Not On My Street by Dotti D

In a small town a quiet street there is a home near the middle of the street. Its a decent size house nothing over the top but more than average, the only real difference from most homes here was the living situation of the occupants .

Joe owns the home he never married but while he wasn’t wealthy he also wasn’t struggling to get by, the house was always well maintained in and out, the landscape was always crisp and clean .

It wasn’t that he was looking for a serious relationship but if one came along he would go with it till he didn’t want it anymore, or wanted it longer, he was very independent that way and liked the life style he chose.

One day that relationship fell in his lap, Joe met a woman a bit more mature then himself, Doris , a redhead with medium long blood red hair, at 45 she was average fitness, but her hour glass figure had his eye before his heart.

Doris was 5’9” 137 and a very healthy 40E-26-36 , her green eyes a light color and the hint of light freckles across the bridge of her nose, round cheek bones and her breasts were round and full tight cleavage and her aureolas were molded to her breasts with pointy nipples.

She and Joe clicked and Doris loved how organized and together Joe was, she would often stay with him at his place and as he went to work sun bath in his yard and enjoy a dip, as things went on she would even cook for him.

Doris was being satisfied and loving the relationship, it wasn’t serious yet it was enough they were happy enough together, but Doris new hr lover was a wanderer and to keep him in her claws she would have to keep temptation away and she was willing to .

Things were going great between Joe and Doris, and for Doris she was becoming very happy and getting comfy staying over more and more and Joe didn’t seem to mind as she made sure to keep him very happy.

One Saturday joe was washing his car as Doris was by the pool a wrought iron fence was the only thing between them, as she sunned she heard his voice, she thought at first he was singing to a song then she heard him again and a softer voice. Doris sat up and eased on her kimono her leopard bikini was sexy and tight but she liked what it held for Joe’s eyes only.

She walks to the fence and looks at the drive way and sees Joe holding a sponge soaped up the hose on the ground and a blonde haired woman, standing at the foot of the driveway distracting Joe.

Doris couldn’t fully make out the conversation but she didn’t like how the scantily clad woman was showing him attention and cleavage to keep him intrigued, wearing daisy duke style jean shorts and a tiny tight spandex tank top with a bikini under it and heels the blonde was certainly able to fill out the top stretching it over her big bust.

Doris her robe open enough to show her deep tight cleavage in her bikini clears her throat, then smiles at Joe as the blonde looks at her Doris gives a glare, the blonde now aware Joe won’t just be taken.

Joe excuses the chat , “oh Babe hey Doris this is Candy, she moved in up the street and was just out for a walk, Candy this my girl Doris, the women glare with fake smiles as Candy steps over, “oh hi pleasure meeting another neighbor”, Joe interrupts, “oh Candy Doris doesn’t live here its my house, she stays most of the time though”.

Candy gets that sinister gleam in her eyes as she looks to Doris, “oh is that right? well Doris i hope to see you again when your here, be it walking by or maybe when Joe lets me take a dip”, Doris her claws clench one of the iron bars , “a dip? here in his pool?, oh he always over extends himself dear, i am here more than not and when i am i am either cooking for him or right here sunning tanning my body for him”.

Joe a nervous grin as the tension is obvious, Candy eases closer to the iron fence as her and Doris are forced to be separated, she inhales slow, and purrs almost to Doris’s face, “well my pool isn’t done yet and i so need to cool off my hot body after a day of yoga and cooking myself, and since he is my neighbor, i might just swing by and take a dip, you ok with that…honey?”.

Doris feels like she can rip the iron fence out to get at this woman, “well it is his home after all but if i am here i think for your sake it best you run along so i only make enough for two get my drift….honey?”.

Both she cats arch backs and want to jam their busts together but the fence and more important Joe right there they swallow a hiss and just let their glares tell each other (ready when you are), Candy slides her fingers down the rail and catches Doris’s they hold that catty glare then their talons tap as they release the fence.

Candy walks with Joe to the driveway as she looks back at Doris who looks like a hungry cat caged at the moment, her smile warm for him but like ice for her. She turns to Joe, “well neighbor i do hope to see you soon and often” Joe smiles, “yeah don’t be a stranger Candy”, she goes on her toes as if she was going to kiss him her heavy bust a jostle as she knows if anything was going to bring Doris from that cage and fight it would be that.

