I Spy: Parts 8 – 14 by Dotti D

Part 8 – Waiting to Deploy

Its been about 3 weeks, Eva and I have been doing great and the unit I am in has become the talk of the base, Becky still is a secretary and frankly , she has been keeping a low profile, but we just got word that our unit will be shipping off to a yet to be named location, as a result the entire team was given 4 days off leave.

Eva and I made the most of it  and I asked her if she wanted to return home , since i had no idea how long i would be gone, she said no, i had to run to HQ to arrange for her to stay till i return.

As I walked in to the office of base commander i saw Becky, here eyes got big then she smirked, i smiled and just asked how she was, she look around and mouthed “Thank You” i nodded and went to the base housing officer, I got he papers and started to fill them out and Becky walked over and sat beside me.

“Hey” I looked over “Hey” “Some night it was huh?”, “Yeah not bad good time “, she was a little nervous it seemed and i just kept filling out the papers, “Listen I owe you one for that and keeping it quiet”, I shook my head ‘Na its all good as long as your ok, not that it matters but Jin said she wants another chat and this time she would claw you apart”.

Becky smiled “Yeah I figured she would want one, but huh well i was going to wait”, I looked at her “What do you mean wait for what?”, as the housing officer was waiting Becky leaned to me as she stood up, “Meet around back when your done ok”, and walked away.

I finished up and handed them in got my copies and was good to go, as I walked out i stepped around back and there was Becky her uniform blouse open a bit, her cleavage as tight and full as ever “Whats up?”.

She smiled that sexy grin and leaned back on the building, “Well I owe you no matter what you say and I have something to show you that i think you will love to learn about, but I need you to come with me”, ‘What now?”, “Its nothing major I am sure you will understand , after i get out of work ok?”, I was going to sit home and have wine with Eva but I was intrigued by Becky so I went back inside called Eva and said I will be a little late”.

I ran a few errands and went by the unit hut, a few guys were working out , we were all a little on edge not knowing where we were going, so there were just simple nods and waves, 5 pm came and i saw Becky driving over in her jeep, she had on tightest jeans i ever saw to her ankles heels and a thin grey blouse with no bra under it her hair up , as I jumped in she took off like a shot and out back gate.

As we drove toward town I asked her what was up, but she smiled and drove on then made a left and we went down a few side streets and parked, we got out and walked another block, the secrecy was becoming a pain in the ass, when i saw a flashing neon light and a loud crowd.

It was a club but one of those where cops only show up if things get really  crazy, otherwise your on your own, i looked at Becky “you brought me here for drinks?” she smiled “not at all silly , trust me i am positive you are gonna love this”.

We walked in and through the crowd then Becky grabbed a booth and ordered 2 saki’s there was a flimsy built ring with real rope and the corner posts were wood , my first thought was this is a mma or raw boxing place and she is setting me up after that night she fought Jin.

As we drank saki i looked at her “Becky I dont know what this is about but I cant stay all night “ she cut me off “I know I know you gotta get back to your little girl friend, just give me a few ok?”, I nod and wait then a tall strawberry blonde walks out her name is Doris her majestic globes in a white blouse top open to her nipples as she sits with us in a booth “well Hey there handsome , ”, she pats my hand as Becky glares,  she scoots to me “ I guess you can have these since hers wont be around” she opens her top , her breasts are amazing and her nipples thick and stiff ,”Go Ahead baby” i cup them,  they are warm,heavy and firm every bit as big as Eva and Becky, she moans “nmmm uwwww yess ohhh she thinks hers are tough nmm but these are tougher”.

As we sit and I caress those heavy firm globes I look at her, “something you wanna ask me baby ?” I stammer a bit “Nothing just with your hair and these awesome tits you remind me of my girl”, “what her?” “no no shes not my girl “ Doris laughs ‘Then who is she?”, she works on the base and wants to fight my girl for me but my girl is a boxer and so hot “, as I squeeze them she purrs “nmmm well maybe i can meet her instead then”.

My eyes look in hers and as i do she smiles “No worries not here a real titifght and titboxing  any rules if shes woman enough”, I smirk “Oh she will fight and fair as long as who she fights will:, Doris smirks “you should have brought her  then “, Becky opens her blouse to her nipples and spreads the top exposing her tits ”He is with me Doris”, Doris makes no attempt to hide her proud tits bare in her open top nipples spiked, Doris smiles at her, “Problem honey?”.

Becky pauses “I might have to wait to fight his girl but till then back off bitch”, Doris smiles “Really? Why dont you come sit by me and we can see about that “ as she eases in booth more Becky glares i can only shrug my shoulders as its not my fight, I get up and sit facing the booth has Becky scoots over.

As they scoot closer Doris smirks “we can do this right here”, Becky undoes her top and her round veiny heavy firm globes sit out in her blouse like Doris’s, I see a glare in Doris’s eye as she sees Beckie’s thick hard nipples as stiff, “What’s the fight then?”, Doris smiles “ nipples you think you can manage that before we step in the ring?,”.

Becky sits up and parts her top as Doris does and they lean to other,  each puts a hand behind other and look between them,  then Doris slowly rubs her nipples to Beckie’s and the duel is on, “nmmm Nmmu www cmon honey “, Becky dabs and rubs hers to Doris “uhnn mmm cmon “, slowly they rub and then Doris smirking purrs “nmm uww cmon honey my nipples are ready yours know how to fight or not?”, Becky rolls her shoulders and flicks the blondes slow with a drag and i see Doris arch up, “ohh unmmm uwww thats it now we got a fight” and Doris presses hers to Beckie’s tips “UHnnn uww “ she smirks ‘Feel it dont you bitch” Becky starts to breath heavy   “You fucking cow cmon”, Doris flicks and jousts her nipples at the brunettes “uhnn uhnn nmff uwww you cunt fight me then cmon”.

“You bitch dont call me a cunt  ill rip your tits off” , “careful cunt last bitch that threatened me left here carved up”, Becky snarls and arches up Doris does the same then they wrap arms around other, high so i can see the duel , large fat nipples stab , jab , flick and rub , both women are getting sensitive and madder “you cunt uunfff mmff ill invert you bitch”, Becky breathing heavier  winces then taking a breath stabs her tips head on into the blondes,  the move makes Doris arch her head up , “uughn MFFF BITCH”, Becky hearing it starts to pump her nipples in firmer to the blondes ‘uhnn uHnn Uhnn cmon fight”.

 As their hug gets tighter their areolas meet and ease back then a rhythm begins and slowly i see Beckie’s nipples seem to stiffen more as she starts to dig drag and stab at Doris’s , “uhnn uhnn mm uuhnn cmon feel me cunt”, Doris gives a snarl “What did you say cunt”?

They begin to squirm and get rougher  as their big tits start to bump “I said cmon cunt you fucking bitch”, Becky breathing heavy lines her nipples to the blondes tip on tip and pushes hard into her as she does her body goes higher and as they let their nipples wrestle her thigh kicks the table as she brings it over the blondes thigh , “Cmon bitch you wanna fight  lets go” Becky huffs as Doris arches and bucks and starts to slip back on the booth seat , “get off cunt oww uughnnn .

As Doris grabs at Beckie’s hair, Becky grabs her hair and shoves Doris to the seat on her back, as Becky sits up they pull hair  , then Becky drops down and stabs her nipples at Doris’s i see her arch and groan , “awwww uughnnn cunt my nipples”
as Becky groans “uuhhnn mmm problems Bitch hmm?”

Doris looking up her arms pull in, forcing her tits up as the stiff nubs flick ,then Becky stabs her nipples into Doris’s, the blonde arches as she moans , “ohhhh uuughnnn you cunt ill fucking tear your tits off” i watch and see Beckie’s hard nipples ease the blondes back in her areolas and then press areolas , Becky Sneers down “uwwww nmmm that must hurt still wanna fight my tits cunt?”

Doris spits “Get off me and lets change Ill fight you” Becky peels off her nipples as stiff as steel as Doris sits up hers slowly ease back out and stiff, Becky smiles then looks at me “I will be out in a few” and walks to a door, Doris gets up and looks at me “After I ruin her tits Ill be back to finish that chat baby” , and she walks to a different door.

My radar was on alert in this place you could be stabbed for a cross eye look, when suddenly i hear a bell, well more a tire rim and hammer, i look over and see Doris walk out hair up in a bun making  her way through the crowd to this make shift ring and enter it, her light blue eyes sparkled, i could see her huge tits pushing the robe out  i stood up and made my way to the ring, as i did the bell rang again and as i look over i see Becky making her way over when she gets in the ring wearing heels and robe.

She looks at me smiling as i mouth “what the fuck are you doing?” she turns from me after a wink and mouths watch, as her and the blonde stare i see them looking other over  and then an older asian man standing beside me talks , “this first time you here?”.

“yeah whats going on?”, “Oh this normal every day two women come to have fight , these two no like other so they fight here”, my eyes got big then he nudges me, “you make wager or they will make you leave” so i took out a 50 and bet on Becky.

Then another ring of the bell and Becky sheds her robe, she was standing in heels a thong and topless , her body was so fit and those breasts were amazing , i felt like it was Eva with brown hair, as the crowd bet and chatted Becky gave me a shimmy and a wink, then the Doris removed her robe and my eyes nearly popped from my head.

 In red heels and thong  and her breasts were as large and full as Becky, the two women stare across the dirty canvas ring and just look other over then i see the blonde shimmy her tits at Becky and man those things swayed slow and heavy, Becky returned the motion.

The man beside me  “you know them?” “just her  never saw her before”, “oh that one in your navy” my eyes widen and then a guy who must have been a manager gets everyones attention, “the fight to begin all bets final, you ready? as he points to Becky “you ready” pointing to Doris then he nods as he steps away and the bell is rung as the guys cheer.

Becky and Doris arch from their corners and circle as they eye other , each step they make those huge tits jostle slow and dense, seems like their nipples stiffen more each step, slowly they close and then Becky places her hands behind her head as Doris does the same and slowly each women starts to sway her massive tits side to side then boom they step in to other and start to use their breasts to hit the others.

Neither woman grunted much as the sound of dense flesh filled the ring amid the cheers to fight roared, for at least 2 minutes the two girls just stood boxing tit to tit making their breasts redder, and sneering as they stepped in and around a tiny circle, as these men cheered i can’t deny it i was above turned on.

For the first time since I met Becky despite her telling me she can titbox and wanted at Eva , I saw it and she could, but Eva could as well and she and Becky were fuller than this big girl , who was giving Becky a fight.

As the two girls seem to increase the punishment the bell rang and they broke apart , Becky turned and swaggered back to her corner as did Doris, Becky winking at me called me closer and i stood at her corner, her big tits were a little pink and red from blows otherwise un phased, “Like what you see so far ?’ I nodded then she arched and pushed them out “How about a kiss for good luck?”.

I bent over the rope and kissed each nipple she smiled and moaned “nmmm” then suddenly she was shoved aside and standing there was Doris who grinned at me and asked for a kiss, i kissed them as well then she moaned “nmmm  i am gonna pound her tits for you “, as she turned Becky was standing there ready to brawl.

The bell rang and this time these two didn’t circle they clashed firmly and smeared and rub then the ring exploded as they started swinging their tits aside others, it was tough to hear over the cheers but I caught some of it.

“Cmon Bitch fight me” , “put em up whore lets go”, the dense slap, clop and smacks were faster and more often as each of them rolled shoulders back arched and went at the other, both were moved back by other as they stepped about, slowly i could see and hear the effects they had on other, “uughh ughh umff umff cunt”, “cmon bitch ohh uuhnn mmff mff “.

Becky pushed her body to Doris and started to swing her breasts faster and harder in to the blondes, with her stance wider Becky started to land better blows to Doris’s breasts, Doris a little off balance was swinging back but her full breasts were being knocked and quaked by  the brunette, “Cmon umff fight uhnnn Bitch” Becky spit as Doris was grunting to stay in the fight.

I watched silently my eyes wide , as I thought if Eva had done this to June she would have wiped the floor with her ,  but while Becky was showing me what I only presume Eva was capable of, there was no doubt Doris was giving some back as Becky went from a solid stance to moving around with the blonde.

The old man aside me leaned over , “your girl a good strong fighter” , I thanked him and said shes not my girl, he looked at me “Doris your girl?’ i shook my head no, ‘Hmm Well you better keep fingers crossed for the brunette , that blonde a tough fighter in here”.

I looked at him “What!?” he nodded ‘you see”, but before Doris unleashed the bell rang and the 2 women broke off, as they glared Becky turned and walked over to her corner breathing heavy she smiled “Like what you see so far?”, I was stunned “Uhmm Becky listen why are you doing this?”.

“For you , I want you to see I can really titfight hard and when i see your girl her and i are gonna do it”, I grabbed her arm ‘Becky listen this chick is a fighter and Eva is as well ,”  before i finished she smiled and took my hand away “I like a challenge now watch me destroy this cow”.

Becky turned and the bell rang and she walked out with a slight prance  as Doris swaggered out like a sly lioness ready to pounce, the asian man leaned over , ‘Now you gonna see a fight from blonde”.

They circled once and then Doris turned to Becky her hands on her hair and shimmied her tits slow ‘Cmon honey lets have at it”  Becky paused a second as she was sure she was knocking Doris around but she placed her hands on her hair and stepped in, then it happened 2 loud fleshy SMACKS rang out as Doris stepped in and swung her tits quick and crushed each side of the brunettes, then as Becky was rocked back a step Doris thrust in head on and with 3 head on pumps had Becky stagger back and grunting, “Ughh Ughhh Ohhhmmfff”.

As I watched, the blonde walked slowly after Becky as each blow had her stagger back and feeling it, Doris glared with a smirk “Cmon bitch I am right here”, Becky got pissed and thrust at Doris and i thought here we go a fight, but it was what Doris wanted her to do, as Becky came at the blonde straightening up Beckie’s tits lifted and Doris dipped and swung up as she thrusted up and her heavy tits SLAMMED  in an upper cut to Beckie’s and they literally went up and hit her chin and bounced down, the blow was so perfect Becky cried out, ‘AWWWW UGHNNMMFFF’ and her knees buckled and she fell back on the ropes.

The raw rope scored a burn line on Beckie’s bare back as her hands and arms draped on the rope to hold on, Doris rushed her and grabbed her hands to hold them around the rope and as her tummy met Beckie’s she unleashed a barrage on the brunette.

Doris was standing high on her heels as Becky was pinned to rope and she smiled so sweet yet catty at Becky as she made hard direct swaying with her shoulders so determined the SLAPS of flesh rang out and with in 3 strikes Beckie’s tits were red and pink and slowly starting to sway easier , each hit had Becky wince and cry out.

I felt bad for Becky but seeing Doris work her was like watching an artist create , her spine stiff and long as her shoulders rolled and flexed and swung her round heavy tits into Beckies , as i looked to see, Beckie’s big tits sat up on her chest and out and as Doris made her breasts swell and elongate out as she swung them then slowed enough they reformed fully round and crashed into the side walls of Becky, making her tits mold around her rivals and crash together then forced to other side and stretched only to be slugged again.

As Doris punished Becky more she seem to love the feeling over being hurt , “Uhn mmm uww uww yes thats it bitch nmmm take it , feel my tits now “?,  Becky was heaving and gasping as her face was getting as red as her tits her thighs out and open, Doris stepped inside them and had Becky in control.

Just as Doris was about to deliver another upper cut that would have hurt Becky really bad and deep the bell rang, Doris pulled off Becky and as she spun and swaggered away Becky slid down the ropes and hit the canvas floor , she rolled to her side and cupped her tits as she winced, Doris walked to me kissed my cheek and purred “one or two more rounds and you and i can play” then she went to her corner.

As she smiled at her handy work her arms draped on corner ropes her huge tits out pink and red but ready for a fight, Becky slowly got to her feet and walked to her corner as she got there Doris stood up and headed toward her, before Becky could know it the bell rang and as she turned Doris unleashed again and just started to sway shoulders and batter Becky into her own corner.

“AGHHH AWWW UUGGMMFF MFFF Bitch owww”, Doris was ruthless and she smiled as the sounds of flesh colliding hard made her want more, “cmon bitch fight me cmon”,
 as Doris was making her rivals tits bruised i was sure this was over when suddenly as her bare back burned along the rope again, Doris watched thinking Becky was going to the matt, instead Becky grabbed ropes and launched in to the blonde and as she grabbed Doris by shoulders she fought back.

The stunned blonde reached at Beckie’s elbows, but the way Becky held her shoulders Doris couldn’t sway as hard or fast as she had , and now Becky was able to as they started to battle again, Becky managed to take them from the corner, “uhnn ughh bitch” Doris spit as Becky was wincing but fighting back “cmon whore  straight up tit to tit box me”, Doris swallowed and grunted but her face was pissed and she took Becky by her shoulders and the 2 women again stepped around and slammed their heavy tits into others , slowly as Becky started to pant i saw Doris feeling her and for a second i joined the cheering “cmon fight her”.

As they battered away right before the bell was going to ring, Becky had Doris back peddling and panting , “uuhnn uhnn mff mff bitch”, as the bell rang Doris stopped but Becky was in a trance and she gave Doris an upper blow that hit undersides , the blonde went down but the round was over , Doris called foul and as the betters screamed and boo her Becky returns to her corner.

As Becky catches her breath the old guy leans to me “she make big mistake now blonde can break rules too”, both women glare as they breath heavy big tits rise and fall as they do, slowly the bell clanks and Becky steps from her corner and waits center ring , Doris glares and then arches from her corner as she swaggers to Becky , as they glare Becky starts to put her hands by her hair but things have changed i see it in Doris’s eyes.

Becky sensing it but to late as Doris snarls and lunges into her she stabs her hands in Beckie’s hair and yanks shaking her head wildly as she drives Becky back,  then like a pro wrestler hair whips Becky back across the ring , she lands hard and before she knows it Doris is on her and bangs her head on floor by her hair ‘Fucking bitch like to cheat do you?”

With her thighs around the brunette, Doris is shaking her head so hard i thought it was coming off , as she tears at her scalp her big tits sway and shake and Becky reaches up and grabs her tits  sinks her nails in, Doris looks up wincing in pain, but instead of covering she stabs her own nails in Beckie’s tits and claws and pulls, As they sit Becky prone and Doris  straddling Becky, the brunette  is getting the worse of it and slaps Doris’s big tit and claws , the guys betting on Doris are screaming and pissed.

As Doris rips and presses down, Becky is hurting and starts to buck she cant get up and as she releases the blondes tits and grabs her hair and yanks to pull Doris off , the women grab hair and roll as they rip and yank, as they roll to Doris’s corner Becky ends up on top and gets to her knees pulling Doris up as they pull other up to their feet their big tits sway and bump.

My mouth hangs open and the old man whispers “your girl in for it now” as the guys chant something in Japanese, Doris has a grin the 2 women are bent at the waist as they pull then the bell rings , they let go and head to corners as they do Doris slaps her back hand across Beckie’s face and she falls on her back, the crowd cheers.

Doris leans on her corner and shakes her hair loose, her tits red and a few furrows and some bruises , but she smiles as Becky gets to hers she is panting hard and her tits are redder , more bruised and swollen, she looks back at me as i ask the old man what they chant, “ they want the girls to stand with in middle and bend at waist and they use hands to finish tit fight harder”, I lean to Becky and tell her , as i ask “Becky if you tit box her she will ruin your tits” she smiles “ NO she won’t tell them i want to titbox her “.

I tell the manager but he shakes his head no, “next round” then he steps out and calls Doris out and she smiles as she shimmies her tits for them and then she bends at the waist, as Becky watches he calls her out and she stands facing Doris then he makes her bend at waist , as they ease closer till shoulders meet and their faces are cheek to cheek, as they are Becky hisses ‘What the fuck is this?”, Doris snarls “You cheated so they want us to grab claw and punch this round tits only , then we go back to titboxing, if your woman enough”.

Becky face red nods as she either fights or gives , Doris nods that she is ready to fight as they widen stances he waves to ring bell, clank and he yells FiGHT instantly Doris cups her hands, slaps them into the brunettes tits and claws deep , “Cmon Bitch Fight” as Becky gasps “Aawwwww ughnnn bitch” then stabs her nails in Doris’s undersides and sinks her nails in as she pulls on them, “cmon cunt fight me”.

The crowd cheers and the 2 women stand battering and clawing at others tits, as they do i see Doris shape her nails like an eagles talon and she stabs her thumbnails into Beckie’s nipples , I watched the nail tips slice and push them into her own areoals as she bucks up and pulls away.

Beckies hurt and as she rears back, Doris is on her and starts to punch jabs into the brunettes tits “You fucking little tart get back here and fight “, Becky tries to cover and as she does Doris spins her and shoves her on the ropes , Becky grabs the top rope in her hands , Doris slams into her back and sneers “now your gonna hurt”, she shoves the brunettes tits on the rope and drags then side to side , Becky cries  at the burn and pain, ‘AWWWWWWW GOD NOO MY TITS OWWWW LET GO!!”

But Doris is like a raging animal as she drags Becky along the length of the rope i see the red thick furrow rise and turn bright red, my eyes are huge and then Doris cups her tits from behind and squeezes deep as she yells ‘like that hmm BITCH?”, Becky crying shakes her head no and as bell rings she is let go falls to the floor holding her tits.

