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Settling the Estate by Dotti D

Ja rod was a well to do CEO who often traveled the States making his company grow he had a home on both the west coast and east coast as his company took off ,Ja rod at an early age was able to free up more and more time and soon took a wife on the east coast, Loraine a very beautiful chestnut haired woman was 30 when she met Ja rod at 5’8” 137lbs. almond shaped amber eyes and a stunning 36 D -28-36 figure that had Ja rods full attention.

Not long after meeting Ja Rod engaged Loraine and within a year they were married, the couple traveled often but it was rare that Ja Rod would take his wife on business trips, which Loraine didnt mind as it gave her time to shop and gym and make their house a home, for Loraine everything in the couples world was going great and not long after they were pregnant, Ja Rod hired a full time nurse to be on hand for Loraine as a precaution during his time traveling for his company.

During the story book life Loraine believed they were living there was another woman
Padmi who lived in southern California, not your typical west coast blonde though she was of east indian decent born and raised here which caught Ja rods attention more, at 5’7” 135lbs and a curvy 36D-28-36 figure the jet black hair with round light green eyes was of indian decent and her features showed it, the olive brown tone skin attracted Ja Rod to her Mediterranean look, the two hit it off quickly and with in a year would be married as well.

Yes Ja Rod was keeping a huge secret and playing an even riskier game of bigamy but Ja Rod (being from another country) did not see it as doing anything wrong but in the same instance as he became wealthy and learned laws here he kept the secret from both women now his wives, and since neither ever went with him on business to either coast he knew there was no way the 2 would come across the other.

To add to Ja Rods stressful secret he and Padmi became pregnant within the same time frame as he and Loraine, but Ja Rod with his money and savvy set up nurses and assistants to keep his secret life in check, it was hectic at times but Ja Rods personal assistant kept track of every detail down to what cell phone rang and which wife was calling in.

Both women gave birth to sons which had Ja rod on cloud 9 and to add to his joy both women nursed and swelled up to a DD, Ja Rod started to travel more but not for the company he built but rather to be at each home to spend time with his sons more and soon the double life started to take a toll on his health.

Despite his wives pleas to stay at home more Ja Rod never let on as to why he was pushing himself and before either was to learn why Ja Rod passed away, though both of his wives were devastated each did not have a worry as the homes and cars were all paid for and Ja rods estate as far as they knew was all theirs, things started to take a turn to the simple process at Ja Rods funeral.

Among the business associates, friends , and workers at the funeral both Padmi and Loraine were there as well, each wore a black dress and veiled sun hat and carried his sons, during the services each woman asked others who that other woman was but aside from Ja Rods personal assistant no one had a clue about the other.

During the after service his personal assistant did his best to not add to either womans grief by having them find out who other woman was, though each had her suspicions,
it wasn’t till Ja rods attorney first walked to Padmi handed her an envelope and his card , then moments later walked to Loraine and did the same thing, that the gears started in motion, but as their jealousy started to rise internally each thought who ever the hussy was he was married to her and would be the one standing with the entire estate.

After the services each woman returned home and upon unpacking opened the letter, in it they read that the will of Ja rod would be read in detail in 2 weeks and they were to be in NYC at the attorneys office at 11 a.m. though they didn’t want for anything the attorney as instructed supplied the airline tickets and room reservations to the hotel.

Both Padmi and Loraine now thinking of the trip forgot about seeing the other and made arrangements for the 4 days they would be gone, with both children nursing the women decided it best to bring the children, over making to many bottles of breast milk or not enough, with everything set they each boarded a plane and were off to NYC, along the flight neither Padmi on United nor Loraine on South West could figure out why the children were becoming finicky and refusing to nurse from their breast, each blamed it on the travel and the children picking up on mothers stress and resorted to the bottles they made up.

The next day Padmi walked into the lawyers office a few minutes early and was escorted to a private conference room, she was given coffee and could take care of her son if need be without prying eyes, but moments later as the secretary knocked at the door and opened it she excused herself for the interruption and lead Loraine in with her son and was seated, both the attorney and his staff were aware the 2 never met.

As Loraine sat the 2 women stared as their minds searched memories for any clue as to who the other was , but both were sure they never saw her at a party or an affair before, but as they tried to dismiss the notion of the other being anything more than a whore to her late husband one thing they could not deny the 2 boys looked alike just like their father.

As the boys were napping in their arms they slowly started to become restless, as first Padmi spoke in a soft huff, “So are you here for Ja rods will reading ?” the question fair as neither knew other brought Loraine’s attention instantly as she softly answered “thats right are you?”, Padmi sat up a bit more now a bit put off as both were here for her late husbands will and estate.

As Padmi tried to keep her son asleep so she could have this conversation her seat rocked slowly as her eyes stared into Loraines “Yes i am after all he was my husband”,

Loraine her eyes on Padmis felt her self well up but her anger started to take over as she refused to break in front of this woman, “ Your husband ? I think you must have bumped your head darling Ja Rod was my husband” now it was Padmi turn to fight back tears as they both saw the resemblance in the sons faces and the identical diamond wedding rings and identical diamond earrings and necklaces that hung to their swelling cleavages and glimmered as their mass rose and fell as they were breathing.

It was no secret to any one that knew him he was a breast man and now both women saw it in other as their veiny firm and full mass threatened the v cut dress fronts, their calm grieving looks faded into jealous and hateful looks as they sat waiting for the attorney to be ready.

Without it being said both were able to keep their calm for the moment as there was no point in letting loose on other since the damage was done and over and there would be no one to go home to and yell at for it either, so as they sat glaring they could hear others heart pump as the seconds ticked off the office clock, but as they studied the other the boys started to wake and cry and both women knew they had to eat, as the secretary poked her head in to see if anything was needed the women asked for more time till children were settled again, as she left Padmi and Loraine stared at other with a hint of a smirk as if they were 2 gun fighters waiting for a move by other.

When Loraine reached under her son and started to undo the 3 buttons on her v cut dress and slowly pushed the dress wider freeing her over filled bra cups, her hurt expression slowly shifted to a confident more arrogant one as she eased her left bra cup out more and pulled the flap of the cup down and exposing her left breast and areola and thick dark pink nipple, her pointy red nails slowly stroked the thick nub and stiffened it more,as she glared at Padmi and softly said “ Hope you don’t mind but he is so hungry and i am so Full”.

Padmi glared daggers as Loraine got the first gauntlet down and had a reason to show off her veiny round breast , though it was for a good reason initially both women without a word needed knew it was a way to challenge or say mine are bigger and he loved it.

But Loraine’s spot light soon was taken away as Padmi son also stirred and started to cry and Padmi red lips went from a tight grit to a full smile as if to say “now we will see”
she reached up under her son and pulled her dress front wide exposing her black bra cups and undid her breast flap and exposed her left breasts areola and thick dark brown nipple as her red nail stroked the shaft and stiffened the nub she smirked at Loraine, as both now saw other was as full firm and round as other, as Loraine shifted a bit Padmi cooed
“ Oh dont be silly it doesnt phase me ..AT ALL long as you dont mind” and stared into other womans eyes.

Loraine cleared her throat “Mind ? Why would I? I dont see anything to get my attention” her lips drew back at the taunt as Padmi sneered a bit, and as both women sat eyes locked again slowly both become a bit nervous and a feeling of weakness as each watched the others child refuse her nipple , in the tension of showing off for the other now it was a level of inadequateness for each woman, slowly they would use their fingers to pinch the thick nipples thinning them and try to ease it in the childs mouth but they were only refused, and it was Loraines thinking that eased the awkwardness for both women, “Oh poor thing i am so big and full and heavy there he just gets finicky “
and Loraine eased her son in the car seat and one of her bottles she made earlier in his mouth and before she knew it her son suckled and was drifting off again.

As she sat back up about to cover her breast Padmi was coping the move and slowly sat back up her breast still visible in the open cup and as they looked at other and her breast , Loraine reached up and un did the flap of her right bra cup and exposed it, then as Padmi watched her fingers slowly encircled and rubbed her bumpy raised areolas as her thick nipples stiffened more and she teased the broad tips, though the feeling was maddening Lorain just pursed her red lips at Padmi and softly moaned “uhnmmm he loved playing with my thick hard nipples and my big full firm breasts”.

But Padmi wasn’t about to be mocked as she then exposed her right breast and with 2 fingers squeezed the areolas and pulled her nipples showing Loraine how they slowly eased back as if a sign of strength, as she cooed “Nmmm I know he would spend hours worshipping my heavier round firm fuller breasts”, Padmi then smiled a catty sexy smile.

The 2 women just glared a few as they massaged their nipples at other and what seemed like a teasing act both were showing other that their milk didnt just flow it had to be worked free, as each gave other a (these are better look) it was Padmi that raised the ante, growing tired of this other woman thinking she was a match to herself, Padmi slowly lowered front of both bra cups and her massive DD’s spilled out over and pushed the cups under her breasts, as her chest inhales she looks down at her mass free and then cupping them her fingers splayed as wide as she can lifts and squeezes them up and massages them around slowly at Loraine, the diamond necklace like a ship on a rough sea rises and falls with the motion.

Padmi arches her back and gives Loraine a pouty i gotcha glare then nods to Loraine, but she didn’t wait long as Loraine a bit put off this woman wants to do this here, but thinking of Ja Rod she knows he would love it, Loraine eases her cups down and mimics the move as they get their breasts swelled more and the veins rise both women lick their lips from the feeling and the challenge of another, as Padmi sees Lorain’s diamond necklace ride her bountiful seas, slowly Loraine whispers, “Ja Rod would say I had the best he ever saw “.

Padmi feeling as if she would spring from her seat and attack tilts her head a bit in a sexy smirk releases her breasts as they stand out full firm she gives a slow sexy shimmy and shows Loraine they are indeed firm as they barely shift, and she purrs, “oh he told me that as well and said best he ever felt” now it was Loraine who had to contain herself, as she released her breasts and mimics the shimmy showing how firm and Padmi sees they are as much as her own.

As the 2 women stare Padmi lets her red talons toy with the necklace, and softly purrs “I see he gave you one as well , tell me did he just buy it or did you earn it honey?”

Not sure what Padmi meant Loraine runs her nails on her necklace, “care to elaborate on earn?”, Padmi smiles confident and softly adds as she pulls her upper arms in forcing her tight cleavage to get tighter and swell up more between her arms looks Loraine dead in the eye and reveals a secret , “oh you know Ja Rod loved big breasts and this one time he and i met this busty floozy of a woman and she wanted him and he asked if i would challenge her breast to breast and well i did and this was my reward” and smiles evil grin.

