The Good Doctor by Dotti D

Dr. Gina was a mature woman in her late 40’s she has become one of the leading obstetrician’s, Dr. Gina was a gorgeous woman though her long sandy hair often in a pony tail she stood 5’10” and was in top shape at a 148 and a very curvy shape 36F-30-38 she had amber eyes and a smile make anyone want to smile, but Dr. Gina had a secret past that she rarely let out, Gina liked to put her breasts in competition with other women, but keeping her life style a secret and seeing women who become milk engorged and busty or bustier after giving birth made Gina desire it more, but she was slowing down not cause she couldn’t anymore but there seemed to be less women her age willing to.

That was till Dr. Gina got 2 new patients that sparked a desire she only thought of before, Jan was a auburn red head hair to shoulders who was 30 and just was having her second child, Jan was a gym rat prior to getting pregnant, she had turned her body into a toned fit firmed work of art, her already full breasts a firm and full 36G were now firmer and since she preferred to nurse they swelled bigger, her flawless skin stretched tighter as her breasts expanded more veiny as well, but Jan welcomed the new addition to her body as they stood out so firm she made the likes of a vintage Virginia Bell look saggy, Jan was 5’9” a solid 144 and a 36H-30 -38 she was top heavy to say the least.

Jan saw Gina over any Dr. in the group and they slowly became somewhat of an item if you will as Gina often compared or measured and admired Jans bust and shape, all of which both women kept a secret, after giving birth Jan was quick to turn her after baby bump nearly flat again and her visits were now two new reasons, she wanted to see Gina and her bust was so large and nipples so thick she complained of her new baby being very finicky, so she saw Gina for private lactating sessions in the office.

But as they spent the extra time Jan started to feel Gina wasn’t as interested as she was before, then she soon saw why, after a session with Gina as she was leaving and making her next appointment, Jan looked through the window of the receptionist desk and in the waiting room sat a woman who rivaled Jan and her milk laden bust.

Jan wondered who this woman was as she had never seen her in the office before, she would have remembered her, Daniel or Danni as she preferred was a gorgeous blonde who was as fit as Jan and stood 5’9” as well a 147lbs and was every bit a 36H-30-38 Jan was aside from their features they would be twins, as Danni was called in she stood up and her milk laden bust swelled out straining her bra and top and overflowing both her swagger was slow and sexy as she smiled her white teeth against her dark red lips sparkled, Danni slowed her swagger enough to notice Jan and as they crossed in the hallway each looked the over intently and as Jan had a how dare you glare Danni had a sly smirk that said move on.

Their eyes followed each other as Danni strut in and was only stopped as Gina smiled big and asked “Hey Danni how we feeling” Danni purred so Jan  heard her “Oh these girls of mine are so full i need your treatment” , but Jan knew what the special treatment was Gina would be running her hands and mouth over Dannis huge globes worshipping them till she could get Danni to purge and release some of the pressure and for no other reason the women enjoyed the other, Jan felt a twinge in her body that this new patient was so assertive to stroll in her Dr.’s office and take her ‘friend “ from her.

The rest of the day it bothered Jan and the following week she arrived for her appointment and as she sat Danni swaggered out,  her blouse slightly loose from her skirt this time and a huge smile as he headed for the  door she slowed enough to look into Jans tight veiny cleavage and share a stare the two women locked eyes as they assessed others fit busty figure, Jan swallowed a bit as she looked up at Danni and she peered back over massive bust the thought of being smothered by such a full firm pair gave her a chill, but unknown to Jan, Dani felt it as well as she saw Jan was every bit as big full and firm, and before Danni walked out each saw others nipples spike and tent through as they glared in silence, it was broken by the call of Jan in the office and she stood eye to eye with Dani and in true form arched up shoulders back and a catty grin swaggered in the hall , Danni heard the exchange “Jan hows things?”, “Ohhh i so need that treatment Gina” and the door shut, Danni stepped out and was now where Jan was a week ago, feeling Gina was with Jan.

While the silent taunt went on for a few weeks Gina was in her glory but still torn she admired both women and lusted after their bigger firmer breasts and she often would compare the two in her head as she worked on each at different times, each of the women saw Gina was in thought and not herself when alone with them and surprising to each it started to bother them another woman took attention from themselves.