Doris  back in her corner smiles the manager asks her “still want to titbox?” “nmmm yess get her up i wanna fight ” Becky rocks on her back as 2 guys help her up to her corner, as i look at her the red furrow across her tits under the nipple line is swelled and red as she wipes her face he asks “you ready to titbox or you give?”

I was about to say shes done when Becky nods “i wanna titbox her” Doris grins caressing her tits , “mmmmmm lets get going then”, the manager steps out and the bell rings as Doris steps to center hands in hair and shimmies slow at Becky, “cmon honey put em up”, Becky inhales and meets Doris takes same posture and shimmies back “you and me just tits “ Doris nods and they circle.

The room is almost silent as every one watches and the women begin to sway tits then we hear the them clash, “Cmon cunt” Doris hisses  and she swings her tits side to side and they smack Beckie’s, “UGHNNN UHNN MFFF Bitch”, i am stunned she is going on but the red score line is a burn not cut as she sways and hits back SLAP SLAP,  Doris grunts “mmfff mff cmon” they step together and slowly  they get rougher “bitch , whore uhnn uhnn , ohh ummff”.

Becky is coming back slowly as she starts to pound at Doris with more frequent blows while Doris gives heavier blows , slowly Doris gets pushed to opposite corner and as she is leaned to it Becky goes at her and swings with her shoulders fast and hard, “Uhnn Bitch cmon Fight me” SLAP SLAp SLAP SLAP, the blows ring out as Doris grimaces and her tits are being hit  harder, she fights back but as Becky starts to pummel she pulls her arms in and swells her mass together to slow the effect Beckie’s tits have, ‘UhNnn Ihummfff MFFmmfff bitch ohh ohh ughh”, Becky hears the effect in Doris and swings harder “Cmon fight “ as she taunts Doris the blonde seems to pull in her tummy and squirm to avoid hits then i see it she is dipping low as i cry out “Watch out” Doris waits for Becky to slow her motion then thrusts up and her tits SLAM the brunettes undersides, and again she forces them up in to her chin , Becky staggers back a step, and Doris steps from the corner and hands on hair moves around and starts to sway her tits punching Beckie’s as she gets the brunette to the same corner.

Becky gasps as her back hits the wood post then Doris shoves to her and starts a quick side to side motion and begins to pummel her tits in to the brunettes “uuhnnuhn uhn uhn yesss yess cmon feel my tits cunt hmm i got you now” as Becky gets pounded she cries “AWWW aWWW Noo owww! she grabs at Doris who shoves her hands back “No cheating cunt  “ and smiles as she upper cuts Beckie’s tits 1, 2 , 3 more times the sound is both sexy and sickening as Beckie’s head drops back  and her knees buckle her mouth open she cries “AWWWWW AWWWWW AWWWW PLEASE STOP MY TITS I GIVE I GIVE ! Doris delivers a few more blows then pulls off the brunette , she hits the floor and rolls on her back hands on her tits as tears run down, the manager jumps in and counts to 10 and the bell clangs as Doris smiles shaking her tits at all, then she straddles Becky and  slowly sways her tits, as she hits the brunettes face then smothers her  “uuhnmmm yessss uwwww hows that cunt hmmm ohhh “, Becky taps her shoulders and the matt then waves to stop, the bell rings again.

Doris gets off her and walks away as she leaves she is given a handfull of cash for the fight smiling she steps in her dressing room, 4 guys help Becky up and bring her to her dressing room, as i wait for Becky i sit in the booth and sip my saki in shock, the old man walks by, “  i told you blonde best we ever see here” then Doris walks out her majestic globes in a white blouse, top open to her nipples as she sits with me in a booth “well Hey there handsome , like the fight?”, I nod and shrug at same time, she pats my hand ‘I get it she is a friend and got her ass kicked what can you do, i guess she is really hurt but she wanted this and cheating the rules didnt help “ she scoots to me “ I guess you can have these since she wont be around” she opens her top , her breasts are amazing and her nipples thick and stiff ,”Go Ahead baby” i cup the they are hot from the fight but she moans “nmmm uwwww yess ohhh she was tough nmm but these are tougher”, as I squeeze them she purrs “nmmm well maybe i can meet her instead then”.

My eyes look in hers and as i do she smiles “No worries not here a real titifght and titboxing  no cheating if shes woman enough”, I smirk “Oh she will fight and fair as long as who she fights will”, Doris smirks “you should have brought her  then “, I see Becky walk out and see’s me with Doris.

Doris makes no attempt to hide her proud tits bare in her open top nipples spiked, Doris smiles at her, “Problem honey?”.

Becky pauses “I might be hurt but I can fight, back off bitch”, Doris smiles “Really? well you already lost a titfight , maybe you would fair better in a hands on ? “ Doris smiles as her pointy nails caress her giant tits at Becky, Becky looks at me i shrug my shoulders then she stares at Doris “ fine not here out back”, Doris grins and eases from the booth as she stares at Becky she purrs “he stays here i dont want to be disturbed.

They walk out and to back of the bar and i quickly stand on the booth seat and look out a window, as i see them walking tops open huge tits jostle Doris smirks “open that top honey we can do this right here”, Becky undoes her top and her bruised red swollen tits sit out in her blouse like Doris’s, I see a glare in Doris’s eye as she sees Beckie’s thick hard nipples as stiff, “What’s the fight then?”, Doris smiles “hands on slow and deep , oh and  if you cheat i’ll scratch your eyes out agree?”.

Becky arches up and parts her top as Doris does and they move toward the other each opens her  hands and curls her fingers then Doris slowly rubs her nipples to Beckie’s  “nmmm Nmmu uuwww cmon honey “, Becky dabs and rubs hers to Doris “uhnn mmm cmon “, slowly they rub nipples and then Doris smirking purrs “nmm uww cmon honey my tits are ready are yours t?”, Becky rolls shoulders and flicks the blondes slow with a drag “my tits are ready  lets go” and i see Doris arch up, “ohh unmmm uwww thats it now we got a fight” and Doris open hands fingers curled grabs the brunettes big tits and starts to knead , pull and squeeze deep “UHnnn uww “ she smirks ‘Feel it dont you bitch”?

 Becky starts to breath as if other fight was still going  “You fucking cow cmon”, Doris  squeezes her rivals rounded tits forcing nipples out and flicks and jousts her nipples at the brunettes “uhnn uhnn nmff uwww you cunt fight me then cmon”, Becky latches on to the blondes tits and kneads and squeezes in forcing the blondes nipples to press out.

“You bitch dont call me a cunt  ill rip your tits off”, “careful cunt last time you made a challenge you paid for it”, Becky snarls and arches up, Doris does the same then they wrap hands around others tits, as i  see the duel , large fat nipples stab , jab , flick and rub , both women are getting sensitive and madder “you cunt uunfff mmff ill invert you bitch”, Becky breathing heavier and really sore  winces then taking a breath stabs her tips head on to the blondes, the move makes Doris arch her head up , “uughn MFFF BITCH”, Becky hearing it starts to pump her nipples in firmer to Doris’s ‘uhnn uHnn Uhnn cmon fight”.

 As their nipples get stiffer so do their grips, Doris massages her fingers and nails deeper in the brunettes tits as she pulls her hands twist at the flashy meaty globes, “uwww sss cmon cunt” , Becky starts to dig drag and stab at Doris’s , “uhnn uhnn mm uuhnn cmon feel me cunt”, Doris gets a snarl “What did you say cunt”?

They begin to squirm and get rougher  as their hurt tits are worked in hands, “I said cmon uxnt you fucking bitch”, Becky breathing heavy already, as  lines appear across her tits she uses her thumbnails to the blondes nipples and pushes hard into them  as she does her body goes higher and as they scratch at others  nipples , “Cmon bitch you wanna fight  lets go” Becky huffs as Doris arches and bucks and starts to step back on the dusty ground , “get off cunt oww uughnnn .

As Doris grabs at Beckie’s tits Becky grabs the blondes harder and shoves Doris to the ground, as she straddles the blonde they pull tits , Becky on top arches high as Doris claws in deep and now pushes the brunettes tits high up stretching them as her nails scratch the undersides she twists them , “Get off me or ill rip them off cunt”, Beckie’s back squirming  looks up as she pulls and mashes her nails in the blondes , “aaghhh uughnn Bitch let go”, slowly as the duel goes on i see Doris plant her heels and buck hips as she shoves the brunette back , Becky falls off backwards and rolls aside as Doris gets up her tits red and red furrows criss cross them, as they sway and bump in her open top, “Get up and fight “.

Becky gets up and looks at Doris her tits marked up, but Beckie’s a little worse as they heave in her open top  she spits “you wanna fight cmon then bitch ill scratch your eyes out”, it was all Doris needed to hear she lunges at Becky and the 2 women crash standing as Doris reaches up and digs her nails in Beckies Face and gouges, “Fucking cunt  ill kill you”, Becky snarling screams “AWWWWW BITCH” then stabs her nails at the blondes face, they stand there stepping around as each digs and claws others face “aaawww aghhhnnn cunt”, “Bitch owwww uughnnnn .

My heart races when they throw other to the ground and the fight gets wild, both grab hair and shake others head as they tear clumps free , their huge tits smear bump and jiggle as claws rake faces , chests and tits, as they roll Doris stabs her heel in the brunettes thigh and digs a round heel mark then a line deep cut appears.

Becky screams as she kicks from Doris the blonde pounces on her back and  grabs her under the chin making her look up , as she opens her hand Becky cries “NNOOOOO PLEASE!!”, Doris sneers “To late cunt “ and her open hand palms the brunettes face and rakes back over her eyes, the red furrows  show instantly as Becky screams.

After Doris ruins her as Becky pleads she stop Doris starts to punch and swipe at  her rival under her, “cunt cmon you wanna fight  hmm Bitch” , Becky is crying begging it stop, i run out back and pull the blonde off Becky and Doris stands behind me hands on hips and tits out “get that cunt up i wanna fight”.

Becky is hurt her face looks ruined as she stands Doris starts for her , “NOOO MORE PLEASE I GIVE YOU WIN”,  and runs off for her jeep, Doris grins as she goes and buttons 2 buttons her tits still well on display just covered more, as i see the scratches Becky made i know Doris made worse on the brunette.

I take a breath and start to walk away as Doris stops me, “Hey you can’t make that walk back to base you won’t be back till late, cmon I’ll drive you’, I didnt wanna go but she was right Eva would kill me if I was that late . we get in her car and pass  her base to mine, as we drive by the woods she pulls over and stops looks at me and takes a breath, “Wow some day hmm?”, I look at her “Yeah your a hell of a fighter”, she smiles ‘Am i ? did it turn you on seeing me fight?”.

I was about to say no but the hard on i had was to obvious and Doris reached over and started to rub it, “uuhnn hey i got a girl friend Doris”, she moves to me and straddles me in the seat then as she smiles looking down opens her top and i grab her tits as i feel her damp thong to my jeans , she reaches between us and eases my hard cock out, then pulls her thong aside and eases me in her , i nearly exploded at the warm wet feel of her , Doris moans as i enter her , “nmmmmm i know you do and i want at her nmmmm more i wanna fight her tits  uwww yess fuck me baby”.

As she rides me i caress , squeeze and work her big hurt tits but the harder i did the more she liked it , she winced at the pain, my tongue ran over the scratch marks and she fucked me faster, “uuhnn nnn ummmm yesss oh work my tits baby yess, ill fight her ill fight that cunt any body you want mmmmm harder harder yess yess yesss”.

As i let her ride me as hard as she could i watched as she wanted more  then she had an orgasm, i nearly exploded as she slid off me she smiled and then started to suck my cock”uughnnn ohhh shit” was all i could say then as she strokes me her tits rub it and i blow all over them, “Nmmmmm uwwww thats it baby nmmm cum so hot uwww find me a bitch to fight nmm” i gasp and nod yes.

As we catch our breath she drives me back and as i get of the car Doris has her top closed a bit more but open enough no one will mistake shes busty,  as i head to my door Eva walks out and we kiss then she looks at Doris they stare a minute, “who is she?”, “ohh uhhh she is in the Navy other side of the hill” as i explain Doris strolls up to us and Eva turns  wearing a t shirt and no bra, Doris bumps her tits at Evas, “So your the girl friend , pleasure , names Doris i guess you kind of owe me one honey, i got rid of that whore Becky” as she smiles at Eva , Eva glares back, “that so? i don’t need help dispatching a whore understand?” they rub through tops as nipples spike, then Doris purrs, “i am glad to hear it i dont either , how about you and i discuss this real soon then?”, as she makes the offer she shows Eva the wet silvery stain on her tits Eva inhales “love to make it real soon”.

Doris smiles “i plan to” then gets in her car and leaves , Eva glares entire time then takes me inside and demands to know what took place, i tell her the entire thing and she is pissed but yet a little happy Becky got hers, “well i guess this just got more interesting , seeing how that blonde whore is sore and cut ill give her a chance to heal , but that other Bitch Becky and i are still going to chat, plus that will make Doris and i even”.

Part 9 – All Aboard

After telling Eva i was a little disappointed in myself , yet I felt on top of the world, I hit the gym hard and developed really well, as  Eva saw the change she was becoming more watchful over me,  one day I got a ton of mail and as I went through it Eva walked over to the table and threw a letter on the table, I looked up and she was in a thong and tank top, “Open it” was all she said as i did i saw the name on it June Beck, as  i got it open and unfolded the letter her picture fell out, Eva looked at it then demanded I read it to her.

“Dear Joe , I hope you are ok and doing well, I am sure it is scary being far from home, don’t worry though we are all here for you and await your return home.

I know you took Eva with you , it is ok cause Mr. Beck and I are trying for now, but I am sure she is reading this with you, so Eva I look forward to you and I talking again as well, So Joe I thought you should know my club is closing and the club that bitch Bev works at is looking to hire a few of us, which is a nice gesture but her and I will never share top billing so I am sure its a matter of time her and i will meet again, but since we want you to watch we will have to wait till time is right, I sent my pic as a reminder of what waits for you, in the meantime if your not to busy  all the time drop by a little club on outskirts called “The Silk panda” ask for Pam tell her June says Hi bye for now. love June.

Eva snarls as she crumples the pic of June topless , “when we get home i am going to tear that whore apart” i smirk “Well get in line cause Bev Rheiner has dibbs” Eva smirks Bev? the headliner at other club? yep”, ohh i love to see that”.

As i toss the letter to make Eva relax i look at her as she straddles my thigh “so whats on for today?” we kiss a few times then she looks at me “can you do something for me?”, “Sure Babe what is it?”

“Drop me off the pool you guys use” i look in her eyes she knows civilians can’t go there and she knows Becky visits it a lot, “Babe if you get caught” she puts her finger to my lips “shhh i am not stupid if others are there ill take it else where please” i take a breath “fine get dressed”.

She pulls her top off and i drool as she puts on a tiny red bikini and heel sandals then a loose top and shorts i get in the car and drive her to the rec center pool, she waits in the car while I check around and see no one , I come back and tell her “if someone sees you and asks tell them your new here and didnt know then leave ok? ill park at the drill area.

She nods smiling and gets out and walks in, I park the car and run into the drill area and up the hill and down other end and I take my perch,  looking into the pool area, as i look i see no one then Eva strolls out and looks about then takes a seat on a lounger and suns, watching i think “cool this is nothing” then i hear the door open and as i look here comes Becky in her white bikini, i gasp as she looks amazing her giant heavy tits still firm and full, she sees Eva lounging and stops a hand on her hip “Uhhh what are you doing in here , you cant be here “, Eva stands up and smirks , “I am not here to swim honey its time we had that chat you offered when we met”.

After the day with Doris i was positive Becky was no where ready to have a heavy fight, but as she looked at Eva the same jealousy came back as when they met, “I take it you heard about what happened to me?” Eva stares “I did and i promised that cow a fight but i thought it be fair i got through you first for her, still wanna fight my tits or not?”.

Becky pauses a moment then looks about “if we do we cant here we both will end up in jail, i know a place  bring your stuff”, the 2 of them walk out the door and across the lot past my car, Becky runs her nail over it “is He here?” Eva smirks “Close by but this is between us fully”, Becky leads Eva to drill area and seeing nothing set up knows it wont be used, Becky walks into one of the fake houses , only 4 walls outside and empty  inside no roof for observation training, i move over the hill above it and watch.

 As i settle and see in, Eva stands on far side as Becky shuts the door then she sets her towel down and holds a bottle of lotion in her hand, “we can both use it makes for a better titboxing fight”, she opens the bottle and pulls off her top then squirts white lotion over her tits , tosses the bottle at Eva then massages it all over her big tits , “nmmmmmm i so wanted this fight honey”.

Eva takes the bottle as she pulls her top off and does the same her huge tits stand out as she caresses the lotion on fully, “nmmm wish you had tried at the bar honey”. “oh i wanted to but with him being new guy i thought it better we wait to be alone”, as the girls slowly head toward other i see the distinct red line across Beckie’s breast from rope burn , she was lucky as it never blistered, but was a light pink red , Eva still had her scar from Junes heel as they stepped in each women swayed her heavy firm breasts .

They had a flawless glisten from the cream and as Becky went to put her hands behind her head Eva sneered, “thats cute but a real titboxer likes it in close where her rival cant back away”, then her hands grab Beckie’s upper arms firmly and Becky matches the grip, their arms create a mini ring for their breasts to battle in.

Each girl stares as they set stances then nod and Becky starts the battle with a left right sway, “uunn unn “ Eva smirks and fires a left  right back “uunn unn “ the start was slow and i think more a test of others mass , but slowly the right and left swaying increased , “uuhnn uhnn mmff cmon “ Eva swayed back , “uhnn uhn unn right here bring it”.

As they let the exchange escalate it seemed as if Becky was more hungry for a fight as she was delivering the blows faster and arching at the blonde, “uhnn i am here to fight bitch fight me uhnn uhnn mmff cmon” thats when i started to see it, Eva was teasing Becky and setting her up, she was letting the big brunette expel her energy , but her meaty blows seem to have less impact, or was it the lotion making her tits slip off Evas as they hit.

As their knees bent they walked each other about the small space as sun beat down and their wet covered breasts had a bright sheen, Becky swayed firmer and the clops of flesh hitting began to get louder and more dense, “Ummf ummf ummff not much of a fighter are you honey, feel sorry for you and your tits” and she delivered a few more hits to Eva, then Eva gripped the brunettes arms after the taunt and swayed a solid Left then right across Beckie’s tits and then a really stiff head on blow.

The response was effective as Becky arched and felt the hits. ‘UUghh OHHH”, Eva grinned “I think your in for a long day honey and your pathetic tits are going to get pummeled”, Becky glared a hate at Eva as the fleshy clops were becoming more wet SMACKS as the lotion each applied was being splatted on their big globes.

Becky began to increase her motion putting her shoulders in it “Bitch you here to fight or not” as her round heavy tits start to really hit Evas, the new tactic had an effect as Eva reacted “uuhnn uhnn mff uwww”, Becky smirks at hearing it and starts to batter at Eva, “Blonde bitch ill knock your tits out “ slowly she begins to walk Eva around, my mind races now i ask myself when she fought June was she that firm or just using this to hurt June early could Eva really fight.

Becky was making the lotion on Evas globes smear and splatter as she was hitting harder and suddenly as Eva tilted her head back Becky struck her favorite blow she dipped and thrust up into Evas undersides, the wet SMACK made Evas tits bounce up, her back arched and she cried out , “AAhhh uughnnnn”.

Instead of letting Eva go and fall Becky held on and as the blondes big tits fell again she went to work pumping jamming and side to side pummeling Eva’s tits, “uuhn uhn ubhn mmff mff mff you bitch your nothing” Eva was back peddling but turning to stay off a wall as they fought center room Becky was like  a prize fighter  as she was beating Eva up.

As she was huffing breath she slapped her tits left then right hard to Eva and dragged firmly pressing in as she did , looking in Evas eyes as the blonde cringed and then suddenly her knees buckled and Eva went down on the floor, Becky pushed away and with hands on her hips paced side to side smiling , “”uwww look at you big tough girl hurting so soon?” Becky caressed her tits “nmmm cmon bitch get up and fight my tits i want more”.

Eva sat on her hip and just looked up slowly she rose and as she stood she caressed her globes, slowly and tilted her head at Becky, “Uwwww nmm nice work , now its my turn ok” Becky looked at her with a look of wonder then Eva stepped in and gripped her arms as Becky did the same, then with her stance a bit wide Eva exploded into the brunette, “Uhmmff umff umff you little whore I will knock your tits off” the room echo the flesh smacking as Eva with her shoulders goes at Becky.

The brunette was stunned as her mouth fell open Eva was pounding away and Becky just gasped, “Uhnn UHnn UHNn OWWW oWWW Ummff ughnn bitch”, slowly Eva pushed the big brunette to a wall and as her bare back hit it Eva went off, swaying her shoulders , torso , her big globes smashing Beckie’s side to side, it went on for a good 2 minutes and Becky was looking up and panting for breath and in pain, “AWWW AWWW AWWW GET OFF ME OHH UGHH UGHHH MMF MMFFF “.

Suddenly as if shot Becky dropped to the floor and Eva pulled of and stood a foot back and smiling, “NMMM now whose the bitch hmm get up my tits want a real fight “, she kicks at Beckie’s heels ‘GET UP AND FIGHT”.

