The Wealthy Games by Dotti D

The Wealthy Games by Dotti D Story

When people in society reach a level of wealth that even a greedy person can be content they find every game to play to entertain what becomes a mundane life of ease and comfort almost boredom, as such most common things like skiing and car collecting and shopping the jewelry stores on Hollywood strip become so common they often than not indulge, no when your social status is one of one up another of your status becomes the highlight of your day buying things that you will never use or care for is nothing more than a way to tell those in that elite circle “see what i can get”.

So in that realm its not uncommon for these private circles to make up events parties or functions that are to common people a bit over the top but it makes their world turn.

In one instance a group of these elite social wealthy have made putting in and taking out their fur collection at a fur warehouse and cold storage a gala party where every person of wealth comes by invite to sip champagne wear attire worthy of red carpet and flash diamonds to show their level of spending over others, what started out as a simple celebration of warm weather and locking up furs for season and another party to retrieve them for a new winter has become a common place and boring so they add new twists to these events.

On the east coast primarily the big hot spot cities NYC, D.C., ,and even parts of Miami beach have networked these parties and to get invite is a new mark on your inner circle of wealth status, but to be invited is not enough the women of these gala parties have turned showing up sip a toast and leave with your prize fur into a competition where the top women vie for cash , jewels , and the very furs they love. They enter these warehouses for cold storage of furs and turn the wide spacious cold locker into a private arena and ring. The champagne still flows and all invited wear their designer gowns and jewels but thats extent of the pleasantries once the doors close and conversations begin, women from southern tip of the coast to farthest North gather by invite dressed to the nines adorned in diamonds and wear their furs as mingling has moved from chatter about golfing or swiss alps new powder to wagers on who will best who in what style match any 2 dare challenge other at.

These matches include sub wrestling, hair pulling , breast fight, sex fight, and the more bitter duels Catfights and clawing biting street fights and even occasional fist fight among the most glamorous wealthy shakers and movers known and the few who cherish their level of privacy as to wealth and public reign.

As in any group club there are those who take control and make it even bigger and better and 1 such woman was Pamela a very statuesque woman of 37years, 5’10” 147 lbs deep blood red hair wavy thick and like silk to her shoulder blades a stunning gym kept body of 38E-30-38 Pamela who was one of the original thinkers behind putting a simple get together to an affair to remember has managed to add rules stakes and competition levels that have made an invite or a challenge a must and a personal affair between the women of power and endless finances. The way the seasonal affairs work is a bit more work than one would think but none the less worth the effort to these women.

It is Pamelas job under her own appointment is to make certain the “group” pays for the warehouse space the cold storage is cold but not freezing and the champagne is best money can buy and plenty of it, as well as the invitation list, which consists of women who meet the requirements and they are as follows…

1) All invited or wish to be invited must be well off which will assure every ones privacy.

2) Open minded and willing to meet both challenge and a wager of substantial personal and social amount.

3) All arranged or up to the minute challenges must be accepted especially between 2 women bitter and jealous towards other.

4) When all rules stakes and wagers are agreed upon the fight and its style /styles will go on till a winner is decided with no interference.

These functions have become so popular among the elite that women from midwest and west coast showed interest and soon there after across the globe as it was easy for the wealthy to hop on a jet and be at a affair in hours. But while women of all ages and color and location come to these parties one thing is certain having a fight here means what ever you put on the line if you lose you lose it for good unless you are given a rematch. More often than what was intended these fights have grown from an entertainment to personal rivalries and reputations and there are even those who feel they are so good or ned to prove it hunt out a woman and want a fight.

One such instance was a woman named Joyce a statuesque raven haired woman who hailed from europe and through her fortune made the states west coast her home. At 38years 5’10” 147 and a fit 38E 29 38 hair to mid back Joyce was Pamelas mirror image at with normal different looks , but as in Pams case Joyce heard of the new found lifestyle for the wealthy and soon joined the ranks after many bouts earned her a reputation that carried far as Pam has women from other areas started to demand these parties inter mingle invites opening a much larger menu for the play ground.

Though Pam and Joyce never met their exploits among the growing trend have spread to their own ears and while they dismiss the rumored tales they feel a desire and burn deep inside themselves that starts a conflict bigger than any they face physically. See for these powerful women having another one up you is like having their bank account locked to lose to another of equal social status is like having your money your status and your posh lifestyle taken leaving you in poverty. to be left on the floor of the cold storage as women you just as soon claw at as they smile giggle sipping champagne as your confidence self worth and pride are stripped s they watch in glee makes for the most scorned women and the bigger the rivalry the more at stake for loser of the fight, so much so often women who fear other or feel her rivals to equal will avoid facing off to side step that cost.

As the first affair for the East coast starts up the storage is open and women are sent invitations for the nights event, the majority from the tristate area for NY region but a select few from abroad or parts of the U.S. most of the women selected know each other or have had dealings with one another on some level, from fund raisers to public displays in media, to them it is all a flex of power and money and as stated before a way to one up other and get much needed attention and with these displays comes the price of bitter rivalries between them, while most say talk is cheap to this society being talk of the town is everything and comes with a high price tag.

The champagne is delivered and the limos start to pull up leaving women in designer gowns and perfect make up and hair styled at the steps of the brick and steel warehouse as they enter the metal door frame they hand a guard a tag with the number of their fur on it and as they walk through the second door into cold storage their fur is waiting and is slipped on them. Sables, mink, fox and every other animal skin known to man and color, obviously the more rare the fur the symbol of more power and desire to own is the coat. Diamonds adorn the women’s ears necklines and fingers, manicured nails shine like glass gowns by top fashion designers hug every inch of the women like a second skin under nothing short of the finest lingerie.
Smiles are catty and devious as the open space fills up with the gathering and even a person who has never seen one of these functions can tell who has a jealous hate for one another and who are making truces.

As Pam watches with a keen eye as some women mingle alone and others gather in tiny groups all the conversations are basically the same, “did you see her” did you see her fur” or “how dare she” as deadly glares are exchanged near and far in the large room. Under their heavy furs every woman’s skin has a layer of goose bumps from the cool temperature and perhaps a few layers from the unknowing events to take place.

Pam smirks as she over looks and spots women who she herself tangled with in this very place and though the majority of these encounters she walked away with other womens pelts of fur and jewels there are a select few that brought Pam down and took her possessions and pride but for Pam it was bitter sweet as she always made a point to face those select few again and retake what was once hers, and despite bitter jealous rival hate for one another one thing any of these women can not refuse is the level of respect they have for any who can do what pam has done among them, to have earned the right to be the self proclaimed “queen’ among all. As she sees the faces and reflects on the duels she had with them catty glares and smirks are exchanged but tonight like most nights none will even think of trying Pam. And though she wishes one would try she savors the reputation that stops them from asking her to step up.

But as in any high position there are those who could never match or be at the level she is and they want nothing more to see a person toppled from the top, even if means they will stay at the number 2 spot its a guilty pleasure of the lesser mass, and Pam’s next in line, Lynn who has tangled with her more than 5 times slowly steps along side Pam and softly says to Pam to ignite a thought that has been eating at Pam since the west coast started its copy of the very event she over see’s, “ So Pam darling about that Joyce have you made up your mind about what you 2 will do ?” an evil smirk on her lips as she sees Pam tense up. Pam arches her back and shoulders roll back as she breathes in a slow deep breath and thinks on it but like every time she does there is no clear answer, Pam knows with the rules they set and stakes, to give into the idea of going to Joyce or having Joyce here for a fight means more than the average duels that take place, to face a rival she has never met has never seen or know or her abilities wasn’t scary enough the stakes are scarier.

To be of high status and face another, equal to you in every way including title means nothing short of the loser of that duel losing nearly all she has. Women from both Joyce’s area and Pam’s area would be there watching like a pride of lionesses waiting for the weaker to be left for rest to tear apart and feed on. Cheers and urges to fight will mean more than a simple breast fight or hair fight. That will never satisfy their hunger it will be a war of no less then 3 styles and at the end only 1 will be left standing with her vanquished foe’s possessions her self respect her pride her title her status, and more her creation, the loser will be ruined among the elite and discarded, and to Pam and Joyce with all their money its the one single thing neither can afford and in that lies the true fight for them both. If they face off the ones waiting in line get the opening they want if they do not or refuse then another will come along and end in same result, while the droves of select few go along with Pam and Joyce’s reign, if the hunger for more power is not met the very women who hate each other will come together to out the Queen and leave it to themselves to make a new one who will openly accept and seek out those who try to take everything.

As Pam refuses to answer at the moment lost in the thoughts of how to handle it she pictures Joyce standing in west coast storage struggling with the very thought and a way to avoid the ultimatum, she knows Joyce is beside herself for no other reason than no attempt to contact each other has been made, if Joyce wanted or was hungry for Pam’s place the call would have come long ago, that fact is Pam’s only saving grace at the moment. But putting the delayed answer on the other from a distance was only going to hold off the others so much longer and the sands of that hour glass were down to a few grains.