Lorain her eyes widen a bit as she is almost relieved to hear that Ja Rod didn’t just use that little gem on her as she mimics the pose for Padmi and smiles, “See thats why I asked, the busty little whore he found for me was no match so i can’t consider it earned as more a show, sounds like you had a time against your girl unless you aren’t as good as say..i am?” and Loraine raises her brow in a confident smirk calling Padmi bluff.

But Padmi with a glare that can stop a clock rolls her shoulders at the insult, “You silly LITTLE girl you think thats the case? How would you like to see just which one of us Ja Rod would have chose hmm?” now Loraine sits up more as both can see others heavy mass rise and fall a bit quicker “Are you challenging me to a titfight ?” Padmi smirks ,
“nmm not just a titfight a duel with our tits for everything “, Loraine stares in silence a moment as both women look for a sign of doubt or weakness or even just fear to lose their share maybe just fear to lose to other.

They set the challenge out one dares other in hopes it will be refused but ready if accepted the other ready to call the bluff in hopes first will find a way out yet wanting to put her in her place as the clocks hand Snaps to the next second like big ben Loraine steadies herself, “Fine with me when do you want to do this?”, Padmi swallows as both see now there is no easy way to back out, Padmi inhales as she eases her breasts back in the cups and watches Loraine do the same and confidently as she can “Fine then we can meet tomorrow at the hotel we will postpone this reading today till Friday, who ever wins will show up other goes home agree?”, Loraine stares jealous daggers “Fine lets do it then” her red nail pushes the call button and both women stand up as the secretary walks in they tell her something has come up this will have to wait till friday morning , and they walk out, as they carry the car seats and ride the elevator down there is an erie silence between them.

As the doors open both walk out and as Padmi starts to walk ahead Loraine grabs her free elbow turning her back “Lets be clear this is between us and for it all, I want to be sure neither reneges on our agreement”, Padmi eases Loraine’s hand off her and sternly states “ I want that as well we will sign a paper agreeing to it and more” both nod and grab separate cabs, as they return to their hotels Loraine calls the desk and sets up a sitter for Thursday night the hotels hired nanny , while Padmi does the same after they arrange what they need to in order to be free for the night, Loraine sits and writes her agreement and has it signed and uses the hotel notary to seal it , at her hotel Padmi does the same and as the 2 women sit alone in thoughts as it hits them how the love of their life was unfaithful yet faithful to just them both, and anger and jealousy fills them.

As night falls their sons in bed Loraine writes down what stakes and rules she is willing to go with, in her room Padmi does the same, with a slight tremble they make a list and as they review it to themselves to be certain they are willing to do it, after she finishes Padmi takes a shower and slips on the hotels thick robe as she sits looking out at the lights of the city her son asleep Padmi reflected on her time with Ja Rod when her room phone rang, “Hello?” thinking it was the desk when she heard the voice of a woman , “I figured we could exchange a few terms for Friday save some time” Padmi face turned from a questioned one to a more assured one, “Oh its you I thought maybe you wanted to back out but sure we can chat”.

Padmi returned to the seat as Loriane was sitting on her bed in a robe , “Oh hardly i am looking forward to it” though both acted ready they never thought so much could be on the line, “So what is it you wish to discuss now?” she asked Loraine slowly the 2 womens tone went from teasing to a more subdued cat tone, “ I think we need to agree to a few rules and exactly what we want when its over”, Padmi agreed and Loraine began, “First off we agree this is a titfight nothing more I want to prove to you and myself mine are why he kept me from you cause he knew mine would beat yours” ,
Padmi scoffs softly “You silly girl he didnt introduce us for the opposite reasons he knew mine would hurt yours and frankly now that i am even bustier than i was all the more reason he was afraid….or maybe he tried and you were the one afraid” Padmi taunts a bit.

Loriane swells in jealous heat “Afraid of you hardly you saw how round full and firm i am you cant seriously think you have a chance” as she challenges Loraine eases her hand in her robe top and slowly caresses her big breasts rubbing slow, weighing them in her hands like never before, as Padmi sat doing the same “You think you scare me? please honey i am fuller firmer and heavier than yours I am willing to put so much on the line to prove it”, Loraine smiled as her breasts reacted her nipples growing “Well if you insist honey tomorrow will decide a lot more than who is better woman” Padmi feeling her breasts react the same swallowed a moan and in a soft yet chilling tone answered “Yes yes we will and if you are so sure of yourself then I am calling you out , winner of our little get together not only gets the estate but will nurse both boys as loser watches and takes control of them for good”.

Loraine paused her eyes widened thinking this was a way to make her back out but what if she was serious, Loraine had no counter but to agree or back out and seem afraid as she inhaled “Ok Bitch you are on make it official and we will decide tomorrow” and hung up as Padmi felt a quiver in her hand as her own bluff backfired she hung up and both women spent majority of the night tossing over the next nights event.

The next day both women napped as best they could to be ready for the showdown as time clicked away they tried to make it about their 2 timing deceased husband they wanted it to be about infidelity but as they sat waiting, both could not refuse the real reason it was about a busty woman and another busty woman sharing what they felt was their own, about being compared and never getting a defined answer , about self pride and jealousy in short it was another woman stepping into others world with out being invited and taking things for herself.

As 7 pm came closer Loraine got dressed she wore a simple black skirt with black panty hose black high heels and a white blouse with a black bra under it, her hair up in a bun high on her head, for reasons she was sure she did her makeup to perfection, and she donned the diamond earrings and necklace she earned for matching a woman in the same way for Ja Rod not long ago to keep his eyes on her and to entertain his fetish for busty women, as she dressed looking herself in the mirror the thought of the estate was not the forefront of her mind, it was another woman as busty maybe bustier , fuller or firmer which her husband would sit in bed and fantasize over with her and compare but then it was all just thoughts and play , when she finally gave in to his obsession Loraine could not deny facing another busty woman as he watched was thrilling and sitting atop of her after made her feel on top of the world and seeing his reaction added to it, tonight she would be doing it again telling herself he was watching from a better place but none the less watching in her heart to lose would be letting him and herself down.

In her own room Padmi was dressing in a red heels a red skirt and a white blouse with a red bra her jet black hair pulled back and a low bun near her neck her darker skin tone high lighted , her make up lighter but done to perfection and she looked in her mirror the same thoughts ran through her mind as she stared at the glimmer of the necklace and along with it the range of thoughts, one thing both concentrated on as they ran their fingers over the diamond necklace each was given, (why didnt Ja rod think i was good enough to match this woman ) the simple chime of their cell phone alarms rang and broke the trance as Padmi grabbed her room key and the car seat and the paper that laid out their agreed on terms to be given to the lawyer on friday, ensuring the estate and both boys would go with the woman that is best. as she hailed a cab her fingers trembled a bit during the cab ride to the hotel they agreed on, her son in his car seat next to her, as she smiled at him her breasts seem to swell in milk supply, her nipples felt thicker as she eased a bottle she made the night before to his lips, just down the street Loraine was leaving with the same items and her son in a car seat as she too took a cab ride her heart full as she watched her son as her breasts swelled and she eased a bottle to his lips both women needed to be sure the boys would nap through the match so as not to pause it.

Padmi arrived first and as she got a her card key told the desk clerk a woman was coming to meet her please leave a room key for her she gave them Loraines name and went to the room, as she entered it, she went about closing the blinds and moving the sitting area furniture out of the way, she then called to the desk for a baby monitor and porta crib to be sent up, as it was set up Padmi checked her cell for the time her breathing seem to quicken as she shut the door and waited she kept her son awake best she could.

Down stairs Loraine arrived and stopped at the desk and was given a room key her nails ran over it as she grabbed an elevator up she felt a tremble in her fingers as the bell chimed and doors opened she walked to the room she listened at the door a second then swiped the card and walked in, as she entered Padmi stood by the window and the 2 women just gave a look then Padmi scooped up her son and with a low bitter tone “In here “ they walked in the bedroom and eased their sons in the portacrib and turned on the monitor as both walked out they shut the door and moved away from other as they did each handed off her signed paper with agreed terms, they read it saw the seal and nodded it was all in good order.

It was time the taunts to get either to back out or tease to insult were gone there would be a fight woman to woman with their bodies against another and stakes as high as either was willing to go and higher than most would consider, slowly as they stood across from one another Loraine began undoing her blouse to ease the slight tremble in her fingers she smiled as her nipples were stabbing through bra and top tenting out as she exposed the black bra her veiny warm mass was swelling over the cups raising her confidence her necklace glimmered as her mass rose and fell deep but slow, and then she reached back and 1 at a time unclasped the 4 clasp bra and eased it off her breasts , as Padmi watched she noticed the big globes drop every so slightly showing the firmness as the black bra was dropped to the rug, and Lorain swelled her bust hands on her hips and flexed her chest causing each breast to lift and lower as she smirked at the feat, Padmi looked at the milky white flesh and the blued veins mapping through the round mass to her bumpy areolas and thick stiff nipples as her rivals breast looked as if they might explode.

Loraine smiled in confidence as she saw a slight concern in the light eyes of her rival but it was short lived as Padmi was now undoing her blouse the red bra slowly in view till blouse came off and Loraine now watched as her dark skin was high lighted by the red bra and skirt, slowly Padmi reaches back and like her rival lets each hook unclasp till all 4 are free and eases her bra off and drops it, she inhales slow as her brown breasts swell up more and the blue veins a darker tint, map her globes to her brown nipples and areolas, the glimmer of the diamonds against her brown skin is bright her hands on her hips Padmi stares at Loraine then smirks a bit as she flexes her chest and lifts her breasts by sheer power.

Loraine breathes in as well as both can now see this wont be a simple task, as she stares at Padmi she softly restates , “ No hands no claws nothing but breast to breast”

Padmi nods slow as she adds “hugging and light hair is acceptable as well” Loraine nods as both have been through this before though neither will give other a second of satisfaction she poses a threat both girls ease off their heels and slowly head toward the center of the room.

As quietly as they can they step closer and as they get in arms reach they circle, each taking her time to study others assets and how they react to her movement as their upper arms just graze with out a word they lock eyes and turn to face other they breath in deep but slow and as they line themselves to other they look between them and compare the differences.