Becky breathing so heavy her tits rise and fall cant even answer as she glares at Eva, I watched as Eva’s face went from a soft look to one of hate and anger, her tits had a light pink hue through the smeared and splatted lotion her nipples harder than I ever saw, while Beckie’s tits were red which looked brighter through the disturbed lotion coating her nipples stiff but weakened and bruises were starting to surface.

Eva sneered “Get up now and fight or I’ll milk you dry whore”, Becky slowly got to all 4’s and then up using the wall, her legs shook as she got up Eva walked away and stood center room and shimmies her tits , “cmon fight me”, Becky swallows deep and takes a deep breath as she walks to Eva.

They clamp a grip on others arms and before Becky could say a word Eva restarted where she left off, ‘Bitch!” and was swinging her big tits into Becky , within 4 solid hits Becky was staggering backward and screaming “NOOO oWWW oWWW oWWW BITCH MY TITS AWWW”, but the pain made Eva wilder ‘YESssYESS UWWWW CMON FIGHT ME”.

I never seen Eva fight like this at least her fight, she could do a smear and grind titfight but she was like Rocky in a tit to tit box fight, Becky was a solid fighter either way but she was being pounded worse by Eva then Doris gave, Beckie’s head shook side to side, as tears began to drop off her cheeks , it was like she was looking up at me to jump down and stop the massacre.

Before I could even consider it Eva was done with her rival and drove Becky to a corner and pinned her shoulders back and unleashed on the brunette pounding side to side to side , as Eva head down pummeled her rival Becky was crying and just wanted it to stop and go down but Eva made her stay up, “OWWW OWWW UGHHNNN PLEASE STOP OWWW PLEASE” Becky gasped with pity,  but Eva was ere to fight, Becky in a last ditch effort threw her arms around Eva and clinched and stopped the pounding as they hugged Eva walked Becky to middle, their cheeks pressed tight.

Eva snarled “Let go and fight you cunt”, Becky panting  “I can’t  my tits let me break”, Eva rolled her shoulders “Only break you get is when i knock you out “, she then pushed and pulled to get Becky off her,  as they broke the hug Eva glared in Beckie’s eyes and then smiled Becky got wide eye and before she could cover or scream No Eva sent a thrusting upper cut into the brunettes undersides, SMACK!!! rang so solid I cringed and Becky lifted up on her heels and straightened her form and head back screeched “AWWWWWW”.

As she staggered Eva just held her arms up and delivered a second devastating upper cut as the full top of her globes bashed  Beckie’s softer undersides, after the solid third upper cut Eva couldn’t hold her rival up and Becky went down hard flat on her back and rolled to her side then tummy in agony.

Eva stood over her legs looking down “Get up you Bitch I wanna fight “, Becky was openly crying now as she waved back at Eva , “PLEASE NO MORE I GIVE YOU WIN I AM SORRY PLEASE!!!”, Eva smiling stepped higher along Beckies body grabbed her hair and made the brunette get on all 4s, “NOOO EVA PLEASE I IGVE!.

Eva sat on the small of the brunettes back and smeared her big globes on her bare back as she laid on her and reached under and gave each breast a solid SLAP as she grabbed on and started to squeeze and knead Becky deep, “UNMM UWWWW YOUR SO FULL BUT NOT FOR LONG”, “Aghhh owww owwww Please Stop Eva Please”.

The more she pleaded the more Eva worked her “Give it up all of it and it will all stop bitch”, Evas hands wrenched , pulled , squeezed to Beckie’s fat nipples and then a droplet hit he dusty floor then a second then with a deep pinch milk sprayed out and Eva was alternating tugging on Becky as milk pooled under her.

AhhhAHHH aHHH AWWWWWUGHNNN NOOOO PLEASE STOP!”, Eva just sneered “You come near my man or me again I scratch your fucking tits off got it WHORE DO YOU!!” Becky crying so bad could only nod her head as Eva finished the embarrassing move she sank her nails in the brunettes tits and demanded Becky say it out loud ‘I WILL I WONT GO NEAR JOE OR YOU, YOU WIN “ then Eva clawed slow and deep and cut Beckie’s tits with her nails, the 4 furrows on each breast cut paths across and even caught the nipples Becky screamed out ‘ AWWWWWWWW” then dropped on her side , Eva pushed her over and smothered her  for a bit, then as she was getting up dragged Becky by her heels through the pool of milk and tears and dropped her ankles and as I was turned on Eva stamped her heel on Beckies left breast and cut a line from the round hole across her breast.

There now you won’t be so quick to show your ugly tits off whore” Eva walked around collected her bikini top her towel, then took Beckies white bikini top, as she looked at it she smiled ‘I like this suit and she bent over to Becky and yanked off her thong and smiled “I love bikini shopping bitch”, and Eva left.

As  i watched Becky a second to see if she could move she squirmed and cried and I ran down the hill and around to my car , I was leaning on the fender as Eva came swaggering out, smiling ear to ear, aside from sweat Eva looked untouched “Well how did it go  she ever show?”, Eva laughed “Oh she did and I am positive she won’t show up again ,,anywhere” we got in the car and got home and Eva jumped me and we were like 2 raging teens as we went all night.

2 more weeks went by and Eva was on cloud 9 so was i but i wanted to see if Becky was ok, after what i saw i was sure she might be in the infirmary, as i looked for an excuse the house phone rang it was my Sgt. , I had to report to the team hut ASAP, I told Eva she got scared but said ok call me, I ran out and got to the hut “Ok Marines its a go you have 4 days to get ready get your shit together and say good bye, we are heading to the desert that is all”, The guys and i all looked at one another we were training for this and time came to show it.

As i drove back home I stopped at the CO’s building and peeked in, as I did Becky was gone, i looked about  but no where, as i walked out the housing officer saw me “You looking for Becky?’ “Yes sir” “She’s at home being transferred”.

I drove over and knocked on her door, Becky opened it half way tears still running off her cheek “Joe!? what are you doing here ? , Wheres that Bitch Eva?”, She isn’t with me  I wanted to tell you we got our orders and say god bye why aren’t you at work?”

Becky opened the door more i stepped in,  as she was behind door partially “you wanna know why?” she opens her robe exposing her tits and i nearly gasp, “what the hell happened?” she cries “Eva thats what, the bitch called me out and we went at it shes fucking crazy  i cant even shower they hurt so bad i have to bathe”.

Becky i am sorry but you were the one who wanted the fight  ” she wipes her face as he closes the robe ” i am out of here i cant show my face here and Eva will be looking bet on that tell the team be careful take care”.

She shut the door and while i felt bad over the way Eva worked her over, i smiled my girl was a real fighter,  i got in my car and went home i told Eva we were leaving the next 4 days we stayed at home, on the last night she whispered to me, “Where can i find that Doris Bitch?”, I sat up “What? babe you can’t not while i am gone its a bad place” she smiles ‘Ok when you get back her and i”.

The next day Eva was with me at the naval base and we couldn’t stop kissing, as we were  we heard a shout “Hey Marine”, i look and there in uniform is Doris , Eva tenses “That whore is going with you?” , “No babe they give the Marines a ride  shes navy”.

Eva steps away from me and sets hands on her hips as she glare at Doris , who smirks and waves then walks over, she steps to Eva and they bump chests then Doris snarls , “whats wrong bitch scared he is with me?”, Eva sneers “Not at all i am more scared you waited till you had to leave to face me sounds like your the scared bitch?”.

Doris knew this wasn’t the place but we had an hour before we boarded and she smiled at Eva, “tell ya what sugar we have a good hour  we cant box it out now but if you wanna get busy my tits are ready how about it?”.

Eva snarls “find us a quiet place and lets get to it”, Doris grins as they walk away i watch then tell my buddy “tell the Sgt. i went to the head” he smiles and i follow well behind them.

Doris knowing this part of the base walks to where huge crates are sitting in nets to be loaded on another ship , they wont be touched till we are set and loaded, the 5 crates form an alley between them and the women step along till noise is no longer a factor, I climb the net of one and on my belly ease over till i can see down  and the girls are standing glaring.

Doris smirking starts to undo the blue top and her massive white bra cups swell out straps on her bra strained off her chest, she smirks as Eva takes her top off and her red bra over filled strains off her chest, Doris moans “nmmm really to bad we cant box it out honey but a titfight is will do i need a new bra”, Eva runs her nails on the white bra”nmmm i love to box you  after i pounded that cunt Becky to tears i am so ready mm cheap but hey its worth taking “.

Doris looks at Eva you fought her and beat her? “no i beat her and milked her” Eva grins then reaches back as she undoes her clasps “we gonna fight or trade stories Bitch?”.

Doris glares as she undoes her bra and each eases her bra off and show other her massive tits, nipples steely hard as they drop the bras they step around then Doris sits her hands on Eva s waist as Eva does the same.

Doris flicks her nipples at Evas”mmmm i might just milk you bitch nmmm” Eva flicking back “uunmm ohh i hope you try it ill scratch your tits off honey”, as they rub and flick nipples Doris smiles “uwww sounds like you want a catfight as well” Eva presses her nipples in “nmmm i want to fight you every way i can bitch”.

Doris grins “mmm to bad we waited but i promise you this when i get back we will” then she shoves her big tits into Evas and they start to grind mash and smear “uuhnn mmm thats it bitch fight me” Doris groans as Eva presses back and matches her move for move “uuhnnn mmm cmon then cunt fight “, they smear and grind their tits and Doris starts to feed on it and wraps an arm high around Eva other low and pulls her in as she does Eva hugs her and suddenly the slow fight gets rougher as they start shoving other against crates as they pump and mash tits.

Doris “Ughnnn mfff oh you fucking bitch ill tear your tits off uuhnnn cmon” Eva snarls “uhmmfff cmon then bitch try it i got claws as well” the women pump push drag and smear rougher, each bounces off a crate as they are near to going at it, as i look over i see their huge mass mushroom the others and they are getting madder as neither gains a inch “Cmon bitch lets have at it” Eva snarls as Doris bucks her chest in to Evas she growls “you want it bitch lets go” and she takes Evas hair as Eva grabs hers and they rip and yank at scalps like 2 wild dogs at meat,

Both women hold in cries and screams as they grunt and growl “ohhh you cunt fight me, “cmon Bitch ill fucking bald you”, they stagger bumping the other and crates as they get heated Doris wraps a calf around Evas and shoves her to ground on her back , Doris pounces instantly as they each pull hair in a hand they both grab others tit in her claws and squeeze, “aghhhh uughnnn bitch” , “aaghhh owww cmon Whore”.

I start to panic as Doris is on top,  but Eva is giving it right back then as Doris gets her hair free she arches up and delivers a punch to Evas tit, she covers as Doris smiles looking down  her tits out “how about it bitch  wanna really go for tits?” as she stands up she shimmies her tits then balls her fists “get up and fight bitch”.

Eva gets up  and balls her fists then as they step once around they start trading blows each hitting others face and tits, “uuhnn mmff cmon you cunt” Eva snarls “Fucking whore fight me”, the clack of fists to faces rings out as does the smack of them to meaty mass , as both trade blows faces turn a bright red as they step and swing, then Eva hits Doris straight in to her nipple and her fists looks as if swallowed by the big breast, she lets out a cry her head up and Eva slams a right up under her chin and Doris drops like a sack to the ground, as she stands looking over Doris at the ready Eva snarling  “Get up”.

Doris waves her off “Enough Bitch I cant be on ship marked up “ stepping her heel on Doris’s breast Eva snarls, “you come see me when you get back got it?” Doris nods, I jumped from the crate and ran to my unit and as Eva came swaggering back over we kissed deep and then I was called to board.

As I waved to Eva, Doris trotted to the boarding plank and was being screamed at for her lateness by the officer, she looked back and Eva was smirking as she wiggled her talons at Doris.

Part 10 – Mission Accomplished

So off we went, i gotta tell ya not only are aircraft carriers huge they are smooth on the ocean , beyond that where we went and what we did is above the stories pay grade, but i will say as we headed out over the ocean Doris made a point to find me when ever she could.

One night after the team was in their rack , i was standing just out side the hangar deck at he full moon and Doris walked up, she was in her day uniform of jeans and a dull blue top buttoned  up , her hair tucked up, but her big bust couldn’t be hidden.

“Hey there handsome can’t sleep?”, i shook my head no as i let my eyes take her in, sure she was a looker but with her and Eva having beaten Becky bad and seeing Eva match her to a tee on the dock i wasn’t as impressed, but i was no fool Eva might have just been madder, but i wasn’t going to tell her that.

“whatcha  ya thinking about? that fight with Becky?”, i froze a second wondering if she saw me watch Becky and Eva, “oh that was something but no, just thinking about home , Eva “,

“oh yes Eva your little girl friend her and i should get better acquainted when we get back”, I smirked “yeah well Becky thought as well till Eva destroyed her now shes leaving the base”, Doris smiled eyes wide”Is that So well I will have to have to thank her for that one”.

There was a second of silence as I softly said, “You know Doris between us be careful what you wish for with her, she has more to her than you know or think you know”, Doris smiles, “Does she? cause from what I saw so far she about matches me as any I know except she hasn’t had a real match up to these”, and Doris opens her top.

I was a little taken back as she was somewhat out of uniform as she left her bra in her bunk, as she stepped to me she arched and my hand was like a magnet pulling it to them, as I cupped them and caressed, “Nmmmm baby when we all get back that blonde and I are gonna have a woman to woman that will make her and Beckie’s chat look like tea party”.

As I massaged her big globes she smiled but I had to say what I felt, ‘these are amazing “,,”nmmm you know it baby more”, I squeezed more “But Evas are like wrecking balls in a fight”, Doris’s eyes narrowed, “You think that blonde tart’s tits can out fight mine?”

I paused a minute as i looked in her eyes, “I can’t say Doris but , I know after watching you and Becky I know your nipples aren’t as strong , and Eva’s are but you know how to fight , and while Eva can You seem to thrive on it more than she, so I guess if you do fight her it will be a hard one”.

“Nmmm don’t tell me her weak spots i wanna beat her tits as I find them on my own then i can straddle that bitch make her look in my eyes knowing the best pair won”, as we discussed it she took her tits in her own hands and worked them, “nmmm now you got me hot for a fight baby, to bad there is no bitch on this tug even worth getting caught”.

I smiled as we heard night watch coming she covered up and snuck off and i headed to my bunk, I fell asleep and an I must have been out of it caused I didn’t wake up till after chow, and before i knew it we called topside and fully equipped, we got on a chopper and took off, it wasn’t till we were in air we were told the details of what he had to do.

A month went by and we accomplished our mission, a helo got us and took us back to the fire base, with everything we acquired, we had one night to unwind before we would be brought back to the carrier and heading back to the base in Japan, naturally after the first mission and going so well we went to a bar off base and the beers flowed.

As we sat and talked about getting to Japan then hopefully home, the bar was filled with service people, when we heard a bottle crash and a loud voice of a woman, a busty black haired local woman, (of the middle east heritage) yell out “You Stupid woman’ as I stood up there was Doris smirking and her finger in the brown womans cleavage ‘You Stupid COW!”.

Well when i say you heard a pin drop I am not kidding , with cow a sacred fixture here the woman gasped as Doris snarled and spit in the blondes face, before Doris could do a thing they were broken up, and Doris was escorted out to avoid the MP’s grabbing her, as she walked out she spotted me.

I ran outside and got her loose from the guard dogs as she was breathing heavy she glared at the bar ‘Doris what the hell was that?’, she huffed “That whore spilled a beer down my top on purpose cause I bumped her ungrateful bitch we come here to help and they treat us like nothing , i wish she was woman enough to try something”.

I calmed Doris down and as  i did the bar maid stepped out side, I gotta admit I had to take a second look she had one of those sarong wrap dresses on but she had a rack on her, she walked up to where I was, “My pardons Mister this woman with you?”

I looked at Doris and she shook her head no, looked back at the local woman , “No no I just know her wanted to calm things down, you ok Ma’Am?’ she glared at Doris then looked at me , “My name is Dagmar, sir please if i may let me speak to that evil woman”.

Doris nodded and I stepped away, and her and Doris closed to other, after accusing each other and the chat getting more heated, Dagmar poked her nail at Doris’s cup and told her if she wanted to settle it there was a place 2 blocks away they would be alone, Doris pressed her cup at the womans nail and hissed “Lead the way “.

Naturally I followed but not cause these 2 were going to fight but this might very well be a trap to take Doris hostage, or me so I made sure my hidden side arm was ready to go and I stalked the 2 women, 2 side streets later we came upon a mud style house that was bombed out and had a wall fence around the entire compound, both women stepped through the bent gate and walked in to the dusty yard.

I jumped on the fallen blocks and got up on the ruins of what was once a roof, and their under the moon light stood Doris and Dagmar, Doris was standing  ready and confident , then Dagmar pulled at her wrap and the sarong unraveled and there she stood barefoot and nude , her brown big breasts heaving with dark brown thick nipples stiff, she was shorter than Doris maybe 5’5” but her breasts were Big, they looked at least a F cups.

Dagmar said nothing as she nodded to Doris to strip, and she did her boots jeans and top came off piled  to the side then her thong and bra, she faced Dagmar and they each had to take a minute to look other over.

Doris shimmied her big tits and Dagmar did as well but this time it wasn’t going to be a simple titfight Dagmar was insulted and now faced a woman who thought her less and made her know it, as they breathed heavy but slow they moved toward other, as Doris arched to meet Dagmar tit to tit, Dagmar arched up but her teeth barred she opened her hands like claws and lunged into Doris and the fight was on.

Instantly Dagmar dug her talons in Doris’s face and gouged as Doris was taken by surprise she staggered back , with Dagmar on her , as their huge tits bumped and rubbed Dagmar was tearing at Doris’s face and hair, “Fucking bitch “, Doris grunted and yelped as she was stunned and back peddling then she caught herself and went right back at Dagmar, they sank claws into others face and scalp as they stepped around , I was going to see a real back alley brawl.

At first neither woman screamed or shouted out at the attacks they just went at other like wild cats over a meal, Dagmar was like a she demon as she tore at the blonde hair and taking a fist full snapped Doris’s head back like a whip, and as she pulled making Doris grunt “UUghnnn” her other hands nails clawed down her cheek and neck then she kneed Doris in her thigh and Doris went down.

As Doris went to the dusty ground Dagmar, didn’t pounce , instead she pulled Doris through the graveled dust by her hair and kicked at her big tits and side, Doris was in trouble early and i was in awe, maybe other than titboxer this blonde was nothing , since Becky beat her nipples and nearly won, Eva knocked on her ass , now this woman had in her trouble.

As Dagmar dragged Doris by her scalp ,her hands scratching at her attackers Doris reacted “Awww AAaghh fucking cunt let go”, she spit between the kicks , Dagmar was in a rage as she pulled at the blondes scalp and as Doris kicked she ended up on her tummy and Dagmar sneers as she dragged Doris another foot then instead of pouncing on her she slammed her knee in between Doris’s shoulders and still holding hair shook Doris’s upper body side to side and made her tits grind in the gravely dust.

As the full moons light showed the brown dust and red score lines as Doris’s eyes were shut her forehead stretched back she cried out, “AWWWW AGHHH BITCH MY TITS!!”, Dagmar snarled “Bitch you learn respect “, I was set to jump off and stop it there cause Doris was getting her ass whooped, and her amazing tits were being ruined and not by a womans nails.

As she struggled Dagmar smiled an evil grin and sat her ass on Doris’s back , as she got her knees under herself Dagmar wrapped her arm under the blondes chin and started a choke hold, pulling up steady making Doris bend so far her huge tits swayed up and out, Dagmar smiled at the sight of the open targets as her free hand began pounding her fist into them, “You white bitch ill ruin you”.

Doris was crying and kicking  and as she covered her tits Dagmar would slap her face if she pulled at the choke hold Dagmar clawed her tits, as Doris face turn redder and being beaten up was growing tired Dagmar leaned over her , her own big tits on Doris’s head, allowed Doris to reach back with both hands and her nails caught hair and Dagmars face, Doris’s talons scored furrows in her face and made Dagmar release her hold as she grabbed at her own face Doris bucked and squirmed and got the brown girl off her.

She sat up and was able to roll and get up as she stood she ran her hands over her tits and pebbles and dust flew off , as she saw Dagmar getting up Doris snarled and stepped to her as she was bent at the waist and delivered a solid kick to the girls big brown tits, the kick was so on target they mushroomed to her chest and flattened out,     Dagmar coughed out her scream , “Guuuhhhfffffoowwwww bitch!”

As Dagmar curled under and cupped her tits, Doris with stance widened a bit held her head steady by the hair and began punching her face, as she did Dagmar growled out ‘Awww Bitch let go i ll kill you”, Doris spit at the dark womans face and stabbed her nails in and clawed across, Dagmar cried out ‘AWWWW NOOO” as she covered her face Doris sank her nails in her big brown tits and started to flail her talons at the meaty flesh.

Doris was in a zone and wanted to tear this womans tits apart , so much so she wasn’t careful to guard herself, Dagmar saw an opening and went for it, her nails stabbed into Doris’s mound and clenched, instantly the scratching stopped as she tried to pry Dagmars hand off her pussy, “Aghhhh owww let go Bitch!”.