Finally Jan was growing tired of the taunt of seeing which of them got first appointment with Gina and gave the other a triumphant glare as she left, Jan asked For the earliest appointment and thought for sure she would nudge Danni  in a way that said “got ya”, but as the receptionist looked at next week she saw Gina was booked already for first slot, Jan felt the news in pit of her tummy, “with who?” she asked and as she was about to hear,  Danni was at the desk and softly purred “with me” and she stood beside Jan as they both breathed in heavy and saw into others veiny tight mass swelling over bra cups and blouse, each took a breath in and were mesmerized at the other, they broke their trance as the receptionist told Danni she was all set and Danni smirked to Jan as she spun on her heels and started out as she did Gina passed in the hall and Danni gave a wink and wiggle of her fingers bye.

Jan was in a rage now and she leaned to the receptionist with a 20 in her hand purred “anyway you can fit me in same time?” the receptionist making certain no one saw whispers “not this week but the following week i can “ Jan was disappointed but agreed and handed the bill over, Jan would be second next week but then shared the time with Danni after that.

The following week was same routine Danni walking out with a smirk as Jan had to endure being second, but Jan had an equally sly smirk this time that had Danni wondering what she knew, as Jan entered the room and Gina walked in Jan was all over her kissing and caressing and Gina returned the favor, as Gina pulled her blouse open and removed Jans bra, she let Gina measure her and admire but as Gina went to orally please Jans breast Jan stopped her, “Whats wrong honey?” Gina asked, Jan looked at her ‘I want to know if you really think that bitch is better”, Gina eased back “Who wha….’ Jan stopped her “Don’t play games Gina i been seeing that cow take my time slots for weeks and leave here smirking I know you compare us tell me the truth”, Gina eased back and her hands caressed around Jans huge mass, ‘Oh Jan i never thought it would happen i am sorry but truth is Danni is as big as you and the comparisons are amazing “ her lips kiss each nipple as Jan allows her to, ‘Nmmm top it off shes as aware of you as you of her and well she played right into my fantasy”, Jan presses her nipples at Ginas lips ‘NMm What fantasy i can play it up as well”, Gina lifts her head looking at Jan, “I know you could but thats the thing she sensed what it was and did it on her own, she saw i was comparing you both and asked if ever there was a way,  would i love to see you and her fight for me”, Jan eyes opened wide ‘Fight?’, Gina smiled as she purred ‘NMm not a catfight though i would love that as well but using your tits against hers a titfight loser milked for me”.

Jan stared a bit in awe but a bit pissed that this other woman was in tune enough to know what Gina liked and to assume hers were better, Gina caressing Jans big globes purred “i would have mentioned it sooner but i didn’t think you would consider it, thats why  i was seeing her more she would sit here telling me how she would make you give and smother you “, Jan now was getting mad, “she said that? who does that bitch think she is? my tits would crush her and i would drain her tits and smother her” Gina smiled and cooed “nmmmmmmm would you?”, Jan stared in her eyes “for you yes”.

Jans session ended and she felt redeemed in Ginas eyes it was like the days before that bitch came to her and she saw no harm in playing a fantasy as Gina worshipped her tits and eased the ache deep in her bust, but the following week was going to be a change for all of them, Jan arrived a few minutes early for her scheduled time and she was in a sexy little black skirt that hugged her ass and black thigh highs and purple heels a purple pastel blouse tucked in and a dark purple bra under she had the blouse opened half way down her deep tight cleavage and her hair up to emphasis her long neck and immense bust, her nails purple lips red she looked amazing to say the least she sat scanning a magazine as the office was opening up and as the receptionist strolled in she saw a concerned look on her face when she saw Jan.

Jan paid no mind as she had the first time slot and right before she was called in the door opened and in walked Danni, the women shard a glare and Jan rolled her tongue in her cheeks at the busty rival now aware of the game she and Gina had, Danni was in a black skirt as well with smoke gray thigh highs grey heels and a silver grey blouse tucked in and opened as far as Jans with a silver bra under that was strained and over flowing as much, as Danni checked in she was told she was next and she turned and her eyes bore into Jans who stared right back over the magazine, as Danni sat near Jan and the waiting room empty, the two women sat in silence a minute then Jan looking in her magazine spoke a loud, ‘Looks like a new game now honey”, Danni now scanning a magazine as well just inhaled, “Oh think so? i just think it took the next step the real game hasn’t started yet ..Honey”, Jan smirked , ‘Oh no? the good Dr likes a certain game and I let on I am a player”, Dani looked up from her magazine and then smirked “That so? funny i havent heard that “, Jan looked up”You will AFTER I am seen first”, at that moment Jan was called in and she stood up and winked at Danni ‘Your gonna be waiting a while why dont you grab a coffee”, Danni nearly lunged from her seat as Jan smiled and swaggered in the office hall and to a room, as he reached the door she heard Danni being called back and as she stepped in her room Danni was placed in the room across from her and smiled as she purred ‘“Maybe a coffee after i am seen “ and swaggered in shutting her door.

