Mother Knows Best by Dotti D

James and Joseph were brothers and growing up were the others shadow, anything one did other was right there, their father was well off banker and their mother was a former busty model, at 48 she looked like she was 30 and her body matched.

The boys went to finest schools but even that was together, and while James went to California Joseph went to Tennessee to pursue their careers in law, for a few years after they visited each other when they could, but it was more to visit mom and see each other trips, soon they both were made partners in the firms they were with and then each met a woman who was a prototype of mother.

James met Katerina a dirty blonde to her shoulders light blue eyes and spatter of freckles about her cheeks and nose, she stood 5”8” and was a sexy fit 36E-28-38 Kate was a party girl but only once in a while most of her time she was all about numbers and banking.

Joseph met  Desiree a violet brunette hair to shoulders as well thick and wavy and as fit at 5’9” 36F-28-38 and a olive complexion brown eyes and round cheek bones a smile that Hollywood would desire, the boys call their mother since they can’t get time away and tell her and each other the great news, and soon announce their plans to get engaged to their girl friends, their mother Pamela was happy but yet not so much she didn’t want 2 floozies in the family she wanted the boys to marry in to money but she did try to appease her sons in anyway she could.

The day arrived and Pam had a limo waiting for each of the couples, Joe landed first and he and his fiance Desiree were ushered over to the estate, as they arrived Pamela stood at her balcony and her strawberry red dress with a heart cut opening to allow her swelling own veiny mass to breath, Pamela while in her 40’s was often mistaken for a 30 year old she was of Viking decent and her pride ran deep of her flawless age and confidence and body, her platinum hair was short to just below the ears but thick her grey eyes were like steel and her body was a perfect 5’9” 147lbs and 38EE-30-38 Pam was thick but fit and curvy and she knew it.

When Desiree exited the limo Pamela had a sly smirk on her face sure the woman her son brought home was going to gasp at his mothers body, but when she stood up and smoothed her dress Pamela smirk faded into a snarl as Desiree was thick curvy fit and busty, Desiree looking at the house notices Pamela standing above and swallows at the sexy woman there she looks at Joseph , “And just who the hell is she?” Joe laughs “Thats my mother Pamela” , ‘THATS your MOM” , “yeah don’t worry she won’t bite unless she hates you” Desiree eyes wide as Joe laughs “Cmon its fine”.

They enter the home and Desiree looks around at the grand foyer as they wait on Pamela, she is delayed as James and his fiance pull up right as the others enter the home, Katerina steps out to see the same figure waiting and as she smoothes her skirt and her bust swells at Pamela, Pamela looks over at her giving her a view of the shadowing mass as she turns to head in Katerina looks at James “Is that your brothers fiance?”, James smiles ‘No thats my mom”, ‘“What That was your MOTHER”?, James giggles “yeah cmon your about to meet her”, as they step in Joe and James hug and share welcome home then they introduce their fiances who stare at each other as if assessing the other before Pam comes down.

The girls weakly shake hands when Pam appears and steps down the steps and she hugs her boys and kisses them, then steps to each girl as she grips their arms Pam presses her mass into both girls mass as she air kisses them and rubs a bit then eases off with a smirk as both girls gasp at what they feel, the guys laugh as Pam winks at them, as they grew up as teenagers the boys were able to sneak in on Pamela when ever she would compete with another busty woman their father brought around and witnessed her devour them with her own proud chest.

Pam smiling snaps her fingers as she summons 2 maids ‘Show these GIRLS to their rooms, she turns and takes her boys arms as they step in the library, Pam looks back at them, “you girls freshen up and change meet us in here for a drink” they look at each other and follow the maids after unpacking each of the girls puts on a designer bra and a low cut blouse and jeans heels and walk down stairs.

Desiree in a white opaque blouse her purple bra a teasing hint through the semi sheer top is tucked in her jeans which are black and purple heels her hair up as she enters the room James and Joseph eyes go wide as her tight cleavage swells she smiles “So what are we having?”, Pamela turns wearing a peach mini dress the thin straps taught of her bulging chest as the heart cut opening shows the tight cleavage and blue veins Pams face turns from a smile to a (what the hell are you wearing glare), before Pam can make a comment Katerina appears along side Desiree much the same but a yellow top jeans yellow heels and yellow bra under, her hair back and up as the guys again show they are impressed as Pam is but shows discontent.