Pam’s silence on the topic was again not sufficient and the cat taunts its prey before a strike her lips sneer at Pam’s silence as she purrs with a venom in her throat, “Well Pam whats it going to be and when?’ Pam feels her pointed nails curl around the fragile neck of the fluted glass she wants to turn and stab them into this woman’s face and force her respect back but she can’t she knows this bitch is right and has a right to question, and to avoid the situation will open that pandoras box her and this Joyce have left locked best they can. She turns to her second in line and her green eyes turn to ice and her full lips pull back slightly her bust swells her look gives chills and brings a slight stammer to Lynn’s lips she can’t find the right thing to say when Pam’s throaty hiss stops even she growls softly..”Lynn unless you want your eyes clawed out right now i’ll let you know when this Joyce and i will chat got it?”.

Lynn pulls her free hand to her arm to rub the now frozen feeling she see’s in Pam’s eyes her lips dry as she licks them to get up enough saliva to answer but all she can do is nod yes as a shiver of fear shakes her spine. But before anything more comes from it a scream rings out waking Lynn from her frozen state and Pam from her transfixed mind, as Pam turns back to see what happened she witnesses the start of the night as 2 women in red gowns and grey fox furs are slapping and ripping others hair like hungry cats over a piece of chicken as the rest of the crowd forms a circle and sip their champagne.

Pam breaths a sigh of relief that the entire situation has been defused by the typical event that takes place here. Lynn eases away in a relief she wasn’t torn apart as Pam looks on. A fight between 2 upscale Madison ave. women is in full swing slaps and taunts and screams echoes as they stand face to face swinging and tearing at scalps, the entire scene is a mix of entertainment and a roman gladiator show as the elite watch 2 fight for prize and right to be among them, and Pam stands higher over seeing like female Caesar.

As the fight progresses and the 2 women’s hair now matted and torn from its perfect placement their faces redden and hand prints mark them their gowns start to fail as they shake others head by hair and fall to the cold cement floor and roll over each other in a ball, as they tear at others scalp gowns become victim to spike heels kicking the rough floor pulling and claws grabbing as among the screams taunts ripping material is heard, a choice few who are “friends” cheer on their fighter urging more be done as they cradle the fighters furs in arms till its over.

Lynn finally able to take a breath emerges from under Pam’s perch and is whispering at a woman’s ear that was an invite from mid west she looks up at Pam as Pam glares down and turns her head quickly suddenly a loud scream is heard as in the fight one of the women straddles others back and nearly breaks her neck pulling her head up and back by the hair till she screams “I give” her face shoved to floor the victor stands over her bends and yanks out her earrings her necklace and swaggers to the women holding furs and as loser weeps watching puts on losers fur and carries her own away leaving her broken on floor, as she lays there dress torn shamble hair matted knotted and disarray tears running off face every woman turns and start to walk away following the winner and leave her to sit in her own pity she looks up at Pam and all that can be offered is a blanket and an escort out of building. Pam inhales slow as she doesn’t see the loser as a broken woman outed but that just might be her soon if this issue of her and Joyce is forced.

Pam joins the crowd as the victor stands fixing her hair and adorns the treasures of another and Pam smiles and nods as they all sip champagne. The stranger (ruby)whispers to Lynn then clearing her throat asks loudly. “So Pam i spoke to Joyce at her opening she wasn’t being direct about a meet with you in fact she is leaving it up to you, so how about it you 2 going to arrange this or shall we all have a vote on your spots?”

Every woman there stops talking and turn on their heels to look at Pam wanting an answer to the big question they all been meaning to ask, Pam turns to face them and swallows as they all glare with a hunger. as she breaths searching for the right answer they lick their lips as only one answer will be accepted, Pam inwardly now knowing what a wounded gazelle lost on the plains of Africa’s hunting grounds must feel like as the deadly glowing eyes light up of a pride of hungry lioness. She stares into each set and breaths in and finally says..”I don’t know her and have no way to get in touch with her but you can pass on a massage for me, You tell Joyce that the Midwest affair is next weekend and I will be there to entertain a Queens Fight for control” ..Lynn and a few others who were sure Pam and Joyce would never follow through gasp and ease to rear of the crowd to hide as the women who knew pam would never just lose control of her project and would step up, smile and gather around Pam and assure her they will be there to support their girl.

Before the last glass of champagne is sipped down the visiting woman rushes out to her limo and is on the her private jet to west coast to arrive in time for the 9 o clock start of their storage opening, like Pam’s affair there is no shortage of designer attire and make up and jewels and as champagne flows women are at each other as easily as the party she just left, and like there Joyce stands smiling at the creation and event as the fights play out, and like clock work as night ends Joyce is now the one corned by her group as the visitor to Pam’s affair Ruby stands back as she calls Joyce’s attention and reveals her fate. “Excuse me Joyce but i just flew in from NY and have a message we all might be interested in hearing” the mass of chatter stops cold and Joyce turns putting on a fake smile as she asks..”oh And what prey tell is the news?” , Ruby a smug grin says to Joyce and all listening “about Pamela you know the other self made Queen, She told me that you should know she will be attending the midwest opening next week and says SHE will be entertaining Queens Fight for control of NY and yours”.

There are gasps as Joyce swallows deep gasps herself from the beginning there have been many near and abroad who said Joyce is where she is from riding the dress train of Pam’s ideas and she was the true Queen, others side with Joyce who say she was the drive to make the affair spread for all and is true Queen no matter the opinion with this revelation, one of the two will be deemed Queen and control both coasts, and one will be ruined beyond anything she could fathom.

as Joyce stood like a deer in headlights as the eyes of the entire west coast group glared in a hungry stare at her for a response she swallows her lips as arid as a desert but without knowing she is doing it her lips for ma smirk and purrr out a her response  “well I guess I will be in midwest next week to meet this Pam” Ruby smug’s wishing Joyce’s response was to back out as the rest smile and approach her and assure her they will be with her when she and Pam finally meet for it all.

Ruby opens her cell calls to Lynn and tells her that Joyce didn’t back out and it seems there will be  a mutual meet for the top spot, as they close their phones they look at their respective leaders and frown that it means for them staying number 2 spot will have to suffice or face the top bitch and all that comes with that, but for now this is about Joyce and Pam.

 As the week flew by for the 2 Queens and constant texts from their groups added to the tension and stress of the coming weekend as each boarded her private jet each assured herself since nothing was agreed on yet or finalized no fight will take place till that last step is agreed on, but in that tiny window of delay they each sat watching the ground pass by at 300mph as the jets lifted up and carried them to the sky knew  as fast as they lifted off this chat could lead to one of the 3 grueling fights these 2 will be forced to have for the top position in an idea that started as nothing more than a novel way for the rich to entertain themselves.

As Pam’s jet levels off  she stands and goes to her bag and retrieves her finest lingerie a lavender sheer cup bra designer and custom made for her bust by Olga a matching thong  with black garters and thigh highs she looks in the full length mirror and smiles  at her perfection  her hair up in a loose bun with 2 curly strands either side her face framing her  features her lipstick and makeup perfect  topped off by shimmer of her 3 tier diamond earrings her long neck and accented by the 5 tier diamond necklace that glimmered its wealth as it splayed perfectly on her swelled veiny breasts as they rose and fell slow in each breath her pointed finger nails manicured nails a shine of lavender with 2 acrylic seal coats looked like glass. She eases on her Versace gown on a gorgeous semi sheer v cut skin tight gown stretched to limits over firm full bust both  her bra straps and dress straps taught of her chest as she admires the reflection with a sly confident smirk her hands apply a simple dab of finest french perfume  easily a thousand dollar an ounce brand and she assures she is perfect she takes her golden Russian sable fur and slips it on as she snuggles herself in the lavish fur her bust swelling between her arms as she inhales the fresh smell from cold storage she sits in her seat looking out at the patched ground of greens reds and browns pass clouds making shapes and the fresh blue sky her green eyes and partial facial profile stares back at her off the glass as she slowly reflects on her toughest climb to today and each loss rematch and win since going through every move that hurt her or broke her as she does she unknowingly caresses and traces the over filled dress cups with her pointy dagger like nails and fingertips her thick nipples ease out tenting the materials and her fingertips trace the firm mass swelling and the blued veins mapping the way to her areolas and nipples she daydreams her green eyes partially shut of matching her own to this other woman and how nasty and savage they will or might get after, a gentle moan of her dream is cut short as she hears the pilot’s chime on the p.a. telling her to remain seated as they start their approach. She gathers herself and as easily as she hypnotized  herself into her daydream she is  as quickly brought to reality and the fact this dream might turn night mare in a few short hours.

As Pam emerges from her jet and into her limo another jet is only a few minutes away  carrying Joyce who while in what can be described a planned manner stripped and dressed for the nights meet only Joyce lingerie was a light peach and pink with peach thigh highs her designer bra also a custom made olga snug and taught  and her low v cut gown by Vera Wang the thin straps taught of her swelled firm veiny bust strain as her rose gold and diamond earrings and necklace an exact match to Pam’s with the color tint  to match her lingerie her own hair up  and her makeup done to studio perfection as her Black Russian sable fur snuggles her fit figure and she is awoken from her trance as she emerges from jet  her limo waiting she takes in a  breath her blue eyes scan the area as if she could smell the scent of another she sits in her limo and sips a brandy to ease her mind and emotions.