Lorain and Padmi scan down the others mass to the thick darkened nipples and each sees the differences and likeness as Lorains Dark pink nipples face Padmias Darker brown pink nipples, both areaols are bumpy swelled and Lorians a pink hue as Padimas are a darkened field of brown as they scan higher to the roundest fullest part the slight stretch marks are pale white to brown and darker brown , the light blue veins to dark blued then higher to neck and finally others eyes.

Without any thing happening Padima softly speaks, “you white witch “ Loraine swallows and responds , “you brown bitch” both inhale as the hate comes out and Padmi eases in and the 2 sets of nipples touch at the tips and seem to grow into others as they hold and bulge at the shafts, the women watch and both hide a moan as they see the match begin, seeing neither gain an inch Padmi slowly starts to press more and rub her tips against Loraines , “uuhnn mmm feel that bitch hmm my nipples are so much stiffer than your white pink ones”.

Lorain breaths in a quick breath as she feels and sees the darker nipples start to swipe and roll and she pokes her own head on and flicks and rubs back, “uhnn you bitch your dark nipples are dead to my bright ones”..slowly the quiet room hears breathing and the gentle flick of textured flesh as their stiff nubs cross and saw and dab into others , both women watch as they gently moan at the effects, “uuhnn uhn mmmmm unnn uww”.

Their stocking feet ease them around slow and as Padmia presses at Loraines nipples , Loraine inhales and stabs hers in, but they miss the brown tips and sink in to the dark areolas and dimple them , the effect causes Padmia to react, “ughnnnn ohhhh you bitch” but Loraine snears a bit as she feels and sees the effect she presses deeper and instead of flicking again she drives in and holds her tips in the areolas and soon her own areolas mold to the dark brown fields and then her big creamy breasts form against the browner mass as she slowly starts to rub her mass into Padmias, “uhnn mm uwwww yess take it bitch”.

Padima breaths in sharply as she feels Lorains hard nipples dig in and her breasts start to roll into her own the warmth and the weight and firmness are felt as they both start to roll their mass to others, “Uhhnn mmff cmon you White bitch “.

Loraine hearing the taunts starts to press harder and soon widens her thighs a bit as she pushes up and around and looks to move and loosen the big brown breasts with her own, as she continues to go at the other woman Padima feels the move deep in her breasts,

“uuwww uughhnn mmff mff you bitch” Padima groans as she tries to take Loraines advantage back and as she pushes her breasts in she is reminded of Loraines nipples stabbing hers at the base in her areolas, “Uhmmfff ohhhh”, “Cmon brown bitch feeling me hmm give now before i hurt you”.

Padima breaths in heavy as she can only lose ground and eases back she doesnt want to and knows it will cost her, but less then staying head on to this big busty fighter, Loraine feels the give as her rival steps back and instead of falling into what could be a trap she allows her to step away and the 2 break, breathing heavier they glare as Padiam steps “Not bad” Loraine smirks “Not bad? looks like a lot more than that we just started and your retreating honey” , Padima sneers as she circles in and gives a quick press to Loraines bust and eases off again, Loraine watches the move, allows it and after it smiles “Nmmm that was nice how about you bring those tits in and fight now you dusty bitch”.

The taunts while race based aren’t the motivation and both know it as Padima doesnt let it get to her she is hesitant to meet Loraine head on again as that last press had no effect, as she lines to face Loraine though before her feet are set in the rug, Loraine steps in quickly and before Padima is head on she feels Loraines big tits meet her own the room fills with a fleshy CLOP and Padima grunts ,”Ughmmfff ohhh!”.

Taken a bit by surprise though she should have been prepared and knows it, Padima suddenly loses ground again but much easier as her full right breast is shoved into her left breast and both big globes quake as Loraines heavy mass strikes and digs at them, as Loraine drives in after the collision she rolls her shoulders and is slowly walking the other woman backwards, as she does she taunts with shimmies and pumping thrusts causing more dense clapping of meat mass , but she smiles a catty grin as she watches the effect on her rivals tits and then her face as it contorts into a wonder how the fight changed to her favor so early on.

‘Ughnnn ohh ughnn mmff mmf bitch get off ohh uwww” is all Padima can manage as she feels the blows and the moves raking her huge tits as if they were no match, as her feet stumble she knows she will be in sever trouble if she cant get this fight back, in desperation she shimmies her own heavy tits at Loraines and the equal counter collision now echoes the slapping and both start to grunt more , but Loraine shows no signs of slowing as Padima now feeling the wall near her back tries to step along it with out being pinned to it, pushes at Lorains hips and shoulders, “Ahhh uughnnn ohh you fucking white cow get off me!” Loraine with a bitter cold look hisses to her foe ‘Feel me you sand bitch hmm my tits are going to pummel yours get your hands off me and fight like a woman”.

The taunt has a effect on Padima as she knows she needs to save face and fight the fight she initiated as she feels a moment of no contact she bucks off the wall and thrusts head on into Lorain and a solid SMACK of tit flesh rings out and Loraine gasps in shock , “AWWUUGHNNN BITCH!!” and before she can feel it her legs stagger her backwards losing ground is ok as she is sure it will lesson the attack but she is wrong as Padima grabs her by the upper arms and widens her stance and starts to pump up at her white tits and jostle them as she adds in dense tight shimmies and slowly the attack shows effect as Loraine can not ease away or shift but must fight her rival tit to tit head on as well.

With no other way Loraine grabs Padimas upper arms and the 2 women begin a very well aimed direct head on war, Padima smirks as she knows her prize globes just stopped the attack dead and now has her rival fearing, “uhmff uhnmmff cmon you milky bitch give us a fight then” ,the motion of the head on match up the side to side shimmy and the girls grip on others arms both of them accepting to have a furious exchange early on that might just cause one the fight sooner than later, “whats wrong you fucking cow cant stand a slow fight hmm cant take it bring it cow ill beat you tit to tit any way you want”.

For certain both thought this furious exchange was to be short and over, with a break but as they grip other tighter they keep their rival in the mix, with knees slightly bent and thighs parted a bit as elbows bend arms to sides and fingers grip upper arms, and they steady their rivals frame as they sway and drag and smear and mash and grind their huge tits together, sweat starts as the fight goes into 20minutes, neither woman in her last fight had to endure this long and now with neither willing to just give they are working on all they have to stay in it.

Their heavy breasts turning red and shade of pink as they drag and as Padima presses in and drags right Loraine waits taking it then dips and thrusts in and then up sharply Padima eyes go wide as she feels the thrust and holds still then the upper cut to her underside a move she never felt and it delivers a hard deep pain blow, as her huge tits suddenly bounce up as if no firmness, and as they settle back down feel the stab of Loraines nipples and her round breasts grinding as if 2 fists digging in working the full gland and causing pain and pressure.

Padima now gasping and panting slowly reverses her arm hold from hold to push as Lorain not only sees the effect but feels what she is doing to her rival, “uuuwwww sss i bet that hurt hmm bitch? wanna go on i am right here”, as she taunts but secretly preys the move hurt Padima enough she will give, Loraine hears her gasp out, “oohhh uugghnnn you bitch!” her head shakes no as her lips tremble to stop from crying out, as they struggle to stay together and break Padima finally arches up and plops her heavy tits on Loraines and breaks the hold as she goes staggering back and falls to the rug.

She lands hard and the jolt shakes her big breasts more as she cups them under one arm and tries to catch her breath, as she does she looks up hoping her rival is in as much pain but she sees Loraine standing hands to her tits caressing hers squeezing and smirking as she taunts , “get up you cow and fight”, Padima on verge of tears feeling pain never before in her breasts is about to stop when she hears a slight moan off the monitor and the thought of this bitch nursing her son gets her she stands up, “Alright you whore you want to go on fight my tits then”.

Lorain eyes wide as Padima stands and agrees to more nearly cries as she is exhausted but refuses to give as well, slowly again they stroll around moving at other, padima secretly hiding that every step is a deep burn as Loraine hides she is about give in but as each fighter watches the others huge globes heavily sway the jealous hate drives them to go on.

Padima gives a shimmy as she swallows the wince and then sees Lorain put her hands on her head and shimmy a bit heavier “Well brown cow cmon”, Padima swallows her fear and mimics the hand move then eases to Loraine but before she can do a thing Loraine pushes firmly to her and starts to roll and smear so tight and full on, Padima turns her head and grunts, “uughhmmmff Bitch!”, but as she feels she is also to hurt to go on Loraine swallows and smears up and is shaking her head slowly no as she shuts her eyes and arches up against Padima ,the combination of milky white flesh and darker brown flesh ballooning is getting redder as Loraine is hanging on panting sweating , Padima digs deep seeing her rival struggle and pumps 1…2..3 times into her the move eases her foe back more and suddenly as Loraine braces to return the move Padima stabs head on to her rival tits and shoves her to the wall.

Loraine cries out ..”Aghh uughmmff bitch ohhh” but as she is pinned Padima now regains some momentum and is pressing to her rival to point her cheek is aside Lorains their tummies rub as skirts and hose hiss both women hands on hair start to smear and grind deeper slow but with more purpose to hurt other, “uughh ughhh ohh you bitch fight me uughnn god dam it your tits are heavy you bitch” Loraine sweating gasping feels her rival taking control and cant hide how big her foe is, as Padima tries to maintain concentration she feels as if her move does little as she lifts drags and smears and gets no further and grunts, “uughnn mmff uggghnnn ohh uwww you fucking whore your tits are like sandbags” for the first time each admits others are something to rival their own.

Standing her rival to the wall Padima is driving like a woman on a mission to her rivals breast the double masses balloon and lose shape and reform as they dip and grind side to side the heavy meaty globes wrestle and push for space, as she starts to hurt and weaken her rival, Padima looks up at the ceiling almost begging for it to stop asking her self how much more can either take, her lips near Loraines ear as both women hide the wince and grimacing contorts of their faces only the breathing grunts, a sign either has an effect, she hotly huffs in Loraines ear, “Ughnnnn you bitch give up your tits are done mine are ruining you dont make it hurt anymore give bitch!” ,but Loraine looking away and feeling her rivals cheek to her own inhales and though hurt knows her rival is hurt as much as she responds “uhnn NOO you give if you cant take it whore” but Padima can only shake her head no as she does Lorain drops her hands and hugs around Padimas back and using the wall and her tits and the hug starts to pull her foe at her against her will, and though they keep their breasts touching Lorain starts to make an effect as the motion makes Padima fight to hold still leaving her own breasts open to attack she drops her arms as 4 deep fleshy CLAPS erupt each making her arch and gasp, “aghh aghh aghh ughhnn” Lorain hearing the move work tries to do it harder but Padima drops her arms and pulls Lorain off the wall and hugs her tight, “cmon you cxnt “ she hisses as Lorain snakes her calf around the knee of the other woman and shoves instantly as if a trap door both women collapse to the rug and as they land on their sides both wraps their thigh with others.