As Doris was stopped and in pain Dagmar stood back up, as she did the 2 women were body to body when Doris did what she had to and stabbed her nails into Dagmars pussy, “AAWWW uughnn” was heard as they glared both women clenched clawed and pulled at others womanhood, neither could really speak as they kept up the painful holds, each grabbed other by her hair as they glared and panted.

Doris pressed her big tits into Dagmars and the heavy white mass met heavy brown mass and swelled molded and pushed together as they rolled their tits at the rivals, “fucking Bitch fight me”, Dagmar huffed back “uughnnn let go of my pussy i’ll fight you bitch”.

Doris in equal pain smirked “can’t take it bitch”? Dagmar who began the attack spit in the blondes face and as she grabbed her rivals folds pulled , Doris tears in her eyes tried to give it back and not scream out but Dagmar had a death grip.

As i saw Doris shake her head no i watched her go to her toes as Dagmar tugged up, “uughhh ughhh owwww let go owww”, but as Doris showed she was being hurt Dagmar increased the pain, “whats matter bitch hurt ?”, Doris let Dagmar go and to save herself dug her nails in the round face of Dagmar and clawed deep.

Dagmar screeched , “AWWWWWW “ and tried to maintain her hold but she had to release as Doris was tearing her cheeks open, “AWWWWW STOP” as Dagmar let go Doris gasped out relief then shot her knee up in between Dagmars thighs and sent the brown girl to the dirt hard, as Dagmar landed on her knees again Doris slammed a knee in her big brown tits and the blow knocked her back on the dirt.

Dagmar was hurt bad as she tried to roll on her tummy and get to her knees but Doris pounced on the small of her back, the weight of the blonde made Dagmar arch and create a saddle and the blonde sat up and took the long black hair and ripped back on it making Dagmar look up as she did Doris used her left hand to punch a series of quick wild fists in her rivals face, “Fucking cunt ill beat your head in”.

Dagmar tried turning and shaking her head but missed face blows landed on her head and neck, with all she had Dagmar arched up on her knees throwing Doris off onto her back behind the raven bitch, in a second Dagmar turned and both women hands and fingers curled  came together as Dagmar dropped on Doris.

Within a second their legs wrapped around others  their arms as well as they laid faces hidden under matted wild hair the 2 women rolled around in a ball spitting , biting and tearing claws across any surface of their rival.

The slow rolling got faster as their bare backs were cut and scraped by the graveled dirt ground , scalps were ripped at  faces torn at  sides punched as bare tits squashed together between them, as they rolled each cursing her threats at others ear.

As Dust was kicked up and coated skin and stuck to open cuts both women started to sink blows at others ribs , the dense hollow THWACKS  were like drums as they pounded at others sides.

Again Doris was being pinned on her back more and each time Dagmar would slam like a machine at her rival and Doris would trap her by the head near to her body to keep Dagmar from really going at her, “aaghh ughnn mmff mff cunt”, “let me go Bitch i am going to kick your fat ass” Dagmar spit.

Doris was tiring and Dagmar was starting to arch up and really slam her fist into the blondes sides, as Dagmar got free she tried to straddle Doris and Doris now worried bucked and clawed up at Dagmar, as the raven haired woman got one thigh over Doris’s breast , i saw how ruthless she can be when cornered.

Dagmars left thigh straddles Doris’s right breast her hairy mound rubs over it and Doris bucks her shoulders up and pushes her face in the thick mound then Dagmar screams out as she pounds , pulls and claws at Doris’s head, “AWWWWWWW NOOOOO STOP OWWWWWWWW YOU BITCH NOOOO’” .

Doris bit into Dagmars pussy and was chewing at the folds, Dagmar exploded in tears and as Doris pushed her back by her tits Dagmar fell back with no effort to resist, Doris pushed the black haired womans right leg back and spread it as she got on her knees Doris glared down with pure evil and then Slammed her knee cap into Dagmars pussy, the wet CLACK rang out as Dagmar screamed as if hit by a bullet, ‘UUGHNNN   AWWWWWW” then laid still crying in agony, Doris straddled her and slammed her fists at the prone womans face and after a few solid hits dug her nails in those brown tits and mauled her nails in slow and deep, Dagmar was barely able to breath through the wave of tears and panting pain, finally she cried out ‘STOP PLEASE NO MORE PLEASE!”.
 Doris sat up her ass on Dagmars tummy as she looked down at the hurt rival.

Her huge tits heaving in air rose and fell her nipples stiff she set her hands on her hips sneering, “I ever see you again bitch i wont stop got it?” Dagmar just cried as Doris smacked her face again then got up, she dressed  and tucked in her top and pushed her hair back, she slowly walked through the yard out the gate.

I jumped down through the back and trotted back to the front of the bar as i did Doris emerged from the side street smiling “ where did you go?” i asked, as she got closer a few furrows showed on her face and she was dirty from the ground , “ had to handle something , can you wait for me  walk me to the ship i just have to freshen up”, i nodded yes and waited for Doris.

She came back out hair wet and back and her face washed , “ready?” i nodded yes and we headed toward the docks, as we walked she was still shaking a bit , but honestly seemed fine, i didn’t ask  about the other woman but in my head i was wondering about her.

As we neared the docks Doris stopped and looked at me, with bright full moon and lights of the dock i saw nails marks across her cleavage my eyes looked up at hers , she smiled “Wanna see what a real woman looks like after a fight?” i just stared at her and she opened her blouse her bare tits swelling out had dirt and claw marks across them, none seemed they would leave scars but they were cut, she smiled with pride as i looked , “nmmmm i know your little girl friend can fight honey but i seriously don’t think her tits can take it in a real fight”, as she talks to me my reaction is silence and a raging hard on, she flexes her strong tits at me and caresses them “nmmmm i am going to fight her baby, for me and for you, mmm cmon take them”.

I start to cup and caress and squeeze as i do i get a little rough and instead of pulling away Doris moans, “uwwww uhnmmmm yesss more they can take it nmmm i am going to hurt her bad baby, wanna see us fight?” she purrs my mind screams yes but i don’t answer  i know Doris is the type to tell Eva i want to see it and that would hurt Eva more thinking i set her up against Doris, i shake my head no she smiles.

“No? you think she can beat my tits? or is it you couldn’t bear to see me wipe the floor with her? uhnnmmm more yesss uwww i am so hot baby “ before i can react Doris pushes me to a tree and kneels before me she eases my hard cock out and her lips start to work me, “ohh shit Doris uuhnnn” she smiles then her huge tits swallow my cock as she tit fucks me.

“nmmm yesss i am going to fight her uwww yess cum i will fight her with my tits , claws and teeth if i need to but we are gonna fight mmmmm yes baby cum on my tits” i couldn’t bare it i exploded and she slowed her motion as she spread my juices all over them, as she stood up she kissed me and i eased my hand in her jeans and started to finger her , “uwww uuhnn mm more yes nmmm”.

As i fingered her i whispered at her ear , “oh your so wet nmm you think  you can fight Eva hmm?” as i said it Doris seem to nearly orgasm “uuuhnnn yesss ohhh i want at her mnmmm and any other bitch  near you, ohh ohh yesss i’m cumming uuhnnnnnn”.

Doris had a quick orgasm though i just helped , this chick got off on fighting we kissed more than i looked at her “listen we cant do this  till Eva leaves me or is out of the picture got it?” she nods yes and moans “get back to camp and don’t fret she will be gone soon enough”, Doris swaggers to the base entrance and i leave, when i get to camp I walk in the hut and the guys are just hanging back and letting the past mission fade off us, slowly as we chatter each of us passes out and the next day as we board the carrier and head off, I see Doris swagger by and though she winks and has a smile in the day light i see the handy work Dagmar had on her better, and she certainly was in a fight, her eyes have a black and blue mark , a cut lip , a few scratch marks that lead to her chest and swelling breasts.

One thing i knew for sure , she was looking a hell of lot better than Dagmar no doubt, as myself and a  couple of my unit members watch her swagger by, one guys asks, “Hey Joe you tap that yet?”, I watched and it was as if Doris swaggered in slow motion, “Na my girl back at base is as busty and sexy why ruin that”, I hear ya bro but damn that chick is the type to do anything to please her man”.

As Doris went about her duties I thought about what he said and now the fight was in my mind, on one hand he was dead on right, if i asked Doris to a fight a woman it was on, but though it never came up really with Eva other than Becky who was the one that egged it on, I had to wonder would Eva fight just to fight.

Then there was June and Bev back home both who fought the other a few times and June takes on anyone that crossed her or me it seemed, one thing was certain, my Dads voice rang in my head “Go with it as long as you can son”, and I was loving it thus far.

 We had another few days before arriving back in Japan and as a result, Doris made herself very available, i gotta say out of all the women i have been with so far , this one loves and gets off talking and doing a fight, the night before we are do to dock Doris finds me on the hanger deck again, and she eases up beside me and starts the conversation.

“So we are almost back, guess you and I are going to get an answer to that big question soon then huh?”, i look at her as if i am not sure what she means, as she leans her arms on the safety rail her huge tits swell together and as she smirks catching me looking , inward my mind races to how Evas were giving hers a good fight, but once we docked i would be by Eva’s side and if these two fought or not , i never said i was leaving Eva no matter the out come so without making Doris scorned i played with her a bit and her mind.

“Yeah its not gonna happen instantly i am sure with unloading and debriefing and all but there was something i needed to tell you and its not about Eva”, Doris looks at me and i stand aside her my fingers trace her cleavage till i undo a few buttons as i reach in her top no bra again and i groan as her warm heavy breasts over fill my hands.

“Well what is it then tell me about her” she winks at me, as i massage her big breasts and tug her nipples she arches “nmmmm yess”, “Well see the thing is back home , i had only just met Eva there are two other women who have had a few fights , not saying it revolves around me? but they use me as a reason and they love having me work their big breasts as much”.

Doris eases her torso up hands on railing as i get more access to her tits swaying heavy in the top, her nipples stiff, “nmmm what about these two then hmm nmmm”, i check around us no one is about, “let me show you”, i reach in my top pocket and ease out  the two pictures of June and Bev, both topless in them, Doris looks and as i caress and knead her mountains, “uwwww nmmm these two look like they can fight as well”.

“oh they can” she squirms as i tell her either one would take her on and wouldn’t stop till she was out of the way or beat them bad enough, as i tell her more she opens her top more and before i know it my face in her tits and my mouth is sucking her nipples hard.

“uuhnnn mmm yess yess uwwwww oh baby , you leave me your address at home and i will pay you a visit and get my tits to theirs nmm”, as she went on and i sucked her hard nipples Doris had a quick orgasm, then she took my face in her hands as we stare she whispers, “what are you afraid of between me and Eva?”.

I swallow then i let it out, “Eva fought for me twice now first one she lost but wants at her again the second she totally destroyed Becky, worse than you did” i left out the little spat i saw on docks, “so i guess it comes down to who wins and who will be more willing to stay with me or who just is using me, i don’t know but..”, Doris stops my talking with a kiss, “you listen to me honey, win or lose i won’t just walk away, number two maybe if i win we dont last , i will still be a friend and i’ll take on a bitch if you need me to see if your precious Eva is willing”.

We had to part as watch was coming and as we held a stare i knew if there was a way her and Eva were going to chat before i was released for leave, and while i should have felt worried i knew once Eva saw Doris she would want to as well.

Part 11 – Going on Leave

As the sun broke and me and the team went topside with our gear, we were pulling into port, and we could see the wives and girlfriends and families of those on base waiting, as the huge ship was tugged to dock, I saw Eva her blonde hair up loose bun, red denim shorts and a yellow blouse, I gotta say i felt like an ass having been with Doris now cause Eva had been working out and it was showing.

She waited smiling and i am certain she saw my eyes get wider as her breasts seem fuller and stronger, through the top, as the plank to get off was placed in position, my team were first to walk off ship, since the Navy crew had to finish getting the ship set Doris was gonna be busy a while.

As i stepped on the pavement Eva ran and jumped in my arms and hugged me, her breasts felt like pure muscle, as they swelled to resist being mushroomed to me, she kissed me all over my face and lip locked me deep as I set her down we held on to other, she looked in my eyes and saw there was a slight change in me, “You ok baby?”, i nodded ‘Yeah babe just had to do things I never thought i would is all its all good”.

As we walked from the edge of the pier, holding hands, Eva looked back a moment then to me,”so when do i get to take you home , I missed you” I smirked cause i missed her “Oh figure a good hour before we check weapons and debrief then I am all yours baby” , she smiled ‘Nmmm Great I will wait out side the gates for you then.”

Since we are first in the return depot the entire team gets checked out in minutes, as we are told to report to debriefing, as we walk through a breezeway i look out a window and see Doris leaving the ship and heads to weapons check, Doris is in and out in less time she is only issued a pistol, cause she works below deck she has no mission debriefing so she walks out of the fenced area to the cars.

As i enter the office the Capt. goes over the finer details pats us on the back and smiles, “Men it was flawless we can touch base on improvements another day go home relax you earned it” we salute him and we are out, as i head for where Eva is waiting  i see Doris swagger over to my car and with her hip cocked a bit and faces Eva.

I thought oh no shes gonna blow my weekend, but as i walk to them i brush Doris’s rear and stand beside Eva, my arm around her hip i listened to them, Eva stares “Don’t you have some place to be ?”, Doris smiles , ‘Why not at all we are all on leave now, I was going to let Joe here know i was thinking of stopping at the bar later and if wanted to join me”, Eva wanted to stand up but i just held her hips, “Oh sorry honey but you will have to drink alone he’s all mine besides theres nothing you got he can’t have more of  already”.

Doris saw red, and her nails un did her top a bit the cuts nearly healed as she showed Eva, “Oh you aren’t the only one who has a lot to offer honey”, this was it the minute i find out if Eva is fighting for me or willing to fight cause of me, Eva smirked and stood up and looked as if she was going to turn away, Doris smiled at me with a raised brow as if to say told you so.

Then Eva undid her top a bit as she laid keys on the car hood and smiled back, “I may not be the only one, but I can make sure I am the only choice left “, Doris lost her smile and I was smirking now, as i felt Eva showed me who she was, Doris arched and hissed softly, ‘Well maybe you and i can meet and make that choice a lot easier hmm?’

Eva stepped closer and let their covered nipples bump, and Doris flinched first as hers were no match, ‘Well that sounds like a grand idea, why dont you call me tonight say in about 6 hours when i am finally done welcoming him home hmm, to bad you have no one to welcome you home, but while you can wait Ill do it for you”.

I saw the hate in Doris’s eyes but to try it here would land them both in jail, which would be worse for Doris, so she eased away as they glared and she forced a smile, “I will do that be sure you aren’t to tired or Ill end up stopping by for you”.

Once home Eva was like a energizer bunny it was non stop and frankly i missed the hell out of her, finally after a well deserved break  and a shower we laid on living room floor and sipped beers, she asked me things i couldn’t and didnt want her to know i ever did, she nodded then as she sat up on her knees and looked down she flexed her massive tits and purred, “now tell me what you can , about that whore Doris  its personal now baby so lets hear it”.

My hands cup and feel her tits they are stronger, “well she gave me her tits a few times and then our last night there she got into it with a local woman , some fight i thought she was done for then she really turned into a cat and ruined the woman tore her up tits and all”, Eva moans “nmmmmm more cmon”, she gave me a titfucking after then offered me her tits  on way home she wanted to know if you were type to fight  not just for me but cause i ask or  just fight cause of me and leave”.

Eva opens her eyes stares at me “what did you tell her?”, “said you and i are awesome together and you will do what you need to in order to stay that way, am i right?”, Eva smiles sinks low and on all 4s wraps those huge globes around my cock and tit fucks me no hands at all, as she does she makes me cum looks up “nmmm i am glad you know me cause i wanna put that cow in her place, both for myself and you”

 I looked into Eva’s eyes, “Listen as far as i am concerned you don’t have to fight any one  I want to be with you as long as we can” she smiles” I want that as well but none of them will just walk away honey so its a showdown or constant spats and wondering  i can’t do that”.

I agreed and i went to lay down in bed, Eva wearing a robe was putting the beers away when our phone rang, she answered it in the living room and i watched as she came to close my door  as the door shut i picked up the extension and listened in, i knew it had to be Doris the only other calls would be base staff or family at this hour. 

As Eva sat in the living room she softly hissed in the phone, “wow right on time you really must be lonely honey” i could feel the taunt cut through, then i heard Doris “nmmm your hysterical sugar but honestly i couldn’t wait for this call i so want to get together alone and finish what we started mmm”, Eva now hearing how the topic made Doris hot was getting hot herself, “oh i agree fully my big tits versus yours with no worry we will be caught nmmm , and after i can scratch you up  all to myself uwww my nipples are so hard thinking of it”, Doris had to be working her tits as i hear her tuck the phone under her hair, “nmmmm yes that fight at the docs  nmm i felt my tits start to out box yours and send you down uwwww that had me wet” , Eva got quiet a second then groaned, “nmmm every titboxer gets put down but i love that my tits hit so hard you had to use fists nmmm, maybe we can do both when we meet hmm love to punch you and your fat tits”, i look through the door and see Eva massage her tits as well now. 

As the call went on each threatens other and decide they need a fight  my mind wanders as to where this will go down cause it won’t be a quiet little struggle, thats when Eva comes up with an idea, “I know a place we can do this and no one will bother us at all”, my eyes big as I listen in, Doris moans , “Nmmmm tell me more “, Eva  purrs “ A friend of Joes wrote a letter said a place called the Silk Panda , i went there the owner Ms.  Pang said anytime I want stop by she will make it available , know it?”

Doris was quiet a moment and Eva sat up a bit, “Nmm your not scared now are you after all this?’, Doris finally responded, “I heard of it when?’, ‘uwww  well we leave for home in 2 days how about tomorrow afternoon just us girls?”, Doris takes a breath in , ‘I’ll see you there 1 pm alone “ and hangs up, Eva hangs up and works herself to an orgasm, then comes in the bed room, as I pretend to sleep.

The next morning i went for a run, something was bugging me  i chalked it up to heading home, as i ran i got at the 3 mile mark and was near the rec center pool, i decided what the hell i went in and dove in the water it was so refreshing, as i floated a second when i hear a voice , “Hey Stud hows the water?”, i look up and there was Doris wearing a tight tiny red bikini and man did she look hot, “Doris hey , how did you get here?”.

Doris eased down the steps and dipped her body in then sat on pools edge her wet cups seem to weld to her firm breasts, as her areolas bumped outward, “oh honey as long as your military pools open”, i smile  “Oh so uhmmm i gotta ask i fell asleep after Eva wore me out , you two ever talk?”.

Doris looked down then at me “No no i want to fight her and now it seems she me but i figured i would leave you two alone”  i looked at Doris as i walked over to her  my hands on her thighs as i looked up “OH? i thought maybe you got scared off or decided  not to fight  cause of me”, Doris opened her thighs easy as my hands pressed them, “Why did she say anything?”, I let my lips kiss up along her thighs

“I told her you offered me these big globes” , my hands slide higher up her tan thighs she watches “ What was her answer to that, nmmm what are you doing?”, i looked up my lips touched her thighs softly, “she said  it looks like one day you and her need to go tit to tit till you learn whats not yours” i kissed higher till i ran my lips on her red thong
, her full folds pressed to it and my tongue traced them through the wet thong.

Doris didn’t move she widened her thighs a bit more as she purred, “nmmmm does she want to fight my tits baby? nmmmmm ohhh yess”, i stared up at her as she looked at me and my fingers eased her thong aside, my tongue softly pressed her folds and sank between them,”Ohhhh shit mmmm” , I slide my tongue in and out of her slow as i said back, “She does want to fight but you never called her nmmm she said tit to tit any time you were ready”

Doris arched and pulled on her nipples, “ Uwwwww ohh baby i want at her I wanna fight her mmmmm”, slowly i worked Doris and she squirmed then as her thighs quivered she bucked and gasping had an orgasm, I smiled as i swam to the steps and climbed out as I did she looked at me, “Where are you going?’, “Back home, you mean now? to Eva”.

Doris caught her breath and dipped in the pool and then eased out looking at me, “Maybe I will see her real soon then”, I smiled “If you do bring your A game cause she  will”.

I jumped the fence and started to jog off again, it was 12:15 and they were going to meet at 1, as I looked back I saw Doris swagger to her car and dry off and get in, there was going to be a fight, I ran to my buddies house and asked if i could barrow his bike and with a helmet on neither woman would know it was me following them.

Once i had his bike i drove by my house and saw Eva getting in the car and head toward the back gate, as i saw she was heading out i turned toward the pool again and watched Doris head off so i followed her, i wasn’t sure where the silk panda was, how Eva knew i have no clue but within 2 miles i saw Eva ahead in her car as i was behind Doris, the tinted face shield hid who i was.

Suddenly Eva turns left and Doris does a bit later then i do,  a dirt rode that left my kidneys begging me to stop guided us to edge of the island, as the women pulled in i passed by and drove a bit more then turned around, as i eased closer i saw Evas car and Doris walking in, the place was empty aside from one other car, i killed the bike and hide it behind the building then i found a window on other side and i looked in to see.

As i peeked in i had perfect line of sight to the 2 booths the bar and in middle was a pit of sorts with red wood outline no ropes and a sandy surface, as i watched i saw Eva her peach bikini on under a tank top that was mine  her hair up and sandals as she sipped a drink  Doris walked from the bathroom and wearing the red bikini sandals and a tee shirt  her hair up in back, she swaggered to Eva and sat in the booth with her.

