The Lost Colony by Dotti D

As most may know or read at some point in 1588 English settlers came to the new world and tried to set up camp in what is now Roanoke ,Virginia, there are many theories as to what became of an entire new settlement, the fact that no bodies were found however has every historian scratching their head.

These theories range from disease to massive storms however none of those can hold any truth as the settlement area was found and ruins of it but still after tons of digs not a single bone, so while these are possible they cannot be held as a means.

This leads to a theory many as of late are looking at more and more, that the settlement in trying to bring or rather force their culture on the native american indians had over stepped their bounds and were savagely attacked and dragged off and survivors taken into the native culture, and bodies burned amid sacred burial grounds, hence lack of evidence on remains not found.

Now on to the depth of another archeologists theory that chimes with that one though most dismiss his angle to it we can imagine it to a degree, in his theory things start with the cultures at a mutual respect yet fear of other the previous “probing” settlers who were mostly soldiers of the crown were found to have taken some of the Croatans either as hostage, prisoner or to control the native Indians.

Naturally the native indians while strangers to the settlers and likewise were not strangers to confrontation with other tribes roaming and when the settlers claimed their people as captives the pride to get their people back out weighed the fear of the new colonist.

This leads to colonists erecting a wood fort surround something else the natives never faced, after many skirmishes the croatans chief decided to take a step back and observe these new people and how they went about their routine.

Unlike the times in England these new settlers were in a rock and hard place as they were new to the land and the woods and what to hunt and search for as food goes, this slowly progressed to desperation within the camp, with some demanding a truce and follow the chiefs ways and others demanding a full attack and steal what the natives had already.

As the colonist leaders decided to try to go the peaceful way a few meetings outside the fort took place often it was 3 male colonists and a female holding something to trade as the chief brought two young bucks and a squaw carrying a basket of food, each time both brought out more to trade but unlike the indians who had endless supply from the land the colonist soon were running low on goods and each time they brought out less the chief brought less causing hunger again.

As the cycle went on the colonist soon were at each others throats to steal or take more food from one another, the chief watched the decline but what sparked some events not yet accepted was the last meet the 2 cultures had outside the gates.

With starvation setting in the chief and the colonists again met outside the gates , with little to nothing to trade for the fruit and food the indian people had the chief soundly removed 2 servings in a crude manner said “No not enough” before another word could be said by either party the colonists young woman that was standing behind lunged at the indian squaw and grabbed at food in the wicker basket, her attempt sent much of it to the sandy dirt while the squaw pulled it back.

Gwen was a vibrant blonde haired woman, standing 5’6” with blue eyes and red full lips, under the full length dress which now lost some of its color and was tattered at the feet and top was undone below her neck line Gwens full breasts swelled slightly in view as sweat from the Virginia summer drained her, her long hair was tied up under the bonnet she was custom to wearing, as the leaders yelled for her to stop, the desperation of hunger and food in reach took over.

The squaw who felt she was being attacked was Nalla a red tan long haired raven beauty with amber eyes and full lips and under the long deer skin dress an equally busty figure, they didnt know it but both women were a firm full 36DD neither over 135 lbs and curvy.

Nella yanked the basket from Gwens grip and a slight struggle ensued despite both the chief and leaders demands to stop, but Gwen was hungry and Nella was proud before anyhting could be reacted on Nella pulled the basket free and threw it behind her , the food roleld into the rich dirt as she stood breathing heavy glaring at Gwen, Gwen seeign the food wasted and Nellas stance tried to get around the squaw to grab anything but Nella stepped in the way, suddenly Gwen reared back and slapped Nella across the face the squaw in shock stood stunned as Gwen went to her knees and started gathering up food from the dirt.

It didnt take but a minute for Nella to snarl her lips back and her natural savage ways to come out as she rushed Gwen from back grabbed her hair through the bonnet and with a wild whipping action shook the white witches head like a rag doll while dragging her on her ass in the dirt off the food.