As they grabbed hold of the other it was easy for them to scissor their arms around the other and resume the titfight, that was against the wall to the floor, the difference being both were capable of simply turning the tide by rolling her rival off and on top, as they did it was Padima who first got on top and she snaked her arms around Loraine and settled her huge tits onto her rivals it was almost a comfortable feel as the 2 big masses mushroomed out and sealed to the others, Loraine under her foe scissoring her arms around Padima allowed her atop and slowly they laid seesawing as Padima was rolling her huge brown tits onto Loraines white ones and as she did Loraine head went to side a bit groaned, “uuughnnn ummmm uwwww bitch cmon get off and fight my tits” , Padima gasping as deeply holding atop sweating bore her tits down as hard as she was able, “Fight me bitch my tits have yours give or else” for what felt like an hour was minutes when Loraine feeling her tits get worked in the slow motions of Padima kicked her foot against the floor her thigh and knee shoving Padimas side and instantly she was rolled to the top position but as she gained the upper position she pulled her tits up off Padimas who looked up at her rival, and as she did she saw hate in her eyes and then Loraine pumped and dropped her huge tits straight down and the sharp slap and deep plunge of body weight caused Padima to arch on the floor and head tilt back as she cried out loudly ,”AGHHH AWWW UGHNNN MY TITS!”.

The cry only gave Loraine new hope as she repeated the move 2 , 3, 4 ,5 more times before shimming her tits down into the brown skin tits of her rival as she ground hers down she smiled the most wicked grins and hissed “Whats the matter brown cow problems hmm cant take a fight can you bitch? this is why Ja Rod loved my huge tits “,

Padima looking back at the ceiling and room tears welling up tried to buck up and disrupt the motion but Loraine was ready and pinned Padima to the floor by her hands and arched her tits up enough, they swung slowly above the big brown tits set on her chest both women stared at the other as Loraine sneered, “Now your gonna feel why I am the best there is you BITCH!”, and like a master of torture she started to sway her heavy round tits left to right over Padimas all the time glaring in her eyes and smiling , padimas eyes went wide in fear as she knew what was coming would be harsh before she could kick up the first sway hit and the collision caused her brown tits to quake and be dragged left to point they stretched past their round shape then Loraine did the same from right and again SLAP rung out as she dragged fully to right reshaping the brown tits again, at first Padima took the blows but as Loraine sped up the move the ringing slaps came quicker and the dull ache moans turned into sharp cries ,”uuhnnn ohhhh ughhnn mmmff mmf Bitch stop get off owwww uuughhh awww uughmmff oww”.

Loraine was like a masochist driving faster harder perfecting the motion to point her huge tits were like 2 wrecking balls colliding to a flush wall and destroying its shape to a loose pile .
As they dueled it was Padimas tits that were responding as they started to loosely sway jiggle and jostle , it wasnt till Loraine altered the motion and uppercut the brown globes and PUSHED them up nearly to Padimas chin that she felt her tears drop as the pain was so deep she knew she was hurt but her lips refused to say i give.

Frustrated and exhausted but sure her rival was near finished, Loraine eased up and sat up and caught her breath then stood up, she paced side to side slowly she glared down at he busty wife and snarled as she kicked her ankle “Hey , Hey Bitch get up and fight or give now!”, Padima wiped the tears and sat up slowly she glared daggers at Loraine and the look made Loraine take a breath in, she knew if the brown bitch went on it would be their final volley and a hard one, as Padima knew it as well she stood up and her heavy tits dropped a bit and weighed her chest down making her wince but she placed her hands out to side fingers open and hissed at Loraine.

“Ok you Bitch you want more fight come and get more “ Loraine inward swallowed and knew she had to take on the challenge and her white hands met brown, as fingers interlocked and they gripped they lined up tits but with space between them thighs wide again as they braced for combat, lips snarled to repent pain Padima hissed “cmon I’ll show whose tits are wrecking balls” and she swayed her mammoth glands and SMACK SMACK, SLAP SLAP rang out the blows so well aimed Loraine bucked and shook her head no in disbelief how hard these tits felt to her own after the torture hers gave , as Padima started to gain momentum Loraine joined the fray and the 2 cats swung their tits like wrecking balls intent to tear down the others.

Padima was looking up her eyes filling up again as her breathing was combination of gasps and panting as her body was barely staying up, across her hated rival was doing the same but her tears not yet flowing she watched the exchange and felt the blows ,”you fucking bitch FIGHT!” the yell caused the boys to stir a bit and hearing them Loraine gripping Padimas hands in her own pulled Padima at her, as Padima stumbled in closer , Loraine swung her tits left and shook Padimas so hard they lifted back, then as resettled, Loraine stepped to go for the kill but Padima was ready as she pushed Loraine hands back making the move miss and she pushed her big tits to Loraines firm ones and ran in at her, the motion caused Loraine to stagger back her face wide in disbelief her mouth open till suddenly WHACK!!! her back slapped to the wall and Padmia wrestled her to the corner, as Loraine felt the corner of the room around her she panicked and screamed “NOOO NOOO BITCH!!” but Padima wasnt going to allow her to get out without a fight.

As fast as she got her rival in a bad position Padima started to rock her tits side to side and drag up and down the double hand clasp pinned Loraines arms up hight lifting and opening her big tits, and Padmia seeing them as targets drooled and smiled a deadly smile “Now your going to see wrecking ball tits you cxnt” loraine fought more to get from the corner than fight back but her huge tits while being worked were still holding out both women were dead on their feet and Padima though in the dominate spot worked her foe for 3 mintues and got no surrender her huge tits fell into Loraines and she was almost laying against her body as their heads rested on others shoulder.
Padima whispered almost a plea at Loraines ear ‘Ohhh uhnn Give cmon your tits are done bitch …P “before her lips could form please Loraine rolled her shoulders slowly and gripped hands tighter and slowly stood Padima up again and as both lifted their heads she looked in Padimas eyes and they stared a moment the kids started to cry and loraine hissed “I have to feed them cxnt!” and she pushed off the wall and swung her huge tits up under and they drilled into undersides of Padimas underside so deep and so perfect Padimas huge brown tits swung up hit her chin and as they fell Loraine swung up again and kept upper cutting the brown tits.

Padima could only retreat no idea to where, as her breasts and body weakened she tried to break free but Loraine stayed close and her last ditch effort was like a wild woman, the heavy smacking and Padimas cries had the children awake when her back hit the dresser and bent her a bit, Loraine stood on her toes and like a boxer pummeling another on the ropes Loraines tits reigned down blows and uppercuts.

Padima was screaming “NOOOOO PLEASE NOO STOPP” but Loraine didnt hear and continued, as she did Padimas legs went limp and gave out her back slide down along dresser and as Loraine tried to keep her up, she fell limp between her thighs on the floor on her hip, Loraine tugged her by the hands, “Get up fight cmon”.

As Loraine crazed and determined to go on watched as Padima shook her head no and started to cry, tears the size of half dollars fell as she looked at the rug weeping Loraine pulling at her hands, ”Get up and fight or give you Bitch!”, unable to lift up with out severe pain in her chest and tits Padima yanked her hands from Loraines and Yelled “I GIVE I GIVE PLEASE STOP!!

Loraine nearly fell to the rug as her body lost its tension and she looked up mouthing “thank god” as she reached down she took Padima by her hair and slowly pulled her from the dresser onto her hands and knees she gave a slight whimper as the full weight of her huge full tits dropped and swung under her as Loraine lead her like a dog on leash by the hair, then Loraine paused and lowered on to her knees in front of Padima tilted her head up and pushed her big white tits over the brown face of her rival , as she did Loraine reached under and grabbed both of Padimas huge swollen sore tits in her hands and slowly but deeply and roughly kneaded, squeezed and stretched them out to her and worked the glands free as her hands cupped and kneaded deep Loraine started to smirk as she could feel the slow slosh of her foes milk filled tits loosen and Padima sore and hurt moaning muffled noises between the big white tits.

Deeper and deeper Loraines hands worked pulling to the thick brown nipples when finally 2 off white droplets the size of quarters formed at the nipple tips and with a squeeze they fell off and a stream of milky spray spit from each hard nipple, as the release was felt Loraine smiled as the warm juice coated her tummy and undersides as Padima cried and moaned at the added pressure to her tits, “Uwwwnmmm you brown bitch give it up all of it Whore”, while Padima muffled by the huge full white tits on her face groaned “Please noo not my milk Please you white bitch no more” but Loraine now getting her rival to purge was relentless and took it all a puddle formed on the rug under them as Loraine wrenched and pulled the last drops from the big brown tits.

Finally feeling nothing was left, Loraine pulled back and let padima fall to the wet rug cradling her bruised drained saggy tits, Loraine reached down and yanked the Diamond necklace from the brown neck of padima, then Loraine walked into the other room scooped up both boys and reentered the main room, she sat on a seat in corner and eased each child to her swollen sore but full tits and they opened their mouths and locked on to her thick dark pink nipples and began to nurse, as Loraine smiled and filled with joy Padima could only lay there and watch with a broken heart as another woman took her most natural way from her as well, Once done Loraine dressed and took the 2 car seats loaded with the precious cargo and strutted out with the signed paper in hand , as she returned to lawyers office she proudly sat as she was given everything Ja Rod owned, and everything Padima had as well, as both boys laid in their car seats content and full.

Loraine returned home to the large estate she called home and after a much needed rest she was on a plane to the west coast upon arrival she was driven to the estate Padima called home, as she got out of the car her face bright now Lorain strut to the double doors and into the home, as she marveled at the how the home was like hers back east, she heard a noise out on the rear patio.

Her heels clicked along the marble floors till she reached the rear french doors , seeing them open she stepped out and lounging by the pool was Padima in a red bikini, Loraine stopped in her tracks and glared, just as Padima was about to adjust the lounger flat Loraine spoke up, “What do you think your doing Bitch!?”