Jan was pissed and before she could march across Gina entered “Hi Jan honey” a smile so big as Jan leaned on the table she had her hands in front of her and her arms squeezing up her already tight breasts more, ”Why is that cow here for my time slot?”, Gina took a deep breath in “oh she stopped in other day and demanded to be seen after she learned you and i had an extended session again”, “oh did she now and did she also hear how i entertained you about talk of a titfight between us” Gina smiled “she sure did and was upset you said yours were better”, Jan smiled “Gina let me ask you this after her and i how many you seeing today?”, Gina called up front to see her schedule “ok thanks “ she hung up “you and her then i am free for 3 hours why?”.

Jan smiled big and gave Gina a kiss “ I want you to go over there and tell her I want more than to TALK about a titfight” Gina’s eyes went wide her lip a tremble ‘W..w..what?’, Jan smiled and opened her blouse till her bra was in view and purred ‘I want you to tell that bitch my tits are ready to fight hers right now”, Gina was lost for words then she asked again ‘Your willing to do that for me?” Jan caressed Ginas big tits through her top and bra”NO I am willing to do it to get rid of that cow and for us” Gina huffed a hot breath, “Ohh let me see what she says”, Gina shut the door and stepped across the hall, “Hi Danni feeling good today?”.

Danni was leaning to the table a hand to her hip “i feel great why?”, “well i just was in with Jan and she wanted me to tell you her tits are ready for a fight” Danni smirked ‘Oh did she now and when does she want to?”, Gina looked at Danni, “right now she said” , Danni inhaled and was not as quick to answer suddenly, ‘Ha of course she said that cause she knows we have no place to have it out”.

Gina took a breath in “actually there is, we have a spare office not in use, i was going to suggest there but you don’t seem as ready” Danni looked at her and she felt as Gina lost some confidence in her, “does she know about it?” , “No not at all” she sounds like she is willing in the exam room but you two dont have the room”, Danni stared at Gina as she saw the Dr’s nipples tenting as she breathed deeply, “i will make a deal you tell her I am ready to fight her tits as well ,but i want the stakes to be her bra , her milk and I smother her as she worships my tits”, Gina paused at the door” And if she wins?”, Danni swallowed ‘The same for her then”.

Gina stepped out of the exam room and took a breath in as her fingers were shaking as she turned the door handle she stepped in as Jan was waiting, “Well she gonna fight me?”, Gina smiled ‘She agreed but wants drastic stakes I am not sure you two realize what it means”, Jan smiled “and what stakes are they?”, Gina explained them and Jan stared at her, “where are we going to fight?”, Gina told her about he spare office and that only she will see the fight, Jan agreed with a bit of concern but it was to late to bow out now.

Gina gave her a kiss and as she opened the door to tell Danni the news, Danni was standing in view of the doors and had her blouse open to her bra as well and glares across at Jan standing glaring back both women breathed deep and slow, as Gina said it was all agreed on Jan and Danni stared and nodded as Gina called the receptionist back and told her the exams were going to take longer to clear her day, then Gina turned and pulled the office key from her pocket and dangled it as she stood in the hall, “are we ready ladies?” both women eased from their exam room and were ready to pounce as they bumped hips in the hall, “Jan growled “Bitch” as Danni growled ‘Whore”, Gina was smiling as she leads them to end of the hall and unlocks the office, both women stroll in and move apart as Gina closes then locks the door, only a typical office rug was in the room and white painted walls plenty of room to move around and duel without being out of reach of other.

Gina turned and removed her lab coat then opened her blouse and pulled her big tits over her bra cups she caressed them making her nipples stiffer “mmmmm ladies feel free to get topless and start”, Jan stared at Danni as her talons flicked one button at a time open on her blouse, then she eased it from her skirt and removed it laying it on the floor beside her she then turned her back to Danni and unclasped her bra, the elastic sides sprung open and Jan smiled at the relief as she eased the bra off she dangled it as Gina took it and she put her hands on her hair as she made Danni see her mammoth monster tits outline from the back, “nmmmm” then she slowly turned to Danni and showed off her powerful tits as they stood out round veiny and strained to limits, she smirked as Danni eyes widened a bit and she took care to look Jans tits over, Jan purred slyly “i know impressive aren’t they”.