Pam sips a drink “Well I see we will need to work on daily attire for you ladies” the boys clear their throats as mother is not happy but the girls smile as they mix a drink, as Desiree sits on the arm of a sofa next to Joseph, sipping she sees Pam is taking her in and then sees James is as well and as she inhales Katerinas eyes are looking her over.

Desiree smirking huffs “if you want you can have a picture to save “ everyone clears their throat knowing they were caught looking, but Pamela sparks Katerina as she says “Well if you were the only one here we might” Katerina smiles as she arches up her torso sitting beside James.

Pamela smirks as she sees Desiree and Katerina share a look all the time the sons compliment the others fiance and the girls know other brother notices, and knowing both are breast men the girls feel other is a threat to their desires, neither willing to admit it to herself or anyone but they would do nearly anything to have this level of luxury and never worry again, but even with that they silently know its about more than wealth its about them and approval and being told shes the better woman.
Pam not one new to a rival busty bitch around her smiles as she senses the jealousy develop between them and her sons who watched mother devour many a nasty cat Dad brought home smile as she winks at them.

Pamela was already making a plan in her head as all of them sat and the girls eyed each other as their respective fiance’s looked at the other womans proud assets, as they enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and at the suggestion of Pamela the couples went for a horseback ride, mean while Pamela went to each room and took out a designer bra from their draws and after smirking that neither was as busty as herself tossed others bra in the wrong room just slightly under the bed spread, but enough the straps were in view, as the couples returned the girls were a bit more agitated and later Pamela learned they all got separated, and with jealousy seed planted they secretly to their own fiances accused them of a tryst with the big titted cow.

While the boys proclaimed their innocence it was Pamela that suggested they all take a nap and burn off the energy, with a wink to the girls so they knew to please your man was the best way to bring his attention back to you, plus these girls weren’t going to risk losing all these boys had or their mothers approval, Desiree and Joe went to their room first, and it wasn’t long she stripped her man and mounted him as she slowly rode her hips on him she starred down and her hands on his chest making her big tits swell together and out as she huffed, “You like her don’t you? my tits are better baby i am better aren’t I tell me” as she stared at him for a reply her eyes got huge and she slapped his cheek.

‘BABE WHAT THE FUCK?” she got off her man and reached down grabbed the bra on the floor and shaking it at his face demanded to know ‘What the Fuck is this cause its not mine” , “how did it get in here huh? that bitch showing you her tits or you handling them “? as he stutters at how the bra even got there she growls “tell me the truth you want to get at her tits say it”, Joe was in a spot now cause he knew Desiree was aware of his obsession with big tits and he was looking at Katerinas,with no answer she threw the bra at him and told him he already has the better tits to himself and she will prove it.

Joe sits on the bed wondering when he hears the feint yell of Katerina and James unaware as he and Desiree were busy so was his brother and his fiance, unaware she found a bra not hers and goes off on him as he has no clue and cant deny his wandering eyes, as the brothers walk out they stare at other always a bit competitive but they have no bad blood they high five one another go for a drink, thats when mother adds to her plan.

As the boys laugh it off mother smiles “it was me i dont want my sons falling for women who cant do what needs to be done to keep her man you both know what i had to do lets see if they are as willing”, the sons smile at mother and each other they know what she means and nod yes and now are back to confident if the girls walk out so be it.

When they hear the heels of Katerina coming they act as if they dont their backs to the foyer they pretend to compare the women, “oh James that Katerina is busty , yes she is but your Desiree wow i think hers might be better tough to say “

Katerina breathes in and as she is about to yell at them Pamela walks up behind her “dont be mad get even dear, show that hussy your better and they will bow to you take the power back”, Katerina seethes and nods and goes to her room determined to out shine Desiree, a bit later the same act is played as Desiree is heading by and she glares as Pam again whispers her advice and she assures Desiree its fine if she has to do it to take her man back, Desiree stares at Pam as she raises a brow and adds ‘or you can go sweetie up to you”.

Without a word Desiree turns and goes to her room Pam smiles as she says to her sons “let the games begin boys” they smile unaware the beast they just unleashed on each others fiance, Pam smiles “why dont you remind the girls the pools open” they run to the rooms as Pam goes to change herself, moments later the boys are sipping beers poolside when from the french doors of the great room walks out Desiree in a neon peach bikini the top stretched to the limits and a firm jostle, their mouths drop open as  she steps out then stands smiling as a maid holds a tray with drink her nails grip it as she smiles when Katerina emerges in a neon lime bikini as tight and taught as her rival the girls look other over and sneer.