The bar was empty and then a tall older Japanese woman walked out she was pretty sexy to, she stepped by the booth and softly said, “You two may fight how you like no one bother you here no one come in till its over loser pay me 100 dollar”, then she walked away.

The two girls sat silent a minute, then Doris started “Well finally here we are  all alone  just to bad he won’t be able to se this”, as Eva smirked “oh i agree but then it would be tough to see you get yours and then send you home to that empty house, while i take my man home”, they glared as they chatted , Doris reached under her tee and brought it up over her head and off her huge tits were straining the straps of that top as her nipples tented, i saw Eva look her over then she removed the tank top and man were her tits over filling those cups , her nipples looked thicker and longer than i remember, and Doris took notice.

As they sat anyone was to walk in it seemed like 2 women talking then i saw them eye other up  as Eva restarted the chat, “whats to bad is he missed that little titfight you started and couldn’t finish  before he left, my tits so wanted that fight but then you needed to use fists”, Eva caresses her tits through the cups.

Doris smiles caressing her own , “nmmmm i know i wanted him to see it but your tits getting beat weren’t worth the trouble he might have gotten to see you end up under my tits”, “you have some nerve bitch my tits can out fight yours any way i need”, Doris arches up “well lot of talk doesnt prove that but  a fight will, mmmm my tits  will devour yours bitch”.

As they rub them Doris decide enough talk as she purrs to Eva, “nmmm how about we start round one here hmm “ and she pulls her cups off her tits and then unties her top and drops it on the table, her big tits swelling out and areolas swelled her nipples thin but stiff, she licks her lips as she taunts Eva, “nmmmm his lips were al over these bitch”, Eva just smirks and removes her bikini top dropping it on table as she flexes hers at Doris then teases her thicker stiff nipples , “mmmm he was all over these as well bitch, it seems he cant choose, so why dont we do it for him” as she sits up and turns to Doris, and her leg pushes the table away a bit.

Doris inhales as she has no choice I remember when Becky wanted this and Doris was no match and now Eva who inverted Becky wants to duel, ‘Nmmmm cmon Doris you wanted it”, they glare as they ease closer then each flicks her nipples at others, instead of a slow erotic style they flick fast and jab at other with their own, “uhnn uhnn hhnn cmon” Doris huffs as Eva does the same and stabs up at Doris making them bend a little, Uhnn uhnn mmm thats it cmon bitch”.

They press at other and somehow through the determination and hate just use their nipples , right away Eva starts to bend and flick Doris about and Doris slowly starts to fade back , it is like a replay of Becky, and as Eva begins to sit up to straddle her Doris gets a panic look and grabs Evas Shoulders and stabs her nipples into Evas , her more pointy nipples are sharp feeling when hard and as they dig into Evas areola at the nipples base she feels it and arches up, “UUGhnnnn ohhhhh you Whore!”, the sound of making a bigger set of nipples hurt makes Doris wild and she doesn’t slow she goes at Eva,  she slides on her thigh straddling it and presses on her shoulders and starts to ease Eva back as she dabs dabs dabs then jabs in harder, ‘uhnn uhnn uhnn take it bitch cmon”.

I see a look on Eva’s face as she seems perplexed as to how Doris has her , before she reacts Doris gets her back on the booth  and she sits on Eva and starts to sneer as she stabs at the thicker nipples and swipes the tips making them more and more sensitive to the point every flick has Eva arch and moan, ,”Ohhh uhnn Ohh uhnnn bitch get off me”

Doris wanted this and now as she starts off on top she isnt going to ease off, she pushes Eva lower  and places her hand at her neck as she holds Evas right hand over head and she starts to crease Evas areolas and slowly softens the thicker nipples shafts and base , “Ahhh owww bitch get off me”, Doris smiles ‘I said we are here to fight you cunt”.

Eva eases back more a confused look on her face as Doris  has a cant believe it look and they slither together as Doris starts to push at Evas tips they bulge and start to sink back, “Yesss yess ohhh look at that bitch nmmm bet he likes hard nipples”, Eva wells up as Doris takes her on “You cunt my nipples owww get off me “, Doris holds her head back by hair looking at her “give and i will stop”.

Eva refuses and Doris spreads her thighs  and rolls her thong on Evas as she grinds down, i see Eva buck and then their areolas meet as Eva grunts, “nooo ohh owww bitch”, Doris is elated “nmmmmm ohhhh my my your nipples are hiding  tsk tsk he likes a woman whose tits can fight” she lays on Evas body as Eva finally cries aloud , “ok ok i give  get off me”.

Doris smiles as she pins a bit longer then stands and steps back, she smiles as she watches Evas nipples resurface as her stand stiff, “mmmmmm yess get them hard bitch i really wanna fight your tits now”, i am in shock as Doris turned that so quick , Eva stands up and her nipples emerge again but not as stiff as when it started, Doris arches shimmies slow .”mmmmmm looks like your in for a long day honey shall we?”, and she swaggers to the pit and steps in and waits for Eva.

Eva caresses her tits as she steps in and the two stare across the small pit as Doris smiles, “mmm no hands tit to tit winner smothers loser then we tit box agree?”, Eva i think a bit taken back yet nods and they slowly circle at other, then Doris starts the fight as she steps in she drags left then back right then pumps head on to Evas cleavage and gets a reaction, “uugghnn”, Doris eases off stepping  ready to fight, “nmmmm just like the docks only this time i finish your tits”.

Eva steps and presses to Doris’s left tit and smears across , Doris arches into the move and smiles, “uuhnn mmmmm yesss oh bitch you are no fighter”, my eyes are wide and then Doris plunges her tits at Evas and shimmies in tight as she smears and drags up and down , “uughh ughh ughh mff mff take it nmm uwww feel me bitch ohh yesss “, Eva staggers back her eyes wide “uuuhhnnn uhnn ohhh you cunt”.

Doris doesn’t ease off an inch as every way Eva shifts she responds to it and her heavy tits are dragging Evas and shoving them, “uuhnn uhnn yess nmmm feel it cunt fight me”, suddenly as Eva is guided back her feet hit the wood rail on floor and she falls back on the bare floor, instead of waiting for her to get up Doris pounces and grabs her wrists and the titfight resumes on the floor, as they struggle hand in hand Evas tits stand up and jostle as Doris’s sway and soon she drops them on Evas and starts to pump down, “uughhnn ugnnn cunt i’ll squash your tits”, Eva struggles as she looks up”uuuhnn mmff mff oghhh oww uughhh bitch get off me”.

Doris sneers and suddenly her body drops fully on Eva as her hands are pulled to sides, as their meaty breasts slap together Eva wrapped her thighs around Doris’s ribs and squeezed and grabbed the blonde by back of her neck and as Doris strained to get free they rolled over,  as they did Eva got atop and she pinned Doris to the floor and dragged her heavy tits up her rivals torso and the heavy meat clopped into the exposed undersides and stretched Doris’s tits up, the fear in her eyes said it all as Eva jammed her globes at the soft undersides, “mmff mfff hows that hmm like it bitch uuhnmmmm cmon fight my tits.

Doris arched and squirmed, her head tilted back on the floor as her body looked like waves of the ocean were nudging it along, each hit had her lips part and she grunted, “uuughnn ugghnn ohh uughnnn bitch my tits ohhh ohh”, the way Eva was working her rival had Doris hurting quick and tiring, the noise was becoming denser as Eva got faster “CLOP CLOP CLOP CLOP CLOP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP”.

“YEss yess feel my tits bitch hmm i bet he wants a woman whose tits can fight as well you cow!”, Doris shook her head no as the pain was increasing, now she had to get free, she knew Eva was not gonna stop till her tits were so sore the titboxing wouldn’t last a round, as Eva kept the momentum Doris brought her feet up under and into Evas tummy then bucked and kicked , Eva gasped as she went flying back on to the sandy pit floor on her back.

Eva got up rather quickly and brushed off her body as Doris was slowly rolling to her hips and then on her knees, as she got to her knees her tits dropped and hit her torso and she winced deep, “UUhnnn shit”as she got to her feet , i nearly cried look out as Eva moved around to face her,  it wasn’t a written rule and if it was these two weren’t here for rules but in actuality Eva was right to do it.

Once your opponents up she is ready to fight and Eva went for it she slammed her tits into Doris’s who arched up allowing Eva to hug under her arms,  around the ribs and as she did  lunged  and pushed Doris hard to the bar, the hard SLAP!! as her bare back hit the bamboo bar as she cried out, “AWWWWW uughmmffff!”.

Eva became relentless and pumped her tits harder into Doris’s tits and smeared side to side all the while her lips curled back , “uwww ohh feel that nmm my tits are crushing yours  feel me bitch hmm?” ,Doris rolled her head around on the verge of tears she shook her head no refusing to answer, Eva then finally knowing  there was more fight to come she tapped Eva’s shoulders and cried out , ‘I give Please I Give LET GO”!!.

Eva smiled and opened her arms and stepped back , Doris dropped like a rock on to the floor, and she sat curled cradling her tits nearly crying, Eva smiled and paced around her , “how about  we take a break honey your tits look really red”, Doris nodded yes and couldn’t answer, “ Ohh just one thing before we do” and Eva pushed Doris on her back and straddled her and lowered her giant tits on the blondes face, i watched as Eva pressed her tits on Doris’s face while she caught her breath, Doris face red was tapping at Evas shoulders but this was agreed on and Eva was loving it as she huffed at the smothered womans ear, “ I bet he loves a woman whose tits can smother a whores face as well”.

After a few minutes Doris was barely moving her arms, and Eva eased off her as she walked to the booth and sat and leaned back she admired her work on her rival, Doris finally stirred and got up she staggered to the bar and was actually resting her tits on the bar “uhnnn ohhh that bitch’ was all I heard from her, Eva was already rested her tits a light pink hue at best were ready to go, Doris was in no shape to fight again so soon.

I was beside myself watching,  on one hand i wanted to see this through it was Doris’s idea, on the other Doris was a cat like June who fights at a drop and she could fight, but so could Eva, as the 2 women sat waiting Ms. Pang walked up beside me and whispered “You look worried yet happy, you no want fight to go on?”, I stammer a second then Ms. Pang smile “ you stay here watch these two are from done, but the one at bar is hurt “, she grabbed 4 towels and dipped them in ice water and went back in and handed each girl 2 ,Eva put one on her head and smiled and other ran over her heavy tits, “NMMMM thats awesome”, Doris winced as they touched her tits and slowly she felt relief.

Then it came to me Ms. Pang wasn’t being nice she just helped Doris numb the pain so she could finish titfighting Eva without getting hurt to bad, slowly Doris stopped sitting hunched over and stretched,  her tits lifted a bit and the red darkened down as she was able to handle them without crying, they were nearly blue it meant she could go on but the pain and damage she wasn’t gonna fully feel till long after.

Eva was rested and waited on Doris as she walked over to her she sat smiling, “Well honey still wanna titbox my girls?” I saw the fear   in her eyes as she inhaled, “Why not Sugar i wanted it, we may as well get to it cause after that I am gonna knock you and your tits out”, Eva grinned “NMMM well i look forward to you trying that but keep it in mind when i am the one pounding you and your tits into next week, and Eva got up, “Lets go honey I wanna get home and titfuck my man”.

The anger was all over Doris’s face as she stood up and as her tits swayed out free she tightened up a bit so she felt it still, as they both stepped on the sand floor  and gently stepped around, I was watching intently, and they slowly moved to together, Eva placed her hands on her hair and flexed her mass, and Doris followed suite but she was laboring to flex, then they nodded at other and it started  again.

Eva swayed and shimmied slow and then stepped straight to Doris and like a pro boxer her tits swayed and the effect rang out , CLOP CLOP, her tits barely shook as they nailed  Doris’s and she arched and eased back, then back into Eva and responded with a left , right, left to her tits with her own, Eva arched and was hit soundly she felt it and was a little taken back as Doris came in again and CLOP CLOP CLOP hit her again, “ughnn guhnn guhnn mmf mmf fmmf fCmon bitch he wants a fighter, fight” , Eva snarled and smirked with hate shimmied her tits and met Doris head on ‘Put em up bitch “ and their tits bounced and crashed and slammed together with determined force , the women used shoulders and torso’s snapping their tits across the others, cries rang out among the meaty smacks of breasts, knees bent they stood tit to tit and just slammed into each others.

As  i watched Doris’s breasts become heated and redder and she starts to wince as Eva who was being hurt was coming at her harder, ‘Almost there honey give up before it really hurts”, Doris wanted to it was in her eyes then she watched Eva swing and she dipped , Eva missed and then Doris thrust up and SMACK!!, Evas head went back and she cried out , “AAAGHHH UMMFFFF”.

Her body arched back and legs shook as she reared back,  Doris thrust into her and shoved Eva to the bar and started to swing her tits into Evas hard connecting solid to the round walls, Eva yelled out “UGHNN UGHNN OWWW OHHH BITCH”, Doris growled , “Problems bitch hmm give now!”, watching Doris from the back was mesmerizing , her round tits swayed fast and hard and crashed Eva’s violently and as Eva went back at her she was limited on her moves.

Just as it seemed Doris was going to pull this out Eva returned the favor and dipped low and thrust up and her tits threw Doris’s up and Doris cried out, “AAAGHHHHH NOO”!,
Doris arched and just dropped to the floor and on her back, Eva smiled and stood over her hands to hips swaying her giants slow, “Nmmmm getting up to fight or you done ?’.

Doris was crying  as she turned to get to her hip and she waved Eva off , “No more I Give Please”. Eva swaggered to the booth and was humming as she sat she wiped her tits with the cool towel, watching Doris  she waited again , “Anytime your ready Honey Like I said I wanna go home and titfuck my man”, Eva was ready to exchange blows for real now but as much as I knew Doris wanted to , one good fist to her tits and she would be pounded into the floor, she sat on her hip then laid back in floor and Eva walked over  placed her foot on Doris’s tits and smiled “Say it Bitch!”, Doris cried as she yelled “Your TITS ARE BETTER “ Eva kicked her rivals tits and grabbed a beer.

She ran the cold bottle over her tits as she smiled, looking back as Doris slowly sat up and then finally stood, her big tits seem to droop a little as she was hurting, Eva smiling  “Nmmm ready to go or need more time honey?”, Doris looked at her , Ithink firgetting this fight wasn’t over as far as Eva felt anyway, Doris groaned, “I said your tits won”.

Eva smiled and swaggered closer to Doris, “I know and they are but you also said we were going to use fists”, then  i saw it Eva’s most  vicious side, as Doris looked at her Eva balled her right fist and slammed it hard into the round full left breast of Doris the blow rang a SMACK so loud , Doris cried out , “AWWWWW! and curled her arm on her breast and turned from Eva.

Eva sneering walked after her like  panther on a wounded prey, “Cmon honey don’t you wanna fight me?”, Doris turned tears in her eyes as Eva slammed a left at her ribs then right to her cheek, “Cmon Bitch you wanted this at the docks”, Doris winced at the rib blow then head snapped to side as Eva punched her, she staggered back into the bar and Eva stepped in pushed her arms away and sent an assault of blows at Doris’s tits.

Doris was stunned and in agony  as her head tossed back , her tits were bounced and pounded, desperate she punched Eva in the eye and as she slowed the blonde sank her claws in her big tits and thrust into her, both blondes stagger back then Eva slips on the sandy floor as Doris jumps on her and as she straddles Eva , Doris starts to pummel down on her, “Fucking bitch you wanna fight cmon”!  Doris was crazed as she started to really hit Eva and her tits,  Eva was stunned but not out and she simply fired punches back up at Doris as they swung at other, “Yeah i do bitch cmon” Eva spit.

Doris as she swung down at Eva was coming back ,but was in pain as her heavy hurt tits swayed and bounced it wore on her, as Eva made a point to hit her tits as often as she could added to it and as she slammed a right to Doris’s left nipple , it made Doris bend and Eva grabbed her by the hair and rolled her to the floor and got up on her, she pinned Doris’s head to the dusty floor by her hair and slammed her free fist in to her eye and then as Doris’s tits mushroomed to the floor Eva slammed 4 direct hits again the bulging mass, Doris screamed out, ‘AWWWWW AWWW AWWW OWWWW!!’..

She cried ‘EVA PLEASE STOP I GIVE PLEASE!!, Eva snarling shoved her on her back and straddled her and dropped her big tits on Doris’s face, ‘Cmon Bitch one last time for fun, SAY IT!”, Doris was tapping her rivals shoulder her face smothered  as she muffled out , “You Win PLEASE STOP”.

Evas got up and stepped on Doris ‘s left breast then swaggered to the table and took both tops as she seem to have suck a content look on her face, she put my tank top on and smiling walked by Doris laying on the floor, pinched her nipples and lifted as Doris cried “NOO” Eva hissed, “Show your tits to my man again and I will Carve them off your chest cunt” and let go and walked out.

Eva took off and I knew i had to get back I jumped on the bike and sped home, I beat her home with a minute to spare and as she walked in Eva smiled dropped both tops on the coffee table and straddled me on the sofa ,as she started to fuck me she tore my tank top off and smiled, “NMM these are all YOURS”.

Part 12 – The Flight Home

The next day we got up early, Eva was a little sore but otherwise on cloud 9, as we got he bags out i left a folded piece of paper to the door  with Doris on it inside was my address back home, we got dropped at the airport and as we waited for the flight Eva and I sat in the back by the windows, ‘So babe I guess you and Doris will have to wait huh?’.

Eva smirked , “Nmmm i guess so to bad I really wanted to knock her and her tits around”, Eva wore her dark sunglasses but really her eye wasn’t that bad, as we talked her nipples reacted and tented out, but she seemed bothered by it, I knew why but i left it alone, “Well if I am reassigned there after leave you can always catch her then”, she looked at me, “well if we do go back we will see , unless she is like that Becky bitch who ran out of town”.

I had forgotten all about her and frankly as she said it I was thinking would Doris be looking to transfer as well now, the flight was announced and we boarded, we got lucky it was a 747 and since I was military and they screwed up our seats we got bumped to first class, Eva was happy meant we could use the cabin rooms to sleep as opposed to in a seat all day.

I shoved my carry on over head and we ordered drinks, the stewardess a half asian half american woman with brown hair took the order, she had on a red blouse  with a lighter red vest, the vest was open as her large chest swelled the red top out to limits, the tight white skirt hugged her hips and her long legs were wrapped in tan hose, she looked to be about Eva’s age 27/28.

As she took our orders she didn’t give Eva a look or smile she starred at me, gotta say she was really attractive and hell i am a sucker for a busty babe as you guessed, Eva nudged me and i smiled at her ‘Whats up babe, you want something else?”

The stewardess smiled at me not giving Eva time of day, Eva said no as she glared at the girl, then i saw her name tag Pam, I looked back as Pam smiled and in a throaty sexy tone, “Is there anything else i can get you Sir?’ Anything?’.

Eva sat up her tank top and bra tight under the light sweater for the plane ride her nipples already tenting, as Pam gives a look I see hers are tenting and she rolls her eyes at Eva, Eva glares at her as she goes to the galley and  i act dumb, “Whats up babe?”, “Did you see her that look she gave you?”, i laughed ‘Eva its her job relax will ya”.

The seat belt sign comes on and the jet winds up and we rumble down the tarmac and boom we are up, as we level off the sign comes off and i tell Eva I have to go to the bathroom, if my drink comes hold it in case we hit turbulence, as I walk back toward the galley, Pam eases from the curtain a big smile , “Is every thing Ok sir? need ANYTHING?”

I looked back and Eva was reading then back at Pam , “uhmm well i do but can’t right now” she looked toward Eva then me smiling , “perhaps later then when rest are asleep” and she pressed her chest to mine and i nearly gasped and nodded “love to”.

I got back to my seat and as i settled in the drink cart appeared and Pam handed me the drinks after giving Eva hers Pam dropped a napkin and bent to get it as she did i saw in her blouse and ohhh man they were amazing, she looked up knowing i saw and then stood and handed me the napkin and a wink.

Eva was steaming but as we sipped and talked she wrapped around my arm and forgot the entire thing, Pam made a few passes but kept her eyes on me, about 2 hours into the flight Eva was dozing off, now was my chance i slipped free and went to the galley, Pam smiled “can i help you?”, “Yes i was wondering if i can get a key for upper cabin we need rest”.

Pam turned retrieved a key and then purred “follow me please” we climbed the spiral steps and the upper cabin was all doors she opened the one for us and i walked in and looked around, “wow nice thank you” as i turned Pam was opening her blouse, “your so welcome”.

 As i watch her top opens and her red bra cups which are big  are over filled the red satin straps taught , she takes her bra cups and pulls them out ward then up over her tits as they fall and sway firm to a stop i feel my mouth drop open , her large creamy white breasts are like 2 church bells veiny and firm and so succulent looking.

My eyes told her what she wanted to know as she stepped to me i ran my hands over them , my fingers actually were shaking they were so amazing , she squirmed her body as i caressed and squeezed then suddenly i was shoved back on the bed and as she climbed on me hiking her skirt she licked her lips, “nmmmm you are a hot man”.

As i looked up in shock next thing i knew i felt her warm juices and warmer pussy wrap on my cock and start to ride me , as she did my hands grabbed her tits and she arched back, “uuhnn uhnn mmm yesss” they were so full and firm and round my god these were round, as she fucked me slow but deep we were gasping to enjoy it as long as we could.