Padima jumped shocked some one was at her home unannounced as she jolted up and stood her body relaxed a moment then tensed as she saw Lorain glaring at her in a red skirt white blouse and red bra under and red heels, Padima swallowed and slowly walked around to the giant columns that stood on either side of Lorain as they glared a minute in others eyes.

Finally Padima spoke “what are you doing here who let you in my home Bitch?” but Lorain glared daggers as she sneered “you mean MY Home” as Lorains hidden bust started to heave she saw Padimas do the same their nipples tenting with no effort as they stood glaring finally Padima broke the silence, “I guess you didn’t get the recent mail cow i filed to keep my house and get my son back” Lorain was seething then she snarled “i have your signature and a seal you have no case bitch dont waste what little money you have left just leave”.

Padima took in a breath as she knew Lorain was right she had an uphill battle if even a chance, but as Lorain stood glaring both could see in others eyes they were reflecting on the fight and Lorain was expanding her huge confined breasts best she could as Padimas breasts though confined were swelling out more from sides her eyes scanned lorains body and she managed to hiss “What if i decide to stay and get you out bitch?”.
Both stood still a moment then Lorain took a breath “Well i can call the police and have you removed or i could get you to leave on your own” as Padima glared “oh and if you dont use the cops just how do you plan to do that?”, Lorain both a shiver in her spine and evil catty grin simply let her red talons undo her blouse front till the over filled red bra was in full view, then smiled “Now now you really dont want to go through that again do you honey?” the simple gesture had Padima breathing heavier but as she looked at the red bra it hit her, Lorain was wearing her red bra from the fight, she nearly pounced at Lorain as they stared then Padima seethed.

“you got lucky last time bitch but there are more ways to skin a cat like you then tit to tit” as Padimas red nail stretched the bra strap out and let it snap back, Lorain dropped her purse and smiled as she undid the rest of her blouse as she did and pulled the top from her skirt Padima saw how fuller and swollen Lorain seemed, seeing the look in her eyes Lorain smiled, “so whats on your mind Bitch?”.

Padima felt corned again even though she initiated the possible chance to fight again as she saw the cups crease Lorains huge tit flesh , “I want a chance to get a few things back” Lorain inhaled as she saw the bikini cups crease the dark tit flesh on Padima , Lorain smiled “i can understand that but you have nothing to offer if you lose again…or do you?” as they glared their nipples seem to get stiffer but thicker as Padima swallowed knowing she didnt have much left, she inhaled and told Lorain to wait there as she walked in the house then returned shortly after.

In her hands was a cedar box like a tray and she stepped to a table behind the column Lorain stood by as it was opened and Loraines eyes went wide, inside were 2 more necklaces and a folded piece of paper as padima opened it she handed it to Loraine and it was the title for a yacht, Loraine read it and looked at Padima “hmmm i dont have much need for a yacht but say i agree what would you want ?”

Padima licked her lips “to keep my home and my necklaces and take back my lost one and you agree to titfight me for custody another time” Lorain swelled her tits in the earned bra “say i agree just how do we settle it his time?” feeling she has Loraine ready to agree Padima cups her huge tits in the tight top and rolls them at Loraine and purrs “i want to have a hands on titfight with hair and slapping Bitch right here right now”, Loraine looks about seeing the yard is secluded cups her tits in the red bra and smiles, “nmmmm your on loser worships winners tits agree?” before another thing happens Padima says, “and milked” Lorain swallows but agrees and then turns as she says to Lorain follow me”.

Both women strut across the vast white patio past the pool and to a open area where loungers are set they move them all to the grass then Padima looks at Lorain and removes her top , the huge brown veiny full tits sway free as she smiles and lorain thinks they look bigger. but as she stares she removes her top then the bra and her own fuller tits sway free and it causes Padima to swallow a bit, then Lorain eases out of her skirt and faces the other woman in her thong both are breathing heavy neither willing to start but both wanting it.

Unlike last time Padima and Lorain head for each other as they draw near their hands go up and as Padima reaches for hair Lorain stabs her nails into her brown tits and squeezes , the move has Padima arch and her head toss back in pain but as she grabs lorains hair she yanks and pulls and starts to whip her around by the hair, Loraines eyes go big as her mouth snarls her hands grab and squeeze and claw but her feet stagger as her head is whipped about, “Ohhhaahhhh you cxnt let go” she cries but Padima is like a dog into a rag doll tearing roots and yanking tresses, Loraine cannot get sustained footing and releases her rivals big brown tits and slaps her face then grabs her own hair hold as she yanks and starts to shake Padimas head by her hair as the 2 women stand upright their huge tits again clash and smear and jostle as they stagger as one.

After the violent clash the 2 women are already gasping and wincing at he effect of their scalps burning , when Loraine tries to lift Padima by her roots her face stretched up and her mouth open lips pursed, Padima has a look of disbelief on her face as Loraine growls “Ill bald you “ but it is Loraine that screams out her agony as Padima delivers 2 hard slaps to her face and seizes Loraines huge round white globes and sinks her nails in as she twists and squeezes deep, “Take this you cxnt” she growls as Loraine screams “Owww my tits you cxnt “.

Feeling as if she is trying to keep up with Padima instead of fight her evenly Loraine starts to pant heavy as the 2 stagger about the patio when Loraine holding a fist full of jet black hair yanks down hard making Padimas head drop, as Loraine sneers thinking she has her rival her grin turns to one of shock again then a scream “AWWWW OWWWWW BITCH NOO!”, her hand rips and tugs at the hair as her free hand claws and tears at big brown left tit as her head rolls back Loraine arches up on her toes as Padimas forced head down results in her teeth biting into Loraines left round globe.

The 2 women stagger to a a near still point and as Padima still chews and nips at the white round globe loraine pushes her tits at the face of Padima and slowly while being bit ,swells her huge tits around the brown face of Padima, her hands pull the brown girl in and as she tries a smother Padimas eyes go wide as she feels the mass engulf her face like after the last meeting then kicks her leg behind Loraines and as she smears up against Loraines body their tits roll into others they lock eyes then Padima shoves Loraine by her tits and pulls her leg in and a loud fleshy SMACK rings out as Loraines bare back hits the patio cleanly.

The hit rocks Loraine as she feels the air rush out of her body her mouth open as she looks up in pain and fear as wind is knocked from her body as she tries to suck in air she sees Padima, her huge brown tits a heavy sway as she pounces down on Loraine, as her round ass hits the flat belly Loraine again arches and bucks as her lungs struggle for a scream and air, “Now you will pay Bitch” Padima snarls as her hands cup up under both heavy white tits and her fingers start to grope and maul and squeeze and twist the veiny white flesh masses, slowly and as deep as her fingers could delve in kneading like bags of dough , pulling to tips of dark pink hard nipples wanting to pull the supply of milk free by force, her lips curled in pure hate and desire to drain the other woman, as Loraines breath returned to her lungs she gasped and panted and now groaned and winced in pain as she clawed at Padimas wrists, looking up seeing the 2 huge brown tits swell together between the arms of the top woman Lorain stabs her hands into the brown mass and begins to squeeze twist and pull wanting to rip this other womans supply out as they worked others tits over, both groaned and cursed and squirmed as they panted hot and winced, “cmon you cxnt i’ll drain you again’..”you bitch ill show you whats it like to be milked “.

Though hurt and on the bottom lorain slowly started to gain the advantage as her rivals huge tits hung down in her grasp while her own laid back on her prone body and made getting a deeper grip tougher for Padima, as she glared in lorianes eyes for a plea of mercy it was Padima that started to squirm a bit more restlessly atop her foe and rolling her shoulders as Loraines hands were engulfed in the mass, as Padima arched back on top, Loraine bucked her hips and shoved and Padima was jolted off to the side a bit catching her body with a left hand to the patio ground as Loraine bucked and twisted under her scoring her bare back on the rough surface as Padima cut her knees.

Loraine got to her hip and then on her knees as padima was twisted from Loraine by her left thigh still on the other womans hip as she got up , once Loraine was on her knees she spread them wide and grabbed Padimas raven scalp and yanked, the force was like Padima was shot as she sat up on her knees fast to ease the pain, As she did she felt the unmistakable firm warm rub of Loraines heavy tits in her bare back and before she could react Loraines hands and arms wrapped around her and latched onto the heavy dense brown tits and sunk in and began to massage squeeze and pull at them slow but heavy and deep, Padima her own knees spread for balance arched back and her head on Lorains shoulder looking up as her eyes welled up with tears , her head slowly shook no as her lips trembled, “Uughnnn nooo you white devil bitch let my tits go fight me “, but Loraine as she was fighting frustration at how difficult it was to get a deep enough and wide enough grip panted to padimas ear, “Give you brown Bitch or I ‘ll take it again i feel it dont you”?

Padima weakly pried at Loraines busy hands as her brown tits were reddened increasingly causing her to bellow deeper breaths, as she could feel her motherly juices being worked every grasp, every squeeze made her lips purse open as only a soft agony was muttered “uuughnnnn , oohhhh , uumfff ohhh” and as Loraine wanted to hurt her she wanted it over as her hands were growing tired and getting little results her frustration started to show in her taunts “uuhhhhnnn damn it you bitch give “, the slow torture lasted another minute then Padima squirmed her position and dug deep as she suddenly snapped her right elbow up and fired it back like a bullet her elbow landed with a solid Thud in to Loraines rib and heavy breast , the sharp hit made Loraines eyes open as her mouth coughed out her reaction.

“Gaahhhhoowwww Bitch!” but the move worked as Loraine released Padimas heavy tits and fell back on her knees as Padima pulled free her tits red and swollen hang as she turns to Loraine she gets her opening she longed for their was loraine on her tummy her right hand under her rubbing the impact as her left was out to side Padima seized the opening and pounced on the white girls back, the force of the landing caused Loraine to arch up and squirm “get off me you fucking cow” but Padima was not about to give this chance up, her hands first gathered up her rivals hair and snapped her head around like a ragdolls hurting Loraines neck and scalp, as roots snapped away she snarled her lips and pulled the white girl up on all 4’s and straddled her back as she smiled the most evil of smiles, hissing “Now you fucking cxnt I will show you how to milk a woman”.