Both are ready to argue when Pamela emerges in a red bikini and heels and the girls eyes go wide as her body is as fit and young looking as her face her bust rivals theirs she smiles as her claws goes to each girls shoulder, “Boys why dont you two go visit friends let us girls sun and chit chat hmmm” ,the guys nod and walk out each kisses their girl and mother, but they simply run up to mothers room and look out over the pool area, as Pamela smiles “you 2 have something to work out feel free” and she steps to a chair watching as the girls glare, then Desiree stares as she eases to Katerina and grazes her cups across her own “i want your bra for my own slut” Katerina eases in and smears back “come get it bitch”.

They rub slow nipples tent out and Pam hisses, “You two going to prove something or rub bodies lets go”, Desiree eases back and unties her top and as she bares her mass Pam licks her lisp then Katerina follows suit, as their vein round breasts sway free the girls stare with a jealous hate as both are so full and firm Pam sits back as she sneers..”ladies you have all day begin”.

They stare and finally step once around breathing increases when Katerina eases at her new rival she aims her right then left nipple at Desirees and rubs then flicks them aside Desiree coos a bit then returns the gesture as Katerina purrs “uwww” Pam smirks “cmon girls we aren’t here to tease”..then Katerina presses her tits into Desiree and rolls up at her they glare and Desiree sneers “uwww bitch”, Pam sits up “thats it get going “, Katerina rolls and pushes at Desiree her lips blow a kiss at her as she steps in and Desiree loses a step.

Desiree grunts.”uumff bitch” then starts to press back and jolts her tits up in to Katerina, soon the pool area silence is broken by the huffs of 2 women in a duel, “uumff .” uughnn “ heard louder as heels click about and Pams throaty tone is heard ,”nmm get her fight her “.

Slowly as they step the rubbing gets firmer as Desiree pushes then pumps her tits at Katerina, “uumff umff cmon bitch uww”.. Katerina arches hen loses a step as Desiree follows “uuhnn uhnn mff bitch”.

Their heels steps quicken as each girl wants more and stays after other as their big mass rolls and pushes the girls breath heavier and huff taunts, they circle and as Desiree loses 2 steps back Katerina sneers “weak bitch” Desiree sees fire and wraps her arms around Katerina and thrusts her tits hard to her rivals as she hugs in Katerina back arches as her lips spew out , “AAWWW Aghh Bitch”.

Desiree smiles as their areolas and nipples seem to weld together and breasts bulge between them, Katerinas heels scrape the patio as she is walked back wards and turned in Desirees arms, “Cmon bitch give if you cant fight”, Katerinas body jerked and pulled, her tits being pushed about snarls as she pushes at Desirees chin then arms and finally hugs her rival back and the girls twirl as one as their tits smear heavy.

Desiree sneers at her rival “feel it bitch hmm you do say it”, as Pam looks she sees what Desiree means her nipples are pinning Katerinas in her areolas and the pain is felt, Katerina is sweating now her face looks up as Desiree seems to take the fight away, slowly though Katerina gets her heels set as her sweaty figure slips in her rivals arms, as she does Katerina looks in Desirees eyes”you want more now we fight with tits”.

Desirees eyes widen as Katerina smears her bulging tits between them into Desiree’s , Desiree huffs now , “nooo uuhnn mmff how uww you bitch”, Katerina stares at her rivals eyes “say it bitch say it” and Desiree gasps , “uuuhnnn mmmff oww” Pam eyes widen as she sees Katerinas tits bulge and nipples shove Desirees back now.

Pam stands to see better as Katerina glares at her “You think this cow is better?”. Pam licks her lisp and suddenly Desiree is arched and gasping in pain, the girls strain and struggle and Desiree desperate now pushes her hand under Katerinas chin and with sweaty bodies the girls slip from others grip, Desiree gasps as Katerina breathes heavy tits out she steps to Desiree and smears her tits up into the others girls sun glistening blue and now red hue as their round globes wrestle swell and mushroom.

Both girls push prod and smear both gasp as the sun has no mercy on baking bodies
as glistening orbs swell mushroom bulge and reshape they grunt, Katerina starts to wear Desiree down as she fights back, “cmon you weak bitch fight my tits”, Desiree gasps “uuhnn you bitch fight my tits”. Pam is ecstatic but worried as neither girl puts other away and time is running out as the fighters are gasping and sweat drips off them both look ready to pass out, she pulls them apart as they gasp for air, Pam pushes them in the water and their tops , the girls take their tops tie them on as the guys walk out back and just smile.