Instead she runs her hand on his chest and winks, “i may just take you up on that, maybe one day when you aren’t so..preoccupied hmm?”, as she looks back at Doris then holding the glare swaggers up the street.

Doris growls to herself holding that glare, “oh you wanna test these waters bitch, you better know how to swim”, Doris calls joe in the house and instead of lunch rapes him on the bed wanting that bitch out if his head.

Candy walks back in her house, she pushes her door shut with her round ass and her hands cup her heavy breasts through her top, “nmmm god damn that  is a good looking man , i gotta have him, nmmm and that cow he is with knows it ,i’ll get rid of her first”.

Candy was so wound up and ready she strips and gets a shower, her 5’9” body so lean and busty 147 pounds and a 40F-27-36 hour glass shape she caressed the soap over her wet breasts kneading them s she felt the water hit her face and cascade down her body, her mind lost in picturing Joe .

Neither she or Doris knew Candy was a bit fuller but as far as Joe was concerned they both were busty, fit and sexy as hell and wanted him . That Monday Joe had to run to work and Doris not seeing the trespassing cat come by rest of the weekend put her out of her thoughts for the day.

She cleaned the house did wash and had diner out to cook later, then she changed into that leopard print bikini donned a robe and headed out back, unaware she was being watched, Doris steps out to the yard, her body arches and stretches welcoming the sun to warm her figure.

She then peals her robe off and her amazing body like a carved statue is seen, as she prepares to sit a voice is heard, “Well your still here i see”. Doris stops from sitting and looks at the fence line and there is Candy wearing a robe and a bikini under it her hair up.

Doris breathes in feeling confident her tight busty body will make this woman rethink her decisions, “and your back i see”, they each give the other that (Bitch) smile, Candy looks at the drive way but knows he isn’t home, “my neighbor home i so wanted to take him up on that offer to come by anytime”.

Doris a squirt of lotion on her fingers slowly steps toward the fence and as she does she caresses the lotion under her cups and applies it all over her bronze breasts making her nipples tent as she finishes she uses the residue on her tummy.

The glisten off her tan body and breasts very intimidating but not enough it scares Candy away, she just smiles and eases her robe off, Doris is both shocked at her brazen move and yet welcomes it as a clear challenge.

Candy wearing a tiger stripe pink and white bikini smiles and her veiny bust a bit fuller swelling tight in it she eases her hand in the fence and takes Doris’s lotion then squirts a bit on her bust, she stares at Doris as she caresses it on and under the thin cups getting her breasts a wet glass look as they glisten.

Doris sees the fuller pair swell as Candy inhales, Candy can see her rival notices and purrs, “i understand he likes healthy women, and it seems i am healthier than you maybe its a good time you run home hmm?”.

Doris inhales a bit her confidence in herself high enough she doesn’t scare off as Candy hoped, “well i am sure you would love that but as it so happens i am not going anywhere, not willingly anyway so maybe its a good time you head back home honey”.

Candy now sees this will only make Doris stay around longer and more often, there is only one way to deal with this woman to woman and she can see Doris thinks it as well. Candy barely grazing her thin covered breasts and cups at the iron rail her stiff nipples tent the cups flick the bars.

She sees Doris notices, “nmmm you know i was hoping to avoid making this harder on you but if you insist on being a thorn in my side i am ready to extract that thorn honey woman to woman”.

Doris eyes the area behind Candy then grazes her cups across the bars as well, “well i am glad you feel that way sugar , see i am a firm believer in whats mine is mine and i don’t share and i never easily give up whats mine, so if you are sure you want to take this further lets chat.”

Candy stares in her eyes then watches as Doris eases the edge of her cups off her nipples then her breasts , they swell out of the cups and spring out heavy jostle, Candy then drops the lotion and her bag and eases her cups apart till her heavy breasts spring free and the same heavy jostle.

They flick their nipples through the bars as each breathes in slow then Candy makes her challenge clear, she grips the bars higher up and slowly squeezes her big round globes through the bars , they expand out and swells again on Doris’s side and Candy purrs, “just know honey , you and i do this after i will milk your fat tits and then smother you in mine”.

She eases her swelled breasts back from the bars then Doris follows the move pushing them to Candy’s side, a slow sexy pump motion as she purrs , “ well just make sure your aware honey i will milk yours and make you drink mine then your gonna pleasure me, still wanna risk it?”.