Gwen clawed at Nellas hands as she screeched but could only kick along to ease the pull, finally Nell threw her to the dirt and ran in front ofthe food again and bent to grab basket and start pushing food in, Gwen gasping seeing the food being taken jumped up and rushed the squaw and landed a kick to her side that caught Nellas breast, the arching scream made all their eyes wide as Gwen pounced on her back and pulled her thick long black hair while shoving her face in the dirt.

Looking to save face and avoid an all out war the leaders grabbed Gwen tore her off Nella and shoved her back behind them , they then handed the chief what little they had to trade and bowed forgiveness, but the chief was proud one and his people were as well such an attack must be dealt with for him to return to the village as the story of the meet would be told.

With a simple pass of his hand the chief crudely spoke, “This not good enough , this attack by you, this must be finished” the leaders looked each other over and fear came in their eyes with little gun powder and less food to get their people ready for a fight was not there, John one of the land governors in england lips cracked from dehydration spoke “Chief please we are few and are in need of your friendship, this was a mistake no attack she is hungry” the chief crossed his arms and shook is head no till John offered another apology “Please chief what can we do to make friends again?” The chief glared and stood silent then pointed to Gwen and then pointed to Nella and with no pitch in his voice said.

“The white witch attack Nella, she need her fair chance back, you make white witch and Nella fix” the groups looked among each other and back,
there was no way John could face English law upon return to England and say he let 1 of their people be taken for food, he would be facing the gallows, not wanting to seem weak but not to spark a war he spoke, “I can not allow her to be taken there must be another way” silence fell as all stared finally the Chief nodded, “Fine you make her and Nella settle it” John was in fear for Gwen but he understood the Chief and his peoples pride as he gave Gwen a glare to stay silent he nodded “Yes ok Chief when?”.

The chief knew these people were weak and getting ill he handed the 3 baskets of food to them then said firmly, “7 moons from now you bring her to hunting ground they finish there”. John just nodded and thanked the chief as they went back in the fort and brought Gwen to his cabin.

the chief returns to the village and both groups have meetings that night with their people, as the Chief tells Nella no weapons and to use her instincts back in the fort John is telling gwen you must and must be fair any weapons or cheating you will get us all killed.

As the sun set over the mountains and the entire group near starved Gwen eased out of the crude fort and snuck off in the dusk, she wasn’t going to run away she had no place to go, but she was starving and with a threat on the horizon she would need her strength, as she crest a hill the low licking flames of the Native village was below, as she stared she saw animal skins,running creek water fish hung and baskets outside a teepee that could only mean one thing , the food supply.

As night settled in Gwen slowly eased down the back of the hill and behind the food teepee, with only noise distant wolf cries and a screech owl she slowly made her way to the front untied the flap and entered, her eyes welled up for there before were 3 piles of fruit bread , her hands ravaged the pile shoving what she could in her body and in a basket left inside.

Almost without a sound the flap of the teepee opened and a shadow of a figure behind her made Gwen swallow a gasp, slowly she turned sure she was either going to seduce a warrior or be taken prisoner, as she turned her eyes lifted and standing was Nella, the 2 women glared a moment then gwen rose up, she was not sure what was to come but she knew Nella could not hurt her and violate the chiefs rule, but as Gwen went to slip out Nella stepped in the way and took hold of the basket ,each woman clutched the rim as their eyes stared, then Nella softly spoke “You want? you fight for it”, Gwen swallowed and though she was sure she could she felt a level of doubt, as she softly responded, “We cannot your chief forbids it”.

Nella again asked “You want food you fight for it,yes or no?” gwen looked at the bounty she found and then to Nella and just nodded yes, Nell took a breath in then told gwen to follow her, both women with the dark night their cloak eased from the teepee and lightly stepped across village, they reached a teepee far larger and off center from the ear shout, Nella opened the flap and pointed for Gwen to enter, she did so slowly assuring not a group of squaws lie in wait.

Once assured it was empty Gwen entered and moved to opposite side and stood nervously at the ready. Slowly Nella glared at her rival her dark eyes seemingly almost liveless, while Gwen glared back her light eyes brighter but cold, softly Gwen spoke , “What is you want?”, Nell put her finger to her lips and even softer whisper spoke, “We must be quiet if we are caught we will both be tortured”.