The girls ease from the pool their breasts cherry red as tops strain to hold the swollen globes, both men ask if they are ok and they both stare and grab a towel as Pam says ‘they are fine little to much sun”.

“Why dont you all go in the nice cool house and grab a nap or something” Desiree takes Joe and Katerina follows with James as they go their rooms the girls share a death glare as they shut the doors, then both as if planned straddles their man and as they ride them demand they grab on to their tits making certain other hears the fuck fest.

After the guys let the girls nap as they go ask mother her thoughts on the fight,  they all sit out by the pool the girls wake and stretch, Desiree seeing he is out opens her door just a robe on as she looks both ways she hears Katerina door hoping its not James she sees her rival in a robe they glare.

Katerina stands straight and opens her robe revealing her nude body , Desiree scans her then opens her robe to reveal her own body the girls glare then Katerina pushes her door open her chin up, Desiree arches and walks across the hall,they hiss as they pass and the door is pushed shut as they walk in the room Katerina stands by the foot of the bed and sits robe open, Desiree swallows but steps over and sits beside her.

Katerina rolls her shoulders her robe falls off on bed behind her Desiree does the same then Katerina spreads her thighs as Desiree looks her over and she whispers , “your a weak fuck whore”, Desiree parts her thighs as she moans back , ‘Out last you tramp”,

Katerina sits up and her hand goes between Desirees thighs and she slowly starts to rub her fingers through the thick mound of Desiree as her lips purse she whispers ,”i’ll out fuck you”, Desiree stares then her fingers trace Katerinas “try it whore ill make you scream” as they glare Desiree slowly starts to part her rivals folds as Katerina arches “uuwww bitch nmm” she responds in kind as Desiree gasps “uuuhhhh nmmmm bitch”.

Slowly their fingers churn wet folds apart as both breath heavier and stare, then Desiree hisses “nmm ok bitch lets play” and her finger slide in to Katerina who tilts her head back “uuuhnnn yesss bitch”, she glares in Desirees eyes as Katerina hisses “feel it bitch” and she pushes 2 fingers in Desiree who sucks in a breath “uuuwwwww ohhh”.

With a hand propping them up on bed the girls stare as each pumps others wet pussy freely as neither tries to stop her rival, as the silent room fills with the gentle motion of bed springs and the wet slurp of fingers churning juices the girls each breath heavier, “uunnn uuuhhhh uww “ neither loses eye contact as they start fingering faster, with no regard both girls spread their thighs wider as they let their rival at their womanhood.

Desiree arches her back her heavy tits swell out as she moans, “uuuuhhnnn bitch yess” Katerina seeing she has gotten to her lowers her head and lips attack her hard nipple sucking deeply, Desiree reaction is brief, as her mouth drops open as she tilts her head back Katerina is devouring her hard nipple, “uuuuhnnnn ohhhh yesss fucking bitch let go.mmmmmm yessss”.

Katerina was devouring Desirees nipples sucking them deeply her fingering was getting faster as Desiree slowed and in desperation reached up with free hand and took a hair hold, the move pulled Katerina off her tits but had her angry as she grabbed Desirees hair they pulled each other onto the bed and rolled over it till Desiree ended up on top as she did her thighs scissored in Katerinas.

They glared as they held other by scalp, Desiree hissed in her face “my turn you whore” and as they stayed eye to eye she began to grind her mound at Katerinas as they each pulled others hand from their pussies.

Slowly they started a rhythm as the course mounds grind their folds splay together and then Desiree aims her clit into Katerina who arches and groans, “uuuhnnn ohhhh yesss fuck you bitch”, Desiree rolls her spine as she presses down firmer as her hips work her pussy on her rivals, “uuuuhnnnn mmmm yess feel a real woman cxnt nmmmm take it” her head drops and she returns the breast sucking as Katerina pumps her hips up at her rivals, “uuuhhh uuhh let go bitch ohhhh fuck yesss”.

Slowly the ease together gets faster and faster as the two girls start to buck their warm wet juices mix, as clits joust and they begin to tremble together, “cum bitch give “..”ohh ohh you give uwwww more yesss”, as they buck faster suddenly both begin to quiver and start to gasp, desperate to hang on when their heads tilt back and mouths drop open as both screams an orgasm.

Grinding till they finally cant stand the touch of the other they roll apart and Katerina rolls off the bed and grabs her robe and watches  as Desiree storms out as Katerina sits there gasping and body spasming, both girls sat alone in their thoughts , each wondering how they got this far yet thinking they had to now be better than other, after a shower and the two spats Pam and the boys would see a new attitude in the girls.