Loraine eyes wide started to pant in fear and she quickly cried out “No NO I Give STOP you can stay here” but Padima wasn’t concerned with that she wanted more she wanted to take from this other mother what she took from her , “Nmmm beg you Bitch i wont stop till I spill you on the patio”, with her declaration in Loraines mind Padima plops her heavy warm tits on the scraped bare back of her rival and her brown fingers cup the round heavy white globes and SQUEEEZE making Loraine react “uhnnn IIIGHNMMMFFFF BITCH!” but her reaction does little to slow her rival as she smiles and growls low “uhnmmm feel it feel that supply loosening up you Bitch hmm?”.

But Padimas question goes unanswered as she deeply cups , squeezes, pulls then repeats and soon the dense firm white globes start to have a sloshy feel and then 2 large white droplets form at tip of each nipple as Loraine feels it she closes her eyes and breathes through it as Padima works the heavy breasts as if her rival isnt close yet when suddenly she hears loraines forced groan, “uuuuugghnnnohhhhh shit uuughnnn”.

Loraines hips sway as padima rides and smiles as she feels the spray of warm mothers milk fill her palms and fall to patio as the liquid starts to run free Padima works the white tits deeper and harder wanting even more, “Yesss Cmon you Bitch more all of it “
both women breath with same deep intensity one relishing her win other feeling her pride and self esteem and worth pulled from her, as Loraines eyes drip tears her breasts stop giving and Padima still works her wanting more till Loraine huffs out “STOP I AM DONE STOP”, Padima pulled the mass till her fingers were free and smiled as she rose up and pushed loraine to patio with her heel and felt the scrape of her now saggy tits against the ground, as loraine moaned from the pain Padima smiles evil and hisses, “I will honor the agreement we made cause i have to but know this you bitch , I will live here and when the boys are old enough to find out the truth we will settle it for certain Now get out”, and padima swaggered into her home as she entered the door way her hands cupped her tits in pain as she ran to the shower, by the time Padima was done she peaked out the window and where the fight was only saw Loraines wet bra and the puddle from her breasts a smirk came to Padima.

Some would have thought that Padima and Loraine would have hunted other out by now but truth is both women couldn’t want nothing to do with other more, yes they thought of other time to time and even wished they would cross paths but it was simple self thought talking, in fact after the initial get together for a lot more than either could afford and then the second with in weeks that neither counted on happening, the 2 widows of Ja Rod made a point to not cross others path.

Padima often sat looking at the baby picture of the son she lost and told herself “one day he will know the truth “ while Loraine raised the boys as brothers and as if nothing was ever amiss in their back ground, with the estate each woman was left and earned neither really wanted for anything, Padima eventually sold the yacht and other items, just to keep up the lavish home on the west coast, and as her second marriage fell apart
Padima raised that child and yes nursed him as well, and now was off to college.

Padima now 50 looked as good as she did at 30 when Ja Rod passed away, her curvy figured was kept in tone condition and her full breasts were kept suppling mothers milk, though now it was a pump keeping the supply going, maybe it was cause she secretly missed the son she lost maybe it was the firm fullness it gave her breasts , what ever her reasons Padima loved being able to grab any mans attention with natural deep full tight cleavage, and even enjoyed putting another woman in her place with them if need arose.

Across the States on East coast sat Loraine who after taking the majority of estate wanted for nothing and sold off things out of boredom, she also remarried and divorced and like Padima felt the need to keep her mothers milk in supply, and like Padima used her natural mass to put an opposing cat in her place along the way.

But there was a pending question Loraine knew would come eventually that would have to be answered and just might reintroduce her and Padima, though the 2 boys looked alike there was no way to hide the slight skin tone difference and some features between the 2, Loraine did her best to explain it away while the boys were young but now as they were ready for college, each knew genetics were to blame and they wanted a more simple truthful answer, Loraine knew if she avoided it much longer and the boys researched it enough the truth would surface and Loraine did not want either of them to resent her for what took place.

The time had come the summer before school was to start and though they were done with High School they were still minors at 17 and that meant padima could still make an issue, she sat in the den with a box next to her and as the boys walked in she called them into the den and sat them down, she expressed her love and raised both equally as if both were hers, she needed them to know that before another thing, with a level of fear Loraines nails opened the box, and as she looked in a smirk came on her lips, the glimmer of a diamond necklace reflected on her face, as she laid it on the sofa aside her her fingers ran over it, feeling the gems and braided chain.
The boys gave other a look with a brow raised then watched as Loraine pulled out several pictures, most of which were Ja Rod their father, they knew who he was and had seen him but each took a photo to have, then as 3 photos were left in loraines hand her fingers trembled slightly over thew gloss front, and as she looked at each boy she smiled and turned the picture, “the woman you see in this photo was also married to your father while I was, and she and your father also had a child, it didnt take much more explanation for the son with a more brown tint to know what was about to be said or for that matter the other boy, as he asked “Mom are you saying we arent brothers?”.

Loraine swelled her full bust and softly answered “No No you are brothers but step brothers I raised you both as my own and you are mine but I didn’t want to hold this from either of you any longer, and no you weren’t adopted, but as the boy who was Padimas looked up he simply asked with round eyes, “Did my mother not want me?”,
Loraine wanted to tell him that was why but knew he was going to search her out no matter what and did not want to be the one to lie to him.

The story while true was not an easy one to tell and though certain details would go with her to the grave as to exactly what the 2 women did , Loraine felt it wasnt a necessary evil to the story, Loraine explained that the fight took place and simply if he or both needed to know more they could speak to Padima, about it and she explained on back of the picture was a home address on west coast. Both boys looked at each other and the photo naturally Lorianes darker skin tone boy felt something more than her other but each looked to Loraine their mother , the one who raised them nursed them cared for them ever day.

As she saw the look in their eyes she smiled and assured them of one thing, “listen boys I am your Mother that will NEVER change but if you feel a need to go talk to her or just meet her I understand, and i won’t be hurt the choice is yours” the room fell silent and the boys just looked at the picture, as they did Loraines fingers shook a bit as she was holding the latest paper from Padima that was an attempt to get the boys, all her pervious attempts failed through Loraines attorney but this latest one came direct to Loraine, she was not sure that boys need to know of it simply cause she did not want it to influence their decision, yet hiding it and they finding out might backfire as well.

But as the boys stood up they gave Loraine a kiss and each said they were going to write her and ask why she never wrote them, Loraine smiled agreed and the boys went to their rooms , as they walked out they gave each other a hug and swore brothers for ever, once out of sight Loraine opened the newest letter from Padima, her fingers unfold the letter and soon Loraine is reading something she only thought of herself, it wasn’t till the very end that Loraine knew something more was going to come of it all.

As she read it, “Loraine I know you are aware I never stopped wanting my son back, and your Lawyer has been successful making sure I can not, so i am going to the source, I am letting you know if I do not get a reply from you I will make every attempt to find the boys and tell the real story, you have 1 week to reply signed Padima”, Loraine felt a shiver and anger as she knew she had to do something so she went to her study and wrote back,”Padima , I understand your frustration but you wanted it as much as i did , in fact it was you that added the tidbit of the boys back then, it seems like you are just a sore loser , but i wonder deep down if you are sore you lost your son or the titfight and the milk to care for him with?, I told the boys of you today and neither seemed anxious to meet you but i know you will go as far as you need as i would so here is my cell and my online screen name if you need to talk more lets not wait on regular mail or lawyers , Loraine”.

When the boys finished their letters Loraine placed them in the stack of outgoing mail and added hers to the pile, she knew a week would pass before another thing took place, As the days went on Loraine checked her mail her email and messages but nothing, she even talked to the boys but they also had heard nothing, Loraine smiled a bit thinking Padima was either embarrassed or worried but yet wondered why she never tried since there was no doubt Padima got the letters.

Finally another week went by and both boys were whispering in their rooms about something Loraine tried to listen but couldn’t be clear on what she heard, that night at diner as the 3 sat right as dessert came out the boys spoke up what the topic was,
it seems Padima did in fact reach out and even had a skype with the boys one on one and together, they went on to say she missed them and has been trying to see them but Loraine refused it, she looked up at the boys as their eyes asked the question and she swallowed her drink and nodded then spoke.

“Well boys here it is in a nutshell, Padima and I were married to your father at the same time but we didn’t know it, at the funeral and then the will reading was first time we ever met” the boys listened intently “On the day the estates will was to be read Padima and I were alone waiting and well as we discovered certain facts we agreed it might be best if her and i had a mother to mother competition as it were, long story short she lost but before she did , she wagered you boys , thats right she wanted to show me up more than care for either of you, as luck had it I won and got you both”.

The boys looked at one another nodded and then looked to Loraine, “Mom we are sorry she only told us her version” Loraine smiled, “Well I love you both as well but there is one more thing you both need to know, you have a year till you are 18 and legally live where and with whom you want, but there was another stipulation Padima made me agree to in a second meeting we had , and that was i would give her chance to have you both before you were 18 so I guess to cut to the chase when her and i meet again you might have to live with her for a year” the boys shook their heads no but even Loraine could see the wonder in their eyes what a change of pace might be, as loraine smiled she assured them it was that or padima could legally demand you.

So it was to come 20 years in the making these once young mothers were going to meet again as 50 y/o cougars all that was needed was a place ,a time and chance, Loraine excused the boys and told them she needed to have a private skype chat with padima about was to be, like a confident woman she stood up her large firm full bust swelling out as she walked out of the room and up to her own room, there she stripped down to her robe and thong and pinned up her hair , sat at the computer and signed on, she didn’t have to wait long as her server opened a “Ding” rang out for a message received loraine stared at the name and her red nail clicked the mouse on it to accept.

As the im box opened the message read, “Well Loraine finally we can discuss things do you want to use im or cam and talk face to face in a matter of speaking?” Loraine pondered the question after all by the time padima took her to court the boys would be 18 and she would have made Padima suffer more but Loraine knew this wasn’t about the boys it was about her and Padima and the unfinished business they had, that each secretly kept buried all these years,so Loraine answered “Oh you have means to cam with me ? love to lets do it” , as she sent it Loraine adjusted herself in the chair and set her cam just right, as the invite came across she clicked yes and soon a flicker of her screen and there was Padima , looking like she hadn’t aged much but she knew Padima felt the same by her eyes reaction to loraines still gorgeous looks.

Loraine finally broke the ice “So Padima I take it you got my letter and I told the boys my side of the story so now it is just about you and i and whats next”, Padima smiled as she knew Loraine would try to side rail the chat she had with the boys, “Well I knew you would tell them and its fine after all we both know what we want from other the boys have always been pawns in this game”, “yes well padima thats your problem its a game to you , I take it more seriously so tell me whats it gonna be hmm another shot at my champs?” , Padima smile faded as she scoffed “Your tits? ha i doubt they measure up any more “ , “Oh you doubt me? well action is louder than words so take a good look” as loraine parts her robe her flawless breasts sway out full and firm and veiny her nipples dark pink and stiff she smiles as they barely shimmy as she gives one for the cam”Bitch “.