As i looked at Pam riding me her big tits swayed under out up and in as we fucked her thick nipples stiff as my hands admired her globes, “nmmm you like big tits baby?” i nodded, “My girls big”, Pam smirking giggled, “her ? she look likes shes all bra”, i smile “uuhnnmmm no no shes all natural”.

Pam sat up on my cock in her and as she let her hips ride it her tits up and out she arched and swayed them, “mmmmmm they aren’t as good as these”, i was mesmerized but i think my silence had Pam angry, anyway she finally rocked us to orgasm and was panting, “nmmmmmm i like you baby , call me when your home  lets get together” she stuffs her number in my shirt pocket and dresses.

As she pulls the satin bra out to get her tits in it i see the tag at the side , 36F, I mouth to myself WOW, she smiles back at me, “get your girl to bed maybe we can chat in seats “ she winks and goes down stairs, i clean up and go down, then back to my seat, as  i sit Eva stirs. “mmm where did you go?”, “Oh hey babe i got that cabin upstairs nice bed “.

Eva opens her eyes and smiles and as she stretches Pam walks over , and with a hand on my seat back other on seat in front of me she has her top open her cleavage in view she sneers to Eva, “tired ? you can go up anytime your ready”,  Eva glares at her ,‘Not that tired at all, but I might just do that”, I caught it right away that Eva didn’t say we as me and her and Pam must have as she raised a brow at Eva and nodded “Anytime then”.

As the sun set the shades of the plane eased down and who wasn’t already asleep watched movies, then Eva stood up and as she kissed me she took the original key, unaware I had a second and purred, “Come up in a while babe” i nodded as she turned Pam looked at her, and Eva wiggled the key and went up.

As i watched from my seat Pam swaggered by me and whispered, “See you soon”, i wasn’t sure what to say it was as if Pam knew i wanted to see this unfold.

Eva and I walked up and into the cabin, the bed was remade and it wreaked of sex at least to me, I sat on the bed and Eva slipped off her jeans in her thong  and top and bra she pinned up her hair when a gentle knock was heard the lock was turned, Pam eased in smiled at me , “Anything i can get you?”, Eva sneered “no we are fine, Pam looked at Eva, her eyes scanned her body as her fingers traced her cups.

Pam arches her stance, “Well if you think of something i am right next door just knock” there was a tiny opening next to our room for the dumb waiter to bring up drink cart, as Pam left Eva got pissed, “that little bitch is hitting on you”, my mind went into over drive as she did more than that and it was hot, ‘Why cause she is asking me instead of you cmon Eva”.

I acted annoyed and as I stood up ,Eva  took the next step, I am going to tell her to back off”, inside i was smiling ear to ear but i acted cool, “Do what you gotta do babe, I am gonna go watch a movie in our seats, just not tired yet” , Eva smirked ok go ahead come to bed when you are” i nodded then Eva walked out with me, I kissed her and she stepped behind the accordion door to the galley, I quickly went back in the room and hid in the closet.

As i listened i hear Eva,”think your something don’t you” Pam replied “whats wrong ?jealous his eyes were all over me?” Eva in a low voice, “Careful honey I can arrange he looks at you cause you are clawed up”, Pam, “wow it figures a bitch like you would have to resort to that level to keep her man”.

Eva must have just been glaring at her, “Oh I don’t have to resort to that I figured thats how all you whores handle things”, Pam’s voice got low and catty, “I can handle that way if i have to but if your looking to have a woman to woman name it honey”, there was a silence for a bit then Eva hissed, “Well if thats the case, why don’t you go on break and step in the cabin we can do it slow and quiet and see hmm?”.

Pam “Love to” Eva walked back in and stepped to one side as she moved her shoes and jeans, then pam entered and shut the cabin door, Eva watched her lock it and hissed “not much room in here”, Pam smirked “Oh i like tight places but we can make it larger” and she bent down and pulled a lever and the bed rose and sank into the wall.

Pam gave Eva a look as if she was an idiot, but obviously Eva never was in first class before either, Pam moved back across the stiff rug and stared at Eva, “Well you made the invite whats it gonna be?’, Eva a look of pure hate took her top and rolled it up and pulled it over head her black bra over flowing nipples tenting it, “You like showing off your tits to my man, how about i claw them off you?”.

Pam smirked as she opened her top and eased it off and those white globes were ready to burst her bra as they over filled it, “While I would love to scratch yours off, this isn’t the time and place, but after we land maybe we can meet for that, for now those little tits of yours know how to use them?”

Eva glared then reached behind her and undid her clasps and slowly pulled her bra off and her big 36Es swayed out, veiny full round and heavy like 2 wrecking balls , nipples thick and stiff, she flexed them and smiled, “As a matter of fact I know exactly how to use them”, Pam smirked and reached back and undid her clasps and pulled the satin red bra off and her huge 36F breasts swayed out creamy white veiny, round with a shape of church bells , her nipples thick and stiff, as she dropped the bra and then reached back and unzipped the skirt and eased it off.

both girls stood in thongs, I noticed pam didn’t flex hers i wonder if she was hiding it or couldn’t and did Eva catch it, Eva was smiling though till pam revealed her breasts she saw they were fuller, so did Pam who smirked as she gently caressed them and made her nipples stiffer, “nmmmm something wrong honey? you look like you just saw a ghost , or a better set of tits”.

Eva was left speechless there was no getting around it Pam was fuller, but were they as strong, Eva caressed hers slowly “not at all just was thinking after i beat yours if i want to drain them or just smother you under mine”, Pam acted as if Eva was just talk, “well why don’t i put your mind to rest who ever wins, has her way on loser and takes her bra hmm?’.

I nearly gasped as Eva never fought for open stakes, I was wondering if either girl just made a big mistake, Eva tilted her head and smiled’ “Fine with me”, then Pam smiling, “Wonderful shall we then?”, and stepped to center of the room her hands on her hips as she slowly shimmied her big globes, they moved heavy and slow but had slight jostle,
Eva slowly joined her and set hands to hips as she shimmied slow they swayed with heavy slow motion but as she stopped they firmly did, my mind raced as i knew if Eva went at this girl rough and boxed her Pam’s fuller but softer breasts would be pounded, they were firm but not like Eva’s, but Pam seemed confident enough she knew how to fight with her tits and had no need to express a style.

they stood toe to toe as they were breathing their nipple tips just missing others as they rose and fell slow, then Pam did one thing i never saw Eva accept, “mind if i start us off. Ilike to compare a little before we get to it”, Eva inhaled a bit ‘However you need to honey as long as we fight”.

I got he feeling Eva wasn’t sure what Pam meant and was covering, Pam smiled and eased toward Eva and arched a bit then she turned her torso a bit and lined her big left breast to Eva’s , they shared a look and then Pam touched nipple to nipple both of them took a breath in at the feel, then Pam pressssssed her left globe to Eva’s.

She slowly pushed and didn’t stop till both their breasts swelled up against others, nipple were engulfed as areolas swallowed together, neither reacted as Pam glared in Eva’s face, she then rolled her breast to Eva’s and lifted a bit then eased back allowing each breast to reshape and then she eased her breast around Eva’s tracing its form and when her outer wall was aside Eva’s side wall, she made a slow sway and her big breast tapped aside Eva’s.

The room was deafening silent as I heard the gentle flesh to flesh sound, plat plat plat, I could hear the solid mass and saw there was no give, then Pam pushed to Eva and as they locked eyes she smeared her big tits across the front of Eva’s and their nipples dragged and flicked, then pam repeated the moves as she went for Evas right breast with her own right breast.

As she smeared back across their nipples again dragged then Pam stopped nipple to nipple areolas aimed at others, the 2 women were head on breast to breast, as they were breathing their nipple tips rubbed, making each bite her lower lip, then Pam eased in and presssed head on as they just starred in others eyes and she wanted to show Eva she can lift her with just her tits, she eased hers under a bit and arched and her big tits slowly eased Eva’s up, she smirked at Eva as if to say your in for a long day, but then she couldn’t lift higher as her breasts were weighed down.

She wisely just gave Eva’s undersides a little push then lowered them and eased back she arched offereing her tits out as she purred, “your turn” Eva eased to her and lined head on and she pressed then eased under Pams big tits, again both held glares, slowly Eva lifted, her breasts lifted pam’s as high then she made a face as if she was straining and Pam smirked, “troubles?” Eva then smiled, “Not at all” as she flexed her tits and lifted pam higher.

Pams look said it all her heavy mass was handled, as Eva lifted she pumped up and her full firm mass made Pams jostle a bit as she pulled back she let Pam’s tits fall and they heard the fleshy CLOP ring out.

Eva smirked now as Pam was taken back, with no comment Eva softly purred ‘cat got your tongue suddenly ?” they were ready and pam just hissed “Ready to fight or not?”, Eva rolled her shoulders, “Oh bring it lets titfight”, and they both pressed against other and arched and slowly they rolled their mass up into the others, two sets of round mass swelled and mushroomed and rolled and pressed.

As they did both women groaned, “uuhnnnnn mmm uummfff” “ohhhh uwwww uuhnn”,
I watched and their breasts seem to wrestle together and push each others around, Pam’s fuller set easily pressed Eva’s side to side but she couldn’t lift them as eva was able to push Pam’s and lift with ease.

Neither woman wanted to separate from other, they seem to feed on pressing to other, as the duel went along both sets of nipples started to bend as they dragged and jabbed them at others, Pam was trying to ease her rival back toward the wall as they stepped around though Eva was arching and smearing and guiding pam about as they stared in others eyes.

‘Whats the matter blondie hmm not so easy a fight am i”, Eva was starting to breath heavier, “You not that good honey uww just fuller ,uummff i’ll break you sooner or later”, then Eva pressed Pam by her hips back a step and gave some separation between their big breasts as she did Eva swayed heavy left to right then back, 2 dense clops rang out, as did Pam with a reaction.

“Ughh Ughmmff, ohh no no honey we not going to box now titfight me”, and she hugged her arms around Eva’s lower back and thrust to her . their huge breasts slapped together and pam started to to make a design in her grinding, she was doing an X motion and the effect was instant on Eva.

“Uww ughhh uhnn yess that a girl now we got a fight”, Eva was back peddling and as Pam made the X across her big tits Eva was feeling the heavier tits on her own, “Uhnn uhnnn bitch uwww let me go and fight”, Pam was getting faster and pressing tighter “Whats wrong bitch hmm can’t fight without swaying those saggy tits hmm cmon feel me dont you”.

Eva was huffing and panting now as Pam poured it on and suddenly as she inched Eva to a corner she wrapped her calf around Eva’s and pinned her back then Dragged UP and lifted Eva’s big tits as if they were nothing.

Eva tossed her head back, “Ahhh uughnnn ohh you bitch my tits”, already sore from her fight with Doris, Eva thought cause Pam was a bit less firm she would tease her then box her out in minutes , but Pam knew Eva was heavier and her tits would get knocked about so she wrestled hers to Evas kept her in tight fight and now was hurting her with her bigger tits.

‘Uhmmff ummfff cmon bitch uhnnn feel me hmm ohhh your having problems bitch hmm cmon fight or give up”, Pam was in control of the fight, Eva couldn’t go anywhere her one leg wrapped up other was against the wall her back pinned her tits arched out as Pam grabbed Eva’s wrists she pinned them above the blondes head and lifted her tits more as she went to work.

Pam thrust up into Eva’s undersides and was really getting motion in Eva’s tits , like a ocean waves they rolled up after each thrust and shook as released , Pam was smiling  ‘Uwww does it hurt yet? hmm cmon bitch fight or give its gonna get worse if you fight me”.

Eva was about to cry her undersides bright red and being jostled about as Pam eased into Eva’s body she then gave Eva what she wanted she pumped her tits in an alternating manner into Evas after letting them fall, “ummmff ummf ummf ummf ummf cunt take it cmon fight”, pump pump pump, Eva was motionless as each thrust forced a grunt of pain, “ughh ughh ughh oww ughh oww noo stop”.

Pam was like a machine now she wouldn’t stop ‘Say my tits are better cmon you bitch” Eva nodded but Pam wanted to hear it then I saw it a damaging draggggg up and Eva yelled ‘AWWWWW” and her shoulders dropped and Pam pulled off as She let Eva fall onto the rug on all 4’s “No More STOP I GIVE I GIVE BITCH!!” Pam was all smiles as she sauntered around Eva on all 4’s and then took Eva’s hair and like a dog on a leash led her to middle of the rug on hands and knees, once there Pam straddled her back and roughly slapped her palms on Evas big tits and squeezed deep “OHh OWWWW”, Pam smiled “UWWWW yESSS these are so full cmon Bitch let it out”.

As her hands cupped up the mass her fingers sank in and out squeezing , pulling and stretching, Pam smiled as Eva was wincing and shook her head no, “uuughhhh uuhnnnn you bitch noo”, but Pam won and wanted her reward, suddenly it happened droplets fell from her nipples then with a pinch and pull on her nipples spray streams erupted, “uuuugghnnnn you bitch stop” Eva whimpered as Pam smiled ,”nmmmmmmm ohhhh thats it give it all”.

I had to get out and as i eased out there backs toward me i snuck out, i felt bad for Eva but Pam had me so turned on the way she beat her, I returned to my seat and set the headphones on as i looked  at a movie I had no clue about, shortly after the plane dark and blanket on my thighs I felt a hand on my shoulders then someone next to me i looked thinking it was Eva and there was Pam dressed but her bra and Eva’s in her hand and her skirt hiked up, with a smile sexy and sly she straddled me and took out my cock and rode me there in the seat as she did she whispered, “Uhnmmmm baby that bitch won’t be bothering us rest of the trip”, I just looked at her as she opened her top I went with it and devoured her huge melons.

 3 times Pam and I went for it when suddenly the shades of the plane went up and sun started to peak through, Pam fixed herself and i handed her my home number and address, she winked and swaggered off, moments later Eva came back to our seats, “Hey sleepy head” I smiled, Eva was in no way smiling she wouldn’t even look in my eyes at first, as she sat her top opened a bit and no bra i saw red raw rub marks and bruises highlighting that were from the fight with Doris and now Pam added to them, finally after a while Eva looked at me and smiled and said  it was ok just over tired.

We landed and I met my parents at he airport and drove home, on the way i saw the club June worked at was now closed and Bev’s club had a sign “Now Hiring”, as Eva snuggled to my arm i gently whispered , “Other clubs hiring , you thinking of staying this time?”, she looked at the club then me and softly with a tear in her eye “I was , I don’t know whats gonna happen, I want to go with you but I am not sure i be able to , but i will know soon”.

It seemed strange what Eva said ,but maybe it was Pam, or the fight with Doris and Becky or all of it , but one thing i knew I was home and that meant Bev and June would be around soon enough and I still was hoping I would hear from Pam, as we pulled in the drive way and we all headed in my Dad slowed me down and said “Just a heads up, June lost her job and is planning to work at Bev’s place but she wants top billing , you might want to keep your eyes open”, I nodded and hugged him and told him I had a lot to tell him.

Eva left she said she was going to see what the club Bev worked at was offering, i was a little disappointed as it sounded like she was done, but one thing was sure, if Eva was going for a job so was June, and Bev was already established there , it was going to be epic, Mr. Rheiner pulled around to the house, he shook my hand as he and my Dad all chatted he smiled and asked “so did you happen to go to the silk panda?”.

I laughed and asked him how he knew and he smiled as my old man nodded, he proceeded to tell me that he and Mr. Beck served there in the Navy and one night they went there 2 women were suppose to fight, i looked at him waiting to hear him say jin and Mrs.Pang, then he nearly floored me as the names came out, “Yep June and Bev, they were there, turns out they wanted to date the same G.I. and when his unit shipped out they stayed and well, they didn’t like one another and a had a little drunken slap fight, Pang broke it up and the next night after our fleet arrived we strolled in and Bev and June were going  at it with there tits, they were given a break and well Mr. Beck and  i liked what we saw and helped stop it, the rest is history”.

My mouth hung open and I looked at my Dad he smirked then said “yep the G.I. was me”, then I asked, “So have they fought since?”, Mr. Rhiener puffed on his cigar, ‘Son those two hell cats will fight at the drop of a dime all they need is a single excuse worthy to start it up again and its on”, I nearly gave it up as I said but i thought it was me as my lips stammered he smirked, ‘Its ok Joe it turns us on as well, but we hate to see them really hurt other but I gotta say they are going to go for it one day and no body better step in that day”.

So I played dumb ,“So they fight with just their tits?’, Mr. Rhiener smirked , “Well truth be told thats part of the dispute with them both being so busty , but they been using that to pass the time till they have it out , my feeling anyway, but with June losing her job and wanting Bevs spot it won’t be long , just one more thing gets in their way and look out”.

I was turned on, i was nervous i was wanting to ask details, finally Mr. Rhiener said to my Dad, “ Hey maybe we should take the kid to the club the night they do the wrestling should be interesting”, my Dad smiled, “Yeah but i think the after fight will be more so” the men laughed as I looked at them.

As we stood chatting Mr. Rhiener checked his watch, ‘Ahh gotta run Joe make sure you come say hi to the wife will ya she will be hurt if she misses ya”, Naturally Mr. Rhiener “ and he left, I looked at my Dad “you knew about them ?” he chuckled , my world was spinning like crazy, but it made sense more and more , it was why my mother loathed June and tolerated Bev, Bev had my Dad and June wanted him, so I was a pawn or maybe a way to relive those days , but they were gonna have that fight come hell or high water, my Dad leaned to me “Never let your mother know June was after you, she will knock her head off got it”.

I looked at my Dad eyes huge and all that came out was My MOM!”, he smiled “What you think cause its your mom she can’t fight” and he laughed as he gave me a whack at back of my head and said go make the rounds.

That was a cue so I dodged behind the house and found the old peeping spot and snuck up behind the Rhieners home, as I looked through a slightly heavier brush , there was Bev’s window, open and she was strolling about the bedroom in a regular robe, Mr. Rhiener walked in and I heard, “Hey Bev guess what, Joeys home just saw him”, Bev smiled ‘Oh Wow is he coming by?”, “I told to him to make a point of it said he will has a month off, he was thinking of the bar or the club i think who knows “.

Mr. Rhiener walked out went down stairs and Bev turned to the window and her hand slipped in her robe as she massaged her tits she smiled, “Nmmm and that bitch June is going to try for my spot, what grand timing”.

I eased from my spot and got in my car, drove out to the club, as I walked in the club was as close to empty as I ever saw it, as i ordered a beer I watched Eva stroll in, she seemed lost in thought as she never saw me, I walked toward the back stage entrance and the bouncer i knew welcomed me home, I explained that Eva was suppose to return with me but now was not sure , I needed to talk to her, he knew I also knew Bev and said go ahead, I walked into the rear , a few women from Junes club were waiting to audition I saw before, I smiled but i knew none of them had a shot here.

As i got to the dressing room it was closed and I heard more than one voice behind it, I walked to back of the dressing room and entered the supply room, I moved the old sign, and there was a peep hole, that the bouncers used from time to time, as i looked in I saw June wearing a long semi sheer robe cream colored, her big breasts were braless and pushing the robe out as it was loosely tied at the wast, her nipples were partially stiff, from rubbing against the robe, she had white thong and white thighhighs garters to her white spike heels, her jet black hair pulled back , her ice blue eyes bright with her makeup and cherry red lipstick, she was sipping a drink as she swaggered about the dressing room to get ready for her audition, across from her vanity was Eva, she just stripped to a red version of Junes lingerie but a red robe, her blonde hair up , her massive breasts holding it out as well and a slight slow jiggle as she swaggered on heels.

Neither woman was talking much as I am sure landing the job was more important, but they did have a history now and from Eva’s end something to settle still, and from Junes end she won and Eva still went with me, the tension was thick, when finally June as she sat looked to Eva.

“So honey you seriously going to try for a spot here?”, Eva touched up her makeup not answering at first then just blurted out , ‘Why not a girls gotta work, besides I don’t want headliner  so what do you care”, June smiled sipping more, “Oh I don’t really , I was just stunned to hear you would want to be second to me after our little private moment months ago”, June smiled as she looked at Eva.

Eva dropped her make up brush and turned to June , “So what is it now hmm? if you get the spot your gonna bust my chops, if you don’t your gonna bust me?, what is it June hmm still mad he chose me over you even though you won that fight?”

June placed her glass down and smiled an evil grin, “Honey I don’t care if you dance here or on the corner , what i won’t put up with is you grabbing tips and regulars meant for me, as far as he goes, I have no doubt you 2 had fun over there, but if I decide  i want him to myself i will take him and if there is a thought you interfere you and i will do more than fight with out tits honey” Eva just glared, “You know June it must be a shame to have to work so hard for what you want and still not get it”.

The two women stare then June stood up her majestic bust was ready to push the frilly robe apart  as it hung over her breasts her nipples started to tent more, Eva sat just stared, as June hissed “Why don’t you get up and say that bitch”, June was ready for action, and Eva was not or at least wasn’t willing.

Just as it seemed June was going to bully the blonde the door flung open and in walked Bev. she swaggered between them her green eyes glared into Junes, ‘Evening girls “, as she brushed past June she smirked, June stammered a second , “What the hell are you doing here tonight it’s audition night”, Bev didn’t say a word as she was changing , she slipped into a pair of black heels thigh highs garters and thong, a silk version of the robe June had tied as loose at her waist, then she slowly walked back into main room and took a vanity to do her make up.