Pam with time to pass,  stops at the regency hotel  and sips down a brandy as her cell phone starts to explode with women who will support her saying they arrived and assure her she will do great, a short  distance away at the Sheraton  Joyce  stands  reading through phones encouraging texts as each woman looks out her penthouse patio over looking the most affluent area of Kansas city the sun slowly setting over the hills to the west reminding Joyce of whats on line and Pam of what might be hers, as they ponder  and try to put what might come in back of their minds  they ease phones into fur pockets and sip the brandies till the red/yellow glow vanishes from view. Across town  in the more downtown area stands the fur storage warehouse it could easily be mistaken for either woman’s own building all brick and steel and cement,  outside its like the front of a Hollywood premier as limos drop off  women clad in furs and gowns and local women arriving to claim furs and engage in their typical night but as they enter and mingle and see double the attendance  they know its  different and when Lucy the mid west Queen gets their attention its made clear tonight will be be much more than typical.

Instantly the warehouse is a buzz champagne pops and flows as women mix of west , east ,midwest compare notes and discuss what might be depending on who walks out and who is left behind as the chatter rises favorites are taken and suddenly as loud as it got an erie quiet as fur clad Joyce strolls in her eyes scan the crowd her cold glassy stare eases as she doesn’t see any single woman alone or in a separate click  easing her mind she is first to arrive and lift her hopes Pam won’t show.

Slowly Joyce steps toward the crowd a select few give her dirty glares as they fade to other side as another select few stay and smile and gather around her and offer a glass of the champagne she takes a much needed breath and a slight smile emerges. its a short moment of ease as suddenly again everything stops  all eyes turn to the door  as it is shut loud steel bang and standing in front is Pam her eyes iced  and glassy as she sees a few familiar faces and scans the room to see a group and 1 in particular looking at her she stares back and as her favoring group surrounds her they stand within the confines glares that aren’t  threatening as much as studying measuring and comparing each looking for a simple sign of a weakness or hint of fear but as each scans other from the distance  up and down nothing is seen but the others pure beauty and the reasons of jealousy.

As Lucy stands over looking the evenings start  her own eyes study and dissect the women slowly as she feels a chill in her own spine   at the sight of the most two evenly matched women to ever face off she has ever seen or heard though mostly covered under the furs there is no mistaking the fit strong and tone features and full busts of each, slowly Pam gives a look of unimpressed  and turns  to her gathering and they ease across the flat cement and the warehouses chilled room seems humid as they sip champagne and report to Pam what was said among the women there.

As if on cue Joyce and gives the same disconcerted glare and turns and tries to let the night move along with conversation and not dwelling on her opponent and what is to be laid out for the event. Lucy knowing both women are no stranger to being in a fight as herself can not help but feel this one will test the foundation of each woman and the groups as a whole, could whats to come of this shatter the affairs  or will be a new birth of a bigger unstoppable beast as she ponders it and the night slowly wears on and more and more glares get exchanged Lucy sends one of her girls to have Pam meet her, Pam nods and slowly walks to the perch  that is in each warehouse and stands by Lucy as they whisper every set of eyes watch to try to read lips as they converse then with a nod Pam steps back and watches as Joyce is beckoned to her.

As Joyce reaches Lucy  her and Pam share a glare as each inhales seeing other a bit closer  then the same simple whispered chat takes place as all eyes watch  as Lucy nods and Joyce does she eases back a bit and Pam steps forward as they are on either side of her as she gets the crowds attention the 2 Queens stare their best brave face out over them as well, Lucy clears her throat and states the following.

Ladies as all of you know tonight will be a fight like no other any of the 3 groups has witnessed instead of a simple  fight and done tonight will consist of 3 styles and no winner will be decided till all 3 have played out, there is to be no mercy, no interference and most of all no matter who you cheer for after there is no consoling as in any of these events the loser will be left to her own pity and discarded  by all. That said i have their agreed on stakes. 

The Stakes are going to Be High for these ladies as Lucy’s voice echoed a bit, Joyce and Pam shared glares looking other over with a stolen glance to her soon to be rivals body, “Both have agreed on the following who ever wins will be taking the others fur, diamond necklace earrings”, No one batted an eye as there was nothing special about the stakes as each woman slowly felt her own her breasts rise and fall a bit heavier as time counted down.

“Our two guests have agreed that this will be a fight of more than one style adding to the normal stakes, they have agreed to a breast fight that will begin with no hands, the winner will take losers bra and smother her rival and force worship”..Lucy read on as women listening softly started to whisper the degree the first encounter would go as each was obviously busty firm woman,  her self pride in her firm bust very evident.

“Their second encounter tonight will be a hair pulling match  with open hand slaps anywhere, the loser will have 2” of hair cut off “. As Pam and Joyce look out over everyone looking back each slowly yet deeply swallowed in her own fear of losing.

Lucy inhales herself as she takes a last glance to both Pam and Joyce as they suppress a shiver  then back to the group..”last they will have an open catfight with no rules” a few gasps ring out as no two women have agreed to fight no rules  in fear of the marks they will endure “the result will be a facesit and total loss of her club, she will be out casted permanently” a loud murmur of voices thunders  as the 3 “queens “ stare out over all and Pam and Joyce see a slow turn of support sway and regroup to lose tonight is the highest cost any woman has endured in any group since the start.

The entire warehouse stood for a moment in disbelief then as soon as the shock was felt it slowly dissipated and women once again mingled as Pam and Joyce separated and joined the party, as they mingled and heard wishes of good luck and assurance they will do great Pam and Joyce tried to keep their glares to a minimum, as time went on the 2 found themselves near enough they stopped  chatting and just stood and stared, they felt a need to as neither had ever met or seen other before there was no old rivalry, no disrespect  for others position, no torrid history these two women were going to fight  for a position to satisfy others appetite, but as the moment drew closer and they study  other the jealous catty feelings could not be suppressed as each saw the other not as just her equal but her rival.

As the two just stared slowly taking in the other from hair to heels and back eyes locking in cold glares, the rest of the women there slowly stretched out and around looking on no cheers or encouragement were voiced nor did they need to be this was going to happen.

As everyone looked on Pam and Joyce stared for  to them what felt like hours was a minute seeing the others swelling tight cleavage bellow up and down as the flawless  surface of her breasts were disturbed by the feint blue vein lines mapping their way to swelling areola s  and stiffening nipples that slowly tented the dress  and bra cups.

Neither was sure she was ready neither was in a rush to instigate wanting other to make her move when softly Pam spoke, “Well here we are at last shall we begin?”…her eyes cold ice green as she like Joyce has been in the center before just never a cost so high, her confident glare hid her emotional roller coaster as she steady herself having initiated  communication, but as soon as she said it was followed by a response as Joyce taking a breath softly spoke. “yes here we are, i think we should” both stood still frozen then as if on cue Pam turned and swaggered slowly to middle of the open cement floor a handful of women who would be her support followed and formed a semi circle behind her, Pam turned and with one leg posted forward her sinewy nylon encased thigh emerged from the long slit of her gown her hip a sexy little cocked position has she parted her fur and set her hands to her hips her deep tight cleavage swelling  within confines of the designer bra and low cut gown, a slight smirk on red full lips she lets a sign of proud confidence show. Joyce follows and stops leaving a 8 foot space between them as they stand there the warehouse cool other women close around forming a human ring they sip their champagne as they look on tiny muffled whispers  between those who never saw these two before, among those who have seen each of them at some point, evil smirks emerge on lips, on others smirks of excitement and fear.

 Seeing Pam her leg out and fur parted Joyce mimics the posture and both women inhale a slow breath at what they see but eyes narrow and the jealousy each feels begins to rise more, finally Joyce not wanting to seem intimidated breaks the silence.

“Listen honey if you wanna stare lets find a warmer place if your here for a fight lets get this going” ..a few ohhs ring out as Joyce smirks as if striking Pam first, but without missing a beat Pam slowly rolls her shoulders her heavy warm fur slips behind her and is caught by a woman standing close behind as Pam’s body in the painted on looking gown is admired  she traces her fine curves to her hips and smiles with a raised eyebrow, her lips part enough her white teeth show and purrs out..”get that fur off honey  and lets go” was Joyce’s turn to feel the pressure as she dips her shoulders her fur slips behind and is caught  she runs her nails along her body and wiggles her fingers at Pam. “Ready when you are”.

As if caught in slow motion the two women step forward and then circle clockwise around slow  watching every step other takes noticing every sway, slowly but with certain direction they close the gap as they draw in the women watching maintain the original perimeter Pam takes her long pointy index nail and runs it across Joyce’s chest to her right shoulder and pulls on the gown strap a tug not to cause a big reaction but more to see her rivals bust reaction, Joyce emits a slight huff  at the nerve of Pam more than the action but as Pam see’s little jostle from the full mass Joyce grins and hotly huffs..”ohhh you never faced another so firm have you honey?’.

Pam hiding a reaction of any kind looks up at her eyes as Joyce returns the favor and as she tugs a slight stretch of the fine thread is heard  but like herself Pam’s full bust gives little jostle Joyce’s reaction is perfect as Pam smiles proudly huffing..”looks like your the one hasn’t seen another so firm..Honey” the words not harsh but show the tension these two develop as every second passes as they slowly step closer now their hips brush then upper arms each gives other a look of disdain, slowly Pam squares to full front and stops Joyce pauses then squares to her foe they stare their heavy full busts rise and fall thick nipples rub inside the bra cups finally Pam reaches up to her shoulders and eases them off and her arms out,the gowns front falls below her bra, 2 over filled bra cups emerge as Pam admires her self she slides her nails to her hips, proud of her first move Pam smiles as Joyce and the rest see her firm full mass swelling over the designer cups . Joyce while hiding her reaction well breathes in as she mirrors Pam and slowly eases her gown’s straps off ,arms free she smooths her dress top to her hips and her designer bra cups stand out over flowing her own firm mass.