Gwen now unsure how Nella planned to fight her and remain quiet when suddenly Nell reached at her own deerskin hem and rolled the dress up till it was up over head and off, she dropped it to the side and stood nude her full breasts swelling up and dark reddish nipples stiff her hands cupped them as she rolled her mass around and softly spoke, “I fight you with these”.

Gwen watched and though she wouldnt say it inward a slight gasp was swallowed as she saw the fit red skin figure before her, but as Nella suggested her style Gwen felt her lips smirk as she reached back up and unbuttoned her dress front and shrugged it off , she tossed the once bright dress aside and stood nude facing Nella and as her own full bust swelled she massaged it at her rival, “Well if your sure thats how lets fight”.

The sounds of the night went on as low fires crackled softly, the thick suede of the teepee skin offering some sound barrier as both women circled once then moved toward the other,Gwen walked with a slight bend to knees and hands open in case the indian tried a trick attack, while Nella stood fully upright and walked as if sleep walking at her rival.

Nella stopped mid way and placed her hands behind her back and arched while inhaling as if offering her bust out, upon seeing the gesture Gwen stood upright and assumed the same posture then walked at Nella they paused inch from other as Nella whispered at Gwen her hot breath bathing the creamy facial skin of Gwen.

“If I win I take you to Chief and you get no food, if you win you leave with as much as you can carry”, Gwen just nodded with confidence yet fear, despite the warm night Gwens skin was filled with goose bumps and her areolas and nipples ache from being so stiff, but as her eyes scanned Nella her skin to was as electrified, slowly and almost with no effort Nell leaned toward Gwen and her hard reddish brown nipples speared Gwens and rubeed then with a slow yet firm motion Flicked to left then back to right.

Gwens lips parted at the feel and as the flicks were delivered she felt her spine shutter, but she just inhaled a breath and as Nela glared Gwen speared her nipples into Nellas, and flicked left then right and before easing off sawed her shafts aside Nellas and speared the bumpy areoals of the indian girl.

The move while subtle was felt deep in each but Gwen scored first as Nellas lips parted she was unable to hold back a slight reaction as the quiet tent heard her moan out ‘Uhnnn”as she did gwen felt a grin on her own lips then slowly the 2 women started a swipe and flick and drag of their nipples side to side and up and down.

As they stood barefoot face to face each woman barely shifting her figure jousted the other , their nipples feeling harder and harder each pass to point the simple whirl of a breeze was enough to cause the sensitive nubs pain and pleasure, and the quiet tent slowly heard the soft moans from both “uww uhnn more”, “uhnn Uhnnmmff cmon”.

As their nipples met bent at the shaft and then shot back straight out each woman was breathing a bit heavier when finally Nella stepped in a bit and her full round red brown breasts met the milky white breasts of Gwen both sets touched and seem to roll on to the others till finally the resistance of her own mass met the others and swelled up and out mushrooming, their eyes met and both inhaled a bit as they slowly rolled and pressed the mass to others.

Nella felt her eyes flutter as Gwen felt her eyes close and savior then as if nothing they opened their eyes and slowly the touch and rub turned more direct push and their swelling breasts started to wrestle between them for space.

Their bare feet tamped the dirt floor and slowly their hips shifted with movement of torso to aid their breasts in the moving others , but as the duel eased on the only noticed measure was both women were starting to sweat and breath heavier as neither was able to get movement in others bust.

But in the shadow of the teepee the 2 women stepped and stayed close and kept their groans and grunts to a hush between them, neither seeming to gain or lose much as they stood breasts mashed together and dragging , rubbing , and smearing heavier each pass, but be it their lack of clear communication or just doubt in others ability the 2 struggled as 2 women can but slowly Nella was becoming the aggressor.

Forcing hot pants from Gwen as she bumped at ehr fair skin rival , or was she? gwen though moving back slow with each of Nellas steps wasn’t hurting or tiring in fact amid the glimpse of flame flicker peaking in her white teeth and glint in light eyes was seen , as Nella lips were pursed and eyes wide but with a troubled glare.