Gina was smiling as she saw Jans breasts heave slowly up and down,then Danni without a word flicked her blouse open and eased it free from the skirt as she eased it off she turned and unclasped her bra as she did she grunted as if was effort to unclasp”uww so tight” smiling as Jan watched she let her bra explode open and eased it off dangling it on her talons as Gina took it her hands went to her hair and Jan was forced to see her mammoth tits from the back, slowly Dani turned to face Jan and as Jans eyes widened Gina smiled and Danni purred “I know even more impressive”.

The both of them stared and despite not admitting it,had to admired what the other had, both of them easily compared to Ewa Sonnett a high end web model but rounder and veiny holding their milky load, they didn’t need any instruction from Gina to know what came next this was going to be tit to tit till one woman couldn’t go on and other was going to wreak havoc on the losers tits and drain her as the woman they wanted watched one be destroyed, the breaking of a woman in such a manner was enough to make any proud woman never show her face again not to mention handing over her bra and then forced to be smothered and worship winners tits, as that same woman watched.

Both stood glaring they had to defy what their minds told them and re secure their confidence as this was going to take place now, Jan was first to step from her stance and slowly head toward Danni she formed a circle as Danni breathed in and followed the path as they glared each noticed no sway or jiggle in others breasts, Jan purred slowly “any rules you need?”, Danni just kept the circle slowly going as they came closer “only one you use anything but those tits against mine i will do same right back, and you”?, Jan breathed in a slow deep breath “oh i agree goes for you as well but i think hair holds allowed, don’t want you escaping when my girls start to hurt yours”, Danni smirked “i agree”.

It was set the ground rules were in place nothing was left to do but let their tits fight this out, now the women got close enough they rubbed arms as they circled inhaling others scent as hips bumped and the side walls of their huge tits came inches from meeting, Jan looked down then at Danni, “ready to fight my tits honey?” Danni looked down then up again “bring it sugar  long over due”slowly Jan touched her left side wall to Dannis left sidewall and each felt the others warm flesh, as Jan gently bumped to her rival then pressed enough to have full contact then slowly she applied more pressure till Danni started to press back, then Jan eased back a half step and pulled her tits across Dannis.

Both women licked their lips at the feel of others mass as she pulled across she watched till their fat thick stiff nipples met and as both moaned Jan gave a head on lift and flicked her nipples at Dannis, who instantly mimics the move back into Jan moaning her own reaction”uuuuhhhh”..uwwww”, Gina held their bras as her fingers pulled her nipples “nmmm yess girls work into each other fight”.

Danni now took the lead as she lifted her nipples up at Jans and then circled hers and flicked apart “uuuhnnn cmon” Jan gave it right back “uuuhhnnn yess cmon” they stood nose to nose as they flicked their nipples faster and both were breathing from the feel of others to their own, as things stepped up a little speed, frustration started early as neither bent other to a pin and Danni then took on Jans tits with her own as she stared at Jan she shimmied slow and sexy and as she did,  bore at Jans cleavage slowly the move worked as Jans cleavage separated a bit and the dull sound of flesh colliding was heard as well as Jans reaction, “uuhhh uuuhnnn mmff “, Danni felt her smile return as she stared at Jan “ohh you feel that already nmmm yes feel it more” then she stepped at Jan and slow but firmly dragged up at her rivals cleavage looking to part her tits and get at Jans inner walls, Danni knew the move so early in would devastate Jan and the fight would be short, “uuwww sss yess my tits are so much stronger nmmmm take it honey cmon “.

Jan a novice as much as Danni felt the move was deadly and not wanting to pull away as if hurt early on let Danni try to part her as she started to Jan looked up and smirked “nmmmm nice try but not today .honey” then flexed her chest and shimmied back making Dannis tits push up and not take hers with them,  as Dannis tits were lifted from the nestle of her cleavage Jan stepped at her and gave a firm bump up under at her and then started a slow grind and roll at Dannis undersides , now it was Danni who gasped out a hot breath, “uuuhnnn uwwww “ and Jan regain her lead “ohhh problems so early honey?”.

Danni looked in Jans eyes “ you talk to much .” and before Jan knew it Danni dragged her huge tits low and off Jans tits and then gave a head on push and pressed till Jan lost a step back,  then Stepped in again and got under Jans tits and ground up at her undersides the dense clop made Gina moan as Jan grunted ,‘nmmmm” , “UUghhmmffff “  Danni worked at Jan “You were saying ..honey?”, now both women knew others capability and strength in her monster tits now it was more clear pure endurance and pain will win this fight not skill or mass, both saw the look in others eyes, as Jan dragged her tits off Dannis they eased apart enough to circle as hands gripped their own hair they thrust their tits as a challenge, Gina groaned “nmmm yes fight like bitter rivals”.