As she did she saw Eva looked a little nervous and June standing over her she looked at Eva , “you the knew girl?” , Eva nodded , “yeah names Eva”, June blurted out , ‘She doesn’t have a job here yet, and may not have an audition in a minute”, Bev stood up and turned to them and swaggered slow toward June, “OH and why is that June hmm?, you gonna put in a word with the owner? you don’t work here yet either so just what are you gonna do?”, and not thats it your business what i am doing here but if you need to know , I am going to make sure the owner knows who his golden girl still is”, June shifted on her heels as she grumbled, “ Oh i see you are in fear for your job”, June smiled as Bev scoffed at her, “Not at all, but sounds like somebody is afraid of BIGGER competition”.

I was sweating was this it the big one these two amazons swore to have, Eva stood up “Hey look I can dance else where I don’t need drama”, as they glared in others eyes Bev just said , “relax Eva this goes back long before you came into the picture”, she sat back down as Bev eased closer to June there robes lightly grazed, “Well June you want action before you try out or were you just letting off steam hmm?”.

June didn’t flinch, but it may have been a bad move, as she made a ploy to save face, “What you her body guard now?”, Bev shook her head no then hissed, “If she wants to fight you she can shes a big girl, but lets get back to you and having competition, so whats it gonna be June action before  or just tense?”.

June shot Eva a glare then glared back into Bev’s eyes, “why Beverly are you afraid I might take your spot so much so you came here to start a tiff between our tits?, cause if your looking to have round 2 honey i am game”, June was never one to back away from a fight at all, and the only answer was she wanted to beat Bev at the spot then fight her, but she didn’t count on Bev. wanting it as well.

They stood face to face neither touching but so wanting to, Bev smirked, “truth be told June i came by to tell you that Joes back, but now i see you learned that, and till i lose my spot or give it up its still mine so i guess that leaves one thing”, then as if not a care in the world anyone might hear or stop it Bev  slowly unties her robe and holds it back as her hands set on hips, her full round breasts stand out as they seem to swell more.

Her eyebrow lifts at June as if to  say “well?”, Eva watches silently as then June slowly unties her robe, “you came here looking for a fight honey i’ll give you one”, her own robe parted as her hands set to her hips , her breasts round and full swell out, they glare at other a moment as June steps to square to Bev., “as i recall last time you tried my girls you were milked” smirking then Bev easily wipes it away, “must be old age , if you recall you resorted to using hands to get there, while i didn’t need to first time, think you can keep hands off this time?”.

June was angry as truth was revealed in front of the new girl as they stand there, a few of the girls who were auditioning came in, smiles came on their faces as they saw a fight about to start, a few liked June the rest didn’t care who Bev was as long as she beat June, the stare down was long as June swallowed then slowly she flicked her thick nipples across Bevs, “what are you waiting for hmm?”.

June was slowly flicking side to side but Bev just let her do it, but watching I saw Bev’s nipples stiffen more and give less, then she smiled and as June paused Bev stabbed head on into hers and bent Junes nipples up, June gasps in as she stares at Bev and Bev purrs, “yes now what hmm?”, then as June tries to drag down to joust back bev increases the head on pressure, finally June gives it up and pumps her tits into Bevs, “Lets go “.

The dense CLOP filled the room as Bev responded back with her own pump, slowly the two amazons started to drag their big tits across others and made a point to pump and shove their tits into others, as the duel started the women watching smiling added their incentive, “Cmon June you got this” , “take her down Bev hurt her”, Eva watched and growled “cmon make her hurt Bev”.

With the women in back the music was off and slowly the dense Clops got louder as the fighters grunted, “Cmon Bitch”, “ready when you are whore”, no one thought of it but the manager who was investing in these women , walked by and heard the commotion, and burst the door open, ‘Whoa Whoa break it up break it up” and he pushed each woman back from other, “you 2 better find another way to get it out of your system or your both fired”.

He walked out as they stood there glaring, Bev eased her robe back up over her tits, ‘Saved by the bell again June , your luck is gonna run out soon”, June eased her robe on, “I told you before and I am saying it again anytime anywhere honey”, with a long glare the 2 separated and as they did the room was a buzz, as Junes girls were supporting her as Bev had a few new friends and Eva, as i listened in i heard them ,”shrug it off june you had that bitch she knew it, yeah  wait till your headliner then crush her tits” as they giggled June smirked but glared at Bev in her mirror.

Bev was getting her support as well “please that cow was shaking in her heels you would have flattened her , exactly she was relieved when the boss walked in” Bev glared back as they were still set to fight other, Eva sat near Bev, “Hey thanks but you didn’t have to get involved”, Bev smiled “sugar i didn’t do it for you i want to settle a few things with her as well it was all opportunity”.

As the bouncer knocked and called June, Bev stood up and swaggered out first, i ran from the supply room back out front as i stood by the private dance area i watched, as she took stage making June watch from wings she reminded the boss why she was headliner, as she finished and reached for her robe June stormed on stage and did her dance, showing why she should take the spot, as they stood on stage, each breathing heavy but slow breast rose and fell as they did, the boss watched.

Then June walked towards Bev and as they met their huge tits clapped together and June grabbed at Bev as she grabbed back and the titfight restarted right there “you bitch “ Bev replied “cmon bitch lets go”, as the manager and bouncers ran to stop it the 2 women exchanged a few slaps to face but Bev shoved June with her tits and June teetered back nearly falling,

Before June resets herself they hold her back as Bev smiles as if getting one up on June, the owner tells Bev to get a drink and calm down, as they talk to June, Bev sits and calms her breathing as she sips a drink her eyes glare at June on stage, then June stamps her heel and curses and walks off back stage, the manager walks to Bev,”i am letting you go on that one Bev cause we never had an issue with you and another, but make it the last time ok?”, Bev smiles “i told she was trouble, whats the story now?”

He turns , “We told her to cool off and come back in a week and try again, but she wasn’t getting headliner”, Bev smiled ‘Good I knew you were a man with a good head for business” ,she finished her drink as she started to the backstage he added, ‘Oh there is one thing , since you two aren’t so friendly , you will be the headliners for the first oil wrestling at the club”, Bev turns “WHAT? you want me to perform with that cow ?”, he smiled, “Bev you two are the bustiest we got next to the new girl and with your dislike it will make for a great time besides its oil not like you can really get at other”.

Bev wasn’t happy as she returned to the dressing room, I eased back to the supply room and looked in all the girls were topless in robes as June stormed in they asked what was up but before she fully told them Bev entered and the room went quiet, Bev walked by June and as she did June turned to stare at her back, “Nothing to say now Bitch?”.

Bev turns and smiles, as both stare their supporters form around them, “What is there to say honey you have to try out again cause you weren’t good enough”, June hears her girls whisper , “she didn’t get it”, June inhales and smirks, “Not this time but once they see me out wrestle you i will be headlining this act”, “Well June you keep thinking that cause in oil you won’t be able to cheat like you do else where”, June inhales, “You smug bitch” and starts toward the redhead, Bev arches up and suddenly both women start to slap at others face.

Instantly the robes slip open their huge tits sway free and bump as they snarl and slap at other, “cunt fight”, Cmon Bitch “ they spit , as the other girls try to softly cheer on their girl “Get her June , Hit her Bev knock her on her ass”. the slapping gets heavier then as Bev hits June across the lip she cuts it and June staggers back, Bev lunges at her and grabs her hair and both women hit the floor as they roll tit to tit ripping hair.

As they roll snarling the women cheer Bev is under June and grabs all of the black hair she can and yanks back , Junes head snaps up and back as she growls “Cmon Bitch” as June pulls on Bevs redhair their massive breasts mushrooming between them, Bev gives June a second stunning slap that turns her head again and rolls June off.

As Bev gets up on her Sitting on her big tits Bev holding Junes hair slams her head to the floor, the cheers to loud as the manager busts in again and pulls Bev off, As Bev stands june gets up her lip cut she spits at Bev , the manager turns and Bev gets free and with a right fist to Junes jaw knocks her on her ass and out.

He pulls Bev back as June lays on her back her eyes glassy, he yells for a glass of water as he taps at her cheeks to wake her up, as someone comes with water Bev grabs it and throws it in her face, and June snaps out of it, as she focuses  Bev over her is the first image she gets.

Bev smiling her hands on hips tits rise and fall heavy as she breathes, “no sleeping on the job bitch” and turns to giggles from girls who gather around Bev. June is helped up as Bev watches in her mirror, June is wobbly and helped to ehr vanity as she sits wiping her lip, Bev changes and as she walks out smiles, “can’t wait till we wrestle” and laughs as she leaves, June can’t muster a reply as she holds her lip and head.

A few of the others leave and June is alone , when Eva enters from her try out, she see’s June with a bloody tissue and cold rag on her head, “Hey you ok?”, June glares “drop Dead bitch”, Eva shrugs her shoulders “Fine” and change and leaves, as i am set to leave i hear June tell her reflection “you want a fight bitch your getting one”.

Part 13 – Visit Old Friends

I snuck out and got in my car i drove home and i was in shock as Bev fought like June, it was such a turn on, when i got in i sat with my Dad sipping some Jim Beam, and telling him about overseas, as we got a buzz on the phone rang , i answer it and it was Pam, “Hey Pam how are you?, I am good uhmm sure about an hour good?”  ihung up and smiled as I just told my Dad about her ‘Go get her champ” was all he said and i showered and headed out.

The rest of the night I spent with Pam in her hotel room and to say the least I worked those F cups for they had, as the sun broke I sat up and Pam stretched, “Whats up baby?” I look back “oh just a few thoughts , no idea where i am heading to after leaves up” she sits up kissing my neck, “well let me know i’ll work that flight and make sure your safe till next leave”, i was fine with it cause far as i knew Eva was done traveling.

Pam had to check in at work and i had people to see, I drove towards home and pulled around to the Rheiners home, Bev was there and i stopped in , she came to the door in shorts and a tank top, her nipples were tenting it so far i could have pinched them.

She lets me in I get a big hug then we go sit i tell her about the time in Japan without the details of Doris and Becky, as we chat my eyes are all over her tight tank top as i ask , “So Bev whats new here , you and June still want me to see the big event like last time?”
Bev smiles and purrs, “i so do but I am not sure June will be ready for a bit, she had another little mishap and was not feeling herself”, “oh to bad i was going to say hi”,  Bev suddenly stops me and lifts her tank top, “that bitch can’t match me and now i am going to make sure you never want her again”,  without hesitation she strips off her shorts and is pulling my cock out  and has me inside her she rides me  moaning bucking and grinding as i work her breasts.

As we do it Bev moans she will tear June apart and make it so no one wants her again, then she orgasms,  i get dressed and she purrs handing me a flyer’ It wont be the fight i wanted you to see but her and i are gonna do a lot more than oil wrestle “ as I see the date and their images on it, then 2 tickets to the show, her thong on and her huge breasts swaying she smiles, “come cheer me on”.

I left feeling like i was drunk she wore me out so much, i didn’t know where i was heading but i ended up across town and saw June walking, i beep and pulled over, wearing a sky blue top tied under her breasts a skirt and sandals June smiles and gets in, her lip swelled and red and her jaw a bruise i act dumb.

“OH wow June you ok , i heard you had an accident” her smile fades “you saw Bev didn’t you?”, “uhhh yess just home a few days ago stopping to see all”, “ Drive me home”, I do and i carry a bag in for her as we enter she turns and throws the bag aside and undoes my jeans and shoves me on the kitchen chair, as she straddles me her wet pussy rubs my cock then eases me in her as she rips off the top i am all over her tits, she arches and moans ‘Uhnnnn yesss Still wanna see me fight that cow?”. I am so into the feeling i don’t even think and just groan, “Oh yes”.

As she has an orgasm and i do as well, June stands and adjusts her skirt , her big breasts stand out and have that slow firm sway, she eases back her purse in hand and shows me the flyer i smile as i show her Bev already gave me a copy and tickets, June snarls, “Did she now? well i guess we both want this for you”.

I stand up and about to leave June grabs my hand, “Wait i i wanted to talk to you”, i turn as i try to pay attention but her heavy firm globes stand at me “about what i wrote you, Mr. Beck and I aren’t doing well and well if you wouldn’t mind i want to join you on your next post”, i stammer unsure what to say as she eases closer her breasts warm as she makes my hands cup them, she whispers, “nmmmm i make you forget any bitch you had and i’ll beat any bitch wants to take you”.

As I massage her big breasts slow and deep June squirms and moans, I breath heavy and stammer, “June I I unmmm, There is a problem “, “what is it Joe or who is it?”, June doesn’t move as i knead her breasts her nipples so stiff, “its Eva , Bev. and a new girl Pam”, June smiles, “nmmmm i will handle them all then we can go together, leave it to me “.

I was about to leave when June went to her phone and dialed Bev, she stood there her massive globes out , as she got Bev on the phone i saw her nipples stiffen more and she inhaled, “Beverly its June, I wanted you to know first hand , I just fucked our boy Joey..” You what? did you now”, June looked at me and licked her lips as she started to massage her tits, “Well I guess you and i still have an issue then, and I am not letting him go without a fight, oh you won’t either , good then we agree it must be settled, I agree not till after the show at work, we will talk more before then at the bar”.

June hung up smiling a sexy evil grin, ‘there stud her and i are going to have it out after that show , swing by the bar later might be more than talk if your lucky”, I left my mind reeled was I betraying Bev, Pam, Eva, or did I give Bev what she has been aching for,
Pam never said she wanted to stay with me just be on my flight, and Eva seemed disinterested , I went home showered and laid in bed wondering the best move.

I woke up and heard my mother talking to someone , i went downstairs and there was Bev sitting with my mother and my dad, I listened in for a minute as Bev was talking, “Listen hon, I wanted your husband its true but that bitch June was the one who was all over him and left her man to get him not to keep but get in my way”, my mother was cold and calm, ‘I know full well the situation Beverly and its the only reason you and i have never got into it, that whore comes near here and she and i will settle a few things as well”, I sat eyes wide, ‘Well I am glad to hear you say that, cause she is now after your son”.

There was dead silence then my mother said, ‘Well my son is old enough to see whom ever he likes but I will warn him, in meantime if you and she cross paths leave enough for me”, they stood up and Bev left, i went down and acted still asleep when my mom sat me down, I never could give a good lie to her so I spilled it, “yeah mom June is all over me and she even went after Eva before i first left”, she smiled and hugged me and said “No worries sweetie” .

That night i got out and went to the bar, but instead of walking right in , i sat in my car and watched who was around, then i saw Bev. pull in, she got out and looked so hot, in a bright red mini dress with a scoop cut front her massive globes swelling from it, nude thigh highs and red heels hair and make up perfect as she walked in, not 2 minutes later June pulled up and got out looking as hot , wearing an electric blue mini dress more a v cut front but every bit as low her veiny globes swelling to get free, black thigh highs blue heels and hair and makeup done as she swaggered in.

The place was crowded and i had to see what was going to happen, i eased in as 2 couples went in and i sat along the wall the booths were on , i had a view of Bev sitting at the bar her green eyes locked on something i knew it had to be June, her full lips blew a kiss as her brow raised then her red nails wiggled as if saying “come over”.

As I watched Bev adjust in her seat there was the back of June as she swaggered over and now sat next to Bev, neither said a word at first they just gave snooty smiles and got the seats close enough, they each sat with arms up on bar and their big breasts between their arms bulged to be free, they stared and studied others bust as they glared, I had to get closer to see what was going to happen.

I got between them and a couple of guys there for drinks who paid no attention to either me walking up or Bev and June, as i listened in I heard June, “I didn’t call just to taunt you bitch , I want to fight you , if its for him great if not thats fine as well”, Bev sat smirking, “ I want that as well, but you know as well as I do if we show up at work with faces clawed or our tits we wont have a show or a job”.

June smirked, “Well maybe there is a way we can get our claws in other and no one but us will know”, Bev looked “And just what is on your mind Bitch?”, both of them were breathing heavier as their swelling mass rose and fell more, they were ready to fight at mere sight of other, then June arching her spine smiled, “how about we step in the supply room and i will claw your cunt out bitch”?, Bev glared a moment, i thought for sure she would tell June screw off but she sipped a little then looked in Junes eyes, “why not bitch, like you say anytime anywhere only i will add anyway”.

I felt my legs tremble, but neither woman stood right away as they just stared at other then June turned her stool to face Bev and then Bev did the same, with the crowd heavy and no one watching them, June spread her thighs as they glared and hiked her hem a bit, then smiled as she showed Beverly she had no thong on, her blue talons ran through her black mound as she smiled at Bev and hissed, “ Shes still wet from fucking him today”, Bev looked down then smirked as she hiked her dress hem and spread her thighs as their knees rubbed she showed June she had no thong on.

Her red nails combed through her red mound as she sneered, “oh so is she, wanna feel? cause when we are done shes gonna be on your face”, they glared with hate as each was jealous then as if common place each woman slid her hand on others thigh and up, eyes locked as each sank her fingers to others mound then as they rubbed nails over moist folds, they were breathing heavier as Bev snarled softly, “i’ll rip your cunt out whore”, Junes nail were as busy as she hissed , “come try it bitch , i’ll carve that pussy apart”.

They must have been using nail tips  as each squirmed and showed her teeth but never made another sound as their hands were flexing, “you gonna get the key or we going to scratch it out here bitch hmm?” Bev hissed calling Junes bluff, as June took a breath in”nmmm oh i will just want to make sure your not scared whore” then each gave other a grip and they sucked in a gasp then released, June called over the owner and demanded the key, he looked at both and then handed the store room key to June and warned her no loud screaming.

June downed her drink and looked at Bev , “coming?’, Bev downed hers and stood up, “wouldn’t miss it “, and they swaggered off toward the back through the crowd, I was in shock i had to see what was going to happen, I ran outside and around the back and saw the window to the supply room, but it was high up and bars on it , i got he dumpster and shoved it to the wall and climbed on, as i looked in the door opened then light went on, June then Bev entered and each stepped away from other as they set purses down on boxes they glared, the thin glass partially broke from attempted break in allowed me to hear it all, June stared and acting so calm “So we agree then nothing to face or tits for now loser facesat?”, Bev stares right back as calm, “thats right if we can anyway, i know you like to cheat when your losing so i’ll go right back at you if you try anything else”.

June never said a word to the claim, she just stepped in the middle and hiked her skirt to a teasing height revealing her mound just enough to give access but still had to reach under, her thighs barely open as she licked her lips and softly said, “Cmon show her “,
 Bev stepped near June and her red nails hiked her hem in the same manner just enough of her red mound showing, then as they were set they eased closer and spread thighs a bit wider.

Junes right heel in between Bevs thigh stance and vica versa, their thighs and knees lightly rub creating a gentle hiss, then Bev sets her left hand on Junes hip and June does the same, each woman looks up to lock eyes as they take in a breath and June hisses softly, “Shall we  then?’, Bev stares, “Lets”, there was no lunging or sudden attack the two amazons just slid their free hand up others thigh nails first then got into others bushy mound and tugged slow but firm.

“Uhnnnmmm cmon Beverly we can pull hair another time”, then Junes hand tuggs the red mound and her nails splay over the soft warm folds and scratch lightly over the folds, Bev breathes in, “Uhnnn oh I plan on it June just a warm up” then she runs her claws over Junes folds, their heavy firm breasts start to rise and fall faster as they suddenly arch at other and both of their hands grabs deep and both let other know she scored her grip, ‘UUhhnnn bitch”, Ohhhh sss Whore”.

I was stunned as these two seemed to just stand there unlike them of any women but as i saw clearer as they stepped a little cumbersome about i saw the others hand pulling her nails over her rivals folds and scratching slow and deep twisting the meaty flesh through their talons, both breath heavy but swallow as to not show to much effect to other.

Bev turns her wrist palm up and claws up into Junes folds, hooking and tugging labia , “uwww feel it bitch hmm i’ll make sure you never fuck him again”, “Ahhh uughhh bitch cmon your pussy is no match uwww i’ll carve it up” and Junes claws grab on to Bevs folds and pull and knead her nails through the flesh as Bev gasps, “Ahhhhh bitch”, their hips roll but not from pleasure but to make others deadly hold harder to keep.

As the sexy yet dangerous duel gets heavier i see June widen her thighs more, “Uhhhh mmfff cmon you whore fight i’ll make it easier”, as she does Bev opens her claw and digs them in i even wince as i see June arch back ,”aaghhh uughnnn bitch”. Bev stares as she scratches at the sensitive area not caring the damage she makes or may get, as she does June hisses, “cmon you bitch open those legs we are here to fight”.

Bev breathing heavy widens her thighs and both bend knees a bit then June stabs her nails in Bevs folds and scratches, “uughnnn ohh you bitch”, June huffs “can’t take it whore hmm?”, then as fast as the taunts started they nearly stop as each woman starts to rake her nails at rivals fleshy folds.