Their stiff nipples and bumpy swelled areolas tent the fine made bra cups as the 2 women add to their jealous tension, Joyce then arches her back her hands ease the bra straps off her shoulders and then reach behind as she lets each of the 4 clasps pop free one at a time never losing Pam’s gaze, slowly Joyce eases the designer bra off and dangles it off her pointed index nail as her heavy full firm mass sways out  a smirk on her lips as she hears gasps and see’s Pams eyes widen a bit in a throaty sexy tone she moans to Pam, “nmm you never faced another so full and firm have you Honey?”.

Pam her eyes narrow as she knows Joyce made an impression not to be out done though Pam reaches  up and eases her bra off and dangles it by her nail as her own full firm heavy breasts sway out,a smirk as more gasps are heard and she see’s Joyce swallow in a catty grin Pam moans ,”looks like your the one has never faced another so full and firm Sugar” as their bras dangle she purrs softly to Joyce. “you want it come and get it” then Pam feels a woman take the bra from her as Joyce Purrs..”oh i will and if you want this you;ll have to fight for it” her bra is soon retrieved and suddenly despite each showing goose bumps on her skin the 2 fighters stand as if in a warm sun unfazed. Pam in her usual form eases her hands up on her hair and admires how her breasts lift a bit more and then with a cold stare flexes her chest and shows all how her breasts lift and lower demonstrating her power and tone. Certain she just got deep in Joyce’s head steps closer and breath’s out.

”Well Cmon Honey “..Joyce not to be up staged raises her hands to her hair and like a burlesque performer flexes and her breasts lift up and in and lower as Pam stares her green eyes narrow Joyce smiles and a slow heavy sexy shimmy of her breasts steps closer and hotly breaths “bring it sugar” each woman braces for what will be a test, as they draw closer and closer but instead of a sharp fleshy slap or a shriek into other, its a methodical walk each woman’s eyes dart from others breasts to her rivals eye’s then as if unable to move a slight pause then an equal moan from both set’s of their hard nipples meet at the tips, each woman breath’s in and they ease closer the nipples seem to fuse at the tips as the shafts bulge they glance between them being certain neither is at a disadvantage then Joyce slowly rolls her bust in around at Pam’s her nipples rotate Pam’s as they stand stiff from the areola base, at first Pam is a bit surprised at Joyce’s move  then she has to wet her lips as the feeling  is both arousing and disturbing that another woman’s can move her own.

Joyce seeing she made a first effect  grins at Pam and as she pushes in again and holds tip to tip taunts Pam,”ohhh  feeling me already Honey nmmm so much more to come”..Pam rolls her shoulders but before she can react to the move Joyce makes she is side tracked by the taunt, she looks almost bewildered as she doesn’t want to give her rival satisfaction but can’t deny what she felt, then before  getting back into the duel Pam glare’s at Joyce but it is a short stare as Joyce breaths in and sternly glares her lips part a bit and as she exhales slowly a dense firm CLOPPP resinates from between them as flesh meets flesh in a short firm pump and as all watch they see what Pam feel’s as her heels suddenly shuffle back a step if not for the sudden gasp from onlookers and herself Pam may have been shoved back, but before she can set her stance Joyce  advances the step and another dense fleshy CLOPPPP rings out, feeling how firm and heavy Pam is but enjoying  her moment of  taking the fight to Pam , Joyce gasps herself.

”Yessss uuuhnnn mmm I’ll ruin you cmon”..Pam is nearly lost in the moment she hear’s comments from the crowd.”Is she scared?”..”Wow is Joyce that good” a rush of fear  bolts through her mind screaming fight as her eyes look on wide in fear. Again before she can react Joyce is in at her and with a solid fleshy SLAP their heavy tits meet both women grunt out..”Uughnnn..”oouuuffff”…but Joyce widens her stance and presses her tits firm to Pam’s and drags up then across then in and smears back, the hot heavy gasp from Pam is all  everyone needs to hear to know how the fights going.

“oohh  uuughnnnn”.. her eyes wide  as Joyce  sneers a grin and smears her tits into Pam’s taunting at her advantage, “oh Honey uuhnn mmm if i knew you were this easy i would have fought you sooner “ Joyce may as well spit in her rivals face  the women watching giggle at the remark as Joyce’s smirk is maddening  as Pam looks for a way to get back in it, Joyce seems to be all over her so early on  she is beside herself as she strains  Joyce  rears up her shoulders and pumps in again this time their tits meet with a solid head on collision, Joyces lips part  as she feels the firm breasts of Pam but  already unsteady Pam gives way and again her heels scuff back her legs give to being pressed off balance and her stager brings her back 3 more steps her own lips open as she is forced to cough out  the pain.

“aahhh uuugghmmfff Bitch!” the reaction is like an electric surge through Joyce she smiles a catty smug grin as she see’s Pam falter, and being no stranger to a fight Joyce takes full ad\vantage and steps into Pam fully their breasts collide  then again each time Pam loses more ground till suddenly she feels a wall on her bare back so cold and steel all Pam can do is arch from the stabbing cold as she gasps unable to catch her breath, as panic starts in her, Joyce facing her feels a jolt of passion to end this  fast and steps in, her knees bump Pams apart and she steps in between her thighs their nylon thigh highs hissss as Joyce widens her stance and with a determined sway of shoulders her tits slap aside Pam’s,  firmly the sound is almost sickening as Pam lets out a growl..”NOOO Ohhh you fucking Bitch!” ..Joyce slowly starts to go side to side, her tits push ,shove and drive Pam’s  on her own chest, a smile of pure villainess breaks her lips and a teethy smile emerges as she stares at Pams face contorting to discomfort  and growing fear, slowly those here for Joyce start to support their girl, “yes get her Joyce break her”, “Cmon Joyce make that bitch give fast”.

As the cries are heard Joyce looks at Pam and groans, “uww mmmmm your mine Bitch got it?”. her look confident  assured the fights hers , Pam stares fear and panic never before has she felt desperation so early as the flesh of their tits rings out and the pull of her rivals mass wrestles her own around. Pam is in trouble  she starts to sway shoulders despite  her motion being limited by the wall and Joyce so close looking for any opening  it comes suddenly as Joyce moves in to end her. with their hands on heads the 2 women use just their breasts  to fight others and when Joyce steps in closer she pins her breasts to Pam’s and drags so slow and heavy up and down her move is to make Pam take the weight of her own and Joyce’s as  she wears her down grinding her to submission, but Pam isn’t done yet  she lifts her left foot and snakes her calf behind Joyce’s knee and using the wall presses to it then as Joyce drags up over her tits almost under Pam’s chin , Pam tenses pulling her leg in bends Joyce’s knee causing her to arch back and up her tits lift up off Pams and like a bullet Pam thrusts up her hard nipples stab into the crease of Joyce’s underside and her own tits deliver a dense solid SLAP to her foe’s underside, a sharp cry of pain and shock is let out as Joyce looks like she was given a solid upper cut she staggers back and with Pam’s calf snaked behind her own, loses balance and  with her heels Joyce staggers and Pam seizes the moment and rushes into Joyce, SLAPP flesh rings out and Pam thrusts her tits hard head on into Joyce’s , its so sharp and sudden and staggering back off balance Joyce’s heavy bust jostles up on her own chest and carries her back and her heels catch her gown,  her knees give out and with a thud she lands on the cold floor. Gasping yells come from around the room. “Oh my gosh”..”is she ok?’..”Joyce get up”, but Joyce is now beside herself her mind tries to replay what took place but it is a blur and as she looks up she sees Pam breathing heavy breasts red and swelling glaring down over her big bust as she paces side to side then seeing she has Joyce’s attention stops stands  and slowly moans, “you stupid cow you think I go down that easy? get up and fight I’ll show you how to titfight” it’s Pam’s supporters who let out their joy, “Get her Pam , Break her honey, beat her tits “.

Joyce’s look of shock and fear slowly turns to jealousy and hate and anger as she slowly rolls to her hip then knees and get’s up sweat forming on their skin the 2 women circle around  slowly  lips involuntary mouth threats and curses as they glare looking over the other to see if any one spot was damaged more than rest, as Joyce now slows and squares to face Pam,  ready to pick up  where she left off Pam grins and steps into Joyce’s space  its sudden and she dips low and gets under Joyce’s tits and drags up lifting her rivals big breasts  Joyce  tries to push down  to make her hold all the weight but Pam knows she hurt Joyce  a bit and once under her starts to pump up and in making Joyce’s tits bounce  and not letting her set her stance the sounds of their flesh slapping is maddening to the onlookers as they start to cheer fight, Joyce’s mouth drops open and she now staggers back but as Pam shoves her through the wall of onlookers there is no steel beam and Joyce feels her knees give and like being shot her body falls and before she can look up Pam drops on her thighs  and grabs her shoulders and with the rawest intent starts to bounce and drop her tits on her hated rivals knocking them down and wearing on her foes body, Joyce’s hands reach up grab Pam’s shoulders and pull as they struggle she pulls Pam on her and to the side and the 2 women hit the floor and roll over the other, as they wrap their arms around other  and start to  roll  the onlookers cheer  for their favorite but the 2 women are locked in a heated titfight  as each gets her moment atop to do her best to other, their cheeks smear as they pant in others ear (Pam)”Cmon you Bitch fight”..Joyce)”Bring it you cow “..their legs snake like vines as they roll but every one knows the fight won’t be decided like this, with an order from Lucy “break them up “ the onlookers grab each woman and pull them apart and stand each of them up, the glares of pure hate are nothing seen before but before either can proclaim a win Lucy steps between them looking at each asks in a cold solemn voice,”Do you ladies need a break?’ both women shake their head no, “are you ready to fight to a finish ?’.