The slow circle went on till Danni pressed to Jan and rubbed firm into her, “uuhnnn mmmff cmon fight back”, but Danni didn’t need to ask as Jan pressed right back and rubbed as firmly into her “uuuhnn uuwww right here cmon fight” they glared in others eyes again as the grinding increased then Danni hissed ‘Ohh you wanna get to it hmm cmon then “ and she took her hands off her hair and opened them wide at chest level as she did Jan released her hair and opened her hands and Danni interlaced fingers with her.

Both girls palms met as fingers clenched on hands and they pulled their arms in swelling the huge tits out more as they tugged hands each pulled other into her tits ‘Uhnn mmff mff ,” the room began to hear the volley of flesh meeting amid the grunts Danni hissed “cmon honey “ Jan gripped tighter “bring it  cmon your the talker now”

The taunt got to Danni as she shoved her tits into Jans roughly and then started a heavy slow smear into Jans big tits, the dry skin and air allowed Dannis tits to catch Jans and pull and drag as Jan felt it her lips pursed a bit “uuuwww uuggg ugg bitch”.

Danni grinned at getting a reaction as she pressed firmer and continued it “ohhhh uwwww your feeling my tits nmm take it bitch”, Gina grabbed her tits at the action and purred ‘Nmmm nice touch , cmon Jan show her you can fight”, Jan huffed a heavy breath ‘UUUghnnnn” then pushed her tits into the fight again and now had Danni working, both women smeared slow and dragged and pushed and prodded at others tits, panting began as both were feeling other, “ughhh uuhnnn mmfmf mmff cmon uwww” filled the room.

Gina who was lusting for the battle couldn’t choose between them and seeing each have her moments of advantage was getting her so hot she moaned at each womans pain and gain on other, the sound of their firm flesh colliding had her kneading her own big tits as she moaned ‘uuhnmmmm more fight girls”,  Danni and Jan were even every move was countered and new one attempted as both Jan and Danni watched their tits and their rivals wrestle and push they grew frustrated, their sinewy legs straight were forced to give space and take it back, sweat started to form as both gasped for fresh air but stayed tight against others warm mass.

Gina watched as if slow motion began as both girls stabbed her nipples at others areolas and bore in then had to retreat as others were stabbing as hard, aside from heavier and heavier breathing neither gave a sign they were going to give an inch, as frustration grew that each was able to feel other attack then thwart it and attack her own  move making both feel and become more bitter and jealous.

Fighting for nearly an hour the girls were becoming flush in the face and the slow smooth circle they kept doing started to lose its path as both began to dig deep and start to try to out muscle and mass other with their heavy tits, Danni broke her silent steady fight first, “uuuhnnn mmff you Bitch “ and her hands with Jans pushed over head then low and then out wide bring the two and their tits into tighter contact.

When their cheeks shoulders chests tits and tummies met tightly their heads turned as both smeared make up and sweat they huffed in other ear,”uuhhnnn mmff more fight”…”bring it cmon harder”, Gina was now getting aroused more licking her lips “uuunnnnn mmm yes harder fight ladies let it out”, but the girls stopped fighting for the Dr. and were fighting for each of their self pride and confidence.

They pressed so tightly to other their cheek bones smear as their mouths open in hate , desperation and trying to hang in till other gave their eyes told Gina what the mouths and sounds denied , each was hurting aching deep and wanted to give as one then other seem to gain then lose it again,  Danni breathing her eyes shut as if asking God to make her rival say she quit, started to pull her fingers from Jans as she rolled her huge tits in and against her rivals breathed her exhaustion, “uuuuhnnnnn bitch let go fight my tits harder cmon”,  Jan her muscled back straining as hard as they turned about the room also widened then shut her eyes as she panted to Dannis ear, “you let go i am ready to really let my tits at yours cmon”.

What ever deep hate both had was now compiled 3 fold as their hands pulled and swatted others away,  the hand holds broke they turned to look at other and both snarled a lip and as if planned they grabbed others hair and yanked making each others mouth drop open and show pain “uuugghhh ohh you bitch”,,,”ooww uughhh whore “, then looking  ready to break,  the women seem to have a second wind and pulled others body off her own and as they tugged others head slow but painfully their tits never lost contact as Danni then Jan dragged, swiped , and pushed their proud globes at others an almost systematic rhythm just started and as the girls heard the noise of it and felt effects it grew slowly.

Both had a front high hair hold and that allowed free open breast contact and each felt how dangerous the move could be to other and themselves for doing it as their big tits were hung out to duel.

