to Becky her hips seem to lift then pitch forward and I watched Becky suddenly prop back on her hands as she nearly fell back.

“UUUhnnnn ohhhh shit you whore what the fuck nmmmmm”, Jin snarled “Nmmm you feel Jins clit bitch nmmmm she going to devour your weak pussy”, and slowly Jin pressed tighter to Becky and her clit started to flick or roll Beckies around working it ,
“uhnn uhnn uhnn cmon bitch you fight now”, Jin demanded as Becky seem to open her thighs wider as if asking Jin to grind harder.

Becky slowly looked like her pussy her mound and her hips were being sucked in by Jin, “uhn uhnn uhn mmm ohhh ohhh fuck yess yess you bitch ohh my godd noo”, Jin just smiled ‘What wrong bitch you cum again so soon?”, Jin got a faster motion then just as it seemed Becky was done Jin lifted a bit more as she pitched hips forward, Becky pulled her leg in tight behind Jin and sat up as she hugged Jins lower back and she impaled her clit under Jins.

Jins silky long black hair whipped up and bac as her head was tossed back her mouth fell open as she screamed and then groaned , “AAHHHH Uuhnnn ohhhhh Bitch uhnn uhnn uhnn yess yess fucking Bitch ,

Jin now had to prop back but she smartly used 1 arm as Becky ground under and up, as she saw Jin was shaking and fighting an orgasm, she used her right hand to grab Jins left breast and squeezed it and kneaded it and massaged the round globe,  as she did Jin pushed her tits out in heated feeling, then Becky locked her lips on the dark nipple and her tongue wrestled it as she sucked and it was all there was as Jin bucked 4 times wildly and screamed ,“NOoo NOOO Ohh Ohh OHh you cxnt YESSYESSSS CUMMMMING”.

As Jin shook through an orgasm Becky just stayed still holding her rival in the weak position then as Jin lowered her hips and their soaking mounds slide to floor Jin although panting and rocking in ecstasy , thrust to Becky again and just started the duel new, “uhnn uhnnn cmon you bitch i no give yet fight my pussy”.

Becky glared but was stunned as Jin went to next round no break and soon both women started to pump pussy to pussy as if neither reached an orgasm, with a knee up and heel planted other wrapped behind the other,  the women pumped faster and faster and smeared pussy to pussy like cobras writhing along the ground they stayed tight and clinched down.

Becky started to huff “Uhnn uhnn Uhnn ohh you fucking slut cmon bitch Ohhh god damn it”, but Jin was panting “Uhnn unn cmon fuck bitch ohh ohh yess cxnt’, sweat was forming now as the bodies glistened the women seemed to turn other on as they wanted to ruin other, the wet lapping was louder and juices could be seen on floor under them.

2, 5 , then 8 minutes and seemed these 2 were deadlocked when Jin again lifted her hips, Becky smiled as she thought she has her again and she pushed to Jin , Jin dropped her ass and hooked Beckie’s thigh and lifted and pushed up and suddenly was up on a knee and starting to straddled Becky.

Becky fought to stay up, she grabbed Jin around her body then Jins hair but Jin just pushed up as she widened thighs and gained balance on her down knee and her nails scratched along Beckie’s thigh to her calf , where Jin brought the leg up high making Becky lay back on floor.

Once prone her heavy tits rolling like waves as she was pumped  by Jins hips , Jin sat up fully on her knees and pushed Beckies  leg high trapping it in her arm and shoulder and straddled her pussy down onto Beckies limiting Becky to hold still while Jin ground down on her.

“Noo NOOo ohh ohh god yess yesss you fucking cxnt let me up uuhnn uhnn uhnn “, Jin was breathing through it , “cum you whore Jin has you cum and take it like a woman”, but as the duel went on Becky again worked Jins breasts to nipples and Jin started to quake “Uhnnn Noo NOOO get off my tit”.

Faster faster faster the women ground both sweating, hair was wet, breasts shinned their mouths open panting for breath and water, “As Becky reached to get Jins hair to yank her off Jin spread her thighs and her pussy drilled down on to Beckie’s the pin made Becky arch her back and she shook like a electric charge hit her , “UUUGHNNNN UGHNN YESS YESSSS “ and her body gave way as she had another orgasm.