Pam sucks in a breath as she gets her body steady and growls..”I am ready to fight”..Joyce slowing her breathing swallows,” I am good to go on”..Lucy nods and walks away turns and simply says..”FIGHT’, expecting to see them lunge the crowd is stunned as the 2 women circle slow toward other like two cats lurking on prey bodies tensing each knows this next round will determine one winner of a titfight. No one senses that from the rolling around the women are no longer center of the room and  in fact they managed by sheer accident to be further into the building and now each has a corner at her back as they almost stop and step in and as you can hear a pin drop the 2 stare and inhale and square  they move into other but this time each woman grabs the others hips and in instant Pam sways her heavy tits and a solid collision of flesh rings out as Joyce grunts,”umpff “.

Pam smirks at the reaction and groans, “nmm Put em up Bitch my tits are ready”, Joyce without further direction sees how this fight must be decided and sways her heavy tits and again a fleshy collision rings out as she groans,” nmmm lets settle it Bitch mine are right here”..the  two women square off and slowly in time they sway shoulders moving their heavy firm breasts  like pendulums stepping closer till  they fill the space between them with mass and slapping sounds, the women each emit throaty groans and grunts as their big breasts start to collide harder and steadier slowly they guide first one back then other using their chests , shoulders and backs they get a rhythm in the sway and force their breasts to collide  their eyes wince and go wide mouths drop and snarl as they swing into other, long sinewy thighs flex as knees bend to stabilize stances like 2 heavy weight boxers the women step around holding tight to other as they use their breasts like blows to other.

Pam  coming on strong slowly starts to push Joyce back and as she fights it  Joyces grip on Pams hips tighten and she spins them both around and suddenly Pam is on defense, back and forth the 2 exchange blows and drags and thrusts as the sweat beads up and drenches them red faced and tits red and pink now they are both beyond exhausted they hold the other as if its keeping them upright, not anyone one woman watching in awe can see either gain an advantage, the 2 women batter and smear and drag their heaving breasts into others, what was once gasps are now pleading heaving pants for breath as it starts to seem like neither will give an ounce Pam sways across missing Joyce’s Breast and the mistiming throws Joyce off as she pauses to look Pam inhales and dips low and delivers a solid upper cut into Joyces undersides the blow causes her head to toss back her mouth dropping open as she cries out ..”ooowwww you fucking Bitch!!”.

Pam grabs her shoulders and steps in till her tummy meets Joyce’s and she drives and shimmys and grinds her tits up into the soft undersides, Joyce tries to fight back but staggers back to pull off Pam, but Pam feeling she hurt Joyce stays into her and suddenly a hard sickening SMACK is heard as Joyce’s bare back and head hit a steel beam, Pam presses to her hard and pushes her chin to Joyce’s and snarls her lips in a taunt, “ohh whats wrong Bitch feel me?’.

Joyce her mouth open just babbles as she cant speak but only groan as she tries to push Pam by the hips a smile of venom emerges on Pam’s lips and she works her hands to the inside of Joyce’s arms and grabs  and shoves Joyce into the corner  her back pressed into the v of the wall her shoulders and arms pull in  causing her big breasts together and out, unsure what is happening as she gasps like a fish out of water .Pam shoves her right thigh up between her pinned rivals thighs and other leg back for support then she rolls her shoulders up and with a second wind starts to use her breasts to batter Joyce’s, unable to get momentum or arch from the stuck position Joyce not only feels her breasts being dragged swatted hit pushed shoved and slapped , they are swelling turning colors and becoming so sensitive to touch her head up and back she starts to wince in deep pain, as the onlookers hear only one set  doing the hitting and see and hear Joyce stand there and be worked over, half start to cheer for Pam to ruin her rival and other half cheer for Joyce to give up.

Pam is exhausted but she stays after her rival knowing if she gives Joyce an ounce the fight can be turned and she wouldn’t be able to fight back, knowing this Pam wraps her arms over Joyce’s shoulders and as she thrusts ,pumps and shimmies  every move hurting her own breasts but hurting Joyce more she leans to Joyces ear as their cheeks rub Pam pants in desperation and fear to her ear, “Problems Honey hmm say you give and it will stop” Joyce starts to well up in tears and large drops of tears fall from her eyes  streaking whats left of her makeup, Pam’s head drops to her neck as she sees Joyce wont give, ready to quit herself it is no longer a fight of better breasts but their wills to go on as Joyce hugs Pam to pull her in and slow her attack Pam squirms against her then pushes her hands into Joyce’s hands and pins them high on the wall Joyce feels her breasts lift and Pam snarls as she dips and stabs up her breasts impales

Joyce’s and as they are lifted Pam squirms up tight to Joyce and overlaps her breasts on herself a scream shrieks from Joyce’s lips her eyes close and tears fall freely she Gasps and pants  but refuses to say stop Pam ready to fall gets up to her ear again and as she has Joyce’s undersides swelled out from under groans..”oohh Give up Bitch or Ill ruin you now” Joyce’s eyes open she looks up she sucks in a deep breath and as Pam is about to smile spits out a gurgled

“Fuck you Bitch”, A loud Plea to Stop erupts from all but Pam can’t stop about to fall she pulls back Joyce’s big tits flop down and pam unleashes a wild sway and drag that pulls and slaps Joyce’s breasts  at will every collision is like a thorn stabbing her sensitive skin, Pam desperate to stay up herself screams..”Give you stupid Bitch!”..and the crowd hears the most disturbing exchange of the night, breast flesh smacks fast and wildly together and as Pam growls to hide the pain Joyce screams “AWWWWWWW GOD NOOO!!” suddenly as the barrage started Pam feels Joyces head drop aside hers to her shoulders Joyce’s own shoulders slacken and fall her arms limp Pam releases her hands and they fall to her sides  slowly Pam holds tight to Joyce and hisses at her ear.

”Do you give?’..Joyce can only nod yes then Pam sneers a grin and Taunts.”Say it or ill keep going”..Joyce crying now barely able to lift her head rears it up and screams out..”Please Stop I give I give” Pam pulls away suddenly and nearly falls to the cold ground but catches herself clearing her eyes she watches as  Joyce slowly drops to the ground in the corner and cradles her breasts weeping .

Pam panting heavy weak and shaking manages to walk to front of Joyce and pulling her free hand gets Joyce to lay prone on the cold cement floor, she hikes her gown and drops on her knees straddling Joyce who weakly pushes up at her and cries shaking head no, Pam huffing heavy grabs her foe’s wrists and easily pushes them over her head on the floor then almost collapses as she sets her palms on the floor on either side of her prone rivals head. her firm full breasts now sway a bit looser red and bruised  nipples stiff hang as she glares down into Joyce’s eyes and snarls, “Well Bitch  i’ll be taking that Bra”..and before she can answer the warm moist feel of Pam’s heavy breasts Splat on her face and slowly  Pam squirms her breasts engulfing all of Joyce’s face and pulls her arms in to seal the smother. those who support Pam smile and taunt aloud, “Knock her out Pam, Don’t let her up make her worship your girls” as she smiles she hears the muffled groans and displeasure of her rival under her mass slowly Lucy emerges and taps Pam on her shoulder  and with a stern look whispers, “Shes had enough Pam “ slowly  agreeing nod as Pam lifts up off her rivals face  sits up on her looking down over her big breasts at her beaten foe then stands and as she walks to her group takes  Joyces bra holds it to her big breasts and cattily says, “I hope my girls don’t stretch it out”, women giggle as she gives Joyce a hated glare and pulls her dress back up over her naked breasts they hold a glare then Joyce slowly gets up and pulls her gown top over her aching swollen bare breasts as her friends  help secure it Pam takes a glass and sips it as she and Joyce glare as each knows that was only part of their long night.

As they both slowly regain their composure and share glares there is no doubt of the air in the room, Pam knowing this has just begun inwardly hides the soreness and ache her breasts hold as her glee of praise from the women who support her is shown and a few who wanted Joyce start to swerve her way, she knows that either her rival will willingly walk away or as she deep down knows stay and make a hellacious effort to even the score. But for now Pam like any other woman here would, enjoys her victory and holding the both bras is her way of rubbing it in Joyce’s face.