They snarled at the pain in the scalp and grunted at the tugs as they were forced from the slow timid churning to a wider and staggering path, the anger of other on each others confidence was intensified as now they were out to hurt other and break her, their heels now clattered about more as legs widened for balance and heels made tiny furrow lines as they scuffed the rug , the pulling became a bit harder and more violent as backs arch and heavy tits sway and collide others set.

As each time their firm tits collided and quaked a hair tug followed with a taunt “uuhnnn bitch your tits are weak”..”uummfff cmon finish them if yours are so good whore “,  slowly for first time Danni starts to control Jan as she pulls Jan by her hair and aims her back where she wants,  and her tits start to deliver aimed blows, “aaaghh uughnn mmfff bitch get off” Danni using one to one pumps smearing and thrusts of her tits as Gina hears the results, “CLOP..CLOP..CLAP THWACK”as Jan is forced to emit the effects, “uuhnn mmfff uuhnn mff uww uuwww bitch”, as she loses ground Danni seems to fill her body and sneers “take it bitch yess feel my tits now nmmmm”.

Jans looks of no fear and tiredness now are wiped away as Gina sees fear as she is walked around the room and then shoved at the door and corner of the wall as her bare back hits the wall Danni pins her head to it by hair and with all she has drags up and down as her big tits now start to power Jans at will “uuughnnn mmmfff yesss uwwww your tits are weaking bitch nmmm”.

Jans confident look breaks, her face in awe and fear and wonderment how she lost the equal struggle her tits red now and being worked by another pair,  as Gina watches wanting to stop it yet wanting it to finish her lips purse “more fight harder”, the general comment open to both fighters,  Danni starts to really go at Jan with her tits swipes , drags pumps and lifts but as Danni works her rival her tits are worked as Jans arent giving much.

The dull echo of flesh bulging and pumping and hitting is louder as the sounds of skirts hissing amid grunts and gasps, “Cmon you Bitch uughnn mfff give  ohh ughnn BITCH!”, Danni angry and sore needs a break but can’t stop she knows Jan has fight left if freed, but Jan is hanging on as her monster tits are being wrestled and pushed her hair tugged she winces “uuughnn mmfff ohh you Bitch”.

As the corner fighting goes on Jans heel almost slips out from under her as she gasps “aaaghh uughnnnmfff” Gina eyes wide gasps it might be over “noo noo fight “ as Danni nearly about to cry yells,  “Give ughnn Give cxnt”, but Jan seeing the look in Ginas face digs deep and grabs Danni by her hair at the temples and snaps her head back as Danni looks up mouth open her heels stagger back 3 steps as Jan pushes off the corner and as she yanks shaking Dannis head her tits start to drive up at Dannis, “cmon you cxnt fight my tits”, Dannis mouth drops open as her eyes widen and even Ginas eyes go big as Jan using her tits and hair hold drives Danni back as they stand tit to tit center room Danni winces and Jan sways her big tits and they slap and collide to Dannis fully,”awww aghhh uuhnnmmff umff oouuufff bitch”.

Gina excited and rubbing her mound screams “yess yess fight harder go”,  Danni worried fights back in fear as Jan does in anger they exchange a full 5 minutes of tit to tit blows the room erupts in fleshy Smacking and grunts, Danni is sweating more and her mouth is dry as she gasps out “aaww aghnn uhnn” Jan takes her by the hair and whips her to the table her mid lower back hits the edge she gasps out as her tits lift outward her hands grip the table as her back hurts and Jan comes in low at her and wraps her hands and arms around Dannis ribs as her tits SMACK up in an upper cut to Dannis.

Gina gasps “OH GOD” as Danni arches in pain’AWWWWW” and Jan grinds and smears up lifting her rival “NMMMMMM UWWWWW that hurt cxnt hmmm give and  ill stop cmon your tits are done”.

Danni tries to make Jan hold her own heavy tits and Dannis as she drags on them,  the women glare as they seem to stop moving Jan hugs tighter and soon Danni hugs back nipples end up head on as both walk in a circle in a bear hug faces in others neck and ear.

“uughnnn mmfff you give bitch”, “uughnnn mmfff cmon fight then bitch”, tears start down both cheeks as they show expression out of view but breath heavy and swallow screams, as they seem to hug as tight as they can and their heels step their bodies as one their tits mushroom to point they look as if they may explode , sweating and totally drained the women hang on to the other as Gina watches elated yet worried she sees the women are whispering threats at the others ear, she steps closer to hear.