Jin snarled with a smile , “Now Jin finnish you cow”, and she never stopped grinding to Becky wanting another orgasm, Becky was in trouble and she pushed and reached to grab Jin as Jin just rode her foe harder, soaking wet juices made their thighs shine, and slide but slowly their pussies redden, and the fight takes a toll on both.

As Jin works harder to get Becky another and fight her own she places her hands on Beckies shoulders to keep her there , but Becky feeling Jin was about to take control grabbed her wrists and yanked and Jin fell on Becky tit to tit, with the slight break Becky kicked her thighs out from under Jin and both women grabbed 2 handfulls of hair and as they pulled and rolled continued to grind pussies faster and harder, “Not this time you cxnt you want a fight cmon earn it’, Jin bucking pulled hard on her rivals scalp but the 2 women won’t let other stay on top.

Rolling one end to other as they did I couldn’t tell who it was each time but I simply knew each woman forced other to orgasm at least 3 more times sweat dripping , as were juices and red faced the women lifted heads to suck in air as they hurt to go on but refused to stop.

As Jin got on top again she locked her mouth on Beckies big tits and sucked and Becky started to buck hips, as she did Jin eyes widened, “Thats it cxnt cum for Jin your done i own you now”, Becky must have been close as Jin seem to take new life, but just as Jin was sure Becky reached her breaking point ,Becky bucked and broke the seal with Jin.

As Jin landed on her side and they both looked up gasping for a breath, no one declared victory , neither said get up fight they just tried to catch their breath , then Becky not satisfied ,reached for Jin and her hand went to Jins pussy and started to rub, Jin slapped her hand and shoved it away, “Get off me whore”!

Becky wanting to control Jin now went for it again but Jin threw her hand off her and got to her knees and crawled from Becky, Becky got to her knees and chased Jin, as she caught Jin from the rear she yanked the asian woman’s head back so much Jin sat up and back on haunches and cried, “OWWWW bitch my hair “ , but Becky was hell bent on winning and she pulled Jin back as her tits met Jins bare back Becky reached around between Jins thighs and started to finger her. ‘You cxnt open your thighs and fight me”.

Jin was near tears as her body convulsed and then arched as she was made to have another orgasm, as she shook and gasped Becky tried to bring her to the floor, but Jin was no rookie she tugged her rivals hand off and pushed away and like a new baby dear stood on her heels legs wobbling.

The move left Becky on her knees and Jin turned and stepped to her and took up Beckie’s scalp and pulled as he lifted the brunette up Becky cried, “Bitch my hair , let go” Jin wanted to hurt her she started to shake her head by hair when Becky had one last move.

Her hands came up and wrapped around Jins knee’s and then yanked fast and sharp the move made Jin lift off her heels and SMACK onto the floor on her back, “AWWWWUGhnnn” I thought Jin broke her back but she just had the wind knocked from her then Becky turned it up, she took Jins thighs and force spread them and then pushed her own knees on the inside of Jins thighs to keep them wide open.

Jin weakly pushed at Beckie’s tummy and pussy but there was no way to stop it as Becky took Jins wrists and crossed them and as she looked down slowly aimed and pinned Jins clit with her own and started to roll Jins clit to her mound as her own pussy smeared Jins, Becky snarled, “Nmm this a cleopatra pin cxnt your mine cumm for me.

Jin looked up her eyes started to roll back in her head as she laid their mouth open wide and was being pumped and ground as Becky sat up, within seconds both women were fighting an orgasm.
OHHH UHNN UHNNN MORE YESS YESSS “ as if in song they sang out loud, just as it seemed this fight was over as Jin was shaking, Becky started to shake together they quivered , then quaked then lost control of muscles as they spasmed at will, the screams of reaching orgasm were in unison.

A mutual cry rang out I couldnt be sure who reached orgasm first it was so close but instantly after the yell of joy the 2 women collapsed and gasped to not pass out, 2 minutes passed then slowly Becky rose and stood up , naked she teetered on her heels and gathered her clothes as she headed for the door, then I saw Jin get up and she followed after Becky, as Becky got to the door Jin caught her from behind and pressed Becky against the door then reached under between her thighs and sank her finger in Becky and started to pump it in and out as fast as she could muster.