Doris eases her breasts back they glare then Candy holds her breasts to the bars , Doris holds hers there, in silence they push their breasts at the bars and wiggle them between then meet breast to breast the nipples bend as each woman inhales at the touch.

They glare in others eyes as they barely rub their breasts, Candy a soft whisper, “wanna do it like this or do i come in and we fight?”, Doris a soft whisper back, “ohhh as long as we do it but you can come in be the last time”. Candy smirks, “unless i win then its your last time honey” .

Doris reaches her hands through the bars and grabs Candy at her back and pulls her in the bars Candy does the same and hugs Doris to the bars their breasts swell and bulge between the bars as they hug, both grunt and huff.

As the duel gets heated they can’t be caught in public doing this Doris huffs, “uuhnnmmmff oh you bitch get in here and lets fight this out like women” she pushes from the hug and the bars her breasts get covered as she nods to the gate and Candy covers as she swaggers to the gate and in.

Both breath a huff at the other, gone are the soft smiles now as these two are going to war, they swagger in the yard drop the robes and Doris hands on hips inhales, “we ready ?”, Candy the same pose, “pick the area we can step and lets fight tit to tit”.

Doris steps by the patio she removes her bikini top, her heavy tits sway free , she caresses them, then sways them as her hands ease behind her back, “Ready when you are “, Candy a smug grin walks to Doris, then without stopping bumps her tits into Doris ‘s then starts to rub and grind  rolling as she does, “uuuhh mmfff mfff cmon little girl I am gonna show you its better to share”.

Doris grunts as the fuller pair drive into hers, but she is also well versed in these matters, she rolls her shoulders back then begins to push and drag back into Candy’s hefty breasts, the yard starts to fill with the sound of fleshy Clops and grunts as the two women square off.

Candy still a smug grin as she feels she already dominates the issue starts to pump head on into Doris, “mmff mfff mfff cmon honey , whats the matter hmm mine to full for ya? fight my tits cmon”. Doris says nothing but she can feel the size and weight difference she grunts, “uuhhnn uhnn uhn oh are your tits fighting mine i couldn’t tell cmon then lets get to it”.

Candy inhales a little ticked off her rival mocks her fuller breasts as she clearly is stalking Doris as they drag and bump and start this tough titfight between them, “uuhh uhhh uhh cmon bitch want it rough i got all day”. Doris refuses to say a thing about the constant contact, she swallows a gulp as her breasts are at war and it is taking an early toll as the heavier pair pull on hers, “oh bitch you don’t wanna be here when i beat you and he walks in you wont be able to come around give now so you can run home”.

Candy starts to lose her confident grin, “think this is a game Bitch hmm , how about now” Candy lunges into Doris a solid Clop rings out and as Doris rears up Candy starts to pump, drag, push,pull, smear and slap her breasts roughly into Doris’s.

Doris a bit taken back at the aggressive assault, her heels backing her up as they grunt and their heavy breasts collide faster between them, “uuhhh uhhh ohh you Bitch mmff mfff mff get off me”, Candy huffs , “put your tits up and fight you big mouth bitch”.

Doris winces as her tits are being shoved, collided into and pushed about her chest, her head tilts up as Candy drives her back against a hidden part of the fence , Doris’s bare back against the cold bars as Candy widens her thighs and start to really work her tits into Doris’s “bitch fight me mmff mff mff cmon you scared whore fight before i crush your weak tits”.

Doris her head back wincing as her breasts are pounded and shifted about harder, “uughhh ugggg mmfff ohhh you Fucking Bitch my tits”, Candy grinds as she presses tight into Doris , “feel my tits hmm he wants my tits not your soft weak ones give up Bitch or its gonna hurt”, Doris more pain as her back is pinned o the bars then her breasts she throws her arms around Candy, Candy snarls, “oh you cheap bitch wanna get rough hmm”.

Candy hugs around Doris the two women strain and struggle now and Doris starts to move Candy back, “uuhhh mmfff oh thats it your tits are gonna get crushed bitch”, Doris pants “your a big mouth how about you just fight me hmm”.