Giving the two fighters room but close so she can make it out, Danni..”Stop it give your hurt, feel it i know you do bitch” in an almost tearful hiss, as Jan taunts back ..”uuhnn never bitch your done admit it before i hurt your tits with mine, cmon Give”!,  Gina breathes as heavy that both are spent and done both in agony but neither will just admit the other beat her tits as they hug Jan works her hands and ams lower and as she hugs low she arches and Danni arches and her tits slip a bit her eyes get big as Jan stares”ohhh you fucked up bitch your mine now”.

Danni squirms and has a panic look in her eyes as she suddenly pants “Nooo Stop uuughnnnn ohhh you bitch don’t noo owwww “ Gina confused at first looks again and sees Jan has hugged Dannis lower back pulling her tummy in tight and lifting, forcing  her big tits out as she is forced into Jan, who is pumping and rolling a figure eight design up into Danni undersides impaling her rivals tits on her own, Dannis eyes roll up and her head tosses back at each upward thrust Jan delivers , slowly Gina can see Jans hips to shoulders flex and pump up and in and the dense low audible CLOP rings from between them as Danni suddenly hangs on Jan as they hold each other Danni tries to wrestle her big tits lower.

Both women have tears running as neither will say it but both are praying its over and as Danni hangs on Jan , Jan growls “GIVE YOU Bitch ..uhnnn nowww!”, Gina was beside herself as the end was near for one of them, Jan was pulling in on Danni who was hanging on her, but still smearing her big tits back into Jans, every thrust every smear and grind had both girls looking to heavens for a way to end it,  Jans knees were starting to give as she tried to end the fight, as if on a cue both girls took in a last breath and with wobbly stances Danni straightened up as  did Jan and a torrid tit boxing exchange took place as Danni broke Jans hug, “uuhnn noo bitch give “ Jan cried as Danni panted “let go and fight you bitch”.

They held other by the forearms and swayed their big tits colliding them into the others as full and hard as they were able to muster,  the exam room echos solid clops Slaps and smack sounds as grunts turn into yipes and pain filled growls, as they swung their tits,  Danni started to back Jan up again and sweat splatted off breasts,  Jans eyes went wide and mouth as she cried “Owwww ohh noo nooo”, Danni in agony snarled in tears “Now you give cmon your done bitch give!”.

Jan was nearly backed to the table and as she felt the edge of it on her rear, Jan inhaled and pushed Dannis arms and something deep inside her blew as she started t o upper cut sway her tits into Danni’s and a scream filled the exam room, ‘AWWWWWWWWAGHHHHH “ Danni was in pain and her tits were hit upward 1,2,3times and seem to bounce down, her knees went out and she went down holding Jans arms, Jan stood with thighs wide over her huffing, “SAY IT SAY IT!!”, Gina who wanted this was so concerned now pleaded “ohhhh dont get up pleas”, Danni moved she rolled to her knees as she did Jan nearly broke into tears as Danni kneeled the weight of her big tits shifted her tits and she cried “aaaghhh ohhh” she cupped them and slowly got to her heels and straightened up Jan was looking like she was going to give to end it.

Danni released her tits and snarled “you bitch fight my tits now, NOW!” their breasts were red bruised and swollen and ached as they were breathing heavy,  but Jan sucked in a breath seeing Danni once again want a fight and nodded as her lips gasped “cmon bitch my tits are ready”, Gina covered her mouth “nooo” but the two women wanted to finish the fight, they stepped right together and grabbed the other by her hair as they crashed their tits head on, they winced and then rolled, smeared and dragged their globes into others, faces were contorted in pain but they still went into other, “uuummff umff noo owww’,,,”cmon give owww uuuggghhnnn”.

The hair pulling was becoming more desperate as they snapped others head by it causing each to lose her position and reset stance, tears ran as saliva gasped from open lips, as it went on Danni managed to turn Jan by the hair into the table and as she arched up against it Danni pinned her body into Jans and using her hair hold bent Jan back snarling as she did “GIVE GIVE !!!!” Jan watched as her proud tits sitting up on her chest were mauled by Dannis tits , their tummies and thighs met,  Danni tugged and tugged Jans scalp demanding she give as Jan held on “AWWW NEVER FIGHT ME”.

   Jan manages to get a high hair hold on Danni and yanks her head back and to the right by the hair “awwwww” as he does Danni staggers and Jan bumps from the table and they tear at others scalp a full minute till Jan thrusts at Danni and their tits again mushroom and mold to others,  Danni looks up again “aaahhh uughnmmfff’ Jan huffs “Bitch”.