As diner approached neither of the girls was seen much and Pamela knew something was coming, as she had the girls retrieved for diner, they both walked down the glares continued as they entered the dinning room Pamela welcomed them as they walked around the table they sat beside each other Pam at the head of the table and the boys across, both were in skirts and a blouse and heels as Pam glared at them she smiled ‘Everything working out ok ?”, neither could say yes as they stared and just nodded then Pam added ‘Well if you need to get anything off your chest nows the time girls” they looked at Pam and she nodded.

Her sons loved their fiances but knew not to interrupt mothers plans, they smiled and sipped their wine as the girls gave a glare, they set their forks down as Pam smiles and slowly Desiree hikes her skirt showing Katerina no thong and her cliit was still engorged, she softly huffed “better than yours”, Katerina wiped her mouth a bit then raised her skirt as she showed no thong and purred “Careful you might get that tuft caught in my nails”.

Pamela knew a fight was brewing as she sat back and sipped her wine, she did nothing to slow the girls, Desiree widens her thighs as does Katerina then both girls reach across and sink a hand in others mound and as they glare holding a fist full of fur Pamela simply purrs “Fight” and their hands tighten as arms flex and the girls begin to tug others mound.

Both glare as they hide any gasp “harder bitch “ Desiree demands as Katerina hisses “you pull harder bitch fight’” her sons watch and secretly wager on their girl as the two women pull harder and each uses her free hand to try to make others grip less effective, “aaahhhh ohhhh” Desiree huffs as Katerina arches “uuuhnnn ohh bitch”.

The tugging gets harder as each starts to wince “uuughnnmmff owww bitch” ..”ohhh uuughnn you bitch “, Pam smiling purrs “cmon girls get  to it fight “, as she says the command the two girls seem to honor her request, they tilt and turn the chairs and start to  pull and stretch others mound from her thighs sweat and tears start from the women as they pull and dig hands deeper to hold a tighter grip.

Desiree seems to sit up and take control as Katerina sits back as she arches up at Katerina her lips purse as she cries out “ohhhughnnn LET GO!” Katerina sits up now the men get wide eye and as Desiree pleas for release Katerina pulls and twists “Say it SAY IT BITCH!”, as she demands it, Desiree lets her grip release and Katerina straddles her thighs as she pulls up on her fur mound.

“Give you Bitch SAY IT!” she has her thighs wide as she sits upon Desiree and tugs her mound with a vengeance as Desiree cries and claws at her hand and wrist to let go, as tears start down her face Katerina snarls in it “Give up now or i tear your Pussy Bitch”, Desiree pushes at her rival and cries out “PLEASE OK OK I GIVE PLEASE LET GO!”
Pam stands up and grabs Katerina by her hair and eases her up off Desiree, “She gave up let go” as he releases her rival Katerina spits at her and stands up.

Pam pushes her back off and Desiree stands wiping her face as she whimpers “ill get my things” but Pam stops her , she looks at Pam as she says “no you wont unless you are ready to give it all up?” Desiree shakes her head no then Pam smiles “night just started honey “ she and Katerina stare as there will be a war.

With the girls ready but unsure Pam takes their arms and nods to her sons as they all walk into the great room and in it a sofa and atrium glass wall, Pam tells her sons to sit as she stands Desiree in front of Katerinas man and her in front of Desirees,

Pam stands between them “Ladies you have a choice to make, 1) you can walk out now nothing more will be said.

you can go with others man and they choose or 3) you can use your tits and  to fight it out and see who stays.

Katerina breathes in then turns to Desiree “i will stay”, Desiree looks at all and then turns “i will stay” Pam smiles and takes their hands leads them to the glass wall over looking lawn and says gently “then fight”.

Pam returns to a chair off to side as her boys watch, they are nervous and Pam assures them “mother knows “ with that Desiree and Katerina stand face to face and suddenly grab each other by the blouse and shred them off each other, as the tattered blouses are removed they grab others bra but Pam stops them “no no girls remove them winner takes losers” they release each other and slowly remove the bras for one another as their meaty mass sways free the guys high five each other but the girls glare.

Katerina now less shy pushes to Desiree and lifts the big tits and smears her undersides “uuuhnnn mmff bitch” Katerina sneers “feel me already bitch”?,Desiree arches a bit as her breasts are pushed up as she does Katerinas nipples are felt in her undersides as she shimmies and pumps at Desiree, the subtle sound of flesh clopping is heard between them , “whats wrong bitch problems?”.