While Joyce watches she breaths in slow the ache so deep she actually feels her lips purse but as Pam is circle of attention and praise, Joyce has become the underdog and gets her back rubbed by her support group, unlike Pam she feels cornered as they glare from across room, she knows Pam won’t offer her an out and she can’t ask for it and still show her face, now as she reflects at how Pam who was on the ropes so early was able to come back by sheer power and ability has her worried, her mind reels wondering do i have enough to beat her not only next but twice to take the night, if she can’t she faces the ultimate embarrassment to her pride and status it will mean losing social status but if she ever wanted to show her face again starting from the bottom and taking on every woman she ever beat before and they will be more confident and after her seeing such a loss. The group slowly starts to mingle about and the two rivals have fully caught their breath and start to look past the last fight.

Pam now for most part standing alone starts to stare and steady her body and mind for whats to come, her eyes reveal the emotions starting to rise, across the room Joyce finds herself standing alone her eyes look to her sides to see who is left standing with her, she takes a breath its more than she first thought, but seeing a few swayed to Pam feels both fear and cause to go on.

As if awakened from a dream the 2 women stare across the open cold cement floor and more and more their eyes start to dissect other, each seeing light bruises on others breast and swelling they both give a smirk at the damage they caused, but it won’t be enough to slow either for what is to come, as the two glare and start to ease around once again the groups see and form around them to make a ring for the fight to take place, whispers of how or what exchange as slowly Joyce downs her drink hands back her glass and moves to the center of the warehouse and extends her long thigh out and arches up straight to show without a word she has made her stand and plans to defend it, Pam though elated she bounced back and broke her rival first knows from being in Joyce’s heels losing first can trigger something in a fight that makes your rival a machine, having felt it herself she accepts, she will have to deal with it and as she passes her glass off slowly swaggers out to meet Joyce.

Their eyes locked and Pam slowly circles around Joyce so close they rub shoulders as Joyce stands still confident. Pam then stops facing her and inhales a breath unable to deeply breath in as her bust feels heavier and sore to expand , Joyce gets a little glee from picking up on the wince and savors the fact she hurt Pam despite the out come. To try to burst Pam’s winning bubble a bit she cattily asks, “Hurting honey?”, a few comments are made to effect of , “you had her Joyce shes hurt”…Joyce grins as Pam can not deny the pain. But as Joyce stares Pam smirks and hisses back, “Oh you tried and fought mine hard Sugar but lets not forget how you cried and i took your bra”, Pam then eases in closer and with both braless under the gown tops, gives Joyce a firm pump to her bust with her own , not ready for it Joyce winces and has to ease a step back, the retreat brings a smile to Pam and comments now go other way, “oh she felt that “crush her Pam then fight her”.

The taunts from Pam’s corner make Joyce cringe at the thought and as she stares at Pam it is almost as if she grows stronger as the catty grin is across her face, the tension is high jealousies are high and fear is high as both feel a shiver as they glare, Joyce steps back up and slowly begins a circling with Pam their hurt breasts rise and fall heavy as they mentally set for round 2. as they circle the group watches with so much anticipation they are ready to pounce. Pam tilts her chin up at her foe and sneers “Well Honey you wanna chat lets go someplace warm otherwise here i am”, Joyce feels her face turn into a savage frown as she answers instantly, “Oh sugar only talking i wanna do is as i drag you by that hair”.

Their heels click amid the silent watchers and after 2 more steps Pam eases closer and as she opens her left hand fingers straight pulling it back she is stunned by a sudden hard burning Slap to her open cheek, so much so she gasps out loud , “OOOHHHH what you “ but before she can finish the sentence another slap burns into other cheek, and her head turned hard loses a step to side and as she regains herself looks up to see Joyce an evil grin on her face standing still waiting.

Pam almost delirious as to the speed and force Joyce hit without warning looks around and sees all eyes on her as she runs her fingers on her cheeks and feels the imprint of Joyce’s fingers, softly she steps to her rival again and they hold a glare, Joyce filling with confidence and boiling with anger is ready, as she groans “my my you don’t seem as willing Honey” a few giggles gets Pam’s attention and she softly says” well does this show i am?” and as the words leave her lips a right hand slaps against Joyce’s face her head turns and as she brings her focus forward instead of a left delivered as she expects Pam slams her back hand across other cheek the harder blow not only spins her head but makes Joyce cough out loud and stutter step to left. “oooouuughmmfff” as she slowly glares back at Pam and feels the burned in hand prints Pam hisses “Well does it Honey”?. the two glare pure hate and as Joyce steps to Pam no encouragement is needed as instantly the 2 stab their fingers in to others hair and as they each claw others scalp fingers twist up tresses and arms flex as heads are sharply snapped to attention by a mutual hair pull neither woman screams as they stare at other. Pam) “UUghhhh you Bitch cmon “..Joyce)”Right here Bitch fight”.

The crowd is stunned as the two women pull and hold so tight they seem frozen as heads are pulled left , right and back and front, slowly their legs start to guide them around the circle and as they step blindly they pull other to their own body wanting tighter fuller grips. Like 2 animals holding onto a bone they tug back and forth snarled full lips thin and show teeth, Pam twists her left hand into the hair of Joyce at the ear and her right grabs the top and with a sudden snap yanks hard and Joyce’s head is forced back and up as she sees the ceiling above, stepping in Pam grinds her bust and body to Joyce’s despite the ache she snarls, “I thought you wanted a fight bitch” Joyce fighting to be dragged backwards widens her stance a bit and digs her nails at either side of Pam’s head and as quick as her own was yanked suddenly snaps Pam’s head side to side like a shark tearing apart fresh kill, Pam snarls at the pain but as Joyce rips and shakes her head the motion becomes faster ,harder and more violent Pam’s eyes can not focus and Joyce is like a mad woman tearing hair for all she was worth , Pam claws and rips the loose bun from Joyces scalp and as her hair is pulled from the perch claws comb into it grabbing what they can and tearing, but Joyce fights the pain in her roots as she hears Pam grunt and pant in pain>”oowww you Bitch!”.

it is like an addiction as she hears the pain she causes and she pushes Pam back then shaking her head by hair spins her around 2 times growling in hate, “I’ll Fucking bald you”. Though a taunt Pam is so disoriented from head shaking and being spun she has no idea what side or where she is standing breathing heavy she arches up and like a rake her hands dig and pull at Raven hair as her own redhair is being knotted twisted and matted into torn fury.

The fight only minutes in is a whirlwind and onlookers can only gasp as the 2 fighters spin and tug other forward and back, as the two stagger to one side Pam starts to fight the shaking that Joyce forces. and slaps at her face by the eyes the short quick slaps causes Joyce to hesitate a moment not ready for it and it is enough for Pam to grab Joyce by the bangs in both hands and yank her head down forward and then pull her like a horse by reins, Joyces grip comes loose as hair from both heads starts to litter the floor and their gowns and moist skin, Joyce screams her disapproval and pain, “aww you cunt Let me go”,Pam sneers as she has Joyce for the moment and shakes her head violently and taking control yanks Joyce by hair around against her will.

Joyce not new to a fight by any means forced to look at the ground rushes into Pam the move knocks Pam off her path and forces a loud cough from Pam as her shoulder drives into Pam’s tummy. Joyce stays in to Pam afraid of falling Pam slaps and scrapes her nails on Joyces back, the burn causes Joyce to thrust up and as she straightens up both fighters lose their hair grip and suddenly as they see others face erupt into a hot hard exchange of face slaps. In a second the ripping hair stops and the two women stand facing other and violently swing away open palms, saliva is splattered from lips cheeks are made crimson and eyes well up with tears as they snarl, and smack away, grunts groans short shrieks fill the air between them with taunts, Pam)”oh you fucking whore ill kick your ass”..Joyce)

”Dirty Bitch ill beat you to a pulp” they step around slow hair flops and flies as faces are creased and reddened Pam panting and huffing slaps Joyce across the mouth the blow cuts her lip blood flies, and instantly her lip swells as she tastes blood and it drops on to her heaving breasts, stunned scared and madder than hell Joyce spits at Pam but the move doesn’t effect Pam as she grabs her hair at the top and with passion yanks Joyces scalp so hard to left only a scream is heard. “AWWWW my hair Bitch!!”..but the protest is falling on deaf ears as Pam then snaps her head other way by the raven tresses and as Joyce follows her head. Pam shoves her hip into the midsection of Joyce’s momentum, The sudden stop to her motion is like a catapult and the hip check spins Joyce up and over Pam’s right thigh and as she screams her eyes wide she is suddenly on her knees in front of Pam with Pam behind her. Like a bad night mare everything suddenly becomes slow motion as Joyce sees the wide eyes of onlookers as they scream “GET UP!”

But before she can react Pam stabs all her talons in the back of the raven hair and rippsss up stretching Joyce on her knees hanging her from her roots , instantly her claws reach up and dig in to Pam’s wrists and arms, her face a violent scared wince as the pain is so bad she cries , her lip dripping blood and as Pam hangs her by the hair starts to whip the woman by it side to side demanding she let her wrists go and give.”Say it you Bitch Say it or i’ll tear it out”, Joyce screaming in agony is scared, Pam hasn’t just threatened she is determined to scalp the black haired rival, as Pam tortures her the crowd can hear roots snapping Pam’s wrists are red and furrows and before she gets cut she yanks back on Joyce’s scalp and drags her like a rag doll on her ass across the floor. Joyce kicking her heels at the floor to stay off her back. As women make room Pam snarls her lips in savage glee but as she does her ass bangs into the steel wall and the dragging stops, as Pam starts to side step to continue Joyce turns her body and gets on one knee and reaches up high and catches Pam’s redhair near her ear and Rippps down using her weight to pull Pams head low, as Pam bends at the waist lips curled in pain Joyce uses other hand to get a grip at the back of her scalp and pulls herself up and has Pam bent at waist as her own scalps tugged on.