As they go tit to tit again Dannis burst of come back seems to drain away as Jan is dead on her feet she starts to grind into her rival “give just do it”,  Danni sniffling “noo i won’t i ca…” then Jan frustrated and angry pumps her tits head on 1 ,2,3,4 times the move has Danni staggering backwards she bumps the door and bucks off into Jan who was waiting and hugs into Danni,  Danni cries “oowwww noo please ohhhh”, her hands slap and push at Jan who now pumps her tits firmly and steady punishing Dannis “uughnn ughnn oww noo ummfff”, Jan says nothing as she wants to hurt her rival.

Danni weakens and her pushing becomes more annoyance as Jan continues starting a rhythm,  Jan pumps pumps smears slow firm to her rival Danni has tears the size of quarters run down her cheek as suddenly she whimpers “Noo please “ then her shoulders drop as her hands weakly hang,  her tits are being easily moved about by Jans,  her head hangs on Jans shoulder as Jan lips to ear huffs “you give ?” Gina saw Dannis head nod yes she huffed out a relief breath but Jan wanted her to hear it as she tugged Danni by the body tighter she swiped her tits side to side “SAY IT!” Danni crying and hurt nodded  “Say it you Bitch or i will really hurt your tits “ and she lifted Dannis tits with her own and Dannis head came up “AWWW AWWWW Please ok ok i give I GIVE PLEASE!!!!” Jans body slackens and she lets Danni go the women step apart and Danni crying sinks to her knees cuddling her giant tits as Jan steps around her looking down.

Slowly Jan widens her thighs and straddles Dannis rear, then sits on the small of her back like a saddle,  as she sits on her back Danni looks up at Gina ‘Please NOO” but Gina watches as Jan places her tits on Dannis bare back,  she reaches under and cups the huge tits in her fingers and starts to massage  knead and squeeze working in a downward motion over and over stretching the large tits to the thick nipples,  Dannni cries as her pride is being pulled away, then one then two drops of milk hit the rug,  then Jan pinches and pulls and milk sprays from them as Danni whimpers “uuhnn oww please noo you bitch”, Jan now seems to find a fresh wind as she smiles an evil grin as she feels her hands drip warm milk “give it all Cow cmon”, after a few minutes Danni can’t give another drop and Jan just roughly kneads her staring at the back of her head “nmmmm best tits won bitch” Danni in tears growls, “next time bitch” Jan hears the threat she will be back so Jan grabs her hair in a fist and pulls up making Dannis back stretch up and hang by hair as Danni grabs at Jans hands , Jan forms a fist and starts to deliver vicious blows into Dannis tits .

AWWW AWWWWAWWW AWWWW” screams are heard as Jan snarls “Show your tits here again ill rip them off got it” Danni crying nods and screams “PLEASE I GIVE I GIVE STOP”, Gina yells “Jan Stop “ Jan pushes Dannis head by hair who falls to the wet rug and cries, Jan paces as her tits hurt swaying, then she straddles Dannis body and sits on her tummy, as Danni looks up shes sees Jans evil glare over her red bruised swollen full tits, slowly Jan lowers her big tits and sways slapping Dannis face with them, “nmmmmm yesss you and your tits are done here” then she engulfs Dannis face in her tits “nmmmm worship them bitch” Gina in awe squezes her huge tits “nmmmm yes Jan”.

Finally Jan shoves her body off Dannis prone figure as she lays on the wet rug, Jan stares down as Gina steps over and hands Jan her bra and blouse then Danis bra, Danni cries as Jan takes the bra, Jan eases on her bra and models it then her blouse as she has her purple bra in hand with purse and walks out, smiling and elated over the pain she has,  Jan swaggers to the desk, in the office Danni sits up and cups her tits as she stands , Gina hands her the blouse and she whimpers as she slips it on then Gina gives her something for pain,  as she leaves Danni has her head down as Jan stares smirking and her now red swollen tits drained and braless sway loose as she wipes tears.

 As she walks out arm under her tits as she passes the front desk Jan taunts “want another appointment ?” Danni shakes her head no and runs out, Jan smirks as he hears the receptionist tell Gina,  “Sorry Dr. but you have a new patient referral here “,  Gina sighs “ Gotta take this see you later?” Jan smiles ‘Oh yes” as she looks at the receptionist ‘I need a new appointment” she smiles then looks in the waiting room as Ginas nurse calls her new patient in “Mandy Dr. will see you now” a   redheaded woman stands with a huge bust as the nurse opens the door ’ Mandy struts slowly she swaggers by and her and Jan lock eyes she sees the bra in Jans hand and sneers at Jan with subtle nod, and Jan inhales for her and raises a brow as both tilt chin up at other.

The End

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