Desiree slowly loses 2 steps back and Katerina follows  pushing and now swaying left and right as her round tits start to clap the sides of Desirees and gets a bit of movement in her rivals breasts, “uuhnn uhnn mmmm yess your a cow “ Katerina hisses as Desiree starts to lose more ground as she bumps the wall at her back Katerina grabs her arms and demands a fight “you stupid bitch fight me now or give!”.

Her lips tremble as her eyes go wide then Desiree drags her big tits up into Katerinas the audible clop rings out as Katerinas head rears back “uuughnnn bitch”..Desiree now grabs her arms as they struggle she turns Katerina to the wall and suddenly an exchange of tit flesh rings out loud, “CLOP CLOP CLOP CLAP CLA SLAP SLAP “,, both women arch and roll shoulders as Desiree widens her thighs and Katerian snakes her right calf around Desiress left knee “Ughnn Ughnn Bitch”,,Desiree hisses ‘Cmon Bitch problems”?.

Katerina now gasps as Desiree bores into her tit to tit, they struggle staggering about the room as Pamela smiles “cmon girls harder really get to it fight”, Pam her nipples stiff tenting out smiles  at the action as her sons stare in disbelief, as Katerinas nipples start to over power Desirees a second time, Desiree seems to be gasping harder as Katerina rolls her bigger tits up and across and then drags up and down faster “uuhhnn uhn mmff yess fight my tits more”.

Desiree shakes her head no and as their tits wrestle and collide she suddenly looks up and yells out “STOP PLEASE”, Katerina shimmies fast into her rival as her tits pound at her rivals “Yess Give you Bitch yes”, Desiree crying nods yes and screams “I GIVE I GIVE “, Katerina lets her rival go and Desiree cups her tits as she sinks to the rug, as she lands on her knees Katerina pounces on the small of her back and pulls Desirees hands from her tits and latches on with her own hands.

A sinister grin as her tits roll on Desires bare back as she hisses at her ear”nmmmmmm give me that milk”, Desiree head tossed back tears falling cries “NOOO PLEASE” but Katerina grabs , pulls, squeezes and stretches till suddenly Desirees tits weep milk and as she is in pain, Katerina smiles and finally pushes her to the rug on her side, she straddles her rival and swaying her tits over her face starts to slap Desiree with her big tits ‘ ‘Can’t take it bitch hmm cmon feel me now?”.

Crying and being embarrassed Desiree nods then her cries muffled as Katerina smothers her face in her tits, “nmmmmm yess kiss the best tits”..Desirees mouth kisses and licks her rivals tits as her face turns red , finally she sits up on Desire and then stands smiling she takes both bras and swaggers to the sofa.

She hands each of Pams sons a bra, and as Pam sits between them she stands looking at Pam, “how was that ?”, Pam slowly starts to stand when Katerina slaps her face hard knocking her back on the sofa as she holds her face Katerina straddles her and tears her bra up over Pams tits and around her neck she twists it choking Pam as she pushes her tits in Pams face “suck my tits you Bitch “, Pam slaps at Katerinas face who sneers “nmmm you want it hard” and she punches Pams face then again, her sons are stunned and Pam is hurt as her eye swells and her neck choked Katerina stabs her nails in Pams left tit and gouges in twisting “i said suck my tits you bitch “.

Pam winces in pain and slowly her mouth latches on and starts to suck Katerinas nipples an kisses them, “uuhnn mmmm yess i am in charge here got it cxnt” as she curls her nails in Pams tit and tugs the bra on her neck “GOT IT!!”?..Pam tears run nods yes as she chokes tighter Katerina stands up and lowers her thong  as her free hand now parts her folds she tugs Pam by the bra on her neck to her wet mound “i am queen now”, and forces Pam to eat her pussy as she smears her juices on Pams makeup face, then shoves her to the floor and straddles her face and rides Pams tongue.

Rolling her hips Katerina starts to quiver and moan “uuuhnn uhnn yesss more uuhnmmmm yesss cumming”; and soon has her orgasm on Pams face, as she gets up Katerina releases the bra and stands a heel on Pams tit as she smiles at the brothers she purrs “nmmm now who wants this Queen?”, the boys stand up and each takes an arm as they bring Katerina up to a room and she makes them cum riding them to orgasms , as Pam sits up and goes to the shower Desiree grabs her bag and is walked out by the maids, Pam stands under the water as she questions her choice but as she dries off she smiles at her reflection “Mother does know best”.

The End

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