Somehow during the breast battle Gwen would step back as Nella pumped her tits head on making the impact almost worthless effort while gwen would then steady and lift up into Nellas breasts after and lift and hurt her undersides and drop her to her own torso , causing sway and shift and shape loss to the heavy mass pulling on her chest.

Nella was the first to show a sign things weren’t going well as she attempted to put Gwen in a hug but Gwen was ready and shoved the indian girl off and stepped in and let ehr tits damage nellas again each time, finally Nella hurting and gasping louder lunged at gwen and gwen sidestepped her and Nella slapped her tits against the rawhide tent wall, a wood post was at the point of impact and a sharp gasp was heard, “NAaaaughhnn”.

Gwen stood legs wide breasts heaving as Nella paused her hands on the post and tent wall as she looked down at ehr breasts , her breathing heavy and sharp sweat glistening as she looked back she saw Gwen waiting wanting more, slowly Nella spun keeping her back on the wall of the tent her hands behind her as if preparing to lunge.

But her plan what ever it was became thwarted as gwen suddenly rushed her and with a solid SLAP met the indian woman head on and pinned her to the post, Gwens grabbed her shoulders and held her tight to the post as she swayed twisted and whipped her tits across Nellas.

the once silent duel now was filling the tent with Clops , Slaps ,smacks and groans and grunts from Nellas lips as Gwen worked her rival and her tits wit hher own to point they couldn’t maintain perk look and started to sag as her muscles were stretched from the combined weight and wear of Gwen and her Breasts.

As Nella was being battered her eyes rolled up and head tossed back as she thought she would win easily seem to look up asking how, as gwen just glared ahead and fought with a drive a hunger more than food, just as Nella was whimpering and tears fell the flap of the tent was torn open and the flames from outside lit the scene.

In the doorway stood the chief and 2 warriors watching they made no attempt to sto pthe battle , but Nella placed shamed upon herself and the tribe as she took the pause of gwen and threw her to the dirt by her hair and kicked her breasts, a sharp cry rang out and the 2 warriors grabbed Nella and threw her back against the tent wall, Slowly Gwen rose and the chief aided her by her arm, for a moment the group just stared at one another then the chief pushed gwen at Nella and with a low stern voice demanded, “You finish fight”.

Gwen staggered into Nella and the 2 women bumped and glared then gwen grabbed Nellas hands in her own and raised them up and proceeded to rape and drage and smear her tits across the indian girls with such a firm and desire motion the now secret war was out and Nella cried her pain.

“Nooo OWwW UGhnnn MFFf” as each cry rang out Gwens smile became more evil and the desire to rin this squaw was raging as she answered each cry with a taunt, “take it you Bitch , Feel it ,give you Bitch”.

Gewen didnt have to wait long a sharp lift up of her breasts slapped Nellas undersides and her red tits bounced up as Gwen stabbed in their tummies met sealing and Gwen teeth barred ground the round undersides like she was grinding corn on a stone , her eyes just glared in NEllas enjoying the pain soaked tears when suddenly Nella cried out and fell to her knees in the dirt.

Gwen stepped back and stood holding Nellas hands in her own pulling them to make the squaw get up but all she got was the shaking head of jet black hair of Nella as tears pooled the dirt.

he Chief pulled Gwen back and stepped out side with Gwen as she covered her breasts and slowly regained her breathing , as the chief stood proud as he could he motioned for the 2 warriors to fetch 4 baskets of food, as they did he ordered them to follow Gwen and told her “You fought well and this was not the fight you were to have you beat her though she tried to cheat and I am sorry for the disgrace, but I will choose another sqauw for your fight, you may return “.

Before Gwen left she turned to the chief and asked to speak he nodded yes, “I want the fight to be her” the chief thought then agreed, as Nella staggered from the teepee she was still crying  and upon seeing Gwen cursed her before the chief  slapped her cheek to be silent, Gwen heard him say “No daughter of mine will cheat”.

Upon her return to the fort gwen was shaken but greeted welcomingly as the food was so needed , but as she watched the hungry feast her eyes looked up at the hill leading to the village and a top stood Nella the 2 women nodded and then went about their day.