“Whats wrong you Whore not a good closer hmmm?”..and with a savage yank picks Pams head up and as they see others eyes again its a burst of power as both women stab claws in others scalp and savagely ripppp away , gasping and panting they shred hair when Joyce pulls Pam in and gets a leg behind hers and shoves back , in an instant Pam hits the cold hard floor and Joyce pounces on her tummy and the 2 savage women reach in others scalp and are pulling again, bucking and kicking Pam displaces Joyce from atop and they both are prone on floor and wrap arms around others head as hands sink in hair, and they are rolling at first they kick legs as they pull other over and across but as they get tighter their legs wrap up and their faces disappear under the mass of hair being torn. Strands stick to wet faces and bodies like shredded cotton candy as tufts of hair litter the cement the screams lower to gurgling, face to face taunts and threats as they roll faces bump and are pulled away by roots as necks are stretched. Pam) ohhh you dirty Bitch ill ripp your scalp out”..Joyce )

“Cmon then you Bitch do it pull i fucking claw your hair out” as they roll no one can see either taking an advantage, but they start to encourage their fighter all the same the 2 women roll side to side and faces bright red are gasping yet refuse to give to other. Their gowns twisted on bodies as scrapes and cuts appear from the hard ground. Pam rolls atop and manages to get her knees partially up under her and as she does Joyce lets out a yell..”Ughhh Noooo you fucking Bitch!!!!” her supporters scream out “Get up honey” and Pams cry “finish her rip it all out”.. Pam sneers sure she has the fight and more when she takes Joyces hair and a hard Slap rings out as she knocks Joyces head to the floor by her hair. a hush falls over the onlookers as Pam grins evil down at Joyce, for a second not a word is uttered then Pam lifts her head again to slam it but Joyce yanks on Pams hair to the left and kicks her heels under her and hips buck with a thrust up. Suddenly Pams face goes into a stunned look and she is pitched forward over Joyces head, as her chest and body slaps onto the ground Joyce turns and flips from under and gets up on her knees and seeing Pam on her face pounces on to her back like a cheetah.

A Gasp forced from Pam..‘UUUGhhh Bitch” as Joyce slaps her face then gathers Pams hair in both hands and leans back as she leans back on her rivals body Pams hair is pulled tight stretched to limits roots and strands snap as she grimaces in pain lifting. Pam by head and back bending her torturing her spine and scalp,Pam screams as the pain becomes more than any one can bear swinging her hands back to get free, Joyce holds on as if Pam is a bucking bronco , shaking her head by the hair and then twisting it up till her left knuckles grind into the scalp of Pam working prying at the ball of roots. Pams eyes close and tears fall as she can only cry and gasp in pain mouth open, then A slap rings across her swaying breast in the dress top she winces and Joyce grins like an evil villain and before asking for a give slams Pam face first to the floor by hair and slides up on her back and with a savage pull tilts Pams head up into her thighs and snarls..

”How about it Bitch hmm wanna lose it all or you gonna give?’’ onlookers stare in shock as Pam slinks on the floor and cries then screams ..”STOP STOP YOU BITCH I GIVE!!” Joyce smiles and stands holding the clump of hair she places her heel on the back of Pams neck and demands the scissors a woman hands them to her and she tugs on the mane and as all is quiet the steel Sling noise of the blades criss crossing rings out and Pams head falls to floor as, Joyce holds a clump of redhair in her fist and walks away. the scissors taken from her Joyce smiling returns to her group and downs a drink and as she holds on to the hair as if still pulling she starts to cry as the headache and scalp pain is over bearing.

Her friends lead her to the ladies room and she wets a towel and pats her red face and looks at the fat lip she received she wipes the dry blood and takes deep breath in then using a brush and her nails tries to untangle her hair best she can as her fingers fill with black hair and red hair she pins it up loose and messed, and washes her hands of Pam’s hair.Then taking the balled tresses walks out to the main room and is greeted and celebrated as she looks around Pam is no longer on the floor thinking maybe she walked away Joyce starts to take a deep breath out but its stopped as Pam emerges from other side hair messed cut sloppy and shorter and pinned at back of her head. Roughly their eyes meet and Joyce smirks as Pam glares daggers, As the groups are divided again and the 2 fighters are once again even they all know the next and last fight will not only prove who will be rightful chosen, but one will be broken socially. Both are now not even eyeing other they are acting as if the other has left , women who are torn between them and support them are wondering what might be going on as each takes a much needed drink. Pams head rocking as much, slowly lets the champagne sooth her as best she can as Joyce does the same.

Most see this as a break both fighters need and no one starts to urge final fight, when out of no where Pam says out loud, “Must think your hot shit don’t you Bitch”? the room falls into a dead silence and Joyce takes in a breath and answers, “whats the matter Bitch can’t take a little beating?” eyes go wide on the groups as they ease away from each fighter and before any one can ask “are you sure the two fighters turn and head right at other. As they draw closer their faces redden blood boiling their hands open and fingers curl the caution gone , before any one can say a thing the two women slam together as hands come up and start to slap and yank hair again , grunts forced from lips as they snarl like lioness, Pam seemingly frustrated stabs her nails in Joyce’s face and pulls down raking , her nails on Joyce’s features carving 4 furrow lines, Joyce blinks and mouth wide lets out an angry yet pain driven scream, “awwwww you fucking Bitch” and in kind stabs her right hand nails in Pams face and claws her left gouges in at the cheek, Pam’s head rears a bit as she shouts “Gutter tramp Bitch” , but both women expecting the vicious play stand willing to be clawed.

As they turn once slapping and swiping nails at others face and hair again yanked Joyce reaches out to Pam and grabbing the front of her gown a Ripppp is heard and Pam’s heavy full breasts are in plain view before she can counter Joyce delivers a heavy slap to her breasts and then seizes them in her claws, the pain from the breast fight still evident as Pam inhales and face turns into wincing anguish, Joyce unaware just how sensitive her rival is twists her claws and fingers deeper and her thumbnails stab the hard nipples inverting them as she pulls on her foes breasts.

Pam lets out a yelp and face contorts to pain and hate as she digs her nails in center of Joyces cleavage and claws down and tears open Joyce’s dress as her own breasts sway open and free, Joyce is more aware of the attack and as she pulls back from reach ripping her claws off Pam’s breasts quickly sinks her left claws in Pam’s throat and other hand slaps at her face as fast as she can manage, the short quick strikes have Pam turning and ducking her face as she feels the red furrows on her breasts warm and red lines darken as flesh was cut ,but Joyces neck hold has her concerned as she slaps at the hand and claws it to pull it off.

Joyce is no first time fighter and she grips tighter and with a thrust shoves Pam back peddling and before she hits a wall Pam falls on her back hard, the throat hold gone Pam has claw marks on her neck now and as she tries to scramble to her heels Joyce grabs her from behind one hand latching onto a fistful of hair hanging Pam by it her other reaches down and punches Pam’s left breast hard and then claws, lifting and exposing the underside as her nails vanish into the meaty flesh, Pam on her knees is being used like a ragdoll now as Joyce is starting to dominate and ravage her with claws, as Pam fights to get free she manages to lift her hand and catch hold of Joyces left breast and her nails quickly sink in and pull on the heavy flesh as they carve open the flesh.

Joyce winces and gasps heavy but doesn’t stop her assault , she slams her knee in Pam’s back and then again the blows are sharp and accurate and Pam trapped in a bad situation uses her body weight to drop forward on all 4’s the escape partially works as her breast is freed but Joyce has a death grip on her ravaged hair and straddles her rival. Pam’s head rears up as she feels Joyce on her back and in a last hope hooks her hands on each leg pulling and thrusting up her body manages to dislodge Joyce and a solid slap of flesh to the cold hard ground rings out as Joyce lands on her back, Pam getting up as she turns to her rival grabs the gown and tears it from her hips and wraps it around Joyce’s legs limiting her movement as she then kicks Joyce hard in the ribs a scream and grimace on her face Joyce flops on her side cradling her ribs, and Pam reaches down and pulling her hated rival up by the hair to a seated position shaking her head violently by the hair her other hand punches Joyce’s face a sharp shot her lip reopens and blood drops from her mouth seeing, the blood Pam gets a wild fire in her eyes and stabs her nails into Joyce’s face from behind and claws, dragging up over her foes face cutting Joyce’s cheeks and mouth the burn is so bad Joyce covers her face as tears flow, Pam shoving her rival forward drops on her hip and starts to swing slaps and blows at Joyce but as Joyce covers up the blows bounce off arms and hands, Pam needing her rival to suffer grabs her wrists and drops her head down into Joyces breasts and suddenly Joyce screams and her back arches in agony.