Slowly as damage is caused they stagger step a heel at a time, “uughnn “ ohhh” owww “ awww bitch” fills the room, breathing becomes heavy then gasping then panting as they get more cruel, as each tries to make other go down or stagger back they teeter forward and back as they form a tight circle, as it seems neither will get far Bev ups the stakes.

her free hand goes higher on Junes waist  and around it as she holds June in, she stabs her nails in again this time they part Junes labia and she sinks her middle finger nail into Junes slit, June arches  and then rolls her head back , “uuughnnnnn ohhh owww uughhh you cunt”.

Bev snarls, “can’t take it bitch hmm you wanted it cmon”, June staggers back as i see Bevs finger churn in her rival and scratching at the inside of June , “oowwww uuhnn you fucking whore ill tear that pussy up”, then June follows suit and sinks her nail in Bev as Bev arches in pain June sends a second finger in her and claws the inner walls, “feel me now Bitch hmm?”.

Bev coughs out a reply of pain, “AAghhh you bitch owww uughnnn” June snarls as she pushes to Bev more, “uwww burns doesn’t it you cow “, Bev mouth open winces as she claws back she desperately trying to sink more fingers in June as they start to struggle and stagger  June sneers, “ohh not so fast bitch cmon you feel it now fight me or give”.

Bev loses ground as her thighs are wide and she pushes at Junes waist over pulling her in , as June wraps her hand around Bevs waist and pulls at her “uughnnn ohh you cunt my pussy owww”, June snarling , “Fucking whore cmon fight you bitch”.

Bev squirms her hips and starts to well up as June is attacking with no mercy, as they try to ruin other,  juices glisten between both their thighs , their covered breasts bump and swell, June twists her hips and suddenly Bevs attack is losing power as her finger is barely in her rival, “Noo owww ughnnn Bitch “, June smiles evil “uwwww nmmm your wet and hurt you gonna cum as i tear this cunt apart hmm?”.

As Bev Arches again in pain June sinks a 3rd finger in her and claws up and churns her wrist and fingers as she sinks her fingers to knuckles Bev gasps loudly, “AAhhhh uuuhhnnnn mmm owwww you fucking whore my pussy uughhh”, June pushes in tighter, kicking Bevs left thigh wider as she does her hand comes off Bevs waist and she cups the leg and lifts as she pushes Bev back, “you cunt  you wont be fucking anybody i’ll take your husband too”.

Bev wincing and welling up pulls her hand from June and starts to slap at June and grab for her, but June lifts the thigh higher and pulls and Bev falls along the wall and boxes, her thigh up in Junes hand other on the floor, as she looks up in fear June presses her heel to Bevs folds and applies pressure the spike heel dimples in as Bev whimpers , “Noo noo oww oww stop please stop”.

June snarling a smile, “shut your mouth bitch he said no screams, i find out you go near him ill ruin your cunt got it?” Bev nods as she grabs at Junes Heel and cries, June kicks her thigh and drops it then  straddles Bevs face and lowers as Bev pushes to ward her off June takes her hands and facesits her, smearing her juices on Bevs face, she then walks to her purse smiling as she fixes her hem she swaggers to the door, “ Stupid Whore you never were a match for a real cat” and walks out to the bar.

I watched as Bev stood up wiping her eyes , then I went back to the front and walked in as I entered June was sitting and looked up , she waved for me to join her as I smiled i walked around and as i stood beside her, ordered a drink, then it happened i never thought i would see it unfold this way.

Bev. emerged from the supply room and was walking directly to me, as she got to me she kissed me as June turned mouth open in shock, “You stupid Bitch” was all she said then Bev turned and grabbed June by back of her head by her hair and pulled her off the stool.

The area around them cleared out and Bev twisted her fist so tight she pushed her knuckles into Junes scalp and yanked back making June look up, June froze knowing Bev had her in a bad way, her talons gripped the bar as she snarled in pain and hate, ‘Let go you bitch “ Bev tugged hard as she hissed, “I am warning you whore stay away got it?”.

June lips curled back growled ‘Yeah i got it bitch now let go”, Bev smiled to me and shoved Junes head free as she took my hand and started to head out June threw her seat back and rushed Bev and grabbed her hair from back, ‘Fucking cunt wanna fight me”, she pulled but Bev must have been ready as she turned at the pull she slapped Junes face at the eye and spun into her and both women grabbed fist full and yanked others head shaking heads like rag dolls by the hair.

The crowd gathered and cheers rang out for a fight both these amazons didnt need an invite as they  ripped hair they both staggered about snarling, “cunt bitch “ Fucking whore”,  Bev yanked Junes head up and as she made June look up her right hand sank into Junes cleavage and clawed and then tore open the plunging dress line and exposed Junes massive tits swaying free the crowd cheered, “OHhh you Whore I’ll kill you”, June spit.

As Bev was tearing roots free from the raven hair June slapped away at Bev to slow her attack,  the palm prints slowed her as she gasped then June dug her nails in Bevs dress and ripped till her breasts fell out free,  as they growled at having their dresses ripped they lunged into other and as they ripped at hair they staggered about then June got Bev in a side headlock and stretched her scalp till Bev screamed, ‘AWWWW BITCH MY HAIR”, June snarled ‘Cmon cunt you wanna fight take it”.

As they seemed to just stand bent at the waist holding others hair in a headlock breasts swaying they pulled till fingers were so tight in others scalp they were red then Bev pushed her head into Junes body and suddenly June Screamed, AWWWWWW YOU BITCH MY TIT!!”, as she pulled and flailed to get free,  Bevs mouth was latched on to her right breast and biting, Bev pushed at June and the two women staggered into a post by the booths and then June swung her open claws up under her breast and scratched at Bevs face.

Her nails scored as Bev screeched and spit her breast free, “AWWW cunt” and turned her head as she did June got behind Bev and rippped her scalp back and made Bev arch up and back as her huge tits swayed and bobbled free June whipped Bev by the hair and slammed a fist around into her face 1, 2, 3 times, ‘Fucking whore ill kick your fat ass”.

Bev winced and was trapped as June finished the 3 blows Bev reached back to scratch at her face, as she made a swipe and got June , June reached around and cupped her breast then sank her nails in ‘cmon bitch wanna scratch lets go”, Bev grunting to get free hisses “ Let me go and lets then Bitch”, the crowd screamed for a fight and June shoved Bev away and stepped to open area her hands open fingers curled, as Bev caught herself she turned and mimics the stance as they circle and close once then June rushed Bev and sank her nails in Bevs face as she curled into the flesh Bev winced and screamed as she twisted her head to get free , her own nails latched into Junes face as they stood gouging at other.

“AWWWW cunt let go”, “you let go i will bitch”, then June stepped in and her right leg shot up at Bevs body knee first ,as she did her nails pulled Bev lower by the face and her knee slammed into Bevs breasts hard, “AWWWWW ughnnn” was all we heard as Bev went to the floor, her fingers scratched down Junes face leaving red furrows as her own face was lifted by Junes nails still holding on.

On her knees June bent over  Bev as she scratched and slapped at the redheads face  swiping her claws at her rival, Bev shook her head and tried to cover as June swung at her, arching up on her knees her tits swaying , June sent another knee to the redheads tits and landed solid knocking Bev to the floor on her back.

As Bev held her breasts and rolled to her side June pounced on her and started to swing her fists at Bev , “Fucking whore now your getting it” the blows landed the dense clacks to Bevs face rang out as she yelled out, “owww cunt get off me”, Bev bucked and squirmed and rolled covering up best she could , as June rode her hip Bev reached up and dug her nails in June tit where she bit, June sat up and winced but glared down at Bev as she took her wrist and twisted it from her breast.

Bev was forced on her belly as June applied a full arm twist up behind Bev’s back, Bev pushed up on her free hand as she looked up in agony and June twisted it up more as she punched at Bevs face, “want more Bitch hmm cmon i got plenty”, then she pushed her knee to the twisted arm and took Bevs head by hair and yanked as she pulled arching Bev back her tits swaying free from the floor June reached under and started to maul the redheads breast in her nails, “uwwww you arent going to show these for a while cunt”, Bev kicked and was in pain as she was trying to get June off her , with her arm trapped she was about to cry out when the bar owner burst through the crowd and tugged June off her.

‘Thats ENOUGH DAMN IT!”, as June was pulled off she yanked Bev by the hair hold dragging her, “Let me at her”, Bev pulled free and got up hurt,and glared at June, huffing heavy she spit ‘Oh you cunt this far from over we are gonna finish this real soon”, June sneered, “Anytime anywhere Bitch”, Bev walked out then June was released as she tried to cover her massive breasts with the torn dress she was shaking, her left breast cut from the bite and nails, and her cut lip reopened she pushed her matted hair back, “that cunt i am going to scratch her eyes out next time”, as she sipped a drink i was so hard i just listened.

June looked at me, as it was obvious I was turned on, she smirked ‘Like it did you?”, I smirked , she purred “next time i will make sure its the 3 of us and you can see who is the better woman”, I knew June meant it she and Bev were going to really go at it next time and no one would stop it, after her drink she stood up and her breast had a thin blood streak down it as did her lip and other marks, she claims she won but aside from equal scratch marks on both June was bleeding and Bev wasn’t, and who knows if it was left to go on and Bev got free what may have took place.

Part 14 – Bars and Fists

As you may have guessed news travels in this area, and the fight at the bar was no exception, especially when  my mom and dad were about to head over and saw Bev drive by face marked, my mother and her were talking and Bev apparently only told the bar fight end of it, my mom while part of her was smiling these two wanted to kill other , also felt bad for Bev, if these two ever finish this she wanted Bev over June for the reasons behind them and my Dad, but according to Dad when Bev told my mother June stayed after the fight with me my Mother seem to change in front of him.

Now its a little hard to say because it is my mom, but my mother was a looker as well, she stood 5’10” had deep dark chestnut hair amber eyes, a very fit 38DD-32-38, she was a walking hour glass,  of french irish heritage, my mom could easily match June and Bev and well any of the women i been meeting, but she was more of the old fashioned nature, a lady first and a floozy in bedroom, I never got the full story how after my Dad met June and Bev he ended up with my mother, but after seeing June and Bev face off it had to be a doozy.

Anyway after the brawl at the bar June was shaken up despite acting as if she took the fight , she deep down knew though she had Bev she got the worse of it, she sat at the bar holding the torn dress over her breasts but not well as the swelled as she still was breathing heavy, I told her she should head home and change look after those cuts.
June ran her fingers over her lip and breast and they burned as she winced a bit, she looked at me and smirked, “why don’t you follow me i could use your first aid knowledge”, i swallowed as i knew it was more than that, before i could say a word she purred as she ran her talons around her breast, “we can talk about her and i in a fight” she licks her lip as if it never hurt, i smiled “sure”.

We left and i followed June back to her place, as we got out of the cars i whispered “what about Mr. Beck?”, she smiles “I told you we aren’t doing well and he is staying else where” she opens the door and we walk in, as she grabs a first aid kit i sit in the den and June walks in wearing heels thigh highs and a thong her robe in hand as she carries the kit.

Her bruised clawed breasts still barely sway like hypnotic pendulums as she walks to me and sits aside me, i take out some peroxide and dab her lip and then breast, as i gently touch the breast i see Bev broke skin with teeth and nail, “June the skin is broke your gonna have a scar”, she smiles and pulls the tissue away as she arches up and inhales, the red and pink furrows from Bevs nails criss cross her breasts, as a few bruises blot them, as i star at them in awe and worry , June smiles a soft yet proud smile, as she gently sways them between my cupped hands.

I breath out heavy as they feel so hard and thick yet soft and supple, as i look at them i huff, “Don’t they hurt ?”, she smiles” nmmm yes after a fight , but she didn’t do anything to my girls some bitch hasn’t before “, i look at her “what do you mean””?, June pushes me back on the sofa and slowly slides her thigh over me and undoes my jeans, my hard cock standing at attention as she purrs , “nmmmmm so hard i’ll tell you as we fuck”.

As she takes me in her she winces a bit from Bevs earlier attack then slowly rides me as her massive tits barely jostle she looks at me as i caress them, “nmmmmm Bev and i met in japan we wanted service men, turns out your Father was the hottest and biggest one and we wanted him, her and i agreed the silk panda was the place and we met and went tit to tit but it got heavy and nasty, anyway my hubby and hers walked in and stopped it”.

She starts to pump on my cock as i caress and knead softly she grabs my hands eyes closed , “harder grab my tits squeeze”, i do and she gets more turned on as she says, “thats when uuhnmmm yesss i met your mom,Bev and i met at your Dads place to confront other as i was ready to fight for him Bev knew your mom was with him and said no, i wanted him but your mom over heard me and came out and her and i started “

She was riding me and rolling her hips she could feel my climax build and would slow to ease it and then continue i was sweating like it was 500 degrees but loved it, June was arched in pleasure she nearly bent backwards her tits rose higher and out more “uuhynmmm yess more, i uuhnn i started a fight with your mom and before i knew it i was on the ground and she was kicking my ass and tearing at my tits and hair uwwww yess nmmmm gonna cumm”.

My eyes were wide open i couldn’t believe what i heard before i said  word she pressed her hands on my chest and her tits bulged between her arms and she pressed her pussy on me and had a screaming orgasm.

June slipped off me before i exploded and got to her knees and tit fucked me, as she let her big tits swallow around my cock she slowly worked them up and down moaning, “mmm thats why your mom hates me over Bev , but years ago i told her I would be back, and thats why I moved here, her and I aren’t done yet either”, then i exploded and June swallowed my cock as i came on her tits and mouth.

I nearly passed out and June smiled as she stood up and slowly shimmy her tits at me, “you see baby i make sure my girls here are firm strong heavy they are filled with milk and every bitch i meet hates it”.

As i watch my mouth opens and i add gas to this fire, “i .. i .uhmm heard a rumor though” she looks at me, “What rumor?”, ‘I I heard well years ago you and Bev had a titfight  in her garage and she beat your tits bad and milked yours dry them smothered you”, her face went cold her eyes narrowed, she massages her tits as she rubs my cock stiff again then sinks it in her and rides me again, ‘Well its true,nmmm but I am not done with that cunt our tits are going to fight again before i claw her eyes out for good, and your gonna see it”..then she humps me to another orgasm.

The next day as the sun comes up i hear a horn outside and June jumps up and ties her robe on wearing just her thigh highs and garters she slips on her heels to go look, as she opens the door I sit up like a bomb went off, and out side I hear my mothers voice ‘Where is he you whore?”, i look out he window and see my mother in a blouse and skirt standing by our car my Dad  waiting, June swaggers to the walk and hands to hips replies, “Shut your mouth bitch he is sleeping i wore him out whats it to you hes a man”.

My mother (Anna) slammed the car door shut and swaggered around and went to Junes face her pointy nail in Junes face as she growled, “Don’t tell me about my son Bitch, now I want him out here and home got it “, June stared and hissed back, “Get your finger out of my Face Bitch or else”, my mother smirked her finger still up, “Or else what June hmm you’ll make me?, don’t forget who got the worse of it last time you tried me”, June cocked her hip and answered “Don’t you forget that was years ago honey and I been honing my craft”.

My father got out and my Mother sneered ‘Oh you have you mean like with those weak bar whores or the way Bev milked you and has been tearing into you, cause I am no bar whore and I am nastier than Bev honey”, June stepped back a step my Mother grinned then i heard June turn the tables, “Think so? well i am dressed and ready for action sugar so either you ask to come in or i’ll take him and your son” and she opened her robe to show her topless body in lingerie and no thong my Dad nearly feinted as my Mother nearly attacked.

Stunned a little my mother didn’t answer then June hissed, “hmmm not that tough? send him in then i bet he can take what i got”, as she turned my mother reached out and turned June around, her robe open it was like slow motion, my mother shot a fist into Junes face and the CLACK rung out loud as Junes head snapped back and she went to the ground.

My mother widened her stance and glared down at June on the walk way her big breasts exposed her lip opened up again, she slowly sat up and shook her head as my mother with an angry hiss “You sure you wanna get up Bitch?”, June looked up and then slowly stood up she was hurt but June was a brawler, what i didn’t know so was mom.

June her robe hanging off a shoulder inhaled and glared, “Cheap shot Anna you sure you want do this here?”, next thing I knew my mother smiled and stepped to June, slapped her face hard and pulled the robe off, June staggered again then turned and slapped my mom across the face, my mom saw the swing coming and tilted her head back just  partially as Junes palm landed with less power then intended.

As she stepped back a step Junes hands grabbed her blouse and ripped and my mothers 38DDs were jostling in her white bra, June grabbed at her breasts and got some bra instead and yanked , her right bra strap snapped , then Anna snarled and sank a punch to Junes left breast, the blow landed perfect as June winced and cupped her breast.

Before I knew what happened my mother was delivering blows to June’s face head and tits like she was a punching bag, every blow was calculated not wildly thrown and June was being backed up and moved around the front of her yard, her head snapped back and side to side , her tits pummeled and her stomach abused.

As Anna punched June into the fence Junes thighs widened and then my mom went to work, she stood face to face with June and started to slam fists into June, June tried fighting back she even landed a few good rights that made my mom lose a step or two but then my mom came right back into her.

The front yard was filled with clacks of fists to jaws and smacks to meaty flesh amid the grunts pants and yells, as it seemed June was about to drop on her face she wrapped her arms around my mother and hugged and stopped the assault, as she did the two women staggered about the yard, my mother was able to stab a jab in Junes ribs here and there as June was catching her breath she sent a few jabs in to my moms sides and they were pretty hard as my moms body jolted, “Cmon cunt wanna fist fight me?’, my mother growled “Oh bitch I want at you more than you know.

June shoved my mom back and she went on her ass , as she fell back off balance June tore her blouse open more and as my mother glared up June huge tits swayed slow as she balled her fists, “get that rag and bra off and get up cow”, my mother didn’t need to be asked twice, she got up threw her blouse off and removed her bra, i was stunned as moms breasts were every bit as full and firm as Bev and Junes, she stood topless facing June and balled her fists, “cmon you whore ready when you are”/

They circled in slow fists up and breasts heaving up and down, then June stepped in a left to my moms breast and a right to her face, both connected and mom stepped left and delivered a left to Junes cheek a right to her ribs, the slow exchanges started to grow in speed and as well harder, both women stood close and launched fists at other and landed solid punches then June stepped in bumped my mom and slammed a right left to her tits and ribs then a left to her tummy and a solid right that stood my mom up and staggered her back, June was on her and snagged my mom by the hair and started to slam punches at her tits and face as mom bent at the waist June was pouring it on, “Fucking big mouth bitch now we got a fight cmon”.

As my mom was being hit she was staggering back when June yanked her hair back and landed a solid fist to her cheek, the blow sent my mom to her knees and June held her head up by the hair and reigned 2 solid rights in to her face, my moms lip was split as she went to the grass, and June let her fall, then June pounced on her and sitting up on my moms chest started to punch away.

 I wanted to run out and rip June off this was my mom , yet seeing June her bare back flex and her spine serpentine around and her huge tits sway as she threw fists at my mom was exciting and arousing, but as she was punching, my mom was covering and was able to throw a fist up at June as she was in trouble, “Bitch i’ll knock your teeth out”, my mother red face and bruised punched up “cmon you whore i got plenty more”.

June leaned over my mom to try to make a right aimed at moms face more powerful, and suddenly my moms left grab hair and yanked as her right shot up and stabbed up under and into Junes left breast, I saw her breast lift then fold over moms fist, a solid cry came out , “AWWWWUUGHNNN cunt!”.

As June tried to pull up my mom yanked her scalp and bucked and June was rolled off, my mother rolled on, then both women grabbed hair and rolled in a ball pulling hair and firing fists at other, their big breasts were pinned and mushroomed as their legs wrapped around others and as hair was tugged and twisted their right fists were swinging wild now and just wanted to make contact.

I watched from Junes window as my Dad watched from the walk and June and Anna rolled and fought like heavy duty brawlers, grass stains and blades of grass on their bare backs as one then other rolled atop and each womans face was red pink purple and swelling, as were their ribs and back,it was tit for tat, then Anna got on top and pulled her knees up aside Junes body and placed her head low to cover and her fists slammed hard into Junes torso and breasts, Junes head tilted back as her mouth opened and she gurgled ‘uughh ughh ummf Ummf oww Bitch!”, my mother was panting “Whats wrong Bitc hhmm want more”.

June desperate clawed at Annas face and Anna pulled up and back, the move failed but June bucked and tossed Anna off her , as she did June scrambled to get up as she got to her feet ,Anna did as well and coming up behind June ripped her head back by the scalp and slammed a right fist from the back that CLACKED aside Junes jaw.

June cried out “AAWWWW OOWWWW!’ then staggered forward and fell face first on the ground, Anna pounced on her back and lifting her head by the hair with her left freely pummeled Junes face over and over, June used one hand to try get her hair free while other tried to cover her face, “Cmon June fight or give before I break your face Bitch!’.

June was battered and screamed “STOP I GIVE!!!” Anna rolls her over and drops her big tits on Junes face as she rubs them over her face she snarls “Next time i wont stop got it” and with a hair tug hits her head on ground then stands up and kicks Junes breast with her heel, before grabbing her blouse and getting in our car.

I waited till Mom was out of sight then I ran out to June, I helped her up and she stood wobbly on her heels and used me to stay up, I got her in the house and tended to her wounds , my gosh my mom really hit her hard, her eyes was swollen shut other was bruised her lip is gonna need stitches and her tits and ribs were swollen and black and blue, after i did what i could to help i gave her ice and left her in bed then went home.

The End

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