Padima hid a gasp but her eyes couldn’t hide her reaction as they widened at the 2 white round firm breasts standing out, Padima was certain Loraine would have ceased producing milk but like herself Lorain pumped and kept suppling her full breasts, slowly Lorain licked her lips “well either show me what ya got left or is this chat over ?”, but it was Loraines turn to hide a gasp as her eyes let on her shock as Padima opened her robe and exposed her brown mammoth firm full tits and hard dark nipples, Padima arched and shimmed at the cam and smirked at the reaction as she moaned, “nmmmm you got lucky and as i recall your white tits were drained as well last time”.

The 2 women just glared at the screens both refused to admit other was as dangerous and good looking as last time they saw one another, finally Loraine broke the silence, “So as we agreed last time you wanted another chance to be alone woman to woman so what is it this time another titfight see if you can handle my girls?”, but Loraines smirk faded out as Padima answered without thought, “nmmm i wouldn’t mind another go at yours but to be honest after all these years all I want to do is claw your eyes out Bitch”,
Loraine a bit set back but every bit as tired of this woman as she was the first day answered as calmly “Ohh i thought you would never ask a cougars catfight nmmm when and where Bitch?”

Now Padima sat back a bit as the edge she had going faded out as they glared each needed and wanted the ideal spot, a place it would be as open as it needed to be yet attract no attention and have it stopped, each woman wanted it to end, as they pondered where Loraine gently caressed her huge tits at the camera as she asked Padima, “uhnmmmm so heavy and full, so what are the stakes this time Cow?’, the slight hesitation made Loraine smile a bit then Padima caressed her own big brown tits for Loraine, “Nmmm i agree a quiet out of the way place as for stakes I want the boys, I want your necklace , i want to hear you admit i am the better woman “,”that all?”, “NO , I want one last thing”, “that is?”, “your Milk bitch”.

The stakes where going to be high but Loraine even though deep down somehow expected them still sat a bit taken back till finally she sneered her lips back her white teeth bright “Your on Bitch” the 2 glared at he screens a bit longer then padima questioned “Where shall we meet?”, both contemplated various places till finally Loraine smiled “ she remembered the place where she first showed Ja Rod she deserved a necklace and beat another busty woman who had eyes for him, as it so happens Padima also beat a woman there, “The Country club in Colorado “.

Both their eyes just stared then Padima stated “That place was closed”and Loraine grinned “Exactly no one will be around” “ Fine “, it was set the years the anguish the revenge all where there only thing left the fight, both women shut off the screens and checked their date books a few texts later, and a date and time were agreed on, both once again had papers drawn up stamped and were ready.

The days pass slow for both women and both made extra time to talk to the boys Padima via skype and Loraine in person, the boys had a feeling something was up but neither would tell exactly what was coming, but both assured them by next week they would either be seeing one or other more.

Finally the night before both women without sharing it but somehow knowing so, bored a plane to Co. and head out each a single bag containing 1 outfit the plane ride was uneventful as it landed later each took a limo to the hotel and spent the morning preparing, both were in their room and laid out a bra a thong and sexy tight mini dress that they made work for them effortlessly, as they poured themselves into them Padima in a blue and Loraine in a rust color each wearing a sexy bra with cups sheer and a lace thong and heels their lips red eye shadow, and their diamond necklaces and earrings , their nails painted to match dresses, each looked in the mirror and smiled at what they saw their magnificent breasts swelling over cups and threaten the V cut mini dresses, finally their cell phones rang reminding it was time to go, they grabbed the small bag with other attire and grabbed a limo, despite being told the club was shut down they ordered the drivers to proceed.
On the drive over each stared out the window the country side whipped by as the snow capped mountains showed an early ski season was coming, they both smirked as Ja rod was avid skier, a few turns and a winding road later and the gates to the club sat opened the lush greens over grown and the building dark and lonely.

Padimas limo pulled up first she was let out and told her driver she will call when needed again he drove off as she walked to the front steps she heard a car and saw another limo pull in her heart jumped and her body reacted, her thick nipples tented out as a smirk grew on her lips and a deep breath swelled in.

the limo stopped the driver got out and suddenly there stood Loraine her own body reacting to the sight of Padima, as Loraine instructed her driver the same she swaggered toward the other woman and they stood a moment then Padima her red lips parting just enough , “Now what?” Loraine a confident grin “this way” as they walked together to the near side a second door was there with a pull it opened and Loraine entered Padima followed, the once lavish entrance was nothing more than cracked ceilings and spider webs and the decor and lighting ripped out, the tile floor dust covered and pieces missing, Loraine walked through into the main hall way and then a sharp right, pushed open a door and entered a carpeted small meeting room, she strolledin and around to side and stopped, Padima followed and as she shut the door looked over at Loraine ,both had a sly smirk as this was the very room that Ja Rod brought them each a busty rival and they earned their necklaces in a long seesawing titifght with.

As the flashback flooded over them they glared then having relived it each knew this was not a simple titfight about to happen, neither had to be asked if she was ready it was why they were here, and in knowing it Loraine dropped her purse and her wrap and
stood hands on her hips as she took in a breath, across the room Padima was doing the same thing and struck the same pose, both scanned other womans body and though glared as if unimpressed admitted secretly to themselves the years have been generous.

They noticed others veiny milky breasts swell in the tight low v dress and over fill the bra cups and the others thick nipples tenting through , as the glimmer of the necklaces danced from their mass rise and falling as the diamonds settled on tight cleavages, finally with nothing to say or go over Padima made a step out and Loraine inhaled and did the same, slowly they walked in a semi circle , not to stalk other but get their feel for the room as they closed onto other, like 2 gunslingers about to draw they glared with no emotion in their eyes and ice in the veins,for neither was going to have mercy today.

The already erie silence of the now abandoned building was added to as the 2 women slowed their breathing to almost a stop then a noise filled the room breaking the long silence of the builsing as Padima with as much speed as she could muster flashed her palm out and struck Loraines cheek flush the SMACK of flesh rang out sharply as the sound faded she softly growled “cxnt”.

Loraines head was snapped to side and as she returned to look at her rival a pink hand print was on her face, but as she let he branded mark burn in she smirked and like a looped scene in a film her hand whipped out with as much speed and struck Padimas brown cheek and the SMACK of flesh again filled up the space, as loraine growled “cxnt” back, Padimas head was slowly returning to point as a hand print was imprinted in her cheeks skin, as she let it fade and sink in, their heavy busts rose and fell a bit heavier as breathing increased then like 2 cougars in a jungle they stepped around and closer their hands eased off their hips and fingers curled into claws shape as nails went from a look to weapons and their knees bent just slightly as their bodies tensed, saliva formed on red full lips as they felt their inner cat boil up ready to unleash.

The building silent as heels dug in the low faded rug and breathing made nostrils flare when suddenly as if each was ejected from a seat they lunged int others space and as their hands struck out and began the task of attacking the other woman, their big breasts though covered bumped hard and stood their bodies up to others as fingers sank into hair and twisted and wrapped, faces were masked into snarled cringing looks of hate and fear as the breathing sounds were interrupted with the distinct sound of hair being ripped from the scalp and the short squeal and gurgled wincing grunts of the pain it brought with it uttered out.

Like a woman in the mirror the 2 were in the same position and hands in same source of the pain yanking the perfect hair dos out as scalps were redden and black hair and blonde hair floated to the rug broken or white follicles at the ends from being torn fully out, their snarled faces with teeth clenched had salvia sputter from the lips as they breathed and refused to scream till other had.

Heads were yanked ,tugged and shaken in a tight brutal manner as forearms and hands flexed and fingers stretched and clenched to take others tresses as a prize from her scalp, as the pulling went on more the 2 women yanked the other around the room each only concerned with the bitch in front of her as they knew the room was empty, as Loraine would push padima back about to hit a wall Padima would reverse the path with a savage yank and twist of her rivals hair and spin the direction around and walk loraine across the room.

Like horses lead by the reins refusing to go their heads rose up against the pulling stretching their features and necks as sweat and tears welled up from the deep pain, changes started as grunts went to actual gasps then taunts and reactions, “ughhh , Bitch Ill rip your head off owww”, “You fucking Bitch uughh Ill bald you cxnt Aghhh”.

With the first volley over and both free to let other know how much damage she was causing by her rivals reaction they let the emotions flow as they aimed on tearing other woman apart, it was Padima that eventually took early control as she gripped Loraines head by her hair at the top and with perfect savagery shook the blondes head like a rag doll with no stuffing in it anymore, Loraines head was snapped side to side to point her lips opened in pain her eyes widened and her reaction was released, “AWWWW my head you Bitch let my hair go” but the reaction was music to padima as she knew her tug of war was gaining and she snarled an evil grin and snapped Loraines head to right , left then back making Loraine look up as she did the laws of action and reaction opened as where ever the head goes the body will follow and as Loraines head was snapped back, her body arched up straight and easily staggered to follow her head, but as she did padima shoved into her blonde foe and with a grunt shoved Loraine back and soon the solid SLAM of bodies hitting the wall echoed and as Loraine grunted out the feel of both padima hit the blondes head to the wall 1 ..2..3 times making loraine cry out, “Aww Aww Fucking Bitch!” hearing each yank score a reaction , Padima tore harder at the blonde roots breathing as if digging at a dirt for a treasure ‘ughh cmon Bitch Ill ripp you apart”, Loraine was growing desperate in the short time they were fighting and since her hair pull was doing less then being done Loraine quickly changed tactics.

As padima was so set on continuing the hair attack as she planted her heels and legs firmly she was still in short sharp yanks whipping the blondes head in every direction, she never realized that Lorains hands let go of her raven roots and suddenly padimas animal snarl turned to one of shock as she felt the distinct burn of flesh being torn as Loraines fingers sank into her face and scratched from her temples down to her jaw line the nails like ploughs in a feild dug and drew a trail through the flesh and as fast they dug the lines they turned from a white line to open red furrow filling with blood.