By weeks end the food once again was becoming scarce and each days end Nella was seen atop that hill waiting as was Gwen, by friday the day had arrived Gwen was to walk to the clearing  west of the fort and the fate of the colony would be decided.

As she walked to the gates she looked back and the hopeful smiles on the dirty faces were bright after learning of the first encounter the wood gates crept open and gwen stepped out the walk was silent but for her bare feet against the leafy ground, the cry of a bird or hawk rang out, as Gwen made her way through the trees her heavy breasts jostling under the dirty linen dress slowly, her thin nipples stiffened tenting the material till suddenly she stepped out into a grassy clearing.

there was no sign of Nella as she looked about gwen felt a fear run through her , was it all a trap, before her fear made her turn and walk away rustling was heard and out stepped Nella alone as agreed, the 2 women stared for a moment then Nella stepped to her right and without a word undid her dress and let it fall she stepped from it and her red brown nude form stood ready.

Slowly Gwen stepped across from Nella and stripped off her linen dress and her creamy white flesh faced her rivals red complexion both women stood glaring breathing heavy but slow, without a cue they each walked towards the other slow step in front of step, the wildlife was a buzz around them as neither said a word or had to.

As the space between them closed each opened her hands wide and curled her fingers and like a magnet pulling they slapped into other and hands flailed, faces were slapped and swiped as hair flew it was grabbed and yanked and growls and grunts parted lips as they stood swinging at other.  Their cheeks turned pink then red as hand prints swelled from the skin, they stepped in a circle as neither gave or gained an inch, saliva was smacked from lips as their breathing became a heaving pant, Gwen swung her palm up and across and the result her nails cut Nellas lip as blood splatted the womans mouth she pulled her head back and it was all Gwen needed , as she grabbed the long black hair from the back and with a yank of all her might nearly snapped Nellas neck as she made her head whip back.

Nella shrieked at the pain in her scalp as her nails clawed and tore back to get a hld of Gwen, but Gwen was ready for this and as she pulled the scalp her knee jammed in to Nellas lower back and shoved the woman to her knees, as Nella screamed and grunted to fight the pain and her rival Gwen stepped in and began to shake the womans head like a rag doll as if trying to tear her head from her neck.

As Nella scratched and clawed at the hands in her hair, Gwen wrapped up the womans hair in left hand knuckles prying against ehr scalp as the rots were stretched her right hand open now and shaped like a talon of a eagle swung down and clamped over nellas face and slowly clawed and dragged up across the red brown face of the native.

Her eyes closed and her hands tearing at Gwens, Nella screamed out at the pain and destruction the move caused, as the sharp nails tore through her face Nellas mouth and eyes opened as the burn after was worse then the attack, Gwen was looking as if she was filling with new life as she hurt her rival early.

As Nella cried out again at the burning pain Gwen shot her knee in the girls back and pitched Nella forward onto the dirt and grass, her body fell with force and her initial reaction was to feel her face the furrows now raised and red as she lookeed back she saw Gwen coming to pounce and with the quickness of a snake Nella rolled to her side and Gwen landed with a splat into the wet dirt and grass, before she could react Nella got to her knees and pounced on the white womans back and took hold of the blondish hair and pulled back, it was like holding the mane of a horse she was bare back riding as gwens body was arched up and back her face and forehead stretched to limits s her eyes shut her mouth fell open screaming as roots were torn out and snapped.

As  nella straddled her rival lifting her back bending her by the hair, Gwens breasts were swaying freely under her above the dirt, Nella reached under and cupped Gwens round healthy left breast and her nails sunk in as her grip squeezed down and swelled the white mass through her fingers she pulled the breast back and rolled it as rough as she could as her fingers dug in deeper with each pulse of her hand, Gwen cried out screeched and kicked her legs as her tortured globe and scalp were being ruined by her rival, Nella sat up arching to get higher on Gwens back, cursing the woman under her.