“AWWWW FUCKING BITCH LET GO!!” Pam shaking her head like rabid dog has her teeth deep in Joyce’s breast and chews, in agony and desperate now eyes wide in fear Joyce stabs her nails in pams face clawing to get her to release the bite and punches reign at back of Pam’s head as Joyce feels the skin almost break she raises her heels and stabs them into the back of Pam’s thighs and pushes down the sharp spiked heels cut through the nylons and skin on Pam’s thighs and it is enough to get her teeth to open as her head lifts her breast sway up on Joyce’s and Joyce pulls her handsfree and again chokes pam as her other hand digs into Pam’s right temple, her thighs scissor around Pam’s ribs and squeeze hard, now trapped in the powerful thighs Pam claws at the face of her rival and soon both women are rolling again on the floor but in more savage violent mission to ravage other into submission, driven on pure hate and adrenaline as they roll red clawed furrows now high light their faces instead of makeup and lines appear on breasts and necks and shoulders hair again litters the floor and teeth flash as they turn into a catball across the floor.

The bite on her breast not bleeding but already swelled and blue purple with teeth marks deep in skin burns as she fights for her life, tears start to fall more as Pam is slowly becoming a wild woman doing anything to ruin her rival. As Pam rolls atop again her hand pushed to Joyces chin , claws in her mouth scratching, Joyce brings her legs up under Pams body and her heels stab into Pams torso with a strong thrusting kick of her powerful legs she sends Pam off her and onto her back, in an almost scared move Joyce scrambles to her feet and tears away the tattered remains of her gown, her heavy breasts sway and chest heaving, as she sees Pam stand and tear away her gown as both stand in lingerie, seeing the blood run from her rivals lip and breasts holding the teeth marks in discolor, Pam seems to swell in confidence and with her sharp pointed talons wiggles her fingers at Joyce as her once sultry voice turns into one of demonic tone, as she taunts Joyce,”Cmon Bitch we are just getting started” and slowly she heads towards Joyce.

Seeing the wild fire in her eyes and the tone of her voice almost possessed, Joyces body feels a shiver the only two ways this will all stop is to give now or fight Pams fight and beat her at it swallowing the fear Joyce opens her claws and crouches slightly as she in her own throaty demonic tone demands “When ever your ready Bitch i am here to fight” they circle, looking for the open point the onlookers are both stunned and scared as the fight rages when a scream from both women ringsout and they lunge into tother like shot at each other they clash and bodies rise up together like 2 ocean waves colliding suddenly hands turn to claws and fists as they stand face to face and swing and scratch and ripp at other in only way they can, once smooth flawless faces are now clawed and snarled into hideous monster like looks, as pain and fear and hate form what they can not say as only screams and grunts are heard. They turn in a slow dance of hate, as each woman rips at hair scratches at her rival and punches where a fist will land the sickening sound of flesh being hit openly rings out as gasping panting breaths are sucked in.

Joyce wraps her arm around Pams neck to try to pull her into a headlock but as she nearly gets the hold Pam does the same move and the two women now hold other in a headlock and are hip to hip and suddenly a rhythm of punches start as first Pam lands a blow then Joyce and the 2 batter away at others face and head as they pull other around the blows glance off features arms heads but its like a trance as the two swing away harder Pam) “Cmon Bitch “..Joyce)

”Fucking whore fight”. They grunt their heavy breasts hang sway and jostle , Pam with her arm on Joyce’s neck claws along her neck and snags her hair and with a savage strong Yank snaps Joyce’s head up and back the move makes Joyce cry out and her headlock releases as she grabs at Pam’s hand in her hair, with her back arched forced to look up at the ceiling mouth agape Pam snarls an evil grin as she whips Joyce by her hair into the corner she beat her rival earlier and as her back slaps against the cold steel Joyce spits out a painful cry “Awwww UUgghmmff”.

The slap to the steel wall is all Pam needed to hear and she lunges into Joyce and like a wild machine grabs Joyce’s hair and slams her head back then starts to claw and swing at her as their breasts meet and balloon together, Pam is well inside Joyce’s space and is slowly destroying her face. Wild as a mad woman she feeds on the attack, Joyce fights back clawing weakly but none the less damaging her rival as desperation falls on both Joyce and Pam heads lower to cover best they can, Joyce screams out ..”OWWww No You BITCH!!” ..and as they watch the onlookers see Joyce’s chest flesh stretched and the end are Pam’s teeth her head back tears roll down freely now Joyce can’t stop the assault , she sinks both her hands claws in Pam’s face and gouges in turning the features into a twisted mass her nails sink in as she claws lifting Pam’s head the bite is again released and it is like a someone wakes Joyce from a horrid dream, Joyce stares in to the eyes of her rival both see this is the last of it and as they glare.

Pam’s eyes suddenly go wide her mouth drops open and a scream spits out “AWWW” , Joyce’s knee shoots up between Pam’s thighs and without any hindrance slams into Pam’s mound full on the hit is like a bullet and Pam’s knees buckle, she drops to the floor her hands at her sides and Joyce is stunned at the perfect move a second and looks down, then sends another knee that squarely hits into Pam’s face the hit so dead on and forceful Pam’s head snaps back and she falls on to her back hands out at her sides a moment as she is stunned and as she rolls to her side and covers her now bleeding face her nose broken.

Joyce standing almost in a trance is snapped back to her cat like self as she sees the blood from her rival and instantly drops on to Pam’s back and with one hand holding her head up by the hair Joyce with a smile so evil gives a sharp yank and demands, “YOU GiVE BITCH HUH!”. With no answer Joyce slams a right fist to Pam’s eye and asks again “YOU GIVE?!!” again no answer as Pam reaches back to claw or grab anything of Joyce but in control, Joyce opens her fist and digs her claws in Pams jaw and claws slowly up to Pams eye the furrows are deeper and blood fills the lines, Pam cries now and her head hangs by the pull in Joyces fist.

Again Joyce asks “YOU GIVE BITCH?”Pam shakes her head no Joyce now snakes her arm under Pam’s neck and as she pulls back chokes her rival her face near Pam’s ear she hisses in her ear. “You cunt Ill kill you give” gasping coughing Pam squirms under Joyce’s hips and as they struggle, manages to get to her side and in a last ditch effort there is a CRACK and a scream. Pam snaps her elbow back and hits Joyce aside her jaw knocking her off Pam and ringing her head, as she loosely slips off Pam both women gasp for air, both are worn to exhaustion, but Pam gaging crawls to Joyce and climbs on her as she gets atop, Joyce starts to fight her off and again claws are sunk into flesh but Pam now atop uses both hands to seize Joyce’s throat as she presses down to choke her rival her massive breasts swell out between her arms as she glares down at the prone raven haired woman.

Joyce looking up with a hated glare gagging now swats wildly at Pam slowly growing more desperate in her attempt to get free, suddenly Pam while holding the choke screams out “Give You OWWWWWW”.. and all see Joyce has one set of talons deep in Pam’s breast pulling flesh the other has sank into her rivals womanhood there is a loud unified groan from all the cats watching and Pam cries as Joyce’s nails are scratching and digging into her delicate mound in fear Pam releases her choke hold and pulls off Joyce and her hands cup her mound as she feels for blood.

She never sees Joyce recover and get to her knees suddenly a well placed fist lands into Pam’s chin, her head snapped to side and her body drops on the floor Joyce mounts her rival again nearly unable to hold herself up she pins Pam’s arms under her knees and secures her position atop Pam’s body. As she looks down over her own big breasts heaving as she breathes Pam’s own eyes look up the glare is mutual as one stare shows (there will be no mercy and other stares Do your worse) Joyce slowly sinks her nails of left hand into Pam’s throat and latch on tight her other slaps Pam hard 1, 2, 3 , 4 times Pam’s head easily snaps to side and back with each slap, Joyce holding her rival down spits “GIVE YOU cunt” and all Pam can muster is a nod yes.

As if released from a noose Joyce sits up and back on Pam’s breasts under her full ass and looks up in tears, its over finally as she weeps not from pain but the victory and the final blow her tears slow and her full bust fills with a breath as she slides her body up on Pam’s prone one, and grabbing her hair pulls Pam’s face up into her lush mound and grinds against it, smearing her juices on Pam’s face she gives a sharp tug as she groans “Pleasure me Whore or Ill claw you apart” weakly and unwillingly Pam’s tongue eases out and Joyce using the hair hold rolls Pam’s face on her labia and her head tilts back as she smiles, having taken it all Joyce releases Pam’s hair and with a last rub of her mound stands up over her rival looking down she stabs her spiked heel onto the breasts of Pam and makes a victory pose for all, then with a drunken like stagger walks to Pam’s group and takes the bras, the furs and a downs a drink, as she starts to walk out she stops over Pam again and bends at the waist and her talons reach into Pam’s ears and yank out the earrings then snaps the necklace off her neck she stands holding the treasures she won and as she slips on Pam’s fur looks back her, eyes scan all the women then stop and stare she feels a shiver run through her and as all turn to see what froze this war cat, there alone stands Lucy the mid west queen arms folded and an ice like glare, Lucy nods at Joyce and slowly nods back and with her group leaves knowing this fight just started, As lucy and her girls walk out then slowly each of Pam’s girls step over her, leaving her alone and broken on the floor as she cries for someone to help her , but as the solid steel door slams shut the reality hits Pam like another fist she is no one here now just another woman with wealth and nothing more.

Her status stripped her club gone and her life as Queen of a group torn away slowly she gathers herself stands and as she staggers dead on her feet finds a single fur tattered and pieces of the fur missing near the garbage she slides the rag on to cover her figure and hails a cab to bring her to her plane, as she lifts off she stares out the window and cries herself to sleep.

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