The burn made padima eyes wide but the actual after effect of what just happened reached her brain as she felt her eyes go wide and her hands stopped the savage pulling as she glared at Loraines eyes that while teary eyed were as vicious looking as she spit at Padima loraine sent her claws into action again as they struck Padimas upper chest , as if wanting it to be done padimas body pushed up at the red claws but her head was now tossed back in pain as Loraine dug in and tore down on to the deep brown cleavage and found the dresses line and tore it both down and apart , the sound of the material being destroyed echoed as padima could feel both the deep burn in her flesh then the cool air of the room flow over sweating body as it was exposed.

The sudden savage lash out from Loraine while expected was still a shock as Padima gasped in “Ohh you Whore!” but hearing the effect loraine now pushed Padima back , not to separate but to give herself more room to go at the other woman facing her, as padima stutter stepped back feeling her cheek and other hand try to ward off Loraine, Padima was again wide eye as loraine slapped each cheek, then grabbed padima by her bra strap and spun her by it gaining momentum till the strap snapped and sent the brown woman staggering and to her ass on the musty old rug, landing with a thud padima looked up as her hand feebly pulled the torn bra strap up as if to reconnect it.

Feeling it was ruined and seeing Loraine coming for her Padima got to her knees as loraine closed padimas hands went up as she only managed to get one heel planted while other leg was on her knee still, loraines hands went for Padima her left grabbing hair and her right gouging at her face, despite turning her head to avoid loraine dug her nails in, Padima felt Lorainses dress to her cheek and the sudden stretch of her scalp as her hair was lifted by Loraines hand, acting purely on desperation Padima reached up and unable to get loraines face sank her nails in the nearest part she could find.
As padimas nails found the upper mass of Loraines breasts she curled her nails in and clawed down the burn now had loraine hurting as Padima pulled her nails through the flesh she found loraines dress and shredded it down the rip was loud as the designer dress front was reduced to tatters, her bra exposede and her tummy padima turned her head as it was yanked up and her white teeth opeend and sank into the pale flesh of loraines navel as she clamped her teeth in loraine screamed out, “ughhh owwww BITCH!” expecting it in hind sight but still shocked she was bit loraine reacted in fear as to the damage she was facing and went from pulling to swinging her hands and fists at padimas head and face like a windmill, “let go you fucking Cow!”, despite the blows and slaps Padima held Loraines hips as she bit harder then her mouth shot open as Loraines knee delivered a hard deep knee into padimas round bra covered left breast.

the blow crushed the big milk filled firm globe then easily jolted it from the cup as the strap was no longer supporting it, as her big breast was forced free padima felt vulnerable, and her teeth released as she pushed back and up onto her heels and covered the now aching globe, as she did Loraine saw the large globe being protected in Padimas hand and it was like a bull seeing red.

As Padima stood cupping her breast Loraine rushed her her claws open and aimed at Padimas breast, almost as if slow motion padima looked up to see loraine coming and instinct told her what the target was , with no choice padima turned and set her own claws at loraine and again the 2 women crashed together, like wild cats at a piece of meat they slashed and swiped at others bountiful chests, bras were stretched and torn as breasts were slashed , squeezed and ripped at.

In a space in the room the 2 women stood swinging curled fingers at others body targeting her breasts and any skin the sounds of grunts , frustration and determination echoed amid the taunts and cursing of scored hit, “cmon Bitch fight owww cxnt my tits fuck you bitch fight agggg bitch let my tit go”, sweat and small perforated blood spots appeared on skin as red pointy finger nails slashed and grabbed and clawed, the seemingly endless exchange only went on for a brief moment as Loraine sank her claws into the heavy brown tits of Padima , padima arching up in pain stabbed her nails into Lorainse face and pushed in as the gouge took effect driving Loraines head back, Padima kicked her heel into her rivals shin , tearing the hose and skin in one swipe kick.

loraine pulled her leg back and up and padima seized the opening as she lunged in at loraine she knocked the blondes arm away with her own and slapped and punched at loraines open head and face, while the blows were wide and unaimed they still landed and hard and had loraine head go side to side and back to avoid a few her own hands made an attempt to slap and stop Padimas but before she could attack back padima was in her space and coming like a wild woman as their tits mashed padima snarling spitting sank her fingers splayed out on the face of the pale skin and clawed down , Loraines face was pulled with it and looked as if acid was melting her features scared now she latched on to padimas face and the 2 women stepped around clawing at others face as their tits wrestled between them.
As they stood together clawing like real cats at others face not caring about damage done as much as damaging other bitch in front of her , as white scraped skin turned pink furrows then filled up red, the 2 she cats cried and spit and cursed and screamed , as they panted for breath loraine reached to sink her nails in again while Padima saw the attack tilted her head away and Loraine grabbed hair content to do any damage loraine yanked the head down of padima with a sharp pull, as she stepped at padima, to rip away Loraine glared at the black tresses and brown scalp and suddenly let out a scream that chilled a spine, her head tossed back.

As she pulled padimas head down and stepepd to her Padima again opened her mouth and her teeth sank into the heavy full left tit of Loraine, the bite was so ideal Padimas mouth was engulfed with fleshy mass as her teeth bit in and tore at the meaty flesh, Loraine slapped at the scalp then tore at it and even tried to pull back but like a dog on a leash padima was attached and sinking her teeth deeper, Loraine could feel the cold of skin breaking then the warm rush of blood running to the wound her heart pumped faster than she could ever think, as her back slapped to a wall padima pushed her claws at loraines face tilting her head back to wall, as she bit deeper in a scared frantic panic loraine stabbed her talons in at padimas face and started to claw and dig “AWWWWW MY TIT you fucking WHORE!!”.

Padima shut her eyes and tried to protect her face by burring it in Loraines tits as she bit as she opened her teeth and slammed them shut again her teeth just missed Loraines hard nipple catching the areola and base of the thick dark pink nipple the fear that padima was going to chew off her nipple gave loraine a new strength, she sank her nails at padimas eyes and dug her thumbnails into the eyelids ands pressed as she did her knee shot up and into Padimas swaying tits then kneed again into padimas stomach, as Padima screamed now, “Ughh UMGFFFF Bitch OWWWWW MY EYES cxnt LET GO!!”.

for a second the women so determined to hurt other settled on taking the pain then as quick as they did it became to much and padima released Loraines tit and face as Loraine released Padimas face and the kneeing pushed padima back , both gasping to suck in air now stood glaring at other as they ran their hands over body parts assessing damage, padima wiping her eyes from tears and cuts as Loraine felt the purple and indented swollen bite marks on her tit, though both made marks other will carry forever neither was to hurt to stop and loraine rushed Padima, not ready for it padima took the brunt and was staggered back as loraine slapped at her face and swiped with claws, “Cmon you Fuckling brown whore fight “.

It was all padima needed to hear as she slapped and swiped back the exchange was like to boxers pummeling other for a K.O. as they spun and twisted and tore at hair Padima suddenly landed a fist to Loraines temple the blow not as strong as it could have been and was aimed recklessly landed square and like a body with out a skeleton to support it loraine dropped to the floor in heap, as she slowly rolled to her side then stomach to rise padima charged and pounced on the blondes back like a dead lump Loraine again hit the rug her heavy tits mushroomed out under her flat at the combined weight and as she looked up padima wrapped an arm under her neck and choked as her other hand clawed up over her scalp and nails sank in and padima bit in to Loraines cheek spitting through clenched teeth, “I am going to kill you bitch”, for the first time ever Loraine was in fear for her life in a fight and she reached back and dug claws any where they landed as she screamed ‘Awww NOOO Get off ME YOU BITCH!!, but Padima fought through the flailing swipes and increased her advantage, tears ran off Loraines face as she looked at the white empty wall in front of her and saw stars from the pain.

Padima was hissing and spitting as she let the bit go and sat up on loraines back and took her hair like reins and pulled so much that she lifted loraine and arched her back so far the huge round tits that were pinned dragged on the rug and swung free hanging, as they did Padima grinend with pure evil and with one hand at a time released the scalp of the blonde and seized her tits in her claws and started to mangle the huge masses in her claws, as she tortured loraine and made her scream padima got greedy and leaned to taunt in loraines ear, as she did Loraine felt the unmistakable feel of warm full tits on her bare back and in a effort o get free dropped her head then shot her head up and back.

It was as if for a second the women went deaf as the echo of Loraines head slamming into Padimas Face rang out a sickening crack, both stunned at the effect a second then the scream of padima as her nose erupted in blood and rolled off loraine allowing her to get free, as padima was on hands and knees a small pool of blood already under face from her nose as she cupped it with one hand, Loraine sneered and as she walked to padima landed a kick at Padimas huge swaying tits making the brown skinned woman arch up.

As she did Loraine threw her body into padimas and took her to the rug and the 2 wrapped themselves around other and rolled from one corner to other as they did they clawed ,scratched, tore and ripped at the vicious bitch in their grasp. Slowly as they rolled their red faces together torn out hair stuck to sweat covered faces and bodies , claws with skin under nails, Padima was ending up on top more for longer , their claw covered breasts molded together , Padima grabbed Loraines throat in one hand and started to squeeze , glaring in her rivals eyes when she let out a scream and released the choke.

As she rolled off Loraine she couldn’t far as Loraine was on her side and her left hands buried deep in Padimas thong and her claws tearing and manipulating the sensitive folds of Padimas womanhood, Padima kicked and pushed at the hand damaging her as she lay on her back Loraine dropped her head on to the big brown breasts and bit into Padimas nipple. A scream filled the room again as padima was being torn apart and loriane eyes shut ripped and bit away, finally Padima in tears cried out ,”PLEASE STOP STOP I GIVE LORAINE PLEASE!!”.

Loriane bit harder and broke skin on the nipple then spit it free as she got up on her knees she straddled the rival woman and sank her nails in the brown tits and began to squeeze and crush them till the off white milk sputtered from tips then sprayed out , once again Loraine drained Padima and as she stood up she kicked padima in the side again and left her there, as she gathered her things she unlocked the door and turned to look at the other woman laying there , she swaggered over leaned over and yanked off the necklace smiling a hateful glee in her rivals eyes she hissed, “His estate is settled got it Bitch” and walked out as she hailed her limo on her cell Loraine got in and in her rom licked her wounds and headed home. Once back home and after tending to her worse wounds she put a copy of the paper padima signed saying she would leave the boys alone till they were ready and she sat in her bed with wine and smiled.

When Padima was able to get up and leave she went home and as she pulled in the house was being locked up by Loraines attorney as it was now all hers.

The End

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