Becky arched and cried ‘Nooo NOOOO you bitch ohhhhh yess yesss”, Jin refused to stop as Becky started to shake,  her nails clawed at the door , then it happened Jin made her orgasm again and as Becky did Jin nearly cried as she made Becky ride it through, “Jin better woman now Bitch i have you”.

But as Becky cried in pain, exhaustion and such a euphoria, she turned and took Jin by the hair and pulled her to the floor, ‘You want more cxnt cmon”, Jin laid there then Becky stagger stepped to her and fell on Jin the women squirm around the floor then Becky turned her body and trapped Jins head in a scissors ,as she squeezed down Jin wrapped her thighs around Beckie’s , there they lay in a double head scissor.

Both clawed at others thighs but it was Becky that went for the kill first she sank her tongue in Jins pussy and started to pleasure the asian woman , Jin arched and bucked but just followed the challenge and sank her tongue in Beckie’s pussy , slowly the 2 women ate the other as they held the scissor hold, squeezing when they could to try to make other stop her move.

The smells of sex filled the room as did sweat and the gentle suckling of others womans mouth on her rival, “uhnnmmm uhnmm mm cxnt mmmm bitch” was in a muffled whisper as they refused to stop ,suddenly Jin started to shake and then spasm after she  was forced to cum Becky kept going and instantly Jin shook again then again, as she panted and gasped for relief, ‘AAAHHHHH pLEae yessss Stopp OHH OHHH GODDDD YESSSS STOP I CAN”T UUHNNNNN YESSSS”.

Her legs snapped open and Becky dug deep as she opened her own and turned and mounted Jin, holding Jins leg high to her shoulder and chest Becky straddled Jin and placed her pussy on Jins,  as she looked down Jin cried , “NOOO NOO MORE PLEAE I GIVE BIYCH PLEASE!” but Becky knew when a challenge like this was made it was to be finished to proper end.

As she ground her pussy on Jins she hissed “Cum you cxnt I wont stop till you are finished” she drilled and ground her pussy on Jins over and over , about to pass out herself Becky balanced with all she had , she forced Jin to orgasm 3more times then as the 4th in a row was approaching Jin, she arched and gasped and orgasmed again , Jin laid still eyes shut, her head bobbed like being hit by waves as Becky just kept going.

Then when she saw Jin was out Becky fell back crying,  she sat then asked for my help up, I took her hand and got her up and helped her dress, as i did she smiled “I won baby , I beat her like a woman I told you I was best  woman .

I agreed and got Becky together then so not to let others see her I got her out back door and put her in a cab, I walked back in and Jin was till laying there , and i will say despite the mess and war i saw Jins prone form looked so inviting, by the time i woke her walked to the bar the guys high five me thinking it was me and Jin the entire time as we had more beers.

Another 10 minutes went by and Jin staggered out looking worn out for sure she headed for the exit but paused by me her eyes more closed than naturally making her sexy devilish look more hot she purred at my ear, “it is to bad she won i would have fucked you after a win , she was lucky not better pussy, you ever want to see you bring bitch back i fight her with my pussy and then nails”, my eyes widened and before i could answer Jin gave me a deep kiss then slowly swaggered out.

A while later the guys and i left, i got home Eva was still up, ‘Wow babe you are early , everything ok?”, I smiled yeah babe just needed to unwind not get tore up” as she kissed me she felt my hard on, ‘nmmm is that for me or some bitch touch my man?’

I kissed her back her huge tits to my chest i wasn’t sure i was gonna walk i was so hard, “Babe cmon I am home early duh”, we went in the bed room and as we were having some hot sex , I made Eva orgasm 2 times and was still ready to go , as she gasped “Wait wait i need a break my mind roared ,she couldn’t handle Becky or Jin, the smirk i think gave me away as she looked at me, “Whats going on ? was that whore Becky there?”, i just looked at her before i could say nothing happened Eva got back on top of me and started to ride me, as she did slow her amazing bust seem to swell lift and roll round like clock hands her nipples so stiff.

As she did she grilled me about Becky all i managed to say , “she showed up and her and a asian woman had a spat, it was so close but Becky won i guess but the asian girl was ready for more” she put her finger to my lips, “Shh this is my issue now”.

The next day I grabbed a pass and Eva and i left base and i showed her the down town area, it was a great day and Eva never once brought up Becky again.

The End

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