Candy hugs in tighter , the two women stagger about now as they try to crush the other and the breasts between them, grunting as they seesaw Candy now starts to feel and realize Doris isn’t like others she has fought, this woman can match her, she has to make her give some how.

Doris is struggling, she has had her share of conflicts as well not as many as her new rival but she isn’t about to lay down either, as they faces turn red both grow frustrated as they hug tighter an breasts bulge and crush between them.

They both grunt then frustrated Candy slides her left hand up and grabs a fistful of hair, Doris clenches her teeth and grabs a fistful of Candy’s hair. as they refuse to give an inch between their breasts they now grip onto others hair to finish this duel.

They spin and stagger grinding their breasts harder as they pull hair tight making each other look up, Doris a gasp, “aahhh Bitch cmon you Whore fight “, Candy now panting harder, “ohhh you Whore you bitch cmon”.

Candy grinds her fuller tits at Doris’s , Doris gasps as she feels them start to pull on hers, she bucks into Candy and they bump the iron bars again Candy winces feeling her back hit them and she releases Doris’s hair to try to push her off to get room between them.

When Doris feels her rival pushing at her shoulders she sneers feeling she has her, Doris steps closer and her step shoves Candy backward yet again. her bare back slaps the metal bars and she arches as it hurts, Doris grinds hard to Candy, her breasts rolling the fuller pair, Candy turns her head as she feels it.

The two struggle sweat dripping now, their glistening breasts being bulged in odd shapes between them. Then Candy dips at he knees and thrusts up fast and hard, Doris eyes widen feels what is coming.

At the last second Doris arches and rears back, Candy’s breasts fly upward and miss the undersides of Doris’s breasts Candy’s own breasts as they are swing up bare the undersides and Doris rams her breasts into the dropping undersides.

Candy instantly has tears from her eyes her head shakes as she throws it backward in pain, her breasts are being jostled and battered from the undersides freely now, Doris holding her rival to the metal fence refuses to stop jamming her breasts at the raw undersides as the clops turn to slaps.

Doris pumps over and over again, “Problems Bitch hmmm? cmon crush my tits you Fucking Cow!!”, Candy turns her face she is hurt and beaten she knows it, Doris knows it as well but she won’t be fast to ease up at all.

Candy as tears flow breaks, “OK OK i Give please stop your hurting my tits i Give”, Doris grows an evil grin, she releases Candy’s hair and grabs her right wrist and as she lets her breasts fall Doris twists the arm up behind Candy as she turns her.

Candy rears her head again as the arm is turned up her bare back, Doris’s other hand still has her hair as her face is near Candy’s ear she growls, “If I ever see you talking to my man or coming to my house or my street again I’ll really hurt you and your pathetic tits got itBitch?”.?

Then Doris does something to make certain Candy never wants to risk coming back, she tightens the arm twist till Candy is on her tippy toes then rakes her breasts across the metal bars side to side.  Candy screeches in pain as her fleshy globes are raked side to side across the bars slapping them each and being pulled and ground into them.

Candy is openly crying now as her breasts turn cherry red and seem to blister the skin from the rough raking and slapping across the iron bars of the fence. Hearing the near screams Doris using the twisted arm and hair of Candy pulls her from the fence and throws her on the grass.

Holding the arm behind Candy’s back Doris makes her crawl to the gate, all the time Candy begging her to let go she promises to not come back, but Doris wants to be sure Candy knows if she was to break that promise the fate that awaits her.

Doris forces Candy to crawl out to the curb her heavy now red and hurt breasts sway and slap under her, once at the curb Doris reaches her free under and instead of kneading the milk from her rival she starts to drive a fist into the hanging breasts pounding them like slabs of beef .

Candy is crying and screeches at every blow landed, she begs loudly to have it stop pleading , Doris shoves her upper body to the street and now using the twisted arm rakes the raw flesh on the street, ‘Will i ever see you here again Honey?”, Candy shakes her head no and begs for it to stop, Doris with her heel on shoves Candy on the street by kicking her in the ass then proudly swaggers back into the yard and ties Candy’s bikini top on the top fence spike.

Candy weeping covers her breasts with her hands and runs down the street to her home, Doris dons her top and moments later he comes home, Doris greets him in the drive way and smiles as he asks if anything happened while gone , she pulls him in the house by the hands and throws him on the sofa and welcomes him home like never before.

The End

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