As Nella tore furrows through the white round veiny globe and as Gwen squirmed and struggled and bucked Nella would shove Gwens face to the dirt and yank it back up again, but as she did Gwen placed her hands under her more to avoid the wet slam into the dirt than anything  but as Nella once again arched up to move higher Gwen pulled her knees under and bucked her hips high as she lifted and Nella was suddenly thrown forward again and into the wet grass.

As she turned to see her rival Gwen was attacking and with a wet slap the 2 women again clashed as Gwen pounced and Nella wrapped her in and as their tummies and breasts molded together, their faces hidden by hnging hair their thighs snaking around others the 2 women started to roll across the open circle and back each gains top spot to lose it again.

Claws cut through bare backs ,shoulders and cheeks as they ripped hair and slapped at other, as Nella was turned on the bottom she grabbed Gwens scalp at top and tugged her head low as she looked up and squirmed what to do next her mouth fell open and a scream fell out, Gwen had sunk her teeth into Nellas cheek and was biting deeper Nella stabbed her nails at Gwens face and soon the 2 pushed free of other.

Gwen was first to stand she spit free the bite as she stood nude hands curled for a fight she growled with teeth barred “Get up Bitch “, Nella wiping her face and breast slowly rose to her feet as she stood Gwen lunged and the 2 again clashed, bodies arched up straight as they tore at others face and scalp bare wounded breasts swelled and smeared together and over others as widened thighs staggered for balance.

As Gwen slowly seemed to lose ground Nella was pushing using her body weight to gain ground but Gwen was hugry she grabbed Nellas scalp in a 2 handed point at top of her head and with a whipping twist yanked Nella at her and threw her hip into the womans belly, the momentum carried Nella up over the hip roll and she landed flat on her back with a thud, as she looked up Gwen was at top of her head and Nella had the smarts to reach up and grab hair and kicked her feet up under Gwen and into her breasts as she pulled she lifted Gwen with her feet crushing her rivals tits into her chest and kicked and pulled and threw Gwen over herself and another loud splat rang out as Gwen landed on her back, as she sat up dazed Nella got her behind her wrapped her thighs around Gwens torso and her forearm around Gwens neck.

As she squeezed on her ribs Nella tigthened her arm on the throat of Gwen and pushed her other hand on back of the rivals head forcing her throat into her arm, Gwen grabbed and clawed at Nellas arm thighs and reached back for hair but every move was increase of the painful holds Nella had, she gasped spit and pleaded for release but Nella would only tighten more tugging tighter on the 2 holds.

Finally Gwen stopped fighting back she was breathing but about to pass out, Nella rolled her to the dirt and sat up on her rivals bust her claws in Gwens chin and her fist raised to strike Nella paused to glare at her rival under her, Seeing Gwen not able to go on Nella smirked and stood up she delivered a kick to side of Gwens body and slowly walked to redress before returning to the village, as she bent and picked up her dress she looked up and saw the chief atop a ridge, she waved but the Chief just pointed before Nella could turn Gwen charged from behind and struck Nella with a heavy branch, the blow knocked Nellas head to side and she fel like a doll into a heap her eyes shut Gwen stood over with a sick smile claiming victory.

As she stood up she heard the a humm through the wind as she looked up she saw a glint of light then a thud was heard as she screamed out “AAGHH” the Arrow from the chief hit its mark and Gwen fell back, as she lay there the arrow still in her upper shoulder, Gwen tilted her head to the side to see Nella helped up on to a warriors horse still alive but bleeding from the blow, then her eyes looked ahead to see the chief and his warriors on horse back as he sternly spoke, “ you fought well but with no Pride you and your village must go” with that the tribe turned and charged over the ridge as Gwen sat up in pain she heard the screams and powder blasts of the fort and the distinct roars of the warriors.

As Gwen stagegred back to what she thought would be the fort her eyes welled up as she saw the walls burned to the ground the food gone and the remains of the colony loaded on to the wagon of the tribe and carted off, as gwen stood hurt and now alone a warrior grabbed her from behind and she was prisoned among the tribe, The colony was gone any sign of it gone any one who survived was forced to become and live as a Croation.

To this Day no scholar has uncovered the where or how of the missing colonists but as DNA has shown some early tribes of the region have English blood lines.

The End

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